Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey (2018) Movie Script

Alrighty, you
have a nice day, now.
Hi, what can I get
you today, sir?
Hi, um...
Chocolate glazed, please.
Alright, coming right up.
Is that, um-- is that for here,
or is that to go?
Ooh, I'm gonna
have that one right now!
Donuts, huh?
Best thing in the world.
Pretty rough
on the old middle, though.
Oh, haven't you heard?
These are... diet donuts.
Diet donuts, huh?
That's right, so next time
you're gonna wanna order
- twice as many.
- Good plan.
Twice as many.
You have a nice day, now.
- Hey, Lisa.
- Mm-hm?
Would you mind working
a double tomorrow night?
Yeah, sure thing, Ed.
Goodnight, Ed.
Yes, Grandma?
Your sister's
on the phone.
Hey, Lorrie.
Hey, sis.
Whatcha doin'?
Just getting
ready for work.
On a Saturday?
That sucks.
Ah, I like my job.
You're weird.
Takes one to know one.
I miss you.
I miss you, too.
I wanna come visit.
Lorrie, you know
that you can't do that.
You should
come up to Allentown.
I wish I could.
I mean, for good.
Okay, well, what did Mom say?
Did Mom say anything about it?
Hey, Mom!
Lisa's on the phone.
We both think she should
move up here with us.
Is that so?
Hi, Mom, I was--
I was just talking to--
Now, now.
The whole reason why you moved
in with Grandma was to help her.
She's countin' on ya.
You don't want to let
her down now, do you?
No, but...
Mom, I--
You be good now.
I'll work on her.
It's okay.
Don't give up, okay?
We'll get you away from him.
I promise Lisa.
What time's
your shift over?
It's payday, right?
Yes, what?
Yes, sir.
You better bring your
paycheck right home tonight,
- ya hear?
- Yep.
Good girl.
And thank you, Pastor Jim.
You have a good night.
I'm sorry, sir.
You should
have more people working!
Yeah, I know.
We're under-staffed,
but that's no excuse.
So please tell me
what you'd like,
and I'll serve you up
right quick.
It's too late for that.
I've been waiting forever!
No, you're right, sir.
No one should ever have
to wait that long for a donut.
It's downright un-American.
could I get a, um,
apple fritter, please,
and a tuna salad?
You got it!
Hey, Lis!
You don't wanna forget this.
Oh, thanks.
Hey, um...
thanks for taking
a chance on me,
moving me up
to the front counter.
You kidding?
Customers love ya.
Even the cranky ones.
Means a lot
that you believed in me.
I'll see you on Monday!
Good girl...
What are you doing?!
What are you doing?!
- Don't make a sound!
- Please don't hurt me!
I'll do anything,
but please don't hurt me!
Shut up!
- Face the window!
Close your eyes
and keep them closed.
You look at me and you're dead.
Now show me a good time
or I'll kill you.
Get dressed.
Whoever taught you
was real good.
You must have a boyfriend.
You said if I--
but you said if I do--
What are you doing?
Why are you doing this?
Shut up!
I'm not done with you.
I'm taking you
somewhere more comfortable.
And you're gonna do
everything I tell you to do.
Are you
trying to cause trouble?
Pick up the pace!
Okay, I'm sorry!
I'm sorry!
Up, up, come on.
gonna bother us here.
your clothes off.
That's right,
nice and slow.
Let me look at you.
Keep your eyes shut.
Your skin's so soft.
down on the ground.
Face down!
Don't hurt me...
Just so
you don't forget.
Lisa, Lisa!
Uncle Jim...
Aunt Carol...
Aunt Carol?
What's your name?
What's yours?
I can't
tell you that, babe.
How old are you?
I'm 20.
That's good.
That's real good.
'Cause I'm no pervert,
you know?
Why are you doing this?
'Cause you
have it all coming.
You're all bitches.
How old is
your granddaughter?
And what time was
she supposed to be home?
She worked
an extra shift until 2,
so we thought
to see her by 2:30,
maybe 3 at the very latest.
- Is that 3 am?
- Yes, sir.
