Because I Love You (2016) Movie Script

It's all ready, sir.
- Thank you.
- Good luck!
When was your most
nerve-racking day of your life?
I bet there are many,
but the day you proposed
to your love?
We received a ton of requests
for Yoo Jae-ha's song today.
He died tragically when his
own love life was blossoming,
perhaps his song helped
many lovers come together.
The ring...
How did I forget the ring!
'Because I love you.'
Why isn't she answering?
The first time
I felt your gaze,
was it just my own
With your bright smile,
you made me into a fool
The day you left me
Lovely pink-tinted memories in my heart
have faded into blue
You're finally coming to.
Are you okay?
Where is this?
Why am I...
Kim Mal-hee,
are you alright?
Who are you talking to?
Who else is here
besides you, Mal-hee?
But I don't think
I'm Mal-hee...
Then who could you be?
Well, I'm...
(Kim Mal-hee)
- How could a top student
not even remember
her own name?
It could be amnesia,
get it checked out.
Studying is good and all,
but health comes first.
What's this?
"Kim Mal-hee"?
Mr. Ahn is asking for you!
Feeling okay?
Your posture...
Did you bring your intro?
For the college application.
I don't even know myself,
how can I introduce myself?
Application period must be
causing a lot of stress.
Would you like some sugar?
Sweets are best for stress.
Oops, I ate those.
What's wrong with her?
- Isn't that Mal-hee?
- Kim Mal-hee?
Jesus Christ...
Wait, so I'm a girl?
It's all wrong!
This is a dream.
It's a dream!
A dream!
Look at that...
We got a crazy girl,
what's with her?
Applying to colleges
brings out the crazies...
Let it be a dream!
This girl has
no upper body strength!
Whoa, rad!
Who's this?
You should've tossed it,
you could get caught with it.
Don't worry,
I didn't see anything.
Wait, if there are 2 lines...
She's pregnant?
The shock must have
been overwhelming.
You know her?
You're friends with Mal-hee?
So it's like a ghost.
That's total nonsense.
I don't remember dying at all.
Recollection of
your past life?
Not even name or age?
Got any more lemon?
I think it's helping.
What about gender?
I think... I was a guy.
- You sure?
- What?
Stand up.
What the!
A guy, indeed.
Denial of oneself,
a classic symptom
of escapism.
I'm not Mal-hee!
Good to meet you,
I'm Scully.
Not Jang Su-yi?
And you're not Mal-hee.
Be honest,
do you believe me?
Only a select few believed that
the earth was round at first.
You've also lost it.
- Where you going?
- Mind your business!
And what's with your tone
ever since we met?
You're being rude
to your elders.
Look at this guy.
You don't even remember
your age,
if you end up being younger,
I'll cut your balls off.
Come on!
I'm coming with you!
So annoying...
Stop following me!
Where are you going?
You don't remember anything!
That's exactly the problem.
Give me $10.
So you woke up
in a girl's body?
Don't remember your age,
gender or birthday.
I told you many times!
That's the crazy part!
He's so clueless.
This is too crazy.
Okay, fine...
Go away.
Just leave.
Your pre-destined path.
Come on,
let's get out of here.
You got epilepsy or something.
There's a -30 creek
in Kangwon Province,
go dip yourself in it
and you'll be cured!
Basis of the service industry
is courtesy!
That's the standard!
One look and
he should've known.
How does a psychic
not know?
It's far more serious
than I thought...
Gotta regain memory
to find the baby's father.
That's just nonsense!
Come on,
accept the truth!
The shock of your,
I mean,
Mal-hee's pregnancy news
could have triggered this.
What are you so serious about?
What is it?
I keep thinking why
but you look so calm
You might not know,
but you are the one
But the way it is,
it's just fine
In the blink of an eye,
I fell deeply in love you with
I know it's not like me,
but I'm already in love with you
Maybe you were a chef
or delivery boy here.
Now I understand
why you're 28th in class.
I don't think
it's your name though.
"Hyun-kyoung" is a girl's name.
It's the only thing I remember,
it means something.
