Behind the Waterfall (1995) Movie Script

[Owl hoots]
Who might be
interrupting me prayers?
Oh, it's you patty.
Well, why would you
be talkin' to me?
You know, i'm just
a poor cobbler.
What can i do?
Ahh, i see.
But, why me?
Well, i'll do me best.
Aye. Well, i've always had
a lot of faith in you, too.
[Music blaring
from headphones]
Knock it off!
Excuse me, sir.
How much farther?
You're going to
erinville, right?
Yes, sir.
Oh, not
too much further,
i'd say erinville
is right at the end
of that rainbow.
Got a pot of
gold waiting there
for you, do you?
Pot of gold?
Well sure!
Leprechauns hide
their gold
at the end
of rainbows.
What's a leprechaun?
Why, i thought everybody
knew about leprechauns.
A leprechaun is an elf
from ireland with special
powers of his own.
If you capture one
he's got to take you
to his pot of gold,
and grant
you three wishes.
But be careful,
if you let him out of
your sight for one moment
he's gone
and owes you nothing.
Do you think there's
leprechauns in erinville?
I recall a rumor
that there's a leprechaun
around erinville.
But mind you,
it was just a rumor.
Where did it go?
The rainbow?
Don't be worryin'
yourself none, laddie.
I know where
we're goin'.
You don't think
you're being a little
too obvious, do you?
No. As a matter
of fact, i don't.
It's part
of the plan.
Seems to me
the last thing sam
needs is a dreamer.
Why don't
you just help me
with the ladder?
Why don't you just
ask her to marry you
and get it over with?
Cause she'll say no!
You two boys need
to have some faith.
Learn to believe.
She needs someone
who has at least one
foot on the ground.
What she needs
is me,
and fortunately
i'm available.
Right on time.
See ya, boys.
Good morning,
good morning!
The usual?
Yes, indeed.
So Alex, what
kind of scientist
are we studying
to be today?
An epidemiologist.
A what?
Somebody who studies epidemics-
you know, like the black plague?
Sounds pretty
serious to me.
It is.
Your niece and
nephew coming today?
How long
since the
plane crash?
Almost 6 months.
Well, if anybody
can help them face
reality, you can.
I hope so.
Ta, ta!
See ya.
Come in.
Getting settled okay?
I'm glad you decided
to come up here
for the summer.
Mom said being here was
like being in heaven.
So i figured maybe
that will make it easier
for him to find me.
Hey, you're going
to have a great time.
And i'm sure you'll have
all sorts of adventures.
Well sure.
Hey, just look out there.
Who knows what adventures
are waiting for you out there.
Why don't you
come downstairs
for a bite to eat?
Are you coming?
Be right there.
[Loud music from headphones]
We were just about
to have some lunch.
I said
we were just about
to have lunch.
No thanks.
Are you sure?
I made some
i'm not hungry.
star gazing?
Did you ever
see so many stars?
There's the
big dipper.
See it?
And there's
the north star,
it's helped many
a lost soul find
their way home.
Alex has
a telescope.
Maybe tomorrow
she can show you
how to use it.
Time for bed.
aunt sam.
I sure hope dad knows
about the north star.
ready for landing?
Okay, here we go!
Again! Again!
Sorry, Tommy. It's
time for me to go.
Tell me what it's
like up there, again.
It's beautiful.
You feel like you're
floating over and
through the clouds
and the earth's
real small below.
It's heaven!
I wish i could
go up with you.
We'll see to it
that you get
your wish.
When i get back,
i'll fly you
up there.
With ace as my
witness, i promise.
[Pigeon coos]
Guys, breakfast!
Hey, you're late.
The shop's open.
Not to worry
my dear friend,
not to worry.
All right,
i'll bite.
Why aren't you
across the street?
It's part
of the plan.
Today, i go in
a little late.
Each day
a little later.
Til she misses me
and i won't go in at all.
Yeah, so?
That's the night
i ask her to marry me.
I'm telling you,
it'll work.
Ted, you
missed a spot.
Good morning.
Good morning.
The usual?
Thank you
very much.
Don't i get a
"good morning"
out of you?
Good morning!
Who's your
new friend?
My cousin,
Hi, Tommy.
Welcome to erinville.
I'm rick callahan.
Are you
a policeman?
No, close though.
I'm a fireman.
Ever see a real
fire truck up close?
Mine's across the street.
Want to take a look at it?
Come on,
i'll race you!
We keep some
of our emergency
equipment in here.
This ladder will get
us up as high as
3 floors if we need to.
More emergency
equipment here.
that thing?
What, this?
This is the main
water hook up.
You hook this up
to the fire hydrant
on the street
with the hoses here.
Jump up here and
i'll show you the cab.
That's spot.
We rescued her from
the top of a tree.
Found she
had no owner,
so we kept her.
Haven't seen
a mouse since.
Never saw
one before.
That may
be true, but...
i see mr. Conners
has caught your eye.
Full of blarney he is,
but he's loved
by the whole town.
He's a leprechaun
if there ever was one.
A leprechaun?
There's no
such thing as
a leprechaun.
No such thing?
That's right.
Fairies and all
that stuff are
just made up.
They don't really exist.
