Before the Frost (2018) Movie Script

BEFORE THE FROS There, there...
We'll take her for 20.
20. And we promise to keep
quiet about you being hard up.
Her name is Marie.
Good luck with the harvest,
Cow Jens.
In Jesus's name we sit down,
Lord, to eat and drink at Your word.
God to honour,
for our own good,
in Jesus's name we receive
our food. Amen.
This won't fill us up.
It's just seed coats.
It was all that coin got me.
The chickens stopped laying eggs.
- And we must save on the milk.
- Then why did we sell Marie ?
We don't have fodder
for three cows.
Better to sell her than let
her starve to death out there.
We'll buy another cow
once the crop is sold.
We'll open them up ! Peder !
We'll open them ! Come on !
But then it mustn't rain !
It won't !
Over there, Mads.
Neighbour, God's peace be with you.
And you, neighbour.
Jens, move back a pew.
But these are our seats.
Yes, but Christiansen shall
sit here. Move back a pew.
We have more land than them !
Yes, the quality is the same,
but they have more heads.
You only have two now.
Come, Jens. We only have
the room we have.
Come, Jens. We'll make
room for you back here.
Come, Jens.
Come sit with us.
We'll move back a pew.
It's Dorte Kristiansen,
the Smith's daughter.
She's engaged to Vestergaard
so she moves up.
I dread to think what their
children will look like.
Welcome, everyone. I hope you
all have your hay under roof by now.
Let's pray for dry lofts
and good flour.
Let us pray.
Our Father, who art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy Name.
Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be
done on earth, as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses as we
forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
the power and the glory
for ever and ever. Amen.
And now I will ask all families to give
a mite to the poor and needy.
The peace of God
be with you.
Rise up,
all things that God has made
and to His name, sing praises,
The least in glory is arrayed
and with His might amazes !
Is one of you Jens Mosegaard ?
Jens, you still have sheaf
out to dry, don't you ?
Yes. My hay must hear the
church bells three times.
I took no chances. Mine has
been in the loft for three weeks.
- Are you Jens Mosegaard ?
- Yes, that's me.
A word.
My name is Holger,
and this is Gustav Wollter.
- Gustav wants to buy your land.
- All of it ?
No, just this little patch between
Nrremosen and Nyholm.
That's where I grow grass for my cows.
It's more a marsh than it's grass.
What do you think a wet patch
like that should cost ?
It's not for sale.
You could buy yourself a new
pair of Sunday trousers.
Or a nice hat.
Think it over.
- Did he want to buy you out, Jens ?
- No.
Damn Swede. He only comes
to church to do business.
Do you know how he could
afford Nyholm ?
He burnt down his merchant house
for the insurance money.
I'll take these !
Grab the small ones, Mads.
Here you go, uncle.
Hurry !
Peder, let's go.
Let's go !
Will there be any seed
for next year ?
Don't worry. It'll dry off.
We may have to sell the grass
to the Swede.
We're not selling anything.
Were you so busy with that young boy
you didn't notice what happened
at church ?
We ended up in the pew in front
of the drunk and the day labourers !
And if we sell anything else
where do you think we'll end up ?
We are freeholders !
Don't forget that.
- Good night !
- Good night, Signe !
- What's wrong ?
- I'm cold.
Come here.
Go milk the cows.
Go milk !
- Good day, neighbour !
- Good day !
Ole has brought a gift for you.
- For you. It's cheese.
- What ?
It wasn't made from leftover milk.
I milked a bucket just for that cheese.
And we brought one of our cows.
We thought you might find use for it.
Ole has never been ill.
He has all his teeth.
Did Signe ask you to come ?
Ole is here of his own free will.
I expect he can speak for himself.
Will you get any of the farm ?
Lauritz is the eldest son, so...
So all Signe gets is this cheese ?
You get Karen.
But no dowry.
Ole has fine craftsman skills.
Yes, sure. But it's the money
that counts. You know that.
Money isn't the only road
to marital bliss.
But he's entitled to some of the farm.
Will you not help your brother ?
I'm barely making ends meet as it is.
- Well, then Signe shan't marry Ole.
- But they're sweet on each other.
That won't fill their bellies.
