Bekas (2012) Movie Script

Brother, you did!
Do paint, brother!
Good, good!
Now make a goal!
Press, press!
Why did you do about my brother?
Do not get beat, Zana!
- I do not!
I do not get to the goal!
I just averted a ball!
Well done, brother.
- Est ball!
What are you doing?
- Goal.
You idiot, why do not you taken the ball?
- No fault was mine, he fooled!
Film Theatre is Superman!
Superman is here!
Theater is Superman!
Superman is here!
Brother, Superman is here.
Superman, Superman!
Do not move.
I told you, do not move!
Car out of the way!
- Get yourself out of the way!
Superman starts out of the way!
- Who the hell is Superman?
What are you doing, you mutts!
What are you doing?
Son of a bitch!
You violate my car!
The program is Superman.
Tickets dinar.
Do not leave this in between!
The program Superman.
Do we have two dinars?
Who needs money?
Come on!
Zana, please.
Jump up!
Here, the donkey!
Did I tell you to climb up there?
- You do not.
Down then and now!
What are you doing here?
Movies, you have to buy a ticket.
- Brother, help!
Damn bitch!
- Help me!
Please, do not hit him!
- Get out of here!
I throw you down?
Woe betide any more to come!
- Brother!
Kadotkaa of my sight!
Bloody Ashdod!
Stop cry out. Behave!
- Why should I?
So what you want to do?
I want to tintata her muzzle.
- Why do not you do it?
He put pressure on me.
If the father was still alive,
no one would dare touch us!
Brother, brother!
Superman did it.
What are you looking at?
- America.
Who is it? - It is a big city.
Superman lives there.
There is a wildly high-rise buildings,
which extend until December.
How do you know?
- I have read in English.
Brother! I know America.
Superman lives there.
Right. Superman speaks American.
We, too, need to change to get there.
Where are you going?
- To get bread and water.
America has a long way to go.
You said that we change the
get there. - We can not just leave.
Why? There is not anyone there.
- We do not have passports, moron.
What's passport?
- Small Booklet.
This is a picture of you
, as well as your own, and your father's name.
But for us, we do not have a father.
- Then it's just your name.
Come on, let's go!
Is Baba Shalid here?
- No, he's out.
Did you get your things?
- Yes.
Son of a bitch.
Hello, Uncle Ishmael.
- Hello, Uncle Ishmael.
Bye, boys.
Hi all, please come here!
To polish your shoes!
Come on, everybody!
We splendor of the work!
Peilinkirkkaiksi to polish your shoes!
Right this way, folks!
Come on!
Do not you ashamed of Uncle
walk around in dirty shoes?
America, you would be laughed.
What are you talking about?
Do not embarrass me in front of people.
So you are ashamed of?
You can not fool me.
Dinars will make you a man.
- What did you say?
Dinars do your shoes man.
- That's what I do.
Polish them.
Brother, that's rude,
do not stare at him.
Stop staring.
- Shut up and do your work.
Here, good people!
To polish your shoes!
Shut up!
Surely it goes to hearing.
This way, people!
To polish your shoes,
come here, good people!
- Come on!
Professor, this is only half the
dinars. We asked for one dinar.
Let it go.
- And he's pretending to be a professor.
People are willing to pay a lot of
They were then smuggled into Baghdad. - Uncle?
Oh, boy?
- What does a passport cost?
What do you do with a passport?
- I'm going with my brother to America.
It will cost at least
7000 or 8000 dinars.
Get out of here now!
Do not come back.
What do we do now?
- Let's work hard and save.
7000 and 7000 to me for you,
what it takes in total?
14000! 14?
How many pairs of shoes?
I do not know, 30000-40000.
- 30000-40000.
Spit out of bubblegum.
You'd be a millionaire if you could get a dinar
every time you stomp me.
Allahu Akbar!
Allahu Akbar!
Allahu Akbar!
God, please let me and my brother to get
Superman's over to America.
