Belgica (2016) Movie Script

All characters,
events and locations in this film,
including those based on existing ones,
are fictitious.
- Want a coffee?
- No.
I've got two oranges.
I can make some fruit juice if you like.
No? Would you like something to eat?
I think I've still got some muesli.
Actually, all I've got is muesli.
- Did we do anything yesterday?
- Can't you feel it?
I gave you a good fistfucking.
- No, you were too drunk.
- Doesn't stop most guys.
- My head...
- Want a painkiller?
No no no.
The Belgica?
- It's not my kind of place.
- Isn't it?
It really stank of drains there
I know. The toilets often overflow.
I'm on to it.
- Have you only got one eye?
- So people tell me.
I really didn't notice it yesterday.
I probably drank so much
I was seeing double. Sorry.
Sorry, I'm...
- I'm off.
- OK.
- Good luck with the toilets.
- Thanks.
Yes, of course.
But we can fit an LPG kit.
Yeah, yeah, of course. Yeah.
- Hey, Frank, is that Mustang any good?
- No, it's a wreck.
You can forget it. Bye.
I was talking to my colleague.
We can sort that out, it's soon done.
- Sorry.
- One, two... A bit more voice.
How's things?
The eagle has landed.
Hi, son.
Hi, son. It's Daddy.
How are you?
Hello, son. Hello, Daddy's little
- My wife.
- Yeah, good morning.
Good morning.
Phhh, you stink!
Go on.
Hello, Lana.
Jo really has found his feet.
It's incredible how the kid...
I don't hear from him for months,
he disappears off the face of the earth.
And then suddenly he owns a bar.
Lana, can you take Lou to school
in a minute?
If he gets an idea in his head, he doesn't
sit around on his arse, he goes for it.
I told him about Dad but he already knew.
- I'm talking to you.
- Yeah, yeah, I'm listening.
- Right, what do I have to do?
- Go to bed.
No, I promised to help and
that's what I'm here to do.
- Hit the sack!
- I had to be here in time to help.
- I'm here?
- Yes, you were going to help.
What's the problem? I'm here, aren't I?
I promised. A promise is a promise.
Come on.
Don't. Come on, pull a different face.
Yes, that's much better. Come on.
- Do what you like.
- What do I have to do?
Come on, let's go. Work.
- Hi, Jo.
- Hi, how are you?
It's your brother... I'm going
to come and help at the weekends.
- In the bar?
- If you're OK with that, of course.
Yes, I'm OK with it. What about you?
Are you OK with it?
Why else would I call?
Of course I'm OK with it.
Learning to pull beer and serve drinks
can't be that hard. If you can do it...
I'm looking forward to it.
See you Friday.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- I'll have an Imperial.
- A what?
- An lmperial.
- A what?
- An lmperial.
- Have we got any Perial?
Just give him a beer.
It's his first day.
Two beers.
Keep going, Frankie boy.
You're doing great, man.
What a mess!
Hold on.
Frank, wait a minute.
The plumber will be here soon.
It's almost certainly a tampon.
You can put up hundreds of notices saying
not to throw anything in there,
chicks still flush everything down it.
See, they do...
Look at him. Him there.
Davy Coppens.
- Who?
- Davy Coppens from The Shitz.
- That's it, that's who it is. Davy Coppens.
- He's a good buddy of mine.
- What?
- He's a good buddy of mine.
- No. Really?
- Of course he is.
Do you know him?
No, you don't know him. Bullshitter!
- You know him?
- I asked him to come.
- Really?
- Yeah. I've been making publicity, bro.
He's brought his records.
He's gonna do some DJing.
- If that's OK with you?
- Of course.
He's on my leg again.
Hey! Hey!
- Hey, Jo! Jo!
- What?
- Hey, get off there.
- Hey! Hey!
It's not funny, man.
I just want you to leave now.
Where is your heart?
- Hey, pal...
- No, no.
Piss off. Hey!
Hey, thanks, Manu.
- Well? Is the food ready?
- Cooking with Wibo.
- Can you do one for my brother?
- No problem.
Hey. Hey, what's all this?
That's hard drugs, guys.
Seriously. Don't do that, Jo.
It's the beginning of the end.
- He's my little brother, you know.
- Hup.
- Come here.
- Do your best, fatty.
You're a fatty.
Shafted by the music industry.
- I am the music industry.
- Stop it.
Thanks. Go on.
Now what?
That way.
- Watch your head.
- Yeah yeah.
Fantastic, bro?
What do you think?
I think that's the wall next to the
A steel beam under it,
wall out, door in.
So... a door in it.
Keep it closed during the week
and open it at the weekend.
What is that there?
I think it's that alleyway
next to the bar.
- And?
- Yes.
An emergency exit.
An emergency exit, very important.
Jo, you're a genius.
- If you become my partner, we can do it.
- Yeah. No problem.
- Are you sure?
- Of course.
Half the shares each.
Fifty-fifty. Is that alright?