Has Lisa ever run away?
Any reason she might
want to run away now?
Problems at school?
Trouble at home?
Not at all.
But I can't think
what's happened.
We're worried sick.
What's the matter?
Good morning, ma'am.
I'm Officer Gibbons.
Seems your daughter Lisa's been
reported missing down in Tampa.
Well, she hasn't
turned up around here.
Have you
heard from her?
Yes, I-- I talked
to her yesterday.
She was getting ready for work.
No word
from her since then?
She's fine.
She's probably just run off.
If Lisa calls
or comes by you'll let us know.
She has a nice home.
She's ungrateful.
We'll keep you posted.
Lisa wouldn't just run off
and not tell me.
Something's happened to her.
How do you
like your room?
Are you kidding me,
Grandma, it's perfect!
It's perfect.
I love it.
Such a pretty girl!
It can be hard keeping
such a nice home, you know?
I know, Grandma.
I'm gonna be a big
help to you guys.
I know you will.
Sometimes, there are
things you have to do
to keep on living
in such a nice home.
It's all right, honey.
You're gonna learn
how to treat a man.
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Sorry for what?
That women haven't
been very nice to you.
That's enough, babe.
I can tell
you're very handsome.
Um, I'm kind of
thirsty, um...
I start analyzing the car
underneath my blindfold.
Anything I can see:
the green digital clock,
leather steering wheel.
In front and back
both had red carpet.
It was like thick carpet.
It wasn't like
regular car carpet,
like maybe he put it
in there himself.
I notice the word Magnum
is on the dashboard.
Magnum, "Magnum, P.I."
I had to associate with
something I already knew.
"Magnum, P.I." was a show.
And that's how I remembered
the name of the car.
Two sugars,
and one cream, right?
Just like you
wanted, my friend.
How long are you
on the road this time?
What can I do for
Tampa's finest?
I'd like to ask
you a few questions
about Lisa McVey.
She worked
here last night?
What time did she leave?
It was a little
after 2 in the morning.
And do you know if
she was headed straight home?
I just assumed she was.
It was so late.
She never made it.
There's no indication
of foul play.
It's possible
she's just run away.
Just doesn't seem like her.
She's a responsible girl.
Hard worker.
She's a great employee.
Did anything
happen during her shift?
Something that might
have upset her?
Not that I can think of.
She was just her regular self,
At the very end,
when she was taking off...
she seemed so, um, sad
all of a sudden.
I told her I'd see her on
Monday and she didn't answer.
She thanked me
for promoting her.
I promoted her months ago.
Oh, my God.
Do you think Lisa
might have harmed herself?
This just in,
a special report.
Last night in the suburban
Tampa neighbourhood,
a teenager...
I made you
a sandwich.
Eat it.
Take it.
Take it, and eat it, huh?
I'm in
the neighbourhood where police
are investigating
a disappearance.
The teen was reported
missing this morning
when she failed to come home
from a late night shift
at a local donut shop.
The teenager's bike was found
at a nearby parking lot.
Police are so far not releasing
any more details, but...
Are they
talking about you?
Are they talking about you?
Are you a teenager?
- Are you a kid?
- No!
They better not
be talking about you.
I'm 19,
but they just got that
because my birthday's next week.
I'm 20, I'm almost 20.
Do you think I'm stupid?
I don't!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Please, please!
Oh, please, oh!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
So you don't forget me.
Don't give up, okay?
I have to
go to the bathroom.
I don't want to
pee on your bed.
Well, I can't go
with you watching.
I'm looking away.
Please could you
just wait outside?
I'm not, I'm just...
I just want some privacy.
Be quick.
Hurry up in there.
Don't give up.
- Hurry up!
- I know, I'm just peeing.
I'm coming in.
Did you
lock the door?
You locked the door,
you little--
Open the door!
Open the door!
What are
you doing in here, huh?
You think you're so smart.
No, I'm just
washing my hands.
you're so smart.
You stupid little girl.
Uh, you want me to
kill you right here?
- I'll kill you right here.
- No, don't.
- I shouldn't have--
- That's right.
