Before We Vanish (2017) Movie Script

- Hello.
- Hello.
I'm home.
Before We Vanish
Oh, interesting.
Quit joking around.
I haven't said any jokes.
Hey Shinzy,
what happened?
That question's too vague to answer.
State a specific time.
Knock it off!
Does that mean you're angry?
Should I apologize?
Yeah, apologize.
I'm sorry.
Your husband was found
walking in this state.
Lucky he wasn't hit by a car.
But he's not himself at all.
I think it's temporary,
and shock-induced.
we can't rule out the possibility
of it being due to a brain disorder
or early-onset Alzheimer's.
What should I do?
Well, don't worry too much.
With your support, I'm sure
he'll return to his normal self.
Get up.
Can't you?
I don't need your crap.
I heavily apologize.
Don't be so polite.
Oh, okay.
I won't talk politely.
It's too long-winded.
Is this better?
If you've forgotten,
I'll explain.
You betrayed me, Shinzy.
You always tried to bluff
by saying you didn't know,
but it was all true!
Don't "wow" me!
That business trip was a vacation
with that office girl.
Don't try to tell me
you don't remember.
Seat belt.
But, we're still a couple, right?
Not for a long time.
Okay then Narumi,
will you guide me?
There's a lot I don't know,
and I can barely walk alone.
Guide me.
...mostly fine,
so it'll be a hot one.
The rainy season could finally end
in Hokuriku and Tohoku soon.
Let's look at the clouds.
The area around Japan
is generally fine,
with few clouds that indicate rain.
But those over parts of South Korea
and China are moving east,
meaning rain after midnight.
These clouds
in the southeast
will move west tomorrow.
Weather map.
This depression in the...
What about work?
Call and ask for time off.
I'll go for a walk.
You do that.
Oh, it's Kase here.
I've just emailed you my illustration...
Oh, a new job?
Thank you.
I'll head there right now.
Yes, thank you.
See you soon.
Oh no.
Come... Come on!
Narumi, I must have fallen over.
Give me a break!
I don't believe this.
I told you already.
U.S. Bases and the SDF
are saying nothing.
It's something major.
I'll try the U.S. Embassy
and Defense Ministry... Yeah...
Hello sir.
Thank you sir.
Huh? My driver and cameraman
caught a train back already.
I'll go back soon too.
Hey hey,
don't pull that shit.
Dismemberment murders aren't my thing.
I cover the big issues, man.
Forget it. Not me.
Not me. I'm taking
the last train back.
I'll leave the rental here.
I ain't driving it.
Come get it, asshole.
Here you are, sir.
Hi. I'm from Weekly World.
Got a minute?
So a family was killed?
- TV?
- Weekly magazine.
The van's a loaner.
How were they dismembered?
Only Akira Tachibana survived?
Don't waste your time.
Come on, buddy.
You know Akira, dude?
No, I don't.
Do you?
Do you what?
Speak properly.
You're a friend of hers?
No, I'm not.
But I want to meet her.
What should I do?
Can't help you there, dude.
This yours, dude?
Yeah. Well, it's a rental.
That's evasive.
Which is it?
Tokyo Location Service owns it.
I drive it.
Great. I need something like this.
Please be my guide.
Guide? Like how?
We'll use this
to find Akira Tachibana.
I'll help you out too.
So who are you?
Me? Amano.
And you, dude?
My name's Sakurai.
What do you want to do?
I told you.
Yeah, find Akira Tachibana.
I heard you.
And then what?
Can you keep a secret?
Then I'll tell you.
We're invading Earth.
Got your attention?
Oh. So you're an alien?
No kidding.
An alien.
Really? Yeah, nice one.
Good luck with that.
Hey, I'm actually in quite a hurry.
Will you be my guide or not?
Why not?
I'll be your guide.
I've got time till my train.
But do me a favor.
I'm a lot older than you,
so you shouldn't call me "dude".
Huh. Is "Mr. Sakurai" okay?
Let's go, Mr. Sakurai.
Soy sauce ramen.
Our deepest apologies.
He's not a circus freak.
He's like that?
All day.
