Been So Long (2018) Movie Script

- Hey.
- No, Dad.
Love is ferocious
Love is a virus
Love is deep space
And the bottom of the ocean
Love is ferocious, love is a virus
Love is deep space
And the bottom of the ocean
Love is ferocious, love is a virus
Love is deep space
And the bottom of the ocean
Love is ferocious, love is a virus
Love is deep space
And the bottom of the ocean
Love is ferocious, love is a virus
Love is deep space
And the bottom of the ocean
Well, fantastical monsters
Climb and feed
Love is deep, love makes you bleed
Well, fantastical monsters
Climb and feed
Love is deep, love makes you bleed
And there's no limit
To how high we climb
Love is worship, love is a spaceship
Love is dog shit
Love is, love is
Love is
Love is
Build a facade
Raise no alarm
Hiding my face from the day
No time for charades
Love is strictly and forever forbidden
'Cause I'm tough
So tough
That is all you can see
Well, fantastical monsters
Climb and feed
Love is deep, love makes you bleed
Well, fantastical monsters
Climb and feed
Love is deep, love makes you bleed
And there's no limit to how high
We climb
Love is
Love is
Love is...
Love is ferocious
Love is deep space
And the bottom of the ocean
Love is ferocious...
Ben! Ben!
Love is deep space
and the bottom of the ocean...
Give me a kiss.
- Hey, have we got maths today?
- Yeah.
Our homework was so hard.
Yeah, it's tricky.
- Morning!
- Thanks, Miss.
The hardest ever...
How's that? That's not too tight?
Okay, so the hours of your curfew
are 10:00 p.m. till 7:00 a.m.
to accommodate your job.
So the equipment is actually
your responsibility.
So don't tamper with the strap
or the unit,
and don't let anyone else tamper with it.
Um, otherwise, yeah, you will be
in breach of yourprobation.
- Would you like a cup of tea?
- No, no, I'm fine.
It's actually, uh, in case you poison me.
No, that is actually policy.
Um, if you wouldn't mind following me
just so the unit can get
a sense of the location?
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
We need to-- Get up!
So, what happen, Simone?
You no have no man yet?
Let me tell you something about men.
Them isgenetically programmed
to be horndog!
True she talk!
So don't let them cock up them leg
and piss up on you.
I will try not to.
Hello, Doo-Doo.
Me make myself pretty for you.
Stop that!
Listen, you know you see me
being a bad girl already.
You wait.
Rah! You love to pretend
like you ain't seeing mecalling you.
Simone! Don't make me comeand pull you
out by your ear, you understand?
Call me back.
What's up, Yvonne?
How you living?
Just a kidnapped princess
trying to find my country.
- How you living?
- Oh, my, it's hot out there.
- Mmm.
- I need a shower.
Here's my package.
That's my number.
Forget the swipe right...
and call me.
Who was that boy at school?
Oh, yeah, Ben.
He's in my maths class.
Roisin's mum's getting married again.
She's gonna have a little brother.
- Oh. Oh, no. Poor Roisin.
- She wants a little brother.
I'm just joking.
How's that? Is that all right?
Simone! Simone!
What's the matter? What's the matter?
It's cold outside. You love to pretend
like you don't see me calling you, huh?
I'm sorry,
I thought it was an emergency!
Yeah, it is! Your vagina called
and told me it's dying.
Hi, honey! How you've been?
What are you doing?
You get more and more beautiful every day.
- Yvonne!
- Mm-hm?
- What are you doing?
- Nothing. You?
Mandy, I got a question for you.
How bomb would your mum...
look in... this!
- I'm too tired for this, babe.
- Woo.
- Yvonne.
- Yes?
- What are you doing?
- We are going out.
- Auntie Vonnie?
- Yes?
My mother has no interest in going out.
That's a clever girl. Look at that.
Go to sleep before I pitch you
off the balcony. Mm-hmm.
Yvonne, even your mum has more fun.
Yeah, because my mum has
zero responsibilities.
- I've got responsibilities, thank you.
- She got another responsibility.
Never fear,
the babysitter is here.
- I'm sorry I'm late.
- Hey, Martina.
Hello, Martina.
Mum? Yeah, It's fine.
I don't-- We're here tonight.
- Want a chicken nugget?
- No!
She's had dinner.
She had steamed fish and kale.
That's no food for a growing girl.
No, it is food for a growing girl.
Not chicken nuggets!
Come on, Mandy. Let's go upstairs.
We're going out. And we're gonna par--
- What you looking at?
- What are you wearing?
Tomasz bought this for me.
- Tomasz?
- Yeah, he's the new caretaker.
Oh, God.
I don't know.
So spiky. Uptight.
- Not like you, sweetheart.
- Nothing wrong with being uptight.
Maybe that's what attracts blokes
like... Kestrel, eh?
Oh, okay. Maybe I'll avoid them
if I dress like a pineapple.
Happy little pineapple.
- Come on, Mandy! Bedtime!
- Mandy?
Come out on the town with us, babe.
I'm nine.
You go out, we're staying in to play.
- We're not going out to play.
- I'm not here for nothing.
The mother is pregnant 22 months.
And will breastfeed...
Simone, this is so dead.
This is so upsetting.
You need to change your perspective, babe.
I don't need to change my perspective.
Yeah, you do. This is adulthood.
I am an adult.
I go to work,
I pay my bills, I pay my rent,
I buy vibrators, I have sex, and I drink.
No, I don't want blueberries oranything
that's gonna make me more like you.
You need to get your piece wet!
You're vulgar.