God, it's hot in here.
You must be so uncomfortable.
Can I get you a glass of water?
Do you...
Wanna get me
a glass of water?
Uh, that's what you want?
Can I do that for you?
Is that better?
Don't ever
do that again, do you hear me?
Sneaky little bitch.
- No, please, no!
- Sneaky little bitch!
Are you trying
to cause trouble?
No, I wasn't, I wasn't!
I promise, I promise.
to cause trouble?
Are you
trying to make trouble?
I just want to come home!
Out of the question!
You don't know what
Grandma's making me do!
It could be a lot worse.
How can you just do that?
How can you just
let her do that to me?
Do you think
you're special?
Be grateful for
what you've got!
There's no better
life waiting for you!
What is wrong with you?
I can have a good life!
I can, and I will!
I'm gonna have a family
that actually cares about me.
And I'm gonna care
about them, too.
I swear I'll care about
them till the day I die.
I'm gonna be a much
better mother than you!
I was trying to call my father!
- I was just trying to call--
- Don't lie to me!
I'm not lying to you!
I just wanted to let him
know that I'm okay
and that everything is fine,
everything's fine.
You think I'm stupid?
I don't think
you're stupid, no!
You think I'm stupid?
I don't,
I promise you, just--
I'm really worried about him.
He's been so sick recently
and I'm the one who
takes care of him.
Listen, I'm everything-- I'm all
he's got in this entire world.
Please, please, please...
You know...
You know what, you remind me
of him a little bit.
You do, you do.
A good man...
who's under-appreciated.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, yeah.
And he's so sweet
and he's so kind.
And he just loves me so much
and he's always taken
such good care of me.
But then he got sick.
And now I have to
take care of him.
And I bring him
medicine every day,
and I make him soup.
Because I just want
him to get better
so that we can have a good...
life together.
His fantasies to him were real
and he was acting on it.
I had to play on that.
I was able to learn
how to handle him.
I never screamed at him.
I never fought him.
At one point, he took my hands
and put them
all over his face--
pock mark;
short, clean mustache;
his ears were small.
Never saw his face
with my eyes,
but through my hands I did.
I saw him through my hands.
I knew I was gaining his trust.
He took me to the living room
and sat me on the couch.
He turns a TV on.
A newsbreak came on
and they were searching for
a 17-year-old had been
abducted off her bicycle.
And it hit me.
Reality set in.
I lost it.
I started crying.
I started shaking.
I started screaming.
He's screaming profanity,
really sent him into a rage.
He comes up behind me,
puts the gun to my head,
orders me to stop crying.
Please don't make me kill you.
You continue to cry, you're
gonna force me to kill you.
finally here!
And Mom says
I can stay the weekend!
I know we didn't meet
under the best circumstances.
I could still be
your girlfriend.
But you gotta let me
go home, okay?
So I can take care
of my father.
He needs me.
I know you didn't
mean to hurt me.
I know that you're
a nice person, I can tell.
Just let me go home.
I like
talking to you, babe.
Me too.
Can't someone else
take care of your father?
Don't you have a sister?
Okay, stop.
Give me that.
What are
you doing with that?
If he touches you,
I will kill him.
- Lisa!
- I will do it.
You'll go to jail!
I don't care.
He'll be dead.
And this'll be over.
And you'll be safe.
The hunt
continues for the killer
who has terrorized Tampa
for the past 6 months.
The latest victim
remains unidentified,
but police are working overtime,
hoping for a break in the case.
So far police are
not releasing any more details,
but we will continue to update
you on any further--
What am I
gonna do with you?
We can just start over.
We can just start over, I mean--
Shut up
and let me think!
You could take me
back to my father.
So I can take care of him.
I don't want to be any trouble.
I gotta
get rid of you.
- Put these on.
- Okay.
You don't want to do this,
you don't have to do this.
Shut up!
I'm not gonna
tell anyone, I swear, I--
Shut your mouth!
Please don't do this!
You don't have to do this.
No, no, please,
please, please!
Please, please, my dad--
my dad's gonna--
Get up!
- I'm not gonna tell!
