Behind the Yellow Line (1984) Movie Script

Hey! What's the matter with you?
Excuse me! Excuse me! I'm sorry
Sorry, I don't want to talk about it
I'm not going to work anyway
North point, please.
hey buddy, this is my car
is this your car?
How much you got it for?
I called for it first
then how come I'm sitting inside?
I can't be late as it's my first day
for the job
such coincidence!
This is my first day being fired
looking forward for a pal to hang
around with
Oh! I'm sorry
hey man! You've taken my money
it's two bucks
here you are
you sex maniac. What are you doing?
Shit! What the hell are you doing?
Why go by Metro instead of the BMW?
The guy over there is behaving so rude
not necessarily. He seems to be upright
mind you say he's upright and honest
look at him; He seems so sad and hopeless
Ah! Shall we exchange our seats?
This guy is crazy
no! I think he looks pretty good
I don't agree with you, he's good looking!
Ah! Are you mad at me?
Don't be mad,
I'll fix him for you right away
hey! Is that you?
Ain't you that college boy?
What are you talking about?
You don't remember me?
Sure I don't
may flower, got it?
What flower?
See how bad his memory is!
I'm talking about
the may flower restaurant
you told me you're gonna see me sometime
when will you come?
I've never been over there, have I?
Look at you
you also said we're gonna go shopping
he's a college boy, a college boy!
No! I'm not
no? That's such a lie!
Honestly, I don't know her
you don't know me; You're so cruel!
You used to say I'm so pretty; Feel me
come on, touch my hands; Touch me
you said that I was a bit piggy
and tender, also
you feel like kissing me whenever we meet
get lost
you four-eyed monster...
I can't stand you
It's the terminus. Let's get off
bye, silly kid,
don't forget to stop by sometime
I've never been to whatever flowers,
I swear!
No need to look for him, he's just left
Thank you
Amy, return this letter to Monica
just pretend I've never seen it
don't let my wife know
What do you want?
Dunno; Mr. ng returns this letter to her
That beast is still here, is it?
Sorry, I'm late;
Just finished the meeting
never mind
are you Mr. chan?
Yes, here is my reference
nice. You've mostly scored a's
your biology
and chemistry is quite good too
yes, my teacher used to say
I have talent in this field
I can tell what's inside the test tube
this is copper sulphate
and this is iodine
Don't taste it, it is gorilla's urine
how is it? Are you okay?
Gorilla's always do that.
What does it mean?
So what is the meaning of this?
Miss, you've got any change?
Sorry, I ain't got spare coins
this way
come on, hurry up
don't go that way, it's very dangerous
I'm not in a hurry
Hurry up
Who are you?
You don't remember me?
The one on the subway;
May flower restaurant
I've come to apologize
beg your pardon?
What are you doing here?
Shut up.
What the hell you're after me for?
I said I'm here to apologize
what are you doing?
Your radio...
It's too loud
okay! I accept your apology
you can go out now, hurry up!
Open the door!
Go! Go! Quick!
Go that way! That way
can't I even listen with the phones?
Get away from me
excuse me
we've got plenty of famous brands...
If you don't like this particular one
please come around and check it out
have a look
excuse me
this silk covered sofa and the crystal...
Tea table seem to be a perfect match
you can try the sofa
is this right?
I'm not kidding; The sofa is really soft
hitting on it after a hard day's work...
I'm sure you'll feel most comfortable
we are businessmen; We must be honest
your home ain't big enough for this
keep your mouth shut;
I'll take all the cushions
what? Aren't these for sale?
You really want all these, miss?
Bull shit!
I'll take even those at your warehouse
the bill please!
It's not much anyway!
It's easy to handle!
That's too much for me, thank you!
You must take it, okay?
I've done nothing to deserve it!
I must give it to you, take it
doesn't matter!
Come over here
- come over and help me
- What's up?
Is it her? I wish to give her something
she doesn't accept.
Please come speak to her
come on
where are you going?
Going home
come along if you're doing
nothing special
where are we going?
I'll take you to a special place;
Let's go...
You're back so late! Must've lost again
can't you just let it go?
I mean, this must be the 50th time
too bad! I'd feel the same if I were you
he's compassionate, righteous and able
what a pity, he's married
stop it
you better shut up!
Don't try to be so cool
as your sister,
I don't mind letting you cry
on my shoulder
your shoulder is not for me
I'd rather you reserved it for him
see, here come the roses from
your boyfriend
and wow! They're pink
on the table
It's nice. Come and bathe together
sorry, it won't take long
it's alright. Take your time
Since when did my girlfriend get mad!
