Beebo Saves Christmas (2021) Movie Script

There once was
a fuzzy little town called "Bo".
It was a typical town
as fuzzy towns go.
But at Christmas time,
it had an extra warm glow.
Sadly, however, that was long ago.
Today, everything is just go, go, go.
But among all the critters
bustling to and fro
was a Christmas-loving creature
named Beebo.
And Beebo loved everything
there was about Christmas.
The fun and tradition,
he made it his business.
Including much to
this orator's frustration.
Taking over the part of
the Christmas narration.
I la-la-la-la-la-love the holiday
Strike the bells, it's Christmas Eve
We're one day out, I can't believe
We've got so much to celebrate,
it's almost wait
Recheck the date
Yep! The hour are getting fewer
I'd hold my breath
but I'd just turn bluer.
Got my traditional holiday list!
Each box gets a check
Well, you get the gist
I sang Christmas carols,
made angels in snow
Then offered my finger
to help tie a bow
I la-la-la-la-la love the holidays
It's Christmas time
Beebo styles
I la-la-la-la-la love the many ways
we celebrate this special day
There's nothing to sing about, Beebo.
Not when it's Christmas Eve
and I haven't finished
my Christmas shopping yet.
Oh, Turbo! Christmas isn't
about shopping.
It's about
so many other wonderful things!
Remember when we used to go door
to door singing Christmas carols?
I have eight hours to get my three
children their one big gift, Beebo.
I don't have time
for these things anymore
I'm not la-la-la-la-la listening
It's Christmas time
Beebo styles
I la-la-la-la-la love things
a certain way
You'll come around,
it's just been awhile
None of that now, Beebo.
I'm to busy finding the perfect
holiday meme to send to my followers.
Now what will get more likes?
Cat dressed as Santa?
Or a snowman-fail?
Why don't you just send out
old fashioned Christmas cards?
Do you know
how many followers I have?
That's a lot of stamps to lick.
Oh, but remember
how we used to send out together?
You'd stuff 'em
and I'd lick 'em shut!
Dun't fuhget, I gut a grut tung
for lucking Chrustmus stumps.
There's no time! Look at
all the things I have to do first.
I'm la-la-la-la-la looking
the other way
It's Christmas time
Beebo style
I la-la-la-la-la love things
a certain way
You'll come around,
it's just been awhile
Carrots and cookies!
What a lousy combination.
Don't be silly, Fleabo!
The carrots are for the reindeer.
The cookies are for Santa.
How could you forget?
We used to eat the raw cookie dough
until our stomachs hurt
from eating raw cookie dough.
I've got more important things to do.
I'm la-la-la-la-la-laughing
your words away
It's Christmas time
Beebo styles
I la-la-la-la-la love things
a certain way
You'll come around,
it's just been awhile
You may have found,
as I was dancing through town
That among all the smiles
there were one or two frowns
But there's no need to worry,
no reason for pause
'Cause I sent off a letter
to my friend Santa Claus
And that's the thing about Santa,
he won't fuss or complain
He'll be on this dilemma
just like candy or cane
I love how la-la-long
this songs going for
It's Christmas time
Santa never fails
I la-la-la-la-la left a word with him
I'm sure he reply is in the mail
"Dear loyal customer.
A form letter.
Someone should tell Beebo he needs to
take down his Halloween decorations.
"Loyal customer"?
Beebo, is that you? What's wrong?
My wish has been received?
"Thank you for your interest"?
That's not how Santa talks.
First, my friends are too busy
to take part in out traditions
and now I get an auto-reply from...
The North Pole Care Team?
What if something's wrong with Santa?
I've got to get to the North Pole
And there's only one logical way
to get there.
Mr. Postman.
Take me to the North Pole.
Oh, gee, Beebo. I could, but
I've got so many holiday deliveries.
You wouldn't get there
'til after Christmas.
Even express mail. Sorry.
I understand.
Have a merry Christmas, Mr. Postma...
That's... That's some dry skin,
Mr. Postman.
You should moisturize those hands
before they crumble
like Christmas!
I've got to get to the North Pole
to save Santa.
