Beira-Mar (2015) Movie Script

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It's for Martin.
He'll be there in a minute.
- I thought you were going alone.
- Tomaz is coming.
- You know what to do, right?
- Dad, I gotta go.
No, no.
He can wait.
Take it seriously.
We get there, do what we
gotta do, and that's it, okay?
Let's go.
- Will you stay at his grandpa's?
- No, at his parents.
- His grandpa died.
- Oh, that sucks.
So it will be just you
two and his parents?
No, it's going to
be just us there.
- You two are staying alone?
- Yeah.
- Let's party, then?
- Of course.
- Can we go there tomorrow?
- It's up to you.
- So, let's go out tonight.
- I'm so down.
No way, I'm too tired.
C'mon, go out with us.
Alright, I'll check with Bento
to see if he's up to it.
- Who's Bento?
- Bento...
is the guy who's
picking me up.
I told you about him.
- Is he your boyfriend?
- No, he's not my boyfriend.
Come with us, then.
I'll see what I can do.
- See you, guys.
- See you.
- Good night.
- Come by the house.
I will.
It's freezing out here.
- Let's go?
- Yeah, dude.
I'm trying to think of
a cool place for us to go.
- Where?
- I don't know yet.
There's nothing
to do in this town.
Of course,
look around us.
- You're not running away.
- Get off!
- Faggot.
- Animal.
"Animal"? Don't you know
how to curse? "Silly".
Sour dick.
Hairy butt.
Dude, does anyone come
here to play mini-golf?
Of course.
Weekends are packed.
Tons of kids screaming.
- You know the rules, right?
- Sort of.
You have eight moves
to get the ball into the hole.
And each move is one point.
But you win by
scoring less points.
I used to think that the more
points you scored, the better.
But no, you need to
score as few points as possible.
Then I'd do eight
points every time,
hitting the ball away from the hole.
I'd say "eight points, yay!"
- Stupid.
- I was only a kid.
I might suck at mini-golf,
but check me out at basketball.
Hey, what the fuck
are you doing there?
Come back!
Do you really want to go in?
It could be fun, man.
You're not backing out now,
right? Are you afraid of women?
- Good evening.
- How's the party?
Twenty five to get in.
Three beers included.
Is it okay?
Okay, we want to come in.
- ID.
- Sure.
It's torn.
It's not worth anything.
C'mon, dude,
it's the only ID I have.
We can get in everywhere
in Porto Alegre with that.
But not here.
Dude, let's go.
- He was about to let us in.
- No, he wasn't. Let's go home.
Give me five minutes, I'll go
inside and I'll be right back,
I just want to
check the place out.
- Seriously?
- Five minutes. I'll be right back.
I mean it.
I'll be right back.
Where did you
get that sandwich?
I bought it at this
bakery around the corner.
- Dude...
- It's cool, dude.
I mean it.
Dude, pause it.
Hi, Dad.
Yeah, we got here okay.
No, not yet.
But I'll go.
Tomaz is taking me there.
Okay, Dad. Okay.
What time should we
go to your grandpa's?
In a bit.
You want me to come with
you, or would you rather go alone?
You can come with me.
Let's get back to the game.
Play the next
one by yourself.
- Hi, excuse me.
- Yes?
- Are you Mrs. Marisa?
- Who would like to know?
I'm Martin.
I called you yesterday.
I'm Lucio's son.
No one here has
anything to do with Lucio.
He said you have a document
for him, that's why I'm here.
Which document?
Rosa, go and get
a glass of water for the boy.
Which document?
If you want, I can call him.
You can talk directly to him...
and he'll explain.
No one's going to talk
to your father on the phone.
And why didn't he come?
He sent you,
is that it?
Can I go to the restroom?
Over here.
I got stuck.
And where is your dad?
Why didn't he come?
I don't know,
he was working.
- You really don't wanna talk to him?
- No.
And let him know that
if he wants to take our money,
he should come here
himself, you understand?
Do you understand me?
I don't know what to do.
Come back with your father, boy.
We need to talk to him.
So? How did it go?
A total shit.
Hey. We could go for
a walk on the beach.
It's a bit cold, huh?
And I'm not really into beach.
Martin, your house
is in front of the beach.
Once, I went for
a walk by myself.
And at some point
I got lost. Completely lost.
I walked for hours
trying to find my way home.
I don't even know how long, but
in my mind it took a fucking long time,
that's how lost I was.
Maybe it was only
for a few minutes.
At some point, I was
found by lifeguards.
