Bebe's Kids AKA Robin Harris' Bebe's Kids (1992) Movie Script

I don't talk to no pretty women
when I'm on the road.
Hard to get along with.
You know, pretty women are
hard to get along with.
An ugly woman is easy. You know,
they don't want no trouble, you know.
I'm serious.
They doing their thing,
cook all night for you.
And I have bad luck
with women, y'all don't know.
Man, you don't know.
You meet a woman with their kids,
you can't even get none.
Go over girl's house, what,
4 in the morning.
4:00 in the morning,
little kids still up.
Drinking coffee and taking NoDoz.
You start yawning, they look at your
ass, talking about, "Can't hang, huh?"
We BeBe's kids.
We don't die, we...
I went to pick her up the next day,
and here she got four more kids.
I said:
"Who kids are them?"
She said, "Those are BeBe's kids."
Some guy out there,
some white guy out there
thought they were my... my kids.
That's what made me mad.
"Bro, brother...
"Tell me, are those your kids?"
"No, no way.
Ain't none of them my kids.
"Them BeBe's kids."
I went to turn my radio on, man,
they tried to take my radio
while I'm listening to it.
Girl said, "Put the radio back,
"you know damn well we can't
get rid of no more 8-track.
"Put it back."
You cannot eat hot links on the bar.
Hey, mister, that beer has been here
since 12:00 this afternoon.
You either order again or
you got to go. I'm sorry.
I got some money-spending
people coming in here.
I gotta make some room in here.
All these lowlife deadbeats
ain't never spending...
Hey. If you don't go somewhere and
sit down, I'm gonna knock you down,
you know that? You about
to get on my last nerve.
What's wrong, Robin?
Woman trouble?
Get it off your chest.
I don't want to talk about it right now.
Come on, man, you'll feel better.
Come on, boy, get it off your chest.
I don't want to talk about it right now.
Man, you can't walk around with
problems staying inside you.
The best thing to do is let it out.
You'll feel better.
Not right now. I really ain't
got nothing to say.
All right.
- All right.
- I knew she was trouble.
I should have known it
when I met her.
It was at a funeral.
Oh, Lord!
- Oh, Walter!
- Everybody was there.
Because everybody was
glad he was dead.
He was about 4-feet-3. Wore
those high-heeled shoes all the time.
He was about 5-feet-6,
but when that truck hit him,
kind of cut him down a little bit.
Look at this brick house.
She so fine, she make you
want to get a job, with benefits.
Let's play the game, man.
I'm playing the game, man,
you just looking to hit. Hit that!
- Drop something down!
- I don't know.
- In Beverly Hills, we don't play that.
- I'm gonna take all your money.
That boy is crazy, ain't he crazy?
Look who just walk in here.
Hey, Robin.
Come over here.
You've been working last week.
- Come and lose some of that money.
- Oh, no.
Only way I'd lose money to y'all
if I had a hole in my pocket.
Then sit down and quit trying to
look at everybody's hand.
Shut up, you old fat fool.
You so big you don't know if
you're walking or rolling.
I'm not fat. I'm pleasantly plump.
I keep telling you that.
Boy, I'm so glad that
damn Walter is dead.
Who ain't? The only reason
his widow is over there crying
is because he didn't leave
her no life insurance.
I'm sorry to hear that, because
he died owing me money again.
Shoot, Walter owed everybody money.
Let me tell y'all something.
That Walter was so cheap, he
wouldn't spend a lovely evening.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Who's that girl in that black dress?
Good God almighty.
- Which one?
- With the braids.
- Have mercy.
- Oh, her?
- She was Walter's secretary.
- I'll bet she can't type a stroke.
Type? I don't think she had to type.
Hey, Rudy, ain't your wife a secretary?
Y'all stop this stuff now,
I'm trying to win this game.
Here she comes.
Y'all ever notice that Walter smelled?
He's got that new deodorant on.
I think it's called formaldehyde.
You sure look good in black, baby!
She puts me in the mind
of Players magazine.
Nineteen seventy-three.
Pam Grier issue.
That's the one, that's the one.
I know it's hard now.
If you need me, call me.
OK? All right.
Hey, look here y'all, I gotta go.
Because while I'll be at work tomorrow,
y'all be in a bed dreaming about a job.
At least we be dreaming and not
hauling nobody else's trash.
That's for sure.
I like funerals.
I'm glad I went to a funeral.
I'll be glad when I go to yours.
Excuse me, miss.
I didn't catch your name.
- Didn't throw it.
- Well, my name is Robin.
That explains the red vest.
Oh, like the bird.
That's kind of cute.
A little festive for this event, though.
Shoot, I don't care nothing
about no Walter.