Send us all the dirty shoes,
so we can earn a lot of money.
Why do not you pray
million dinars?
Shalid Baba said that it would be ugly
ask God for riches.
If you do,
He takes everything away from us.
What do you do then?
You do not have anything to lose.
Ask as much as you want,
a couple of passport as well.
O God, let your brother I'm sorry,
he is today a donkey.
Surprise him.
Is that you, Zana?
No, Baba Shalid. 're Mistaken.
- There you are.
Heart to take, come here...
Give me a kiss.
You were right, we are here.
Just sit, Baba Shalid.
Dana !
- Yes, Baba Shalid.
Lemuaa brother. You have to help her wash
Zana, do not take it off here.
Odor blinding me.
Do you need anything?
- I do not.
I just need your love.
- Let me clean your shoes.
I do not have to clean shoes. Think of
that some people have worn shoes -
even though they are great heroes.
- I too have worn my shoes.
And you are my son, my hero and my love
Bye, Baba Shalid.
- Bye-bye.
Hey, tomorrow.
Come on!
I'll be back soon.
Come back. Leave him alone!
You do not know love!
Do not you get tired of this me?
If I were a singer,
I sing to you the most beautiful song.
What do you see when you look at me?
I see the jungle. Great desert,
which is full of lions and elephants.
There are also monkeys.
I, too, am there.
Why did you call me?
Fly Sex.
Close your eyes.
If you tell someone, I will kill you!
- I promise I will not tell. You can count on.
Damn, I just got married.
Done here, Uncle.
- Good job.
God bless you.
- Thank you!
You did not have to work alone
I, and I knock'll do the talking.
What are you king?
- Your king. Shut up now.
Hello, drill Begard, how are you?
- How about you guys?
Can we get back
two buckets of water? - Sure you will.
What are you doing here?
Do not you even afford the water?
Do you always come here to beg?
Now this, please return them as soon as possible
Azad language Mam Ali,
to steal his apples.
How many times have I asked you not stealing?
Do you want to get your back?
Just wait, when your father comes home!
Do not put your feet into the water first.
What I told you to do?
Kastella body first.
No water is wasted.
Brother? We meet
Superman's soon?
I do not know. - Can I buy a gift to the man
What would you like to buy? He has a
everything. He's not like us.
Is he the father?
- Yes, his name is Blade Indoor.
I swear to tell the father.
He hits the nose of this concertina.
Get out of here! You guys are pigs!
- What has happened?
Azad took Helliyan
gold necklace and threw it into the lake.
Go to Baba Shalidin join.
I'll be. - Where are you going?
Do not worry about it! I'll be right.
- Sign up now -
or stab someone teeth throat.
Come here, kid.
One day, I will catch you!
- Never.
Do you have this size booklets?
So small?
- Yes.
Saddam Hussein.
Why is lip mutrulla?
Dana runs just behind the girl.
Son of gold. So do you
one day you're doing.
Have you ran a girl's behind?
It's the most beautiful girl in the world.
Daia Shan? Daia Shanhan
is dead! - Sorry.
She died giving birth to Karwan.
I'm sorry. Between us,
I have never liked him.
I know. But he is my only son.
I love her.
You do not need him.
You have me and my brother.
Oh, Zana. Run
get me a 20-30 drive.
I'll do it right away.
I think it's a nice,
when you call me son.
And I like to say so,
Help! Please help!
Please help!
Do you see that boy!
He is lost. Save her!
- I do not know how to swim, you know how to do you?
I do not know, me neither!
No one will know how to swim!
Pull her up!
Quick, pull out!
If he lived?
- Live.
Please, Baba Shalid.
- Yes?
Cut one in half.
Now it is in two parts.
- Good.
Zana, my dear.
Take these and cut them too.
All at the same time.
- Okay.
I can not do it.
- Yes, my son...
They are like family.
Together, the family is strong.
You and Dana ...
Together, you are strong.
Me and my son...
Together we are strong.
