Behold a Pale Horse (1964) Movie Script

In 1936, a thousand years
of history exploded in Spain.
The forces of nationalism
joined together...
...against the forces of the Republic.
Soon the whole world found
itself involved in this struggle.
The whole world
looked toward Spain.
In 1939, the Spanish Civil War
came to an end.
These were the men who lost...
...crossing the border into France...
...and exile.
Hey, Manuel.
Where are you going?
Come back!
Manuel Artiguez, it's no use!
There's nothing more we can do.
Manuel, the war's over.
Why don't you give up?
Come on.
My name is Paco Dages.
I'm an orphan.
My friend, Luis, is taking me
to the French border.
I will live in a French city
called Pau...
...with my Uncle Antonio...
...and with many other
Spanish exiles.
I hope to find someone else too:
The great leader of the guerrillas,
Manuel Artiguez.
This is called Verdoriz.
Over there, that's France.
Remember what I told you:
Stay away from the French police.
And don't run, running's noisy.
You don't wanna attract attention
close to the border.
If a policeman finds out
you don't speak French...
...and you can't explain
where you live....
You see that village down there?
That one? That's Pedro's.
Wait till Pedro finds out
you're Jos Dages' son.
He'll spread the purple carpet,
believe me.
Good luck, Paco.
I hope I see you again someday.
- You forgot the cross.
- Don't tell me you started to believe... priests and churches and crosses
and stuff like that?
You don't wanna carry this around.
It belonged to my mother.
There. Now you've got
your whole inheritance.
Your father was a brave man.
Remember him.
I will.
And don't forget the man
who killed him either.
Now, let's see if you can jump
from Spain to France.
There's a boy outside.
There's a boy outside!
Oh, yes. Yes!
Hello! Hello!
You must be Paco!
Welcome! Welcome!
How long have you been
waiting out here?
Not long, I hope.
Come in, come in.
Isabel, let's have some breakfast
for the son of Jos Dages!
Do you know who this is?
- My father.
- And that's me.
My father was young.
Everybody was young in those days.
You know him?
Everyone who loves Spain
and freedom should know who that is.
Manuel Artiguez, my father's friend.
Do you know him?
Yes, I know him.
Do you know where he lives?
He lives near your uncle in Pau,
in the Spanish street.
Why has he stopped
making raids into Spain?
For 20 years he's gone over
four, five times a year.
He's made a fool of Captain Vinolas
and all his police.
How I wish he would
come back one day...
...and kill Vinolas for
murdering my father.
No. He won't go again.
His heart has gone out of him.
They say at home, in San Martin...
...Manuel will always come back
when he's needed.
- You didn't lose your uncle's address?
- No.
- Good luck, Paco.
- Goodbye.
Excuse me, sir,
is this the Spanish street?
Hey! He's pretty good.
- Are you Spanish?
- Of course I'm Spanish.
- Do you want to play on my side?
- I can't. I have to find somebody.
- Manuel Artiguez.
- Who?
- Oh, you know, the bandit.
- He's not a bandit.
- He's a very important man.
- Why?
- Because he's a leader.
- A leader?
- Of what?
- What difference does it make?
Oh, that was a long time ago.
Come on, everybody, kick the ball!
Do you know him?
No, but I have to find him.
Do you know where he lives?
Over there. Number 17,
on the top floor.
Why do you want to see him?
Come in.
What do you want?
Good morning, sir.
Does Seor Artiguez live here?
He does. Who are you?
Are you his father?
- Who sent you here?
- I'm Paco Dages.
- The son of Jos Dages?
- Yes.
- Who sent you to me?
- You? Are you Seor Artiguez?
What is it you want, boy?
Did you hear about my father?
Yes, I heard.
Now, why did you come here?
What did you hear?
Answer my question.
What is it you want?
I want you to kill Vinolas.
Kill Vinolas.
Go away, boy.
Thought I told you to get out of here.
Vinolas killed my father
because of you.
They beat him,
but he would not talk about you.
