Being Tyler Posey (2014) Movie Script

You all know me as Scott
McCall from MTV's Teen Wolf.
It's wolfsbane! Kira, get out of here!
Even though I've been
acting most of my life,
landing a starring role on Teen Wolf
has been one of the biggest
moments of my career.
Yeah. How's it going?
- Can you sign these?
- Yeah, sure, man.
After the show aired,
my life totally changed.
I got to go. Oh, sweet, that's awesome.
This year has been huge for me.
I got engaged to my girlfriend,
Seana, who's a makeup artist.
- I love you.
- I love you.
Seana and I grew up in the same town,
and we've known each
other since we were 12.
I always had a crush on her,
but we didn't start dating
until three years ago.
- I think you ruined me.
- In the best way.
And since we're wrapping this
season of Teen Wolf in a few days,
I'm excited to take some
time off just being Tyler.
It's the last day of filming, Angie.
I know. I'm gonna miss you so much.
Oh, I'm gonna miss you too.
- So much.
- But it'll be a good break.
- How's that look?
- I think it's good. Right?
What do you think?
There we go. Perfect!
Thank you, Angie. I'll see you soon, okay?
It's the last day of filming season four.
It's usually, like, the longest day ever.
So Tyler, don't telegraph the duck,
and make sure that cross goes way over.
Thanks, buddy.
All right, guys, we're all set.
- And rolling in the altar room.
- Action.
And, Tory.
And, cut.
I'm gonna check it out.
Oh, [Bleep]. That was badass.
This looks better, watch.
Damn, it's [Bleep] rad.
- Good job.
- Thanks, man.
Feels so good to be out of that hot room.
And leap.
And leap.
Oh, my God.
- What time is it?
- Almost 8:00.
Oh, God. Teen wolf rocks.
All right, are we ready? Whoo!
- Ready to go.
- Rolling.
And action.
And cut.
22 hours later, I'm free.
Look at all that sweat
that just came out of there.
Oh, please take it off. Please. Oh.
You're gonna be free in three, two, one.
Best part of the day. There it is.
Oh, [Bleep].
Well, he's clean enough. Let's go home.
- Whoo!
- Prosthetics are all here.
Go have a nice break.
Holy [Bleep].
I'm fresh, baby.
- Hello, everybody.
- You did it!
Good morning. What time is it?
- It's morning time.
- It's 9:00.
- Is it really?
- Yeah.
I've been up for 24 hours.
Whoo! Going home.
What time is it? It's
12:00, and I just woke up.
I'd been up for, like, 20-something hours.
I'm still really sore from my fight scenes.
- Is it too early to have a beer?
- It's fine.
- It's fine, right?
- Yeah.
Should we start microwaving the bacon now?
You just throw the whole package in there.
Just joking, you take
it out of the package.
We're a good team, babe.
We are a good team.
- We're good together.
- We're good together.
That's why we're tying the knot.
But let's never plan a wedding again.
Well, I hope we don't.
I hope we don't have to.
We're never going to.
That looks disgusting.
It is, I promise.
It's a beautiful day, sweetie.
We should go sit outside.
Our outside is so nice.
It's vacation, babe. I'm so excited
I don't have to work. Oh, my God.
I, like, genuinely just
got really [Bleep] excited.
Good idea with the potatoes, sweetie.
- Thank you.
- So good.
Can't believe how late you got home.
I know, what time did I get home?
You woke up from sleeping
before I even got home.
It was crazy.
It's fun, though. It's so much fun.
I did the last shot, and it was awesome.
I was a werewolf, it was perfectly fitting.
I screamed, I yelled, I growled,
and it was so much fun.
I'm really excited. This
season's gonna be great.
I'm really happy.
Are you still working on that wedding?
Yeah, it's a wedding up in Bakersfield,
and I have to do the maid of honor,
the bridesmaid, and
then the bride's makeup.
They have to be done at, like, 5:00
or 5:30, so I'm gonna come home.
At 5:00, 5:30? Okay.
You're gonna be gone all day.
I'll be gone from, like,
noon to 7:00, maybe?
Well, at least we're almost
done with wedding planning,
so we don't have much to do there.
I got fitted for my suit.
You got fitted for your dress.
- We have to find food.
- We still have to find a taco place.
And order the rentals, and
other than that, I think we're...
We've got... we've got pretty
much everything. We're good.
I'm very happy that we dated
at 20, rather than at, like, 14.
Yeah, that would have been a disaster.
'Cause I was a lot different
when I was that age.
I wanted to party, dude.
I wanted to hang out and get partied.
We would have... we would have had fun.
We would... we would have had fun, but...
If we dated when we were, like, 15, 16, 17,
we would have... I feel like we
would have been good for each other.
