Bedtime Story (1964) Movie Script

Stories for Good night
Neko long ago in a castle near
mora zivio je naoit princ.
Well is not this just a castle,
bio je to chateau na Francuskoj rivijeri.
And he's not really a prince,
makar su Ijudi to mislili,
pogotovo njegove zrtve.
Please, Your Excellency, please accept this small contribution
your large order.
At least make these emeralds
brought freedom many of my people,
can not accept them.
But I beg you!
Imagine what you can buy them!
No ma'am!
The lives of men and women and small children.
Men and women of my country would die to know that their
Prince accepts alms.
But for small children...
You have forever bound.
Oh no, Your Grace,
do not know what a pleasure for me, usually puanku
be this close to a prince.
Stand up lady, you're not puanka.
This humane act you become a noblewoman.
What a miracle!
Jewelry is usually reinforce the beauty of women,
but in your case is vice versa.
You're actually better without your necklaces.
Yes. Artificial beauty necklaces
reduce your natural beauty.
Simply the fantastic!
lady, I beg you, stop.
For your own safety.
Although the his victims
odricale neprocjenjivih blaga
they were all sure that this is a small
cijena za tako veliku pustolovinu.
Meanwhile, in the woods around a small tag
njemakog sela nalazio se jedan vuk.
Obilazio je sela u potrazi za zrtvama.
Kao i princ, i on je vrebao samo zene.
Guden. Bitte, help me die?
I speak English, vodnie.
Excellent! Germany's slowly coming back to me.
For a long time I did with my grandmother priao.
Your grandmother is German?
Of course,was born just in this country.
Actually, that's why I am here.
I promised her that I will
find her birth house.
It gave me this old photo.
This is the house!
Oh no!
Come! Look!
Come! I'll show you inside.
Do not! You do not want to annoy their parents.
And no, I live here alone.
As I was already there.
It is the same as my grandmother described.
There is a fireplace and wooden beams grandparents...
and painted windows and a gold medallion that you wear.
My grandmother had the same kind.
She lost her.
But I told her that she'll try to find the same
Ah, those stairs!
How many times I priala on those stairs...
take you straight to the bedroom, right?
- That's right!
Priala me on his bed and mattress stuffed with feathers
was so soft that just drifted into it.
How it was that called?
Ein feder bet!
- That's right! Ein Bet spring.
One is now up.
- And no, nothing can be so soft.
Come up and see.
- really you are sitting there with him as she said?
Can I be convinced.
Oh, what stories do I have to grandma
when I get back home.
Monsier Jameson! Redhead in gold dress, Fanny
Eubank, widow, Omaha,
$ 24 million, 35 carat necklace.
36/24/35. Perfect measure.
Grosse Mutter, if my luck you'll
monitor its operation.
This is your biggame? - It is the king.
Dude, we have officers who
better looking than him.
All I know is that it always succeeds.
If she was blonde girl goal, will not make it tonight
because she and the mayor's daughter
inaccessible to all soldiers.
Can Bet? Wages for a month?
Sorry, you can ask him to lend me a couple
marks on my badges.
Excuse me, can not say that.
Oh, that beautiful medallion!
It was from my grandmother.
She wanted to give him buduoj woman.
But, if you ask...
Oh no, I can not allow
to sell. Here, let me.
Ah, I can not accept money from women.
But it is for the operation of your grandmother!
Thanks anyway, but I really can not.
It was old and had a good life.
The only regret that it is not the last days
lived here in his native country.
Your grandmother is German?
- She was born just in this city.
I try to find this house.
Here's an old photo.
This is the house where I live! - No!
Can you see what I get for this?
- No royal ring, Your Highness!
You fool! I told you not call me that!
Are you my life means nothing?
Excuse me, is this really the man
royal family?
No ma'am!
- But I heard him calling Grace.
Please remember this.
- Believe me, I will not tell anyone.
lady, I have already causedPrince...
- It is the royal family. And this prince!
Zvuao as it is in trouble.
Maybe I can help if you know me.
If you really want to help,
Remember all that heard and saw.
Forget that there was this prince,
the outstanding man of the terrible fate.
Your Highness!
Do not be nervous, you can trust me.
You are my minions?
No, I'm American.
Patty Eubank from Omaha.
I Naula.
If you have problems and if you can help at all.
Thank you, dear lady. I rarely saw suosjeanje
Beauty and the same woman,
but I can not accept.
you have already risked much just priajui with me.
I have mighty enemies.
- I still want to help.
Truly you are an exceptional woman!
Beauty, suosjeanje and now - courage!
Can not think of three women in history
with these qualities:
Helen of Troy,
Joan of Arc and Elizabeth of England.
But now there is the fourth...
Fanny of Omaha.
Fanny of Omaha!
Please tell me where you live!
lady, already know too much
thanks to my stupidity.
Do not blame yourself.
It is written in the stars.
In my horoscope said that I will meet today
very special person.
Still I feel guilty.
- Do not, everything is written in the stars.
Who am I to fight
with such mighty forces?
I must warn you that
there is a certain danger.
Is said to have mighty enemies.
I thought the emotional risk.
lonely prince and a beautiful woman
are a dangerous combination.
Prince is alone?
- Yes, the widower is already five years
and so devoted to
to raise money to free his country
you are denied even the emotional comfort
Women's Society.
Five years?
Come in.!
Come in.! Surely you want to tell his grandmother
that you saw inside the house.
I would like, but since you no
parent, I think I should not.
You uope like other U.S. soldiers.
Yes, everyone made fun of me because of it.
UDI, just for a minute.
I should not. Not until you no father.
Maybe you're right.
Come tomorrow, Dad will be home.
Right. Thank you. Good night.
What is it?
Nothing, I just did not eaten all day.
I am saving money to be able to gamble
Grandma's operation.
Not leaving out of this house until you get the right domau
dinner and all that goes with it.
And your dad?
If there is a dad, he would have done the same thing I
and I do.
Well I doubt it really.
Give pay. Inside were already two hours.
Tonight will not overflow.
it will overflow. No one in uniform may not end up with
gradonaelnikovom daughters.
If a uniform matter
Freddy will overflow out of it.
