Bedurulanka 2012 (2023) Movie Script

Today 2012, 21st December.
The day when everyone feared that
the world would be hit with disaster.
But nothing happened anywhere...
Except in this village.
[bats squeaking]
Hello! Welcome to Storyboard.
December 21, 2012, remember this date?
The date about which people
around the world are buzzing,
the supposed date for the 'Doomsday'
'Doomsday' is not a Hollywood movie,
but an actual cataclysmic event
that would destroy this planet.
Is everyone going to die that day?
What do scientists have to
say about this argument?
What does science say?
Today's storyboard is an attempt to clear
all the misconceptions about the Doomsday.
- It seems the Doomsday...
- I don't know what would happen.
I don't understand anything.
[indistinct chatters]
[indistinct chatters]
[bird squeaks]
[frogs croaking]
Hello! Welcome back.
December 21, 2012, remember this date?
The date about which people
around the world are buzzing,
the supposed date for the 'Doomsday'.
'Doomsday' is not a Hollywood movie,
but an actual cataclysmic event
that would destroy this planet.
Is everyone going to die that day?
What do scientists have to
say about this argument?
What does science say?
Today's storyboard is an attempt to clear
all the misconceptions about the Doomsday.
These events reinforce the argument
that the human race will not end,
after millions of years,
but in exactly three weeks of time.
- Listen Brahmam!
- Sir!
Do you think they are telling the truth?
If I had that much knowledge,
wouldn't I have moved to Hyderabad
and predicted the future of a
movie release in front of the media,
instead of holding glasses for you?
Are you sloshed,
that you dare to speak in front of me?
Sorry, master.
It came out in a flow, please don't mind.
I'm a small astrologer who cons
people for petty money.
How would I know about doomsday?
Do you think at least he knows about it?
Leave him aside. I've been drinking
at your cost since the last 10 years
and I don't know whether you
would pour me the next peg or not.
Leave that glass aside for
some time and listen to me.
The fact of the matter is,
even he knows that doomsday is a big hoax.
But if he confesses the truth on camera,
the people would
immediately switch the channel.
But if he keeps telling lies
that there would be a cataclysmic
event that would wreak havoc
and tsunamis will engulf the landmass
then people will be hooked
to his channel until the 21st of December.
This is what is known as
TRP business in the cities.
Master! it would be better if
you would keep your lectures aside
and spit out the idea that's germinated in
your brain and pour me another drink.
I would happily go home and sleep.
You can sleep later.
[dialogue muted]
- Before that, listen to my master plan.
- Master plan?
The media has already ignited the
sparks of fear in the hearts of people,
now you must terrify them completely.
Didn't you understand?
It's very easy!
You must tell the people that
the media is telling the truth,
doomsday is around the corner,
and even our village is going to drown.
Create terror amongst people by telling
them that everybody is going to die.
And immediately the people
would ditch the TV and surround you.
What will I gain if people follow me,
the media will at least gain
TRPs, what would I gain?
The media can only gain TRP
but we can exploit their fears.
Tell them that you can
stop doomsday from happening.
People will chase me like they chase dogs.
What would I do then?
You know what a coward I am!
Shut up, you dumbass!
This is why you are still begging
others for favours.
Now you would tell them that
you can stop the doomsday from happening
If it does happen,
there will be nobody to question you
nor will you be there to answer them.
But if that doesn't happen,
then you are the next Godman, my Brahmam!
I understood Mr. Bhushanam!
This is a big sketch!
Do I have any role in it?
Come forward!
Daniel, you too have a role.
Our Brahmam has a bad
image only in front of us,
but has a good image
in the entire village.
But you have the worst image overall.
Good and bad have no
meaning in today's world.
Both Gandhi and Godse have fans.
Just give me a hint,
I would switch my character instantly.
- "Hallelujah!"
- Do you say so?
How do we benefit from this?
I will give the details later.
Pour drinks for me now.
What is the catastrophe that
humankind is about to face?
When shall we start?
I have done my part.
Now you must start yours.
You were talking about
some switch, weren't you?
Continue that!
Meanwhile, let him continue the scares!
Our jobs will be easier.
Will we witness all the
strange predictions by,
Potuluri Veerabrahmam come
true before the Doomsday?
Will we witness it before our deaths?
Will we witness it while dying?
Or will we witness it after our death?
Who knows!
"Oh my god!"
"What is this magic?"
"Oh no! What is this?
"Come on! We are waiting!"
"Oh no! Oh God!"
"What is this magic?"
"Oh no! Oh Jesus!"
"Come on! We are waiting!"
[mobile rings]
- Tell me?
- Hey!
Are you coming to the
village for this year's carnival?
No, I'm not.
Are you still angry with her?
Poor Chitra!
She loves you a lot since childhood.
Is that why she trashed me
for saying I love you to her?
Don't misunderstand her.
You came on to her suddenly and...
What suddenly?
I told her what I had in my heart.
Is there any vedas or upanishads
that should be followed,
while proposing someone?
This time when you come home,
she will say 'I love you' to you.
You just have to say 'yes'.
I'll take care of the rest.
Yes, she told me herself.
Ok, I'll come.
Is the file rendered?
Sir, please come.
See this,
How is it, sir?
It looks like shit!
Where are the graphics in it?
That's the greatness in his work, sir.
It matches Hollywood standards.
So am I a fool standing here?
I've publicized my movie saying I've spent
25 crores for a tiger's visual effect
and this looks like a real tiger.
Where are the graphics?
Graphics should not be
evidently seen, should they?
That is filled with graphics.
Is it not evidently seen?
I have not spent my money
to recreate a live tiger,
people can witness that in a zoo.
You have to make it look like a visual
effects tiger by tomorrow morning. Got it?
You better understand.
You should be updated.
Sir, please do as he says.
Shiva, remove the top 2 or 3 layers
and re-render it before leaving home.
Do I look like a fool?
What are you talking about?
He is our client.
He must oblige to his needs.
If asks you to lick his boots, will you?
Are we artists or prostitutes?
Such uneducated idiots with
money are spoiling the credibility,
of our film industry.
[bird chirping]
[gun shot]
Muthyam, I got the bird.
Go, get it.
Stop it, Mr. President. If you
hit, the bird definitely has to fall.
Bloody imbecile!
He can't hit a mosquito.
Now if I don't take the bird back,
he would blame me for
not searching for it well.
[mobile rings]
what have you done about our plan?
Thank you,
you reminded me at the right time.
I'll get the masala ready immediately.
Didn't you promise me Rs. 10,000
upon finishing the work?
Don't forget that.
Set that imbecile right and
I would grant you half an acre of land.
Gummatala Veera Narasimha Muthyam,
son of Gummatala Veera Shankara Muthyam.
Just remember these names
and leave the rest to me.
Believe me!
Shall I roast it and take it home?
Madam might relish it!
Leave it, madam might not enjoy it.
Mr. President,
I have to tell you something,
don't get your daughter married to an NRI.
In fact, I would say that Mr. Bhushanam's
son is the right match for your daughter.
Moreover, isn't he your relative too?
You are right.
Kasiraju is a good boy.
Even their horoscope matched.
But he is uneducated,
that's the only problem.
Are you educated?
Don't you garner respect
from the entire village?
Education has nothing to do
with how respectable a man is.
You are right.
Let's see!
But I must appreciate how well
you hit the bird from a distance.
This is nothing, my great-grandfather,
would effortlessly shoot a bird
flying at a distance of 1 kilometre.
'I pity my great-grandfather.'
Hey! Why didn't you all attend
school? Why are you playing here?
What's the point of attending school?
Aren't we headed toward doomsday?
We saw it on TV.
Don't believe the fallacies told on TV?
Why should we believe you either?
You predicted that he would
top his school in 7th grade,
but what happened?
He failed his exams, dropped school,
and is involved in cattle grazing.
You are beyond correcting.
I can't deal with you.
Will our village drown too, grandpa?
Are we staying on the moon to
be insulated from the event?
Will the temple be destroyed too?
Why will the temple be destroyed?
She is a goddess. Isn't it grandpa?
Long ago there was no
temple in our village.
The villagers wouldn't come
out in the dark due to the fear of ghosts.
- [together]: Ghosts?
- Yes. Exactly like this!
That's why my
great-great-great-grandfather got an idol,
of the goddess and
instated on this island.
The ghosts must have
run away, didn't they?
There are no Ghosts.
- It is just the fear within us.
- Then what is God?
The one who dispels fear.
- Siva? Are you here already?
- Hey!
No, I'm still in Hyderabad.
- Did you get the stuff?
- I did.
[indistinct scream]
Hey, brother is here...
- Siva is here. What did you get me?
- Hey, wait.
- Brother, please give it to me.
- Please, brother.
- Brother, what did you bring?
- Did you bring chocolates?
- Hey, stop it.
- [indistinct voices]
- Hold on, guys.
- Give me the chocolates, brother.
- Stop, stop...
- First give it to me, brother.
[indistinct voices]
That's a five-star.
