Believers, The (1987) Movie Script

Mom? Knock, knock.
It is too early for "Knock, knock."
Come on, eat up. We're running late.
Chris, give me a break!
Must it be World War II this morning?
World War III.
Cute, kid.
8:30, Cal!
- Why didn't you tell me it was so late?
- I just did.
- Dad?
- What?
- Knock, knock.
- Who's there?
- Dwayne.
- Dwayne who?
Dwayne the bathtub, I'm dwowning!
That's terrible!
That's not my lunch, is it?
Not now, it isn't.
- When did your friends leave this morning?
- I thought they were your friends.
They left about 3:00.
You used to be able to go all night.
I know, but I can't do it anymore.
What can't you do anymore?
Eat your breakfast.
Do you think I should have served
the last drink in my pajamas?
Shoes and socks on. Let's go.
Oh, shit.
- Terrific, Cal.
- I got it.
Not the socks!
- Hit the showers.
- Right.
Coffee machine.
What is it? Jesus!
Lisa, no! Oh, my God, no!
Chris, don't touch her!
Jesus Christ!
My God! Christ!
Por favor, don't break nothing!
And be careful from the walls.
Mrs. Halliday just painted them.
Follow me, okay?
You did what anyone would have done.
It happened so fast. I just reacted.
He was trying to help.
Christ, the man's got four kids!
You'll be more effective...
...when you do go back out there,
if you begin to forgive yourself.
That's what this is all about, Frank.
That's how I can help you, if you'll let me.
I want to.
I do. It's...
I'd say we made a pretty good beginning,
wouldn't you?
I'll set you up for next week, then.
What have you got there, little guy?
Chief Black Cloud.
Are you sick?
I'm sorry.
- You can call me anytime.
- Right.
See you next Thursday.
Hopefully we'll be
a little better settled in by then.
- Thank you, Doctor.
- You're welcome.
Are you all right, Bean?
Not so fast, my friend.
From now on, I don't think
you should play in here while I'm working.
Is it a deal?
Okay. What do we got here?
Flowers. Mrs. Ruiz and I
are gonna plant some for Mom.
Like these?
Mom wants me to.
Do you believe me?
I believe she would want you to. Sure.
Take it easy, you guys.
I just finished painting this place.
No! My beautiful wall!
I did this wall with my own hands
and now it looks like my first apartment.
- It's just a little gouge.
- It's a giant crater!
I'm gonna have to start from scratch!
Fill it, sand it!
What's the problem?
This. 10 years ago, I wouldn't have cared.
Now I want a wall to look like a wall.
Let me take a look at it.
- You don't have to do that.
- It's okay. I'm taking care of it.
Thank you very much. That's great.
Who says chivalry is dead?
Alive and well in New York. Amazing.
How does it feel to have your whole life
stuffed in little boxes?
A little cramped.
Here's the electrician's number.
He's expecting your call.
Painter's coming on Sunday.
I'll get to the kitchen faucet soon.
You'll fix it yourself?
Sure. I'm the landlady.
Hey, listen, I lost an earring...
...maybe in your apartment.
It's pretty hard to miss.
Then, it might be in my bag.
If you see it, will you let me know?
I'll keep an eye out.
- Great. How Is Carmen working out?
- Fine. She's terrific with Chris.
These cops are going to do wonders
for my parking ticket situation.
I'll put in a word for you downtown.
If there's anything else you need,
I'm across the street.
Have you started
writing that thing out yet?
Look out!
- The ball is in the clear. He scores!
- Wait for me!
Marty Wertheimer, please.
- Who's calling?
- It's Cal Jamison.
- Can you hold?
- Yes, I'll hold.
I told you never to call me here.
What do you want? I'm a busy man.
Hi, buddy, how are you?
Great. Is that a great apartment
that I found for you all by myself?
And how about the landlady?
Not bad, huh?
Do you know what I had to do to get that?
By the way, where's my commission?
Shut up already. You done great.
It's wonderful. No complaints.
Where are you? You're late.
I'm in the park.
- The park? You're supposed to be here.
- I'm on my way. I've got Chris with me.
- It's okay if I bring him?
- Yeah, please.
Okay. See you soon.
This is unusual for Central Park.
What are you doing down here?
What do you mean? I run here everyday.
- Did you see anyone else here?
- No. Just me.
- Is this all you saw?
- That's all I saw!
Calm down, miss.
What are you doing here?
I run here every day with my friend!
Today, she had to go to the dentist.
- I'll need some information.
- Information?
What kind of information?
- Like your name first, please.
- My name?
My name is Muriel Greenburg.
Do you spell Greenburg: G-r-e-e-n-b-e-r-g?
