Bed of Roses (1996) Movie Script

And in that area,
We feel we're extremely
well positioned.
The governments involved
Have already passed some
friendly legislation, so...
Sounds risky.
Well, there's always risk,
Mr. Bayard,
But we've got a seasoned
management team in place,
An asset-liability ratio
in excess of 3.5 to 1,
No long-term debt.
We feel confident
that this
Is a great opportunity
for you.
We'd love to include you
as a major investor.
Simon must have a lot
of confidence in you
To put you
on a deal this big.
When did you
make VP?
Two weeks ago.
But it's because this is
my first major deal
That I know it
in and out
And breathe it,
sleep it, eat it.
Um, if you'd like
to go over
The cost-benefit analysis
one more time-
No, that won't be
necessary, Ms. Walker.
If all this
checks out...
I'm in.
You're in.
Really? That's-
That's wonderful.
Really. Well...
I'll send you the paperwork
first thing,
And if you have
any questions-
Excuse me.
Ms. Walker, a Mr. Sims
is on the phone for you.
Yeah, David?
Lisa, sorry
to bother you,
But I got a call from
a doctor in Pittsburgh
a death certificate
For someone named
Stanley Krasne.
Apparently, he has you
listed as next of kin.
Do you know anything
about this?
I'm sorry.
I can't talk right now.
Can I call you later?
Of course.
all right?
Yes. I'm sorry.
I, uh, I better hurry
To catch that last flight
out of Heathrow.
It's a pleasure doing business
with you, Mr. Bayard.
Yes, it was.
Hey, Melville.
No, that's collateralized
Against the mortgages
on phase one.
We don't consider that
a significant factor.
12-12 million shares?
I need that by noon.
I'm going to
check with state again
And get back to you
with the new numbers.
Yeah. No problem.
Shoot me now.
Delivery for you
out at reception.
What is it?
Delivery for you
out at reception.
They'll last longer
if you put
A little 7up
in the water.
I know it sounds
weird, but it works.
Sign here.
Ok. Anywhere?
Just, uh,
right over there.
Thank you.
Enjoy them.
Oh, I will.
Hey, Danny.
Did you send me
something today?
someone sent me
some flowers.
It wouldn't have
occurred to me.
Yeah. That's
what I thought.
Danny, he's here.
Two seconds.
I got to go.
Ok. Bye.
Hi. Thanks for calling.
If you want,
you can leave a message,
But if you don't,
I'll understand.
Hi, um, it's me.
You didn't, um,
send me some flowers
You couldn't possibly
afford, did you?
Um, I'm at work.
Just call me later.
Now it looks like
It'll be four to six weeks
before we can get
Any functional
infrastructure into place.
If these numbers are right,
We're looking at 12 to 16
before going on-line.
Right. That should
do it for now.
Stay a minute?
How are you, Lisa?
I'm fine.
Good. Take the rest
of the day off.
Take tomorrow off, too.
I don't want to see
you this week.
Simon, I'm fine.
Good. You'll enjoy
the time off more.
Don't misunderstand.
This isn't some kind
of altruistic gesture.
You'll have your hands
full with this.
I want you
in top condition.
This isn't necessary.
This isn't a discussion.
If I see you here before
monday, you're fired.
Excuse me.
Late lunch?
Oh. More like
an early retirement.
Till monday morning.
Forced vacation.
My sympathies.
2:00 on a tuesday
What do people do?
I have to catch my breath,
they're so cute!
I know you will
love my guests today
Because they're five
Of your favorite
daytime leading men.
The terrible news is
she has 40 dog outfits,
But you don't
have a dog!
We're going to
take a break.
When we come back,
We'll talk about
how we do this show.
48 spring street,
apartment 3a.
Yes, I've got it.
We'll be there by 5:00
at the latest.
Thank you.
Rush, rush, rush.
Uh, can I help you?
Um, yeah, I hope so.
Um, I called
earlier today
About a delivery
I received.
No name on the card.
Oh, Walker, right?
Jimmy, you know anything
about a floral for Walker
That went out
this morning?
No. It wasn't me.
Wait a minute.
What am I thinking?
Today's tuesday.
Yep. He still
must be there.
"Suddenly, the boy felt
the zephyr begin to shake.
"The sound of the water
"Rushing past the hull
grew louder.