- Please give it to me brother.
- Wait, I'm giving it to everyone.
Say what you want to but
I wouldn't trust the media people ever.
They put background music and extrapolate
everything for the sake of their TRPs.
- What do you say, Mr. President?
- Exactly. You are right.
Don't you remember the chaos created by
the news of Skylab's fall on the radio?
Had the media been present in those times,
they would have wreaked
havoc with their fear-mongering.
You are absolutely right.
They would have.
Mr. President!
Check out his attitude!
He has no respect for you or the
elders, he is publicly smoking cigarettes.
Just because he earns well in the
city he has no respect towards anyone.
What's the use of earning?
Looking at his attitude,
it seems like he is wasting
every penny on girls in the city.
Hey, Shiva!
Where are you going
while smoking a cigarette?
Did you buy me the cigarette?
Did you at least light my cigarette?
By smoking, I am damaging my own lungs.
I have the risk of getting cancer.
The government clearly
mentions it on the box.
Here, take a look.
Why are you so concerned about it?
Did my smoke affect you?
There's a hole in your dress.
He feeds his buffalo an ounce
and extracts 10 ounces of milk.
He is a roadside Romeo who has no other
worthwhile contribution to this village.
Did I interfere in your businesses?
Hey! Don't you have any
respect for Mr. President?
Don't forget,
you are a guest in this village.
I'm not a guest,
I will be staying here forever.
I have resigned from my job.
Bhushanam, he is a crazy fellow,
we all know that.
Yet you interfere in his business?
What's the point of instigating him?
I was expecting your presence.
Otherwise, he would have had it from me.
- You are too much.
- Excuse me, Mr. Bedurlanka Chiranjeevi!
Who is that?
Did Shiva resign from his job?
- He didn't resign.
- Then?
They must have fired him
due to his unbearable attitude.
- Is it so?
- Wash your ass properly.
- It might stink!
- Okay, sir.
It seems Shiva harass someone at office.
He hit his manager
and he went into a coma.
Is it?
Did you get the news that
Shiva was fired from his job?
I guess that is why he has come back.
- That must be true.
- He deserves that.
- Mr. Narayan Rao... Mr. Narayan Rao...
- Huh?
I'm coming...
Why is he so excited?
- Did you get the news?
- What is it?
Your son created a nuisance in his office.
He harassed a girl and she
complained to the manager.
When the manager confronted him,
he had a big fight with the manager.
He went into a coma and
there was a police case filled,
what a ruckus he created!
- He has been fired from the job.
- Who told this story to you?
Shiva is on his way. He will be here soon.
Didn't he say that he won't come...
Shiva is coming home.
Have you prepared lunch?
If not, get upma ready.
Wait, I'll check if we have cashews.
Check soon.
If we don't have it, I'll make him get it.
He has anyway brought his cycle along.
He can quickly get some.
What is this? He has been fired
from the job, didn't you get angry?
Instead, you are making him a
special dish to welcome him.
You, dimwitted fellow... you gave me the
news of my son getting fired from his job.
That's well and good.
Now, will you dictate how I
should react to that news as well?
Why are you scolding me?
Are you not dimwitted?
The whole village heard the
rumour that you had committed suicide,
because your wife eloped with a
guy from the neighbouring village.
Are you dead?
Aren't you riding your cycle fit and fine?
Dear! We have cashews at
home. Ask him to leave.
You may go.
Damn it!
Uncle, you look so active?
Umm? Hmph!
What happened to him?
He looks disgruntled.
I fed him some upma. Sit down.
I will wash my hands and come.
there is news of doomsday all over the TV.
They stopped giving the
news a long time ago.
Now they are just
producing horror content.
Does he remember what I asked him?
Did you get it?
How pretty!
She looks like a movie heroine.
Why don't you dance with her then?
- You are great.
- Enough with your excitement.
Pour this petrol into the vehicle.
Take this, son.
She can't digest my happiness.
The great-grandfather of the President of
our Bedurlanka, the lion of Bedurlanka,
- Mr. Raja Gajaveerya Bahu...
- Hey!
Sorry. Sorry.
Mr. Raja Gajaveera Bahubalabahudur...
Didn't I tell you, he got a big one?
[indistinct voices]
[indistinct voices]
Sit down, guys.
- Take out the glasses.
- They started it.
There it is, flying in the sky...
It is going, going, going...
This was a disaster as well.
God knows what your
great-grandfather used to eat,
- nobody has his strength in today's times.
- You are right.
My grandfather used to tell me
that my great-grandfather used to,
eat up two full chickens on an empty
stomach without sharing it with anyone.
He would chew up the bones too.
A grown-up elephant failed
to push him aside once.
[elephant trumpets]
It is going, going, going...
Keep some for him too. He would
come here with strained vocal cords.
Do you think we can finish the whole
bottle? Let him come, we'll see...
It's not going to evaporate. Slow
down...-There is no one in this town,
to beat Mr. President's
great-grandfather's record.
Make an attempt. You have big
muscles. Why don't you try once?
What would do with that hollow cup of his?
Then what else do you want?
Ask him to keep a prize money of Rs.
10,000. I shall break all the records.
There is no man in this town
with such exemplary strength.
Sir, Shiva says he would break the
record if he gets Rs.10,000 as a prize.
I will give him Rs. 20,000
if he can do it.
"He has come!"
"Shiva has come!"
"He has come!"
"Shiva has come!"
"Here I come!"
[crowd cheering]
The great-grandfather
is still on the banks,
but Shiva has landed
the spear in the river.
[people cheering]
Mr. President, money?
"You won't leave anyone in
the world, it's very strange"
"Tell us, who are you, Shiva?"
"Tell us, who are you, Shiva?"
"You won't reach to the expectations
in the world, it's very great"
"Tell us, who are you, Shiva?"
"Tell us, who are you, Shiva?"
"Hey! Won't Shiva has any
sorrows, would you win on Shiva?"
"What's the talk now, Shiva?"
"I say no one can compete with
me, I say don't live a fake life"
"I will do what I like till I am
alive. It's a curse to live a fake life"
"I don't care at all"
"I don't care at all"
"I don't care at all"
"I don't care at all"
"I don't care at all"
"I don't care at all"
"I don't care at all"
"I don't care at all"
"If I get angry,
show it out for your sake"
- What do they do in visual graphics?
- Go, stand there.
Give a kiss on your left side.
Now give a kiss to your right.
"I won't get it..."
My father will kill me if he sees this.
His girlfriend left him for another man.
Since then,
he has been acting like a statue.
"I don't care at all"
"I don't care at all"
"I don't care at all"
"I don't care at all"
"He doesn't leave his pleasure"
- Chitra! Chitra!
- Huh?
- How long will you take? Get ready soon.
- I'm coming...
- Bless me, Father-in-law...
- That's not needed, son.
Brother-in-law, do you see his antics?
It's because of his age.
That is common at that age.
He could throw my
great-grandfather's spear that long,
the kid has something special in him.
He was under the influence of marijuana,
that's why he could throw that far.
That's right, wouldn't he win a medal
at the Olympics if could really do that?
You are right,
marijuana accentuates your capabilities.
My great-grandfather used to
smoke it, my grandfather told me.
Muthyam, did you find that spear?
I have given hundred
rupees to two kids to find that.
Just a hundred rupees? Tell them I would
gift each one a cycle if they find it.
- Okay, sir.
- For searching it?
Yes. That's my great-grandfather's spear.
I will get a Hero cycle...
[cicadas chirping]
Shiva! How fortunate you are!
I've been observing
you since my childhood,
you are living your life on your terms.
Mine is a bullshit life!
Like a rat inside a hole, I have to
do everything inside these four walls.
Yesterday, at the fair,
while you were dancing like a crazy dog,
the President's daughter was looking at
you like this... with lust-filled eyes.
Can't I dance like you?
Play the song. I shall dance right
now. Play it. I will dance now.
Play a nice song.
Play it! Play it!
Play it! Play it!
I am dancing now.
[random Telugu song playing]
The hell with him!
[door creaks open]
[wood creaks]
Are Veerabramhendra's
predictions coming true?
Is this what the Mayan
calendar also predicts?
Is the end of Kaliyug inevitable?
Do we have only two weeks left?
It's very soft.
Have this. Have this.
Have this buttermilk.
Have it.
Your grandfather.
An idiot!
I'm his son,
I'm a fool too.
You are not born a Mahatma!
You are a fool as well.
But the whole village need not
know about your uselessness.
I won't stop you.
But drink only at home.
If you want,
your mother will make an omelette for you.
- Okay?
- Subba, get me a glass of drink.
Mom is going to make me an omelette.
We are just doing a show-off!
If we clear all our debts,
we will be on the roads.
Look here! Look!
A silk shirt to cover
up the punctured vest!
Listen, be careful until you get
married to the President's daughter.
This is your final warning.
I won't repeat it.
Look here. Look here!
Son, listen to me, this society is a
market and we are all items for sale.
