Bee Team (2018) Movie Script

Hey, hey, hey,
take a picture
Hey, hey, hey,
take a picture
Everybody wants to share it
with you
So hey, hey, hey,
take a picture
One, two, three,
repeat after me
I want to live my life
and live it fancy-free
And if we walk that line,
we were born to shine
Oh, baby, start your engine,
put your hand in mine
I want to see you smile at me
so I can get to know you
Hey, so many things I want to
finally get to show you
And every day is not the same
as every day before it
And life can keep on coming,
baby, let's enjoy the moment
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh,
ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Hey, hey, hey,
take a picture
Hey, hey, hey,
take a picture
Everybody wants to share it
with you
So hey, hey, hey,
take a picture
So strike that pose,
stand on your toes
Baby, you could always come
and show me how it goes
And if you find your place
with a smile on your face
We'll remember what we did
and with our steps retrace
Shake a little, take a little
time to make a funny
Laugh a little, find a way
to make it bright and sunny
I can hardly wait to see
what life is gonna show me
And every single day I wish
the world could get to know me
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh,
ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Sing like this
Da-da, da-da-da, da
Da, da-da-da-da
Da, da, da, da-da, da, da,
da-da, da da-da-da-da...
Zip, of the Super Amazing
Bee Squad Squadron has scored!
Great job finding
this clover field, Zip.
Why, thank you, Zap.
How the in the zzz-world
did you ever find this place?
We've been all over
these woods all season,
and I have never seen
this field.
I followed the light.
You mean the sun?
Indeed, Zap.
I've heard the older bees talk
about using the sunlight
to point them to food,
but I didn't know what they
were talking about until now.
We can follow the light
to find food!
Mm! Guess this means
we're growing up.
We're learning everything we
need to know about being a bee.
Not so fast, Zip and Zap!
You're not quite all grown up
No way you are.
Hey, Manny.
Hey, Lanny.
What are you two doing here?
We're getting the pollen
out of these flowers
to take back to the hive.
That's what we're doing!
Wait just a minute!
How on zzz-earth
did you two find this place?
We followed the light.
Tell 'em, Zip.
That's right.
We followed the sun.
Well, well, well!
So you two little larvae
think you can do
what we grown-ups can do, huh?
We're not larva anymore.
You might not be larva anymore,
but you're still wet with dew
behind the ears.
Finding a field of clover is
just the tip of the honeycomb.
Harvesting enough
to keep us warm
and fed for the entire winter
is another thing entirely.
You got to big, strong,
and smart for that kind
of zzz-work, honey squirt.
Don't call me that!
Forget it, Zap.
They're right.
But pretty soon,
we will be big and strong,
and we'll be able to help
our hive
every bit as much as you guys.
We shall see about that.
Lanny and I are
the strongest bees in the hive.
We collect the most honey
and make the best beeswax.
Nobody can catch us.
Let's hurry up and collect as
much pollen as we can, Lanny,
and let's get it back
to the hive by nightfall.
The queen is waiting!
Yeah, and, boy,
will she be proud of us
when we return with
all this toothsome pollen.
She'll celebrate with a dance.
And a song.
And a flight!
I just can't wait!
Oh, let's get buzzing.
Observe and learn how it's done,
little larvae.
See you zzz-later.
Hey, guys, wait up.
Catch us if you can,
honey squirts!
Catch us if you can, larva!
Hey, we're not larva!
We got to make it to the hive
before they do, Zip.
Let's do it.
We're faster than they are.
Yeah. We might be young,
but we're fast.
And we have a secret weapon.
We do?
Hyper flight engage!
Zip and Zip, the coolest Bee
Squad Squadron in the forest,
reporting to the hive.
Hold it.
Just where do you two think
you're going?
We're full of delicious
We're on our way
to fill our honeycombs.
And impress the queen!
Nobody goes anywhere
without checking in first.
But the... the queen is due back
from her afternoon flight
any time!
Yeah! We need to get to our
honeycombs before she gets back.
Not so fast!
I need your name, your badge
number, ID, punch card.
Oh, boy.
There's only 50,000 bees
in our hive, Sebastian.
How can you not remember
who we are?
Name, badge number,
ID, punch card.
I'm Manny.
And I'm Lanny!
And we need to get
to our honeycombs before...
- [BRITISH ACCENT] Sebastian.
- Uh, y-yes, my queen.
The season is nearly over,
How are we
with honey manufacturing?
Our... Our bees have gathered
a significant amount
to last the colony all winter,
my queen.
Have all our bees returned
from foraging?
Yes, my queen.
All bees are present
and accounted for,
including these two latecomers,
Manny and Lanny.
Hey, we're not latecomers.
We're fashionably late.
That's the same thing.
Where are you two coming from?
From our honeycombs.
Your honeycombs?
Yeah! We just finished
filling them with nectar.
Just in time
for the queen's return.
Wait! I thought we got here
first. How the...
We had our name, badge number,
ID, and punch card ready.
into the hive before you did.
That's not fair!
That's not fair!
In honey and hive...
...all is-zzz fair,
Attention! Attention, bees!
Gather 'round.
Queen Eleanor would
like to thank you all
for a very successful
foraging day.
Quiet your buzzing, everybody.
Queen Eleanor is about
to address the hive.
Thank you, Sebastian.
