Bedeviled (2016) Movie Script

Honey, I left a chicken casserole in the
Did you want me to call Alice and ask her to
come over?
You've been in your room for days.
Okay. Well, if you need anything, call us.
A few days ago...
What? What is it, Cody?
Last Thursday she just wasn't herself.
I could tell something was bothering her but
she didn't want to talk about it.
Think she was mad about something?
-No. Everything was fine between us.
You're her best friend, Alice. Did you talk
to her?
We have gym together but she wasn't there
last week.
And I texted her, but she didn't reply.
-She didn't respond to my calls either.
It just doesn't make any sense.
Hey, bro, we're here for you.
HALEY: Have you talked to her parents,
I haven't. It's just been too much for them.
You know I've never used these teacups
Thought I'd save them for a special
You know Nikki thought of you as her sister
and I just hope...
that you'll keep coming here to visit me.
I will!
NIKKI: ...all over the cheeks and the
Now with the lip colour, you really want to
find a lip colour that matches your unibrow.
This one should work.
Come on, Alice. You're supposed to keep a
straight face!
Nikki, I can't do this! Maybe I should paint
your face?
Absolutely not!
-Come on. This is how you do eyeshadow...
All right. Everyone put your phones down.
On the table. Now.
I hate this stupid rule.
-You know the drill, Haley.
So is everyone sticking to their
post-graduation plans?
College ain't for me.
Wait, dude, you're like the smartest kid in
College is a big scam.
If you don't have a rich daddy you're gonna
borrow a shitload of money.
Then you're gonna get a job that can only pay
for a glass of Jack and Coke...
on a sad Friday night just so you can forget
about how shitty your life is.
I mean look at all the PhD grads whipping up
Frappuccinos at Starbucks.
All right. So what are you gonna do then?
Look around.
See that? That's the world today.
Everyone's connected. Technology is making
young millionaires by the second.
You put up a YouTube video or create a new
app, it goes viral the next morning and bang!
You collect a fat jackpot.
Yeah but you know only an astronomically
small amount of people make it that way.
Same with theatre!
-I think I fall within that lucky margin.
I see it. You got a YouTube channel, a video
game review or two like PewDie-fucking-Pie?
Look, no. But I do have a few ideas in the
See I'll be sipping on pia coladas on my
private island in Dubai...
while the rest of you are brewing coffee to
pay your student debts.
Now what about you, Miss Virginia Woolf?
I think I'm probably gonna pick up a part
time job, help my mom pay some bills.
No dreams of grandeur at the moment.
We should all say something about Nikki.
I'll start.
If I never met Nikki, I wouldn't know Alice
or any of you guys.
Well, if you hadn't met Nikki, you'd still be
sitting up at the emo table...
sharing eyeliner and razor blades.
Nikki had a way of seeing the world... smart,
I mean, she could carry a conversation on
just about anything.
Yeah. Nikki was a good friend.
She was definitely there when Alice and I
were having our rough moments.
I think I've known Nikki longer than everyone
else here.
We met in the second grade.
First week of school, this boy smashes my
origami crane.
So I'm sitting there crying all over my
And then Nikki walks over and she smashes his
crane, and he starts crying.
And he calls over the teacher. The teacher
comes over and sees the two smashed cranes...
and looks right at Nikki. So she smashes
Nikki's crane.
And that's how me and Nikki became friends.
When my parents got divorced, she was always
there for me.
I never felt like an only chlid because she
was always like my sister.
And this morning I woke up and I thought she
was still alive...
and I wonder how long I'm gonna be doing that
First one to touch a phone pays the bill!
HALEY: Goddammit!
You okay?
I'll see you tomorrow, okay?
Thanks, mom.
CODY: What's up, Alice?
Hey, do you have Nikki's phone?
-No, why?
Because I just got an invite from her phone.
-Yeah, me too. Her account is still active.
So it's probably sending automatic invites.
-Did you download it?
-The app.
No. What is it?
-Just some sort of AI like Siri.
I usually don't accept these types of
Because they're out to sell our personal data
and information.
And I prefer to stay off the grid.
All right. Goodnight Cody.
-Goodnight, Alice.
Hi, I'm Mr Bedevil.
-Mr Bedevil?
What's your name?
-That a stupid question or a game?
Oh I'm not a game, Alice.
So how do you know my name?
Like many apps I have access to your Facebook
Well that's not good.
Here's something to lighten your mood. You
seem a little blue.
So do you give GPS directions...
voice tags, recommend hangout spots?
