Becoming Astrid (2018) Movie Script

Inspired by events
in Astrid Lindgren's life
Happy birthday Astrid
Happy birthday Astrid
from Class 4A
Dear Astrid Lindgren..
We're a 4th-year class
from Hsthult School.
We want to wish you
a happy birthday-
-and thank you for all your stories..
Ingvar gets the first turn.
(Go on, read it!)
Hi Astrid!
My mum and dad have read
your books to me since 1 was little.
I wonder: How can you write so well
about being a child-
- when you haven't been one
for so long?
"I have chosen him, so that he will
direct his children and his household-
"-to keep the way of the Lord
by doing what is right and just.
"Thus the Lord will bring about
his promise to Abraham.
"The Lord said:
"The outcry against Sodom
and Gomorrah is so great-
"-and their sin so grievous-
"-that I will go down and see-
"-if what they have done is as bad
as the outcry that has reached me.
"The men turned away
and went toward Sodom.
But Abraham remained
standing before the Lord.
"Then Abraham
turned to the Lord and said:
"Will you sweep away the righteous...
"...with the wicked?"
Where would you rather live,
Sodom or Gomorrah?
In Gomorrah
they only say good morning.
And in Sodom they drink
soda for all eternity.
Thank you, Astrid, that's enough.
It's true!
Good morning. Soda.
- Good morning, soda.
- The next blasphemer is walking home!
May I?
You're so pretty.
If I were a man,
I'd fall in love with you.
I'd see that crazy mind of yours
and fall in love right away.
May I?
Let's dance.
- I don't think so.
- Yes, let's dance, Berta!
Your father is here.
Nice, sis!
Come on, Gunnar.
Oh, I...
I just have to scream.
Good morning! Soda!
Good morning, soda!
Good morning, soda!
- Good morning!
- Soda!
You're over an hour late.
What were you thinking?
- I came home with Gunnar.
- She did.
Gunnar can stay out until 10.
You have to be home at 9.
Why is he allowed to stay out later?
Gunnar is a boy and you're a girl.
- But you say we're all equal before God.
- Don't bring our Lord into this!
- You always bring God into everything!
- You'll wake the whole house!
- But if we're all equal before God...
- Astrid...
- ...then there should be no difference.
- Good night.
You're only 16...
Settle down.
Astrid, get started in the stable.
Let's warm ourselves.
In Jesus' name we gather here
Bless this food, oh Jesus dear
And hold in Your protective hand
our home, our king, our fatherland
I saw Reinhold Blomberg today.
The "Vimmerby Times" comes out twice
a week now, and he needs an assistant.
- Tell the story about Old Ham.
- Not that again!
- Please, Astrid!
- I've told it a thousand times.
The editor remembered
your essay that was published.
"Life on Our Farm". Written by
Astrid Ericsson, our own Selma Lagerlf.
- You don't even know who that is!
- Bless that man.
Blomberg was left alone
with seven children when his wife died.
Berta says his new wife is crazy.
But now they're getting divorced.
- We don't gossip while we eat.
- Good thing there's time between meals.
As I said, I saw Blomberg.
And he's looking for an intern.
He'd like to meet you, Astrid.
I'm sorry?
- You'll still have to do your chores.
- Blomberg wants to meet me?
Tell him I'll be there.
Hello, ke!
I'm here to see your father.
Is he at home?
He's working.
Yes, but I don't understand a word.
The woman is completely mad!
Come in.
How should I know?
You'll just have to tell her...
Yes, I understand.
I have to go now. I've got an
impatient little intern waiting for me.
Fine. Let's do that.
Yes. I'm good at spelling...
I'm a hard worker...
And I'm happy to work overtime
if you need me to.
Yes, newspapers are important.
I always read the newspaper
when my father is finished with it.
I say: Newspaper.
- Typewriter?
- Printer's ink.
- Paper?
- News.
First write up the obituaries.
Then the birthdays, weddings,
silver anniversaries...
- Father?
- We're working.
And then proof-read these.
Olivia is here. She's crying.
- Bloody hell...
- Proof-read...
- I need you to sign the papers.
- Why are you coming here now?
- Can you just sign them?