I want to thank every bee
who's worked so hard this season
to collect so much honey
for our hive.
Without your dedication,
we wouldn't be able to...
bzz!... thrive.
I inspected the honeycombs,
and I want to congratulate
all of you,
and in particular,
our littlest ones,
Zip and Zap,
for a job well done.
Hey. That's us.
The queen is congratulating us,
Pinch me, Zip.
Even if the honeycomb
barely contains
the teeniest amount of pollen,
it's the effort that counts.
Teeniest amount?
They're still barely
out of larva stage, after all.
Hey, we're way out
of larva stage.
We're way out.
We have to find more flowers,
We have to collect
more pollen, Zip.
We have to produce more honey!
We have-zzz to make more wax.
We have to...
Queen Eleanor? Queen Eleanor?
What's the buzzing all about,
The queen is giving a speech,
The honeycombs...
They're empty!
What on zzz-earth do you mean?
I was inspecting the honeycombs
like I do every day.
That's when I noticed
all our honeycombs
are completely empty!
How is that possible?
I inspected the honeycombs
this morning!
And I inspected them
this afternoon.
Are you sure they are empty,
I just came from the hive.
The honeycombs are empty!
To the hive!
We must find out what happened!
B... My Queen!
We can't go running
into the hive.
Who took the honey
could still be around.
It could be dangerous.
A lot of animals are known
to steal our honey,
and many of them
are not very friendly.
Like bears.
And badgers.
Manny, Lanny,
do a perimeter check.
Make sure our hive is safe.
If there's any trouble,
I want every bee
to keep your stingers ready.
But only use them
in case of an emergency.
Otherwise, remember
the best bee defense is flight.
Keep safe, my little ones.
The combs are indeed empty,
Queen Eleanor.
We looked everywhere,
but there's not a single trace
of the thief.
Or the honey!
Who could have taken it?
Everybody in the forest
loves our honey.
It could've been anybody.
It took us all summer
to gather our winter supply.
We won't be able to survive the
cold season without our honey.
What are we going to do?!
We'll collect more honey!
Lanny and I are fast and strong.
We'll visit all our best
clover fields and...
The cold is fast approaching,
There just isn't enough time
to collect all the honey we need
for the winter months, no matter
how fast and strong you are.
- But then...
- Without honey,
we can't feed our young
and ourselves.
I'm afraid our colony is doomed.
It can't be!
There must be a way!
Our colony must survive!
Queen Eleanor, Zap and I
will get our honey back.
We will zzz-find out
who took our honey
and get it back from them.
Absolutely not.
I will not let you...
- Let them finish, Sebastian.
- But, Queen Eleanor!
All bees deserve to be heard,
even the youngest ones.
But they'll never make it!
They're barely out
of larva stage!
Young, tiny, and puny!
Go ahead, Zip and Zap.
We might be young,
Queen Eleanor, but we're smart.
And adventurous.
We can find our honey.
And save the hive!
I have listened to you,
Zip and Zap,
and I thank you
for your dedication to our hive.
- And?
- And?
I'm afraid that's just
too far dangerous a mission
for two bees so young.
- We will go, Queen Eleanor!
- Yeah!
We will find who stole the honey
and get it back from them.
Manny and Lanny, are you really
ready to risk your life
to get the honey back?
Yes, my queen!
Yes, my queen!
It was our idea.
Yeah, Queen Eleanor.
It was-zzz our idea.
You heard the queen,
Zip and Zap.
The mission is too dangerous
for you.
You're too young
and too inexperienced yet.
But, Queen Eleanor...
Don't be impatient, little ones.
Your time will come.
Manny and Lanny,
I commend you for your courage.
You will depart for your mission
tomorrow at dawn.
Yes, Queen Eleanor.
Yes, Queen Eleanor.
Yours will be
a very dangerous mission,
but I want to say I'm very proud
of you for volunteering.
And while I do not relish
the idea
of sending any of my bees out
to pursue a honey thief,
I have the utmost faith
in your tracking skills
and your dedication
to your hive.
Remember, you don't have much
time before the cold comes.
You must be quick.
Our hive depends on you.
Yes, Queen Eleanor.
Yes, Queen Eleanor.
Remember, we never fly at night.
Our zzz-sight
is simply too poor,
so we must use the sun
to navigate.
So make sure you come back
to the safety of a hive
before the sun sets.
- We will.
- We will.
I wish you luck.
Thank you, Queen Eleanor.
We won't let you down.
We'll come back
with the stolen honey by sunset.
And be the heroes of the hive.
We should be going, too.
It was our idea.
Maybe we can convince the queen.
She'll never let us.
We're just too young, remember?
But there are things
you're better at doing
than Manny and Lanny.
Hoot-Hoot, what are you doing up
in the middle of the day?
A lot of fuss in these woods
these days.
All this bee hullabaloo
just woke up me... again.
Did you say there are things
we're better at doing
than Manny and Lanny?
I did.
Like what?
We can't track
like Manny and Lanny can.
We're just not old enough.
Think about what you can offer
that Manny and Lanny can't.
What skills do you two have that
Manny and Lanny don't have?
Our eyesight is better
than Manny's.
And we can fly faster
than Lanny.
Both those things are important
if you're going to get
your honey back.
But we're not trackers.
We wouldn't know where to start.
Well, that's where I come in.
- You?
