Beethoven's Big Break (2008) Movie Script

Don't you dare.
Come back here, you mutt.
Hey, what... Hey, no! No!
Don't let him escape.
Come on. Come on.
Come on.
Get him.
Come back here.
Get him!
The dog, the dog. Get the dog. My beret.
Careful. Be careful. Careful.
Mark my words, I'll get you
someday. You! I'm gonna get you.
Ah! I have been looking
all over for this guy.
Dad, are you trying
to give me a heart attack?
Billy, what have I told you
about playing with the animals?
Pete here isn't
just any lizard.
He's a professional actor.
And because you were horsing
around, he's late. So I'm late.
Horsing around?
Horsing around.
Hey, guys. I found Pete.
Hey, Sticky.
I didn't forget
about you, Spencer.
Okay, everybody,
have a good day.
Come on, Dad.
You come on. We're late.
I've got to get to the set.
It's fine.
It still crackles.
Dad, really?
Hey, hey.
Go get it. Go get it.
Come on, Billy boy!
Let's go! Let's go!
Here you go, Pete.
How's my star?
Oh, yeah. Looking good.
Looking good.
Billy, come on!
You know, it's better to be an
hour early than a second late.
Success depends on it.
Maybe if I work
real hard I can be
the head lizard guy
on some dumb movie.
I'm sorry, what was that?
Okay, buddy,
what's with the attitude?
You have all these freaky
animals all over the place.
And all I want is a dog.
Billy, we've talked
about this.
Lots of people have dogs.
I don't know anyone else
who has a lizard as a pet.
Hey, that lizard
is not my pet.
That lizard is my iob.
We don't have
room for a dog.
We don't have
money for a dog.
At the very least, it'd be a
huge distraction for the training.
Dogs are pets,
and we don't have pets.
No dogs, buddy. I'm sorry.
Whatever, Dad.
Okay. Well,
have a good day,
and don't forget to check in with
Mrs. Hollinger when you get home.
I love
"Yep. I love you too, Dad. "
Photo ID.
It's iust that I'm so late.
You know,
I work here every day.
Photo ID.
It's me.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Eddie. Eddie,
you're late!
Do you think
it's part of my job
to be waiting for my
assistant to show up?
I don't think so.
I'm sorry, Sal.
I had trouble
with the lizard.
Don't want the excuses.
I just want the lizard!
Now, did you
teach it a trick?
He's got it, all right.
It's a good trick.
Good trick.
Better be.
Better be. Let's go.
Almost time for
Frizzy's close-up.
Need to compose.
Yeah. That was 74, then 53A.
And make sure the props get set.
Director's on set.
Now, in this
scene Fanny...
LISA: Frizzy.
The dog's name is Frizzy.
What did I say?
Whatever. The dog
gets chased by a snake.
A lizard.
I thought we had a snake.
Snakes are too expensive.
Patricia made me re-write it.
What kind of picture
are we making, anyway?
It's a dog picture.
That is not a dog.
I grew up in the projects.
I know a rat when I see one.
She's a bichon fris.
She's like a poodle, but not.
It's a metaphor for life's
struggle against conformity.
Look, I don't care what it
is. Let's just shoot this
so I can put the final nail
in the coffin of my career.
Yes, Herr director.
Would you get the girly dog and
the snake so we could do this?
Absolutely, sir.
And, sir, I can't wait for you to see
the trick I just taught the lizard.
Very complicated.
I'm amazed I was
able to accomplish it.
Get the dog.
Yes, sir.
Who are you?
Are you on payroll?
I'm Eddie. I'm like the
assistant animal trainer.
Good for you.
So, is that it?
Yeah. That's Pete.
Pete. Pete the lizard.
You wanna hold him?
No, no, no, no.
Can I see him, though?
Yeah. Sure.
Wow. He's so lizardy.
Pretty good-looking guy.
Hey, I think he likes you.
Oh, no. No.
Why? Why? Oh, the humanity.
What and why
are you yelling?
Frizzy, the bichon fris,
has been dognapped.
What are you doing?
You stole my cookies!
You're not supposed
to eat the bag.
I guess I don't mind
sharing with a friend.
Hey, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
Cut it out.
Oh. Hey, hey, hey.
Interesting dog.
He's not mine. Yeah.
He's iust some weird dog.
Yeah. I don't even like him.
Hey, Katie! You coming?
Well, whoever's weird
dog it is, I like him.
Bye. Bye.
That was the first time
she ever talked to me.
Am I dreaming?
"We want $1 million
or the bichon fris gets it. "
$1 million?
Why would we pay a ransom
when the wussy dog hasn't
shot one frame of film yet?
So we're talking a re-cast?
Marco, set up a casting
call for tomorrow.
We have to find a new star
for our film. Yes, ma'am.
Sal, you lost the dog,
cost us a day. You're fired.
Wait, wait.
Excuse me. I'm sorry.
But to tell the truth, it was my
assistant who was in charge of Frizzy.
He's the one
who left the door unlocked.
No. I'm in charge
of the lizard.
I never even met the dog.
I don't train dogs.
You probably orchestrated
the whole thing.
What? This guy?
This guy.
Okay. You're fired.
What? Me?
You heard our
fearless producer.
Remove yourself
from the premises immediately.
Sal, set up a casting call
for tomorrow.
We're literally
hemorrhaging money here.
Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
Am I fired? 'Cause you firing
everybody and it make me nervous.