This is the third.
Work too?
I handed in his resignation today.
Wow. Not exactly a bright future then.
It's bad, but we'll fight again if he
goes back to normal, so I'm stuck.
Why not admit him?
I thought about that.
Narumi, you still love Shinji,
don't you?
It's not about that.
Huh. Married life is tricky.
You'll know when you marry.
Doesn't seem worth it.
Mom and Dad have
been on my case lately.
"Hurry up and get married,
and take over this house".
"You can live with us,
so nurse us when we're old".
"We messed up by being
too lenient with your big sister".
They're right.
I said, "Narumi got her way, so
I will too". Then they went nuclear.
So you left home?
That's not fair.
I'm partly to blame now.
You are. Right?
So let me stay a while.
Okay, but let them know you're here.
In due time.
Oh, hi there.
Hi. Long time no see.
Shinzy, do you know who she is?
Asumi, my little sister.
Wow. Her name's
"My Little Sister"?
No, Asumi's her name.
Little sister's what she is.
Oh, so I'm your little sister too.
Sister-in-law, of course.
Because you're married.
See? Even that's too much for him.
Best not to talk.
Huh? Where did the pressure cooker go?
"Little sister"...
Now I'm confused.
Well, I guess you could say
we're all family.
You don't get it?
How can I explain it? Blood relatives?
That's even more complicated.
- Change the subject?
- No, keep going.
Well, my big sister and I
have the same parents,
and you married my big sister,
so we're not blood relatives,
but that makes you my big brother.
My "brother-in-law".
That's "family"?
Let me get this straight.
Narumi is...
My big sister.
You two...
Have the same parents.
My brother-in-law.
And together we're...
I'll take that.
Oh, are you alright?
Um... yes.
Asumi, what's wrong?
Hey, are you crying?
What did you do?
Oh, no, no. It's just,
something got in my eye.
Show me.
Gross! Don't touch me!
I think I'll go home.
Huh? Aren't you going to stay here?
Hey! What's come over you?
What are you angry about?
Er, I'm not angry at all.
Did Shinzy say something?
It's nothing like that,
so back off, okay?
Wait a minute.
You're going back to Tokyo?
Excuse me. Whatever I choose to do,
I don't have to report it to you.
Excuse me,
are you Amano's parents?
Are you alright?
Underwear, cash...
That should be enough.
They're your parents?
What's wrong?
I took a lot.
What did you do?
Drug them?
Don't worry.
I wouldn't take from a guide.
Drugging your parents is a crime, kid.
Sir? Sir?
Are you alright?
Mr. Sakurai.
Want to know?
What we're doing.
You're a journalist?
For a weekly news mag?
I bet you're gonna love this.
What? Spit it out.
We're collecting conceptions.
Humans rely on words, right?
That makes it tricky.
There are so many words.
We want the comprehension
within conceptions.
That's what we take.
That seems pretty difficult to me.
And when we do that,
it has an interesting side effect.
When we learn something,
they lose their conception of it.
Like your parents?
That alien shtick won't save you.
Don't believe me?
Of course not.
Well, you're free to believe
what you want...
Do you really know
the meaning of freedom?
I do. I took it.
From who?
My mom.
She looks pretty happy, right?
Not to me.
Huh. I guess happiness is subjective.
You're making people happy?
Mr. Sakurai,
don't get me wrong.
Our objective is invasion.
Oh, right.
But, if that's true,
the human race is in major danger.
Right. Huh?
You just figured that out now?
Thanks. I learned a lot.
So, what do you think of humanity?
Good question.
You're a run-of-the-mill species.
How so?
You think you rule your planet.
Oh, I get you.
Even if we didn't invade,
you'd die out in another 100 years.
I agree.
We think alike.
I'm glad I chose you as my guide.
I'm counting on you.
My pleasure.
Oh. Your last train leaves soon.
You're going?
Without meeting Akira Tachibana?
She's one of your kind,
isn't she?
She is, huh...
Narumi, you know that big outlet mall
opening in six months?
If we win the job, you can design
the posters, flyers, everything.
Really? Thank you so much!