Tonight I'll wait for you
at the same place
My husband has left me
now I'm all alone
such a waste!
Don't be disheartened
miss, don't get mad
when we first met,
my spouse used roses to deceive me
What do you have in mind?
We've got to climb up that way
Yes, come on, don't panic, climb up here
come on, I'll help you
watch out! Be careful, that's right
How did you get here?
From over there?
what's so interesting?
You yourself are to be blamed,
stupid fool
you're most stupid that
I've ever brought here
you've been unexpectedly tricked
but actually,
I am very honest, you know
true. Frankly speaking you are too honest
I see you kind of dumb
come! Help me handle this
come sit over here
Let's have the lobster salad
go on
how come there's so much of it?
There're still many fellows with us
many fellows?
Is it the dead?
Do you know there are many
ghosts around...
Looking for food in the night
I don't much care for the money
and that's...
Why I bought a lot of food for them
do you believe in ghosts?
To frighten who?
You don't believe this?
When you call them...
White candles & flowers
and melon must be ready
these are so soft,
they must be easy to eat, right?
Don't you know the reason?
Because they are smelly
and so it attracts them here
if you don't let them eat...
They will crawl in front
of you very slowly
stretch out their long nails
and scratch your face
I want it
Honey, open the door!
Open the door please! I'm scared to death
quick, open the door!
One more
I'm asking you
have you seen a boy
with spectacles pass by?
You're such a neurotic
Have you seen a country guy
dressed in suit...
With spectacles around here?
No, you better look for yourself
Hey, miss
did you see a girl with the radio suit?
Here she is
how come you've got no guts!
It's so cowardly...
Running with a mad woman
over your shoulders
do you know what you are doing?
Come, let's go for drinks
I can't
it's my birthday today
ain't you gonna greet me
for happy birthday
behave yourself!
Don't be afraid,
it's only a birthday kiss
please come with me
who the hell is she?
Everybody, please feel free to drink.
It's on me
cheers everybody
Do you understand? I seldom have birthday
everyone should have a birthday
but mine is different from others
bottoms up,
I'll tell you the difference after that
I'm sure you'll agree with me
My birthday is on the 29th of February,
its once every four years!
Come on, cheers! Let's celebrate!
You want to leave?
Don't you want to make me feel happy?
One more round!
The last one! Okay
I must be going!
My boyfriend wants to leave now
no, come on, let's toast!
You drink too... cheers...
Hey, our son is back, let's go get him
what are you shouting at?
I know he's back
hurry up!
How would you like me to ask for?
Ask him if 21 years vitality
has been released
how can you ask him that way?
You should know that
your son hasn't been...
Touching any woman other than you
you didn't ask him,
how do you know that he...
Is helping others or self-sacrificing?
We need not ask him
I bet it must be self-sacrifice
let's sleep,
haven't slept well for the night
you father and son...
Are both the same,
rather self-sacrifice than holding-up
for the wife
you don't ask! I'll go!
Move your stinking feet
don't think you can stay with me tonight
don't you think that I can't live...
Without you
I just said a few things about you
and you got mad
I got mad?
You lost temper without
any reason last night
yes, this won't work, do you understand?
Hey, what kind of man you are?
Wrong, it's me
let me do it.
Oh! I don't mean that
I'll ask him if you don't want to
goodnight! Mom and dad
well, we can't ask him now
it's all your fault
Excuse me
Such a coincidence!
step aside, excuse me, step aside
I'm sorry...
Hit it once again
Excuse me
Ain't you getting off by central?
here we are
Fetch the brief case for me, will you?
Hi, Nancy
yeah, what?
Your boyfriend knows about my duty
with you last night
and found the word '"wai' I wrote
on your underpants
hi, wait a moment please
why are you so mad at me?
Easy! Man, just for fun
what? I've got to compensate $500 for you
is Nancy worth five hundred?
even that big store had 20% off
so 20% less $500 is $400
if you still bullshit...
I'll let everyone know your wife
has an affair
alright, give me your account number,
I'll transfer the money for you
You've been fooled by me
who are you?
I am the twin brother of your boss
he saw the world a bit earlier than me
so he is stronger than me
but I am taller than him
this is my first day on the job;
I'm Monica
I'd better go for my work now
excuse me, Monica
let me introduce myself to you
I'm the twin brother of your boss
my name is ng-wai
today is your first day here?
My name should've been ho-wai instead
of ng-wai
f we can have lunch together today
so let's have a lunch together
Japanese food? Curry?