Zana, my dear.
Once I fixed a man's radio.
But because he had no money,
he gave me this watch.
I want to give it to you, Zana.
Thank you, Baba Shalid.
- You're welcome, son.
Please, dear.
Thank you again, Baba Shalid.
I will always be your son.
And you'll always be my son.
I hope that time is welcome.
Good day, dear.
Laila, which is Helliya?
- In the car. They go to America.
Helliya, do not be kind to the source.
Do not go! Listen, Helliya!
Please, do not go!
Helliya, do not go!
Wait. Over here, fool!
What are you doing?
Why you broke the mirror?
Off of it. Get out of here!
This is a Helliyan, give it to him.
It is Helliyan!
Get off me! It hurts!
Zana, you can not go there.
It's not good for you.
I'm just going over to Baba Shalidin.
- Zana, you're just a kid.
You would not understand.
Zana, even street children, now is the
Baba Shalidkin dead.
Baba Shalid, do not leave me!
Baba Shalid!
Baba Shalid, do not leave me!
Baba Shalid, please, do not leave!
I'm sorry that I left you.
I loved Baba Shalidia.
But we need to continue...
We need to get to America.
We do not, we will never enter it.
Yes we can.
Some of the road to get there. Watch.
I have acquired kartankin.
We are here. What about America?
There is America!
Trust me,
it is not so far from the case.
Between us and America
is just such a long way to go.
What are you talking about?
We do not have a passport and money.
How could we go
to America? - You are right.
We do not have the money.
But we have this!
Do not talk shit,
what you can make with a handkerchief?
Damn it, brother!
For us to buy even Superman's.
This allows us to
to travel to America.
When we come back with him,
, we say that he is our friend.
Gosh, how wonderful!
Welcome to all!
Soon we fly back to the man with the steel.
Did you hear?
Where did you get that necklace?
- Come on, energy.
I found it.
- Pity the person who lost it.
Why did you do that?
I've always wanted to put a picture of
mother's neck.
Wait here.
- Why can not I go with you?
This is a men's things.
Yea, I have a little man.
Be quiet, stay here
and do not think of anything stupid.
Uncle... Uncle, please.
- Get out of here! I told you to get out of.
At the border a problem,
because no one has papers.
It is a big problem.
What do you want?
I'm sorry, Uncle.
My brother and I want to
America. - America?
It costs money, do you have it?
I got this.
Cheated! Oh, yes!
Enter a ball here,
or I'll scream my big brother here!
You get that.
- Yes. It's a good list.
It is especially good donkey, donkeys
I feel.
Quietly, so I do.
- Agreed.
This is worthless, get out of here!
Who's in the picture?
- My mother.
Does he know about this?
- No, he's dead.
There are only my brother and me.
What was his name?
- Khadjija.
Khasraw Did your father's name?
Are you Dana? The older brother?
I am, how did you know?
Your father and I were together in the war.
He showed me pictures of you small.
Your father saved my life.
Keep your ears, I'll help you to America.
Osman! It's too dangerous. The car is full of
and I have four people to care for.
I take two more children!
Do you understand?
Get out of here, get out!
Where are you?
- America.
Who is it?
- America is a great city...
Superman lives there!
- Who is it? Someone Steam?
The Turks do not know how to fly.
Superman part, he is number one!
What are you going to do the donkey? Come on down.
- His name is Michael Jackson.
Jump down!
- Uncle, please, let my brother be.
Aasillani What are you doing?
- I won the ball game.
Where's the ball game?
Just the same ball-games!
Move! - Is this your donkey?
- It is!
Uncle, please!
Break your bones,
if I see you again.
Did you sell you a piece of jewelry?
- I sold.
Really? A lot of you got it?
- Two tickets to America.
Only? I should have
to get to a thousand dinars.
Shut up!
They do not even want to piece of jewelry.
We're stuck here forever.
Your eyes do not get to see America.
I do not care for them!
We'll get there on their own.
