Before All Others (2016) Movie Script

You must be Katie.
Hi, I'm Rachel.
So what grade are you in?
Fifth, do you like school?
It's okay.
It's okay, what do you
wanna be when you grow up?
I think I wanna be a doctor
or maybe a singer.
Oh, well there is no rush to decide.
Thank you.
Let's take a look inside, shall we?
There you go.
A little wider please.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Hey, let's see if we can do
something about the pain, all right?
You know, when I was your age
I hated going to the dentist.
But when I was your age we did not have
these cool medications
to take the pain away.
There we go.
All right, that should do it.
We're gonna need to run more tests.
Your blood pressure is elevated
and your heart rate
is higher than normal.
And how have you been feeling lately?
I've been a little fatigued, but my
schedule's been pretty hectic lately.
Have you had any cold
or flu symptoms at all?
I had a stomach bug a few weeks ago,
but it went away.
I'd like you to sit back on the table
and see if you could get your legs
all the way up there.
Okay, I'm gonna roll one of your
pant legs up and then put these
little pads on there for you.
Now you're gonna feel some of these
electrical impulses,
but they won't be bad.
And you didn't feel any
light-headedness during your stumbling?
My hands and feet felt a little numb
and my legs are still weak,
but I didn't have
breakfast this morning.
Okay, you can roll your pant leg down.
Now this meter here,
it's measuring the speed
at which the electrical impulses
are traveling through your nerves.
Now in your case, they are traveling...
Slower than they should be.
This is usually indicating that you have
some sort of abnormal pressure
on the nerves in your legs there.
I'd like to order an MRI and
some additional blood work.
We'll call you as soon
as we get the results.
Should I be worried?
Now what good would that do?
Jacob, hey, you get taller
every time I see you.
What can I say?
All right, climb in.
So how is school?
The same.
Are you still playing baseball?
Yeah, but my coach doesn't
play me very often.
I'm glad to hear that, I would hate to
see that perfect smile
get ruined by a ball.
My dad's gonna let me try out
for pee wee football next year.
Hey no, why don't you try
out for the Chess Club?
The what?
Never mind.
All right, let's get a look
at those pearly whites
while you still got them.
Are you okay?
I don't think so.
Someone help!
I can still smell you in these.
Those old things?
You should throw them away.
I thought you were gonna
clean out this old place.
I haven't had time.
The house takes a lot of upkeep.
Why don't you get some help?
I've been thinking about it.
You know what next week is?
Of course, it's our anniversary.
It's the only date I care to remember.
I miss holding you.
We'll be together again.
I know, someday.
Yes, Guillain-Barre Syndrome.
It's an auto immune disorder.
It's pretty rare, but most patients
find they get a full recovery.
What causes it?
We're really not sure.
Basically your immune cells
begin to attack
your healthy cells mistaking them
for some foreign invader like bacteria.
Then your nerve cells become damaged to
the point where they can't communicate
properly with your muscles.
Can I take medication for it?
Not in the traditional sense.
The recovery process
can take a few months
and depending on the severity,
could take up to a year.
But again, with physical therapy,
98% of our patients see a full recovery.
What about the other 2%?
Some never recover.
You'll need to be moved to a quiet,
stress free environment
under full supervision.
Do you know somebody who can help you?
All my friends work full time.
My grandmother has a cabin up North.
Maybe I could stay with her?
Is your grandmother capable
of caring for you at this level?
I guess, I haven't seen her in awhile.
I don't think you understand.
This is a very debilitating disease.
It's likely that things are gonna
get worse before they get better.
I don't really have anyone else.
Our other option is
a skilled nursing facility.
A nursing home?
No, it's an assisted care environment.
They'll help you with eating, walking,
bathing, etc, etc...
No, no, no.
Why don't you give your
grandmother a call right now?
Grandma, it's Rachel.
Your granddaughter.
Hello sweetie, how are you?
Fine, fine, I'm just fine.
Listen, I need to ask a favor of you.
Well of course, anything.
I'm going to be laid up for a bit
and I need a place where I can go...