Sorry, I'll have my lunch with others
oh, your boy friend; We can join together
my name is wai, ng-wai, this is...
Simon - Paul
Paul, Simon, let's go, come on
ah wali, where are we going?
Brother, good to see you!
It's Monica's first day at office.
I invited her for lunch
this her boyfriend, Paul Simon
let's go
Brother wai, join us for lunch
what's up for today?
We've got boiled beef
and also the lobster
that's ah-wai's favourite
take it, let's try some of these
see if the table wine
is appropriate for you
come on, try this, come on
How was it?
It is sweet
sweet, what wine is this?
It's so tightly wrapped
oh, sorry, this is glucose water
what happened?
Hold it, she is new...
And knows nothing.
This is the right one
this is master-wai's favourite wine
enjoy yourself
don't you like it?
let's get something to eat
make yourself at home, everyone
serve the customers
I'll go get it
this brand is fine
The food is quite good
eat more
there are prawns
Excuse me
ohl! Its dirty, you bestial
this one fits you best
open it
should be 1983 and not 1982
I'm sorry
are you alright?
I'm sorry. I didn't mean it
doesn't matter
thank you
You don't like this stuff, do you?
We'll go to get something else
Have some prawn
prawn, no. I like the raw beef
it's your first day, isn't it
thank you. Yes
what's your name?
I'm Monica
I... you are Paul?
Yes. My surname is chan
raw beef. I like it
this stuff needs a bit of skill
and strength
add an egg and press it lightly 3 times
don't press it too hard and use a fork
control the pressure
or it would be too old
good for the skin if you are girl
make you stronger if you're a boy
have some
try it
add an egg
That's right
do you know the story behind this?
Once upon a time,
there's a Mongolian general,
he very much fancied eating raw beef
he used to go to battlefield very often
so he couldn't have his favourite food
then, right?
Hence he devised a way
he put the raw beef...
Between his ass and the saddle
when the horse starts galloping
the beef gets whipped up...
Until it's soft and tender
thus he could have his desired beef
oh yes, do you know the name...
Of this general?
In this case he should be
called "split ass"
you're right,
his name is indeed 'split ass'
I nearly forgot his name
waiter, waiter
brother-wai, you leaving?
That general took the right wing
at the frontier
right right
oh, yes, the right side, the right side
The bill is $1,338
no cash? I got the credit card
I've got cash here, I've got cash
is this card acceptable?
Of course, sure
how about this one?
This one's okay. Gold card
hey, what's the matter with you?
What's the matter?
What are you doing?
What's the matter? Be careful
no singing, no singing
what's wrong with you?
No singing
what are you doing here?
Checking the bills
still checking the bills, Mr. chan?
I'm not Mr. chan
sorry, I'm not talking to you
Mr. chan, you can finish your melon
thank you
that's abuse of power,
you know how to tackle?
You want to try?
Brother-wai, they've made a clown of you
Your boy friend is so powerful
he ain't my boy friend
there's singing and red carpet
it's the five-star service
and the general manager
serves me personally
pack it up
excuse me, make my way out, excuse me
brother-wal, you're welcome back anytime
Go get changed!
Don't practice it anymore
Shut up, shut up; Quiet, everybody
we are busy working now,
where're you from?
Go away, quick
attention. Be prepared
The one with long hair
not you, it's her
Good... I'll wait for you outside
Miss, you look so familiar,
do I know you?
You are...
Mak kitman
you're at the studio, right?
Yes, you're right
you are 944103, 944103
commercial radio, I can remember it now
you are that famous d j
who can sing as well
you really are
I love the song 'me and the four guys'
and also ...Brother's candy something
- what?
- No. The tango.
It's the "mantis & I and Don quixote"
maybe, something like that
breathing is the key that alters singing
one needs to co-ordinate chest and lungs
hold on, don't move
this is it,
I feel the air inside my heart
it's from your diaphragm moving
slowly up...
Towards your chest
thus making your breasts even bigger
I'm warning you,
I hate this shit you're saying
What are you doing here, Simon?
You want to be a singer? Making albums?
No, not me
these are recordings
What so funny, come back
attention everybody, get ready
Hey, watch it!
No, I haven't. Swear I haven't moved it
the things that I want to do
This is for you
maybe we can go fishing some other day,
Where'd we going for fishing?
Tai yuan fishing village
tai yuan fishing village
no good?
When I was small
I liked to go fishing with my dad
My dad is great at fishing
once, he took the fishing rod
and swung it like this
it's me, can I come to see you?
You come right here to me in a minute
I'll be right there, hey...