"The air filled
with spray
"As the boat sliced
through the waves.
"The bow slowly
began to lift,
"Higher and higher!
The zephyr was flying."
all right?
Oh, I'm feeling
much better.
How are you doing?
Uh, pretty good.
Lisa Walker.
I'll see you later.
How are
your flowers?
Oh, um, they're-
They're beautiful.
Um... look, I don't mean
to seem obsessive,
But your boss-
I spoke to him,
And he said that there's
no record of who sent them,
And he said maybe
you'd know something.
I mean, I have
to know, you know.
I have to, uh,
I have to be someplace.
You want
to walk with me?
There's nothing like
Hearing a story
read out loud.
She's-she's great, too.
A real natural
Do you go
to story hour a lot?
Well, I haven't been lately.
She's been sick.
Look, um...
I, uh, I did
take the order,
But to be honest
with you,
I don't feel it would be
right to tell you.
I know they're your
flowers and all,
But it seemed really
important to the person
That they stay
I'm sure if the
situation were reversed,
You'd want
the same thing.
That's not very likely.
Oh. Why?
If I wanted
to cheer someone up
By sending them flowers,
I wouldn't
make them so crazy
By not signing the card
That they couldn't
enjoy the stupid things
In the first place,
You know?
It sort of defeats
the purpose.
You're not
going to tell me?
I'm-I'm sorry.
Someone sent you flowers?
Who sent you flowers?
Listen, I'll be
at Puffy's 6:30ish.
Come drink adult beverages
with me.
Hey, how come
you're not at work?
All right. Let's
break this down.
We're running out of
people who would have...
Thank you.
Did anyone else
know about Stanley?
Maybe someone back in
Pittsburgh sent them.
No. Mm-mmm.
Not a soul.
How about
Captain Thoughtful?
Um, it wouldn't
have occurred to him.
He said that.
No, he didn't.
Danny is, uh...
You know, he's-
He's the romantic
Of a night-light.
You say that
as if that's bad.
I don't have time in my life
for anything more.
I'm a VP, remember?
Ok, so if it
wasn't Danny,
And it sure as hell
wasn't me-
It was nobody!
Somebody likes you.
Stop it.
Come on. Why not?
Your prince has
finally showed up
To sweep you
off your feet.
It's a nice fantasy.
What fantasy?
You got the flowers.
Yeah, but I live on a little
planet called reality
Where stuff like that
just doesn't happen,
And even if it did-
I'm not the sort of person
that they happen to.
It was probably
just some...
clerical error
of the floral world.
And even
if it wasn't,
Prince Charming
Would have turned
out to be a dick.
I'm serious, too.
It's safer
this way.
You'd just be
I'll keep
the fantasy, though.
An anonymous gift
from a secret admirer?
I could go for years
on that.
And I guarantee you
That even
my dullest fantasy
Would be 10 times
more romantic
Than the truth
could ever be.
Oh, god, you got
material like this,
Who wants the truth?
This is terrible.
237 people just dropped
right out of the sky.
Joey let you in.
After being tortured
long and mercilessly.
What are you eating?
No. It's chicken.
Oh, my god.
Would you look at that?
I've been watching
for, like, three hours.
It's the same images
over and over.
I'm completely addicted.
Oh, where's Mel?
Oh, no.
Didn't the feeder work?
It worked fine.
I think he just died
of loneliness.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Hey, why aren't you
at work, anyway?
And who sent flowers?
Can we just
not talk right now?
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Sarah from school
is having
A birthday party
on saturday,
And is it ok
if I go?
I'm going to be on the road
all next week.
Uh, why don't you
ask Mrs. Elkins?
Maybe she'll take you.
When's my birthday?
You don't have one.
I, uh, hoped I might
find you here.
Look, um,
The store doesn't open
for another hour.
Do you want to get
something to eat?
It's a public place.
You'll be
perfectly safe.
There you go.
Do you want
anything to eat?
No. No, I don't.
Nothing for the lady.
I'm going to have
a bowl of corn flakes
And a little
glass of milk.
I just-I came down
to tell you that-
I-I sent you
the flowers.
Um, you see,
I, uh...
I like to take
these walks
At-at night,
I like to look up
At all the darkened
And wonder what
people's lives are like
And what they're
dreaming about.
