Bella's Story (2018) Movie Script

MAN: What is everybody
makin' such a big thing for?
You'd think the
tomato was a queen.
MAN: As far as you're
concerned, she is.
Trouble, I can give it to you.
MAN: It was hard enough to
get a good job in this town,
and I don't want to lose it.
WOMAN: You know
all about the fishes,
'cause you're at
home in the slime.
You've put your finger
on all the bodies
that have been buried,
but you won't tell.
WOMAN: Guess I'm
not supposed to ask you
if you've been following me.
WOMAN: But I suppose
it was all right.
MAN: Wouldn't you say
that gives you control
of these bookies?
MAN: No, I wouldn't.
That's what they like to say
about me, czar of the bookies,
that's nonsense, it isn't true.
I lend money just
like a bank does.
MAN: You can forget this
guy, we can get Ackerman.
WOMAN: We will,
we've got Conelly.
Don't talk, Jerry.
Oh Jerry.
You sure you wanna do that?
All in.
(EXHALES) Alright.
This just got interesting.
Full house.
Aces over twos.
Oh my god.
Sorry Danny.
MAN: That sucks.
Wait, what?
What are the odds?
What are the odds
you'd deal quads?
What, you think I don't
know this game is rigged?
What's your cut?
No one forced you to play.
Yeah, great job
dealer, great job.
That's on you.
No one forced you to
play tonight Danny.
That's on you.
Come on man, take it easy.
Grab your coat.
Yeah I can walk
my own self out.
Hey what's your problem?
Hope you feel good
about yourselves.
That's my niece's tuition.
MAN: Just walk it off Danny.
DANNY: Walk it
off, walk this off.
Get up Bella, you
have deadlines to meet.
We're live on the scene
with Daniel Collins.
Sir, are you having
a good morning?
Well what?
You don't have it?
Bell I'm trying to enjoy my
breakfast so can't this wait?
I need to get this in before
the deadline, Uncle Danny.
This is more important.
I'm sorry Bella,
I don't have it.
None of it?
No, I promise I'll get it.
Are you serious?
I can't believe you.
And take a shower
for God's sake.
You reek of liquor and all ins.
What's up Bella?
Where you going pretty lady?
Juanito, give me
my hat and move.
What was that?
(LAUGHS) You should be lucky
I'm even trying to talk to you.
I don't like you.
Stick to your
business with my uncle
and leave me alone.
Tell your uncle he
can't run forever.
I want my money.
Get in line.
GUY: See you later Bella.
Damn girl, don't
you know how to knock?
What's if I was naked?
There's nothing to see anyway.
Yeah, says you.
Getting ready?
I don't wanna leave
anything to last minute.
What's the matter?
You're really leaving, huh?
Yeah, just Boston.
I'll be back by Thanksgiving,
maybe even Christmas.
Besides, you'll be
busy with school too.
You are going, right?
Doesn't look like it.
My uncle doesn't have the money.
I thought he was
saving it for you.
I shoulda never
trusted him with it.
Why did you?
Well, I only had
half the money.
And he said he knew a way
that he could double
it in one night.
So I said yes.
He was so sure he
could score with it
and I believed him.
Bella I'm so sorry.
Is there anything I can do?
Don't worry about it.
No, we both said we
were gonna leave together.
I don't wanna see you
stuck here either.
If it's meant to
be then it'll happen.
You're my best friend.
I just want you to be happy.
You're gonna get outta here.
You're gonna see the world
and you're gonna be a writer.
I'm going to miss you.
I'm gonna miss you too.
Hey Deanna.
How are you today?
I'm good.
I got your favorite.
I don't have time
for a song today
but you're going to
sing for me, right?
I definitely will.
You just so good to me Bella.
Well I better get inside
before Mr. Cliff comes
out looking for me.
Okay baby.
Hey everybody.
GROUP: Bella.
Like I said, you know they
gonna win the MPP this year.
Hey man let me tell you,
me and this dude go back
further than the Bronx airline.
Bella, Bella
you're killing me.
Why do you keep giving that
woman reasons to loiter
in front of my shop?
Wow, you see everything.