Let's share the workload.
Two families working together, Jens.
You can save a bit on the boys.
Those boys are my sister's sons.
They're not going anywhere.
You have neither food
nor work for them.
That's hardly any of your concern.
Jens, the harvest has been
wet for us all.
It will be hard to bring everyone
through winter
and what about next year ?
Next year my family will still
be here. My whole family.
And Signe is not going to be stuck with
Ole just because you have wet grain.
We moved back for you in church
and this is how you repay us ?
- Ole !
- Keep the cheese.
Greetings to your father.
Signe !
You want to get married, I hear ?
- What am I supposed to do with this ?
- You can do better.
You won't be standing in the back
of the church with Ole.
Are you sweet on him ?
Are you ?
- It's sprouting.
- Yes.
How much of it ?
At least half.
Then we'll run out of food
before New Year's.
In Jesus's name we go to the table
to eat and drink at Your word.
You, God, to honour, we to receive,
so we receive food in Jesus's name.
It must be before Christmas.
And if I don't have Peder,
I need someone to help
me with the threshing.
And next year I become a pensioner.
Each month 30 eggs,
11/2 pints of beer, a ride to church.
And a warm place to shit.
- Same terms as your father.
- We cannot accommodate that.
Those are my terms. Then Signe
will marry someone else.
There are other suitors.
We won't survive ourselves then.
I'll meet you halfway.
I know why you've suddenly
had a change of heart.
- Your harvest has failed.
- Nonsense.
I'm making you a good offer, Jens.
No one will starve.
You can have half
of father's pension.
For our good neighbourliness.
Have you come to an agreement ?
That's Ole's cow.
You did reach an agreement !
What's her name ?
Children, this is Karen.
Go, join the others.
Do we have enough fodder for her ?
Yes. Lauritz and Ole will help.
I'm getting married. You and Peder
will be maids of honour.
- Oh no, we won't !
- Oh yes, you will.
- No !
- You'll be in a dress, Mads !
- No !
- Yes !
I will ask Kristine at Sndergaarden
if I may borrow her wedding gown.
She let Ester Karlsen borrow it.
We'll celebrate right
after slaughtering
so everyone has plenty
of flesh to give to the party.
What about after the wedding ?
Will there be room for us all ?
You two will have to go out
to service from New Year's.
You're sending us away ?
I know of no other way.
In Jesus's name we go to the table...
We have to help them.
They'll end up in the poorhouse.
We'll give them good references,
a bit of money...
They will get by.
I'll think of something.
Keep your mind on the wedding.
I have something for you.
- Is it mother's ?
- Yes.
- May I try it on ?
- Yes !
Step, step.
Step, step. And then...
Step, step...
And back. And step and step.
Yes ! That's right ! Yes !
And one, two, three...
Oh, the ribbon.
- I cannot get it out.
- I'll end up tearing it.
It's a bit difficult for me.
Was mother in love with you ?
I was probably more in love with her.
But I had the farm !
Jens, you're needed at Nyholm.
The stable is over here.
She's warm.
- How far along is she ?
- Nine months.
Good. The calf will live
if we're quick about it.
The heart is weak.
8 rix-dollars.
10 if they both survive.
I'll give you 6.
Signe, come. We're leaving.
Fine. 10 it is.
- Let's get to work.
- Hold her, boys.
Hold her.
- What's her name ?
- Nothing. It's a cow.
I need room to work. Thank you.
Keep her on her feet.
Let's get to it. This is all wrong.
Signe, mind her heart.
- Hold her, Karl-Oskar.
- Hold tight !
Out of my way !
It's in malposition !
- We must get it out now.
- Do as he says !
Karl-Oskar, keep her still.
- Yes, yes, I know...
- Hold her still.
- Keep her still !
- Hold her, Karl-Oskar !
Her heart is growing weaker !
Get it out now !
- I've got a hoof.
- Keep her on her feet.
Get it out, Jens !
I can barely feel her heart.
Hold her.
It's coming.
Is it alive ?
Is it alive ?
- Come, help me ...
- Come on !
Give me a hand. Up here. Yes.
Why isn't it saying anything ?
Yes, yes, come ! There, there ...
That will be 10 rix-dollars.
