Before Someone Gets Hurt (2018) Movie Script

[phone dialing]
[phone line ringing]
No! No! Aah!
[indistinct chatter over static]
[loud thump]
Did you hear that?
- What was that?
- [thump]
I definitely heard that.
Are we up there? No one is
supposed to be up there.
[Gary on walkie-talkie]
Go for Gary.
[Lisa] Is there anyone
walking above us,
or walking on the staircase?
Uh... I got no movement.
I got no one above you.
Hold on.
[Gary] Hey, Tim?
- Go for Tim.
- Location check.
Third floor.
Client's bedroom.
Nothing here. We're about
to enter the east hallway.
[Gary] The girls reported
something above them.
I can't verify.
You want to take a look?
On it.
[all gasp]
So, what we do is look
for logical explanations.
When we checked the door
and the floorboards,
if you notice the blackout
screen in front of your window,
the window, which was open,
down the hall...
the bathroom window
is also open.
It's a cross breeze.
Door slammed shut
on its own.
The house has
rectangular duct work
attached to your forced air
heating system.
Now, you see
that square piece?
So, when it heats up it expands,
causing it to flex.
And sometimes the duct work
will flex in a row,
similar to dominoes,
but with sound.
Hence, ducts are expanding.
No ghost?
- No ghost.
- This time.
[both sigh]
Okay? We good?
- Yeah.
- Great. Okay, let's cut it.
Whoa! Okay, pump the brakes.
I'm the only one
who says cut.
No. But, okay,
what else do you want?
Something pithier.
[Billy] I heard elephant
pith is a natural shampoo.
And you need to start
being on time.
Thank you so much,
Bruce and Linda.
I hope you feel better about
living in your home.
You won't make us look like
complete idiots on TV?
No, no, God, of course not.
I would've been scared too
with what was going on
in your house.
But luckily you dodged
a bullet, and it's nothing.
Well, thank you.
Thank you. All right,
we'll talk to you soon.
Safe home.
Bye-bye now.
All right, I have
an announcement to make,
and it's not a done deal yet,
but we are in
negotiations with SYFY.
- No way.
- Get out! Really?
[Stefan] Yeah, so,
if it's not too much to ask,
please do what I say.
If I ask for a little
more epigrammatic...
That's another word
for "elephant pith."
...just indulge me,
that is, if you want
to get off the Internet
and onto national television.
Okay, so they want more
behind-the-scenes stuff,
so cameras on all the time.
Let's go, I want to go over
what we have for our next shoot.
Hey, check out this address.
It's 311 Lenox Ave.,
Edgemont Hills, New York.
Whoa, looks like
in the last 300 years
there have been 14 unsolved
murders at this address.
Neighbors swear that
the place is haunted,
and it is currently vacant.
That's it. Lisa,
get us in 311 Lenox Ave.
in Edgemont Hills.
The usual, three days.
Billy, go up early
and set up cable and audio.
Stacy, Lisa,
I want you to research,
find out everything you can
about the history of this place.
All right, let's go.
- What?
- Can you define early?
[theme music playing]
We're coming
To take you home
We're coming
To take you home
We're coming
To take you home
Take you home
Take you home
We're coming
To take you home
We're coming
To take you home
We're coming
To take you home
Take you home
Take you home
Take you home
Take you home
Take you home
Take you home
Yeah, you got it all
Got what you need
Guess you need it all
Hey, tell me what you want
You can't have it free
But how much you want?
How much you need?
I don't give a fuck
What you're fucking with
Unless it's crying
We're coming
To take you home
We're coming
To take you home
We're coming
To take you home
Take you home
Take you home
We're coming
To take you home
We're coming
To take you home
We're coming
To take you home
Take you home
Take you home
Take you home
Take you home
Take you home
Take you home
Blown up from your
Bloodshot eye
You can't hear a thing
You can't even talk
My tracks
Are burning cold
Your head's just
A burned-out hollow hole
And I don't give a fuck
What you're fucking with
I don't give a fuck...
Hey, James.
Hey, Jamie.
- Yeah?
- Can you help me out with this?
- With what?
- I think I broke something.
I don't know, I think there's,
like, a short here?
- What'd you do with it?
- It's like right there.
- [electricity crackles]
- Ah!