No. B-u-r-g. Greenburg.
I may need more information later on.
What's your address?
Come on.
Folks, the show is over!
I'm sure you can find something
better to do than look at this garbage.
Come on, start moving.
Get out of here, let's go.
Keep moving.
Keep going.
All right, just keep going away.
Dad, do you believe in God?
I believe in a god.
What you got there?
May I?
- Where'd you get this?
- Found it.
- Where?
- In the park.
Where in the park?
Somewhere. It's a wishing shell.
How do you know that?
I just do.
Where is he?
There he is.
- Hi, Marty.
- Chris, how are you doing?
I've been waiting all morning for you.
- How are you?
- Who's this bum?
You have to watch these guys
who hang out in the park.
- What's this?
- What?
Don't you know where to park your gum?
- Where?
- On the bedpost, for crying out loud.
You got any questions about important
stuff like this, you come ask your lawyer.
- Okay.
- Okay. I ever show you this one?
Okay, wise guy, you get them apart.
I'll bring him right back. Promise.
- Coffee?
- No.
One. Regular. Thanks.
Wait a minute.
We agree, so what's the problem?
I don't have a problem
with the idea of a lawsuit.
I don't want Chris to have to relive it all.
Neither do I.
But that coffee machine
was fuckin' defective...
...and we gotta nail them
so no one else is killed.
So long as Chris
doesn't have to testify. I mean it.
- I feel very strongly about this.
- You and me both.
This will not go to trial.
I promise you. They'd be crazy.
They'll settle. Do you smoke?
No, thanks, I quit.
Yeah, me too.
I quit at least twice this week already.
I love Chris, you know that.
He's a great kid.
Tell you the truth,
he's not the one I'm worried about.
- I'm all right.
- That's it? "I'm all right"?
You spend your time
listening to cops' problems... can't talk about your own?
It's lonely.
I'm trying to pick up the pieces.
It really feels strange being back.
The city's changed a lot.
Some days I'm not so sure
it was a good idea to bring Chris here.
But in a funny way,
it's brought us closer together.
You need anything at all,
I'm there before you hang up the phone.
I know.
- I feel better. You?
- I feel better.
Sit down.
Linda? You want to send in
Mr. Jamison, Esquire, please?
What is this?
My 11:00 number.
Come on in, kid. Sit down.
Get a load o' this.
I win.
Hi, Carmen. Any calls?
No calls.
But this come for you.
From where?
It's a housewarming present
from Mrs. Halliday.
- She make it herself, for you.
- Wasn't that nice?
It's very beautiful, si?
- Are there any more of these perishables?
- This is only dry stuff and spices.
- And did you buy this radio here?
- In London.
I'll have to take this apart. I'll put it back.
Arriving passengers
who have cleared customs...
... place your luggage
on the conveyor belt...
Could I see that?
Open this, please.
Just personal items.
No need to look in there.
All right.
Remember this bowl?
That little Indian boy made it.
- We have one just like it.
- You do? I love the things he made.
Vino? Where's the vino?
- And cilantro.
- How's it going?
- Ambrosia!
- Taste.
Well? What do you think?
Don't be bashful.
- I'm inured to criticism.
- Hot.
Nonsense. Good for you.
Therapeutic, anti-depressant.
- News to me.
- I stand before you, living proof.
You put the NYPD on gumbo twice a week,
and you're out of business.
Why don't you give that a good stir
and then we'll bring in the rice.
Useless knife. I'll have to get another.
It's lovely.
Who gave it to you?
I found it.
Really? Here. Show it to Dennis.
- What's this?
- My shell.
- It's your shell, is it?
- Yep.
You seem pretty sure about that.
It's a beautiful piece of work.
Have you seen this?
You still got that thing, Chris?
That's his wishing shell.
What do you suppose
you could make out of this?
I don't know.
What about a necklace?
That's the day we went to Osage.
The reservation. Remember that?
- Remember that?
- And the day I got Chief Black Cloud.
That's right.
And Dennis bought me the arrowheads.
God. Got a memory like an elephant.
There's Mom.
She looked so pretty.
That was a very happy day, wasn't it?
My prize pupil.
In anthropology?
I always thought one day,
she'd be teaching me.
Look at that face.
That was the day
we went to visit the Ojibwa. Remember?
About 40 degrees below zero.
They had fires inside the tent.
It must have been 70 degrees below,
with the wind chill.
It was quite a day, wasn't it?
I'm sorry.
I remember taking those pictures.
That was the last time
we were all together.
Oh, my.
How does Chris seem to you?
Does he seem all right?
- He's a remarkable little boy.