- Oh, please...
- Reinhold...
- I'll never sign them. You know that.
You got the job! Congratulations!
Really, Berta...
- That's a typewriter...!
- Well, type then!
I don't know if I can!
Hi, Astrid. My name is Lisa.
I write stories, too.
I don't spell very well,
but I don't care.
When I write, it's as if
everything else disappears.
But in a good way.
I'm alone with my thoughts.
I feel free.
Maybe it's the same for you?
I also wrote in
all the special birthdays.
And the obituaries. Every one of them.
Yesterday I wrote about some boys
who hoisted their friend up a flagpole.
And I wrote a story
about a pregnant girl...
- She nearly died from eating matches.
- She ate matches?
- She was pregnant.
She'd heard that the phosphorus
in the matches would kill the baby.
- But nothing happened to the baby.
- That's enough, Astrid.
And I proof-read
all of Blomberg's articles.
Like I said.
Vimmerby's own Selma Lagerlf.
Astrid Ericsson's
wonderful journey through Sweden.
Don't play with your food!
That's enough.
- Throw harder!
- No more throwing.
No throwing!
It's raining potatoes!
The editor will be back soon.
Would you like to sit down and wait?
I've come for my silverware.
- Not this again, Olivia.
- I really want my silverware.
- I don't have it.
- Let go of me!
- Shame on you! Shame!
- Get out! Out!
Let go of me! Ouch!
Let's go and cheer ourselves up
with some coffee and cake.
We lost our child, our baby.
A little girl.
There is no greater grief for a woman
than to lose a child.
Or for a man, I suppose?
You have...
- What was it?
- Ink.
I think this is something that
might interest our female readers.
And that one there might interest
our male readers.
No, I'd forgotten!
Right... I'm on my way.
You take the opening
of the new railroad.
- Me?
- Yes, write up a report.
In America the trains
famously rush by-
-at such tremendous speeds-
- that day and night fly past
in a blur of black and white streaks.
But not this train..
It rolled along
at just the right pace-
- for us all to delight in the
beautiful countryside of Smland.
From time to time we would arrive
at a little red station house-
- with endless streams of bunting
and decorations...
where crowds of people
had gathered to watch...
...and wave.
You really can write.
You're a star.
Shine a little on me.
I need it
Like her. That's how
I want my hair. Just like this.
Do it.
I have a new hairstyle.
I'll say!
My mother thinks this haircut
is a one-way ticket to hell.
I think God has more important concerns
than a pretty secretary's hair.
I'll be at the print shop.
Why aren't you asleep?
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
Yes, I see.
Yes, I understand.
Is something wrong?
This is not a good idea.
You should go home now.
Shall we dance?
No, I think I'll go home.
The proof-reading?
- Done.
- The adverts?
- They're right there.
- Right...
And my bedroom?
I say newspaper...
- "Vimmerby Times".
- Talented young female journalist.
We're all tired.
But we just have to push on.
The smoke is making me sick.
What's wrong?
Is it that time of the month?
Go home and lie down for a while.
It's quiet here today.
What is it?
My period hasn't come.
How long ago was it?
You promised me you'd be careful!
I won't leave you.
Are your breasts sore?
And you're tired?
Do you feel sick?
Not so much anymore.
Take off your dress.
And your petticoat.
We live next to the vicar.
Your father is the churchwarden.
- We live off the bounty of church land.
- Yes.
- No one must find out!
- No.
- Don't say a word to anyone.
- No.
Is that understood?
Put your clothes on.
Go to your room.
My deepest apologies.
I have no excuse for this.
I take full responsibility.
My situation is unfortunately
rather complicated.
I'm still only separated from Olivia,
and she's taken me to court.
But when my divorce is settled,
everything will be much easier.
I've found a clinic where Astrid
can have the baby in full discretion.
I assure you of my good intentions..
We could pledge ourselves to each
other now, discreetly of course.
As long as the parents are pledged
to each other, the child is legitimate.
- The child will bear my name.
- We know very well What a pledge means.
She's dazzling.
She's truly gifted.
Full of life and energy.
I love Astrid.
It went well.
I need to leave town.
I can't stay. What...
What will I do
when my stomach starts growing?