One night, I was out
pretty late,
And as, uh,
as usual,
All the windows
were dark...
except one.
And I stopped,
and I looked up.
I saw you...
standing there,
and, uh,
And you
were crying,
And I thought,
What was it that
made you so sad?
So I followed you
to work
The next morning,
Found out
your name-
And you made this...
incredible arrangement
of flowers
For someone
you've never even met?
Yeah. I'm really
sorry if, uh,
If I was strange
Somehow, it seemed
really important to...
to keep it a mystery.
Look, what
are you doing
The rest of the day?
Why don't we
spend it together?
No. No!
I know, I know.
This is all
very strange.
It's not the kind of
thing I do every day.
Well, that's good.
if you don't come,
How else
will you solve
The rest
of the mystery?
Here you go.
These are Foxgloves.
They do well in
northern climates.
They're beautiful.
Here's Agapanthus.
It's a good flower.
A little finicky about
moisture, though.
Oh, nothing worse
than a finicky Agapanthus.
No. They're all going
to be gone soon.
Cold weather
and everything.
Oh, yeah.
That's Heliotrope there.
That's my personal
It reminds me
of the past.
There was a lot of it
where I grew up.
Well, what's yours?
Oh. Favorite?
I don't know.
Roses, I guess.
Pretty boring, huh?
No. Nothing boring
about a classic.
So, you
from the city?
I-I grew up
in Pittsburgh.
That where
your family is?
No. I don't mean
to push or anything.
I just, uh...
a friend of mine
got some once-
Roses, I mean.
They were this pale
lavender gray that-
Sterling roses.
Those are beautiful.
A thornless kind.
Yes, that's right.
Only I think they ought to have
thorns to balance it out
Because otherwise,
they're too perfect.
I don't know.
It kind of seems like
There's enough thorns
out there as it is.
I think every
now and then, um,
Everybody's entitled
to too much perfection,
You know?
Have you always been
interested in plants?
I think my, uh,
My grandfather,
He got me into it.
He was sort of known
around the house
As the king
of amateur gardeners.
He was really,
really bad at it.
I mean, he had
a real black thumb.
You're close
to your family.
Pretty bizarre, huh?
Oh, I forgot
what this feels like.
It feels so decadent.
How do you mean?
I didn't get
anything done today.
You got
a lot done.
No. You know-done.
I failed
to earn my keep.
I did not contribute
To the gross
national product.
Did you
have fun?
beside the point.
This is, uh,
this is me.
uh, do you
want to, uh,
Do you want
to come up?
I'd better not.
Because I'm a psycho
Who wanders
the streets at night
And follows beautiful
women to work?
Well, see, actually,
there's something
I just really would
like you to see.
It's not going to be
around much longer,
And it would, um...
I mean,
you don't have to,
But it would just
mean a lot to me
If you came up
and saw it.
Here. After you.
Have you lived here long?
almost four years.
Um, would you
like some tea?
No, thanks.
It's a reproduction.
It was painted
as a study.
It's, uh,
it's up here.
Need any help?
It's, uh, this way.
This is incredible!
You're Lewis.
It was my grandfather's
name, too.
Actually, I named
the store after him.
you deliver flowers.
I, uh, like to see
people's faces
When they're
just falling in love
Or making up
from a fight,
Even if they're
something beautiful
About a person's
face at that moment.
Yours was
and shocked.
I have...
have to go.
I-I'm sorry.
Who is it?
It's me.
God, it's starting
to get cold.
I'm flying to Phoenix
To move in
with my mother.
She'll be thrilled.
Get it?
Nice flowers.
What the hell
is going on?
Ok, what is it?
What's going on?
I found out
who it was.
You found out-
I found out,
and he's great.
This is who
sent you the flowers?
Ok. So you found out
Who sent you
these great flowers,
And it turns out
It's this guy
who's great,
And this is really
a terrible thing because...
why is this
a terrible thing?
Ok. It's ok.
going to be ok.
I have no idea what's
going on here, but...
I know.
It seems crazy.
No, no, no.
Is this about Danny?
Are you worried
about Danny?
No! Oh, no.
Danny's fine.
I mean, we...
It's not like
a spend-the-night
kind of
That's the last
thing we wanted.
We just keep each
other around for-
lighting purposes?