- I think he's doing all right, actually.
The kitchen all fixed up, Dr. Jamison.
Thank you, Carmen.
- Hasta maana.
- Hasta maana.
- Buenas noches.
- Buenas noches.
We've got to stay back here.
Sorry, you can't get through here.
- Where is he?
- He's inside.
- Lopez call this in?
- He did.
- Where is he?
- Behind the screen. We can't get near him.
Keeps asking for you.
- What do you got?
- We got a dead kid.
I want you to understand that! Brujera.
How old is he?
He looks to be about 9 years old.
He's only a kid.
There's so much blood. Look at the ashes.
They're right around where the body was.
Jesus Christ almighty.
Just get McTaggert here, that's all.
Don't you come any closer, all right?
Don't do it. Quit fucking around with me!
Nobody's fucking around with you.
Did you call this in?
- Yes, Lieutenant.
- What's the problem?
Jesus Christ,
did you see what they did to that kid?
I saw. What do you know about it?
- They took my badge.
- Who took your badge?
Who took it, Tom?
You don't know what they could do to me.
You did a good job, now we're here.
Let us have it.
We'll go to the station and make a report.
You can't stop them.
You can't do anything.
You don't understand anything.
It doesn't work!
I'll be safe.
Get the gun!
Get him the hell out of here, fast!
Why did you stop me?
We can't do anything!
McTaggert. Get it straight!
They know who I am!
Let go! I'm a cop, too! Goddamn you!
I'm here, Chris! It's all right.
It's all right, sweetheart.
It's just a bad dream.
It's all right, baby.
- Hello?
- Is this Dr. Jamison?
Good. This is Lt. McTaggert, 27th Precinct.
What can I do for you, Lieutenant?
I'm sorry, but I got your number
from Psych Services.
I'm at Bellevue.
I've got an officer in a lot of trouble here.
You want me to come down now?
I'd appreciate that.
It's McTaggert. I'll be waiting for you
at Psychiatric Emergency.
All right, give me about 20 minutes.
I understand you were working undercover
on the disappearance...
...of some kids in Spanish Harlem.
Is that right, Tom?
May I call you Tom?
Are you Catholic?
Yes, I am. I'm not a practicing Catholic.
They know who I am!
Who are "they"?
No. How do I know about you?
I understand.
You have no reason to trust me,
but why distrust me?
The spirits help them.
They walk through walls.
- Don't forget that.
- I won't.
They can see us in here now, is that it?
What is it? Easy.
They knew that I was on to them.
I walked in and they were waiting for me.
- Can you identify them?
- No. When I came to, I found the body.
They got my shield. Don't you get it?
They're going to kill me.
I can feel it's started already.
Nobody can harm you in here.
I promise you that.
God can't save you.
The church can't save you.
They get right inside your body!
You can't stop them.
Seven powers.
You think that you can stop them?
You think science can stop them?
It's all right.
The eyes.
I saw his eyes!
Whose eyes?
They can get to anyone.
They can kill anybody!
You want them to know who you are?
Do you?
- Do you think he'll come out of it?
- I need more time with him.
- He was one of my best guys.
- Maybe I should see the victim.
- You sure about that?
- Yeah.
It's the kid's parents.
What kind of a monster does that?
Been down to the freezer again?
You're a real comedian.
Don't be a stranger. Hit me again.
No, thank you. Just coffee, please.
Did we treat cops for alcohol abuse
back in Milwaukee?
Hello, Minneapolis.
What the hell brought you to New York?
You don't mind my asking?
I went to graduate school at Columbia.
Nice school, shitty neighborhood.
You got a family?
I have a son.
Thank you.
I lost my wife recently.
I'm sorry to hear that.
What did Lopez have on this?
Nada. Nothing.
Can I see his reports?
Why not?
- They're not available.
- Hope you're off duty, Lieutenant.
Fuck off.
Is Lopez Catholic?
Sure. The family is Cuban.
They practice a thing called Santera.
Ever hear of it?
It's a Latin thing. A lot of them are into it.
They cut up chickens, magic, shit like that.
- And Lopez is into this?
- He kept it quiet.
He found the body on an altar
with a lot of religious paraphernalia, right?
There's at least 200 places
that sell that shit.
Wait a second. I'm evaluating a patient.
That's a pretty strong lead.
A citizen's got a right
to his own religious preference.
If he performs a human sacrifice,
I'd say he forfeits that right.
A psycho kills a kid,
he makes it look like a religious ritual.
That kid was cut up with the precision
of a surgeon, not a psychopath.
What are you afraid of,
that Lopez is a suspect?
That it's one of your own?
It's not this religion?
