Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (2006) Movie Script

Welcome to Glenn Echo a community
similar the image of a postcard
and that represents thousands of small
dispersed towns for the whole america of the north.
But there will be a mark of events
indescriptiveis that threaten the peacefulness
of this celestial world? Events
similar that devastated similar communities
during more than 30 years.
You recount them are very known.
In Crystal Lake, a demented
call Jason Borges murdered
dozens during more than 3 decades,
leaving a devastated community and it deserts.
Fearing his/her next appearance.
Here, in the street Elm in the high community
of Springwood, the repeated attacks
of a murderer they left scars
so deep that some say that
of only to dream with them
he/she could die when sleeping.
Excuse, he/she wanted to know if it was able to
to do some questions on
his/her old neighbor Frederick...
In Haden Field, a prodigal son
call Michael Myers will have attacked of
he/she forms similar in Halloween in almost
four occasions.
For these neighbors,
Halloween will never be same.
Who are these homems?
How do they make the one what do?
That relationship exists among
these towns and Glenn Echo?
Here we would have another contact with
the next incarnation of the evil.
20 years ago in this abandoned farm,
a boy was thrown in this fall of it longs for.
That boy this to the point of to avenge
of the town that murdered him/it.
He knows, he/she says him, because and the father
of that terror wave impelled by the
desire of Borges, Myers and Crooger.
His/her name and Leslie Vernon.
Very well, good work.
Did pitchfork seem? He/she seemed an amateur.
I try to find my own voice...
- No and possible.
- I don't think so this home.
He/she waits, he/she looks there at the hut.
Sr. Vernon! Hello.
- Did you see him/it?
- What this to happen?
Wait. In the second
I step, in the window.
- I didn't see him/it.
- Hello.
Sr. Vernon... I am me Taylor.
We had talked on the phone.
Sr. Vernon.
I am Leslie Vernon, hello.
- Can we put him/her a microphone?
- Of course yes.
This and the room. Them
they are Church and Zowie.
Here they are my beauties.
You don't go for the near finger.
You can caress this.
I am very bad with them.
I don't feed them during days.
It is die never.
The turtles are well
like this, they are calm.
Yes, the plants and the turtles.
I only have mascots that he/she can eat.
This and the best part.
The amount of books and incredible.
I didn't have time of actualiza-los.
I saw many manuals and books of texts.
- Yes, and displeased. . .
- Would you say that most has...?
Relationship with my work?
He/she would not suggest to read on anatomy.
Here they are the entertaining ones.Coperfield, Houdini,
Slight of Hand, escape Tacticas...
- Do they want to see magic tricks?
- Yes.
- Do you have letters?
- No.
Do you have letters?
- Because he/she would have them...?
- He/she looks in your pocket.
- How did you do?
- They are alone tricks, tricks...
I don't say where I saw him/it.
In the reality, he/she refers the
to scare innocent people?
Because it finds grace?
You, came to me to find as and
that people as Mike and Chucky, Freddy
they do what do...
I cannot explain to you at once the!
You have to understand the process.
Or not. It depends on you.
He/she tells us... do you make him/it?
- Let us go.
- Where?
My house.
You know her recounts of as me
did they throw in the waterfalls?
In I have a birthday him of my death, the
boys dared to pass the night
in this abandoned farm.
This year... I will reappear.
Home sweet home.
- And owner of this?
- This bass credits.
If I want, I can claim him/it.
We came in the summer.
Now it polices takes care her/it once and for all of her
in when. Almost always this empty one.
Because you don't live here?
Instead of living so far.
Because I am not able to.
Since in Glenn Echo crem
what did die... do you remember?
If here to reappear me not
they can see to cut the grass.
- That serves you?
- It cheers me that you ask.
First step...
...I need a hook for mine
legend.Let us see in the back yard of the stretchers.
As a closet.
It took years so that it is like this.
If you go ties the end in one night
of full moon and burrows the ground... had noticed that the earth and humida.
Impossible of crossing.
Still better, if you have enough value... enter in the back yard
in a full moon night.
To half night and so
calm as the death.
You can hear mine
mother among them hoists.
I am to play.
Today not.
Though it lacks one month.
Everything doesn't imagine him/it
that I have to workout.
Because so much?
You have to be capable of
to run as a gazelle.
Without weakening.
It imagines if you walk
while the others flee.
You have that reach them.
And difficult.
Let us continue.