Yes, I am vulgar, and that's a good thing.
I am so happy!
Look at how happy I am.
I am un-stressed.
You're tense. You know why? 'Cause you
never let nobody rub up on you,
giving you a transcending experience.
If I want a transcending experience,
I'll go to church, Yvonne.
Simone, what are you saying?
What you saying, what you saying?
What you really, really
Really, really saying?
Time waits for no man
Let alone no woman, fab
What you really, really saying?
What you saying, what you saying?
What you really, really
Really, really saying?
I'm saying me and Mandy walk to school.
I get back at half nine.
- Yeah?
- I walk back to school.
Pick her up around five!
- So your day's done.
- Mandy's homework, hon.
Mandy ain't one! Hit the town!
But Mandy's on her own!
Make her stay with Mum!
Sim, what's your sell-by date?
You ain't had a date
since the end of Myspace.
You forgot how rum tastes.
Burning throat's not a taste.
Mandy needs a stable place.
And if I'm off my face looking wasted--
Then Mum will take your place, bae.
One day.
Do you remember younger days?
- High gradeAliz?
- Yeah?
Ten sips, free drinks,
last drinks in the rave.
Padded bras, no shame.
Mum's place getting laid.
Sim, what you really, really saying?
What you saying, what you saying?
I can't breathe.
What you really, really
Really, really saying?
Time waits for no man
Let alone no woman, fab
What you really, really saying?
All right, just say this for me.
- I'm going out.
- I'm going out.
- I'm going out.
- I'm going out.
I'm gonna sit on someone's face
and I'm going out!
- I'm just going out.
- I'm going out!
- We're going out.
- I'm going out!
We're going out.
I'm gonna sit on someone's face.
I'm going out!
Oh, God. Yvonne!
Ooh, you're cute! Mmm.
Don't go in Jake's, it's dead.
Honestly. Come to Barney's!
You are... wild!
What you doing, Barney? You okay?
- Surviving.
- Hi.
- How are you?
- Bean!
Long time no see.
It's good to see you.
This... on the house.
Thanks, Barney.
- You not gonna drink with us?
- I can't. I got some things to do.
- Barney!
- Sorry.
I miss our deep chats, man.
Long time.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm all right.
- Yes!
- Yes!
- That's yours.
- Thank you.
You're welcome.
Finish up, let's head round the corner.
Round the corner, where?
- Jake's.
- No. You said you hate Jake's.
- Yeah, I do, but I'm horny.
- Yvonne.
I need a man.
I'm climbing the walls. I need a man.
I wanna take a big... bite
into a shoulder, like...
I want... a fella.
Make a girl scream...
and yell...
I want a fella
I want a fella
I'm gonna find a man, hound a man
Gonna grind a man, pound a man
Inside me
All around me
Get what I want
And then I'm getting up
And leaving him
A girl has needs
Oh, yes, indeed
And this girl has
one hungry mouth to feed.
I've been getting these crazy fantasies
where I'm fucking this guy.
He's a... satyr.
He's a wood spirit. Like Pan.
He's got furry cleft hooves,
antlers in his forehead,
and a great big tree branch for a dick,
you get me?
I ride him like a winner.
He writhes and roars beneath me,
as waves of pleasure engulf my body...
I want a fella
A fella
Who makes a girl scream and yell...
She wants a fella
She wants a fella
I want a fella.
Sounds... lovely.
- The fury is passing.
- Good.
- Ain't no menfolk in this gaff, anyway.
- No.
It's just me.
Do I do?
Of course you do.
- Bredrens!
- Bredrens.
- Glamor girls.
- Winners.
- Hey, man!
- Looking good.
Yeah. Where you been hiding?
Been away.
- Let me get you a drink.
- Oh, yeah, man. Double.
Go on.
Your drooling is making a puddle
on the floor.
That's not my drooling.
I'm going in.
Oh, hi... Wow!
I saw you come through and I just thought
I don't wanna spend the rest of my night
wondering what if. You know?
Oh, yes.
Barney, where are the draughts?
She likes draughts.
Shall we play some draughts?
Hold this, I'll clear the table.
I love you.I love you.
Don't leave! Stay here.
Just stay here. Okay?
I'll be back in 20 minutes.
I will be back in 20 minutes!
Okay, Barney. Bye, Barney!
- What you looking at?
- I'm just looking, innit?
Don't look at me, all right?
Relax and settle yourself,
you little child!
Hold this. And this.
Don't nick nothing, though!
- Come here. No, come here!
- No, leave it.
- Where you going?
- You don't wanna start this.
Look at you, you little smurf.
- Come here. Don't talk. Act.
- Don't start with me.
- You not gonna go light?
- What you got, bruh?
Dickhead. Oh, thank you!
- I think I get free entry for that.
- Yes.
Oh, thanks, guys.
I am black.
Are you ready to lose?
I don't wanna brag or anything,
but I am an absolute demon at this game.
Is that where you got those biceps from,
all that draughts practice?
- You noticed?
- Mmm.
It's all in the first move.
That's not the rules.
'Cause it gives me... this. Thank you.
That was--You're very good at this game.
I think you're just a bit distracted.
- I am, as well.
- Yeah, you definitely are.
Fieldgate Primary School.
I used to go there.
I bet we know some people in common.
Yeah, I bet we don't.
- Wow, that is a beautiful smile.
- Oh, thank you.
- It's a gorgeous smile.
- Thank you.
I do allow myself the odd one.
Odd one?
Yeah! At Christmas, birthdays, Easter...
I'm honored to be here
n this rare occasion,
but I got to say,
you should smile more than that.
