Beckett (2021) Movie Script

Even if a part of me has taken it away
Even if the blue subsides to gray
Start to claim a muscle
And I feel it ebb away
Not a soul will take my place
Hide it all away
Is it face, what it take?
I got demons in my face
Not a soul will take my
Honeydew my memories are blessed
Just like I was in need
Honeydew my memories are blessed
Blue subsides to gray
What else can help you breathe?
Not a soul will take my place
Sorry, baby.
I wasn't thinking.
You've never heard me
shout before.
You scared me.
Even when we fight,
we're together, all right?
Let's make it a rule.
We're together in this.
All of it.
In case I forget?
Your finest work.
This is why we need to get on a beach.
We need to be at the beach right now.
Oh, oh!
Lady in blue.
Tell me how she got here.
- We're really going to do this?
- Yeah.
- The one with the cap?
- Um
She's an adult spelling bee champion.
Yeah, she won this trip
at the Cedar Rapids Adult Spell-Off.
And what was her last word?
Come on.
It's one of America's easier bees.
Okay, uh
Your turn now. Mm-hmm
The couple over there.
Right there? She's hanging on, uh
- He's George. The guy. Not her.
- Yeah?
He wanted to go to a travel agent.
Okay. Yeah, wh what was
what was the agency called?
- Mmm
- Ideal Travel?
Ideal Travel? That's a great job, baby.
That's why you're the best. Ideal Travel!
Oh, yeah, and halfway through arranging
a trip for him and his wife,
he started a sex affair with the agent.
And when his wife found out
and moved out,
the agent exchanged
those tickets for this trip.
A sex affair?
Have you ever noticed that
all of yours end up kind of sleazy?
If you're not gonna play, you can't
criticize how my people got here.
I mean, it's it's a style.
You're just sleazy.
Like, it's just how sleazy
-You can't you can't go down there.
-It's fine.
Oh, there's our square.
There's the hotel in Athens.
What are they saying?
You were right.
Crowds on Friday
are expected to be twice as big.
I'm glad we got out of there then.
I mean, we could've watched the speeches
from our balcony
with little bottles of tsipouro.
Oh, no, thanks. That stuff tastes
like you clean your floor with it.
I'm kidding.
Hey, I'm very glad we came up here.
Thanks for rolling with it.
I know that for every plan discarded,
you think an angel loses its wings.
Well, you did make all these plans,
so I can't complain.
Thank you.
I appreciate you said that.
I'm learning.
We're not supposed to be here.
I mean, like, no one knows
where we are, and it's
It's really just the two of us.
Figures in a landscape.
And Zeus had his oracle up here.
I didn't know it was gonna be like this.
Oh my God.
I'm having a love attack.
- Save me from this love attack, please.
- Sorry. I talk too much.
Oh my God.
I think we should find one.
One what?
Maybe she can
listen to the wind in the leaves
and tell us where we're heading.
I don't need an oracle for that.
Oh, you know?
You know where we're heading?
Is there anything you want to say?
Now you're shy.
Are you finished?
With the food, I mean.
I want to try
a couple of the sweet things too.
- Well, you just--
- Yeah, I--
I'll be back in a minute.
We need to get some gas as well. So
We're running low.
Oh, I got it!Venzini.
Now you're shy.
That rosewater thing was fantastic.
You managed to find
every bakery in North Greece.
Did you know Greek coffee is better
for your heart than other coffee?
Yeah, I knew that. Everybody knows that.
It has more antioxidants.
Yeah, the waitress explained it to me.
-I think that's what she was saying.
You call about tonight? We're all set?
You didn't call them.
Uh, well, I I meant to.
-I texted you the number.
-No, wait, wait, wa--
- Wait. No. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
- Me, me, me, me.
Oh, look, look! It's
It's right here.
-What is that? I can't see that.
-The number!
-I don't see any number.
I just
I forgot to do it,
and by the time we were done eating
I saw how late it was, so I--
It's not that late.
I didn't want to bother them, April.
The confused American calling
is probably a lot better for them
than unconfirmed guests showing up
in the middle of the night.
We paid.
Why should we have to confirm?
Isn't that their job?
I mean, it's the low part
of the low season.