[Bleep], we should have
started dating a long time ago.
I think we would have
been together forever.
All right, in our next life,
let's start dating earlier.
- What if... what if...
- Deal?
- You're a dog?
- You can't help who you love.
You're totally right.
When I was a kid, I just
wanted you to like me.
So I couldn't say anything that would...
that would make you not like me.
I remember we held hands at one point,
it was the best thing
that ever happened to me.
- Was it in my parents' garage?
- It was in your garage,
and we were watching a movie.
And then every time I hung out with you...
- Then we were just buddies.
- I was like, I wanted to,
not impress you, but I
wanted to show you who I was,
'cause I knew you would like me.
- I did.
- I couldn't tell, though.
I couldn't tell if you wanted
to make out with me or not.
I was so nervous. I was 11.
I always wanted to make out with you.
And now... and now I get to all the time.
For the rest of your life, you
get to make out with my face.
You want to make out? Boom!
Just joking, sweetie.
We can't make out with cameras around.
- No, we can't.
- Get out of here, cameras!
I want to make out with
my fiance. Just joking.
I mean, not just joking.
- You know what I mean.
- Not just joking at all.
'Kay, let's do the fight scene.
Right, right, left, right, left, right.
Right, left, right.
Through, and then a left
and dunk under you, I hit you,
- And then I go.
- And then I go through.
No, another through.
- You do it twice?
- Yeah.
I punch you twice before I knee you.
So... Yeah, you're gonna
have to let it follow me.
Right. But... but, like swing at my head.
- Right.
- Peoples.
What's up?
- Let's do some riding.
- Let's do... let's do some motorcycle riding.
- I have one.
- Thanks for coming. Seana and I...
I was showing Seana my
fight scene that I had,
- that was the day of the wrap.
- Doing the choreography.
- What's up, dad?
- Are you hurt?
Not yet, no. We were just about to go.
Thanks for coming. Are you ready to ride?
Yeah, I am ready to ride.
- Bye.
- We'll see you in a little bit.
- Oh, man. Are you hot?
- Yes.
Oh, dude.
I want to ride during the summer,
but it's so hot. I'm so sweaty.
Summertime at Jerry's, man.
- Fried mac and cheese bites?
- Yeah, you don't want to do that.
Let's get a hot dog.
- Sounds pretty good.
- They also have ice cream.
I know. I think we're ready to order.
- Thank you very much.
- Okay.
Can I get the Coney Island hot dog?
- Got it.
- I'll just get a regular hot dog and a root beer float.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- That's a summertime lunch.
- It is summertime, isn't it?
I want to barbecue.
- That's my wife.
- I'm gonna have a wife soon.
She wants to know if we're sitting down,
and are we taping something?
Say yes.
- How's she doing?
- Your mom just finished the
second round of chemo 2 1/2 months ago.
- Wow, it was 2 months ago already?
- Yeah. Recovering well.
Her numbers are good.
She seems very happy with everything.
She seems to be sleeping well and
eating what she's supposed to, exercising.
So yeah, she's feeling good.
It's just nice, 'cause chemo bums her out.
It just makes her so exhausted.
Chemo is like having the flu 24-7,
and then some.
So it's just nice to have her feeling good.
I'm just... I'd rather her
feel good than anything.
Yeah. She'll be fine.
- The hot dog for you.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
- Mmm, a very adult meal I'm having, here.
Thank you. I know, we
look like adults, don't we?
I feel like a kid, but I
also feel like an adult.
The 20s that I'm in right
now is a very bizarre time.
- I'm sure you know.
- Yeah, 50s is stranger.
Is it really? 50s is weirder?
Yeah. Nobody's interested.
Nobody's interested in
50s? I want to be 50.
I think I'll look good
with gray hair, like you.
You look good. You're a handsome fella.
Thank you. Yeah.
20s are weird for me
and Seana because, like,
we are so much more
mature than kids our age.
Most kids your age have just graduated.
- I know, they've just graduated from college.
- They're looking for a job.
- I know.
- You, you're already well-grounded.
I feel like I want to settle down,
but them I'm like, "[Bleep],
I'm 22. I want to get drunk."
So... so I can't...
I have to get the drunk out of
me before I can make a family.
Well, if you're secure in
your work and who you are,
and you're ready to get married,
then you're ready to get married.
You should never listen to what
anybody else has to say about,
"don't get married for your career,"
or, "do get married for your career."
It has nothing to do with that.
I remember when I first
talked to Jason Ellis,
on the radio, he asked me how old I am,
and if I've [Bleep] a lot of girls,
and I said, "no, I'm
actually getting married."
And he's like, "you [Bleep] idiot!