I won't be able
to show myself anywhere.
- You have to help me.
- You can go to Stockholm.
Take that secretarial course
we've talked about.
This is from Mother.
Some bread, cheese and sausage.
You can do this.
Dear Astrid. My name is Jenny..
You write a lot about death..
There are lots of dead people
in your stories. Pippi's mother...
Jonathan dies, Karl dies..
Mio's mother is gone, too..
But when I read about it
in your books, I just want to live.
You just want to live..
Stenography is a secretary's
most important tool.
It's much faster than...
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hello, Astrid!
- Hello, Anna.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Isn't it cold enough in here already?
- She's cooking fish again.
Astrid, we're out of firewood.
Look, I made you a hat.
Anna's having a party.
- She has firewood and a gramophone.
- Saga...
- What is it?
- I'm tired.
"The Road to Freedom".
That woman on the front page,
Eva Andn, is a lawyer.
- A female lawyer?
- Yes.
She helps pregnant women.
Anna had hers in Copenhagen.
Eva Andn found her a foster family.
She helps everybody.
- Where's the baby now?
- I don't know.
- She doesn't know where her baby is?
- Get the door!
- Telegram for Ericsson.
- Ericsson.
"Astrid, phone me.
I must see you. Yours."
I think my fianc misses me.
My husband is expecting me.
Gustafsson. Axel Gustafsson.
Your husband is in room 218.
First floor.
Aren't you feeling well?
It's a bloody circus here.
Olivia has heard rumours.
She wants me locked up.
- What do you mean?
- Adultery.
I could go to prison.
She's had the court
postpone the divorce.
She wants to prove
that I got you pregnant.
Wherever you have the baby,
you must give the father's name.
They just have to look in
the church records: Reinhold Blomberg.
They'll have their proof.
What will I tell my children?
No mother...
and their father in prison.
You know what...
Let's see if we can find
something to eat.
Come now.
One of the girls at the boarding
house had her baby in Denmark.
And she didn't have
to give the father's name.
The baby can stay
with a foster mother in Denmark.
Until your court case is over.
And I can go back to Vimmerby.
Then you can get divorced
and we can be married.
And then we'll bring the baby home.
Passport, please.
- I'm sorry?
- Your passport.
Here we are.
Mum! I'm here with Astrid Ericsson!
- Marie.
- Astrid Ericsson, hello.
Did you have a good trip?
That's Esse, my other Swedish
foster child. Can you take him, Carl?
(In Swedish)
You can hang your coat here.
- So you speak Swedish?
- You're not my first Swedish girl.
Let me show you where you're staying.
Go ahead and lie down,
you must need a rest.
Are your legs swollen?
May I feel
if the baby has turned properly?
Yes, go ahead.
I'm just going to put my hand here.
Here's the head...
Here, feel it.
That's a little knee.
It's a lively little person.
Breathe, breathe!
Lie back and breathe.
- I can't do it.
- Next time, hold your breath.
Good job! Keep going!
With all your strength.
Hold your breath
and try again. Come on.
I can see the head!
Another push now...
Breathe, breathe!
And take a break. Good work.
Now sit up and breathe, and pant.
It's coming now. It's coming.
Get ready to push.
Hold your breath, come on.
Breathe out, breathe out.
That's it.
- Here it comes.
- It's beautiful.
It's a handsome boy.
My little boy...
Hello there, little one.
If you'll hold it down... There...
Everyone will know something's wrong
if I don't come home for Christmas.
Now it might hurt a lot
over the next week or so-
- but don't expel the milk,
because then you'll keep producing more.
I'll come for him
as soon as the court case is over.
I'll come as soon as I can.
Hurry, or you'll miss your train.
You can do this.
Go on.
Lift up your arms.
He was christened at the hospital.
His name is Lars.
I think I'll call him Lasse, though.
I'll come and put the bandages back on
before we leave.
"There were shepherds in the same
country, watching their flocks by night.
"An angel of the Lord
appeared before them-
"-and the glory of the Lord
shone round about them.
"And they became very afraid.
"And the angel said unto them:
Fear not-
"-for behold, I bring you
good tidings of great joy.