Agreed. Sixty-fifty.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Come on. Hey, Frank.
- Come on.
- Hey, you nutcase.
We've seen far too little
of each other lately, haven't we?
You've hardly seen my kid.
Christmas Day.
On Christmas Day.
On Christmas Day, he says.
Hey, I've missed you too, you know.
- Is that better?
- It's OK for me to say that, isn't it?
- Yes, it's OK for you to say it.
- I think it's OK for me to say it.
By the way, Mum went to see Dad.
No way...
- She went to see him?
- Yes.
- Goddam...
- At the hospital.
He hasn't got much longer apparently.
Maybe we should go and see him too.
Jo, I swore I never ever wanted
to see the guy again.
- He's practically dead, Frank.
- So what?
So what?
- You're going a bit far now.
- I'm not.
He wasn't interested in you, you only had
one eye. I was a stupid arsehole.
- And Mum had to keep her trap shut.
- Sometimes you have to forgive people.
I know, Jo, definitely. You're right.
Forgive and forget.
It's really important.
But I'm no good at that. I can't do it.
- You can't?
- No, I can't. Certainly not in his case.
He can kiss my arse!
- Fine. We won't go.
- No. You can do what you like, man.
- We won't go, Frankie.
- If you want to go, then go.
- We'll stay home.
- Do what you like.
- We're not going.
- I'm not bothered.
If you want to go, then go.
- Frank, have a bite of my brownie.
- I'm driving.
Look at her face.
Madam. Madam?
Hey, sit down. Just sit down. Come on.
Hey, we're sitting down...
What's going on?
Shit! That's on my shoes!
My finger...
My balls.
I know, sweetie, but come on...
You wanted a baby, you got a baby.
You wanted kennels, you got kennels.
Now it's my turn.
I've also put enough of my time
and my money into this.
Come on, sweetheart.
We'll get the house, I promise.
But the Belgica first.
It's an hour's drive from here.
When will we see you?
- Never.
- Sweetheart, please.
- Be...
- No.
Do you know what you should do?
Throw a few more plates.
Isabelle, come on.
You and your wild plans all the time.
- What have you got to prove, Frank?
- I'm...
And you don't stop.
I'm becoming fucking boring, sweetie.
I don't want that.
Life is whizzing past,
I need a challenge.
A challenge?
How about moving to South Africa?
- Is that what you want? Life is OK, isn't?
- Yes, life is OK, sweetie, but...
Come on, be honest.
We're falling asleep.
Where has the time gone when we...
A bit rock 'n' roll.
A bit rock 'n' roll?
A bit rock 'n' roll? Here.
A bit rock 'n' roll.
A fucking bar.
A bit rock 'n' roll.
The more you object,
the more I'll go for it.
The opportunity is there,
I'm going to do it. Sorry.
Here, give that to me.
Goddammit, I don't believe this.
Sorry, pal.
It's this fucking idiot here.
Why did we bother putting boards
- Shall we call the cops?
- The cops? No need.
One, two, three.
Take it easy, don't overdo it.
- OK?
- Yeah, I'm OK.
Right. It's not OK?
- Come on, it's a great place.
- Fantastic.
Hey Momo, the entrance will be there.
Over there.
So make a hole there, with a door in it.
Are you tired?
He can...
Welcome to
your favourite den of depravity.
Tonight we at the Belgica are presenting
the try-out of the new record
by the group led by musical genius
and steaming sex god Davy Coppens...
Here, specially for you are The Shitz.
Can you hear them?
Let's have a drink.
Oh, man, man, man. That beer...
- Where is that beer?
- Where are the drinks?
- I'm thirsty.
- Hey, where are the drinks?
- Where are those drinks?
- We're here, buddy.
Bring some good-looking babes with
What is that, buddy?
That was brilliant, it really was.
Really really good. Honestly.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- What are you doing here?
- My friend knows Davy.
So I came to say hello.
- Hello.
- Hello.
They say it's a great place here now.
The toilets don't stink anymore.
Maybe that's why.
Aren't you going to buy me a drink?
Of course. What do you want?
- It's true.
- Yeah, or a waltz. One, two, three.
It's like pesto, it's pesto.
Jazz is pesto,
rock 'n' roll is spaghetti Bolognese.
- One, two, three and off he goes.
- Don't, pal. Just...
- Fuck you.
- Are you serious?
Bye, guys.
- Good evening.
- What? Good evening?
- Were you born like that?
- No.
My eye closed when I was two months
My mother took me to the doctor.
There was some kind of fungus on it.
And then?
And then nothing. My retina was fucked
and there was nothing they could do.
Weren't you bullied a lot at school
when you were a kid?
They poked fun at me but...
if anyone dared say anything
they got beaten up by my brother.
Nice to have a brother like that.
- Hey, what's all this?
- It's tragic. Tragic.
- Hey, my little man. What's up, son?
- He has been like it all day...
What's the matter? Come on, son.
Hey. Look, he's with his daddy
and he's quiet now.
