Being Us (2014) Movie Script

Very, very important thing
because you always have
to be a good girl.
And you always have to be a
very, very, very good person.
Who is it?
I work here.
Someone scared me.
I had to hide.
I guess they're gone now.
Will you be nice to me?
I tried the doors, but
everything's locked.
I thought I might
have to sleep here.
You won't.
Thank you mister.
You're gonna get such a rush
you'll go right
down that stairs.
Oh yeah. Oh yeah.
We've all gotten fucked up
on that stuff, darling.
Oh butternut, we're
practically there.
What are you looking at?
I don't know.
Hey. Let's see some skin.
Do you know that it is illegal
to eat chicken with a
fork in Gainsburg?
Well... Gainsburg...
I'll tell you one
thing I do know.
A gentleman should keep
his eagerness in check.
What lying fuck told you
I was a gentleman, huh?
Look, I need a lover
with a slow hand
like that old song.
For fuck's sake, give
me a fucking break.
Would you please?
Just get down there.
There we go. Huh? Huh?
Fucking motherfucker.
Fuck your mother.
- What the....
- Motherfucker.
What did you just fucking say?
What did you just fucking say?
My mother?
No, please, please,
please don't hurt me.
No? Please.
Please don't hurt me.
Why don't you talk
shit now, huh?
Why don't you talk
about my mother now?
How about you get the
fuck out of here,
you piece of shit, huh?
How about that?
Fuck you.
Nah, shit. Fuck.
Hey bitch, you forgot something!
Double tequila, a beer,
and the lady will have...
Um, bourbon.
Get your fucking
hands off of me!
Fucking crazy? Touch me again,
I'll tear your balls
off, motherfucker.
I swear to God I fucking will.
Ok, let's go, let's go.
Fuck you.
Fucking maniac.
I just do not know how
they get like that.
Sure you do.
I'm not feeling well.
I think I should go.
Fine. Back tomorrow at 7.
Are you okay?
Don't make it worse.
I won't.
Just don't involve yourself
in what doesn't
concern you, please.
You know, normally I wouldn't.
It's just,
I know that look.
I see it every day
as part of my work.
And I've caught myself
staring like them more often
than I liked to admit.
I might be able to help.
Or at least distract you.
Okay, but I'm not...
I should give you this, too.
I'm Walker.
It's good to meet you.
Yeah, likewise.
I should be going.
Would you like some company?
No. Not just now.
You won't humor me?
I've never humored
anyone in my life.
Ha. Humor me.
It's cozier here.
It's just more... it's a cozy vibe.
Yeah, I...
I really didn't
think you'd call.
Well, neither did I.
I don't normally accost
women on the street,
but you, you seemed pretty down.
Not a great night,
but I've had worse.
You going through a rough time?
Things have been interesting.
Mm-hm. Leave it at that.
I don't mean to pry.
It's a bad habit.
Big part of my job.
Are you a detective?
Social worker.
Yeah I find the people
with the most trouble
are usually the least
likely to talk about it.
What about you?
Loads of a trouble
and a complete unwillingness
to talk about it.
No, I mean, what do
you do for a living?
I'm a receptionist.
Very exciting.
I don't know.
A boring job might lead to
an incredible inner life.
People are complex.
Ah, I don't know
if I believe that.
I think people are a
lot less complicated
than they like to believe.
Ah, the reductionist school
of human psychology.
In real life, it comes down to
who gets to do and who
gets it done to them.
So, we're just animals.
Even Shakespeare?
Just a real clever primate?
You're hiding from me.
Do you even know
why you're here?
I think I'm here to
ask you out on a
very serious date.
Okay. On one condition.
That you state your intentions,
right here, right now.
Can I have a couple minutes
to figure out what
my intentions are?
Two minutes.
Okay. Starting now.
You got nothing.
I got nothing. No.
You need three minutes?
I need a few more.
I was expecting that answer.
Mind if I take just
one more look?