How? I do not know, but it will do.
Grandma was right about
German girls.
What did she say?
Often used to say, although I never exactly knew
What it means:
Can wetranslate?
Well, I can convey the basic idea.
No, I would like to know the words to words.
Well, it means that Germany
knows the girl met a man in every way.
In every way?
A man would probably need to know
marry if it was true.
This is something I can do.
Already you're married?
No, I am a U.S. soldier, and you
Mayor's daughter and inaccessible to me.
Why? Because I wear this uniform.
Has it makes it fair?
- I. - No, no.
Why would a piece of cloth man emotions dictate
? It is inhuman.
This is a uniform wall among us.
Suddenly I hate her.
Not allowed to say it.
- It is true. I hate it.
It is the hard wall that separates us.
Trapped alone in this shirt.
It is a symbol of tyranny.
I reject it.
Nek'mi judge, let me shoot.
I do not care for the army. For the Pentagon.
To Congress. For the president.
I will not allow them to me as a man
restrict rights.
Finally I'm free, free
to be his.
No U.S. soldier, but German
German boy in love with a girl.
Dad! - Anna!
Good evening, sir.
You must be wondering what I'm doing here.
Tonight starts a new NATO exercise program, and
I was assigned to this block.
All together now!
One, two, three, four...
I'm so relaxed, so happy.
you will remember his vow of silence?
Oh yeah,Your Highness, I will be blind
Keep your instructions.
Right. - Your Highness?
- Yes? - Say one more time.
Fanny of Omaha!
absent without permission, in a raid
gradonaelnikov home under false pretenses.
caught without uniforms, half naked,
attempted seduction the mayor's daughter.
Private, these charges are outrageous!
Yes, colonel, you are in big trouble.
- I in trouble?
I want to become general, and
would not look good in your record
you can not control their troops.
Who says you can not
to control your troops?
Just look at that infractions
the event, on this basis, under your nose.
Which offenses?
Gambling, introducing girls
Sneaking cigarettes, there is still room for and even whiskey.
Do not mention the porn movies
displayed in the toilet every evening.
Sir, your base is a hotbed of corruption.
I want to see those responsible for these offenses
Here Now!
Here I am, sir.
- Only you?
A sergeant usually so
a real fool of her colonel...
I doubt that you will become a general.
Is it me you're trying to blackmail
their own dossier?
Blackmailing is such an ugly word.
Do not say we could convince?
What a man can take so
shabby trick to get the girl...
The house where your grandmother ro?ena!
Vodnie. you...
Yes! - Dad, I just wanted to know
When you gonna comehome.
I do not know dear, it all depends on what we decide to do with
sergeant Benson!
Freddie Benson? You know that the house which is rented
ro?ena his grandmother?
You and my daughter? - Yes, Sir,
I have to testify about it.
It would not guess? - Is it you, sir,
propose to lie under oath?
I will laugh the whole European Command!
I will never become a general!
28 years working on it!
General, do not panic.
Yes, you are in big problems,
but maybe I can help.
- How? What can you do?
For example, if I were a civilian
I could not testify. - It's true.
For a few months of my release from the army.
If it is, for example, happened today
I could go with the base,
Germany, before anyone finds out anything.
Yes, that's it!
I initiated the process of releasing immediately!
A wise decision. A man I love money
who support their decisions.
What money?
So we will need travel expenses,
and leaving lucrative jobs for themselves.
Vodnie, it seems to me
hold in hand. - You will not regret it.
You must admit, I'm fairly
well-made drink.
Sorry, mate, what do you like this intrusion,
ali moram pobjei od ovih fraulien.
It seems that not one escaped.
Freddy, meine liebe,
You have told me to go.
Sudden command, sugar.
- Ozenit e me kao to si obeao, nein?
Of course, as soon as I get permission
my commanders in Washington.
I will write to him. What is the name?
Lee! General Robert E. Lee!
GeneralRobert E. Lee! -
To see to it that will get in touch.
It is a bit shabby trick, is not it?
I see that you have a lot to learn about women
I'll tell you, the more they lie, as above
deal with them, the more you love.
Really? - I could talk these things
about women who make these knock.
I am, unfortunately,
naive in terms of the weaker sex.
The weaker sex? Let me clarify some things:
They are weak and many of these locomotives.
Remember this:
It takes six men to carry to the grave man,
and only one woman that put him there.
I never looked at it so.
I see that you are the man that women
Door opens, keeps them a chair, all of that, right?
I knew to do.
- You know that he started with these antics?
An Englishman, named the... Raleigh.
- Sir Walter Raleigh?
Yes, this is the blesavac.
The female wants prei road,
and he put his coat on the pool
that it crossed over it.
And what happens? It has dry feet,
and he gets sore plua.
I really did some things clarified.
- I have not even began.
We are the weaker sex, not women.
We are vulnerable as a ripe peach on a branch.
You're married, right? - Yes.
I see. Got a view uberenog.
Both women and held in hand
and squeezes the juice out of you.
almost hurts.
When you completely drained, throw, and the
country and go look for a new peach.
It is disgusting.
I just say:
Peach world, unite!
Let 'hang on a tree
how much you want.
I'll tell you something you never thought of:
The world is full of rich widows.
Do not? - Yes. And where did they hunt?
- oozing peach? - That is correct.
I say it's time for a change.
Let me live a little of them.
Have they give us money.
This is likely to shock a man like you, does not it?
's pretty revolutionary thought.
But how to implement these changes?
This is your brain washed it's pathetic.
Well, it's time to eat.
You probably think I paid a meal?
- of course.
Come with me.
And what do you see? - People eat.
You know what I see? - What?
Three free meals. I just have to choose.
Sit there and look at me.
Ooops ma'am, can I sit here?
If you want to. - Thank you.
Guten tag, izvolite.
- What is the cheapest you eat?
sandwich with liver, the two brands.
It is too much.
I can get just a piece of bread and water?
You are a Frenchman?
No, ma'am, it is only by prayer
I learned my grandmother France.
Something is wrong?
Unfortunately, lying sick in hospital
New Orleans
I try to save money for the surgery.
Because you eat only bread and water?