- Will it survive ?
- Yes.
- And the cow ?
- She's fine.
Gustav will pay you. Come.
Stay with the calf.
Get it up on its legs.
There, there, there.
- Thank you, Mistress.
- She's no mistress.
- I just thought...
- I'm a widower.
I am sorry to hear that.
Don't be.
It was a long time ago.
Now it's just me
and my old mother.
Thank you for your assistance.
We agreed on 10.
It's true.
Have you thought about
the offer, Jens ?
But the answer remains the same.
- You're not a businessman.
- Excuse me ?
He says you're not a businessman.
- Please, taste your coffee.
- Yes.
There's sugar in it.
- Tasty, right ?
- Yes.
Sugar beets.
The Germans call it white gold.
You've lived in good times.
Grain prices have been good,
but the Americans
sail more and more over here.
The prices will drop,
and many farmers will go down.
That lump right there
is the future.
Sugar beets are the future.
Well, then I can just sow some
beets and I'll be rich, too.
You'll never have that many
men, Cow Jens.
The wise thing to do is to accept
Gustav's offer.
He may have the land.
If he takes all of it.
What do you mean ?
He must take all of it.
The farm, all the land,
the cows, the stable boy,
the farmhand, me on pension
and my daughter for a wife.
You want me to marry
your daughter ?
She's the sole heir,
and she's been minding the farm
for the past two years.
A better housekeeper
is nowhere to be found.
So you are a businessman after all.
But you must understand I never
buy land without inspecting it first.
Then he must hurry. If he wants
to plough before the frost.
We'll come by tomorrow.
I will have the documents ready.
Take this.
It's sugar.
- Ready, Mads ?
- Yes.
What's going on ?
Go wash and put on
your Sunday best.
- Now ?
- Yes ! Now ! Go on.
Signe, let me see your hands.
Scrub them well. And wash your neck.
And don't tighten this so much,
you look too thin.
- Uncle, they're coming.
- They're coming.
- Good day !
- We inspected your land.
Yes, it is what it is.
Wet and clayey.
But it's one of the biggest
plots in these parts.
It's certainly the biggest marsh.
What else do you have ?
I have 4 acres of grain here.
And some rye and oats, 5.5 acres.
And then the marsh
and the grass.
- It's not very much.
- It's enough to feed us.
Barely it would seem.
Let's go inside.
Watch your head.
Only one fireplace ?
Yes, but the house is dry
and warm throughout winter.
All the papers are in order.
I have no debt,
and the insurance is paid.
- Thank you.
- You're not leaving ?
- We've seen enough.
- You haven't seen the girl.
Signe, hurry ! Come !
She can't do much with such
thin arms. Teeth. Let's see them.
Thank you, that's enough.
My apologies.
- Thank you for your hospitality.
- What was that ?
Thank you for your hospitality.
And a no thank you to your offer.
Wait. Wait, please.
Your farm is of no interest to us.
It's rotten through and through.
But the insurance !
It's insured for 600 rix-dollars.
He can have the money
if he takes Signe.
Everything must go.
We'll take care of it !
Come !
What offer ? What's going on ?
You're getting married.
- What about Ole ?
- Forget about Ole.
Gustav can afford to keep Mads
and Peder. Ole can't.
You made an agreement with Lauritz.
Don't worry about that.
Think about your cousins.
You said we should help them.
Things will be so good now
for all of us.
You know what you should do ?
Taste this.
Dip your finger.
- What is it ?
- Put it in your mouth. Try some.
Is it sugar ?
Can I have some more ?
Jens. No more caps.
You're now a man with a hat.
And here...
Let them stare.
Come. I'll introduce you
to the large landowners.
May I present Jens Mosegaard.
Jens ! Jens ! What the hell are
you doing ? We shook hands.
You're making a laughing
stock of my brother.
- He's doing that all by himself.
- A deal is a deal, you bastard !
Stop ! Stop ! What in God's
name is going on here ?
- He attacked me.
- And why, Jens ? Tell them !
No matter the circumstances, violence
outside God's house is unacceptable !
You're welcome next Sunday.
Not today.
- But...
- Next Sunday ! Go !
Ole, stay with father.
Damn you to hell, Jens !