I just can't believe
that my kids are gone.
It's just until you get
back on your feet.
Then they can come back.
You heard the judge.
They're never coming back.
She's probably right, you know.
She'll never get
those kids back.
Yeah, but that's bullshit.
That's what I'm saying.
It's not your job
to tell her that.
Come on, you're there
to help her navigate,
not to promote an outcome.
There's no doubt in my mind
that she loves those kids.
Love is one of many
significant factors.
Yes, but it's a goddamn
significant one.
Listen, listen if you want to
keep sane doing field work,
you gotta concentrate
on the broader context.
That, that, that's not enough.
Well, that's all you can do.
No, I, damn it, I
don't believe that.
That woman today, she
needed a lifeline.
You jump in trying to save her,
you both end up drowning.
Walker, keep a safe distance.
Document the pain,
don't share it.
Oh great. That
makes me a cipher.
No, it makes you
a social worker.
You want to be a hero, go
join the fire department.
If it makes you feel any better,
your job is a lot tougher.
I know.
I'm a not sure I know how
to exactly respond to this.
Maybe the idea is to make
you feel destabilized.
Huh. Ah.
Um, not sure I really
need any help with that.
I know how you feel.
Oh, they say he was a genius.
I know.
It also says he went
completely nuts.
You ever wonder if
that'll happen to you?
No, I'm not, uh, I'm
not gifted like that.
I intend to lead a very long,
safe, uninteresting life.
Hmm. No drama?
I've seen enough drama.
I'm ready for easy
laughs and barbecue.
Well that sounds like a
perfectly respectable fantasy.
What do you think of barbecue?
Yeah, yeah. I like it.
I do.
You have a special place
you want to take me?
You gonna show me
something pretty
and just ravish me,
willing or not?
Cause I'm no stranger
to what men want.
Where'd this southern
belle come from?
somewhere you don't
want to know about.
I have to go. I don't
know what's happening.
Wait. Let me give you a ride.
Some other time.
So, uh.
What exactly did I do to
mess up the other night?
I just.
I think we should
just, you know,
chalk it up to a mixed signal.
Anyway, I'm real glad you
decided to investigate further.
Me, too.
You ever been married?
No, I've been, been close.
Couple times, you know, but...
Didn't quite work out?
Nah. No, I uh--
the women in my life has
always been problematic.
Guess there's nothing
more compelling
than a woman with a
tragic problem right?
You make it sound like I
didn't care about them.
No, it's just you know, people
that like to fix things
just make me a little nervous.
That's all.
Well, I think I'm
done fixing things.
So, you ever been
down the aisle?
Only in criminal court.
Is that true?
All right. What's
behind door number 2?
Nothing much. Just storage.
Behind a padlock?
That's just, where I
keep my art supplies.
I had no idea you
were an artist.
I mean just because
I have art supplies
doesn't exactly
make me an artist.
Maybe that isn't for you to say.
It's just, you know,
it's something I do when
I need to kill time.
Mm-hm. No, I'm not buying it.
You don't keep a casual
hobby behind a padlock.
I can't put one
over on you, can I?
You just don't seem all
that apathetic to me,
that's all.
Yeah, you are right.
'Cause I am about as
apathetic as a train wreck.
I want to know about you.
Yeah? Hmm?
Momma didn't love you?
Aw, you look like a
digger of shallow graves.
What about you, huh?
Southern belle, a wounded bird.
I'm all of it.
What's wrong? I don't.
What's wrong? No, I don't.
Yeah, you do. No, not like this.
Yeah you do. Not like this.
Not like this.
I don't want us to
be a fling, okay?
Well, that's gonna
be hard on you.
Is this your other girlfriend?
Okay. Okay.
Sorry. She was my sister.
She died about 15 years ago.
Oh. I'm sorry.
Me, too, but it happens.
What about you?
Your family around here?
Uh, no.
Not a happy story like mine?
Hmm. You're perceptive.