You said yourself that there is a
such a long journey. We can walk.
Zana, I made something.
Forget walking, then come.
Dear Michael.
- Wait here, I'm looking for this old man.
My dear Michael.
Did not I tell you to get out of?
Enter a shoe here, so I hit it!
Do not hit me!
- Did not enter into here?
Uncle! I came with my brother,
because he got the idea.
So you came to your brother
steal the long ears?
No, I do not think that that is why we came.
Are you in love with it?
- Yes.
You idiot, you are in love with donkey?
- I do not, I said NO!
Do not hit him.
We want to buy a donkey.
Did we come to buy Michael's?
Did you buy the long ears?
We leave it to America!
We ride to America?
Do you sell it or not?
You must not ever call it aasiksi.
Only the peasants do so.
This is a long ear.
Donkey is a degrading name.
I have named it Michael Jackson.
You're kidding me, Michael Jackson!
I'm sorry uncle,
came to buy long ears.
I'm sorry I called it
aasiksi, but'd sell it to us.
Long earrings
and I have been together for a long time.
Between us there is a deep friendship and respect.
It is a smart, eat a little,
remain silent and be a good listener.
I do not think
that you can afford to buy it.
Give all you got.
Please, I swear,
that that is all.
You better sell it to us as the
for someone to steal it.
This is for you.
- Thank you very much, Uncle!
Sell long ears,
but you must take care of it.
Do not hurt it,
, do not forget to feed it!
Thank you, Uncle!
- Let go of me. People will see.
Easy Buddy, Michael.
Hello ago.
- Bye-bye.
Have a great day.
- Thank you, as well.
God, protect the boys.
What direction America is?
Directly ahead.
- Okay.
We can not leave.
- What do you smite you?
We can not leave mother and father
MULTI and go to America.
You ass, you do not understand anything!
Superman is strong.
If he touches a dead person,
it comes to life!
Jump on board if you want
to live with Mom and Dad.
Is Superman so strong,
that he may raise them to life?
Loggerhead, that's why we are the way we
him. I was going to tell you there.
You are the best!
Mother . Father.
I and my brother, we go to America.
Superman join.
It only takes a day.
Then we fly back with him.
Then destroy Saddam and his soldiers.
Brother says that Superman is able to
raise you to life just like that.
We'll be back soon.
And the brother said.
Do not you, brother?
- Yes, either we go?
Thank you so much!
- You're welcome!
- Yeah!
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Zana, please, please me too that.
I will return to Superman's with
and I'll get you all!
Evening we there yet?
If we did not tonight, then tomorrow
, or guarantee of tomorrow.
- Yes?
After all, Superman so strong,
that beats all the bad people?
It is, and he knows how to fly!
Why does not he way to Saddam Hussein?
After all, he killed our parents.
I do not know
maybe he does not know Saddam.
I swear,
to tell him myself.
What is that book is?
Write up all of their names,
who have been with us wicked.
When I meet Superman,
I give it to him.
How Superman became Superman?
His father was Superman.
- Does he speak Kurdish?
Superman speaks all languages of the world!
He's part of the Kurds, Chinese, Swedish...
Superman eat pork?
I do not know, maybe it
consumed in America.
If Superman can not have children, whether they also might
Steel Men?
If he gets a son.
- What if he gets to a girl?
Enough is enough, I get a headache.
See how much Coca-Cola.
It is sufficient to the whole world!
Can we take a couple?
- Think about it, if someone sees.
There is no one here,
into one of the two. Please?
Say, if you see someone.
- Okay, but be careful.
- What?
I already feel the taste in my mouth.
- Come on!
Michael, Run!
Run, Michael,
, or I lose my brother!
Zana, Zana!
Zana, come on!
Zana! I can not jump!
Zana, come on!
- Zana!
Donkey out of the way!
- Move over, Michael. The ice under the car!
Did not I tell his brother to run after the
? Why do not you run?
Now we lost him.
What do we do now?