I could have come to Walter's
funeral in my drawers.
Pretty late for a woman to
be catching the bus all alone.
- Do you need a ride?
- No, thank you.
I have a car.
Well, mind giving me one, then?
Well, that sure was a
nice funeral, wasn't it?
Well, that sure is a good sign, you feel
comfortable enough to give me a ride,
even though you don't know
a damn thing about me.
Because I could be crazy, you know.
I hate doing a favor for somebody
who make you want to take it back.
You know, like when you
give somebody a ride,
and they got a warrant out on them.
Hey, hey, tell a brother buckle up first.
You trying to tell me
something with that story?
I'm just trying to tell you a funny
story. Trying to amuse you.
But you're trying to kill me in
this little thing.
- Sorry. You made me nervous.
- Well, you ain't the only one.
So, what's your name?
She said she had to pick up her
son at the babysitter.
And I asked why didn't she just have
her husband to watch the kids.
After all, a good father
should be wanting to spend
some quality time with his kids.
When that becomes your business,
I'll ask your advice.
She said she was divorced.
Once I saw the kid,
I knew I had it made.
Because you know I'm good with kids.
Hey, little buddy,
what did you do tonight, huh?
- Man, I don't even know you.
- Leon.
Sorry. We watched videos.
I got a movie you
should watch next time.
It's called Dolemite
and it's about these pimps...
Now, why do you think
I'm going to let my son see one
of those killer pimp movies?
You must not have seen Dolemite.
Because that movie will teach
you to appreciate poetry.
Way down in the jungle deep
The badass lion stepped on
The signifying monkey's feet
Dolemite, my man.
- You know, that's romantic.
- Anyway.
I could tell he was a nice kid. But she
was sheltering him a little too much.
But she couldn't help but see
how good we was getting along.
So, Dakota Staton's playing down
at the Regal Room next Friday
and I would love for you
to come with me.
But I wouldn't know what to call you.
- Jamika.
- Oh, Jamika.
So how does Dakota
at the Regal sound?
And find a babysitter
on a Friday night?
If you want to get better acquainted
with me and my son,
you should take us somewhere
more appropriate, like...
...oh, Fun World.
- Fun World.
- Yeah.
- So I said, "No problem.
- "I'll pick y'all up Saturday at 10."
- No.
Y'all know me,
I'm an old-fashioned type of guy.
I didn't have to get a kiss that night.
Yeah, that night.
But wait till he spends some money.
Look at this cheap thing.
So I goes to pick her
up the next day.
She got three more kids with her.
- What's this? What's this?
- These are children.
Wait. You said you had a kid.
These are BeBe's kids.
This is LaShawn.
Oh, critter number one.
I ought to beat the... Oh.
- This is Kahlil.
- What's up?
- What's up?
- Kind of militant.
You a Farra-Chaka Khan?
- Come on, man, give it up.
- OK. That's OK. Hey!
- Man, you don't know how to shake?
- I said...
That's pitiful. Old man like you.
Look at this.
Look like a broken-down spring.
I ought to slap you with the
two fingers I got left.
What the?
- And this is little Pee Wee.
- Pee Wee, the O.G.
O. G? I'll slap my F-O-O- in your B-U-T.
Oh, my goodness. Those aren't
double-knit pants, are they?
Trying to bring it back, huh?
What is this?
- So where's BeBe?
- She went downtown.
So how come she didn't take
her little tribe with her?
Don't worry about it, she left $20
to get her kids into Fun World.
BeBe left $20.
Twenty dollars ain't enough
gas to put in my car.
He don't look too happy to
see us, do he, LaShawn?
She left $20 here, for me to take
these 80 kids out. Ain't that a...
Come on, Robin. The kids can't wait.
I can't either.
This going to be fun.
Hey, look. What's up with all those?
- Ma!
- Don't be a tattletale.
And make us lose the little
respect that we do have for you.
- What's wrong, Leon?
- Nothing.
Man, why you always
messing with me?
- Because she like you.
- I do not.
- It's just because...
- She thinks you cute.
I ain't going with no runt like Leon.
She can't wait for you to grow up.
I had enough of you.
- Hey, break it up back there!
- Hey, don't worry, honey.
Once we get there,
everything will be just fine.
Just fine.
Come on, Leon. Wake up,
sweetie. We almost here.
Wake up, kids.
Robin, you can slow down
now, we're here.
Robin, wake up!
Thank you, ma'am.
You have a fun time, now.
Step out of the car.
Now, sir, you came to
quite an abrupt stop.
Carrying any illegal substances?
- Concealed fruits?
- Hey! Hey!
- Vegetables?
- No, I left that at home with the gun.
Stay right there.