I haven't worked
since Good Tmes.
What are you
still doing here?
Well, I need to get
my things together.
My lizard's in make-up.
Get your things tomorrow.
For right now,
just get out of my sight!
Hey, Lizard Guy.
Sorry. I know
it wasn't your fault.
You're a ierk.
Why did you lie?
Show biz, Eddie.
It's show biz.
MAN: Closing up.
Everybody off the stage, now.
BILLY: Where are
you from, boy?
What's your name?
Spot? No spots.
Maybe you're like
Abracadabra or Banjo
or Quicksilver.
Or something.
We'll figure it out.
We'll find a good name
for you.
Hopefully one Katie likes.
I can't wait for you
to meet Dad.
Thanks, boy.
Man, I'm missing the
top 10 video countdown.
Hey, boy.
What? What?
What's the matter?
You like this music, huh?
I know what I can name you.
watchng classc performances.
The Cleveland Orchestra peormng
Beethoyen's Fifth Symphony.
That's who you are.
Come here, Beethoven.
Good boy.
oN Tv)
What the... What?
Who is this?
Hi, Dad. This is Beethoven.
We were making spaghetti.
Dad, I know you're mad.
Mad? Yeah, Bill.
Actually, I am mad.
You bring a stray dog into the
house, a huge one, actually.
You destroy the kitchen.
You bring animals
in all the time.
That's different.
I don't see how.
Because it's my iob.
It was my iob.
It's different, okay?
Beethoven and I were
just making dinner.
It's not like anyone
would make it for us.
Now, what's that
supposed to mean?
Come on.
You know I have to work.
I know.
It's just that
everything would be
so much easier
if Mom were here.
I miss her, too.
I think about her every day.
But, Billy, she's gone.
She's in our hearts now.
I know. I iust meant that...
how about we put the dog in
the animal room tonight, okay?
And tomorrow
we'll look for the owner.
And if we find him,
great, and if we can't,
I'll take him to
an animal rescue.
Hey, you know the rules, pal.
No dogs in the house.
But if no one adopts him,
they'll put him down.
Someone will adopt him.
You're a ierk!
Are you taking
a snack for later?
Okay, there's your bed.
Good night.
What? You're gonna leave him
with all these creepy animals?
Creepy animals?
They're all
very professional.
They're gonna be fast friends. Let's go.
No, no, no.
You stay right there.
This is your bed.
You're hanging out
with these guys
for the night, okay?
Night, Beethoven.
Bye, creepy animals.
keep that dog quiet!
TICK: Frizzy, my poor
stressed-out little movie star.
You got your appetite back.
Yeah. Yeah.
What are you laughing at?
She's eating a sandwich,
like a person.
Is that my sandwich?
Bad dog. Bad dog.
TICK: It's him.
Hey, boss. I didn't see
you there. How's it going?
Hey, boss.
Do you have the ransom?
No, I don't have the ransom.
Would anyone like to ask me
why I don't have the ransom?
Why don't you
have the ransom?
Because they didn't pay it!
I mean, why would they pay it
when they have
not shot one frame
of film with Frizzy,
the bichon fris?
Clearly, you have to wait for the
dog to be important to the movie,
preferably a star, before you kidnap
the dog and hold it for ransom.
Otherwise, it's iust a dog.
Wait a minute.
This was your plan.
Didn't you set the schedule?
That's a lie.
It was his idea.
Anyway, I do have a plan,
one that will work.
We wait.
We wait 10 days,
10 shooting days,
and then we dognap
the new dog.
Then they have to pay.
They think
they can outsmart me,
Sal Demarco, the greatest animal
trainer in the history of Hollywood,
the man who taught
a chicken to fly
and a cat to come
when it's called.
Well, they can think again.
They can think again!
Wait, chickens don't fly.
Shut up.
EDDIE: Well, good morning.
How did you sleep?
Such a sweet little animal.
But don't worry. We're
taking you to a nice new home,
and you can sleep
all you want there.
Come on.
All right, come on, doggy.
Let's go. Inside.
Hey. No. Hey.
Doggy, doggy, doggy. Doggy!
Come on. In the truck.
No, no. Come back.
Come on. Doggy!
It's Beethoven.
I'm sorry. Beethoven.
Come on. Let's go.
Come on.
I think he should
ride up front with us.
Well, if you're
taking my new best friend
to the pound,
I think I get to go.
Fine. Fine.
You can say goodbye.
I think he should
ride up front.
Up front? Never.
Animals ride in the back.
Stay here. I'm gonna go get
Pete. I'll be right back.
I mean it.
Stay right here in the truck.
I don't get it.
Got no charisma.
I mean, do you really
think this guy is a star?
Yes. Yes, I do.
I think you could call
him Pappy, Pappy the Pug.
Poochie? Puggy?
I think he lost his mind.
You blew it.
Okay, which one of
you mongrels is next?
What are doing here?
Well, I came to get
my things and Pete.
Pete? Pete? Don't know Pete. Who's next?
I am.
You've got to be kidding.
But he has
the heart of a wolf.
Pete is the lizard.
What lizard?
My lizard.
I see.
You lose my movie star but
you're interested in your lizard.
I didn't lose anybody.
You know I had
nothing to do with that.
All of your things are
underneath the stairwell.
If you have a lizard,
that's where it would be.
You mean you
didn't even feed him?
I've had a lot of
things on my mind. Next.
Pete, are you all right?
BILLY: These are just
a bunch of mutts.