- only last six days.
Poor you!
Today you gonna eat more than bread and water.
No, ma'am, I can not
let me pay for a meal.
Bring the best soldier food
what you have, how much you can eat the finest and
Have I learned anything?
You could save half past two dollars and eat whatever you want.
You were magnificent.
You are not allowed to go.
You missed the best part.
You still brought something?
It gave me 100 francs to send to his ailing grandmother
New Orleans.
Is your sick grandmother?
No, it's part of story.
What francs twenty dollars.
Have you taken a woman twenty U.S. dollars?
No, it's not on my level.
Do not be modest.
Do opportunities. You do not look bad.
Thank you. But I'm old fashioned.
One of those recently harvested peaches.
You could be an excellent team.
I will take the young, you get old.
The elderly can take a real hunt.
More than twenty dollars?
A man like you could earn
fifty, one hundred U.S. dollars for dinner.
Is there a name for men
who receive money from a woman?
Yes, smart.
I know you do not need money,
but lives a little, have fun.
No, I do not.
Do: women, family responsibilities.
And we could spend on the Riviera.
Are you going to the Riviera?
Yes, I heard that there is a city full of rich
Women who are called Bonmarte sur Mer.
Have you been to Bonmarte sur Mer? - No.
you are uninformed, unfortunately.
All of the social life of peselio
Italian Riviera, Port de fine.
Bonmarte sur Mer was alive, but now prevail
couples in retirement. Is dead.
You know that place?
I live there.
Iconsidered urban playboy.
But you know what? Some of the biggest of its success
I realize the peaceful gradiima.
I could throw around.
Sorry, I sent a telegram
women and children.
Always have to tell them exactly
time coming.
Really you have to lead, right?
Yes, I am unfortunately Peach
which it was harvested and stored.
Damage. What I could learn
all about women.
Here we are in boredom.
Those you call this town boredom?
Sorry, I thought this was my compartment.
- It is. We just go down.
This is the Port de fine, right?
- No, we're still in France.
Port de fine only for some 200 miles.
Ouch, my Italian grandmother me sick
waiting there, and I bought the wrong ticket.
Please remain in this compartment,
You are with me to drive to Port de fine.
Grazie, signorina. Da bar stignem tamo
With enough money for her surgery.
All I did that I come to this money.
- To secure.
Good luck soldier! All the best to your grandmother
Talijanki. - Grazie, signore.
Welcome back, sir.
Your telegram arrived late.
Has a corresponding Italian?
It was the perfect bait.
May I ask why
it was necessary?
Andre, I think Bonmarte sur mer
the hunting reserve of its own.
The soldier was the poachers.
But such a man you would not be
no competition.
It is true, but the man who hunted hare
can drive a real beast.
I think it would be this Italian
your rabbit could long occupy.
widow of Swedish match king.
Not if he died two years ago?
- At the age of 91 years.
Here's a picture of his widow.
If I live through 91, so I want to go.
When you arrive?
She left the hotel in Genoa this morning at 7:40 vozei
Mercedes Swedish table XX274.
This is certainly better than walking.
You are very loyal, but senseless young man
when you thought you could walk up to Stockholm.
I walked to the end of the world to see my grandmother
As soon as we get to Bonmarte sur mer
gotta send her money for her surgery.
That her car! How odd!
- What?
It is not alone. With her was a soldier.
Returned to poachers? -
It seems that more is not satisfied with the hare.
Have you seen enough?
Indeed I am. Wasting my money I
his grandmother made for the operation of such a girl!
lady, will you sign the complaint?
- be happy.
Congratulations to you
Excellent police work done.
Identify lure so fast!
It is my job, ma'am.
safekeeping our small community of men like him...
and safe for women like you.
I tell you, I stole her money.
She gave it to me.
Potpisala je ovu prituzbu, monsieur.
Has caught me with another woman.
You're French, you understand.
Being a woman with long, it's French.
Being caught, it is U.S..
What should I do? How do I overflow from here?
It will be difficult. The accusation is serious, and
you are a rogue. I know!
Do notI did not. I have this friend.
His name is Lawrence Jameson.
Give please! Our respected A citizen!
How would he know ministers like you?
We're friends.
Sjeat will be on me.
Just tell him that I
Freddy, rotter from the train.
This is a very serious accusation.
Who will judge this case?
Judge Reno. - Judge Hangman.
What kind referee Hangman?
Since it is a U.S. soldier seduced daughter,
man became obsessed.
There must be some alternative.
Suppose obea return to U.S.
and never returned.
- It. - Would you give your word?
- I give my word.
The word this man does not mean anything.
I can not let this mad dog
Free at Riviera.
What if I personally escort him to the airport
and board the plane to the U.S.?
Yes, he will get on my plane.
You know you can trust him.
Mr. Jameson, uope
why mess with such a pervert?
Do not believe it is broken.
I think it's just emotionally poremeen.
Right. - His wry attitude toward women
probably cause some childhood trauma.
For example? - Who knows, maybe the poor wretches
uili where the toilet.
Yes, it is safe.
Dobro, monsieur, ako dajete rije
that you will accompany him on a plane,
I'll let him under your supervision.
I will not forget you this.
If you ever arrive at the U.S., look for me in Detroit.
I want to introduce you to my grandmother.
You really have a grandmother?
Favourite woman in the world.
I give the best odds in the entire city.
You are on a special mission for His Highness
, is not it?
I saw the prince as you
give hand and pat him on the shoulder.
Do I have to hide.
I am not a security threat.
I have served His Highness.
In fact, probably my money
finance your mission.
Are you?
Fanny Eubank. Or, as Prince called me,
Fanny of Omaha.
Yes, the story about you with much respect.
For His Highness!
For the people of his country enslaved!
For your mission!
Do you think it will be successful?
The odds are getting better.
Tell me how much money
Prince managed to get my jewels?
Unfortunately, not enough.
Here, you can safely
believe that thou shalt give him this.
I will give him.
Excuse me, sir.
Did I rang, Arthur?
Nothing but the man said,
that is very urgent.
What man?
delivered, sir.
He said that you will know the secret password.
What's the secret password?