Once you selected
the place, we began the step 2.
To find the appropriate group.
Do you refer sacrifice them?
"Bapa, potato... "As you want.
No and as easy as leaning.
They think that you wake up a guile and you are
obsecado in a girl, murderous
all killing the ones that intervenes...
- He/she happens a lot with you.
- No and like this.
The girl and important but he/she needs of
to have a past that supports.
As those there... they are our reason.
Boys athletic, attractive.
With a healthy appearance.
Them, there... they don't move
so fast when you threaten them.
They are good to take the double bill.
He/she looks at that brute!
You have to find a group where
all are together. He/she calls him/it THE or B.
And a '' survivor '' that unites them.
What and a survivor?
One finishes of the it elaborates.
A girl that is capable of
to flee in the end of the day.
- What does have this girl?
- It is virgin.
- How do you know?
- I don't know. . .
...he/she looks at her. And a virgin.
No these to play?
By God... did you see that? Did you see?
- He/she tells me that you were hit.
- I filmed him/it.
Did you see how we have ourselves given well?
Then, you followed her before.
And the first time that I see her.
I already have a chosen girl.
I only swallow them so that they have
a notion of what did.
If he/she had not chosen her
already, we would be very late.
And as the kitchen programs that
he/she already has the foot in the ready oven.
Did you see those programs?
Forget him/it.
From now on, we are working with something
more specifies for my hole in the farm.
And the hour of the truth.
Everything has to leave well.
So that we are here?
And her, same oh.
Know Kelly Curtis. Mine
hopes and dreams are oh.
- Is it virgin?
- Yes.
- Can you speak to her?
- In no way.
We cannot approach, her
this out of our reach.
Here we go. I wait that the
cameras are to work.
And the step 3. Known as approach.
Every night, Kelly comes out for this
door. And it deposits the spillings here.
For that, it uses this brick
to maintain the open door.
Do you see that tied him/it with fishing thread?
Observe. And very strong.
I usually make him/it me.
But, since these here... can help me.
I will be seated there in the darkness.
Kelly had come out to deposit the spillings.
I will leave the darkness,
she had thought that he/she saw something.
He/she will give some steps ties me...
...and you remove of the thread, the brick
he/she slides and clamor the door.
She turns...
I return the darkness. She turns.
- And you disappear.
- It is like this.
I think well.
Here we go.
- Incredible.
- How do you get?
- Todd continues to film.
- Here I am.
And completely. He/she gives me your fist. The elbow now.
The fist, the elbow.
And you... the heart.
Well we leave.
Do you think he/she saw me?
Maybe no, no this holds.
I want scare her a little...
...that he/she sees the proximity of a problem.
We go, he/she enters.
- Who and that person oh?
- Who knows.
Where do we go now?
We will see two my friends.
Eugene and his/her wife Jamy highway below.
Eugene and a professional in this.
This removed.
He/she taught me a lot.
I think and good that you see them.
He/she will give them a perspective. One
bridge between the past and the future.
You ally that Jamie "this hot" one.
- That is treated?
- They are alone boys to follow me.
Hello, they are the people that
you had me counted. Enter.
Done this light? Mister. That shame!
Eugene this?
Yes, it went to the tank and you should go for him
because and forgotten and this very busy one.
- What do make?
- Eugene this in the tank.
A sensorial camera of depravity.
As those big tubes...
- Because you make this?
- He/she helps to control the corporal functions.
As the ones that make yoga.
That can slow down their beats
and breathing to 4 per minute.
And good to be capable to do something like that.
In case you need to look
to be dead.
He/she said that his/her friend if it removed.
Because we have to do this?
I don't know.
What hour they are?
They are 6:30.
- And Tuesday fair?
- Tuesday fair?
We go, and fifth fair.Jamie, didn't say
that he/she had state here for 3 days.
Slowly, slowly.
Do you see him/it what say?
And I magnify. He/she seems
that Kelly sees for you.
I feel optimista to the respect.
The things coincide when everything
this well.
Jamie, support him/it that
Does Leslie try to do?
Clear.He/she worked very hard for that.
He/she would have wanted him to choose something
safer than to do with his/her life.
He knows him/it that and better for him.
Hello late, how these?
Anything better than one douches cold
so that it circulates the blood.
- How this the beer?
- Well, thank you. I recommend her.
- Do you want one?
- I don't think so.
When did we eat?