I'm not
in the market.
I don't have any
room in my life
For someone
who's great.
I mean, I work
for a living.
And I'm very good
at my job.
No one disputes this.
I'm just...
I just don't think
I'm up for this.
Oh, my god.
It's him.
You get it.
I... wh...
What... uh...
who is it?
It's him.
what is it?
what he does.
a delivery boy?
It's sort
of a hobby.
It's... ah...
what do you
want me to say?
Tell him
nobody's home.
He's got flowers.
Forget it.
We've seen what
you do with those.
Can I please
just see
What Mr. Right
looks like?
Is Mr. Right
kind of short,
About 16,
with a little...
all right.
There you go.
"Thank you
for a day
Of too much
No. No.
They took a break
between 12:00 and 8:00.
Other than that,
they've been coming
On the hour.
I don't know where
to put them anymore.
That little guy
must be exhausted.
No. There's
another one, too.
They go in shifts.
I know. It's great.
But he's
just wasting it
On the wrong person.
Marry him.
Marry him now.
Oh, my god.
This can't
No, no, no, no.
That's not
going to be enough.
I'm going to need
at least another 12 dozen.
Fly them in
if you have to.
It's important. Thanks.
You're going to
blow this, buddy.
Have you called
morrow's yet?
You cleaned them out
about six hours ago.
You're going to
scare her off.
I already did that.
Jeez, Lewis, not
for nothing, but-
I just found her.
I screwed up once
in my life.
I don't want
to do it again.
Rosen's- We haven't
tried Rosen's yet.
Hey, Pete.
This is Lewis.
I was wondering
if you had any more...
uh, I'll call you back.
I'll, uh,
I'll clean up.
All right?
How are you
Jimmy, let's go.
Take it easy.
I cleaned out the city.
It's all
in my apartment.
Look, um, I'm sorry
about yesterday.
That was all wrong.
I moved too fast.
No, you didn't
move too fast.
I'm just not
used to having, uh...
I know I don't
really know you,
But, uh, yesterday was
one of the nicest days
I've had
in a long time.
I just...
I forgot...
it's not...
it's not you.
It's me.
you're just wasting it
on the wrong girl.
I won't bother you
You're not...
you're not
bothering me.
My, uh...
my wife
painted this.
She used to...
to work for museums
Restoring paintings.
I was still
on the trading floor
When she
did that one.
See, we, uh,
We met
in high school,
Started dating,
And after
I got this job
As a runner
at goldman sachs
Working these 14-,
16-hour days,
Paid my dues,
got my own desk-
Six months later,
we, uh,
We got married.
She stayed home,
and she painted,
And I kept
climbing the ladder.
Then she got pregnant.
One night, I was
working pretty late,
And I got this call.
They told me that
she'd gone into labor,
and that there
were complications.
I lost everything
in one second.
So I just-
I cashed out.
Then one day,
I saw this guy
delivering flowers,
And I thought,
"Maybe that's
what I should do.
"I'll deliver
"Has to be the best
job in the world.
Everybody's always
happy to see you."
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry to lay
all this on you.
One question.
Why me?
I guess...
I guess I finally
looked up...
and your light
was on.
Did you, uh,
you sleep well?
Yeah. My clothes?
I took them
to the dry cleaners.
I hope that's ok.
I had
some things to get-
So I'm a hostage.
I can go get them
real easy.
I'm just kidding.
Uh, I also got you
some toothpaste
And your own
And, uh,
your own bathrobe
So you don't
have to walk around
In the sheet,
And there's some
new towels, too.
Exactly what time did you
get up this morning?
Yeah. Bacon-
Do you like bacon?
I wasn't sure,
So I got some ham,
And I got
some steaks.
If you're not
a meat eater,
You know,
I didn't know.
I got some of these
tomatoes here
And some
green peppers
And, um,
Uh, but I
don't know.
Uh, coffee-
Regular or decaf?
Or maybe
you want some tea-
english breakfast,
Earl grey,
orange pekoe?
Coffee, coffee, coffee.
Uh, sweet 'n low?
We don't actually
have to eat at all.
The other morning,
You didn't order
I wasn't sure
if that was because
You weren't
a breakfast eater
Or because you thought
I would kill you.
Yeah. I...