How can you
be so sure?
Because you can't
scientifically prove it.
That may be true,
but there was
once a time
when scientists couldn't prove
bacteria and viruses existed.
They were laughed at
'til the microscope
was invented, right?
Yeah, you're right.
That discovery
led to vaccines and cures.
That's exactly right.
So don't be so quick
to disbelieve
because you can't see
or prove something existed.
You might miss
some pretty neat stuff.
Remember belief
precedes the miracle.
Rick, i believe
in eating!
Where's our food?
Uh-oh, gotta
go guys, i forgot!
See you guys later.
I still say there's
no such thing
as leprechauns.
And i say there are
and he is one.
Is not.
Is too.
Is not.
Is too.
Is not.
Mr. Conners is just
a nice old man
who tells stories
down at the diner.
He is one, and
i can prove it.
We'll capture him!
Yeah, right.
Then, we'll get our wish.
I still say
he's a leprechaun.
Is not.
Is too.
Is not!
Is too.
Look it up.
Leprechaun: An irish elf
who works as a shoemaker.
A shoemaker?
He keeps a pot of gold.
Upon capture,
the leprechaun must disclose
his location of gold
and grant
his captors
three wishes.
Told ya!
Stay down! Keep low!
Hurry! Hurry!
I see him.
He's coming.
Don't forget,
if he gets away,
he doesn't
have to give us
three wishes.
I know, i know.
That's if he's
a leprechaun.
He'll see you.
But how are we
supposed to see him?
We should be
hiding over there.
That way we
can watch him.
Okay, but let's
make it quick
so he doesn't see us.
The next time
he stops, we'll run.
What happened?
I think he saw me!
Are you sure?
No, but he's
still coming.
Then he probably
didn't see you.
Let's go!
Hoo hooo!
You're captured!
What's this?
Miniature bandits?
We're not bandits.
But we know
who you are!
And who might that be?
You're a leprechaun,
and since we caught you,
you have to take us
to your pot of gold
...and grant
us three wishes.
A leprechaun is it?
My, my Alex!
I never realized
you were a storyteller, too!
Tommy thinks
you're a leprechaun.
Tommy is it?
It's a pleasure
to meet you.
Liam patrick conners,
at your service.
What gives you this notion
i'm a leprechaun?
And don't think
you can get away
from me.
I'm sure
i couldn't, even if
i were a leprechaun.
I told you
he isn't one!
I didn't say that!
you are one?
And i didn't
say that.
So are you a
leprechaun or not?
What if i told you
i was an angel?
Angels have wings.
Oh they do,
do they?
And what might
a leprechaun look like?
Like you.
You two
have got me in
quite a spot here.
If i tell you
i'm not a leprechaun
you'll think i'm lying
so i can be on my way.
Tommy, you can't
judge a book by its cover.
Especially an old one.
It's not what a person
looks like that makes
them what they are.
It's the intent
of their hearts
and the good
they are willing to do
for others that matters.
He's trying to
tell you he's not
a leprechaun, Tommy.
So you can't grant
me three wishes?
No, i can't.
If only
we could find the
lost faeden...
the what?
The what?
you've heard the legend
of the lost faeden?
What's a faeden?
The faeden is
a small gold flute,
the king of the fairies
uses to play the
song of the creator on.
It helps all
the other fairies
see the glory
and the wonder
and the beauty of life.
And Tommy,
it's also what he uses
to grant wishes.
And it's lost?
That's quite a story.
You see, one day
the king of the fairies
comes to me
with a special order...
to make shoes
for all the fairies.
They've got this
wonderful ball coming up.
They're going to
have funny fireflies hanging...
but that's another story.
But anyway,
after he left
i realized he'd left
his faeden behind.
I put it in
me safe for safekeeping
awaiting his return.
But that night,
as i was working late,
a young man
busts into me shop
and demands all me money.
And i give it to
him, every cent.
But that wasn't enough for him,
he wanted the faeden as well.
I told him,
"it's no use to you"
"since you don't know
how to use it."
But he took it anyway.
I chased him
as far as i could,
but i lost him.
He got away from me.
But he didn't
get away from
the others.
What others?
What others?
Why, the fairies,
of course.
He tried to make
his get away through
these fields and woods.
But he never made it.
What happened?
Well, the police found
his body in the river.
Poor soul.
They never knew for sure
what happened to him,
but i do.
The pooka.
The pooka?
The pooka?
Shhh...! Aye,
an odd fairy that one.
Comes at night
in the shape of a horse,
and beckons you
to ride him.
But if you
mount his back,
he'll take you
on a death ride
that you'll
never survive...
unless you're one
of the bravest at heart.
Wait a minute.
If they got
the thief,
then the king
got his faeden back!
No lass, seems that
he lost it somewhere
on the fairy ride.
Then the fairies know
where it is, right?
No, according
to the legend,
this area is still
filled with fairies
all looking for the flute.
Aye lad, and
they'll find
it someday.
But i kinda feel
responsible for it
and i'd like
to find it first
so i could give
it back to the king meself.
So i come here everyday
looking for it.
It's here somewhere,
in these fields and woods.
But alas,
the going's slow because
me eyes aren't
what they used to be.
