Bellbottom (2021) Movie Script

A time when India-Pakistan
relations were surprisingly strong.
Hotlines were set
up between world leaders.
Trade routes were opened.
A ceasefire was declared on LOC.
But India was dealing
with more Internal issues.
Several anti-national Organisations
had taken root within the country.
JKLF, MNF, TNLA and the
Western India Independence group.
Bombings, shootouts, kidnappings.
Several terrorism
methods were used.
But the most effective
method proved to be 'Hijack'.
Air-India airplanes
were being hijacked.
Each time they
would make their demands.
Often terrorists were released.
Generous amounts would be paid.
A firm stand would result
in the death of civilians.
The government and intelligence
agencies kept trying
but they couldn't
stop the hijackings.
Military action, diplomacy,
intelligence, everything failed.
But as they say...
It takes only one event
to change history.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
seatbelt signs are now off.
Aircraft crew are here to assist you.
Our crew for todays has...
- Meals are heated?
- Yes, sure.
Make sure they are heated.
And I told him you'll get coffee for him.
- Yeah, okay.
- Decaf, no milk.
And also, we've the All Girl's
Kabaddi Team of India travelling with us
for the World Cup training camp.
Let's give them a big cheer.
Thank you.
Hi, how are you? Welcome, aboard.
How are you, aunty?
All good, son.
I was praying.
Don't worry, we'll deliver you.
- Try some.
- No, it's okay.
You must, aunty, they are delicious.
They certainly are good.
And nice flavour too.
Where do you get it?
It's from Pik Fran Bakery,
Made in Pakistan.
Hijack! Hijack!
Sit down!
Heads down!
If anyone has a pen knife, nail cutter,
etcetera, take them out now.
This plane's been hijacked.
Come here.
I will shoot.
Don't move from your seat. Sit down.
Remain seated.
Don't you understand?
Who do you think you are?
- Don't you know what a 'Hijack' is?
- Sit down.
Where do you think you're going?
If anyone gets up from their seat,
I'll drop this grenade.
Do as you're told.
Or else we'll blow
up the entire airplane.
Come on.
Excuse me. You cannot enter...
This is a hijack...not a toilet break.
- Send signal to Moga.
- Why you...
No false moves, Captain.
We'll do as you say,
but we must inform ATC Moga.
We'll tell you which ATC to contact.
Keep flying towards the western sector.
- Come on.
- As you say.
We issued a draft last month.
Here's the...
Call Kao.
What are the details?
Madam, ICC-691 left
Delhi Airport at 6:30am.
After which the airplane's
first reporting point was Moga
which it skipped.
The pilot sent a distress
signal to ATC Moga.
Since then ICC-691
has been incommunicado.
See, ma'am.
According to the radar sheets
the airplane was supposed
to head for the North sector.
But now it's heading towards West.
If I am not wrong, this is the seventh
hijacking in a span of five years.
The second in my tenure alone.
What have we done to stop it?
We've already installed
metal detectors in all airports.
We've even installed distress
alarm buttons on pilot seats.
And that's as much as we can do.
The intelligence agencies
are more at play here.
Yes, of course.
RAW often passes leads
to the concerned authorities.
Where are the leads?
Why haven't I seen it yet?
'Thirty-Seven, Madam.'
We sent thirty-seven files
with applications for appointments
and leads attached.
'Urgent Matter' mentioned on top.
Now which file is more
important for the PMO
is for the higher
authorities to decide.
Defence Ministry and
Prime Minister's Office
were busy with the MIG 21 deal, Santok.
This is a failure on
the Civil Aviation's part.
Strengthen your security.
Delhi Police is always
busy with political duty.
We're doing our best.
What is this?
Musical chairs?
Passing the parcel?
National Security is our
collective bloody responsibility.
It's our job.
What organisation do
the hijackers belong to?
We've summoned the Intelligence
Bureau's Director Tejashwar.
I am sure he must be
having some information.
But we've to wait for him.
Actually, you don't need to wait, madam.