What are you doing, mate?"
And so, you know, I... I...
and we've talked since then,
and he's on that [Bleep] anymore,
but I hate that lifestyle.
- I hate that stereotypical actor lifestyle.
- Well, there's really,
you know, some people try to put a
different spin on the acting business
that, for some reason,
it's so different from
being an accountant or owning a restaurant
that you can't get married,
but it doesn't have to be.
You know, but if you have
security in what you're doing,
you and Seana are, like, best friends.
- Yeah, she's my homie.
- Okay, I've been married 22 years.
Whatever she wants, say yes.
All right, pops. Good lunch at Jerry's.
Now that I'm done with work,
Seana and I decided to
visit my family for the day.
- Hi, Chica.
- Little Chica.
That was my fir... our first puppy.
We had... we had another
dog before that named Smoky,
- but he kept biting Jesse.
- Smoky, was that his name?
- And then you kept kicking him.
- Why would you do that?
- You did not.
- Because he kept attacking me.
Yeah, he would... he would bite
us, and then Jesse would kick him.
I think Mom was sure the dog
was gonna kill the both of you.
- Is that Yishi?
- Yeah, Yishi.
We had no discipline in
this house whatsoever.
Not an ounce of it, and
somehow they survived.
- I have no idea why.
- I think you raised us perfectly.
We let them do whatever they
wanted to, and they're still here.
- Yeah, like tattoos.
- What about them?
Jeff tells you not to
get 'em, and you get 'em.
- Okay, you got me there.
- Jeff Davis.
That's why I get them on my legs.
Yeah, Jeff has cleared his legs.
I'm going in next week to get this done.
- Whenever pickups are done.
- Whenever pickups...
whenever Teen Wolf pickups are over.
I think you guys know
how I feel about tattoos.
I just love the art. I think
it shows my personality.
- No, I love it.
- I know... I know you do.
I love your tattoos. I love
all of my sons' tattoos.
- Yeah, we have cool tattoos. You know, we get real...
- And John has a tattoo,
I'm the only one who's...
Seana has tattoos. I don't.
I'm anxious to get a daughter,
so I'm like, "you guys could go elope now,
if you want to." Just
elope. I don't understand
why you have to have a wedding.
Well, now it's a little
too late to back out.
I know, but yeah, no, we're really excited.
It's gonna be fun. I think
what I'm looking forward
to the most is that
they'll actually be married.
And then, you know, I can call her,
"this is my daughter, Seana Posey."
- I can't wait. I love hearing that.
- Yeah. I can't for that.
Okay, sweetie. You have to leave?
Yeah, I'm gonna go home,
take care of the dogs.
Thanks for coming, babe.
- Bye, guys.
- Love you.
So happy.
This break'll be good. I can't wait.
- It's gonna be a good hiatus.
- How long do you know?
- We have, like, six months.
- Oh, cool.
Yeah, we're not back until December.
- Well, that's a lot of time. Six months, to...
- Exactly.
Get into a routine, make a habit.
I'm gonna take dancing lessons 'cause
we're gonna dance at the wedding.
But you looked so cute on wolf watch.
I'm just in my head about dancing.
- Your dancing moves.
- If I have to dance in front of a bunch of people, like,
seriously, 'cause I was
joking on wolf watch, you know.
But if I had to dance seriously
in front of a bunch of people,
I get nervous and embarrassed.
It's funny, 'cause I was watching you,
and it's like, "he dances like me."
I do.
- Whenever I dance...
- You channel me?
I do. I swear. I swear
to God, every single time.
It's always like this. It's always,
you put your arms in the air.
Yeah, I know. You were
doing that and I'm like...
"Is he imitating me?" And I'm like,
"no, he's just dancing like me."
'Cause you guys used to make fun of me.
- I get it. It makes sense.
- "This is how Mom dances."
- I just want to groove.
- Yeah, it's a groove.
I get it.
- Sorry I made fun of you for it.
- Right on.
It was fun teasing.
I instagrammed a picture of all
of the stuff that we're bringing on
our honeymoon earlier today.
So we're going... we're gonna go travel
up to San Francisco, drive up the coast,
and then hit a bunch of
spots on the way there.
I think it's perfect,
'cause we hate flying.
So you just want to go as
far north as San Francisco?
- You don't want to go beyond that?
- San Francisco is, like, our city of love.
I guess she fell in love with me
when we were at Scoma's eating one night.
Yeah. That's what she says.
And I introduced you to Scoma's.
Yeah, and you told us to go to Scoma's.
She was already in love
with me, but then, I guess,
she was infatuated with me after that, so.
It's a ni... it's a good... it's a good...
- it's got good memories. Good history there.