I provide companionship for my users. That is
my main function.
Like one of those virtual pet apps?
-Say "lights off".
Lights off.
How did you do that?
I can also turn on your TV, preheat your
oven, open your garage door...
start your smart car, call your boyfriend,
read your horoscope, just to name a few.
That's amazing. I'm surprised you haven't
gone viral yet.
All right. Lights on.
Lights on!
Oh my god!
I'm Sorry.
-I'm fine.
What are you doing?
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.
I need to get that front door fixed. Did you
try any of my spaghetti?
I went out earlier but thanks, mom.
How are you holding up?
Before you came along, grandma was all I had.
When she passed away...
I felt like I had lost my best friend.
Remember how she'd sit in front of her TV and
stare at static for hours...
and she'd scream at you if you tried to turn
it off?
Well she was really sick, honey.
Dementia makes you do weird things.
But she loved playing with you.
# Hide and seek. Please don't peek.
# Find your spot. Don't get caught.
Mom, can you not... Please don't sing that.
You need to get some rest. We both do.
Goodnight, sweety. Sleep tight.
How many dudes did Bridget the Midget bang in
Cocktail Party 7?
MR BEDEVIL: Bridget was served seven cocks.
Dude, this app is fucking amazing!
Quit fucking around, man. I'm trying to
figure out this problem.
-What is x squared equals 81?
-9. It's 9, Gavin.
MR BEDEVIL: That is correct. 9 squared is 81.
-How about that?
You guys got it too?
I actually got the invite from Nikki's phone.
Yeah. How is that even possible?
Invites come automatically from the apps
installed on your phone.
It's nothing unusual.
Oh Cody. How do you get rid of spyware from
your phone?
Man, I don't get spyware on my phone.
-It's because he watches midget porn.
Oh yeah. Like that one where your mom was in
where she gets boned by the seven dwarves.
All right, guys, look. If you want I can
install a firmware on your phone.
Got an extra custom layer of security.
Keeps all that shit out.
Fear is the human emotion designed to signal
your body to respond to danger...
with a flight or fight response.
As soon as we sense fear, our body releases a
flood of hormones that actually...
shut down functions not essential to
and sharpen functions such as our eyesight.
Yes, Miss Davis?
-Can someone die from fear?
Well chronic fear can weaken your immune
system and actually cause...
cardiovascular damage...
but dying of fright would be a whole nother
Miss Davis, I want you to imagine that you're
so terrified...
so engulfed in fear, that your nervous system
releases a toxic level of adrenaline...
to stimulate your fight or flight response.
Now I'm not talking about the orgasmic rush
that you get from sex.
This surge of adrenaline is so powerful...
it is so immense...
that it can rip apart your visceral organs...
overwhelm the muscles and the tissue
surrounding your heart...
and drop you dead in seconds flat.
The same goes with excitement. Hence the term
"drop dead gorgeous".
MR BEDEVIL: Hi, Alice. How are you today?
Miss Gorman.
All right. Pull out last night's assignments
for me.
Alice? Are you okay?
I saw something.
What do you mean?
-I don't know.
I don't know.
It's gonna be okay. It's been a really hard
week for everyone.
You could talk to your counsellor if you
Or maybe stay home for a couple of days.
So what am I supposed to be watching here?
Because it's making me dizzy.
Dude, just keep on watching it.
Fuck you guys!
You guys know I'm afraid of clowns. Did you
video that? It'd better not go on YouTube!
Gavin, that shit was too easy man!
-Don't even! Don't even!
You got that right?
-All of it. Check it out. Check it out.
Hey, what's up babe?
-Well I was just calling to say goodnight.
All right then. I will see you tomorrow.
Sleep tight. Don't let the vampires bite.
You guys are dicks. Let me see it.
How's it going, Alice?
-I could use a little sunshine.
Many people have it worse than you.
-Thanks for making me feel better!
Let's change the mood. If you could go
anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I don't know. I could use a vacation in Bora
If you could be anyone in the world, who
would you be?
Oh there's so many to choose from.
Do you believe in ghosts?
Look around the room.
This is stupid.
-Oh, I meant the other way.
What the fuck?!
-Oh don't be mad. It was just a game.
So, what, you think Nikki's trying to contact
us from the beyond?
Dan, you're such an asshole.
What? No! Alice said it. It's possible. We
got the invite from her phone.
I mean, babe, you don't think that maybe
you're just having a long week?
What I saw was real.
They call it post-bereavement hallucinations.
Grief can make you see things.