Yeah, I need a reason.
I can help you with that.
Look me fully in the eye
Tell me you don't want me
Look me fully in the eye
Say you don't want my baby
I am the Man of Steel
Primus humanus
This is it, it's all here
Don't get no better than this
If you need a good lover
No bother look no further
I am the man, Raymond Legendre
Committing bedroom murder
Raise your blood pressure
Make your heart start beat faster
'Cause when it comes to making love
The legend is a master
Just look me fully in the eye
Tell me you don't want me
Look me fully in the eye
Say you don't want my baby
Look me fully in the eye
Tell me you're not wet
- Listen, you're a handsome guy, but...
- Thank you.
I'm not...
that interested.
- My God, you're a hot woman.
- Excuse me?
I know.
Some man has made you this way, innit?
I wouldn't open that box.
I'm right, though?
Look, just 'cause some dude traipsed you
about town don't mean I'm gonna.
You ain't gotta bring that baggage on me.
- I'll treat you good.
- Yeah?
- I'll treat you proper.
- Hmm.
So where you done time?
Hmm. Not long out either.
What? A couple of days? A week?
Wanted to get your piece wet
before you got incarcerated again?
Barney? Game?
You say you know me?
You know fuck all about me, right?
You wanna talk about prison?
You think prison is a walk?
My first time outside is tonight.
I'll get one lavish kebab.
So don't hold back on the chili sauce,
man. I wanna sweat.
Thank you.
Oi, you freak!
Hey, what are you doing?
Yo, give her a break!
She's not even that deep!
That was nice of you.
Are you all right?
Sorry, um...
Wanna go out?
I can handcuff you to me
Girls! Girls! Come on!
Come on, let's get up. Let's go.
I didn't get your name.
Nice to meet you. My name's Simone.
Good to meet you.
Your first night out.
Where are your friends?
That is a good question.
I don't know where they are.
- Wow.
- They're grown up, they're busy.
Families, kids, and stuff.
I don't even know
why I'm saying this, but...
I wasn't violent, okay?
I mean, I wasn't violent,
I was just stupid.
- That's how I ended up in prison, end of.
- Yeah, okay.
To be honest, I was hoping it would be
a bit more dramatic, a little bit more...
"I was head of mafia gang camp."
You're funny.
Put your number in my phone.
- Shall I call myself?
- No.
- Getting off now?
- Yeah, that's why I pressed the bell.
You're very handsome.
You're... freaking gorgeous!
Thank you.
Magical. Magical.
Magical. Magical.
You're so beautiful, I got a nosebleed
just looking at her.
She smiled this smile
And I
Melted down to
The floor
The kind of smile
I've never seen before
She smiled
And I could have died
I never knew I'd see an angel
I didn't want to squander the chance
A perfect angel
Oh, my heart, it moved to dance
And ever since that fateful day
Fateful day
- I'm in love
- He's in love
- I'm in love
- He's in love
I'm in love and it won't go away
- Hello, Artemis.
- Goat or chicken?
What's up, bro?
You good? Looking good.
Let's go for a talk in the kitchen, yeah?
She looks-- she looksreally cute
when she's crying.
Hello, darling. Come on, come here.
Come on.
Don't be long.
You have a beautiful family.
- Thank you.
- Bro...
You could have come visit.
Lot of things you could have done.
I'm sorry I didn't.
Like I never made it to a visit.
- How's it going work-wise?
- It's all right.
- Got some street cleansing thing.
- What?
Street cleansing.
Do they like...
give you one of those vehicles?
I understand the job does entail
a number of... carts and vehicles, yeah.
Don't laugh. You're a dickhead.
That's good.
You need the money. It's good.
Listen, job don't start till tomorrow.
Well, the christening's done,
you didn't make me godfather.
But I'm willing to let that slide if...
after this... go home.
Go on the prowl, ninja style. Could still
walk you through a cold-blood maneuver.
No, I can't.
You don't have to do anything.
Just come with, be my wingman.
It's my daughter's christening.
I just moved back in with Artemis.
I gotta prove it to her.
Prove it to her?
- You're the dad.
- Yeah?
That's enough, innit?
How long you gonna act like this for?
Till you're like 40? 50?
Look, I gotta get back
to my daughter's christening.
Make sure you come say bye
before you leave, yeah?
There you go. Hold on a minute.
Put your hand there. Then you sweep.
You can do it all day.
Good afternoon.
We are court-appointed bailiffs.
- And are you Mr. Barney Bickerstaff?
- Yeah.
We're here regarding
an unpaid council tax fine.
This place is legend.
- Are you the owner?
- Actually, my dad left it to me.
It used to be ram up.
I had some magical times in this gaff.
Uh, did you receive the invoice, sir?
820, including costs.
You can have what I've got.
I'm going to carry out a possessions
inventory for the amount of 820.
Minus the cash, of course.
And then remove goods for that amount.
You sign here.
Um, sorry.
Could I have a look at that chair?
Don't know.Don't know.
About a fiver each? A tenner?
- Yeah, I know it's important.
- Gotta get stuff done.
- Sent my CV to everyone.
- You done it?
Stapled my prison release form
to the back and everything.
- Are you serious right now? You're mad.
- That was a joke, Mother, calm down.
Don't mess about.
Sometimes your head is gone.
I don't know where your head is.
- Focus and do what you need to do. What?
- Mum?
I'm just getting some messages
through. It might be about work.
What messages? About who?
Oh, you are such a liar.
Yes, I am lying to you, but I love you.
Oh, yeah.
