Being AP (2015) Movie Script

It's like being an addict,
I'm an addict to my way of life
because it's like a drug.
I'm an addict to riding horses,
I'm an addict to winning...
But it wears off and then you have to go
chasing it again.
It's all about winning,
that's what you're really addicted to.
That's why you go chasing that...
That kick that sort of makes it different.
I don't know where
the excitement comes from,
just the riding and
jumping the fences and...
With lots of other horses around you.
You know that there's not much room,
you don't get to see much,
there's horses falling around you.
I suppose near the end, I suppose
the adrenaline is in winning,
you know, I mean, that's all it's about,
it's all about winning.
I think you have to have goals in life,
you know,
you have to have something to chase,
you have to chase the thing
that you can't ever catch.
I don't think I was ever really content
with my life,
because no matter how you have a go at it,
no matter how much you try, you can't...
You can't be as good as you want to be.
Previous injuries?
Erm, cheekbone.
Okay, left or right?
Left, yeah, because I never really
got the feeling back.
Left collarbone, twice I think.
Shoulder blade... Can't remember which one.
- Sternum.
- Yeah.
The ribs are... They've
all had a go I think.
My back is fused from T...
9 to 12.
Done broke my right arm, um,
radius and ulna.
- Both at the same time?
- Both at the same time.
- Okay.
- My right wrist as well.
My left tib and fib.
I think I always get
kicked there a few times,
- that's all that is.
- Oh, dear.
And my right ankle, I think.
Never had a concussion?
- I've had lots of bangs on the head,
- Yeah.
But I've always been able to function
and know where I am.
Yeah, okay.
Hands on the side of your thighs.
As my career developed and I was
lucky enough to become successful, I...
It... It became a bit of a numbers thing,
you know?
When I started off,
I wanted to be champion jockey,
and when I was champion jockey then I,
you know, wanted to ride more winners
then any jump jockey had ridden before.
In 2002, I was able to do that,
I rode, 289 winners in that season.
Then you want to, you want to win
more jockey's championships
then any other jump jockey has before,
and you want to ride more winners than
any other jump jockey has before, and...
Um, when I rode 3,000 winners,
I actually thought,
I will be able to ride 4,000 winners,
I had it in my head,
I thought this is achievable, you know?
But as I say,
to be champion jockey 18 times,
to ride 4,000 winners is incomparable.
Crispin is out
in front here, Crispin from Panama Petrus.
Mountain Tunes still staying on, surely
he can't, can he? The final hurdle...
And there jumps Crispin
and Mountain Tunes and Tony McCoy
now launching a tremendous attack
on the outside. He's done it!
What a hero! What a sportsman!
What a jockey!
4,000 up for Tony McCoy on Mountain Tunes,
who played Crispin late and Panama Petrus
back in third place.
The thing about records
is they always get broken, you know,
they always get broken.
So I want to make it as tough as possible
for whoever is breaking them, you know?
Because in, you know, in 20 years' time
if someone is champion jockey
for the twentieth time, I'll be 60,
or when I'm dead and buried,
at least it won't annoy me.
Okay, we're going this way.
Evie, sweet... Sweet pea,
can you stay with me? Thank you.
Put your thing on.
Right, please... Please stay with me.
Right beside me.
Our award for
this season's champion jockey.
He's been the champion every year since he
started riding taking a conditional title
and 18 consecutive champion jockey titles.
He's won Gold Cups, Champion Hurdles,
Queen Mother Champion Chases,
and a Grand National.
Ladies and gentlemen,
a huge round of applause
for our champion jockey Tony McCoy!
I would love him
to retire at the end of this year.
Because the races are run at a faster pace,
so when the jockey does have a fall,
they hit the ground faster,
and there has been a lot of bad injuries over
the last, probably, two and three years.
Is Daddy going to win this?
Well, that's the plan, Eve, right?
The fact that we have two kids now,
and I think the sport
has been incredibly good to him,
erm, and he is 40.
You know, I know it's very young
in some ways, but in his career it's old.
Hold on, here's another one.
One more jump. One more jump.
He just needs to get over this.
Please, please, please don't fall.
Come on! Come on, hurry!
Come on!
Come on Anthony!
Come on, hurry!
Come on Anthony!
And on the day he's crowned 19 times
champion jockey Tony McCoy
gets home in the first.
So, yes, I would like him
to retire this year,
mainly because of safety reasons,
and to get him in one piece,
I don't want to have a husband that you
have to help out of bed every morning,
and, you know, ideally, that would be...
Erm, yeah.
Can you sum up
what 19, what number 19 means to you?
You got to enjoy the moment, um, hopefully,
I can win another jockey's title,
maybe win a few more.
Erm, I know a lot of people have asked me
about riding 5,000 winners,
and my wife would kill me for saying that,
but, you know, you got to give yourself
targets and goals.
You know I've been lucky...
I've been lucky to work with great people
that helped me win a lot, but...
And I have a great agent in Dave Roberts,
who books all my rides, you know,
so, um, you have to continue winning.
The season finishes
on the Saturday,
it starts again, I think,
now on the Tuesday,
you're back to zero
and you've got to be riding winners quickly
if you want to be champion jockey.
Hi, Dave Roberts speaking.
Hi, Dave, I'll pass you over to Alan.
I'm just checking with Chepstow tomorrow...
No, I don't run.
I've just spoken to Frank,
and we're not going to run him
on heavy ground.
Okay, so AP won't be riding him
tomorrow like that.
His kind of approach is numerical, if any
horse can win any race, he will ride it,
good jumper or bad jumper.
- Was there anything else?
- Okay, no thanks, bye.
That's what's got him where he is,
the fact that people know
that he will always ride everyday
if it's physically possible,
and that is the difference.
Yeah, very well, no, that's
fine for AP tonight.
Getting to the tally of 4,000,
that's probably a lot to
do why he's got there,
'cause either he'll go racing when a lot of
people, years ago, wouldn't have done.
They would've took days
off, but not him, no.
Rushing round these
little tracks, riding winners
for a couple of thousand,
and that... Are those basically, are those
his championship months, aren't they?
Yeah, they are.
I think what makes it extraordinary is
he's only got to compete against himself.
Yeah, he's still
willing to get in the car,
drive five hours up to
Newcastle for one ride,
turn around and then do it all over again.
Thank you very much, sir,
and the best of luck to you.
Yes, that's right,
I mean, we're betting on
whether he'll reach 5,000 winners,
this is the next enormous land mark,
and, of course, when he got to 4,000,
we thought it was highly unlikely.
It's all numbers.
It's only ever been numbers.
It was about riding as many winners
as quickly as possible,
and give them as little time to dream about
even being champion jockey, as possible,
because the longer they have,
the more sometimes it can become reality.
I always wanted to just sicken them
as quickly as possible.
I wanted it to be over before it started
if I could help it, you know?
You know, and it's always that thing,
he wants them to look across at him
and go, "Oh, no, it's AP,"
and that's what you do
when you're riding against him,
you just think, "Oh, yeah, I've
got a chance, got a chance,"
then you look across,
and go, "Oh, no, it's like Doctor Death."
And they're off.
Lucky Prince is the first away being
followed by Chalk It Down and Dresden,
they're chased by Black Sea King
and Valley Brig and as they step over...