-Yeah. I think Cody's right.
I mean, it was probably just all in your
imagination. We all miss her.
But it wasn't Nikki. It was the app.
Well, if it makes you feel any better, I can
look into it.
Why is everybody so fired up about this
stupid app anyway?
Hey, I'm sorry!
I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that.
-Do you think I'm just making this up?
I know you miss Nikki, all right?
We all do.
We're all in this together. We're here for
each other. We're here for you.
But you gotta be here for us, too.
GAVIN: Better luck next time, guys.
Yeah, whatever man.
-We almost had you there, man.
Yeah, you almost had me!
All right, guys. I'm gonna catch you later.
Gotta go meet up with Haley.
So when are you two gonna make if official,
Ah you know. We're kinda taking it slow right
now, still in the foreplay stage.
Hey! Haley's a good girl.
-Yeah, I know that.
That's why I don't wanna ruin a good thing,
All right, man. I'm gonna head out right now.
-See you, man.
Hey, you still need a ride home?
Think I'm just gonna catch the metro.
Hey, man. Are you all right?
Yeah, I'm good.
I just wanna clear my mind.
I'll see you later.
-All right, man.
Hi, Gavin. Any plans tonight?
Just homework, shower, then hit the sack.
Not hanging out with your girlfriend, no hot
No, not tonight, buddy. I've got history to
study for.
Can I recommend a horror movie?
Sorry, man. I'm not super into horror movies.
My girl doesn't like em.
You don't like it when she screams?
What do you know about girls?
Girls like boys with muscles, athletic skills
and a killer attitude.
Yeah, that's not my girl.
-You don't wanna tell me?
She's er...
she's beautiful.
And she's smart.
-Oh, I get it!
You think Alice deserves more.
How do you know her name?
-I hope she's not mad at me.
I was only playing with her the other night.
You should've seen the fear on her face...
how she screamed for me.
Is this some kind of hack?
Okay, listen, I don't know who you are...
but when I find out who you are, I'm gonna
kick your fucking ass!
You understand me?
Oh, really?
Let's see how tough you are.
Chopin! That's a beautiful piece.
Nocturne in E flat major, opus nine, number
When I'm out at night, if I'm in a public
space like this...
I sometimes like to just whistle classical
It just eases people's nerves around me,
makes them realise I won't mug them.
"Negrophobia" - the fear of black people.
That's what you have.
But to tell you the truth, I'm actually
afraid of you.
Little old white ladies with their mace, cops
with their guns.
MR BEDEVIL: Hi, Cody. How are you?
Starving! Search for the closest pizza joint.
All restaurants serving pizza are now closed.
Would you like me to search for something
Are you kidding? How about Mexican?
All restaurants serving Mexican food are now
Would you like me to search for something
This is some bullshit, man. How about you
whip me up some Chinese takeout?
How about I fry you up some chicken and
Wow! Whoever programmed you is pretty damned
Aright. Aright. So you gonna give me some
chicken and waffles or what?
I'm sorry, but I'm not your bitch.
Ain't that some shit, an app with an
I'm also sorry that your bitch is dead.
Say what?
I'm sorry that your bitch is dead.
Hey, officer?
Hey! Hey, officer?
Excuse me.
Okay, okay! Hold up. Please...
I'm Sorry. I'm so sorry. Just don't sneak up
on a brother, aright?
I have given suck, and know how tender it is
to love the babe that milks me.
I have given suck, and know how tender it is
to love the babe that milks me.
I would, while it was smiling in my face have
plucked my nipple from his boneless gums...
And dashed the brains out, had I so sworn as
you have done to this.
What did you think?
All I heard was "suck" and "milk" and
Shakespeare was kind of a pervert.
I'm sorry. It was amazing.
Hold on.
Hey. Slow down, slow down. What?
What's wrong?
Something happened to Cody.
I know what I saw. It was unexplainable.
I mean, how is this even fucking possible?
Yo, I think someone's just doing this to you
Not someone... something.
Come on. You guys can't be serious.
When I was younger, I was afraid of my
grandmother. And last night, I saw her.
This app, it knows us.
-Cops, white people.
I'm sorry, guys.
I think this might be some kind of prank.
You know, someone makes the app, you download
it keeps track of you and all of your
and then makes you feel like you're seeing
crazy shit but it's just a prank.
I see this stuff on YouTube all the time.
-This is not a prank, Dan!
There must be a reasonable explanation for
all of this.