- Get up!
I swear, I swear!
I'm not gonna tell!
You want me
to kill you right here?
You want me to
kill you right here?
Then walk.
Never should
have kept you this long.
Make a wish, make a wish!
We love it
when you come visit.
You're such a special girl
and so smart.
You think
you're so smart, huh?
You try that again,
and I'll kill you right here,
you understand me?
You understand me?
No, no!
Please don't kill me!
I'll take care of you.
I'm your girl!
I'm your girl!
I'm yours!
I don't want to die.
If you
go to the cops,
tell them I'm black,
short, and muscular.
You stay
here for five minutes.
And you don't take your
blindfold off before then.
Where the hell
have you been?
You been out with a boy?
I was kidnapped!
- Bullshit!
- I'm telling the truth!
It's the truth,
it's the truth!
Stop, stop!
Stop, stop...
- Liar!
- Stop, stop, stop.
Better call the cops
and let 'em know you're home.
Tell us what happened.
I was kidnapped!
The truth!
I was raped!
Sick lies.
I have been
through hell...
How can you even
look me in the eye?
Why won't you believe me?
Why won't you believe me?!
Officer Lopez, please.
It's Diane Martin.
I'm calling about my
granddaughter, Lisa McVey.
- Lopez.
- Oh, hi, Officer Lopez.
I just wanted you to know
that Lisa finally showed up.
- Is she okay?
- Oh, she's fine.
It was nothing!
Glad to hear
she made it home okay.
She told us some crazy
story about being kidnapped.
- She was kidnapped?
- Well, she made it up.
I don't know what
gets into her head.
Well... I'm gonna
need to talk to her, then.
- What?
- She's a minor,
claiming to be
the victim of a crime.
We have to follow up.
It's standard procedure.
I'll pick her up,
take her back to the station
for an interview.
if that's what you've gotta do,
alright, then.
They're coming over
to take you in for questioning.
The cops
are coming here?
Don't worry about it.
Lisa isn't gonna
cause any more trouble.
Don't you make a fool of us now.
Not a word about our lives here.
And you say
this man raped you?
Uh, the entire time
I was there.
That's a vicious
and prolonged assault.
It was.
You don't have any
bruises or marks on you.
He threatened
to kill me, so I...
I didn't fight him.
I wanted to survive.
Did you ever
scream for help?
No, no.
I knew that that would--
that would make him pretty mad.
Oh, didn't
mean to interrupt.
No problem.
What's up?
Task force meeting
got moved up an hour.
I should be able to wrap
things up here pretty quick.
So... you said
he untied you at one point.
Why didn't
you try to run away?
He threatened to kill me,
and I planned on making it
out of there alive.
I-- I cooperated.
Except for one time.
He made me a sandwich
and was yelling at me to eat it.
And I just-- the smell of it--
He made you lunch?
Okay, your grandma says
you're making this all up.
Is this just some
story to get attention?
Uh, excuse me a moment.
What are...
I am so sorry to
keep you waiting.
Things are just a little
bit crazy around here.
Now, I am Detective Russell.
This is my partner,
Detective Castle.
Officer Lopez has
brought us up to speed.
Okay, so you say
your assailant brought
to an apartment?
Was that a
ground floor, or...?
No, that was--
it was a second storey
because we went up some steps.
it was a stoop...?
No, no.
We, um...
I counted 22 steps before we
got to the top of the staircase.
You noticed that,
with everything going on?
Yeah, yeah, well,
I made it a point
to take in my surroundings
so that I could, um,
store it in my brain
for the police.
Uh, Lisa,
what we mean is that
it's hard to notice anything
during such a violent ordeal.
And yet it's a very unusual
thing for you to remember.
Well, a very unusual
thing happened to me.
And I knew that I had
to gather evidence, so...
I did.
"Gather evidence."
Yes, ma'am.
Like a cop.
to catch the bad guy.
So he blindfolded you
and took you
to an apartment building--
Oh, well,
I'm not really sure
it was an apartment building.
It kind of felt like it
was more of an apartment
that was above
an office building.