I don't call cutting up chickens a religion!
If you knew the barrio the way I do,
you wouldn't ask such dumb questions.
That's bullshit.
Just one last question.
Is this all the assistance I'll get
trying to help that officer?
Think about it.
Thanks for the coffee.
Oh, no! My clothes!
"Santera is 1,000 years older
than Christianity...
"...brought by slaves to the Caribbean.
"Their African gods are hidden in
Catholic saints.
"Santa Barbara.
"Elegua is Saint Anthony."
Come on, get this cleaned up.
You forgot your watch.
Did I?
You must have left it
when you were painting.
You forgot these, too.
They're a little soggy.
Still can't find the earring.
Want to come in?
Thank you.
I have no idea what I would I have done
without the watch.
You suppose my leaving it
was some hidden expression of desire?
I don't know that,
but my returning it certainly was.
How long has it been?
About nine months.
Would she approve?
I approve.
I went a whole year after my divorce.
When was that?
About a year ago.
But who's counting?
Didn't you used to live in New York?
Back when I was young and foolish.
What does that make you now?
I should probably get back.
Hurry up or we'll miss the show!
There's time for at least
another half a glass.
As you wish, madam.
And you, madam.
How about you, Carmen?
No, gracias.
Come on, you're no stranger to the grape.
Sounds like fun. I haven't been
to the Planetarium since I was a girl.
Why don't you join us?
As we begin our journey... the beginning of time...
What are you looking for?
- Where's my shell?
- I don't know.
Where is it? Did she take it?
Just a minute, young man!
Come back here!
What are you doing?
- It was an accident!
- It was not!
It was!
- I'll go.
- Don't worry about it.
- It's no big deal.
- He's tired.
- I'll get it, Carmen.
- It's no problem.
Just a minute, what is that?
That's one of my hankies. May I?
- What did she say?
- She said that she did it. It's not bad.
She says she's a kind of matchmaker.
A yenta. Do you know what that is?
What's that got to do with this?
That's my earring.
She said she cast a love spell on us.
- That's ridiculous.
- I'm sorry you feel that way.
This is nothing bad.
You're such a nice couple.
Don't look at me.
I like a guy, maybe I'll change my perfume,
but I've got my pride.
This is Lt. Mc Taggert.
What can I do for you?
- Has Tom Lopez called you?
- No, why?
He took a hike from Bellevue last night.
You better get over here.
What is it?
We got another kid like the one
from the movie house.
Pier 11.
Look over there. What is that?
The body is down here.
Worse than the one before.
How old is he?
8. 10. No I.D. He's a black kid.
Watch your step. It's a tough climb.
They didn't tell me this was part of the job.
They don't tell you a lot of things.
It's just like the kid in the theatre.
He's been here a couple of days.
You got the red and black candles,
and the circle of ashes.
And a bottle of gasoline.
- Look at the way he's cut up.
- So much blood.
Jesus Christ!
How do you ever get used to it?
You don't.
Now maybe you know why
a lot of cops hit the bottle.
Listen, Doc.
Newspapers find out some psycho cop
is doing this, my job gets shittier than it is.
Do me a favor.
No details to anybody, huh?
Psycho cop?
Do you think a few hours on the couch
and Lopez will get himself together?
You don't know that he did it.
I don't know that he didn't.
Lopez hasn't called you, has he?
Weird fucking city you moved into, Doc.
Excuse me.
Could I talk to you for a second, please?
What do you want?
I'm looking for the man that wrote this.
Oscar Sezine. Is he here?
We're closed.
I just need a minute of his time.
Believe me, it's very important.
- There is no one here.
- Wait a second.
I'm with Psych Services...
Thanks a lot!
What is all this stuff?
What are these things?
You put them in Chris's room, didn't you?
- Si.
- I want to know why.
To bless him. I'm trying to help him.
I'm trying to help him, too.
Sometimes these are used in rituals,
aren't they?
Sometimes those rituals
involve animal sacrifice, don't they?
What is the circle of ashes for?
Circle of ashes?
I don't know nothing about that.
- That's not a part of Santera?
- No.
If I find this kind of stuff around here again,
I'll have to let you go, is that clear?
This is for proteccin.
I don't care what it's for.
It's a lot of superstitious nonsense.
And I don't want
any more of it in the house.
Do you want any of these,
'cause I'm going to throw them away.
Which one of these guys do you want?
How about that guy? He looks pretty neat.
It's your birthday,
you can have any one you want.
Come on, Bean,
you've gotta make up your mind.
- I'll take that.
- This one?
Happy birthday, sir.
What do you say to Jessica?
Why are you so sad today?