You're 10 times the dog,
Dad found Pete.
I was worried
about you, buddy.
Is he all right?
Yeah. Pete's doing iust fine.
Aren't you, Pete?
BILLY: Come back!
Beethoven! No!
Hey, get back here.
BILLY: Where is he?
That's not even a dog.
SAL: Not technically.
But check out the personality.
It's a cat.
Yes, but a charming cat.
I think we could
call it Kitty the Cat.
That's the fattest cat
I've ever seen.
Thyroid condition.
Look, man,
the movie is about a dog.
I need a dog, not a cat.
I need a dog.
Yes, sir.
Hey. What kind of
dog was that?
Hey. Hey.
SAL: Get me out of here!
STANLEY: Now, that's a dog.
Humungous hairy dog.
EDDIE: Pete!
PATRICIA: Watch this dog!
This dog is coming at me!
Here he comes!
Show me the dog.
PATRICIA: Get this mangy
mutt out of here.
Doesn't he know
I'm the producer?
Get me Sal.
Get me out of this chair!
BILLY: Dad, the door.
He's not gonna make it.
EDDIE: Pete! I'm coming, Pete.
PATRICIA: Stop. Heel, heel!
PATRICIA: Could you help me?
MAN: Hey, that's the producer.
Somebody help her.
PATRICIA: Somebody help me.
Are you okay?
Come on. Easy.
You okay?
Don't. Stay.
Don't, don't. Stay.
We got you. Easy. Easy.
You all right?
STANLEY: Phenomenal!
Eject these hoodlums
from the lot immediately!
They disrupted my audition.
Hold it! Hold it!
Don't you touch that dog!
That animal knocked me over.
He destroyed my backdrop.
That dog is amazing!
SAL: Sorry?
My sides are splitting.
Whose dog is this?
It's mine.
Who are you?
Eddie is one of
the animal trainers.
Was. Was.
I fired him after
the Frizzy dognapping.
Well, he's re-hired.
I will not work
with this man.
You know what? You're
exactly right. Thank you.
You're fired!
Get him out of here.
You can't do that.
Take him off the lot.
Hey, I'm a member
of the union.
You can't do that!
I have a lanyard.
This is wrong on
so many levels.
What's the dog's name?
Beethoven. I like it.
You know what?
Auditions are over!
This dog is the star
of my movie.
Everybody be ready first
thing tomorrow morning.
Stanley! Wait. Wait. Wait a minute.
Hi. Hi.
I know we're going
in a new direction and all
but the movie is
about a bichon fris.
It's in the title.
I never liked that title
as much as I love this dog.
Beethoven! I mean,
it's got a ring to it.
I like that as the title.
But it's about little Frizzy
and her little adventures.
She's French.
Not anymore.
It's about a big dog
that knocks everything down!
This dog is a superstar.
This could be my statue.
Stanley, you're talking
about re-writing
the whole film
around this dog.
Do you know how many
people would pay big money
to see what that dog
just did?
Lisa, I think
you should spend
some quality time
with the dog.
Just really get
inside his head.
See what makes him tick.
Same sets, same characters,
just put old Beethoven in there.
You're going to
make me a lot of money.
And Freddy...
You're training a star.
Use the main gate
from now on.
I love that dog!
Main gate.
Main gate.
STANLEY: I've got a big bonus.
In your dreams, honey.
Wow. So...
What should I
train him to do?
Well, he said we
start shooting tomorrow,
so maybe I could
see a script.
Sure, I'll get you a script.
Only my script is about a
cute, fuzzy little French dog
who brings a family together.
I have no idea
what Beethoyen is about!
Say, I would like to thank
you for coming in here
and basically
wrecking my life.
Thank you, Lizard Guy.
Thank you.
Me? I didn't do anything.
No, your dog did.
So I'm iust gonna go home and
make myself a pot of coffee
and start writing
a new script.
It's no big deal.
Right? I'm a professional.
Who needs sleep?
Not me, that's for sure!
I don't need sleep.
Why would I need sleep?
Why on earth
would I need sleep?
All I need to do is go
re-write the entire script
from page one.
Is she crazy?
This is it, Bill. I'm the head animal
trainer of a major motion picture.
"Use the main gate,"
she said.
The main gate.
This could change everything.
Do you know what this means?
This means milk in your
cereal from now on, my son.
I mean, this is the big time.
I could be the animal
trainer to the stars.
I think there's something
wrong with Beethoven.
Wrong? What could be wrong?
He's going to
be a major star.
He looks sad.
Are you sad, boy?
Beethoven! Beethoven!
Hey! Hey, come back.
Dad, come on.
I gotta get that dog back.
I gotta get him back.
BILLY: Where's he going?
Lost dog! Sorry!
Come on.
OLD LADY: Whippersnapper.
Where did he go?
There he is. Go!
What is he doing?
Why would he run away?
I thought he liked me.
We can't lose
that dog, Billy.
BILLY: You just wanna find
him 'cause of that movie.
That dog is
our meal ticket.
This time you pay. My neck.
There he is!
There he goes.
Hey, hey!
Oh, no.
Dad, we have puppies.
This is why
Beethoven ran away.
He was bringing them food.
Are these your puppies, boy?
Maybe he's not a boy.
Nope. He's a boy, all right.
I bet he's their dad.
Where's your wife, Beethoven?
Hey, Dad, I think Beethoven's
a single dad, just like you.