And she was out there before
I started working here.
Yeah and you know how
many time I've run her off.
Come on, gimme a break
with her already, please.
Yo yo yo Danny.
Hey listen, hey
man when you gonna
pay me back that 50
bucks you owe me?
I don't owe you 50 bucks.
Oh I figured since
you owed everybody else
you probably owed me too.
I got him.
MAN: Ya'll seen him do it.
How's everybody know?
Bella say something?
It gets around pretty quick
when you play high stakes
like you were last night.
Cliff, can I talk
to you in private?
Come on in.
BELLA: Hey Bruno.
Hey Bella.
You still read the paper?
You know you can get news
on your phone nowadays.
(LAUGHS) Call me a
dinosaur, but I love the way
a newspaper feels
on my fingertips.
Plus, less radiation
going through my veins.
(LAUGHING) Well if you say so.
Take care of her
this time, huh?
I'd like to talk to Cliff.
Can I go in?
Sure, go ahead.
Hi Cliff.
Can I come in?
CLIFF: Sure, yeah.
Have a seat.
So, what can I help you with?
Why was my uncle here?
Bella I, I hear that
you're having money problems.
Uncle Danny said I
had money problems?
He's the one with
money problems.
He was supposed to be
saving my money for school.
Ask him where that's at.
Oh right, you can't because
he doesn't have any of it.
Bella, stay calm.
Did he tell you
where the money went?
Or does he owe you too?
He came here for something else.
Something else.
Now look, I think I can
help you with your problem.
I know someone who works
over at the university.
She owes me a favor.
Will you call her?
Yes Cliff, I sure will.
Call her!
Dinner's ready.
Yes I'll send you
a list of potential
students by tomorrow.
Mrs. Mackie, your
9:00 o'clock is here.
MRS. MACKIE: Will do, thanks.
Bella, right?
Yes ma'am.
Have a seat.
So Clifford says you wanna
try and get into school?
Yes ma'am.
You're gonna have to say a
little more than yes ma'am.
I have to know how to help you.
You want some water?
Yes ma'am.
Yes, I would like some water.
Shari a couple waters please.
Look, if Danny's not in the
house, we leave a message.
Not home.
(SIGHS) So tell
me about yourself
and your desired major.
Journalism, actually.
- Anything?
- I got nothing.
Nothing here boss.
You will be eligible
for all those scholarships
that we talked about.
Just gather the documents
requested, get 'em back to me
and I'll help you
fill out the rest.
Thank you so much Mrs. Mackie.
My pleasure.
You should be able to
enroll by next semester.
I can't thank you enough.
Thank you.
DANNY: Bella can we talk?
I'm getting dressed.
Besides, there's
nothing to talk about.
DANNY: Yesterday, I...
Save it.
I'm handling it.
I don't need you anymore.
Now leave me alone.
Yeah wear those
shoes you know
They go with that
skirt you know
It takes so long to get
your hair just right
Put your coat on
and you turn to me
And you say do you
think I'm ready
Well you think I
let you walk away
No way baby
Hey, I told you you look
great where you're going
No I'm not going anywhere
Anywhere I said
Get back in this planet
Make you go in
Not going anywhere, anywhere
Where are you going?
What are you wearing?
I know.
I feel really awkward.
So you don't like it?
It's just I've never
seen you in a dress before.
And without your hat.
Well, that says a lot.
What do you want me to say?
That maybe I look
as pretty as that girl
that you were dancing with.
Where is this coming from?
When did you start caring
about the girls you see me with?
Forget I said anything.
Go enjoy your party.
You're not going
anywhere at all
So why not let the table
Uncle Danny I'm home.
Uncle Danny?
Uncle Danny!
Oh my god are you okay?
What happened?
Hey Bell.
No, no, no no no no.
Shh, shh, no cops.
BELLA: You are hurt.
You need an ambulance.
DANNY: No, no I'm not.
I can't.
I gotta get help.
No, no.
Uncle Danny's hurt.
He's on the ground.
He's at our house,
somebody attacked him.
He's on the ground.
Who did this?
I don't know who did it.
Alright, alright, just relax.
