Before the Fall (2016) Movie Script

thanks, hon.
Lee, I'm gonna step out
of the car.
I guess you have heard the
nature foundation finally hired
an executive director.
He's 35 and never been married.
So, he's 35 and never
been married.
He's gotta be gay.
Oh, he's gay.
Don't you think you're
jumping to conclusions?
I bet I'm his type.
You're not his type,
I'm his type.
I'm his type.
Aren't you on their board?
Whose board?
The nature foundation.
Yes, you can introduce us.
You can throw a party for him.
Why would I do that?
You love parties. You have
parties for everyone.
We're not going to have a party
just so that you two can...
Act like idiots.
You know what?
Screw this.
Come on, Lyle.
Don't need your stupid parties.
I've already agreed to have a
party for him in two weeks.
Damn. That was easy.
Later, loser.
Looks a lot like work.
It's not that bad.
I know this is...
Really none of my business.
But, I was talking to Cathy
and she happened
to mention that...
You've been drinking
a lot, lately.
Hey, I'm sorry I'm late.
I just stopped by the store.
Did you get to sleep?
Got to talk to Tina, though.
You told her I drank too much?
You do drink too much.
You get drunk everyday.
What am I supposed to do?
Just act like everything's
all right, while you crawl
into a beer every night,
is that it?
You don't even know I exist,
I have to talk to someone
every now and then.
Why can't you keep
your mouth shut?
You've been talking
to her about our sex life.
What sex life?
We haven't had sex in months.
Why are you so miserable, Lee?
Why do you drink so much?
I am sick of it.
Is it because you lost your job?
Or is it because you
dropped out of school?
Is it because
your daddy left you?
Your mommy put you in day care?
Keep quiet.
Is that it?
Why don't you get over it?
Why can't you have sex with me?
You know what I think?
I don't think it's me at all.
You know what I think?
I think you're a...
Shut up!
Just shut up!
I'm not sure,
I saw the man grab her,
and then he pushed her,
and she fell.
Did he say anything?
Um, actually...
Yes, he said...
"I'll kill you."
Are you sure about that?
Yes, he said he would kill her.
Well, that makes this a felony.
A felony?
Aggravated malicious wounding.
Well, thank you very much
for your time.
She was lucky you were around.
Hey, Ben.
Hey, Jeb.
This is going to be
another 20 minutes.
Uh, the judge has worked in
another hearing.
Some drunk beat up
his girlfriend.
George Wickham.
Ben. Ben Bennett.
It's my first time here.
Any advice?
Uh, well...
What kind of case do you have?
Criminal defense.
Then you're sitting
at the wrong table.
Uh, the prosecutor sits
over there.
Right, thanks.
Where do you practice?
Knoxville, mostly
in northeast Tennessee.
Where'd you go to school?
Uh, Richmond.
Uh, Yale.
Well, excuse me.
Here's that case you asked for.
So, what's the hold up?
Uh, judge is working in
a hearing.
Some drunk beat up
his girlfriend.
All rise.
Don't cut...
Everything looks great.
I've planned on sending a couple of
servers out with trays around seven.
That be all right?
That's great.
Glass of wine?
Thank you.
You're welcome.
There's nobody here.
Let's go.
Good afternoon.
We got some hot meals for you.
We're from community in action.
What is it?
Roast beef, uh, mashed
potatoes, some green beans.
God bless you.
So, who's this party for anyway?
Chuck Bingley, the new executive
director for the nature foundation.
So, I'm guessing he's gay?
I'm pretty sure he's straight,
I've only met him once.
What's he like?
Well, he's good-looking.
He's into nature.
A little rough around the edges.
Awkward around people, I'm afraid he
won't impress some of the bigger donors.
Well, do they want someone that knows land
preservation or looks good on a golf course?
Oh, both.
It started at four o'clock.
You did not. Four o'clock, for a party?
Yes, he did.
Lyle, really?
Is he here yet?
He's straight.
Let's get a drink.
Here it is.
You sure it's all right
if I tag along?
I don't think
I'm ready for this.