- Yeah.
Marrying Seana, I totally understand it,
and I totally trust that
this is what you want,
and who is anybody to deny that, you know?
And I think you're gonna
be a wonderful husband,
and I think she's a lucky girl.
How are you... how you been doing?
- Great.
- Good.
Okay, next? No.
Actually, I'm doing really well.
I'm getting stronger every day,
and it's been a long journey.
It's been four years, and
I know it was, like, kind of
- hard.
- What?
- Those six months that I was...
- Oh, yeah,
- in chemo, you know.
- I mean, but I get... I get it.
For some reason, this...
this time didn't seem, like,
- as hard as the last time.
- Yeah.
It was harder physically, but not mentally.
Okay. 'Cause I think that's what
it is, 'cause I can tell, mentally,
when you're just not feeling good.
But you know that I'm
feeling good now, right?
- Oh, my God, yeah. Yeah, it's awesome.
- It's night and day, yeah.
- It's great. I love it.
- And my hair is growing back,
so this is, like, my
dbut of not wearing wigs.
It's a little weird, but
it feels good not to wear a wig.
The one thing that I can say that
I've really learned
through this journey is...
How important family is,
and what they mean to me,
and just the tightness, that
this has allowed us to just,
like, really bond together,
and this is just a challenge
that we've kind of, like,
met head-on, and it
never really got us down.
You know, I think this is the first
time I've cried since I was diagnosed,
but it's, you know, I'm
glad to be on this side, now,
of the treatment, and just the fact
that I have such a great family.
The hardest part was telling
my boys that I had breast cancer,
and I knew you guys were gonna
be scared, and I made enchiladas,
and you all came over for
dinner, and it was all happy,
and then I was like,
"all right, guys. I have
to tell you something."
So that was the hardest part.
The first time I found out,
I didn't really want to talk about it, or
I didn't feel like I was strong enough to,
you know, talk about it with you.
I wanted... I wanted to show you
that I was strong, but
I didn't feel like I was.
So I just kind of didn't confront...
didn't confront it.
But I started getting more
and more comfortable with it,
even though, you know, it's...
it weighs heavy on my mind.
You're my mom. I love you.
My fear is always that
everybody else is gonna be
thinking about it all the time.
- I know.
- When I don't.
I think you've been the
strongest out of anybody.
- You've... you've helped me.
- I just want you to have peace of mind,
because I do.
I'm still... I'm still getting there.
Yeah. Yeah, I know. It'll take time.
You all have to do it on your own time.
I think it's really proven,
not that we needed proof,
but it just really solidified
how close we are as a family.
Family makes me cry.
I just get all emotional when
I talk about my kids and...
and just, all the love.
All I want to do is just, you know,
- I want you to feel loved. I want you to...
- Yeah, I do.
that's all I want to happen.
Now I have whiskey voice.
Since I'm up visiting my parents,
I've decided to spend some time
with my brother Jesse and good buddy Dan,
who is home from college for the summer.
- Dan, it's good to see you, dude.
- I know, bro.
- I've missed you guys so much.
- I've missed you, too.
I can't wait for you
to come to the wedding.
Oh, dude, I know. I have to make it.
You [Bleep] better.
- You are making it, aren't you?
- Yeah, I'm making it. I'm making it.
I hope you are. And, dude,
I get it if you can't, man.
I know... I know you
would love to be there.
I hope I'm not in school,
but if not I can just tell
them like, "hey, you know what?
My buddy's having a wedding. I got to go."
Just take an early Christmas break.
Or a Thanksgiving break.
Or a late Halloween break.
Or just say [Bleep] it.
Did you bust ass?
Oh, whoa. Oh, my God. Damn.
Stanky, man.
I haven't skated in, like, forever.
Why not, man?
Like, the last board I had was the flip
that Blake ran over.
- Oh, are you serious?
- Yeah, dude.
- That was, like, seven years ago.
- I know, I know.
Why haven't you got a new board yet?
I'm not over it.
I'm not over it.
- Oh, you're scarred, that's what you're saying.
- Yeah, yeah.
I loved that board.
This is the spot, man.
Oh, dude!
You got it, Dan. Yeah.
I got GoPro in the nuts.
- Oh, my God.
- GoPro went right in my taint.
- Skipping it.
- Later.
When was the last time we all did this?
I remember all three of us were here, like,
Thanksgiving a few years ago, remember?
I think I do remember.
- It was us three, huh?
- Yeah.
Like, four years ago.
Yeah, a lot of stuff has
happened at this bench.
I've been really busy lately.
You know, I've been moved out, so I haven't...
I haven't been down here all the time.
- You guys always come to visit me.
- We've all been moved out.