- [laughs]
- What the heck, man?
Electrocution is funny.
- [Tim] You don't get to do that.
- [Billy] It was a joke.
- I'll buy him another coffee.
- [Tim] That's not the point.
You got to stop screwing around,
it's not cute anymore.
- You do that stuff all the time.
- Grow up.
You know, it's funny,
I thought older brothers
were supposed
to be supportive,
but you never got that memo,
did you?
It's okay, though.
I forgive you, I forgive you.
From now on
I'll be a team player.
No more shenanigans,
no more pot.
The house shakes...
it was a good talk.
[heavy metal music plays
over radio]
[inhales sharply]
Ah, baby steps.
- [loud crash]
- Oh!
- [car alarm blares]
- Shit.
[imitating car alarm]
Ah, here we go.
All the way.
Going to the house,
doing all the things.
Happy birthday, baby.
[clears throat]
It's my birthday.
Right, and what greater gift
could I give you?
- Wow, so, so benevolent of you.
- [laughs]
Nothing could ever
change now.
- Okay, resume.
- Okay.
[cell phone chimes]
wait, wait, let me check.
[both sigh]
- We got to go.
- All right.
Is this the, um,
permit place?
What kind of permit?
I'm with a show.
I'm with
Ghost Investigations.
We have a permit.
It's not ready yet.
Okay, um...
do you guys have a john?
And I don't mean a corporate
closeted married guy
looking for a cheap BJ,
you know?
I don't sell
my body anymore.
Not since I found the Lord,
our savior, Jesus Christ.
That way. Thank you.
[turns ignition off]
[knocks on door]
[knocks on door]
Hey, all right.
Here we go.
[camera beeps]
That's a nice touch.
You're talented.
Right next to the portrait
of the fake flowers.
Will somebody
call him, please?
Will you relax?
He's coming.
See? There he is.
Hey, guys. Sorry.
Glad you could join us.
Wait. Damn it,
I forgot something.
- Seriously?
- I'll be right back.
[all scream]
- Oh, my God!
- Oh! Oh!
Oh, my God.
Someone call 911.
Are you serious?
Dude, I had you.
- No, you didn't, okay?
- [Tim] Not even a little bit?
Not even a little bit.
Hey, you have no credibility
for giving your brother shit
- if you're going to fuck around.
- I told you I'm good.
- Get... no, get off me.
- Kiss it, make it better.
Ew, yuck! I can't. No.
- Here, have a hand job. Go.
- Thank you.
We're on our way
to 311 Lenox Avenue.
There have been
14 unexplained deaths there.
[Stefan] Wait a second,
I'm just going to make a...
And action.
Okay, we're on our way
to 311 Lenox Avenue.
There have been 14 unexplained
deaths there...
- [Lisa] Murders.
- Murders there, since 1692.
And seven different structures
have stood on the plot,
including a church
I'm going to get some B roll
- of driving real quick.
- [Tim] Okay, great, great, yeah.
Okay, here's B roll
of driving.
Run away
Run far away
Run away
Run far away
Run away...
Oh, two bathrooms.
Fucking fancy.
Master bedroom.
[camera beeps]
[mouse button clicks]
[busy signal buzzes]
So, 46 Hightown Road,
did you say?
Forty four.
Forty four, right.
- [woman] Greenburg.
- [man] Greenburg.
Excuse me? Hi.
We're producers of the show
Ghost Investigations.
We're here about a filming
permit for 311 Lenox,
in Edgemont Hills.
Our colleague
was here earlier
and he said the permit
wasn't ready yet.
The gentleman
in the baseball cap?
And you all would like
to film your...
your little television program
up at 311 Lenox?
- Yeah.
- Yup.
Yeah, you shouldn't
go to that house.
- It's creepy.
- Right.
Like creepy,
like the music plays
even though the power's
been turned off,
and the lights are turning
on and off, that sort of thing?
No, like people being chopped up
in itsy-bitsy pieces
and reassembled on the wall
in the shape of a cross
kind of creepy.
Have a good film shoot.
Jamie, real original.
Dude, if you've been here
this whole time
while I've been setting up,
that is not cool.
So, who's the guy who
texted you about the house?
I can't reveal my sources.
