Becoming Redwood (2012) Movie Script

My father says
that we're born into families
so that we canssons
and get over past mistakes.
He calls it "karma,"
I must have made
in my last life.
Get a job,
you stinkin' hippie!
This one's comingny.
I can't do this.
This is not the time
to be discussing
this, jade.
I can't do it
well, maybe
we can just wait
until we cross the border.
Welcome to Canada.
Hi. Purpose of your trip?
Uh, we're immigrating.
Ah. Reasons for
your immigration, sir?
Well, I'm
a conscientious objector
to the Vietnam war.
I love you, redwood.
Ethan, I'm leaving.
this is crazy, jade.
I can't do it.
No, no.
It's not too late.
I can't leave.
Just wait, all right?
Excuse me.
Am I interrupting something?
Jade, this is crazy! Jade!
One moment, please.
Hey. Hey. Hey, hey!
listen to me, okay?
You know I can't go back.
It could be dangerous.
There's more to it,
you know that!
Excuse me, sir.
If you...
just one moment for me, please.
Sure, sure.
- Jade, listen.
- Let go of me!
No. Hey, hey.
Let go of me!
You can't leave us!
Let go of me!
- You can't leave us!
In other news today...
golfing great Jack nicklaus,
three masters championships
nicklaus has not won a major
resulting in firing
of his long-time caddy,
with this move,
nicklaus is hoping
to once again capture the magic
he once possessed
and winher green jacket
at the masters.
I can't!
Just stop! Please.
Just stop.
I don't really remember
when my mother left,
when I was introduced
the parting of ways
has not been favorable
to the trinidadian.
Jack nicklaus is the best
even without ruben...
And when I beat Jack,
everything will go back
redwood forest Hansen has got
175 yards
to the treacherous 16th hole
at Augusta national.
Nicklaus is safely on...
40 feet from the pin.
A good approach shot here should
give him a great chance,
with three holes left
to beat Jack nicklaus
and capture
his first green jacket
at the masters.
Never have we seen
an 11-year-old
at this position
at the masters.
It's an incredible, Charles,
just incredible.
It ain't over, red.
Jack's on
that dance floor, too,
and he's good
with that flat stick.
Yeah, but that is tight, ruben,
and Jack's got
an uphill slider.
Keep your focus, red.
We got
three holes left.
Eyes on the prize, baby!
Eyes on the prize.
Redwood, dinner!
Dad, I'm on 16,
and just hit it tight,
and Jack hasn't hit yet!
Well, Jack's going to have to
wait till tomorrow,
'cause you're already
a half-hour late.
Move it!
Dad! I could
be on my way
to my first
masters title.
No 11-year-old
has ever gotten this close.
Do you know how hard it is
to beat Jack nicklaus?
I mean,
everything would change.
Custom paint job?
Hey, jonno.
Yeah, not bad
for $13.99, huh?
No wonder
you're still single.
What's up?
Sorry I didn't call.
You got any time?
Aww, for you, my man,
anytime, anytime.
How's red?
Well, it's more like
"where's red?"
Looking good, man.
What on earth are you
feeding these things?
Thanks, man.
Classical music.
Yeah, it helps them
relax and grow.
No shit.
"Mozart's flute concerto
number 2 in d-major"
seems to work
the best.
Well, helps, don't it?
Speaking of growing...
Little man!
Uncle jonno!
Not cool, red.
I'm gonna have to
get you a watch.
But, dad,
I hit it stiff on 16,
and Jack has a 40-foot slider,
and not to mention
that ruben says 18
fits my fade perfectly.
I'm telling you, dad,
I've got him,
I've got Jack.
All right, that's enough.
- But I...
- Red.
Please, man... just chill.
Come on, now.
Better listen
to your old man.
Let me
see those pipes.
Yeah, there we go!
I don't want to get too big,
because it's bad
for the backswing.
You know, Jack says that.
That's good.
All right.
So, you fill out
that paperwork yet?
No, man.
You know, man,
that war should
never have started.
I dig ya, I do...
But it's over now.
At least Carter's giving you
a chance to go home.
Not interested.
I mean, the best thing
I ever did, besides him,
was leave.
I mean, I would have
never made it out alive.
Imagine me with a gun?
It's good weed, man,
good weed.
Yeah, red?
You said
that when the war was over,
that maybe
we could go to Oregon...
And see my mom.
Come on, man.
You know it's more complicated
than that.
But you said that we could
go to Oregon when the war was...
please. Please, man.
But you never keep your...
I'm sorry, man, all right?
It's just...
We can talk about this
later, okay?
Yeah, okay.