There's a presentation next week,
so could you design a few samples?
Yes, of course.
And the deadline is?
This weekend.
Oh. I see...
What? Is that a problem?
Oh, right.
Your husband's in hospital.
No, he's convalescing at home.
I suppose that'll hinder your work.
I promise it won't.
Oh? If you need to talk,
even if it's private, talk to me.
You're very tense.
. Er, I'm fine.
Don't be shy.
I'm fine, really.
You are?
Never mind then.
What are you doing?
That shirt's gone.
That shirt?
The blue one you bought me.
I can't find it.
The blue one? That's history.
I threw it out ages ago.
You threw it out?
You hated it and never wore it.
But you said it was the one
I look best in.
Why do you remember that?
Who cares which shirt you wear?
Hey Narumi,
want to go for a walk?
I don't.
I've got to work.
I want to talk to people.
You're sick.
Stay home.
But I won't learn.
About what?
The human race.
Huh? Why don't you
learn yourself first?
Shinji Kase?
It's true Shinji was broken.
I'll rebuild him.
If you do that,
become my ideal Shinzy.
This is stupid.
I've got to go.
Stay home, you hear me?
Hey. Hey mister.
What are you doing?
Nothing really.
Why are you here?
Why are you here?
Huh? You're asking me?
This is my home.
This is my home?
Hey hey hey!
What are you doing?!
Well, this is my home.
No, it's not your home.
This is the Maruo home. My home.
I mean, it's in Dad's name.
"In Dad's name"?
Is that important?
It is.
Mister, what's your name?
Huh?! Calling yourself "Shinzy"
is pretty messed up!
Listen, you've got your own house,
right? That's your home.
This is the Maruo home.
You follow me?
Even so,
I could live here too.
Well, kinda...
Hey, stop! Stop!
You can't!
This house is my possession.
Not yours.
So it's about "possession".
That's it.
Keep picturing it.
You mean possession,
as in ownership?
Possession, as in ownership.
I'll take that.
So this is possession...
This house isn't my possession.
Huh? That's weird...
I'll go back to my house.
And my walk.
Yeah. Good idea.
Mister, you're amazing.
Am I?
Are you sick?
No. I'm just not
used to this world yet.
I'm an alien, you know.
Huh? That's messed up!
Man, I haven't left home in ages.
I've been a shut-in.
Walking helps.
Yeah. Thanks, Shinzy.
Forget him.
Excuse me.
Hey! What are you doing?!
Oh, Narumi.
A dog bit me.
I couldn't get it to listen.
It just bit me.
I told you not to go out alone.
I really need a guide.
What do you mean, "guide"?
A trustworthy partner.
Maybe I shouldn't talk to dogs.
Shut up.
Have we walked here before?
Long ago. When we went
to the supermarket.
Oh, it's been a while then.
What's good for dinner?
I'll eat anything you cook.
Yes, no change here.
Yes, that's what I heard myself.
Sorry? I don't know that myself.
Yes. I'll be fine here by myself.
Alright. I'll report later.
Hey mister detective,
what's "self"?
You said it so many times.
"My-self". "My-self".
Sorry Miss Tachibana.
I can't chit-chat.
What does "self" mean to you,
mister detective?
I guess the person who knows
yourself best is yourself, right?
That's it, concentrate.
On your "self".
Want to be sedated again?
- Hello.
- Hello.
Is Akira Tachibana here?
Who are you?
Relatives. Come to visit.
She doesn't have any.
Oh, really?
That's odd.
How did you find her?
We're her relatives.
We have ways.
You're not her relatives.
Who are you?
And who might you be?
Me? I'm myself.
I don't get you.
What does "self" mean?
Self means self.
But what about others?
Leave me alone.
Found you.
About time!
Er, Miss Akira Tachibana?
Who's this?
My guide.
Hey. You can't just waltz in here.
Get out. Get out!
Before we do,
explain the difference between
"self" and "others".
I want to know too!
Shut up! Hey! Hey!
Calm down, calm down.
I'm sorry. We won't be long.
Just let us talk with Miss Tachibana.
Just who are you?
Yourself, or an other?