We could help
you look for it.
It'll be like
a treasure hunt.
Aye, you could
at that,
and a fine treasure
we might find.
But i don't know...
look, look, look there!
What do you see?
I don't see
Only trees?
And look,
what's that over there?
that's all?
What about
the wind? Listen.
Did you hear 'em?
Ahh, never mind.
I can see i've
got me work cut out.
You've got
a lot to learn.
This is not a task for
the faint of heart, you know.
I'm brave.
Are you now?
The fairies
don't want anybody else
to find the faeden.
You'll have to be smart
to avoid their traps.
I'm very smart.
Aye, i knew
that about you.
You'll have
to learn to believe
in many wondrous things.
These fields and woods
are full of things
you've never
seen or heard before.
We'll learn.
We'll learn.
You will?
You'll learn.
Well, that's different!
Why not, then?
We'll meet
back here tomorrow,
and that's when
our journey will begin!
That is,
if it's all right
with your mother, Alex.
Let's see what
time it is here?
Here, hold that.
Ahh, it's
getting late!
She's going
to be worried.
Off with you, now.
Go on, go on!
I'll see you tomorrow.
Leprechauns, is it?
Well, why not?
What do you
mean you don't like
the way i'm doing it?
I am a storyteller,
not a preacher.
No, you can't put angels
with leprechauns and fairies,
it would
ruin the story!
Besides, you could play
one of the fairies.
Well, you've got
the wings for it.
Ah, patty,
where's your sense of humor?
So, how was
everyone's day?
We caught
a leprechaun.
We snuck up behind a stump,
jumped out and caught him.
That's great, honey.
Becky, how was your day?
Tomorrow take a book
and go down to the lake.
I didn't bring any books.
We can fix that.
Mr. Conners said
we could help him look
for the lost faeden.
Then maybe the fairy king
could grant us three wishes.
Could i be excused?
The lost what?
The lost faeden.
A gold flute that
was stolen from him.
Could i be excused, please!?
What is wrong?
I've had enough!
You're excused.
Can we please help him
find it, mom?
Find what?
The faeden.
i don't want you two
bothering mr. Conners.
I know he
likes to tell stories,
and they're nice
to listen to
but you can't...
he needs our help.
And besides it'll
be like an adventure.
I'll talk to him.
When did that happen?
I'm on the phone.
I need
to talk
to you.
It's my aunt.
I got to go. Bye.
Come in.
I'm sorry.
Just sometimes i get
so tired of hearing
about what Tommy
and the stuffed bird did.
I see.
I seem to recall
a little girl
who wouldn't go anywhere
without sebastian.
That was different.
You're right.
Sebastian wasn't the last
gift your dad ever gave you.
Do you know why
he carries around that
dumb bird?
He thinks dad's
coming back.
If he
doesn't have it,
dad won't find him.
Look, he's only seven.
You sound just
like my mom.
Why don't you just
make him understand
that dad's never
coming back.
I know losing your
dad still hurts,
but i promise,
in time the
hurt will heal.
You may feel
like there's nothing
left to believe in.
Like there's a big empty
place in your heart.
What am i supposed
to put in there?
I wish
i knew, becky.
I wish i knew.
Good morning to ya.
And what
have we here?
A metal detector!
A machine that...
my, what a good idea!
And that's not all.
A map,
so we know where
we've searched.
Aren't you
the smart one?
I'm glad you're
on this hunt with us.
Here's where we are
at the edge of the woods.
We've got all this
area here to cover.
that's a
lot of area.
Well, if you've got
something better to do?
Tommy, today
you're the leader.
Where we gonna go?
That way.
All right, then...
it's heard on the wind
and the wings of summer.
softly it sings
ta-loo ta-lee.
echoing sweetly
as we once wondered
where can we find
the answers we seek?
so sweetly
its melody shows the secret
to all with
a broken heart to heal.
it's found in the dreams
of the child that seeks it
the end of the rainbow
is always so near.
look to the sky
when your heart
feels like flying.
race with the clouds
til the sun sets.
look deep inside
when it's joy that ye seek.
it is easy
when you but believe.
when looking
through eyes of imagination
all that surrounds
you blossoms anew.
from fields of clover
to sweet carnation
the colors of life
now burst into view.
so tarry awhile
in this land enchanted
found in that
place deep within.
there you'll find peace.
there you'll find joy.
it is waiting
if you but believe.
open your eyes
and believe.
we've covered
a lot of ground.
I think it's
time for a rest.
How about under
this fine house?
not a house.
It's our tree.
Your tree,
is it?
Looks like a fine
solid house to me.
Looks like
a tree to me.
Let's take a seat
under your tree.
Come on, help the
old man down here.
Easy does it.
Oh, my goodness.
i can see you two
are going to need
a little help.
What are these?
Training wheels for
your imagination.
you won't need them,
but for now put them on.
All right now,
both of you,
close your eyes.
Alex, you're no
longer a little girl,
but a sweet,
gentle squirrel.
And Tommy,
you're a little bird,
a beautiful blue bird.
Now think.
Both of you think.
Now, squirrel,
open your eyes,
and what do you see?
I see grass...
really tall grass.