When you cut the vegetables
and you prepare the roast.
Leslie told us that he/she left.
Can we speak to that respect?
Yes.He/she told them said that were able to
to speak of it recounts.
It was a world completely different.
He/she had a lot of success in the 70.
The one that imported was the quality
of the work. The amount of
works that you did in one year.
The places that you devastated. No
you got ready as they make him/it today.
- The good ones make him/it.
- Clear.
Always the fear existed.
Some wonder on being murdered
and to spill all that blood...
He/she never coincides completely.
It is bad for the crop.
Perfect, dear.
- Because you don't light the oven?
- Clear.
He/she mentioned most of the people that
I don't speak about the ones that didn't make an effort.
As Jay, Fred, Mike...
There was not anybody like them.
We hit with fork as all and
we disappeared without thinking in returning.
Those boys passed at other level.
They did of an I inhabit, an art.
They turned into legends
when returning an and again.
It was a radical change in the philosophy.
- He/she changed all I negotiate him/it.
- I negotiate him/it of the deaths
supernatural in the waterfalls.
Her no this soaked in general
of because we do what do.
No, young. It is treated of the I negotiate
of the fear.
Each culture, civilization, had
their monsters.
That were compared with the evil.
The badly has to exist.
- Here your Doggie Dog.
- Thank you.
I feel that we don't have
had time of talking.
How is it going your work?
Very well. He/she told Jamie that
I am right that the girl sees.
Did you investigate?
And that that I find. She passes a lot
time in the library. I make him/it there.
Does she know the janitor?
Do you want to accompany us outside?
Thank you.
He/she thought to drop one of their friends...
I don't know, son. That if
he/she would discover very quickly.
He/she would increase the heat a lot.
Is there more anybody? She spoke with
plus anybody?
What such a librarian?
She passes a long time oh.
And a good idea.
There is a lady that leaves you
it ties late sometimes.
You have a winner.
Yes, I will think about that.
Maintain the investigation.
You owe a gaseous one!
What does want to say '' do you redden her ''?
It is a blow preliminary indirecto.
When you say '' blow ''... you refer
the first person that you killed?
The next step will be... give this in hands of Kelly.
- That is treated?
- The article on the
I suspect that was interrogated
in my mother's violation.
Mark Daniel Kurtis.
And family of Kelly?
And the uncle grandmother.
- If it seems a lot her.
- And her.
And an image generated by computer.
Very well, not
Not even he/she has uncle grandmother.
At least, no that I know.
Then you did invent him/it?
A lot of what we used and CGI.
Can I sit down the front?
Thank you.
No longer there is turn behind.
Or they are going their houses to clean
the conscience...
...or they enter.
What pharaoh?
How would it be?
I don't know.
I will introduce him/it, I hope she believes.
And a proof to see
if we are synchronized.
A lot of the one that happen depends on her.
Of the one that knife.
Now regreso.
We go, we go.
- Don't you see?
- I lost him/it.
Oh this.
- And as a small monkey.
- He/she concentrates you.
Let us go.
Don't smell that this and dangerous.
What and this?
The data of the newspaper
they are in a microfiche.
He/she extracts the true and pus that
he/she has his/her uncle grandmother's report.
If everything leaves well, that never happens.
She will see him/it title and he/she will want to read the rest.
He/she had helped the librarian for help.
Therefore he/she will see the microfiche.
He/she had read about the relationship with his/her family.
And it had been crazy.
Everything this very well,
and a big one recounts.
It is soon... I appear me.
This night there will be accao.
The lost paradise? I found him/it.
Continue to film.
Perseguire a little the
Kelly so that it doesn't escape.
Wait for my sign, apanhamo-to
and we returned the carrinha.
- He/she wishes me luck.
- Good luck.
Todd, ahead. We have company.
- Her this that burns.
- Can Todd, film his/her rostrum?
He/she got up.
He/she shines as a gazelle.
He/she has good taste, he/she looks that well shines.
I cannot believe that you have worked
for it assures you that works.
Sra. Collinwood, could help myself
to find the rest of this article?
By God, this owes
to have about 30 years.
Somebody must have left him/it by mistake.
- No and of the library?
- No.
We don't maintain newspapers
so old. Scanerizamo-los.
Something like that should be in the microfiche.
Glenn Echo newspaper
Interrogated vagabond and position
in freedom in the case of violation.