It's no joke,
you can't eat anything.
You could get expelled
for being pregnant.
A girl last year got the boot
for corruption of public morals.
You gotta give birth,
so college is out of the question.
What? It's coming?
Doctor, it can't be coming!
No way! No way!
That's so wrong!
- So what then?
- I dunno.
But I'm never going to
give birth to a baby!
Being top of the class
is not for everyone, right?
The stress that comes with it
is tremendous.
Forgetting basic things is
a symptom of extreme stress.
Then, are you #2 in class?
Then how'd you know
about such stress?
Come on...
Because we're friends.
Isn't that right?
But you don't know
where she lives?
Do you know when
lovers break up?
When they know each other too well
and the mystique wears off.
Friendship is like that too.
What are you doing here?
Good evening.
That was interesting.
- Did you eat?
- Pardon?
Did you have dinner?
Uh, yes, ma'am.
What's with you today?
And that awkward tone too.
My head...
Good night.
Good night, Ms. Daughter.
(Yoo Jae-ha)
So a girl with great taste
gets herself knocked up.
"Because I Love You."
She already got ultrasound?
(Hi, I'm Kim Mal-hee.
Good luck to us...)
Look at that.
She's got a few screws loose.
Do you understand?
'Dong Le ma.'
- Dong Le ma.
- Once more.
- Dong Le ma.
- Dong Le ma.
I understand,
how would you say that?
How would you answer it?
- Dong Le!
- Very good!
Just remove the postposition.
- Dong Le!
- Dong Le!
Where are you going?
The toilet?
Dong Le?
What the hell am I
supposed to do?
It might be good
for the baby.
So he must be the douche.
It's you?
- You're him!
- What?
You douche!
Shut up!
Young, much too young.
I'll take responsibility.
You'll do what?
I'll be a good dad.
You're already a bad dad.
You're not considering
the other option, right?
- Mal-hee...
- Kneel, douche!
Please don't do that,
you promised.
I love the baby,
and you too.
"Love"? Screw that.
What a load of crap.
I'll raise the baby,
and do more part-time work,
and support you
so you could study.
Support yourself!
You're just a child!
I'll do whatever
you ask of me.
If I tell you to kill yourself,
would you do that?
What I mean is...
I was going to die anyway.
If it wasn't for you,
I'd have jumped from there.
You held my hand
and smiled.
That's how you
came into my life.
Then why?
This isn't you.
I'm gonna have an abortion,
only that will save us.
Will you be okay?
Better than seeing
my belly inflate.
But the thing is,
what'd Mal-hee want?
About the abortion.
There's something
you're forgetting,
it's hard to go through with this
when you can think straight.
The choice is mine
right now.
She will be thankful.
Let's get you prepped.
Wait! Wait!
It's gonna hurt a bit.
Are you in pain?
What's wrong?
- It's my head!
- Your head?
What's going on?
Are you okay?
Hey! Ghost!
It's a Yoo Jae-ha cover?
It'll be hard to sing
a song with male sensibility.
You must really like his music.
What do you like about it?
Yoo's music contains
sensibilities of
fluttering hearts,
and loneliness.
But he departed this world
in an age of love,
it's ironic.
I don't think that way.
I think Yoo's still around,
connecting people with love.
Lee-hyung here says the same thing
whenever he drinks.
Let's give it a listen.
The first time
I felt your...
Hey, Hyun-kyoung!
Mal-hee! Sweetie!
Please don't do this,
I'll do my best.
Where are we?
Are you in there?
Why are you here?
Yo-sep, where are we?
Let's go home.
Where did he go?
- You okay, boss?
- Det. Park!
What's going on?
Where am I?
Det. Park! Sir!
Are you okay?
What happened?
And who are you?
What's wrong?
Did you see the Perm?
I think he came this way.
It's not him?
Shit, boss!
Requesting support!
You owe me!
How could you!
This is the real you, huh?
You're too much.
You know him?
I'm getting
the cold shoulder now?
Look back to all the tips
that I brought you.
I even fed you, gave you a bed
and pocket money too.