In the hospital, Vinolas asked
him questions every day...
...but he would not talk.
How would you know?
They wouldn't let you in the ward.
I found a way to get in.
And they let you stay?
Not every day.
Not the day he died.
If my father had told them about you,
they would not have killed him.
What your father did
was his business.
And what I do is mine.
Now, get out of here, boy. Get out!
Kill Vinolas.
What is it they want?
I've done enough!
Captain Vinolas, we are ready!
Let him out.
Open up!
Hey, toro.
Where are you?
- I like your horse.
- Thank you, Captain Vinolas.
- What's his name?
- Nio.
I would be very honoured
if you accept him as a gift.
You know I can't accept gifts.
Perhaps you'd like to buy him
at a reasonable price, captain?
That's a possibility.
Your hands are very rough, darling.
You made me forget something.
A promise.
About going to Lourdes.
I promised.
Not when.
I told you, as soon as I can.
When? When? When?
Oh, darling, you've been
promising for so long.
Please, you know how
important it is to me... pilgrimage to Lourdes.
For your sins?
I'll take you. During my vacation.
Excuse me, seora--
Gala! Come back.
- What is it?
- The telephone, seora.
- Who is it?
- For Captain Vinolas.
My office?
Your wife, sir.
What did you tell her?
I thought-- I thought it
was his office, so....
You didn't say he was here?
Hello, dear.
I'm sorry to bother you...
...but when something
important happens...
...I think people should swallow their
pride and do what must be done.
That's why I've called you,
and for no other reason.
Well, Teresa, that's very nice of you.
You apparently told your office
you were coming home.
Yeah, I did-- I was, but-- But I....
Well, it doesn't matter.
But they've called three times,
I thought it must be important.
That's the only reason
I've called you.
Thank you. I'm very grateful, dear.
How are you feeling? Any better?
It doesn't matter.
I don't want to keep you from your
work with discussions of my health.
You better call your office now.
Why did that fool, Zaganar,
call there in the first place?
This is Captain Vinolas.
Get me Lieutenant Zaganar.
- Yes, captain?
- Why did you call my home?
I'm terribly sorry, captain, but there's
a new man on the switchboard.
I hope it didn't cause you
any inconvenience.
What did you want?
We made a routine check
on Manuel Artiguez's mother.
- What about her?
- We found that she's seriously ill.
- How seriously?
- She's not expected to recover, sir.
I'll be there in five minutes.
What is it, darling?
Manuel Artiguez. His mother's sick,
not expected to live.
- Does that mean he'll be coming here?
- I think so.
If his mother is sick,
isn't it a point of honour?
You'll get him this time.
You'll be ready for him.
It'll be hard to set a trap
around his mother's house.
The neighbours will tell her.
She'll send word for him not to come.
Her house?
She's not in the hospital?
Nobody likes to go to the hospital.
When it's time to die,
what can a hospital do that--?
The woman doesn't
want to go to the hospital.
We're not gonna
ask her permission.
I'll send an ambulance for her, sir.
I sincerely believe she'll be more
comfortable in a hospital, don't you?
Without a doubt, sir.
How's the old woman?
She hasn't eaten a thing
since she's been here.
She refused a blood transfusion
this morning.
She won't talk to anyone,
not even to the priest.
Where is she?
I'd like to see her.
She's there, by the window.
But, captain, we have no room for
our employees to stay here overnight.
- They'll have to sleep on the floor.
- We have some very sick patients.
I'm issuing a statement that a highly
contagious case has been discovered.
And the hospital has had to be
temporarily sealed off... avoid an epidemic.
Surely you're not going
to detain the doctors too?
The doctors can come
and go as they please.
- And the priests?
- Also the priests.
I don't see how I can resist
the Guardia Civil.
You can't, seora.
Sergeant, tell the special detachments
to move into position...
...but to take every precaution
to avoid attracting attention.
I'll make an inspection tour
in 15 minutes.
- Yes, captain.
- Lieutenant.