No matter how stale we are from within,
but the packaging should
also be attractive, got it?
Remember this, my dear son!
- Dear!
- What?
What about him?
Don't worry. He is our guy.
I'm telling you this again,
don't mess it up this time.
Don't be afraid, I won't mess up anything.
If you mess up this time,
he would come to my home and beat me up.
I'm not scared. I have changed a lot.
One minute...
She is going to mess it up again.
What happened to you?
Weren't you boasting about your
daringness, now what happened to you?
I am feeling scared.
I don't know how to swim, had I known,
I would have jumped off the boat.
Don't do such stupid things.
He will beat me into a pulp.
Is she not going to say?
One minute, brother.
- Come with me and tell him.
- I can't do it.
If you won't, I would have to
jump off the boat along with you.
Listen, I beg you, can you please ask
him to propose to me just one more time?
I will raise my hand in affirmation.
Hello, what is it?
Please. Please do this. Go.
It seems I'm going to
sacrifice myself for his love.
I would tell you if you
promise to not hit me.
Tell me.
She has gone speechless due to tension.
If you can propose to her one more time,
she will raise her hand in affirmation.
She will raise her hand if I propose here,
is it?
Am I a school teacher?
Am I here to take her attendance,
that she will raise her hand?
You would have it from me!
Why would she love me if she doesn't
have the courage to confess the love?
Go, get married to that scumbag.
Unnecessarily I came back from
Hyderabad. I'm going back.
Don't you ever be an intermediate ever...
Or else you will have it from me!
- Daniel!
- Shut up. Didn't you understand?
He is acting to extort money from you.
Bloody scoundrel!
Wait, Mary. Tell me, Daniel.
Why are you doing this?
Father, I saw Jesus in my dreams.
He told me not to trouble you anymore.
He said that your father is already
ailing with piles and ulcer,
he asked me to free you
from your responsibilities
and take up the Church's
responsibility over myself.
He asked me to be the
Church of the Father, sorry,
to be the Father of the Church.
It is not an ancestral property to be
passed on from a father to his son.
- Yes. Yes, you are right.
- You must earn that position.
Father of everyone,
The Almighty, has permitted me.
You are after all the Father of
the Church, why do you interfere?
Bloody drunkard,
do you even know how the Bible looks?
And you want to be the Father?
Atheist fellow!
Scoundrel, rogue, rascal, scumbag...
Nobody believes me.
This is my last word, Father.
If you grant the Fathership to me, I would
take care of this village and that God.
Otherwise, I would go to The Almighty.
- Kick the stool.
- Please...
- Kick the stool.
- Go away...
"Hallelujah... Hallelujah!"
You are a great trickster, Daniel.
Brahmam, he is a good worker.
Just nod your head
- and I'll start my work.
- Wait, wait.
Slow it down.
He should start the
proceedings for people to believe it.
- Brahmam,
- Sir...
if you won't dare,
your bad time will never go away.
Be brave!
When Arjun was asked to go to war against
his family, he too hesitated at first.
I am there to back you.
That means, you are Lord Krishna and I
must listen to your Baghvad Geetha...
You would prosper if you would listen.
Master, it's not like that...
To scam the innocent
people is a sin as it is,
comparing it with the Holy
Baghvad Geeta is a far worse crime.
- Brahmam...
- Sir?
Baghvad Geeta and Bible
are not only for worshipping...
To be used as well!
Coming to cheating...
Suppose you are hungry,
If you sit on the banks of a river and
call the fish to satiate your hunger,
will it oblige and jump into your lap?
What will we do?
We take a stick, wrap a thread,
tie a fishing hook,
Hook a worm to hide it.
Place it in the lake
and ask if the fish is hungry...
Then it will catch it
with hope and if we pull it,
the fish will become a side dish for us.
No species can survive
while feeling sorry for others.
That is nature's way of functioning.
This is what is known as
survival of the fittest.
Take this.
How did you gather so much
courage all of a sudden?
- Is he coming?
- Will he not come if I call him?
Did you tell him 'I love you' already?
No. I told him that I
will tell that if he comes.
Good plan. But be careful,
it would be very dangerous
if somebody spots you.
I have a plan for that as well.
I will call you later.
What is this? You too are taking
advantage of your father, are you?
I hate the smell of cigarettes.
Throw it away. I don't like it.
I like it.
What do you get by smoking it?
I don't know what I get from smoking,
but if I don't smoke,
I get restless and irritable.
Stop your nonsense talks.
Can't you quit cigarettes for me?
Give it here.
Do you believe in God?
Do you know the entire Bhagvad Geetha?
The entire Geetha...
I can tell the entire
thing in three phrases.
Remove your leg.
What has happened in
the past was for the good,
what is happening in the
present is for good too
and what will happen in the
future will also be good.
Why do you worry, girl?
Don't you have any shame?
Are you comparing Bhagavad
Geetha with your petty cigarettes?
Stop this nonsense.
I'm asking you one last time,
will you quit cigarettes for me or not?
I too am telling this one last
time, this gives me a kick,
give me something that gives me more
kick than this and I shall quit this.
Hold on to your useless kick...
"The girl in the moonlight"
"Provocative girl..."
"How it will be if you
look at me with anger?"
"She becomes fire in moments"
"Enough, stop these nonsense"
"You don't have anything to do"
"Greet me in the moonlight
like the moon itself"
"Come lets listen to
the thrilling stories"
"Won't you miss the track of your path?"
"Won't you trust a man,
who is being honest?"
"Even my shadow goes
in shock touching you"
"The girl in the moonlight"
"Provocative girl..."
"How it will be if you
look at me with anger?"
"She becomes fire in moments"
"The dreams calls me towards it"
"What will you do if
someone sees us in such time?"
"The world doesn't have any other job"
"Our job is ours"
"The same words didn't come from me"
"They are from my heart"
"Come to me"
"This isn't the time"
"Does sleep kick in today?"
"The girl in the moonlight"
"The girl in the moonlight"
[cuckoo bird coos]
[birds chirping]
Brother-in-law, are you building one
more storey on the newly built house?
- I am.
- It will be a good show.
The game.
By the way,
what do you think about the rumours
about Brahmam going around the village?
I've heard it too,
my wife told me that he had a dream
in which Potluri Veerabramhendra
Swamy appeared in front of him...
And, what?
Did he tell him that the
media is telling the truth
and there will be
doomsday on 21st December, is it?
How do you know that?
That's no big deal.
The media has frightened us already,
that feat has caused him to
have this dream, that's it.
- Do you think so?
- That is common sense.
Alright, you don't believe in God.
You are making
sarcastic comments about it.
Look, I have worn all these
rings at Mr. Brahmam's suggestion.
He can accurately predict one's future.
Do one thing,
wear a locket that covers your too.
- Brother-in-law...
- Huh?
What do you think about this?
Since Brahmam has got this dream,
I think we must take it seriously.
'He got trapped now.'
If you would accompany
me, just this one time,
I would settle Brahmam's
matter right in front of you.
- Come on.
- Come, let's go.
He is creating panic in
the village with his dreams.
You just stand there,
I will settle this once and for all.
We are going there to find out
the truth and not to attack him.
Move aside... Move!
- Bhushan, calm down. Calm down.
- Come, brother-in-law...
- Calm down.
- Brahmam! Come out.
He is meditating, sir.
Meditating, my foot. Why is he
meditating? Ask him to come out.
Bhushan, you must not disturb
the ones who are in meditation.
He would come out once he's done.
What is this, brother-in-law?
You should not be such
a good person. You sit...
- Where is the chair?
- Hold this.
Get a chair. Don't you have the
sense to put a chair for the President?
Get it. Put it there. Keep down.
- Sit down, brother-in-law.
- I will sit, leave.
- When will he come out?
- It might take some time.
Okay. I will wait.
I'm feeling restless,
I'll have a smoke and come back.
Okay, carry on.
- Ask him to come out soon.
- Okay.
Move away. If he is late,
I shall break open the door and
smash his skull on the ground.
What the hell!
Why did so many people come all at once?
[mobile rings]
Brahmam, what are you doing?
I'm scared,
that's why I'm having a drink...
and studying a book called 'how to
influence people' by Dr. Pattabhiram.
Throw that book away and take
Bhagavad Geetha in your hand.
- 'Sanskrit Shloka from Bhagavad Geetha'
- Shut up!
- 'Sanskrit Shloka from Bhagavad Geetha'
- Master! Master!
Keep the shlokas aside and just tell me
the meaning of it. I'm already tensed.
Oh Arjuna, it does not befit
you to yield to this unmanliness.
Give up such petty weakness of heart
and arise, and vanquish your enemies.
Mr. Brahmam,
your get-up,
and the background with smoke set-up,
what an entry you have made!
By the way, you are frightening people
about doomsday more than the TV reporters.
How do you say that
your dreams will come true?
If dreams do really come true,
then yesterday I dreamt about Ileana,
but in the morning I was
still sleeping beside my wife.
What do you say about this?