And bluebird,
open your eyes.
Tell me what you see.
I see brown, just brown.
It can't be just
brown, must be something,
you have to stand
back to see the truth.
The tree!
Aye, the tree!
do you see the tree?
Uh huh.
both of you
up the tree.
What do you see?
Explore the tree.
you've come to a hole.
Take a look inside.
Tell me
what you see.
It's my house!
your house is it?
can you find your house?
Found it!
All right,
you can come down now.
Now tell me,
what are you
sitting under?
A house.
A house.
You can take your
glasses off now.
Alex, i'm sure if you
imagined hard enough
you could see things
from a squirrel's
point of view,
but you didn't
actually become one.
Do you understand?
I guess so.
But how could
it seem so real?
I don't know.
But there's always
a logical, rational,
even if
i can't think of it
right now.
Bye, honey.
Bye, mom.
Bye, rick.
Bye, Alex.
Do you always tell her
there's a rational
explanation for everything?
Oh, sure.
It's disquieting
to kids to give them
all sorts of fantastical
explanations and silly
reasons for things.
It makes
them unsure.
But what about
the things you
can't explain?
We won't be
too late.
Take your time.
I get paid
by the hour.
Yeah. Well?
Look, nothing's
come up, yet.
but it might.
Then what are you gonna do?
ll-de-di, ll-de-di,
what are
you humming?
Oh... that's a
tune the fairy king
plays on the faeden.
C'mere, c'mere.
can you hear them?
The fairies,
of course.
I don't
hear anything.
Just the birds.
Aye, the birds
and the wind
through the trees
and the animals
rushing through the field.
During the day,
the fairies play along with
the sounds of the meadow
and at night to the
crickets and the owls.
If you listen
very carefully,
you can hear them.
Well, come along now.
But be careful!
Don't let their
music distract you.
If you're
not very careful,
they could lure
you into a fairy ring.
A fairy ring?
step in one of those
and the fairies
will have you dancing
to their tune
for seven years.
[Clears throat]
Hee, hee, hee!
whoo! I think i'm
caught in a fairy ring.
Tommy, can you
help me, please?
Alex, do you think you
can pull us out of here?
You're kidding!
Oh, i wish i was there.
You're not going
to believe what i'm looking at.
My deranged brother
and my misfit cousin
are dancing around with,
get this, a leprechaun
they caught yesterday.
Don't ask.
I wish i was
anywhere but here.
What about
the faeden?
The what?
The faeden.
We were looking
for the faeden.
that's right!
Look, we're safe now,
and it's all because of you.
What did i do?
You reminded us
of our goal
and it broke
the fairies' spell.
Let's sit down.
How come?
You see, fairy rings
only work on people
who've forgotten
what's important
in their lives.
Once they
do that,
the fairies have them
chasing here and there
frivolous things,
running around
in circles and
going nowhere.
Why would
they do that?
Because fairies
love to laugh.
You must admit,
we looked pretty silly.
We outsmarted
them that time,
but i think
we'd better
mark the map
so we don't venture
into that ring again.
We were right
about there,
don't you think?
I think we've covered
enough ground for
one day, don't you?
Tell me,
do you still
hear the music?
What are you
humming, honey?
I'm humming
to the fairies' music.
The what?
The crickets
and owls and
the wind.
[Grinding garbage disposal]
a fairy did it.
Maybe a chicken bone
fell in.
See? A bone.
No fairy.
Maybe a fairy
put it there.
A fairy didn't
put it there.
I did.
Probably because i
wasn't paying attention.
Maybe a fairy
distracted you.
A fairy
had nothing
to do with this.
Alex, you
know better.
There are no
such things
as fairies.
But how do
you know that?
Because, i say so.
Now enough
of this nonsense.
Well, because...
there's no scientific
evidence they exist.
Not yet,
but where would we be
if people didn't believe
in creatures so small
you couldn't see
them with your eyes.
They were laughed at.
i'm tired, Alex.
And, who tells you
the answer to your test
when your mind goes blank,
and all of the sudden
it comes back to you
as though
somebody whispered it
to you in your ear?
Maybe you
should study law.
Oh, i see him.
Yeah, and he's
being chased by
a caterpillar.
Where's the legs?
Oh, i see him, yes!
Wait a minute,
he's a tyrannosaurs.
Well, hello there.
Would you
like to join us?
I said, would you
like to see the
parade with us?
you just missed the
I think
i'll pass.
Aunt sam
wants you guys.
Oh, it's time
to go, then.
Oh, man...
the parade
will be back
another day.
Wanna race
me home?
How about helping
an old man
to his feet?
Up we go.
i'm liam conners.
The leprechaun.
I guess you've
been talking
to Alex and Tommy.
You must be Tommy's
sister, becky.
We were just looking
at the clouds.
There's so much
to see up there.
In the clouds?
you have to know
how to look.
Look again.
Do you see that little
girl floating
in the air?
i guess
i do see her.
Aye, but she looks
sad and lonely
as if she misses
someone who was
very special to her.
My boyfriend never
called yesterday to
wish me happy birthday.
Oh, but a lovely
lass like that...
she must have
many friends.
No, i think this is
someone who's
very special to her
who she's
angry at.