I like that about you.
Ready to go?
This is a little unreal.
I take it you don't get
out of the city much.
The city doesn't like
me to get out much.
What exactly does that mean?
you really don't want me to know
anything about you, do you?
Ah, come on. That's not true.
I just want to control
what you know about me.
Ah, well at least
you're honest sort of.
I'm totally honest about that.
People show what
they want to show.
Yeah, regardless of how
many questions I ask.
I think I'm afraid.
This is the part you
should be enjoying.
I am.
Even though you
make it sound like
a bomb is gonna explode as
soon as I get close to you.
That's what you're afraid of?
Not really.
I think I'm afraid
that it'll go off
before we really get a
chance to know each other.
The fuse is lit.
You Okay?
You want to share
something deep,
but I don't have
anything for you.
Why not?
Because every night I-I-I-I
sit here and I read
and it's just like the room
just keeps getting smaller
and--and darker and
there's someone putting
a hand over my mouth.
Then I go out.
We all go through tough times.
Not like this. Not like this.
You don't know. You don't know.
Okay. I don't.
I don't know, but I don't
plan on ducking out, okay?
Any offer will be
considered, huh?
Working condition right
there, excellent item.
You can see around
the corner with it.
See into the future.
Find out who's she with, huh.
It's, I'm telling ya, bub,
is the right tool for the job.
Come on man, make an offer.
Make an offer.
Hey. Hi.
You ready for Chinese?
I want to show you something.
Come on. Okay.
These are... These are amazing.
No, don't say that.
No, no, no. Don't say anything.
I wanted you to see.
I'm glad you changed your mind.
That one's for you.
Will you take it? I...I...yes.
Yes. Yes. It's beautiful.
It's beautiful.
Beautiful isn't the point.
Then what's the point?
To make you forget everything
that you know about me.
Fuck. Fuck.
Fuck. Fucker.
Fuck. Damn it.
Fucking miserable fuck. Yeah.
Yeah. Yeah.
Put it in her. Fuck her.
Come on.
That's what you're
fucking her for,
right, motherfucker?
'Cause you always have
to be a good girl.
And you always have
to be a good person.
You've got to find the good in
everything that you do today,
whatever you think is necessary.
No! No! This is not for you!
What is this?
I'm sleepy.
I feel like there's a
conversation for us to have.
I'm tired.
I want to sleep.
We'll just sleep.
We both know you're
spotted, okay?
So-- oh come on.
How long have you
been doing this?
I'm not gonna call the cops.
Okay, well...
All right, I'm going inside.
I'm going home now.
You, uh, want to come
in for some tea?
I've got this herbal pervert
blend you might like.
It's really perverted,
like truly.
I ran out of milk,
but I have sugar.
It's hot.
I feel like I should
be afraid of you.
I could never...
I'm, I'm not that type.
Um, do you get off out there?
Do you watch me have sex?
I mean, yes, I've been
watching, but no, I don't.
Outside, it's cold.
I just learn.
You save it for later?
Are you going to do it again?
I mean, now that, now
that you've been caught,
do you think it's still
gonna work for you?
I don't know.
I'm not sure it'll be the same.
Well, do you think you love me?
I love watching you
try to survive.
Feels like we're miles
away, doesn't it?
I come out here, I
feel like the only,
the only living soul on Earth.
Ah, that's good.
And I listen to the quiet.
It's a good thing.
I need to know about that
thing with the lighter.
That's the way I put it--
Don't--don't-- don't--
don't dodge me on this one.
The uh, lighter
belonged to my mother.
It's the only heirloom I've got.
The burning happens when
I need to be reeled in.
What about what
happened with us?
I-I don't even know
what that came from.
Mm-hm. That, that, that sex
wasn't something that
you did to me, okay.
It was something that we did.
I know. I know, but...
it's just, it's not how
it's supposed to be.
That's how people respond to me.
Has it always been like that?
But I think it might be
different this time.