Coming Santa!
Look out! Coming through!
Gotta save Santa!
Watch it, kid. I'm trying
to deface this poster of Santa.
Oh. Sorry, Fleabo.
But why would you want to do that?
Santa's the best.
Because he makes us
wait until Christmas for deliveries.
Hasn't he ever heard
of express shipping?
But he's already got a mustache,
already has a bear.
Can't even graffiti this guy.
How about an eye patch,
hat and blacked out tooth?
Good one!
That will get Santa
to pay attention to me.
I tried writing him a letter,
and all I got was this.
That's the same one I got.
I knew something was
wrong with Santa.
I was just going to the North Pole
to check in on him.
You're going to see Santa?
Then I'm coming with you.
See, I knew you care about him.
Care? I want to give him
a piece of my mind.
Did you say
you're going to the North Pole?
Yeah, something's wrong with Santa.
I'll say! He's got an eye patch
and a missing tooth.
No, I mean, he doesn't seem himself.
Fleabo and I both got form letters
from the North Pole
so we're going to check it out.
Then I'm coming with you!
Hop in, I'll drive!
You want to help save Santa too?
No. I want to get my kids
the new Gaming Wow: X edition.
Everyone's sold out.
I sent a letter to Santa
to see if he had any
and his reply just said,
my wish was received.
You got the same form letter?
Hey guys, over here!
I got a new app
that turns everyone into reindeer.
You can't post that.
My head's a heiny!
If everyone's getting
these form letters
then something is
definitely wrong with Santa!
That's why we're going
to the North Pole to save him.
Really? Then I'm coming too!
Finally, someone wants
to help save Santa.
A selfie with Santa is exactly
what I need to really go viral!
Well, at least I got
some friends to join.
Hey, gang!
We're about to take
a trip to the North Pole
to get a selfie with Santa.
And lodge a formal complaint.
And find a Gaming Wow: X edition.
But really to check
on 'ol Saint Nick!
And I will be posting
the whole thing on my profile
so keep refreshing that feed!
Wait! Santa doesn't
need to refresh his feed.
He sees us when we're sleeping,
he knows when we're awake!
He hears us
when we're screaming from a car!
We're coming, Santa!
Starting directions
to the North Pole.
Look at this! A holiday road trip
with all my friends!
Arrived at: North Pole.
Wow. That was closer than I thought.
I can't believe
we're actually at Santa's workshop!
What's up, 'bo hive!
We're approaching Santa's workshop.
Wow. Snows a lot harder
at the North Pole.
What is this place?
GPS says we're at Santa's workshop.
That can't be.
Where are the lights,
where's the cheer
where's the Christmas magic?
Welcome to Santa's workshop
a subsidiary of
the North Pole Care please state your business.
We're here to save Santa.
Playing Oh Susanna.
An american folk song.
No! Stop. I got this.
We're trying to find Santa Claus!
"Panda claws" are very sharp...
Tell Santa if he doesn't
come down right now
I'm reporting him
to the better Christmas bureau.
Letter B, for Burro
is a Spanish children's book.
This isn't good.
If we can't get inside,
my Christmas will be ruined.
Thank you, Turbo.
Can you tell me where to find
a Gaming Wow: X edition!
Everyone, please!
We're not here
to complete random chores.
"Here to see Santa Claus"?
Searching directory. Please enjoy
this music as we put you on hold.
We did it! We're going
to get to see Santa!
See, that wasn't so hard.
Sorry. Claus, comma, Santa
cannot be found in the directory.
You are listening
to Beethoven's fifth.
Press 1 to continue to hold.
Press 3 to hang up.
Santa, where could you have gone?
It's just not Christmas without you.
I did not drive all the way here
just to leave empty handed.
What am I going to do
if I don't hear from you?
If I don't check all my boxes,
Christmas won't feel magical.
Expect me to be this close and not
deliver the goods to my followers.
Beebo, you're gonna wanna get up.
That's a good idea.
We'll decorate the Christmas tree.
That always lifts my spira...
So that's how you make potpourri.
Let's face it. The odds were
against us from the start.