Trying to make me feel
like a king, huh?
Everyone's king
at Fun World, sir.
Don't even try it.
God, I hate kids.
Ladies and gentlemen,
boys and girls,
welcome to Fun World.
Thirty-five dollars?
That's for the whole group, right?
One, two, three, four, five.
Jamika, give me that $20 BeBe left.
Well, look what we have here.
- Are you starting trouble?
- Definitely a troublemaker.
He's a 4-15 in progress.
Back off my tip. I was just
getting a drink of water.
- Watch that hostile attitude.
- We'll ask the questions, kid.
What's this on your hat?
It looks like some sort of gang insignia.
Look, I ain't in no gang,
now give me back my hat.
I said, give me back my hat.
You just remember,
we'll be watching you.
You troublemaker delinquent.
Hundred ninety-seven...
...two hundred!
Don't act like you don't want it.
What do you say to Mr. Harris, kids?
- F...
- Thank you.
Here are your tickets,
programs, maps,
senior-citizen discount cards,
tennis shoes, a basketball, mugs,
decals, bumper stickers,
coupons, napkins,
swizzle sticks, visor,
sweat band and a T-shirt.
Please familiarize and observe
the rules while in Fun World.
No running, no jumping, no yelling,
no cutting in line, no grumbling,
no stealing.
That means you.
No breaking things and putting
them back like nothing happened.
No sad faces, bad attitudes,
introspective moments,
irritation at the mindless
happiness of the masses.
And... no littering.
Is that clear? Enjoy your stay.
All right, don't run around
and work up an appetite.
I ain't feeding you little heathens.
And don't touch a damn thing!
Found mine.
How come we can't
never find our name?
Yeah, I know four girls
named LaShawn.
How come we don't have
a license plate? Kahlil?
Warning. You have activated
a maximum-security system.
Do not panic.
Excuse me, sir,
but I have to charge you for the items
your kids manhandled in the store.
Oh, where did Pee Wee go?
I ain't saying jack.
Oh, you ain't going to talk, huh?
Come here!
You don't tell me where your little
brother is, I'll beat the black off you.
You gonna look
lighter than Michael Jackson.
Where is he? Where is he?
But we was just playing.
Other kids are playing too.
Start up again, I'm going to drop you
like a bad habit. You hear that?
- Yeah.
- Test-tube baby.
Can we eat? Man, I'm hungry.
We were too excited to have breakfast.
Yeah, that's it.
BeBe don't keep nothing in her fridge.
I tell you, Jamika, that BeBe,
she's getting on my nerves.
I ain't even met the child.
Look at these poor children.
Look at them, starving.
They be better off in Ethiopia.
Mama said knock you out
I'm gonna knock you out
Mama said knock you out
Hello, Robin. Long time, no see.
Hi, Dorothea.
I been meaning to call you,
but my phone got shut off.
Funny, I always get your
machine when I call.
Oh, I can get incoming,
but I just can't dial out.
Don't worry. I'm not gonna sweat
you for my alimony check.
I'm just here to have fun.
Just like you.
Oh, Robin. This is my friend Vivian.
Oh, Lord, not another one.
Quite an appetite you got there.
Oh, yeah, well, you know,
I came with some people.
- Well, that was quick. Was I so...
- Dorothea.
I gotta go. Food's getting cold.
Food ain't the only thing
cold around here.
You know he still love you.
Was she born to torture me?
Look at her.
Can't even wear high-heel shoes. Just
sliding and sliding all over the place.
Smoke coming out, look like
a train coming down a aisle.
I remember one time she
went into Lane Bryant.
"I would like to see
something to fit me."
Sales lady looked at her,
said, "Me too."
Seeing that skeezer made me feel
even better about being with Jamika.
- She's about something.
- What about the kids?
The kids? You kidding me?
Those kids must have
missed a few meals.
They were eating so fast...
...I had to spit on my food
to keep them from taking mine.
Sorry about that there.
So then I took them on
the scariest ride in the park.
And that kept them behaved.
Yes! Yeah!
No. No. No. No!
Y'all smell something?
Pee Wee, is that you?
Jamika, this is the last
time I take you...
...and these crazy kids...
Slow down, slow down, slow down.
Bye, Leon.
Hey, this is fun, right?
OK, you can pull the cord now.
The cord. Pee Wee!
You mean this cord right here?
What's the matter? Can't hang?
I'm just glad it didn't happen
on the roller coaster,
because you would have got me too.
- Thank you, Mr. Harris.
- Oh, you welcome, son.
Just lay off them chili dogs.
Come on, boy. Clay, Kyle,
whatever your name is, you next.
Father faker.
Since the kids started acting civilized,
we let them go off on their own.
