Bedspacer (2024) Movie Script

Your father took care of everything,
so dont waste it.
If you need someone
to go with you to the doctor,
just call your fathers secretary.
choose your friends carefully.
Hi, neighbor. I'm Andrea.
Are you free tonight?
Party next door. Wanna go?
Whats taking you so long?
Come here!
That girl went viral.
She stabbed her teacher.
Are you sure?
Sorry, lets just hang next time.
Bye! Sasha has a problem.
So, bye!
Hurry up!
- Are you sure? Someone might be here.
- Theres no one here!
Keep quiet.
Someone might hear us.
Its safe here, promise.
Theres someone here.
Theres no one.
Sure? Were safe here?
Youre so sexy.
Youre so good.
Wait. Youre so excited.
Slower, please.
Whos that?
Is someone there?
Theres someone here.
Didnt you hear it?
There's no one.
Shit, theres someone here.
I saw a foot.
Whos that?
Come out of there.
Who are you?
Sorry, I saw nothing.
Oh my god. Its the new girl.
My god.
So annoying.
I told you!
Miss, are you okay?
I was just looking for the library.
Youre too serious.
This school is just one big club.
With rich kids who only
keep on partying.
The library is already closed.
By the way, whats your name?
Are you lost?
Do you like stars?
Have you ever thought of how small
we are compared to the galaxy?
I always think of that.
Some look in every direction.
As for me,
I only look up.
What are you looking for up there?
I dont know.
Something thats not down here.
Me too.
But now, I just accept it.
Dont worry, well find it.
I believe that if you want something,
really want it, youll find it.
Are you sure
youre a security guard?
Ive never met a security guard
who talks like that.
How many security guards
have you talked to?
Are they just like you?
I dont know.
I just like to read.
Thats why even though
Im not allowed in the library,
I slip books out.
I dont want to be
a security guard forever.
What do you want to be?
Dont laugh, okay?
Ever since I was a kid,
Ive wanted to become a detective.
But maybe Im just fooling myself.
Its a good dream.
Tell that to my father.
But thats just it,
maybe Im just dreaming.
Ill take you to your dorm.
I thought no boys after 10 PM?
You know the rich.
A little bribe...
and it's done.
No questions asked.
But thats
Are you okay?
Sorry, I didnt mean to.
Can we try that again?
Maybe not now.
Are you feeling shy?
if youve found yourself
and still want to kiss me...
I'd think of myself
as a lucky guy.
Just get anything.
Ill treat you.
Theres a line.
- Oh, sorry, Ryan.
- Ill just get half.
- Okay.
- How much is it?
Sorry about that.
Money cannot buy good manners.
Are you talking to me?
Of course, who else?
You dont seem used
to meeting people.
They dont like getting to know me.
Maybe thats because
you dont give them your name.
Wait, let me guess.
How did you
You got me there.
Maybe you just stole that book.
And the real Janice
is now just a corpse.
Excuse me,
Im the real Janice.
Alive, okay?
Weve met.
Sorry about what happened last night.
Last night?
- Why?
- Shes talking about
What happened last night?
Shes talking about that...
I know what shes talking about.
Just shut up.
- So guys, have you seen this video?
- So you were just here!
- What does this mean, huh?
- This was a long time ago.
But the news is,
shes now enrolled in our school.
Im not talking to you!
Who are you?
What are you talking about, Sash?
Shes right in front of you.
I swear to God, Andi!
Sorry, you know Im dyslexic.
I thought we were eating lunch together?
Let me go! Let me go, I said!
- I trusted you. But you betrayed me.
- Is this you, Janice?
Of course, its her, Ryan.
Isnt it obvious?
Watch the video carefully
and look at her closely.
What do you see?
The psycho-freak
you invited to our table.
Hey, Sash! Stop it!
Not cool.
You think stabbing a teacher is cool?
Come on, Ryan!
She stays at our dorm.
Arent you worried shed suddenly
stab your friends in their sleep?
Is this really you, Janice?
Look at those crazy eyes.
Wheres the guard?
Mr. Guard, theres a crazy person here.
Thats enough!
Dont you see shes scared?
Youre like mad dogs.