...I don't want anybody to know
why we're doing this.
Artiguez may have sympathizers
in the hospital.
- Or even here.
- I hardly expect that, sir.
What we hardly expect, lieutenant,
is what hurts us the most.
Any questions?
Yes, sir.
What if Artiguez doesn't know
his mother is in the hospital?
I'll see that he finds out.
Paco! Hey, Paco! Wait!
Paco, wait!
Hey, Paco, wait!
- I have to go to my French teacher.
- Seor Artiguez wants to see you.
- Why?
- I don't know.
- I don't like him.
- He says it's very important.
Tell me, Paco... well do you remember
the hospital in San Martin?
- Why?
- My mother is there.
They won't let her leave the country.
Even now, they keep
a strict watch on her.
Is she very sick?
- Are you going to see her?
- That depends.
I remember the hospital well.
Thank you, Gusano.
Now, what's next door
to the hospital?
Oh, that's right.
What's across the street?
A bakery.
It has two delivery trucks.
They drive in from the other street.
You mean some of the buildings have
entrances from two different streets?
The hospital is like that too.
They brought my father in
from the other side.
Do you remember if the roofs
are joined together?
Or is there a gap in between?
Joined together.
- Good morning.
- Morning, Celestina.
- Did Carlos come?
- He did...
...but he's already gone back.
You can look after
the kitchen first, Celestina.
She likes Carlos.
He's the smuggler who brought
the word about my mother.
Now, the hospital.
Is there much street lighting
in front of it?
Yes, it's very bright.
When does the night porter
take over?
At 9:00.
Where does he stay
most of the time?
He has a....
Well, I could draw it for you.
Celestina! Bring some paper.
What about the stairs?
Are they wide or narrow?
Wide from the ground floor
to the next floor.
After that,
there are two narrow ones.
And which floor is
the women's ward on?
This is the men's ward,
here, on this side.
And this is the women's ward.
Women's ward, left.
Men's ward, right.
I've got to memorize all that.
Let me study this for a while.
You've been a great help to me.
I want to give you a present.
Is there something you'd like?
Try to bump into Vinolas.
Celestina, why don't you stop fooling
around with mere boys like Carlos...
...and get yourself a real man,
like me?
I like a man who works for a living.
- He's only a smuggler.
- At least it's an honest job.
Majias, wait a minute.
Stop here.
- Are you getting out, sir?
- Yes.
- If there's word from Carlos, call me.
- Yes, sir.
Please help me to get Artiguez.
I wouldn't ask you this...
...but I've been after him all these
years, and always he's escaped.
He's your enemy too.
He's killed my men
and robbed this country.
If I don't get him, my superiors
will think that I failed in my duty...
...and they'll replace me.
I'll go to Lourdes.
I won't take Rosana.
I'll give back the horse.
Please, God, it's been 20 years.
Let me have this victory.
There will be two plainclothes men
just inside the main entrance.
Two on each floor.
And the bakery truck
will be by the loading platform.
Don't put more than four riflemen
in the back.
They won't have room to--
- What was that, Majias?
- No news of Carlos, sir.
If I don't hear from him in one hour,
I'm going to deploy the men.
So soon?
Excuse me, sir, but won't that give
his friends a chance to warn him?
I can't help that.
It's 2:35 already.
Artiguez could conceivably
be here by now.
- In daylight?
- Why not?
He might come in daylight
just because we don't expect him.
Damn that Carlos.
Why this way?
You wouldn't want to be seen
going through the front.
They might think you were
the lady's client.
- Who pays her rent?
- She has a lot of uncles.
More than any girl in town.
This should be a good
temporary office for you, sir.
Four windows overlooking
the hospital.
I said we're expecting a burglary and
need her apartment for surveillance.
- Where is it?
- The fourth floor.
She must be popular if she can make
her clients climb four floors.
Hope we're not disturbing you
too much.
Always glad to be of service
to the Guardia Civil, captain.
Oh, thanks for the telephone.
I've tried to get one for a year.