Where someone can keep an eye
on me while I recover.
What's wrong?
I just...
I just caught a little something
and I need a place to stay.
If it's too much trouble
I can ask somebody else.
Nonsense, I would love to
have you visit me.
Are you sure it's okay?
I have all the room in the world!
When are you coming?
I'm not sure yet, I'll have
to let you know later.
That is so good, Rachel.
You know, I'll be saying a prayer
for you in the meantime.
Thanks, grandma.
See you soon.
Hi grandma, it's Rachel.
Well Rachel, how are you?
Well I've been better.
Well you know I hadn't heard from you
in awhile and I was hoping you
hadn't forgotten about our visit.
Can you meet me at the doctor's office?
Of course!
At 11 o'clock?
Okay, hang on.
They're gonna release me Thursday,
let me give you the address.
Is she here yet?
Okay, just make sure we know
when she gets here.
Rachel, it's your grandma!
Is everything okay?
I'm sorry, I can't hear you,
there's cars going by!
I've lost the address,
can you give it to me again?
I looked everywhere, I looked here,
I looked everywhere and I can't find it.
It's 5717 East Crestmont.
Okay, hang on, I gotta
get this pen to write.
Oh there it is, okay!
Well that sounds, that sounds like it!
Okay, well I'll be there in a jiffy.
I'm Doctor Brennan.
Rose Whiteman, Rachel's grandmother.
What's wrong with her?
I haven't really told her yet.
Rachel has an auto immune disorder.
She's gonna need constant
care over the next month.
In addition to physical therapy
which she should start immediately.
I understand she's going
to be in your care.
We have so much catching up to do.
Is there anyone else living
in your home besides you?
No, just me, but it'll be nice
and quiet for Rachel.
Miss Whitman, I need to be frank.
Rachel's rehab is gonna
be very strenuous on both her
and her caregiver.
It's a very physically
demanding responsibility.
Oh I remember years ago when Rachel
would come to my house,
she would stay for weeks.
Is there any other family member
that you're aware of that can
possibly take you in?
Not really, no.
She's gonna need help bathing,
eating, walking, we're talking
around the clock supervision here.
Doctor, let me be frank with you.
Do not be fooled by my age
or this walking stick.
I have lived alone for quite awhile
and I am very capable.
God will give her all
the strength she needs.
Thank you for doing this
for me, grandma.
It's my pleasure.
It's been a long time since you've
been up to the cabin.
Look at the price of gas!
I know, it's always going up.
The last time I got it,
it was $2 a gallon.
When was that?
A couple of years ago.
I don't drive too much.
The people, they just drive too fast.
Do you have air conditioning?
Oh yes, and heat too.
Can we turn it on?
The heat?!
No, the air conditioning.
Oh, sure.
No no, wait!
That feels like the heat.
It takes a minute.
One of my red lights just came on.
We'd better pull over.
I'd better see what the manual says.
The owner's manual.
The manual says you've overheated!
I think I fixed the horn!
We're here!
We're here?
Well then why'd you stop?
Well you told me to pull over.
And another one.
We can do this, we can do this.
Let me open the gate.
Come on, put your arm around me.
All right, come on.
That wasn't so bad.
I'm parched.
I bet you are too.
Ooh boy.
I'm really tired, I think
I'd like to go to bed now.
Of course.
Let me take you to your room.
No, no, I can do it.
Let me just go get your bag.
Pastor Russell.
Well hello Pastor, this is Rose Whitman.
Well hello Rose, how are you today?
Oh I'm doing just fine,
busy doing the Lord's work.
But I need some help.
Sure, how can I help?
My granddaughter is staying with me
a bit and I need a handyman to come
and build a ramp for her wheelchair.
Would you happen to know anybody
that could do that job?
I do, I do, we have a young man
here who's been working at the church,
he's quite handy.
Is he working today?
He is, we had lunch earlier.
I'll just come on over
and see if he's interested in the job.
Super, I will tell him to
expect you, his name is Ben.
Oh thank you, Pastor.