Okay, that's cute.
But seriously, who?
A ghost.
- Stacy.
- David Ellington.
Okay, who's David Ellington?
What's with all
the questions?
Why are you being
so secretive?
I'm not.
We may want to interview him.
Who is he?
He doesn't want
to be interviewed.
- Why, what did he say?
- Who the hell is he?
David Ellington,
he took over ownership
of the property in 1992,
when the last murder occurred,
and it's been vacant
ever since.
Well, why did
he text you?
Oh, I don't know, baby.
Maybe because I'm a producer
on a hit Internet show
about haunted houses,
and he has a haunted house.
Work on him.
I want him on camera.
All right,
I'll get his address.
Wow, they found them all...
- [Tim] What?
- ...crucified.
What do you mean
All at 311 Lenox?
All at 311 Lenox.
And some of them
had these strange symbols
branded on their wrists.
- [Tim] Holocaust survivors?
- I don't know.
They're all blacked out.
Ongoing murder investigations
are classified.
Even hundreds
of years old?
There's no statute
of limitations on murder.
- Stacy.
- Yeah.
Did you get the owner,
whatever his name is,
to change his mind
about being on camera?
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, I told you
he won't do it, so...
And I don't care.
I said I want him.
Well, he can't.
Then let me talk to him.
Why not?
Uh, because...
um, because he's...
He's what?
What are you
talking about?
Wiki says he owns
the building.
Wiki says a lot
of bullshit.
David Ellington,
born 1865, died 1934.
New York death
He was the owner of
this place until then.
he died here.
Well, who's been texting you?
[Stefan] And why is he
pretending to be a dead guy?
I don't know,
but I can find out.
[Stefan] Please do.
And while you're at it,
find out who owns the house now,
so I know who's going
to sue me for trespassing.
Thank you.
[cell phone chimes]
[Tim] Billy.
He did a good job down here.
Let's check everything's okay.
I'm going to lay
some audio down.
Check upstairs first.
If Billy's up there,
can you bring him down?
What happened here?
- What do you mean?
- All their stuff is still here.
Their clothes, their shoes,
their crystals.
Why didn't they have someone
pack all this stuff up
and have it shipped
to wherever they are now?
Well, all the details are murky,
but from what I understand,
whatever happened here...
had the last tenants
so freaked out,
that they didn't want anything
that reminded them of it.
Or they didn't want
that shit to follow them.
Well, there's no reception.
Wait, hold on.
[automated voice on phone]
...Can't take your call.
Please leave a message
after the tone.
[answering machine beeps]
Billy, where the hell are you?
Please, call me back.
We're ready to do
a baseline reading.
Alison. Bag. Room.
Hate. Much. You.
Someone needs to secure
the windows.
It's drafty upstairs.
Yeah! I'm on it already.
[wind whistling]
Just give me
a couple minutes, babe.
Hey, do you guys know
what Novum is?
I couldn't find anything
on the Internet about it,
other than it's Latin
for "nine."
Yeah, because it is
also the name
of one of the
most stealthy, vicious,
satanic cults that exists.
Their mission is to get
Lucifer back to heaven,
where he belongs,
because he used to be
a good angel,
and they believe
he can be again.
Originally Lucifer
was an angel for God,
until he fell from grace.
Novum have been around
since Christ,
worshiping Lucifer.
Okay, and who do they target?
They believe that the truest,
purist form of sacrifice to God,
is the most precious life
to the most devoted to God,
and the most
precious to them.
Novum believes that in order for
Lucifer to get back to heaven,
and in God's good graces,
they need to kill
59,049 firstborns
of people of the cloth.
What? So, how many people
have they killed?
[Tim] All right.
What are you guys doing?
We're all set.
Are you ready?
- Yup. Ready, ready.
- Let's do it.
Yup, set up.
Good to go.
Yeah, it's probably
the circuit breaker.
- We'll check it out.
- [Gary] Whoa, hold on.
If it's anything electrical,
I'll do it.
Bring the equipment
with you.
Check for activity
while you're down there.
If this is Billy,
we're going to have words.
[door opens]
[Gary] In the back,
it's near the boiler.
Okay, so, the power
just went out.
Get the lights back on,
which will determine
what happened to them.