How was it having Grandma babysit?
I think you turned out pretty well,
Have some respect.
I know, but it's the truth!
Yeah, well, I think you turned out
pretty well, considering.
You're a great mum.
It's me and you, baby...
against the world.
- I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do.
- You'll have to move it.
No, no, no. I'm sorry, madam. This is
the optimal position for monitoring.
I can't have that
in the middle of my prayer meetings!
Well, you move it again,
it'll trigger further responses!
Well, of course I'm gonna have to move it.
How can I clean it without moving it?
Who's your manager?
- This is what I was talking about.
- You do the crime...
but I pay the price!
It's like he thinks there's some kind
of free ride in this world.
I am wearied by this. I'm tired.
You know, he was a heavy baby.
I spent 20 hours in labor with him.
- Really?
- Why? Because his head's so big.
Tomorrow night.
I'm available tomorrow night.
Don't come with no expectations.
No, no, no, I won't.
Do you even know who this is?
Of course I know who this is.
Simone, right?
Eight o'clock.
Can we make it 6:30?
Star & Garter.
Have a good one!
Come on!
- Food time!
- Can we get kebabs?
Who's this?
I'm Kestrel.
Move from the kid.
You've grown so big.
I've got no right to call myself your dad.
- But--
- What you doing here?
- Look, just--
- I was wondering, Mandy.
I was wondering if, um...
if you would like to spend
some time together.
No. No, no, no, no, no. Definitely not.
- Gotta say, man, Jake's is looking good.
- Thanks, man.
You know, it was your dad
that inspired me.
RIP and that.
Yeah, but, you know... The moon waxes...
and the moon wanes.
You know? And then you pretty even
run out of waning.
No, listen. Look. That's real.
And I want you to have that.
What you gonna do with it?
Jake's Dirty Pizza Lounge.
Yeah, I've seen the future.
Spelt crusts and fit birds.
Don't tell me you don't want none of that.
See, that's the mistake you made
with this place.
You know, all this...
community shit.
Cheap food for the elders and that.
People don't want inclusivity, mate.
They want exclusivity.
And something for the gluten intolerant.
So, do you wanna celebrate?
- Hi.
- Hey.
Sorry, I...
I didn't know.
It doesn't mention the crackheads
who fight here nightly.
Look, this property comes
with regular morning performances
from a local street artist.
Every morning.
The city died when we wasn't looking.
Do you like ungentrified food?
I love ungentrified food.
- This way.
- Thank you.
- You look lovely!
- Thank you.
You too.
Smells good in here, no?
Really does.
- Hey, guys.
- Hello.
Nibble bits are on the house.
Have you guys been before?
- I've been here before.
- I haven't.
- Have a read at the menu.
- Okay, thank you.
I'm a pig, sorry.
Wow! Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
They do really good, uh, smoothies
here as well.
- Yeah?
- I recommend this one.
Mango, tamarind, ginger.
That's got milk. I don't drink milk.
- Why not? What's wrong with milk?
- I'm just not a baby cow, so...
You're one of thoseStar & Garter people.
You're one of those vegan, no gluten,
no nothing--
How dare you compare-- No.
- I am... I'm just healthy.
- Yeah?
Star & Garter. That's fucking blasphemous.
- Know what I'm eating?
- What you eating?
- I'm eating this meat platter.
- Oh, meat.
Man must eat meat.
- It's good protein!
- Man must eat protein.
Don't you want like a big strong guy
to look after you?
Ah, you know, I'm pretty strong myself.
- Been taking care of me for a while now.
- All right.
Just offering.
Oh. So where are you from anyway?
I'm from the wild, wild west.
So, is that... is that in... the UK?
Oh, wow! That's the west where it's wild.
AKA wild, wild--
Kill... as in Kil-burn.
- That's why they call it-- Wow!
- Wild, wild west.
Sexy ankle bracelet.
Yeah, it's one of those new smartwatches.
That is... exactly something
my daughter would say.
I take that as a compliment.
You got kids?
You don't... think you do.
Watch it.
So, can I ask?
What did you do?
- It was going so well.
- Sorry!
Nah, it's all right. I can tell you, um...
I was silly.
I was an idiot. I was unlucky.
I was walking out of the pub,
ten o'clock, I see this mate of mine.
And he says,
"Come back to mine for a smoke."
And in retrospect,
I probably should have been checking
for this brother's juddery demeanor,
his general drunkenness,
and he had this strange look in his eye.
But at the time I said, "Cool, let's go."
And we walked past this silver car,
and he notices this laptop
in the back seat.
- Mm-hmm.
- So, he just...
tries his luck and tries to open the door,
and he goes, "It's open," so he goes in.
Before I can stop him, he's all looking
in the glove box and stuff.
And lo and behold, what he finds
is a wad of cash, a bag of pills,
and a bag of coke.
And so he decides,
being the man that he is,
to snort a considerable amount
of that coke.
And um, yeah, madness ensued.
It wasn't coke, it was ketamine.
- No.
- Yeah. So he's in the car,
he's losing his shit,
he's all high as a kite.
And he accidentally locks himself
in the car.
Then what happens next is he knocks
the CD player
and the music starts blaring out.
And so here's where I get involved.
Because of me being the man I am,
you know, I decided to do
the selfless thing, you know,
and, um, to try and help him
out of the car.
I give the window a little nudge.
It completely shattersbecause
I'm a strong guy. That's no secret, yeah?
And as I'm pulling him out,
that's when the Feds come weaving
round the corner.
They see me. I'm half in the car.