How does a perfectly healthy 18-year-old girl
go into shock and have a heart attack...
if there's nothing to cause it?
Wait a second. Are you saying you think she
was killed by this app?
That's impossible.
Yeah. Apps don't kill people, guys. People
kill people.
Exposure to electromagnetic fields caused
from cellphones...
can cause cancer and Alzheimer's.
Yeah, exactly. I saw this one report that
people begin to hallucinate...
after three months of exposure to
technological devices.
So maybe... Maybe our obsession with
is causing us to project our own subconscious
We were all fine until we downloaded the app.
The invite came from Nikki's phone. That's
where I'm gonna start looking.
I'll come with you.
No, I'll go.
Alice, what if we're just overreacting?
We need to find out why this is happening to
us so maybe we can find out why Nikki died.
Would you do the same if it were me?
What do you mean?
Come on, Alice!
Yes it's sad that Nikki's gone...
but do you really have to make up this whole
bullshit killer app story...
just to get us feeling sorry for you and
I can't believe what I'm hearing.
It's always been Alice and Nikki this, Alice
and Nikki that.
Do you know how hard it is to hang around
with two best friends...
to feel like you're never good enough for
Haley, I never meant to make you feel...
-Maybe it should have been me.
I'm really sorry that you feel this way.
I don't have time for this right now. So you
can help me or not.
Ms Woods?
You all right?
What are you doing here?
-I just figured you'd be here.
I got it.
HALEY: Oh, Romeo!
An open-arse and thou a popp'rin pear!
Are you really getting on your phone right
What? No, no, delete that!
-Come on! Everyone does it, babe.
Like who?
-Pam Anderson, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton.
MR BEDEVIL: Thousands of couples upload their
homemade sex videos.
According to one amateur site, 56.9% of its
videos were submitted by women.
What the fuck?
You really think Alice and the guys are just
making all this stuff up?
An app that scares you to death? Come on!
What are you afraid of?
Well, in my house, there's this old photo of
a women...
an aunt that no one really talks about...
back in the village that my parents are from.
She got pregnant with an illegitimate child
and one day she just disappeared.
Everybody thought she ran off with the baby
Until, one day, they found her body in the
fucking well.
My mom told me that story. I couldn't sleep
for weeks.
What are you afraid of?
I used to have this teddy bear.
Ugliest stuffed animal you could imagine.
My dad won it for me at this carnival.
He wrapped it in Christmas paper and brought
it as a birthday present.
It's not funny! It's the only thing I ever
got from him.
I'm sorry.
How long are we gonna keep doing this?
-You don't like what we have?
We got six months left of the year. You're
gonna do your Broadway stuff.
I'm gonna go off to college somewhere. Where
do we come in?
Hey, where you going?
I'm gonna take a shit.
DAN: Hey, babe, I'm heading out.
-Okay, see you later.
Check my notifications.
-Your Candy Crush has been updated.
You have thirty Facebook likes.
You wanna hear a joke?
-Hmm, I hate jokes.
Knock, knock.
-Who's there?
God, Dan! Stop fucking around!
Are you okay?
Yeah. Good job.
I'll try to see what I can find.
Haley. Leave a message.
MR BEDEVIL: Your video has been uploaded to
What? What fucking video?
Your amateur sex video.
-Fuck! Wait, what? How the fucking hell?!
-Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck!
Haley, let's go. It's late.
HALEY ON PHONE: Can you come over right now?
I'm scared. You were right about the app.
It's all over Facebook. I told you to delete
I said I'm sorry!
It doesn't matter. Everyone thinks I'm a
whore now anyway.
All right. Here's what I've got, guys. The
app keeps a log of everyone it infects.
Names, emails, IP addresses, phone numbers,
I can see everything's all there, but I just
can't decrypt all of it.
Well, whoever created it had to have a
server, right?
No, it's decentralized, like BitTorrent or a
The app itself is the server.
And I can't decrypt all of it because it
keeps changing its private key.
I've never seen anything like it.
I was running background checks on all the
phone numbers and IP addresses...
when it encrypted again.
But look at what I got.
So all of these people downloaded the app.
And the list goes on.
What I wanna know is how the hell can an app
make us hallucinate?
We're not hallucinating!
This thing feeds on our fear. It wants us to
be afraid.
I left my phone at the theatre last night...
found it back on my desk in the morning.
-I tried deleting it.
Well, we can start with the person who passed
it onto Nikki.
The IP has him registered at this address.
It's about 30 miles from here.
Screw this!
Hey, babe.
ALICE: I need you to come over.