- Hail Lord Shiva!
- Wow! What else?
This was not a dream,
- it was a glimpse of the future.
- What future?
Don't you know Mr. President?
Petty human!
Come here.
- Me?
- Come.
I am Bhushan, Bedurlanka's Chiranjeevi!
'Why is putting his
fingers in his armpits?'
- [groans]
- [indistinct voices]
Do you know get it?
It was not a dream, it was the truth.
There is going to be a cataclysmic event.
Do you see the skies
spitting out the fire?
Yes, I can.
- Do you hear the cacophony of Tsunamis?
- Yes, I see it.
Goddess who protects us vomits the blood.
White crows flying in the dark...
A piglet born to a bull.
Small chrysanthemum flowers
blooming on a huge tamarind tree.
I can see it.
With strange happenings you
can't even dreama about...
- Did the land shake?
- Yes.
Is the nature weeping?
- Mr. President...
- Swamy?
The palm fruit you ate in your
childhood grew up into a huge tree...
If it fell on you...
And you are crushed under
it and die vomiting blood.
Can you see it?
Yeah! Yeah!
- Yes. I see the President dying.
- No just that...
- Did you see your death?
- Yes!
Bhushanam! No one will survive.
This is the Almighty's decision.
Hail Lord Shiva.
Gurudev! Oh, Gurudev, forgive
me. Forgive my unawareness.
Please accept me as your disciple.
How much have you drunk?
I can't bear the smell,
I might puke because of it.
Finish it soon and go back inside.
I'll take care of the rest.
Get lost!
- Oh, Gurudev!
- Does anybody have any other doubts?
Oh great soul, leave the common
folks. Show the future to the President,
him watching it would mean that
the whole village has witnessed it.
Mr. President...
I don't want to see it. I believe you.
Please tell us how to save ourselves.
I'm still thinking about it.
It's time for my meditation.
Hail Lord Shiva.
Oh, Gurudev!
Save us, Guru!
"Don't know what is this magic"
Will the cataclysmic event
break the Earth into pieces?
Will it happen in one day
or will it happen in a
span of several days?
Would the tides come?
Mr. Brahmam says the
news about doomsday is true.
How long will it take?
Wait. Due to the fear of doomsday,
I am not able to digest what I eat
and not able to excrete what I digested.
I bet Rs. 1,000 that it won't come.
- What? Shit?
- No. The Doomsday.
Are we surely going to die?
We will find it out in just one week.
Don't go away, be with us.
[devotional song plays]
Damn! Idiot!
Yes! It is true.
Doomsday is around the corner.
That's why the Lord has
washed me off of all my sins
and has sent me to serve you.
You all know that I have cheated my
parents and many others in this village.
But today, I'm baptized.
Bloody scoundrel.
How? Yohan visited me in my dreams.
He imprinted every word from
every psalm from both the old
and the new testament
on the tip of my tongue.
Then tell me what is written in
Psalm 30:3 of the old testament.
- Why did he come here?
- What is he doing here?
Answer him. Didn't you say that it is
imprinted on the tip of your tongue?
Bloody Scoundrel.
'Everyone is opening the Bible.'
No... don't open the bible
Now, what has this sinner questioned me,
a sacred man, the son of the Lord?
That what is written in Psalm 30:3?
Did you get it?
Whom did he ask?
A sacred man like me is
questioned by a sinner.
Why did he ask? For what
did he ask? Whom did he ask?
Did you hear?
In the 30th chapter. Did you get it?
He asked me what is written in it.
Who asked me?
I, a sinner,
have asked the recently baptized you
the question which
you have tossing around.
Answer it quickly.
Very good. You deserve this, imbecile.
Yes, I'm going to answer it.
It is missing, Daddy.
I have searched the whole Bible.
"Hallelujah... Hallelujah!"
"Hallelujah... Hallelujah!"
Listen, everybody.
Today, a sinner has questioned me,
the sacred one,
about what is written in Psalm 30:3.
That is why I am erasing that chapter,
from every Bible in this world instantly.
Husha! Busha! All fall down! Hallelujah!
You may check it.
It is erased. It is erased.
He is our saviour!
He is our saviour!
He is our saviour from doomsday!
- Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
- [people chants Hallelujah! Hallelujah!]
[devotional song playing]
[song continues]
Oh, Lord...
Such sinners are erasing your credibility,
please open their eyes and
show them the right path.
Master, forgive me.
Daniel was smart enough to
deal with the situation.
But if Shiva confronts me anytime soon,
I can't deal with him.
Brahmam, this is why when Arjuna
was in confusion, Lord Sri Krishna told...
Master! I beg you, don't start
with your Bhagavad Geetha sermons.
I retire myself from your scam, I don't
care what you think about me. That's it.
You dumbo!
If you try to disobey me,
I would ask you to show the dream that you
showed me yesterday to all the villagers.
With your lie exposed, the public
would chase you like mad dogs.
Dumb idiot!
"Praise the Godman, Brahmam!
Praise our saviour, Brahmam!"
"Praise our saviour, Brahmam!"
Great soul! Great soul!
Oh, holy being, did you find any
way to save us from the cataclysm?
Yes, there's a way.
What is the solution?
Village loot.
He is on the right track!
Didn't you understand it?
It's just like offering all gold to God.
We shall collect all the
gold in this village,
melt it and make a huge
golden idol of Shivalinga.
We shall anoint it
with Panchamrit...
and then offer it to mother Ganga.
With that, our prayers will
reach directly to Lord Shiva.
Bring it down!
What a sacred opportunity!
Here, I will give all my gold immediately.
Here, take it.
You, petty human!
You bugger!
In a huge war with an elephant...
Why do you leave ignoring the great man?
He changed the script to avenge me!
Bloody fatso.
Tomorrow morning, this great work will
start with the initiation of fasting.
After that our President...
and his
family will grant all their gold.
Later, he will offer me all the
Gold made for the Goddess.
Only after that...
will you all become deserving of
an opportunity to participate.
He is giving an Oscar-winning performance.
The symbol of initiation,
the most prominent one,
you are one in a million,
you are the head of this village.
Please pass this as your order
- Okay, holy man... All of us...
- Wait!
Who would go against
Mr. President's orders?
If he orders, the villagers will
happily sacrifice their life, if needed.
Gold is a minuscule thing.
What do you say, guys?
Let me utilise this opportunity to my
benefit before Kantam finds this out.
That God and his idol don't
apply to us. We shall collect our own...
- gold and make a humongous cross...
- Ok, father.
- And thus save our village.
- Sure, father.
"Everywhere in the world,
everyone's the same..."
"All are fools.
This is the truth!"
Sir, I have saved this gold for
my daughter's marriage.
The world is about to end...
and you are worried about your
daughter's marriage, is it?
"Here's the bargain that is
going to drag you to the roads."
"Nobody will question you.
Everything belongs to you, take it away."
Let the gold go but, I can't
tolerate hunger anymore.
Where is the other half of it, madam?
"They will welcome you to their houses
and you empty their cupboards."
- "The thief is the chief..."
- What the hell, my stomach is bloating.
"The thief is the chief..."
"The thief is the chief..."
My stomach is bloating because it's empty.
Grandpa, are they really going to
throw all their wealth into the river?
They must be crazy to believe
that God is asking for their gold.
He need not ask, he can take it anyway.
Why don't you preach to them?
If they understand preachings,
there is Bhagavad Geeta,
Bible, and Quran to make them understand.
There is a right time for everything.
Lord Krishna recited Geetha
to Arjun only in Kurukshetra.
That's why don't worry about them.
What is about to happen
will happen as it is, no matter what.
When the need arises, idea and opportunity
both will appear in front of you.
Even if you reject it the whole
universe will transpire to help you.
These are my bangles. You said you are
going to pawn them.
Did you pawn them here?
There are hundreds of bangles with
the same design. Trust me, I pawned them.
Half the villagers must have
pawned their gold here.
She is getting angry too...
Mother-in-law, you forgot this necklace.
Stupid! This is my favourite necklace.
"Your skill in loot can
beat a professional dacoit."
"You have no competition.
You are incomparable."
"Your skill in loot can
beat a professional dacoit."
"You have no competition.
You are incomparable."
"We are those who do tricks
in the name of God."
"We have no limits or boundaries,
our only aim is to make money."
"People should be astounded by your feat."
"Before they could realise we must
loot everything that they have."
"The thief is the chief!
The thief is the chief!"
"The thief is the chief!
The thief is the chief!"
What happened?
Why did you call me?
Nothing. I wanted to have a cigarette.
Stop it. Don't act over-smart.
You dumbo! You too gave away your gold?
Aren't you educated?
My dad will make new ones for me.
Why? Everyone is donating.
Are you not?
Not at all.
Don't do such stupid things.
My dad already hates you.
If he finds out that you
didn't donate your gold,
he would hate you even more.
It will be a lot more difficult
to convince him regarding us.
Why do I have to convince him
when you are okay with it?
I won't marry you if he
doesn't approve of you.