And they're rallying to the outside,
Chalk It Down, Dresden
also trying to get on terms,
they make the run down
towards the final fight...
And Dresden is down! Dresden is down,
and that has left Chalk It Down in front
in the hands of the champion jockey.
And going towards the finish,
is Chalk It Down who will chalk up
his first win over hurdles.
May be lucky.
Chalk It Down the winner,
Fancy King second,
Braccus third
and Lucky Prince of Valley bring in.
You kind of set yourself goals,
I was thinking if I rode 20 winners in May,
then that would be good, you know?
And you're getting there now?
Well, I've ridden 21, so I'm thinking now,
hopefully, I can ride 30 winners in May,
so the goal posts have changed quickly.
I'll be disappointed if I
don't ride 30 winners.
If I don't ride nine more in May you know.
And what happens if you don't?
Uh, that'll be
a bit of a failure, won't it.
I do worry about maybe
not being as good as I once was,
or not having as many winners
as I should have done,
or worrying that people might think because
I've had a lot of success in the past
that I might not be as hungry
to have it again, you know, so.
Or they might think that,
you know, his time is up,
he's not as good as he once was,
which happens to every sports person, so.
I will give it a go, and try to ride my
fastest ever fiftieth winner if I can, um,
but, also, I wanted to be champion jockey
this year,
'cause if I am, it'll
be my twentieth season
and, um, you know, that's something I could
never have dreamed of being able to do,
so this season will be harder than any
of the others to try and achieve that, so.
Tornado Bob from Don Quixote...
is rallying on that flat.
Tornado Bob, Don Quixote with that...
On the line.
McCoy getting it on close.
His fastest ever 50.
Don Quixote gone up in the shadows...
Does it mean
that he's got a target in mind?
Maybe that magic number of 289,
his best ever season tally, perhaps even
getting to that magic 300.
What an achievement that would be.
Is this realistic this season?
I think it is, there's no
doubt about it, he's got to the fastest 50,
he knows he's ahead of his schedule,
he'll have that marked.
Now his next target will be 100,
then the target after that 150,
then 200, then 250,
and then that magic number.
This time of the year,
he comes maybe once or twice a week really,
just to school all the young horses, and
even the older ones just to give them a pop.
Ah ya do, yeah.
I need this for a week, wouldn't it?
To be fair, to get in properly.
So he has an idea of which one he would
choose to ride if it came to that, you know.
You're gonna pop on Monday Gold first,
and fill some trumps, Master Fortune.
He's so much experience and what he tells you
about them, you take it on board really,
and nine times out of ten it comes true,
you know, so having him on is a great help.
- He seems happy enough taking the big ones.
- Mmm. Yeah.
Oh, he's clever, I suppose that's clever.
I like to see him do that.
- Yeah, he's very good. Yeah.
- He's good and brave, yeah?
But intelligent like 'cause he is a bit...
He was over the hurdle,
he was a little bit grabby, you know?
He has the horses
basically talking to him really,
and he makes them do
what they're supposed to do
- and gives them a lot of confidence doing it.
- Whoa...
Not everybody has
that magical effect really.
If he rides a horse
for the first time,
that horse has an uncanny knack
of improving once he's sat on it.
It's uncanny how many times he's won
on horses which shouldn't have won a race.
Something he gets
which the horse responds to,
and it happens so many times,
it can't be coincidence,
it's as if the horse
gets him on their back,
and the horse grows in confidence,
so the next time it runs,
it's, "I quite like this."
His mentality is exceptional,
his knowledge of the formbook,
you can ring up and ask him any horse,
he would know of what that horse can do.
The feedback he gives the trainer,
you mean a horse might need blinkers,
or it might need to be held up at the back,
and then the horse suddenly improves.
Yeah, there's better ground out
there, you can see the divots on the end.
And then he'd be... He'd run on like...
We've done his palette,
we did it in August.
At some point, you might think
about doing the whole job,
because that's why he's doing
what he's doing.
Do you know what, Luke?
I think he's been picking
his rides a little bit, too,
because he's so desperate to do it
in JP's colours.
When you get someone
that is as successful as JP McManus,
he's polite, he's quiet,
he's not exuberant.
If he goes ten ahead of you,
and you jump off with him,
- that's fine. At least he ends.
- Yeah.
You know,
he sees in somebody like JP,
somebody who's unbelievably loyal.
Don't give him a gift.
Don't give him a fucking gift.
He's become really,
really close to JP and JonJo,
they've got a little bond between them.
There's AP, kinda looking for us, eh?
How are you AP?
He's lazy enough, if you have to hit a
slought now don't be fighting him a slought.
Because he is lazy, I'm telling you,
he's fucking gone a bit old fashioned.
Yeah. Yeah.
You shouldn't have to.
And here is AP McCoy,
in the green and yellow hoops
of JP McManus,
trained by JonJo O'Neil, white cap.
You see your husband
putting themselves at risk every day,
and yes you've chosen to marry them,
and you've chosen
to support them in the career.
Come on!
But he has lived with the hardship
of having very bad injuries
for the last 20 odd years he's riding.
- Oh!
- Oh, my God!
His ability to control pain,
to manage pain is, um...
Is very unique, you know,
and very bizarre.
I mean, it is quite unusual
the way he can control concussion,
'cause if you're out and you step down.
And he's gone out and
ridden in the next race
and has absolutely no recollection
of riding in that race.
He can control it
because he's driven by fear...
The fear of not being champion jockey.
Go, go, go, go!
Just everything, "It's in the head,
Chanelle. It's in the head, you know."
He's like, "Pain is temporary,
losing is permanent."
You know, I mean, it's temporary.
So we're okay. Phew!
Up you come.
Ah, a nice little sleep.
How many are you putting in?
He'll have a bridge of four teeth.
It's like having your permanent courtesy car
when your car goes into repair or service.
He needs a courtesy set of teeth
for everything.
And that's why, you know,
we're not prepared
to put the implants in
and put new teeth in straight away,
because you have to be careful with that.
- So when he retires, then, we can...
- We need to get on with this.
That's the idea. So you tell me
as and when that's gonna be...
- That's the million-dollar question.
- Absolutely!
- I'm not going to make you answer.
- We need to get on with this...
We need to get going.
- Right, we're ready to go.
- Okay.
- Super. Thank you so much.
- Just give me a smile there.
Okay, we'll keep them
nice and white for you.
Most people would tell you
they think he's made from something else,
because I'd say 60, 70% of jockeys
would have stopped by now on what he's had.
I mean, you know, every time they go
to ride, it could be their last ride.
I sit and watch the race in here and
whether it's one of my jockeys
or someone else's jockeys,
as soon as a horse falls and you think
a jockey's had a bad fall,
it just makes you
sit back and wince a bit,
because you just don't know,
you are, really, every time you ride,
that could be your last one.
There are no guarantees.
It is a high-risk sport, I think.
Nip and tuck between these two
as they come to the next flight.
AP McCoy out in the front
with the racing...
Oh, my goodness, he's fallen!
AP McCoy takes a fall
and then the oncoming horse
appears to step on AP at the same time.
That looked nasty.
AP gingerly getting to his feet.
And you get no threes or fours...
- You only got ones or twos.
- Mmm-hmm.
So we need to get rid of the twos
and get all ones.
- And then we'll be away, won't we?
- Mmm-hmm.
- What? Do you think you'll be able to do that?