-They should be happy--
Do you speak English?
-That's us.
-Well, then let me talk to her. She--
We're driving to you right now.
We just passed
Uh Nor
-Egnatia. Do you know where that is?
-E e eggnog!
Of course.
Thank you.
See you as soon as we can.
It's fine. See?
Her daughter's gonna wait up.
Thank you.
I'm not that bad.
With me? No.
You've got no problem bothering me
when you don't like what we're watching
or what I make for dinner.
Here we go.
Hmm. That's your mental trick, okay?
You just pretend other people are me.
Just pretend it's me,
and you won't hold back.
Uh-oh, uh-oh, copilot.
You all right over there?
You're okay to drive?
Yeah, I got it. I got it.
Hey! Help!
My girlfriend, Ap April. April?
My girlfriend, April?
Where's my girlfriend?
Um, the car
How you say?
I'm very sorry.
You took medicine.
Rest now. Talk after.
Um, he says, uh,
he's, uh, making, uh, arrangements.
They, uh they bring
your, uh, wife to Ioannina,
a bigger town near here.
Um, you have to, uh, sign this
to say it's okay.
I want to see her.
At the hospital, he said
I had to wait.
He says, uh uh, you can, uh, see her
when they get her ready for Ioannina.
Why not now?
Um, the, mmm,
coroner has gone home,
and he has the key.
Is there anyone you need to call
to tell in America
what happened?
Her parents.
Her parents.
- Hello?
- Bob, it's Beckett.
- Sorry I woke you up.
- Oh, hi, Beckett.
There was an accident with the car.
A what? Are you are you both okay?
- Is she right there, or--
- No.
I'm with the police right now.
Beckett, what happened?
Did someone hit you? Or you
I sli...
We slid off a road.
Beckett, oh my God. Jesus. Are you
- That's--
- I know.
But you're
you're you're not in Athens?
-Where where where should we come to?
-I I don't know.
That's what I'm trying to figure out.
Give them our number
so they can call us.
Stay with her.
Is she she she unconscious or
I will.
Um, just tell us
where we should come!
As soon as I know.
- Oh my God.
- I promise.
Stay with her.
She'll pull through this. She's tough.
She's been through all her life.
You know that.
Have you have you called her mother?
No. Not yet.
I'll I'll I'll do that
as soon as we hang up, all right?
Tell her we're
we're on our way. I I, uh
I can't think straight. Um
- I'm sorry.
- No, it's all right. I'll, uh
I'll start arranging with, um Just, uh
Find out what--
- Here.
- Thank you.
I'm sorry for your loss, sir.
Thank you.
Is there anyone else you need to call?
Not right now.
The accident, I mean.
The house.
I saw the damage. I went
with the truck to pull out your car.
Where did we crash?
Down by the turnoff. Four kilometers away.
At least there was no one in the house.
Could have been worse.
- There were people in the house.
- No.
Nobody has, uh, lived there for years.
I saw someone.
Two people.
A woman and a boy.
Teenager, maybe. Uh
Probably immigrants.
Can you describe them?
Um a boy, um
red hair, maybe, or something.
Well, if there is
if there was anyone there,
we should, uh, try to find them
and make sure that they're not hurt.
- Yes, please do.
- Yeah.
The boy was a redhead.
I remember, he was a redhead.
So, I think you should get some rest,
and if we can be of any assistance,
you let us know, all right?
I can't help.
My friend!
My friend, come out.
It's okay.
There's been a a misunderstanding.
Come out. It's okay.
It's me.
It's okay.
You're gonna be--
There's nowhere to go, Beckett!
I need I need help.
Is this your house?
Wait here.
Come. Come.
Show me.
Oh, okay. Okay.
I just need a phone.
Yes, but I look first, okay?
This is
I don't know what's happening.
People, they've been shooting at--
They've been shooting at me.
A policeman. Bad policeman.
A bad policeman?
An officer.
He had a a beard.
That you need.
-You want food?
-I really just need a telephone, please.
Yes. Yes, okay.
Three persons.
Maybe my friends call police.
You are not here. I make them go.
Excuse me, do you speak English?
-Do you speak English?
I need your help. I need to get a call
through to the embassy or the consulate
Look, hey.