I'm not gonna say anything.
It's brilliant?
The stage will be there.
- It's not finished yet, of course.
- The stage there?
And here of course...
The lighting and everything
still have to be done.
Yeah, probably.
I think it's lovely. Really, really
- He's overcome.
- I think he is, I think he is.
I'd like to introduce you
to Katrien and Jan.
They are going to help Nikki
and Rudy behind the bar.
We're looking for more people
for behind the bar and to do the cleaning,
so if you know anyone
send them along.
- So you'll be working with us?
- Hope so.
- He speaks good Dutch.
- I'm from Ledeberg.
- Harissa.
- Who? Larissa?
Yes, here.
- Lord, bless this food.
- Yeah, right.
- Cheers.
- Pass it along. Lou, pass it along.
Pass it along, Lou.
Momo, it's really delicious.
Are there sultanas in it?
Yes, it's my mother's recipe.
My mother's is potatoes, sausage
and stewed apple from a tin.
That's all she can cook.
Jo, your Marieke is one in a thousand.
You should hang onto her.
Listen, listen.
- Honestly, Frank.
- Look, Lou.
- Daddy is going to behave strangely again.
- He's crying already.
Write a song about it.
About our experience.
Here they are:
The Shitz with Harissa.
Hello? What are you doing here?
- This is going to be a brilliant place.
- Yeah yeah.
- I'm Mohammed.
- Hello, Mohammed. Nikki.
- I have a security firm.
- A what?
A security firm. I've got various doormen
in the city. Maybe you've heard of me?
- Would you like a coffee or something?
- No, thank you.
I see you are expanding. Bigger is
But it attracts the wrong people.
They will be trouble. I can guarantee that.
I'm sure you are right but...
we keep a close eye on
everything ourselves.
But you haven't got anyone on the door.
You are going to have problems.
Gangs, tramps, Moroccans.
Turks, blacks.
Once they're inside...
If they start fighting
it's a lot of work to get them outside.
I understand
but we don't really want it.
I mean, we're not really
that kind of place...
- We're not a club.
- Exactly.
Tell me,
what kind of crowd are you aiming at?
Lowlifes? Or decent people?
People who come to shell out,
fork out, spend money?
Or guys in their working clothes
who come for a quick beer after work?
- Well?
- Come on, guys.
- That doesn't fit in with the party people.
- Why not?
Look, man. My philosophy is this:
All people are born innocent
but most don't stay that way.
That's why men are put on the door.
To separate the wolves from the
To keep out trouble.
To refuse entry to the bad guys.
Like a sort of coffee filter.
That filters out the dregs. Understand?
Look, you're right.
We'll have a talk about it. There.
- OK.
- We'll discuss it and let you know.
- I'll look forward to hearing from you.
- Bye.
- Bye, good luck.
- Thank you for your time.
Let's go back to the normal people.
To the loneliness I no longer face,
to love, to friendship.
That's what you get here.
Love. One love. Respect.
- You can feel it's moving, man.
- It's moving lots.
You can tell from
the good-looking women who come.
That's true, Nikki. Look at me.
Guys, guys, guys.
Do you know what our secret is?
I'll tell you.
People want to forget their worries
and they can do that at the Belgica.
We, guys, we are the rock
in the fucking pond.
We create the ripples on the water.
What are we?
What are we?
We are Noah's fucking ark.
Everywhere may be flooded outside but
inside with us everyone is nice and dry.
Frank, please, don't.
- I'm outside, aren't I?
- We're in the doorway.
I'm outside.
Yeah, that's the alleyway.
Can't be any wider.
And this is the only emergency exit?
It's fine as far as I'm concerned.
I can issue a licence for eighty people.
That is the maximum capacity
without extra emergency exists.
Like you say, an exit at the front
isn't allowed.
People would have to go through
those in the bar.
If something happens in the bar,
then what? All those people in a panic.
They all have to go through that little
alleyway. The law is the law, sir.
- When is the opening?
- In ten days.
Ten days? It looks good.
It's very nice. Really.
You can always call me. If anything
changes. Or about something else.
Goodbye, gentlemen.
I'll come with you, Mr Schollaert.
No, it's fine, I can find my own way
Can we do something about that?
What have we got this room for then?
It's ridiculous.
- I thought the exit at the front...
- I thought it was strange from the start.
- I thought it was very strange.
- We'll find a solution.
Oh yeah? How?
Come on, Jo.
Or the Volkswagen?
Yeah, it's from 1989.
But... it's an excellent model.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- I can give you 75.
- Come on, buddy.
- 75.
- Be serious, come on.
- 76.
- Come on, be serious.
- You're ripping me off. 77.
- You're ripping me off. Come on.
- 78.
- 100,000. Come on.
No, that's my limit. 78.
Sorry, Frank, but that's my highest offer
for your shares.
- Seeing as it's you.
- I really can't go any higher.
- OK, fine. How shall we do it?
- I can give you 18 now.