Mark D.Curtis told as a vagabond
it was interrogated for the it polices of Glenn
Tuesday guile fair for the violation
of Molly Vernon.
Curtis, and his/her family?
He/she knows her recounts of the boy
what did die in the waterfalls?
All know her.
- But, and only one recounts.
- I want to know that happened.
Oh this.
And a marriage picture.
Vernon in his/her marriage.
And the first and it finishes her
picture that saw her.
They were a very strange couple.
Closed in themselves.
After that night, nine
months later, of done.
Molly Vernon gave the light a son d
They violated him/it and they forced him/it and they treated him
as a slave to cultivate the earth
only with a scythe.
One day, he/she says the legend,
the boy was reborn.
Before the full moon he/she murdered people
with his/her scythe and it buried their bodies
in the fields. And it dragged Molle from the
it marries and it hung her/it in the back yard of stretchers.
When they were known about the crimes, all
in the town they went ties the farm
they removed the boy of the house, they tied
their hands and they threw him/it in the waterfalls
it ties that disappeared
in you water them cold.
- Did they find the body?
- The frozen bodies don't emerge.
If and my uncle grandmother,
the boy would be mine. . .
The boy drowned. You don't have that
to worry.
Plus no, it ends here.
He/she walks here, girl.
Did you catch him/it? Do you have him/it?
Did you catch the man, clear?
Did you record him/it?
- We have an alibi.
- We have an alibi.
- What and that?
- And somebody like him.
He/she walks, we will count Eugene.
- Did he/she shoot you?
- Yes. In the shoulder.
- Did he/she hurt you?
- No, this well.
- Same when you need.
- And incredible.
It seems that you have the alibi.
- Who and Dr. Calloran?
- A psychiatrist.
It visited me when he/she was boy.
After Leslie disappeared,
he foresaw that he/she would return.
- Angers behind him now?
- No, I need him.
- Because?
- Because and an alibi.
You will have to define an alibi.
In this context, and a reflex of everything
the one that and good.
Somebody that this disposed the
to defend people badly against the.
It is still had to take a risk his/her person.
He knows who am and what will do.
- He/she will make all the possible one to stop.
- They are good announce!
Let us be not ahead. The boy needs
to concentrate.
We go, he/she has alibi. Doesn't he/she move you?
We are very proud of him.
He/she wanted to tell you that this and one
bad idea.
I need to check.
Hello, how this? Does he/she want a coffee?
- Yes, thank you.
- I return following.
What waits?
When it returns, I tell him/her. Calm.
- Rays, that I say.
- He/she usually acts.
He/she thinks about the opposite
of what you do now.
Because they follow this girl?
- Who are?
- We have only been coming here.
Do I serialize her? Because they film?
Who and you?
Because he/she needs to know?
Do you know where this, clear?
Him no and who you find.
Did he/she feel how Vernon?
I don't know who and.
He/she calls himself Leslie Mann
Crusoe. Of Reeno, Nevada.
He/she doesn't have idea of who and him.
What does happen he/she?
I think they want to speak with you.
We needed to go. A lot
thank you. Charmed, Sr. . .
Doctor. Halloran.
Esperen more you announce mine.
With his/her authorization.
They want to fake that we have
done talk the one what was us necessary?
- Leslie...
- Well, you said your part.
And my time.
He/she told you that you didn't speak with
her! You can lie down him to lose!
I showed them pearls.
Things that nobody saw.
If you want to leave, well. No
afectara that I have to do.
He/she would be happy not to see them more.
Don't lie down to lose. . .
...the work of my life.
Trust, necessary to trust.
- Yes!
- Clear!
Since it comes from you, who and him?
Who and the Dr. Halloran?
Who are you?
- We won't speak about this in the street.
- Don't you want that returns you to shoot?
- He/she enters in the carrinha.
- Did you live in Reeno?
I will tell you everything that you need know.
Please, he/she enters in the carrinha.
You never lived in another place.
You are not Molly Vernon's son.
Who and the Dr. Halloran?
And a psychiatrist that assisted in Reeno.
Then I came to make this.
Because he/she didn't give you
is the truth known?
I made him/her a trap. I arranged one
restrincao order against him.
And if he/she tries to surrender, they arrest him.
- You used me.
- How do you think is taken care of you?
And my life.
Do you think and false?
If you cannot be...
...I understand.
He/she turns off her.
Is it now it what? Were we or do we go?
Todd, for of pressing.It silences you Doug.