To you, I'm an other.
An other?
You're not yourself.
Others and yourself...
So what?
Tell us properly.
About yourself.
What the hell?
What is this?
I'm... I'm myself! Not an other!
That's obvious, dammit!
Good, keep going.
I'm a high school grad.
A rank-and-file cop.
A five-time promotion failure!
Oh, I get it!
That's "yourself".
Damn right.
I'm no elite university grad.
I can't ever change that.
Why can't I be like others?!
That's it.
We'll take them.
What did you do?
We took them.
Self and others.
All at once?
That should do it.
Hey. Hey, detective.
You alright?
I'm fine. I'm fine.
We've gotta go now.
Sure, sure.
Me too.
Sure. You're all me now.
First, I entered a goldfish
by mistake,
but it felt weird, so I realized,
"Hey, this is wrong".
I saw an old guy,
so I transferred to him.
An old lady nearby tried to
run away, so I cut her up.
Then I pulled out my guts for a look,
and my body gradually stopped moving.
That was dumb.
Huh? I couldn't help it. I didn't know
how the human body works.
But as I was dying, a girl came
walking in, and I settled into her.
I got it right the first time.
Wow. Having a guide
makes a difference?
Right, Mr. Sakurai?
Yeah. Hey, can I
ask you something?
Does that mean...
you two...
You're really aliens?
Come on man,
I told you already.
Yeah. Okay,
let's say you are.
Can I write about you?
For your magazine?
When you're about to be invaded?
Humans are awesome.
Listen, I've got a genuine scoop here.
I don't know if it's true.
But I saw them do it,
right in front of me.
No no no. I can't take this
to an occult mag.
Don't you get it?
It's worth taking seriously.
Fine, I won't ask you ever again.
Maybe you shouldn't say
you want to write about aliens.
Don't tell me it's a joke.
You're serious?
You're going to do something.
I can sense it.
So I want to know about you.
I want to see what you do.
Am I wrong?
Mr. Sakurai,
you really are a journalist.
Hell yeah.
Is that a problem?
No, not at all.
Anyway, we're going to
build a communicator.
Could you buy us parts?
That's a guide's job?
There's that, and then
there's one more. Of us.
We need to meet,
but we don't know where.
Could you do some digging?
One more of you?
What is this?
I told you to copy the PR book
we did last year.
I couldn't copy it as is.
You could.
They wouldn't know.
Well, I thought these colors
would suit the outlet mall.
It's just a suggestion...
Forget originality.
This is work.
Winning's our objective.
You should've stolen
some hit design off the web.
Do you really get it,
Mrs. Kase? What work is?
Answer me.
What is it you're doing?
Is it work?
Then what's work?
Who's this?
My husband.
What do you want?
Sorry. I followed you.
Huh? I'm working.
That's what this is?
Please don't come here!
What is "work"?
I asked your wife that.
Do you know what it is?
Of course I do.
Please tell me.
This is about money.
Management and staff, employment
and labor, control and obedience.
That's work?
Yeah. Mrs. Kase,
redo it.
I still don't get it.
Tell me again.
What is work?
Work is work.
Don't use words.
Picture it for me.
The answer's there,
in your head.
Think more clearly.
I'll take that.
Th-That's strange...
Narumi, let's go.
Boss! Are you alright?
Are you hurt?
What did you do?
I took his conception of work.
"Conception of work"?
Narumi, you've been a prisoner of it,
at home too.
It's all his fault.
He can't do that to my guide.
So I took his conception of work.
You're not making any sense!
This company gives me work!
Don't go screwing that up!
Come down, come down.
Come on, come down.
Maybe he wanted to be freed from work.
You jerk.
Look! Look! Look!
Narumi, wait.
We need to talk.
Sure we do.
To tell the truth,
I'm an alien.
I'm not lying.
So what?
Well, I'm not 100% complete
as Shinji yet,
but I'm still Shinji.
Am I supposed to understand that?
I've changed a little.
But Shinji could've too.
You're really someone else?
Are you testing me?
Is this revenge? For what?
Narumi. Calm down and listen.
You humans can't see my real form.