And me and Jamika took
a little boat trip.
Mama, I want to go with you.
You can't be with us now, sweetie.
Now, just run along and
play with your friends.
Friends? Those are not my friends.
I hate when you babysit BeBe's kids.
Why couldn't we go
to Fun World alone?
Oh, honey.
Leon, come here.
Now, I know you don't like BeBe's kids.
I don't like them kids either.
But you all don't have
to like each other.
But they do have to respect you.
Now, that's something I can't
make them do, Leon.
You have to do it for yourself.
- How do I get respect?
- Easy.
Don't worry about what
they think about you.
Just do what you do best,
and then you'll win respect
on your own terms.
- That's it?
- Yeah.
Oh, and one other thing.
If you get into a fight, don't fight fair.
Get a brick and knock
the hell out of them kids.
Robin, I heard you.
All right, little man.
Have a good time.
And remember what I said.
Bye, Mama.
Thanks, Mr. Harris.
I don't mean to get in your business,
but maybe you should sign Leon
up for some karate classes.
That boy kind of soft.
Step right up, young fellow.
Give it a good hit, now.
If that's the best you can do, you'll
have to come back in a couple years.
Come on now, move along.
Move along.
Who will be next to test their
strength? Step right up.
Look who's back. Little Leon.
Welcome back, weenie.
Oh, yeah, here he is, the weenie man.
You ready? I thought you was gonna
hang around your mama leg all day.
At least my mama's here.
Well, your mama ain't
gonna be here to catch you
when I knock you out,
so you better watch your mouth
because you're talking
about our mama.
- Yeah.
- What's up with that, man?
Hey, kids! Time for another
Cartoon Cavalcade
at Fun World Playhouse
on Flea Street.
With plenty of free popcorn.
Come on, let's get a good seat.
Don't try to change the subject.
So, what up with that? Y'all
gonna scrap or give a hug?
Go on, kiss her.
We got them good.
Look at that expression on her face.
- Mack daddy, Leon.
- Oh, yeah, player of the year.
You got it going on, baby, like no other.
You guys play too much, man.
I'm gonna get you guys, you know
I don't like kissing boys.
I'm gonna get you two.
No wonder they going so much faster.
Get some of this food off the boat.
- Well, I need it to live.
- Get that chicken out your purse.
You really have been sweet
with the kids today, Robin.
- Jamika, is BeBe your sister?
- No.
Is she your cousin?
Is her man your loan shark?
BeBe is a friend.
Shoot, I would want somebody to help
me if I had problems like she does.
They got correctional facilities for
problems like that, Jamika.
They just need a strong
man in their life.
- You got any kids?
- Nope.
- Ever been married?
- Next question.
Do you want kids?
Hell, no!
Especially if they turn out to
be like BeBe's kids.
But you know, you're
really good with them.
Not that I like you for the kids.
I like you.
Sometimes it just don't seem like the
right things happen to the right people.
Or the right people just don't be
at the right place at the right time.
Yeah, like the white people
on Arsenio's band.
- Robin, I mean BeBe.
- Hold up, Jamika.
That's enough talk about BeBe.
I only know one thing.
I'm definitely in the right place,
at the right time.
Right now.
Just scoot them baby hips over.
Boy, you crazy.
Hey, y'all can't leave me,
the little O.G.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Hey, man, are you out of your mind?
- Hey Kahlil, over here.
Hey, up here. Down here.
Hey, Pee Wee, I froze you.
It's too hot to stay froze.
Oh, I see a popsicle coming now.
- Where are your parents?
- Yeah. Your mommy and daddy.
Where you think they at? Over
your parents' house playing pinochle.
Another smart remark and you'll
be ejected from Fun World.
Unsupervised minors are
prohibited from engaging
in unauthorized leisure activities.
- Yeah, no laying around.
- Shut up.
- I do all the talking.
- All right.
We weren't in anybody's way, OK?
The issue is not obstruction
of walkways.
Oh, so you trying to say
we can't play freeze tag?
Correct. However, we have
a variety of engrossing...
Yeah, real scary.
...exhibits designed for
your age demographic.
Allow me to escort you
to my personal favorite.
- Follow him.
- Get your hands off me.
Let's go, people.
- Safety first.
- Strap them in tighter.
- Good night, Gracie.
- All clear here.
We're on our way
back to headquarters.
Everything is A-OK.
Halt. No one under 17 admitted
without parent or guardian.
- Just as I suspected.
- Just as we suspected.
- Get those kids!
- Oh, no!
- Way to go, Leon.
- Yeah, I knew you had it in you.
I knew you had a little BeBe in you.
All right!
- Wow. Who are you guys?
- We BeBe's kids.