I'm like,"Officer, it's not
what it looks like."
And they're like, "It probably is, mate.
Put your hands on the car."
That's the long and short of it.
Pretty much how it went down.
- You sure you don't want to... try this?
- Wow.
God, I mean...
- Wow. That's what I said.
- Yeah.
I was like, if that's what's happening
to a good Samaritan like me, then...
Sick world.
That is some bullshit.
I know.
That whole story is bullshit.
You're chatting shit.
That's the truth. God's honest truth.
Okay, maybe I wanted
a little bit of that money.
- Right.
- I mean, it was free money.
You know, can you blame me?
It's not as if I was
like robbing from a saint.
It was clearly from a bad place,
or whatever.
So, yeah... And I got unlucky, as well.
Because when the coppers came,
they searched the car,
there was 20 grand in the boot,
and some weapons and stuff,
our fingerprints all over
this stolen car.
So I was awarded three years
at Her Majesty's pleasure.
And given this... thing.
Yeah. A souvenir.
Yeah, something like that.
Where's your mate?
He's in a galaxy far, far away.
It was a big error of judgment.
And are you prone to making
errors of judgment?
I dunno.
So what do you do now?
What do you wanna do?
Career? Employment?
You have a lot of questions.
I'm sorry. I've just met you.
Fair enough.
I have a job. Yeah.
Like everyone else.
What do you do?
You know how you don't mean to ask
a woman her age?
Um, is this...
is this really one of those--
This is one of those questions.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
I mean, when a guy is fresh out of prison,
you're not meant to askhow he makes
a living and where he's living.
That's just-- you don't ask.
- Noted.
- Good.
So where do you live?
That's your last question of the evening.
Yes, Your Honor, it is my last question.
- I live at home with my mum.
- Where's your dad?
My dad died when I was little.
It's all right.
I had to kill him, he was out of control.
Maybe that's why you went to prison.
You haven't eaten anything.
Not hungry?
Not as much.
- You can get something to go.
- Let's get it to go.
Excuse me!
Um, can we get this
in a takeaway box, please?
We didn't buy anything. That's so rude.
We can leave, like, a big tip.
You know, I used to think
this hill wasn't for people like me.
A hill is a hill.
It don't belong to no one person.
Why don't you come a bit closer?
What for?
What do you mean, "what for"?
You've gone all shy.
I have, as well.
Where's your mum?
Working nights.
She's a midwife.
You don't think I'm that easy?
Got you.
It'd be a pleasure to have you around.
- For tea.
- For tea.
- Uh-huh.
- Just tea.
- Evening, is that Raymond Legendre?
- Yeah, it is. Hi.
Yeah, it's showing in the system
you're two minutes late for curfew.
- Yeah, I know.
- Can you give a reason for this?
The evening just flowed
Can you feel my heart beating?
The whole night just flowed
I can feel my heart beating.
The data just flowed
Fashioned from thunder
And chiseled
With gold
It's funny how
You can feel so lonely
And never show it
How you can feel so lonely
And never know it
Cause you touched me
You can take me
This feeling I don't understand
And I don't know who I am
- You creeping away?
- I have to go.
Okay. Okay.
There she is.
Early morning things, yeah?
I'm surprised you can still walk.
Morning, baby.
There's a fire
Deep inside me
And I
Don't wanna put out the flames
Walking a high wire
Above the city
Don't know the rules
Of this dangerous game
What's this feeling
That I'm feeling?
Feeling like I'm born again
From the moment
That I saw her
I knew I'd never feel the same
This woman's got me in a tailspin
And I'm not able to pull out
Feels like I'm gonna crash and burn
Tear the wreckage out my heart
She's gonna burn ya
The girl's gonna burn ya
She's gonna burn ya, burn your heart
She's gonna, the girl's gonna burn ya
She's gonna burn your heart
Those eyes of hers bewitch me
They dazzle me, confuse me
Don't know which way is up or down
She's gonna burn your heart
That voice of hers like honey
Flows warmly, flowing smoothly
Don't wanna hear no other sound
Now I'm hoping
For a future
Forgetting all that's in my past
I've been searching
Been searching
A lonely hunter
She turns it all to smoke and ash
I just can't go on
Without her in my arms
- I just can't go on
- There's a fire deep inside me, yeah
Raymond! Raymond!
We're gonna be late for school!
Get out the shower! Come on!
I've got maths club!
Ben's gonna be waiting! Mum!
I'm tired.
My feet are sore.
Mum! We need to leave now
Right now.
What's in my lunchbox?
Well, madam,
today we have the tuna tartare.
I'll introduce myself, then. Hello!
- I came to give you this.Cool.
- Thank you.
- Why have you got my mum's bangle?
- Don't ask questions.
I'm, uh, your mum's mate.
Mate, as in "friend."
Thanks. Good to see you.
Okay. Good to see you. Take care.
- Okay.
- Yup.
- You know. I just came to give you--
- Yup.
Mummy's got a boyfriend.
Excuse me!
Do you think that's smart,
talking to me like that?
- That's very disrespectful, understand?
- Why are you being so weird?
Don't ask me why I'm being weird. I'm not
your friend at school. It's very rude.
Go to school. Go on.
- Stay for a second.
- I need to work.
- Well, can I see you again?
- What?
Can I see you again? Without the sex.
Just me and you, hanging.
I'll think about it.
Who is it, huh,
against the whole wide world?
Me and you.
Exactly. It is me and you.
Hi, Simone.
Um, it would be lovely to see you again.
So, uh yeah.
Call him now. Don't you want
more of that sweet chocolate?