Frederic, please.
We're not doing it like that.
Those cars have to be sold first.
I can only give you the rest later.
Hello, Mr Schollaert?
Frank Cannoot here from the Belgica.
I went to see Schollaert.
He knows how to reject something
but not how to solve something.
- What did you say?
- I said: "Bruno..."
I was allowed to call him Bruno.
"Suppose there are 180 people in
and something happens
and 100 people rush outside in a
"then the 80 people inside
are covered?"
Do you get my reasoning?
He says:
"OK, I can give you that margin."
- And then?
- Jo, if I say I'll solve something,
- I solve it.
- Is it solved?
- Is it solved?
- Everything for Noah's ark, buddy.
I say to him: "You are coming to
the opening, Bruno, aren't you?"
"I don't know, am I invited?"
I say: "Of course."
"Bruno, we're going to have
a cage full of naked women."
You look really cool.
Really, really cool.
Where is the party? Where is the party?
Where is the party?
Yeah, baby, sure.
Hello, Mother.
I love you. I love you.
It's going to explode.
Take it easy. Don't push.
Hey, no pushing, pal.
Get out. Go home. Go home.
Calm down. Fuck.
It's OK.
Grab him, grab him.
Outside! Take him outside!
In the storeroom. In the storeroom.
Inside. In. And you're staying there
till the cops arrive, pal.
- We'll keep him locked in here.
- Right.
Be serious a moment.
You know, really it's...
We don't exactly want to report him.
It's not about that. It really isn't.
I mean...
Everyone can have too much to drink
but what we want
is for him to at least pay for
the damage he caused.
And it's not the first time
he has been here.
We're not doing anything wrong?
Go on.
- We're busy, guys.
- Davy.
- May we...
- No problem.
We're going.
It's not the first time
he has smashed up the place.
He has broken the light before.
I'm now wondering
what we should do about...
I think the man has more reason
to report you.
Locking up people is a criminal
It's a serious crime.
OK, so we are wrong
and he's allowed to smash up the place?
- We're doing our best to be positive...
- It's against the law.
OK, but what about our safety?
Your safety?
Shouldn't you make sure your place is
in order before you complain?
- We are in order.
- I heard people work here cash in hand.
Those are just rumours
you may have heard.
- I don't know who from but I can...
- I think you should sort that out first.
Otherwise the place will shut at 1 o'clock
and you'll lose your licence.
- Did you hear me?
- Now you are twisting things.
Did you hear me? Licence gone
and the place shut at 1 o'clock.
- And that's it.
- Jo!
We can overlook it for once but...
I get it.
- Do you understand?
- Definitely.
Yeah? Sort it out.
Definitely. You can count on it.
That makes me sick.
I swear, it really...
I really can't stand that.
- Forget it.
- But it's terrible.
- Those cops don't understand us.
- That's why they are cops and we aren't.
- Jesus Christ.
- Don't worry about it.
Apart from that it was fantastic?
It was a brilliant opening.
Hey, Jo!
They're coming from frigging everywhere
to come to the Belgica.?
You worked hard.
You should be proud of yourself.
Me too. I'm extremely proud of you.
- Do you know that?
- I'm proud of you too.
- I'm really proud of you.
- Me too. Really.
- You're a hard worker.
- You're a hard worker.
You're a hard worker yourself.
- Fatty.
- Shorty.
- I love you. Do you know that?
- Yeah.
What the fuck is all this?
We can't get them out.
We can't get them to go home.
Rudy. Rudy?
Frankie boy. Are you still awake?
All these people here...
- I love you, Frank, man.
- I love you too.
I love you too, man.
They all come here.
They're not allowed in anywhere else.
You can't blame them. It's fun here.
The problem is, if there are too many
of them the atmosphere changes.
When I collect glasses,
they grab my arse or
put their hand between my legs.
That's their culture.
They treat women differently.
To them you are whores.
When I look at them, I can't blame
It all went wrong when women were given
the right to vote.
Guys? Guys, hold on a moment.
Hold on, you are all right. May I?
Just a minute.
Look, Jo and I have discussed this.
Listen, the Belgica is a bar
where everyone is welcome.
And it has to stay that way.
Jo wants it to.
It's our DNA, guys.
On the other hand, we are also aware
we have to do something about
internal security.
We're going to make the system,
as it is now with Manu, official.
The problem is that
security is only legally approved
if you use qualified people.
So we have to...
We're going back to school.
Look, there are also walkie-talkies.
So if anything happens in the room
or in the toilets...
You can let Manu, Frank or me know.
We want us to all be jointly
responsible for security.
- Momo will deal with the Moroccans.
- I'll take on the blacks.
Go for it this weekend.?
Yeah... What a meeting. Good?
Full of solutions.
- My brother is going to be a father again.
- Yes, I heard. Great.
You and him, has that been going on
A while, yes.
Listen, Nikki... I don't want any
Yes, agreed. I get it.
Good morning, gentlemen.
My name is Willy.