A corrupted cop?
This is nuts...
You were kicked out!
You're killing me!
This is too crazy!
No wonder your wife
gave you the boot.
You don't make the dough,
long hours and never come home,
and get stabbed
during stakeouts.
Over a year you said.
It's game over then.
Our long friendship
was built on cash.
Why don't we just let
this one slide under the table?
(Name: Oh Yong-choon)
- Under the table?
- Expensive table.
Illegal gambling, blackmail,
fraud, embezzlement...
- You're a bad guy.
- Come on, boss.
What's with you?
You fucking douche.
Out-of-body experience.
What's this?
"OOB experience,
don't click".
Holy shit!
What are you watching?
What's going on?
Stop wasting time
and go home.
You didn't go home for a few days
because of the stakeout.
You'll really get kicked out
like this?
I can go home?
What's with you?
You're the boss here.
What I mean is...
where's my home?
Who's this woman?
Owner of this apartment?
The door is opening.
I'm starving.
- You hungry?
- Jesus!
No dinner if you
come home late.
Want some Cocoball?
You didn't eat till this late?
Cocoball is best
when living by yourself.
No one to look after you,
what do we do with you?
I know you're getting divorced.
Pregnancy, now divorce.
Do you even know
what that is?
So many of my kindergarten
friends' parents are divorced.
You don't want us
to get divorced, right?
It's better than fighting everyday.
You won't listen to
what I want anyway.
Then do you know why
we're getting divorced?
You mean you don't know?
Holy cow!
What a bitch...
I know everything about Arong.
Right, Arong?
You promised to take me
to a baseball game.
- Hello?
- It's me.
I wish I could
answer that myself.
- Who am I?
- Ghost?
What happened to your voice?
This is bad!
Mal-hee wasn't the end!
I became a low life cop!
A cop? You sure?
- I'll call you back.
- Ghost!
You got a girl?
What are you talking about?
Not gonna sleep?
- I heard a girl's voice.
- No, it wasn't.
Let's go to bed.
Even if you'll divorce,
sleep in the same bed.
You haven't been home
in a while.
I'll sleep better right here.
Are you uncomfortable with us?
Wow, he took the bait.
(Wifey: Got a death wish?
How dare you sleep here!)
Who texts so early?
What the hell?!
This wasn't me!
Don't wanna hear your voice,
text instead.
Uncuff me right away!
So this is what a marriage
without talks is like.
Where did I put my key?
The kid must've took it.
Where's the kid?
I said don't talk, text!
Jung-min must've gone
to the kindergarten alone!
We're due in court at noon,
I won't go like this.
Go where?!
Let's go to the kindergarten,
the kid should have it!
Jung-min went on a field trip.
Read the damn family newsletter!
Then what do we do?!
You can't cut steel with knife,
you're hopeless.
Are you nuts?
So where's Jamsil Lotte World?
You stupid moron...
In Jamsil!
Stop texting,
this is getting old.
You're worthless!
So annoying.
Taxi! Wait!
Even with the AC on,
it's still hot.
Quite hot, isn't it?
Yes, indeed.
Don't do it!
Mommy, save me!
You bastard!
Get another cab!
We're almost there,
let's just walk like this.
Hey, Scully! Scully!
Okay, okay!
All done!
I'm suffocating.
Hey, wake up.
Get off of me!
Looks like a bad sprain.
You're not a doctor.
Don't diagnose me
and call 911.
There's no cell signal
down here.
Hello? Help us!
Please help!
Is there even a rule?
How do I get out of
this body?
Can you close your eyes?
Why? What for?
Just do what I say
for once!
Shut them good!
Done, why?
You son of a bitch!
What are you trying to pull!
I already feel like death!
How could you beat me
over a kiss!
It's not like that!
I can't breathe!
My heart is about to burst.
I... have claustrophobia!
feeling better?
What happened?
It's been a while.
Sorry, I caused a scene.
I didn't know
you were a judge.
Where have you been?
You left without a word.
I went around singing.
But I want to stop now.
I wanted to challenge myself
one last time.