- Yeah.
- Huh, Dan?
We've all been moved out, man.
Aw, Dan, you moved all the way to Ohio.
It's gotten crazy the last couple
years, since you've been gone.
It's crazy, dude.
Well, hey, I... my default pic on...
What? What? What?
Never mind. Never mind. Never mind.
- What is it?
- Go ahead, dude.
- Go ahead.
- Okay.
My default picture on...
you know what Tinder is?
Tinder? No, what is that? What is that?
- So Tinder's a, like, dating app.
- Is it, like, Grindr for straight people?
Yeah, it's, like, Grindr
for straight people.
Okay. I know what Grindr
is. I don't know [Bleep] why.
'Cause I have an account.
There's a picture with me, you, and Derek.
Remember that picture?
- That picture? We took a bunch of pictures.
- Yeah.
It's... it's done well for me.
- Has it, really?
- Yeah, I want to thank you for that. Yeah.
You're so funny, dude. Oh, my God.
So you use the fact that you know me
- Brownie points.
- to get some chicks? Does it work?
- It works, dude.
- Yes?
It has worked,
- various times.
- Dude, that's all I want to do for you, man.
I want... I just, my whole
entire life growing up,
we've been each other's wingman.
And that, I feel like, is the
- biggest wingman I could ever do.
- It's the ultimate wingman.
I want to, like, buy you
a cake or something, dude.
Yeah, sure, I'm down.
Thank you, though. I'm
glad you told me that.
Yeah. I had to tell you, dude.
How many times have you
gotten laid because of
your... that picture?
At least four.
That's what I'm talking about.
You're an animal.
We should go doubles.
- Doubles?
- Yeah.
Let's do it, dude, going down this hill.
We're gonna bobsled.
All right.
My shirt!
Dude, my shirt.
Help me.
Oh, my God, dude.
It's the wheel swallowing his shirt.
Just leave it there.
It's chill. I'm taking it home with me.
All right, guys.
I'm done for the day.
That's it, man.
Oh, my God.
I haven't been to Blake's house in so long.
Let's roll.
Let's go dunk our butts in some pool.
We're gonna dunk our butts?
Dunk our nuts.
Dunk that nut.
Dunk that nut.
No, no, no.
That's what we used to
say back in high school.
Did you tell Blake you're bringing
all these cameras with you...
No, he knows.
- Or... or are you just gonna surprise him?
- No, he definitely knows.
Can't believe you were
talking about Tinder, dude.
Probably get laid even more now.
Now, Danny, you're gonna get so laid, dude.
I can't wait, man.
I haven't seen Blake in a while.
It's been a little bit
since I've seen him, too.
We here.
I'm ready to drink a beer
and get in the pool, damn it.
- Oh, dude, yes.
- Just like the good old days.
- What up, bro?
- Hey, homie.
What's up, man?
- What's up, dude?
- I haven't seen you in a while.
It looks great in here,
hasn't changed a bit.
- The couch is different.
- The couch is way better, yeah.
There used to be a stain on it
from when I used to sleep there.
- I'm sorry, is that really weird to say?
- It's good to know.
Good to know. You're
not sleeping there now.
- Can I go out in the back, Blake?
- Yeah, let's go to the backyard.
Remember when you shot me
with an airsoft gun back here?
All right.
Wedding planning.
- How is it?
- Yeah, man, it's been weird.
It's been good. It's been...
You're no longer doing it
in the backyard, are you?
Yeah, it's not in the backyard anymore.
'Cause I got the
invitation, and I was like,
"that's not his backyard."
But it's good. We've got
pretty much everything done.
But it's funny, because
I've known Seana all my life,
and Tyler and I were best friends,
and Tyler and I used to go over
to Seana's house when were
were, like, 12, 13 years old.
It makes me nervous right
now thinking about it, man.
But you were so quiet and nervous,
and even when we'd leave her house,
you'd be like, "dude, she's perfect."
Oh, I loved her.
You were like, "dude." You were
like, "Seana's the perfect girl."
And then, like, you and Seana went
to different schools, you split up.
And then it was funny how,
like, three years after
high school, or two years,
I was gonna come visit you in Atlanta
and I think I texted Seana, I was, like,
"are you still down to
come visit Tyler in Atlanta
while he's working on the show?"
Was that the first weekend you guys, like,
kind of started dating?
In my head, we had started dating,
like, a couple weeks
before I went to Atlanta,
'cause that's when...
that's when we kissed.
I think you guys were dating in your head,
- and then when we went to Atlanta...
- I was dating in my head.
And then
when she got to Atlanta, she, like,
realized, like, "oh, I'm dating him."
He's already known about this for weeks.
"Oh, I'm dating him."