I'll see you in a bit.
Hi, are you Ben?!
Yes, ma'am.
Hi, I'm Rose Whitman.
Pastor Russell suggested
that I get a hold of you.
Oh yes, he told me.
I live on just down the road and I
need some work on my home.
Would you be interested?
Sure, what do you need?
Well I need a wheelchair ramp
for my granddaughter.
She's about your age.
Well now I don't want any charity!
I will pay for all of the services.
The church keeps me
really busy right now.
I could really use your help.
Well here's my telephone
number and address.
Perhaps if you could find some time.
It was nice to meet you.
You too.
It's good to see Rachel again.
Been quite some time
since we've seen her.
Yes, but I'm exhausted and
it's only her first day here.
How long is she gonna stay?
It could be a month.
That sounds about right.
I think I've bitten off
more than I can chew.
God will give ya the strength
to see it through.
Got any pull up there?
I could use some help.
I'll see what I can do.
She's beautiful.
She looks just like Katherine.
They get their looks from you.
I suspect that she'll wanna
talk about her mother.
What do I tell her?
The truth.
You're right.
I sure miss you.
I miss you too, darling.
Hello, Miss Whiteman?
Yeah, it's Ben from church.
Ben, how are you?
I'm fine.
You know, I actually wanted to help
you out with that ramp tomorrow.
Oh that is wonderful.
Say around seven?
Okay, I'll see you tomorrow.
And Ben, thank you.
You're welcome.
Dinner's ready.
I hope you're hungry.
I don't really feel like getting up.
Do you think you could bring it in here?
Oh no, honey, you've been in
this bed for four hours.
It would do you good to get up.
Here, let me help you.
You can do it.
Do you remember when I used to
make chicken noodle soup for you
when you were little?
You refused to sit in a high chair.
I would take phone books and put them
under you so you could sit at the table.
I don't remember that.
You couldn't have been
maybe three or four.
You were such a tiny little thing.
Your mother used to do that.
When you were done, you would sit
on the floor and play with your dolls
for hours on end.
You would change their clothes
over and over, you were so adorable.
I wish I could remember that.
The Millers lived two doors down.
Their boys would ride their mini bikes
up and down the street.
Your grandfather used to go out
there and shake his fist at them!
Do you like your soup?
Yes, thank you.
It used to be your favorite.
Honey, do you need anything?
I'm fine.
Okay, I'll just let
you do your business.
Okay, let's get your legs.
Wait, where are you gonna sleep?
I'll make the couch into a bed.
I do that when I have guests.
I'm so glad you're here.
Goodnight, Rachel.
Goodnight, grandma.
Good morning!
Thank you so much for helping me.
Of course.
Well, there they are.
Why don't you come back tomorrow?
Oh, that's nothing.
These are awful steep.
Wonder if we can build it back there.
Hey, whatever you think.
All right, well I'll get to work.
Well good morning, sleepy head.
Are you ready to get up?
What's all that noise?
That's my handyman.
Come on, let's get you all cleaned up.
Come on, you can do it.
Let's take the covers.
Come on.
Okay, there you go.
I think I need some fresh clothes.
No, I'll get it.
I hope you're hungry.
You really shouldn't
overdo yourself, honey.
How'd you sleep?
Very well, but I'm sorry
you have to sleep on the couch.
Oh honey, I fall asleep on that couch
more than I do my own bed.
Why don't you eat?
Come on in!
Let me get that for you.
Ben, have you met my
lovely granddaughter Rachel?
Ben, we were just getting ready to eat,
can you join us?
I'm okay, but I did finish the ramp
if you wanna come check it out?
Ben built you a ramp for your
wheelchair so you could come
and go as you please.
I can't wait to see it.
Oh that is just beautiful.
How much do I owe you?
Oh no no no, don't worry
about it, it's okay.
Oh no you don't, young man.
That's very kind of you, but I doubt
you're independently wealthy.
Come on in and I'll pay you.
I appreciate you getting
it done so quickly.
Well of course.
I might be needing it myself someday.
Oh no no, this is way too much.
