Been There All Along (2023) Movie Script

(Upbeat music)
Love is compromise.
Learning to balance the wants
and needs of another person.
Love is commitment.
The hard work of two people
coming together
to make something beautiful
that will last forever.
Love is over
for Charley Cooper,
founder and CEO of popular
dating app, Evermore,
whose former long-term
boyfriend has published
a post-breakup op-ed titled,
"I Dated the Queen
of Online Dating."
Evermore's stock prices
are plummeting
as users delete their accounts
left and right.
The app's user count
has dropped by nearly 40%
since the piece hit the presses.
(Phone rings)
Charley Cooper's office.
We won't be commenting
at this time.
(Phone rings)
Charley Cooper's office.
Ms. Cooper won't be doing
any interviews.
Or tell-alls, or features,
or exposes.
(Phone ringing)
You know what?
I'm just gonna
put this on silent.
Probably not helping
with the headache.
Oh, this is a nightmare!
Why don't you go get
some fresh air?
Clear your head.
I have to figure out
a game plan.
How about a coffee on me?
You know I'm easily swayed
by the prospect of caffeine.
Keep fending them off, Dominic.
You're doing great.
"No comment"
is my middle name.
How you holdin' up?
Um... yeah, I mean,
I've been better.
Every tech news outlet
in Seattle is...
No, I mean, how are you doing?
With the breakup?
You know, I am
completely over him.
- You sure?
- Yes.
You know, once you're past
something, then you can see
all the bad things
that you were blind to
in the moment.
You're describing
every relationship
I've ever been in.
So, you get it?
It was just so weird when Kyle
was ending things with me.
He said he never got the chance
to know the real me.
Ugh, well, if you ever wanna
drown your sorrows in ice cream,
or watch "Dirty Dancing"
on repeat, or burn his stuff
in a bonfire, I'm your girl.
Well, I do love
a good movie musical.
But ugh, I have bigger
fish to fry.
Right. Dying company
does take precedence
over my perfectly
curated playlist, I suppose.
Evermore isn't dying.
We are in a um...
A transformative period.
Oh, and what are we
transforming into?
I don't know yet.
I am supposed to be
a love expert, and now,
everything thinks
I'm a total fraud.
Don't worry.
This will all blow over.
People have gotten past
way worse scandals.
Not with this kind of timing.
If we don't get out
of this PR nightmare,
everything we've invested
in this new app feature
will have been for nothing.
This new app feature
that you need to pitch
to the board in four minutes.
If there's anything you can
think of to end this deluge,
I am all ears.
I can ward off journalists
all day, but this amount
of bad press
is way too much for me
to handle alone.
(Camera shutters snapping)
Back up!
No comment.
When we have a comment,
we will have a comment.
Now let a lady enjoy
her latte in peace.
(elevator chimes)
- Can you draft a press release?
- Only if you want the media
to pick up our
every word you say.
Maybe I'll start a new life.
Move to France.
Change my name.
What do you think
of Cosette or Winona?
They sound like characters
out of a romance novel.
- What about Indigo?
- No.
Okay, time to walk the plank.
Ugh, and I didn't even get a
chance to choose my last meal!
Here you go.
Keep it. I definitely
don't need any more caffeine.
Am I sweaty?
Do I look sweaty?
I feel sweaty.
You look great.
(Panicked breathing)
You are great.
The new feature is great.
Go kill it.
Oh, okay.
(Deep inhale and exhale)
Maybe a little sweaty.
Hello, everyone.
Bob, love the tie.
As always.
(Chuckles nervously)
(clears throat)
Thank you all for taking
the time to meet me today.
I know that Evermore is in a
interesting spot right now,
but I am very excited to pres...
Miss Cooper, shouldn't we
discuss this media attention?
Absolutely. And I definitely
will get to that.
But we don't wanna let
one or two negative pieces
cloud what the team
has worked so hard on
for the last several months.
So, without further ado,
allow me to introduce...
Been There All Along.
We've all pondered what could've
been with a missed connection.
An old friend you've lost
touch with.
A random electrician
who was undeniably handsome.
Now, Evermore users can find out
for themselves.
BTAA will sync your contacts
with people who have profiles
on Evermore to find out
if your perfect match
is someone you already know.
Whether that's a friend
you didn't realize
you were a match for, or a missed
connection you had only met once.
We have just started launching
our beta for internal testing.
Ms. Cooper...
We can't even think
about adding features right now
when the future of the app
is at stake.
But we can't let bad press
prevent us from making progress.
Been There All Along
could turn things around.
Infamy doesn't drive sales!
No, but tenacity does.
This company is not going
to bury its head in the sand
and stand by while
everything we've worked for
washes out from underneath us.
I have always been able
to make everything work.
When bots invaded the app,
I killed them.
When Tech Expo wouldn't give us
the time of day,
I started our own conference,
and that is what put us
on the map.
And I will find a way
to fix this, too.
Your track record
has bought you some time,
but this is your one
and only chance, Ms. Cooper.
Otherwise, consider
our shares pulled.
Thank you.
You won't regret his.
Meeting adjourned.
(Sighs quietly)
- Well, that was awkward.
- Maeve.
I can't believe the Board
doesn't see a point
in releasing the feature
right now.
But if I can't get
the dev team on board,
then there's no feature
to launch.
Okay, okay.
(Inhales deeply)
What if we bring in
a marketing consultant?
Someone to give us a little
outside perspective?
I know just the right person
to give Evermore a rebrand.
Great! Give 'em a call,
but don't commit to anything.
We've already put a ton of money
into this feature.
And with stock prices falling,
I'm trying not
to lay people off,
and use up all our extra
resources on one outside hire.
One meeting.
No commitment. I promise.
I can make some room
on the calendar.
- Thanks, you guys.
- Trust me.
One meeting is all you need
to get the full
Liam Hiett experience.
He's an expert
at big branding overhauls.
(Upbeat music)
Maeve Eakle!
Hi, my favorite person.
Oh, it's so good to see you.
How are you?
Better now.
Welcome to Evermore.
We are so glad you can make it.
How was the flight?
No, it was great.
You know, I do so many of these
cross-country gigs,
it's like I barely
feel it anymore.
I slept like a baby.
Well, let me show you
to the courtyard.
Charley's waiting
for us outside.
Hmm, lead the way.
Hey, Charley!
Liam, meet Charley Cooper,
Evermore's CEO.
- Lovely to meet you, Charley.
- Likewise.
- So, I hear Evermore's dying.
- Ugh, not dying!
Um, uh... ripe for...
What did you call it?
- Transformation.
- Transformation.
We need a marketing campaign
that will take the focus
off the breakup and back
onto Evermore,
in time to launch
our new feature,
so I look forward to seeing
what you have in store for us.
I like your directness,
Ms. Cooper.
Even if I don't believe
in dating apps, you know.
Excuse me,
you don't "believe"
in dating apps?
Are you even from this century?
Yes, I think so.
Did you tell him what company
he's pitching for?
She did. Look, just because
I think true love
is more than shallow facts
and some selfies,
doesn't mean I can't save
a sinking ship.
Oh, we are not sinking.
Uh, Charley, Liam has had
plenty of successful campaigns
with other companies that he didn't
always agree with their philosophies.
Oh really?!
And what part of Evermore's
philosophy do you disagree with?
Well, uh, my parents found
love at first sight
in their middle school
ceramics class.
They've never fought
a day in my life
and are still
as in love as ever.
I mean, it might sound cheesy,
but I want that same sort of
magical, movie-moment love,
and you can't get that
from an app.
Well, maybe you didn't
give it enough of a try.
Oh, I think when you know,
you know.
Well, my parents got divorced
after only a couple years
of marriage.