But, yeah, it was really cool
to see you two grow from, like,
a nervous 12-year-old who
had the biggest crush on her,
to Atlanta when we were 20.
When you went over to Seana's house,
was this when she lived
behind my girlfriend?
- Really?
- Yeah, it's crazy.
His girlfriend knows Seana,
- and we just figured it out.
- Oh, that's sick.
And he has a dog named Sadie,
and he calls her Duda,
and I have a dog named Sadie,
and we call her Duda.
Remember when I invited
you to my work event,
- with, like...
- Oh, man!
A couple thousand, like,
teenage girls, and, like...
That was, like, the first time
I was around that many people.
Yeah, it was so intense,
when they announced Tyler,
they just kept screaming,
and then afterwards,
he's coming down, and he's shaking
hands with all the kids, and
I'm holding back people,
and, like, other people just
start jumping the fence.
Yeah, that was crazy, man. I remember that.
It was... he... and you started running.
And then everyone was
like, "no, don't run!"
And once you stopped running,
- the kids stopped running.
- Yeah.
And that's, like, the
first time I realized, like,
Tyler really was, like, in the public.
- That was intense.
- I think the first time I was out with Tyler and someone
asked for his picture, I was like, "oh.
This happens now."
This happens now, man.
- I don't know. That's...
- I forgot about that, dude.
I think it's cool, though,
this is the same [Bleep] we've
been doing since we were kids,
but now we're allowed to be drinking beer.
That's the only thing that's changed.
- You want to go in the pool?
- Yeah.
Look at the mole.
Remember the mole?
I have one on my butt too.
Just like that?
I think.
Should I roll down the window?
No, you should just pretend like we're...
Oh, pretend they're not there. I forgot.
Pretend that there's not five
cameras right now looking at us.
All right. Sweetie,
touch my butt real quick.
I don't know why I said that.
That is what we do when
there's no cameras around.
I know.
We just touch butts all day.
I got to stop resorting to...
- To butt humor?
- To butt humor.
Is it incredibly irritating to be around?
I think it's funny.
Okay, good.
That's why we're getting married.
I'm not... but, like,
there's not anything you do
that, like, irritates me.
I feel like people who...
people who don't know us personally,
from the outside, probably would be like,
"oh, yikes, why are they
getting married so young?"
If I hear that kids are getting
married at our age, I'm like, "no.
That's not gonna last."
- I understand, because...
- Yeah, I get it, too.
I mean, we are really young.
But people who know us,
they're like, "oh, it makes sense."
Like, they're... they have confidence
in us from knowing us.
You're the best, sweetie.
I love you.
I love you too, baby.
This is so cute.
This is really [Bleep] cute.
Thanks for my chair, babe.
Oh, you're welcome, sweetie.
I like finding little
bar/wine places like this.
I know.
So when I'm talking to my Mom today,
she's feeling really good, you know?
It's been the hardest,
like, four years.
I mean, I was just a kid
when I found out that she had cancer.
It was right when I got
Teen Wolf, when I found out
I was gonna go film the first season.
I was, like, contemplating not going.
- It was horrible.
- Yeah.
It's a huge lifestyle adjustment.
Not only for her, but
for, like, all of you guys.
You know, and it's cool.
It's cool being in my position because,
like, you know, with Teen Wolf
and me having a lot of fans,
because I... I'm... I
know I'm not even close
to the only person that's,
you know, has this experience
with a family member, friend,
or anybody else, that,
you know, anybody close
to you. So it's cool...
it's cool being able to,
you know, share... share
how I feel and help kids.
'Cause, you know, I still need help,
and it's like a giant
therapy group, you know?
It's like a recovering drug addict,
take each day as it goes.
There's hard days, there's good days.
There's hard days, there's good days,
there's bad days.
I don't know how the hell she does it.
I'm... I'm not... I don't
think I'm that strong.
She's, like,
the most badass woman ever.
Yeah, she really is.
She's the coolest.
It's scary. It's... I mean.
Yeah, I hate it. I hate it, but...
I don't, you know.
You can't.
It's... you know, it's there.
It's life.
I don't know.
That's a lot.
Those are huge fries.
Ooh, it's good.
- Is it?
- Yeah.
How's your jobs going, babe?
It's good.
I mean, it's hard, though,
'cause I only know,
like, a handful of people,
and the way you get jobs is
from knowing other people.
If no one knows you,
they're not gonna be like,
"this random name Seana looks awesome.
I want to hire her."
You know?
I'm, like, so new.
I'll get there one day.
I know you will.
It'll be there, but I'm busy
with other stuff, you know.
Wedding planning,
and then it's nice to be home,
keep the house clean and tidy
when you're at work.