He/she leaves that thinks.
This and the one that I decided do.
Let us continue.
Welcome the supposed
he/she marries of my ancestors.
You want to limit yours
time the most possible?
You will want see him/it all at the same time.
The worst and to hide to see.
That and a delay.
If they hide in the closet,
because not to go for them?
We have an ethical code.
The closet and a sacred place.
He/she symbolizes the womb. And the more place
I hold because
in the womb we are innocent.
Does that mean something in your life?
You won't want to ponder in a
person and to give time the other that escape.
Rule numbers a, nobody should flee.
If he/she escapes a not only and a blow
hard but yes that and shameful.
The bedroom will be where everything had begun.
If everything happens how I wait
somebody will bring his/her girl here and clear
that I will be to wait close.
This and my state area. I wait that
begin and later and thing of decision.
Which would a beneficial situation be?
If I know everything that happens,
if I know where they are whole.
I will prepare the area. So that it seems
that are to sleep.
So that?
If somebody enters and he/she sees two corpses,
they will leave to run of the house and I lose them.
I have to reduce the persecution
to me and Kelly.
I have the central command
to cut the energy.
To go downstairs and to take advantage
the first moments of chaos.
Clear, the first reaccao will be to go
to seek flashlights in the kitchen.
I put batteries descargadas.
They will have to go digs her/it to see the fuses.
Nobody knows about the corpses
that they are there top, there won't be panic.
All will be celebrating. Kelly no.
The boyfriend had been frustrated and
he/she had attacked their friends.
It is later, the lights will fade.
One of the boys will want to go digs her
and it will be a great hormonas sack
and he/she will bring his/her small one to write down.
Leslie, don't think
and a little grotesque?
I am only to tell her recounts.
And my best moment.
She will want to know everything well this.
Then. . .
- Clue-there to go?
- She had begun.
He/she angers to scream ties the house and it had begun
the panic.
He/she will give time for my next step.
There is no lock as soon as in the hut
I use his/her body to scare the neighbor.
The hut and it holds, not
I can leave that nobody among.
- The closet.
- Correcto. Kelly will only be able to enter.
If somebody tries to enter,
he/she will have to be seen with the scythe.
It is so sadistic.
- You are a genius.
- Thank you.
But, you want that Kelly among.
- Yes!
- So that?
- We want that knives the question.
- Well.
Leslie, foresee that you want
that Kelly enters in the hut.
And the first fork sign that
I will look for in her.
And one moment pivot when
she becomes heroine.
He/she shows when it seeks
a great weapon.
You know the one that refer.
This well.
It is known.
She strengthens... with a penises.
We go...
He/she thinks about the women that survived
these subjects and of certainty that
any consegiu without a small weapon.
- She had looked for some thing. . .
- He/she angers for my weapon.
And the primordial because
he/she would be to take my virility.
It is if sobrevaloriza with that.
- And chovinista.
- And something conventional.
We are going the hut.
You want her to take one of these weapons.
If you look here, he/she has three
parts through where to catch.
He/she had broken in the first blow.
He/she has the free head.
The weapons obviate in front were
I hope he/she doesn't have
he/she supplies with the first blow.
There are 11 exits of the first floor
and other 8 or 9 in the second.
You have to treat that
most is not practica.
I nailed them discreetly.
- Had not he/she broken them?
- Do you think yes?
It would be a surprise.
When they break them, they are of it
second floor the highest.
And in the tecto they are ended.
I cut the branches more squares of the you hoist.
For anybody to go down for them.
And the smallest also.
As soon as everything would leave below.
- He/she seems a trap.
- And the preparation.
As regards to logistics,
I am in desventagem.
What had happened later he/she?
While they are rearranged, I dispose of
a small time to avoid that you/they leave.
Then return in front of the house
and here and when the synchronization
he/she becomes important.
They will go to wake up the
the two boys there top.
- They will find them deads and they will get scared.
- Very well.
Now we approached at the end.
- I think you know where it is going everything.
- I think so.
Because you don't try?
I suppose that all will arrive ties here...
No supongas, will arrive ties here.
They will try to hide and summer...
Very well. Is it later?
They will go to the only place that is.
Does he/she wait, don't you forget something?
- The alibi!
- Exacto.
Calloran had imagined everything, as soon as
I must wait him/it.
What should do and
to maintain busy Kelly.
I put some dispersed bodies. And
therefore we have our perverse espectaculo.