This is the end, I guess.
Are you sick?
I have glossophobia.
You mean stage fright?
We're walking in circles.
Be quiet!
I'm tired as is!
I told you we should've
gone the other way at the fork!
It's my fault for trying to
salvage our marriage.
Don't you worry.
We'll get to the court by noon,
and sign our divorce papers.
I want to leave!
Okay! Okay!
Which way...
How's your breathing?
Since when did you
have claustrophobia?
What exactly do you know
about me?
Do you know my name?
Jung-min's mom,
of course.
During Jung-min's birth,
you weren't there.
I was giving birth by myself,
and I was so hurt.
It felt like I was all alone
in this world,
I just wanted to die.
I hated you so much.
Oh man...
Worse than a teenager!
I mean, I'm such
a terrible husband.
Then you showed up
the next day after a stakeout,
and slept like a baby,
and snored!
I deserve a spot in hell...
I should be worshipping you
for putting up with me.
Now I understand why
you gave up.
And whose fault is that?
You looked so gentle
in that old photo.
What photo?
You know, the one
taken at the concert.
You still carry
that photo around?
Why didn't you burn it?
You said you regret that
we ever met!
Had I not gone to the concert,
I'd not have met you!
I'm sure I was sorry
while living with you,
and couldn't
bring myself to say it.
What's with you?
Be your usual self.
I'm sorry.
Accept my apology.
Don't do this,
it's all over.
I'll feel better
if you hated me.
What was that?
Are you deaf?
Oh no!
What's going on?!
Thank you!
For apologizing before we die!
I'm sorry too!
A middle age couple was rescued
near Jamsil Bridge this afternoon.
They were found
handcuffed to each other,
the man is IDed as a detective.
The woman was adamant
about her identity.
I'm his wife!
I'm his wife!
The entire country saw that,
you can't get divorced now.
I don't remember anything...
What happened to me?
(When are we due in court tmrw?)
What's with the text?
And it was today,
you bastard!
Life is a series of
endless competition.
- And he's falling behind.
- Stop it.
Only his appetite consoles
his loneliness.
But we cannot wait any longer!
So we decided to kickstart
'Project Marry My Teacher'!
Mr. Ahn! Profess your love!
We'll help you!
Look this way!
- Stop eating!
- What are you doing?!
So please get married ASAP!
Like that's ever going to work.
His appetite is amazing.
It's Mal-hee's teacher!
Now I'm him?!
You fat boar!
What do I do?!
Is this your living room?
You caught you.
I received a tip.
A tip? About what?
That you went to
an abortion clinic.
Is that true?
Well, I...
it's technically true,
but it wasn't for me.
Then who?
I can't tell you that,
let's say it was for me.
You're quite loyal.
But who was the tipper?
Fox Mulder!
I got you!
My acting's getting good, eh?
I may just become a pro
at this rate.
Holy shit!
- What was that for!
- Why're you in his body?
I dunno,
but I'm always hungry.
Wanna get some burger?
Burger? Yeah?
I'm late! Come with me,
I'll buy you one.
- I want 2!
- Okay!
Good bye!
So are you like a cupid
or something?
The thing is, I almost ended
Mal-hee's relationship.
Then what is it?
Is it all just random?
After seeing Mal-hee
and Yo-sep,
fighting to keep their love,
I wanted to protect
Det. Park's family too.
Like a sense of duty.
It's true, there's no end
to learning.
I even learn something
from a ghost.
Stop eating,
no more.
- I'm not a ghost.
- Don't be so certain.
What's the deal
with the part-time job?
I thought your family
was well off.
We are!
I'm short on
my research fund.
What research?
(Dangerous Science)
"Dangerous Science"?
She's definitely not normal.
Lovely Da-in:
I miss you
What's this?
Lovely Da-in misses
the fat boar?
Then make it happen.
Why is this so good?
It's unbelievable!
I lost faith in humanity!
He's playing
way above his weight.
It's like going after
Jennifer Lawrence.
How could an educator
be so immoral?
Maybe she has a debt?
Or terminally ill?