Fanny of Omaha.
It would be everything, Arthur.
Arthur, can you take this in a guest room
, and unpack all poglaati.
delivered did as told.
- Yes, sir.
Your Highness, I bring you bad news:
Your secret is discovered an evil person.
maladjusted grandson detriotske kladioniarke.
What a fool I was.
tell you how to cheat a woman.
And you big daddy of us all.
How much do you want?
Your Highness, I can not accept money from a man
to which each novi
to liberate their enslaved people.
Let there be slaves a little bit.
How about $ 5000?
Lord! Teacher!
I came to teach there.
Naui me, shape me, dotjeraj me!
I'm in your hands.
I would not even touched them.
Is the story so with your partner?
partner! Do not hit me
to cooperate with someone like you. 're Rude!
As long as oil is not refined in
quality gasoline.
Rafiniraj me, a great dad!
And if you say no?
So you have a rough allurement of women.
Make sure you are unprincipled.
The nature of the lie and cheat.
You have no moral values.
You see, everyone has a good side
If you look for them.
Right. I give you 20% under these conditions:
all odluujem and I am leading the operation.
You are my leader. Whatever you say.
You cut school, I just ask a few crumbs
I tell you, it will not satisfy even a slice of bread crumbs
even cakes.
At the end will want the whole bakery.
Andre, our bakery.
He has not able to take away.
He is maladjusted, needuciran soldier.
Like Hitler when he started.
I tell you, he will destroy everything.
Is this the face of a man
who you can trust?
Do not. This is the face
predatory animals, monkeys.
Yes, there are similarities.
It is activated by mistake.
I had no choice.
Now you need to turn
the safe, fun monkeys.
Auto you will not last much
If it goes ape.
Sad razumijem. Monsieur ima plan.
car in a curve, we loosen the boiler...
It is not an option.
Of course, care of your car.
But I have a better plan.
There is one man who owes me his parole.
Rene called a knife, dagger master and absolute
ma?ioniar in hiding the body.
Andre, murder?
The Inspector
I give you word that the case will be studied very carelessly.
I have another plan! Brilliant plan!
Listen to me!
Hey partners! When shall we begin?
I am ready.
Your tailor sews terrible suits.
Royal uniforms?
So play the prince. What should I wear? Corner?
But you can emulate that lana
royal family! It is...
No, no, Andre... He wants to be kraljevi,
kraljevi and will be!
You should ask the father to you
send all this money.
But you said that you can not go until you
making sure of their poor countrymen.
I feel like a dependent man.
Please do not be mad at me.
It was the only way that you go back
build a new church for our wedding.
What do you think you should take a plane?
I think we should go by boat.
Ruprecht loves the sea.
Who Ruprecht? - My brother, the young prince.
Thesehave a brother? And go with us?
Yes, where I'm going, going and Ruprecht.
Well that's great!
Coming home with the two princes!
Let's say Ruprecht good news?
Yes, can not wait to meet him!
Do not you tell me that you have a brother!
It is very withdrawn. Do not zarueni,
I would not even met with him now.
What is there in the basement?
His chambers are there. These massive stone walls
provide maximum security.
Ruprecht! I am your brother!
There is someone who wants to know.
Do not be afraid, it is completely harmless. Ruprecht!
Go down Ruprecht! Meet this fine lady.
No mother! It was my wife's future,
Your Future sister in law.
Come on, come down!
You do not have to fear ega.
Just do not stop laughing.
Healthy Ruprecht!
- Mother!
No, Ruprecht, but we shall live with this fine lady in
Tulsa, Oklahoma.
have stopped laughing!
My earrings!
- Continue to laugh!
Do not eat them, Ruprecht!
Tulsa to be bona fide for him.
Level. Can trkarati around.
We tried to play it here, but it
is constantly falling from the mountain.
Yes, it hurts. But you will not fall over
they will, and this fine lady to lead the
hands all over Tulsa.
Well, Ruprecht, and if it usreuje,
You can call the mother.
Once it naui feed,
uope not a problem.
And remember to always have to laugh.
Try these.
Ruprecht,there is no cutting at the table!
When we go live with Miss Harrigton
West Palm Beach
and it is a venue for evening
it must allow the food.
Try again.
Enough is enough! Cut one,
but the second bite.
It might be contagious.
Because this is vraa down to his room.
Even the okree against me.
Continue to smile!
Thank God, this will happen only
one of our three children.
Travel by car relaxes Ruprecht.
Only the smiles!
Very good, Ruprecht!
And when the father of Miss Weddell
is again running for Senate
it can during the campaign
ride across Iowa.
Freddy, we had a very good month.
need to share a car.
Start, share it.
Andre gets 5%...
That's good, my grandmother paid 10th
5% for operational costs,
chateau i ostalo.
I accept that, you have an excellent crate.
Since we had such a good month,
It puts us in a high tax class.
Just a little! Slowly.
Taxes? Which taxes?
You may be asking what I do
with their money.
Your money does not interest me.
What are you doing with my money?
Deduct tax.
Which brings us to my initial questions:
What taxes?
Freddy, you have a goal in life.
To be the tallest tree in the Peach
no one can pick and squeeze.
I have a feeling that some fingers
provide for me right now.
And if anyone squeezed me, it
will not be a man.
Listen to me.
Governments use taxes to's general welfare,
I use them for the benefit of the individual.
Who are you in this case.
Do not. Come with me.
Where are we going?
The head of every man
There unopened door.
I just want you
to open new ones.
The family of a man engaged in srebrnarstvom
over 400 years old.
You said to him three months
to finish the bowl.
Plants produce hundreds of them.
artistic works are his superior,
but economically it can not compete.
So let it perish.
Freddy, if this man fails,
his craft will die out.
Moreover, the vanishing way of life
achievements do not measure profits.
And you financira it?
And there by my tax money goes?
And the rest?
Come with me.
This man has devoted his life to discovering the secrets of old masters
So what if it works better violin?
World music is always spacey.
You give him money from my taxes?
Yes, enough for life.
Freddy, for many centuries when archaeologists excavated the remains are
our civilization,
want to find the only juke-boxes?