And I couldn't tell them
which way my house was.
They raised one
of those blue flags
for when they
find lost children.
- I didn't know there was such a thing.
- There is.
There I was,
at the lifeguard booth,
feeling as if
I owned the sea.
At some point, my dad
showed up, screaming...
when I saw him, I froze.
You know what he's like.
I felt so embarrassed when
he was dragging me to the car,
the lifeguards were
watching the whole scene.
As soon as we got home,
he beat me up really bad,
probably the worst
spanking I've ever got.
- That sucks.
- Yeah.
He would only
stop to yell at me,
saying that
I had let him down.
I was grounded for
almost the entire summer,
and when I finally could
go out, I was afraid
I'd run into one
of those lifeguards.
You were only a child,
you know.
You won't let go
of this drawing book.
I'm back into drawing.
- Can I see it?
- No.
But when I get better,
I'll show you.
And I remember us going
to the bedroom and doing it,
but I woke up the next day
and I had no idea where I was.
I looked at the ceiling and thought
"this is not my room, how weird".
It took me a while
to put things into place,
and suddenly I realized
I was wet. I was like "oh, no".
I looked down and
I had pissed on the bed.
There was this giant
circle around me,
and I was half
wet and half dry.
I just looked
around the room and...
the first thing that crossed my
mind was "did I pee on her?"
I could hear her speaking
to a friend in the living room,
and I thought "I'm going
to jump out the window".
It was on the ground floor,
but the window was too small.
So I just sat there thinking
about what I should do.
All of a sudden, I bursted
out laughing, out of nerves.
I just thought
"maybe she woke up early...
and I peed myself
after she got out of bed".
- Sure.
- So I had pissed only on myself.
I got out of the bedroom and ran
into her, she had just taken a shower.
- We'll have to buy more beer.
- Okay. I'll ask Bento in a bit.
Do you and Tomaz
take all classes together?
So, which one of the
girls are you going for?
I don't know.
I'm more into Luiza, but
I haven't talked to Tomaz about it.
Do you think Tomaz
might be into Luiza?
- Don't know.
- Talk to him, then.
- Shit, it's freezing.
- Yeah.
Wait a sec.
Wanna smoke a joint?
Don't you wanna smoke
with everyone else?
- Natalia doesn't like that I smoke.
- I see.
- Have a seat.
- Okay.
Want some beer?
Hold this.
Have you two gone into the
ocean over the weekend?
- Of course not. It's fucking cold.
- Don't be a fag.
- Here.
- Cheers.
- Do you surf?
- Yeah. Since I was a kid.
- I love surfing during the winter.
- Really?
Isn't it too cold?
At the beginning. After
a while, you get used to it.
And you? What have
you been up to?
Okay, then.
We'll talk again soon.
I'll call you tomorrow.
Okay, then.
A big kiss to you. Bye.
- Hey. Is everything okay?
- Yeah, everything's fine.
- Let's get going?
- Let's, 'cause it's fucking cold.
One minute left.
Truth or dare?
- No, c'mon.
- It's gonna look beautiful.
- You gotta do the eyebrows as well.
- No, just the hair.
Hair and eyebrows.
- It's quite blue, already.
- Aren't you cold, dude?
I'm really fond of her.
Martin's gonna play oral sex.
- But it doesn't have a penis.
- But someone here does.
- May I have a kiss first?
- You have to get in the mood.
You have to take it out.
- Truth or dare?
- Okay, dare.
Two minutes in heaven...
- Really?
- Really.
Okay, then.
Enjoy it.
- Aren't you cold?
- Never mind.
Dude, come here a sec.
- Do you have condoms?
- Yeah. Hold on.
Okay, thanks.
I'm too drunk for all of these.
Take these back.
Come here.
Go and fuck.
No, enough.
I drank too much already.
- Already?
- So have you. You're spilling it all.
Take it easy.
I'm cool.
I can see that.
Do you guys come
to the beach often?
Last time I was here
was ten years ago.
- You have to come more often.
- Sure.
- But come during summer. Much better.
- Okay.
It's hard to enjoy the beach
and meet people in the winter.
Yeah, but that's not
the reason why we came.
We only came because Martin
had to take care of some stuff.
- Work stuff?
- No, family business. I'm not sure.
But I'm glad you two came.
Yeah, I'm not so sure.
I shouldn't even be here.
I should be in
Porto Alegre right now.
- For what?
- For a wedding.
- Really? I love weddings.
- Yeah, it's my cousin's wedding.
She's my closest cousin, so my
mom got pissed that I came.