- Hmm.
Evie, are you having breakfast?
I'm sore, you know.
And then I rode a horse in the next race,
because I thought I would win.
And, um...
Luckily I did win,
and then I gave up the rest of my rides,
and I didn't ride yesterday, either, so...
Like, I knew it was
obviously around my chest,
around my lungs area and that,
but I've punctured my lungs twice
in the last two years,
so I kinda know the feeling of what it's
like whenever they're punctured or not.
Because your breath doesn't come back
when you puncture your lung.
So it was kind of...
My breath wasn't great
but it did gradually come back.
But, um...
It got...
There's a guy there.
Hard to get up there. Please.
Right, here.
My husband will help you.
- Hi, Dave, you all right?
- Just put it on speaker.
Um, good, yeah. Have you many rides
on Sunday, out of matter of interest?
I might only ride a few of them
on Sunday then,
and see how I am. And suddenly if you think
any of us have got a chance,
then I'll ride it you know.
All right, thanks Dave. Cheers.
Bye, bye, bye.
Tell him you're not riding on Sunday.
I am riding on Sunday.
It's just badly bruised,
it's very sore, but it's grand.
It's getting better, I
can lift my hand up now.
The 19-times
champion aboard On The Record
moves along side Roll on Ruby.
Now McCoy has to shake up On The Record,
and Bangkok Pete and Wayne Kavanagh
alongside, moving on
down towards the second last.
On the Record, galvanized by AP,
trying to see off
the attentions of Bangkok Pete.
Bangkok Pete just ahead.
On the Record though, a much cleaner leap.
And now presented with the advantage,
McCoy driving away.
Bangkok Pete, On The Record,
back for more on the near
side, McCoy pulls it out the fire,
and On The Record,
for the man who makes breaking records
look commonplace has got up to score.
And a personal milestone is almost reached.
AP McCoy, the champ has
equalled the number of winners,
trained by his former boss, Martin Pipe.
Martin, hello there.
How are you?
Hello, Mike. Very well. Thank you.
I bet you can't believe that he's
closing down on your record, can you?
No, it's a challenge we've had
between us for sometime
and he's getting so, so close.
It really is incredible.
To ride so many winners and still keep
going. And riding better than ever.
Kirby's Glen
at the rear of the field.
So, Tony McCoy disputing third place,
seeking to surpass Martin Pipe's
record of career wins
which he equalled today at Uttoxeter.
At the moment, Old Pals Act
is still right in the thick of things.
As indeed is virtually every
single runner here,
as Klinsman leads the turn,
just about a circuit under
their belts. And for the first time,
Andrew Thornton giving the impression
he just wants to press on slightly,
but he hasn't shaken off the pursuers.
Klinsman by
a length as he approaches the next...
Again they're all over, in fact Kirbys Glen
just beginning to struggle
slightly, just like
so many we've seen. Tony McCoy
improving on a horse that so far
hasn't really warmed to his jumping but
between the fences is travelling up well.
Old Pals Act, then King of Dubai...
I might have won more races
than anyone else,
but I've lost a lot more
than everyone else too,
so I might have the
record for the most wins,
but I've got the records for the
most losses as well.
I've got the record, for probably who's
fallen off the most as well.
Because you can win
the biggest horse races in the country,
and then next year you can be
in the back of an ambulance.
So, you can go from a really huge high
to a very sad low very quickly.
Klinsman hasn't been left...
And it's Klinsman! No record
this time for Tony McCoy.
But Klinsman moves Andrew Thornton
another closer
to his personal milestone of a thousand.
Old Pals Act in second place...
It feels a bit sore
right down the middle.
- Okay.
- So it does.
But obviously as I said to you,
about going to the garage,
if you were a mechanic,
the mechanic will fix you
and you'll be better whenever you leave...
That's how I pretty much I...
How I want to feel whenever you leave,
I'm supposed to feel better.
I've told you my theory on this as well.
Mechanics don't work
with old bangers, do they?
Have you coloured your hair?
Have I what?
There's less grey in it today.
Fucking hilarious, you are.
I've got to have a good sense of humour
to work with you.
- Yeah, see, there it's quite sore.
- Yeah.
- That's the...
- That's the old fracture.
So is that... Is that just...
'Cause I don't think
that's been sore before.
But you were sore last time
when I saw you last week.
I'm just going to work through,
trying to release any tension
through your soft tissue here.
It'd be so much easier if they didn't
stand on you whenever they fall.
Don't fall off.
Right, don't get me, guys.
I'm with the kids, okay?
We're all against AP.
That little terrorist. Yous got me!
I got a fall, and when I fell, I fell away
but the horse come behind me.
Stood on me on the way past,
stood right in the middle of my chest.
It's my own fault, it fell,
'cause it stepped on me, right?
It was going to win.
I couldn't breathe. I swear I was
on the ground thinking, "Oh, my God..."
And then I was worried because
this side of my chest is fucked...
He's in denial but I think he's
cracked his sternum and four ribs.
Thinking it was the most
painful thing ever.
He's popped them.
Come on, Evie. Get stuck in, Evie.
Go on, Evie.
Hopefully, for me,
it will be the last year but
it's a difficult subject to, you know,
approach with him.
You know, he's just ridden
50 winners in 37 days.
It's the best season he's ever started off
in the history of his career.
So there's reasons why he should continue
riding for another possibly three years,
and there's very good reasons
why he should stop this year.
I can't force him and I wouldn't, you know.
The decision has got to be his,
because he's got to live
with the consequences, you know.
Tony McCoy.
The fastest 100, wins it!
And it's not even out of August.
Well, I've had an unbelievable
summer really, to be honest.
Just that, I think...
I don't what I've been doing
the last 20 years 'cause
this summer's been better than any of them.
For some reason, I've
been luckier this time.
Well, I know why I've been luckier
this time around,
I'm riding for a lot of people.
Um, Jason Maguire, unfortunately for him,
got a really bad injury...
Um, the Monday before Cheltenham
and he hasn't ridden since.
You know, he was... Well, he was
practically dead, to be honest.
Um, you know, I think he was resuscitated
at one point on the way to hospital
and he hasn't ridden since then.
And Jason is first jockey
to Donald McCain who is, um...
You know, a very powerful stable and
I've been lucky enough to ride
the best part of 25 winners for him
that I wouldn't have ridden.
Um, I've also ridden, I think 12 winners
for Kim Bailey,
which Jason would have ridden as well, so,
you know, I've probably ridden the best part
of 40 winners that Jason might've ridden.
So it is possible
to ride 300 winners.
Three hundred winners means
you've got to ride a winner every day
other than 65 days in the year.
There's only 65 days in the year
that you cannot ride a winner.
Hi, you're smelling good.
Well, hey, how it's going? Hey, guys.
Good. Cheers, lads. See you in a bit.
It'll be getting worse now
as he's getting better, you know.
- Because you'd be feeling like he's nearly...
- Like he can get back, you know?
That's the worst of it but, look...
He's a lucky boy, Chanelle,
he was bloody dead.
And there was something else he was
quite lucky with as well.
Do you know, just when you just say that,
it actually nearly puts me off my food.
In the space of ten minutes we are talking
about two jockeys being resuscitated.
It's just the way it is, Chanelle.
I don't know, honey, I mean,
I know you're absolutely flying this year
and I know it's hard,
but I think...