Of course it is a risk. But if you settle
a top ballerina, it's worth.
To the man who created this beautiful tapestry
was not under the auspices of a rich plemia
the work of art would not exist today.
Do you see what I mean, Freddy,
Money itself is worthless.
It should be used in a proper purpose.
Look, Daddy. Want to play Robin Hood?
OK. But not on my account.
For some archaeologists would not dig, and it
is Freddijev money.
I will because I now spend it.
And because we have delivered it, liberated taxes.
My grandmother always said:
Do not bet on surprises
If you do not want to be a loser.
Something you forget: I have now
I am leading the operation.
I did not know that so we're gonna rob.
Well, Freddy, you shall receive your money
but are you aware that this is the
end of our cooperation.
I'm a big boy, I can.
Welcome, glad you're here.
Well I'll be here.
This is my territory.
He was.
Hey boy, here.
Who is this girl who has just entered?
Miss Janet Walker.
Who is it?
The U.S. soap queen.
OK, thanks.
Yes, I think we'll be good here.
Freddy, you can not I act on this level.
have experienced their peak
Social as my retarded brother.
I know what bothers you.
- What?
I. Competition.
As long rule over the mountain
to think that it possess.
But beware, Freddy climbs
and hungry for success.
Believe me, Freddy, I do not fear thee,
but just on this mountain
no enough room for both.
I agree.
Are you to provoke me?
Did you think to oppose
your raw animal instinct
intelligence, culture and education?
If you ask whether you want
ispraiti here, then yes.
Right. It can.
It appears that you are interested
young lady who has now arrived.
Let it be the test.
We need to set the amount.
The first to draw some of it
Miss Walker wins.
How much?
Make it easy. 25 thousand?
The winner gets everything?
The loser is deleted from the city.
Make better win.
Thank you.
is at roulette.
What about Freddie?
- disappeared.
I told you! Rene aka No Knife.
accounta word. No one has seen.
There is.
jackal realized that he could not against the lions.
Just you watch. Appears will be the jackal.
to a miss, for me
You can place your bet?
It is difficult dosei table.
It would be my pleasure.
What number do you want?
To serve me luck, I hoete
you choose one?
If the U.S. could get at least
enough money for surgery.
Are not you supposed to
pay the army operation?
And no, not for me. For my grandmother.
She is in hospital in Cleveland.
Cleveland? I live there.
Come on!
If you wish me luck.
- Sure.
Do you want me and you want
luck, sir?
1900 francs! Nearly $ 400!
Now, my grandmother can to surgery and again
walk. Thanks to you.
Freddy, would surgery help you?
My problem is not physically
rather than emotional.
Do you want me to talk about it?
is terribly painful.
- could help.
I was zaruen for a girl home
in the United States. But only the dates specified.
The day before I had to fly home,
I got a letter from her.
It is...
It is that, Freddy?
She went and married some dancers.
I had a Lightning Night Sea.
I saw them dancing everywhere.
When I awoke the next morning,
I could not walk.
My legs were canceled.
Oh, Freddy, that traumatic experience.
Do not you be a military psychiatrist help?
Trude they are. Make the best you can,
but I just do not react.
Surely someone can help!
So there is one man.
The famous Swiss psychiatrist.
Specialist for such cases.
Who is he?
Dr. Emil Schuffhausen.
Takes known Schuffhausen clinic
in Lucerne.
Why not go with him?
I wrote to him for months,
but impossible to get a date with him.
A man like Dr. Schuffhausen
is sought all over the world.
It may require astronomical sums.
Why should we bother with the poor
soldier like me.
What do you mean by astronomical?
I heard it gets per
$ 25000 per case.
Where does my $ 25000?
Nothing is impossible, Freddy.
It is beautiful here.
I am really pleased that we are in the same hotel.
And to me.
Come on tomorrow overflow bit in the sun.
Oh, no. You're there to have fun.
Do not waste time brinui for me.
Freddy, so unselfish.
you suffer, but I still think only
It is the philosophy of my grandmother.
Obiavala say is:
Even the poorest man may
Robin Hood lucky.
Take of yourself and to others.
How are fortunate to have such a grandmother.
Yes, we helped a lot.
Take me out of here fast.
- What's the problem?
Oh, so sorry. Reminds you of her.
I care.
Come on in your room to write another letter to Dr.
It is a waste of time.
He understands only one language. Language of money.
Then we will persuade him
that will get their money.
I wish you much
say nice things about me.
It turns out a hero.
Are You a hero.
Not allowed him obeati money.
Where do I get it?
Leave it to me, Freddy.
When the time came,
I promise that you shall have it.
Freddy! Please do not!
No one before had been good to me except
Give an attempt to gather.
Immediate returns.
I'm going to just send a letter.
The King is dead. Long live the king!
Dr. Schuffhausen!
Dr. Emil Schuffhausen!
Message for Dr. Schuffhausena!
Dr. Emil Schuffhausen?
- Thank you.
Dr. Schuffhausen?
- Yes?
From Schuffhausen clinic in Lucerne?
- Do.
This is a miracle.
I just sent you a letter.
Right. Profit when I ga
back to the clinic.
Can only a moment to talk with you?
Please, I'm on vacation.
Visit me in the clinic.
It is not about me but about a soldier to U.S.
Fred Benson.
You've seen it.
He was sitting next to you at the roulette.
Benson? Is this the one that
I wrote all those letters.
On how his fiance
eloped with dancers.
Yes, that's that. And right there at the hotel.
Doctor, hoete review it?
The military psychiatrist will take care of it.
They tried. Only you can help him.
I am always alone.
Freud, Adler, Jung, Schuffhausen.
Who then?
They have to find someone else.
exhaust me.
Doctor, you just know what the sergeant
Bold, affectionate, a real hero.
And you can cure it.
How can you refuse?
Why do I always osjeati guilty?
If it is a matter of money...
You did not give him probably made some money?
- not yet.
Thank God.
I will give you a free advice:
Do not give him any money.
Why not?
You would I make it very difficult job.
You see, his ego has already suffered a severe blow
of a woman.
Take alms of others...
Is it therefore began to cry when I told him that
I will give him money?
course. We do not want to be
it again, right?