Do you want me to take you home?
Can't keep avoiding people.
Just let me know if you wanna
leave, it's no big deal, really.
You've only been
in recovery a month.
Don't be so hard on yourself.
Oh, perfect timing.
Um, excuse me.
Um, hi.
Uh, you must be Chuck.
I'm Chuck.
And I'm Jane Gardiner.
Uh, um, this is Lee.
Well, come on inside.
There's the guest of honor.
Sorry, we're late.
Don't worry about it.
Everybody's looking
forward to meeting you.
Oh, uh...
This is my friend, Lee Darcy.
Lee works at Eastgate.
We did volunteer work together.
Lee, this is Ben Bennett.
Ben's in the board
of the nature foundation.
Nice to meet you.
Glad you were able to make it.
I've met you before, haven't I?
Eastgate, do you work
with Jon Ross?
He and I have done a
bunch of deals together.
I know Mr. Ross, but I
don't think he knows me.
I work in the machine shop.
All right, well, come
on, have a drink.
I think everything's going well.
It certainly seems to be going
well for Jane and Daniel Boone.
He's not her type,
she's just playing hostess.
She's playing something
but it ain't hostess.
Well, uh...
It'd allow me to dirtbag my way
around Colorado and Wyoming.
Hey, uh, we're just talking
about Chuck's new job.
You had a chance to get up
in the mountains here, yet?
Yeah, I've already seen
some amazing places.
I'm going hiking this
Saturday at Whitetop.
Do you hike?
Would you two like to tag along?
That sounds fun.
Well, I wish I could.
I have a lot of work to do.
Oh, um, maybe some other time.
Well, I need another drink.
Can I get you something?
I'm fine.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
What are you doing, you idiot?
Why'd you tell him
that you couldn't go?
He's gorgeous and nice,
I wanna go.
I can't do that, he asked us together,
he thinks that we're a couple.
Why would he think
we're a couple?
Because we act like a couple!
Don't deny him. Go.
I can't do that,
I'll look desperate.
Just tell him that you've
changed your mind.
Then he'd still think
we're a couple
and I have a lot of work to do.
You work all the time.
And he'll figure out we're not
a couple at some other point.
Just tell him that you've changed
your mind, and we'll go.
Go where?
Go hiking with Chuck
on Saturday.
For once, just do it.
I'll call him after the party.
You don't hike.
What's wrong with him?
She doesn't hike.
What's going on?
Chuck invited Jane and Ben
to go hiking this weekend.
And the queers got left out?
Bullseye, my invisible friend.
What are you doing
this Saturday?
Well, actually, we just
got back from Cabo
and normally, we would about spend
two weeks there, but Bob had to come
back early, because we had
to oversee the construction
of the lake house.
Oh, that's great,
will you excuse me?
Still trying to figure
out where I've seen you.
Everyone please hold your
cards for a possible bingo.
Who is that?
Let me introduce you
to my friends.
This is Kittner Frost.
Hey, pleasure to meet you.
I'm the vice president
at old dominion bank.
Welcome to Abingdon.
If you need anything, please,
please, let me know.
Kittner. And this
is Lyle Jennings.
Lyle is...
Busy spending his inheritance.
This is Lee Darcy.
It's nice to meet you,
what do you do?
Um, work at Eastgate.
What do you do there?
I'm a welder.
It was nice meeting
you, guys. Excuse me.
Sir, would you like a drink?
No, no, thank you.
Oh? Really?
I think you must be right.
Um, excuse me.
Hey man, I gotta go.
Okay, no problem.
No, you stay here,
I'm gonna go for a walk.
Give me a call when you're done.
You sure?
I'm fine, man.
I've just realized where
I've seen him before.
I saw him get charged with
a felony a few months ago.
He thinks I'm the biggest asshole
on the face of the planet.
Hope you weren't
waiting too long.
Hey, no problem, uh...
I just got here.
Uh, besides, Ben from the party called.
He and his girlfriend
are coming, so,
we gotta wait on them.
All right.
I hope that's okay,
I guess I should've asked you.
That's cool.