Will you stop that, please?
You wanted me to see you.
Sorry. I'm used to...
I'm not very good at this.
Pretty dress.
It's uh, for a party
with the man I'm seeing.
You want to go?
I'm uh, not really looking
to expand my social circle.
He seems nicer than
the other ones.
How long have you been watching?
Since that night at the bar.
I held onto this for you.
That other guy threw it
out into the street.
It was you.
It was, it was, it was you
he was yelling at, wasn't it?
You saw.
He was getting rough with you.
Yeah, yeah. Woulda messed me up.
But this one sends you flowers.
I know.
I should go to the party
and give it a chance.
It's just...
Terrifying to really
want something.
I'll tell ya what.
Why don't you hold onto that?
So, you uh ready to
start showing me off?
Oh, it's about time I managed
to impress somebody.
Famous last words.
Hey, if you're not having fun,
we'll cut out of here, okay?
I'm not having fun.
Hey, this is Margaret.
Margaret, this is Dr.
John Madrone.
Very nice to meet you, Dr.
John Madrone.
Not even my patients
call me that.
Wow, you are beautiful
just like Walker said.
What on Earth are
you doing with him?
Don't trust him.
He's a mental health
He's paying me. Shh.
Come on. That's great.
I can't eat another bite.
It's delicious.
Ah, thanks very much.
I'm glad you liked it.
Not hungry, Frank?
So, I went by
Franklin's office today
and he wasn't there.
Shock. He never is.
But when I went to
the faculty lounge
they told me he'd been
in a shouting match
with the Dean of Students.
Over the accusations?
Oh let's just say the
academics are never
all that excited about being
the subject of investigation,
are we, Franklin?
Well, none of us are really.
Oh, but I did finally
find him, though.
You wanna know where?
In one of the
undergraduate cafeterias,
holding court and lecturing
about faculty feudalism.
I'm guessing that you are
some kind of artist.
With your extreme intuition
about these things?
Oh you can't tell me
she doesn't have a
certain air about her.
So, you're a sculptor.
I uh, huh, I'm, I'm,
I'm not sure it's
a title that um,
well I, I, I didn't,
I didn't know
that uh, Walker had
shared that about me.
Whoops. Looks like
you blew it, man.
Oh no. It's not a secret.
Um, it's just a hobby.
I certainly don't care
if anybody refers
to me as an artist.
That's very refreshing.
If only more people were
content with their place
instead of always
straining to what, what,
what is it now to, to
reinvent themselves?
Oh, that's a pretty easy thing
for a man in your position
to say, isn't it?
I mean, tenure, status.
He has achieved a certain
measure of infamy.
I'll grant you that.
I might add...
Yes, not many educators
need to keep an attorney
on retainer.
My husband is a special man.
So, what is that you do
when you're not defying
I listen to people experiencing
their own importance, and,
uh, it's fascinating.
Spoken like a bitter shop girl.
Uh-uh, especially middle
class intellectuals.
Or so you've observed when
you're sitting in your room
with your little putty knife
and your strained imagination.
Really, honey, you should
mind your table manners.
Ladies, we're approaching
a breach of civility.
I won't hold out
much hope, though.
Polite conversation is a
lost art to your generation.
You don't seem to want
to take your own advice.
I think maybe we could all use
a little refresher
course in that one.
Further evidence of
cultural collapse.
You see, contemporary parents
are so terrified of
inflicting trauma
that they've
completely forgotten
the application of discipline.
Ah, yeah.
I'd hate to think of
what a child would learn
at your knee.
Education comes often
in surprising forms.
What about all the
parents out there
don't know their ass
from their elbow?
Well, I suppose they keep you
social workers employed.
We often fail to
protect our kids.
That's a salient point.
Well, I'm not so sure
that protecting children
should be our first priority.
After all, the traditionally
the role of children
was to serve the family.
You mean, like at a sweatshop,
or would you rather have them
closer to home, you know,
mom needs a maid.