- I told her she could keep it, sir.
- Good.
Must've been inconvenient
without a phone.
They told you we'll have to keep you
in custody till this is over?
I've been in custody before.
It's worth it,
to meet so many new friends.
You don't need new friends,
my dear.
You need better friends.
Quality, not quantity.
Who knows? I may even get some
of that now that I have a telephone.
Very good, Sanchez.
Couldn't be better.
- Is the sniper on the hospital roof?
- Yes, sir.
I can't see him.
- But then that's good, isn't it?
- Yes, sir.
But I can see the men
in the porter's office.
- Tell them to close the curtains.
- Yes, sir.
- How soon will those be ready?
- The walkie-talkie's operating now.
- The telephone?
- Not yet.
- And the radio?
- In a few minutes.
Hurry the telephone.
I'm out of contact with the station.
- They say it'll be an hour.
- An hour?
They have to bring the lines
from the street.
Go to my car,
see if there's any report on Carlos.
Who, sir?
- Just ask Lt. Zaganar to come up here.
- Yes, sir.
See if you can talk
to the gun stations.
Hello? Number two, porter's office,
this is number one.
Come in, number two.
Come in, number three.
Number three, bakery truck,
on station.
Come in, number four.
Number four, on station.
Good afternoon, seora.
Are you comfortable?
I'm Father Ramon.
Is there anything I can do?
Go bless the rifles
of the firing squad, priest.
I'm afraid you've stopped
by the wrong bed, Father.
I'm sorry. I'm new here.
I'm taking Father Francisco's place.
Oh, yes. I hear he's finally
getting his trip to Lourdes.
That's all he's talked about for days.
It means a great deal to him,
doesn't it?
You're wanted on the phone.
- Who is it?
- Father Ramon, at the hospital.
Thank you.
Father Esteban.
Father Esteban.
Are you packed and ready,
Father Esteban?
Bed 24? Are you sure?
Isn't that the old woman who--?
Why won't she speak
to anyone but me?
But we're leaving the seminary in...
...59 minutes though.
I know it's a sacred duty,
but surely if you explain to her....
I can't miss my train to Lourdes.
I've been waiting too long.
The hospital is 20 minutes
from here.
How could I get there
and back in time?
How much of the street
can you control?
As far as I can see, sir, with this.
Sir. Sir, they've picked up Carlos!
Just a minute, Father.
Excuse me, Father.
Wait a minute, please.
Aren't you the day porter?
Why are you still here?
- Why another priest?
- This one is the regular Padre.
The one before was a replacement.
- Why does he need a replacement?
- Don't ask me.
Priests come and go all day here.
- You can go upstairs, Father.
- What's happening here?
They think there's an epidemic
in one of the wards.
Be careful, Father.
What is the epidemic, matron?
Well, the tests, we haven't
heard from the laboratory yet.
I hoped you'd already left.
Are you in pain?
Send her away.
No, I'm not in pain.
I'm about to die.
The Lord giveth and taketh.
Mostly taketh.
Do you know who I am?
It is not the custom
to ask for names.
The mother of Manuel Artiguez.
We're all alike before God.
What about heathens?
Would your God grant the last wish
of a heathen?
I've heard them say
you're on your way to Lourdes.
You'll be passing through Pau.
My son is in Pau.
Seventeen Spanish street.
They know he will come to see me.
They want to kill him.
Let me give you the sacrament.
I don't want your sacrament.
I want you to save my son.
Vinolas' men will kill him.
I can't do anything against the police.
I can't break the law.
Whose laws do you priests follow...
...God's laws or Vinolas'?
You're a priest, have mercy on me.
Save my son.
Save my son.
I think she's going.
Call Dr. Riva.
I'm Lieutenant Zaganar
of the Guardia Civil.
Will you come with me, please?
They're bringing Carlos in a jeep.
- Let me know when you see him.
- Yes, sir.
Father Francisco?
Captain Vinolas.
Won't you sit down, Father?
May I offer you a cigarette?