I mean, I was there all Sunday
and I was listening for noises,
any kind of activity,
and I didn't-- I didn't--
I mean, there was no sound
of people coming and going.
There was no neighbour
sounds or anything.
Lisa, do you
watch a lot of TV?
Yeah, I guess.
- Why?
- Cop shows?
Sure, I guess.
I don't really understand why
you're asking me this, though.
We're just trying
to get to the bottom
of what really happened.
Yeah, I've been trying to
tell you that since I got here.
I've been--
Well, were you
blindfolded the whole time?
Uh-huh, yeah,
almost the entire time.
Well, did you get
a good look at the man's face?
No, but I could
describe it to you.
- How?
- He let me touch it.
So you're saying
you "saw" his face
but with your hands?
I "saw" a lot.
Look, Lisa...
We are all girls here.
You can talk to us.
We... we get it.
You know, maybe you met up
with some friends after work,
you partied a little,
you stayed out a little
too late to go home
without a good excuse.
- We get it!
- You don't get it.
- Come on, Lisa.
- You don't get it.
- Just tell us the truth.
- I was kidnapped!
I was raped!
Why does nobody believe me?
He grabs me, hugs me, he said,
I'm sorry you had
to go through this.
He gets out of the car.
He opens the door, lets me out.
Said, stay here for 5 minutes
and I'll let you live,
and he drove off.
I'm like, what?
Now I'm totally lost,
totally confused.
Is he pointing the gun at me?
Is he gonna actually change his
mind and run me over?
Why am I not dead?
What--what happened?
And then it hit me.
Oh, dear God.
He can come back for me.
Is he gonna come back for me
thinking he made a mistake?
We keep hitting
the same wall with our killer.
As you can see from the photos,
he has got no clear
physical type.
The victims have been
prostitutes, dancers,
a factory worker.
We had three homicides
the first three months
of this case.
We've had three
in the last month,
two of them in just
the last few weeks.
He is escalating.
There's one thing in common:
all of the victims
were found bound.
Mostly using rope.
One was found with a noose
still around her neck.
There's no other clear M.O.
He's consistently brutal
but he's got no favoured
method of killing.
Some have been
raped and strangled,
one was shot
in the back of the head.
Another had her throat slashed.
All the victims have been found
far from where
they were last seen,
which means he is likely
transporting them in a car.
But he is dumping the bodies
in different
locations each time.
An orange grove, a wooded
area just off the interstate.
The outskirts of a cattle ranch.
He's all over the map.
Yeah, Serge?
Next, listen up.
This guy knows what he's doing.
These women were all taken late
at night, when they were alone.
No witnesses.
Which strongly suggests
he's stalking his victims.
Now, he picks women
who are vulnerable.
He studies them,
he waits until
they're isolated...
and then he strikes.
This community needs
to feel safe again.
These women deserve justice.
So, let's remember,
they could be your neighbour.
Your sister.
Your daughter.
Anyone else?
Alright, let's get
back to work, everyone.
And check your shift
assignments, please.
Hey, Larry,
have you got a sec?
Yeah, what's up?
I got a girl who
has totally shut down on us.
Could you take a crack at her?
- Sure.
- Thanks.
Why don't
you believe her?
Well, the details
are a bit unbelievable.
And she's just too detached.
She might
be in shock.
Well, we're all
focused on a much bigger case.
I mean... and she probably
didn't get a fair shake.
But... you know
99 times out of a 100
the runaway just turns out to be
a kid who stayed out all night.
Maybe she's
the one in a hundred, huh?
My God, she's just a child!
Hi, Lisa.
I'm Detective Larry Pinkerton.
I'm head of the
sex crimes unit here.
You think you can tell me
what happened to you?
That's a picture of
my daughter, Sarah.
I'd go to any length
to protect her.
And I'll go to any length
to protect you.
Tell me everything.
I believe you.
The car was black...
with two doors and red carpet
and red bucket seats.
There was, um...
there was the word
"Magnum" on the dashboard.
There was green carpet
on the stairs.
I counted 22 steps to the top
of the second floor.
He was white,
and he was left-handed.