Do you want chocolate?
Hey, are you eating everything?
- Aren't you fasting?
- I don't believe in such things.
[mobile ringing]
- You want some.
- No, I don't.
I'm reiterating it for you, don't
get into the bad books of my dad.
What about my cigarette?
I didn't find it.
Mom, coffee?
I'm going.
- Shiva!
- Yes.
- I had a beautiful dream last night.
- Did you dream of my marriage?
Exactly! I dreamt of you
and Chitra getting married.
I even dreamt of your kids.
Didn't they get married
and have kids as well?
You should dream about that too, no?
Keep the coffee on the table.
- Mom!
- What? Tell me what do you want?
Keep your superstitions to yourself,
don't rub them on me.
- Tell me to whom did you give that?
- Well!
- Tell me quickly.
- I gave one to Daniel and the other to...
Daddy, the sheep are here.
"Oh saviour from end of the world,
Oh latest shepherd!"
- "We are waiting for your coming"
- Sinners, get up. Our saviour is here.
- Hallelujah!
- "Hallelujah! Hallelujah!"
Why is he coming here
with a stone-faced look?
'Praise the Godman, Brahmam!
Praise our saviour, Brahmam!'
'Praise the Godman, Brahmam!
Praise our saviour, Brahmam!'
It's time for my meditation.
'Praise the Godman, Brahmam!
Praise our saviour, Brahmam!'
- Unholy! Unholy!
- Get away.
Hey, Shiva!
Hey, Shiva!
Look, son, you might not believe it,
but the villagers are participating in
this great work of devotion with
due respect towards Mr. President.
Do one thing, I'll pay you the amount
for that gold, keep the ring back.
If needed, I will sell it and
buy alcohol with that money.
Even if the Prime Minister tells me too...
I won't give it for the
great work of superstition.
Mr. Bhushan, I have a doubt...
There were yugs before
this yug too, right?
Yes, there were.
There were three yugs prior to ours.
God was present in that yug too,
wasn't he?
Lord Sree Vishnu appears in
every yug in a different avatar.
In that case,
if Lord Sree Vishnu himself couldn't stop
the destruction of the previous
three yugs with all his avatars,
then if petty humans like Brahmam
and Daniel proclaim to stop it,
how did you believe them, sir?
Who was the other?
If our villagers throw away
their gold into the river...
Will the cataclysm stop worldwide,
or will only we survive?
- Huh?
- Just asking!
Just asking.
- What is this?
- We gave everything. What now?
What would happen now?
What is this? Are they doubting us?
Shambho Shankara!!
This whole world is connected together
with the help of five primary elements.
A deed done here will
resonate with the whole world.
Don't be afraid.
The whole world will
survive the cataclysm.
Such atheists might
trigger the cataclysm...
But I would save all the people
in my village at any cost.
If needed, I would sacrifice my life.
I shall unite my soul with the
strength of my penance and create
an aatmalinga with that which
will be one of its kind.
And I will fight the cataclysm.
I shall save our village.
This is my oath!
That's enough. Stop blowing.
Sons of the Lord! Ignore that atheist!
If needed, I would carry this cross on
my back and submerge in the Godavari.
I would sacrifice my life to save you.
He said, not only the President, but he
wouldn't listen to the Prime Minister.
Everyone is participating in this
great work because of your order...
But he alone is daring
to stand against you!
Has there ever been anyone in this village
who has dared to disobey you till now?
Settle this matter immediately.
If he doesn't apologise to everyone
and give the rings by tomorrow morning,
I will outcast him from this village.
Why are you fighting for
just a couple of rings?
Look, we belong to different religions.
We opposed everyone to marry each other.
But you...
You want to oppose the villagers
and lose the girl you love, do you?
Yes, son. Think about it again.
Have you gone crazy?
This is the one thing I wished wouldn't
happen and it is happening now.
Useless rings,
why don't you give them away?
This is not about rings, Chitra.
It is about my self-respect.
That is not your self-respect Shiva,
that is your ego.
You want to roam around like a
hero in front of all the villagers.
That is your ego.
I am not interested in being a
hero in front of those buffoons.
I won't do what I don't believe.
That's my self-respect. That's not ego.
Name it whatever you want.
But remember one thing,
I don't know how much you love me
but I love you more than you can
ever imagine since my childhood.
Can't you do this for me?
Chitra, don't merge two different things.
Now they are merged, Shiva.
The first people to proclaim that Earth
is spherical were thrown stones at.
They bashed people who told the truth.
Why did he not unite with
others and opposed them?
Take it easy.
Shiva, no matter how much you think,
you have just two options.
Either live in accordance with society,
or leave everything and live alone.
They won't let you choose a middle way.
He won't come. He won't come.
Shiva would never give his rings away.
How long should we wait? It's been
two days since we have eaten anything.
Look here, my stomach is filled with gas.
Give me your permission, and I will...
Mr. Daniel, forgive me.
Forgive me, Mr. Brahmam.
Forgive me.
Mr. President, forgive me.
It was my fault that I questioned
your beliefs. Forgive me for that.
But this is my belief.
I won't give it away.
When the whole village is donating
their gold, what's your problem?
Even they don't want to donate it.
But they are afraid of confessing it.
How can we expect to buy God by giving the
gold back to him that he himself made?
I don't see the devotion in this act,
I see only fear.
What are you talking about?
Are you declaring the
President's beliefs as superstition?
He has built so many temples
and religious places.
Do you know the history of his family?
Are you out of your mind?
For whose benefit are you building temples
and decorating God's idols with gold?
Just to get their family names imprinted
on the tiles and steps of the temple?
Even in this,
I see only self-boasting but not devotion.
What are you talking?
Since the matter has come this far,
let's settle it here.
I and your daughter are in love.
If I won't give you these bloody rings,
I know the entire village is my enemy
and you won't give your
daughter to me too.
Still, I won't give them away.
How dare you!
How can you wrong the President's family?
Come back.
Siri! Siri!
Call her.
Do it.
She is already on the call.
I don't know how much you love me
but I love you more than you can
ever imagine since my childhood.
Do you think I would just bow my head and
go away as soon as you outcast me?
If you won't go away, I will outcast
your family from this village.
Nobody from this village will
ever talk with your family.
You can survive with others not talking
to you but I and your mother can't.
Think about it once again.
If needed,
I would fall on his feet to forgive us.
But please think again.
Give that...
Throw the fake ones in the river
and we shall pocket these real gold.
Citing various reasons...
Experts around the world claim the
disaster on 21st December 2012 is imminent
They are scared.
Brahmam... What are you planning
to do with your share of the money?
I'm planning a trip to Bangkok!
What will you do in Bangkok?
I'm going to unload all my
piled-up libido at once!
Unload what?
What does it mean?
By the way, what will you do?
I'll go to the Vatican and meet the Pope.
From there I'll directly come to Bangkok.
What does it mean?
By the way, sir... What will you do?
Look, the thing is...
Since I am a disciple of Mr. Brahmam,
I too shall follow him to Bangkok...
What will you do there?
What else?
[crowd]: Shambho Shankara!
[crowd]: Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
[crowd]: Shambho Shankara!
Shambho Shankara!
[crowd]: Hallelujah!
[crowd]: Shambho Shankara!
[crowd]: Hallelujah!
[crowd]: Shambho Shankara!
[crowd]: Hallelujah!
[crowd]: Shambho Shankara!
I have melted all our
selfishness into one single entity and...
Children of God,
you may now stop your fasting.
Our prayer has been sent to the Almighty.
You may go and eat.
You may... Wait... Wait...
Fools! Hungry fools!
Such a feat was once achieved
by Saint Bhageeratha.
After him, it's only you.
Mr. Bhushanam, I think you are
praising him way too much. Be careful.
Brahmam, shall I tell you something?
Every man in this world is a beggar.
The one who is in hunger begs for food,
and the one with a satiated
stomach begs for validation.
That's what I'm doing...
Mr. Brahmam just told me a good news.
We both are a family.
Just forget about the nuisance caused
by Shiva. I don't have any objection.
Hey! Come here.
My son respects you a lot.
Bless me, Uncle.
He won't go against your word.
Although you have stopped
the cataclysmic event,
the villagers are still
fearing any untoward event.
If you want to eradicate that,
Mr. Brahamam has a suggestion
that you get your daughter and
my son married on the same day.
Is that it, Mr. Brahmam?
What do you say, brother-in-law?
What will I say? You have reinstated my
pride in this village. I agree to it.
Come, come.
What about my half acre of land?
Let the marriage conclude.
You'll get your share.
Brother-in-law! He has a valid point.
What is that?
If Shiva finds out about
the girl's marriage...
He might enter the village
and cause a ruckus.
Then all your sacrifices for
the village will go in vain.
- Muthyam...
- Sir?
Ask our men to seal the village borders.
If he tries to enter, ask them to break
his limbs and throw him in Godavari.
Okay, sir.
Prabhavati! Prabhavati...
I have fixed Chitra's
marriage with Kasiraju.