- You?
I saw the thief
who made away with your honey.
It made a lot of noise
and... and woke me up.
I can point you two
in the direction he went!
No zzz-way!
Hoot way!
And if you're heading
in the right direction,
you'll be able to see farther
and move faster
than Manny and Lanny, right?
Manny and Lanny
can follow clues,
but they would never be able
to catch the thief.
They're just not fast enough.
This is the perfect opportunity
to show our hive
and Queen Eleanor
that we're not just two bees
barely out of larva stage.
- Yeah!
- But tell us, Hoot-Hoot...
Who took our honey?
I don't know!
What do you mean,
you don't know?
You said you saw a culprit
get away with our honey.
I did!
At first I thought
it was a bear,
a bear standing on two feet
with barely any hair.
A bear?
With barely any hair?
Yep, but, uh, then,
at closer inspection,
he didn't look like a bear
at all.
It has to be a bear!
What else is there?
That looks like a bear?
That can stand on two feet
and reach all the way there?
I don't know.
All I know is that he hardly had
any hair.
A baby bear!
He was too-hoo-hoo big.
An old bear?
Hmm. Mm.
He was too-hoo-hoo small.
That's a zzz-puzzle.
It is!
I was too-hoo-hoo far
to get a better view,
and my eyes are too-hoo-hoo-hoo
poor during the day.
But at least I saw
which way he went.
That's zzz-great, Hoot-Hoot.
We can navigate the trees
faster than Lanny and Manny.
And see farther.
And now we know which way
the thief went.
We'll retrieve the honey
before they do.
All right, the rest of you bees,
pair up in twos
for a pollen and nectar hunt.
The foraging season
is not over yet.
But our honeycombs...
They're all empty!
Even more reason
to get foraging.
Remember, a bee never stops
bee-ing bzz-y,
no matter what happens.
Now, off you go.
The day is young,
and the flowers are waiting
for pollinators!
We'll pretend to go off
with the others.
Instead, we'll fly in
the direction Hoot-Hoot told us,
find the honey thief, and come
back to the hive as heroes.
That sounds like a plan
to me, little ones.
Thank you for all your help,
Oh, don't mention it.
[SIGHS] Well, that's
enough excitement for me.
I'm off to my cozy nest
in the tree trunk for a nap.
A nap?
But it's morning!
You forget owls are nocturnal,
Oh, yeah.
See you later, little bees.
Bye, Hoot-Hoot.
Thanks-zzz, Hoot-Hoot.
Zip and Zap
of the Bee Squad Squadron.
Ready for a new adventure.
Hey, Lanny.
Do you see any clue?
Not a single one.
Do you think a ghost
could've taken our honey?
A-A ghost?
Do you really think ghosts
like honey?
I don't know.
I've never met a ghost before.
Well, hopefully we don't
meet one this time.
What is it, Manny?!
A ghost?!
A paw print!
Whose paw print is it, Manny?
I don't know.
I thought you were the best bee
tracker in the forest, Manny.
I am, but this looks like
no print I've ever seen before.
A mystery track.
A mystery thief.
Which way did it go?
- That a-way!
- Let's go, Manny!
Let's find the mystery thief!
And get our honey back!
You think the bear lives here?
I don't know.
Let's check it out.
Two little honeybees!
How woof-woof-adorable.
Oh, hello there.
Who are you?
I'm Danny the Dog.
We've never seen a dog before.
We're woof-woof-woof-smart
and woof-woof-woof-friendly!
And who are you?
- I'm Zip.
- I'm Zap.
Together, we are...
...the Bee Squad Squadron.
Two adventurous bees...
...on a mission!
A mission?
How super!
What kind of mission is that?
To find our zzz-stolen honey.
Somebody stole your honey?
Yeah. We suspect a bear
is the culprit.
A bear with no hair.
A bear with no hair?
Uh, that sounds like
a strange bear indeed.
It stole your honey, you say?
Yeah. It stole the honey that we
worked all year long to collect.
Aw, shucks!
I sure wouldn't want you
little guys to go hungry.
Is there anything I can do?
Can dogs make honey?
Nope, but I can fetch and sit.
That's not gonna help us, Danny,
but thanks anyway.
But maybe I can help you find
the honey thief!
You can?
Sure bones.
I'm a dog!
Dogs can sniff out things.
Come a little closer,
little bees,
so I can sniff you.
What ever for?
I can tell you which way
the honey thief went.
You can?
Mmm! Yum!
Delicious honey smell
left a trail
in the woof-woof-woof-air.
The thief went...
...woof-woof-that way!
How did you do that?
Dogs have super noses.
We can recognize a smell
from another very easily,
and I tell you,
your honey went that way!
Super cool super nose,
Danny the Dog.
Just zzz-incredible.
Thanks-zzz, Danny.
You're very
ZIP: We're on our way
to getting the honey back.
Say, I wonder where Manny
and Lanny are right now.
Look over there, Lanny.
It's a field
of wild pea blossoms!
I love wild pea blossoms!
We should get some nectar
before we chase after the thief.
Yeah. A-A little nectar
to see us through our journey.
It's still early in the day.
We have all the time
in the world.
- Dibs!
- Hey! Wait for me!
Look at those
funny-looking guys-zzz, Zip.
Look at those enormous teeth.
And those flaring nostrils.