I don't even remember a time
when they were together,
and they didn't even try
and make it work.
Okay, is this couples' therapy
or a business meeting?
Can we get to the pitch?
- Yes. Fine.
- Happy to.
Right now, the media and
the market want something big
from Evermore:
commercial shoots,
immersive marketing, billboards.
They know that Evermore
will do anything
to get the spotlight off of
the op-ed and back on the brand.
Everyone is expecting a pivot.
Well, great.
But I've built a career
on doing the unexpected.
Instead of pretending
the op-ed didn't happen
and sweeping the negative press
under the rug,
I propose that we give
the public not what they expect,
but what they want.
We'll have you use the new
"Been There All Along" feature
to publicize your journey
in finding love again.
What better way to prove that
Evermore can work for everyone
than its CEO using it
to get back on her feet?
You'll vlog the whole dating
process, from swiping,
to getting ready videos,
to date recaps,
in order to build organic
marketing material,
which we'll use not only
in traditional ad campaigns,
but also on the brand's
social media.
This way, we'll prove not only
that Evermore is for everyone,
but that the new feature
works like a charm.
Our feature launch will be baked
into the rebranding campaign.
Hmm. It feels like you're not
just doing this for the money.
It's a personal challenge.
I like to turn the impossible
into a success.
Absolutely not.
- What?
- The public already hates me.
And seeing me get back
on the dating train this quickly
will only make them come
at me with pitchforks.
I'm a very private person.
I don't even like the scripted
promo videos.
Uh, well you were
a private person.
Not anymore.
Uh, no. No.
My company is at stake.
And thrusting me
into the spotlight
will only make things worse.
No, I can't risk
the future of Evermore
on one ad campaign.
Look, you're already
in the spotlight.
Like it or not.
The only way around this sea of
bad publicity is through it.
Trust me, you've gotta lean in.
I'm grateful that you made
the trip all the way out there.
I trust Maeve's opinion, and
you're clearly very successful.
But I know my company best
and this isn't the right path
forward, so thank you very much.
Let's just hold on a second.
Maybe in the future
we'll work together,
but this is something
I'll have to fix on my own.
Maeve will show you out.
Have a great day.
Charley, wait!
Sorry 'bout that.
No, nothing to be sorry about.
You win some, you lose some.
Would've been great, though.
Can't we change the campaign
and still make it work?
I'll be in it instead.
Evermore for everyone
can work for POC, too.
Well, Evermore doesn't have
a diversity problem,
it has a Charley problem.
And if she won't be in the
campaign, we don't have one.
Is there anything
you can think of?
Maeve, I know that you think
that I can save this place,
and I am flattered.
I think I can, too.
But I get hired for my big ideas
because they work.
I really wanna do this gig.
I think it could be big
for all of us,
but I can't sacrifice
my own brand for Evermore's.
I'm sorry.
Come on!
(Sighs, exasperated)
(ship horn blaring)
I can't believe Maeve
thought that guy
was a good fit
for Evermore. Ugh.
His resume is pretty
I did some light cyber-stalking.
He rebranded a huge
fast-food chain
and turned dozens of smaller
companies from scandals.
Yeah, but our company
isn't like other companies.
That campaign would completely
destroy our brand.
I don't wanna speak
out of turn,
but isn't that what
we brought him here for?
An outside perspective?
It doesn't matter.
We're not doing the campaign.
End of story.
Why don't you start
researching new consultants
while I continue to brainstorm?
Will do.
(Upbeat music)
Yeah, okay, that's pretty good.
What? Why would I...
What are you still doing here?
I sent you home like,
two hours ago.
I could ask you
the same question.
I was waiting to see when you
were going to go home.
I'm not going home until I have a
plan that will save the company.
My two best ideas so far are...
(Clears throat)
Handcuffing two potential
matches together for 24 hours
or putting two potential matches
on a Ferris wheel
and stopping it at the top.
I think those are the plot
lines from '90s sitcoms.
And they're terrible ideas.
Ugh. You're right.
(Sighs heavily)
I'm gonna go home
and so should you.
You're not gonna come up with
anything running on fumes.
I'm not going home.
All right.
Have a good night.
Good night.
(phone ringing)
Charley, what are you
still doing up?
I'm still at the office.
I've been... brainstorming.
Good. What did you
come up with?
I uh... well...
(Clears throat)
I think I might have been
a little closed-minded
with Liam.
He does seem to have the
experience we are looking for.
So, you'll do the campaign?
I'm not saying that.
But I did shut him down
pretty quickly
and he deserves a chance
to explain his reasoning.
How long is he in town for?
Oh, he leaves tomorrow
Great! Then he can meet
at my place tomorrow morning.
9:00 a.m.
Sounds good!
We'll be there.
Thanks, Maeve.
Have a good night.
(phone rings)
Hey Mitch, how's it goin'?
Always a good day when I can
bring a new gig to my best client!
Hmm, what do you got?
Another day, another company
in need of a rebrand.
This one's back in New York.
Big toy company, going through
a massive recall.
- Oof.
- Yeah, tell me about it.
Are you in?
Isn't there anything out there
that's a little more...
I need something to put me back
on the map.
I'm getting kinda bored
with these smaller gigs.
Just feels like the same thing
over and over again.
I thought this app company
was gonna be some big,
trendy campaign.
You told me it had "viral"
written all over it!
Yeah, well, it's ending
a little sooner than I thought.
We can always get you a full-time
job with one of these companies.
I'm sure they'd
all love to have you.
No, no, freelance is freedom.
Committing to one company means
one stock dip and you're done for.
No amount of corporate perks
will change my mind on that.
Promise me you'll never
settle down.
I've seen so many talented men
like yourself
end their careers with
a white picket fence dream,
and you're just too good
to lose.
Yeah, well, I haven't been
on a second date in ages,
so I think we're safe.
Plus, I like to travel.
Every day's something new.
What's the rate on the toy gig?
Standard compensation, plus
ten% for your favorite agent.
- Yeah, sure, take it.
- Amazing!
This is why you're the best.
I'll start negotiating,
see if I can squeeze
a little more dough out of 'em.
Thanks, bud.
I'll keep an eye out
for the contract.
(Call waiting buzzes)
I gotta go.
Someone's calling
on the other line.
Maeve, what's up?
I know it's not the ideal time
to plan for a meeting,
but Charley wants to talk
to you again.
Charley didn't seem
to want my help.
She didn't seem to want
anyone's help.
Charley's been in her office
for 12 hours
trying to come up
with a new solution.
You're not really
selling me on her.
I wanna do this campaign
as much as you,
I think it could be really huge,
but I have a dozen
other potential clients
that are less of a headache.
Evermore's Charley's baby.
She... gets a bit defensive.
She did admit that she didn't
give you enough of a chance.
Fine. I'll give it
one more try to convince Charley
about this campaign.
But I'm not budging on the idea.
- Thank you.
- What time do you want me
at Evermore on Monday?
Oh, this can't wait
'til Monday.
Charley wants us at her house
first thing in the morning.
- What?
- Well, if you can convince her,
you stay, and if not,
then you'll still make it
for a lovely pre-flight lunch.
You're killing me.
You know you love it.
Good night.
Have a good night.
See you tomorrow.
(Exhales sharply)
(Indistinct dialogue on TV)
(knocking on door)
They're early!
Wow, jeans!
I thought she only wore
power suits.
Good morning, sunshine.
Good morning.
Thank you for meeting me
on a Saturday.
Okay! You two have fun.
- Uh...
- Maeve!
Well... come in.
- It's a nice place.
- Thank you.
(Indistinct dialogue on TV)
Reality TV.