Guys, isn't this the time of year
when the impossible can happen?
And isn't Santa's magic
the exact thing
that's missing from this holiday.
I don't need magic, Beebo.
I need a place to charge my phone.
Okay, that was pretty cool.
Now we can get some hot chocolate.
Hot chocolate fixes everything!
Yeah, we don't do that.
I can do
a minty-matcha-mocha-chocolate
a peppermint-pumpkin-prancerchocolate
or a candy-cane-coldbrew-
fruit-cake-frappe with chocolate.
You don't have
just plain hot chocolate?
If it's not on the fancy new menu,
I don't know how to make it.
But I think the new guy does.
That's what the name tag says!
Santa, we were so worried about you!
Can I get a selfie!
I need a Gaming Wow: X edition.
What right do you have
to climb down my chimney every year?
Everyone, wait!
Santa, what are you doing here?
We got these weird form letters
and went looking for you
but you weren't at your workshop.
That's because I was... kicked out!
Hey, who swapped out the music again?
'Supposed to be the Holiday Jams,
not classical.
You were kicked out
of your own workshop?
There's an elf, he's a mad man.
Or maybe he's a genius, I don't know.
His name is Sprinkles.
I'm sorry. "Sprinkles"?
Oh. There he is. Wow.
Look at all those followers.
I could learn
a thing or two from him.
See? Maybe I'm the crazy one.
What do you mean?
Sprinkles had a plan
to modernize the North Pole.
Make it more efficient
so we could get more done.
Seemed like a good idea at the time.
He made some cuts.
Got us ahead of schedule.
Even convinced me
I could take a three day weekend.
But when I came back?
He had cut the elves,
the reindeer! And even me!
Christmas without you?
That's like cutting the magic.
So you work here now?
What choice do I have?
I'm locked out of my own workshop!
But hey, with some hard work, maybe
I can become employee of the month!
If I can just wrestle it away
from that perfectionist, Jack Frost.
Well, Santa,
If I could cash in one wish
it would be to have
the magic returned to Christmas.
And to get a hot chocolate.
Not necessarily in that order.
Oh. Sure. Coming right up.
Guys, Santa needs our help.
Well, at least he has a job.
He's seasonal, by the way.
We tend to lower our standards
around the holidays.
What's so bad about Santa?
Please. Have you seen his belly?
Shakes when he laughs
like a bowl full of jelly.
Nearly wrecked the place.
Here we go! Hot chocolate for all!
I know, I know.
They make me use chestnut milk.
Chestnut milk ruins everything.
This isn't right, Santa.
We have to get you your old job back.
I appreciate you trying
to save me, Beebo.
But it's not 'ol Saint Nick
that's in jeopardy.
It's Christmas.
At least the Christmas I knew.
But maybe...
maybe it's time for a change.
No! These are the things
that make Christmas magical.
And they get their magic from you!
It's okay.
There's plenty of things I can do.
My skills aren't limited
to just Christmas things, you know?
Besides, maybe it's time
I tried something different.
I wonder what I'll do
for Christmas this year
I'll watch a streaming service.
There's plenty, I hear
The local theatre tribe
Will give a hefty cheer
When I finally agree
to star in King Lear
And oh! At final curtain,
I'm absolutely certain
I'll shower cast
and crew in gifts with bows
That's kind of Christmasy, isn't it?
But that's okay.
I'm sure that
anyone could fill in your shoes
We'll get the Easter bunny,
what's there to lose?
He'll dye the ornaments
In springtime pastels
We'll all sing Jingle Carrots
Instead of Jingle Bells
And oh! On Christmas morning
As the kids awake all yawning
They'll find their gifts were
hidden round the yard
Well, maybe at first,
but it might catch on.
'Cause I'm sure I can be useful,
outside of my norm
I'll go back to school
and live in a dorm
Should I get a math degree?
Already I am torn
I'll pledge fraternities.
Get the admissions on the horn
And oh! At graduation,
they'll think I'm a sensation
When I make the dean's list
of nice girls and boys
That's kinda like
my naughty nice list, huh?