You should be ashamed of yourselves.
Is there a lost Barbie here?
Who even are you?
Im just her fairy godmother.
And Im going to stick this phone
so far up your ass
youd need to fart just to text.
Hey, are you okay?
Luncheon meat.
I like that too.
Dont you know how to knock?
Why do I need to knock
to enter my own room?
This is my room.
Well, its our room now.
You ran away before
I got to introduce myself.
Im Lexi.
Lexi Mentirosa.
Its okay.
I also like luncheon meat.
Go change.
Does it look bad?
It looks good.
For a prayer meeting.
Theres an event
at a club Im going to.
Sorry, I dont drink.
just come.
Its useless to argue with me.
But this looks nice.
Do you think Ryan will be there?
Forget about Ryan.
And those low lives.
As Gabriella Silang said,
Fuck them!
Not true.
She did not say it,
but she felt it.
Youre funny.
You look beautiful and sexy.
Stop that.
Hey, what is that?
Its Icarus. For those
that want to fly.
Wont we get caught, Lexi?
We wont.
Dont worry. I know these guys.
The line is long.
We cant just skip ahead.
No pushing!
Hey, maam Lexi!
Good evening!
Please come in.
Hold on. Wheres your invite?
Lets dance!
I look bad, Lexi.
Youre beautiful.
Just think youre the most
beautiful person at this club.
- The usual.
- Yes, maam.
- Hi, girls.
- Hi!
Wait here.
- Hi!
- Hi! How are you?
- I'm good.
- You look so gorgeous!
- Thank you!
- Are you with someone?
Shes beautiful
but she looks like a prude.
Can I borrow him?
Sure, hes yours!
Thank you!
Just drink this.
Is this Icarus?
No. Im good here
on the ground.
The view is better from up high.
Kiss! Kiss!
Janice, lets go!
But we just got here.
Wooh! Party!
Lets go! Lets go!
Lexi, why are we running?
Ill explain it to you later.
I still want to dance, Lexi.
Just tell me why.
Were not safe here.
Why arent we safe here?
Were just dancing.
Damn it.
Whos that?
And why is his jacket so yellow?
- Looks like a banana.
- Hes my ex.
So, stay focused,
because we need to get out of here.
Lets go!
- Who do you like among those girls, dude?
- Samantha!
Why are we running?
Youre crazy too, huh?
Thats right.
Im crazy.
Dependent personality disorder
plus obsessive love disorder.
So, youre taking meds?
You want that?
[laughing, chattering]
Hey. Where is it?
Our dorm is gone. Where is it?
are you okay?
Were okay,
nothing going on here.
Nothing going on here.
What are you saying?
Oh, its Miss Janice.
I know him, Lexi.
Its Mr. Guard.
The one who likes stars.
- Ma'am, let me help you.
- No need. Were good.
- Were good.
- Weve got it.
I told you Ill help.
Easy now.
Youre planning something
once we get to the room.
Maam Lexi, I could never
do that to maam Janice.
Mr. Guard wont do that, Lexi.
He wants to become a detective one day.
Youre serious?
I think anyone can do it
as long as they work hard.
Hard worker?
Ill go ahead.
Make her drink lots of water, okay?
Good night then.
And where are you going?
What are you doing?
I want to do it
and youre the only one up.
That will cost you.
Do you want cash?
Or will a blow job do?
That works.
Are you okay?
Is there a problem?
Dont mind me.
Want to join in?
No, thanks. Im saving my virginity.
My thanks for last night.
Ive never felt
like that in my life. Really!
It just feels right!
Youve got a lot more to learn.
Just stick with me.
Tell me about Ryan.
Its nothing.
He was just being friendly.
But you know,
I like his smile.
Oh my god!
You do like him.
Admit it.
Admit it!
You want to kiss him, huh?
Is he the one
youll give your virginity to?
Okay, fine. I like him.
I cant do anything
because hes so famous.
While Im me.
And whats wrong with that?
What you need is
more confidence in yourself.
Ill take care of you.
The secret to get their attention
is through what I call the A I M.
A is to Assault with quantity.
Wherever they are,
wherever they are looking,
whatever they are doing,
get their attention.