I think, this year is a good year, honey,
to call it a day.
- What?
- You heard me.
- This year is a good year to call it a day?
- Yeah.
I've too many bones in my fish.
Why on Earth would any year
be a good year to call it a day?
What's meant to be is meant to be.
I know, but you can't, you know,
I mean, you can't...
Yes, I agree to that, but unfortunately,
with some things...
You know, some things you have to
make a decision,
- you can't until the decision is made for you.
- I know that.
I've had enough of that conversation now.
Okay, I know, but I'm just...
All I'm saying to you is
if the season doesn't go
the way you planned, right?
God forbid you get an injury... God forbid.
How did I let you
get on this conversation during dinner?
Well, I just...
Cause I...
It's hard to talk to you about it at home
because you're watching
Sky Sports and your Sky Plus,
and this and that and you're not...
- Yeah.
- You're not engaged.
- What happens now?
- Okay, so the other scenario is...
So suddenly my life goes from being...
Doing everything I wanted to do
for last 20 odd years,
to waking up and thinking,
"Mmm, what happens today then?"
Well, listen, they'll be a few lunch boxes
for you to pack, honey.
They'll be a few bins for you to take out.
Hi, Rebecca. Just to say, um,
AP can ride both horses tomorrow.
How about it in the 1.40 at Chepstow?
AP is available if you want him. No?
Okay, no problem.
The only time you'll realise
what he's achieved
is when he retires.
We've never spoke about
it, apart from once,
and the conversation
lasted about five seconds.
It's not on the agenda at the moment.
No, I hope he goes on as long as possible.
What he's achieved,
I don't think will ever be matched.
I... I honestly don't think in my lifetime
someone will get to 4,000 winners again.
To be able to stay in
one piece for 20 years
and to ride 200 winners
a year in that time,
I can't see that happening.
He's just had a fall, sorry to interrupt,
he's just fell.
That did not look very good.
If in doubt,
just to put his foot in the ditch, yeah.
I'm leaving you with the results?
Um, I think someone was gonna
send them on to my doctor, I think.
- Hi.
- Hey, I went in to see the doctor.
And he said I was fine, Chanelle.
He said I'm perfect, you know.
Did he see your broken rib?
He said he'd seen in my x-rays there
was lots of old broken ribs and, yeah,
everything else looked perfect, he said.
But it wasn't like you convincing him,
"I'm fine to ride."
- Did he say you can ride.
- Chanelle...
But did you ask him if you have a fall,
and, you know, could it...
I did, Chanelle. He said...
Could your problem get bigger?
He said,
"There's a bigger risk of you on a horse
"than there is your lung being a problem."
Okay, so if you have a fall tomorrow,
and you get any impact around your lung,
then it shouldn't be dangerous.
It's no different than normal, you know...
He said there is no more risk
than there is normal risk.
- How do you feel today?
- Perfect.
Why do you say perfect?
If you'd asked me
on Friday what I feel like,
I'd have been delighted
if I felt the way I do today...
Okay, so you're
going to ride then tomorrow.
I am, I am.
I'll see you when I get home.
- Okay, bye-bye.
- Bye-bye.
It is Goodwood Mirage
in the hands of Tony McCoy driven out here.
About a length or so ahead of Lightning Rod
who tries to fight back and does so.
Goodwood Mirage just...
Goodwood Mirage, the far side.
We'll call that one hundred
and fiftieth for AP this season.
Lightning Rod in the centre,
to the outside is Tidal Wave...
What we can do today is just, um,
help the healing of the injury
with the injection.
- You happy with that? Yeah? Okay.
- Yeah.
so just spin that around like that.
- You're all right there?
- Yeah.
Got to give quarter of an hour.
- All done.
- Thank you.
- Feel okay?
- Yeah.
- Sure? Take it easy.
- Absolutely.
I think he is better looking.
What do you think, Evie?
- Can you sit down?
- Yeah, yeah.
No, I'm all right now. I'm all right...
I was sore yesterday.
I've been very badly
wounded as well, you know.
I was on the ground
and I could not get a breath.
If he gave me a shot of morphine,
I'll show you the way then.
And he said to me...
He stood in the kitchen and he said to me,
"I'm going to retire at
the end of the year."
And I said to him, "What?"
And he said to me, "Yeah I'm going
to retire at the end of the year."
And then about five minutes later
he sat down and says to me,
"I'm only joking, Chanelle,
but you know what,
"I did that because I wanted to see
what it felt like, me saying,
'I'm going to retire."'
And I said to him,
"Well, how did it sit with you?"
And he said to me, "I just felt
like getting sick after I said it."
Do you know, it was...
Bye darling.
Four years.
Four years, it has to be like... 250...
Even if I ride 250 winners
in the next three years,
that three years is enough.
No, okay, anyway.
- Three years is enough, right?
- But I think we're making baby steps, Ms Pipe.
Yeah, he only said it
to know what it feels like.
I wanted to hear myself saying,
I wanted to see what it felt like.
- It didn't work.
- It didn't work. No. Okay.
You didn't like that.
And now I think I'm
invincible, so I'm all right.
Pitches, and unseats McCoy.
Gives him a tumbling fall.
And If In Doubt gave the rider no chance.
Tony McCoy had no chance.
- Hi, Chappers, how are you?
- I'm all right.
I'm well. I'm a lot better than you.
How are you?
Erm, I'm not sure whether I'm
worse physically or mentally,
but, um, neither's probably great
at the moment, to be honest.
But I suppose,
probably for the last month I've been...
Um, I've been suffering a little bit,
and obviously because that I, you know...
Obviously, I was wanting to ride
300 winners this season,
I couldn't afford to have any time off,
and, um...
Because of that, you know,
you try and keep going,
you try and keep going through it and then
I had another fall on Tuesday.
And I've been trying to get through it
and sadly I'm going to have to sit out
for a couple of weeks.
Which is not good mentally or physically,
but probably worse mentally at the moment.
I wouldn't have carried on what I did,
only that I thought
I was going to ride 300 winners,
so that's gone now.
So, that's the end of that.
- Have you packed my bags?
- This... Okay...
Remind me why I'm bringing you again?
I'm on suicide watch.
That's why.
I'm not packing for you
by the way, just so you know.
So what are the advantages
of being married to you?
Well, I've given you two
nice kids, haven't I?
All right. Come on.
If you want me to pack your bag, I will.
I don't actually want to go on holidays.
- Do you not?
- No.
God, Ant, talking about, like...
Wrecking my buzz, why do you not
want to go on holidays?
Well, do I need to state the obvious?
Because the only reason
you're going on holiday
- is because you're not riding.
- Yeah.
But you've a week now
to recharge your battery,
get your collarbone in the sun, vitamin D.
And can you just try and accept
you have an injury
and you are... You know what I mean,
that you're not just going
to be completely...
Actually, can I just ask,
you're not going to be completely
frying my head for the next week.
Because that's what'll happen.
And you know what, honey,
it's not all about you.
Since when?
It's not...
Because I have a job, I work
and it's nice for me
to get away and de-stress as well
from, on holidays,
you know?
I wonder if I just ate the whole packet,
would it help me.
No, Ant, because your liver
can only absorb so much...
You know, so much of the tablet.
How many nights are we there for?
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday...
Friday. Five nights.