Fun. You know, I never pegged
you for a reality TV...
(Television turns off)
Oh, come on, please,
leave it on.
Maybe next we'll learn
if she meets her dream
sheep shearer.
Did you come here to sell
yourself or to make fun of me?
- Both?
- Hmm.
Charley, I'm not here
to try to tell you
how to run your company.
I simply wanna help support you
and your vision,
and help Evermore
get back on its feet.
I thought you didn't believe
in dating apps.
Don't let my personal dating
style affect your perception
of my ideas and how they can
help Evermore.
Look, I don't care
if you use the app or not.
I just don't think shoving
a person the public hates,
in their faces, is going
to do us any good.
Especially when that
person is me.
Charley, if you'd just...
My company, my rules.
You see this?
I know, I have an addiction.
What's so funny?
You just proved my point without
me having to say anything.
That is the biggest
ad campaign of my career.
At one point, Planet Burger
was under fire for serving up
burgers that were only
around ten% real beef.
- And what was the other 90%?
- Chicken, turkey, filler.
Your basic school lunch
mystery meat.
- Yikes.
- When they hired me
to do their rebrand,
they thought a lot like you.
Pull focus away, lean into
the healthy options,
just make everyone forget
about the bad press.
Makes sense. Why would you want
anyone to remember your scandal?
Because all press
is good press.
Instead of shying away,
we used exactly what the company
was known for, and it worked.
In Evermore's case, that's you.
You're... you're already
in the public eye.
Sure, you can recede into the shadows
and let all the press die down,
but then, you and Evermore both
stand to be forgotten.
Or you can give the public more.
They're gonna come at me
with pitchforks.
It's up to you.
You can either fizzle out
or you can go down fighting.
I trust Maeve,
and Maeve trusts you.
So... okay.
Let's try the campaign.
Great, thank you. Thank you
for putting your trust in me.
I promise, I will not
let you down.
- Or embarrass me.
- Or embarrass you.
I have a reputation to uphold.
Or at least, I did.
Trust me, your trash TV
is our little secret.
Get out of my house.
Enjoy the rest of your show.
Oh, let me know if the goat lady
finds her perfect match.
All right, have
a good weekend. Yep.
Make sure you have your profile
built and ready for Monday.
I will.
Okay, thank you.
I can't believe you just
happened to have a Planet Burger
wrapper on your table.
I knew that campaign worked.
Well, I'll be adding this
to your NDA.
All right then,
I'll see you both later.
You got it, boss.
Rebel, what have I gotten
myself into?
(Rebel meows)
All right, back to business.
(Television turning on)
(indistinct dialogue on TV)
(television pausing)
Ugh, not the goat farmer
from Nebraska!
Step one: the perfect profile.
This is going to be key in landing
you some great matches with BTAA.
Did you get a chance
to make one?
- Yep. Dom?
- Locked and loaded.
All right, let's take a look.
Dream vacation, perfect weekend,
guilty pleasure.
Okay, hang on.
These answers are so generic.
How do you expect any of these
to get you your perfect match?
That's the beauty of being
the creator of the algorithm.
I know exactly how
everything works!
I'm not being generic.
I'm finding common ground
using common answers.
Do you want common matches?
My answers might not be
the most specific,
but they're still honest.
I've always wanted
to go to Europe,
I love a good game night,
and yes, I do eat
too much chocolate.
People like vulnerability.
The public would enjoy getting
to know the real Charley.
It might make you
more relatable.
I'm relatable!
A lot of those answers are
relatable to a ton of people.
This is what a profile
should really look like.
Now, I only downloaded Evermore
because Maeve sent me the beta
version to learn how it works.
I built a profile
so that I could see
what you and
all the other users see.
Look, I can't market something
I don't know anything about.
Plus, my profile
is completely private.
I can see other users,
but they can't see me.
Whoa, me thinks the consultant
doth protest too much.
I took building
a profile seriously!
I would want someone to know
about my bucket list vacation
to the border of Europe
and Asia in Istanbul.
It's a great
conversation starter.
I'm sticking to my guns
on this one.
Yeah, she tends to do that.
Fine, fine,
it's... your profile.
Next up: pictures.
Great! There'ss an album
in my photos.
Care to comment
on any of these, big shot?
Hmm? Oh... no, those...
(Clears throat)
The photos are great.
Okay, so there's about
five more albums,
if you could just scroll down.
We can look through all of them.
All right, you ready to go?
I just need you to give
a quick intro to the feature,
and then we'll film you swiping.
Been There All Along is ready,
but uh... I-I don't think I am.
I... I don't know
how to be in an ad.
I am the furthest thing
from an actress.
Well, that's okay.
We don't need you to be one.
Honestly, it's better
that you're not.
We wanna see the real you.
Some of the most successful
ad campaigns in history
use real people.
You've got a great product,
just be yourself.
Be myself.
All right.
We're rolling.
Hey, what's up?
I'm Charley,
and I own the place.
Okay, yeah, no.
No, no, no.
That's uh... you're not
a mob boss.
You're just a person.
Just speak from the heart.
How could I speak
from the heart if I freeze
every time the camera turns on?
I just wanna make sure
I say everything perfectly
so the media
can't twist my words.
Don't think of it like
you're talking to a camera.
Think of it like
you're talking to a friend.
But I'm not,
I'm talking to you.
- We're not friends?
- Colleagues.
Okay, fine. What would it take
for us to become friends?
Should I tell you about
the time that my date
to the 7th grade formal
dumped me on the dance floor?
Flip through some embarrassing
childhood photos?
Well, that wouldn't hurt.
Just wait until you see me
in my headgear.
See, there she is.
That's the real Charley!
Okay, now tell me
about the feature.
Like a friend.
Ready when you are.
Hi, I'm Charley.
You probably know that I
recently went through a breakup.
But I am using Evermore's
newest feature,
"Been There All Along,"
to get back out there.
That's... that's perfect.
That was perfect.
Yeah, okay.
Now for the fun part.
Time to swipe.
Ready when you are.
Okay. So, at the top
of your screen,
you can switch from "New Faces"
to "Evermore users
you don't know"
and "Been There All Along".
(Phone chimes)
Oh my gosh, Teddy Campbell!
I went to high school with him!
He was our star football player,
but the most humble guy
you'll ever meet.
Sounds like a great candidate.
Here goes nothing.
(Phone chimes)
It's a match!
I'll admit, I was a little
nervous to get back out there,
but I am actually
really excited.
Well, I'm happy
that you're so excited.
And look, if everything
goes well,
we can bring Teddy in
to be in the campaign.
So now, just use this
to record yourself
setting up the date,
and then upload it to me.
Okay, got it!
Look, Evermore might be
your baby,
but this campaign is mine.
I just wanna make sure
that it is as good
as it possibly can be...
For both of us.
I really appreciate that.
All right.
Uh... Liam?
I'm really looking forward
to that headgear photo.
I'm putting that in your NDA.
Hmm, well, mum's the word.
(Liam's phone rings)
But I-I actually don't know
how to use this.
- Sorry, I gotta take this.
- No, but I...
- You're gonna do great.
- Uh...
(Turns the television on)
Brought you the uh... jersey.
What is going on here?
I am brushing up on my...
Sports knowledge!
I'm gonna be the cheerleader
to Teddy's jock.
I've never seen you watch
a single sports game.
I could be sporty.
I just really wanna make
a good first impression.
(Maeve's phone rings)
Oh, I gotta take this.
Here you go, Tom Brady.
Yeah, I'll take it from here.
Okay, so first things first,
I can't let you go
on this first date
without knowing the proper way
to throw a football.
- Okay.
- So, here we go.
Okay. So, you don't wanna...
Throw it like a baseball.