Now, you have to go
get ready for dinner.
Go wash your hands.
Can jonno stay?
All right, yeah.
Yeah, for sure.
It's your turn
to do the dishes.
Sounds tough.
Yeah, well, I just
haven't been able to tell him
what the real deal is
about his mom, you know?
But it's time...
That kid's ready to know.
Listen, man,
I've been meaning to ask you.
Can you get
a hold of any, uh...
White stuff?
The cocaine, man.
I didn't think that was
your kind of high, jonno.
It's not.
I got a couple friends
looking for...
A different kind
of party.
Da cocaine, man.
Can you get
a handle on more?
Yeah, I mean, I can
get a line on as much as you...
red! Come on, man!
Go get ready.
Evening, sports fans,
to the late night edition
where we always keep youolf.
I am your host,
and do I have a big surprise
the 1975 classic finish
and I got chillsut it.
So let me send youn crime,
who always calls it straight,
Charlie renfrew.
The pressure here
the galleryneedles.
Nicklaus has just hit
a wonderful approach shot... the 16th green.
He's now gotfoot slider...
...he's only
about 100 yards away
from where
weiskopf hit that putt.
Now, up the hill...
Fantastic, he's done it!
Oh, what a finish!
And now the stage shifts...
Back to
the 11-year-old sensation
redwood forest Hansen.
Inside left.
He's got about...
A 10-foot puttck,
who's sitting at 8 under par.
It looks...
Redwood forest Hansen
makes birdie
and is tied with Jack nicklaus
going into the 17th tee-box
at Augusta national!
Hey, man,
it's after midnight.
You have school
I know it's your
last day of school
before summer break,
but not to mention
the boob-tube's only to be
watched with adults, huh?
But, dad, I just made birdie
to tie Jack with two holes left
you know,
it wouldn't matter
if the dalai lama
made an eagle.
You know better, man.
Everyone else gets to
watch television.
Why can't I?
'Cause we're not
Come on, red...
You'll thank me someday
for this, man.
You don't see it now,
but you will.
It's no big deal, man.
I love you, man.
You want to look at
the photo albums
before we go
back to bed?
You said
we could talk about Oregon.
Yeah... yeah.
I guess I did.
You know, man...
Life can be heavy.
You know...
And sometimes things
are just hard to explain,
but I guess
you're old enough now
to understand.
I mean, when I was a kid,
it took me years
to understand anything,
But you...
You're just...
You're way more progressed
than I was at your age.
Hands down.
Uh... a little too soon
for that, though!
So, uh...
What was I saying?
Are you stoned?
I'm fine.
Oh, shit.
You're stoned.
Here, drink this.
You hungry?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
So, I think
you were around five,
when I was first able
to contact your mom again.
So beautiful to me.
She'd been gone
for a couple of years,
and, uh, everything
was a struggle.
We agreed to meet,
but the border
was a little too tough
for me at that time,
and-and her life...
Well, her life was...
was difficult.
But I want you
to know, red,
that we did
everything we could
to try and stay in touch,
all right?
Especially for you.
But... truth is,
your mom moved on...
And our lives all
continued separately.
And I had to deal with it,
and she had to
deal with it,
and now you,
you deserve
the truth, man.
Yeah, your mom doesn't
really live in Oregon,
she lives in California.
She has another family.
Redwood! Redwood!
Wait up!
Come on, redwood,
wait up!
Did you see
Charlie's angels
last night?
The girls discovered
a black market
for babies, for real!
You know I'm not allowed
to watch television,
and that it isn't real.
Well, farrah fawcett
is the most beautiful woman
in the whole world,
and that's for real.
Yeah, well,
Jack nicklaus is real too,
and he's the best golfer
in the world,
maybe even
the entire universe.
Farrah would
beat him easily.
Okay, no! No way!
Jack has
five green jackets.
Well, farrah's married
to the $6-million man,
you know.
Do you even know
what the green jacket is?
When you win
the masters,
you get a specially fitted
green jacket just for you.
It's like magic,
and it can
change everything.
Well, maybe Jack has
a magical green jacket,
but my dad says
farrah could suck
the chrome off a bumper.
I gotta go.
What's up?
Nothing, I just...
Gotta go.
Can I come over?
Not today, Ruby.
I'm sorry.
But you never let me come over.
What's up?
A grey van
followed me home.
Okay, get in.
Go get your things.
Red, you know the drill...
go get your things.
Hey, jonno.
Hey, kid.
What's up?
There's cops outside, man.
Gotta get rid of the coke.
Come on, jonno!
They got the place surrounded.
All the doors are covered.