But you make a real good point
We don't need you at all
Kids can wait in line for Cupid
When they visit the mall
'Cause every child's dream
Is to have their gifts delivered
By a naked boy with wings
and an arrow in his quiver
So no! I see no issues
With a kid I know might misuse
The mistletoe
that's hanging 'bove the door
Sure! You go ahead and do your thing.
We'll be fine here.
I was simply saying I might be
better suited for something else.
Then go for it! We got this!
I think I see where this is going.
So you'll be in better hands?
We'll be fine this season
You'll ask a leprechaun?
It stands to reason
And instead of yelling out,
"On dancer! On prancer!"
He'll yell out in a brogue,
"O'Donnell! McMaster!"
And O'Shonnock, the team leader
Whose nose will now glow greener?
Will trade in Christmas treats
for Shepherd's pie
I cannot stand for this anymore!
It's all wrong!
Santa is what makes
Christmas so special.
And nobody can do what I do!
So I know
what Santa Claus is doing tonight
He's festive!
He's merry! He's handsome!
Yes, very
And I'll deliver children's presents
Oh, Beebo! You were right.
There's no way
I could give up Christmas.
What a silly idea.
This is what I was telling you about!
It's about a 5.3 on the jolly scale!
Someone needs
to update that poem to say
"shook when he laughed
like a bowl full of jackhammers."
It's a medical condition.
Sorry, boss.
Let's get down to business.
If we want to put the magic
back in Christmas
then we need to put Santa
back in his workshop.
So our first move will be...
To figure out where he stores
the Gaming Wow: X edition.
Sorry. Force of habit.
That's probably
number three. Maybe four.
Guys, we're over-thinking this.
We just gotta remind Sprinkles
that it's Santa who keeps
the magic in the holiday.
How will we even get in there?
Santa's the last person he'd let
get within a mile of that place.
He'd need a disguise.
And we couldn't even
get in the first time.
How are we supposed to do it now?
I'd like an extra-extra large
fruitcake frappe. And megasize it.
I have an idea.
This disguise is great.
How did you ever come up with it?
Let's just say we had a feeling
it would suit you.
Welcome to Santa's workshop,
please state your business.
Coffee delivery for a Mr. Sprinkles?
An extra-extra large...
Press 2 to enter.
That wasn't hard. I thought
you said that was gonna be hard.
I have pairs of pants that are
harder to get into than that.
Oh my!
Get a load of the new North Pole.
This is the North Pole?
It's so... sterile.
Definitely not photo-worthy.
This place makes even me look cheery.
No magic at all.
Where are all the homemade toys?
I love you!
I love you!
And what's with that dopey voice?
- What?
- Nothing.
Do you all feel that, or is that
my third triple latte kicking in?
Coffee intruder.
Now if I simultaneously launch
a second set of drones
in the eastern hemisphere
those Christmas gifts will
be delivered in half the time!
Another letter to Santa.
It's amazing he got anything done
with all these interruptions.
Sorry, Hendrix!
No time to read your Christmas wish
but my Elfin-Mark-V will figure out
exactly what you need!
Coffee alert!
See? He knew what I needed
before even I did.
I'd love a coffee.
Christmas crackers!
Who could possibly lift
something that big?
Santa Claus!
How did you know it was me?
You look exactly like
our new limited addition Santa-as-
snowbuckspirate-Christmas ornament.
What are the chances?
But how did you get past security?
I had help from some friends.
So you've swapped out elves
for furry monkeys now, huh?
We're here to bring the magic
back to Christmas!
Where's the singing,
the decorations, the holiday cheer?
And where's
the Gaming Wow: X edition.
Sorry, we're gonna get to that,
Beebo, do your thing.
You're ruining Christmas.
According to who?
According to us!
Christmas just isn't the same
without the carols and tinsel and...
The Gaming Wow: X edition!
I agree, this was a much better time
to bring it up.
Efficiency is the new magic.
And it makes people even happier.
For example, you're looking
for an Gaming Wow: X edition?
There it is!
My quest has ended.
See? Another happy customer.
Not so fast, Sprinkles.
I have a number of
complaints for you.
- First of all...