I'll be right over.
I'll be right over.
Okay, come quick.
I'll be here.
Bruno, we have a situation.
I need you to pick me up,
drop me off at Bella's
and then head over to Juanito's.
And make sure that they know
that Danny's debt is canceled.
Yeah, this generation needs
to learn some respect.
Son of a.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So, how is he?
They really beat him badly.
Mr. Cliff's upstairs with him.
Bella I'm so sorry.
Is there anything I can do?
I just feel really bad
by the way I've been
treating Uncle Danny lately.
I said a lotta
things I didn't mean.
I'm sure he understands.
He loves you too much.
Besides you can't feel bad
for what he gets
himself involved in.
I guess.
So, how was the party?
It would've been
better if you stayed.
Bell, are we okay?
Yeah, no worries.
I was just having a moment.
Are we good?
Do you want something to drink?
Why are you weirding out on me?
I don't know.
I just feel like things
are falling apart.
I guess I don't want
you to leave me.
I'm not gonna leave you.
I'm a phone call and
a 10 hour drive away.
Things are getting
dangerous here.
I just wanna go.
They could've killed
my uncle tonight.
It's gonna be okay.
Now listen, it's okay.
It's a rip on the
rock on the eskimo way
Yeah yeah
I need you to go pick up
that package on 18th Street.
Go get that.
Where do you
think you're going?
How much does Danny owe you?
How much?
(LAUGHS) Please,
make me come back.
On the streets where
they love the temper
Mrs. Mackie.
Hey Bella, I'm
just checking in.
I haven't heard from
you in a couple of days.
Everything alright?
I'm sorry, I've been
taking care of my uncle.
He was in an accident.
Oh wow, I'm
sorry to hear that.
Is he okay?
Yes ma'am, he's doing better.
Okay well you still
wanna come to school
this next semester, right?
Yes, I filled out
most of the paperwork.
Have I missed the deadline?
Oh no you have a week
to get those forms to me.
Well I'll be in today.
Great, see you soon.
Are you going to
be okay Uncle Danny?
Where you going?
Gotta meet with
Mrs. Mackie today.
Okay, good.
Don't you worry about me.
See you after work.
I'll see ya.
You be safe, okay?
Oh my gosh.
Give me water.
I just ran all the way
here from the bus station.
You forgot I
was leaving today.
No way.
Tell me the truth
and I'll give you life.
Cruel, cruel beast.
I'm a terrible friend.
Actually the lady
I told you about
that's helping me
get into school,
she called me this morning
to finish up my paperwork.
I rushed out of the house
and I forgot I was supposed
to be here to see you off.
Truly a terrible friend.
Hey, I ran all the way
here from the bus station.
This has got to
count for something.
What do you want, a medal?
I deserve something.
How about an interview?
So Chad, tell me,
how does it feel
to leave the home for the first
time in your wonderful life?
Well, I feel so
bubbly I might explode!
The world awaits you sir.
I wish you the best.
You promise you won't forget me?
Never silly.
I'll call you on the way there
and we're definitely hanging
out for Thanksgiving.
Ugh, I know.
It's so much to fill out.
Yeah, I've signed my
name over 100 times.
Oh, it's time for my lunch.
Wanna join me?
No, but thanks.
I can eat later.
I won't take no for an answer.
Come on.
Let's go.
So journalism, huh?
When I was a little
girl I loved film noir.
My favorite was
Behind Green Lights.
My mother used to
love those films.
I don't meet too many
people that like film noir.
My favorite parts
were when the press
always got the
first information,
then the detectives, they
would corner the murderer.
Which most of the
time beautiful women.
Look at you, you're such
an interesting film buff.
Are you sure you don't
wanna be a film maker?
I bet you'd be a good one.
No, I like being in the time,
smack in the middle of it when
all of the action goes down.
Up close and personal.
Where you going?
I have to get to work.
Do you know how to get
to the bus from here?
Oh I can take you.
No, that's okay.
Thanks for lunch.
Hey Deanna.
Ready to sing a song for me?
I need one.
What's wrong?
They treat me so bad.
But I keep coming
back looking for you.
I'm so sorry.