What's your problem?
I don't know. What if he's just...
playing games, innit?
Babes, games are fun!
What are you afraid of?
Getting cavities?
Or have you got diabetes?
Simone? Sim--
You know what? I didn't like babies,
but I do now because of you.
One problem though. I don't understand
what they're saying. Sort of like women.
You've got to... think of it
from her point of view.
You're not exactly a catch,
with your fresh out of prison,
still living with your mother vibe.
It's hardly what girls dream about.
Girls don't dream about this, yeah?
I got my own car.
Why, this is sexy, you know?
Let me tell you about this car.
When I'm coming, I can let them know
by just-- a little beep. See that?
See? She responded.
This one is the lights on the top.
When I'm cruising down,
all the mummies run out of the cafes
and they're like,
"There he goes again, Raymond Legendre!"
It's mad. It's mental.
Have you finished? You're deflecting.
You're deflecting.
This is why I don't have girlfriends.
Too much stress.
Uncle Raymond's deflecting.
Hi, Yvonne.
It's second floor, on the right.
Hey! Listen.
If your mum finds out about this,
we're both screwed, you get me?
This is about me.
Either you come with me,
or I do it alone.
I'm doing it. Pass my crutches.
Go on, then.
Well done.
Well done.
Come on, babe.
What are you staring at?
I didn't really know what you like,
so, um, I've got us crisps and...
sweets... as well.
It's gonna take a little bit more
than biscuits and sweets.
How are you?
- Do you dislike me?
- No.
Why'd you ask?
You've haven't spent one minute with me
before today.
That's cause, um...
That's cause I've been an idiot.
Do you dislike me?
Jury's still out.
You all right, ladies?
Hey, baby.
You have fun at Auntie Vonnie's?
What's wrong? What?
Why didn't you tell me
Dad lived down the road?
I mean, she was gonna go without me.
You know what she's like. She's...
confident and outspoken,
and that's amazing.
I mean, you weren't there. He didn't look
all that bad. He kinda looked... good.
It was the wrong decision. I...
This is, um...
- This is my problem.
- Yeah.
'Cause you are a child.
You haven't grown up.
And I've been leaving my child
in your care.
What did I expect?
Look at you.
Still looking like you're 16,
fresh out of secondary school,
with your pink hair and earrings
and your leopard whatever shit!
What did I really expect?
Flip out the lights
Stack up all the chairs
A harsh wind tonight
A blast of ice cold air
It's closing time
And I'm closing up
For good
One more for the road
Make it large and extra strong
My heart's about to explode
If I don't sing my own sweet song
'Cause it's closing time
And I'm closing up
For good
And I've tried
I've tried
When you see the things that I've seen
You just
If you ever see my daughter again,
I'll grind you into gristle and I'll feed
you to the foxes, you understand?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Look, Simone, okay, I'm sorry
I didn't tell you about Mandy, okay?
What did you say when I was pregnant?
I told you to get rid of it.
But I can't take that back.
You don't deserve to see my child.
And you don't deserve
to call her your child!
She's my child! My daughter!
You don't deserve it.
You don't... fucking... deserve...
She's mine.
Harsh times that we've been through
Have turned you hard
Unfreeze your heart
Let down your guard
Oh, Simone
'Cause even I
Can change
I can change for the better
'Cause nothing's set in stone
A friendship ain't a friendship
until it's tested.
She don't make it easy to love her,
Love ain't never easy, Yvonne.
Can change
Sometimes for the better
But life spins onwards
We're moving on
So fast
But I'm sticking by you
Life gets harder
But life gets sweeter
Harsh times that you've been through
Have turned you hard
Unfreeze your heart
Let down your guard
Oh, Simone
'Cause even you
Can change
You can change for the better
'Cause nothing's set in stone
Is that seat taken?
- I see you got home okay.
- Yeah.
So you're a dustbin man, yeah?
I did think you smelled a bit
like bin juice when I first met you.
- I'll put you in a bin in a minute.
- Oh, yeah?
And what you gonna do with me in a bin?
Something dirty!
This is great!
It's Polish for "thank you."
- Can I ask you a question?
- No.
About Dad.
After he left you--
No, he left us! He left us.
All right. After he left us.
How come you didn't...
meet anyone else?
What are you saying, Simone?
I met lots of people.
Like Tomasz, but--
Yes, like Tomasz!
very much.
Did you love Dad?
I loved that man too much.
- Too much.
- Did you ever love anyone else?
Oh, I love you. And I love Mandy. But--
That man shattered the love
right out of me.
Does Tomasz know that?
They figure it out.
- What do you want?
- I'm all right.
- What do you want?
- Nothing. Just take my place.
Oh! Mixer.
Hey. Wait, wait, wait.
That's not right.
- They're ice tongs.
- Shit.
All right.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Oh, Barney!
- You are sweet.
- Thanks.
- Wanna put you in my pocket.
- I'm touched.
Look at you, so sad.
Bean! You--
You don't-- you don't say a lot.
Something you want to hear me say?
I want you to say, "Simone..."
You are...
strong enough
to put it behind you.
You're strong enough to put it behind you.
Do you think so?
Thank you.
Yeah, you're more than welcome.
I've stopped
Breathing in
Since I saw you
My heart
Would break
If you saw me now
So, I'll
Stay here in the dark
Everything is changing oh so fast
I don't know where to start
And I know that there's
No turning back
If this is the truth
Then the truth hurts
More than you will ever know
If this is the truth
Then the truth hurts
More than you will ever know
I want so much
To give you my heart
But all I give is closed eyes
And silence
I don't know, I don't know
I don't know what I want
If this is the truth
Then the truth hurts
There's a light around you
What if he hurts me?