- Hold on!
I want to address everyone of them
so please file all your complaints
in my suggestion box.
A suggestion box! For complaints!
And suggestions.
But also complaints!
And before you upload another
single post, my fine furry friend
I suggest you download
my new app: Sprinkedin.
Once you have it
you will instantly be connected
with all my millions of followers.
It's a Christmas miracle.
I now have over a million followers.
Oh my goodness, I have got
to DM them all a hello at once.
Now Santa
what were you saying about the world
missing your version of Christmas?
I'm spreading holiday cheer
faster than you ever could!
But at what cost?
I know you're trying
to help, Mr. Sprinkles
but Christmas isn't about
machines and computers.
It's about magic.
Not about machines?
Have you seen the lawn decorations
people put up nowadays?
I think they're gonna be fine
with a giant robot elf.
Especially when they see
what he can do.
Elfin-Mark-V! Wrap those presents.
Wow. He even went with a flattened
victorian tri-fold. Impressive.
But I like wrapping presents.
I don't want it to be fast.
I want it to be memorable.
Then you're out of touch, kid.
I know what Christmas is all about.
Joy? Togetherness? Cuddles?
No, stress!
The shopping, the decorations,
the obligations. It's too much!
But thanks to me, the world is gonna
have a very efficient Christmas.
Efficiency's the thing
that's trending
And I've got no problem bending
Things that may seem like tradition
To bring my new plans to fruition
'Cause that's what I call progress
That's what he calls progress
Instead of toys for girls and boys
Let's just give gifts
to kids named... Roy
And then next year,
so there aren't tears
We'll just give gifts to Guineveres
It'll go like that for every season
You'll get a gift
It stands to reason
But the time we'll save will be a lot
Which is why I fired
the elves on the spot
And that's what I call progress
That's what he calls progress
Holiday cards
will be swapped for texts
I could kiss whoever
put "mas" after "X"
Let's give an award to the one
who invented turducken
So get the canned
if you want cranberry
An efficient Christmas
is better than merry
And that's what I call
That's what I call
That's what I call
That's what he calls progress
Mr. Sprinkles, I'm not gonna lie.
That was very entertaining.
And you're right!
- What?
- You agree?
So it's okay I keep this?
The holidays have become stressful.
But I don't think the way to fix them
is too throw out the old
in favor of the new.
I think we need to embrace
the things we forgot.
See, I believe we actually want
the same things.
We just see
the solutions differently.
Wow, kid.
You're right.
- What?
- You agree?
- Didn't we just do this?
- I am?
Yeah. We do see things differently.
Sorry. That's one of
the filters of the new app.
Another thing
the Elfin-Mark-V can do?
Take care of intruders!
Wrap 'em up good and tight.
And don't open until after Christmas!
So, this is what
it's like being a toy.
Guess it serves us right.
I shouldn't have folded
so quickly like that.
Now instead of getting a present...
I'm wrapped like one.
Sorry, Beebo!
Yeah. Me too.
I was so caught up in the app
I lost touch with everything else.
And now that you see
the damage cell phones can cause
you're able to release yourself
from it's addictive pull?
No, I just don't get
any service in here.
- Oh.
- I regret nothing.
This is the worst Christmas ever.
But we can still
turn it around, can't we?
Beebo, there's only four hours left
until Christmas.
Face it. We failed.
But it's Christmas Eve! That's
when all the best miracles happen.
And we've got the main guy
responsible for them right here.
We just need the 'ol ripple effect.
When you notice
others lacking any Christmas joy
Start a little ripple
Start a little ripple
Give it a rest, Beebo.
Doesn't need to be elaborate
like a present or a toy
Just a little ripple
There's no stopping him.
Just a little ripple
A hug! A smile!
A wave from a window sill
Will pick up speed
like a snowball down a hill
So, if you don't hear singing
from around the Christmas tree
Start a little ripple
Start a little ripple
The feeling is contagious,
it will spread from two to three
With a little ripple
Just a little ripple
- Your family
- Your friends
Even folks you do not know
Will feel that spirit rise inside
and burst like a volcano
And if you're one of the lucky ones
who can call Saint Nick their friend
Start a little ripple
With a little tickle
And all your problems
will be on the mend
Oh, no!