Get yourself
a good lawyer, all right?
Red! Stay put, red.
Give me a minute with him.
- Listen, I can't do that.
- Come on!
It's against protocol.
Screw protocol!
You're a rat!
It's gonna be okay,
man, all right?
You're gonna be
just fine.
Ow! Oh!
Come on, red!
Let's go.
- Get down! Now! Police!
- Down on the ground!
All right, all right!
- Down on the ground!
- All right!
It's gonna be all right, red,
it's gonna be okay.
Just chill, man.
- Just... oh!
- No!
Your bus is leaving
in 10 minutes, redwood.
We've contacted
your mother,
and she's gonna pick you up
somewhere near Redding.
I know
it's a long journey,
but you'll be there
in no time.
Look, I know things
are tough right now,
but we'll work
everything out.
You must be tired.
It's a long trip,
isn't it?
I got to apologize
right away
for the living
situation at the house.
It's kind of cramped,
but it's all we've got
right now.
Redwood, I'm not sure
what your father has told you.
This has
taken us all by surprise.
I have two older boys.
Josh is 15
and Todd is 13.
You play golf?
Bet you're pretty good.
I'm tied
with Jack nicklaus
with two holes left
at Augusta national.
Ruben says I might have
a chance to beat him.
Jack fired ruben,
back in '68,
when his luck was down,
but I got him
to carry my bag now.
It wasn't his fault
Jack's putts weren't falling.
Sounds like
an interesting guy.
It'll be
my first green jacket.
We live up here.
Jack nicklaus
is on the 17th tee-box
and is currently tied
with redwood forest Hansen.
Nicklaus hits
a nice tee shot, Charles,
straight down the middle.
Redwood forest Hansen
is up next.
Let's see what he can do
for this critical
17th tee shot.
What've you been doing?
Beating rocks with it?
Dry it
when you put it away, Todd.
Pay attention.
That's Hank.
He's harmless and blind.
This is redwood.
That's Arnold.
Hey there.
And that's Josh...
And Todd.
Look at his hair.
Hope you don't feel too crammed
up here with the boys.
Now that Arnold's not working
at the mill,
he might have some time
to fix up a new room for you.
They had some layoffs,
but we'll be fine.
I picked up some shifts
at the supermarket.
You okay?
I know it's a lot...
Hey. I got an idea.
Why don't you help me
make dinner?
We're having short ribs.
No, thanks.
I don't eat meat.
I eat tofu.
It's soy-based
and a good substitute.
High in protein, too.
I'll go to the store then
and get you some tofu.
I know this is tough,
but it's gonna
get better.
I like my tofu slightly burnt.
So I saw
a couple deer today,
down at the end of the field.
Figure we'd get out there...
What's that?
Redwood's a vegetarian.
Can I try some?
Eat your food, honey.
Todd, eat your food.
If I catch you
giving anything to Hank,
you're gonna be
cleaning the toilet
with your toothbrush.
Well, I don't like
the brown things.
- Ow!
- Eat it.
But what if
I'm a vegetarian, too?
Shut up, Todd.
You don't even know
what a vegetarian is.
- Do too.
You do not.
I do, too.
You do not!
Guys. You're
giving me a headache.
You see,
this is what happens...
people get special treatment.
He's gonna have to start
eating what we eat.
You ask me,
the kid could use putting on
a couple of pounds.
Well, it's not a problem
for me to do it.
Plus, tofu is soy-based,
and it's a good substitute
for meat,
and it's high
in protein, too.
You don't say?
The lady at the store told me.
Well, you suit yourself,
but that looks like crap to me.
More like dog crap to me.
That's enough, Josh.
The reality, in this house,
is that nobody
gets a free ride.
- Arnold.
- Nobody.
It's just tofu.
No free rides.
He's gonna live here,
he's gonna have to live
under the house rules.
He can take over
wood-chopping duties from Todd,
he can help with the laundry.
Maybe it's time
for a haircut, too.
What do you
think of that, red?
It's okay.
I'm tied with Jack
with two left,
and once I win
my magical green jacket,
I can...
Who? Who's Jack?
Listen, kid.
From what I hear about
your father and his troubles,
Jack ain't gonna be able
to do shit for you.
Arnold, that's enough.
...Ow. Hank!
Toilet patrol.
No "but" s.
And if I catch you giving
that goddamn dog any more food,
you're gonna be doing a lot more
than just cleaning toilets.
That dog's about one short rib
away from a heart attack.
- You understand me?
- But I...
What'd you do?
You know how he gets
when he hasn't eaten!
You keep your nose
out of things
that don't concern you.
You understand?