- BeBe's kids?
- Yeah. We don't die, we multiply.
- All right.
- Who's he?
- He's just a punk.
- Man, I ain't no punk.
- Oh, so you down, then?
- Yeah. For whatever.
Hey, yo. Can we be BeBe's kids?
No, punk. But you can
hang with us for a while.
- Yeah, all right.
- That's cool, dude.
- What's your name, man?
- My name's Winthrop.
Winthrop? No, man,
we calling you Opie.
- My name's Richie.
- Like the comic book Richie?
Damn, you guys
got some corny names.
What's your name?
I'm the jaw breaker, the candy taker
And if I skip school I'm the flu faker
Original man in a strange land
You never saw my butt
On American Bandstand
The MC's name is Kahlil
And if you can't spell it
You never will
Allah the provider
For the flavor you're lacking
But if you stop my flow
Start straight jacking
Straight jacking
Straight, straight
Straight jacking
I'm LaShawn
No, not Latifah
Demanding the mike just like Aretha
Cute little girl but I fight like a man
I even made
Iron Mike Tyson say "Damn!"
LaShawn, Kahlil and Pee Wee
Want R-E-S-P-E-C- Never slipping, or sliding
No macking or slacking
BeBe's kids, straight jacking
We've got an assault
on characters in Section Five.
Order received.
The O. G. With all the clout
Lip smacking
For what's under the blouse
Three years old
And still drinking Similac
You smack me
And I'll smack you back, punk
So now it's time for me
To straight jack y'all
And get busy like Arsenio Hall
Taking a dump can be so relaxing
Straight jacking
Hi, boys and girls,
I'm Rodney Rodent.
And I'm Tommy Toad.
How are you doing today?
It goes three for the treble
And two for the bass
We're BeBe's kids
And we're wrecking this place
Now all bad kids
Seem to always get spanked
But try that with us
And you might get ganked
Release the balloons
And act real funny
As we ride rides
And Robin spends money
To my posse won't be no attacking
Hey, yo
We ain't wild
We're straight jacking
- Yo, they trying to get away.
- Rush them.
Rodney, come on.
Let's get out of here.
- You're on your own, Rodney.
- Let go.
Oh, not the feet.
I've only got two of them.
These'll work.
We can use these to go swimming.
- Look, there they are.
- 5-0. Run.
Fun World.
Come back here, you little
scum-buckets. I'm gonna get you.
Oh, Robin. It looks like
there's some trouble.
Trouble? Girl, you from Compton.
That ain't no kind of trouble.
We should find the kids
and make sure they're safe.
Them kids are all right, girl.
I feel sorry for trouble
if it runs into them kids.
Hey, y'all, wait for me.
Look out! Behind you!
- Run.
- Look at them. Look at them.
Where's them cops now?
Put that down.
Thank God they white.
There they are.
Come on, I think they're still
behind us. This way, Richie. Get in.
Please, walk to your cars and secure
your seat belts immediately.
Ever hear of the Alamo? Get your
muskets ready, Davy Crockett.
How long could we keep this up?
Until BeBe's kids show up again,
and they'll know what to do.
Look out, there's one over there.
Look out behind you.
- Oh, my aching old back.
- My glasses.
He's going down the court,
just going...
Boy, you're so crazy.
I ain't lying.
Would you try to stop them?
I'm going to the ladies' room.
I'll be right back.
Don't get lost,
my little chitlin snaps.
Girl, you been walking slow all day.
What's your problem?
My man Robin came over last night.
- You mean Robin Harris?
- Ain't but one.
I got bags under my eyes
big enough to carry $50
worth of groceries.
How come y'all
didn't stay married?
Oh, he's good to me,
but he's so mean to the kids.
- Is he cheap?
- Is he?
He turned Muslim so he wouldn't
have to give Christmas presents.
- That's a damn shame.
- And he's so quick to hit somebody.
Then he don't wanna
pay the dental bill.
I don't know what to say.
You shouldn't be with that man.
I know, I shouldn't. But, girl,
I can't help it, because I love him.
You love him?
- Girl, I don't believe what you just did.
- Did we psyche her out or what?
- Did you see her face?
- I know!
Girl, I ain't seen nobody that mad
since I saw Robin in divorce court.
Hey, sweet thing. Where you been?
Where I been is talking
to some of your friends.
- My friends?
- And where were you last night?
You act like you know.
What's wrong?
Don't act like something's wrong with
me. You the one with the problem.
Now, how much time we got
until we meet the kids?
Well, we got just enough time...
- Oh, my God...
- Robikins.
Get away. Get away from here.
Leave. Please leave.
Guess what? We got just enough
time to go check out Futureville.
I bet you it ain't got
no black people in it.