So you're a stay-at-home
Mom with the puppies.
I'm glad we're both not gonna
be busy during this hiatus,
so we can relax,
get to know each other a
little bit before the wedding.
- I've never met you before.
- Never met you.
Remember when we got
engaged, and we were like,
"we're never gonna be boyfriend
and girlfriend ever again."
It was so weird.
It was weird.
I know... no matter what,
I know you and I will have a good time.
Mm-hmm. We always do.
- That's all I know.
- No matter what situation,
we always have a good time.
All I know is that, like,
I'm gonna look into your eyes,
and the sound's gonna go away,
and I'm gonna cry.
Oh, I'm gonna cry all day.
- I know, me too.
- There's no doubt.
I get pretty close to crying
every time we talk about it.
I'm gonna be so nervous.
When I see you, I'm gonna cry,
and then I'm just gonna cry all day.
Yeah, I'm gonna cry when I see you.
It's so intimate,
and it's so terrifying.
At least we're not having
sex in front of people.
No. You never know.
- Oh, yeah.
- Will that happen?
Oh, yeah.
- During the
wedding? - Uh-huh.
What if that's how we, like, seal the knot?
Tie the knot?
Seal the knot?
We'll just have to seal the knot.
Seal the envelope?
Seal the deal?
I think it'll be great.
I think, you know,
how much we overthink things,
and how scary things
are gonna be sometimes,
I think it's gonna be...
it's gonna be so much fun,
and it's gonna be stress-free.
We're not one of those couples that,
like, stresses about everything,
especially during their wedding, you know.
- Yeah.
- I don't think it'll be like,
"oh, my God, why aren't the flowers right?"
No. I don't care about that.
I don't know. I just want...
I just want to marry you.
That's my only expectation for the day.
I think that's what's gonna happen.
It's gonna be awesome.
We need limes.
We'll get some beer and stuff.
I want jell-o.
Those are some good avocados.
They're gonna make even better guacamole.
Oh, we'll get piatas from here.
Say piata.
- Piata.
- There you go.
There's a pumpkin. That's funny.
Yeah, I want the pumpkin.
Look at it. Yay.
Our friend.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
I'm excited to go here, babe.
I've never been here before.
I love you.
Oh, that was a juicy kiss.
This place is really cute, sweetie.
- I know.
- It's so weird.
It's, like, so random in this area.
I know, we could come here all the time.
We should walk here.
Hi, sweetheart.
I'm so hungry.
I'm hot. I'm hot and hungry.
Oh, cool.
- Menus right here for you.
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
No problem.
Jesse and I went skating,
and... with Daniel,
- and Daniel fell on the long board.
- I heard about that.
That was so funny,
but then we went to Blake's
house, ordered pizza.
I drank some beer,
and then we went in the pool and played
frisbee and did some flips, and...
- It was... it was pretty fun.
- You had a boys' day?
I felt like we were kids again.
And I said, "the only difference is that
this time we're allowed to be drinking beer."
It was fun 'cause we hadn't
done anything like that
in a while where it was just, like,
going back to what we used to do as kids.
Oh, cool, awesome. Oh, my God.
- Yeah, that looks great.
- You need silverware, don't you?
Thank you.
I'm so excited to relax today.
I want to lay in bed all day,
and watch, like, movies and eat Thai food.
Oh, my God.
- Hi.
- Can I hug you?
Yeah, sure.
Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.
- She wants to hug me.
- Hey, how're you doing?
- Oh, my God.
I'm, like, shaking.
- Oh, God. Can I take a picture?
- Yeah, sure.
- Hi.
- Hey, how's it going?
I was like, "I know it's him.
I know it's him." Can we take a picture?
Yeah, sure, no problem.
Sorry, I'm a little messy right now.
That's fine.
Oh, my God.
All right. Cool.
- Thank you so much.
- Oh, my God, thank you.
- Yeah, you're welcome, guys.
- Enjoy your... sorry,
- we're all just messing with you.
- That's okay.
Did you save it?
Wait, wait, you didn't save it.
Take it with your phone.
We're so sorry.
Oh, I'm sorry, I don't do more than
two pictures in a row, I'm sorry.
- Oh, okay.
- I'm just joking.
Oh, my God. I was like, "no."
Oh, my God.
- Be with my cousin.
- Sorry.
That's okay.
- Okay, thank you so much.
- Thank you.
Yeah, you're welcome,
guys. See you later, bye.
Yeah, no problem, guys.
See you later. Have fun.
Stay out of the heat.
They walked by a couple times.
I saw... I saw them, like,
walk by and check me out.
Then they were just standing
there, so I was like, "let me wave."
I know you.
I know you.