The marriage will take place tomorrow.
I don't agree with this!
The priest will be here
first thing in the morning.
Start the preparations.
Mom, I don't like him.
I don't want to marry him.
This is the fate of every woman, dear.
The men enslave us in a golden cage and
tell us that we have been taken care of.
Our choices and desires
don't matter to them.
I have been passionate
about music since childhood.
But, after I grew up...
But my father didn't let me
pursue music as I was a girl.
And now I'm not allowed to even hear
any song on TV because of your father.
I'm well respected for being
the wife of the President.
People talk about the dress I wear
but no one cares about my inner feelings.
Chitra, I don't believe in God.
But I visit the temple so that I can
enjoy momentary freedom at least.
Are you thinking that suicide
is much better than living such a life?
Do you know the greatest
gift man possesses?
We, women,
possess that a little more than men.
You will get used to it!
You will get used to it!
You will get used to it!
[mobile ringing]
- Siri darling?
- Kasiraju, where are you?
Where would I be... I came to the
farm to have some coconut water.
Is it true that you and
Chitra are getting married?
It is true, darling.
I was about to call you.
Her dad forced me into this alliance.
But you know, right?
That I love you a lot.
Your talk seems weird.
No, no. I'm talking in a lot of pain,
that's why it must be sounding weird.
Forget everything.
Come to my farmhouse in the evening.
We shall leave for the neighbouring
village and get married there.
After that,
the entire day we shall have fun!
I doubt your intentions.
Don't you trust me?
I know you wouldn't trust me.
I swear on my Goddess.
If you still don't trust me,
I can't help it, darling.
[singing song]
Hi, bro.
Hello, bro.
Hello, bro. Is this yours?
It's okay.
I don't mind having other people's food.
Bro, you are getting a call.
Did you run away from your marriage?
Is it a love failure?
Hello, bro... pick up the call,
it might solve your problem.
Let me pick it up.
Hey, Shiva! Why did it take
so long to pick up the call?
I thought you committed suicide already.
Until now it was your turn to dance,
but now it is my turn.
I'm going to marry your
lover and take her to bed.
I'll look straight into her eyes and...
All my frustration on you since my
childhood will come kicking all at once...
- Oh no!
- I'll have my revenge.
Bro, I beg you, stop the bike.
Stop the bike.
I'll give back your fritter.
Don't be angry with me, please.
I'm going to faint. What is this speed!
This guy is riding the bike at jet speed.
Save me!
I beg you, please stop the bike.
Stop it. He stopped.
Wait, wait. Don't go.
Hey, rascals.
Why are you taking so much
trouble for that damn cycle?
Aren't you doing the job of security
for a damn bottle? Do your job.
Rascals! Go to hell.
Let's go.
I found something.
I too found something.
What is it?
You show me first.
Did it not reach God yet?
I'm having the same doubt.
Let's throw it away. Otherwise,
we would have to face the cataclysm.
Don't be scared.
We didn't steal it from God.
Goddess Godavari has gifted this to us.
Did you forget what
grandpa Devudu told us?
Even when what we deserved didn't
reach us, I came back to form.
Don't be afraid.
Do you think we should keep it?
If the President finds this out,
he would kill us.
He would not buy us a cycle either.
Damn that President!
Who needs his wretched bicycle?
We shall own Benz like the celebrities.
Why are you doing all this?
Stupid fellow! Don't you know?
Nobody will touch this now.
Are we not searching for the cycle?
What will do with that spear? Come.
The sinner has entered our village again.
If he stays in our village,
all our sacrifices will go in vain.
So I order the villagers to hold
him captive and offer him to us.
Your Daniel.
Shiva, leave me.
Don't hit me. Shiva!
Leave me. Shiva! Kill him!
Uncle, I thrashed that
Shiva and brought her here.
This is the price we pay
for giving you freedom.
Why did you come here? They would come
here looking for you. Get away from here.
Please go away...
Come, they should be somwehere around.
They are here. You go away.
Where is he? Where is he?
Where is he? Tell me.
- Where is Shiva?
- What happened?
- Hey! Search inside!
- Oh no!
If you don't tell us where he is...
Where is he?
I don't know.
Come, let's go. He is running away.
That is the fear of Kasiraju!
Let's go guys.
We'll get him some other time.
How will the cataclysm take place?
How long will it take for
the world to be destroyed?
Shiva, what shall we do now?
Will it happen in seconds?
Or will it take hours?
Or will it deteriorate over a period
of a few days and then demolish?
Is the Mayan calendar
responsible for human extinction?
Or is Dec 21st the day when the alignment
of all nine planets would take place?
The reason could be anything
but the common factor is
the fear in every human being
about the impending judgement day.
The event destined to happen
will definitely happen.
When in need, both ideas and
opportunities would find their way to you.
The entire universe would
conspire to help you.
It would happen elsewhere
but it would happen here.
Hello, ONG.
Hi, everyone.
What is this?
I accidentally stepped on a landmine that
I planted. It happens when I'm tipsy.
Thank God, you didn't die!
I have an extensive plan around you.
Don't disappoint me.
Lord Ram never doubted
Hanuman's capabilities.
Javed Ibrahim never doubted Chota Shakeel.
- Its Dawood Ibrahim.
- Yes, Daud Ibrahim never doubted him.
Not did Balayya distrust Boyapati.
You must trust me. Otherwise, I'm leaving.
Will you not stop me?
Its alright.
In first grade,
I loved to eat chalk pencils.
You sacrificed your chalk
so that I can eat them.
You got me two fryums in my second grade.
You brought me three
nuts in the third grade.
And in fourth grade...
Stop your blabbering!
Will you listen to the plan?
Sure. One second.
What are you looking at? Get the load.
Shiva, why don't you teach them English?
- Ask them to get the load!
- Oh...
I just no...
I remember how you beat me in the
tenth grade because I disobeyed you.
Tell me, what do I have to do?
Who are you?
Why did you...
Why did you get me here?
I have a job for you.
You are the hero.
Everything is set. Ready?
Interesting. But I won't do it.
I heard you are trying to get into movies.
There is a comedian role in Rajamouli's
next movie. I'll get you that role.
A comedian's role in Rajamouli's movie?
No. Let that be.
Sreenu Vaitla and Mahesh Babu
are getting together for a film.
I want a debut in it.
Let's see if you can do that.
Double done then!
Wait and watch me!
The day when the world is
gasping its last breath.
The day of the world's catastrophic event.
Is the world ending today?
Is the world perishing today?
To know the details
Stay tuned to, TV 777.
[song playing]
[mobile ringing]
[song playing]
[Sanskrit chants]
Your prediction has come true.
The cataclysm stopped before
happening all around the world.
Praise the lord!
This was not my prediction,
I'm not responsible for any of this.
I just repeated what Jesus
told me in my dreams.
Witness the marriage.
What a misfortune!
For the first time, we are attending
a marriage without any jewellery on us.
Even the President's daughter is
wearing rolled gold jewellery.
By the way,
did we really avoid the calamity?
Yes, it has stopped.
Sit down, everybody. Witness the
marriage with a peaceful mind.
[Sanskrit chants]
Sir, I've been just a servant all my life.
I have never earned a penny in my life.
Please sign this check for me.
Let the marriage conclude.
I'll pay what you deserve.
We should be nearing the auspicious time.
Start playing the instruments!
[Sanskrit chants]
[cow mooing]
[baby crying]
[goat bleating]
Nothing happened...
Please continue...
"He has come... Lord Shiva has come."
The Shiva Shankara Varaprasad show begins!
Here we go.
[sound of an explosion]
There is pandemonium all over here.
Dude, there is no signal.
Priest, is this the calamity?
Are we going to die?
How would I know?
Cable Seenu, cut all the channels
broadcasting in Bedurulanka.
Now, whatever we say is the news!
Kishore, show us your talent.
God doesn't show mercy on us.
As predicted by the Mayan calendar...
According to the prophecy
of our Sri Veerabrahmam...
The catastrophe has commenced.
Hey, Bloody Bhushanam! Didn't I warn
you not to play games with God?
You showed me the dreams
of Bangkok and shit! You idiot.
- Wait till everything is...
- Shut up, idiot!
What is this? Is it raining?
What is this?
Hey, Daniel!
Ew! What the hell, Daniel!
Why the hell are you peeing on us?
You look very pretty in this attire,
I want to smoke.
I'm dying here with tension!
You and your stupid jokes!
Do you care only about my beauty
and not about my feelings?
Feelings are very volatile, Chitra.
But beauty has at least
5-6 years of guarantee.
What do you say?
Do you want proof?
- What?
Go ahead with one.
[sound of an explosion]
[speaks in Spanish]
What is this? I don't understand anything.
I'm going to tell you the secret behind
this master plan. Listen carefully, dear.
That's it!
Shiva! Did you do all this for me?
Don't get excited! I did start this for
you but there is still a lot to do.
Breaking news!
The continent Antarctica is no more.