I'm starving.
Are you? Good. Good.
I must seem pretty
ridiculous here.
I'm not sure,
you know.
you're kidding.
It was amazing.
He's amazing.
I mean,
We delivered
I wore a hat.
It's just...
the whole thing
just completely-
Look who's back.
We'll talk later.
You'll tell me everything.
Yes. Hi.
I'm sorry.
Hang on a sec.
Aha! The creature lives.
Where have you been?
You've been working all weekend
again, haven't you?
Can you
hang on a sec?
Um, it's Danny.
Can I
call you later?
You better.
Um, can you
have lunch?
Come on. Guess.
You and your
mysteries, Lewis.
I don't know.
You heard the most
amazing new story?
You bought
a new hoe?
Wen, you're not
even trying.
You built a beach
On top of
the World Trade Center?
I, uh, I met somebody.
Sam, I'm going
to need the car.
Well, it's
a great story-
in the window,
on the balcony.
I just don't want to make
any mistakes this time.
I just want to
get everything right.
I want it
to be perfect.
do you, um,
Do you remember
when you were-
You must have been
Jason's age,
Like 7 or 8,
And you were working
with grandpa Lewis
In the garden?
Yeah. He was
teaching me
How to water the plants,
and I thought
If a little water
was good,
Then a bunch...
by the time
we stopped you,
The whole place
looked like Thailand.
Right. Lake Lewis.
I was very proud of that.
It's just that,
you know,
This is your first
time out there.
I just... I would
really be afraid
To see you put
too much on this.
Well, I think
It might be
too late for that.
I think
I'm in love with her.
It's great.
So how did it end up?
He was actually
pretty relieved.
We'd been going for a
long stretch this time.
Listen, how about
I come over later
And maybe
bring us a pizza?
I can't.
I'm leaving early.
Oh. I...
excuse me?
"Snowflakes fell... "
You don't
remember that?
Come on. Hello?
The fruit cocktail.
Thank you.
That year,
we were the only two
Who didn't go home
for winter break.
So we went
up on the roof
And ate
fruit cocktail
And drank
peppermint schnapps
Until I threw up
all over the place.
So how come
you didn't go home?
My mother
was going through
One of her nightmare
dominatrix periods.
You really
don't want to know.
No, you don't.
Why don't you
tell him
About the kids?
I warp young minds.
She works for, um,
an outreach program.
Explain it to him.
Well, you know,
We work on building
their self-esteem,
Working with them
as a team,
And every year
we put on a play.
For example,
we put a little girl
Who maybe
isn't so pretty
As beauty
in beauty and the beast-
That kind of thing.
That's fantastic.
Yeah, when it works.
Right now we got
a real tough case, though-
This 7-year-old girl.
What- what's wrong
with her?
She's... extremely bright.
She builds
these incredible things
All by herself,
But whenever another kid
gets near her, the lights...
go off.
Do you know
what happened to her?
She had it rough.
Her adoptive parents
are really great,
But, uh...
they don't know
what else to do.
You know, I forgot.
Um... I have to
make a phone call.
Excuse me.
so you must be
wondering who I am.
Someone who's...
making Lisa as happy
as I've ever seen her.
But... if you hurt her,
I'll kill you. Ok?
So he went up
into the stands-
In the middle
of the race?
Yeah. He asked her
to dinner,
And that was it.
How about you?
How did your parents meet?
They met at, um...
at a dance,
At a VFW mixer.
My mom had a cold,
And, um, my dad
was there, too,
And he was, uh...
he just kept
asking her to dance,
And she was
too embarrassed
Because of her cold.
She was sneezing
and everything.
So he just offered
to walk her home,
And- and they did.
It turned out
They lived in
the same building.
Yeah. And, um...
they got married
just six weeks later.
That's a great
I think our story's
the best.
Lisa Walker.
When is your birthday?
In case, on a whim,
I feel like getting you
Well, I was never
real big on birthdays.
Well, I want
to put it down here.
April 1st.
April 1st? Your birthday
is on april fools' day?
Listen, I've got to go.
I'm really busy.
Ok. Bye.
I tried you at work.
What did you have,
a late meeting?
I left early.
Left early?
It's after 10:00.
What is it?
I love you.
I love you, too.
It's cute.
I'm a jewish elf.