And those-zzz gigantic eyes.
Let's go talk to them.
Maybe with those eyes-zzz,
they saw which way
the thief went.
goes there?
It's us.
Us who-whoo-whoo-whoo?
- I'm Zip.
- I'm Zap.
Together, we are...
...the Bee Squad Squadron.
Two adventurous little bees...
...on a mission!
Oh! There you are.
You're so small
I almost missed you!
Which you're supposed to be.
We are-zzz bees!
And what are you?
Why, I'm Mr. Hay Neigh.
I'm a wild horse!
What else would I be?
Sorry, Mr. Hay Neigh.
We are just barely
out of larva stage.
And we've never seen
a wild horse before.
Well, that's no excuse.
Take a look at my legs.
Zzz-long and sturdy.
Th-e-e-ese are horse's legs
and are made for running!
And, uh, have you seen
my teeths?
Zzz-biggest chompers
we did ever see.
These are horse's teeths
and are made for grazing!
To tell you the truth,
Mr. Hay Neigh,
we were more interested
in your zzz-enormous eyes.
Ah, yes. My eyes.
These are horse's eyes.
They're made for seeing far
and wide.
That's what we figured.
Mr. Hay Neigh, could you tell us
if, with your enormous-zzz eyes,
you happened to see...
See who?
A bear.
A bear?!
A bear with-zzz hardly any hair.
A bear with hardly any hair,
you say?
Have you seen him?
I did see somebody carrying
honey just this morning.
- You did?
- Yeah.
He-he-he was carrying
a whole lot of honey, too.
Munching and, uh,
and chewing on honeycomb
and licking his paws
all-all-all-all-all along
the way.
He could've been a bear
with hardly any hair.
We got to catch up with him
before he eats all of our honey.
Say, Mr. Hay Neigh?
Did you see which way he went?
He went that way!
Thanks, Mr. Hay Neigh.
No p-p-problem!
- You see any tracks, Manny?
Uh, nope.
But check this out...
a clover field!
Smell those blossoms.
Oh, inhale that scent!
Say, Manny,
the day is still young.
Let's stop
for a quick zzz-snack.
What do you say?
Great zzz-idea, Lanny!
We'll catch up
with the honey thief in no time.
Yeah. Right after we fill
our little nectar tummies.
Count me in!
Name, badge number,
ID, punch card.
It's lunchtime, Sebastian.
Have all our bees returned?
It looks like all but two...
uh, Zip and Zap.
Our littlest ones.
I wonder where they might be.
Hey, Zap, look.
It's a beehive.
You think they can help us find
the honey thief?
Let's ask.
Looks like nobody's home.
Should we knock?
Should we-zzz call?
- Should we...
- Psst!
- Who's there?
- It's me! Marty the Mouse!
Did you say Marty the Mouse?
That's what I said.
What's-zzz a mouse?
It's me!
I'm Marty, and I'm a mouse.
And if you're referring to two
or more of us, it's called mice.
We've never seen a mouse before.
Or mice.
Now you have.
You're kind of cute.
And kind of fluffy.
I'm kind of me... Marty!
Mice... [LAUGHS]...
to meet you, Marty.
Good one!
Uh, what are you two little bees
doing around these parts anyway?
Don't you know it's dangerous?
We saw a beehive and thought we
could ask the bees to help us.
Find our stolen honey.
But all the bees are gone.
And the hive is empty.
Why would they just abandon
a perfectly good hive?
Don't you little ones
know anything?
What do you mean, Marty?
- Don't worry. It...
It won't last long.
You can breathe now.
It's safe.
Safe as it'll get, anyway.
What was that zzz-stinky...
Ha! That, my little bee friends
is called pesticide.
- Pee...
- ...zzz-decide?
That's why the bee colony
moved on.
They couldn't find any flowers
that weren't covered
with this sticky...
[GASPS]...stinky stuff.
So they said, "See you later."
The ones that stayed...
didn't survive.
They didn't zzz-survive?
We lost so many bees
and so many other
woodland critters to pesticide.
This stuff smells awful!
Well, of course it does!
It's poison.
Who would poison the field?
Um, that would be the seed farm
up the hill.
- The zzz-seed farm?
- Yeah.
The seed farm hired Pete
the Pilot to dust their crops
on a regular basis.
- Zzz-why?
- Ha!
To keep little creatures like me
from getting a free bite to eat.
They'd rather poison
their own food
- than share?
- That's right.
What about when they eat
that food?
Doesn't it hurt them?
Well, sure, it does, but I guess
it's better than sharing.
Who are these zzz-creatures?
They're called humans.
- Humans?
- Yeah.
A strange sort,
some of them real mean,
some of them,
like my friend Sonny, real nice.
Who is Sonny?
I'll show you.
See that farm?
That's where Sonny lives.
You see,
Sonny is a young human pup.
When I was just a few days old,
Sonny found me
in an abandoned nest...
just a teeny, tiny pup myself.
You were abandoned?
Where did your family go?
They took off
as soon as Pete the Pilot
started dusting the field.
They went looking for
a clean meadow far from here.
What about you?
I was so little,
they overlooked me,
and I was left behind.
That's when my human friend
Sonny found me.
He raised me from ye little
on nuts and seeds and honey.
Those were the days.
Why don't you leave, too, Marty?
No way!
My friend Sonny lives here.