You're starting to do my head in now
and we haven't even got outside the door.
I mean, I'm quite glad now
that we're settled into the house
that you have stopped
telling me to pinch myself
that I'm so lucky to be married to you.
You've been injured
every time we've been there.
Even when we went on our honeymoon,
you were in a sling.
Yeah, me collarbones.
Um, I dislocated it and it's broke as well
so I was kind of getting through it
then I got a fall on
Tuesday and I kind of...
That kind of ended it.
So we're going away in the morning,
myself and Chanelle.
Going to Barbados for a week.
I'm only going, really,
because the sun might help it.
For the first four or five days
when I was off,
I always wanted to bang
my shoulder off the walls,
you know what I mean,
'cause I was kind of thinking that
it deserves to be punished
for doing this to me.
Some part has to take the blame,
why should it be me?
I'm not the one that's being weak,
part of my body is being weak, not me.
- That was me.
- That was you?
That was me as well. Yeah.
I've not
seen him since he went off to Barbados,
he looks healthier now. He looks as though
the rest has done him good.
He has been severely beaten up
over the past few weeks,
he hasn't ridden since November the fifth.
Yeah, I mean,
he's had a nightmare...
The sort of run he couldn't afford.
He could
hardly walk into the room.
White as a sheet, haggard.
For example,
Muhammad Ali had a great chin,
no one ever knocked him out.
AP has got an amazing pain threshold.
And he's proud of it.
This was one of his last great frontiers,
the 300 winners in a season.
AP McCoy!
Another incredible time, it seems
you are going from strength to strength.
Yeah, it's going well but, you know,
though as I say,
just hopefully keeping it going,
that's the thing, isn't it,
you know, making your job as hard
as possible because you've been struggling
pretty much all night, you know,
with your interviews,
that say "I'm not sure whether you'll be
back or not, will you?"
No, no, you're absolutely fine, you can
keep talking as long as you want.
I'm off, best of luck, thanks.
When are you going to hang your coat up?
Ah, look, as you said, you're only as good
as your luck. Well, I was going to say,
you're only as good as your last
winner. In your case,
you're only as good as your last haircut.
And in your case, I don't know
what the fuck you're still doing here.
Ladies and gentlemen, AP McCoy!
Alan, what do
you think in his mind, is the benchmark
when he says, "I've done
it, that's enough."
Is it 20 titles, is it 5000,
is it to win another Gold Cup,
is it to win another National?
Oh, you want to try one, yeah?
I don't think that'll be very good.
He obviously
wants to win the big races,
but the fact is he's won them all.
I think he constantly wants to
do things he hasn't done before
and that's why the 300 was
such a big thing for him.
And that's why I still, in my mind,
wonder how that's going to affect him,
the failure to do it.
It could mean, that he wants to go on
even longer. Failure in his mind.
So Chanelle just said,
"Can you come for dinner?"
Yep, just said... Yeah, you know,
we've been trying to get together,
obviously but it's, uh... She said,
"Can come this week?"
and it was all arranged by Chanelle,
nothing to do with AP. And...
So I don't honestly know, is the answer.
May just be dinner. I don't know.
Well, I got injured after that.
And then I was gone riding for three days
after that, but that was brain dead.
- I actually...
- Should we tell him our secret now?
I actually said "I still think one of
your best rides you'll ever give a horse
"was Good Mirage at Weatherby."
- Oh yeah.
- Because you were riding that with one hand,
- weren't you...
- I know.
- And proudly...
- And it pulled like mad,
it was a horrible horse
to ride in that sense.
And the whole thing was is that
you were so stubborn about it,
you know, that it was like well, you know,
"I'm not listening to my collarbone,
"I'm not, so what if it's shattered,
it's hanging off, my lung is punctured,
"my ribs are broken. I
will continue riding."
That really mentally fucked up
my head. Broke my heart, that did,
thinking that I actually was going
to ride 300 winners, and then,
I'm not going to ride 300 winners.
Oh, it was just...
The thought of it makes me want to cry.
And... And then I was, you know,
and then, I was thinking, you know,
I should retire at the end of the year.
I should retire at the end of the year
and then I'm thinking,
I don't even know when I should retire.
I don't know whether I should announce
I'm going to retire at the end of the year?
I don't.
You know, should I retire when
I ride my two hundredth winner,
or just retire in a week's time or
six weeks' time or two months' time?
Personally for me,
I would like to go out on a winner.
- What have you got now one, nine...
- 182, was it?
184, I think... So say you said that on
the two hundredth you announce it...
So on a normal run of things,
16 winners.
Announcing it on
February 14th, 15th, around that time.
Be the same as the
4,000 winners, you were on tour
for like three or four days.
Like I am, just because
it's the right thing to do,
I will hopefully retire on one of
JonJo's horses that JP owns.
Yeah. So it should be on
the green and gold colours.
It's got to be one of JonJo's in
the green and gold colours.
Yeah, exactly.
I'm not shocked.
I'm upset because it's the end
of a great story if you want to
look it like that, but then
in the cold light of day,
what we've achieved, as I say, I...
Whether you agree with me or not,
no one will... No one will do that,
it's not possible.
For someone to ride 2000 winners,
they've got to ride for 20 years,
and ride 100 winners a year, for 20 years.
That's half of what you've got.
I think.
So that's the plan. I think 200 is good.
Yeah. No, I think 200 is right.
I think it's a good decision.
- To me it feels right.
- Yeah, I think it feels right too.
Let's just agree upon, I'll say.
I... I think it feels right,
I actually think it feels right.
I actually feel happy now that
I've spoke about it.
I think once you get to that 200,
you announce it,
and then the...
I think it'll take a lot of pressure,
takes it... It's there, it's done.
- Yeah.
- You know.
I... I think there will
be a bit of relief...
- Yeah.
- That I've been able to...
- Do you feel relieved now?
- A bit, yeah.
It's a cold winter's day here at Kempton,
using the running rail,
coming up the stand side,
the danger looks to be Barry Geraghty,
his great friend and rival
on board West Wizard, but it's Minella
Rocco in the JP McManus colours,
those distinctive colours
and now it's still out in front,
Minella Rocco. West Wizard is the danger
as AP McCoy gets into the drive position,
as he closes in once again, on
the magic 200. He's at 197.
Jumping the final flight, jumps it well,
West Wizard rather dives at that
and is left floundering.
But it's going to be
another win for AP McCoy,
the champ moves to 198 here in Kempton,
with an effortless victory
here on Minella Rocco.
And basically, I'm going to retire
at the end of the season.
So, um...
- Wow, I'm so excited.
- So...
- So, it's, you know...
- It's a sad thing.
So, I may as well just go away and die now.
Oh, my goodness.
You can't, look at all these
pages of things for you to do.
Claire, you're... Claire's only
getting warmed up now.
All the things she's being saying no to.
I've been waiting for this moment
for so long, however I do see, it is sad.
- It is...
- You can just do whatever you want
with my tour, I don't care.
- So...
- I hate it.
Would you like to be the face
for peanut butter?
Not the face of peanut butter,
but there's this man vs horse,
I don't know it's like 40 miles or
something. They have to race against a horse
and see who gets to
the finish line the quickest,
however it depends on what their strategies
are, and whether it might fit in.
Yeah, it's so...
- Peanut butter?
- That could be quite easy.