How you doing?
How's work?
Oh, let's see.
yesterday, I knocked
over a display
Of dishwasher-safe
Oh, no.
So today,
I'm in notions.
Can I have
some coffee, please?
So, how you been?
I thought you'd
fallen off the edge.
How is, uh,
how's things at school?
Not great.
I just finished
This year's play.
The performance is
supposed to be the 23rd.
I was hoping
you'd come.
Of course.
I wouldn't miss it.
So how's
married life?
Oh, come on.
You're living
with him.
I still have
my place.
You're living
with him.
So, you two
got big plans
For christmas?
We're supposed to go
to his family's place
For the holidays.
Supposed to?
Yeah. You know, the whole
meet the family routine.
You know, I play
the girlfriend.
I don't know
what the big deal is.
All the functions
family used to serve
Are served by friends
and colleagues now anyway.
I mean, the whole thing
Sounds pretty
prehistoric to me.
You haven't told him
anything about you yet.
I'm just wondering
what happens
When he wants
to marry you,
Which he will.
How are you
going to explain
Your side of the aisle
at the wedding?
It'll be me and me.
I don't see why I have
to explain anything, Kim.
You're right. You don't.
You shouldn't.
You should just stay
In your little
fantasy world
Because it's safe
I'm leaving.
Yeah, right.
Run away. Bye-bye.
Don't forget
your umbrella.
You know,
you're just jealous.
Excuse me?
You'd rather
I stay miserable
And wait with you for a prince
on a white horse.
When it happens to me for real,
you can't take it.
For real?
He doesn't even
know who you are.
No, no, no.
Get out of there.
What do you think
I am- Scrooge?
Thanks. You going
to be leaving soon?
Uh, we leave
in the morning.
Is she psyched?
Meeting the family.
Big time.
Bigger than
you know, buddy.
Would you mind
Loading the leftover
In the back
of the van?
It's already done.
You're a genius.
Merry christmas,
You, too.
Merry christmas.
Uh, Kim called again.
Yeah. She left
the information.
I don't know.
Maybe she thought
You might
change your mind.
I'd love to go,
you know...
I'll call her.
We're, uh,
we're all packed,
So we should probably get
an early start tomorrow.
I can't go
with you tomorrow.
I know- I know it's
really bad timing,
But... I should have
said something before,
But I thought I'd
be able to get out.
We've got this whole
licensing mess
Crashing down on us.
This has nothing
to do with work.
W- what?
I, um...
I found
your address book,
And there's
no listing in there
For a Richard
or Ellen Walker.
The only number
for Pittsburgh I found
Was for somebody
named Stanley Krasne.
I also found...
I also found
this picture.
Was that you
and your father?
I don't know
when my birthday is.
When I was
3 months old,
I was found at the
Pittsburgh airport.
It's great, huh?
They put me
in a shelter home,
Then I was placed
with this couple.
The woman died right
after they got me,
But the man petitioned
the state to keep me,
And they said ok,
so, um...
that's, um...
he sold auto parts
And mufflers
and spark plugs.
And, um, he drank,
And he, um...
his name
was Stanley.
He died just
a couple months ago.
That's it. Big deal.
It's pretty
disappointing, huh?
I don't think I
could get on oprah
With that one.
Anyway, um...
I'm sorry...
about all that.
I'm sorry, but I-
I can't go
with you tomorrow.
I want you to go out there.
You know the play.
You know
what you have to do.
I want you
to trust me, ok?
Go for it.
We're so sorry,
We never meant
to leave you alone.
Please come back.
Please come back,
princess Amelia.
I know it's easier
to stay safe-
Safe in your dreams,
where no one could hurt you.
But no one could
love you there, either.
Please come back,
princess Amelia.
Please wake up
and let us love you.
Then I wished he didn't
have to kiss me,
But then
it wasn't that bad.
Can we do it again?
We'll see.
It was- It was great.
I'm going to, uh,
talk to Lisa.
Can I still
come with you?
I changed my mind.
Would you grab me
an apple?
Can we turn
the car around?
They're right
behind your seat.
I'm going to
be sick.
Why don't we spend
christmas at home?
We can watch
"It's a wonderful life"
For the millionth
by the fireplace,
Order curry from
Tandoori Palace,
And make love
all night. Please?