I would prefer
"redwood," please.
Promised me you wouldn't
let this back into our life,
and here it is.
I promised you
that it was over
with Ethan.
The kid looks just like him.
Every time I look at him,
that's who I see.
I never promised
that I wouldn't
see my son again.
He just got here.
Can you please
give it some time?
How about you
give me some time?
What about
Todd and Josh?
Now it's special
treatment for red.
Is that what
it's gonna be?
Do you have any idea
how hard I work
to make my boys men?
Do you have any idea?
You know that I do,
but he's here,
and I'm not
pushing it on you.
I didn't
make this happen.
It's just the way
that it is.
"Just the way it is."
I've heard that
my whole life.
And this guy won't
give me a goddamn break!
Great, you're gonna
wake up the kids.
17th tee-box.
Good morning.
You sleep okay?
You, uh...
Need help with that?
Yeah, that'd be great.
Why don't you
grab the door?
And here.
We'll need this.
Follow me.
Now, you have to promise me
you won't let Arnold
and the boys know
I let you
meet Earl, 'kay?
He's perfectly
Breakfast time, Earl.
Who's this
little pecker?
This is my youngest son,
Redwood, this is Earl.
Huh. It's a boy.
I thought it was a girl
with that hair.
Since when do hippies
roam the links?
You're welcome, Earl.
So this is the one you had
with that damn long-hair.
Eat your food, Earl!
Is he crazy?
The doctor says
he's delusional,
but he wouldn't
hurt a fly.
Who is he?
He's Arnold's father.
And why
is he down here?
This stays
between you and me.
If Arnold even knew
you met him,
it wouldn't be good.
Earl had a wife
named Mary
and another son
named Danny,
younger brother.
One day,
when Arnold was 15,
they went out hunting
and... there
was an accident,
and Danny was killed.
An accident.
He was shot!
It was an accident,
Arnold thought he was a deer.
Earl couldn't handle it.
He kind of went crazy
and locked himself downstairs.
Mary left him six months later.
The doctors recommended
that he be put
in a psychiatric ward,
but Arnold couldn't do it.
So, instead, I moved in,
and we took care of him.
He's hasn't
left the basement since.
17th tee-box.
Redwood is tied with nicklaus,
who is safe on the fairway.
Redwood forest Hansen
needs to stay focused.
That's for sure!
Got to hit
that fade, redwood!
Keep it smooth.
Two holes left,
and we're tied!
Remember, redwood,
you win the masters,
and we can...
Change everything.
I know, ruben.
I know.
That's a great shot, Charles!
Right next to Jack's...
a pretty shitty swing, kid.
You heard me.
Shit! It's shit.
Well, don't just stand there
like a stunned ferret.
Come over here.
What do you want?
Here... take it.
What is it?
Take the damn thing!
are you talking to?
Look, if Josh or dad
catch you back here,
you're gonna be
in big trouble.
Dad calls this place
"the shit," like 'nam.
Come on, let's go...
hey! You know
dad doesn't
want you back here.
Shit! Let go!
Hey, shut up.
Understand this,
you shithead,
I'm watching you.
"You got access.
"I got the secret.
Deal or no deal,
that is the question."
Redwood has
a 180-yard approach shot
onto the 17th.
Seeya, Hank.
this is a crucial approach shot
on the 17th
for young redwood forest Hansen.
Now, Jack is safely on in two,
and they are...
Currently tied,
at 8-under.
Keep it steady, red!
Nice and smooth, now.
A nice shot, Scotty.
He is right beside
Jack's approach...
But he has
broken his club.
this looks...
Let's go, boys.
Time to get on your feet.
Come on.
Up, up, up, up, up, everybody.
You're already
Red's already
dressed, boys,
and goddamnit, Todd,
I hate
repeating myself.
Come on!
We're goin' huntin'.
On the porch
at 0900 hours.
Everybody. Let's go.
Smells like ass
up here.
What's with the club?
I'm tied with Jack
for my first green jacket.
You've never heard of
the masters?
Well, you can win
a green jacket.
It's magic.
Yeah, you can do
anything you want with it.
What would you do?
With what?
With the magic
green jacket.
I'd send my dad
to Vietnam.
He wanted to go,
but he has flat feet.
You look ridiculous, red.
Put this on.
Keep that barrel
down, Todd.
Turn around.
Turn around!
You could've
killed someone.
Okay, that's enough.
Get up.
Get up.
Jesus, Todd.
You be quiet.
Pull my finger.
Get up, buddy.
Right here.
Right here.
Come on. Give 'er a pull.
Same rules apply.
Josh leads.