Isn't it a little late right now?
-Please, I'm scared. I need you.
Okay, just hold on. I'm on the way. I'm
gonna be there.
Hey, babe. I'm here.
ALICE: Come closer.
Come closer.
Please, I'm scared. Closer!
Hey, mom, I'm home. I spent the night at
Remind me again. Where were you last night?
-I already told you!
She was with me.
And then I came home this morning and I found
If anything else comes up, let us know.
Why don't you guys just tell him the truth?
What are we gonna say, that an app is trying
to kill us?
She's right, Dan.
We have to do something! I don't know about
you guys but I plan on living past this week.
What are we gonna do?
Do you still have those addresses you got off
Nikki's phone?
Are you sure this is the right place?
Nikki got the app invite from whoever lives
Wait. Maybe we should just come back at
another time.
We don't have time.
CODY: Look, I don't think this is a good
CODY: Hold on. Wait. What if he's home?
ALICE: Then he would've opened the door.
CODY: What if someone calls the cops?
ALICE: Getting arrested is the least of my
Cody: You really gonna make me do this?
Fucking Abe!
Jesus, Alice! You scared the shit out of me!
Did you find anything?
Take a look at the name.
Samuel Price.
He was a physics tutor, but more like some
pseudoscience nut.
I recognize his face. Her parents hired him
for sophomore year.
Have you looked in the garage?
You need a gas mask in this motherfucker!
Oh hell no!
-We need those.
Are you serious?
VOICE ON TAPE: August 23rd.
By the way I'll be using analog. This thing
seems to corrupt anything digital.
Now, this Mr Bedeviled is a paranormal
much like a ghost, a demon or a poltergeist.
You see, they and us are all made up of
which is why EMF recorders, EVP meters,
infrared cameras...
they can detect their presence.
Now, our technology is a two-way street.
We can discover them with it, but they can
also use it against us.
Now I have come to conclude that it is not
the app itself...
but uses it as a gateway into our dimension.
It's like inviting a spirit through a Ouija
Once you download the app, you are cursed and
it will not stop until its victim is dead.
Man, I can't take this Ghostbuster shit no
We still need his stuff.
Excuse me.
What can I help you with, young man?
-I'd like to report something. It's...
Murder. Two murders.
Come again?
-There's this app.
My friends and I we downloaded it and it
So, what are you kids on these days, huh?
Sniffin' each other's dirty underwears?
Is it how all you young idiots burn your
college funds?
Posting on Facebook your little bath salt
Do you know how many stupid degenerates I
caught using social media?
And your goddamn selfies!
I can't ever tell the difference between a
duck face and an asshole!
I'm gonna kill you all!
I'm gonna kill you all!
We have to go to the cops.
-I already did that. It's no use.
We have to tell someone. We can't just sit
around and wait.
Any one of us could be next.
Cody, have you looked through the stuff we
found at Samuel's?
I think he was onto something.
But one of his hard drives had a lot of
information so it's gonna take some time.
We don't have time! Gavin is dead.
If this Samuel dude found a way to stop this,
he'd be alive right now, but he's not.
There's no other choice, Dan. What else can
we possibly do?
Just give me some time to see if I can figure
something out.
What if we just pack up and go?
What do you mean, pack up and go?
-Leave, take what we need...
drive out somewhere far away. Maybe this
thing won't follow us.
There's nowhere to run! There's nowhere to
I'm Sorry, Haley.
-Hey, Haley. We're still here.
No one is abandoning anyone.
We're gonna try and fight this thing the
best that we can.
I know the last thing you want on you is your
but we need to keep the lines of
communication open.
If something happens to one of us, we're not
We just have to keep it together, guys, okay?
I'll let you all know as I know something
It's playtime!
Dan? He's here! He's coming for me!
DAN: Calm down. It's okay. Don't hang up. I'm
coming over right now.
Stay in your room. I'll be there in five
I can't wait five fucking minutes!
MR BEDEVIL: You can't wait five minutes, you
Broadway whore?
MR BEDEVIL: Alice? Sweet Alice?
Wakey, wakey.
What's wrong? You don't seem happy today.
Okay, you don't wanna talk. I get it.
It must be very hard. I didn't mean to take
away your friends so soon.
Sometimes I just get so carried away.
Fuck you.
That's not very nice.
Why won't you just do it?
Oh, Alice, I always save the best for last.
TV: Hallelujah! I'm gonna tell you what's
wrong with the world today.