My apologies, Jens. He will
not attend church today.
Open the gates wide.
It's nice and warm in here.
God's word sounds sweet in
everyone's ears. Come.
Are there any other suitors
I should be concerned about ?
No. It's just an old neighbour strife.
It has nothing to do with this.
Welcome, Jens !
Welcome, Jens. Welcome.
Welcome, everyone.
We will sing hymn number 19.
Rise up all things that God has made
and to His name sing praises.
The least in glory is arrayed
and with His might amazes !
Were all the kings on earth to show
their greatest pomp and power
the smallest leaf they could not grow
nor graft it on a flower.
Keep the stick away from its body !
Come have a look at this. We must make
a three-foot slope across 600 feet.
Each marking is two feet.
Do you see it ?
Are you draining the whole marsh ?
We'll have an abundance of beets.
The marsh bottom is full of nutrients.
- You've ploughed the path.
- We plough edge-to-edge and then some.
But there's always been a path there.
- Hey ! Faster ! Do you understand ?
- Yes.
Hurry up !
Stupid Swede ! Give me that !
Get to work ! Get up ! Go fetch it.
When they slack off,
toss away their spades.
- Me ?
- You're not on pension yet.
Have you lost your minds ?
You're ploughing the path !
- It's on my land !
- We need that path !
Then make one on your own land !
You can't do that without
telling me !
Have you sold your soul
to that damn Swede ?
Go home, Lauritz.
The deacon will hear of this !
Damn you to hell !
Damn you to hell, Lauritz !
Look into his brown eye !
You'll hear from us.
The best part is we only drain
half the field.
The water will overflow Lauritz's land
and we can buy it cheap next spring.
The whole parish will come after you.
Jens, you know about livestock,
and we know about land.
- Lay down 10 fathoms of dry straw.
- Yes.
10 cords in the living room,
and 10 cords in the stable.
We'll have none of this wet crap here.
I must hurry back to the celebration.
What about Mads ? He usually minds
the livestock when we're out.
He's coming with us. He shouldn't miss
his cousin's engagement celebration.
And tie up the livestock loosely,
so they can pull themselves free.
Go away !
Mads, get them out of here.
When you drain all the water
from a marsh,
then the soil underneath that water
is the best soil on earth.
And Gustav knows that.
So the four of us will never ever
starve again. Never.
Can I have my own bench ?
You can have your own room.
- I don't know anyone who has that !
- They do at Nyholm.
But only if you have good
table manners.
So, you have knife
and fork, look here.
Hold your fork like this,
and your knife,
and here's some beef
with a nice rim of fat.
You stick your fork into the beef next
to the rim of fat and cut it off.
Try... Like that, yes !
Well done.
We will never fit in.
Such fine fabric. It must have
cost him a pretty penny.
Good morning, Miss !
And congratulations.
Liquor, Jens.
- No, we have a lot to...
- Drink, Jens.
It's not every day your
daughter gets engaged.
Can I have a sip ?
Will you ride up front
with me, Mads ?
Come. You're riding up front.
All set.
The first night that we shared a bed,
we kissed and stayed up chatting.
The second night we shared a bed,
we necked and stayed up patting.
Cheers !
- Hi, Mads.
- Is there any more bread ?
Drink this. Down it goes.
No, no ! Mads, get out !
He shouldn't...
Thank you for the song,
and thank you all for coming.
I shall give my speech in Danish.
So now, my mother will regret not
teaching me more of her language.
When I decided to travel
to the birth country of my mother,
I never thought I'd find
a new wife here.
So I'm very grateful for that.
And Signe, I'm very much looking
forward to getting to know you better.
So, let us raise our glasses
to my beautiful fiance.
Signe ?
Stand up.
Long live Signe !
Bravo. Congratulations !
There, get inside.
This place needs some tidying.
Yes. What is it ?
The place needs tidying up.
There'll be a bed in here,
so sweep it properly.
And then your chest over there.
My chest ?
And then you'll have your
own farmhand's room.
- It's mine ?
- Yes !
- All to myself ?
- Yes.
Who will live in our house ?
The Swedes.
Can I sleep here tonight ?
Better not. There's no bed yet.