I'll talk to them.
Oh wow, I forgot
your sandwich too.
Don't worry about it baby.
You know, I owe you this
because you've been
so sweet to me.
I didn't get to
sleep last night
I tossed and turned
until the morning light
I been praying for you child
The last thing the world
needs is another child
Running wild
I pour my heart out to you
So that you know that I
know you're a God who care
You're Jehovah Shalom,
the God of peace
And I need peace
So I'm placing it
all into your hands
It's in your hands
Oh, it's in your hands
Lord I've done
oh all that I can
Oh my my, it's in your hands
All of my worries
All of my fears
I'm placing it all
into your hands
I didn't get much
sleep last night
I been talking and
praying, praying for you
And because of
what I've seen
So many broken dreams
Everybody needs
to talk to you too
'Cause I pour my
heart out to you
So that you know that I know
that you're a God who cares
You're Jehovah Raffa,
the God who heals
We need a healer right now
So baby come on let's
just place it in his hands
Whoa yeah
Lord we've done everything
we know how to do
So that we just
gonna turn it over
Turn it over, turn it
over, it's in your hands
It's in your hands,
it's in your hands
It's in your hands, it's
in your, in your, in your,
In your hands
Baby I don't know what
it is gotcha so upset
That's got you so complexed
Got your heartache
But I want you to know
That there's nothing
too hard for God
Listen all you gotta do
is just lift it up to him
Just think about
whatever the problem is
And just turn
it over to Jesus
Everything is
gonna be alright
Yes it will, oh
It's in your hands
Baby somebody mighta
got a bad doctor report
But all you gotta do is
turn it over to Jesus
Placing it all in your hands
Listen baby if you lose
everything you have
You still got Jesus
You got enough to
start all over again
Yes it's in your hands
Placing it all in your hands
Nothing's too hard for God
It's in your hands
Yes Lord, it's in your hands
Placing it all in
Your hands
MAN: Yeah.
Wow, you didn't
tell her leave.
Why don't you
get inside already?
Oh Cliff does
have a soft spot.
Come on guys.
That's enough.
Hi babe.
Oh my gosh there's
something so special
about this girl Bella
that I told you about.
I mean she knows
exactly what she wants.
She's determined.
I love it.
She sounds just like you.
- Aw.
- Are you gonna
give me a kiss or am
I gonna stand here
- in desperation?
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
How was your day?
Oh one more of those
and I could really
answer that question.
Oh, you're sweet.
Watch it, it's hot.
Oh okay.
Though not as hot
as you, but you know.
Oh okay.
That's enough.
- Alright loverboy.
- No, no.
Come on, come on, come on.
I gotta get to work.
I miss you, I miss you.
I miss you too.
I know you got painting to do.
And I gotta do this.
- Alright.
- Okay.
MAN: Holla if you need me.
BELLA: Hi officers,
how can I help you?
Yeah, I'm just
here to get a cut.
you over here dawg.
- Cool man, thanks.
- Alright.
How you doing?
- Good.
- Alright.
What's wrong Kittie?
(LAUGHS) What's wrong
man, I mean you look like
you got a warrant or
something like that.
Cocaine in your pocket?
Well here's the
good thing officer,
you know he didn't steal them
clothes, 'cause they're ugly.
And cheap.
Oh man.
Um, god.
Whoo they getting
finer and finer
every time they come in here.
Meet Cliff for an hour.
Shoot, give me a day.
'Cause what I'm trying to do
gonna take way
longer than a hour.
That old dude
can't handle that.
Let me go help him.
Man, go get 'em them.
Yeah, your wife's
on the phone.
Oh you know what?
I'ma cut his hair first.
Then I'll go see him.
Marco, let's watch
a movie tonight.
MAN: No, don't
move, don't move.
Just like that, please.
Let's watch a movie.
Okay, that works,
but then we're gonna have
to start all over again.
Just put the paint brush down.
Don't you wonder
what kinda movie?
MARCO: Whoo.
Oh baby.
A film noir.
Have you ever seen a film noir?
- They're amazing.
- Really?
We're gonna watch one.
I'll give you a film noir.