Don't don't do this,
because they will sting you. Careful.
US Embassy. The US Embassy.
-You can have my phone.
-Wait. Yeah.
-Thank you.
Shit. I don't know
how to call the embassy.
-I'll find out.
-Please. Thank you.
It's ringing.
- Yes, yeah, I I need I need help. Yeah.
- How may I help?
I'm up in the mountains
outside of Ioannina.
There's a local police officer--
No, there's two there's
two local police officers and a woman.
Okay? They're trying to kill me.
I don't know why.
just explain what happened.
I'm I'm I'm a US citizen.
I was vacationing with my girlfriend.
We got in a car accident.
She died.
Then I was attacked by a stranger.
I'm sorry, sir.
Where are you?
Where is this place?
What is the place called?
- We're close to Metsovo.
- I'm close to Metsovo.
Please, can you
can you just come and get me?
Send somebody to come and get me
and bring me in safely.
Can you do that, please?
It'd take time
to get to you.
How long?
A day at least.
A day?
Do you have
anywhere you can go you would feel safe
until we can get someone to you?
Can I come to you?
- If you are--
- What's your name?
Who do I ask for
when I get to the embassy?
Officer Majessy.
Officer Majessy, I'll see you soon.
-What's the fastest way to Athens?
-By car. It's about five hours.
- Five hours.
- By car?
Five hours.
Look, don't get this wrong way,
we just can't--
No, I understand, not by car.
I understand
- Then, with train from Kalambaka.
- From where?
- Kalambaka.
- How far is the train station? Kalambaka?
-It's far.
-It's far.
It's at the bottom of the valley.
-The road by the river?
-This road. Follow the river, yes.
It's too far to walk there.
I'll figure something out. Here.
Thank you so much.
Don't tell anybody that you helped me!
-Okay? All right? It'll help my chances.
-Take care.
You speak English?
-Are you with this bus?
Please, I need to get to Kalambaka
or any train station
that can get me to Athens.
The man with the bees
told us you called the embassy.
Now, what did you say in that phone call?
-Did you hurt those people?
-Mmm, yeah.
Who'd you talk to?
I was
I wasn't on the phone very long, okay?
I wasn't given a name.
Mm-hmm. And what'd you say about us?
I said I'd explain everything
to them when I got there.
Look, I'm not the person you want,
all right? There's been a mistake.
-You don't want me.
-Now if you make a scene, I will tase you.
Have you ever been tased? It's horrible.
You piss yourself. You shit your pants--
This man's trying to kill me!
He's harmless.
I didn't pull the trigger.
I was just trying to protect myself.
You have to turn
yourself in to the local police now.
If I do that, I'll be dead in 30 minutes
or less. You know I can't do that.
Whatever legal assistance
you require, we can provide it to you.
We can answer any questions.
How about this? How about this question?
How the hell
did I get into this situation?
I have things I have to do.
I I I can't--
Listen, you just admitted
to shooting a police officer.
I need help.
The best thing you can do
is go to the local authorities.
I need help.
We can only help you
after you've turned yourself in.
I can't stay here.
I can't stay here.
Hey, Eleni! This is pointless.
Come on, let's go.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Hello. Hi. Excuse me.
Do you speak English?
Do you speak English?
Yes? What are these posters?
That's for the Karras rally
today in Athens.
No, I mean-- Okay.
This boy. Who is this boy?
That's Dimos, Karras' nephew.
Well, I I'm a tourist.
I don't understand.
What does that mean?
This boy was kidnapped,
and he's the nephew
of a famous politician, all right?
People need to understand what's
happening to try and bring Karras down.
- What is it?
- I've seen him.
I've seen this boy.
You've seen Dimos Karras?
-In the mountains. There're cops involved.
-Is that why your hands are cuffed?
I've been running.
My girlfriend and I were
in a car accident, and we hit a house.
That's where I saw the boy, in that house.
There's been a woman and a cop
trying to kill me ever since.
And you think these people have the boy?
They must.
I need your help. I need a ride to Athens.
That's where the US Embassy is.
You understand?
They can help me.
The US Embassy in Athens.
- If he's saying the truth--
- That's a big if.