Who might
that be?
My dad.
If he hadn't died
then i wouldn't be here,
alone and forgotten
on my birthday.
I wish i was home.
Now, don't
be like that,
always wishing you
were somewhere else.
You're missing out
on what's here.
What's here!
There's not
even a mall.
What good is a mall?
A place to go out
with my friends.
Well tell me,
what did you do
at this mall?
I dunno.
Just hung out.
Oh, i see.
You did nothing
at the mall.
You could be doing
the same thing here.
What else?
What do you mean
what else?
What else do
you like to do?
You know, i've learned
everyone has a secret wish
deep down
in their hearts.
Something they
want to do
more than anything
else in the world,
if only they had
the courage to try.
I guess i always
wanted to learn how
to ride a horse.
Yes, i know.
No, i... yes,
no, no...
i quite agree.
Who are you
talking to?
I don't hear
The wind?
Aye. I frequently
ask the wind for help
when i have
a problem.
Does it
ever answer?
Aye, if you're
patient and sincere
in the asking.
The wind always
answers in its own
way and its own time.
Maybe i should try.
Aye, lass,
maybe you should.
Did you hear it?
I hear the breeze,
but i don't hear any words.
Aye, lass.
It isn't easy,
but this i know,
when it's truly important
for you to hear
what the wind
has to say,
you'll hear it.
But you won't
hear it here,
you'll hear
it right here.
And with practice
it gets easier.
Then you can
ask it anything...
what to do
on a sunny day,
the answers
to your problems,
how to fill
the emptiness
in your heart.
How does
the wind know?
The wind is only
the messenger.
But how does...
mr. Conners?
Mr. Conners?
I'm afraid of horses.
You see it?
It's a bird.
Hey, that looks like
where my nest was.
You guys, c'mon.
Lunch is ready.
Last one
to the porch
is a pooka!
That's not fair!
No way!
I won!
You're the pooka.
You got
a head start.
I'm not the
pooka, you are.
I won.
That means
i'm not the pooka.
Yes, you are.
I'm probably going
to be sorry i asked,
but what's
a pooka?
The pooka is a bad fairy
that looks like a horse
that takes you on a ride
that you'll never survive
unless you're
very, very brave.
Oh yeah?
I'd say neither
of you are pookas.
Come on.
Wait, i left
ace in the tree.
Get him later.
No, we have to
be ready to fly.
Scott and cindy?
I don't believe it!
That's just
great, lori.
Yeah, thanks for calling.
Now i know
what kind of
friends i have.
One less question
for the wind, i guess.
Where to now?
I'd say that way.
Hold it! Hold it!
What's wrong?
I'm not sure,
but i just got
a funny feeling.
Do you
feel anything
Aye, i thought so.
We'd better
put our jackets
on backwards.
Why are we
doing this?
We don't want to
get pixie-led in there.
Have you ever
been on a trip
and suddenly
the trip
was over
you can't even
remember the trip?
Yeah, that
happened to me
on the way to
grandma's last year.
More than likely
a pixie caught
your attention.
You were
pixie-led, Tommy!
That doesn't
sound so bad.
That's only
the first step.
Given enough time,
a pixie will get
you so confused
that you'll start
looking for happiness
in all the wrong places.
And once you
get pixie-led,
unless someone
else helps,
you could stay
lost forever.
So how does it help to put
our coats on backwards?
Don't you see,
it confuses them.
They can't tell
whether we're
coming or going.
Bring the map.
Ready for bed?
You still miss him,
don't you?
Yeah, i wish
he'd hurry
and come back.
Tommy, you know
that he can't...
i mean you do know
where your dad really is?
He's in...
And when people
go to heaven
they don't come back.
But he always
comes back.
He promised
he'd come back.
Ace was
his witness.
But what if he
can't come back?
Me and ace have
figured it out.
He's been pixie-led,
we'll fix that
as soon as we find
the faeden.
Good night, Tommy.
Good night, ace.
Boy, you're
really dragging
it out, today.
I ain't going
in today, boys.
Part of the plan.
Oh yeah, the plan.
Take a look at this,
tonight is the night!
Good luck!
We'll be standing by
when you get blown
out of the water.
You think so?
I don't think so.
I'm a pretty
lucky guy.
A man with a plan.
Nothing today, again.
All this time
i've been dreaming
of finding it
but still nothing.
Aye, i've been dreaming
about it as well.
But maybe
it was only meant
to be a dream.
What's the point
of a dream
if it doesn't
come true?
Now hold it,
hold on, both of you.
What was it that
christopher columbus
was dreaming of?
I know,
a new way
to get to india.
Aye, and it was
that dream that
gave him the courage
to brave
the unknown perils
of the ocean.
But, he didn't find
what he was looking for.
Exactly, instead
he discovered
a whole new world.
But we didn't
find anything.
Ah, didn't you now?
More often than not
the search proves
more valuable
than the treasure.
I promise you,
you've both found far
more than you realize
and you're closer
than you think.
Come along,
The faeden's
Don't run,
you guys.
Did you talk
to mr. Conners today?
Don't answer.
It's a trap.
Ahh, you two,
hold on, hold on!