Who's coming?
Well, the couple that
had the party for me?
Oh, the party you
went to without me.
I don't know them.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Oh, I hate hiking.
What do you mean?
It's such a waste of time.
I really don't see
what the big deal is.
I only do it to make Lee happy.
I don't mind hiking alone.
Why don't we head up this Ridge?
So... how long have you
and Ben been together?
Jane, how long has it been?
Since kindergarten?
Oh, you mean, together?
Yeah, we're not together.
Ben and I are just friends.
Oh, well, Chuck said
you were a couple.
Oh, I suppose I just
assumed you were together.
So, do you have a boyfriend?
What about you? Do you
have a girlfriend, Ben?
No, I'm gay.
But I don't have a boyfriend.
You don't act like you're gay.
How do gays act?
Oh, come on, you know.
No, I don't.
Hey, I don't have
a problem with gays.
We had one where I worked. I
treated him like he was normal.
Come on, Cathy.
Ever since, Lee's gone to aa,
he's Saint Lee the tolerant.
Not all gays
are flamboyant.
I didn't think you bitches
would ever stop.
Let's do this.
All right, anything else?
Sit down, son.
It will be over soon.
Glad we were
able to work this one out.
Well, I don't know. It rubs me the
wrong way to allow junior over there
to plead to anything
less than a felony.
You've managed
to trash our only witness.
judge Jackson doesn't know
squat about criminal law.
You know he was a real estate
attorney before his political buddies
slipped him on the bench?
All rise.
Please be seated.
Is the commonwealth
ready to proceed?
Yes, your honor.
Is the defense council
ready to proceed?
Yes, your honor.
Gentlemen, looks like we have a
plead ring that's been reached.
Yes, subject to your approval...
Uh, the defendant will plead no
contest to the lesser charges
of assault and battery...
With the recommended
sentence of one year probation.
I've, uh, reviewed the record.
Stipulation indicates that,
the defendant's girlfriend suffered
a concussion and broken arm.
Seems like an extremely light
sentence under such circumstances.
Your honor, the commonwealth has serious
problems with its only witness.
Also, Mr. Carol just indicated he has concerns
regarding the court's lack of experience
in handling criminal cases.
Your honor,
we would like
to ask that the, uh...
Defendant be allowed to leave
the state despite probation
to attend Notre dame this fall.
No objection.
Very well.
Let's take a short recess.
Mr. Carol, see me
in chambers.
All rise.
Thank you very much.
Hey, what are you
doing here, handsome?
Had a hearing,
I am too.
Just finishing up.
That was John Altman.
Son had too much to drink, got
a little rough with the date.
What was the charge?
Aggravated malicious wounding.
How did she get
a domestic abuse felony
reduced to a simple misdemeanor?
The kind of money
the Altman's have,
my entire staff's been working
on this case for two months.
All they had to do was dig
up enough dirt on the girl,
to blow holes
in her credibility.
And you're not above
a cheap trick?
Telling the judge that Wayne said he
didn't know how to try a criminal case?
Hey, I didn't make it up.
it's my job
to represent my client,
if that means making the prosecutor
look bad, to finalize a plea bargain,
then I'm doing it.
How long you tied up here?
Forty five minutes.
Good, I should be done by then.
Why don't you meet me
at the tavern for a drink?
I shouldn't. I'm
covered up with work.
I might count on you
changing your mind.
It'd mean a lot to me.
Shouldn't have
to celebrate alone.
Just a drink.
How'd it go?
You have anymore
commitments this afternoon?
Actually, no, I don't.
Great, let's celebrate,
let's get that drink.
I... can't.
I'm sorry if I've misread
the situation, all right?
I don't wanna
make you uncomfortable.
Misread the situation?
A drink sounds good.
Great, come on.
She hasn't done anything to make you
think there's a problem, has she?
She's probably not going to be too excited
about me living up here in the sticks.
What about you?
Is it hard not to drink?
What makes it worse?
I think too much.
Thinking about what?
It's kind of hard to explain.
You don't know what
I'm really like.
What are you really like?