Uh-uh. We are not taking in
this huge dog and three puppies.
Dad, you called Beethoven
our meal ticket.
Guess that means you have
to keep him happy, right?
Right. Right.
Okay. You win. Let's go home.
Let's all go home. For now.
Yeah, yeah.
Everybody's happy.
Come on, let's go. Beethoven's
gotta be on the set early tomorrow.
Hey, Dad, can Beethoven and the
puppies sleep in my bed tonight?
No. No. The puppies are in the
animal room and Beethoven's outside.
Let's get one thing straight.
Beethoven is not our pet.
He's my job.
So don't get
too attached to him
and don't get too attached
to these puppies.
Oh, no.
Okay. You won this one,
but that's it.
From now on,
no more Mr. Nice Guy.
EDDIE: There it is, Beethoven.
The main gate.
Hi. I'm Eddie from...
Good morning, sir.
I know who you are.
Have a great day.
Thank you.
She knows who we are, buddy.
Here we go.
What do you think, pal?
I don't get it.
See, Beethoven becomes
part of the family...
What's this thing
with him shaking hands?
It's cute and funny.
Beethoven shakes George Newton's
hand, and they become friends.
I don't think that's funny.
Is that funny?
No, ma'am.
Have you ever had a dog?
Well, no, but...
I just don't think
it's funny.
It's heartwarming.
Well, let's shoot it.
But it better play, and tomorrow's
pages better be much better.
Yes, sir.
Now, go tell the dog guy
what we're gonna do.
It just doesn't
seem funny to me.
Hey, no.
Beethoven, bad.
I'm sorry.
He's just a little nervous.
It's his first day on a...
Now, come here.
Stop messing around.
Hey! Hey! Hey!
How's it going?
Good. Great.
Just playing with the dog.
It relaxes him.
Playing, huh?
Yeah. It's animal
training stuff.
It's very complicated.
Stop it! Would you...
Beethoven! Beethoven,
come back here.
Well, take it easy.
I'll see you.
Hey! Hey.
What are you doing? Bad dog.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry about that.
Come on. Come on.
This is just pathetic.
You've got to start
listening to me.
Come on.
This is work time, okay?
This isn't fun
and games time.
Are you listening?
Hey, Lizard Guy.
It's Eddie.
My name is Eddie,
not Lizard Guy.
Listen, Lizard Guy,
I haven't slept in 36 hours.
I couldn't remember
your name if you told me,
and I really don't care
if you ever do.
Did you get the new pages?
Yeah. I got them.
So, we're good?
He'll sit there.
He'll bark softly.
He'll politely
shake the dad's hand,
signifying their new
family partnership.
Yeah. Sure. Absolutely.
He should probably do
exactly that, I hope.
That doesn't fill me
with a lot of confidence.
GIRL: Hey!
That's my nosh!
Now, come on. No!
This could be a long day.
You might wanna just...
MARCO: We need Beethoven
on the set, please.
Where's the dog?
No cookies.
Yeah, he's coming.
He'll be right...
Bad. Bad for him.
Come on. Just...
What do you want?
Beethoven, speak.
EDDIE: Beethoven.
Speak. Speak. Speak.
Here's your favorite, George.
Hey, that's my bacon.
Give me that back.
That's my bacon. Bad dog.
No. No.
Give me that.
You slimed me!
STANLEY: That's perfect.
Cut! Cut! That's brilliant.
"He slimed me. "
That's gross.
That's it! Good work!
Hey, why don't we make the whole
scene about him stealing the bacon?
Quick on set re-write.
I like it!
Matter of fact, I love it.
We got ourselves a star right
there. Dog, welcome to Hollywood.
BOY: Loser.
Looks like somebody should've
kept the training wheels on.
Yeah. That's right.
Run home to your
daddy and mommy.
Wait, that's right.
You don't have a mommy.
Lewis, stop it.
Hey, did you have
fun with your friends?
You're late.
I'm sorry.
We were on the set.
You okay?
I'm great.
Cut it out!
You're such a nerd,
BILLY: Hey, Dad,
there's that crazy lady.
EDDIE: Yup. That's her.
Come on, boy.
Why are you on our steps?
I'm trying to write a script.
That's a weird place
to do it.
Let's go, Beethoven.
I'm starving.
Thank you.
I was hoping maybe I could come
in and watch the dog for a bit.
Watch the dog?
Yeah, get some inspiration.
I'm suffering from
a little writer's block.
Patricia and Stanley
are really pressuring me.
Can you watch the dog
while you eat?
Yes, I can do that.
Come on.
How's your kung pow chicken?
It's good, thanks.
How's your... What is that?
Vegetable lasagna.
Mine is still frozen.
Do you want me to put
that back in the microwave?
No, I kind of like it.
It's like a macaroni
and cheese Popsicle.
Do you guys have microwave
dinners every night?
Sometimes we have pizza.
Or burgers.
Really a couple
of bachelors, huh?
We do okay.
No, I'm sure. I can see.
LISA: So I hear
you named Beethoven.
Yeah. He really likes
that classical stuff.
Cool. Maybe I'll put
that in the script.
If it's okay with you.
Yeah. Yeah. Of course.
Billy, finish
licking your food.
I'm beat.
Big day tomorrow.
I'm gonna go to bed.
Good night.
Do you... Do you have a home?
You're right. I should leave.
Do I have to?
I have no idea what to write.
There is no scene
written for tomorrow.
I'm gonna be fired.