There was sneakers
in the bathroom,
with these kangaroos on them.
And his face, he had
a thin moustache, uh,
stubble on his cheeks.
Um, his hair fell down
in front of his forehead,
and his eyes were
kind of close together.
He had a waterbed.
didn't make this up.
Her level of detail
was extraordinary.
Now, you're gonna need to get
her a change of clothes.
After the exam, I want
what she's wearing
- bagged for evidence.
- Okay.
Now I'm gonna
call the parents,
get consent for hypnosis
in case she's blocking
anything crucial,
a street address.
That sounds good.
Yes, this
is Lorrie McVey.
I've been on hold forever.
What happened to my sister?
She did?
Oh, thank God!
Oh, my God.
Yeah, thanks.
- Mom?
- Mm-hm?
Cops said
Lisa came back.
They said she'd been
kidnapped and raped.
Well, that's some story.
She'd never make up
something like that!
Told you she'd
turn up all right.
Our psychiatrist
is highly skilled at hypnosis.
Lisa won't be in danger
at any time.
- I'm not paying for that.
- Of course not!
He's on staff here
with the police department.
Sounds strange.
I don't want her doing it.
If you'd
just let us try--
When is she coming home?
She's got chores to do!
Alright, then.
Maybe... I kind of feel
like he would have more, um...
visible stubble on his face.
Excuse me.
Can you give us a minute?
I just got off
the phone with your father.
He said no to hypnosis.
He wants to know
when you're coming home.
is there something
happening there?
You can tell me,
I'll believe you.
He's not my father.
What's happening?
Get off of me!
Morris Elwood,
you are under arrest
for the sexual
assault of a minor.
That's bullshit!
You have
the right to remain silent.
Anything you say or do
can and will be used
- against you in a court of law--
- The bitch is a liar!
You have
a right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford one,
one will be appointed to you.
Do you
understand these rights
that have been read to you?
Bitch is a liar!
Why didn't you protect me?
Well, this is it.
It's where you'll be staying
'til we can find you something,
you know,
a little more permanent.
Are you sure you don't
have any relatives
in the Tampa area, huh?
I mean, I got an
Aunt Carol and Uncle Jim.
But they live out east
in Titusville.
reach out to them.
- Hi, Larry.
- Hey.
Lisa, this is Sergeant McKinley.
Call me Hannah.
I'm happy to meet you, Lisa.
Yeah, well, thank you
for letting me stay here.
You can use
my daughter's room.
She just left for college.
The house feels pretty empty!
You're gonna be dealing
with that soon enough.
Don't remind me.
It'll be good
to have company again.
Want to come in for coffee?
Got a task force meeting.
You're in good hands.
- We'll talk soon.
- Alright.
- Okay?
- Yep.
let's get you settled.
Then we'll figure out dinner.
I kind of got a craving
for pizza!
These red fibres were
found on the latest victim.
They're the same red
trilobal nylon carpet fibres
that have been found
on all the victims.
Any leads
on a manufacturer?
Not yet.
We're hoping at some point that
this guy talks to someone:
a neighbour, co-worker,
disgruntled ex-girlfriend.
Or maybe someone sees
one of these women
getting into his car.
We need a witness.
Without that?
- What is it?!
- No, no!
It's him!
No, no, no!
It's okay, Lisa.
- You're safe here.
- No!
Have you been
able to sleep at all?
I haven't slept
since it happened.
I'm gonna set you up
with our staff psychiatrist.
He can prescribe something
that'll help with that, okay?
Where'd you
leave your fingerprints?
In the washroom,
there, uh...
on the mirror, then, uh...
on the towel rack,
and then under the toilet seat.
leave anything else?
Yep, um,
there was a hair pin
with strands of my hair
under the bed.
I left some blood in the car.
I bit my finger, wiped it
on the front of the seat
so he didn't see it.
I don't know, I just...
even if he killed me,
I wanted him to get caught.
No one else should have
to go through this.
We stopped
at a gas station.
This is great, Lisa.
Really helpful.
So that would have been, what...
3, 4 in the morning?