Three ices, please. Hurry up, you guys.
- What flavor do you want?
- I don't want any.
Come on, sure you do.
No, I don't!
I'm sorry.
- This is really...
- No!
- Goddamn it!
- No!
- Don't you ever...
- I don't want toys or anything from her!
She's not my mom! I want my mom!
Shut up and listen!
Do you know you almost killed yourself!
I want my mom!
Come back here!
Happy birthday, Chris!
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry if I hurt you.
Listen to me.
You know I loved your mother very much,
and I'll always love her.
But she's gone now.
- You don't care that she went away!
- That's not true.
You wouldn't care if I went away!
- You know that's not true.
- You hit me!
I'm sorry I hit you.
I promise I'll never hit you again.
I'll never do anything to hurt you.
You mean more to me
than anyone else in the world.
Don't you know that?
I love you so much.
Please forgive me.
I just wanted him
to have a really nice birthday.
- He still can.
- It's not over yet.
- I didn't mean any harm.
- Of course you didn't.
You know how children are
with new people.
Dr. Jamison.
I'll take it up here!
- It's Lopez.
- Where are you?
There's a diner on 126th and Lexington.
Come alone, okay? Just you.
What do you mean?
You're in danger.
You and your son. Hurry.
Are you okay?
Agua, por favor. Caliente.
Qu pasa?
It's all right. Let him through.
- What are you doing here?
- Lopez called me and told me to come.
Why didn't you call me?
We're supposed to work together.
Please, ma'am, stand back.
- Did you know him?
- No. I don't.
- He was never here before?
- I've never seen him.
What did he tell you when he called?
Nothing. He just told me to meet him.
Did you understand
anything he was saying?
Yes. He kept saying, "Culebras!"
Who the hell is Culebras?
Nobody, sir. That means "snakes."
Did he do anything else
before he started screaming?
He was writing, and then he took the knife
and stabbed himself.
- Where did he get the knife?
- From behind the counter. I was using it.
Does that mean anything to you?
I'm talking to you in English,
you're talking to her in Spanish.
What is this, a three-ring circus?
Are you giving me a hard time?
- I'm not giving you a hard time.
- Are these all the files?
Oscar Sezine?
Why wouldn't you talk to me before?
Did you bring the police here?
- Hey, you, Sezine.
- Yes?
Get in here. I want to talk to you.
Who is this guy? A friend of yours?
What the hell is this place, anyway?
This is a licensed drug rehab center?
Our doors are open to troubled children.
We offer them help.
Even your own kid OD'd.
Is that why you're here?
Hey, wise guy.
I'm here to talk to you about Tom Lopez.
Did you know he was a cop?
Yes. He's also a volunteer on staff.
He teaches boxing.
- Coaches our Golden Gloves.
- Not anymore.
He killed himself an hour ago.
- I'm shocked.
- I bet you are.
Is this kid here, Louis Montana,
part of your drug rehabilitation program?
He was. He ran away last week.
- Did you see him after he ran away?
- No.
- Did Lopez know him?
- He coached him.
You saw them together?
Yes, why?
We found Louis Montana's body
on a Hudson River barge yesterday.
- Would you know anything about that?
- Certainly not.
You have a right to remain silent.
Anything you say can be used against you.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you can't afford one, we'll provide one.
Is that clear?
You! Get out of here!
Fuck off.
You know what I'd like to do?
I'd like to put this monkey on a grill
and fry his ass...
...until I get some answers about this
Santera bullshit from you people.
That's my number at the precinct.
Call me tomorrow. Don't forget.
He hasn't slept for two days.
If you're not a cop, what are you?
I'm a therapist.
Tom Lopez is one of my patients.
I'm really very sorry about all this.
Do you really think we are savages?
That we are capable of killing children?
You said in your book that human sacrifice
was practiced at one time.
Name one religion where atrocities have
not been committed in the name of a god.
Santera is a force for good.
It is not a blood-cult
trading on innocent lives!
- What are you people so afraid of?
- Of your ignorance.
Of your prejudice,
because you use it as a weapon against us.
Tom Lopez was a good and decent man.
He was devoted to these children.
I don't believe he committed suicide
or had anything to do with that outrage!
Neither do I.
Robert Calder
is the chairman of your board?
Yes. He's our major contributor.
- He's not into Santera?
- No.
Did Lopez know him?
We all do. He organizes our fundraisers.
This says there's a fundraiser this week.
Could you arrange for me to go?
- Dad, can we stop by the church?
- Why?
I want to light a candle for Mom.
This is chekete.
I'd prefer a vodka tonic.
I'm afraid this is all we are serving.
It's traditional.