You're wearing me out...
an old man like me.
It's time
for a rest.
No, not there.
Follow me.
Why out here?
As a precaution,
of course.
The bad fairyies can't
hurt you in moving water.
Who's got the map?
Let's see
how we're doing.
Look, only one
section left.
Darn, i wish
we could find it.
don't go throwing
wishes around.
Why not?
Because they
might come true.
What's wrong
with that?
It might not be
what you really need.
I don't understand.
I once heard
of a woman
who all
of her life wanted
to be very rich.
One day,
she caught a fairy and
she got her wish.
The next day,
she got a big check
from an insurance co.
Because her poor husband
had died in an accident.
She got her wish,
but became a lonely
old widow for it.
It's the nature
of fairy magic.
They can't give
without taking.
Well then, what
should we wish for?
If you must
wish for something,
wish for strength of heart,
inspiration and courage.
Always wish for things
you're willing to work for.
What if a fairy wish
was the only way a
wish could come true?
Then you're
wishing for things
that shouldn't be.
I still wish i could
find the faeden.
Well in that case,
i'll just have to make sure
you get your wish.
With ace
as my witness,
i promise.
The banshees!
No, not yet,
i tell you.
I need more time!
Mr. Conners,
are you okay?
I'm okay.
I'm all right, dear.
Just lost my breath
for a moment.
What's the banshee?
The banshee?
Well, it's a
messenger of sorts.
What did it say?
It said
i may be goin' away.
Where will
you be going?
Where the
wind lives.
You promised.
I didn't say
it would be easy now,
did i?
Do you still want
to find the faeden?
You've learned to
trust your hearts
and believe in things
you can't always see?
What happens now is all
up to you, don't you see?
I was only
your guide.
You don't
need me anymore.
But we'll miss you.
Aye, i'll
miss you, too.
But don't be sad.
There's a purpose
to everything.
Close your eyes.
Do you remember
the morning
when we danced
to the fairies' music?
Tell me what
you see and hear.
The birds.
The fields and the
woods... the forest.
Anything else?
I see Tommy... and you.
Tommy, do you
see me, too?
Whenever you need
to see me,
all you have to do is
to close your eyes,
for the music
of the meadow
and i'll be there.
Storm's coming in.
I cannot believe
you took me to a drive-in.
It was fun,
It was okay.
What was the name
of the movie?
I knew you were
having a good time.
A falling star!
Make a wish... hurry!
Oh no,
not you, too!
Oh, it's Alex.
Seems like since
she's started spending
time with mr. Conners,
she can't stop talking
about fairies and magic.
What's wrong
with that?
She's eight years old.
She's got a
great imagination.
What's wrong
with it?
The other day she
takes one of her books
and renames
everything in it.
She crosses out
tree and writes "house."
She calls
the acorns "dinner"...
because she thinks she's
been changed into a squirrel.
I must have
missed something.
I don't get
the problem.
The problem is
what if she starts
believing this stuff?
Starts believing
in fairies and magic
and inanimate objects
that are alive.
She's having fun.
I don't think
it's fun.
I don't want
Alex believing
in fairy tales,
and men in shining armor
and prince charming.
Don't you think
you're going a bit
overboard with this?
What's wrong
with a girl
believing in the dream
that a wish
will come true?
What's wrong
with it?
How about what's
going to happen
when some of those
wishes don't come
true, huh?
I just think
that we can do
without the fairy tales
in my house.
Unless they're
your fairy tales.
What are you
talking about?
How about the one
that everything
in life
can be explained
rationally or
Oh, come on.
How about why her
dad never comes
to visit her.
Try those fairy
tales, sam.
That's enough.
I think you'd
better go.
I'd never tell
a little girl
that prince charming is
going to come into her life,
kiss her and take
all her troubles away.
Come on.
Maybe i do believe
there's a...
are you done?
Just forget
it, okay?
Fine. Forget it!
No, as a matter of fact,
i'm not done.
Just because
you lost all your
hopes and dreams
doesn't give
you the right
to keep
Alex from having
any of hers.
Now i'm done.
Why'd i ever put
you up there.
No angel has
ever listened
to my prayers.
Can i talk to
you for a minute,
mr. Conners?
i'm always willing
to listen and help.
That's what i want
to talk to you about.
You're not
helping anybody
with all of your stories.
Now why would
you be saying a
thing like that?
Because i'm concerned
about the effect
you and your stories
are having on the
children's reality.
Their reality?
It's their reality
that's been harming
them, miss gayle.
A little boy
who waits
for a father
who can't return.
A little girl
who believes that science
can answer
all her questions.
And a teen
who's afraid to dream
for fear of what
her dreams may contain.
You sound just
like rick.
Aye, and a fine
man he is
with both feet
on the ground.
Both feet!
He's a dreamer.
I don't think
he even has
one foot on the ground.
Miss gayle...
try to focus for a moment
on the miracle of two words...
"what if?"
What if?
Aye, "what if?"
Isn't it those two words
that lead the scientists
to new discoveries,
the dreamer
to new worlds,
the weary to hope.
Where do your stories
about leprechauns
and fairies lead?
I hope they lead to
that place in the heart
that reality
can't touch.