Do not you have a brain?
Do not you understand anything? Your fault!
Run now, after his brother!
Move your ass!
Where are you going, uncle?
Second village.
It's time to close.
Fix the donkey caravans,
take you there.
Where are you going?
- To America with his brother.
Do you need your brother?
- No, I lost my brother.
Oh, is he like a keychain?
- I'm lost, but I lost her.
Did you lose him to a game of chance?
I do not, but he was left stranded in
the truck and could not get out.
You were talking about America, where is it?
- Over there.
How do you know?
- I have read in English.
Then say something in English.
- Hello Mister, good night...
... Good sleep
- good... stop.
If God willing,
get your brother back.
If God willing?
- If he so desires.
Why did God took him,
when I only have him...
No other. I Bekas.
You are not Bekas,
God is always with you, my son.
What plans does God have for you?
I'm old,
I have only one plan.
What's the plan?
TV Antennas seem to
just filth. Saddam's fault!
Then why are you watching it?
- I'm watching from behind.
Does Saddam antennas?
- Together with the Chinese.
Stop. I have to throw the water.
You have a nice ass.
Do not call it aasiksi.
His name is Michael Jackson.
Who is Michael Jackson?
Who the hell is Michael Jackson?
It is one singer.
Can a donkey to sing?
No, Michael Jackson,
is a singer and dancer.
The one who dances like this.
What are you doing?
- Dance like Michael Jackson.
You have a willy in your hand.
God sees everything!
But he does it.
Sky antennas added to learn.
They spread corruption.
If God willing, you will be sorry
and you will find your brother.
But do not ever buy sky antenna.
Hold on to your ass,
it is a fine ass.
There is a brother!
- If God willing, it's your brother.
I swear to God, it's him.
Brother! Brother! Brother!
Brother! Brother! Brother!
Zana! Zana! Zana!
God is great.
God is great.
Brother, you're international!
- Yes, you are, if you drink this.
Zana, you do not like Cola?
I give half of it to that old man.
Hello mister.
- Hello to you and to God.
Go to , then mahdun there.
- Get on board.
What is it?
Do it.
- I do not want.
Give it to your brother.
- He drank already own, it is up to you.
Hello ago.
- Jalla Mister.
I hope you get to America!
Tell me greetings that I know
antennae on what they are doing.
God sees everything.
Wake up, I found a place.
Michael, love Michael.
Good night, see you in the morning.
Let it be now.
I only wish the great,
if Michael could talk.
I only wish the great,
if you were silent for a moment.
So, Michael, what is it?
- Shut up, stupid!
'll Blow us up.
- I can not change, it called to me.
Is that your name is iiihaaaa?
- Yes.
Let us go,
we are on the way to America.
Get out of here,
do not come back. Get out of here!
I swear to God,
that I will go back!
They're going to America!
Penskat going to America!
- What do you want?
Is there a smugglers?
Talk to Ali inside.
Hey, Ali.
My brother and I want to
America. Can you help us?
For more of this.
There's not much kicking.
Take us as far as you can.
We will continue on its own.
You'll never survive.
- Yes.
We do not even need you. Hello!
Come here.
Come on.
You too?
Would you also like America?
Would you do anything?
- I would do.
You have two options. Either you
hiding under the truck -
which leaves from the tobacco plant.
But grab hold,
or you will die.
Many have gone badly.
Some of the army was caught.
Or you go out in the morning I
a ride, but just across the border.
I'm going to take you further.
- Okay, why not help us.
Your necklace.
You can get it in the morning.
Long earrings are going to go.
- To Asia.
Sell it.
Come to the caf back exactly seven.
I'll get you, and a few other
and the border.
Your necklace.
We need to sell Michael.
I would like to, but I have to.
Jalla, Jalla! The world's best long
earrings for sale! Come on!
It is international!
- Right this way, folks!
Come take a look at young people long to pay! Top Low Cost!
You get about 25 dinars.
- Are you Arab?
