Before I Wake (2016) Movie Script

I'm sorry, Cody.
I've had a case come back
across my desk...
that could be a very good fit.
Cody. He's eight.
His birth mother died
when he was three.
And we placed him with
a couple that...
may turned out weren't fit.
The second couple we placed
him with abandoned him.
- Oh, my God.
- And I went for his annual follow up
I found him living alone
in the apartment.
- Alone?
- For almost a month, we think.
Neighbors called once he started
going door to door.
Look, I like this kid.
We're not supposed to have
opinions like that, but I do.
He's resourceful, he's resilient.
I'm not saying these things
haven't affected him.
- He's guarded, he has sleep issues.
- Of course.
But for all he's been through,
he hasn't let it turn him
into a victim.
Witch is what made me think
of the two of you.
Now that you've been approved,
I think you'll make wonderful
foster parents.
My question for you is...
Are you ready for this?
Okay, living room.
We can leave that one.
Are you sure?
Clean slate, you know.
Just that one.
Whatever it was like for her,
they said it was fast.
And she wasn't aware
of what was happening.
It's not nearly as bad as
I imagined in my head.
And I find confort in that.
It's very good, Jony.
Anyone else?
We have decided to bring a child
into our home tomorrow.
- That's wonderful, Jessie. Congratulations.
- Thank you, Peter.
How have you been feeling
these days?
I still can't sleep at night
very well.
- You still on Ambien?
- Yes.
Insomnia is common.
Somnia is Latin for "Dreams".
Insomnia simply means "No Dreams".
And what else is a child,
but our dreams?
Our hopes, manifest.
We talked about numbness
last week,
where something
a lot of us has felt.
Yeah, I don't know if I'm doing
any better with that.
I think I'm, a little.
but the color hasn't returned
to the world just yet.
How Is Mark with this?
We haven't seen him for awhile.
We always say that people
processes grief differently.
Mark and I have had
different experiences with this.
- The feeling distant from a spouse is...
- Common. Yes.
I just wish I knew
how to fix this.
For him, for us.
And I really wish he would continue
coming to group with me because...
it's the only time I feel...
I don't know...
- You ready?
- I think so.
- Hey.
- Let's go say hi.
This is Mr and Mrs Hobsen.
- Hi.
- How are you doing?
Good morning.
Good morning. How are you?
Can I take that box for you?
No? Okay.
Whatever you want to do, pal.
Thank you. I'll take good care of it.
Come on, come on in.
Here we are.
You don't have to do that.
Shoes make floors dirty.
- You have a beautiful home.
- Thank you.
It's all yours, Cody.
Nothing's out limits.
Yeah, come on,
I'll show you my Xbox, or...
or we can get a Wii, I guess.
I'm not sure which one you play.
But you play, though, right?
I think Mark's pretty excited
to have someone to play.
You ever played this connect?
Sports thing?
It's got a censor on it,
so there is no control.
Whatever you do,
the little dude does.
You can swing, you can throw,
you can kick.
And the little guy does it.
I'll show you.
great. It's pretty mean.
It doesn't look like much.
We want you to decorate it
the way you like it
- really?
- That's right.
We're gonna replace those,
I just throw whatever in a basket,
but you can pick out
anything you want.
Cody collects butterflies.
- You do?
- Really?
I love this room.
remember, it's just the first night.
We are all in this together.
You okay?
I like your eyes.
Thank You.
They're really pretty.
Let's get some sleep.
Good night, Mrs Hobsen.
Good night, Cody.
Sleep tight.
Here. Alright.
- What's your favorite kind of pizza?
- Pineapple.
Yeah? That's what we're
going to have tonight.
Celebrate your brave day.
Let's go, you ready?
So, let's all say "Welcome, Cody".
Welcome, Cody.
You can take that seat,
right over there.
Alright, let's open those notebooks.
Everyone ready?
The first word is...
Everything's right in there?
I'm fine.
He's fine.
I just wanted to make sure
I can still hear him.
He's fine.
- What's this guy?
- The Blue Morpho.
Sounds like some kind of superhero
or something.
And what is this?
This is like a Cocoon or something?
That's a chrysalis. It keeps them
safe till they grown up.
So, I guess we better
go to bed.