We left his
apartment at 3:13, so yeah,
it would have been about
20 minutes after that.
What do
you recall about him?
He said he wanted
to get back at women.
Said we're all bitches.
And he was clean.
He was really clean.
He smelled clean.
His bathroom was clean, um...
and he washed me in the shower.
And he...
we don't have to continue
- if you want to stop.
- It's okay.
He was really thorough and he
seemed to mean a lot to him
that I was clean.
I think I saw
his car before.
That night?
Before that.
What if Lisa McVey's
rapist is our serial killer?
Hear me out, Lieutenant.
She was taken at night
when she was alone.
He stalked her.
He tied her up.
He took her away in his car.
That's not enough.
He told her that
he wanted to get back at women.
He fits the profile.
Yeah, but our guy
doesn't let his victims go.
kid is brilliant!
She's brave as hell.
She's survived abusive
situations her whole life.
She's got skills
like no one else!
Now, what if she did
what no one else could?
Got him to let her go.
I just don't see it.
I want to send
her clothes to the FBI lab
for processing.
Our resources are
stretched thin enough as it is.
I can't authorize that.
Take it out
of my budget, then.
Hey, Serge.
If it is the same guy,
then he knows
that she's alive,
then he's got a loose end.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
I, uh...
Just here to move you
to the new place.
- We gotta go.
- Okay.
So, this is it.
It's a safe house for minors
in the justice system.
I'll take that.
You'll be okay here.
Might even find some kids
your age to talk to.
I'm gonna need you to lay low
for a little while, okay?
That means no going
to the usual haunts.
No shifts at the donut shop.
Just be for
a little while, okay?
- Okay.
- It's just up here.
Lisa, this is
my daughter, Sarah.
Nice to meet you, Lisa.
Hi, yeah,
nice to meet you, too.
Speed limit.
Sure thing.
- Buckle up.
- Okay.
You got it, okay?
And you keep speeding up and
slowing down and speeding up.
You got a lead foot.
Look who's talking,
Dale Earnhardt.
I'm a professional
police officer.
I drive for a living.
A donut shop?
How cool.
No, it's a great job.
And my boss is
really cool too, so...
I would be so fat
if I worked there!
I was worried about that, but...
But you're so thin.
Well, that's because
I only eat the donut holes.
So doesn't really count.
Sarah's got
a part-time job at Waldenbooks.
Yeah, I just love
being surrounded by books.
Oh, cool, nice.
That sounds like a great job.
Her boss says
that she is his best employee.
Just never take her driving.
Now, these
tread marks are consistent
with every one of
the crime scenes.
We need to check it against
the tire to determine the make.
Talk to me.
The lab found
red fibres on Lisa's clothes.
They match the red carpet fibres
we found on all our vics.
We have
another victim.
And she's alive.
We have a witness.
Let me tell you about a strong,
brave, brilliant young girl:
Lisa McVey...
And our serial killer.
I want to take you
back to the place
where you were abducted.
Retrace your steps from there.
What, you mean
go back on the car ride?
I think your amazing recall
may be the key to finding out
where your attacker lives.
Has something changed?
The man who hurt you
is responsible for hurting
a lot of other people as well.
He's the killer that
everyone's looking for,
isn't he?
We think so.
You know what,
maybe this is a bad idea.
I'll do it.
So after he
took you to his car,
any chance you remember
which direction you went?
I think...
oh, I think...
I don't remember.
- Hey, hey...
- I don't...
if you're not up for this,
- you don't have to do it, okay?
- No, I am.
I want to nail the guy!
I want to catch him.
I just...
Look, look, listen to me.
Calm down, okay?
Close your eyes.
Clear your head.
And go back to that day.
Take your time.
What do you see?
The car
was facing north...
and he took off down Rome.
And then he, uh,
took a right on Sligh.
You're gonna want to wait
for three traffic lights,
three traffic lights.
And thank you.
Turn left.
Turn left.
There should be
an interstate right here.
You're gonna
want to be facing east.
You're doing great.
Where's she going?
The second I
took off my blindfold,
I saw this tree.