You know,
I got fired this week.
It seems to lead to
promotion in this business.
So why don't you just stay
here as long as you like? Work.
I'm sure you'll come up
with something great.
Hey, Eddie?
I just wanted to say thanks.
You're nice, Lizard Guy.
Good night.
She thinks you're nice,
Lizard Guy.
Come on! This is my bed!
Oh, ha, ha.
You think this is funny?
This is not funny.
It is, actually. And I think I
have our scene for tomorrow. Thanks.
Kissed me all over my neck!
You went to first base
on my neck.
SAL: This is our target.
He answers to Beethoven.
Good name.
Shut up.
He's big, and he's strong.
But soon he will be ours.
But what if they don't
pay the ransom again?
Well, this time
they will pay the ransom.
Which is why we are
waiting for the film
to almost be complete
before we nab him.
The studio thinks he's
their next big star, so yes,
they will pay the ransom,
and I will get my revenge.
They better. 'Cause I don't
want another dumb dog
running around here again.
Take it back.
Take back what you
just said about Frizzy.
Frizzy loves you!
There will not be another
dog running around here,
whether they pay
the ransom or not.
What do you mean?
They fired me.
They humiliated me.
So, yes, we will
take Beethoven.
Yes, they will
pay the ransom.
But, no,
they will never see
their darling dog again.
Hey, hey.
Come on, that's not for you.
Hey, watch it!
There he is.
Come on, buddy.
Heel, heel, heel.
Hey, hey, hey.
There's my guy.
Who's a movie star?
You are, that's who!
How'd you sleep last night?
You look great.
Hey, what are
you feeding him?
Is he gaining weight?
It look like he's been
working out. It shows.
If this dog looks tubby on
screen, you're out of a job.
Guess what we got
for you, Beethoven?
Come on, man.
Come on. Come on, man.
Come on. Come on.
Let's see what we got.
It's iust a little token.
A very expensive token.
Hey, you're a star now,
and everybody is going to
start treating you like that.
I mean, that trailer
is bigger than my house.
Stanley, tell him
about the staff.
Yeah, the staff.
Come on out, fellows.
This is so insane.
that's your entourage.
Okay, come on.
A chef? A masseuse?
Personal groomers?
I'm surprised you guys didn't
get the Dog Whisperer!
Dog Whisperer!
Here I am.
Calm and assertive.
This is...
This is ridiculous.
This is Hollywood.
What the...
I thought I was
the star of this movie.
Here you go!
Home sweet home!
Hey! Hey, hey,
get off the couch!
No! No, no, that's his couch!
Get off the chair.
Look, you see that pile
of scripts over there?
Okay, these are scripts
that this studio
would like to do with
that star over there,
the one smelling
his own bottom.
I'm attached to produce.
You're the trainer.
Everybody wins.
Unless you rock the boat.
So look at it like this,
don't screw up.
Train Beethoven
and let that dog put us
on the front page of Varety.
Here you go, honey.
Whenever you have a minute.
Take your time.
He's gorgeous.
What are you smiling at?
When's my next appointment?
Just quit it.
Beethoven, where are you?
May I help you?
Sal, I know it's you.
Well, of course it's me.
I'm ioking, obviously.
What are you doing here?
What am I doing here?
Hey, pal. I got a pass.
I work here
on the incredibly popular
Anmals Gone Wld.
We shoot right over here,
on the main stage, on the lot.
That is what I'm doing here.
I meant, what are you doing
here, spying on my dog?
That. That. Just came
by to say hello. Hello.
Came by to see
the big fellow.
How're you doing?
Beethoven, he's beautiful!
Look at that big fellow.
Come to Daddy. Come to Daddy.
Wow. Get that beast
away from me!
I don't think
he likes you very much, Sal.
Hey, good luck
with your new job.
I sure am enjoying
your old one.
Come on, boy. Come on.
He's a bad man,
but you're a good boy.
You're a good boy!
EDDIE: All right.
Now, listen to me.
I want you to roll over,
you understand?
Come on, no. No. Come back!
Roll. Roll over.
They're kind of dorky,
aren't they?
Actually, yeah.
But in a good way.
Sit. Come on.
My dad says you really
don't like Beethoven,
that you would prefer
a baybreeze frizay.
(LAUGHING) Bichon fris.
How would your dad
know what I prefer?
Well, he says you're more brainy and
refined and meant for bigger things.
Bigger than what?
Us, I guess.
EDDIE: Come on, now.
I wouldn't be so sure.
He said you were pretty, too.
(CHUCKLING) He did, did he?
No. But you are!
Thank you, Billy.
I think you're
teaching my dad
how to be more
brainy and refined.
But it's not easy.
STANLEY: Prep 52A, and we'll
knock that out and call it a day.
All right, quiet people!
I hear way too much talking!
If you wanna have fun,
go to the dentist.
So what does our beautiful
Beethoven have in store for us today?
Well, in this scene, Beethoven
tiptoes into the dining room,
and when the family's
not looking,
he gingerly steals a
shrimp off the dad's plate.
That's it?
(STAMMERING) No, no, no, he steals
the shrimp, and then it's funny.
He leaves some slobber
on the plate.
Isn't that the same beat we
played yesterday with the bacon?
It's a call back,
rule of threes.
Hey, hey!
Get to work down there.
Get to work.
Lunch s n fve mnutes.
I want the scene n the can!
Okay. Let's see what happens.
Okay. Come on, buddy.