- You acting like that didn't happen?
- What?
Oh, I'm sorry, honey,
I thought you was in a downwind.
I had a couple of burritos,
and you know...
Robin, don't try to change the subject.
I knew she wasn't
going to leave me alone.
So I try to figure out what's worse,
telling a pretty lie or the ugly truth.
- Beauty's only skin deep.
- Yeah, but ugly is to the bone.
Amen, brother.
I hate it when a woman says:
Just tell me the truth.
I won't get upset.
Because she's lying.
She don't wanna hear the truth.
If you tell her the truth
she's gonna get mad. I told her:
That's my landlady.
The old snaggletoothed heifer.
Spending all my rent
money on that cotton candy
when she knows she needs
to be fixing my refrigerator.
Wait, wait. Jamika,
come on, now. Jamika!
Hey. Yo, you always
trying to leave the little O.G.
Hey, man, yo.
Come back here with my brother.
Humans are not allowed here.
Give him back, and we'll leave.
Give my little brother back.
You better not be rolling nowhere
with my brother.
He attacked one of our models.
He will be punished.
He must not know
who he's messing with.
Hey, tin man, haven't you
heard of BeBe's...
Run, Pee Wee,
he's got the scent of your diaper.
What's going on here?
Shoo. Move along. Get.
- Hey, you there.
- What do you want?
You're in America, son. That's not
the way we do things around here.
- Every man has a right to a fair trial.
- Word.
So how about it?
Give a brother a fair shot.
If my robotic brethren agree,
a trial will commence.
Hear ye, hear ye.
The robots versus Kahlil Wooten.
The charge is assault.
The prosecution
may present their case.
You know, it's been a long time
since I've been
in a courtroom as a lawyer,
but the evidence of this heinous
crime is so irrefutable.
Exhibit one, please.
Now this is videotape from
one of the security cameras
in the Fun World exhibit.
Oh, man, cold busted.
I told you that stupid bad attitude
would get you in trouble, Kahlil.
Do me a favor man, Leon,
before they fry me, drop dead.
Any of you who knows the importance
of law and order will vote guilty.
For the defense, Abraham Lincoln.
Don't slip up, Abe.
Pass the mashed potatoes, dear,
will you?
Is this a pork gravy, dear?
Or is this?
Here it comes. I'm just
waiting for her to ask me.
Robin, who was that, really?
You mean the one over there
with the orange perm...
...and the spandex.
That's Dorothea. That's my ex-wife.
Lips so big, ChapStick
had to make a spray.
I know I should have told you,
but I'm embarrassed by that girl.
I guess that's why you
only see her at night, huh?
Night? I'm trying not to see her
for the rest of my life!
That's not what I heard.
Sprung a leak, cuz?
What you mean, "heard"?
Did she talk to you or something?
Well, we gonna
settle this now. Right now!
Each of you must ask yourself:
Are we petty, vengeful humans
or logical, moral machines?
Then pass judgment.
Your Honor, the defense rests.
What say you all?
Death. Death. Death.
Wait a minute. Listen up.
Oh, no, don't help me, Leon. All they
were gonna do before was kill me.
Ladies and gentlemen of the court
You're about to witness
A brand-new sport
Where you're on the offense
And I'm on the defense
So let's see if we can
Make some sense
Kahlil is a rebel without a pause
He's a victim of your unjust laws
Fun World is no real fun for him
It seems so whack, so bland, so grim
Freedom is a concept
Designed for every race
Follow it and Kahlil
Might own this place
He'd change the name
And change the feel
lmagine "Def World"
With your host Kahlil
Where Carter sells peanuts
And Nixon fresh lemonade
And even old Abe
Will sport a hightop fade
Remember every great leader
Broke the rules
Made up by fools
Give Kahlil the tools he needs
Who are y'all to tell me
I ain't civilized
Don't give us laws
Give us the right to live our lives
At least I go out
And get what's coming
Because BeBe's kids
Ain't known for running
So come on down
Even if you're abused
You robots are all right
Until you blow a fuse
Y'all say I'm wild
But I'm only a child
What BeBe's kids really need is
Now it's time to rest my case
And get the verdict face to face
Wave your hands so we can see them
Wave your hands
Like you don't need them
If you believe Kahlil is right
Somebody say freedom
Oh, girl, you got to try
on this blush.
I got enough makeup.
Now, you stop it, now. I look good.
Yeah, but you got to put these
big red circles on your cheeks.
Make them look like targets.
I don't wanna look like Shirley Temple.
Ain't you done yet? Let's go.
In a minute.
Ain't nobody looking at you. Come on.
That's them. I can tell
by them Lee Press-On toenails.