Thank you.
You were called in to the hospital
to attend Pilar Artiguez...
...mother of Manuel Artiguez.
You know who he is, Father.
The bandit who desecrated
the holy church.
Yes, during the Civil War.
Yes, a long time ago,
but desecrations nevertheless.
I want to confide in you, Father.
I've set a trap for him.
That's why we're keeping
the hospital closed off.
Tell me, did she say anything
about her son?
You know I can't tell you
what she said.
We mustn't forget the clergy and
Guardia Civil are on the same side.
Both trying to serve our country. You
by prayers, and I by enforcing the law.
I can't tell you.
Excuse me, sir.
They're on their way up with Carlos.
Tell them to bring him in.
Every citizen must help defeat
the enemies of our nation, Father.
If you try to force me to tell you
something my vows forbid me to tell...
...then you are also
desecrating the church.
Father, I'm not forcing you
to anything.
I only hope you know
where your duty lies.
I hope so too.
- Well?
- He's not coming.
- What do you mean, he's not coming?
- Not tonight, anyway.
What happened?
He's turned into a cautious man.
He doesn't want to come
unless it's necessary.
Now he wants me to come back again
and bring him the latest news on Pilar.
- Can you get back to Pau tomorrow?
- I've crossed--
- Do you want the reward?
- Of course I do, but I--
I'll be there in a minute.
Don't let anybody in or out.
And don't let anybody touch her.
She has died.
The old bitch.
Damn her.
What difference does it make
if she's dead?
As long as Artiguez doesn't know it.
We'll keep the hospital sealed off.
No telephone service, nothing.
You've gotta get to Pau
tomorrow morning.
- I have to get some sleep.
- You'll sleep when this is over.
You'll tell him the doctors only
give her a couple of days to live.
She's asking to see her son.
Now, that's the most important.
She is trying to see him.
I'll convince him.
Lieutenant, relieve the men
on special duty.
Sergeant, get him a car.
I'll have to issue a statement
about the epidemic.
I'll talk to the matron,
see the authorities.
- Good evening, Father.
- Good evening.
Father Francisco. Father Francisco.
Father Francisco,
get in here quickly.
- What's the matter?
- What's the matter?!
Get in.
What's the matter with you, Father?
Are you trying to make all of us
miss our train to Lourdes?
I had to spend seminary funds
to come after you in a taxi. A taxi.
You should remember
your vows of poverty, Father.
Driver, back to the seminary.
Hurry up, Francisco.
- Hey.
- What?
Your bag is here, on the truck.
- I must speak to you, Father.
- You will miss your train, Francisco.
It's something urgent, a question
of deathbed wishes against--
In other words, does the law take
precedence, I suppose--
Francisco, we are going to leave you
here if you don't come immediately.
Would you like to stay here
and discuss it with me?
Francisco, come on.
No, Father, thank you.
- Have a good trip.
- Goodbye.
- Why don't you sleep?
- I am too excited.
And I have a lot to think about.
I shall bathe in the holy spring
so that I shall get better.
There is nothing the matter
with you.
Oh, yes, there is.
We all know I am not right.
Ever since....
Ever since....
It was a bandit, wasn't it?
He knocked me down.
What was his name?
Stamp? Stamp for letter.
Stamp, please. Letter.
No, no. Pau.
Please. Please take it.
It's very important.
It is for Pau. Please.
My ticket's on that train.
I have no money.
Don't run on the stairs.
Carlos is asleep.
Did you bring news?
- My mother is worse.
- You are going back?
I'm sorry.
I'm glad you came.
I need somebody to stay here
while I go out for a few minutes.
I'm expecting Pedro.
Tell him I'll be right back.
- Don't let him wake up Carlos.
- I won't.
What would you like for a present,
besides Vinolas' head?
You are not going
to get it back this time.
Enough is enough.
You think these olives grow on trees?
Play somewhere else.
You think we have no defence
from wild animals like you?
Stay away from here. Stay away.
Good morning.