Oh. That felt good.
We did it!
Now we just need to expand
that ripple to include Sprinkles.
How? We already tried to change
his mind and it can't be done!
We can't change his mind.
But maybe we can change
the Elfin-Mark-V!
If we can get to
Sprinkles' control panel
I might be able to reprogram
the Elfin-Mark-V to think like we do!
You can do that?
Please. If I can repost
10 hours of CW content
from a third party social platform
to fourth party tock-box
this'll be a piece of cake.
None of those words
make any sense to me.
So you're saying that if we can get
the Elfin-Mark-V to think like us
then maybe he'll also fight for us!
And then Sprinkles will have
to give Santa his job back.
It's worth a shot.
Then we need to program that robot
with all that's good about Christmas.
The problem is
we need to get Sprinkles
away from the control booth.
I love you!
I think I have an idea.
You guys, head to the controls.
Turbo and I will
take care of the rest.
Don't you look cute?
Just zip me up!
I love you!
I love to complain!
Why does wrapping paper cost so much
when you're just gonna
tear it up anyway.
Why do Christmas songs get stuck
in your head so easily.
A bear-jam?
You keep wrapping.
I'll clear this up.
Alright, time to fill this guy with
all the best things about Christmas.
Like ornaments.
And sleigh bells. And snowballs.
Oh, and don't forget cuddles.
Beebo la-la-love cuddles.
Where would you even store
ten lords-a-leaping?
Well, here's the problem.
Are candy canes red with white
stripes or white with red stripes?
What is with this one?
It's working!
A proto-type of next year's
Gaming Wow: X edition.
My kids will lose their minds
if I get them that this Christmas.
No, no, no, Turbo,
don't do it, don't do it.
But I have to!
What the...
Turbo, what did you do!
Wait a minute. You're not a sweet,
soft, cuddly little creature.
You're a grouchy, soft,
cuddly little creature!
Beebo, run!
Elfin-Mark-V! Apprehend them!
I said apprehend them!
What's wrong with you?
We just programmed him
with all the good things
associated with Christmas!
Show him, Elfie!
That doesn't sound good.
Joy! Christmas! Presents!
Sledding! Cuddles! Hugs! Hugs!
No, that's not how hugs work.
Here, let me show you.
Beebo wants hugs!
Or maybe not!
Hope you're happy, Beebo.
You got exactly what you wanted.
300 tons of pure,
unstoppable Christmas joy!
Must give hugs!
This way!
Where are we?
Santa's workshop!
I forgot I sealed it up.
I've got to livestream this.
Hey, gang! I am streaming live
from inside Santa's workshop.
Hugs. Hugs. Hugs.
Hey, what's this?
Why, that's...
That's my crystal ornament.
It connects me with
kids across the world.
Is that how you see
when we're bad or good?
Sleeping or awake?
It was. But it only works
when I'm near it, so...
it's been off for awhile.
Look! Something's happening.
Guys, isn't this the time of year
when the impossible
- can happen?
- That's me from earlier.
We've been over this!
People don't need magical thinking.
- They need smart, efficient...
- No, they don't.
They need cuddles and hugs.
Guys! I don't want to spend my
last moments debating the holidays.
Who even knows what makes people
enjoy Christmas anymore?
I like untangling
the Christmas lights with my dad.
I like staying up late
to bake cookies for Santa.
What's happening?
People are responding.
I've been live streaming this
the whole time
so the whole world knows
that Santa can hear them.
And they're answering you.
I like singing in the car
while we're stuck in traffic
on the way to grandma's.
It's not all about efficiency.
I like having a good cry while
watching my favorite Christmas movie.
And it's not just about
hugs and cookies.
- It's about...
- I look forward to listening for...
- I like singing songs about...
- I never
- miss a chance to dress up like...
- I enjoy writing letters to...
It's about you!
Not just me. But what I inspire.
My ripple effect.
But how? My algorithms
I programmed them to figure out
exactly what people need
before they even had to ask.