People who believe
in the paranormal
believe that power sources
have been known to drain
when depressed by spirits.
Those people also believe
that an entity will use
the power from batteries
and other power sources
to manifest themselves
in our world.
That's why we're here.
To investigate.
You guys hear that?
Yeah, I'm here.
All right,
time for an EVP.
If there's anyone down here,
can you make that sound?
We're here to help you.
Can you make that sound again?
[loud thud]
- You hear that?
- [Tim] Yeah.
It's in here.
[Stacy] Ready?
It stopped.
You guys hear anything?
If you're in here,
can you make that sound again?
I, uh...
- [Tim] Watch your head.
- [Stacy laughs]
[Tim] What a loser.
There we go.
- Not a ghost.
- [Tim] Not a ghost?
[Stacy] Nope.
Let's leave them in the dark
for a little bit longer.
I got a camera
right on Stefan.
Sounds good to me, man.
We'll turn the power back on
in five minutes.
All right, cut, Jamie.
[all laugh]
[Stacy shrieks]
Stacy? Stacy?
She was just here.
Gary, get the light on!
I'm trying. Something's
shorting out the box.
Tim! No!
Stacy, Lisa, what's going on?
Where are you?
- [Stacy shrieks]
- Lisa?
Where's Stacy? Hello?
[breathing heavily]
Lisa, where are you guys?
Gary? Jamie?
- Stacy?
- [shrieking]
Stacy? Stacy?
Stacy! Stacy!
[Stacy shrieks]
[pounding on door]
Gary? Jamie?
Oh, damn it. Come on.
Shit! Shit!
Fuck. No!
No, please, please, stop!
Please, please stop!
Stop! Don't kill me!
Please, please, stop! No!
- [all] Surprise!
- [all laugh]
Aw, baby.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, my God
Oh, my Lord
We don't know
Where you go
[Stacy laughs] Oh!
Were you here tonight?
You should have seen your face,
Hey, where's Billy?
Your guess is
as good as mine.
Wait, he wasn't
a part of this?
He helped plan,
but was a no-show.
[indistinct chatter]
You never looked better.
I love you all,
and you're fired.
[all laugh]
Are you surprised?
Until we stay in a house
That's on fire
All right, all right,
all right, all right.
Are we going to do a show
tonight or what?
- Let's get to work.
- Still no Billy, guys?
No. I've cycled through
every video feed that we have.
He's not here for sure.
I have him setting up earlier,
but never leaving.
All right.
I'm going to go outside,
see if I get better reception.
[camera chimes]
There's just no reception.
- [Jamie] Uh, Tim?
- Shit, I had two bars...
- [Jamie] Tim!
- What?
What the hell, man?
What are you doing?
Oh, God.
Like, why can't you just
make my life easy, huh?
Why do you constantly
have to create drama?
You don't understand.
Understand what?
What are you...
hey, look at me.
Jamie, turn the camera off.
What's up with the ball?
Come on, Billy.
Billy, come on.
I can't go back
in there.
Go ahead.
Okay, just listen to me.
This is not a ghost ball.
It isn't supernatural.
This is just a regular ball.
No, it's not.
You see that?
There's nothing there.
Billy, there is
a logical explanation
for whatever you think
happened here.
How can you not believe in evil
after what we've seen?
Paranormal or not.
Now, if you believe in evil,
then you have to believe in God.
And God beats evil,
doesn't he?
you did a really great job
setting everything up in there.
- [laughs]
- No, I'm serious.
You did.
So why don't you come inside
and see how it feels?
You can always
leave again if...
Come on, bud.
Hey, uh, maybe you want
to leave that out here.
It's just a regular ball.
[Tim] Listen, whatever
he thinks happened to him,
it really freaked him out.
Honestly, I've never seen him
like this before.
I'm actually pretty
worried about him.
We should interview him.
I mean, I think he's still
messing with us,
but if he actually saw something
we should get him on camera.
At least he'd be
contributing something.
I'm asking you
to back off.
Tim, this is a really
great story line.
I really don't want to do this.
Okay, now...
I'm not doing this.
No. No, I'm not, really.
Please, Billy.
Okay, why don't
you just have a seat
on the edge of the bed,
right there.
I really don't want
to do this.
Tim says we have to.