I'm, uh...
Screwed up.
That's not what
you were gonna say.
You know...
Why don't you stay over tonight?
Go hiking in the morning?
Oh, I wish I could.
I have to get up early and
hit the office, I got a...
Big hearing on Monday.
Yeah, I should
probably work, too.
But, we'll do this.
No hiking.
Just stay over tonight, we'll
leave first thing in the morning.
I never really can sleep
well except in my own bed.
Do you remember, Lee Darcy?
You were representing
him when I met you.
Yeah, I guess so.
He was there, uh...
Went hiking
with a friend of mine.
Why would a friend of yours
know someone like that?
Funny, you should mention them.
The neighbor came into
my office a while back,
tried to change her story.
Apparently he didn't say he was
going to kill his girlfriend,
but he split her head open.
Probably banging
the neighbor now.
No, he's still with
the girlfriend.
She was on our hike, too.
Her name is Cathy.
Cathy, yeah, yeah,
I remember her.
Huh, doesn't surprise me,
that kind always goes back
in for more abuse.
Worthless as a witness too.
She said she couldn't
remember what happened.
What are you going
to do about her?
Do about what?
The fact that the only witness against
your client changed her testimony.
Nothing, of course.
Surprised the guy
paid me the first time.
But enough shop talk.
But now, before I go...
I couldn't think of a better
way to spend the time.
Sure is a pretty day.
It is.
It's a great day for a hike.
This is a great spot.
This is one of my favorites.
You going any further?
Thought I might head
up to Whitetop.
Me, too.
You hiking alone?
Me, too all my
friends are tied up.
I got the impression
they weren't that into hiking.
They were...
They were kind of colorful.
I enjoyed meeting your
girlfriend, she was, uh...
Pretty colorful.
So you're arrogant
and you're gay?
Yeah, I'm gay.
Actually, I'm dating
George Wickham.
Didn't he, uh,
defend you after you,
got drunk and beat up
your girlfriend?
He did.
Well, I'm gonna get going.
I'll see you around.
Okay, I give up.
I actually have to take a break.
Are we almost there?
We're really close.
What's the surprise, anyway?
You'll see.
Come on, give me a hint.
We were hiking all day.
We're almost there.
I promise.
Come on.
In here.
Hey, going somewhere?
George has agreed to spend the
weekend with me in Asheville.
Did you approve of this?
Absolutely not.
Honey, we don't need
everything to be so...
We need something
that pops and says,
"wow, I'm here."
What's wrong with you?
You dirty little whore.
You know, you two are so negative.
You're just... jealous.
We haven't even met
Mr. perfect yet.
You'll get a chance to meet him.
When Chuck has his little
party next weekend.
At his cabin.
You two are invited
for some bizarre reason.
It's George.
Almost finished packing.
No, no, it's okay.
I'll just cancel the hotel
and come over to your place.
You sure?
Try to get some sleep.
George is ill.
Trip's off.
What's wrong?
He's been sick all morning.
I should check on him.
I don't know where he lives.
You don't even know
where he lives?
Yes, I know where
he lives, but I just...
Haven't been to his place,
I don't know his address.
I don't think
you should do that.
He obviously told you
not to come over.
Open your eyes, Shelby.
Shelby, open your eyes.
It's not funny.
Not funny.
What are you doing here?
I just came to see how...
Come on, daddy.
Karen, this is Ben Bennett.
Ben's an attorney at Abingdon.
Ben, this is my wife, Karen.
It's nice to meet you.
I'm afraid you caught us
heading out for the weekend.
I was just...
I don't wanna keep you.
Well, uh, good to see you again.
There really is a cabin.
Great, look who it is.
Hey, you made it.
You had trouble
with the directions?
No, they were great.
Hey, thank you for having us.
I'm glad you came.
You guys know Lee and Cathy?
Where's George? Look
forward to meeting him.
Uh, it didn't work out.
Oh, uh...
Why don't we go inside and
I'll show you around.
We'll be on the deck.
This is my bedroom.
Then through here
is the rest of the place.