If we hear a kill,
we keep our voices down.
You blow the call,
you blow it for the team,
and we don't let the team down,
This is the real deal for you,
no starter pistols.
It's time
to make you a man,
and a man uses a colt.
This, right here,
is the colt sharps deluxe.
Single-shot rifle,
30-inch tapered barrel,
Fleur-de-lis pattern.
Look at it.
You know
who Samuel colt was?
Well, they say
old Abe Lincoln,
he might've freed all men,
but Sam colt,
he made 'em all equal.
Take it.
Put your arm over...
Rest it
on your wrist.
You keep the barrel down
at all times.
Remember, this one's got
a lot of kick, all right?
You pay attention out there.
There's no room for mistakes.
None. You understand?
Take the lead, Josh.
Let's go get a deer.
If it gets your scent,
it'll run,
and I don't want
you guys just shooting.
We don't want lose a kill.
Fire straight up in the air.
9 times out of 10,
it'll freeze.
Sometimes, it'll turn
right around and look at you,
and then you drop it.
One shot, one kill.
Get your head
out of your ass, Todd.
That's impossible, dad.
Shut up, Josh.
Todd, take red,
and go around the flank.
Josh, you come with me.
What do we do?
I don't know.
Did he say "flank?"
All right, follow me.
You hear that?
What is it?
It's gotta be a deer.
My dad says,
if it's one crack,
take it slow.
If it's two,
something like "run."
I was right.
One crack, redwood...
One crack.
Do you really think
we should shoot it?
Josh got the last one.
It's my turn, redwood.
But what if it...
Todd, I think
I see...
be quiet!
- Todd, I see...
- Would you...
dad! I got it!
You stupid idiot!
I had it all lined up!
It was mine, redwood.
One crack! One crack!
Tied on 17th.
Both puttin' for birdie.
Get up, redwood.
Get up.
Honey, I'm so sorry.
This should never
have happened,
and I promise you
it won't ever
happen again.
It's okay, I'm fine.
It's not okay.
At least I can still see
out the other one.
That's not funny.
Well, I do have
some good news.
Your father sent
a letter for you today.
He did? Is he okay?
He's okay,
but things are bit
complicated right now.
Well, can I go
back now?
It looks like
they're moving him
back to California.
What do you mean?
Your father's
being extradited,
which means...
Well, it means...
That, a long time ago,
your father
left for Canada
because it was safer
for him there,
and then when he was
arrested in Canada,
the police in California
wanted him back here.
They're kind of
trading him.
Like if Jack nicklaus
got traded to Europe
for Tony jacklin?
Yeah, kind of.
Well, can I go
see him soon?
Not yet, honey,
but now that he's closer,
we might be able to soon.
We'll just have to
wait and see, okay?
I think
you should have this.
"Jade, long time, no talk.
"I'll apologize
right off the bat
"for putting you
in this position,
"so thank you
for taking care of redwood.
"I'll also acknowledge
that you were right.
"In the long run,
"everything does
catch up to you.
"The d.A. In merwin county
"still wants me
after all these years.
"He's working out a deal
to extr...
"extract me back to California,
"to stand trial
for that drug stuff in '69.
"I might get
some sort of plea deal,
"but my lawyers
are working on that right now,
"so we'll have to see.
"I don't know how to
explain all of this to redwood,
you might want to just..."
Did you read the note?
I said,
did you read the damn note?
Well, what do you think?
Dad, I'm coming in,
all right?
The Spanish bulls
been riding hard
this year, Danny.
Dad, it's lunchtime.
You got to
win to the crowd
when they come out,
All the little hooves,
giving you the numbers...
uno, dos, tres!
Dad, that's enough.
Here, take this
with your water.
You got to take this, okay?
It helps.
You little piss-wipe.
Dad, take it.
I'll see you later.
"And" what?
The note!
I don't
understand it.
"You got access.
I got the secret."
Come in.
We need a meeting.
No one's gonna hurt you, kid,
believe me.
You like television?
I got a special
wire hooked up,
called an "antenn-I-a,"
gives you nine channels.
Real beauty set-up.
What's your
favorite show?
Scott melnachuk.
Charlie renfrew.
Yeah, you get it?
That's negotiable.
You ever see
the 1975 masters
at Augusta national?
Of course.
Jack nicklaus
sinks a 40-foot slider
and Scott melnachuk
says "that's a dagger
in the heart."
Then I step up
to my 10-footer.
Ruben says
it breaks
a little right.
Yeah, ruben Malone.
Jack fired him back in '68,
but he carries my bag now.
So, anyway,
I hit it firm,
Into the hole.