Nah. We don't have
a fireplace.
This is it.
Maybe we should
go in.
So this is what
they call nature, huh?
Yeah, I suppose
that's what they call it.
If we leave now,
We could be eating
chutney by 8:00.
I love you.
Gee, that changes
You all right?
Do I look like
a total gumbyhead?
Gumbyhead? No.
You look beautiful.
It's going to be
all right.
Hey, come on in.
How are you?
Good. How are you?
This is Lisa.
Oh, Lisa, welcome!
Oh, take
your coat off.
Hi, uncle Lewis!
Hey, how's
it going?
Be careful out there.
It's slippery.
I put Wendy and Sam
in the guest room
Because of the baby,
So I put the queen-size
in Lewis' room.
Mark's old one?
It's been down
in the basement.
Jason, stop.
Say hi to uncle Lewis and Lisa.
Hey, hey.
This is Bob
and Eva franklin.
Hey, sis!
This is my sister Wendy
and her husband Sam.
Hey, guy. Hi,
nice to meet you.
This is Lisa.
This is Katie.
Jason, stop that,
or I'll break your arm.
Say hi, Jas.
Hi, Jas!
Jason is 8.
Can you excuse me?
Mark, your brother
and Lisa are here!
Where's dad?
At his meeting.
Then he has a few errands.
It's aa
15 years in march.
Grandma jean is, uh...
I saw her
going upstairs.
I thinks she's
taking a nap.
Jason's been
a handful today.
Aunt meg will be here.
Please tell me
her camera's still broken.
She's got a new one.
She's a pathological
How are you, buddy?
Good to see you.
Markie, this is Lisa.
Hi, Lisa.
Where's taylor?
He's finishing up.
We've been making the reindeer
on Mrs. Jarrod's lawn
Anatomically correct.
That's my brother.
Hey, there he is.
You forgot
the raspberries!
No, I did not forget
the raspberries.
They're in the truck.
You're off the hook.
There's my boy!
Good to see you.
And who's this?
I know who this is.
Hi, Lisa. Welcome. Welcome.
They're, uh,
tactile people.
It's ok.
You must be tired
after your trip.
You should catch your
breath before dinner.
Is that
what I smell?
Oh, shut up.
It's chilly up here.
Tom hasn't fixed
the weather stripping,
So I put an extra comforter
in your room,
And there's some extra
blankets in this chest.
All right.
There's some
sweaters on the shelf
And an extra
space heater,
But it's old and noisy.
If you need anything,
yell, ok?
Thank you.
We're really happy
to have you here.
Thank you.
I feel very nauseous-
A- anxious-
I mean, welcome.
I feel really welcome.
Thank you.
You are welcome.
Your mom
must think I'm crazy.
You ok?
Your parents-
Everyone is so nice.
It's all so... nice.
No. We're plenty
screwed up.
God... somebody
kept me up
Half the night
And the other half
making up.
I have three...
very interesting children...
who always
keep me surprised.
I have friends
old and new,
Family old and new,
And I just want
to wish all of us
A very, very
merry christmas.
Merry christmas.
Dig in. Dig in.
That was sweet.
That's a wolf.
There's another wolf.
three wolves.
See the wolf?
All the little wolvsies.
That's his tail.
He's got a tail.
Oh, look
at the mountains.
You climb mountains
so high, it seems...
hurry up,
you guys!
What is this?
Oh, you'll see.
Hey, you guys!
Sam, honey?
Hi, mom.
Ok. Good.
Here we go.
See, we have
this tradition
That everybody opens
one gift on christmas eve.
Sort of
a little preview
Of tomorrow's
orgy of greed.
So, who's first?
Me, me!
We have something
for Jas.
Jason, do you want
to open a present?
Dad, it's right there,
Under the tree,
right to the left.
This one? Yeah.
There you go.
Take it easy.
Take it easy.
That's, uh,
David Copperfield.
That was my favorite book
when I was your age...
or around your age.
Oh, thanks.
Come on. There's
something else there.
That's from Lisa
and me.
Oh, cool!
The legends of Zordak 2.
Hold it!
I'm going to break
that camera, I swear.
I love this!
I bet it makes
perfect froths.
It's got color-coded
instructions for you.
This is beautiful.
I don't have to
try it.