It is also traditional to sip it slowly.
I can see that.
Our host. Excuse me.
Robert Calder. Quite a guy.
- What do you know about him?
- Not much. Self-made man.
He turned one midtown-building share
into a fortune.
Now he's into everything.
Money markets, energy, the whole bit.
The person I spoke to you about
would like to meet you.
May I introduce Dr. Cal Jamison?
How do you do, sir.
- My friend, Jessica Halliday.
- Hello.
Pleased to meet you.
I'm Jennifer, Mr. Calder's assistant.
Oscar's told me of your interest.
A friend told me about your organization.
I'm very impressed.
- You are the sort of man we want.
- Really?
I believe you knew my friend.
Officer Tom Lopez.
Terrible tragedy. Did you know him well?
Not as well as I wanted to.
I suppose none of us did.
We always wish we'd known someone
better when they die unexpectedly.
I lost my only son five years ago.
Drug overdose. I live with that every day.
It tests one's faith, doesn't it?
It can also help you find it.
Are you a religious man?
Yes and no.
Sign of the times.
The representative
from the mayor's office is here.
I hope we can work together.
It was a pleasure.
Pleasure meeting you, Mr. Calder.
- Bob.
- Bob.
Would you like a cigar?
No, thanks. I'm trying to cut down.
- Smoke attracts the gods.
- It makes them want to join the party.
How about that?
I'm gonna go pee. I'll be right back.
- Did they show you a warrant?
- They did.
How could anybody think
that anybody in our organization...
...could do something so monstrous?
Clearly they made a mistake.
- Let the lawyers handle it.
- I tell you...
...if all the good work we've done
is destroyed by this...
That's not gonna happen,
you have my word on that.
What is the detective's name?
Lt. McTaggert.
I don't want you to worry about this.
We are proud to present the chairman
of our board, Mr. Robert Calder.
Thank you. On behalf
of the A.C.H.E. Program...
... I'm especially proud to say that
thanks to your generous contributions...
... during our sixth year...
... A.C.H.E. Program offices...
... will be opening in Detroit, Los Angeles,
Miami and Washington, D.C.
I have a check here for $50,000.
Now, this is a personal check.
Don't worry, I'm good for it.
My challenge to you tonight...
... is that collectively we top
the contributions that were made last year.
Our helpers will be moving amongst you.
The next hand you feel in your pocket
may not be your own.
We'd like to collect $425,111...
... from this room!
Now I know you're up to it.
I have faith!
And remember, it's still tax deductible.
Thank you.
What should we do?
Don't touch him! He's not one of us!
What the hell are you doing? Stop it!
Get away from him!
Get out!
Stay with him!
I warned you about this.
You're fired! Get out!
You don't understand!
You don't understand! You're fired!
He's in danger! I'm trying to protect him!
The kid is hysterical! Get out!
I don't want to hear!
Let me finish doing this!
You are finished! Go!
- You don't know what you're doing!
- I know exactly what I'm doing!
My God, you're killing me!
If I see you around here again,
I'll call the police.
Is that clear enough?
- What's the matter with you guys?
- It won't happen again.
It happens all the time!
Do me a favor. Keep the greens
on the desk, not in the box!
You always say, "I'm sorry"!
Get your act together!
- How are you doing?
- Lieutenant? Is this a bad time?
It's always a bad time around here.
Let's go.
- What's up?
- What's in here.
Sezine's story on his son checks out.
Autopsy confirms the kid OD'd.
That's what I expected.
What about the Calder boy?
Same thing. Overdose five years ago.
Five years ago, this boy was 8 years old.
8-year-olds don't usually OD.
- Where's the autopsy report?
- I can't find it.
Are you serious?
Nobody knows where it is.
Are you saying you lost it,
or somebody doesn't want it found?
We're dropping this investigation.
We're laying the murders on Lopez.
Lopez didn't kill anybody but himself.
Where is this coming from?
Lopez is dead.
We got him tied to the kids.
He took his life out of his own guilt.
We got enough to close now!
Who the hell do you think you're kidding?
You want... to show you?
Come here.
You didn't see this.
- Sorry we're late.
- No problem. We're all set.
All right. All aboard.
Plenty of good seats still available.
Tickets please.
I have my ticket.
Now listen, be a good boy.
I'll be out in a couple of days and we'll
go to Santa Fe to see your grandparents.
- I'm going to go sailing.
- Sailing?
I fully expect you to be captain of the ship,
Mr. Christopher.
I'll call tomorrow
and you'll tell me all about it.
I love you, Dad.
I love you, too.
Have a great time, kiddo.
- All ashore that's going ashore.