Does Manuel Artiguez live here?
I'm Father Francisco.
I come from San Martin.
- I must speak to Seor Artiguez.
- He's out.
Can you tell me
where I can find him?
It's very urgent.
His life depends on it.
Can you give him a message?
Will you give him this letter?
Please tell him
he must not go to San Martin.
His mother is dead.
Will you please tell him that?
She is not dead.
She passed away at 8:00 last night.
I spoke to her before she died.
I beg you to find him
and do as I tell you.
Give him this letter.
I can't stay any longer. I'm on my way
to Lourdes and I must hurry.
Thank you.
Paco, I'm glad to see you.
You'll wake up Carlos.
He's already here?
- Where's Manuel?
- He'll be back in a few minutes.
My old woman sent you a cake.
It's in the car.
- meeting a priest bad luck?
- Yes, it is.
For the priest.
Hey, Carlos, he'll have
to wake up sooner or later.
Pedro, do priests ever tell the truth?
They might, in their dreams.
Hey, Manuel.
Thank you.
Why don't you go on out,
give it a try?
I've got something to tell you.
First, I'll wake up Carlos.
- Is it yours?
- Yes.
- May I hold it?
- Bounce it.
Oh, look.
What's the matter?
Is something wrong?
They took your ball, huh?
Well, don't come to me. I'm busy.
If they took your ball,
you'll have to get it back yourself.
You'll have to learn
to do your own fighting.
Go ahead.
It's your football.
I thought he had more fight
in him than that.
There are too many for him.
Come with me.
I'll help you get your football.
It's not that.
I know Carlos.
He's an informer.
What's the matter?
The boy says that Carlos
is an informer.
I saw him with a Guardia man
in San Martin.
The night they beat my father.
Are you sure you saw him
with the Guardia Civil?
An officer. The one who questioned
my father and me about you.
Maybe he was under arrest.
No, they were friendly.
They went away in a car together.
- You're mistaken, Paco.
- No, I saw him!
He's an informer.
Listen to me.
You don't say things like that
unless you know.
I do know!
You don't know.
You can't.
Carlos is my friend.
You've made a mistake.
I don't like him.
He's too eager to make you go.
- He spoke to Pilar only last night.
- How could he?
They don't allow people
into hospitals late at night.
He knows a nurse
in the women's ward.
He takes her perfume from here,
and nylons.
He wouldn't inform on me.
He knows what I would do to him.
If you were trapped in San Martin...
...if you were dead... couldn't do anything
to anybody.
It took him such a short time
to get here, unless he had a car.
Don't go, Manuel.
Ever seen this boy?
Who is he?
He says he's seen you
with a Guardia officer in San Martin.
Me? With the Guardia?
Who the hell is this boy?
He's either mixing me up
with someone, or he's just lying.
- Why should he be lying?
- I wouldn't know!
And I don't know why I'm taking all this
trouble to bring messages from Pilar...
...if this is all the thanks I get for it!
Everything I took over,
I brought back!
Because I had no time
to get it to my customer!
I had to waste my time
with the nurses to get to Pilar!
Pilar is dead!
The boy is raving mad.
I spoke to Pilar at 10:00
last night.
How do you know
she's dead, Paco?
The priest told me.
- What priest?
- He brought a letter for you.
- A priest brought Manuel a letter?
- Where's the letter?
I tore it up.
Maybe something's left.
There is nothing.
Pilar is dead. But Pilar has written a
letter and asked a priest to deliver it.
What else?
- Where did the priest go?
- To Lourdes.
What made him come here?
He said Pilar had asked him.
Pilar asking a priest.
Did you hear that?
She asked him to warn you
not to go.
Look at this.
If there really was a priest...
...and he really brought a letter,
why did he tear it up?
If there was a priest, Paco,
then why didn't you tell me?
I was afraid
you would believe him.
All right!
If there was a priest...
...and he went to Lourdes,
we'll go there!
- We'll find him.
- We can go in my car.
- I'll wait here?
- Oh, no!