"For unto you was born this day
in the City of David, a Saviour...
which is Christ the Lord."
"And this shall be a sign unto you:
Ye shall find the babe...
"And suddenly there was with the angel-
- a multitude of the heavenly host
praising God...
I love you.
- I love you, Astrid.
- When will the court case be over?
- Soon.
- Oh God...
That little darling.
That little darling!
- I have a Christmas present for you.
- What have I done?
You need to keep warm.
It's beautiful.
You haven't lost him.
He's just in Denmark.
We'll visit him just as soon as we can.
- Our son.
- Our son.
You don't have to marry him.
You don't have to.
You'll be a secretary soon.
You really want to be stepmother to
Berta and all her brothers and sisters?
Do you love him?
You don't have to, Astrid.
You could leave the child in Denmark,
come home and forget all of this.
You want me to abandon my baby?
Isn't his foster mother
a good mother to him?
Do you love him?
He's over there.
Here he is...
He's got so big!
- Why don't you pick him up?
- He's really grown!
Hello, Lasse!
Let me see him. Come here!
What a handsome boy!
I'm glad you came.
Not many do.
We'll come and get him
as soon as all this is over.
Swedish Book Depository Radio Division.
This is Astrid Ericsson.
I'll put you through.
Mr Nilsson for Mr Karlsson.
- Swedish Book Depository Radio Division.
- It's me.
How can I help you?
Somebody saw us at the hotel.
Olivia's hired a handwriting expert to
examine my letters to the birth clinic-
-to prove that I'm Axel Gustafsson..
She's got the judge
to postpone the hearing.
I see.
You said I could bring him home.
I know. I'll send you money
so you can visit him.
- Lasse is six months old now!
- I know.
Marie has just written
that he can sit up on his own!
I miss you.
Thank you for your call, Mr Gustafsson.
I'll see what I can do.
What is it?
Marie? I think he's hungry again.
Are you already hungry again,
little Lasse?
- He just needs a new nappy.
- Again?
Yes, it's an endless source.
Let's see, Lasse...
I think it opens here...
No... no, like this...
That's better, isn't it?
When we get back, we'll put a bit
of talcum powder on his bottom.
Marie, I don't know
what I'd do without you.
The clock is ticking, Astrid.
The children in your books
can overcome almost anything.
Pippi gets along
without her mother and father.
Emil is never scared, even when he gets
punished and locked in the woodshed.
MO is starving
and thinks he's going to die,
but he wins out over evil in the end..
That's what I want to be,
someone who never gives up-
- but keeps fighting,
even if I'm hungry and feel alone.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I was found guilty of adultery.
I was fined 1,000 kronor.
1,000 kronor?
- You're not going to prison?
- No.
Evidently it's cheap
to be a philanderer.
But you said that you risked
going to prison.
I got away with a fine,
so it all worked out.
- So I can bring Lasse home?
- You can bring Lasse home.
I've booked us a room.
We're free, Astrid. We can do
whatever the hell we want.
Marry me.
We can have a spring wedding.
With blossoming apple trees!
- It's way too big.
- Darling...
I'll get the jeweller to adjust it.
- You have to see the drawings.
- Drawings?
We'll redo the house
so you can have a new kitchen.
Berta will move
up to the attic room.
Then Lasse can have her old room.
So you can comfort him
if he cries in the night.
Come here. Come and see.
- You said you could end up in prison.
- Yes.
And all this was just for money?
For 1,000 kronor?
I couldn't have known that.
- Lasse's been hidden away for a year!
- That was your idea.
I didn't ask you to take him to Denmark!
That was your lady lawyer.
Hey... Darling...
Why can't we just be happy?
- Redo the kitchen and start a family?
- I'm sorry, I can't.
- I love you.
- I can't.
I just need some time to think.
- Tell me what I've done wrong!
- You're hurting me!
What do you need to think about?
You can't look after a child.
You can barely afford food.
- You realise the bank is closing now?
- Yes.
- Damn it...
- That hurts!
Tell me what I've done.
Am I too old?
How will you manage without me?
I can't come, Marie.
I don't have any money.
No. I'm sorry to hear about you two..
- How is Lasse?
- He's fine.