Let's go.
All right, places, people.
Let's do this!
Quiet, quiet.
Okay, Beethoven.
Just like we practiced.
When the dad looks away, you just
tiptoe in and you grab that shrimp.
You got it?
Is he slobbery enough?
Okay, people,
let's get this right.
We are working with dogs.
Okay, buddy, iust stay calm.
Wait for it. Wait for it.
And roll sound.
And action!
EDDIE: Ready? Now, go.
What happened to the tiptoe?
Cut! Print!
That is what
I'm talking about.
That's a trailer moment.
Give it up
for my super star, Beethoven,
and his genius trainer.
Don't! No!
Roll over. Roll over.
Roll over. Roll over.
God. Really?
That is iust wrong.
I like the whole
shoelsandal thing
you got going on there.
Very trendy.
I don't get it.
That dog is smart.
At least I think he's smart.
He finds a way to sneak
into my bed every night,
but he won't roll over.
What is that?
Well, it seems like what
he's doing is working. Right?
I mean, the studio
certainly seems happy.
I'm an animal trainer.
I don't let them iust run wild
and do whatever they wanna do
and then take
the credit for it.
Why does he
have that leash on?
He keeps
chewing through them.
He hates wearing it,
but he's gonna keep wearing it
until he accepts it.
Isn't that right, boy?
Let me ask you something.
Is this...
Is this what you wanted
to do with your life?
I wanna tell stories that move
people, that make a difference.
You probably do
tell good stories.
You're a real good talker.
Yeah, I'm told I'm
also brainy and refined.
And pretty.
Well, I better get back
to "roll over" school.
No! No! Heel! Heel!
LISA: Beethoven, no!
Stop! Bad dog.
Doggy, doggy, stop.
Don't. Don't. No!
That's going in the movie!
Glad I could help.
Maybe he's iust stupid.
There's no
stupid dogs, Eddie.
You don't understand.
Nobody understands.
This dog is off his rails,
and no amount of whispering is
gonna bring him under control.
We must learn
what Beethoven wants.
What he wants?
What Beethoven wants?
All he wants is food.
Food, food, food!
You see that?
You see that?
That's all he cares about.
That's not true.
He cares about us.
Listen, the producer says I
have to take it from this nut.
I do not have to take
it from you, young man.
Billy is right.
Beethoven cares about you.
He longs for you to
welcome him into your pack.
My pack?
Your family.
Whoa, whoa, hold on,
he is not part of our pack.
I mean, he is not
part of our family.
My family is not a pack.
Three puppies, a kid and a
father, that's a pack, Dad.
Would you just
do your homework?
Look at your pack, Eddie.
They want you to lead.
I am an animal trainer.
I'm not a pack leader.
This isn't a pack.
And Beethoven, I'm sorry,
but this is just a movie,
and you are iust a prop.
All I can say,
it's never the dog.
It's never the dog, Dad.
Hey! Eddie! Eddie!
Remember how funny it was
when Beethoven and the
puppies ate all your shoes?
I just added it into
the movie. It's hilarious.
It's not hilarious.
It's really annoying.
And I wish that you would just
stop using moments in my life
where that dog
makes me miserable
and just putting it
in your movie.
But it's funny.
It's not funny.
It's not funny to me.
What's the matter with you?
That dog!
He doesn't listen. He
doesn't do what he's told.
He wrecks everything.
And then he gets
praised for it.
You know, yesterday, I tried to
teach him to roll over for four hours.
Just to roll over!
And he won't do it!
He misbehaves.
You put it in the script.
He's iust a dumb dog.
He's more than that,
and you know it.
Oh! He's got you fooled, too.
You call yourself a writer?
All you do is,
you follow him around
and write down the messes
that he makes. Wow.
He doesn't have me fooled.
He's made this movie better.
And I'm following
him around
because Beethoven's got
something that people like,
something they wanna see.
He's got heart, something
you could really use.
So I'm the bad guy now?
Really? Me?
It's okay, Beethoven.
He doesn't mean it.
EDDIE: Billy?
Yeah, Dad?
Billy, I need some help
with this. Where's the dog?
I have to train him for this new
scene we're shooting tomorrow.
Listen. "Beethoven
walks into the room
"carrying George Newton's
"drops them at his feet,
lies down by the couch,
"and sweetly rests his
head on the rug. " Come on!
Beethoven is never
going to do that.
BOTH: Whoa.
Lisa is scary good.
She wrote exactly
what just happened.
She is pretty good,
isn't she?
You really love
that dog, huh?
Not as much as
I love you, Dad.
That's my boy.
Hey, Pete.
So they're not gonna need
Beethoven for a couple of hours
if you guys wanna
just hang out in the trailer.
Cool. Later, Dad.
Hear that, Beethoven?
We have two hours!
Let's go to the park.
You know that reading the dictionary
doesn't make you look smart.
"Famous: to be known far
and wide, popular, beloved. "
Excuse me,
Mr. Criminal Mastermind,
but it might be a tad
problematic to kidnap a famous dog
in the middle of a studio lot
in broad daylight, Bones.
Look, look!
They're leaving the lot.
successful total chance. "
How about
looking up "moron"?
See you later, Billy.
See you, Zo. Bye, Charlie!
EDDIE: You're gonna
break that thing.
You getting some work done?
Don't you have some other writer's
spirit to crush or something?
You know, when I was 10,
I had a dog.
Yeah, he was an Irish setter.