- Come along, matey, here we go!
Watch your feet.
- Don't worry about anything.
- Thanks.
See you both Friday.
I have a glorious dinner planned.
- See you.
- Bye, Dad.
Why would my housekeeper
take it from my son? Is it Santera?
No, this is not Santera.
It is black magic. Brujera.
This symbol belongs to a god
of destruction and pestilence...
...El engaador, the trickster.
What does it have to do with my son?
There was...
...a ritual...
...when a tribe was threatened by drought,
flood or destruction by its enemies.
Three children were offered to the god.
Elder sons sacrificed by their fathers.
- The last child, at summer solstice.
- Why?
To gain power, to destroy their enemies.
I've seen the bodies of two children.
This ritual is being performed now.
Was Carmen involved?
No, I believe she tried to cast a spell
of protection. She was not strong enough.
It was turned against her.
Protection from what?
You both felt the power of the man
who killed Tom Lopez...
...and those two children. I'm sure of it.
You looked into his eyes.
Did Calder bring that man here?
I believe that's what Lopez
was trying to tell you.
What can I do? Please, tell me.
The summer solstice is on June 21st.
Four days away.
You must seek protection for your son...
...and for yourself.
I'd need a priest, a Santero.
I am a Santero.
You must trust me and do as I say.
- We shouldn't be doing this.
- You don't have to stay.
- I think we should both leave, right now.
- No.
This doesn't feel right.
- Cal, please!
- I don't know what else to do.
Please kneel.
Water to purify.
May your enemies never see
what we are doing here.
Stand up.
Offer the blood for your son's life.
- Here's one.
- Another one?
This kid runs home from school
with a brown package under his arm.
He says, "Mom, look what I found..."
Hold on a second.
Detective Connolly. 2-7 squad.
This is Dr. Jamison. Lt. Mc Taggert, please.
Sorry, Doctor. He's out sick.
The flu's making its rounds.
I'll call his home. Thanks.
Why don't you come with us?
I am.
I mean to Santa Fe, too.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
This could get serious, you know?
I hope so.
- Hello?
- It's Cal.
- Darling, how are you?
- I'm fine. How are you?
- Just great.
- How's the weather?
It's fabulous,
and the forecast is even better.
Great. Is Chris behaving himself?
He's a delight. I'd forgotten about
8-year-olds. He's run me half ragged.
I know. I guess I'm used to it.
Can I talk to him?
He's out in the boat with Dennis right now.
- I'll give him a big hug.
- Please do that for me.
- Will we see you here this evening?
- Of course.
That's wonderful.
We have the whole weekend planned.
- We're looking forward to it.
- All right. See you later, dear.
- See you later.
- Drive carefully.
- We will.
- Kisses.
- Bye-bye.
- Bye.
You all right?
I'm okay, just really tired.
You don't sound okay. I'm coming over.
No. Really.
I just think I need some more sleep.
I can call Kate and Dennis
and say we'll be out in the morning.
- No, go ahead.
- You sure?
Yes. Call me when you get there.
Give Chris my love.
Okay, I will. Take care.
- Bye.
- Bye.
No one's here right now,
but if you leave your name and...
- Who is this?
- It's Mc Taggert.
- Lieutenant.
- My apartment. Got to see you.
- What's wrong?
- Just get over here! Do it!
Wait a second.
Who is it?
It's me, Cal.
Shut the door.
Step into the light.
I want to see your face.
What's going on? You don't need the gun.
Like hell I don't.
I saw them. They're out there.
There's nobody out there.
You goddamn liar!
No, Sean, I swear to you.
I came alone. I'm here to help you.
Open that.
What is it?
Calder's son.
It wasn't an overdose.
He killed his own fucking son.
Where did you get this?
Buried files.
They didn't think I knew
where to find them, but I did.
They're out there now, watching.
Go on.
You answer it.
See? You believe me now?
Why haven't they done anything to you?
What have they done to you?
I can't move.
"My God, I am heartily sorry...
"...for having offended Thee.
"And I detest...
"...all my sins...
"...because of Thy just punishments.
"But most of all because they offend Thee,
my God...
"...who art all good,
and worthy of all my love.
"I firmly resolve..."
Everything's going to be all right now.
Take the gun.
Kill him.
The police won't help you.
He'll get to anybody.
Do it yourself, please, I'm begging you.
Destroy Calder.
God help you.
"I firmly resolve...
"...with the help of Thy grace,
to sin no more."
Yeah, hello.
Marty, I've got something important
I want you to keep for me.
Sure. You okay?
I'll call you right back!
- Vital signs?
- BP: 80 over 60. Pulse: 140.