Is it, Doc, means
that you will still help him?
I see. But remember:
No money to him!
If you downloadcase,
pay directly to me.
I want, I want.
Where is the boy?
In his room.
It will be thrilled when you see it.
I can not wait to see his reaction.
Freddy, I have a wonderful surprise!
Close your eyes!
Who would of all people in this world, except his grandmother
now prefer to see?
Cancel, who?
Dr. Emil Schuffhausen!
Finally we get to know, vodnie Benson.
After all of your letters,
as if I know.
Can not believe you really have to.
Yes, I think that's it.
I'm here to help
you, my boy.
Come on now, look at your feet.
Do Osjea them anything?
No, sir.
Have you felt it?
No, sir.
And this?
No, sir, nothing.
Is this what you feel?
Doctor, it seems so cruel.
On the contrary, Sergeant Benson would bo
happiest when osjeao pain, right?
That's right!
This case intrigues me.
Download case I
sergeant Benson.
Freddy, have you heard?
Unajmljujem chateau u blizini
and there we'll move it.
So you can actually pay it.
Doctor, thank you very much.
Will I walk again?
Treat will! I feel back to him in the legs, called
I do not...
Look, Doc,
so happy that salary!
This will be your room, Freddy,
and not be afraid, and
hold the eyes day and night.
Freddy, is
You can not believe that this really happening?
Doctor Schuffhausen,
the money can not pay what you are doing.
I wish I could somehow differently
show your appreciation.
About how we can afterwards.
You are more than a doctor.
You are a great humanitarian.
its annual sacrifice,
dijelite svoj chateau...
Freddy, shvaa what this man done?
Zelite li razgledati chateau?
It has a fascinating history.
Of course, thanks.
Neko davno u ovom chateauu zivio je
prince and his younger brother.
The Prince was a charming man:
Convenient, friendly, generous, clever.
Like you, Doctor.
But his younger brother:
Malicious, sick, rotten.
He was jealous of the prince and
mightily tried to destroy it.
How horrible man!
Then one day a pretty
dama dola u chateau.
She is rich, and
very sweet and innocent.
Prince's malicious she immediately wanted to steal.
But not only money, but honor.
What happened?
With its shabby prevarantstvom, succeeded.
He was really sick and rotten!
Easy to maladjusted.
The bar was a Dr. Schuffhausena
to help him.
Yes, it still might not happen.
That miserable, miserable bie
would lead to middle life.
Just as you and I'll take care of Freddie.
Najzanimljivije sobe u chateauu
are on the second floor.
What about Freddie?
Come to my room and ready for bed.
Do not make him someone should help?
I want to get used to I'm going to bed.
I would like above!
Come on, so you're not disabled!
Doctor, but he is!
- Only in my head.
But he seems so cruel.
Many of the things you'll do
zones will be cruel to you,
but this is a psychiatric therapy.
You must believe me.
I believe you!
First, I'll show you a dance hall.
Ballroom on the second floor?
It was before the bedroom.
It is an evil prince obeastio
lovely lady.
And then it's good
Prince turned into a ballroom
to become a music room and joy instead of mourning
and sorrow.
Some say they still can feel good
Presence of Prince in this room.
Yes, I feel. I really feel!
If it's there, I am sure that
you asked her to dance.
Doctor, this is an amazing evening.
Especially what you will do Freddi.
What do I do it I should be
has already been done long ago.
Freddy! What happened?
I heard music, so I dragged up
and then I saw you...
Care to dance.
Oh, miserable, so horrible!
Out of all, let us see how we dance!
You are right.
Now we can see.
Doctor, it's barbaric!
Remember what I told you about
constructive therapy.
Do you know where's the catch. Reach for it!
We have to create a desire for walking
which strengthens the desire to regret.
What is dragged up the evidence that therapy
already operates.
Grebe at the door!
No regrets. I know that it is difficult, but it just will
our strength
Freddy find her.
He failed!
Yes, and will fall again... andAgain...
and again.
Uistinu, monsieur, vi ste genij.
How do you quickly and completely
gain an advantage!
We do not have money.
But the jackal you in a cage. What can you do?
Yes, the truth, no this is a little stagnant.
Mademoiselle Walker
supplies the money, right?
Da, upravo je na putu je za chateau.
Maybe it already has with them.
Monsier je uistinu formidable!
A man who comes to you in a duel,
fighting with an empty gun.
What happened?
But who would steal
mower and drove to her?
Leone, stop the car!
Freddy, whither goest thou?
Freddy, come back!
Freddy, wait!
Freddy, what on earth are you doing on this?
When the gardener was not watching, I climbed it.
But why?
I try to come to the beach
dovuem to the sea.
You should not attempt to swim.
I never thought to try.
Freddy, you're probably thinking?
It will be a blessing to everyone.
Grandma will get money from the military insurance, etc.
Schuffhausen will not have to waste a year
neither you spend your money on me.
Do not speak of such things,
Money is not important now.
I spent all that you get well... all.
You are a saint. Forget about me.
Leave me.
Not for one moment.
Leone, take mr. Benson in the car.
Please, do not want anyone to be a burden.
Get rid of me. Leave me on the road
and override me.
Look at me, I'm helpless as a baby.
And I'll look after you as a baby.
What is this?
Will we put a little lotion
and legs, please?
Freddy, exactly are we doing.
Do nothing to feel?
No, but it just continues.
There may be something still happens.
I'm sorry I was so depressed this morning.
I had a difficult session with Dr.
Schuffhausenom morning.
He made me the story about.. her.
More difficult is you
think about it, right?
To my heart at least as legs.
Then I would not have felt this tremendous pain.
But Freddy is a good therapy
talk about it.
Tell me what it was, where you met her.
The CRE.
I guess I trusted her so much.
I never thought it would vjerouiteljica
could do what she had done.
Especially the second vjerouitelju.
You were vjerouitelj?
Yes. I adore children.
When I think of all those tiny legs
I directed the right way...
Now you can not even her.
Freddy, you gonna walk again.
Priaj me more about it.
We walked for about three years and then
a dinner when we vraali home from choir rehearsal
I kissed her.