Not that you would know how to
throw a baseball... or anything.
Um... You just wanna
make sure that your fingers
glide over the edges to like...
Give you that perfect spiral.
You know like... this.
Yeah, yeah. Got it.
- Do you wanna give it a try?
- Yeah. Let's do it.
Hey, that's not bad!
- That wasn't that bad!
- All right!
All right, here we go.
You okay? You good?
Never better.
You know, you shouldn't have
to change yourself
just to impress this guy.
Well, we all change ourselves
a little bit
when we meet someone.
You try a new restaurant,
or an activity
you might have never
thought to try.
Okay, if you say so.
I'm simply being open
to a new experience.
A new side of Charley
I didn't even know existed.
What's this team, anyway?
Okay, one more time.
(indistinct chatter)
Oh my gosh.
- Hi.
- How are you?
- Good. So good to see you.
- You too!
I don't think I saw you
at the reunion.
No, no, I couldn't make it.
Uh, but I wanted to, though.
It's just so crazy to see
where everyone has ended up.
But there's only so much you can
find out over social media.
Very true, very true.
I do wish I got to know you
more in high school.
Yeah, well, you were
too busy being Mr. Quarterback.
And you were
Miss Valedictorian.
That much I didn't forget.
So, you wanna throw
the old pigskin around
and relive your glory days?
- Sure.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Okay. Okay.
You know, I never pegged you
for a sports fan.
I'm a little shocked to see you
so into football.
Yeah! Sports is definitely
a um... a recent interest.
But if you're the Teddy
that I remember,
this should be right up
your alley.
Well, I'm actually a lot
different now.
I'm a yoga instructor and I run
a meditation retreat.
- Oh uh...
- Yeah, after my football career
was over, I didn't know
who I was without competition.
But after I found
peace and love,
I realized competition is truly
the root of all evil.
And harmony is the only
truth path to happiness.
I am so sorry.
Had I known, I never would've
suggested any of this.
It's okay.
I know you just got into sports
and I don't wanna
ruin 'em for you.
- No... actually I...
- But if you do wanna get
your body moving,
I would be happy to show you
some yoga poses.
Yeah. Sure.
I should warn you though,
I can barely touch my toes.
Oh, it's a common
Yoga isn't about flexibility,
it's about marrying
movement with breath.
(Inhales deeply)
(chuckles nervously)
(sharp exhale)
Okay. Yeah.
All right, let's start with
a basic sun salutation.
All right, follow along.
Raise your hands high
above your head
and thank the sun
for the energy it provides.
Thank you.
Thank you, Sun.
No, silently.
Release to forward fold.
And flatten your spine.
Don't forget to breathe.
So sorry to interrupt but...
But I was wondering if I could
join, if you have room?
Who am I to deny someone
a flow on such a beautiful day?
As long as you're all right
with that, Charley?
- Great.
- Wonderful.
Let's all meet in downward dog.
Thank you.
So, my date with Teddy
wasn't great,
but that's part of the fun
of Been There All Along.
People from your past can be
different than you remember,
and sometimes in a good way.
A disaster date is the fun
of this new feature.
Nice pivot, quarterback.
I was taking your advice:
lean in.
Why didn't you just tell Teddy
you don't actually like sports?
I couldn't just tell him
I lied to him.
I would look insane!
(Upbeat music)
Like your yoga class
was much better.
Tell me about it.
I'm still sore.
Dom will catch up.
We need to be more selective
with your matches.
It was one date!
It's one date that we can't
use for the campaign.
For your next date,
let's find you someone
that you don't have
to study for.
I already found someone,
and he's perfect.
Date number two all ready
to go for tonight.
Meet Winston.
We interned together at my first
job in tech out of college.
We got along great. Just two
young nerds with big dreams.
I wonder where he works now?
His profile doesn't say.
And how old are these photos,
because he looks like
a teenager in them?
Yeah, he needs new headshots,
but that's definitely him.
We're set for a coffee date
tomorrow afternoon.
Well, as long as he doesn't
run an anti-espresso non-profit,
we should be in the clear.
Hmm, funny.
Yeah, I thought so.
(engine roaring)
(tires screeching)
(rock music)
Oh, oh, oh!
- It's been too long.
- Hi!
Hi! So long.
Uh, it's actually Tony now.
Oh! Yeah, I hardly didn't
recognize you with um...
You just look very different
than our intern days.
- Stop.
- But not in a bad way, just...
Just different.
Trust me, I'm not offended.
I may have changed my look,
but still the same me.
Just take a decaf Americano.
- Sure thing.
- Awesome.
- Wow, decaf.
- Yeah.
Last time I saw you, you basically
took your cold brew in an IV.
Yeah, no, it wasn't
doing me any favors.
Oh yeah.
I totally get it.
Anything after a medium,
I am up all night.
Although, it is beneficial
when I'm at the office
until one in the morning.
Oof, yeah, hours like that
are the main reason
I left my last job.
Um, my boss was so cutthroat,
he was totally taking advantage of
all the young software developers.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
Just so you know, not all
start-ups are like that.
I'm usually the only one
there late.
No, no, I know. I'm sure
you treat your employees
like actual human beings.
I mean, I like to think so.
Before all this bad press,
we were the number one rated
tech employers in Seattle.
Oh, I know.
That's why your next programmer
should be none other than me.
(Mysterious music)
(chuckling nervously)
Look, I was thrilled when you
reached out to reconnect.
Um, well, Winston...
Um, Tony, I...
Really appreciate that
you wanna work for me,
but um, with everything
going on,
we're in a hiring freeze
right now.
Look, I can bring a ton
of experience to Evermore.
I can turn this company
around in no time.
Face it, you need me.
And I... I really appreciate
your confidence.
Um, can you excuse me?
I'm just gonna go check
on your coffee.
Maybe grab some more cream.
Sure, yeah.
- I'll just be right back.
- Yep.
What happened?
It was a disaster!
He only came to pitch me
on how his programming skills
could save Evermore.
I'd be more likely
to hire you full time.
No thanks,
not really my thing.
Okay, relax,
it was just an example.
But you're really missing out
on our insurance options.
I'm sure.
Look, with his kind of ego,
I doubt that he's gonna
take no for an answer,
so we have to find
a way out of here!
Don't worry,
we'll find a way out.
- How are we gonna find a way?
- I don't know, just...
Look, he's coming. Shh!
He's coming.
(Clears throat)
Hey, man.
You seen a girl around here
with a yellow dress,
shoulder length hair?
Yellow dress? Yes!
I did see her right over...
Whoa, hey!
What the heck, man!
Oh, so sorry!
Oh, it got all over you.
- Where?
- Yeah so, she went that way.
- All right.
- Can't miss her.
Just... all the way.
Did you see his face when
I spilled my coffee on him?
I totally thought
I was busted.
You know, I am never
going to find a match.
The campaign is ruined,
my dress is ruined,
the company is doomed, and I
didn't even get to drink my coffee.
Whoa, okay, let's just
slow down and breathe.
(Exhales deeply)
Okay, now what?
Right now, we enjoy the sweet,
sweet goodness of the
sodium-covered carbs.
You know, that line-up
was insane.
Your campaign really
did its job.
I'm impressed.
Okay, I'm gonna get
into some comfy pants
before we dive into that
ten% real beef.
So, take this...
- And I'll meet you over there.
- You got it.
You have a lot of cat toys.
Whew! That's much better.
(Television): I'm looking
for a girl who knows herself...
"Hitch or Ditch".
No judgment.
It can be fun to fall
into the fantasy,
but you and I both know these
people aren't actually in love.
I mean, maybe they are.
They get married after knowing
each other for like, a month.
When you know, you know!