Then we will continue.
Her this loosens.Where do you go now?
The only place that is.
If the closet represents the womb,
what and this?
- The channel from birth?
- Very well.
This and one moment extremely
important in our work.
The opposite of phallus.
And the girl's time.
She has to cross
some psychological passage.
She work, if and the chosen,
he/she had happened.
His/her lost innocence, turn
to be born with revenge anguish.
If she makes him/it...
I will be the happiest man of the life.
This and a jewel.
A press of seeds?
Didn't you imagine stepping you stretchers?
What had with this happened?
I go squeeze them and soon I will use
his/her juice.
He/she referred the this night.
Today I will hurt somebody.
Because that triumph. You will be fantastic.
Before leaving, that such
a piece of advice of the experts?
As he/she survives her to an encounter
with anybody like you and Leslie?
He/she falls me well, and aventajada.
I will tell you.
Never skirts with a virgin.
If you have a virgin in yours equips,
or he/she lies down with somebody,
or you stand back of her.
You ally, it hurries completely that can. No
stop ties you that he/she leaves the sun.
And don't try to hide, we found you.
Don't try to be hero, you had lost.
He/she chooses a place so far
as it is possible and he/she flees.
It is look never behind. You had not liked
of what you will see.
And if they are together.
You can do him/it.
It assures you that is more
slow that you when running.
- I was fast, Eugene.
- Of course yes.
You taught me.
This and one formulates for one
prepared against the aging.
- What does make he/she?
- He/she narrows the vases
sanguine close to the skin.
I won't bleed in the case that me golpeem.
You ally, he/she will make me pale lucir.
You ally, I mixed him/it with my own one
Does it worry you Halloran?
It is not him.
I need to ponder.
- In Kelly?
- In my destiny.
My longevity depends
of the one that her knife.
- You had tried murder her.
- And what does.
I love his/her ideal.
What finds in his/her interior.
What doesn't kill you, he/she will do you stronger.
These are my native one.
If you don't stop to think in them,
they pass so fast.
I am so happy.
They remain few hours.
I will give one finishes view.
There are 8 boys in the house. They are in low.
They drink beer. Kelly this
here, no this to drink.
The one that and good.
Somehow not
I feel that today and my night.
The boy and the chorister will come soon.
I usually give them a little
of time to do yours. . .
Same on time.
Do you want to dance with the devil?
Mister, this this to happen her serializes.
- Do you want that films something of this?
- I don't know.
He/she began, it began.
- What does happen he/she?
- He/she moves away her. He/she moves away her.
- What do make?
- No and my subject!
They go out, leave all.
We go, already.
- Because you make this?
- Because he/she notices him/it in you.
- What did notice?
- We cannot leave him/it that happens."
I noticed them that was my night.
This can have another result.
Then, I will have to hide
or they will contain me, or they will kill me.
We won't see each other after this night.
It will be better dismiss ourselves.
It was a pleasure.
Thank you.
Thank you. A lot of luck.
He/she chose to live as a ghost.
You chose for fidelity, not
you have to continue...
He/she doesn't have anything to see with the place
from where go or what happened.
He/she would have made him/it in all ways.
And a choice.
To toast a balance among those
things that we had faith good or pure.
You chose the journalism.
I was born to do this.
And everything? Nothing else? Incredible.
Everything collects.
I will only film something more of the house.
God, and like him he/she said.
- Now it should be at the hut.
- Same on time.
- What does happen he/she?
- He/she turns off her. We cannot see this.
No and like him it did describe?
We finished.
- Now he will also have finishing.
- What do say?
We already know what will do.
And we know that he/she will make him/it.
- We can stop him/it.
- Wait.
What do make?
He/she obtained what wanted. We built
yours recounts, it lacks the edition.
- Do we can think him?
- You saw what prepared.
Do you think Kelly will stop him/it?
- It will be then that her no and...
- The survivor?
He/she is 17 years old only.
We woke up not to interfere.
We entered, we tell everything the
Kelle and we go.
Is it been pursues us?
Be here to hold the tomatoes.
Because he/she made reference to the tomatoes?
And a very bad idea.
I don't like, given the circumstances.
Boys. . .
They scared me.
Where this Kelly?
She was top there with his/her friend.
Leslie cannot know that are here.
He/she could be where the corpses.
This room was not
closed when we went.
By God.
I don't think a virgin.
Who rays are you!