There is a man who can give us every
information related to this case.
He's a RAW analyst, madam.
He takes care of the hijack desk.
He's read every little detail
about every hijacking
case in the last two years
and deeply analysed them.
Santok, we're trying to discuss a
solution for a national security breach.
And you want the Prime
Minister to meet some desk clerk.
Call the Army Chief instead.
I mean, please, let's not waste time.
Exactly my point, sir.
Let's not waste time.
Okay, what is his name?
Okay, I understand the protocol.
What is his codename?
Bell Bottom.
Hijacking cases are
not just his job, madam.
It's a necessity for him.
He's personally invested in the case.
What do you mean personally invested?
In order to achieve great
things we must... as though we were never...
You teach French and German.
Play chess on a national level.
And teach music.
You're preparing for the UPSC exam.
What's next? Landing on the moon.
My mom always says
always have a backup for your backup.
- Oh no...
- What?
That reminds me...I had to
attend my neighbour's wedding.
See you later.
Don't tell me you're the priest too!
"Since I saw your gorgeous eyes..."
What happened?
What happened?
Just a little breathless.
- It's okay. I am alright.
- Come sit here.
Sarika, look.
'Ladies and Gentlemen,
they say matches are made in heaven.'
'As you can see here's the groom.'
Off I go...
- Where?
- To London.
Why are you jealous?
Again she asks.
Because you never take her along.
Greetings, mom.
- Bless you!
- How are you?
Hello. Hello.
Did you arrange Pounds
for my London trip?
- I...I...
- Shut up!
If this was Ashu
I would never have
to tell him anything twice.
Bloody cheapskate.
- Mom, listen to me...
- What mom.
- Now watch what I do.
- She doesn't love me.
But I do.
Can we get a room here?
You must be crazy.
Only this morning we...
You should quit chess
and take up football
for more stamina.
Do you want to see my stamina?
Come this way.
- Hello. Hello. All eyes on this side.
- The old woman's lost her mind.
Coming up next to rock
your evening is my son.
No, no, no...I am not singing.
A big round of applause.
- Hey idiot.
- You two never listen.
- And some cabaret too.
- No, not me...
Sing for your wife.
And sing that song you used to
sing for her before you two got married.
Go on.
Don't stop clapping.
"Your love's what I want, 'cause I know
you love me much more sweetheart,."
"Your heart's what I want, 'cause
your heart's just bigger than mine."
"But I'm willing to wait forever
wherever you say, sweetheart..."
"I'll die without you."
"I know I will..."
"If you're not mine, sweetheart."
"I've dedicated my life to you."
"I will stop believing."
"If you're not mine, sweetheart."
"This is not a bond of one lifetime"
"my heart belongs to you forever."
"I'll be with you every moment"
"as your reflection."
"You're my dream."
"I'll stop dreaming..."
"If you're not mine, sweetheart."
"Honestly I don't believe you."
"I don't..."
"But it's true you're the one I love."
"Only you..."
"If you promise to be mine forever"
"I'll fend against the world."
"I'll die without you."
"I swear I will..."
"If you're not mine, sweetheart."
"I've dedicated my life to you."
"I will stop believing..."
"If you're not mine, sweetheart."
O Birbal,
what do you have for emperor Pandu?
A gift, your highness.
- What kind of gift is this?
- A gift...
A gift... this amazing gift,
your highness.
Let's check what the gift is.
- Would you like to see it?
- Yes, yes.
- Are you sure?
- Yes...
- Then see...
- Have you made up your mind?
Pound in India!
Now she can go on a
shopping spree in London.
What bank did you rob?
Are you happy now, mom?
But honestly...
Cash is a whole different story.
I've kept one inhaler in your purse
and another one in your suitcase.
I was thinking about
taking pinnies for Ashu.
Ashu loves pinnies.
And let's not forget that fat
cow who's waiting to devour everything.
Show some respect for family members.
Feel free to take them.
You don't have to disrespect anyone.