How do you do it?
It's not so difficult really.
I just listen.
I thought if I could make
Christmas more efficient
I could give people more time
for their favorite traditions.
I thought I knew
what those traditions were.
But when I looked at my list
I only saw
what the holiday means to me.
I thought Turbo wasn't
enjoying Christmas
because she was running around
having to shop all day
but now I'm realizing that
she may actually enjoy that.
My favorite part of Christmas is
watching my kids open their gifts
so running around like
a crazy person beforehand
has sort of become my tradition.
And Tweebo, you seem distracted
by your phone all the time, but
now I realize you're just trying
to stay connected
to the people you can't be with.
My family lives far away
so connecting on social media
has kind of become our thing.
Our tradition.
And Fleabo?
Well, you're just a grump.
Got that right.
Beebo, Sprinkles. You were both
just trying to make people happier.
And that's not a bad thing!
We all just have to remember
that Christmas looks
different to everyone.
Because it encompasses
more than just one feeling.
From what I've seen in my travels
Christmas is made up
of all types of feelings:
joy, nostalgia, melancholy.
Even sadness.
So the real magic of Christmas is
that there's room for all of it.
How about fear?
Is there room for fear?
I'm afraid we're not gonna be
able to stop the Elfin-Mark-V.
Nothing can stop the Elfin-Mark-V.
Our only hope is to wait
for his battery to run out.
How long will that take?
Approximately 36 hours.
Thirty-six hours?
But we'll miss Christmas.
And we'll starve!
No one's going to starve.
My workshop always has an endless
supply of cookies and hot chocolate.
Yes! Hot chocolate fixes everything.
Chestnut milk?
Chestnut milk ruins everything.
Chestnut milk does ruin everything.
And I wonder if it could
ruin the Elfin-Mark-V.
The best way get it into his system
is to pour it directly into
his main oscillator tube.
And where's that?
His mouth.
One of us has to face that thing?
I'll do it.
I'm the one who filled that robot
with dangerous levels
of happiness and joy.
I'll be the one to feed him
a healthy does of reality.
Reindeer, snowmen, ribbon! Mistletoe,
garland, cuddles! Cuddles! Cuddles!
Wait! I la-la-love cuddling.
But how about we start with
some yummy hot chocolate first?
Hot chocolate?
Sure. Drink it down!
Detaching chestnut milk,
chestnut milk.
Did it work?
- It worked.
- Yay!
I told you hot chocolate
fixes everything.
Oh no, Sprinkles.
Your factory. It's been destroyed.
I don't care about that,
but what about all the toys?
How are we gonna fill the wishes
of all the girls and boys now?
From where I stand, I see
a team who can do anything.
You guys up for it?
- You got it!
- You bet!
Tonight is Christmas Eve
and that means tomorrow
we celebrate Christmas
in all styles!
I la-la-la-la-la love the holidays
It's Christmas time
Beebo style
I la-la-la-la-la love the many ways
we celebrate this special day
We kept our word
Helped every child
Made new friends
This guy's named Kyle
We traveled north
Left with a bang
Then saved Christmas
No big 'thang
Now we're atop Santa's sleigh
Singing duets
So take it away
It's Christmas time in Turbo fashion
My holidays are filled with passion
Shopping has become an art
You get in my way,
I'll tear you apart
Each year I'm back for more and more
You see me comin?
Get out of the store
It's Christmas time - ala Tweebo
Still on my phone
sending festive gifts
but I'm talking GIF's.
It's Christmas time
Sprinkle's way
Lured the reindeer back with Hay
Rehired the elves at twice the pay
Not a bad way to end the day
I'm sorry, but I just don't sing.
Plus it's cold up here.
But it was quite a trip.
And what Santa doesn't see,
Santa won't know.
Santa sees everything!
And while doing-it-all
is still a temptation
I'm gonna hand back
the Christmas narration.
Oh wow! My wish has come true.
To play second fiddle
to a fur ball of blue.
But still, it's an honor, for,
I'm sure that you've heard
the best gift of all is
to have the last w...
Merry Christmas, everyone!
Beebo la-la loves you.