Dad needs a little plaything.
And you've seen
it all, I gather.
You feel like getting some air?
Uh-uh. Uh-uh.
Playing the victim
certainly is handy
when claiming the moral
high ground, isn't it?
What the fuck would
you know, huh?
Huh? What the fuck
would you know, bitch?
- Fuck you.
- Margaret, wait.
Fuck you, man.
Hey, hey, wait, Margaret.
Don't you dare follow me.
Fuck you.
I'll fuck you on
the table, bitch.
She's moody.
No, you're moody.
I think she may be something
a little more advanced.
Look, sometimes she...
sometimes she acts a
little different, okay.
How much do you know
about Margaret?
How much should I know?
I know how I feel about her.
You know how you want to feel.
Do you know if she's receiving
any sort of treatment?
She hasn't mentioned anything.
Any medication?
I don't know.
Walker, something's
pretty wrong here.
I mean, she picks a fight.
No, no. She did not
pick that fight.
When she gets it, she
just erupted like that.
I can see that
she's very lovely,
but she seems to be
in a lot of pain.
Can you do anything to help her?
I don't think this is something
I should be involved with.
She doesn't strike me
as the kind of woman
who has a lot of options, John.
All right. All right.
If she's willing, send her to me
and I'll see her once.
Try and make some kind
of basic diagnosis.
Maybe I can, I can refer
her to a specialist.
Now, I'm going to
ask you something
and you're not going to like it.
Why am I with her?
People don't stay with someone
above their level of health.
Maybe I'm not.
Well, she does seem to fit
all your normal criteria.
Don't make her out to
be a tendency, Okay?
She's a person.
You are reenacting the
same relationship
over and over.
Yeah, kinda like
this conversation.
Yeah, like the one
with the Vicodin.
She turned out to
be a real charmer.
Maybe we should talk
about where this starts,
with Elizabeth.
No, you never knew my sister.
The way you tried
to keep her alive
a long time past when
she wanted to get out.
Don't try to pin me with
some bullshit diagnosis.
Margaret needs me.
And whatever it is that's
fucking eating at her,
she is fighting it and I'm
gonna help her fight.
All right. All right.
A gentleman, mm-mm-mm.
Did you know that the
door was invented
4,000 years ago
by the Egyptians?
Of course, no one knows
who invented the lock.
Nice wallpaper.
Did you know that
tiger shark embryos
will fight in their momma's womb
and only the survivor is born?
And I'm gonna fuck
you in the ass.
Yeah. Yeah.
Sweetie, I'm not one to judge,
but if you want to
make this happen,
you will come in the
front like a gentleman.
Wipe your feet before you do.
What is this?
It's for us. It
protects the rug.
Why don't we go
into the bedroom?
I'm assuming your fine
establishment has a bed.
No, no, no I prefer
to do it right here.
Right here.
I want to fuck you
hard right in the ass.
Why don't you take me to
the bed and I'll show you.
Right here. I said here.
No, no, no, no, no.
No! Here!
When's your wife get back, huh?
When did she leave?
This morning?
You have time to do
all the nasty shit
that she doesn't do, huh?
You get undressed right now.
No, no, no, man, I
don't fuck on towels,
and I don't fuck guys that
make deals with themselves
that everything's okay
so long as it's not
in the wife's bed.
Please don't.
I'm going to tell someone.
I'm gonna tell your wife.
Don't! Do as I say.
Do as I say or I'll hurt you.
Just say yes. Just say yes.
Say yes! Say yes!
That's good. That's good.
Yeah, yeah.
Right here in front of
the steps, all right.
Right on the fucking steps.
Get away from me!
Open this door!
Fuck off!
Look, this is gonna
be much worse for you
if I have to break
down this door.
Open it.
You ain't gonna break down shit.
How're you gonna explain that
to your wife, motherfucker, huh?
How're you going to explain
that to your fucking wife?
Stop talking about my wife!