Welcome to the security guard
training course.
Those of you with a criminal
may as well leave now.
And save themselves the registration fee.
Couldn't you say that before?
I came all the way from Antwerp.
Sorry, guys.
Right, the rest of us can carry on.
No, Frank, he's does something
He misses something out, he...
No, you're wrong again.
OK. One, two, three. Hold on.
That'll do.
Hey, Jo wants to say something.
- Have you got lots of lines?
- I haven't got any,
but the director says you can say a lot
when you say nothing.
Boots on or off?
- Shall we eat?
- I've already eaten.
- Why didn't you wait?
- Because I was hungry.
What's up?
I'm pregnant.
I've been wondering what's
the matter with me for a while.
My tits are so big and all I fancy is
mashed potatoes and cigarettes.
I bought a pregnancy test and
it was positive, I'm pregnant.
- What are we going to do?
- I'm not going to keep it.
I'm not even going to think about it.
I can have a word with her.
I don't mind talking to her, no
Manu, what do you think?
I could talk to her, couldn't I?
- Talk to a woman? Good luck.
- I'll take my credit card with me.
- Guys, pay attention.
- Sorry, Willy.
- Do you want something to drink?
- Yeah.
A glass of bubbly. Hubbly bubbly.
Hey, Rudi.
Hold on a moment.
If you've lost something, say so,
I'll help you look.
- What's the matter? What?
- What?
Why don't you put it on the bar?
- What's the matter?
- We agreed,
- no using in public.
- What about you, you bastard?
You go upstairs to fuck women and sniff
drugs. You're a fucking vacuum cleaner!
- Nikki, please.
- They're already calling you Snow White.
You can talk, you can. Ginger Smurf.
You have no respect for me. You drool
all over that bitch in front of me.
- Yes, I'm talking to you.
- Well done.
And you don't need to interfere.
I'm talking to my personnel.
So I can hear. Manager of the month.
Do you know how much you are hurting
my brother? Do you?
You don't deserve a guy like him.
There, I've said it.
Kiss my fucking arse. Fucking bitch.
Are you completely frigging crazy?
Silly bitch.
- What the fucking hell is all this?
- Now it's our fault too, God damn you!
- That is unfair. Really unfair.
- Goddammit, Nikki.
- Jesus Christ, pal.
- Frank.
- Nikki, are you alright?
- Goddammit.
- Sorry, guys, but...
- Have you totally lost the plot?
You can stay out of it,
you fucking cunt!
What's up? What's up? What's up?
- Nikki, are you alright?
- For God's sake, damn you.
- Are you off your rocker, Frank?
- Goddammit, I don't believe this.
That fucking whining
by those stupid bitches.
It's enough to drive you crazy!
- What's up?
- What's up?
They are doing fucking lines
on the fucking bar.
- Are you OK?
- No, I'm not OK.
I'm not OK at all.
I don't frigging believe this.
- What's going on?
- Out the way, she can't get any air.
It's not good. What happened here?
His brother punched her in the stomach.
That's what happened.
They were sticking all kinds of stuff
up their nose
and Frank went for her like a wild
- Stop going on about it.
- Why don't you do something?
Go upstairs and talk to your brother.
Nikki, call the cops.
- There's no need to go over the top.
- Hold on, sweetheart.
Don't tell me what to do. Call the cops.
Your brother has gone too far.
- Marieke, go outside. Outside.
- No! No!
- Come on, stop it. I'll sort it out. OK?
- Guys.
I damn well told you
you were heading for trouble.
- Your brother went too far.
- Your brother is the devil, man.
- Hey, Rudy, it's OK.
- No, look, I'm going to say something.
No, you're not going to say something.
You're going to shut up. Do you hear me?
What is it with you lot?
I'll tell you what.
Don't come back here.
Don't come back here, Nikki.
- That's it or what?
- Yes.
You're fired.
Do you know how long
I've worked at the Belgica?
Fuck you.
Come on! I don't believe this!
You are a pair of fucking bastards.
Fuck it.
I fired Nikki.
Oh, come on.
That wasn't necessary, was it?
No. Not really, no.
Do you know what?
This place drives you crazy
It does.
- Don't you see?
- Shouldn't you go home?
- What?
- Shouldn't you go home?
Take a week off.
All right?
Take a week off and...
I'll run this place by myself.
- No.
- Come on, son.
- No.
- Yes, yes.
Come on, son, come here.
Come to Daddy.
Lou, come to Daddy.
Come on, son. Come here.
Hey, what's the matter?
- Go and play with Lana.
- All that drivel.
The drivel.
Fuck off.
Fuck off. All right.
We could keep the baby.
I'd make a good job of it.
I'd be a really good dad, I promise. What?
- What?
- What?
- What do you mean, what?
- What?
You're a good guy, Jo,
but that's not how I see my future.
I sit there waiting behind the bar.
I don't want to be on my own at night.
I sit there drinking
until you've finished work.
It would be no different with a kid.