Do you remember?
What if?
Aye, what if.
Go ahead.
Try it.
I'm sure there's dreams
still living in your heart.
Allow yourself to feel
them, just one more time.
Aye, i see you
found the spot.
Go ahead, miss gayle.
Let your
heart believe...
believe even that
there may be angels
right here in erinville
that do hear and
answer your prayers.
[Metal detector beeps]
Something is wrong
with mr. Conners.
Like what?
banshee: A spirit
whose wailing foretells
a coming death.
What are you doing?
Listening to the wind.
Is it sayin' anything?
Yeah, that i pick
lousy friends.
Still upset about
scott not calling
on your birthday?
I'm sure he was
just... probably out.
Yeah, out with my
best friend, cindy.
Lori called
and told me.
Honey, i'm sorry.
Well, maybe this
is for the best?
What do you mean?
I suggested
to your mother
that maybe you should
all move up here.
It might make
all our lives
a little easier.
She didn't say anything
to me about it.
We were waiting.
We figured once got here,
you wouldn't want to leave.
Yeah, right!
It's just
something to
think about.
I'll ask
the wind.
Think it could answer
a few questions for me?
Couldn't hurt to try.
[Wind whistles]
Hi, bill.
Hold on a second.
time for dinner.
What brings
you about tonight?
I know the kids have
been seeing a lot
of mr. Conners, lately.
So, i thought
you should know.
Liam's had a heart attack.
Is he going
to be okay?
They're not sure.
He's pretty bad.
What am i going
to tell the kids?
If you want,
i can tell them.
Tell who what?
Alex... Tommy...
come sit by me.
Tell us what?
Mr. Conners
is sick.
What do you mean?
He had a heart attack
and is in the hospital.
Is he going
to die?
He may.
i'm sorry.
What are you doing?
We have to
find the faeden.
We have to
find it, tonight.
We can't. It's dark.
We'll look tomorrow.
No, maybe it
will be too late.
We have to
find it, tonight.
I'm going with you.
[Door slams]
Alex, Alex?
The sooner we go,
the sooner we
get back.
The woods look
scary in the dark.
Let's get ready.
Let's go find it.
Have you seen
Tommy and Alex?
I better call rick.
Got any idea where
they might be?
Hi rick, it's me.
The kids are gone.
This way.
Are you sure?
Yeah. I think.
okay. C'mon.
It's all right.
I promise you
we'll find them.
They're good kids
hiding somewhere.
We just have to
figure out where.
I've called the firehouse,
the hospital,
and checked all the roads
to get there.
We're going to have
to search the woods.
All right,
let's do it.
You get the guys together
and let's get moving on it.
Hey, c'mon,
it's going
to be all right.
We'll find them.
I promise you,
all right?
Tommy, i think
we'd better stop
and check the map.
Do you think you know
where we are?
No. I don't
recognize anything.
We might have
been pixie-led.
Now what?
If we're lost,
i think we should stay
right where we are.
[Mr. Conner:]
But this i do know...
when it's important
enough for you to hear
what the wind
has to say,
you'll hear it.
Mr. Conners...
you know the drill.
It's going to be tough
to see because of this rain.
Work your area thoroughly.
Let's follow
all standard procedure.
Let's not forget
that these 2 kids
are cold and tired and
probably huddled up somewhere.
Keep your eyes peeled.
God be with us all
and good luck!
[Wind howls eerily]
What was that?
Just the wind.
We've got to
get out of here.
But which way
do we go?
Let's turn around
and go back.
But which wy
is back?
The banshees!
They're after us!
[Horse whinnies]
The pooka!
The one who
got the robber!
Let's go!
grab a couple
of people.
Check that ravine
over there.
[Dogs barking]
What have you got?
Nothing to the north.
Make sure you
get up on the south ridge.
Look under rocks.
There's a lot of holes
they could be hiding in.
What's that sound?
It sounds like water.
The stream!
The bad fairies can't hurt
us if we're in the water.
Let's go!
We have to
go across.
But we don't know
how deep it is.
Do you think the
pooka will get us?
I don't know.
Do you think
we lost them?
I think we
should wade.
Stay close
to the side
and follow the stream?
Be careful!
Look out!
[Alex screams]
Help! Help!
Grab the log!
Meg, what's that?
i've got something.
Yeah, meg,
what is it?
It looks like
a metal detector
and a couple
pair of glasses.
Help! Help!
I need to see
liam conners.
Visiting hours aren't
until 9:00 a.m.
No, you
don't understand.
Is there a problem
i can help you with?
Yes, i need to
see mr. Conners.
My brother is lost and
he may know where he is.
Help! Help!
Help! Help!
Trail ends here!
You sure?
Take the dogs up there
where it narrows.
See if you can't
pick up a scent
over there.
Bill and i will
go down river.
You know where
this river goes?
Help somebody! Help!
Help! Please!
I'm going to
cross here
and work
my way down
to the falls.
Mr. Conners?
Mr. Conners,
it's becky.
It's about
Tommy and Alex.
I think they went to search
the last part of the woods.
I was hoping you'd
know where that was.
Follow the rainbow.
Let him sleep.
The medication
makes him hallucinate.