So that ties it up,
with two left.
- You know 17?
- Sure.
Fits my fade perfect.
Jack hits
at 10 feet, though.
I hit my approach
inside his...
but Jack sinks
his birdie putt
to go up one,
at 9-under.
That's where
I stand now,
I'm back one,
putting for birdie,
but then my dad got extracted.
but if I could beat Jack
over these last two holes,
I'll be able to win
that magical jacket,
and then I'll be able
to change everything
back to the way
it was before.
Back to when my dad was happy.
I mean, I can't really remember
when that was,
but it was when
my mom was around.
That's incredible.
You know, I definitely think
we can make a deal here.
But first...
someone behind me?
Hah. Quick bugger.
It's the damn broccoli.
Now, where were we?
Why were you yelling before?
It's a cover.
Learned it
in the second world war,
and it's worked
for over 20 years.
You were in the war?
Mm, sort of.
I was at a camp in Arizona.
Flat feet.
They think
I'm delusional.
So here's my proposition...
You have access,
and I have...
- ...the secret.
- The what?
The secret, kid.
To what?
To golf.
To beating Jack.
Jack nicklaus?
Yup. I mean, his back
will be done by 40,
from that reverse "c"
he's been working on anyway.
Jack is the best golfer ever.
Probably in the entire universe.
Come on, kid!
You ever hear of
Bobby Jones?
I saw him.
I saw him, kid,
in Portland, in 1946.
He... is the best ever.
And Jones had
this beautifully relaxed turn.
Nicklaus is too mechanical,
he's too rigid.
Now, I know, it's modern,
but that is why he's gonna go
in the lower back.
I can guarantee you, kid,
happens all the time. Snap!
Now, nicklaus, he's good, kid,
but you've got to look
at his predecessors.
Now, that's the problem
around here's,
no respect for the elderly.
You play?
Club champ '47,
but then I developed
this wicked hook off the tee,
it's kid of like hogan,
only I couldn't get out of it.
And then I got the yips,
and that was more or less
the nail in the coffin.
So you want to beat Jack
and get that magical jacket?
Well, you're gonna need
my help.
You'll need the secret.
Like I say...
You got access.
I want better food.
No more scraps.
And broccoli gives me gas...
remember that.
And coffee.
Cream and two sugars.
Yeah, okay.
And chocolate.
Chocolate! I haven't tasted
my sweet princess in so long!
The Nazis upstairs
are keepin' us apart.
You show with chocolate,
we get started.
"You might want to
"just give it to him to read,
"he's a tough kid.
"Please tell himim.
Signed, Ethan."
17th green.
Nicklaus has
made his birdie putt
to go up one,
at minus-9.
A 10-footer,
right to left.
It could pick up a little speed.
Right around the hole.
Deep breath, red...
Soft hands.
To tie for the lead.
Currently down one.
But I'm gonna learn the secret
for 18,
just in time
for my dad to get extracted.
It's your time, red,
it's your time.
Down one going into 18.
Oh, it's good, but cold.
Next time, more sugar,
and heat 'er up.
Ohh, that's beautiful.
Just beautiful.
My sweet princess...
Come to me.
So what's the secret?
Ohh... my sweet God.
Could you break up
the moment
that I've been waiting
for, for years?
Why can't you just go
get it yourself?
I got lots
on my plate, kid...
Got lots to do,
rather than be
with a snot-nosed...
I missed my putt on 17
to tie Jack
going into 18,
and now I'm down one.
You're gonna have to
hit a fade
off that 18th tee-box,
you know?
I know.
It's a little dog-like.
a little trouble
on the right.
You're gonna need the secret,
it'll help you
putt the hook,
which will kill you.
I'm ready.
What the hell
is that?
My club.
We can't work with that!
Come on, over here.
Still got the old...
...the old sticks.
Just the 7-iron
and the putter,
lost the rest to anger.
There are balls in the bag,
you try that.
What are you doing?
It's an old trick.
Desperate times...
Lead to
desperate measures.
Even your buddy, Jack,
used to do that.
All right, let 'er rip.
Yeah, my dad says
that I can be anything I want,
as long as I put my mind to it.
He says that everything
is thought-force,
that the mind
can lead you
toward enlightenment
or delusion.
He says,
you just got to train it,
like a bicep.
That's logical, I guess.
We're best friends,
you know?
Hold the finish!
That's very good.
Great swing, kid, very good.
I'm gonna show ya...
The secret.
Take the club back.
Now, hold it
at the top of the swing,
and then...
You do...
That's it?
That's it.
Hogan, varden, Jones, nicklaus...
they all do that.