Oh, uh, may I use your bathroom?
There's a slight problem.
The Springs sometimes runs
dry this time of year.
Well, uh, we won't have
water again until it rains.
You'll have to use the outhouse.
That's it, over there.
Oh, uh...
No problem, thanks.
Hold up, back up,
I gotta see this, sorry.
Sorry, we had water
until this morning.
It's all right.
Ah, do you wanna see the deck?
You don't have to go. You don't have
to leave just 'cause I got here.
I know it's not
any of my business, but...
Why'd you plead guilty
to a felony?
I don't want to talk about it.
I'm an alcoholic.
Cathy and I got into an argument,
and I threatened to kill her.
Pushed her
and she hit her head.
She had to go to the hospital.
So, you threatened to kill her?
What did you say?
I don't...
I don't remember
the actual words.
I was very drunk.
Not that I'm using
this as an excuse.
I take full responsibility
for what I did.
I just don't remember
the details.
I understand I said,
"I'll kill you",
when I pushed her.
Where was the evidence
that you said that?
Well, my neighbor
heard me say it.
And my attorney, George.
He said, I didn't have
a defense because...
There was
an independent witness...
Testifying against me.
And I have no memory
of what happened.
Did George interview
the neighbor?
But, uh, the policeman
took her statement.
Did Cathy say
you threatened her?
She doesn't really
remember what happened.
I didn't intend
to get into all this.
I messed up.
I had a job lined up in Atlanta.
Cathy and I were going
to move down there.
But in a strange way,
it's better.
I'm finally taking
responsibility for my actions.
Making excuses
doesn't change anything.
I'm really sorry about what I
said, the day of your hearing.
I didn't know you were there.
I wasn't thinking about
what I was saying,
I didn't have any idea
of what I was saying.
I'm really sorry.
I better go.
Almost ready.
Oh, great.
Looks like we're just in time.
Need help with anything?
Um, so yeah, I need
to run inside.
You better let me handle this.
Has anyone seen Ben?
Lee, would you mind
saying the blessing?
Okay, um...
Dear god, thank you
God Grant us the Serenity,
to accept the things
we cannot change,
the courage to change
the things we can
and the wisdom
to know the difference.
So, Ben, what happened
with you and your boyfriend?
It didn't work out.
Why is it that gay
relationships never last long?
Well, it turns out that
George had a wife and kids.
Nothing ruins a gay relationship
faster than a wife and kids.
No, but, you know,
what I mean, I mean...
You guys are always running
around having sex with each other
in public bathrooms,
truck stops.
When straight people have sex
in public places like the...
Backseat of the car
on the beach,
society turns it into a
Norman Rockwell painting.
Well, beaches are romantic.
Truck stops aren't.
Why is it okay for nurses or
teachers to be objects of desire,
but not truck drivers?
It all depends on what
you label as normal.
Are you complaining that
gays have sex in public?
Or do you just not like the
public places they pick?
I think it's a good thing
that, uh...
You found out about George's
wife and his children.
If he would do that to them,
he'd do it to you.
Thanks for coming.
Yeah, it was a good time.
Damn, I forgot my sunglasses.
So, uh, fishing tomorrow?
All right.
Where are the trash bags?
I'll get 'em.
It was a good day.
Good to see you again.
Look, uh, thanks for what
you said about my hearing.
Really appreciate it.
You're welcome.
I got 'em.
Well, let's go.
How are sales?
Did you have a good day?
I'm hoping it picks up soon.
Anyway, I'm too happy to care.
So, did you have fun at Chuck's?
Kept thinking
about that guy, Lee.
I don't know what
to make of him.
What do you mean?
I mean, he's not just
like a typical loser,
he's like more complicated
than that.
Why do you feel like you have
to put him into a category?
I'm not putting him
into a category.
But he is an alcoholic and a felon, you
don't just ignore something like that.
Well, you don't have
to ignore it, but...
You don't have to define
him by it either.
I hope I'm not defined by the
worst thing that I had ever done.
Chuck's cabin was rustic.
Come on out with it.
What do you wanna say?