Fuck you!
It's safe.
See if you can get her
to come to the office.
Thank you.
Good luck.
Hey, are you okay?
Can I help you?
Yeah, I'm looking for Margaret.
Look, I was told she's here.
She's in there.
You know, you know your
friend's highly unstable.
It was an ordinary evening
between consenting adults
and she grew frightened.
You in there?
It's Walker. Are you okay?
I want you to know
that if she's hurt,
I'm gonna break
your goddamn neck.
Can we just go?
There's no pretending
that didn't happen.
And at John's, I mean that
didn't even feel like you.
And the southern one?
She's a part of me, too.
Are there others?
Which one of them took you
to that asshole's apartment?
I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.
I should have told you.
But you didn't.
But, I just, I, I thought that
we could be something else.
Is it over? Is it over?
Is that how you want this to go?
You don't know me.
You don't know me.
I did things you wouldn't like.
Tell me.
I go out.
And I-- I give everything away.
To the worst kind of people.
Just, men without conscience.
You fuck 'em?
You enjoy it?
That's not the point.
Why? That's not the point.
'Cause it's the only
fucking way I know
how to keep breathing.
Look, I don't want
to leave, okay?
But I am not going
to just stay here
and watch you fall to pieces.
I can't make promises.
Don't you know that?
I can't make any promises.
I can't make any
kind of guarantees.
You can get some help, okay?
You can get some fucking help.
What? Nothing's going to change.
No, no, no.
Don't you know that?
Nothing's going to change.
No, no, no, Madrone is
willing to see you, okay,
as a favor.
No, I made it this
far, haven't I?
I've come this far
without some quack,
you know, digging through
my fucking head.
I'm living life.
Yes, yes, but couldn't it
be a little more peaceful?
Peaceful, yeah.
Maybe you mean normal?
No, no...
I mean less, less,
less dangerous.
I'll see what he has to say.
Who was it who called
me from your house?
To tell me where
you'd gone tonight?
Guess you're not the only
one who's looking after me.
I suppose I should thank you
for offering to see me,
but I'm not sure any
good could come of this.
It's not such an
uncommon feeling.
Let me ask you this.
Is there anything
going on right now
that you might want help with?
Feelings or impulses
that upset you?
Well, yeah. Yeah.
Once a month, I want
to kill my landlord.
More extreme than that.
For example, you're looking
at someone else's life,
you hate what they do.
Only it turns out, you're
watching yourself.
What about the party
the other night?
Business as usual?
But it is, isn't it?
It happens all the time.
You don't know a fucking thing.
I think maybe I do.
I think you should get
some of that bullshit
and shove it up your ass.
There's a part of you that
wants all of this to stop.
A part that wants to get better.
Am I right?
Go fuck yourself.
In a moment,
that person that wants
to get well again
will speak with me.
Are you the one that
wants to get better?
I don't know.
What's your name?
How old are you, Millie?
I'm seven.
May I ask you some questions?
Yeah. Okay.
Are there more of you
inside, Margaret?
How many?
You and three others?
Do they do things
that you don't like?
Lisa Mae, she um, she,
she dresses up and
she goes outside.
She, she does things with men.
So, like, I go inside.
Where it's safe?
What else don't you like?
Tig is mean. People
get mad at us.
Does that scare you?
What else?
What does Corrine do?
My arm.
What about your arm?
My arm, she hurts my arm.
She hurts my arm.
Oh, Millie. I'm so sorry.
That must hurt. I'm sorry.
Millie, thank you very
much for helping me.
It was nice to meet you
and I look forward to
speaking with you again soon,
but right now,
I need to speak with
Margaret again.
Will you let me do that?
Thank you.
Did you know about
the ones inside?
Did you know that they make
you do things that hurt you?
Yeah, I--I know.
I hear them.
And I see the things they do.
It's called Dissociative
Identity Disorder,
Multiple Personality.
What's the treatment?