There's a light around you
What if I lose my way again?
There's a light around you
Everything's changed now
There's a light around you
And I'm not the same, not the same
And it's not going out
But you're all that I want
And you're all that I need
It's not going out on you, Simone
- I know there's a light around you
- There's a light around you
- I know there's a light around you
- There's a light around you
This is the truth
That you will never know
But your light's too bright
- Hey.
- Hey.
You ain't got a phone, no?
Uh, can-- can-- can we talk?
Yeah, we-- we can talk.
When? Now?
Can you give us a second?
We can talk.
Chill. It's cool. I get it.
Do you want a tea, babe?
My mum's gonna be back soon.
I thought that was your mum.
I only had the one girl
The creature made me toes uncurl
Lost my love
Lost my angel
Sent from above
Now my heart is in danger
It's been too
Since I last saw her face
It's been too
Since I waved goodbye
When I think of her
And I think of her
All the time
I just hang my head
And start to cry
Got bad ideas in my head
I've got murder on my mind
I'm gonna take this vengeance
Out on him
Oh, it's him I have to find
Too long
He took my girl
He took my girl
From me
Gonna hurt the man who stole her,
the man who now holds her, like a soldier.
A brave soldier.
I'm gonna slice the man, dice the man,
I won't rest until I ice the man.
Now violence inspires my blood
like a virus.
My phone crashed.
I've been waiting for an upgrade.
I ain't even gonna pick that lie apart.
Look, come here.
No, I'd love to, but I need this package
dropped off in 30.
So go do your job.
All right.
Hey. You all right?
What was so important, then?
We're going to play a game of pool.
And a game...
of truth.
Okay, so, I've definitely never played
truth pool.
You'll have to show me the ropes.
Who's this? Your chaperone?
No, I'm actually her maths partner.
There you go.
Okay, Dad. Truth.
What exactly happened with you and Mum?
Uh... you not got any easier ones?
Um, when me and your mum first
got together, we were--
we were very young. We loved each other
very much. It was great.
When you get older, sometimes
it just doesn't work out, and...
you have to live away from each other.
He's lying.
Yeah. You're lying.
Okay. But the truth is... I was selfish.
And I was an addict.
Because I was selfish, I couldn't face
the responsibility of looking after you,
so I ran away.
Your shot.
Mandy, what you doing here?
Where's your mum?
- Who's this guy?
- This is Kestrel.
My dad.
Who's this?
We're about to find out. Raymond, we're
playing a truth game and you're up next.
- You wanna play?
- All right.
What do you think of my mum?
Kestrel is Mum's first love.
So... reckon you've got a chance?
She got barriers.
I messed up and she pushed me away.
- Reckon you've got a chance?
- No, I blew it, mate.
Are you in love with my mum?
How are you, Raymond Legendre?
I have waited so long
to have you in this position.
What have I done to you?
I almost don't know what to do with you,
I'm so pleased with myself!
Be reasonable! Hey, what's this all about?
Just wondering what the best way is
to prolong your suffering.
Get my full three years' worth.
- I don't even know you.
- You do know me.
I never knew I'd see an angel
I didn't want to squander the chance
Perfect angel
And ever since that fateful day
I'm in love
I'm in love
I'm in love and it won't go away
I watched you spellbind my woman
in front of me.
And that's why you have to die.
I'm gonna cut you until I can't see you.
And when I can't see you,
I'm gonna cut what you was.
Gimme a pull of that spliff.
Mate, you're about to cut me up,
you can't give me two drags?
You don't know what love is.
To wake up
and see her face in the ceiling.
To talk to her
even though she's not there.
To want her to touch you so bad.
To feel your heart burst with tenderness.
- My love for her is mystical.
- Lyrical.
Metaphysical, yeah.
It's hell, isn't it?
Stroke my hair like how my mum did.
Okay if I leave him here?
She's not in her room.
- Listen, what?
- She's not in her room!
- Mandy?
- Mandy!
Why did you not call me if you were tired?
I would have come home.
- She was in bed!
- Mandy! Mandy!
Look! Where have you been?
Mandy, why would you leave the house
without asking for permission?
All you had to was wake her up
and say you wanna go out.
It's not smart, Mandy,
it's not clever to do that.
If someone takes your wheelchair,
how are you getting home?
- She knows that.
- No, she obviously doesn't.
That's why she left the house.
- How could you be so stupid?
- I didn't want to turn out like you.
- Why are you saying that to me?
- You push everyone away.
Dad, Raymond, Auntie Vonnie.
I don't push everybody away.
I don't push you away, do I?
Sometimes you're scary.
Baby, why would you say I'm scary?
I'm not trying to scare you.
I'm trying to look after you.
I don't want it to be just you and me
against the world.
Auntie Vonnie took me to see Kestrel
because I made her.
She loves me.
And she loves you too.
Okay. Okay.
- Can you watch her for a bit, please?
- Yeah.
- Call his parents.
- Yeah.
Have you, um...
have you pissed on the stick yet?
I can't.
What do you mean, you can't?
I'm scared.
I'm the fun girl. I'm not the...
mum girl or the family girl.
Who says?
It's not necessarily yours.
Ain't necessarily not mine.
Let me know how it goes, yeah?
I'm okay, Conrad.
Conrad, okay!
Okay, Conrad!
Leave this woman--
Look, I need... space.
Let me know when you're done
with your space, yeah?
Don't I know you?