Do you like disrespecting
women in our family?
Fine, I am taking pinnies for Ashu.
You've Ginni here.
I said it with the utmost respect.
If you want to make pinnies for me
you can come back on Diwali
and make them for me. I'll wait.
Are you coming back on Diwali?
Don't settle down there.
Ashu's home is much better.
All we got is this old rundown cooler.
He's got an AC.
But I keep refilling water every day.
And, also change the padding every
season, especially from Rajouri Garden.
AC's are much better.
Don't you get it?
Ashu loves me so much.
He takes care of everything.
Did you pack Gutka Saheb as well?
Yes, I did.
- Did you set the alarm?
- I did.
And did you keep
the passport and ticket?
Those too.
Go on. Turn off the lights.
I had something to say.
wife's given a list of items to buy.
Get those things...
Curse you.
Get lost. List...
Turn off the lights.
Henpecked husband.
Come back soon.
Love you, son.
Love you too, mom.
Tickets are here too.
Where's the list?
Here's the list.
- Read it out.
- Fine.
Where is it?
Revlon Lipstick,
Elizabeth Perfume, Nail paint, Vaseline
Nivea, Wriggly chewing gum.
And what's the last item.
Levis Bell Bottom for my husband.
- Yes Bell Bottom for me...
- You should be ashamed.
You don't send anything
for your older brother
and instead,
you're sending this big list.
We're sending this 82-kilo gift.
I'll slap you.
Once I clear my UPSC exam
- then I'll send dozens of gifts
to my older brother. - I see...
This will be your eighth attempt.
And the last one.
You've reached the age-limit.
What to do?
Each time I lag behind in the physicals.
But this time I'll pass.
And someday,
this UPSC will come in handy. Here.
Okay, fine.
May God bless you with his grace?
- Shall we go?
- Whose is the third bag?
That's mine. I've a meeting in Srinagar.
That's where I am
going with the MTNL guys.
God bless you.
Hurry up...
Have a safe flight, thank you.
- Show your passport.
- Hello, ma'am.
- Can I see your passports and
tickets, please? - Not me, give it to her.
- Ravi?
- It's Raavi.
Name of a river.
Flows from Punjab to Pakistan.
- Ahh...I see...
- But now she's going to England.
My daughter-in-law.
She's very naughty...
But she's very nice.
Gate no. 1 Seat 34A.
- Enjoy your flight. Just this way.
- Thank you.
'Welcome to Palam Airport.'
- This way or this way.
- This way.
Okay, son.
I'll see you.
[airline announcement]
Take care.
Let the air-hostess
know if you need anything.
I've packed your lunch in your purse.
Use the shawl.
And the Homeopathic medicines are
kept in the side pockets, take them.
I've kept the receipt for the
Pounds and your inhaler in your purse.
Just take care.
God bless...
- Don't start this drama...
- This is no drama.
Look at this witch.
Not a single drop of tear.
You're his mother but my mother-in-law.
You're mind's full of shit.
Then stop licking it every morning.
Okay, fine. Enough you two...
Come here.
Take care.
Take care, you two.
Boarding pass, please.
Time for my flight.
Do you love your mother more or me?
What kind of a question is that?
You never cry when I am leaving.
I...never cry.
First, you took a brief pause,
then skirted eyes...
Avoided the truth.
Then cleared your throat.
That's too long for a lie.
I'll deal with you when I come back.
What did you say?
- What did you say?
- Nothing.
- I heard that.
- I didn't say anything.
'Kind attention please.'
'This is an announcement for
passengers on IC-783 to Bombay.'
'The flight has been delayed
due to bad weather conditions.'
'Our new departure time is 11:50 am.'
'We regret the inconvenience
caused to our passengers.'
'Thank you.'
[indistinct announcement]
'Estimated time of arrival is 12:00 Hrs.'
'Vikram, come in. Vikram, come in.'
Your boarding pass.
'Vikram request to clear
gate G for passenger arrival.'
Okay, thank you.
Boarding pass, sir.