May I come in?
My my, that was quick!
I said it wouldn't take a minute
don't be funny.
Bet you called from downstairs
what's this?
I've been enrolled
you know how to catch bugs?
Is the bug control unit only
for bug catching?
What're you asking?
I'd like you to amuse me
what are you talking about?
No, no, entertainment
what I'm saying is...
We can go and have some fun
How's that?
I dare not see the expression
on your face
tonight's going to be
some overtime shift at work
what are you doing?
You better reserve a bed for your boss
in hospital
Because I'm going to beat him
I'll be working until 9 P.M.,
what do you want?
Then you are saving a human life
what kind of entertainment you prefer?
Go for the movies
that's good idea
The boss is here
deal - bye
9 o'clock, don't be late
what else do you want?
I've told you I don't want
to see you again
but I want to see you
I am not your woman...
And this is not your company either
why the hell you wanna see me
Monica, why are you so nervous
this is not the first time
that I sent you flowers
thank you
The flowers have been sent;
Anything else?
I'll give you a ride, okay?
I've got to meet my friends
please drive me to the palace theatre
Sorry, I'm late. Let's go inside
No way
Who's that guy anyway?
That's yip tung
I'm talking about the guy
who just drove you here
he used to be my boss once
you quite forgot about our date,
didn't you
yeah, I had to do overtime
so why you...
How come you came along with him?
you broke up with your girl friend...
Why get mad at me?
A production of over a million,
a small project
sit back and watch
Man, life sure is tough!
Son, you've got to remember
the routine...
Before you go to bed
yes, I know
gotta sleep early
before taking the driving test
I've already fallen asleep
I've appeared many times,
yet you don't let me pass
I'll beat you to death
morning, sir
I didn't ask you to start the car...
So don't do that
I'm sorry, sir
chin... Mr. chin
my surname is chan
didn't tell you to speak,
better not say a word
answer me if you get it
I got it, sir
sign your name here
Well, you follow the taxi ahead, move it
don't panic, you fool
I' m here to help you
when I make the left turn,
you do the same
I'm making the right turn, don't forget
I'm gonna protect you
Mister, can't you drive...
Haven't you got your driving licence?
You know how tough it was for me!
Big deal!
You only got a driving licence, ha!
Forget it,
it doesn't matter much to me
I'm intrigued!
Don't let me see you on the street again,
move on
you're braking too hard
sir, I...
Both hands should be
on the steering wheel
left turn at the crossing ahead,
then pull over at curb
Is it raining now?
Oh, it isn't raining
come on, reverse it a little
come on
take the left hand side,
the left hand side...
Sir, there's plenty of room here
on my side
it's because there's a lot of space
by your side,
so there's no room on mine, you see
Why is it like that? This won't work
this ain't gonna work
you haven't been bumped yet
yeah? It's bumped
and I nearly got you crashed
sir, what can I do now?
Just need to turn around,
forget about the test
What's with the umbrella,
it isn't raining!
No good returns for my kindness
Drive slowly, man
move backwards
reverse a bit...
There's a lot of space at the back, go on
turn back, now turn around
no, I'm finished this time
crying is no use
you're sure to fail so better do
what you like
I see it as a game, that's it
I order you to stop the car
stop it
I beg you to stop the car
you've got the guts!
I was wrong
I can promise you everything, sir
tear it off, would you?
Okay, okay I tear it off, I tear it off
I've got a wife and small kids at home
I've just met a bitch
watch out
let's go to hell together
ah, big brother, please don't kill me
your driving is cool
It doesn't count this time, right?
You're so brave, let's move
Monica, its me
you've called me over 20 times
please don't be cross
cut the crap. What is it?
Mom said you were still angry at me
it takes only one night to forgive you
mom said,
when you are mad with somebody...
You'll take a life time to forget
I am sorry, now I apologize to you
Fine, I'll forgive you temporarily
feels like having a cockroach
inside my cup...
Being worried and anxious
smashing around nervously
how about I take you to a movie
I said I'm not mad at you...
But didn't say that I'll go out with you
who is the other guy then? Tell me
you thought I was the cockroach
inside your cup?
I've got my choice for friends,
don't you agree
please don't phone me again
I mean, you're hell bent on leaving...
Your boyfriend,
and that's the wise decision
I know that you're in a bad mood now
shall we have dinner together tonight?
You mean I'll feel better
by dining with you?
Do that and you'll feel 60 % better
as for the remaining 40,
trust red wine to do the job
imagine a candle light dinner
with soft music
forget it
why, still mad at me?