- Jack does that?
- Yes, sir.
Now give it a try.
Let the dog out...
Then cast on through.
Come on, kid!
Let the dog out.
Now hold the finish!
...Time's up.
Keeps me regular.
That should help you on 18.
Thank you.
Earl, can I ask you
a question?
Sure, kid.
Why don't you ever
leave the basement?
I mean,
it's so nice outside...
Time's up.
But it can't hurt to...
that's enough!
More chocolate.
Keep the coffee hot
next time.
A deal is a deal.
But if you just tried...
go on! Get out of here!
Good night, Earl.
Good night, kid.
What's up, brat?
I couldn't help but notice
some of my belongings
went missing.
You wouldn't know about that,
would you?
So, when I went through
your belongings,
I happened to find this.
Listen, that's...
that's what?
Private property?
Shall we read it?
Please, don't.
"Tell redwood
"that I love him
and that everything
is going to be o... "
he's been extracted!
And when I win my green jacket,
he's gonna come and get me.
Shut up.
And we're gonna take my mom
and I'm gonna get my own room.
I know the secret, you know?
"Just let the dog out."
The more I know,
the better I'll do on 18...
Because I'm down
one on Jack,
and it's the last hole,
and it fits my fade perfectly.
And then things
are going to go back
to the way they used to be.
He's crazy, like gramps.
What does "extracted" mean?
Did you read the letter
from the orange grove care home?
He's not going.
It's something
we should think about.
They're reasonable,
and his pension
would cover it.
You asked me
to think about it, I did.
He needs more care
than we can give him.
Enough, jade. 'Kay?
Well, on a positive note,
I got a call from
Ethan's lawyer today.
Looks like we can go
and see him soon.
You're not taking him.
What do you mean,
I'm not taking him?
I mean, you're not taking him.
You're not going up there.
That's it, there's
no more discussion.
I can see my dad if I want.
What was that?
Arnold, don't.
No, I want to
hear that again.
I said, I can go see my father
if I want to.
Can I ask you a question?
Of course, honey.
Did you love dad?
I was crazy about him.
Then why did you leave?
I had Josh and Todd
with Arnold
when we were young.
We got together in high school,
and he was pretty much
the only guy I ever knew.
And then he tried to enlist
in the war in Vietnam,
but he was denied
because of what they called
a mental disorder.
He hadn't gotten over
his brother's death.
It was a really hard time
for us.
I was confused...
With Arnold,
with the war.
I didn't want him to go,
I didn't believe in the war
the way that he did.
And then I met your father.
I was...
Working at this diner
and he came in one night...
I don't know.
He was like
a different world to me,
and I was comfortable with him.
It all happened really fast.
One minute,
I was leaving Arnold
and my two boys,
and the next, I was...
I never wanted to leave you,
I just thought, at the time,
that you had a better chance
with your father
than Josh and Todd had
with theirs.
It's okay, mom.
Honey, I'll go
first, okay?
Long time.
Yeah, it's been
a long time.
I'll go get him.
- Hey. Jade?
- Yeah?
Thanks for coming.
Your turn, honey.
Guess what?
I was down one on Jack,
on 18,
but then Earl
showed me the secret.
He lives in
the basement, you know.
I mean, they feed him,
but they think he's crazy,
but don't tell anyone
that I go down there, okay?
Because he showed me
how to let the dog out,
and I think ruben and I
are ready for Jack on 18.
I promise.
It sounds like
you're doing
all right, red.
You're getting out
soon, right?
You know, red...
It's not looking...
Because I want to go home.
Promise not to
tell anyone
that I go downstairs
with Earl
or sneak into the courses
in the morning, okay?
Not even mom.
And dad?
Yeah, red?
Once I beat Jack
and get that green jacket,
things are going to
get better, I promise.
And maybe we can
bring mom and Earl with us.
I mean, Earl hasn't been
out of the basement
since Danny died
in that hunting accident and...
time's up, Hansen.
All right.
I love you, man.
I love you, too.
Do me a big favor, okay?
You take care
of your mother.
Jade, we got to
figure this out.
This will not happen again.
He's a good kid.
I know.
I don't want to
fuck this up.
Hold this?
Touch my mother
You put the gun down.
Oh, shit.
Redwood, please,
put the gun down.
- Put the freakin' gun down...
- Jesus, red!
- Arnold, don't!
Never hurt my mother again!
I promise.
Say it!
Listen to me!
I promise.
I will never hurt
your mother again.
My word.
And one more thing?
I would prefer it
"redwood," please.
Something's wrong
with Hank!
You okay?