Look who's with her. Old Vivian with
the skippys with the broke-down back.
Give me a break.
I see some women
can't do anything without a man.
Why you lie on me?
Don't you know this kind of game
only brings me and Jamika closer
and guarantees that you and I
never get together again. Never!
For me to lie on you
I'd have to care about you
and believe me, I don't give
a damn about y'all.
Ain't that a... That's why I wear
my ring on the wrong finger,
because I married the wrong woman.
- Hair look like the back of a toaster.
- Your mama.
- My mama?
- Your whole family.
Look at you. Your mama so old,
she was there the first day of slavery.
Your mama so old,
she's older than your grandmama.
Your mama so fat,
she on both sides of the family.
Your mama's so dumb, she thought
a quarterback was a refund.
Ain't that a... Your mama so dumb,
they told her it was chilly outside,
she went and got a bowl.
You ready to go, baby?
Come on, let's get out of here.
I think it's time to flush and leave.
You can have him. I don't have
a problem getting a man.
Well, girlfriend, here's some lotion
for your ashy ankles.
That'll make it even easier.
Your mama so country,
she got in an elevator
and thought it was a mobile home.
You know what that was all
about, right? He still loves you.
Robin, I'm so sorry.
Oh, Jamika, it doesn't really matter,
because I'm with you,
and this day turned out to be,
you know, kind of special to me.
Me too. I'm sorry
I put you on trial like that.
Oh, Jamika, you so crazy.
- Run!
- Come on, the cops are still after us.
We better get out of here.
Let's go. Let's go!
Now I've got them. Surrender now
and face moderate casualties.
- It's the end of the line for you kids.
- Hey, come on, this way.
Move. Excuse me.
Get out of the way.
Move, man.
Come on, come on.
Let's go, people. Out of our way.
I got...
Oh, no!
It looks like you missed the boat, huh?
- I'll be the captain.
- Oh, no. It's BeBe's kids!
Ahoy, mates. I spot a big old boat
to our starboard side
that's ready to get vicked.
Give me that. Let me see.
They're still after us.
What say you, crew?
- Are you down to take them off?
- Aye, aye!
Bust it, then.
As you enjoy
the last cruise on the Titanic
stop by the snack bar for flavor-icious
iceberg pops for you and your family.
We also have delicious popcorn...
Robin, you are something else.
- Something...
- You so crazy.
Boy, I'm scared of you.
Look at you.
What was that?
I know it's them kids.
I know it's them kids.
If I could just touch
one of them, I would... Hey! Hey!
Robin? Robin?
Oh, my God! The boat! The boat!
Women and children...
Now what, captain?
- Ram them.
- All right!
- Come on, we gotta get out of here!
- Abandon ship!
We're experiencing difficulties,
but the snack bar's still open,
where they've got that finger...
They're gonna ram us!
We BeBe's kids.
We don't die, we multiply.
- Somebody help me!
- I'm right behind you.
Hey, wait for me.
Fun World.
- Robin, wait.
- Oh, no. I had enough of them kids.
I can't be around no bad people.
You know I'm on parole.
You ain't on parole.
Let's go get the kids.
I ain't stuttin' those kids.
If you were smart,
you'd come right along with me.
- I'll call for backup!
- Boat 73 going in.
Did you buy your kid
a Nintendo game this Christmas?
Did I buy my kid a Nintendo?
Give me a break, OK, kid?
- I don't think so.
- Look, we were going to, OK?
We were gonna... We were going to.
- What say you, crew? Should I?
- Shark food!
Don't try to leave them, Robin.
That's why they shot their daddy.
Come on.
Get out of the way. Get out of the way.
Get out of the way!
Gotta go. Gotta go.
It's my car. Where's my keys?
Ain't that a... Look out.
It ain't time to go.
Are you trying to leave us?
Fun World! Fun World!
- Fun World! Fun World! Fun World!
- Quiet down!
Hey, Ma, guess what we did?
We jumped out of a boat,
and then we cut
Tommy Toad's feet off.
Then we took over a pirate ship,
and then we saw another ship...
- Quit talking.
- Fun World.
- Home, blacky.
- Ain't that a...
- You messed up now. That's it.
- Fun World! Fun World!
LaShawn. Girl, have you gone crazy?
What's that funky smell?
Pee Wee, did you go again?
What's corn doing on the floor?
I ain't never been glad
to see cops before,
but I was sure happy then.
Happier than a runaway slave,
papers and all.
Help. Help. Help.
These kids are dangerous.
Boy got a knife bigger than Rambo's.
One kid got a Colt longer than Shaft's.
Those are BeBe's kids.
I have had it. I am pissed off
to the highest level of pissivity.
Now, I'm taking these kids home now.