You're going.
You won't need that.
We are looking for the priests
from San Martin.
I think they are over there.
- Is that the one?
- Where?
The old one in front.
No, that's not the one.
Were there any others
from San Martin?
- No, there were only five here.
- Are you sure?
That's correct.
There were only five.
I tell you, there was a priest and
he said he was coming to Lourdes!
You've been lying to me,
you little brat!
Come on, Paco,
let's go back to the car.
- I didn't lie! I didn't lie!
- That kid deserves a broken neck.
Is that him?
There he is!
- Get in, priest.
- Beg your pardon?
I said, get in, priest.
Oh, you're the boy!
Then you must be Artiguez.
You got my message.
- But where are you taking me?
- Back to Pau.
You can't do that! I must join up
with my group in Lourdes.
You're going to Pau.
All right, priest. Now, what is this lie
about my mother being dead?
It's true.
I'm sorry.
I spoke to her just before she died.
She wouldn't speak to a priest.
She asked me to tell you
not to come to San Martin.
You know me.
You want me to believe that a priest
would risk his hide to warn me?
Maybe you're not a priest.
Answer me!
You're gonna face Carlos.
- One of you is lying.
- Carlos is lying.
If Carlos is guilty,
you won't see him again.
Oh, yes, I will.
He'll come back tonight...
...for his pack.
Well, you can't keep me for the night.
I told you, I must join my friends.
I'll keep you as long as I like...
...till I find out what I want to know.
I'm sorry that I hit you.
I hope I'll get to see you again
before I go.
You don't believe that I'll go.
There is no reason to go now.
Let's go, priest.
I'll take you home.
Hey, Paco!
Hey, Paco!
I was keeping it for Paco.
Sit down, priest.
All we can do is wait.
Oh, yeah.
He'll be back, all right.
This stuff is worth a fortune to him.
Must have had a few thoughts about
those things in your young life, huh?
- What are you planning to do with me?
- Why? Think I might kill you?
Only two years ago one of our priests
was in the bank in San Martin...
...when you robbed it.
It knocked him loose from his senses,
and he has never recovered.
Priests should stay out of banks.
Thank you.
Why doesn't your god
help you now?
Perhaps he is.
He's not feeding you, priest.
I am!
You know why I don't believe
your story, priest?
Because it doesn't make sense.
Don't go to sleep.
No, it just doesn't make any sense...
...for a priest to risk his life
to warn me.
Besides, if you really are
keeping me out of a trap...
...Vinolas is going to find it out...
...and you're gonna be arrested.
What if Vinolas arrests you?
Aren't you scared?
Yes. I'm not a criminal.
Not all the inmates of Spanish prisons
are criminals, priest.
Am I a criminal because I raided
all those places in Spain?
Look at the way I live. That's how
much of the money I kept for myself.
Go ahead, priest, tell me
I'm a bandit.
You know what you are.
Don't feel sorry for me, priest.
There's nothing to feel sorry for.
You stay where you are, priest,
until I call you.
And stay awake.
- Who is it?
- Carlos.
It's open.
I've come to pick up my rucksack.
I thought you'd be gone by now.
I was waiting for you.
I thought I'd go back with you.
All right, let's go.
I hope I can still keep up with you.
- Oh, you're probably faster than--
- Than I look.
Sit down.
Have a glass of wine.
I'll be ready in a minute.
All right.
Come on out, priest.
Is that why you feel sorry
for me, priest?
Because I'm getting old...
...and it's made a coward
out of me?
I knew my mother was sick.
I knew it for days.
And I wanted to go see her,
but I kept putting it off.
I couldn't make myself go.
I was afraid to go.
Is that why you feel sorry
for me, priest?
Do you feel sorry for yourself?
Aren't you sorry to be
so full of violence?
You judge too much, priest.
Is that part of your job?
When you think of it, it's funny.
The informer got away.
The bandit can sit right here in Pau...
...if he wants to and be safe.
The only one who is going to suffer
is the priest...