Okay, there's over 300 episodes
of everyone just knowing.
Have you ever just known?
No. That doesn't mean
it'll never happen.
You know, you're more
of a romantic than I thought.
Are you sure you don't have
some star-crossed lover,
a high school sweetheart,
or the one that got away?
- No.
- No?
Not really.
I've dated plenty,
but... never works out.
I don't know, doubt is easy,
especially with my career.
I'm always the one
to leave town,
or always the one to say,
"Sorry I missed your call,
I was on a flight."
Or "Sorry I can't,
I'm on the other side
of the world right now."
There is always a reason
to run away...
You know, when things
aren't perfect.
Half the time, I don't even know
why I'm running.
Well, 'cause it's scary.
I mean, I know better
than anyone how terrifying it is
to show yourself to someone.
Because if they see
the real you,
and choose not to like you,
well, it's devastating.
But if they never see
the real you
and you never really
know what they think,
well then, you never
have to get hurt.
You know, we can watch
something else if you want.
- And miss the season finale?
- Yeah!
Absolutely not.
You don't have to pretend
to like it.
Oh, I'm not pretending.
I watch this on every flight.
And I wanna see if Nicki
hitches or ditches Rob,
so, watch it.
Okay, because I've been
waiting all week
and I can't wait.
(Upbeat music)
How do you like Jameson?
Why would you like Jameson?
I never said I liked Jameson.
- You said, "I like Jameson."
- No, I didn't.
Oh my gosh, there's James, Jim.
No, you were like,
"I like Jameson".
(Continues indistinctly)
- Yes.
- No.
- Yes.
- No.
Yes! You can...
You cannot look me in the eye
and tell me that Candace
and Brian do not have
undeniable chemistry
with each other.
(Indistinct chatter)
(soft music)
(shouting indistinctly)
Well, that was quite
the finale.
Best finale I've ever seen.
So, what are we gonna do
about the campaign?
We'll figure it out
in the morning.
I'm surprised I didn't get more
resistance out of you,
Miss Workaholic.
Hey... dedicated.
That you are.
Well... good night, Liam.
Good night, Charley.
(Clears throat)
- Thanks.
- You got it.
You know, maybe it's
the algorithm.
I'll contact the programming
team and see.
No, it's not... it's not
your algorithm,
it's your profile.
You said it yourself,
you made a pointedly
generic profile to attract
the most potential matches.
My profile is fine.
If you built
an authentic profile,
then you wouldn't need to search
for a needle in a haystack.
You would match with someone
who's right for you.
Okay, well who exactly do you
think is right for me?
If you don't start
going out with people
that you're compatible with,
this whole campaign
will have been for nothing.
Okay, you make a point.
I'm not looking
for a generic guy,
I am looking for the right guy.
Trust me, you'll still get
plenty of matches being you.
All right, bucket list trip.
"I have everything
I need right here in Seattle."
Perfect weekend?
"Celebrating a week of hard
work with my Evermore team."
Last one, guilty pleasure.
Late nights at the office.
- Yeah.
- Seriously?
Those are answers
that you would give
in a job interview,
not ones that you would give
on a first date.
There is no authenticity there,
and authenticity sells.
Oh, I'm aware of that.
It was my ex's "authentic" op-ed
that got him
his fifteen minutes of fame...
Oh, my God!
And my company
on life support.
Look, I just don't wanna give
any more reason
for the press to come after me.
If I...
If I talk about a vacation
that I wanna go on,
then I'm out of touch.
If my guilty pleasure
is fast food,
then I'm promoting
unhealthy habits.
If you give real answers,
people will know that you're
a real person, not a robot.
They'll like you for you,
I promise.
My work is a big part of my
life, so why not feature it?
I agree that we need to make
my profile more specific.
- Yes.
- But if I focus my answers
on my career, then the press
can't give me any more strife,
and I could still find
someone who's great.
Well, okay, no, you make
a good point, too.
Let's find you the tech bro
of your dreams.
Someone who is as much
of a workaholic as I am.
(Charley's phone chimes)
Will Tester has an Evermore?
Come over here.
- What's up?
- Will Tester has an Evermore.
I updated my profile
and he's my top match.
- No way!
- Who is Will Tester?
He's sort of her one
that got away.
We dated in college for like,
a hot second,
and then lost contact
after graduation.
We would like each other's
posts every so often,
but I always kind of wondered
what might have happened
if we stayed in touch.
What? He's in tech too?
See, this is why BTAA
is such a genius feature.
Just imagine: "Power tech couple
reunited by number one
dating app's newest feature."
Hmm. I appreciate that
in your fantasy headline
Evermore's back on top.
Of course, it is.
Oh, by the way,
a leadership meeting in five.
Yeah, wouldn't miss it.
Hey... hang on!
I love that you're
so excited about Will,
but if you dated in college,
don't you already know
that you're not right
for each other?
It was college! Plus, we're
totally two different people now.
And we both work in tech, so we'll
have a ton of things to talk about it.
You won't have to worry about
any more misunderstandings.
I'm matching with him.
Moment of truth!
(Phone chimes)
Yay, success!
Do you think I should suggest
Italian or sushi
for our first date?
What did he like
back in college?
Oh gosh, I barely remember
what either of us ate
besides frat party snacks.
Oh, can you find a restaurant
that has an open spot tonight?
Somewhere classy
but not overdoing it.
- No problem. I'm on it.
- Great! Thanks!
He's actually really cute
and that says a lot
coming from me.
Okay, well, don't get
ahead of yourself.
You should be vlogging this.
And they're gone.
Nobody cares. Great.
Ah, too casual.
Too formal.
Ugh, too dated.
Okay, Will definitely
used to work in tech,
so he's used to business casual.
But I'm not sure if he'd want
that or something different.
Change it up, you know?
Hang on.
Instead of worrying
about what Will likes,
why don't you just worry
about what you like?
Just be yourself.
I don't even know if I know
how to do that.
With my ex, I always felt
like I was performing this role
that I didn't even wanna play.
Just to impress him
and his family.
And well...
Combine that with being thrown
into the public eye, I...
I actually don't remember the last
time I was myself in front of anyone.
That Friday night bash seemed
pretty Charley to me.
You're never gonna let me
live that down, are you?
See, it's not anything
to live down.
It's you.
The real you,
which Will's gonna love.
You don't think it's a little
sad that I usually choose
to spend my weekends alone
with my cat watching reality TV?
No. Not at all.
I respect how much
you know yourself,
in and out of the office.
You are a fiery,
determined businesswoman
that cares a lot about
other people.
And you have a few pleasures
that you have no reason
to feel guilty about
because they're charming.
You shouldn't have to change
those things for someone else.
Thank you.
You're so confident
about yourself
when it comes to Evermore.
You should have that same kind
of confidence about you, too.
running a company
is a lot easier
than finding love.
You deserve to have high
standards in both.
You're worth it.
(Charley's phone buzzes)
(clears throat)
Oh, it's Maeve.
She's wondering if we're leaving
anytime soon.
Oh, yeah, just tell her
that we'll head out in ten.
- Um, I'll go change.
- Oh yeah.
Cool, cool, cool, cool.
(Clears throat)
Oh hey, you know, if uh...
If things go well tonight,
you know, we can start
brainstorming on additional
marketing materials...
And all that.
No time to waste, and all that.
(Clears throat)
A lot of cat pictures.
Hey, Charley, how ya doin'
in there?
Find anything?
Is this okay?
(Soft music)
I will take that as a yes.
Come on, we can get more
footage outside.
- Yeah.
- All right.
(Clears throat)
- Yeah, great. Oh, um...
- Yeah?
- Your necklace.
- What?
- It's just a little...