I'm stupid but not that stupid.
I'm not going to tie myself down
with a bar owner's kid.
Besides, having a kid...
It immediately makes you old and ugly.
I want to do something with my life first.
I want to have fun,
not have to worry about anything
until real life arrives together
with its serious disappointments.
I do want a kid, somewhen maybe.
I don't know.
When I'm fed up with going out.
I'm already fed up with it.
Sometimes I'm standing there dancing and
I think: What are these people doing here?
Haven't they got anything better
to do with their life?
Can't you open a sandwich bar
or something?
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to
your favourite den of depravity.
Tonight we are presenting to you
one of the best kept secrets
in our country's rock history.
The sound they produce is
as slick as the bass player's hair.
It's... They Live.
Hi, bro, I couldn't leave you here
on your own.
Here. This is my buddy, Luc.
Luc, this is my brother, Jo.
Hey! Hey, Jo!
I was sitting at home worrying.
Have you come back for a fuck??
Take your women to a hotel,
then I don't have to watch.
What's up with him? Hey!
Jo! Hey, come on.
- Is there a problem, pal?
- Take it easy.
What the fuck?
- Where are you?
- At the door.
He's back, come on.
What's up, pal? What's up?
Come on, grab him. Grab him.
- Outside is outside, pal.
- Come on. Come on.
Leave people alone from now on.
Understand? Enough is enough.
- You're not welcome anymore.
- Did you hear that?
Did you hear that?
You don't fuck with us, you bastard.
What's up, pal?
It's OK, hold on.
It's OK, Frank.
Did you really think
we wouldn't recognise you?
Did you hit my brother?
Did you hit my brother?
- Hey, hey, hey, pal.
- Frank, that'll do, come on.
Breaking our light, picking a fight.
Hey, you. Hey, hey, hey.
- Motherfucker.
- Hey.
You don't get it, do you?
Who the hell do you think you are?
Fucking bastard.
- Did he just leave?
- Yep.
Hey, Manu!
- Without saying anything?
- Manu!
- He didn't to me.
- Dropping people in the shit like that.
I would never have thought it of him.
- I'll go and talk to him.
- What?
- I'll talk to him. I want to know.
- Jo.
Leave it, buddy. Honestly.
Some guys are like that.
What are we going to do about security
now? What's the point without Manu?
It's old news. Done with.
We're doing it wrong.
We have to do it differently...
- That's what you say.
- No, that's how it is. It is.
- So what do you suggest?
- I think we should call Mohammed.
The guy knows what he's doing.
- No. No!
- Jo.
- Sometimes I don't follow you.
- Honestly, Jo, Manu wasn't any good.
Manu is a pal.
We mustn't work with pals anymore,
you can't say anything to pals
if they do something wrong.
- Of course not, they are pals.
- Mohammed?
- What about your Noah's ark?
- Noah's ark? Jo, please.
That drivel. We're becoming
the favourite joint of all the lowlifes.
We have to select at the door,
goddammit. Simple.
No, I don't agree, Frank.
We weren't going to keep people out.
If we allow that, we're giving everything
up. It's the wrong choice. It's not right.
Kim, that is your spot here.
Keep a close eye on the door.
- Hi.
- Mohammed.
All right? Everything OK?
- Chico. And that is Kim. Frank.
- Welcome, welcome.
- How's things?
- Fine, fine.
- Long time no see.
- Yeah. Are you enjoying yourself?
Yeah, it's great.
Hi, pal.
Want a drink? A beer? A beer for
There, it's gone.
What's the matter?
I want you to pack your stuff and
There's no point anymore.
So that's how it is.
Of course there is no point.
I don't care anymore. Do you know what?
I'm not even sure it was yours.
What the fuck?
- What kind of sad mess is this?
- What kind of sad mess are you?
- Do you know what? Do what you like.
- Fine, I will do what I like.
- I heard. I'll do what I like.
- I don't want to see you again.
- Piss off then.
- Selfish cow.
- Bastard. Yes, I heard you.
- Did you hear me??
- Bastard.
- Fucking bitch. You can kiss my arse.
- Frankie boy, are you awake, my man?
- Awake? I was born awake.
- Take one and pass them on.
- Take one and pass them on.
Right, ladies and gentlemen.
This is the new price list.
Look at it and start learning it.
Everything costs a bit more
than we thought,
so we'll have to put up the drinks.
We have also had
an extra ice machine delivered.
So fill the glass up before pouring out
the drink. More ice, less drink.
Guys, I know it's all a bit silly
but it is important.
Every little helps and
takings need to go up.
That's the man with a plan.
We love you, Jo.
And lastly...
About drink consumption.
The deal is you can drink what you like
and it'll stay that way.
But from now on I'd like... you to
write down everything you drink.
Awesome. Really.
Wait, wait, wait. Stay there.
Fuck Belgica, fuck the Belgica.
Fuck the Belgica.
- We said at 2 o'clock.
- At 2 o'clock?