A tsunami has consumed
the whole continent.
There is nothing to be censored here.
It got consumed and washed away.
Oh Shit!
The cataclysmic event just crossed
America and has reached Europe.
Visuals, please!
Bro, the megacities are being
washed away into oceans.
Our whole village is surrounded by water.
In case of a cataclysmic event,
the first village to go down will be ours.
Let's run away from here
and save our lives.
Shiva... Shiva... Can you hear me?
Oh, shit!
I'm coming.
- Brother in law!
- No relations are excused!
If anyone steps ahead,
I'll shoot down their heads. Wait there!
Wait there!
Mr. President, do something!
Stay there. If you come ahead,
I'll shoot you down.
He is taking away the boat.
Who will save us?
Hello, Mr. Bhushanam!
What are you doing here?
The whole world is going down.
The neighbouring villages
just got washed away.
Our village is much better comparatively.
Please take me along with you,
I beg your mercy.
Get down. Get down my boat.
- Mr. Bhushanam, please have some mercy.
- Get down. Get down, I say!
Sir, Sir! Please don't leave me here.
Mr. Bhushanam! Please help me,
God will grant you heaven.
If you want, I'll give away my rings.
Such a nasty piece of work he is!
He is coming back.
Is he coming back to take us along?
[indistinct voices]
Our village is much better.
The neighbouring villages have
already been washed away.
Brother-in-law, I used swear
words for you. please forgive me.
Everything is finished.
The villages are being washed away.
Everyone is going to die.
Do you know get it?
It was not a dream, it was the truth.
There is going to be a cataclysmic event.
Estan Listos Mu cha chos (Spanish)
Are you ready, guys?
You have planned this on a scale
equal to Hollywood movies. I love it.
"Your heart is wavering with freight..."
"Death is looking straight into your eyes"
Look at those flowers.
Now I will teach you a lesson.
Mr. President, everything is happening
as Mr. Brahmam had predicted.
"Where will you go? You can't escape."
"You will get dizzy!
You will get stunned!"
It's a sin, dude.
What are you looking at? This is being
planned by our gang.
Look at the wonder that is
happening in our village!
It is exactly like Mr.
Brahmam had predicted.
Look what happened,
My bull gave birth to a piglet
It's strange.
How did it come to have hair?
The bull gave birth to a piglet.
It's really weird.
"Your heart is wavering with freight..."
"Death is looking straight into your eyes"
Check the radio.
Shiva, we also have a radio in our house.
Isn't this your dialogue?
Why is she rehearsing it?
She snatched it away from me.
You couldn't tell me "I love you" even
though I've loved you since childhood.
How can I trust you with a half-page
monologue in front of the entire village?
Give me that.
Take this.
Whoa! I'm a one-time learner!
Is it?
The neem tree giving milk in Khammam.
Are you wondering?
Yes it is absolutely true.
Is this stated By Sri Veerabrahmam?
Visuals please, if possible...
[indistinct voices]
You, wretched!
You, wretched!
You tricked your own village
due to your selfishness.
You used swear words for the elders.
You caused your parents
to shed tears publicly.
disowned the girl who loved you.
You chose those materialistic
rings over your own people...
Now that death is impending, you beg
for refuge in the same village, do you?
Wretched person!
Forgive me, Chitra.
Forgive me.
Everybody forgive me.
I'm responsible for the catastrophe.
Because I chose to keep
these wretched rings.
I don't want them anymore.
Catastrophe! I have corrected my sins.
grant me atonement and stop your ravage.
- ONG!
- Hey tell me...
Speak properly.
Tell me, madam.
One more.
- Full or half or qurter?
- Full.
[sound of an explosion]
[indistinct voices]
The catastrophe didn't
stop despite my atonement!
Who would save us?
Who would stop this catastrophe?
Just one person!
Who is he?
Mr. Brahmam!
I will create the Atma Linga with
shining, lightning...
and stop the doomsday
Mr. Brahmam?
Where is Mr. Brahmam?
Just once, Kantham. I locked up my
libido all my life. I can't anymore.
I want to enjoy that pleasure
just once before I die.
Sir! You are a great sage. You should
not hold my legs. I will be sinned.
I'm no sage. Forget about everything.
Just agree this one time.
It's wrong, Mr. Brahmam...
Don't be misguided from your
path like sage Vishwamitra.
Don't forget your words.
Create an 'Aatmalingam'
and save the village, great saint.
There is no such thing called Aatmalingam.
Don't test my patience.
There is just rice in my stomach,
which I had this morning.
Please! Please, Kantham.
Just do it once with me.
You gave pleasure to the whole village...
but you refuse me, though
I'm pleading in front you.
You will rot in hell.
I curse you.
Don't get angry, Mr. Brahmam.
Since you are pleading with me,
how can I say no to you?
Kantham! Kantham!
Please Kantham.
Shall we throw it in the Godavari?
Stupid fellow! Wait!
It will be our resort if the
Aatmalingam doesn't work.
If the whole world is devastated
and only our village is remaining,
we will be the richest people.Come.
Kantham... Kantham... Kantham...
Please open the dooor.
Must you arrive at this moment?
There he is! Mr. Brahmam,
save us from this catastrophe!
Come! come!
- Forgive me.
- No... No... Don't.
I was a fool to speak ill to you.
I used cuss words for you.
I created an obstacle for
your world-saving penance.
Forgive this sinner and get that out.
- What?
- Lingam! Aatmalingam!
Is this all your sketch?
Definitely, I'll get it out...
But before that,
you all must close your eyes and pray.
Your eyes are incapable of tolerating
the luminance of Aatmalingam.
Close your eyes.
Mr. Brahmam is running away.
Chase him. Chase him.
Come, come.
[indistinct voices]
Why is Mr. Brahmam running away?
He is scared for his life, Mr. Priest.
He is scared that he will lose his
life if he takes out the Aatmalingam.
But isn't the lives of all the villagers
more important than one person's life?
What should we do now?
If the chicken refuses to give the egg,
where could the egg be?
In its stomach.
Then where is the Aatmalingam?
In his stomach.
Then why are you wasting your time? Let's
tear his stomach and get the Aatmalingam.
Oh no!
Breaking news,
Vatican City is shattered into pieces.
If the house of the saviour goes down,
who shall we pray for our safety?
[indistinct voices]
Don't worry. I won't kick you this time.
Children of God, don't fear.
Come near. Come near.
Do you remember what our
Saviour Mr. Daniels said to us?
If required, I'll carry that cross like
Jesus and submerge in the Godavari.
I will give my life to save yours.
Why is he provoking the villagers?
- Where is Mr. Daniel?
- There he is.
Catch Mr. Daniel.
Now, who shall beat whom?
This is revenge.
I, the utmost sinner,
will beat you, the noblest soul.
How will I beat you?
Like this. Like this.
Such that your skin comes off.
What did I hit you with?
I hit with a whip.
Stop this.
[indistinct voices]
"Their tounges which spoke rubbish..."
- Are now pleading for life.
- They will kill me... Forgive me, Father.
Even if I forgive you, the Lord will
never forgive you.
Are you here to take me with you?
Jesus came to take me along with him.
Look up.
"You will get dizzy!
You will get stunned!"
- "I'll make your life hell..."
- They are coming.
I'll disrupt your lives, if I'm angered."
"I'll ruin your lives, if you poke me"
As expected, the catastrophe has reached
the continent of South America.
Sadly, the whole continent
is crumbling into pieces.
Hollywood actors are all washed up.
Breaking news!
The heroine of the movie Titanic,
Kate Winslet,
has been found floating away on the
same table she used in the movie.
Let's hope she survives.
The catastrophe is about to
crumble the continent of Asia.
Shiva is scaring the hell out of the
villagers using my cable TV network.
Do you have any other doubts?
What if anybody uses a D2h network
instead of a cable TV network?
Who uses a D2h service in our village?
Kasiraju. He is the only one in this
village using the D2h service.
I wanted at least one pic
with you before I die.
Now if I die,
there's no one to honour my death.
Should I check the status of the calamity?
No, no, these TV guys exaggerate
everything and scare us even more.
I'm going to die of
the tension either way,
I'd rather watch the live telecast.
I'll play it.
It's not as if I won't see it
won't happen. I'll play it.
I'll play it.
I must be hallucinating.
Would I find any pretty girls in heaven?
Oh God! He came again
you have a pretty setup hidden inside.
I always had a hunch about you...
that you seem to be a good boy but
your true nature is uber-raunchy.
Come out, let's have a drink together.
What do you fear about now?
Kasi, come out, please.
Let's have a drink together.
Shiva, where are you? Over.
You, idiot. We are going to die anyway.
What are you scared of now?
Bloody, coward!
You were always scared of
people judging you, weren't you?
Why do you care about people?
It's over.
You live another couple of hours.
Everything is finished.
Hey, live your life to the fullest
at least on your last day...
Like Kasiraju!
Like a lion in the jungle! Like Shiva!
Leave me, Raja.
- Leave me, Raja.