Nonsense, Ben, your work
is well worth it.
Besides, I might have some odd jobs
for you to do in the future.
Okay, well thank you.
Goodbye, Ben.
Why'd you go, you didn't even eat?
I need to run some errands,
do you wanna go with me?
You could try out your new ramp.
Well I'll be back in a little while.
Don't forget to eat!
Would you please close
the door when you leave?
Hi honey, sorry it took so long.
I think I'd like to lay down for awhile.
Sure, let me help you.
Okay honey, turn it like this.
Here we go.
Oh, I see you're getting all settled in.
Yeah, I took the liberty
of using the dresser.
You could have used the closet.
Well okay, I'll just be getting
back to the kitchen.
Hello, Ben?
Hi, this is Rose.
Oh I'm okay.
Yeah, I was wondering...
If you'd like to come over
and do some other things for me.
Oh, whenever you have the time.
Oh Ben, that is so great.
I'll see you then.
Thanks, Ben!
I just wanna go to the bathroom.
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
I just woke up with a kink, I'm fine.
What happened between you and Mom?
It's a bit complicated.
Your mother was a very complex
woman as I'm sure you know.
All I know is...
She was very angry.
When your mother was a young woman,
she fell in love with this boy
who was quite a ruffian.
Your grandfather forbid her to see him.
She snuck out one night anyway
and your grandfather waited up
all night for her to return.
After that, he sent her off
to Sacred Heart's Academy
and she lost touch with the boy.
It broke her heart, but your
grandfather, he ruled the house
with an iron fist.
He grew up to be a
prominent businessman.
Very wealthy, and in fact to this
day who would have guessed.
She ran away form the Academy,
met your father and had you.
She was just a child herself.
She wouldn't marry your father
no matter how much we pleaded.
She wouldn't make it
right with the church.
After that, she just cut us off.
What if you...
What if you had to do it over again?
Would you choose your
daughter or the church?
I didn't like it.
I didn't wanna lose my daughter,
but it has to be right with the Lord.
Then the accident happened.
I'm sorry.
Oh, let's just...
Let me get these dishes,
you go on to bed and I'll
take care of everything.
You need your rest.
I'll be in to tuck you in.
You got in bed by yourself!
Well I figured I'd better get
healthy so I can help you into bed.
It wasn't your fault.
What happened with you and Mom.
Thank you.
Oh, come in.
Oh, hi, is your grandmother here?
Oh no, she had to go out for a bit.
Is there something you needed?
Well I'm planting the flowers out there
in the flower bed and I just
don't know where they go.
Oh, well maybe I can help.
It's okay, don't worry about it,
I'll just wait for your grandmother.
It's no trouble, really.
Hmm, excuse me, if I can just get...
Let me help you.
So I think she'd want the petunias
in the back for some height and
the illicium in front for ground cover
and then dianthus in the middle.
I can do that.
You really know your flowers.
You want me to wheel you back inside?
No, no, I'm fine, I've
been inside for a couple of days.
Feels good to get out.
Thank you for building the ramp.
Oh, you're welcome.
It's very peaceful out here.
Oh, are you from here?
Ah, no, Midwest.
Oh, I don't think I could
stand the winters there.
They're pretty cold.
I hear there's a lake a few miles away.
Maybe you could show it to me.
Okay, maybe.
Well I'll let you get back to work.
Oh it is just lovely.
Well Rachel, look at you all dressed up.
Isn't she pretty?
Yeah, she's pretty.
Anyway, I brought this from
Shirley in my Bible Study group.
She broke her hip last year,
but she doesn't need it.
Ben did such a wonderful job
on the flower garden, he put
everything where I would have put it.
Rose, I better get going.
Oh please say you can stay for dinner.
We have so much more
food than we can eat!
I would love to, but I can't tonight.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Ben's such a good boy, isn't he?
You think you're ready for this?
Absolutely, I'm sick of this chair.
All right.
You can do it.
Speaking of time, you know
why I'm here, don't you?
It's almost time, Rose.
I know, but there's something
that I have to take care of first.