Yes, but this could change
everything, even save the boy.
- Please.
- You could be full of shit.
The woman who's after you, is she blond?
Okay. Get in the trunk of the car.
What the hell are you doing?
- Wa wa
- Did you pee?
I hope you did, 'cause I'm not going
to stop every 20 minutes again.
We don't speak Greek.
We're searching for a black guy.
He's under arrest.
He shot a police officer.
Have you seen him?
Oh, that guy!
Where did you see him?
We're going to drive a little out of town,
and then we let you out.
If you hear me, knock once.
- What are we supposed to do now?
- Start it.
I don't like this at all.
I'm scared.
Just drive. Okay?
Okay, okay.
Everything's all right now.
It's fine.
Was she angry?
She'll understand
when we tell her everything later.
She said to meet at Alex's shop.
Alex's shop?
I don't remember where that is.
On Pireos Street, by the hands.
The praying hands.
I can take that off if you like.
Thank you.
Okay. Hold still.
You better not be lying to us
about any of this.
I'm not that creative. Believe me.
Well, you left out the part
about shooting a cop.
No. No, no, I didn't shoot him.
Okay, well, I didn't mean to shoot him.
He was drawing his gun on me.
I was just trying to get away from him.
It was only his foot.
What a relief.
The woman you were talking to,
is she is she police too?
I had to deal with enough police
in my life
to know that she was something else.
But she was armed.
Okay. Hold it.
This will help.
Are we in danger?
Are we?
They know where I'm trying to go.
They'll be waiting.
So, we have to be very, very careful.
They're discussing the kidnapping.
The possible political motivations.
Nothing new.
It has to be them, right?
We don't know.
She was armed.
He said they have cop connections.
She certainly looked like a fascist,
and they have Dimos.
Do you know
who these people could possibly be?
Well, there's a group called Sunrise.
They're far-right,
ultranationalist Greeks.
They have the police in their pocket.
They get away with everything.
So far, no one has claimed responsibility
for the kidnapping,
but it's very likely to be them.
The boy's uncle
understands people's anger.
He's building a coalition to reverse
the austerity measures imposed on Greece
by the European Union
and bring us out of the current bullshit.
That's if he gets elected.
And that's why we're going to Athens,
because there's a rally for Karras
for the upcoming elections.
Wait, where's the rally?
Syntagma Square. Why?
A lot of people think they're
trying to scare him into stepping down,
and the police, I hope they do
what they have to and protect him.
Are you okay?
Beckett, breathe.
- Should I pull over?
- No. No, no. Go on.
It's okay, you're in the car. You're safe.
Okay? Breathe.
What happened
to your girlfriend?
We weren't supposed
to be on that road.
We were staying at Syntagma Square.
Our balcony overlooked it.
Somebody told us
that there was a protest coming.
Then they they told us
it was gonna be very loud,
so, you know, we we
We left.
You should lie down.
Lie down.
We still have some way to go.
It's okay. It's okay.
We need to remember
where that is, Alex's shop.
Are you okay?
Here, take this.
- What's this?
- What's going on? Is there an accident?
I don't know.
There's police on the road.
They're checking cars.
What do we do now?
You don't think
it has something to do with him?
Thank you.
- Hi. Hi.
- Can I help you?
Yes, the US Embassy, please.
- Omonia Station.
- No, the US Embassy.
Omonia Station. You want
a 90-minute ticket or a 24-hour ticket?
One euro and 20.
Help! Help me! He's got a knife!
- What happened?
- Help!
Help me!
Somebody, call the police!
I need the US USEmbass--
No, please, I just--
One minute, sir.
- Can you please not cover that?
- I'm so sorry.
- Thank you. Thank you.
- I'm sorry.
I'm Steve Majessy. We spoke on the phone.
We're gonna get you cleaned up.
We're gonna get you better.
Don't worry about it.
Thank you.
You know he doesn't know
about that yet. Poor guy.
Yes. I gotta go. I will. Bye.
Stephen Tynan.
I hear you've been through hell.
First things first
April Hanson.
We located her.
Apparently, the office
in Ioannina refused the body.
When they found out she was
a US citizen, contacted us.
So, she was brought to the embassy.