We'll see to it all tomorrow.
Thank you.
Enough of that. Come on.
Come on, Ole ! Ole !
- Come dancing.
- No.
- Come on.
- I don't want to. Stop it !
Mosegaard farm is on fire !
Fire ! Fire !
Hurry !
There you are ! Sweetheart !
Father ?
- Father ?
- Here !
Mads ?
Get a blanket or something.
Something he can lie on !
Mads, I'm right here.
Why the hell was he in there ?
Where do I ...
The parlour has been made ready.
Thank you.
Lord, bless the food in
Jesus's name. Amen.
- Thank you.
- What would Mother like ?
A bit of sausage.
Thank you, dear.
Eat. Eat, little girl.
Even in sorrow one must eat.
Signe, eat something.
Signe !
Look at her, the little runt.
She won't make it through
the winter.
Mother, please.
Would you care for something else ?
Mr. Jens, you must come !
Put it down, Peder !
Watch out !
Admit it !
Peder !
- Stay away from me !
- Put down the sickle.
The bastard must admit
that he did it !
- I didn't do anything.
- Admit it ! He set the farm on fire !
Peder, Peder, listen ...
Murderer !
Stop the murderer, Jens !
There is no murderer.
Listen to me, dammit !
There is no murder !
It was an accident !
Ole and Lauritz were
at the festivities all night !
The only who doesn't know that
is you because you were too drunk !
You were asleep !
I thought ...
Yes, you thought. Stop it.
It was an accident !
We're going home. Come on.
Up on your feet.
Come here.
I was the one who sent
Mads to the farm.
He was drunk and asleep
in his new room.
I told him to go home.
It's my fault.
It's nobody's fault.
Find him some dry clothes and put
him in a room with some liquor
and make sure he stays there.
There now. We'll get some clothes
on you. You'll be fine.
- What are you doing here ?
- May I sleep here ?
No, you may not. You must
sleep in Gustav's chamber.
- I cannot go in there.
- Signe ?
You can't stay here. He's looking for
you. You must sleep with your fianc.
I don't want to.
You must !
Mother may have loved you,
but I will never fall in love
with that vile Swede !
If you don't get married,
we have nothing ! Go to Gustav.
Is everything in order ?
You may sleep with the maids in their
chamber tonight if you wish.
Fine. I'll ask them to make
a bed for you.
In my house,
we do not hit women.
I'm sorry.
you beautiful, you lovely land
you crown among
the Swedish Kingdom's lands.
And were I even to come into
the midst of the promised land
to Vrmland I still shall return.
Yes, there I will live.
Yes, there I will die.
If once from Vrmland
I take me a maid
I know that I will never
regret it.
Jens ? The deacon is here.
Good day, Jens !
- Good day, Deacon !
- My condolences.
Thank you.
Why do you think your farm
burned down ?
No one knows.
Do you think it was arson ?
No, who would do such a thing ?
People are talking... Lauritz.
He attacked you at church.
He thought his brother was marrying
Signe, perhaps it was revenge.
No, no. He's a good neighbour.
It's unthinkable.
Your pain must be unbearable.
Little Mads burned to death.
600 rix-dollars mends no wounds.
But it can be a new beginning.
God's door is always open.
The peace of God be with you.
The peace of God, Jens.
Well done, Jens.
Take this. And this, too.
Go fetch it. Go on !
Did Sndergaard leave something
for the wedding ?
They say the harvest has failed.
- They're just making excuses.
- Put it down there.
What's this ? Your brother
sounds a bit hoarse today.
Will you buy it ?
What do you want for it ?
I'm gathering money
for a ticket to America.
Will Master Jens
make an offer ?
3 rix-dollars.
3 ? It's worth 7 at the market.
Then take it to the market. We already
finished this year's slaughter.
I need at least... 6.
I can only give you 3.
It must be fattened, Ole.
I'll give you 3.
Josephine !
- Yes.
- Come get the pig.
Yes, Master Jens.
Let's go.
I have a favour to ask
of Master Jens.
Will he give this to Signe ?
Yes, of course.
Good day, Ole.
I have something for you.
What is it ?
I carved it myself.
Ole is on his way to America.
- You're leaving us ?