They make a lovely couple.
Ah, so that's your plan.
He's a nice young man, a widower.
And Rachel's biological
clock is ticking.
Speaking of ticking clocks...
I'm not going anywhere until
those two kids are right.
You'll just have to wait.
There's no waiting, Rose!
When it's your time, it's your time!
Well I'm not leaving until
I'm through with this.
I'm sorry, but you'll just have to tell
whomever to be patient.
You are the most stubborn
woman I have ever known!
Thank you, Charles.
Come in!
Oh my gosh.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Let me help you into your chair.
No, honestly, I'm fine, really.
I'm fine.
Okay, you sure?
Yeah, yeah, is there
something you needed?
Yeah, is your grandmother here?
You know if she has a ladder anywhere?
If she does, it's in the shed out back.
Yeah, there's a key on the shelf.
Oh, okay.
Are you sure you're okay?
Yes, I'm sure I'm fine.
Got it.
Come in!
Can you tell your grandmother
that I finished everything on her list?
Oh, you're all done here?
Yeah, for today, but
I'll be back tomorrow.
Oh great!
I mean great, yeah.
Okay, well...
I'll see you later.
Hi, honey!
Oh, Ben said to tell you that
he'd be back tomorrow.
Oh that's wonderful!
You like him, don't you?
He's all right.
He reminds me of your grandfather.
The strong silent type.
I have something to show you.
That is unbelievable!
And now, I'm going to the
bathroom all by myself.
Did Rose Whitman get a hold of you?
Yes she did, I built her a ramp
and then I did some other things around
the house that she needed.
I appreciate that.
Thank you, she just has not been
the same since her husband passed.
You met her granddaughter?
Yeah, I did.
She's very pretty.
She reminds me of Sarah.
I have a really hard time
looking at her in that wheelchair.
Well that's understandable.
Sounds like you might
be quite fond of her.
I'm not ready for a relationship.
What is it you're afraid of?
I can't go through that pain again.
Ben, pain is part of living,
you can't fear it.
You think Christ feared pain
when He died on the cross for our sins?
I don't know.
You know, I recently read where people
said as they get older they have
more regrets for the things
they didn't do
than for the things they did.
Open your heart and take a chance.
Oh yes, she's here.
Is it the doctor?
No, it's Ben.
No, no, this morning's fine.
Okay, bye.
What did he want?
He wants to take me to the lake.
I think he likes you.
He just wants to show me the lake.
Your grandfather and I used to go to
the lake all the time
when we were young.
Oh my gosh, it's nine.
Okay, I have to get ready.
Rachel, Ben's here!
Come on in.
Hi, Ben.
My husband used to take me to
the lake years ago.
You cannot imagine
the memories that I have.
You look beautiful.
Are you ready?
Have her back in a couple hours?
I really think that I should
have brought the chair.
You know what, I got an idea.
Oh gosh, I'm too heavy!
Hey, I'll stop if I get tired.
You know my mother
used to make apple pie.
When I was a little girl I would,
the smell of it would wake me up
and I would run down to the kitchen
and I would say mommy mommy,
I want a piece of pie and she would
say what, for breakfast?
I would say yeah, so she would cut me
a big slice of apple pie
with a glass of milk.
Now every time I eat
an apple I think of her.
It's funny, I never got the recipe.
I guess I always thought that
the pies would just be there.
But then the accident happened
and she took the recipe with her.
Your grandma probably
taught her how to make it.
You could probably ask
her for the recipe.
I never thought of that.
Come on.
It's gorgeous here.
You should see it on a full moon.
You can see ducks on the water
over a half mile away.
Wow, I bet it's beautiful.
Yeah it is.
You know this lake was formed by
an old quarry over a hundred years ago.
It's one of the deepest
lakes in the country.
Oh, okay, yeah, I don't swim so good.
I'll save you.
Okay, so I take it this is
where you bring all your girlfriends.
No, I've actually only brought
one other woman here.
My wife.
She died, but we were trying
to start a life together
and build a family.