I is to Impress with quality.
Show them your value.
Once they see your worth,
theyll be dying to get you.
And M is for
Maintaining your flexibility.
Become a snake.
Be ready to adapt
to any situation and then strike.
I want to save my virginity.
Then do this.
What does your tattoo mean?
It just means I was
once young and stupid.
Does this have something to do with Gio?
Theres nothing to talk about.
I dont want to look back.
I want to focus on the present.
With you.
Why? Is Gio hurting you Lexi?
My god, Janice!
Why dont you just drop it?
Because if someone important
to you gets hurt,
you shouldnt let it go.
He beats me, okay?
He hurts me,
then beats me again.
He slams my head to the wall
to force his dick in my ass,
while my nose is still bleeding.
Is that it?
Is that what you wanted to hear?
Of course, Im not happy.
I didnt want to stress you.
But if thats happening to you,
we need to report him to the police.
The problem with you is,
youre so far from reality.
Thats unfair.
What's unfair?
Is it fair that I met Gio that one time
I was washing up at a gasoline station?
Bad boy.
My type.
Until I got tired of him.
I thought he was
my ticket out of here.
Im here to protect you.
So, if I see Gio
Youll wave scissors at him,
break down, and cry?
Come here.
I'm sorry.
I didnt mean it.
You wanted to know
what my tattoo meant, right?
I have a brother,
his name is James.
We got separated
when we were children.
I dont know where he is,
or if hes still alive.
I was going to look for him,
but then Gio happened
Ill help you.
Lets talk about this later, okay?
Weve still got plans for tonight.
Someones waiting for you.
Knock knock.
Whos there?
Lexi Mentirosa.
Too bad.
I thought it was Janice.
Its Janice, then.
It's so good.
Shit, it's cold!
Are you okay?
Mimicry in the animal kingdom
is an evolved resemblance
between an organism and...
Are you okay? Lexi!
Excuse me.
She seems familiar.
Who is she?
Hi Janice!
- Hi!
- Have you seen this girl?
Whos that?
I told you, man. Thats Lexi!
Right, bro!
Thats not Lexi!
Thats Jenny!
Im sure Im not wrong.
- You?
- I'm getting goosebumps, bro.
Do you know this girl?
Sorry, Im going to be late for class.
Im talking to you.
Dont try to avoid me!
Ill say it again for you.
Do you know this girl?
Shes not familiar.
Hey, youre hurting me.
And I could do even worse
if you dont answer me.
Shes my girlfriend.
Shes missing.
Have you seen her?
Ive never seen her in my life.
Call me if you see that girl.
Hello? Lexi?
Are you in there?
Lets go drinking in Sashas room.
Bring some Icarus.
You found me.
I didnt know you were hiding.
Thank you for last night.
These past few days have been confusing.
I dont know if its because of the drugs.
But youre right,
Im not myself.
I saw Gio.
You talked?
Yes... Jenny.
Now you know.
I dont.
All I know is...
it doesnt matter to me.
We need to talk.
Now that you know Im not Lexi,
will you think differently of me?
If youre not ready to tell me
everything thats happening,
Ill wait.
Ill wait until you can trust me.
From now on, you are my life.
Ill give everything for you, Lexi.
Thank you for the dress.
I want to celebrate
with my girlfriend.
Get used to being my girlfriend.
This tattoo is so beautiful.
Its meaning too.
But its fading.
Then lets get it retouched.
- Now?
- Yeah.
How about you?
Maybe you want a tattoo.
Since youre already here.
Why not?
Can I get the same one
as my girlfriend's?
Sure! Lets get started.
Does it hurt?
A bit.
But it hurts in a good way.
The kind of hurt
that reminds you youre still alive.
Good kind or bad kind,
all you need is one round.
Are we selling tonight?
No, not today.
Tonight is for us.
Hold on.
Hey, George! Youre here! Hello.
Wanna go?
Okay. Lets go to another bar.
Its boring here.
- Were going to another bar! Bye!
- Hey!
You again?
You know what?
Its hot in here.
Why dont we go out?
Its cold outside.
Come here.
Lets go out.
Lets go out.