She got here about an hour before you did.
- She's here? She's here in this building?
- Yes.
We'll help arrange everything
to get her back home.
We've already been in contact
with her parents,
which is legal for us to do
in a complicated case like this.
Um, I need to see her.
Would you come with me?
I wanna bring her home.
Of course.
Uh, as soon as that's possible,
given what's happening.
I'm so sorry for your loss, Beckett.
Let's just talk,
get all this straight.
Now, the sooner we do that, the sooner
we can get you both back on your way.
So you were saying?
Um then, uh, I crawled out of the car,
and that's when I saw the redheaded boy.
A couple days later, I I went back there.
You went back there? Why?
To see.
To see what?
I didn't know what I had to do.
I went back there
because that was the place
where I
It was my fault.
The accident, it was, uh
It was my fault.
And and then, um
uh, that's where they found me.
A woman and a cop,
they they started shooting at me.
And I on sight, and I just I just ran.
And they followed me,
and they they forced their way
into a house that I was hiding in.
And God only knows
what what they did to the man there
that was taking care of me
at the time. Uh
And they found me on a train.
Where you shot the cop?
They were waiting for me,
there at the station.
And, uh, near the embassy here.
How did you get to Athens?
Uh, I got a ride,
uh, a couple of activists.
They were headed
to the, uh the Karras rally.
That's the reason
I found out who the boy was.
They said
that the the people that were chasing me
were part of a group, uh, called, uh,
uh, Sunrise. Or or Pro-Sunrise.
Were you able to get their names?
Lena and Eleni.
And do you think Lena and Eleni
would go to the police
on their own or the press?
I I don't know.
Well, if I wanted to find them,
could I?
I'd like to get statements
from them anyway.
Anyone who can go on record
that will vouch for you
will help speed this up, Beckett.
Okay. All right.
They said, um they said
they were going to meet at a shop,
uh, near the praying hands.
"Praying hands,"
do you know what that means?
Um maybe.
Okay, so
It's not Sunrise
that's after you.
The activists think that because
it suits their political narrative.
They also think they can wave
a magic crisis wand called Karras,
and Greece's austerity measures
will just go away.
They are
They don't have
the whole picture.
- Then, who's after me?
- Can you identify the cop?
- Yes, I sa I said I can.
- Okay.
Here's what we're going to do.
I know plenty of Greek cops
who won't try to kill you.
I'll take you to one of them.
You'll fill her in on everything.
I'll vouch for you.
Since you're not a diplomat,
we can't override
whatever alerts the Greek police
have out on you, but she can.
- A all right, but can this cop come here?
- Uh
You know, it doesn't work that way.
Well, I really don't want
to leave the embassy.
Look, I know you're scared. I get it.
I'm gonna be with you the whole way.
To to the end of this.
No alcohol. I'm on medication.
Nurse's orders.
Smart. I like that.
We'll take my car.
It's unmarked. Tinted windows.
Well, can we at least
have an escort with us?
It's not my personal car.
It's a civilian car.
But it belongs to the embassy.
It's prepped, level six.
It's bulletproof.
Are they gonna be able
to help the boy?Dimos?
Shall we?
and breathing.
Doing exercise early
also ensures a healthy propulsion
of all the body systems.
Pain is in my heart
Tearing me apart, yeah
Oh yeah
You know what I mean
You'll be back in Ohio
selling software again in no time.
What you do there, right?
No, business systems integration.
Look at you.
Uh, it must nearly be time.
Karras' rally.
They're out here in full force, huh?
Okay, I see you. Yeah.
Don't worry. Doors are locked.
Fuck. Goddamn it.
Jesus fucking Christ.
Just wanna make sure we get there safe.
So, you said you've been
out here four months, yeah?
Four? No, eight.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Well, how much further is she?
- Huh?
Your your contact, uh, how much
Where She works out here?
Oh, yeah, yeah. She's an honest cop,
so they gave her a shit post.
You know how it goes.
The good guys get screwed, right?
Breaking news from Greece
on the Karras kidnapping case.
Oh, listen.
A call was received
claiming credit for the abduction.
The caller, who was described
as having a foreign accent,
stated he was a spokesman
for the extreme leftist organization
known as the Communist Brigade.