That's the middle of the night
for me, guys.
Besides, all those meetings are just
more drivel about stuff we already know.
- We're inputting the weekend's takings.
- The takings need to go up.
How are we going to achieve that?
Right. OK. We're going to...
Look who it is... Puss in boots.
- Baby?
- What's up?
- The pony wants a kiss.
- The pony wants a kiss?
Then the pony has to come to daddy.
Yeah yeah.
On the tail and... one on the nose.
There you are.
- Frank?
- What's the matter?
- Can we talk seriously?
- Seriously.
The pony is going to go and sleep
in the field for a bit now.
- Kiss.
- We can start a whole stable.
- Seriously.
- Come on.
Go on. That's enough of the drivel.
Let's go. The takings. Right. They have
to go up, I imagine? Ferre? Yeah.
Maybe we should order spicier nuts?
What do you think? A good idea? Or...
No, we'll put salt on the floor.
That'll make them thirstier.
Write that down, Ferre.
- May I?
- Go ahead.
OK. You've left Rudy to do the orders.
That wasn't what we agreed.
- Was it?
- That's delegating, Jo.
You do it too, don't you?
What crap is that?
- So what do you still do here?
- What?
What do you still do here?
- May I say something?
- Yeah, say something.
Before I used to get up
and think:
OK, great. What are we going to do?
What are we going to embark on?
What is going to happen?
And today I get up and think:
What the fuck
am I going to do wrong today?
- Do you want a meeting?
- Yeah.
Fine, we'll have a meeting,
but a real meeting.
- I want to add a VIP bar.
- You want a VIP bar...
That's what I mean. I want to add
a VIP bar and I'm not allowed to.
And do you know why not? Because
the accountant here is fucking God.
It's true. The accountant,
the accountant, the accountant...
Accountant, accountant.
What kind of sad frigging dump
is it turning into?
There are hardly any concerts
You're turning it into
a fucking tearoom.
- I'm turning it into a tearoom? Me?
- Yeah, a tearoom.
True, it was me who put
those monkeys on the door.
- What has that got...
- I'd forgotten that.
- That was my idea.
- What has that got to do with it?
Our policy sucks, bro.
Those doormen... Instead of more security
we've got more aggression.
That's my fault too or what?
We decided that together.
- Yeah yeah, decided it together.
- There are cops downstairs.
- There are cops downstairs.
- Why?
To see Frank.
To see Frank? Then Frank will go
and see them, Frank?
What shit is it now?
Were you there? Were you there or
weren't you? That's a direct question.
- Can you just answer it? Yes or no.
- They are lies.
There are some witnesses,
and Mr Dos Santos himself,
who claim he was kicked and punched.
Someone pissed on his head.
He received permanent injuries.
- You're claiming you weren't there?
- They are lies.
Manu Dewaey has confessed everything.
There are two incriminating statements.
You'll just have to see
how you explain that to the judge.
But it's not good.
- Those guys are ruining our business.
- That's how we lost Manu, isn't it?
You didn't even have the balls
to tell me.
I don't follow you.
You're going too fast for me.
It would be better if we stopped.
- We should stop.
- Yeah, sell the place.
- Yeah, we'll sell the whole thing.
- Sell it.
- Fine, we'll sell it.
- Go on then, go ahead.
I'm going to do it.
I'm not stopping.
I've got it in me. I'm good at it.
I'm not giving up, I'm carrying on.
You're the real thing?
You're a big man.
I feel sorry for you. Do you know
I feel really sorry for you.
All my life I thought you had balls
but you haven't got any balls.
You're a sad bastard.
- A loser. That's what you are.
- Fine.
Sad bastard.
I'm talking to you.
You who were so against Dad,
you're exactly the fucking same.
- Watch what you're saying.
- Exactly the same.
Drinking, neglecting your family,
plus all the rest.
I really do feel sorry for you. You sad
bastard. You really are a sad bastard.
- What's up with you?
- Hey!
Come on then, buddy.
- Goddammit.
- Fucker.
Fucking dickhead!
Did you know they're going to sell
They're going to build on it.
The neighbours are starting a petition.
I want no part of it.
I'm not wasting any more energy on
If it's not right, it's not right.
Go on, eat your yoghurt.
Oh, fuck.
Do you want an egg?
Do you want an egg?
- More?
- No.
I don't care what you get up to,
- What?
- I don't care what you get up to.
Our son says he never sees his dad.
I'm here, aren't I?
We've seen you three times this
But I'm here now, aren't I?
He would just like you
to read him a story for once.
That's all.
A fucking story.
And who came and joined him?
Suddenly the two of them
made music together.
They looked up and what did they see?
There were three of them. Then, from
a long way away, out of the forest...
Then Mummy came into the forest too.
Everything started to light up
because Mummy was a fairy.
Ferre, honestly,
there are overlooked possibilities here.
It's true. You just have to...
What's being done with this?
What are we doing with it?
Why are we holding meetings here?
We can go back to the office. Can't we?