- What?
It's just a little
caught right here.
- Oh.
- Just right here.
We should probably get going.
- Yeah.
- Yeah. Hmm.
(Soft music)
(indistinct chatter)
Hey, Liam!
Where's Charley?
Is she coming?
Yeah, she's in
the parking lot.
She didn't want
to enter together.
Great. Well, looks like
our dreamboat's nice and early.
That's a good sign.
(Indistinct chatter)
Ah, there she is.
Charley, wow.
- You look amazing.
- Oh, thank you. So do you.
I got us a table.
Thank you.
Oh, isn't he perfect?
He was complimentary,
prepared, was on time.
Yeah, really, really perfect.
- Been a long time though, eh?
- Very long time.
I don't know when the last time
was that we saw each other?
Thank you.
Probably just when we finished
school, I think.
Oh, I guess so.
Straight outta college and...
- It's like no time has passed.
- Yeah.
You still look exactly
the same. Thank you.
You somehow look
even better and younger.
- Oh stop.
- I don't know how you do it.
(Both): Cheers.
- To the app, I suppose.
- To the app.
So, this new Evermore feature,
secret ploy to get us
to reconnect?
No, that was a total
I'm kidding.
Are you sure you're not
totally and completely
freaked out?
No! Not at all.
It's a genius idea.
Okay. Good.
I always admired
your innovation.
Even in college.
Oh, wow, thank you.
But what about you?
You worked for like, every major
tech company in Seattle,
so what are you up to now?
I actually just developed
an app of my own,
my own start-up, it's Vegistry.
I'm vegan and the app
helps people kind of,
with dietary restrictions,
find food that they can eat.
Wow. You know,
your raison d'etre
is how I felt about Evermore.
I never had any success
with traditional dating apps,
and so, I made my own.
And it's great.
I mean, you even got a total
nerd like me to use it.
Well, you're definitely
not a total nerd.
Still sounded like it was
pretty nerd heavy though.
A lot of emphasis.
- Maybe like, 91%.
- Comes with the territory,
I think.
(Charley continues laughing
in background)
(indistinct chatter)
They really seem to get along.
I know.
Isn't it great?
Every time.
So, our beta's
a little finicky,
but we just hired another
lead developer and so,
she'll set us back on track
and she's great.
That's great. That first beta
is always so tricky.
It's bugs on bugs on bugs, so.
Oh wow, we totally
lost track of time.
We did. Thank you.
No please, allow me.
Thank you.
That was absolutely delicious.
- Oh yeah.
- Thank you so much.
I couldn't eat another bite.
This was a... wishful
thinking there.
- Allow me.
- Oh! Thank you.
Shall we?
Yes, by all means.
Ugh, thank God.
Thought you were happy
for them.
They really hit it off.
I am happy for them,
it's just my jeans...
Were not the right choice
for pasta dinner.
I gotta go put my night
pants on now.
(Indistinct chatter)
You know, I think that's
the first time
I've closed down
a restaurant since college.
Well, hopefully this doesn't
sound too forward,
but since we didn't run out of
things to talk about in what...
Four hours...
Yeah, it's a long time.
Would you like to do this
again sometime?
Yeah, I would love to.
Okay, well then,
you're gonna have a calendar
invite in your inbox tonight.
Charley, slash Will, one-on-one.
- Oh.
- Sound too formal?
Nope. That is
the perfect amount
of corporate jargon for me.
- I wouldn't want anything less.
- Oh, no, no, no.
- But remember, less is more.
- True.
I will have to, you know, run it
by like, a test audience
at a workshop, but...
Well, this is me.
Good night. Um...
- Good night.
- Good night.
Yeah, well... drive safe.
You too. Bye.
Yes! That was amazing!
(Inhales and exhales deeply)
He's perfect for the campaign.
Oh my gosh.
Yes. Thanks, guys!
See you tomorrow.
Well, looks like
we've got a winner.
Good night.
Good night.
(Sighs happily)
Well, judging by the fact
that we could've binged
an entire season
of "Hitch or Ditch"
during that date,
I can assume things went well.
But I did wanna debrief with you
to see how you're feeling
about Will.
Well, in comparison
to the other two dates,
Will is practically
Prince Charming.
He's gonna be perfect
for the campaign.
You two really seem to connect.
Yeah! We're meeting again
this afternoon.
Yeah, way to keep
the train moving.
I just...
Wanted to say thank you
for suggesting
that I redo my profile.
You were right.
It's the least I could do.
I'm really happy that you
found someone.
Thank you.
I mean, hey, it wasn't all uh,
just because of me,
you know, you're the one
who charmed him.
Yeah. You're right.
You know, I am pretty charming.
But it was you who
encouraged me to be myself.
If you can't be yourself,
then it sets the campaign
and your relationship
up for failure.
I want what's best
for Evermore...
And for you.
Thank you.
(Indistinct chatter)
So, where are you two going
on your next date?
- Picnic in the park.
- Very romantic.
Yeah, as long as I shower
myself in bug spray beforehand.
Ah yes, a face full
of mosquito bites
would not be ideal
for the vlog clips.
- No.
- Though, I'm sure you could
still make it work.
Hmm, I'd rather not find out.
It sounds itchy.
Oh, speaking of the campaign,
why don't we see if Will would
be game to be in a couple clips?
I mean, if things
are going well,
it'd be great to bank
some organic content with him.
You don't think
he'll find it weird?
Well, I think we want him
to find it a little weird.
I mean, if he was too eager
to be in it,
it'd be a total red flag.
Hmm, yeah.
You have a good point.
(Distant laughter)
Oh, I have to hop
into this dev meeting, but I'll
let you know how the date goes.
Wish me luck!
You're gonna be great.
Just be you. And don't let
the mosquitos bite.
That is the perfect
picnic basket.
- Oh, it looks delicious!
- Bear proof.
Bear proof, that's good.
That's good.
How was your week?
You know, I have been
pretty cooped up in the office
all week uh...
Launching this new app feature
is no joke, especially right now.
Oh, then I'm glad we could get you
outside for a little vitamin D.
Yeah. Me too.
Oh, thank you!
Here we go.
Oh, this looks delicious!
Oh yeah!
Got some good options here.
- Oh!
- May I offer you
a dehydrated beet?
As a palette cleanser?
I... This might be
a weird thing to ask,
and feel free to say no,
but would you mind
if I recorded our picnic?
Mind if I ask why?
Well, uh, we are doing
a marketing campaign
for Been There All Along
and my consultant really wants
to feature me in it.
I realize that's a lot to ask
for our second date.
Oh, I mean, I'm not the best
on camera, but sure.
As long as your consultant
doesn't mind.
Oh... What do you mean
by that?
Well, I've had my fair share
of headaches from people
like that at my last company.
I mean, Liam's actually
really brilliant.
Sure, his ideas are a little
out there,
but his innovation
has been very helpful.
Sorry, didn't mean to offend.
No, no, no, no,
I totally get it.
But, I mean, had it not been
for Liam,
I would've never put up
this profile at all and...
Well, and you and I would've
never reconnected.
Oh, cheers to that, then!
Homemade kombucha?
Oh! Sure!
There we go.
Lavender's from my own garden.
The scoby's a, you know,
a Will secret.
Tester secret.
And then, there's some
elderflower in there.
Excellent. Cheers.
Yeah, before Vegistry, I had
to cook all my own food,
just because my limitations
of eating out.
- Mm-hmm.
- Enough about work.
I wanna get to know
off-the-clock Charley.
Well, I am...
I'm a total homebody.
If I spent the entire weekend
binge-watching reality TV shows
with my cat, I would consider
that a huge success.
I don't even own a TV.
- Oh.