What do you Arab?
- We do not sell sandals.
We sell long ear.
There is further away from the sandals.
30 dinars.
- Go to buy sandals.
As you wish.
- Go to buy sandals.
You get me 40 dinars.
Do not mock me.
Or will punish you.
Uncle! Enter the 50 dinars,
get a kiss on the cheek.
You get 45 without pusua.
Down to her ass!
This is an ass,
give the money to him.
This is the 30th
This is 40
4 Here is 45, right?
Bye. You will not be disappointed by it.
Dear Michael. Good-bye!
- Thank you, son.
Helliya? Helliya?
What are you doing here?
- I've been looking for you.
My dad will kill you if he sees you!
- It's all right. We need to talk.
Helliya, where are you?
- We live in the now, my aunt's house.
Near the mosque, number 13 in.
Come in the morning at 6 am, and we'll talk.
- Okay.
Brother! Where did you go?
Where were you?
- Up there.
What are you out there? I cried for you
throat straight.
Why are you so cranky all the time?
- You are my brother!
Right. Next time
I say, when I go somewhere.
- I promise. Do not mottaa me?
Come on down, there is someone.
Come on down.
We sleep right there on the roof.
Sign up now!
Where's your brother?
- Is not he here?
I have not seen him.
Do you have a necklace?
No, brother.
If you do not bring a necklace,
you can not get that, right?
Do not worry, wait here.
- Tie the rope to catch!
Helliya, you are the most beautiful thing I know.
Close your eyes.
What time is it?
- Seven.
I have to go, or I can not get
to America with his brother.
What are you talking about?
Why are you going to America?
Tekinhn you are going to get there.
Laila said.
I said that only
To make an impression on him.
Moved here.
Father is at work here in the school.
None of us
source of America.
I have to go. See you later.
It's getting late, let the necklace,
so let's go!
I do not have it.
- What?
If you do not have a necklace,
you do not get picked up!
It's getting late.
Picked up, so let's go!
Where is the necklace?
- I gave it to Helliyalle.
Helliya What are you doing here?
His family lives here.
I thought that they were going to America.
Wanted America in order to be with him.
You have to save your father and mother.
That's why you left with me!
- I'm staying here Helliyan join.
Are we not leaving America, Superman's join -
order to save the mother and the father?
Ice Helliyan join.
Do you understand?
Do you understand?
Leave me alone,
do not follow me!
Where tobacco factory?
- It came from the lorry.
Brother! Brother, help!
Brother! Brother, where are you?
Brother, help me!
Hagi! Your truck is leaking.
Need to have a bag for the hole.
Are you sure
runoff does not somewhere else?
Tastes good!
Fix it, Hagi!
Come with me.
Creator, a good father, help me!
Hagi! Come on!
What is this?
A piece of iron just come off.
- Throw it away.
Are you here? Zana?
Zana, are you here?
I'll never tell you where I am.
Zana, is that you?
What are you here?
I do not take you to the America.
I know you're angry.
I'm sorry and I want to be with you to America.
If you do not start, will call the guards here,
, and they will kill you!
Then they will kill you too.
I know you do not want to
ever talk to me.
I do not want that, you're mad at me.
No other does not matter.
I want to go to America with
and Superman join.
I wrote the booklet Steel For him, what you have done.
Get Involved, but you get the
blame yourself if he beats you up.
What does it matter?
Kill me.
What? Superman is so strong that
hit the iron fist through the plate.
Climb up.
Get on, quick!
Brother, we're going to America!
We're going to America!
America! Superman's location!
- Superman's location!
We'll go to America!
We're going to America!
No, brother, Superman did this!
- No, this way!
There's a Osman!
Who the hell is that?
- Yes, come on!
Dana? What are you doing here?
I'm here with my brother.
- By yourself you here?
- Too bad.
Anything could have happened.
- Why do not you help us?
It's not so easy. Hazards Then
spirit by coming here.
We do not need you.