And I knew...
that I was gonna live.
I was gonna live.
She's given us
a two-mile radius.
Let's put the word out
and coordinate with patrol.
We're close.
Listen up, people.
We have a suspect.
From the vending machine.
Listen, I'd
feel a whole lot better
if you'd stick around here
at least until we get this guy.
you keep bringin' me
gourmet meals like this...
Detective Wolf,
this is command post.
What's your 20?
Barker Boulevard,
red light district.
Taking one last sweep
before heading back.
Copy that.
Holy shit.
You gonna be
my lucky girl tonight.
Good evening, sir.
Sorry to bother you.
I'm Detective Charlie Wolf.
Is there
a problem, officer?
Yeah, you know, I just got
a call on an armed robbery
out on the west end
of town, and, uh...
made off with
a lot of jewelry.
Description of the car
matches yours.
well, it wasn't me.
I haven't been on the
west side all week, so...
Look, I'm real
sorry about this.
My boss is gonna kill me
if I come up empty.
You mind if I
search your vehicle,
just to rule you out?
Yeah, no.
Well, hey,
how about I just, uh,
snap a quick picture, then?
A photo of you and the car,
so the victim can tell us,
you know, it wasn't you?
Yeah, okay.
I'll be right back.
I appreciate that.
I can do to help, officer.
Have a good night.
Command post,
this is Detective Wolf.
I have a suspect
within the two-mile radius.
You liar!
Hey, hey, hey.
Wake up.
Wake up.
You're having a bad dream.
Wake up.
It's okay.
The entire task force
is out there
looking for this guy.
We're gonna get him, okay?
It's okay.
He can't get you here.
Command post,
this is Detective Wolf.
Detective Wolf,
this is command post.
Go ahead.
I need you to run a tag
for a black Dodge Magnum.
Florida plates.
Juliet Whiskey Hotel
Black Dodge Magnum.
Juliet Whiskey Hotel
Pull everything
connected to those plates.
Take as
much time as you need.
Take a good look.
That's him.
You sure?
Yeah, I'm sure.
That's him.
That's him.
Don't move!
Down on your knees!
Hands above your head!
Hands behind your head!
Bobby Joe Long,
you are under arrest.
Green carpet
and 22 stairs.
Just like she said.
Thank you.
That's a good one.
gonna fry for this.
There's something
wrong with me, I know that.
The only reason you caught me
is because I let her go.
Is that what you think?
She was different
from the others, you know?
She was
something special.
We got him.
- What?
- We got him.
Your attacker.
Our serial killer.
Why did I live?
- Hey...
- I shouldn't have lived.
Lisa, do you not
realize what you've done?
You stopped a killer.
You managed to do
in 12 days
what we couldn't
accomplish in six months!
You have saved so many lives.
It's all over.
You're a hero, kid.
It's okay.
Hey, Lorrie.
Where have you been?
I've been so worried,
and I was calling Grandma...
I know, I know.
I know, sis.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Who is it?
It's Lisa.
What does she want?
So, where were you?
What happened?
Listen, um, I forgot
that I have to go back down
to the police station
to talk to the detective.
No, not
until you tell me.
I know,
I will, okay?
I'll call you later.
I promise.
Oh, you better!
Hey, Lorrie?
Thank you for caring so much.
I mean, it really
means a lot to me.
You know I said
you were one in a hundred?
You're one in a million.
I want you to go have that life
you fought so hard for.
You know I've been thinking
about maybe having you
come live with my family.
Thank you.
I mean, you've gotta keep
this stuff separate, right?
Work's work.
Home's home.
You'd never get a break from
what happens on the job.
It would just swallow you up.
Hi, sweetie.
Let me look at you.
We had no idea what was going on
at your grandmother's house.
- Please forgive us.
- It's okay.
We're gonna
take good care of you.
- We promise!
- I know.
I know.
Larry Pinkerton.
Thank you.
Thank you
for believing me.
we owe you everything.
Come on,
let's go.
You haven't
seen the last of me.
I hope not!
Dear Mom,
you once told me that
I'd never have a better life.
You were wrong.