His father is Pete the Pilot,
you see.
What I say is if this place
is good enough for the human pup
who rescued me,
it's good enough for me!
Did you say the human
fed you honey?
We're looking for some honey
that was stolen from our hive.
Stolen by who?
Our friend Hoot-Hoot the Owl
said it looked like a bear.
But he hardly had any hair.
That sounds like a strange bear
Hoot-Hoot is a night animal,
and he can't see so well
during the day.
So we think
that maybe he wasn't a bear.
Was it, uh, a goat?
What's a goat?
Don't you little ones
know nothing?
A goat is a ruminant
with two stomachs,
two horns, and four hooves.
What else would it be?
Does she eat honey?
What about your human friend
Does he eat honey?
Oh, yes!
With milk and bread and cereal!
And everything is good
with honey!
Do you think a human
could have stolen our honey?
Oh, yeah.
You think so?
Humans take whatever they want.
They never ask permission.
Because they're humans.
That's what they do.
But that's not nice.
Yeah. Like I said,
they're a strange sort.
Hard to figure out...
nice, not nice.
Well, that's humans for you.
Say, Marty, do humans have hair?
Hardly any.
Just like the bear.
With hardly any hair.
Maybe we should look into
these-zzz humans.
We definitely should.
Hmm, good luck, little bees!
Hope you find your honey!
Thank you, Marty.
See you, Marty.
Whoa, Lanny!
Check this blossom out.
It's so sweet!
That's nothing, Manny!
I just tasted the most
buzz-licious nectar ever...
Oh, yeah? But have you tried
the thistle blossoms?
Oh, look!
It's sweet clover!
Over there.
Let's try some.
You think we'll still have time
to look for the honey thief?
Sure, we will, Lanny.
The day is still young.
You make a lot of sense, Manny.
Aw, thank you, Lanny.
Let's-zzz try that sweet clover,
Hey, Zap, look over there.
A pond.
ZAP: You think that's where
the human lives?
Marty said the human lives
on this farm, and here we are.
Zzz-so maybe the human lives
down there by that pond.
Let's check it out.
Here-zzz comes Zip and Zap,
the coolest Bee Squad Squadron
in the forest.
Cool gliding, Zip.
Thanks, Zap.
This is-zzz where humans live.
A kind of odd place for somebody
who can build flying machines
and seed farms.
Well, remember
what Marty said...
Humans are a strange-zzz bunch.
Are you guys real bees?
What else would we bee?
Why do you ask?
Well because since
Pete the Pilot
has been spraying insecticide
all over,
there's hardly any bees left.
So we've heard.
And who are you?
I'm Rita, and I'm a frog,
and I'm sure happy to see
there's some of you bees left.
So now I can eat you.
- What?
- Eat us?
Yeah. Sure. Why not?
I'm a frog.
We love to eat all types
of insects,
and since the insecticide has
done away with most critters,
I've been living on a diet
of gnats and horseflies.
I need to switch
my protein intake a bit.
Getting bored
with the same old same old.
Ribbit. So come on over.
Let me have a snack.
No way!
You can't eat us.
All right.
I figured you two wouldn't
want to end up frog snack.
Back to the gnats and flies
I go.
But say, what are you two doing
out here?
Aren't you scared
you're gonna be sprayed?
We're not scared.
We're Zip and Zap of
the Amazing Bee Squad Squadron.
And we're on a mission.
A mission?
Somebody stole our honey.
And we're on a mission
to find the thief...
...and get our honey back.
Do you have any clues?
Well, at first we thought
it was a bear...
...with hardly any hair.
Not possible.
I might be a lowly little frog,
but I know bears have hair.
A bear has-zzz hair.
But a human has hardly any,
A human?
You think a human stole
your honey?
- Yeah.
- Oh, tadpole.
You're in trouble now.
Why are we in trouble?
A human never,
ever gives anything back.
They take and take
and never give anything back.
Look at this tiny little pond.
What about it?
It used to be a lake!
ZAP: A lake?
Where did all the water go?
Humans took it to water their
crops and never gave it back.
Oh, no!
We're in trouble, Zap.
If a human took our honey...
...we're never gonna
get it back!
What are you little bees
gonna do?
I have an idea.
What is it, Zip?
Remember what Marty said
about humans?
"They're a strange sort.
Some of them real mean."
Some of them, like his friend
Sonny, real nice.
That's right.
We've got to find Sonny.
He will help us.
A nice human?
Never heard of that.
Why, you learn something new
every day.
Let's go, Zip.
Zip and Zap of the Amazing Bee
Squad Squadron flying on.
Hey, if you find one
of those nice humans,
tell them to put the water
back on my lake!
ZIP: Will do, Rita.
And thanks.
Whoa, Lanny! [CHUCKLES]
What a great zzz-day!
Fragrant and de-e-e-e-licious!
Say, I almost forgot
what we're doing out here.
Let me correct that...
I completely forgot
what we're doing out here.
Uh, collecting pollen?
Uh, making wax?
Um, finding new flowers?
I'll tell you, Lanny,
all those are great ideas.
Just awesome ideas!
What should we do next...
collect pollen,
make wax, find new flowers?
What about trying out some of
those de-e-e-e-licious-looking
sunflowers way over yonder?
You have the zzz-best ideas,
What can I say?