But by entering Shinji's head
and coexisting,
I can talk with you like this.
that might be sugar-coating it.
The original Shinji's dormant.
I've taken over
his memories and knowledge,
and become a new Shinji Kase.
To do what?
Collect human conceptions.
That's my work.
I needed Shinji's
neural network for that.
Asumi changed because of you?
I wasn't aware back then.
People lose conceptions
when I take them.
What did you take?
That's horrible.
I'm sorry.
You can't fix her?
No. I mean,
after all, this is my work.
Then why not act more like an alien?
Shoot death rays from your eyes.
That's not Shinji.
I don't give a shit!
"Plug"? Which one do they want?
This one.
This is it.
And batteries...
- These please.
- Yes sir.
- How much?
- 2,500 yen.
- Thank you sir.
- Thanks.
Excuse me.
Mr. Sakurai of Weekly World?
I'm Shinagawa,
from the health ministry.
May I have a word?
The health ministry?
A new strain of virus?
We're not certain yet, but
Akira Tachibana's a suspected carrier.
Are there others?
We're investigating.
this prefecture's mental disorder rate
has suddenly increased.
Everywhere else too?
I'm not aware.
I'm looking for Tachibana too.
I'll call if I find anything.
Mr. Sakurai,
do you understand?
You're in great danger yourself.
Maybe, but look,
I'm perfectly fine.
Sharp as a tack.
The virus infects the body
without any detectable symptoms.
If so,
are you declaring war on it?
If only it was a conventional enemy.
The tricky part is,
we have no idea of how to fight it.
It sounds like
quite a formidable enemy.
One moment.
The analysis is in.
Say I'm on my way.
Yes sir.
He's health ministry too?
Mr. Sakurai,
I must be going now.
Let's do this.
A GPS transmitter.
It's switched off now.
If you need us,
switch it on.
We'll be right there.
You may be a journalist,
but reckless acts
have grave repercussions.
Thank you sir.
Stop please.
Excuse me!
Dr. Yoshikawa,
the astrophysicist?
Why are you with the SDF?
Get back.
Comment, please!
Back off!
Alright, alright.
Everyone, listen to me!
Right now,
we're on the brink of war.
The SDF and the U.S.
Are clearly gearing up for battle.
But did you ever think we might be
as much to blame as our enemy?
We should hold ourselves to blame too.
We keep all kinds of things
locked up inside us,
and don't want to
let go of them, right?
That desire for things we don't need
creates the fear that
somebody might take them.
It's that fear itself
that brings about war.
Oh, Shinzy!
I found you,
after all this time.
Maruo, right?
Gotten used to Earth yet?
Yeah, pretty much.
I've changed,
haven't I?
Meeting you cleared my mind.
I totally let go of my old self.
And that made me realize we
shouldn't go to war, for any reason.
Hey Shinzy, tell me.
What did you do to me?
I'm not Shinzy.
I'm Shinji Kase.
Mr. Shinji Kase
please tell me.
What happened to me?
Let's go.
Hey, it's full of stuff.
Thanks Mr. Sakurai.
Bring it, Amano.
"Freelance Journalists Association."
Can you make it with that?
The government's in lockdown mode.
Plus, the SDF's on the move.
Am I the only one in the dark?
Come on, Mr. Sakurai.
You've got the exclusive.
You're right.
Don't look so bummed out.
I found alien three.
A guy I saw.
You rock.
What's he like?
About 30, give or take.
Looks normal.
Take us to him already.
I'll have his address before long.
what happens then?
We'll pool all our conceptions.
Once we sum up
our knowledge of humans,
we'll use the communicator.
Then what?
The invasion begins.
What happens to Earth?
Not much, really.
Just humanity's extinction.
Still, humanity won't give up,
without a fight.
Tell me about it.
At first, I thought an invasion'd take
three minutes tops,
but it'll take three days.
Some of you will die too.
Who knows?
Can't we coexist?
Say what?
You wanna survive?
If possible.
We'll probably let a few live,
as samples.
Wanna be one?
Nope. Nope, nope.
Thanks. I think I'll pass.