I refer you to a specialist
who helps people with DID.
He helps you reintegrate
the parts of yourself
that have splintered off.
He's very good and I can ask him
if he can offer you
a sliding scale.
What happens to them?
Well, if the treatment
is successful,
they'll... they'll let go.
They'll dissolve.
You want me to let them die?
No. No, integration isn't death.
How would you like it
if the people you shared
your life with for 30 years
were taken away from you?
Huh? Your friends.
Your, your, your
siblings, your wife?
It isn't like that.
It is. It is like that.
I know. They're all I know.
They're all I know.
I live with them every day.
They're all I know.
This treatment can make
you happy and stable.
I've seen it happen. No, No.
You see what you
think is important.
Margaret, you can have
a real relationship
instead of just, just--
Relationship through your eyes,
you know I've seen some
of your relationships
and frankly I don't think
I trust your judgment.
Okay, what about Walker?
Walker? Well I can tell
by this fancy office
that you're smart enough
to leave us alone.
I've been waiting for
you at your place.
Look, if you want
me to go, I'll go.
Ask me.
Would you stop, stop trying
to do the right thing.
Okay? Just ask me.
How'd it go?
Not as you might've hoped.
Oh God, don't.
Don't make me out to
be the asshole, Okay?
My God, you've been lying to me
for as long as I've known you.
No, I never lied to you.
Yeah, you never told me
more than half the
fucking truth.
If I told you how it was,
up front,
would you have stayed?
I know you want to fix me.
You don't want me.
You want some cleaned up
fucking stripped
out version of me.
Get the fuck out of here.
Did you call Walker?
You called Walker, didn't you?
Oh my God, you're a
fucking stalker, okay?
How's about some boundaries?
Fuck off!
Oh yeah, you are.
Is that what you think?
Absolutely, that's
exactly what I think.
Fired your housekeeper, huh?
Well, it's so hard to find
good help these days.
Oh, I hear you.
...installations of bath tubs
is prohibited by law.
Is that right?
It is.
Didn't know that, did you?
I did not know that.
I've got something for you.
Yeah, I bet you do, don't you?
What is this?
Open it up.
You said you liked cocktails.
I made a special cocktail.
It's going to make
everything better.
Even this place?
It's gonna make this place
into a fucking palace.
Shortest distance
between two points.
Solve all your problems.
All of 'em, at once.
You don't know anything
about my problems.
Well, the precise nature of
your suffering is irrelevant.
All that bullshit
that's crowding you
out of your own head
just dissolves.
You empty out inside.
And there's room
for receptivity.
Sounds like I've been
waiting for this
for a long time.
Yeah, I bet you have.
Let me see your arm here.
Come here.
What is this?
Yeah, it's, uh, just
part of my 401k.
Just one big transaction, huh?
Buy low, sell high.
I tell you something, any
woman in their right mind,
would just be running out
this door, but not me.
No, you didn't run, did you?
I did not run.
Well, God makes us, and
we find each other.
How much you gonna give me?
Enough to help you forget.
Does it hurt?
No. No, it doesn't hurt.
Feels good.
How long does it take?
A couple seconds.
Did you know in 1924...
never mind.
You ready to mainline?
Isn't that God's own medicine?
Go with it. Just let
the river take you.
It's going to take you anyways.
You watch.
What're you doing?
Pursuit of happiness, baby.
No, no, stay down.
This is where you
need to be right now.
You owe me for the scab 'cause
I always square up here.
Oh, my balls.
Fuck, you bitch.
Get away from me.
Oh no, no, no, no.
Easy now.
Back off.
No regrets now.
Come on.
I'm gonna open you up.
Would you just fucking relax?
This is all so dramatic.
Oh yeah.
Well, I guess I won't be
making us breakfast after all.
What happened?
No. What happened?
That's the important thing.
You always have to be...
No. No. Stop. Stop.
No. No.
I can't do this anymore.
You don't have to, baby.
You don't.