- I'll be right there.
- Okay, sweety.
So, I was straightening out
for you earlier,
and I accidentally found
some of your stimulants.
Things that keep you awake.
- I don't like to sleep.
- I know.
But there's nothing for you
to be scared of here.
- Yes, there is.
- What?
The Canker Man.
Who's that?
He comes when I sleep.
He eats people.
Well, that's no good.
He ate my mom.
You know, when I was little girl,
I thought there was a witch
scratching in my window.
But it was just a tree.
The branches had grown
a little too long,
And they hit the window
when the wind blew.
Ones I knew that, the witch
never came back.
Sometimes scary things go away
when we understand them a little.
Not The Canker Man.
Well, you're in new home now.
I'm sure he can't find you.
He's always with me, he says so.
You did what you had to do.
You can't let him have
a sugar stash,
in the middle of his room,
under his bed.
I know, I still feel like
I was trespassing.
No. You're parenting
When you came in, you said
something about a ghost?
There was something.
What did it look like?
Well, it was wearing a black thing
that went all the way to the floor.
Weren't you a little
frightened at the time?
Oh, yes.
- That, Mr. Loren, is hysteria.
- Jess.
Well, then doctor, how do you
explain what happened to Lance?
Was that hysteria too?
You better get that
checked in a day or two.
Thanks, doc.
Where they come from?
Have you ever seen this many?
Do we have any jars?
Butterflies even come out at night?
Maybe there is a big pretty moths.
- What?
- It bit me.
- Butterfly bit you?
- No...
Where are they coming from?
I need a lid.
What the hell?
What the hell just happened?
I saw something last night.
I think it was Sean.
I know we have all had
those dreams,
and felt like we've seen
our kids out in the world.
But this was different.
And I couldn't help but feel
that it was because...
Go ahead.
He knows about Cody.
And he's angry with me.
For replacing him?
We talked about something
ike this at the begining,
when Mark wanted to sell
the house,
- but you refused, because...
- I felt like he was still there.
You said you saw him sometimes.
The thing you need to understand
about the dreams
you can lose at dreams, it's can feel
very real while we having them.
This wasn't a dream.
- I was awake.
- Doesn't matter.
If we're suppressing negative
emotions like guilt or fear,
especially for sleep deprived
on top of that,
our subconscious will figure out
a way to process those emotions.
Even if we're awake.
We can even achieve levels of
REM's sleep while we're awake.
It's called "a waking dream".
It's more common than you think.
Just felt very real.
Yeah, I'm sure it did.
But, waking dream,
any dreams actually,
are convorsation that we're
having with ourselfs.
Every character in your dreams
is actually just you.
And when we're trying to
bury uncomfortable emotions,
or ideas, or we feel threatened,
sometimes the only outlet they
have is our subconscious.
It's normal for us to feel huanted,
by our past, by our losses,
by the children we lost.
But, Jessie, know.
Sean is not haunting your home.
The question is what are you
trying to say to yourself?
What unresolved emotions
are strangling to get out?
That's pretty.
It's a monarch.
Don't they have...
I guess so.
Thank god, where did you
find him this time?
He's in the maintenance shed,
which will be locked from now on.
Oh, No. Not your seat.
You know where you going.
Is this everything?
I'll do sweep.
Hey, pal.
How are you doing?
Are you alright?
Who is that?
Well, it's our son.
His name was Sean.
Where is he?
He's in heaven.
That's where my mom is.
Tell me, what was she like?
I don't remember her.
How did Sean go to heaven?
We wish he hadn't.
As like I'm sure you wish
your mom hadn't.
He looks fun.
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Hey, Jess.
Look who's back.
where the hell they coming from?
I'm sorry.
He's real.
You saw him.
Touched him.
I did, I was right there.
I'm sorry.
My dream.
What do you mean, Cody?
What happens when you dream?
I won't do it again.
Please, don't be mad.
- Oh, hey. Pal, we're not...
- Honey, we're not mad.
I hope you have a good day, Jessie.
You too.
I wish we could've heard his voice.
Alright, who wants to set the table?
- Come on, buddy.
- Pizza!
- I think you have to dive into the water.
- Okay, you're... okay.
Okay, That's one more
round for you, buddy.