You will not believe me, but this is the first girl I kissed
knowing you, I believe.
And then they took away my prayer, and
made me a gun.
She kissed me goodbye.
When you think that my last kiss will
be an adulterous kiss.
Do not Freddy! Would you kiss many women.
Kiss of pity perhaps, but never love.
Do not be silly!
You're The attractive one,
an exciting man.
Have I The attractive and exciting to you?
Dr. Schuffhausen! Just a bit...
It is...
Freddy osjeao be so depressed.
I just wanted it a little cheer.
Poor I, Doc.
Indeed you are.
The driver was passed down to the beach
I thought it would warm sun and sand
be good for him.
In fact, the warm sand to a bona fide
Physical therapy for Freddie.
Do it now no longer used
the warm sand, lots of hot sand.
Do not
already time to pick up Freddie?
We'll give him another hour.
Believe me, the warm sand treatment
is exactly what he needs.
Psychiatric speaking, when you
Freddie kissed his bespomonost nagra?ivala you.
So encourage regression.
But it was I was so sorry.
The srcedrapajua story that took him
prayer and gave the rifle...
And then it vjerouiteljica trick!
It must be touched and you!
I'm sick of it.
But we must hide our compassion.
Any sign of attention at this time
will only slow down its progress.
I will try, Doctor,
but it will not be easy.
A person like Freddy pulled out of you
kindness, tenderness and love.
Hariette, I know you love me,
but really I'm not hungry.
This is how I will tell you, Miss Walker.
There are many beaches that we heal this boy.
Do not jeopardize my progress.
I will, Doctor.
What is money As for, you'll
eek to you within 48 hours.
Do not think about money.
It is only important what will happen with the boy
slijedeih in 48 hours.
We need to create in him a desire for walking
who will be so strong that they will prevail
every other instinct.
Whatever you say.
They will not want to leave it again.
Our job now is to him,
so aggravating to be with us...
That would literally iskoiti
from these carts to achieve this.
Will withstand the temptation?
I promise.
Do not look back.
Doctor, you do not know if this helps
Freddi, osjeala'd be wrong.
Harriette, this is between me and you just do not go
. Get out now!
Trying to follow us.
- Okay.
I know I promised, doctors,
but how he can handle this?
A little more, I think.
It seems totally desperate.
It is good. We are approaching the peak.
We must not give up now.
Excellent dancer, Freddy.
Would not want you to dance with her now?
Come on, boy, get up from that chair!
dancing with a girl!
Well, if you want to just sit there
and miss all the fun.
Hey old man, who is this nit?
Something like this abomination I have never seen.
Ruga is disabled!
"Get up and dance," he says!
I showed him!
It would not bother me so much,
just before she was my girlfriend.
He took it to me.
What garbage!
I know that I could return it,
only if I could remove it for a few days.
Old, Consider it performed.
A transport plane tonight polijee for Iceland.
Do you want it to be on it?
I think I'm gonna cry.
Everything is ready?
Znate doi do chateaua?
We will wait.
Do not be discouraged.
Today we have a lot of progress.
We can save on something big.
Hope. I could not pass through
one such evening.
Good Evening!
Telegram for you, Miss Walker.
Thank you. Excuse me, Doctor.
Excellent! I'll have your money tomorrow.
Dad sold the car and furniture,
the sale of fur I've already agreed.
And with $ 5000 of prizes
I have more than enough for your fee.
The prize?
Yes! I got the money, furs, furniture,
and this trip to Europe
to win the competition.
What competition?
to the American soap queen.
Your father does not own soap
U.S. companies?
For God's sake, no!
I only work there.
Freddy, you put it in your head: Waste Money.
The girl was poor,
it does not have this money.
It can gather.
Only if you sell all you possess.
What do I care where it?
Hunt is a hunt. The bet is worth.
Do nothing
osjea to this girl?
When you get the money, it's the next one.
Maybe a little hurt, but try to think.
I drove into a corner.
We'll see who's who drove.
I go.
Well, you can not talk on my level.
I will bedown to yours.
The only emotion you provoke
When the pity these girls.
And brka with sex.
One thing that Freddy Benson
with no means do not confuse sex.
The girl is mine whenever I want it.
take care of the girl?
Forget the money.
We bet on it.
Are you kidding?
Is it worth the bet?
Janet is a decent girl.
Is it worth the bet?
How can you use such a girl?
Is it worth the bet?
Well, it's worth!
But I'm not competing.
I bet you that you will not succeed.
Do you know why?
Tell me.
Do you remember silversmithsz? Violin?
Uiteljice ballet?
They are artists who strive for perfection,
difficult to create something extraordinary.
Janet is exceptional, and you
you will not destroy it.
I would not let you throw a match on Stradivardijevu
or to quench the Eik Michelagelovu sculpture.
The reason why you would not have given
to become king of the mountain
This is to make it into a junkyard.
What do you want?
Blokira my entry!
Captain's behind.
Move your truck!
Contact the Captain!
Freddy! I thought that the
Dr. Schuffhausen took her home.
Yes, but I could not sleep.
I had to talk with you.
Of course, dear.
Would you want me to walk again?
Of course you would, you know it.
has made what I was.
I think there is a way.
What? Tell me.
I've been thinking aboutwhat I
Schuffhausen always said that I would walk
I have a strong enough desire.
Yes. And I said it.
You're the only person in the world
that we can create that desire.
What can I do?
Dr. Schuffhausen said that because
I love put into these carts
that I love and need to extract from them.
I love Janet.
In you.
I was terribly afraid that I will be denied.
No, do not!
If this time I refused,
I will walk as long as I live.
Nemo so to speak!
I can not help.
I'm afraid that my love will not be uzvraena.
It will be! It is.
If you are disappointed again, I'm gonna kill it!
You will not be disappoint. Try me!
Fear me, fear me.
But I love you, Freddy.
Please try to get up.
Do not lie to me like it.
No, Freddy, no.
Please try to get up! For me!
I stand. I'm standing!
Yes. Now walk towards me!
I can. I can not.
Attempt to please!
You will not disappoint me?
Do not! No!
You're gonna love the me?
Yes! Yes!