(LAUGHING) No, that's not.
I'll give you film noir.
I'll give you film noir.
Can't you see I know
that you love me
'Cause it's the little
things that make a difference
It's the little things
that make us smile
For it's the little
things that say bless you
It's the little things
that drive me wild
I just wanna be close to you
And I hope that you
feel the same way too
MAN: Is this Danny Collins?
Who's this?
MAN: I'm calling from
Whitmore Presbyterian Hospital.
I have you down as the
contact for Kim Worson.
Yes, is everything okay?
MAN: Sir, you need
to come to the hospital.
What's wrong?
Is Kim okay?
MAN: Sir, we cannot
discuss this over the phone.
Can you please just
tell me what's going on?
- Sir.
- Okay, I'm on my way.
Mrs. Mackie?
Where is he?
Why didn't you tell me?
It was all in due time.
I guess the time has come.
But why would you
do this to me now?
Look, it's time
for you make right
and pay your past debts.
I can't do this.
CLIFF: Wait a
minute, wait a minute.
Is that Kim?
That looks like her.
What is she doing
all by herself?
I don't know, let's find out.
CLIFF: That's crazy
man, at this hour.
There she is, there she is.
I think that she wanted
to, she disappeared.
Think she went into that alley?
I'll check it.
I swear to god, I swear
to god if you scream
I'm gonna kill you.
I swear to god I'll cut you.
- No, please.
- Shh, shut your mouth.
Turn around, here.
Now turn around.
- No.
- Shut your mouth.
MAN: Hey!
RAPIST: You come at me I'm
a cut her, I swear to god.
Come on.
I can't do this.
Excuse me.
But I guess the
sisters don't like Kim.
Bella mind your business.
Cliff, why did she
come in here like this?
Does this have to do with
my college applications?
What's wrong with her?
Bella I've known
you your whole life.
You're like a daughter to me.
Yes Cliff, I know.
But what's going on?
It's too soon.
What do you mean, "too soon"?
What is it, when are
you going to tell me?
In due time.
In due time.
Hey, hey, hey,
what's wrong honey?
Come here, talk to me baby.
Come here.
What's going on?
KIM: Oh my god.
MARCO: What's wrong?
You promise you
won't judge me?
Of course not,
I'd never do that.
Do you promise?
Of course not,
I'd never do that.
- You promise.
- I promise!
When I was 19 I was
at a party with Danny.
And he got caught
up in a poker game.
And he didn't wanna leave
and I was tired so
I left without him.
And this man pulled
me into an alley.
And he put a knife
in my throat and he.
Oh, oh my god, no you don't
have to say another word.
No no, you don't understand.
There's more.
I got pregnant.
I thought about an abortion
but I couldn't go
through with it.
So I had her.
And I gave her away.
You had a little girl?
MARCO: Oh my god.
And I think I've
been meeting with her.
What do you mean?
You know the girl
that I told you about,
the one I've been helping?
Oh my god.
You mean...
I don't know what to do.
I don't know what to do.
Okay, okay.
Look, I know you know I
am here for you, okay?
Whatever you need is golden.
But maybe you can give
that little girl a chance.
No, she's better
off not knowing.
MARCO: Okay, okay, okay.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
That's it, that's all
I'm gonna say about it.
SHARI: Director
Mackie's office.
How may I help you?
Hi Shari, this is
Bella Collins again.
I was wondering if Mrs.
Mackie has come in yet.
SHARI: I'm sorry
Bella, she's in a meeting.
Well I've left
several messages
and she hasn't called back yet.
SHARI: I'm sorry.
I can transfer you
to her voicemail.
She'll be back with
you as soon as she can.
Okay, thanks.
SHARI: Okay, please hold.
Hi Mrs. Mackie, this
is Bella Collins again.
I was wondering
when I could come in
to help finish my paperwork.
The deadline's tomorrow.
Call me when you
get this message.
Thank you.
Breakfast is ready.
BELLA: Stop yelling,
I'm right here.
Come on, I don't
like cold pancakes.
Sit down, let's eat.
What, no interview?
Hey, we're doing a story on
Danny's Bistro and cuisines.