Oh my God,
these Earth parts suck.
What a pain in the ass.
I'll go look for wire.
Miss, what are you doing there?
Well? You in high school?
Which school?
Yes, um...
Aren't you Akira Tachibana?
Alert, alert.
This is West...
Hey, stop it!
Don't! Don't!
Stop it!
Shizuoka HQ,
West 8...
Are you crazy?!
You won't get away with this!
But you hate cops too,
don't you?
That's irrelevant.
- Calling someone?
- An ambulance.
Listen up.
This is Earth.
You hurt people,
you get punished.
What's "punished"?
You meet the same fate.
Hey hey,
no infighting, okay?
Amano, I'm still on humanity's side.
Don't forget that.
What a dick.
Who made you boss?
Oh, you're the voice of humanity now?
Say what?
Now now. You've gotta admit
this is pretty nasty.
When he doesn't return,
backup will come.
They've got the whole police force
on their side.
Let's haul ass.
Huh? Call yourself an alien?
What about invading us in three days?
It was a lie?
You sure had me going!
Whatever man.
I'm taking the van.
Me too!
What's wrong?
Somebody's tailing us.
I might be imagining it.
Keep walking.
We'll take that alley.
That one?
And run. Got it?
Who are they?
I'll go and ask.
Wait, Shinzy.
Don't go off on your own!
Oops! Something wrong?
Looking for someone?
Don't go off on your own!
They all ran.
They're gone.
Why did you run off?
Don't suddenly abandon me!
Oh, right.
We're married.
That's not what I meant.
Aren't I your guide?
Your trustworthy partner?
You can't get by without me.
Can we find a friend so faithful
Who will all our sorrows share?
Hey, that song.
It's the one from our wedding.
You're right.
Let's go in.
"What is Love?"
"Love", huh?
Come on.
We splashed out on a church.
Ah, they smell lovely.
Jesus loves me, this I know
For the Bible tells me so.
Little ones to Him belong
They are weak but He is strong.
Yes, Jesus loves me
Yes, Jesus loves me.
Yes, Jesus loves me
For the Bible tells me so.
That's all for today.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Hey, can I ask a question?
What's "love"?
You sang about it.
Oh, love? It's something
between a man and a woman.
No it isn't. It's what we need
to have peace in the world.
Um, love is shaped like a heart,
and pink, and fluffy.
But too much is annoying.
Sir, this man wants to
know about love.
Oh, is that so?
Great. I'm sure you can
picture it accurately.
Love, you mean?
Yes, please.
Love is within you.
Huh? No, it isn't.
That's why I asked.
Yes, it's within you.
Love is patient,
and love is kind.
Also, love does not envy,
nor boast.
It is honorable,
and not self-seeking.
It does not anger easily,
nor record wrongs.
It abhors evil,
and rejoices with truth.
That's too much.
Plus, love always protects, trusts,
hopes, and perseveres.
And what's more,
love never ever fails.
Huh? Shinzy,
what were you doing?
Well, you know.
The sign said they'd teach you,
about love.
Wait, did you take it?
No. It was impossible.
Of course it was.
No one can picture love clearly.
So it seems.
Please, don't take that from anyone.
Huh? You're not sleeping?
You're a worrier.
Look here.
We committed a crime.
We can't run from that. I'm through
as a journalist. Game over.
Don't let it get you down.
Never mind that, haven't you
found number three yet?
Her breaking my phone didn't help.
There you have it.
What's that?
The communicator's switch.
Looks crappy.
Too bad. I'm using
whatever parts we can find.
How does it work?
We attach it to
the base of the antenna.
Huh. That's crappy.
Don't do anything rash!
You did it again!
They were acting suspiciously.
You cant keep killing!
Plus, one had this.
Ah. Regular cops don't have these.
We're at war now.
But how did they find us?
Oh, this is it.
So what?
A GPS transmitter.
Who's it from?
Who cares?
It's switched off!
No, the switch is fake.
See? It's always on.
Shit! I fell for it!
Mr. Sakurai, you've been tricked.
By your own kind.
It's time for you to decide
which side you're on.