Some things just don't work
out like you planned, you know?
I've been thinking about
starting over somewhere else,
but I just can't bear to leave.
There's just something about this place.
I'm sorry.
It's okay, it's been awhile.
I shouldn't feel sorry for myself.
Can I ask you something?
Yeah, sure.
What happened to you?
Oh, it's just temporary, I...
I should be perfectly
fine in a month or so.
How long have you been
living with your grandma?
Oh gosh, just like a few days.
I just needed someplace
quiet to recover.
You know, I've been so busy
living in the city with my career,
I can't remember the last time
I just sat and looked at a lake.
It's really...
You're getting some sun,
we should probably get you in.
You know, I wanna do this again.
Me too.
Oh wait wait wait wait wait.
Well that's not a bad thing, Rose,
I mean God has a way of
getting our attention.
Oh gosh.
Pastor Russel.
You must be Rachel.
Your grandmother speaks
very highly of you.
Nice to meet you.
I think I'm gonna get going.
I was just leaving myself,
I'll join you.
Rachel, you oughta think about
coming to services on Sunday,
we'd love to have you.
I'm sure Ben would be more than
happy to bring you, right Ben?
Yeah, sure.
Rose, always a pleasure.
Rachel, nice to have met you.
Ben, after you.
I can't move.
What do you mean, honey?
I can't move!
Let me call 911.
No, it'll pass.
What can I do?
I'll call Ben.
Just help me up.
I'll be right back.
No, don't go.
I'm scared.
I'm going to go get some help.
I can't find the key!
What was that yelling?
I can't find the key to the shed.
What happened to the key?
I don't know, maybe Ben has it, why?
I need to talk to Charles.
Please, just help me up.
Grandma, are you okay?
It's my back, I can't get up!
I'm here, sweetie.
I'm sorry I'm such a burden.
You could never be a burden to me.
I love you, grandma.
I love you too.
Why were you calling grandpa's name?
I talk to him.
You talk to grandpa?
In the shed.
You talk to grandpa in the shed?
He's as handsome as he ever was.
He's come to take me to Heaven,
but I'm not ready to go.
We're back here!
Oh my gosh, what happened?
Where's the key?
Ben, I need the key to the shed.
It's right here.
Can you please help me up?
Okay, okay, thanks.
Rachel, what happened?
Talk to me.
Go away, I don't want
you to see me like this.
I'm not going anywhere, okay,
so just tell me what happened.
I lied to you, that's what happened.
I'm not going to get better,
I'm going to get worse.
We'll get through it.
There is no we.
We went to the lake,
we had fun, but it's over.
You don't really mean this.
Go away!
I don't wanna see you again!
Is this what you really want?
Please go.
But you don't understand,
there is no more time!
Don't you see?
The shortness of breath,
the chest pains?
I don't care about any of that!
I am not leaving those kids like this!
You don't have a say in it, Rose!
Oh yes I do!
I am not going to leave them,
I have to help them!
You can't help them!
In fact, it's just gonna get worse!
Don't you see it?
They haven't accepted
God into their lives.
That's it!
That's what they need.
It's too late!
If you don't come now...
Rachel, I don't have much time left.
What do you mean?
Just listen to me.
I need you to do something that
your mother could never do.
I watched her suffer her whole life
and I don't want to see
you go through that.
You must give yourself to the Lord.
I need you to promise me that you will.
I need you to promise me.
I promise.
I did what you said.
I opened up my heart.
Even when I knew better,
and I let somebody else in.
I allowed myself to fall in love.
Then your God takes it away
from me once again.
So you're putting your faith
in this bottle now, is that about right?
Look what you've become.
Aren't you tired of living like this?
A shell of a man?
A life empty?
What am I supposed to do,
just start going to church and then
everything's just gonna be okay?
It's not just about going to church.
It's about a life change.
Jesus said I come that you might
have life and have it more abundantly,
do you know what that means, Ben?
It means Jesus is the answer
to all your problems,
all you have to do is take His hand.
Can you?
Will you take His hand?
They bloomed.
Yes, they have.