And we have some very
satisfyied customers here
who'd like to share their
experience with you.
Ma'am, what do you think
of la pancake a la carte?
There seems to be
some sort of problem.
Is everything okay?
No, nothing.
Is everything working out
with that break you
caught at school?
I don't know.
That lady never
returns my calls.
The deadline's tomorrow.
Oh yeah.
Okay look, you just eat up.
Everything's gonna
work out just fine.
How can you be so sure?
You just eat your
la pancake a la carte.
I'll figure out the rest.
Go on, eat up.
Come on, come on.
Yes Shari, I'll hold.
Hey Bella, anybody available?
Tony in about five minutes.
Okay cool.
Can I help you?
Yeah I know
you're pretty busy,
but do you think you
could fit us in today?
Yeah, sure.
And if you don't mind,
while we're waiting,
she has to go to the bathroom.
Could you take her?
- Hello princess.
- Alright sweetheart.
Are you leaving soon?
Yeah I have that
flight to Illinois.
I haven't even packed yet.
Bella Collins is
holding on line three.
I'll call her back.
You can say all
the junk you want
about that pound for
pound but if Mayweather
got in the ring
with Muhammad Ali,
he'd get every pound
of that butt whooped.
MAN: Man it's all
about the money too man.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
It's gonna take money
to pay the doctor bill.
That's what it would do.
Numbers don't lie.
49 and oh.
Yeah that's 'cause
Ali wasn't in there.
Hey Bella, you okay?
What's wrong with you?
You alright?
I'm sorry, what do you need?
I'm about to go on my break.
Check my 3:00.
My 3:00 cancel?
No, I need to leave
for a little bit.
Will you cover the front for me?
I'll tell Cliff.
Yeah, no problem sweetie.
Go ahead.
Think he's out back.
MAN: Bella been
acting weird today.
Yeah, don't worry about Bella.
You need to worry
about Mayweather.
But listen don't get it wrong,
I like Mayweather too now.
MAN: You would never
bet your money against Ali.
MAN: It's not a
bad weird anyways.
What's the name?
Sweetie, I need your name.
Are you okay?
You're missing your tax forms,
your provisional certificate.
So we have a 211,
Clifford Bianco,
discovered around 7:00 o'clock?
CLIFF: It was
closer to 8:00 o'clock.
And was it just you?
No there were other
people in the building.
But nobody that I don't trust.
Nobody you don't trust.
Okay, okay.
So it was around
8:00 o'clock, okay.
So you trust everybody.
No, I trust everybody
who was in the
building at that time.
Okay so what exactly happened?
Well we were in
here with some money
and it was always
where it's always been
and all of a sudden when I
came back around 8:00 o'clock
it wasn't there anymore.
If I could fly away
I'd say bye bye today
I would be on my way
To be with you
If I could be with you
If I could fly today
I would fly all the way
'Til I saw those
pearly gates
And now I'm through and
come and sit with you
Hey hey, this world's
a harsh reality
That can't be ignored
And we just to
bear our crosses
If we gonna walk
with the Lord
But every now and
then the walls of sin
Just anchor on my brain
Though I done learned
enough from this world
Not to murmur or complain
So I just put on my
armor, grab my sword
And remain passionate
This is the day
the Lord has made
I'll rejoice and
be glad in it
So while I travel
through this violent land
Though I must grind I keep my
mind on the retirement plan
He told me he'll come and get
me like a thief in the night
And take me to a place
where there's perpetual life
Where is she?
Is Bella here?
No, she's at work.
If you wanna talk to
her she'll be back soon.
No, I don't wanna
talk to her Danny.
I never even wanted to meet her.
Why couldn't you just leave
things the way that they were?
What was I supposed to do?
Oh (LAUGHS) you
wanna play rescue now?
- What's that mean?
- Are you a big hero?
This is just like you.
It's just like you.
You know what I'm talking about.
But it wasn't my fault.
You can't keep
blaming me for this.
Well I do.
I blame you.
Who left me for a poker game?
Look, it was your first party.
Nobody told you...
If you had just
walked me home that night...
To leave.