Hey, Cody.
You know, yesterday you were
asking about Sean?
You want to see him?
Yes, please.
When's the last time you
had a real Christmas?
I don't know.
You will this year.
- Here he comes, here he comes.
- He's coming, he's coming.
- He came! He came!
- That's him.
Merry Christmas, baby!
What do you think?
- I think it's a train.
- Why? Did it whistle?
Oh, did Sean write train?
I don't remember...
you sent to Santa
you think about the train.
What is it?
I can't see it.
What do you think, hun?
North Pole Express.
Do you know who lives in there?
North Pole Express.
- Santa lives there.
- Yes, he lives there.
North Pole Express.
Oh my god, come on,
fight back, buddy.
You can escape.
He used to give me Eskimo kisses.
You see how he does that?
Where you going, buddy?
That's right, you didn't sleep well
last night, right?
In this house it's okay for you
to relax.
You're home.
Now get some sleep.
I'm putting on another pot.
Oh, let's call it the night.
- he's a tough, and he needs to sleep.
- I know, baby. so do we.
Let's go to bed.
I'm going to make another pot.
Okay. I'll go to bed.
He came! He came!
I think it's a train!
Why? Did it whistle?
I am always with you.
Let's go to bed.
What is that?
The Canker Man.
Sometimes, if I do this,
it keeps him away.
- Boys are home.
- Hi there.
Okay, go on.
- Are you hungry?
- Yeah, I'm a little hunger.
Yeah? Okay.
Why don't you go upstairs,
and wash your hands,
and come back and tell me
all about your day?
Okay? Okay.
Are we going to talk about this?
He needs to sleep.
Okay, he needs to sleep.
Yeah, Cody needs to sleep.
But, Jessie,
is that what it is about?
Or is this about Sean?
What are you doing?
This feels wrong, Jess.
I felt wrong...
when you... you puting that DVD.
And then...
It hasn'n felt right since.
It feels like abuse.
- Abuse?
- Yeah.
We promised to take care
of that child.
Not use him like some
home movie projector for...
That child needs to sleep.
And if he can help us heal...
We need to heal, Mark.
- He can help us heal.
- This is not healing.
I saw it in your face.
You felt it too.
Yeah, of course.
If you want to go to bed,
go to bed.
I'm staying here,
and I'm waiting for Sean.
Well, it's not our son,
and it's not Sean,
and it's not our son.
I'm not going to let you
take him away from me again.
I'm sorry.
- Again?
- I'm sorry.
No. Not fair.
It's not fair. Not fair.
You all set?
Okay, go ahead
You started it, Tate.
Thirteen plus five?
- Hayden?
- Eighteen?
Fifteen plus four?
- Hunter?
- Nineteen.
Seven plus thirteen?
- Clara?
- Twenty?
Nine plus fourteen.
This time is fine.
but if you're not
feeling well for recess,
maybe you should visit
the nurses room.
Can I just stay here?
I have to step out,
just for a minute,
Why not you put your
head down and rest?
Cody, what's going on?
Let's go home.
What happened?
A kid run away.
He's done it before.
He's a mean kid.
Can we go home, please?
You okay?
I'm fine.
Well, we didn't see very much
even the night.
I'm sorry, I don't feel a very well.
Don't feel well?
Let's have a look at you.
Worried about what happened
at school today?
Well, I think it's going to be okay,
that little boy is going to turn up.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Well, You...
You're going to use
some sleep too, you know?
I'll be in soon.
I'm awake, this can't be hapening.
I'm awake, this can't be hapening.
No! No, no!
- I'm awake. I'm awake.
- I'm awake. I'm awake.
- I'm awake.
- I'm awake.
I'm awake.
No! No!
- No! I'm awake!
- Cody? Cody?!
- No! Stop!
- Cody, stop.
- I'm awake! I'm awake!
- I got you. I got you.
I'm awake. I'm awake.
- I got you. Hey, I got you.
- I'm awake. I'm awake.
- Oh, it's okay, baby. It's okay.
I'm sick.
I don't want to go to school.
Sick, huh?
Yes, sir.
That's too bad.
I guess you won't be interested in
do a little shopping today.
Pick up some stuff
for your new room.