You're going to be okay.
You're going to be okay.
We are not okay.
We will never be okay.
How can you say that?
How can you know?
Because the men in our
life are killing us
and since you, it's
gotten even worse.
This isn't Margaret, is it?
I only want to finish what
the lot of you have started.
You want to kill yourself?
I'm already ruined.
There's no recovering from this.
No. No. No.
You're not being fair. Okay?
No, no. You're not being fair
to any of them or to me.
You want to rescue someone.
You want to rescue someone.
Is that what you want to do?
You can't save us.
You can't save us
from each other.
No, I won't let you
No! No! I won't let you.
I am no longer willing
to endure the humiliation
brought on us by the whore.
And I will no
longer pay credence
to the whining of a child
or the grinning filth
of an adolescent idiot.
Babe, if you just, you've
got to give it time
and then work with the specialist.
Time? Time?
We were a child
when this started.
When it was allowed to start.
Our mother in the next
room, the next county.
Our first man, her man.
I want you to leave.
I want you to leave.
I want you to leave. No. No. No.
Not unless Margaret
tells me to, okay?
I want to talk to Margaret.
is that you?
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry, but I can't
imagine life without them.
I can't imagine
life without them.
They're family.
It would mean so much to me
if you could see how
much we need this.
If you could see that
you, you, you have to,
you have to let me do this.
No. Yeah, you do.
I'm just supposed to say
okay and then walk out?
And let you die?
This is the one thing
left in the world
that I really want.
Do you love me enough
to let me do this?
Um, I'm going.
I'm going to go for
a cup of coffee.
You wanna?
I might be gone for a while.
I know.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Yes, hi, um-- I
have an emergency.
No, I uh, there's a woman
here who's unconscious.
She's--yes, she took pills.
Uh, uh,
I don't know. Ten minutes.
I just got here.
Here is, uh, 1429
Stogman Avenue.
Apartment 4.
It's her apartment.
I'm her...friend.
There's no... yes, yes, I will.
McNair, Surgery 5.
Dr. McNair, Surgery 5.
She's gonna be okay.
Excuse me?
I called you.
Who are you?
I'm uh, I'm her uh...
her friend.
A friend?
We just...
drink tea.
Was it you who called
the paramedics?
Why didn't you?
I was trying to let her choose.
She is in so much pain.
I don't have the right to
hold her here just for me.
But thank you.
Have you been in to see her yet?
She'll be mad at me.
She'll want you.
Maybe not.
Take care of her.
If she'll let you.
She won't.
This belongs to her.
I think she might be
ready to have it back.
It was him, huh?
He got me here?
I'm glad it wasn't you.
I'm glad you're not dead.
I wish I could say the same.
I guess you can't, though.
Well, you know how this ends up.
Nothing's changed.
Yes, it has.
I accept you.
I'm with you.
You're out of your fucking mind.
I know.
Might be time for you
to call you a cab.
No, no, I just live a
couple blocks away.
Suit yourself, but my guy'll
help you to the door.
You're sweet. What's your name?
I'm uh,
I'm Jeff.
Well, it's nice to
meet you, Jeff.
Thank you for your kindness.
It's just a thought
Running through my mind
It don't mean A thing to you
It doesn't affect
What you do
Go on with your life
All the day to day to day
Affecting A very
small change
In a land that's not safe
I don't wanna do
it Without you
I don't wanna be Without you
When will this change
When will this change
I don't wanna do
it Without you
I just can't live
Without you babe
It's all been explained
It's all that you can do
You've picked up The
things that you found
And put them back in row
Pieces again You
almost can disguise
You never know
What you can do
In this line That
you flow yeah
I don't wanna do
it Without you
I don't wanna be Without you
When will this change
When will this change
I don't wanna do
it Without you
I just can't live
Without you babe
Live without you babe
Live without you babe
Live without you babe
Can't live without you babe
I can't live
Without you babe
I can't live
Without you babe