So, tell me about the ball.
- You're fucking with me.
- I'm not.
- I'm not doing this.
- I'm not, really.
I know you and Tim
don't see eye to eye
on the whole God
and ghosts thing,
but you know I believe.
I'm with you on this one.
Look, even though
you may not like me...
we've had our share
of run-ins in the past
about other things,
at least I know you respect
that I'm a believer like you,
and the only thing
that really counts in life.
See, I had no idea that...
that you were such
a man of God.
Come on,
of course you did.
[camera beeps]
what did you see here
when you were alone?
You don't want to know.
I really do.
Trust me on this one.
You don't.
Please, Billy.
Well, I saw a lot
of dead people.
Like who?
You, for one.
Stefan, I told you
to back off!
And I told you
it was good TV.
Lest you forget, that's what
we're trying to do here,
make a television show.
Hopefully one that'll get us
on a network, so suck it up!
Take the camera,
and don't point it
at the lights.
Just point it here...
- [Jamie] Wait...
- [Tim] Yeah.
What else are you
going to take?
Somebody give me something
to put on television.
Are we all set?
EVP and laser grids are set.
Infrared camera's replaced,
Stefan asked if you replaced
the IR cameras.
Oh. Yeah.
Thanks. Ready.
You look beautiful.
- Thank you.
- [Stefan] Where's Jamie?
I don't know, but we need him
to shoot the intro.
Billy, grab a camera.
[clears throat]
You okay?
Yeah, sure.
[Stacy] Can we do a quick
little bup, bup, bup...
We've set up motion sensors
and cameras in every room.
We've got night-vision
for later.
thermal cameras
and laser grids.
And everything is linked back
to the video village.
As we like to call it,
central command.
Where we can capture
anything that happens.
Or doesn't.
[imitates rim shot]
[clears throat]
On me, in three...
in three, two...
let's take a look around.
We've set up motion sensors
and cameras in every room.
We got night vision for later,
laser grids, and thermals.
And everything is linked back
to the video village.
We like to call it
central command.
Where we can capture
anything that happens.
Or doesn't.
Billy, come on, man.
Yeah, um...
do you guys want
to start down here?
Let's just do this, okay?
Yeah, okay.
[Gary on walkie-talkie] Tim, we got
movement in the upstairs bedroom.
There's something
in the front of the house.
Okay, copy.
We'll check it out.
Okay, we're going to check out
this reported movement.
- [yells]
- [Billy] Oh, Jesus!
- [Tim] Come on, Jamie!
- Payback!
- Fuck.
- [Jamie] Oh, I got to get this.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, Billy, no.
- [Stacy] Whoa.
- [Tim] No, stop, stop.
It's not funny, asshole!
- [Jamie] You deserved it.
- [Billy] Fuck you, all right?
Stay the fuck away from me.
What? It was just a prank.
[Gary and Lisa laughing]
Hey, cut the crap.
Seriously! Enough!
We have a show to do.
Guys, where's Billy?
He went outside.
No, baby, just let him cool off.
He'll be okay. Really.
Okay. We have a job to do,
so no more pranks.
oh, I have movement.
For real this time?
- No more games.
- No games.
Front bedroom, second floor.
[loud crash]
- What was that?
- That felt like an earthquake.
It's probably just
the radiator going on.
Clanking ducts,
or whatever.
[camera beeping]
You picking up that noise?
[Gary on walkie-talkie]
Oh, yeah.
- [Tim] From the bedroom?
- [Gary] Yup.
[shifting and thumping]
There's more movement.
Looks like it's right
in front of you.
[scraping and thumping]
[Tim] Everybody's
accounted for, right?
That's not any of us.
And it's definitely not Billy?
He's not in the house.
Wait, do you hear that?
It's getting louder.
Yeah, there's
definitely something
moving around in there.
Guys, whatever it is,
it's coming from
right on the other side
of that door.
Okay, we've ruled out
one of the crew members
moving around
inside this room.
So, it's time
to take a look.
[scraping and thumping
There's nothing here, Gary.
Gary, check again for Billy.
Everybody look for Billy.
- Billy?
- [Stefan] Billy!
I'm not finding him
in the house.
- Billy?
- Billy!
- Gary...
- What?