You've got such a childish temperament
that's not true
oh, I know
you don't want to go dinning with me?
It's because you're such a good person
and you don't want to hurt
my feelings and
my pride, am I right?
I'll come over to pick you up tonight
Irene... I'm in a good mood
get the things done
We better not go out for dinner
oh, that's so sweet of you
I'll drive you home,
I won't insist going out
Are you crazy?
Every time you're here,
you act distractingly
step out
there's something that
describes you perfectly
it's the "game boy"
anyone can play with you...
And the game ends real fast
the game-over sound in this machine
is like this.
Don't follow me
unless I can walk with my hands
hey Simon, it takes a long time
to go home...
If you walk with your hands
get in the car, I'll drive you home
are you angry?
Don't. Be a man
stop talking nonsense, get in the car
Oh! Look at the door of my car
no dating, no meal
totally untouched
why, the door is damaged
oh, the door!
Don't cry, you are a man
you guess would she change her mind...
If I went up now?
So long
the door, oh my door
don't come over here, don't!
Please come down here, my dear wife
you must not jump down from there
I would do again
you come down
Hand it over
hey kid, you want to take my tips?
You lousy bugger
do you know what I do for a living?
Come apologize to me
I know that I'm helpless in front of you
I am mean and easily react on impulse
I feel jealous
and am scared of losing you
I'm telling you all this and yet...
Don't know how to express myself
what are you trying to tell me?
I am saying, please let me come up first
this means you give me another chance?
I understand that...
Everyone gets their fair share
of break-ups
say, my ex-girlfriend
we used to be real good to each other
however, we had a different viewpoint...
And eventually broke up
you oughtta know sentiments
cannot be messed with
it'd be complicated for both,
do you agree?
I agree with you. Your words are touching
oh, it's only touching
you think I believe you
to have a girlfriend?
What's so great about it?
That kind of girl friend differs
from the real one
while you seek for someone
to go on a date
you've got that kind of girl friend
that kind of girlfriend is really...
Any more?
Sorry, I'm a bit over excited today
you're excited,
then gave me the money first
and also,
I won't be responsible for any accident
think twice before you act
are you still mad at me?
No, I want to sleep
Lily, allow me to introduce
this is Paul and this is Lily
I've got a good news
and also a bad news for you
what is that?
The good news is I'm going to marry John
next month
really! Congratulations
how about the bad news?
I guess you want me to move out
you're gonna let me stay
for one more night, okay?
No problem
see you tomorrow
I recommend you an incredible idea
for a new flat
I assure you it's trouble-free
just get married to someone
who owns a house
Paul? No, it's me
I'll still help you find a flat
if you don't marry me
the flat has 3 bedrooms
with beautiful view
would that be very expensive?
Not really, it's quite cheap
are you interested?
Yes, what building, what area?
Monica, let's go
oh, it's time to go
we've decided to look for a flat together
you can come with me
are you interested?
You can join us
oh, shit,
I forgot to close the top-window
your car hasn't been fixed!
I would have changed the car
if I were you
don't say that to me
you know nothing
about guaranteeing the value
the door is damaged,
you can claim insurance...
Then it'd look like brand new
the body is very common,
but it's got the style
these cars are all around the streets
just look at the license plate and
you know that the owner is a rich person
he sure is a rich man
got a lot of tickets everyday
it's inevitable
it's not much to me, doesn't matter
Come on inside, quick, come on in
over here, Monica, it's comfortable here
please close the door
I'll help you with the safety belt
I don't know how to manage this
thank you - let me do it
you drive the car
will the landlord be unhappy...
If you decide to rent me the house?
Oh, I don't care he's happy or not
the most important is
that you like the house
are the room facing the sea
more expensive?
How much is the red one...
I just mentioned
five hundred dollars
oh yeah, it's five hundred dollars
five hundred
if it's too expensive,
then make it four fifty
four hundred - four hundred
including water,
light bill and management fee
is there something else?
Each month squander away 400 all
of a sudden
no need to worry too much
then you pay the deposit for us
you are...
No, it's only me renting the house
when can I move in?
Whenever you desire, it's up to you
where is the room for me?
Forget about the room...
Let me show you around the house first
the huge windows
and the newly painted walls
the fresh air
the soft carpet
with the elegant sofa and the furniture
it's simply a perfect place
Just see the design of the lightings
you will know how stylish is the landlord
what does the landlord look like?
Is it a gentleman or a lady?
Oh, it's a gentleman. Brilliant and wise
he's a kind and self-respecting
we'll talk about this later
may I see the interior?