This overlooks the street, pal.
We can't not do anything with it, can we?
We'll make an extra bar here.
The brewer hasn't been paid
for three weeks.
We'll pay him, we always do.
It's not that difficult.
Simple, keep it simple.
Just a little wooden bar there.
Bamboo stools, everything exotic.
We'll buy some old stuffed animals
and birds from the market.
Chuck it all in here.
We are in the fucking jungle.
And we'll call it...
the Barbarian.
The Bar-bar-ian.
- Not bad.
- The Barbarian, pal.
We'll hang up loads of photos of guys
who've already played at the Belgica.
A nice tribute?
The Belgica's Wall of Fame.
We've got something to prove.
If Jo comes back...
He'll go crazy. Great present?
A fucking VIP bar.
Emilio, here's to you, buddy. Cheers.
Almost had no fontanelle anymore.
You're a right one, you are!
Make sure you take good care of him.
Here's Uncle Jo.
- Oh, Jo. How's things?
- Fine.
Congratulations, uncle.
A photo, a photo.
Lou, come here, come on.
- Hello, Jo.
- Marieke.
- How are you?
- Fine.
- And you? How are things at the Belgica?
- I'm stopping.
- I'm not a bar owner anymore.
- Why?
- What will you do now?
- I don't know. What about you?
I stopped studying.
But I'm still having fun.
I miss you.
I really loved you, I really did.
But I'm with Davy now.
- I am.
- With Davy?
Yes, with Davy.
Yeah, yeah.
That's how it is now.
You'll find another girl.
I'm off.
- That amount?
- Yes.
Yes, that amount.
You are joking?
That's half of what it's worth.
Seriously, Jo.
You know I put a lot more into it.
What was that place worth
before I came along?
A twentieth of the money I sank into
- I didn't find any...
- Of course you didn't.
- Most was cash in hand.
- I'm going by the official figures.
The official figures? Really?
Belgium is kept going by cash in hand.
- Be serious.
- You squandered money, Frank.
You squandered money, my money too.
If I hadn't paid the damn fire service
the place wouldn't even have opened.
Jo, come on.
You know as well as I do that
I went and gave Schollaert some cash.
Don't you?
- That was your decision.
- What?
It was your decision.
I don't believe this.
- I don't want to drop you in the shit.
- Don't you? What are you doing then?
Just the official figures. Yeah?
- Brilliant.
- If you can't pay,
find another partner,
find someone to buy my shares.
When do you want it by?
What the fuck?
What the fuck?
Goddammit, Frederic, buddy.
My phone.
What are you doing?
What are you doing, Frank?
- Give him to me, Frank.
- Fuck.
Give him to...
Give me my baby, Frank.
Give me my...
- Sweetheart.
- Damn you!
Go away, Frank. Go away.
Go away and ruin everything.
You retarded arsehole.
Go away, I don't ever want
to see you again.
Not this, not this.
Not to me and not to him, Frank.
Not like this.
- Thank you for coming.
- You're welcome.
Frank isn't doing too well.
I don't know
what's going on between you, Jo.
I don't want to know either.
But I can't see things working out
He put all our money into the Belgica,
got into debt too.
I'm scared, Jo.
He needs you, Jo.
- Ferre, where is Frank?
- I don't know where he is. I don't know.
I've run out of money.
So we've got no choice,
we'll just have to carry on together.
Come on, bro.
We're a golden duo?
Look at this place.
It's fantastic, isn't it?
- What if we do it the other way around?
- What?
What if I give you the amount
I want you to give me?
That's the only solution.
But you can't do that, Jo.
You haven't got any money either.
All your money is in the business too,
just like mine.
I could carry on with Ferre and Rudi.
You three?
- Without me?
- Yes.
- What if you...
- They say they'll leave if you stay.
But Jo...
Everyone is doing a U-turn.
It's true, I fucked things up. OK.
I lost the plot. I did.
You should help me.
But what do you do?
You push me even deeper into the shit.
I am helping you.
You can forgive everyone
but you can't forgive me?
Well, fuck you, buddy!
Come on, let's go upstairs.
There's a party going on.
Hold on, hold on... Stop. Stop.
Just a moment.
Just a moment. Yeah, go on.
- More?
- What is that?
Special K. Great?
Frank, are you OK?
Sorry, brother.
I didn't do it right.
You did do it right.
You did do it right.
- Can you manage, Momo?
- Yeah.
Weren't you going to do it
right up to the edge, sweetie?
- Or are we going to saw that off?
- We'll saw it off.
- A beer?
- Thanks.
- Jo?
- No, thanks, I'm going to work.
- Brother. Bye, buddy.
- Bye.
I've been thinking, sweetheart.
Maybe we should have solar panels
after all.
Honestly, that's the future. It is.
- It's ecological too. I'd do it.
- I don't know.
Yeah, let's do it.
- Are you OK, buddy?
- I'm OK. What about you?
- She's good, isn't she?
- Very.