He can stay as long as you like..
- Could I hear his voice?
- Lasse, say hello to Lassa-mama.
- Hello, Lasse! Are you doing okay?
- No.
- Tell her what you and Esse did today.'
- No!
- I can't afford to talk anymore, Marie.
- Of course.
Come now, Lasse.
Say bye-bye to Lasse-mama.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
How did the interview
with the Royal Automobile Club go?
I hope it went well.
If I get it I can afford a flat of
my own. Then Lasse can live with me.
What book did you get?
- "Hunger" by Hamsun.
- Let me see.
"I had reached hunger's joyful madness.
"I was empty and without pain,
and my thoughts were untrammelled.
You couldn't get a simple love story?
- The yearbook. I asked for...
- They're ready now.
One moment. I asked
for these captions to be corrected.
And this hasn't been proof-read.
That's the old manuscript.
This is the proofed and corrected one.
This manuscript
is to be sent to the printer.
Yes, and a messenger is on his way.
- In other words, everything's in order.
- Yes.
Excellent, thank you.
- How old is your son?
- He's two and a half.
I can look after him
while you work.
My daughter has a child's bed
that we don't use anymore.
The toilet is in the courtyard
and there's a bathhouse near the park.
The kitchen is at the end of the hall.
Excuse me...
Don't you think
Lasse will be happy here?
- Just the red ones!
- Okay.
Just pick the very reddest ones.
- Look at mine, Mum!
- Aren't they nice!
He hears Carl calling me Mum.
Esse calls me Mum too.
But we talk a lot about you,
Marie... Should I tell him?
I think it's best if we do it together,
tell him he's going to live with you.
- What will we say?
- That you've found a place to live.
He knows you're his mother.
Look how many you've picked!
Look how many you've picked!
Can you take this?
I'll tuck Esse in
and Lasse-mama will tuck Lasse in.
- No!
- Come now. She's here today.
- No!
- I can tell really good stories!
Go to Lasse-mama now.
I want you to tuck me in, Mum!
It's been a long day, he's tired.
I'll put him to bed.
Carl, can you take care of Esse'?
- Can you say goodnight, Lasse-mama?
- Goodnight, Lasse-mama.
I want to sleep in your bed, Mum.
I'm not his mother, Marie.
- You are his mother.
- Marie, he doesn't know me!
He doesn't even know me!
Can't you see that this is his home?
That you're the one he loves?
You gave birth to him.
You're his mother.
I've just looked after him.
This is his home.
He's calling you.
Can you say goodbye?
I'm going now.
Lasse, can you say goodbye
nicely to Lasse-mama?
Shall we say goodbye, Lasse?
Welcome to the annual party
of the Royal Automobile Club.
I assure you that we'll soon be eating.
But before that,
I think we should raise our glasses-
- and drink a toast to another good,
prosperous year for motoring.
Still toasting motoring?
And thank you for the notes.
They were more entertaining
than the actual meetings.
Long live motoring!
Excuse me a moment.
Oops, sorry.
May I?
- Should I call you a cab?
- No.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
Get up.
You did the right thing.
You've grown big.
Come here. Come now.
- What is it?
- This came for you.
Marie is ill.
It's serious.
She's asking what I want to do
about Lasse.
Do about him?
It's serious.
She can't look after him anymore.
You must stay strong.
But he's my son!
He has no one else in the world!
Are you not my mother?
Isn't he your grandson?
- She only wants what's best for you.
- Do you think I should abandon him?
Your mother worries about you.
She thinks about you night and day.
Are you my father?
Is he your grandson?
I don't know what to say.
You don't know what to say?
You're my father
and you don't know anything?
Guess what!
I'm not coming back until I'm welcome
with my son! Your grandson!
Do you understand that?
I can't look after him anymore.
I don't know if I can...
I can't do this without you.
You must be his mother.
You can do this.
Children just need love.
Lots of love.
And you have that.
- I can't do it, Marie.
- Yes, you can.
You can do it.
Ht Astrid..
I've thought an awful lot about what
you wrote in The Brothers Lionheart.
That there are things
you just have to do.
Sometimes I have to defend
my little brother against other boys.
It's hard, but I have to..