Respiration: 30 and shallow.
Wait outside, please.
There's no one here to take your call.
But if you leave your name and number,
I'll get back to you.
Please speak after the beep.
It's Kate.
If you hear this, do not call me.
Change of plans.
Please, God, what have I done?
Cal, I'm bringing Chris.
Will explain all when I see you.
Meet me, Flanders Inn...
Marty, make sure they take care of her
till I get back.
I will! She's covered.
I told everyone at the hospital
I'm a lawyer. They're not idiots. Relax.
Get some sleep.
- Can you find your way back?
- No problem.
Keep this for me.
Thanks for everything. I'll see you.
The prodigal son returns!
- Hey, guys, I'm sorry.
- Not a word of it. Come in.
Kate's gone to her all-night market.
She never thinks we have enough food.
- Last door on the end.
- Okay.
- Thank you, Dennis.
- Not at all.
- Hell of a week for you.
- A hell of a year.
That's true. It is hell, isn't it?
There's no point in denying it.
The kind of loss you suffered,
the grief, it's dreadful.
But what can you do? Be a man about it.
That's what you've done.
You just go on!
And then one day... wake up
and it's just the slightest bit better.
That's the way it changes, little by little...
...small increments.
That's the way it was with us.
We thought we'd never get over it.
But you do.
When was that?
Kate's fieldwork. Post-graduate.
Summer of '46.
The Sudan. 11 months in the bush.
Haven't I ever told you this story?
Worst drought in 50 years.
Then cholera.
We saw half the tribe decimated.
Daniel was only 4 years old.
I'd argued against bringing him,
but Kate insisted.
She couldn't bear to leave him that long.
Then, when Daniel took sick...
...the elders of the tribe came to see us.
We'd developed a trust with them by then.
A bond.
What they suggested seemed unthinkable,
against nature.
But you see...
...was so clearly beyond any medical help...
...and as outsiders, it was a great honor.
Daniel was very brave.
And the drought did end.
We were delivered.
The life of another child was saved.
A most remarkable child.
Over the years, he's grown so special
to us, almost like a son.
He's taught us so much.
Of course, you're uncertain, naturally.
So was I until I met him.
Now imagine, if you can...
...a life without uncertainty.
Freedom from doubt.
The ability to choose.
One life from each of us is all he asks.
He rewards our devotion a thousandfold.
Personal desires?
Yes, of course. Anything.
- That's part of it.
- It's only the beginning.
There was a time when man was at one
with the gods, before the Fall.
Now we're at one again
and their benediction is power.
It's a power you can't imagine.
Power to create a world of our choosing.
Power to destroy those who oppose us.
Chris was chosen.
When he found the shell, remember?
It was a sign.
We want you to join us!
It must be the father.
"We consecrate this ground...
"...with this father's humble offering.
"We seek the strength and wisdom...
"...of our benefactors.
"We call upon the ancient gods
to renew our strength.
"Guide your hand to strike down
the enemies of our faith and this nation.
"We welcome our brother, Cal...
"...reborn into your grace.
"Restore nature's order.
"The power, which is our birthright.
"The glory, which is our destiny.
"Our enemies consumed by rings of fire.
"Our strength reborn...
" sacrifice!"
Do you believe?
Yes, I do believe.
"Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater
Had a wife and couldn't keep her..."
- You okay?
- I'm all right! Where is he?
Fucking maniacs! Who are these guys?
They jumped in the elevator.
They took him up.
I'll take this one.
Let me go!
God gave His only begotten son.
Let him go!
Remember that?
It is God's will
that innocence redeem the world.
We give our sons to war
in the name of peace!
Sacrifice our families to false gods,
ambition, lust, pride!
It's hypocrisy! This is all lies.
I was a slave, I had no life!
You have no life! God gives you life!
You give them innocence...
...the gods give you life.
And your son was innocent, wasn't he?
Peter, that was your son's name, wasn't it?
And you sacrificed your son
to the gods, didn't you?
That was my salvation.
I was reborn.
It must have taken great strength
and great courage.
Tell me.
He looked into my eyes.
He forgave me...
He understood.
I'm over here.
Come to me.
You come to me.
Let's go, boy.
Hey Bean, how's it going?
- Hey, Dad. Got the barbecue sauce?
- Sure do.
Let's go easy on it this time.
Don't you look beautiful.
- I'm glad you're home.
- Me, too.
- Be careful with that, Chris.
- All right, Mom.
It'll keep.
Maybe it won't!
Chris, that looks terrific.
You don't need my help at all.
What is it, boy?
What's wrong, boy?
Anybody up there?
All right, out!
I did it for us.
We'll be safe now.