Red. Creative, huh?
He was a good dog, a little
like Beethoven, actually.
Ate a lot, was messy.
Anyway, I came home from school
one day, and Red was gone.
He... He had run away.
For a year I looked for him.
Every night I waited.
I loved that dog.
He was my best friend.
But he... He left.
Couldn't find him,
I couldn't help him.
It's not your fault
he ran away.
It is. You get a dog, and
you love it, and it runs away.
And you build a life,
and you grow a family, and...
Then one day everything you
thought you had just disappears.
What was her name?
She was a great mom.
I'm afraid I'm just
a sorry substitute.
No, that's not what I see.
I see a dad who's working
his butt off for his kid.
And the only thing
that dad needs to learn
is that he can't
go through life
without giving
his love to friends.
Eddie, Beethoven's
part of your family now.
He's not going anywhere.
Neither am I.
Lizard Guy, Lizard Guy.
Boy, I'm glad that
nickname caught on.
Where's Beethoven?
We can't find
Beethoven anywhere.
Billy? Billy!
Billy's gone, too?
EDDIE: His skateboard's gone.
LISA: Where could they be?
I think I know. Come on!
GIRL: That was so cool.
BILLY: There she is.
Pretty cute, huh?
Wait. We can't go over there.
She likes that guy.
Why would she wanna
talk to me?
what are you doing?
Thanks, boy.
Thanks. Good boy.
Yo, that was ripping,
both you and your cool dog.
I'm Katie.
I know. I'm Billy.
I know.
What's she talking
to that lollypop for?
Ew! Gross! Look what
your stupid dog did!
Feeling woozy?
He means,
are you feeling perhaps
light-headed or off-balance,
as though you might collapse?
Come on.
Help me.
So you wanna
grab a soda or...
What's the matter?
Where's my dog?
Beethoven. Come on!
I can't do it.
I'm doing all the work here.
Pick it up.
EDDIE: Hey, Billy!
Yeah, he skateboards
here with his friends.
Billy! Beethoven!
That was close.
EDDIE: Here, boy.
Come on, run!
LISA: Billy! Beethoven!
Beethoven! Come here, boy.
Lift with your legs, Bones.
With your...
I'm trying.
Are you okay? Who's this?
I'm Billy's friend, Katie.
Where's Beethoven?
We can't find him.
He's gone.
What do you mean he's gone?
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
BILLY: Beethoven!
EDDIE: Stop!
LISA: Beethoven!
Frizzy, quiet!
No! No! We need tranquilizer!
There was enough on that pizza
to knock out a Clydesdale.
Get him down! My arm!
I'll give it. Give it
to me. Give it to me!
LISA: Hey! Beethoven!
That lizard guy is coming!
Let's go!
Breathe deep, breathe in.
Hey! You've got my dog!
Beethoven! Beethoven!
We think Beethoven's
been dognapped.
PATRICIA: He's rght. I got
the ransom note rght here.
It was just found taped to the
door of Beethoven's traler.
Well, what does it say?
Read it.
"Hollywood bgwgs,
you will pay $1 million,
"or the beast known as
Beethoven wll be destroyed.
"Instructons to follow. "
Poor Beethoven.
SAL: The slobbering
beast awakens.
You remember me.
Well, I remember you, too.
You're the dumb animal that
made me look like a buffoon,
that cost me my iob.
Well, welcome to
the counteroffensive.
Now everybody else is running
around looking like fools.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Rope got your tongue?
Choose your last meal,
stupid mutt.
What are we gonna do?
Okay, the answer
is character based.
Who would do something like this? Okay.
Somebody who has
access to the lot
so they could tape the ransom
note on the trailer door.
Someone with the place to hide
a big, noisy dog, like Beethoven.
Somebody who's got a grudge against
the studio or the movie or me.
And someone
who hates Beethoven.
Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
Lisa, what exactly did the
ransom note say, exactly?
"Hollywood bigwigs,
you will pay $1 million,
"or the beast
known as Beethoven... "
He called him a beast.
I know who
kidnapped Beethoven.
Sal, the animal trainer?
Do you have evidence of this?
He called Beethoven a beast.
He's a real ierk.
Look, I've produced enough cop
shows to know that's not evidence.
It's at least
worth checking out.
Could you iust update the
police about our theory?
The police don't know
anything about this,
and I don't see any
reason why they should.
You didn't call the police?
We don't need the negative
publicity of a missing star.
We got enough footage of
Beethoven to finish the film.
After we wrap,
we call the police,
tell the press we finished
the film before the dognapping.
It's a win-win.
Except for the fact that
they might kill Beethoven.
Oh! Come on.
Who's gonna hurt that dog?
He's charming.
He's got star quality.
The dog'll be fine.
Anything happens to our dog,
and we're holding you
Who do you think you are?
I am done
listening to you talk.
You're not worthy
of Beethoven.
Come on, guys.
Let's go find our friend.
That was awesome, Dad.
Lizard trainer.
EDDIE: Well, this is it.
LISA: Wow, it really
is creepy at night.
(HUSHING) Billy,
try and keep them quiet.
What's the matter, guys?
Dad, I think they can
smell Beethoven.
You guys stay here, okay?
I'm going in.
You scared me to death!
You? I think I had
a little heart attack.
What are you
even doing here?
I told you to
stay at the car.
You said car.
It's a cart, a golf cart.
Who cares?
Please, would you
just go back to the cart?