If I didn't, I wouldn't be a person,
but a little piece of dirt,
and 1 don't want to be that..
Come here.
I've borrowed a nice bed for you.
Lasse's very own bed.
We have our own entrance.
Tomorrow we can go to the park.
And see if we can find
a good tree to climb.
Lasse, are you hungry?
I can't understand you.
(In Danish)
Are you hungry?
(In Danish)
Are you hungry, Lasse?
I miss my mum.
Come here...
See that? Those are blackberries.
You can eat them.
Have one.
Oh, I'm so hungry!
Here's some crisp bread...
I want to go home to my mum.
Look over there, Lasse! Swings!
Why don't you go and try swinging?
Isn't there anything you'd like to do?
Do you want to go home?
Lasse... eat something.
I don't like it.
You know what this is?
It's crocodile pt,
made from real crocodiles.
Why don't we pretend that I'm Marie?
(in Danish)
Lasse, eat your food like a big boy.
And drink your milk.
Just like a big boy.
You talk strange.
That's because I'm Swedish.
And you're Swedish too.
Lasse is Swedish,
and Astrid is Swedish.
- And I'm your mother.
- No, you're not.
Lasse, now eat your dinner
and then we'll play.
Lasse, I'm your mother
and you'll do as I say!
There there, Lasse.
There, there...
Come here...
Am I interrupting?
I was just about to write...
Sorry, Mr Lindgren...
Come with me.
There are a lot of spelling mistakes
in this morning's letter.
The motoring holiday book
hasn't been sent. It's not like you.
It's my son...
He coughs and coughs.
And I'm not getting any sleep
because I'm afraid he's going to die.
I'll finish typing those letters.
- I'm sending you home.
- You can't fire me!
I'll fire you if you don't
go home to your son.
- But I have so much work to do...
- That's an order.
Go home and look after your sick boy
and don't come back until he's well.
The doctor is here.
I haven't called a doctor.
Sture Lindgren sent me.
We're old acquaintances.
- Sture...?
- There's no charge.
Breathe in... and breathe out.
Very good. Breathe in...
Very good.
And lean forward...
Lasse, can you cough for me?
- Good.
- Will he be all right?
It's whooping cough.
There's not much to do
but let nature take its course.
I'll be back in a week
to check on him.
I can't sleep.
I don't think I've ever told you...
...about the town
where everybody drinks soda-
-and says good morning all the time?
It all started when the grown-ups
got angry with the children-
-and sent them away in shame.
And the children went to a new land
to live all on their own.
The children
had to take care of themselves.
But they were just children.
They didn't really know what to do.
So they slept
with their feet on the pillows-
-and wore their clothes inside out-
- and they said good morning
even when it was night time.
Can I sleep in your bed?
Of course, come.
What happened next?
Well, the children...
...they did everything their own way.
And they spent all their time
climbing trees and drinking soda.
They were good at that!
Hi, Astrid. My grandmother
looks after me and my sister.
She says,
"Let the little children come to me."
She likes to play
even though she's old.
I think you're like that too..
All the children in your books!
I can tell you like us.
You understand us.
You're on the children's side.
You are a good person.
There's my father!
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
- This is Lasse.
- Hello.
I'm your grandfather.
She's in the kitchen.
Well... There you are.
Say a proper hello to my mother.
Hello, Lasse.
Tomorrow is Sunday.
I wonder if you'd like
to go to church with us?
If you'd like to.
- Yes, we'll go.
- Thank you.
Is there any coffee?
Hi, Astrid Lindgren.
We also wrote you a song.
It is your birthday!
Our teacher helped us,
but we said what it should be about.
Now we're going to sing it for you,
so you can hear it too.
You write great books.
Take a leap, just dare to take a leap
Through death into life
Take a leap, just dare to take a leap
Through the darkness
into the light
Live your life.
Enjoy it
Feel that summertime's
made for you
Live your life
Take a step forward
Or backwards if you like
Live your life.
Be there
Face the storm winds down
with a scream
Take a leap, just dare to take a leap
Through death into life
Take a leap, just dare to take a leap
Through the darkness
into the light
Take a leap, just dare to take a leap
Through death into life