Gary, Gary, take a look at this.
- [Stefan] Billy!
- Stefan, look at this.
[Lisa sobs]
Billy, really?
Alison, what the fuck
are you doing?
You shouldn't be helping him.
[breathing heavily]
Take her down.
What's going on?
I heard a scream.
- [jiggles doorknob]
- Fuck the door. Fuck!
Call 911.
I'm trying. It's dead.
My phone is dead.
Hey, help us!
What the fuck?
I'm sorry.
Do you have service?
- No.
- Okay, come on, we got to go.
- We can't just leave her.
- It's not safe. We got to go.
We'll come back for her.
Come on.
- [knocking on window]
- Help us!
Help us!
No, we've got to stay together.
[Tim] Are we going
to the basement or not?
- [Stacy] Yes.
- [Gary] No. No.
[Tim] No, someone needs to man
video village and watch our backs.
Okay? So you three come
with me to the basement,
and you go with Gary and Lisa
to video village, okay?
We're going to find a way
out of here, guys. Stay close.
[camera chimes]
Okay, uh, you guys go in there,
you guys come with me.
We're going to find a way
out of here. Stay close.
[breathing heavily]
- [Stacy] All right.
- [Tim] Stay back.
Jamie, what the hell
are you doing?
Put that away.
Jamie, put that away,
and help us.
What are you doing?
Jamie, Jamie!
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
We got to get him
out of here.
Jamie, come on.
- Get him out of here.
- Come on, come on.
Come on.
Tim, I can't, he's too hurt.
Okay, put him down,
put him down.
You got it, okay?
Guys, we need your help.
The lights kept going
on and off. What happened?
What the hell
happened to him?
Bumped into the wall.
He bumped into a wall?
- How many times?
- Tim, how can you not believe
there's something paranormal
going on in this house
after everything you've seen
with your own eyes?
What I've seen with my own eyes,
is Alison nailed to the wall,
and Jamie tripping in a dark
basement and bumping his head.
There's nothing paranormal
happening here.
Someone killed Alison,
and I'm going to find out who.
Or, or, we could let
the police figure that out,
and we could figure out a way
to get out of here.
How come we can't open
any doors or smash any windows?
What's your logical
explanation for that?
Are there any symbols
on her wrists?
Please, someone
go check to see
if Alison had any symbols
on her wrist.
- [Stefan] And film it.
- It's Alison.
It's good TV.
It's not like she's coming back
to life anytime soon.
Fine, give me this.
[camera whirs]
What is that?
I don't know.
Hey, what do you guys see?
[Gary] Same as the ones
in the Murphy house.
There's nothing,
but I'll keep looking.
[Stacy] Wait, we have Internet?
No. I'm checking our
internal database.
We still don't have power.
I tracked the bogus
info on Wiki,
and saw that his page
was updated yesterday.
So who updated it?
It said his wife.
- Is she still alive?
- No.
That would mean
she's a hundred years old.
No, she's... she's dead.
Mrs. Koenig died shortly
after he did, in 1935.
How did she die?
She was crucified.
- [device beeping rapidly]
- Uh...
Gary, what is that?
I don't know, I don't know.
Uh, movement,
but no corporeal bodies.
The EMF's trampolining on mean,
the laser could've been tripped.
It's like an army
is moving toward...
[beeping stops]
- Oh, my God.
- Lisa?
What the fuck?
[breathing heavily]
No, no. No number.
[computer beeps]
Um, I got movement
again upstairs.
Front bedroom.
They can't get you in here.
Stacy, stay down here.
No, that's not going to happen.
- [Tim] Stacy!
- [device beeps]
- Where's Billy?
- [Jamie] He's in the study.
What the fuck is he doing?
[Gary on walkie-talkie] I got movement
in the back bedroom now, too.
[door slams]
- [Tim] Gary, did you get that?
- [Gary] What was that?
The door slammed shut.
You didn't see
anything on video?
- Negative.
- [Gary] Wait. I got something.
I think it's coming from right
in front of you.
There's nothing here.
Maybe an echo? False reading?
Dude, I'm telling you,
there's something right there
in front of you.
It's just inside the door.
- [thumping]
- [Tim] Yeah, we can hear it.
We're going in.
Three, two, one.