- I believe it's the other way around.
You may keep it.
I no longer beat linen.
Safe voyage.
Ole, a little extra for America.
Who is it ?
Hold your horses !
- Are you drunk ?
- I found something.
What is it ?
It was at Kirsten's place
in the stables.
You've been home on the farm ?
We've never had
an oil lamp like this.
It's a lamp from here.
Jens, it wasn't an accident.
Did you speak to anyone about this ?
I think we should speak to the deacon.
But now we must sleep.
- Yes.
- Goodnight, my boy !
Thank you.
They're standing too close.
We must get them outside. Go on.
Yes, you're upset, I don't blame you.
And you're all wet.
we always milk in the stable.
But the cows are too close.
There are too many cows in here.
Fetch the mistress.
- Why didn't you notice ?
- I don't know.
They're living creatures !
What's wrong ?
I'm practicing with Agnes.
- Practicing what ?
- The piano.
They're standing too close.
They get wounds. Look.
- The Swedes will handle that.
- They don't know a thing about cows.
- I must get back to Agnes.
- No ! This is more important !
She doesn't have enough room.
There are too many cows !
But the other cows don't get wounds.
It's because Maren is weakly.
- No !
- What has happened ?
He took out the cows, but we
always milk in the stable.
They say they cannot mind
their work because of you.
But it's... This could kill Maren.
Bring them back in. Now !
If they laugh at you, they laugh at me.
Let go ! Ouch, dammit !
- Murderer !
- What's going on ?
He bit my ear !
He laughed ! He laughed
when I said I'd found the lamp.
It's his lamp, Jens !
You're a damn murderer !
- Let go of me, dammit ! Let go !
- Holger !
Let go !
- What's going on here ?
- He attacked me.
- Easy.
- Show them the lamp, Jens.
What lamp are you talking
about, Peder ?
The oil lamp, Signe ! I found
it at Mosegaard farm.
Is that true ?
I have no idea
what he's talking about.
Peder is a bit beside himself.
Perhaps he's started imagining things.
He cannot stay here.
Get him out of here.
- What is going on ?
- Come here.
- Jens...
- Get out !
Uncle ! Don't you care now that
you have everything you wanted ?
Shame on you ! Signe ?
Signe !
Get a move on.
Back in the trenches.
Move your arse !
On the double !
Bravo !
- Well done, my girl !
- Very good !
- We've practiced a great deal.
- Yes.
Yes, you have the time for it.
Jens, I would like
to show you something.
Here I have a coin.
Watch carefully.
Is there anything here ?
- Is there anything there now ?
- No.
And now ?
You should see your face !
It's all white !
- Don't you make fun of me !
- Calm down, Jens !
- Mind your own business, Swede !
- This is my house. Sit down !
Thank you all for a lovely evening.
- Shall I help you, mother ?
- No. Jens can see me to my room.
Goodnight, my girl.
You're such a lovely couple.
Goodnight, my son.
I would like you to help
me with my boots.
Jens, I think you and I have
one thing in common.
We would do anything
for our children.
But there is a rat that's in the way
of our children's happiness.
It's a very big rat. It drinks
too much and talks too much.
And it bites poor Holger in the ear.
What can I do ?
It's sleeping it off in the pigsty.
Rats must die lest
they spread diseases.
And what if someone got sick and
the wedding never happened ?
Do we agree ?
Move. Move... Go on, move.
Come on.
- This is for you.
- And where do I take him ?
To the same place as the beets.
And see to it that he gets on board
the ship when he wakes up.
Girls ! Where is Maren ?
The cow ? Holger brought it in there.
Cheers and congratulations !
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Peder ?
Be careful with that !
It was you.
You burned down the farm.
You're a murderer.
Peder, it won't bring Mads back.
What about Signe ?
It's her wedding day.
This is not what you want.
Is it, Peder ?
Let me take that.
Nice and easy...
No ! You can't do that !
Stop him !
He's dead.
We have to get him far out.
He's alive !
Peder ?
Come, Jens. Help me up.
Get the hammer.
Give me that, old man.
You must get back and dance
with your daughter.
Look how happy they are.
The things we do for our children.
Make room
for the father of the bride !
Thank you.
Music !