So she's losing grip
with reality.
Nothing else makes sense.
Let's proceed though.
This hair is a lost cause!
Yoo Jae-ha:
Because I Love You
This place reminds me
of our college days, right?
You got drunk and came onto me
during my freshman year.
I was a crazy ass.
What I'm saying is,
I'm sorry.
You puked by the overpass
and I was patting your back.
I've never seen you
unable to hold in food.
Is that right?
I don't remember
those days very well...
I guess I was nasty.
How could you
not remember that day?
When a person...
wants to forget something,
he does so subconsciously.
You wanted to forget it
that much?
You proposed to me.
Sorry! Is it on you?!
- It's okay!
- Jesus Christ!
It's okay!
I asked you a question!
Why did you
want to forget it?
If I was still single after 30,
you wanted to marry me.
This fat boar is no joke!
Um... I just felt bad!
Think about it!
A girl so beautiful!
You'd be hitched so fast!
I was piss drunk
and went for it.
You weren't drunk at all.
You regularly sent me flowers,
and drank penalty drinks for me.
Even serenaded me
with a song on the field trip.
- A song?
- Yeah.
What are you looking at?
Gonna wear a mask
on the stage?
It's my choice.
it must be pretty serious.
That's why I said
I'm giving up.
I'm hopeless.
Your voice is too good
to give up.
Such a beautiful day.
Don't take this the wrong way,
let's go to a clinic.
Of the singers I know,
so many of them
had stage frights.
They all got treated
and perform beautifully.
Clinic? As in psych ward?
Oh come on...
Leave the stereotype behind.
Must I do such a thing?
That's like killing me twice.
Another beer?
At your place.
So pretty.
You're prettier...
Your call cannot be connected...
Not gonna answer?
Answer if you want.
Ghost, where are you?!
I don't need a loan.
I'm drunk, so drunk.
You're drunk.
My belly is so round.
This isn't my belly.
- Yu-don.
- Yeah?
Got any comfy clothes?
Let's see...
I'm so drunk.
Should I rest here
for a bit?
Is this happening?
You must've saved the world
in your past life.
I just need to play
cupid for you, right?
Since it turned out this way,
let's do this, Mr. Ahn.
(Q2 Sales List)
Ahn Yu-don, math,
grade 12.
Mr. Ahn, you feel bad?
How can I help?
If it was you,
what'd you do?
You're up?
I'm making hangover soup.
I must've fallen asleep.
Probably tired.
Sit, it's almost ready.
You remembered?
I always ordered egg rolls
whenever we went drinking.
You still remember
that I like this.
It's really nothing...
Does it taste bad?
Things change...
Things change with time.
I had so many dreams.
I never thought
I'd be selling textbooks.
Bad, right?
Things went bad,
But your innocence...
is still the same.
Oh yeah, your cup...
What the hell?
- Mrs. Kim Gap-soon.
- Where am I?
What is it?
Kim Gap-soon?
What's going on?
Who is this granny?
Tell me I'm not her!
A granny is too much, gramps!
Just let me out of here!
What's too much at our age?
Want some persimmon?
I don't want no persimmon!
I want out of this body!
I can't do this anymore!
No more!
I want to find myself!
This is really bad...
Who are you, by the way?
I'm your first love
You forgot that too?
First love?
What's with you?
You'll hurt yourself.
Hold still!
You said you're my first love!
Honey! Hey!
This is nuts,
I'm at my wits' end.
I'm a granny!
How can senile seniors
fall in love?
What if I'm stuck here?
- Must be dementia.
- Or multiple personality.
Holy cow!
So many wrinkles.
So deep too.
- Shut it!
- Gap-soon!
Who are you?
Her first love,
say hi.
First love...
Good afternoon.
She's my grandchild.
It's over if you
play cupid for him?
He's her first love,
so I even kissed, but nothing.
She must have another man.
Love is in the air!
Shut it!
Remember I said I may
have been a musician?
Don't know my name
or anything else,
but I'm certain
of some things.
A man, in music,
and an audition judge.
I could dig around.
Can you?