It's a day of media work. And then,
obviously, it's the face of this festival
and lots of people race.
So he won't be on the front
of peanut butter jar?
I won't have to look at him.
- Like, up in the press.
- No, he's not that kid.
That peanut butter kid, or whatever...
That's just a possibility.
Depressing, isn't it?
Such a depressing thought.
Oh, honey.
Anyway, I'm grand.
You're struggling.
You're not bad, it was always going
to be a really hard decision
and I think everyone's going to
be pretty sad when they read it.
Last call, thank you.
Flags up.
Studs ready and are about to line up.
Line-up's over. We're off.
Mr Mole has just shied at the tape there.
He was lined up in first place but he's
dropped 10 lengths behind the others.
And gets away in last position.
It is fat marker of the quid tip.
They take the water just once.
It's fence number three
Uxizandre up and over safely.
Show's in second place,
behind Sire De Grugy.
One length of the nose bandage, Mr Mole...
It's going to be the first of the ditchers.
Number 11 will also be an open ditch.
Into the straight. Four more fences to
jump, Uxizandre on the right leading,
on the left with a nose bandage,
Mr Mole and between them
the white face of Sire De Grugy,
beginning to get closer...
Fence four from the finish there.
Mr Mole on the left,
comes through to take it upside,
Drewson Era in third position.
Uxizandre's in second.
Here's the final one
of the ditches now and Mr Mole
at the third last fence
comes in towards him,
over safely. And Sire De Grugy has
unseated Jamie Moore!
Sire De Grugy on sixth,
Jamie Moore on the third lap.
And Mr Mole is left clear.
Officer Longblood has joined Uxizandre in
the second position. And the second last.
And it's AP on Mr Mole
as he heads down towards the final fence,
he's fifteen lengths ahead.
Uxizandre with the riderless
Sire De Grugy next to him.
Upsilon Bleu is next at the final obstacle.
Mr Mole up and over the last safely.
Uxziandre's unseated Barry Geraghty at the
last to leave Upsilon Bleu in third position.
Good Answer in fourth.
And it's Mr Mole, messed
around at the start,
but he will give AP McCoy
his two hundredth winner of the season.
200 of the season for Tony McCoy,
it's doubtful he's ridden many
more dramatic races this year.
I'm going to read off a stat here.
I know. I hope you don't just
take it lightly but it's your tenth time
that you've brought up
a double century of winners.
That is quite an incredible achievement.
I'm going to tell
you something else,
it's going to be the last time
I ride 200 winners.
Because, I'm going to
be retiring at the end of the season,
- so there's a bit of news for you.
- But...
That is a bit of a bombshell, what's
been the deciding factor in that, AP?
Ah, look. It's just, um...
I want to go out at the top,
I want to go out as champion jockey,
it'll be my twentieth year
if I can win the Jockey's
championship and...
And, I want to go out while I still enjoy
riding. And while I'm still at the top, so...
My mum and dad don't even know
so they're going to find out on television.
So, I think they'll be happy, to be fair.
Well, AP that is amazing news,
just all I can say is congratulations
and well done.
AP's just announced he's retiring
at the end of the season.
A shell-shocked winners
enclosure here at Newbury.
Twenty's a good number
and I still enjoy it,
I wanted to, hopefully, quit while I was
still riding a race or two.
Because I'd really like to
go out at the top, so...
Uh, look,
time waits for no man
and it's not going to wait for me.
- It's quite an emotional now?
- I am, because I love riding.
- You must be very happy lately.
- I am, but I don't know, it's just...
It's funny because you don't
know whether you feel happy or sad,
but I think it's definitely a mix of both.
What are you going to do? Get a job?
You're just milking
the PR again, aren't you?
- Milking it.
- You know what?
No pressure to keep on.
Next year might, just might be your year.
No pressure on you, Richard.
Huh? I mean,
I could just finish with you.
Anyway. Here's to a new life,
here's to a new husband.
Here's to a husband! I can have him on
a Saturday and Sunday night.
- Maybe?
- Yeah.
What's the best decision
you've ever made,
with regards to your riding career?
I think to become a jockey was
the best decision I ever made at all.
I've got a great way of life
and I will really miss it.
So I don't know what I'm going to...
I'll never find anything that's
going to replace that buzz but
I'm aware in sport you can't
keep going forever.
Thank you.
AP McCoy, quite simply a legend.
"On holiday in Dubai with the
family, just got back to room
"and loads of texts on phone
about the husband's announcement.
"I know it was going to always happen
someday, but my God, I'm still speechless,
"the void left will be unfulfilled.
"Love to you all
and see you soon, Graham and Becky Lee."
Tch. Aw.
That is sweet.
That was a lot of sadness.
I don't think it's probably the first time
that I've probably won a race.
Didn't really think that I'd just won or
didn't really think that I was really happy.
You know, because of what was ahead.
Convincing yourself to, you know,
now is the time you have to spit it out.
Well, it's a day
we've all been looking forward to.
The start of the festival.
The biggest event of its type in the sport,
with four days of the most
brilliant racing in prospect.
But there's going to be
a strange feel about this year's festival.
Because we all... It's going to be
the last time we're going to see
AP, the champ in action...
There is nowhere,
nowhere like Cheltenham,
and as a Jockey, you'll always be judged on
the amount of winners you rode there.
There's been
so much written, Tony, about this week
and you in particular because
it will be your final festival.
Has that in anyway affected your
preparations or thinking?
Um, not really to be
honest, I'm quite lucky,
that whenever I get out on a horse,
then I'm pretty much on my own anyway.
So I'm quite good at blanking it all out.
It'll be a little different this year
obviously because I know that this is
the last chance really
and it's going to be very different than
it ever has been before,
so I'm going to try and enjoy it but
it's like any sport,
it's a lot easier to enjoy it
when you're winning, so...
It's important to try and win.
Tony, many thanks indeed. That'll be all.
The great legendary Tony McCoy.
He really is up there with some
of the greatest sportsmen in the world
and of course all eyes will be on him
at Cheltenham this week
and should he ride further winners here,
it literally will bring the house down.
Twelve o'clock
on Tuesday at Cheltenham,
especially for the first race,
you could hear a pin drop,
but once it gets started
and the first winner's in,
it becomes business as usual again.
And obviously the highs are higher
and the lows are lower.
It's high pressure, tense,
it's what can define a year for everyone.
A winner there means a hell of a lot
and you have to be mentally tough
going to Cheltenham, because
however how much success you have there,
there's going to be more disappointments
than there is delight.
The pressure is slightly
more on you for those four days.
And it can be a very long week if things
don't go, you know, go your way,
it can be the longest
week of the year I think.
Here it becomes a real reality
and it could only happen here at
Cheltenham. No other place in the world,
it brings those dreams to fruition,
it's wonderful.
For AP he knows, he ain't going to get
another chance,
this is it. And if he
doesn't ride a winner here,
he will never be able to go back there
and that will... That will haunt.
They're off.
And as they head down to the first
of eight flights.
But Douvan has taken it up,
as they race to the final flight.
He's suddenly over. And he's getting away.
Douvan, five lengths, too good,
Douvan wins the Supreme.
A shake of the hands from Ruby Walsh.
A great start to the meeting
for the festivals leading rider, and hot
favourite to be leading rider this week.
Douvan 2-1 favourite,
Douvan wins the first race of the meeting.