They leave of here!
No and a virgin. Definitively
no and his/her first time.
This to the point of to kill
the other in the hut.
- He/she waits, wait.
- Who are you?
You have connosco to come,
there is no time to explain.
All go. We go remove them of here.
There is a called man Leslie
Crusoe that this in the hut and
planeou kill them this night.
- Leslie Vernon?
- No Leslie Vernon, and Leslie...
Where this Lauren?
- He/she went down her digs with the boy.
- With Pete?
- You cannot go down.
- Because?
Because and very late.
A man with one
he/she chews murdered Pete.
We were together and he appeared...
- This cannot be to happen.
- He/she excuses but it will worsen.
That night, he/she does one weeks,
you closed the cafeteria and
you took out the spillings, the door closed.
You thought to see somebody in the
darkness that observed you.
- I made him/it but, it was not him.
- It was yes, it was him.
That night in the library...
You saw him/it and him this here now.
He/she looks at him/it.
Help me take her/it to her
to the other room.
- This doesn't work.
- He/she perfectly works.
We have to undo his/her plan.
The top boys, no if
it supposes that he/she sees ties them later.
- He/she goes do them to leave of the house.
- He/she has to happen now.
Come, we have to show them something.
What rays?
Did we see him/it, no and?
He/she calms, of certainty that
Pete this to play.
I go call him/it.
There is no service.
Because it would change his/her plan like this?
- This to readjust.
- So that?
For the people extra that you/they are
in the house.
He/she tells me that he didn't see you in the window.
Let us think well this.
There are two in the barn.
He/she only waits for a boy.
It had killed her/it both.
I will enter, it collects me.
With what I do cover you?
- He/she walks to see this.
- He/she leaves give.
I will put this in my room.
We go, we will leave of here.
We are ended!
The tires of the cars are broken out.
Everything happens as the planeou,
in spite of to the exchanges.
It is very good. In the bad sense,
but and good.
What scares me and to think that
survivor type had won him/it.
That survivor type jumps on top
of a man as if I/you had been a puppet?
The solution and the one that
did we need, what will make now?
Do help me, what will make later?
The boys, are going top there and it comes the
corpses. Therefore they are going to the cars.
- That are decomposed.
- Our carrinha no.
Let us go.
I silence!
He/she won't diffuse.
Let us return the house.
He/she said that hated to be closed.
We will be in group,
we will protect Kelly and we waited.
To protect me? Because not to protect
to all?
- Kelly, have to go bottom, same bottom ,
all counted on you from now on.
- With me? Because me?
Because he thinks are the
survivor of him
Yours that?
He thinks you are who had struggled and
he/she had defeated him/it.
Because he/she would believe in that?
He studied them during months.
It thinks are virgin.
- He/she is going to the devil, prostitute.
- Farias you better.
Of course is not it and if Leslie knows...
What? What would make he/she?
- It would kill us without leaving witnesses.
- Well done, Kell.
And my fault?
Because I am activa sexually?
He/she excuses, I am not virgin!
Kelly, not!
That no and the worst now.
We are going to the barn, exactamente
where he wants that go.
- To the devil!
- What do make?
And that you don't see him/it?
We are part of his/her education.
I will see them. Have a good summer.
Leslie, am to get!
We go, he/she flees.
We go, he/she walks.
He/she walks specimen.
You had not reached me.
What rays?
We go, Leslie, looks at me.
He/she looks at me.
He/she lets to see me you.
I am Todd.
We are together in this.
We go, we go.
Maybe Todd can escape.
We should see. Maybe
their plans disappear.
We are in the place that he wants.
We should have escaped in the carrinha.
Would you abandon us here?
Is there how long what follow us?
No longer it matters.
He knew him/it before knowing us.
Therefore it agreed.
He/she found me before beginning.
- You don't say anything with sense.
- And perfect.
- And a genius.
- Enough, speeches of his/her plan?
His/her plan this finishing.
No there are virgin and Todd... I wait that
one have not deceived.
And her.
You are right, you are the virgin.
Please... have to tell me.
What had he/she/you happened me?
No, Doug!
He/she loosens me!
We go, we have to leave.
We have to find another exit.
- No and good, not.
- He/she could work.
And part of his/her plan.
And if I am his/her lover?
You will have to kill me.
Excuse Todd.
Now you will see.
I don't know.
I don't know him/it that and.
And only a man.
Only a man.