Look, I'm walking!
Yes, my dear! Come to me!
Now you have to sit and relax.
Not yet. Now that I am on my feet,
I want to see how far they can go.
Stop over at the door
to try to come up to you.
My dear!
Please, have a rest now.
No, I stand at the bed.
Give out there to try to come up to you.
Come to me, Freddy!
Janet, my love,
give me new strength.
I did it!
Are, You did!
And just because you love me!
All the love you, Freddy.
These are the most beautiful moments in life
When you can prevent tragedy.
It is no wonder that they call you a genius.
You said you would come tonight and he came.
You said you would walk and walk it.
Freddy, this man works miracles!
It's starting to believe.
Come, my boy, you had
iscrpljujuu evening.
Only one thing interests me:
How did you disembark from the plane?
I have not even boarded.
There were six paratroopers in that plane.
Parachute Regiment. British army.
Guys, here's a great Dad and epavca!
I can walk just as
Big Daddy said.
Gentlemen, here comes another food and champagne.
In the meantime, you can have fun
our friends until I come back?
Try, my friend, come to the key of
and you will really need a stroller.
Doctor, can I just phone call
No, you have to believe me about this.
But I love Freddie and I think he likes me and
if the cured...
And why is cured?
Because you followed my instructions without complaint.
Do I have to admit,
you were all right.
I am right now. You and Freddy
've passed through a very emotional period, and
what do you think that love is perhaps the only consequence of this
But I know that I love him.
And more importantly it
going to a couple of weeks.
If you like, will come to you.
Trust me just this once.
Well, Doctor.
And your fee?
I know how to come up to you. I will send my account.
Beautiful You, Dr. Schuffhausen.
And I will never forget
What you make of Freddie.
And I'm sure Freddy will not either.
I'm sure of it.
Telegram for you, Miss Walker.
Thank you.
With regard to your request
I must inform you that Dr. Schuffhausen died 1927th
Please return my luggage at the hotel.
How's it going, guys?
Where is Freddy?
Freddy? And Freddy! He tried to escape, so we made
parachutist from him.
He performed his first jump
about half an hour ago.
Can you hear the blast of the train?
Ode to your bet.
Janet on this train.
Do not believe it.
See for yourself.
Pokuala sam te nazvati u chateau.
Look at this!
Doctor's fake?
You lied to us?
Yes, but why do it?
To get your money!
It is likely a fraud!
How awful!
The legs are numb me again!
Freddy, you must not allow it!
It's over!
Freddy, please, get up!
I can. All I was released. Even you.
I would never issued!
You left without me greet.
Just because the doctor insisted.
Do not blame him. False You like him.
Freddy, do not say that.
You promised that you shall love me,
And then you ran away.
You are the same as Beatrice!
I love you! I swear!
Get up! Walk up to me!
Come to this evidence?
No, you will not do that again!
Dear, I will not disappoint you.
Please, please, come to me!
Janet, do not fail me.
I will not, my beloved.
My dear! My heart!
Ljubavnie my!
Be good to me.
I want, I want!
Mr. Jameson!
Mr. Jameson, wake up!
What's the problem?
It would be wise to lezei hear the news.
Lord, all is lost.
What do you mean?
Jackal was this morning seen to leave the room
Miss Walker.
Do not worry about the jackal, I took out his teeth.
Do not worry about his teeth.
Miss Walker was with him.
But I settled on the train.
Then someone took her.
They spent the night together.
Of course, there is always a chance
if nothing had happened.
Maybe they play cards or read books.
I hear that Americans are
very strange in that regard.
Freddy is in this respect a true Frenchman.
Then it really all is lost.
Arrived jackal.
Not more jackal, now is the lion.
Ne, monsieur, u srcu je jo akal.
And there's only one way
to overflow to the end with him.
This Luger...
He was the personal property
Hermann Goring.
Only his fingerprints on it.
And if you discover that his...
What can I do?
Andre, my friend,
We had a long and successful reign.
Now we have dignity
accept defeat.
I only regret that it has achieved
His victory at the expense Miss Walker.
And because it is done...
Almost I came to let you make use of the gun
Mr. Goring.
I said "almost. "
Not to me that he loosened the car
not to give me a call Rene aka Knife,
Not that we build on this gun.
How will expected to rule the law and order?
I did not think it'll succeed, but you are.
Now you are... the King of the mountain.
King of the mountain?
I'm just a sewer rat.
I've destroyed the life of a girl last night.
Freddy, I've heard that people grow
the third row of teeth, but
Is it possible that you developed a conscience
I do not know, but I hate myself for it
I did it.
How can I be so bad to so good
What kind of life she can hope for?
Married to tramp like me.
You watch the picked peach, Daddy.
And it's all your fault.
You and your moral philosophy.
There has been, just wait until
to be mine, that I take.
And suddenly it can not pipnuti.
I love it.
It is no longer a piece. Now it...
Rembrandt's paintings, Michelangelo's sculpture
Stradivardiusova violin.
To go to bed with the museum?
And what do I do?
Take her to the wedding.
The poor woman has a husband for me.
Do not complain so much.
Women marry men that theychanged.
That they usreuje.
And a sack of shit like you, is waiting
Lifetime ecstasy.
Freddy, before we starts to uope
I want you to know that I am an adult
the home where the husband is the boss.
Yes, dear.
I want to be and so with us.
Yes, dear.
When you come home from the factory, soap
where you have recovered your business
the wonderful apartment that we
mother chose, it will be your castle.
You'll be the boss.
Yes, dear.
Mr. and Mrs. Benson?
Mr. Lawrence Jameson you honor.
My dear, the glass is in a peach.
Yes, this is for me.
Who is Mr. Jameson?
A friend of mine.
Probably the best friend I ever had.
To Mr. Jameson!
Yes, dear.
Fun in the green dress.
It has come down.
Mr. Jameson...
You are a man of the world
with extensive knowledge and experience...
Can I ask you something?
Who is happier?
Mr. Benson, married,
which is settled with a woman?
Or you? Free man with many wives?
This is a very simple question.
Mr. Benson was happier.
Compared with him, I am unhappy.
But a man must learn to live with her