Really? But you used to hate that.
I did? Unbelievable.
I'd make it,
but you never ate it.
I wonder why?
It's so good.
I'm glad.
Eat all you want.
Hello, Kase here.
Oh, Doctor? Hello.
No, he's been fine so far.
And gradually getting better.
What? A virus?
A new strain?
So he's not an alien...
Oh, nothing. Alright,
I'll bring him right away. Goodbye.
Shinzy, it seems
you're sick after all.
We'll call you in order,
so please don't push.
Hey, it's the end of the world.
Brother, stop it!
I'm so sorry!
Doctor, please!
Mr. Kase? Mr. Kase!
No need to wait. Follow me.
Come on. This way.
Come on.
Come on.
Hurry. Come on.
Hurry, this way.
You too, ma'am.
We need more time.
Hurry. Go to that lab.
You go ahead.
Make it quick.
I'll be waiting.
Let's go.
It's not safe here.
You're really an alien?
Fine. I get it now.
Let's go home, pack,
and get out of town.
As far as we can.
Shinzy, stay here.
Don't get out.
Who are you?
Oh, I'm Sakurai from Weekly World.
Mr. Shinji Kase lives here?
What do you want?
Is he in?
No, he isn't.
Mrs. Kase?
Let me guess
You're his guide?
I'm a guide too.
Your husband takes
people's conceptions, doesn't he?
Don't ask me.
Their personalities suddenly change.
How would I know?
Do you know why he's doing that?
It's an invasion.
That's news to me.
I know two others like him.
They're planning to attack humanity.
He has nothing to do with them.
No, he's one of them.
Listen. You can't let him
come into contact with the other two.
And what if he does?
The invasion begins.
Then why don't you get the other two
to stop the invasion?
If I could,
I wouldn't be here!
Mrs. Kase, please. Take your husband
far away from here, now.
That was my idea.
Then hurry!
Shinzy, I said don't come!
Who are you?
You're an alien,
aren't you?
Don't joke around.
You're an invader who
takes conceptions. Am I right?
Narumi, who is he?
A guide, he says.
A guide?
You're a guide?
Hey, tell me where the others are.
I've been searching.
Forget about him.
I'm sorry. I can't.
Where are they?
That's more alien-like.
Ah, this is the place!
Way to go, internet.
Mr. Sakurai,
you can't just dump us.
Shinzy, let's go.
Who are they?
My comrades.
They're kids.
They're comrades.
You never mentioned them.
No. I didn't.
Or the invasion either.
You're really invade?
That's the plan.
Soon, I guess.
We've had our conference now.
That was it?
More or less.
The communicator's next.
Then what?
The invasion starts.
Can't you wait 50 years?
If you're aliens.
We can't do that.
Then we're finished, aren't we?
This was never going to work.
Well, yeah.
Oh God, this sucks.
I got my hopes up for nothing.
Wait, Narumi.
There's no mistaking
I'm Shinji, right?
Am I not Shinji?
I'm confused.
Has Shinji become part of me,
or have I become part of Shinji?
Either way,
I'm okay with it.
I can make a fresh start,
with you.
It's too late! Why are you
saying that to me now?!
We've got no time left!
I'll go buy something to drink.
Want anything?
Me? Nah.
They want to talk more with Shinji.
Will you?
You can't! Aren't you Shinji?
My husband?
Then we've got
nothing to do with them.
We're leaving.
Alright. Then go.
And never stop.
Huh? Oh come on.
What the hell?
I hit her.
What now?
Forget her.
She should've moved.
Anyway, she's not human.
I'll drive.
That was so mean...
You shoulda dodged.
Want a new body?
Nah, screw it.
I've done what I came to do.
I finished this.
Oh, thank you.
I think this is it...
Everyone! Please listen to me,
and don't laugh!
Right now, the human race
is facing a major crisis!
I'm talking about that kid!
He might seem normal
at first glance,
but he's really an alien
who wants to invade Earth!
I know that's really difficult
to take seriously,
but the longer we do nothing, the
worse it'll get, till it's too late!
You've probably sensed
something might happen.
It is happening,
for real!