He announced
that demands would follow soon.
This casts a bad light on Karras,
as he had declared the group's separation
from his coalition to be
a peaceful and strategic one,
painting a false picture of unity
among the diverse elements of his party.
That sounds like Karras' leftist coalition
isn't as coalesced as he'd hoped.
among Karras supporters
So, the Communists,
they're the ones trying to kill me?
Little faster this way.
The station's
at the other end of this road.
Really sorry about this.
Yes, but you're German. Why come at all?
Because I am German. I want my government
to see that I stand with the Greek
and not with the financial establishment
and excessive austerity measures.
-You know what I mean?
-Hey! What are you doing here?
I'll explain, but right now,
we gotta get away from here.
-Did you go to the embassy?
-It's all fucked up. I barely escaped.
- We gotta go.
- What? They're also part of this?
Someone at an embassy
threatened you? I don't understand.
Gimme the phone.
-The American Embassy?
-What? Why didn't they help you?
Listen to me.
They know you're here.
They probably know I'm coming to warn you.
We have to get out of here.
We all gotta go.
-There's a door at the back.
-What about you?
We have the press.
See you at the rally!
Okay, we're safe, okay?
We have the press. It's fine.
-Who are you?
-Oh, you don't wanna know.
Come on! Let's go!
Goddamn it.
I I need the bike! I need--
Karras! Karras! Karras!
Have you seen, um
Have you see the man with the cast?
Appreciate you moving us
out of public view.
You fucked up my face, man.
You don't deserve a face like like that.
You don't deserve to get shot
in the cellar of a mall.
Hold it right there.
Maybe I do.
Oh, that's the red phone ring.
I gotta get that one.
You're shitting me. I'm right under it.
It just happened?
Okay, uh, what do you want me to do
about, uh, tragedy boy here?
Sounds about right to me.
Over and out.
Whoa! Hold up! Hold up!
Hold up! Beckett, stop!
I'm not gonna fucking do anything to you.
Calm down.
Karras is dead. He's dead.
That's what that call was.
He was just shot during his speech.
Just happened.
-Wait, who who did it?
-Apparently, the people who took your boy.
Tell me what you know.
What do you care? Google it.
You can figure out most of it.
Karras' family's
got a ton of shipping money.
He wanted more, got involved with crooks,
and he owes them.
They want their money back.
The rest is classified.
Taking Dimos wasn't political then?
Just criminals Karras owed,
that's what you're telling me?
Yeah. Classified.
So, this is
all just Mafia bullshit?
So, who called and said they were
the Communist Front? You?
-That's classified.
-Of course it is!
-What did you want with me?
-Hey, fucking asshole!
You were going to uncover the real crooks
and fuck with our plan, okay?
We needed someone else to take the blame,
but we're good now.
His coalition can't survive.
You want me
to tell you you were expendable?
The wrong man? The wrong place?
Yeah, sure. All of it. But we're good now.
You keep this part between us,
you got nothing to worry about from me.
And don't fucking test that.
It would be my word against yours.
I got the cleanest fucking record
you've ever seen.
It's over, all right?
It's over, Beckett.
-What about the boy?
-What about him?
Are they gonna kill him?
How should I know? Maybe they have.
Maybe they are right fucking now.
You know what? Go up there and ask them.
But Beckett, at this point,
just get on a fucking plane.
-What happened?
Hey! No!
It's okay. Stop.
I know him. It's fine. It's fine.
The trunk.
-The trunk.
The trunk?
Oh, fuck.
Dimos Karras.
I should have died.
I should have died.
Even if a part of me has taken it away
Even if the blue subsides to gray
Start to claim a muscle
And I feel it ebb away
Not a soul will take my place
Hide it all away
Is it face, what it take?
I got demons in my face
Not a soul will take my place
Honeydew my memories are blessed
What else could help you breathe?
Honeydew my memories are blessed
What else could help you breathe?
All I know is you were broken
Just like I was in need
Honeydew my memories are blessed
What else could help you breathe?
Not a soul will take my place
All I know is you were broken
Just like I was in need
Honeydew my memories are blessed
What else could help you breathe?
All I know is you were broken
Just like I was in need