No! This is the climax! If you
think I've been working this hard
to miss the climax of
Beethoven's story, you're crazy.
Lisa, this isn't
some script, okay?
This is real life.
All right, then I'm
here to protect you.
Protect me?
Yes. I don't want
you to get hurt.
I like you.
So what's the plan?
I have no idea.
But there's a backstage door.
Let's start there.
Sounds good.
Hey, hey, hey.
I better go first, okay?
You okay?
TICK: What's the matter?
You want an apology?
Fine. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that big silly dog got
all the attention. Okay? Okay?
Yeah, okay.
We're okay. We're okay.
Hey, that's Fuzzy!
We're gonna be okay.
Look at us fighting all
the time, like Ike and Tina.
TICK: Who's there?
I know you're in here.
I can smell your fear.
I guess I must be
getting a little edgy.
BONES: Tick! Tick, come on!
We're making the ransom call.
All right. Come on, Frizzy.
Let's begin our
life of leisure.
Yes, yes. Good doggy.
That was close.
That's the guy I saw
driving the van.
Beethoven is here someplace.
You got to go
call the police.
Let's both go.
No. There's no time.
They're gonna make the ransom call
now. If Patricia doesn't pay it,
who knows what they're
gonna do to Beethoven.
I'm gonna stay here, make
sure nothing happens to him.
But you gotta go get help.
No buts. Go get help.
Do it for Beethoven.
Be careful.
Okay, you listen up to me,
Miss Producer Lady.
We want $1 million in cash,
put in a large sack,
and taken to the corner of...
Yeah. What? Go on.
I think it is
very reasonable.
Beethoven is going
to be a big, big star.
Well, actually,
I think I do know a lot
about the movie business,
Miss Producer Lady.
Well, that's not
a very nice thing to say.
Well, that's downright nasty.
You better take
that back right now
or your beloved Beethoven
will be minced meat!
What? What did you call me?
Me no know no Sal.
No. Sal who?
I don't know who
you're talking about.
What did she say?
She hung up on me.
And I think
she knew it was me.
Well, that's not good.
So when do we get our money?
Will you shut up
about the money?
Who cares about the money?
I am going to teach them what it
means to disrespect Sal Demarco!
You get it?
Bring me Beethoven!
And then it's...
Lullaby and good nght
Lttle puppy dog go to heaven
Yeah! Bring me that big
bucket of rabies! Now!
"Forget about the money"? "Forget
about the money"? What's going on?
I fear the boss is
becoming unhinged.
What does that mean?
It's like "woozy"
but with more energy
and a mean streak
in the middle.
Billy, we need to
get the police.
Billy? Billy!
I thought I should
get some help.
Good iob, Billy.
Where is he?
This way.
Move out, guys!
Hurry up.
Come on, you mutt. Let's go.
He's a pure Saint Bernard.
SAL: Dead dog walking.
Good night, sweet pestilence.
And may flights of angels
sing thee to thy rest.
It's the final curtain
call for you, Beethoven.
But I want you
to think of me
when you frolic in that
big dog park in the sky.
This shouldn't hurt.
Beethoven! Roll over!
Roll over, Beethoven!
TICK: My spleen.
That's gonna leave a mark.
You did it. You did it. You rolled over.
I knew you could do it.
Are you okay?
Those bad men
didn't hurt you?
How touching.
Man and beast,
together again.
BONES: My nose.
TICK: Where's my Frizzy?
She needs me.
BONES: Too much pressure.
Shut up, you babies!
Sal, it's over.
The police are on the way.
It's not over
until I say it's over!
I concede I have
lost this battle,
but I warn you,
keep on your guard,
because when you least
expect it, expect it!
Sal Demarco will be there!
Hey. Ouchie.
Let go! Get off of me.
You pipsqueak! You hairball!
What? What are you...
SAL: Come on, I got you.
You want a piece of this?
Come here, boy.
Come here, boy. Come on.
That hurts. Stop! Stop!
Come on. Come on.
Sal Demarco is the greatest
animal trainer in the world.
Come on.
What are you doing?
Stop. I'm sending negative...
Listen to me, doggy!
Stop, dog. Stop, dog.
Way to go, boy. Good boy.
That hurt.
Good boy!
The beast was
to blame, not me.
Beethoven, I will get you!
My vengeance will be
the terrors of the earth.
This hurts. This hurts.
OFFICER: Shut up.
Dad, you saved Beethoven!
No, we both saved him.
You and I,
we're a pack, right?
He sure seems
happy to see them.
He's a good dad.
So are you.
Well, I'm working on it.
Hey, do you wanna join the
pack for some dinner tonight?
Frozen bachelor food
with the lizard guy?
What? Not refined
or brainy enough?
it sounds pretty perfect.
What is it, puppies?
Oh! Guys, will you give
me a hand with this?
OFFICER: Yeah, sure thing.
Come on, Jimmy.
How you doing down there?
Thank God you're here.
Oh, man, who called the cops?
We are not together.
We are not a couple.
Come on.
Wait for me, Frizzy!
Man, my mommy's
gonna kill me.
OFFICER: You might want to
worry about your cellmate.
All right, men. We're
done here. Let's move out.
Well, guys, let's
get out of here.
Wait, where's Pete?
No. Beethoven!
Beethoven, come back!
Beethoven, hey! Don't...
No. No.
We should probably go now.
Come on.
Come here.
LISA: You think
anyone'll notice that?
Good boy. Good boy.