- Shut up.
Not a single time have you slept with me,
but you took all my money...
and on top of that,
you called me impotent.
Today I'll show you, whether I'm impotent
or you are incapable.
- What is this?
- She is mine.
Hey, my rascal father!
Leave me, Raja.
What did you say?
I should keep my activities secret!
What I do is unethical and immoral.
How does it matter where I'm doing that?
Savitri, this rascal,
when I came home drunk...
asked my mother to fry
an omelette for me.
Wait, I'll drink the whole bottle
and puke an omelette on your face.
Hold this, Savitri.
What did you say?
No matter how rotten you are from within,
but you must display a posh outlook,
is it?
You forced me to live a life
as per wish all my life.
Now when we are about to die,
why would I live a life as per your wish?
I would live my last moments on my terms.
Come, Savitri,
let's live our life on our terms.
They call him something. What is that?
Are you Bedurulanka's Chiranjeevi?
You, bald head!
Hey, original! Original!
Today onwards,
I am Bedurulanka's Chiranjeevi.
Today onwards,
I am Bedurulanka's Chiranjeevi. Only me.
Who am I?
Bedurulanka's Chiranjeevi.
Look, I'll dance like him as well.
[humming a song]
Stop... Stop right there.
Why has he come here?
Why are you sitting all dolled up?
Wear this too, it'll look good on you.
There you go.
You look awesome!
Dear father-in-law, please accept my
greetings; My foot.
You and your self-boasting family!
I'll slash you into half.
Look, I'll rip you apart.
I'll hack you.
Be careful, they are sharp.
This Kasiraju is the king
of Bedurulanka for the day.
Krishna river has risen above the
danger level. In a few hours,
it is going to drown the famous
Goddess Kanakadurga's idol.
Mr. Brahmam had already
warned us about this.
Siri! Siri!
Move aside.
Siri! Siri!
Hey... Move aside.
Siri! Siri!
Siri, please forgive me.
I have hurt you a lot.
What happened to her?
Look, that bald guy influenced me.
I agreed to marry that girl just for
money and out of jealousy over Shiva.
But I truly love only you.
Forgive me and I'll die peacefully.
Did you forgive me?
I'm thankful that you forgave me.
Shiva, I feel so relaxed.
I didn't know that being
yourself gives so much pleasure.
I like this feeling, like I've gotten rid
of something extremely heavy,
like taking a piss during
the interval of a movie,
like riding the Titanic
on the river Godavari.
[sound of an explolsion]
I love this feeling so much.
I'm high even though I'm not high.
You sure are.
Why are you staring at me?
Look, how happy I am.
How delightful I am.
Come, Siri.
Did you see it?
If you bring out your original
self not even death can scare you.
Look, how happy he is.
Lust, anger, greed, temptations, pride,
and envy are Arishadvargas.
The six enemies of human existence
which we can't see. They trick us.
They stop us from discovering the
truth and make our lives miserable.
No one knows his time of
birth or his date of death.
But we are fortunate that,
God has told us that the next few hours
are our last moments on this planet.
At least now remove the masks
covering your tainted souls...
You would be blessed with a human life...
in your next birth rather
than being a dog or a cat.
Move aside...
- How dare you cheat us!
- Save us.
You should be killed.
Wait. Wait. Kill him. Kill him.
Stop it. Stop it.
You made them Godmen
with your superstition.
What's the point of killing them?
You must first mend your ways.
Gentlemen, please forgive us.
We made a mistake. Please forgive us.
Please forgive me.
I utilised the foolishness
of Mr. President...
and made an elaborate plan with
these two to loot the entire village.
Here is your gold.-How come he has those?
You silly fellow. We were holding on
to the duplicate ones all the while.
Forgive me, sir.
Don't look at me like that.
It's not just me,
the entire village has fooled you
by showering false praises on you.
Now I'm going to commit a good deed.
I should do that.
Kantham! Come.
What does this bald-head
want from Kantham?
Since the death of her husband,
she has been my mistress.
Shameless fellow.
We have a son too.
- Subba!
- Yes!
- Come here.
- A climax full of twists!
He is my eldest son.
What will be his situation in the morning?
Everyone in this village
called him the son of a...
But I declare it to everyone,
he is my brother.
I'm going to marry Kantham right here,
right now.
I have not married at least once..
Second marriage for you?
Do you vermillion, Mr. Priest?
Go, marry her.
I have two mothers.
I have two mothers.
Dear God! How can I show my
face to my great grandpa up there?
Such deeds in my rule.
Suseela, forgive me.
I used to visit Kantham too.
You are very beautiful but I
couldn't share my fantasies with you.
But Kantham used to understand them
without me telling her anything.
Nice! You are a playboy!
Sundaram, I too had fantasies...
but I felt
awkward sharing them with you.
- Forgive me, brother.
- Hey!
Get up. Get up. What happened?
I have an affair with your wife.
What the hell!
Forgive me, dad...
Mother and I had planned to kill
you as you were not giving us any money.
You planned to kill him?
Forgive me, daughter-in-law
I was jealous seeing
my son closer to you...
That's why I stole your necklace
and made him beat you for losing it.
I never knew this village
had so much stink.
I killed my dad, Father.
I give you all my properties. Throw that
umbrella away and die as a landlord.
Here, these are deities' ornaments.
I had stolen them.
[voices muted]
Hey, who are you guys?
Did you see this?
Everyone cheated us.
You exiled me because I
didn't give my two rings.
You are God's children and I am Satan,
ain't I?
Everyone had kept a private stash...
If God really exists, he will certainly
make you all go through hell.
All our neighbouring
countries are falling apart.
I'm going to die as the last
newsreader to present news on TV.
[sound of an explosion]
Oh my God!
Ok guys.
We'll meet in heaven.
Khuda Hafiz!
What are you worried about?
Live your life as you want.
There is no tomorrow for us.
Enjoy your last few hours, guys.
"If you don't know the
purpose of your life,"
"how does it matter when you die?"
"If you don't know how
your death should be,"
"how will you know how
you should have lived?"
"Take off the masks."
"Present yourself."
"Live an unabashed life."
"There's death in front of you."
"Don't fear what you see."
"Cherish the present and live carefree."
"No being can escape death but
only humans fear it, nobody else!"
"Religions, History, Castes, and
Community everything will get wiped off."
"Someday, we must cut off the relationships we
cling to and the excess hair on our heads."
"Beat the drums... Dance to the tunes..."
"Beat the drums... Dance to the tunes..."
"If you strive in your life for someone's
"that's not success,
you are cheating yourself!"
"If we change our behavior at every
instance, we are the biggest fool alive."
"Karma will come back to hit you"
"The attachment you have got this body..."
"is useless because this
is not who you are."
"How can you live,
if you don't realise who you are?"
"There are many doors to
open and paths yet to be explored"
"Beat the drums... Dance to the tunes..."
"Beat the drums... Dance to the tunes..."
"If you don't die."
"If you live forever."
"That's a cursed life!"
"If you don't lose."
"If your victory is certain."
"Then that game is a waste!"
"Oh, dear! If you live a thousand years
like this, what's the use?"
"If your heart isn't content!
How can you live?"
"Living just one minute with empathy towards
others is a great step towards a fulfilling life."
"Beat the drums... Dance to the tunes..."
"Beat the drums... Dance to the tunes..."
What is this?
Nothing happened?
Oh no!
Greetings to all Bedurulanka
City Vision News viewers.
Today's headlines.
The white crows you have seen...
The daisy flowers on the tamarind tree...
The piglet which came out
of a bull laden in grease...
The blood that fell from the sky...
Damn it! They don't know how to write...
I've lost the interest to read
the news and my mood is ruined.
But still, I'll continue.
The blood that fell from the sky...
and the
off and on booms you heard yesterday
All of them were created
by Shiva and friends.
Going into the details...
The people who considered Shiva to be
the biggest wastrel in the village...
Expressed their happiness
after it was proved...
that everyone was a
bigger wastrel than him.
Taking us into the details...
The head of our village, the president
and if he accepts to be my father-in-law..
Will take you through.
Now I understand.
It is hard for all of you to face each
other after whatever happened last night.
Tonight, I'm marrying my
daughter to Shiva at my home.
All of you are welcome.
As no one can see each other in the dark,
you won't feel the oddness.
The good which never happened any where
in the world, happened in our village.
[wedding chants]
Only we know how mean
we were until yesterday.
everyone of us know about eachother.
From today onwards, with
our new characters...
Let's live an open life.
[wedding chants]
Chitra! I feel like smoking.
How can you smoke here.
We are married, now.
Come here.
Take this two hundred and make it fast.
Play the percussions.
[wedding chants]
Great grandfather...
My son-in-law is great at
throwing spears than you.
Bless them from above.
Shiva! One is left, shall I throw it?
Why take it back?
Did you see, what TV 777 said is trrue.
No calamity occured.
From the beginning,
to help ignore these rumors...
we are happy to say that we
spear headed this campaign.