So how do we make jell-o shots?
Do you just put alcohol in it?
- Yeah, and then you put it...
- It's just that simple?
- Oh, yeah.
- All right, cool. Let's do it.
But we need... oh, [Bleep].
We need containers to put them in.
We don't have containers?
Like, to make little shots?
- Oh.
- We should have got a [Bleep].
We should have gotten little disposable...
Well, what we'll do is
make bowl... a bowl of it,
and then we'll just have people serve it.
Well, we can still shoot it.
So what would go good with orange?
Vodka would go good with orange.
Vodka would go good with orange.
Oh, yeah, ice cube trays.
Making jell-o shots.
So I'm gonna add the vodka now, I guess?
Is that what you do?
Oh, whoa, that's weird.
It's liquid jell-o.
Dump the rest of it in there?
Are you serious? The rest of it?
I don't know.
- Oh, my God.
- Ew.
All right, that's it. It's up.
Call it.
Calling it. I'm calling it.
- You want this...
- When.
Good job, sweetie.
This smells like medicine.
- It's really awful.
- This does?
Ooh, 'cause you can smell the vodka?
- You can smell it.
- I know.
You can definitely smell vodka in there.
These are gonna be good.
- Thanks for coming, guys.
- Yeah, thanks for coming, guys.
Let's fill up this pumpkin.
Oh, dude, dude, dude.
These are my favorite.
I'm actually a
professional piata-stuffer.
What does it take to be a professional?
It takes, like, a PhD.
The hole can only fit so much.
Put it in there.
Speaking of that, where are those condoms?
There they are.
Dan, what did you say?
- Are you on Tinder?
- Me?
- No, him.
- Oh, yeah. Listen to this.
He uses a picture of me
and him to get him girls.
Oh, you're the worst.
I'm the smartest.
Put it in.
Last thing.
I'm gonna do it just like this.
Oh, that was very close.
- You have to get it in.
- Did you feel it?
Didn't you feel like it was gonna happen?
Didn't you feel like it was gonna happen?
Let's just roll on this
until you actually make it.
Oh, [Bleep]. I'm done. I'm done.
I can't do it anymore!
- We're gonna retire this.
- Let's just hang it.
Hang it from the wire.
No, but I want it to go up and down.
Oh, right, right, right. Okay.
Can you pull that?
Look at that. All right, cool. Perfect.
Watch out, Posey. This could get bad.
Oh, my God, he's gonna
hit me in the [Bleep].
How many... wait, how
many hits does he get?
Yeah, how many hits?
Got to warm up my arm, here.
That's three. That was three.
- Are you serious?
- All right, go... go two more.
Let me get some contact, here.
We'll do five shots.
Oh, man.
All right. I'm done.
You do it now.
That was... Hercules!
Oh, my God.
It broke the bat, look.
Oh, my God.
One more for good measure.
Kill it, Dan.
Welcome to the party,
man. Thanks for grilling.
Thank you.
Guess what we're doing on hiatus, dude?
I'm getting married.
What are you doing with your life?
I'm definitely not getting
married for a long time.
Yeah, man, we're getting married.
We're gonna go on our honeymoon.
Where... where you guys at in the planning?
- We're almost there, dude.
- So close.
When is finished?
Like, what does that...
what does that mean?
When we're finished, then we'll be married.
When you're done planning, you're married?
What are you doing during hiatus, Dan?
What's hiatus, dude?
You don't know what hiatus is?
You guys have said that word,
like, I have no idea what...
Hiatus is when you're
on break from filming.
Oh, okay. I'm on hiatus.
Summer break is hiatus.
Been on hiatus for a little while.
I'm gonna be using that a lot.
Be using that a lot.
Probably gonna change my name to hiatus.
This was a fun season, huh?
I don't know about you, this
is my favorite season so far.
Yeah, and they made me a wolf.
I think you and I should be with each other
every single day during hiatus,
and making... writing and filming.
Dude, I've been saying
this since I met you.
So have I.
I've learned so much from Teen Wolf.
- So, you know...
- Yeah, I'm excited to apply
what I've learned on Teen Wolf
to, you know, to our own stuff.
I'm really excited.
It's gonna be good, dude.
I want us to be a team...
In Hollywood.
I want us to... I want
us to produce big movies
and, you know, this is the start.
Right here, we're making
history right here.
We're gonna watch this in, like,
ten years from now and be like,
"damn, look at that.
That's when we were just starting out."
The last few years have been an adventure.
And I feel really lucky
to be doing a job I love.
Surrounded by amazing friends and family.
From a young age, you've
always known what you wanted.
Yeah, exactly.
I can't wait to get married to Seana
and see what happens next.
I love you.