Do you realize that Chuck makes
less than $12,000 a year?
I haven't analyzed it that much,
well, don't you think
maybe you should?
Well, I do all right, I get by.
Have you thought about living in that
two room cabin with no running water?
I like Chuck, but he doesn't
care about earning a living.
He wants to live in the
woods away from everyone.
You know you two don't
have that much in common.
And he's not gonna turn
into someone else later.
Easy to romanticize everything
now, when you're all infatuated,
but what about
five years from now
when you can't pay the bills and
you're in a cabin with no water
and he's on a week long hike with his
buddies. Have you thought about that?
Wouldn't be like that.
It'd be just like that.
So, what are you saying?
I don't know.
I'm just saying, maybe you should
think about things like that.
This is a little awkward, um, you remember
when I ran into you at Chuck's cabin?
Right after that,
I, uh, find your journal.
You know, I was wondering
where I lost that.
Yeah and then I meant it to
give it back to you, but, um...
For some reason, I didn't think I should
give it back to you in front of Cathy.
I mean I didn't read or anything, so I
don't even know if it talks about her,
but I imagine since
it's a journal.
And then, I forgot I had it.
And then, when I
remembered when I had it,
then I thought that you
would think I just went...
But I didn't read it
or anything.
But I read a little bit of
it, but nothing bad, just...
You know, personal stuff.
Anyway, um, there it is.
Just some personal stuff.
Yeah, just...
It must be a guy being
too hard on himself.
I'm thinking about going
hiking, later today.
Where are you gonna go?
Up to Wolverine Ridge.
Wolverine Ridge, isn't
that past green cove?
Yeah. Yeah, I
haven't been there.
Well, I could get my car and
then I'd follow you over there.
That sounds like a plan.
So, when did you start drinking?
I don't know...
High school, I guess...
My dad's an alcoholic.
He'd go to the office
everyday, but...
He'd get home at five,
usually passed out by seven.
Sleep for two hours.
Throw up, eat something,
get drunk again.
He was angry, mean.
Not physically,
but psychologically.
Our mother, spent her time
there wasn't a problem.
I just stayed in my room
a lot, the door shut.
Even call me recluse.
I never understood
the demons he was fighting.
I don't think he
understands 'em either.
I know that now, but...
When I was 13, I just hated him.
So, why do you drink?
Hell, I don't know.
Like you said, demons.
There's things about me I hate.
Things I can't understand.
It's granite.
It's all over the place up here.
How do you know that?
Studied geology before I
dropped out of college.
We should head back.
Have a good one.
You want to get
something to eat?
Where do you think about going?
I don't care...
The diner.
All right.
I'll see you there.
I gotta go.
Okay, it's all right.
I had a good time.
Hi, honey.
He's still not here?
That's unusual.
Guess he got held up somewhere.
I'm gonna go finish these,
get them delivered.
Sorry for standing you up.
What's wrong?
You okay?
Jane told me,
it isn't working out.
Why did she say that?
She came up here last night.
She didn't say.
Trying to act like my breath
had been knocked out of me.
I don't understand.
I've been sitting here all day.
Trying to convince myself
that it doesn't matter.
That it wouldn't have
worked anyway.
Couldn't believe she actually
had feelings for me.
I guess she didn't.
I just can't stop
thinking about her.
Hello, can I help you?
Yeah, my name's Lee Darcy,
I'm here to see Ben Bennett.
Is he expecting you?
Well, he's in a conference right
now, but I think he'll be out soon.
You can have a seat
if you'd like to wait.
Thank you.
I'm sorry I just dropped
in on you like this.
I just really needed
someone to talk to.
I know. It's hard right now, but
in the end you'll see. All right?
Chuck's a great guy, but he's never
going to make anything of himself.
You'll just have
to keep that in mind.
I know.
I'll call you, okay?
Lee Darcy is here to see you.
Came by to see if you could help me figure
out why Jane decided to break up with Chuck.
Guess I got my answer.
My first impressions
of you were right.
You're just another
pretentious faggot.
Oh, hi, Ben.
