Becky (2016) Movie Script

- Sorry. Come in, come in.
- It's ok.
Wow. Nice place.
That was my first online dating experience.
Just some awkward conversation about extratractors... files, I don't...
...even remember.
- Sounds like a fun time.
- Guess the bar isn't set
to high for you tonight? - No, but...
...I am pleasantly surprised by tonight's company.
Like wise.
So when we were texting the other day, you said
something about only being in town for a couple of days.
- What do you do?
- I'm a contractor...
...but I also work out of town. If it wasn't for the
internet, I'd find it impossible to meet woman.
- Let alone anybody for that matter.
- Sometimes that's better...
...having a small circle less to deal with.
- Completely.
So what about you?
- You've got to give me the recipe for
this pasta sauce. - Made from scratch.
Impressive. A contractor who's also a master chef.
- Would you like some more wine?
- I would love some.
Man, she digs you, man.
Do you blame her?
Steven. I don't won't to drink alone out here.
I'll be right out.
So Becky, I was thinking.
I had to change into something else.
I hope you don't mind?
Somebody help.
I didn't do anything to you.
You're crazy.
Your the one
who invited a stranger into your apartment.
On the off chance she'd sleep with you.
I think that makes you crazy.
My lucky night.