Where are we?
the waterfall.
We were lucky the log
caught onto the rock.
What do we do now?
We can't go forward
and we can't go back
the way we came.
I guess we'll
just have to wait.
I hope ace is okay.
[Mr. Conners:]
Believe that there are angels
right here in erinville.
That do hear and
answer your prayers.
Dear god, please,
please help them.
The rainbow!
I don't think
anyone's gonna
find us, here.
If only we
had the faeden,
then we could
wish our way out.
Look, what's that?
I don't know.
Liam patrick conners...
mr. Conners!
Open it!
That's it!
The faeden,
we found it.
Just like
mr. Conners promised.
Now we can
get our wishes.
Go ahead, Alex,
make your wish.
I don't know
how to use it,
do you?
Oh, that's right.
Mr. Conners
said the faeden
was useless
unless you know
how to work it.
Oh great!
Tommy, why was
it so important
that you found
the faeden anyway?
I thought it
was the only way
i could get my wish.
Great thinking.
If i'd known this
was going to happen,
i wouldn't have
wished for it.
It's all my fault.
What did mr. Conners mean
when he said we were close?
We couldn't
look in here.
So if there's a purpose
to everything,
why here...
...behind the waterfall?
There's got to be more.
Alex, look!
What does
it say?
When you
can't hear the music
of cricket and owl,
and the wind
isn't telling you answer,
when you look
to the sky and
see only cloud,
to the forest
and see only tree, play me.
[Mr. Conners:]
I'll open your eyes
and your heart.
Once again you will
see all the wonder
of the cricket, the owl,
the cloud and the tree,
and the wind-borne
song of the maker.
With hope you will see
you are never alone...
for someone who cares
will always be there.
One wish of the heart,
a child's simple plea,
each heard the same
if you play...
and believe.
You said,
"follow the rainbow."
I followed it.
So, where are they?
Believe in what?
No. Tommy,
think about it.
None of those things
are real.
We have to believe
in something bigger,
like the power
that made everything.
That's what
mr. Conners has been
trying to tell us.
but you go first.
We wish for
strength of heart
and the courage
to get out of here.
No, stop!
Those are the only
things mr. Conners said
we should wish for.
That might count
as two wishes.
You might
be right.
We shouldn't
take any chances.
Go ahead, Tommy,
make the last wish.
Wish for your dad,
that's what you've
been waiting for.
I wish...
i wish...
i wish that mr. Conners
can have a good, long life.
My dad's
dead, Alex.
Wishing can't
change that.
He's in
a better place.
Please be there.
Please help us.
[Flute plays]
I don't understand.
[Flute plays]
They're behind
the waterfall.
Tommy! Alex!
I'll go get help.
[Horse whinnies]
The pooka is a bad fairy
that looks like a horse,
and will take you
on a death ride that
you'll never survive,
unless you are
very brave.
[Mr. Conners:]
Everyone has a secret wish
deep down in their hearts.
Something they want
to do more than anything
else in the world...
if only they had
the courage to try.
I found them!
Hold on! Calm down.
Where are they?
Behind the waterfall
at the mountains.
Hold on.
Take it easy.
Rick. This is ted.
I think i've got
something for you.
Are they okay?
I don't know,
they're in the waterfall.
Yeah, go ahead, ted.
Yeah, becky is here,
says she found the kids.
Are they okay?
I don't know, she says
they're in a waterfall.
Let me talk to her.
Rick, they're
at the waterfall.
Becky, i was
just there.
Tell me
where they are.
They're behind
the waterfall.
Behind the waterfall
or in the waterfall?
They're behind
the waterfall.
Rick, crazy
leo used to tell us
about that secret
cave behind the falls.
Maybe it's true.
That's where
they are.
The wind told me.
Please, you've
got to believe me.
I believe you.
Ted, call old man baker
and have him
get his crane up
to miller falls, now.
Miller falls?
Are you crazy?
They'd never survive.
Let's hope you're wrong.
Have a little faith, pal.
Have a little faith.
I'll meet you there.
You are a very lucky
young lady.
I'd say
your guardian angel was
working overtime last night.
So would i!
Yeah, mom.
We're fine.
No, i know,
don't worry.
And mom,
if you're still thinking
about moving to erinville...
it's okay with me.
Well, then,
who might you
be looking for?
Mr. Conners!
It gave us the courage
to get out from
behind the waterfall.
The courage didn't
come from here.
It came from what
you believed, in here.
Mr. Conners!
Oh, Alex!
Look, the three of us,
together again.
Oh, i love ya!
hey, dan.
'Morning, rick.
Giving your horse
a tour of the town?
Lightning hit my fence
last night. He bolted.
Strangest thing,
you know?
See you later.
You had a visitor
this morning.
Left you something.
you missed a spot!
Rick, thank you
for saving my princess
and for helping me remember
the dreams i'd forgotten.
Dinner tonight? Sam.
when clouds of darkness
close in around you
look to that place
hidden inside.
there you'll find love
to wrap around you.
it's close to your heart
if you've eyes to see.
look high to the trees
and over the rainbow
to that secret place
deep inside.
there you'll find peace
there you'll find joy
it is waiting
if you but believe.