Guys, there's nothing here.
No, I know, um...
the activity is gone.
It's just...
it's just gone.
Guys, there's nothing here.
They're numbers.
The symbols on their wrists,
they're numbers.
It's biblical Hebrew.
It looks similar to Arabic
to the untrained eye.
You read right to left.
They're Hebrew numbers.
Tim! Stacy!
Hey! Hey!
[voices whisper indistinctly]
[banging on door]
- [Stefan gasps]
- Is that Stefan?
Is anybody going
to say anything?
Dear God in heaven...
please take these sweet souls,
and please show mercy
and forgiveness
to the troubled souls
that took them from us.
Excuse me?
Troubled souls?
Our friends, my friend Lisa
was murdered.
Nailed to a wall
with fucking railroad spikes.
We're not dealing
with troubled souls.
We're dealing with
sick fucking murderers.
Okay, come on,
he was just trying to...
Trying to what? He's been acting
crazy since we got here.
I think I've been as serene
as you've ever seen me,
brother Jamie.
Dare I say even
turned over a new leaf.
- Fuck you.
- Hey! Hey!
Jamie, stop it!
Come on, man!
Look, we're all fucking scared
and stressed out right now,
but we need to stay calm.
We're being systematically
killed off,
- and you're the one...
- Okay, I that's enough.
I said back off!
Look, we got to
stick together guys.
All right?
This is fucked up,
but we can't let this warp
what we know to be true.
We know each other.
Stacy, do you anything
about who or what is doing this?
Okay, Billy?
Well, I'm with Stacy.
I don't think it's human.
Well, whatever it is,
it's not any of us, okay?
So we just need to stop misusing
our energy and pointing fingers,
and focus on what's
fucking important right now:
just staying
the fuck alive, okay?
Stay alive, stop misusing
our energy.
How's she doing?
I wish you would've
had my back more.
What are you talking about?
In this life.
Billy, come on.
I'm your little brother.
I've never let anything bad
happen to you. Right?
[lighter clicks]
Is that algorithm working?
Yeah, it is,
but I only have like five
minutes left of battery power.
Oh, man.
It's a total of 50,048.
How do you know that?
It's a total number of people
since Christ was crucified
who were murdered,
and have the same ancient
Hebrew numbers on their wrists,
including Alison.
But I thought all those
photos were classified,
and had those black bars
covering them.
And how about all
the people that died
before cameras
even existed?
I hacked into NASA
and redirected rockets
when I was 14 years old.
- Thought they were just droids.
- They were rockets.
Wait, so 50,000 people
have been killed
with the same numbers
on their wrists,
and no one's
ever heard about it?
In the last 2,000 years,
five billion have been murdered.
Fifty-nine thousand is
one thousandth of one percent.
That's less than
five people a year.
That's not enough
to draw attention to it
as a serial situation
for either the numbers
on the wrist,
or for them all
being kids of priests.
God told Abraham
to sacrifice his son Isaac.
When he was about to do it,
God said,
"Stop, the fact that you were
willing is enough."
Novum is actually doing it.
Alison was 59,048.
They need one more
to get to 59,049.
Why is fifty thousand,
the number of people
they need to kill?
It's nine to the fifth power.
The Kabbalah says
that the demonic number is two,
the Jehovah's number is seven,
seven and two is nine.
This number keeps coming up.
The ultimate demonic
number is nine.
And they believe that there
are five angels of death
to make up
the demonic order.
So, nine to the fifth power.
And what does any of this
have to do with Billy?
Even if I could,
you'd still want to bring
a baby in this world?
Of course.
There's so much evil.
Why would you want to expose
a sweet, innocent soul to that?
That's why we
absolutely must
bring sweet, innocent souls
to this world.
Until that's the only thing
the world knows.
That's a beautiful
thing to believe.
With all my heart.
That's just
what I love you with.
All my heart.
And our little...
African, or...
- [laughs]
- ...Chinese, or Colombian,
or New Jersey-an son or daughter
will be the perfect soul for us.
Well, it depends on what part
of New Jersey, but I hear you.
[Gary] The demonic number is two.
The Jehovah's number is seven.
Seven and two is nine.
Demonic number is two.
The Jehovah's number is seven.
Seven and two is nine.