...the man of self-sacrifice
and goodwill toward all.
Did the informer really get away?
Is the bandit really safe?
Go to sleep, priest.
Or you can go down to the station,
catch your train.
I don't need you anymore.
If that's my train,
how can I get to the station?
- Sit down.
- But I--
It's not your train. You've got
a few minutes. This is important.
I've thought of a way for you
to save your skin.
Just say Carlos is lying.
- It'll be your word against his.
- I'm not going to lie.
A little sin at the right time
might save your life.
Get your priests to say
you were with them.
Would they lie for you?
They would not,
and I wouldn't let them.
Where do you come from, priest?
I was born in Lorca.
Do you know it?
When I was 6 years old,
I went to Lorca every day.
My mother and I used to load
the donkey with firewood at dawn.
I'd drive it into Lorca, and I'd stay
there until the wood was sold.
I never came back until night.
Then we were neighbours.
Here, priest, have some wine.
You, born in Lorca.
Funny, I never think of priests
being born at all.
Tell me something... did it happen that a Lorca man
turned into a priest?
It was during the Civil War.
I was 10 years old.
Some soldiers came to our farm
one night and killed my father.
- Why did they kill him?
- We didn't know.
He didn't belong to either side.
Well, which side killed him?
We never found out. It was dark.
We didn't see them.
It wasn't our side.
What difference does it make?
Did either side have a right
to take his life?
You'd better go, priest.
A Lorca man.
Where's Pedro?
- Manuel.
- We have to go and dig up the guns.
- Why?
- My mother has died.
I must go home to see her.
Your mother has died?
Then she won't know you're there.
Why are you going back?
- Why?
- Yes, why?
What else can I do?
You're right.
Besides, they don't think that I can.
You go and get your car,
and I'll pay the bill.
Make out Pedro's bill, please.
I'm sorry.
Is that enough?
Too much.
Thank you.
I'm on my way.
I'm ready.
You'll never make it.
You're too drunk.
I'm too drunk?
I'm too drunk?
Get me to San Martin,
as fast as you can.
Yes, sir.
Listen very carefully.
When I get out, you drive off
at a normal speed.
Don't stop anywhere.
Drive straight back to Elizondo and
don't tell anyone you've seen me.
Yes, sir.
Whatever you say, Seor Artiguez.
Stop here.
Remember what I said.
Yes, sir.
Son of a bitch!
Turn off that light!
We've got him!
Can you hear me, sir?
We got him!
Shot dead!
- It's hard to realize, isn't it, sir?
- What?
It's all over, and you've won.
Congratulations, sir.
Congratulations, sir.
Congratulations, sir.
Congratulations, sir.
- Congratulations, sir. This is your day.
- Thanks, lieutenant.
Now that your trap has worked
so brilliantly, sir, what are your plans?
I plan to make a long-delayed visit
to Lourdes.
To give thanks for this victory.
Then will Seora Vinolas
accompany you to Lourdes, captain?
Unfortunately, no. Seora Vinolas
is not able to travel at this time.
Sir, may I speak to you a moment?
- Excuse me.
- Yes, sir.
- We still have the priest.
- Captain, one more question.
Do you consider it significant
that 20 years after the Civil War...
- ...a political enemy--
- Political enemy?
Artiguez was a common bandit,
nothing more, nothing less.
But a desperate attack
such as this--
It was not a political attack.
He came to kill an informer.
He could've done that without walking
into a trap. He also fired at you.
- Isn't it just possible--?
- I don't deal in speculations.
Artiguez was a bandit,
an enemy of the state.
And now he's dead.
- Who is that man?
- One of the foreign reporters, sir.
Sir, we still have the priest upstairs,
under guard.
We're not gonna fight
with the church.
Just forget to release him till
the Father Superior comes to see us.
I want to be sure he understands
my point of view. Oh, lieutenant.
Yes, sir.
Artiguez knew his mother was dead.
He knew we had a trap for him.
- He had to know.
- Yes, sir.
Why did he come back?