We get exclusive striker.
What is wrong with you?
Do you have worms in the back half?
You may be trying to cross the border alone.
Irregular border-crossers will be shot.
Please help us then.
We promise to behave well.
Help us, please.
I beg of you.
Persusmato, do you come from?
- So I got!
Enough! - Guys, come here!
We start with two cars.
You go aboard the Yamal.
I do not have papers for you,
so we hide you in the car.
We drive to another city, where
I can get you the papers to their name.
From there we continue to the United States,
right? - Suitable for!
Now go aboard the Yamal.
- Come on, quickly!
Soon, we will border.
Soldiers ask papers are there.
They're telling me out of the car and searched
Before I open it,
I knock three times.
You need to be vigilant
and it's pretty quiet. Do you understand?
Take this bottle. Pissatkaa
it, if there's an emergency, right?
Do not pissatko the car.
- Do not worry.
Or else you will make along the ears!
Go into the bag quickly.
I'm scared so much.
- There us no hurt.
- I promise!
I need to pee.
- Peeing flask.
I lost my cap!
- Find it!
I can not find it.
- You screw-up!
I'm not!
- Get hold back.
We will soon arrive.
As long as you do not ruiki on me.
- I promise that I do not.
Where are you going?
- The entire villa.
Do you have papers?
Give them here.
Open the rear door.
- Okay.
It always reistailee.
Go away.
Turn around.
Come here.
Jamal, do not you get out of the boys?
No they do not have nothing to worry about.
They are helpless.
Idiot, what are you doing?
You beast, likasit me!
Why hack your brother?
I kill you, an animal?
Get out of the puppies!
Go in there pretty damn America!
Fucking mutts!
Please do not leave us!
Do not leave us!
If he had not gone,
I would have beaten him.
Do you realize what you did?
You ruined everything!
Just the same, do you understand it or not,
you are no longer my brother.
Brother, can a brother.
- What do you want?
What is it?
- In fact, I made a passport.
distance is no longer a lot.
Passport are we doing with alone.
Come on, let's go!
- Okay, let's go!
When we get to the United States,
I drink so much coke that wee in it.
He drove almost over us!
What do you write
passport're 7 years old? After all, you're only 6
No one will know it.
- Okay, I will not tell anyone.
Why do not you come in?
Come on.
Come on.
I am waiting for you, come on.
make to America before dark.
Zana, run away!
I I stepped on a mine.
Now is not the time to play.
Need to get to America before the evening!
I'm not joking.
Get out of here!
If you do not come,
throw rocks at you.
I swear, I kid you not,
run away!
This time I flip you for real!
Are you kidding me?
Throw away!
They only!
If you get lost,
I'll shoot you.
I'm not leaving without you.
I'm not leaving here ever!
Do you want to shoot you?
How could I leave you?
I'll shoot you!
- Shoot only!
I'll shoot you!
- I'm not leaving without you!
Shoot only
but I'm not going!
I swear I'll shoot you, go!
- I'm not going!
I'll shoot you rock!
- Shoot out!
I'll shoot you a rock, you hear me?
- I'm not going, ever!
I will never leave you!
I will not leave you!
I shoot the rock, run away!
I shoot on a rock, get lost!
I told you, get out of here!
- To hell with America and Superman!
I do not want to go there!
I do not want to ever get there!
I just want to be with you, only you
Zana, run to
and get help!
Okay, just stand there and do not make
no. I'll be right.
Do not move. I'll be right back.
- Okay.
Uncle, help a brother!
Uncle, please help!
Help my brother!
My brother is standing on mine!
Help my brother!
Please, help!
Come on, please,
brother of mine standing on the spot!
Get help, brother stands
mine site. Please!
Forgive me, brother.
Uncle, have you seen my brother?
Have you seen my brother? He has the same kind of shirt
as I have.
Have you seen my brother? He has the same kind of shirt
as I have.
Do not you all dead?
I do not, I'm Superman!
Superman will never die!