I'll look into
audition judges angle.
Okay, I'll be in your debt.
Possess Brad Pitt's body, then.
Shut it!
Wait a minute!
Are you okay?
- I have a question.
- What is it?
- Are you sure?
- About what?
That you are you.
You may not know me,
but I know me, happy?
Okay, nicely done.
- Sir!
- Hey.
I had a meeting with
producer Kim.
I see.
How's Lee-hyung?
Same old.
How could he have
gotten into such accident?
I hope we don't lose another star
in the music industry.
- Who's at the hospital?
- Hyun-kyoung.
- Ghost, can you leave?
- Why?
I think I found you.
Ma'am, please don't do this!
Let go!
I have to go find myself!
We gave her sedatives,
she'll calm down soon,
please keep an eye on her.
- Thank you.
- No problem.
Are you okay?
Do I look okay?
I'm so tired...
So why try to flee?
You never used to do that.
Mind your business.
But it is my business.
Snap out of it,
Mr. Choon-ho!
I have another man!
Who got to you?
A womanizer?
Same for you too,
you lied about first love.
It's too old for that.
You probably lived happily
until you became a widower.
When will you
ever understand me?
Do you like me that much?
How many times
must I tell you?
Then can you grant me a wish?
A wish?
I'm good!
Get in!
- You okay?
- Let's move!
Sure, sure.
What's he doing?
Step on it!
Come on!
You don't look so good,
something wrong?
You too, what's not wrong
at our age?
- Where to?
- University Street!
Aren't we youthful today.
Look out!
Gramps, what's wrong?
Gramps! Gramps!
Pardon me,
I'm so sorry about this.
I didn't know
what condition he was in.
Looks like he's quite ill.
Could you stop crying?
You're making me feel bad.
I said I'm sorry,
I was in a hurry...
Please, mom.
Please snap out of it, mom!
Pull yourself together!
Honey, you really
don't recognize me?
One more.
Just one, Gap-soon.
You can't have dementia.
Your smile is radiant today.
You're prettier when you smile.
Honey, I'm sorry...
A long time ago,
I couldn't deliver your letter
for Choon-ho,
I just couldn't,
no, I didn't.
I cared so deeply for you.
I'm sorry.
Honey, they say I'm very ill.
But I'm getting greedy.
For the sin I committed,
even if you mistake me for him...
I'll live the rest of my life
as him if it makes you happy.
But still...
Could you recognize me
just once more?
Hush now...
I got up early to
get all dolled up,
how do I look?
You're always the prettiest.
Who am I?
Kim Gap-soon, of course.
Then who are you?
I'm Choon-ho,
your first love.
You're not Choon-ho,
you swindler.
You're my husband.
Do you recognize me?
Thank you.
I've been wanting to say this
before my time's up.
I'm so sorry,
the truth is...
Hubby, it's not your fault.
Our fate brought us together,
it's not your fault.
Thanks for recognizing me...
Sorry for breaking
your heart at our age.
Why... are you there?
I'm right here,
but why are you there?
Listening to this now,
it'd be better to arrange it lightly
like you said.
That's Ghost?
And that's Hyun-kyoung?
Should I be glad
that I found him?
Didn't touch the lunchbox?
Good afternoon.
Have you eaten?
I brought a sandwich.
I munched on some snack.
When he wakes up,
he'll scold me for starving you.
Lee-hyung, wake up now.
Can't you see how hard
it is on her?
You'll wake up for sure.
This girl,
and this feeling...
It's nice.
It's nice...
but rather than monotonous,
how about light
and upbeat?
That'd be comical.
I'm a big shot producer.
What happened to
the humbleness you preached?
You're so cheerful lately.
In a few months,
there will be an important
open audition,
do you want to try it?
You want to put me
back on the stage?
Aren't you scared?
What if I pass out again?
We can do it together.
Me on the piano,
and you on vocal.
Love can be cured
with love.
Same with stage fright.
But I'm scared, baby...
Nothing to be scared of!
You're Hyun-kyoung,
the legendary busker!
Wait, did you call me "baby"?