What are you saying?
Oh, so you are the landlord
yes, I own this flat
does this guy look brilliant and wise
and a kind person with pride?
Let's go, Monica
why did you need to play a trick on me?
You lie to me word by word
don't you agree to tell
the truth is better
do you think that I'm afraid of you?
No way
I said yes, this would work
I said no and it'd be no way
no more nonsense, I said this would work
for something minor I can pretend
I don't know
but this is the major decision,
I got to be the master
dad, mom, please don't argue anymore
hey, it's none of your business
what's wrong with this house?
It's too small, just one room and a hall
but it's meant for two persons
it'd feel too crowded though
how can all four of us accommodate!
We ought to look for a bigger one
shall we live with them together?
Get a bigger house,
who dishes out the money?
your bad temper
only I can stand
if you interfere with your
Our son will feel bad, understand?
Aren't you aware of the money?
Money? I have no money
get in the house, old lady,
don't say a word
go inside
you think 'going in' would
solve everything?
The problem will still remain
Son, here's the money for the house
don't buy the house facing north-west
so much money, I think it's sufficient
thank you very much, daddy
this way
This lock is broken again
I just changed it yesterday.
Please come on in
though it is a bit damp inside
but the area is quite spacious
you see
it's the prison over there
on the left is a church,
graveyard on the right
the spirit comes out at night
and hides away during the day
I bet you must get richer
when you move in
or else, you must have seen the ghost
let's take a look over there
is his surname chan?
Oh yes,
no wonder there're so much dust around
this is the toilet for visitors
this is the storeroom
this is the toilet attached
to master-bedroom
excuse me, may I use the toilet?
The place is not bad
with continuous hot
and cold water supply.
Here's the flushing water,
the water pressure's good
everything is damaged
you go on, it'll be fixed in a while
take a look over there
This lock is also broken
I've got a solution
forget it, we are leaving
don't fancy this one?
We have another house for your choice
I prefer to take a second look
at the previous one
that one is clean and clear,
this is in bad state
Mom, you've bought so many stuff?
You even cheat your mother, huh
From here is the input...
Dad, these are yours
Thank you
you hold it
look what's happening there, quick
oh, it hurts, go get the medicine
and bandage
What happened?
Look, see what you've done!
Go away
you should leave the heavy duty job to me
be careful next time
hurry! Take the dishes out, old lady
easy, beware of the tetanus infection
hey, you're back!
What're you doing in my house?
I came over for dinner
come, try some - good girl
at least try a bit,
these prawns are cooked by me
hey, we're running out of time
why is it so?
Going for a movie
the movie, it's already ten
there's not much choice for movies
the mid-night show
ooh, the mid-night show
all right
sse see 23 seeiteet re
anee sos sisess er as ete
careful there
- bye...
- Bye
go ahead and scold me
I knew you'd want to condemn me
I also knew
that you don't like me to come
you think I don't see that
scold me
you know we've been recently acquainted
of course I know
we have no sentiments involved...
Between us
yes, I'm aware
you also know that I've got a girlfriend
yes, I know, so what?
But there's one thing
you probably don't know
I'm going to get married soon
ooh, you are telling me to get lost
you need not cheat me like this
it's true
you already married her?
She's already married to you?
We even bought our house
you ought to move out your stuff fast
fine, I'm leaving
How about your things?
I'm not taking anything along
you may keep it as gift for your wedding
Hey, you come over here
mum has never scolded you
dad has seldom beaten you
I may have pinched you just for
a couple of times
today I'm gonna scold you
today I'm gonna beat you
for the first time
what has happened?
What happened!
You've made my daughter-in-law cry
what are you talking about?
You broke her heart - no
you treated her badly - no
you scold her - no
you beat her-no
you abandoned her
what are you saying?
It means you kick her away
oh, she's not my girl friend
are you going to buy the house?
Yes, I did
are you the one who brought her home?
Yes, I did
is she the one
who bought us something as gift?
Yes, she did
is she the one who treated us so nice?
Yes, she is
so she should be your girlfriend
that girlfriend compares
with this girl friend
it's not the same
this girl friend...
Is not the one I've known
shut up, you're saying nothing
you are gibbering now
the more you say,
the more I don't understand
to be honest
do you now dislike Anita?
You said no, then it works
even if I said no, it still doesn't work
I think this girlfriend is much better...
Than the other one
even if that girlfriend is willing
to marry you...
It isn't sure that she'll be
with you forever
I can assure you that Anita will
I agree
she is an intellectual and virtuous lady
she is even better than me,
can't you see that?