Ok. Go ahead.
I kept
the receipt.
Uh... Wendy?
Excuse me.
Duty calls.
Come here,
Come here,
There you go.
There you go.
Oh, wait
a minute!
Does Lisa
have something?
No, no. It's ok.
No, no.
Lisa, let's see.
right there?
No, I'm...
Mom, mom, no, no, no.
I got this one.
Merry christmas.
Open it.
honey, are you ok?
I just need to...
Lisa! What-
I can't do this.
I don't belong here.
Let go, please.
What is it?
What happened?
What did I do?
You just
proposed to me
In front of your
entire family.
I thought
it would be nice.
I wanted to
share it with them.
Nice? Share?
You always talk about
how you don't want
To put too much
pressure on me.
What are you
talking about?
You push
too hard, Lewis.
You just
push too hard.
What did you
expect me to say?
I expected you
to say yes.
Then we'd live
happily ever after.
This isn't
a fairy tale, Lewis.
Everything has had
to be too perfect
From the beginning.
I can't
live up to that.
You want
to rescue someone,
And I was
in a window,
And my light was on.
Uh... wait a second.
Maybe that was true
in the beginning, ok?
But since then, I have
fallen in love with you.
I want to spend
The rest of my life
with you.
You just can't admit
That somebody could
actually love you.
That's what it is.
M- maybe
you're right.
I mean... you have
an entire house
Full of people
who love you
And have always
loved you.
You don't have
to question that.
You have a wall
full of pictures,
Of memories,
of children,
I've never had.
You talk about
having a family.
I have no idea
What I would do
with a child.
I have
nothing to give.
I... can't...
pretend anymore.
I just can't do this.
I- I can't do this.
Look, I'm... I'm sorry.
I... I didn't...
I didn't mean
to scare you.
I mean, that was
never my intention.
I just...
Uh... please, I don't
want to lose you.
Just don't run away.
I wish I...
I wish I could
give you something.
I wish I could give
you part of myself,
But that's just
not something I have
In my possession
right now.
I'm sorry.
what's up with you?
It's really stupid.
It's been, um...
it's been three months,
And I can't stop
thinking about him.
It's like, uh,
I take these walks,
And, uh, I keep showing up
in the same place,
And I'm outside
his building,
You know, looking up
at the same window,
And all
I can think of is,
I want to be...
there with him...
like it was,
And, uh, I can't
even cross the street.
I just feel like
such an idiot,
Like the best thing
that ever happened to me,
And I blew it off,
and I don't know why.
Why can't you
just go to him?
Why can't-
Just call him!
What? What do I say?
"Hi, it's me.
"I'm sorry I'm psychotic,
But, gee, can I have
the ring back?"
That sounds good.
How could he
ever forgive me
After what
I put him through?
I wouldn't forgive me,
for chri-
He might not,
But don't you think that
he's worth the risk?
I know your life has not
been a fairy tale,
But if anyone
deserves a happy ending,
It's you.
I knew you'd say
the right thing.
You're my best friend.
You're supposed to say that.
I didn't even know
If you were
going to be here
Or maybe out
on one of your walks.
I, uh... sort of got
out of the habit.
Hey, Lewis,
have you seen my bag?
I'm sorry.
Um, I was just...
I have to go, Lewis.
Sam will be
waiting for us,
And she's getting fussy,
so we'll hit it.
Come on in.
It's really good
to see you again, Lis.
I'll talk to you
later. Bye-bye.
Put a little 7up
in the water.
It sounds weird,
I know, but it works.
So... um...
how's business?
Actually, Randy's been
running the shop lately.
Been working part-time
As an investment
consultant for the city.
Public housing, health
care, that kind of thing.
And, um,
and your family?
They're good.
Um... I guess...
I guess
I should be going.
Um... this is the part
Where you're supposed
to say, "wait."
Yeah, see, I'm supposed
to start to leave,
And- and that's when...
you forgive me
for being such a coward...
and for being the last
one to figure out
What everyone else
already knew.
You call out,
"Wait. Don't go,"
And I stop,
and we hold each other,
And then we know everything's
going to be ok.
I- I guess...
I'm not familiar
with the procedure.
Yeah... I guess not.
Um... I guess
I'll see you around.
Don't go.
How was that?
That was good.
going to be ok.