Where are they,
the criminal files?
Uh, they're under the counter.
So, what's this about?
I understand that you witnessed
an incident between Lee Darcy
and his girlfriend, Cathy?
Yes, I did.
According to the court file, you said
that Lee said he was gonna kill her
and then he pushed her.
Well, I never said
I saw him push her.
I said he must've pushed her,
because I heard them arguing,
and she fell and hit her head.
So, he must've pushed her.
Did you tell the police officer
that he said he was gonna kill her?
Yes, I said that.
Is that what you heard?
What's this about?
I thought this was over.
I'm just looking into it,
for a friend of Lee's.
Suppose I didn't
exactly hear those words...
I mean, suppose the...
Statement I gave
wasn't completely accurate.
I could get into a lot of
trouble for that, couldn't I?
But you do recognize that Lee doesn't
remember what happened that night.
His felony conviction is based
solely on your testimony.
Would it make a difference if it
turns out I went to Lee's attorney
about it and he ignored me?
It might.
Let me guess, you're back on
the court-appointed list?
Do you remember the case you
had when you first got here?
Yeah, what was her name, Diane?
I was certain she was innocent.
That was 12 years ago.
So, what's up?
You prosecuted a guy
named Lee Darcy,
for aggravated malicious
And Lee was charged with a felony
based on a testimony of a neighbor,
who said that Lee threatened
to kill his girlfriend.
Yeah, I remember it.
Well, there's a possibility...
That that neighbor would
recant her statement.
So, that happens all the time,
there's not really anything
to be done about that.
What if the neighbor told Lee's
attorney her testimony was false?
And, uh...
The attorney admitted
that to me?
Well, that's
a different story, but...
Why doesn't Darcy's attorney
just reopen the case?
Who is his attorney?
George Wickham.
Well, I think we might've
talked more about this.
Can I help you?
Ben Bennett, I'm here
to see, George Wickham.
You just wait in here. He'll
be here in just a moment.
Great to see you.
Step outside.
Look, I understand
why you're mad.
I should've leveled with you
about my situation, but...
I really fell hard for you.
I was afraid you wouldn't see
me under those circumstances.
Honestly, I'm hoping you're
here to give us another chance.
You are some piece
of work, aren't you?
You refer to your wife
and children as a situation?
That little boy's gonna be
so proud of you, one day.
So, why are you here?
You're gonna file a writ of
actual innocence for Lee Darcy.
Lee Darcy?
Why would I do that?
It's pretty simple.
Lee's neighbor told you her testimony
was false. You ignored her.
You breached your duty
to defend Lee,
because you see him as
nothing more than a thief.
You told me all this while
screwing around on your wife,
you lied to her, you lied to me.
You stabbed the commonwealth
attorney in the back.
Now, the neighbor's going
to testify against you.
The commonwealth is going
to give her immunity
and I'll just report you
to the state bar.
If you actually do
the right thing now.
I only lose
your license for a year.
Otherwise, I'll make sure you
never practice law again.
Lee came to see me.
Yeah, about what?
About Chuck.
What'd he say?
Not much.
Um, he didn't have to.
Chuck is broken hearted.
And I'm a pretentious queer who
should've minded his own business.
He's right.
But what you said,
made a lot of sense.
No, it really doesn't, Jane.
Look, I judged Chuck
based on his paycheck.
I concluded
he's wasting his life.
The truth is, what am I doing?
There was this guy in school
that had a bumper sticker that,
"guy who dies
with the most toys, wins."
That's what I'm doing,
that's my plan for happiness.
Sounds so pathetic
to say it out loud.
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about Chuck.
He loves you.
You love him.
How often does that happen?
Look, I'm an idiot.
You were right about one thing.
You are an idiot.
Let's go hike
to top of the Ridge.
Yeah, I appreciate you
checking on me,
but I don't feel like
doing anything.
I know I need to snap out of this,
but it's going to take some time.
You expecting anybody?
It's Jane.
How do I look?
You look like hammered shit.
You look fine, man.
You'll be okay.
I'm gonna get going.