I don't think I deserve to.
If there is one thing I know,
you deserve a good day.
- How long hasn't he slept?
- At least two days.
But it's been going on
since he first got home.
I'm giving him Zolpidem.
It's a paediatric Ambien.
Just a pill before bedtime
should do the trick.
Dr. Petrom room six, one.
Dr. Petrom room six, one.
It's just to get him started.
We can't let him stay up
for days on end.
Sleep deprivation at this age
can do real damage.
Thank you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Can I help you guys?
I'm detective Brown,
this is officer Murray.
We like to ask your son
a few questions
about an incident that
took place at school.
Cody, come here.
- Okay, screw.
- Screw.
- Phillips.
- Phillips.
Just be sure you cough or something
when you get downstairs, okay?
Hey, there he is.
- You look better.
- I feel a little better.
- Good.
- So, the police came by today.
- What they want?
- Well...
I feel a lot better.
Do you want to see
my race car bed?
- Race car bed?
- I was getting to that.
I think this little kid
still hasn't shown back up.
So, why they came here?
Well, I guess they have to
rule out abduction.
I guess Cody saw the kid leave.
How did Sean die?
I just wondered.
Hey, buddy.
Why not you go set the table?
We'll be in in minute.
Like Tik Tak Tok game.
I'm playing it always.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- What do you think?
- That is orange.
Weren't you glad
we didn't go with fuchsia?
- What's this?
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Using fork?
This is very civilized.
- Today was fun.
- Today was my favorite day so far.
Yeah? Mine, too.
Hey, listen...
About the question that
you asked me...
Sean drowned.
It was an accident.
And then, we found out
we couldn't have more kids, so...
I'm sorry I asked about that.
No, no. It's...
You have the right to know.
It's just important to you also
to know that...
nothing like that is
going to happen to you.
You okay?
I don't think I am.
You're a great mom.
That kid up there...
He needs a great mom.
You need a kid.
It's a perfect match.
We don't need anything else.
I know that you think you do.
And god knows there's a big
part of me it feels the same.
But we don't.
Come to bed.
Come to bed.
Yes, love.
Cody, Cody.
Wake up, wake up.
- Wake up, hunny. Wake up!
- Mark.
Won't wake up.
He won't, for a while.
- What did you do?
- He's...
Cody, Cody! Wake up!
Come on, wake up.
Get out of here!
She won't wake up.
She won't wake up.
She's awake. She's awake.
I like to take your formal
statement, Mrs Hobsen
and then, refer you to someone
in social services.
- Social services?
- Why did you drug the child?
gave him a sleeping pill.
His doctor prescribed it.
You know the whereabouts
of your husband
day before last
around lunch time?
Where you taking him?
We have any reason
to be near of your son's school?
- No, no, no, no, no.
- Ma'am, Ma'am.
I'm sorry.
Ma'am, we have to remove
the child from the house.
- No, please.
- Ma'am, please.
You can't take him away.
You haven't returned
my phone calls.
I was at the police station, all night.
Where is he?
It's not your business any more.
Where's your husband?
I don't know.
That's why I have to talk with Cody.
That's not going to happen.
I need to find out more
about him.
About his dreams.
You've heard this before.
There're several great spport
groups in here,
and a few therapists who
specialize in domestic violence.
I want you to reach out,
get some help for your situation.
And I never want to see you again.
Yeah, I'm so able
to take care of it.
- Great. Thanks.
- Yeah.
- Hi, can I help you?
- I'm here to see Whelan Young.
Whelan, you have a visitor.
Thank you.
What can I do for you?
I'm here to talk about Cody Morgan.
It says here that you
and your wife Katharina
fostered Cody for 15 months
before he was gaven to
Peter and Doris Clemens.
Wouldn't know about them.
They disappeared a year ago.
Much like your wife.
What are we talking
about here, Miss?
We're talking about
what happens when he dreams.
I've seen it, too.
You have now?
I watched it take my husband.
I wouldn't say that around here.
They fit you for slippers.
If you don't know
what I'm talking about,
- then I'm wasting importent time.
- Hey, wait.
I'm sorry.
You know, I hear "you're crazy"
for so long
before you start to believe it.
That little boy's dreams
come true.