The demonic number is two,
the Jehovah's number is seven.
Seven and two is nine.
The demonic number is two,
the Jehovah's number is seven.
[Gary on walkie-talkie]
Tim, can you come here, please?
There's something
you need to see.
Yeah, I'm here, Gary.
Can you just tell me
what it is?
I'm kind of in the middle
of something.
[Gary] I can't.
It's something you need
to see with your own eyes.
We should go.
Okay, we're coming.
What the... Gary?
What the...?
Goddamn it.
[device beeps]
[pounding on door]
Why won't you let us go?
Let us out, please!
What do you want from us?
Oh, shit.
[sobbing and whimpering]
[jiggling doorknob]
Let us go.
Why can't you...?
Why won't you let us go?
Stacy, Stacy, Stacy...
Baby, we should be
the ones to leave.
I don't understand.
I don't understand.
Come here, come here.
It's okay, it's okay.
Come here.
It's going to be okay.
We're going to be okay.
We're going to be okay.
We're going to be okay.
Jamie! Jamie! No!
- [Stacy] Oh, God!
- Fucking no!
I knew it was you all along.
Jamie, no!
No, no, no, please.
I'm going to end this now.
Jamie, listen to me,
listen, listen...
- Jamie, you don't understand.
- Jamie, Jamie, stop it.
- Let's talk about this.
- I don't want to die.
Jamie, no. No.
- [Stacy] Jamie, it's not...
- [Tim] No!
- Jamie!
- Jamie!
- [Billy] Jamie...
- No!
Jamie, Jamie...
[all grunting]
Jamie, stop it! No!
- Stop it!
- [Stacy] Tim, pull it!
I'm pulling! Stop!
[all yelling]
I can't stop it!
Take me!
- No!
- [Tim] Jamie...
No! No! No!
Oh, God.
- No, no, no.
- [Stacy] Oh, God.
- No!
- [Stacy] Billy...
Take me!
- The door...
- Tim, the door.
Let's go, let's go!
Take me!
Billy? Billy!
Billy, come on!
Billy, let's go! Billy!
No! No, no, no...
- Billy!
- No, baby, stop!
Stacy! Stacy!
No! No! No! No!
Billy! Billy!
Come on.
Someone help!
So, is she going to be okay?
She's going to be fine.
She has a very minor
a couple of bumps
and bruises.
She was very lucky.
[exhales and laughs]
Hey, did you know
you're pregnant?
That's impossible.
I can't have children.
You can,
and you're going to,
and the two of you are going
to be right as rain.
[Tim laughs]
I mean, what do we know?
Do we know if it's
a boy or a girl?
[doctor] It'll probably take
a couple of weeks
- until we can determine the sex.
- It's a boy.
How do you...
how do you know that?
[doctor] Well, listen,
she needs some rest.
- She's been through a lot.
- [Tim] Yeah.
[doctor] Both of you have been
through a great deal.
All I can say
is congratulations,
and best of luck
to both of you.
[cell phone chimes]
[theme music playing]
We're coming
To take you home
We're coming
To take you home
We're coming
To take you home
Take you home
Take you home
We're coming
To take you home
We're coming
TO take you home
We're coming
To take you home
Take you home
Take you home
Take you home
Take you home
Take you home
Take you home
Yeah, you got it all
Got what you need
Guess you need it all
Hey, tell me what you want
You can't have it free
But how much you want?
How much you need?
I don't give a fuck
What you're fucking with
Unless it's crying
We're coming
To take you home
We're coming
To take you home
We're coming
To take you home
Take you home
Take you home
We're coming
To take you home
We're coming
To take you home
We're coming
To take you home
Take you home
Take you home
Take you home
Take you home
Take you home
Take you home
Blown up from your
Bloodshot eye
You can't hear a thing
You can't even talk
My tracks
Are burning cold
Your head's just
A burned-out hollow hole
And I don't give a fuck
What you're fucking with
I don't give a fuck
What you're fucking with
Unless it's crying
We're coming
To take you home
We're coming
To take you home
We're coming
To take you home
Take you home
Take you home
We're coming
To take you home
We're coming
To take you home
We're coming
To take you home
Take you home
Take you home
Take you home
Take you home
Take you home
Take you home