So please, try to comprehend
what I'm telling you!
He's an alien!
An invader walking among us!
It's no use, is it?
I knew that.
I've said my piece.
Now make up your own minds.
Good luck.
I'm out.
Happy now?
Has the invasion begun?
No. It's just the sunset.
By the way,
do you have family?
Why ask that now?
Just wanted to know.
I do.
An ex-wife and a son.
I think my son's around your age...
Can't remember.
Haven't seen him for two years.
And you?
Not in the way you mean,
but I've got comrades.
Lots of them.
Back home?
I envy you.
I've gotta do my best,
for their sake too.
Hey, about what you
mentioned a while back...
About what?
Letting a few humans live.
Oh, as samples?
I think I'd like to
put my hand up after all.
Oh, for real?
You'd be more than welcome.
I would?
Shall we stay?
Okay, let's get it done.
Stop, stop.
Mr. Sakurai.
This has nothing to do with you.
You've just been caught up in it.
Please come out immediately.
Honestly, you're a pest.
Your presence is a nuisance.
I don't understand.
All that "pest" and "nuisance" talk.
And "eyesore" and "annoyance".
I hear them a lot.
Are they different?
Oh, it's you.
Answer the question.
It's all the same, boy.
Those words aren't.
They're the same
They describe your kind.
Huh? I don't get it.
One more time.
Your kind... a pest on our planet.
Try picturing that in your head.
and "nuisance".
That's the way.
More clearly.
Oh no you don't...
Ha, too late.
I took it.
You alright?!
Yes, I'm fine.
Amano, you okay?
Yeah, no biggie.
We're all friends here?
Yes. Of course.
Come on, let's go.
My body's slowing down.
You should switch bodies.
How about mine?
No way, dude.
I'm your only option.
That's true.
But hey,
how'd they find us?
Oh, a spy satellite probably
locked on to our van.
Humanity ain't no joke.
That's awesome.
We're awesome alright.
Hey, come on.
You're an alien, aren't you?
Hang in there.
Mr. Sakurai?
Over to you.
I can't do it!
I think my time's up.
Hey! You're almost there.
You can't die now!
Finish the job!
You need me, right?
I think they did it.
The invasion's about to begin.
I guess my job's done now.
What'll happen to humans?
You'll go away.
Every one of us?
It is an invasion.
What about you?
I'll go away too.
Come here.
I can...
...go away before that,
can't I?
You can help me.
It's easy.
What is?
Squeeze harder.
Can I?
I just said you could.
Squeeze harder!
If I do, you'll die.
That's the whole point of it.
I can't.
Never mind.
This is enough for me.
I know. Shinzy,
did you take "love"?
No, not yet.
You have to, or you'll go home
misunderstanding humans.
Hey, take it from me.
My conception of love.
Not from my guide.
You stick to that,
you never become the real Shinji.
I'm the only one who can
picture love for you.
I'm full of love for you right now.
No, I can't.
You can! The world's ending.
I'll disappear.
So I'll give it to you.
I really can't.
Just do it!
Take it and go home.
Do I have to?
Of course!
You'll understand once you do.
No more words!
Hurry up and go into my mind!
You can have it all!
Did you take it?
You really took it?
I don't feel any different.
That's weird.
What is this?
It's incredible!
Come on.
Everything looks different.
Nothing's changed.
Two months later.
Thanks always, Shinji.
It's nothing.
The inquiry just released
their findings.
They don't know why
the invasion was called off.
Is that so?
So, what's your take on it?
...coming to Earth
made them a little wiser.
You could be right.
But I think there was some reason
why they chose to
come here exactly when they did.
Humanity was facing
all kinds of problems.
It helped us rethink everything
from scratch.
Are you alright?
We'll move you now.
Excuse me.
That leaves the aftereffects.
Loss of conceptions,
and abnormal behavior.
We have no way to treat them.
But humans are resilient.
The sufferers are slowly recovering.
That being said,
Narumi's case is unique.
We'll find a way to help her.
Have faith in the future.
I'll always be with you,
until the end.
ripped by ZemoG from hardcoded VOD