Are you coming?
I can't have a baby, Gil.
It would fuck everything up.
What's it gonna fuck up?
My self-defeating patterns.
- What do you mean?
- The good time has to stop.
Why stop if it's a good time?
Don't know. What do you like to do
that you don't anymore?
- I don't do it any more.
- Exactly.
Yeah. if I have a baby,
that's what they'll do to me.
- What?
- That's what the baby will do to me.
- The baby'll hunt you with a kebab knife?
- Huh?
- That's what I don't do.
- What?
No, I don't want to talk about it,
but there's things I've stopped doing.
But we need to find an answer, and only
your piss will give us that answer.
Would you hold my hand
while I piss on this stick?
Yeah, I can hold your hand
while you piss on that stick.
Look how you're smiling.
You're a fucking pervert.
Don't move!
- So?
- What?
Are you a mum?
Are you pregnant?
Oh, man.
But are you pregnant?
So, wait...
I don't know what's wrong with me.
I don't know what's the matter with me.
Um, I'm not happy-- I'm not happy
because I'm supposed to be happy,
but I'm not happy because I'm not happy,
you know?
You're not happy
because you're not pregnant.
Yeah, I'm not happy
because I'm not pregnant. Yeah.
So you wanted to be pregnant.
Course not.
Who wants to be fucking pregnant?
Lots of people.
The baby would have been so fucking cute.
'Cause I'm cute.
You're supposed to say
"Yeah, Yvonne you're cute."
I wouldn't say you're cute.
Cute's like small.
I'd say you're more magnificent.
I like that.
That's all right.
I'm sorry I hit you.
That's all right.
I'll get over it.
Do you know what cheers me up
when I'm feeling down? Come on.
Oh, my coat!
Is this what you want?
Is this what you want?
That's what it's about.
Just walking round...
Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam!
I got a new friend now.
I held your hand while you gave birth.
And I rubbed that nipple cream
on your titties
when they were sore from breastfeeding.
I've rubbed cream on your titties.
I'm sorry.
Yvonne, I need you.
No, I'm sorry.
I should have asked,
I should have told you.
I need you.
- You look like you're crying, bro.
- Who's crying, bro? No one's crying.
You? I don't know. I don't know.
Don't cry. I'll slap you if you cry, bro.
I'll slap you.
I'll slap you in the face
with one of my tits.
As if.
Yeah, I could. They're saggy enough.
Don't come anywhere near me.
Stay away from me.
What you gonna do now?
am going to buy Mandy a kebab.
- A kebab.
- Whoa!
Oh, by the way, this is Gil.
All right?
- What?
- What are you doing?
- I don't smell.
- Ew.
Tequila. Please. Tequila. Now.
- What's your name?
- Barney.
Barney. Barney, please
can I have a tequila?
I fucking hate men, Barney.
You've come to the right place,
'cause there's none in here.
Where you been?
I texted your ass about a million times.
Oh, I've been with Barney, babe.
I like it.
Yes. No queues in here, Dave.
Let's get everyone down here.
Thank you. Cheers, boss.
Um... I guess it's, uh... it's Raymond.
Isn't it?
No kebab for me.
What, you just gonna walk out of here
like there's no vibe between us, yeah?
Seems like you have vibes with loads
of people, like the girl from Willesden.
Okay, what you saw there was me
just being a certified wasteman.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, I'm done with that.
- I'm done with that tired old script.
- What do you want?
I want you.
I'm sorry, Raymond, but, um...
you're the kind of guy that should come
with a warning sign on your forehead.
And you'll cut me up again.
Yes, yes, you will.
This is your fucking meat and drink.
Picking up girls,
fucking with their heads.
I'm sorry, but I look at you,
I feel like I'm 15.
I got dazzles in my belly.
And this is where I get off.
I can't.
What are you doing?
I'm Simone's heart, and I'm scared.
Your heart just told me
that you keep her in a cage.
That is very mean.
Hello, Simone's heart. I'm Raymond.
Um, I know why she keeps you caged,
and it's because
she's trying to protect you.
But I know a thing or two about cages,
and cages got keys.
When I'm with you,
I feel...
When I'm with you...
I feel...
When we got together
When we took off our masks
And revealed
We took to the sky
The rain and thunder washed
All the pain away
In our universe
Of love
Oh, yes, you set me free
Set me free from all the hurt
Yes, we gave each other wings
To dance among the clouds
And we drank the sweet
In our universe
Of love
Universe of love
We've got a magic vibe between us
I can't tell when you end and I begin
Take my hand on this adventure
And we could flow like the rivers
To the sea
Each time I blink
I'm back there with you
You're burning
Into my mind
You kiss me with such
A liberation
Like a shooting star
Across my heart
Across my heart
Universe of love
This fire ain't going out
This fire ain't going out
This fire ain't going out
This fire ain't going out
This fire ain't going out
This fire ain't going out...
We're gonna watch it burn
This fire ain't going out
This fire ain't going out
We're gonna watch it burn
Burn, burn, burn
Burn, burn, burn
This fire is burning bright
Just watch the flames
Burning out of sight
This fire is burning bright
Just watch the flames
Burn out of sight
Watching you burn so free, yeah
This fire is burning bright
Watch the flames burn
It will burn your soul, yeah
This fire ain't going out
This fire ain't going out
We're gonna watch it burn
This fire ain't going out
This fire ain't going out
We're gonna watch it burn
This fire ain't going out
This fire ain't going out
We're gonna watch it burn
This fire ain't going out
This fire ain't going out
We're gonna watch it burn!