That's how my little bee brain
just one great idea
right after another.
That's why I love you, Manny.
Let's check
those sunflowers out!
Hey, look down there, Zap.
Do you think that's a human?
Too much hair.
Well, whatever it is, it might
know where we can find a human.
Let's-zzz go ask.
- Hey there.
- Hello there.
What is this annoying buzzing?
- It's us...
- ...Zip and Zap
of the Super Amazing Bee Squad
I knew it.
I shouldn't have eaten
all that alfalfa.
I think my upset stomach
is making me hear things.
You're not hearing things.
It's us... two buzz-z-ing bees.
Oh, you.
What are you two little things
doing so close to my eardrums?
Are you trying to deafen me?
Oh, we're sorry about that,
My name is Mr. Pretzels.
And who might you two
buzzing little things be?
You're certainly not flies.
We're zzz-bees.
I remember bees.
Haven't seen the likes of you
around here in a while,
and now, all of a sudden,
here you are.
What are you doing so close
to my eardrums, pray tell?
We're looking for a human.
You wouldn't happen to be one,
would you?
A human?
Oh, moo!
No, of course not!
Humans stand on two feet
and surely have no horns
that I've ever seen.
I'm a bull!
A bull?
We've never seen a bull.
Well, now you... moo!... have.
So what's the buzzing all about?
We're on a mission... find our stolen honey.
And we think a human stole it.
ZAP: But we don't know
what a human looks like...
...and if they're mean...
...or if they're nice...
...and if they'll
even give us back...
...our stolen honey.
Well, well, well!
That's a lot of questions
that I myself cannot answer.
You've never met a human?
Oh, but I have.
I've met many.
But, you see,
there are all kinds.
So it's hard to tell
what they're all about.
What kind are you looking for?
The nice kind.
Ha ha!
You're in luck, then!
You want to meet Sonny.
He's a young human,
and he's really, really nice.
He brings me alfalfa
all the time.
Sometimes too much.
Like today.
He gave me so much alfalfa,
I think my two stomachs
are about to explode.
He's the human
we're looking for.
Where can we find him?
Around this time,
Sonny is feeding the goats.
If you hurry your little...
moo!... wings,
that's where you'll find him.
The goat pen is that-a-way!
Let's go, Zap.
Thank you, Mr. Pretzel.
Don't mention it!
Say, you want to stick around
while I regurgitate my cud?
You're missing a great show,
Oh, well.
Never... moo... mind.
Hey, Zap,
you think that's a goat?
Oh-zzz, I have no idea.
Let's ask.
Hey there, mister.
We noticed you have two big
horns sticking out of your head.
Are you a goat?
These are not horns.
They're really big ears.
And I'm not a goat.
I'm a rabbit!
My name is Pumpernickel III.
Who are you?
We're Zip and Zap,
and we're bees!
And we're on a mission.
We're looking for a human
named Sonny...
...who can help us find...
...who stole our honey.
Whoa, whoa!
Sonny was just here.
He brought us carrots.
And timothy grass.
And meadow hay.
And who are you?
I'm Pumpernickel IV.
And you?
I'm Pumpernickel V.
There's a lot of you guys.
Of course there are!
We're rabbits!
We have big old families.
We wouldn't want it...
...any other way.
Just like us bees.
If you're looking for Sonny...
...go see the goats.
That's what Mr. Pretzel said.
We just don't know
what a goat looks like.
A goat is a ruminant
with two stomachs.
Two horns and four hooves.
Just like Marty the Mouse said.
I think now we can find
the goats.
Let's go, Zip.
Thank you, Pumpernickels III
through IV.
Zip and Zap,
the Mighty Bee Squad squadron,
are off to find the goats.
There's a goat.
Wow, Zip!
I think we're actually learning
a lot on this trip.
We met a mouse.
- And a frog.
- And a bull.
And rabbits!
And now a goat.
Baa! Bees!
Yeah. You got it.
We're bees.
And you're a goat, right?
That I am.
My name is Wheezy Chomps-A-Lot,
and I'm a very smart
and very old goat.
So old, in fact,
I remember when this place
was full of... ma-a-a!... bees
and lakes and frogs
and crickets and lizards and...
Whoa! This place
must have been ama-z-z-zing.
Absolutely breathtaking.
And now?
Now not so much.
Since the seed farm up the hill
started spraying pesticide,
a lot of creatures big and small
have moved on.
You think
they'll ever come back?
If humans start acting like
they're part of this land again
and treat it with respect,
they might.
It all depends on them
and the decisions they make.
Sounds like a lot
of responsibility
for a creature
with hardly any hair...
...or big ears...
...or horns
and only one stomach.
That's true, but they do have
big brains and opposable thumbs.
They can do much more with that
than any other creatures
with lots of hair
or wings or horns or big ears
or two stomachs.
Speaking of humans,
we're looking for one of them
in particular.
You are?
His name is Sonny.
Ah. Sonny.
Of course.
He was just here feeding me
my favorite... hay.
Why are you looking for him?
We're on a mission... find our stolen honey.
And we're hoping Sonny...
...can help us-zzz find
the human who took it.
Oh, if anybody can,
that's Sonny.
you guys just missed him.
He went to feed Ronnie Tiptoes,
the hog.
How do we find Ronnie?
Just follow
the oink-oink-oinking
all the way to his pen.