- I know, I know,
I'm barely from this century.
No, no, no.
To each their own.
No, well, who knows,
maybe you could change
my mind about it.
That's sweet of you.
I also have
some candied jackfruit.
If you're interested,
that's uh...
nutritional yeast.
It's delicious.
Okay, date number two
all uploaded and ready to go.
And he was cool with it?
Yeah, absolutely. I mean,
he was a little camera shy,
but he did think it was
a pretty good idea.
Sounds like someone else
I know.
Hmm, yes, I did not think
the campaign was a good idea
when you first pitched it.
Oh, trust me, I remember.
How 'bout now?
Well, I don't wanna inflate
your ego, but I think
it's pretty genius.
Oh! What!
Okay, there it is.
Keep it goin'!
Oh, I will be using
that in a testimonial.
Yeah, make sure to use
your little dance, too.
Oh, I will!
You know, I think we should
hold a press conference
to release the new launch,
so that we can introduce Will
as a culmination
for the campaign.
The feature is ready to go,
and the clock is ticking
with the board members.
Well, that's a great idea.
Yeah, no, it'll be really good
for the press to see your
chemistry with Will in person.
They'll eat it up.
I'll have Maeve get some
reporters lined up.
Great. I will get Dominic
to print the materials.
Do you think you can get some
footage together?
Oh, absolutely. I'll start
working on this tonight.
Awesome. And I will
also set up another date
with Will so we can build
some more content for
post-conference launch.
And for... you know...
Never mind.
Uh... I am just talking about
the things you care about.
Oh, come on! No, I care about
your romantic escapades...
And stuff.
Yeah but, I mean, the fact that
they're keeping me employed.
That helps.
See, I knew it!
No, seriously,
I'm really happy
that you found someone.
You deserve someone
who not just accepts
but celebrates the real you.
You are driven,
steadfast, you're smart.
Dare I say, genius?
- Yes, genius.
- Oh!
- Wow!
- Hey, hey, hey!
Once BTAA and the campaign
gets launched, it should be
smooth sailing.
Not just for Evermore,
but for you and Will.
Well, I couldn't have
done it without you.
Happy I could be of service.
Before Vegistry, I had to cook
all my own food...
just because
of my limitations of eating out.
(Charley laughing)
I wanna get to know
off-the-clock Charley.
(Computer beeps)
Will Tester has an Evermore.
I updated my profile
and he's my top match.
Homemade kombucha?
Oh, uh, yeah.
I don't even own a TV.
No, no, no, to each their own.
Oh, yeah, yeah, I love my cat.
I'm super allergic to cats.
(phone rings)
Charley can't date Will.
He's not her perfect match.
Oh, my God, why?
Does he have a secret family?
Is he a scam artist?
No, no!
No, it's not that, it's... it's
this footage from their date.
I mean, it's... it's stilted
and awkward.
I mean, it is rough, Maeve!
Can't you edit around it?
I mean, I can, but are...
Are we really gonna
let Charley introduce someone
she has no chemistry with?
The press is gonna eat her up.
Maybe they were just nervous
or camera shy.
Liam, I think
you're overreacting.
Okay, Maeve, first of all,
I watched the f...
Liam... Charley's happy.
She did what you asked.
She found a match.
Just let her be.
Yep. That's...
Okay, so I've got
the caterers booked,
the banners are on the way,
and the media's confirmed.
All we have to do is decorate.
Earth to Charley!
I feel like
something's missing.
Something just
doesn't feel right.
I think we need to go bigger.
Bigger, oh... okay, how?
What if we did the conference
in the park by the pier?
Yes! The pier, I love it!
Oh my gosh! Okay,
I'll get started right away.
- Great. Thanks, Maeve.
- Mm-hmm.
- Feelin' ready?
- Yeah! Almost.
Actually, we just decided
to move the press release
to the park and I think they're
going to love the new feature.
I meant are you feeling ready
about going public with Will?
It's a big commitment.
Oh, I know the press
is going to love Will.
I meant... Never mind.
Yeah, no, you two are a total
power couple, you know?
I'm sure Maeve could pull some
strings with her Forbes contact
and get you two
a cover spread and...
Oh, um, let's not
get ahead of ourselves.
The app is still in beta.
Vegistry sounds like
a great app.
Oh, plus, it's a perfect
Evermore integration.
It could be a great way to
redirect users from both platforms.
- Yes.
- Will actually has
a really innovative structure
for the dev team...
Look, Charley,
do you even like this guy?
Or do you just see him
as the other half
of a potential power couple?
Of course, I like him.
What are you talking about?
Well, let's go to
the video tape, Charley.
SYou two could talk shop
all day long,
but you have no chemistry
outside of work.
We just started dating.
Takes a long time for two people
to get to know each other.
That's not what this is, no.
All I see
is you changing yourself
for someone else again.
Pretending to like
raw vegan food
and sunrise hikes
just to make this work.
I mean, you are not taking
any of this seriously!
I take this company
very seriously!
There it is! Yes, yes!
You take this company seriously.
Not you, not... your own heart.
No, you need Will
for the campaign.
You picked him
to save the company,
but not for your own happiness.
You don't even know
what you're talking about.
This disrespects everything
that we have been working for,
and even worse,
it disrespects you.
So now I disrespect myself.
Real nice.
You are making the same mistake
that led to your last breakup.
So, now you're just some
relationship expert?
You don't know the first thing
about love.
You just expect
the perfect woman
to fall in your lap,
and then book it
at the first sign of trouble.
No, I'm not saying
that I am perfect, I'm just
offering an outside perspective.
An outside perspective!
Your whole life
is an outside perspective
because you can't let anyone in,
and that's why you jump
from company to company.
You can't commit yourself
to one job or one person.
I think I've built
a pretty good career for myself
off of my so-called
lack of commitment.
You know, I'm not listening
to someone who's never been
in a relationship. I've listened
to you long enough and I'm done!
Just... consider
your services rendered.
Uh... fine.
on your new-found love.
My agent will send over
the invoice.
No need to contact me directly.
- Charley, what happened?
- It's fine.
- Everything was going so well!
- - It's just business.
Partners come and go,
and we have a lot to do
to make sure this conference
goes off without a hitch.
- But we need him.
- Drop it, Maeve.
(Dramatic music)
Good evening.
For you.
Fresh lilies from
the community garden.
Oh! Wow, thank you!
That is so very sweet of you.
Um... lilies are actually
really poisonous to cats.
- Oh.
- But they'll look great
on the porch! Rebel isn't
allowed outside anyway.
It's fine.
That's fine. There.
Uh, speaking of Rebel...
In the bedroom.
Don't worry, no allergy
attacks tonight.
Um, so yeah, come on in!
Well, that's interesting
Yeah, it's basically
a family portrait.
He's my baby.
So, today was a rough day,
to say the least.
Well, I'm happy to be the one
that you wanna see
after a hard day.
Well, what are we watching?
I'm game for anything.
If anyone can open my eyes to
the magic of reality television,
I'm sure it's you.
Well, I'm flattered.
Okay, let's see what's on.
(Television turns on)
Ooh, "Hitch or Ditch"!
(Indistinct dialogue on TV)
Uh, so do you wanna order
something to eat?
Oh, yeah, sure.
Um, we actually just partnered
with this really cool
raw fusion place.
I recommend
the patchouli burger.
Now, just so you know, it's not
a traditional hamburger.
The bun is somewhere
between falafel and bao.
And the patty itself, oh, it's a
portobello artichoke mixture.
And you know, for condiments,
they have this gluten-free
hoisin sauce...
(Rebel meowing)
and this daikon relish
that's just sublime.
- I can't do this!
- What do you mean?