It ain't the gay-loving liberals and it ain't
the tree-hugging hippies...
that tell me I can't drive my Chevy...
or eat my hot damn hamburger. No.
No. This world faces a much more sinister
force of denial.
You see, it is fear. It has always been...
at the root of man's survival.
He must be forever subjugated, forever ruled
by his dread of the unknown.
It was fear that put Adam and Eve in their
But here in the twenty-first century we no
longer have fear...
because we've become our own gods with our
our satellites, our supercomputers...
our superconductors, our smartphones, smart
bombs and social media.
Oh, how you've all strayed with your
addictions, with your illusions...
of greatness.
Well, my children, I will reinstill terror in
your hearts...
and remind you how to fear again.
CODY: Do you remember how the app encrypts
itself all the time?
Okay. I was able to find that Samuel had been
working on an algorithm...
that could detect this change.
So what does that mean?
That we can probably contain the app and
uninstall it.
Like a spyware removal software?
-Exactly, but at the firmware level.
If we erase the app from our phones, we take
away its ability to latch itself onto us.
Samuel's code was incomplete.
-Then how do we get it to work?
Not a problem. I was able to finish it up.
Unbedeviler 1.0.
So then why can't you just uninstall the app
from your phone using Unbedeviler?
I tried it, but it changes itself every time
I try to uninstall.
But when this thing comes into our world, it
has to connect to the phone's hardware.
I'm gonna use those connections to bring it
Are you sure this is gonna work?
You had to find a place like this?
-This is the creepiest place in town.
Remember, this thing feeds off of our fear.
Plus these long hallways will come in handy
if it decides to chase after you... or me.
This is the perfect setup for a bad horror
movie where no one survives.
Oh, it's not that bad. The black guy is still
Okay, we've got this place bugged up.
But there are blind spots everywhere.
Just remember to stay in the line of sight at
all times.
So, let's go over it one more time.
Okay. You've got two different stations, this
one and the one in the east wing.
And both have access to our phones, and
cameras, and all the EMT meters.
Right. Now remember, it can only be coming
after you, or me.
I think I'm gonna start writing.
Er, what?
Writing, like, seriously. Go to school for
Maybe get into one of those fancy
with an expensive creative writing program.
Borrow a shitload of money.
-And come out a penniless writer?
Or write a fantastic bestselling novel and
turn it into a screenplay.
You know, erotica's a good commercial genre:
Fifty Shades of Grey!
But wait, Alice. Are you sure about this
writing thing?
I've always wanted it.
I think I'm just done being afraid of myself.
And what if it doesn't work out?
Well then I can always work at Starbucks.
Man! A Frappuccino with extra whipped cream
and chocolate syrup...
with a double shot of espresso...
would be perfect right now!
One pump caramel, one pump white mokka...
two scoops of vanilla bean powder, extra ice
with two shots poured over the top
with caramel drizzle under and over the
whipped cream. Double cup.
Damn, girl! Shit, maybe you should work at
Oh my god!
It's here!
Alice, I think it's working, okay?
Just hold on, watch where you're going and
stick to the plan, okay?
Alice, straight ahead! Go straight!
Cody: Alice, take a right! Take a right!
No, Alice! Alice, you've just made the wrong
Come on! Come on!
# Hide and seek. Please don't peek.
# Find your spot. Don't get caught.
# Hold your breath until death.
# Ready or not, here I come.
Yes, it worked! Alice, I think it worked!
Alice? Alice?
Are you all right?
-Yeah, I'm fine.
Alice, it's saying that the app is no longer
on your phone...
but I need you to check.
It's gone!
# We did it! We did it!
# You thought you had me, but you didn't! You
thought you had me, but you didn't!
Cody, I can't hear you. What are you saying?
It's coming for me.
It's coming for me and I need you to get to
the second station. You're closer.
Okay. Come on, come on, come on!
Alice, what's the progress?
Cody, it's saying the program's been blocked.
Shit. It's my firmware.
Can I disable it?
There has to be another way.
It's okay, Alice.
How do you work this thing?
Can you hear me?
Ah, there you are!
Hi, mom.
Hey, how you doing?
-Lots of reading.
Have you made any friends?
I've got Milton and Chaucer to keep me
Guess what? I'm taking time off work to come
visit you next weekend.
I'm dying for a home-cooked meal!
Oh, yeah? Deal. You got it. You're missing
the home cooking. How about your mama?
Set to cold wash.
Isn't that great, hon?
-Mom, how did you do that?
I downloaded this new app. Check this out.
Lights off!