What ever happened to
my littlest ones, Sebastian?
I don't know, my queen.
Surely they're on the way back.
Soon we'll hear
their little buzz-z-ing wings
and see their cute little faces
approach the hive.
I'm sure.
Any minute now.
Oh, Sebastian, I'm so worried.
Did something happen to them?
Did something happen
to our littlest bees?
Worry not, my queen.
I'm sure they will be back safe
and sound
before the sun sets.
And when they do, I'll give
those two little rascally bees
the zzz-lecture of their lives!
I hear the oink-oink-oinking
Wheezy Chomps-A-Lot told us
That must be Ronnie Tiptoes.
Let's go ask him about Sonny.
What an amazing sight.
I never thought I'd see the,
What are you guys doing
around these parts?
We're Zip and Zap,
and we're on a mission.
A mission.
Count me in.
Missions are my life.
Who are you?
I'm a superhero in disguise...
...a masked secret operator,
an undercover
super-secret swine agent.
- You are?
- Yep!
I work undercover for
all the animals big and small
who had to leave this place
because of the pesticide.
I keep them current
on what's going on.
No way!
You see,
before the seed farm started
spraying pesticide around here,
this place used to be
a real paradise.
Bees pollinated the flowers
and made de-e-e-e-licious honey.
The frogs croaked,
and the crickets sang.
It was pure heaven.
And then Pete the Pilot
started spraying.
Oh, but don't blame
Pete the Pilot for this mess.
Why not?
Oh, you're just too little
to understand.
Try us.
Back in the days of his youth,
Pete the Pilot used his plane
to fly honey to market.
Pete the Pilot made honey?
His bees did.
There was so much honey,
so many bees.
Everybody loved Pete's honey.
Then one day the seed farm
bought the land next door
and they started spraying
And all the bees left,
and there was no more honey.
Pete was going to lose his farm.
What happened?
To keep his farm,
Pete the Pilot had to use
his plane to spray pesticide,
working for the seed farm.
Pete the Pilot is forced
to spray poison on his own farm
- so he can keep it?
- Correct.
On his farm
and all the land around it.
You're quite smart
for such tiny bees.
We learned a lot on this trip,
I think you could say
we're all grown up now.
I'm not so sure I want to be
grown up anymore.
Why is that, little ones?
Well, if to grow up is to learn
that everything is not as safe
as we thought...
...and there are so many things
that are sad...
...and so many things are bad.
Growing up is not what
we thought it was going to be.
Waah! I want to go back
to being a larva!
Me too!
Don't cry, little bees.
You grow up to understand
there are things that are bad
and things that are sad.
Growing up also means
you can do something about it.
You... You can?
Of course!
Take me, for example.
I refused to be just another...
...little farm pig.
I went to super-secret-agent
hero school,
and now I'm working
to turn things around.
Y-You are?
But how?
Not alone.
That's for sure.
I was looking for the perfect
allies, and now I've found you!
- Us?
- Us?
That's right.
Now, I'll take you to meet
little Sonny.
Oh, the time
to turn things around has come.
Ready for a new adventure.
You betcha.
I'm an undercover agent,
a superhero pig
who's on a mission
to save this land
and all those living on it,
including the humans.
Whoa, Ronnie!
This-zzz is the most
amazing adventure...
...of our lives.
There will be many more
adventures, little ones.
I guarantee it!
But hey, there's Myrtle the Cow.
Let's go ask if she has seen
Hey, Myrtle.
My goodness.
If it's not
Ronnie the super pig.
I thought you were undercover.
I am, but two special guests
have come to visit,
and for them, I'm prepared
to reveal myself to the world.
The time has come, Myrtle.
Oh my, Ronnie.
Who are these special guests?
Introduce yourselves
to Myrtle, guys.
Hi, Myrtle.
I'm Zip.
And I'm Zap, and we're...
- Bees!
- Yep.
Two bona fide...
Oh, my.
It's been so long
since we've seen bees.
What a... moo... sight.
Oh, don't cry, Myrtle.
I'm not crying.
I'm just allergic to hay.
That's all.
Oh, Myrtle!
You've always been a softy.
Well, what can I... moo... say?
I miss the old days.
The old days will return,
Now, will you tell us
if you've seen Sonny today?
Yes. He just came by to feed me
some yummy sweet hay.
He was going to the chickens
Oh, thanks, Myrtle.
Let's go to the chickens, guys.
This way!
Hey, Cluckity-Cluck.
Hey, Ronnie. Something must be
brewing on the farm.
Something is sure buzzing,
buzzing, buzzing,
buzzing on the farm.
- Look what I've found.
- Flies?
Well, Ronnie, how many times
do I have to tell you?
Just because you're
an undercover superhero,
it doesn't mean
you can keep your quarters
looking like a pigsty!
No wonder flies
are following you around.
They're not flies,
Look again!
We're bees!
I'd be an Easter egg.
Did you say you two are bees?
Yeah, two little bees...
- ...on a mission...
- find our stolen honey.
Somebody stole your honey?
You caught me. It was me.
I stole your honey.
- The bear...
- ...with hardly any hair...
...who doesn't look like a bear
at all...
....nor looks like a goat...
- ZIP: ...or a frog...
- ZAP: ...or a bull.
He looks... nobody at all.
It was me.
I took your honey.