I could swear you said that.
What's wrong?
Wake up.
What's going on here?
Wake up!
Please stop,
what are you doing?!
Honey! Wait!
Are you okay?
Everyone you possessed
were at the accident.
I see...
So that's it.
That woman,
is that Hyun-kyoung?
Did you really love her?
The stars are so pretty.
You're prettier.
Why do you put up with me?
I'm nothing.
like you.
Where are we going now?
I need you to act.
What is it?
Give this to Hyun-kyoung.
Say you went to
my home and found it.
What's this?
Leave that
and do it properly.
Lee-hyung's cousin?
I had a double
eyelid surgery.
I think he wrote this for you.
(Because I Love You -
Hyun-kyoung ver.)
And... this...
I think he bought this for you.
What?! Ring?
What should I do?
Can I really sing?
Can I fulfill your wish?
If I sing...
will you wake up?
You're so dead.
You'll thank me later.
You owe me a choco milk.
More like back of my hand!
What's wrong?
Ghost? Hey!
Lee-hyung! Hey!
Charge it again!
One, two, three!
One, two, three!
I think Yoo's still around,
connecting people with love.
Are you serious?
Yes, please make sure
he can see it.
Yeah? There isn't
much time left.
But your talent isn't
going anywhere.
If you maintain your voice...
Thank you, Hyun-kyoung...
But why are you like this?
We barely know each other.
I got excited thinking about
helping Lee-hyung.
Could I ask you a favor?
Let me accompany you.
Let's play together.
Me on the piano,
and you on vocal.
Don't take it the wrong way,
I want to do something
for my friend too.
Standby please.
Good luck!
Good luck!
Be strong.
can be cured
with love.
with stage fright.
Shall we?
#15, Ms. Lee Hyun-kyoung?
You're playing Yoo Jae-ha?
'Because I Love You.'
Are you ready?
Break a leg!
The first time
I felt your gaze,
was it just my own
With your bright smile,
you made me into a fool
you're doing well.
And my accident
wasn't your fault.
You had nothing to do with it.
It's just fate.
Hyun-kyoung, thank you
for granting my wish.
I loved you,
love you,
and always will.
For coming back to me,
I will give you everything
Forever in this way,
we will never be apart
Because I only
love you
Thank you.
You were good to me,
I become smaller
only with time
No matter what it means,
I will follow you
like you.
I was part of you
For coming back to me,
I will give you everything
Forever in this way,
we will never be apart
Because I only
love you
only you
Ghost didn't appear
after that day.
Not once.
Because a miracle that can't be
scientifically explained happened.
Look, it's granny,
she looks better.
My teacher's all lovey-dovey.
Wait, she was a boy?
Mal-hee went to Seoul U
and had a baby.
She's a smart gal.
Why did Ghost
possess Chan-young?
He was never at the scene
of the accident.
You may deny it,
but I think you possessed him
for the sake of your love.
A journey through music,
I'm All That Music's Lee Seung-yeol,
good evening, everyone.
Our first guest is
a rising star,
who is receiving much love
from us all.
They say you fall in love
when you hear her voice.
I hope you fall in love as well.
Lee Hyun-kyoung,
let's welcome her!
Hello there,
I'm Lee Hyun-kyoung.
I'll be singing "Love Is A Word"
composed by Jin Lee-hyung.
If you'll stay with me,
even a fool will do
So warm,
you're so dear to me
I finally found a calling,
I'll write in my journal
Her voice is so pretty.
Of course, that's my girl.
Been a while, Scully,
you're all grown up.
Congrats on the college acceptance.
You're a piece of work.
They say love trumps friendship,
you never answered my calls.
You got nothing left to lose, eh?
Sorry, I've been busy
with work and love.
You're still my BFF.
Are you happy?
Yeah, to death.
Thank you, Scully,
it's all thanks to you.
I love you
Someone may be
jealous of us
Let bygones be bygones
Even if we don't know
what love is,
perhaps this is love
Even after a long day,
I will love you unconditionally
I love you
A tribute to Yoo Jae-ha