Real and true.
It's an amazing, beautiful thing.
But so to his nightmares...
Can I get him back?
My husband?
I don't know.
Wherever that thing comes from,
it takes them with it.
If they exist at all,
it's only in Cody's mind
How do you know that?
Katie and I fostered
two kids before Cody.
His mother died, no other family.
He was sweet, independent.
An artist, I thought.
Started with the butterflies.
That went on for a few weeks.
We though it was magical.
And then, Katie got sick.
had a bad flu.
And it seemed to really upset Cody.
And then...
I'm sorry.
But wasn't Katie.
It was jus his impression of her.
That was all what was left.
He was too young.
He was too young...
to even remember her right.
And I hated him for that.
I know I shouldn't have,
but god help me I hated him for that.
But I couldn't do it.
I couldn't do it.
If I had, you're husband
would be alive.
That another family would be alive.
Maybe you can...
succeed where I failed.
It's the only way.
Thank you for your time.
And I'm sorry for your loss,
as well.
You really want to bet your life
to an eighteen year old boy
won't have another nightmare?
- It's not his fault.
- It'd be a mercy.
Someone has to do it.
Do you know anything
about his birth mother?
There's nothing in the file.
Only that she died.
I assume the way my wife did.
The way your husband did.
What you hoping to find?
Dr. Tennant told me not to come back
without the patient file.
He's try to call.
Do you have the PID?
I don't, all I have is
a last name and a date.
Night nurse said he didn't
sleep last night.
That's two nights in a row, then.
That we know of.
Policy says that we can't
let him go this long.
I'd like to stay here with him
tonight if that's okay.
You signed for the file,
you can take it.
There is a PE numbere here
on the intake.
How long you keep those?
If nobody claim them, there's a chance
they're still down there.
No! No!
- Cody, its for your own good.
- Honey, it's alright.
I don't want to hurt anymore.
It'll take a second.
Good job, son.
It's okay.
A case of mine was transferred,
and I need the name of
the facility for the report.
Natalie Friedman.
Provider number, 11714.
Cody Morgan.
Where is he?
It keeps them safe.
Until they grown up.
let them go.
I'm taking him home.
This is for you.
It's your mother's journal.
Your mother's name was
Andrea Morgan.
And I can tell by reading this,
She loved you very, very much.
When you were a baby,
she noticed you're a special.
It was just the two of you
against the world.
She writes a lot about you,
and about your gift.
And how much she loved
watching you grow.
I don't think she's stopped
writing because she didn't want to.
I think it's because...
She got sick.
Which just happen sometimes.
These are some of your
mother's test results.
Do you see that word there?
Not quite.
It's difficult to explain
what cancer is to children.
In terms they can understand.
Your mother started to look
very different, very fast.
And by the time she was
in the Intensive Care Unit,
they started looking
a foster parents for you.
But they would've brought you in
to see her one last time.
To say goodbye.
Her voice would've been
hard to hear.
But I know she would've
tried to say, if she could.
The one thing she would never
want you to forget.
I... always with you.
Once you got older,
you'd forget most of this.
And you told people the
Canker ate your mommy.
And as more time
went by...
in your mind.
The Canker Man ate my mom.
Into your mind, Cody.
Your amazing, special
one of kind mind,
made him real.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I used you, like I did for Sean.
But I'll never do
that again, okay?
Here we go.
Here. Close to me, there.
Remember, nothing
to worry about, okay?
I'm going to be here
with you, all night.
Will you tell me a bedtime story?
Once upon a time...
There was a special little boy...
Who needed a mom.
And there was a sad mom
she needed a son.
Is this a happy story?
I think it is.
Has a happy ending, anyway.
It feels like it can't.
Because there was a people
going away.
No one ever really goes away.
Not completely.
Because they live in our minds,
and in our hearts.
In this story...
That bully from school
woke up in his bed,
like nothing ever happened.
And whatever made him
so sad and mean, has gone.
And that nice lady
who care for the boy,
she came back to her hasbund,
and they lived happily
ever after.
And daddy...
Daddy got the best present of all.
Can those things happen?
I guess that depends on you, Cody.
You have an amazing gift.
Who knows what can happen
as it grows?
Thanks for bringing me home.