I shouldn't have.
I'm sorry I did.
You're zzz-sorry
you took our honey?
I am very sorry.
I will give it back to you...
- all of it.
- Wait.
The frog said humans take honey,
water, and everything else
from the rest of the animals
and never give it back.
That's true, but not always.
You see, little bees,
not all humans are alike.
Some are mean.
And some are nice.
Just like Marty the Mouse said.
Are you a nice human, Sonny?
Well, I did take your honey.
So that doesn't make me
very nice.
But you're willing
to give it back.
Which makes you totally nice.
But why did you take our honey,
Because, well,
when I was a little boy,
this farm was a magical place,
with lakes, fruit trees,
and so many wildflowers.
Frogs croaked and crickets sang.
And there were plump worms
in the earth to pluck.
And bees.
And the bees made honey...
...and pollinated
the fruit trees.
Oh, my moo!
And I was hoping
that by taking your honey...
...and selling it
at the market...
...we could make enough money
to save the farm...
....and keep his dad, Pete the
Pilot, from spraying the fields. the bees
could come back...
...and everything would return
to the way it was.
So you see, little bees,
I'm your honey thief,
for which I am sorry.
But your intentions-zzz
were good, Sonny the Human.
Yeah. How can we blame you
for trying to save your home?
And all the animals
that live on it.
You forgive me?
Of course we do.
That's wonderful!
And now that we have both
of you here, humans and bees,
it's time to unveil
my super secret-agent plan.
- A plan?
- Yes.
I have a secret plan.
Come closer
and listen carefully, everyone.
There. All your honey
is back in the hive.
Thank you, little human.
We're grateful
you returned the honey to us.
And for that, we'll colonize
all the beehives your father,
Pete the Pilot, built,
just like Ronnie the Super
Secret Agent Pig suggested.
That's right!
Sooner than you know,
all the beehive will be filled
with bees.
And honey...
...that Pete the Pilot
can take to market...
...and sell...
...and make enough money... save the farm...
...and stop the spraying...
...of yucky pesticides.
As long as you leave enough
honey for us bees to survive on,
we'll gladly give you
as much honey as you need.
Thank you so much,
Queen Eleanor.
You're very welcome,
little Sonny.
I hope you learned your lesson,
young boy...
that bees need honey to survive,
just like you need
your human food.
I am very sorry.
All is forgiven, little Sonny.
Now, please, will you join us
in celebration
of our littlest bees,
Zip and Zap,
who have returned to the hive
as heroes?
- We have?
- You certainly have.
We're heroes, Zip!
Awesome, Zap!
Pinch me, Zip!
You deserve it, little ones.
Super Amaz-z-z-ing
Bee Squad Squadron... formation!
Celebratory zzz-flight...
We're heroes, Zap.
We're all grown up, Zip.
And now what, Zap?
Now we prepare.
...for our next Super Amazing
Bee Squad Squadron adventure.
- Whoo-hoo!
In all the excitement,
I forgot about Manny and Lanny.
Where could they be?
Say, Lanny, have we tried
some of that horsemint blossoms
over yonder?
I don't think we have, Manny.
Well, I sure think
we should have a go at it.
What says you, Lanny?
I say you're the most smartest
bee in the world, Manny.
Thanks, Lanny.
Say, you remember
what we were doing out here
in the first place?
Sampling pollen?
Uh, sipping dew?
I'm not sure about any of it,
One thing I know...
...we're having the time
of our life!
What do I see over there?
Hey, hey, hey,
take a picture
Hey, hey, hey,
take a picture
Everybody wants to share it
with you
So hey, hey, hey,
take a picture
One, two, three,
repeat after me
I want to live my life
and live it fancy-free
And if we walk that line,
we were born to shine
Oh, baby, start your engine,
put your hand in mine
I want to see you smile at me
so I can get to know you
Hey, so many things I want to
finally get to show you
And every day is not the same
as every day before it
And life can keep on coming,
baby, let's enjoy the moment
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh,
ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Hey, hey, hey,
take a picture
Hey, hey, hey,
take a picture
Everybody wants to share it
with you
So hey, hey, hey,
take a picture
So strike that pose,
stand on your toes
Baby, you could always come
and show me how it goes
And if you find your place
with a smile on your face
We'll remember what we did
and with our steps retrace
Shake a little, take a little
time to make a funny
Laugh a little, find a way
to make it bright and sunny
I can hardly wait to see
what life is gonna show me
And every single day I wish
the world could get to know me
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh,
ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Sing like this
Da-da, da-da-da, da
Da, da-da-da-da
Da, da, da, da-da,
da, da, da-da
Da, da-da-da-da-da,
Da, da, da-da-da-da,
da, da, da
Da, da-da-da-da, da-da-da,
da, da, da
- Da-da-da-da-da-da
- Yeah, yeah
Da, da-da-da-da-da,
Da, da, da, da-da,
da, da, da-da
Hey, hey, hey,
take a picture
I said hey, hey, hey,
take a picture
Everybody wants to share it
with you
So hey, hey, hey,
take a picture
- Take a picture
- Take a picture
Hey, hey, hey,
take a picture
Hey, hey, hey,
take a picture
Everybody wants to share it
with you
So hey, hey, hey,
take a picture
Hey, hey, hey,
take a picture
Hey, hey, hey,
take a picture