Barry Geraghty is level,
AP is in third place,
Indian Castle in the black and grey colours
showing at fourth.
But they will never get...
And Barry Geraghty has won.
AP McCoy, the champion jockey,
green and yellow hoops,
white cap, the defending champion
for JP McManus, who's birthday it is today.
Jezki and AP McCoy tracking
his old friend and rival
on the inside there with Twiston-Davies.
And it's Faugheen who's bounded
and clear up the hill,
and he is a machine, Faugheen maintains
his unbeaten record.
And it's a treble for Willie Mullins
and Ruby Walsh. Faugheen is champion.
Do you know
what's interesting about this?
It's the first day of
McCoy's final festival
and yet, he's not even
a supporting story so far.
What will you notice, in Cheltenham,
as a rider, more so than anywhere else
is the disappointment.
To watch different guys sitting
by their pegs, staring into space,
white as sheets.
It's a funny place, a hard place.
You know,
this is an emotional time for AP,
whatever anyone says.
He's a very cool, calm, calculated character
but, you know, the time is running out for
this wonderful place to
be his centre stage.
These are the smaller jumps, the hurdles.
Who is out
very wide on the track.
He's then being stalked by out wide.
Goodwood Mirage made a bad mistake.
He made a mistake.
Go on, AP!
He got involved
in the finish but in the end,
he's flattened out in another disappointing
race for AP on day two of the festival.
You know I came into the week
with a few chances
and knew it wasn't going to be easy. So...
Well, you just got to keep your head down
and keep going and hopefully
it will happen at some point.
I'm not going to miss riding till the end of
the season and I'm lucky I can go out again
to the next race and have
another go. So I'm just going
to try and enjoy my job or
what's left of it anyways.
His valets,
this morning, were telling us
on the morning line
like Chris Board was saying,
that he's just been a bit more subdued
this week, very reflective,
as he, is trying to take it all in
at his last festival, in that way.
It must be a very odd experience for him.
He's very melancholic this week.
He hasn't had a winner.
We've had two days gone
and I didn't realise going into Cheltenham
how much he desperately wanted a winner.
He said, "I know I've got nothing to prove
going into Cheltenham, but..."
But he said, "This year, more than any year,
in Cheltenham," he said, "I want a winner.
"I just want to walk into that winner's
enclosure one more time
"and punch the air before I retire."
So swinging round the top turn
and onto towards the next and open ditch,
it's six out
and here's the champion jockey on Uxziandre
who flies over with a growing lead again.
And the pace looks
really strong, it must be questionable
if Uxziandre can keep this up.
AP McCoy riding an aggressive race here.
Uxziandre is jumping like a bunny rabbit,
in front with a clear lead.
So can AP McCoy win here
on his festival farewell,
in this right hand chase
still going great guns
on Uxziandre, but they are a long way
from the finish.
Uxziandre, can he just try to save a little
bit, as they reach the top of the hill.
Three fences to jump, it's AP on Uxziandre,
who heads down the hill.
Still out in front, leading to Eduard
in the red and yellow.
Uxziandre is over in front.
Macchio is still in there with a chance.
They're followed by Wonderful Job.
Hailey Casey is pulling up.
Uxziandre continues to lead.
These are the ones that count
as they race to the second last
and Uxziandre is still out in front.
Coming to the final fence, can Uxziandre
hold on for AP McCoy? Over safely.
Now they go up the hill, Uxziandre went
very fast from the outset.
He's holding on, he's keeping on gamely,
under the drive of a racing legend AP McCoy,
on his festival farewell,
wins the ride here!
What a tremendous example of
motivation there.
Horse and rider in perfect rhythm,
Uxziandre attacking every fence,
aggressively ridden by the champ,
that was a sight to see.
- Is this Desert Prince?
- Desert Prince.
I think it is, yeah.
Someone else is going to get
the pleasure of riding him.
He's a proper horse,
he's nearly the model jumper.
You'd like to be sitting on him,
wouldn't you?
Yeah. I'd like to be riding him.
- That's the hardest thing.
- Yeah.
But the right things are sometimes
always the hardest.
But, you'll be doing the same thing next
year or you'll be doing the same thing
the year after.
So, I think the time is right.
I don't think there's ever going to be
a good time, so...
Yeah, you're right.
There's a few on the other side.
What's on the other side?
Don't Push It is the one
that's trimmed.
What's the number he wore?
- Is it 40?
- Yeah.
And Shut The Front Door,
you know what number he is.
- Seven.
- Is he seven, is he?
Yeah. If Shut The Front Door could
do the same, that would be all right.
I didn't realise he was number seven.
Number seven.
Anyway, six or seven is Don't Push It.
Yep, we could do with
another one of them...
On... On Saturday.
Well, I'm riding Shut The Front Door
in the Grand National,
and if he wins that'll be the end.
So, I'd be happy to give up after winning
the Grand National.
Well, I wouldn't be happy, you know
but if you asked me at the moment,
if I could ride for another two weeks
or win the Grand National,
I'd pick the Grand National, you know.
He ran in Sean Connery's
colours, didn't he?
Yeah, that's right. Yeah.
What do you reckon horsey,
will I like retiring or not?
I could be in a home,
people coming to pat me.
People coming to pat me and take me
out for a walk.
I'm not so sure.
Here, this evening we are going
to be worshiping a true sporting legend.
The final fence... Don't Push It has landed
in front for Tony McCoy,
McCoy has a look round,
he has never ever won
this race in his glittering career...
He now, only has to seal...
The last couple of days haven't been
so good. I don't really want to give up.
He has at last won the Grand National!
Well, yeah, I could keep going for another
two or three years, but
but always worried about people thinking
that I'm going on for too long, you know.
Champion jockey, AP McCoy!
Time waits for no man,
especially not when in sport, so...
And I think it's important that
I quit while ahead.
It's not the jockey
of our generation,
it's the jockey of generations.
The key with AP or his career is to take
horse racing from the racing pages
to the sports pages, to the news pages.
AP McCoy, he is riding
in his record 20th Grand National...
I mean,
let's be perfectly honest,
I think we'll all agree, that he's
the story everybody wants, isn't he?
I know the weekends that are left.
This weekend is the Grand National,
the following weekend, Sandown,
and the following weekend
I'll be in a home, probably,
getting counselling for my addiction.
Can't say I'm looking forward to it.
We know he is
retiring this season,
but he has said,
if he wins the Grand National,
he'd hop off Shut The Front Door,
pat him on the neck,
and he'd say "That's it."
He'd retire there and then.
And, really, a good name, isn't it,
Shut The Front Door. You know, it...
Shut The Front Door on your way out.
If I won it, I kind of feel, maybe,
I could justify riding for a bit longer.
But, I mean, I dream a lot and I'm not even
sure I can dream that much of a dream.
What AP does on a day to day
basis is very dangerous,
um, I think he has broken nearly
every bone in his body.
So, from the health and safety point of
view, I'm delighted that he is getting out,
and, you know, because
every day he goes to work,
he's got an ambulance following behind him.
You think
he'll have the pressure of what could be
his last ride today?
I mean,
for most of our modern racing lives,
Tony McCoy has been the man to
beat, and the man they can't beat.
It's all going to be different.
For the last 20 odd years,
I have been obsessed with what I do.