Please don't bullshit me any more
oh, you've never been shouting at me...
For all these years
oh, now you've grown up
you say dad's talking nonsense
fine, granny, let's go inside the house
why go inside the house?
What else could we do inside the house
It's me
have you contacted
the decoration company yet?
No, not yet
still not, you better hurry up
Lily's going to get married soon
have it done so I can shift earlier
have you chosen the curtains yet?
I thought you were going to
decide on that
you make the decision
doesn't matter, I think pink will be nice
pink is no good, it won't suit
then take green
nobody uses green nowadays
besides, green color doesn't match
with our windows
Monica, it's for you
your favourite yellow roses
so let's decide on yellow then
I've been divorced already
hi, what's up
very generous of you, these yellow roses
hey, why don't you talk to me?
Hey, I'm asking you if you liked yellow
It's been three years that I last used
it might not be working properly
give it up,
it's a waste of time and effort
I've already lightened you
there's no fire here,
how could I lighten up?
Why do you speak to me in such a way?
What is it that you'd rather have me say?
I want you to tell him
that I'm the one you love
no way
you have to make up your mind
you have to choose between me and him
I feel very happy whenever I'm with him
he too adores me
how about me,
for whom did I take divorce?
I even let my wife keep the company
why? What am I doing all this for?
I've waited for you for three years
three years is long enough a span
so, you said you love him
then you don't love me
I don't love you,
and I don't love him either
I don't want both of you
does that make you satisfied
Get lost! You!
You're lying to me
What are you doing, Monica?
Are you going out?
You've asked me whether I like you or not
you should know this
let's separate for a while
are you going to stay with him?
I'm still single; I've got my choice
Paul, if I stay with you
I feel sorry for him
but if I stay with him,
I feel more sorry for you
so I've made up my mind
and decided to live my life alone
what do you mean?
Monica. What are you doing?
Let go of me
what do you want from me?
We're finished
finished! We've been together for a while
and separated for sometime.
What do you want?
Why're you yelling at me?
I don't care
Paul, don't act like this, it's over
it's over
I now know what you mean by "it's over"
we've been friends for so long
don't tell me you were fooling around
all the time
go home
let's pretend there was nothing
ever between us
it's useless
it's a waste of time
Monica, I swear to you that I can change
if I said something wrong, I apologise
what more would you want me do?
I truly adore you
I'm heading for the subway right now
you come after me 10 minutes later
if you can find me...
It'd prove that we're destined
then we can be together
I will be within the station...
Before the last train departure
Monica, listen to me
how can I find you in such big area
Hey, Anita
I understand your boyfriend
is playing game of fate
at the station with Monica
do you want to come?
Sir, why're you jumping over here?
Where's your ticket?
I don't got one
please buy your ticket over there
can I sort of owe you cause
I'm in a hurry
I can indict you
if you don't have a ticket
Go get the ticket
young man, you have no coins
you take this and return me some day
is it okay?
Take it
it's you!
Such a coincidence meeting you here
long time no see
how are you?
What are you doing here?
You are taking the underground
playing games, betting for our fate
I know that you need money
you got money now, can you pay me back
thank you
you're welcome
you are playing fate game,
I've got two monthly tickets here
it'd be a great help for the game
can I join you in the game?
Do you know the rules of the game?
No, I don't
I go down the subway first,
you come 10 mins. Later
if you can find me, then you win
10 minutes, something must go wrong
one could be miles away in 10 minutes
you think I am stupid
then turn around and count till ten
hurry up, hurry!
1,3,5,7,8,9, 10
The man in the light brown jacket
please stand behind the yellow line
the man in the light brown jacket
please stand behind the yellow line
Ooh, sorry I can't hear you clearly
you come in
you come in first
what happened, sir?
My sister is gone, missing
how could you be so careless!
Now, where do you lose her?
Mongkok - mongkok
this is lok fu station
you're looking for her here!
There's no way you can find her here
could you help me, please
why didn't you keep her in sight?
She's gone anyway
she's gone by herself
she said she's playing hide
and seek with me
boy, this ain't a good playing place
bringing along the kid rushing around
what's the name of your sister?
Let me announce myself
hey, you can't use this
only the staff are permitted
the passengers at all stations
can hear me
if I called out from here
no, thank you
you fool
don't come close
get away from me
this time it don't count
Thank you
This place is too big,
where can I find you
What can I do?
It's strange
why is it that your little husband
can't find you
I just come down and here you are!
Didn't need to look around
I know you well, you are so smart
you let that silly kid searching
for you everywhere
I know you're playing game-of-fate
with Paul
how do you know?