I can't pretend to like raw fusion
food for the rest of my life.
And I can't keep my cat
locked in my bedroom
every time you come over.
And I can't change
everything about myself
just to be with another person.
We have to have
something in common.
I mean, I thought we did?
The dates have been going well.
Yeah, when we talk about work!
Can you think of a single other
topic we've connected on?
Look, I have changed myself
to fit another person's
mold for years.
And I can't anymore.
I won't do it anymore.
Even if that means
my relationship
and Evermore are doomed.
I have to choose
my self-worth first.
And you should, too.
You might be right.
I mean, besides talking
about our career ambitions,
we don't really have
a lot to talk about.
You deserve someone
who loves raw fusion food.
And you deserve someone
who will binge-watch reality TV
with you, 'til the cows come home.
'Til the vegan beef
substitute comes home?
Oh! Very alternative of you.
I'm trying!
You know, maybe someday, we'll
make great business partners,
but when it comes to love...
We're just not a match.
But hey, if you ever have an
app idea you want to partner on,
I'd better be the first
person you call.
It's the cat hair.
Well, you take care.
You too.
(Phone rings)
Hey, you've reached Liam.
Please leave a message.
Hey, you've reached Liam.
Please leave a message.
Hey, you've reached Liam,
please leave...
(Maeve's phone rings)
Looks good.
Hey, Charley.
Shouldn't you be
on your date with Will?
The date is over.
Will and I are over.
What do you mean over?
- What's going on?
- I don't know.
I ended things.
What? You guys were perfect
for each other.
Is he married?
I think Liam was right.
Well, there's a first time
for everything.
I thought you liked his ideas.
I do! I mean, with you
agreeing with him.
I don't know, every time
Will opened his mouth,
all I could hear was Liam's
voice in my head.
I've prided myself
on maintaining my integrity
in my business deals.
And my personal life
should be no different.
My dignity is more important
than finding a match.
And even more important
than saving Evermore.
Sorry, Charley, we'll call off
the press conference.
Actually, don't!
What? Why?
You don't have a match
to present and you'll have
nothing to talk about.
I have an idea. Don't cancel
anything and don't tell anyone.
Okay. Leave it up.
Charley still wants to do
the press conference.
What could she possibly
be planning?
(announcement alert chimes)
Attention passengers,
apologies for the delay
due to fog.
Looks like we're flight buddies.
Howdy, neighbor.
You headed to New York
for business, or pleasure,
or a little bit of both?
Oh no, just work.
Nothing exciting.
Oh, that's too bad! You should
try to have a little fun.
Every trip I ever went on
I brought my kids
back a snow globe.
I don't remember much
about the work,
but I do remember
every last snow globe
from Anchorage to Zurich.
Are you um...
Are you travelling
for business now?
No, no, no.
I'm gonna see my grandkids.
So, uh, that's Kayden,
my son's oldest.
And that one there is Riley.
That is a good-looking family.
- Yeah, a happy house.
- Yeah.
My son and his partner are
lucky enough to work from home.
They don't miss a single moment
of those kids' lives.
Or each other's.
Sounds really nice.
I was a pilot for 30 years.
Barely saw my wife and kids.
I missed so many of those moments that
I see my son have with his family.
- Sorry.
- Ah, it was the job.
Came with the lifestyle
and I knew that.
But now with my grandkids, I'm
trying to make up for lost time.
And I... I think I'm succeeding.
- Do you regret it?
- Regret what?
The constant travel.
Always being away
from your loved ones.
I mean, if you could...
Do it differently, would you?
Life is about spending time
with the people you love.
Without them, what's the point?
(Chuckles softly)
Oh no.
I gotta go!
Uh... yep, I gotta go.
Sorry to cut our
conversation short.
It was really nice to meet you.
Have a good flight.
I'm gonna... Yep.
- Okay.
- All right.
(soft music)
(indistinct chatter)
- I handed out the press briefs.
- What's the plan?
Don't worry.
I have it all figured out.
- Are we shutting down?
- No!
Are we selling the company?
Please don't tell me
we're being bought out.
- We're not.
- I cannot have a CEO
that doesn't appreciate
my winning personality.
Maeve, Dominic, breathe.
I trusted you about Liam.
Now I need you to trust me
about this.
If you say so.
Thank you!
(Clears throat)
Hello everyone.
And thank you all for attending
this conference.
I know you're all probably expecting
me to present my perfect match.
Some triumphant victory
to show you that Evermore
can work for everyone.
But it can't.
Oh, this is the end.
(Indistinct murmuring)
What are you doing?
I'm looking for a new job.
We're doomed!
At the beginning
of my personal Evermore journey,
I thought I knew love.
But I didn't.
I knew how to make
someone else happy
and how to change myself to make
another person love me.
But that is not love.
Online dating requires more
vulnerability than I ever knew.
To find your perfect match,
you have to show others
who you truly are.
Not the "work" you,
not the generic you,
and not the promise
of what you could be.
And no app, not even Evermore,
can help you find love if you
aren't willing to open up.
And to that end,
I think it's time I show
all of you who I really am.
Not Charley Cooper,
CEO, just Charley.
To be honest,
I would rather watch grass grow
than to go on a sunrise hike.
I would rather watch paint dry
than talk about finance.
And I would much rather
have a concussion
than to sit through
an entire football game.
Genius. Pure genius.
What's my real
bucket list vacation?
Anywhere I could take
my cat on a walk
without getting strange looks.
What does my perfect
weekend look like?
Sitting at home in my PJ's
watching terrible
trash reality TV.
My real guilty pleasure,
a big, greasy burger
that's probably
less than ten% real beef.
I didn't find my true match
on Evermore
because there was a flaw
in the algorithm or design,
it was a flaw within myself.
One that I'm working on.
You got this.
(Phone rings)
Hey, hey, hey!
Hey, Mr. Hiett,
you about to head
to the airport?
Actually, I'm not going
to New York.
- What do you mean?
- Cancel the gig.
I'm not done here in Seattle.
Uh, if they're keeping you
more days,
they need to pay you
for more days.
Do I need to call their lawyer?
No, no, no, it's not the deal,
it's personal.
Oh, God, Liam, is this
because of some girl?
She's not just some girl.
Man, I... I have spent
my whole life running
and now I've finally found
someone worth staying for.
You're not gonna become
the mogul we know you can be
if you're stuck in one place!
No, no, Mitch, I'm not stuck!
Before this, man,
I couldn't see it!
I have never been
open to a real,
deep connection before,
and yeah, staying here
in Seattle might be
the biggest risk of my career,
my life, and I've never been
more sure about anything.
Think this through!
Oh, I have.
Bye, Mitch.
Now, I am pleased to announce
our new feature
that we are introducing
to Evermore,
and I am going to use my own
authentic profile to do so.
As you've read
in the press brief,
we are launching our new
feature: Been There All Along.
Now, Evermore will be able
to match me, the real me,
with the most compatible person
in my contacts, once I hit "save".
(Phone chimes)
I thought his account
was private?
It was.
Hi, Charley!
What are you doing here?
I'm committing.
I've been running
from gig to gig
and person to person for years.
And you helped me realize
that I was just doing that
because it was easy
and I was scared.
I'm not running anymore.
But your job?
My job is a part of my life.
A part of my life
that I love very much.
There is something... someone
that I care about even more.
And she is more important
than any ad campaign.
I think this is all I need to
prove that my algorithm works.
I always wanted you
to be my perfect match.
Really! Always?
Even when I said
that I didn't do dating apps,
or when I said that your company
was dying, or you fired me...
Okay, maybe not
always, always.
This is so much better
than any stupid ad campaign
that I could've come up with.
(soft music)