I can be whoever you want me to be.
Lets go?
Youre hurting me! Hey!
What the?
Good morning!
Lex! Lex, wake up!
Oh my god.
Yeah, I know,
same reaction.
Hey girl!
I like your new look!
So on point.
- But she looks like
- I know!
Look, J,
about last night.
Nothing happened between me and Ryan.
We were waiting for you.
I wanted to surprise you.
Look, Lexi.
Ryan isnt my boyfriend.
And you dont need to explain yourself.
Janice The Menace here.
And this is a hostile takeover.
I hereby decree that
Get Fucked to Get Fucked is dead.
Get ready for
Icarus Falls, Phoenix Rises.
Whos going to win
and what would you be left with?
The old queen is dead.
Long live the new queen.
Janice Hueco,
be my date tonight.
Lets morning the night.
Just the two of us.
Why do we need to find
a new place to have sex in?
The rooftop isnt safe anymore, duh.
Cant we just do it in our room?
Thats too boring.
Fine! Whatever!
Are we going to Janices party tonight?
Screw that crazy bitch!
I PM-ed my followers not to go.
Okay, fine.
Let me borrow
your outfit tonight okay?
We share everything, dont we?
sorry about Ryan.
Do you think this is about Ryan?
Dont call me "J".
Not after what you did to me.
So, what do you want me to call you?
Come to the party tonight.
I have a surprise for you.
Dont go through with the party.
Are you scared
that Ill replace you?
I've never been caught
but I always get a 0.
Where are they?
Its still early.
Hey guys!
Are you enjoying yourselves?
No "wings"?
Wheres Lexi?
This party sucks!
Lets go.
Miss Janice?
Is that you?
You look different.
Different but familiar.
Im Lexi.
Isnt that your plan?
Just give me a cigarette.
I need it.
Whats the problem?
I thought you had a grand party?
but I feel like Im still faking it.
No matter what I do.
Even when I give it all.
Im still not that bitch Lexi Mentirosa.
Im never going to be her.
You dont need to be anyone else.
But yourself.
Janice Hueco.
Whats the problem?
Am I still ugly, or is it
because Im not Lexi?
Its just that you havent found
what youre looking for.
You are still that lost girl
I walked back to the dorm.
Looking for answers in the stars.
Then, I shouldve just gone home.
your room seems pretty full.
I saw Lexi and was it Ryan?
They were walking together earlier.
So, why did you make me record
that video inviting Janice?
I thought you were my girlfriend.
Boys fight wars
with sticks and stones.
We girls are different.
Were sly.
Are you calling me basic?
You left Janice and flirted with me
just for a pair of shoes.
These are limited Air Jordans,
so theyre worth it.
My shoes.
Why does Janice like this?
Its cheap shit.
I thought she was rich.
You know what the difference is between
a good luncheon meat and brand x.
Of course.
The expensive one tastes better.
Only the packaging is different.
If you dont know
which one is brand x,
youll just keep eating whichever.
I dont know what you mean.
Im just saying,
calling something one thing
doesnt make it true if its not.
But you can trick people
into swallowing just anything.
But, Janice, no matter how much
she dresses up, shes damaged goods.
Shes cheap.
I know youre here!
I can still smell your wet pussy.
Janice, drop that.
You cant hurt me.
Why not?
We share everything dont we?
Hair, tattoo, boys, bed.
I also just want to share
these scissors with you.
Youre not yourself.
Have you forgotten, Jenny?
Im that girl from the video, remember?
My whole life Ive been on my knees
in this unforgiving world.
Do it.
Kill me.
I love you, J.
I hope you know that.
Wait for me at the gym.
At the forest area.
Everything important to me is here.
Ill just clean up this mess.
Ill be waiting.
Promise, after this mess,
we can escape to paradise.
Ryan is dead.
Janice is dead.
And Gio is in prison.
Guess whos the hero.
Freedom is fought for.
But now, we are free.
So where do you
plan to go to now?
Can you help me look for my brother?
Of course.
Thats my promise to you.
But we need to move.
The police are looking for you.
Dont worry.
Just trust me.
Yes, Miss Lexi.
Call me Janice.