Sure I knew
he is my boyfriend
he tells me everything
he also invited me to join the party
I really don't understand,
what's your charm
you're just okay; No angel either
what do you have that others don't
only that silly boy acts distractingly...
Getting into this game with you
if this were my scene...
I would have done only two things
firstly, I'll be gone forever
never seeing you again
then I'll give you ten slaps on the face
and ten punches
how is he now?
Poor fellow, he's being taunted by others
being condemned and embarrassed by others
he will go cranky anytime
I really hand it out to you...
For being able to figure out such tricks
fate game,
searching around within the Metro
is this fate?
How could you two meet
if there was no destiny
if he don't like you...
Why is he so crazy after you
I know he simply adores you...
Just like the way that I feel for him
I don't care whether he likes me or not
however, I do sympathize with him
do you know how huge the area is?
It's very difficult to find a person
do you know how tough
it has been for me...
To try and find where he is
don't mention it was I who told you
he will be here by the next train
believe it or not
I leave him here for you,
you do your best
miss, did you press the button
to stop escalator?
Oh, I didn't know it wasn't allowed
it's only meant for emergency purpose
mind you explain this
to our station officer
no problem
Hey, what's going on here,
anything wrong again?
Strange. Just pay the money and let go
no big deal
have you found your girlfriend?
Over there, come, lemme lead you there
you didn't lie to me, I hope
no, I haven't
here it is, follow me
you are not cheating me
come on
Over there, walk faster
where is she?
Aah, keep quiet, faster
You didn't lie to me
not at all. Come quickly
beat you if it turns out a prank
look for yourself
where is she? There's nothing here
on the spot again
hi, Monica
how are you, is your boyfriend late again
There are different kinds of boyfriend
this kind of boyfriend you can dump
there is no other guy as good as me
I'm not waiting for anybody
ah, you've been badly treated by someone
with a broken heart, you are lonely again
I'm not, you got such a big pile of stuff
you'd better get going
I am not that kind of a person
you're so sad and lonely now
I can't leave you here and go by myself
aah, love affairs are like this
come, I'll take you to a place and relax
come... follow me
first have a sip from wine of emotion
after you drink it...
Your mood will be much better
don't worry
I haven't had liquor in a long time
take a big glass, okay.
I will get drunk very easily...
Under this mood
get drunk
if I was drunk,
I'll fall asleep very easy
that's too bad
no, why is it too bad
I need a good sleep
Some more wine for you
thank you
tea would be nice for me
excuse me. You've got no excuse to give
don't be shy
if you're drunk,
you can cast off all your worries
Why are you not drinking?
I can't be humiliated in front of him
no matter what, I ought to drink the wine
Why are you drinking so much
no, this ain't anything
do you still want more wine?
No, thank you
seems to me that something is missing
something missing...
Ooh, I get that,
it's some music we're missing
Do you want some?
It's hot
it's very hot...
I'll go and take a bath
Ng-wai, you are so brilliant and wise
and such a stalwart as well
you are much much better than that Simon
that's what you said
I'm a bit drunk now
me too
I'm very sleepy
you can go to sleep
I'll sleep on the sofa
no, you can sleep on my bed
I feel sleepy
ooh, here I am; Monica, here I come
I am here, Monica
what are you doing?
Doing what?
Wow, we've got great wine
lovely music
with the macho me and effeminate you
under such romantic circumstances,
what else couldn't have happened?
The phone's ringing. Go on, answer it
the telephone
Hello, it's me.
Why didn't you keep your promise?
What are you talking about
I don't keep my promise
I am an honest and Sincere man
you keep your promise
I've been waiting for you
for nearly an hour
ah, I'm sorry
you know, it's a bit late now
however, it's only half past twelve
there're still many people taking
the underground
you wait for me now,
I could be a bit late
but I'd be there; Promise
I feel so sick
aah, my head is heavy,
my nose is blocked,
and my eyes hurt
I've got pain all over my body
that's alright
the last train departs at one o'clock
please wait...
Aah, don't go away
whom are you talking with?
I'm not talking to you
I'm telling you, please don't go away
it's a vain hope; Don't call me hereafter
the phone, the phone! Damn it, the phone
the last train is approaching.
Please let the passengers alight first
the last train is approaching.
All passengers get aboard
the train please
the last train is approaching.
All passengers get aboard the train,
You don't recognize me?
Here comes the train
What're you looking at,
have you forgotten me?
This last train is specially scheduled
for you both
go on, hurry up