Not now, but right now.
- But BeBe isn't home yet.
- No, she's home. I know she's home.
And she's home getting her boots
smoked, just like you could be.
But you want to sit here
and watch these badass kids.
If she didn't want to watch them,
she shouldn't have had them.
She didn't have them
by herself, Robin.
What'd you say "Robin" for?
I ain't their daddy.
At least you recognize
that they do have one.
I don't see nobody shaking their heads,
pointing fingers at him.
What you wanna go and point
the finger at Old Slewfoot for?
I thought the devil was through
when he made Rosemary's babies,
but, oh, no,
now we got BeBe's kids.
Now, kids, what do you say
to Mr. Harris for the lovely trip?
Thank you very much.
They didn't wanna go with
four black kids in the first place.
So where we going
next week, Mr. Harris?
Next week? I'll take you
somewhere next week.
I'll take you to a snake pit.
Go, your mother's waiting for you.
Yo, wait up.
Hey, get back here.
Get back here with my stuff.
Hey, it better not
be nothing from my crib.
- I better walk them in.
- Let me walk them in,
because I want to give BeBe
a piece of my mind.
I could see why they spent
so much time at Jamika's house.
It looked like they live
next to a crack house.
Try to phone hell
from there, it'd be a local call.
Oh, hey.
The place looked like
MOVE headquarters.
Mama, are you home?
Mom, are you there?
What is this, another unpaid bill?
"Jamika, please give the kids dinner.
I'll be home soon. BeBe."
That girl crazy.
Y'all ain't got nothing in here to eat?
Well, here. Here's $10.
Call the pizza man.
He don't come around here no more.
- You leaving?
- Well...
...I'm sure your mother
will be home soon.
Just keep the door locked, all right?
I sure had a good time.
Take care of yourselves.
Bye-bye, y'all.
Bye, Mr. Harris.
Now do you understand?
I understand that BeBe
needs a good realtor.
Those kids don't stand a chance
in that neighborhood.
No, I don't think that neighborhood
stands a chance against BeBe's kids.
Now, I know they have
a behavior problem...
...but they're still kids.
Jamika, I was a kid too.
And I lived like that too.
But I wasn't as bad as those kids.
Nowhere near as bad.
If I got in trouble, my mother would
beat me until my daddy get home.
Then he'd put on that blues record
that skipped.
Whup you when I wanna
When I wanna
When I wanna
See, Robin, you making my case.
These kids need...
Need what? A social worker?
I already got a job, and it pays
better benefits than that one.
Oh, you gonna be like that, huh?
That was it.
- That was it?
- Not another word.
- You dropped her off?
- She got out, didn't say nothing.
- Well, what did you say?
- Say?
I wasn't gonna play myself,
if she was gonna play high post.
- Oh, man.
- Oh, man, nothing.
Say, man, you did the right thing
leaving them kids.
They were nothing but trouble.
Listen, you don't need
to look out for nobody but yourself.
That's why I am where I am today.
What am I doing?
I gotta go get those kids.
I can't just leave them there.
- I think I judged...
- Well, wait. Hold up.
We both been under a lot of stress
and said some things
we didn't really mean.
Well, I...
Hey, now.
- Your mama kind of like him, huh?
- Yeah, and I kind of like him too.
It looks like cooties is catching.
Come here. I'll show you.
Go ahead, beat him like he owe
you money. I like LaShawn, boy.
Robin, the kids really do appreciate
what you've done for them today.
Well, you know.
They just have their own way
of showing it.
Hey, what's this?
Hey, Slim, we saved you a slice.
So where we going next, Mr. Harris?
How about Las Vegas?
Vegas? We ain't going to no Vegas.
You're barely getting a ride
to the end of the block,
so just sit back, buckle up, be happy,
and check Pee Wee's drawers.
I don't know how Jamika
talked me into coming.
- We got 14 cents between all of us.
- Robin, it's gonna be OK.
This ain't a... You know
them kids don't know how to act.
- The circus can't train them kids.
- Look at those sweet little faces.
I ain't having it. I'm like Marvin Gaye.
I want to know what's going on.
- Oh, no, it's BeBe's kids!
- Ain't that a...
- Robin.
- What did you all do now?
I ain't never been here,
huh, LaShawn?
Oh, yeah, let me up out of here, baby.
Vegas at last.
Now, this is my kind of town.
Pour one for the poor one.
Six-eight, running mates.
Box cars, don't stretch me out, now.
Las Vegas in effect, baby.
- Pee Wee!
- Pee Wee, what you doing?
What's that in your hand?
Pee Wee. Pee Wee, put that down.
Pee Wee. Pee Wee! No!
Test-tube baby.