I never would've been raped.
Kim, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry this ever
happened to you.
I've been trying to make
it up to you ever since.
Well you can't.
Well I thought the
least I could do...
The least you could do
is stay out of my life.
And leave the past in the past.
And what about Bella?
What about her?
Ah Kim.
Come on.
Kim come on.
I don't understand.
You can come to me for anything.
I know Cliff.
I wasn't thinking.
I'm so sorry.
Come here.
It's okay, I forgive you.
Don't let it happen again.
Remember, a thief and his
money will soon be parted.
That's scripture.
(LAUGHS) I believe it's
a fool and his money.
I believe that's what I said.
Wait, I didn't know
you went to church.
How do you know scripture?
Ah, I wasn't a
scoundrel my whole life.
My mom put some
good things in me.
Sounds like she
was a good mother.
I wish I knew mine.
She's the one
missing out baby girl.
It's late, you should go.
I'll have Bruno give
you a ride, okay?
- Okay.
- Okay.
DANNY: Hey, it's you again.
Danny, your money's
no good here anymore.
What are you talking
about it's no good?
It's green like
everybody else's, right?
My money's good anywhere.
Go home Danny.
My order's not to let
you in another poker game
in this town, okay?
I guess you're right.
I'll just play one
round and then we'll...
Danny, go home.
Have a good night buddy, okay?
BELLA: Come on
Uncle Danny, pick up.
BRUNO: We both
know where he went.
But he won't be
out late tonight.
He won't be gambling
for a while.
I just wish he'd
stop gambling.
He has debt all over this city.
Bruno, do you like living here?
I've lived here my whole
life, for better of for worse.
This is where I stay.
BELLA: Don't you
have any family?
Nah, Mr. Cliff
is my only family.
And if there's one thing you
need to know about family,
we never steal from each other.
You got that?
BELLA: Yes Bruno.
I got it.
Mr. Bruno, one day we'll
see more of the world.
There is so much out there
that we haven't experienced.
BRUNO: Here you go Bella.
Tell Cliff I say
thanks for today.
BRUNO: Will do.
When you're down and out
And you need a friend
Oh yeah you need a friend
When you need someone
Someone in which
you can depend
Like a bridge over
troubled waters
I'll be there, I'll
be there for you
You never have to worry
Because I'll always, I'll
always see you through
You can just call
Get over here.
I'm at the shop.
No, get over here right now.
Here, have a seat.
So, why are you here?
It's so funny, I,
I used to live in
this neighborhood.
I used to love it here.
All my friends were here
and we had all these dreams
of changing the world.
I do too.
Getting into school
was my chance.
I've been calling you for
the past couple of days
about my paperwork.
The deadline was yesterday.
That was my chance.
Oh Bella, I'm,
let's see, there's something
I have to tell you.
I had no idea who
you were a week ago.
And when Clifford called
me, he described you as
a teenage girl that he thought
of as like his own daughter.
So of course I didn't hesitate
when he asked for my help.
Because he saved
my life years ago.
What do you mean?
I was at a party and I
left the party by myself
and something happened to me.
Good morning, I'm
Detective Pollack.
Are you the owner of this house?
No, I'm not.
Are you Bella Collins?
We're investigating the
murder of Clifford Bianco.
You mind if I come
in ma'am, for a second?
Uncle Danny!
Uncle Danny!
Uncle Danny.
Uncle Danny.
Uncle Danny!
If I lay your
hand upon my hand
I say it's only consolation
How are you?
Although we have
the same disease
I'm afraid we may need
different medication
So relax, sit down
And talk to me
If I were to lay your
head upon my shoulder
You don't even need a reason
Thank you very
much Mr. Collins.
And as soon as you hear
or remember anything
gimme a call.
Also, I'm gonna need a
statement from Bella.
She was the last one with
the victim before he died
and well other
than Bruno Mercer.
So at this point, she's
my only possible lead.
I understand.
If you just give her a minute,
I'll bring her down and
she'll give her statement.
It's all my fault.
If I hadn't have
stolen Cliff's money
he wouldn't have
been there so late.
And Bruno would've been there
and he would still be alive.