Yeah. You?
Oh, yeah.
That's what
I'm talking about.
Let the dog out,
then grab his tail
on the follow-through.
Watch out, Jack.
Once I beat Jack on 18,
my dad's gonna get out of jail,
and come and pick me
and my mom up.
Would you like to
come with us?
Life ain't that easy, kid.
Like I said,
it ain't that easy.
What do you mean?
It just ain't,
that's all.
You like it down here,
don't you?
Love/hate, more like it.
But they think
you're crazy.
"Delusional," not crazy.
Look, kid.
I like you,
but old men get... crusty.
We frown at change.
Well, my dad says
that the Buddha says
that life
isn't permanent,
and resisting
the change
causes internal turmoil.
Never thought of it like that.
He says
the maharajah believes
we're one and all,
and it's your decision,
your will,
your life,
your consciousness.
Yeah, look where
it got your dad, eh?
Jail time,
He's been extracted!
And do you want to know
what I think?
Yes, I do want to know
what you think.
I think you're just afraid.
You could be right.
You made me think.
I quit the pills.
And I got to admit,
made things
a little clearer.
In fact, I want you
to do me a favor.
Get rid of 'em for me.
No comprende,
under the bed.
I told 'em every year,
let's ride them bulls
in Spain!
Come on, dad, it's lunchtime.
I'm ready to run
with them bulls!
They ain't so tough.
The problem
is them spaniards.
They eat
too much spicy food,
just like Pete's friend,
Walter, and that crazy monkey.
Never seen a goddamned monkey
shit that much.
Sort of reminds me
of that boy
at the track.
Sure could pick
a winner, though!
Dad, you... you never
been to the track.
You okay, dad?
That little Buddha
got me thinking.
Life is changing...
And I've gotten crusty.
Feeling okay, dad?
Never felt better.
18th hole at Augusta national.
This is it, Scott.
Well, Chuck,
redwood seems poised,
almost like he knows...
The secret.
Do you really think
he's old enough
to know the secret?
Well, I think
we're about to find out.
Jack's made
his approach on 18,
and he is safely on the green.
Redwood has a 5-iron,
he's down one,
and needs to hit it tight
for a chance at birdie.
He could hole it
for the win,
but I really think
he should bare down
and play it safe.
Hansen is looking
for his first
magical green jacket
that will change everything.
Take a deep
breath, red!
In through your nose...
Out through your mouth!
The secret.
"The secret."
Nice swing, red!
It's right at it.
My God, it looks...
- damn!
- Great!
It could go...
In the hole...?
He's won it!
Yeah! Hah! Yes!
A miracle from the fairway!
We're saved! Redemption!
We did it!
- Ho, ho!
- We did it.
Nice job, red.
You deserve this.
No, ruben.
We deserve this.
So, tell us, redwood,
I mean,
how does it feel?
11 years old,
and already a champion.
I mean,
it feels great, Scott.
I'd like to thank Jack nicklaus
for giving it his all,
but, most importantly,
I'd like to say
to everyone out there,
that my dad
is innocent on all charges,
and he's gonna come get me
and my mom now,
and maybe even Earl
could come with us.
I mean, he lives
in the basement, you know,
but they think he's crazy...
Okay, redwood...
Well, we wish you
and your father
all the best.
After all,
marijuana is just
nature's cigarette.
I love you, dad.
We love you, dad.
We love you, dad.
We love you, dad.
We love you,
We love you, dad.
We love you,
We love you, dad.
We love you, dad.
I beat him. I beat Jack!
I beat Jack!
Mom! Mom, I beat him!
I beat Jack!
"I wish I could give you
a big hug right now.
"I wish I could change
a lot of things
"that I've done in my life.
"However, sometimes,
"these lessons come
in strange packages
"that take time to understand.
"I'm sorry
"that I might have hurt you
by my actions.
"They were never
meant to harm you in any way.
"I only wanted to protect you
from the things I know,
"which I now realize,
"after sitting in this cell
for what seems like forever,
"to be impossible.
"You are your own person,
"you have your own gifts,
"and you will grow
and realize them on your own.
"Having said that...
"I write with news
that breaks my heart
to tell you..."
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
I want to go visit my father.
I think, uh...
I think that'd be okay.
We'll all go.
Dad, honk!
Just relax.
We're gonna
be late.
Now, hold your horses,
Holy shit!
Give 'er a pull.
Ruben and I
he's found a new bag,
and that's all right with me.
I found a few new friends
and I've realized,
that when life calls
for a draw
and you hit a fade...
Maybe it's time
to take a step back,
work on your game,
and learn to hit a draw.