But whatever.
Weddings are the best.
- She was right to be mad at you.
- Yeah, maybe.
But I had to come.
It's nice that you want to
solve other people's problems.
Really nice.
Yeah. He's my friend, right?
Take off your pants.
Let me help you.
You can handle it from
now on. I'll get you a towel.
- Take good care of your friend.
- I always do.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Hey man, wake up.
C'mon, Tomaz.
Get up.
- Can't remember much of last night.
- It was really fun.
Get up and take
a look at the mirror.
Oh, damn!
- Dude, wait here. I'm going in.
- Are you sure?
- I am.
- I'll be here.
Give me a hand.
Hold this for me.
- Here?
- Yeah, over there.
- Where are you staying?
- At my father's house.
The house by the shore?
I helped to build that house.
You had a dog. What was
his name? A yellow dog.
- Duque?
- Duque. How is he?
He's dead already.
Three or four years ago.
That dog was beautiful.
How was grandpa?
- In his final days?
- Bad.
He had been sick
for quite a while, you know.
We were preparing ourselves
for what was coming.
I'm truly sorry, man.
- What?
- And Mrs. Marisa?
How is she dealing?
Hanging on, you know?
She's hanging on
as best as she can.
Excuse me.
May I join you?
You still want
that paper, right?
And you don't even
know why you're here.
I haven't seen your
father in almost ten years.
Yeah, I don't have many
memories of you either.
You have grown a lot.
- Tell your father to call me.
- I told him.
Here it is.
I should've come
here more often.
You're a grandson.
Just like Rosa.
This is his house.
Well, it was.
I feel like an intruder.
And not because
of who my father is.
You're part of the family.
I don't get this.
How can the same movie
be on, every single time?
Your turn.
You can come back
whenever you want.
- Where are you taking me?
- Calm down, we're almost there.
Hey, Tomaz.
I can barely
remember my grandpa.
But I remember when
he used to bring me here.
That's shitty, you know?
It's nice that everyone has
time to deal with their own shit.
Do you feel better now?
I'm only a little hungover,
but only a little.
We've been here for two days
and I already want to go back.
Back to your boyfriend?
He's not exactly my boyfriend.
Have you two been
dating for a while now?
About three weeks, I guess.
Is this the first time
you've been with a guy?
But it's the first time I'm
actually caring about one.
Dude, do you have a cigarette?
You know you could
have told me, right?
I wanted to.
But I didn't know how.
You're a great guy, man.
I went to my grandpa's.
Even being his grandson,
I felt weird.
But when I left, when
I was in the middle of the road...
I didn't know which way
my home was anymore.
I didn't know if I should go
to the house you had built...
or go back to the
one they were living in.
I was sad.
I thought of all the
things I didn't get to do.
Because I knew
you wouldn't approve.
I didn't get to feel
what I was feeling.
I didn't get to care about
the people I cared about.
I'm coming back to Porto
Alegre without the document.
There's people around me...
who don't make me
afraid to go to the beach.
Even knowing that
I might get lost...
I'd rather take my chances.
Man, did you fuck
the girl last night?
I got too drunk so
I wouldn't have to do that.
- Too bad for her.
- Yeah, too bad.
- I fucked Luisa.
- I knew. I saw that.
What do you mean?
Bento knocked on the
door asking for condoms.
Then I ended up
seeing you two here.
So you were watching
me naked here?
- I bet you did, man.
- I didn't, man, fuck you!
- Of course you did.
- Stop it, man.
I bet you jerked
off after that.
No. If I wanted to jerk
off, it would've been
after I saw you getting
out of the shower, naked.
- You were watching me, man?
- No, not at all.
I was "dead", right?
- Son of a bitch.
- Stop it, dude.
What a son of a bitch!
- Quit the bullshit.
- You're paying for it.
Earlier today, when I was
leaving my grandpa's house,
was it your boyfriend
on the phone?
But he's not my boyfriend.
Good. You can't have a boyfriend
before I approve of him.
Oh, alright...
Dude, I called my father
and talked to him,
I said everything
I had to say.
That's awesome.
That's shitty, isn't it?
Look, man...
your father will never
change who he is.
Take your own ride.
Yeah, you're right.
Dude, I'm going
to change the CD.
How does it feel to kiss a guy?
I don't know.
I like it.
I know that.
How come you had never
noticed it before, man?
You could've told me.
It's different.
You knew you liked guys
even before being with one?
But when I did it for the
first time I knew for sure.
I'll check if the
beers are cold already.
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