Give you a call tomorrow, Chuck.
Just came by
to tell you, I'm sorry.
What is it?
I don't know.
Seems to be a notice.
There's a hearing
on my case on Tuesday.
I thought your case was over.
So, your testimony is that...
Lee Darcy did not threaten
to kill Cathy Burge.
That is correct.
And you informed, Mr. Wickham of
this, more than five months ago?
You may go.
Based on the evidence presented,
the court dismisses
its previous order
and the felony conviction
of Lee Darcy is vacated.
We stand adjourned.
All rise.
Mr. Wickham.
I anticipate you'll have some
explaining to do to the state bar.
I suggest you find
a good attorney.
One who actually
cares about their clients.
What just happened?
court cleared your record.
Thank you.
Save it.
Ben Bennett moved heaven and
earth for your worthless ass.
He must really
have it bad for you.
Where in the hell were you?
I knew it.
Didn't I tell you, you missed the
reception to sit around and push papers?
Why didn't you tell us
you weren't coming?
Rainey Daniels was there.
He's hotter than a firecracker,
pow, pack-a-pow.
Don't waste your time,
Ben isn't interested.
Ben's never gonna fall
in love again, are you Ben?
What is it?
What's wrong?
You must've dropped this.
Thought I'd catch you
before you went in.
You're up early.
I still have work.
Look, I'm not really good
at this, um...
Really appreciate what you did
for me at the courthouse.
You're welcome.
I'm really sorry
about what I said
at your office, the other day.
It's all right.
So, what happens now?
My buddy called from Atlanta,
that job is still available.
I don't have a record now,
so I can leave the state.
He says it starts next Monday.
So, I guess I won't be
seeing much of you.
Yeah, I'm gonna...
I should get back.
There's a Cathy Burge
here to see you.
I guess all these books are
supposed to show how smart you are.
Probably so.
Is there something
I can do for you?
No, is there something
I can do for you?
Don't pretend you don't
know why I'm here.
I honestly have no idea.
I know what you're doing. I
know exactly what you're doing.
What am I doing?
You don't think I've noticed?
Why you been working on Lee?
Trying to worm
your way into his life?
I mean, it's been disgusting to
watch the little love-sick queer
make a fool out of himself.
What do you want?
I want you to leave Lee alone.
I want you stay away
from my boyfriend!
This is ridiculous.
The very idea of a
red-blooded guy like Lee
having any interest
in a sissy boy like you.
If you believe
it's so ridiculous,
I wonder why
you bothered coming here.
Oh, honey, trust me.
Lee isn't a queer.
Does he really think
you give a shit about him?
You think you can brainwash him
just like those aa people?
They acted like
they cared about him.
Got him to think all kinds
of crazy things, too.
You're doing
the exact same thing.
I know it was you that got
Lee's record cleared, somehow.
Lee told me you did it.
I did it. I'm glad
I was able to help him.
Help him?
Is that what you call it?
Oh, I know what you're up to,
even if he doesn't see it yet.
What am I up to?
Brainwashing him
into not taking
that job in Atlanta.
Making him think
he has feelings for you.
Making him think he's some
kind of fag like you.
Well, he's not!
So, your little plan isn't going
to work, I'm going to see to that.
You said he has feelings for me?
Go to hell.
It's a great day for a hike.
Yeah, it is.
Cathy said you're not going
to take that job in Atlanta.
That's right.
I don't know.
That's not much of an answer.
Look, I didn't mean to cause
problems for you and Cathy.
You didn't.
We're not together, but
it's not because of you.
She came to the office.
Um, she was pretty upset.
Yeah, I know about that.
And she was very upset.
She accused me of...
Trying to take you
away from her.
That's crazy.
Is it?
I think you misread signals
or something.
Cathy said you had
feelings for me.
She's wrong.
Those are her issues.
I'm not gay.
I'm just trying
to be nice to you,
because you helped me out,
that's all.
I don't wanna talk
about this anymore.
I love you.
Will you just stop it?
I'm not like that!
I'm not like you.
I'm sorry.
I've gotta go.