Bella you don't know that.
And this is not your fault.
Who's to say, Bruno
might not even be alive
if you hadn't left when you did.
Cliff is dead because of me.
I've really messed up.
I have to get out of here.
It's okay Bella.
It's okay.
She couldn't answer any.
I know who did it.
I gotta get us outta
this neighborhood.
What, you know?
They came to collect
the debt I owed.
Cliff tried to settle it.
This was retaliation.
(SCOFFS) You gotta
call the police.
If you know who did this,
why wouldn't they
just come back?
You could be in danger,
she could be in danger.
I mean come on.
I know.
I know.
I'll handle it.
I really don't understand
why you wouldn't just
pack up and leave.
Like you?
KIM: Yeah, like me.
It's not always so easy.
Not everyone has
a place to run to.
Yeah that's an excuse Danny.
Come on, you could
get outta here
if you really wanted to.
You should get her outta here.
Right, so you do care.
Are you gonna tell her?
I really don't
wanna deal with this.
I gotta go.
It's in your hands
Lord I've done
all that I can
It's in your hands
Lord I am placing it
all into your hand
DANNY: Bell!
Something came for you?
BELLA: What is it?
Open it up.
Oh you did it girl.
You did it.
I'm so proud of you.
Here, I have something
else for you too.
KIM: Dearest Bella.
I hope this letter will
answer some of your questions.
I apologize if I frightened
you on my last visit,
but I was trying to
find the right words.
For years I ran from the
pain of being attacked.
I thought my life was over.
As a result I became pregnant.
It was Cliff that talked me
into keeping the pregnancy.
I knew my parents didn't
believe in abortions,
so I didn't do it.
Every time I felt the
baby move in my belly,
I was reminded of that night.
I detached myself
from the pregnancy,
convincing myself I was
carrying it for someone else.
I wanted nothing to
do with that night.
I blamed my boyfriend
for it happening to me.
I left.
I left him, Cliff,
everything from that time,
and yes, even you.
I didn't think I could love you,
but now I know I was wrong.
To see you Bella,
makes my heart so glad
that I didn't make the
mistake of denying you
such a precious life.
I don't expect you to
understand my decisions,
but I do wanna be a part of
your life, if you allow me.
It may take you
awhile to forgive me.
I can only hope that one day
you will find it in your heart
to let me be a
part of your life.
I am so sorry for the
pain I must've caused you
all these years.
With love, Kim.
Hi, I'm Bella.
I'm Marco, Kim's husband.
Please, come on in.
Nice house.
Thank you.
Please have a seat.
Would you like some water?
I'm good.
I get lost in that one too.
So does this mean that
you got my letter?
MAN: The ever
so timeless Bella,
covered under the
umbrella of love,
her shadows of emptiness
creates troubled memories
causing her to push
herself out of misery.
She didn't know that was there.
She knew of the great
clouds that stood still
in the hope of the sky
in her life to turn blue.
She knew that life
in her would breathe
if she would just believe,
forgive the things in her
life that she cannot see,
'cause the offspring
of her presence
became a blessing
to open wounds,
healed by harmonious,
heavenly tunes
that comforts her
spirit like the moon.
Embrace the tales of fruition
that slowly dwindles in the
corner of her intuition,
the people who loved her most
didn't know what
they were missing.
And the ones who did were
grateful that they met her,
the young, beautiful Bella.
It's in your hands
Lord I've done
oh all that I can
It's in your hands
Lord I am placing
into your hands
Talk to you too
It's in your hands
Lord I've done
all that I can
It's in your hands
Lord I am placing it
all into your hand
And your word says
Because I care for you
Because I so love you
Don't you stand
it's in my hands
For a single night
I will fight your fight
Don't you stand
it's in my hands
I will toss and turn
I will pace the floor
I will spend the night
Everything will be alright
When trouble comes
on every hand
You just ask for me to stand
On Christ the
solid rock I stand
It's in your hands
Lord I've done
all that I can
It's in your hands
Lord I am placing it
all into your hands
It's in your hands
Lord I've done
all that I can
It's in your hands
Lord I am placing it
all into your hands