You know, I find myself in the room
looking down at lads that weren't born
when I was champion jockey, you know.
I have always hoped that I'd never
have to say those words,
that I'm retiring, I kind of wish I
kind of kept quiet.
But this was going to happen at some point.
This is the last time.
It's the last time, sweetie.
You know, so it's about how you
deal with it
and trying to deal with
it the best you can.
Four minutes, lads,
would you just forget about it?
I'd say it's the rest of my life,
the first day of the rest of my life,
and then try and make the most of it.
They're away for
the 2015 Crabbies Grand National.
Bob Ford towards
the inside followed by River Choice
and also out there is Wyck Hill.
Gas Line Boy is a faller at the first...
...and then comes Royale Knight
and Dolatulo.
Rebel Rebellion out in front,
Balthazar King is down...
AP McCoy has had a lovely run round so far,
green and yellow hoops, white cap,
just to the left of your picture.
Come on Shut The Front Door.
Come on, honey.
Rainbow Hunter
wide of Shut The Front Door
still well in touch...
How do people pass the day
that don't have jobs?
Shut The Front
Door is absolutely cruising for AP
in fourth position.
I don't know how I'd pass every day.
He's got every chance...
The Druid's Nephew slithers to the ground.
Definitely got a chance now.
I am an addict to my way of life.
I'm an addict to riding horses. I'm an
addict to winning, because it's like a drug.
There's horses falling around you,
there's not much room
and you don't get to see
much, but I suppose near the end
I suppose the adrenalin is in winning.
That's what it's all about.
It's all about winning.
Jump this one well. Jump this one well.
Many Clouds,
Shut The Front Door just dived into
Portrait King. Here's a faller there.
Shut The Front Door is second.
Saint Are is third...
I don't think in 20 years
I've ever been really content,
I didn't feel I was ever as good
as I wanted to be.
Two to jump, he's got a chance.
He's got a chance. He's got a chance.
I wish I hadn't been like that.
He's definitely got a chance now.
He's... He's definitely got a chance now.
It would be great not to
have a care in the world
or not have to worry about
if you're winning or not winning.
It's not the end of the world.
Winning in a lot of ways
is not the end of the world.
But it's the end of the world for me.
They make the long run in now
and Many Clouds still in the lead...
He wins on Many Clouds, Many Clouds
has won the National.
Now I'm starting to get it
into my thick skull that it's happened.
The end.
It happens to everyone apparently.
The end.
- Hello! How are you?
- Good. Thank you.
Hi, there.
The last fence
in sight, tomorrow,
the 4:25 at Sandown,
so, for the last time
as a full-time jockey.
Evening, AP McCoy.
Good evening, how are you?
- Are you all right?
- I'm okay. Thanks.
Good. AP, we've got
a little surprise for you,
- I hope you don't mind.
- Okay.
Just a little bit of fun.
We've got a lovely lady
called Julia on the line.
- Now, Julia is a careers coach...
- Right.
And we wondered if you decided
to do, you know, a proper job,
not a proper job, but a different job,
uh, what you'd be good at?
Not snooker.
Definitely get this one...
The first one
is a racing car driver.
What are you going to do?
I'm not qualified to do anything.
It's what you would want to do, chef?
I can't cook.
I've never cooked in my life.
You've never cooked anything?
You don't know where the saucepans are?
Do you know
how to turn the cooker on?
- No.
- No.
I'm not talented enough
to do those things.
It's much easier to get
on the best horse, with the best trainer
and just go round the circuit
and beat everyone else.
What did your mum
want you to be when you were little?
A lot of things.
A priest was one of them, but I think...
Did you get yourself sorted?
- Didn't get to sleep.
- I don't think you'll get to sleep.
There's a picture for you.
I'm a total control freak.
Control is what makes you.
You know, if you lose control
you lose everything.
Every part of my life
was structured and controlled, I thought.
But I could never control getting old
and that's what got the better of me
in the end.
He was...
Obsessed about control,
control of everything in his life.
You know, with the horses he was riding,
the number of winners he was having,
controlling his weight, controlling me...
Controlling our relationship.
It, it was all about him
and he became a really selfish person.
Ladies and gentlemen,
all of us here...
I think you have to be selfish,
I think it has to be all about you.
I'm really embarrassed to say it,
but, uh, no one else in the world
was important.
What has been
quite simply an extraordinary career.
AP McCoy, today will be crowned
champion jockey
for the twentieth consecutive season.
You are showing your appreciation
for a legend of our time.
AP McCoy will now be escorted
into the paddock.
Here he is ladies and gentlemen,
the one and only AP McCoy.
I think a lot of the time
Chanelle would think that,
that I was a lot more
interested in my career
than I was in my relationship
and in some ways she was right.
Yet, in some ways she was right
which is not a good thing.
Luckily, she stuck it out.
I pinch myself every morning.
I'm a very lucky person...
That she... That she stuck with it.
You better enjoy every
minute of it, enjoy it.
It's what made me happy,
it's what I wanted to do.
Obviously there was times it drove me mad,
but in a contradictory way
it's what floated my boat.
And the more you win,
the more you want to win,
the more that the need becomes greed
and I think, I think you
have to be like that.
We saw him
walking out for the last ride
and the smile was a little more forced,
because he knows
that this extraordinary career,
his way of life in a sense,
is going to come to an end.
Sweetheart, enjoy watching this race.
This is Daddy's last race ever.
Archie, you have no idea
what's going on, have you?
He'll watch this when he's like 21.
Let's remember that,
a celebration of a great career,
but we want the headlines,
we want the Box Office
to give him the perfect send off
here, in the silks of JP McManus.
School, he's gonna do school runs.
Has anyone backed him by the way?
They jump away
and there's a cheer from the grandstand
even though there in the back straight,
raving black box office jumping
just in the midfield on the inside.
Green yellow hoops, white cap.
I remember
coming home one evening
and he was sitting there
just sobbing, absolutely sobbing,
because he was so petrified
that he wasn't going to be
champion jockey the next year.
It was like looking at somebody
who was living in fear of themselves.
I used to think the demons
had Olympic games
in my head sometimes,
but at the same time
in a crazy, mad kind of way
it's obviously what made me happy.
It's obviously what made me happy...
Torturing myself,
trying to figure out why that
every time I went out on a horse,
I didn't win, I could
never figure that out.
Maybe I thought if I could work that out,
then I would have been content.
'Cause it's slowly started to register
that maybe it wasn't possible after all.
C'mon champ.
I mean,
I wouldn't change it for the world
because it's made him
the person he is today.
- Come on, honey.
- Come on!
And it's made us the couple
we are today.
He will have to perform
just one more final miracle.
And it doesn't look like it's happening...
Come on, Anthony! Come on!
Come on, honey.
MCoy, who's won so many championships,
he gets the win.
I'm so jealous, I'm so jealous.
Enjoy. Enjoy, you deserve it, brother.
Dave Roberts, his agent,
the man who has booked
every one of his rides,
for 21 years, here in Great Britain,
is coming up the race course with him.
That is the end.
That's it, it's, it's...
It's gone. It's over.
As a professional jockey
I'm never going to ride a race again.
I'm a has-been, I'm a
retired sports person.
I don't see it as a second life,
I probably see it more
as a first life really,
the last was more a dream
then a life really...
And I just woke up.
So I might have lived a dream
but I'm awake now.