'Morning, Ladies and Gentlemen.'
'Flight AI-476 is ready for take-off.'
Excuse me.
I don't have any information.
I don't have any information.
Please try to understand.
Madam...Please tell us something.
You must have some
information about the flight.
Sir, as I've already said
all we know is that the
plane was taken to Lahore.
You can get more information
from the Home Ministry.
Please try to understand
the airline's has already given you
all the information it has.
Sir, sir...
Listen to us...
Give us some information.
'Pakistan President Zia-Ul-Haq
has assured Prime Minister Morarji Desai'
'that he'll successfully
negotiate with the hijackers.'
'We want to tell our listeners that the
hijacked airplane is still in Lahore.'
The Minister's here.
Calm down. Calm down.
Calm down. Calm down.
We want to thank Pakistani
President Zia-Ul-Haq.
Thanks to him, our negotiation
with the hijackers were a success.
They are releasing all the hostages
in exchange for a couple of demands.
And all the hostages will be
brought to Delhi from Lahore by train.
'Train no. 16171 is a special train'
'which is ferrying the
passengers of AI-876 from Lahore.'
'We request all relatives to
observe patience on the platform'
'and wait for the train to halt.'
'Thank you.'
'Your attention, please.'
'This announcement is for
the relative of Raavi Malhotra.'
'Any relative of Raavi
Malhotra report to S3.'
Inspector, I am Anshul Malhotra.
Is she your mother?
Raavi Malhotra
the only casualty of the hostage crisis,
has died of natural causes.
Come on.
It's your right, brother.
And anyway, she liked the AC more.
And she always told
me she liked your cooler.
She said she loved you more.
Bell Bottom.
Thank you.
Good morning , Ma'am...
Good morning everyone.
So...what does your analysis say?
ISI is the mastermind
behind the hijacking!
I am very,
very sorry about the delay, madam.
But I come with hard evidence.
According to IB's leads
Punjab's Azaadi Dal
is behind this hijacking.
Could we take a look
at this video, please?
This video was shot by
a BBC journalist five days ago.
Our agents make a
copy at Palam Airport
repack it, and send it back.
Carnivore system. We've to resort
to such means to obtain information.
Madam, this is Tejpal.
Founder of the Azaadi Dal.
'We've our own language,
religion, and methods of living.'
'If they can make
Pakistan for Muslims'
'then why not make
a separate country for us?'
'Separate us and close the topic.'
'What if the government
doesn't approve your demands?'
'Then we'll do what PLO
has been doing with Israel.'
'We'll do what we did in '79,
'80, and '82.'
We arrested Tejpal as
soon as we received this video.
He's lodged in Tihar Jail as we speak.
And we're absolutely sure that
plane's been hijacked for his release.
Sorry, sir, you're partly right,
partly wrong.
Azaadi Dal is just a facade, madam.
The real mastermind
of the hijack is ISI.
The leader of Azaadi Dal is
clearly threatening our government
- and you're saying ISI's the mastermind.
- Yes, sir.
ISI plans and thinks
like a clever chess player.
Azaadi Dal and other such organisations
are just puppets, ma'am.
And the strings are controlled by ISI.
IB thinks making copies
of BBC's tapes is a smart move.
What they don't know
is ISI does the same.
Sir, you didn't get to this interview.
You were led to this interview
to divert your
attention on Azaadi Dal.
Whereas the entire conspiracy
has been created by ISI.
But how are you so sure that
the ISI is behind this hijacking?
There are three reasons, ma'am.
Can you give me that?
- What?
- The remote.
Thank you, sir.
'Separate us and close the topic.'
"Gal Mukao".
This is a Multani
expression and not Punjabi.
In Punjabi they say "Gal khatam karo...
Baat khatam karo,
syapa mukao" (end the topic)
The second reason.
Ma'am, the way he's wrapped
the turban in the front
is how the Punjabis of Multan,
or Faisalabad, Dera Ismail Khan,
or Sargodha, wrap their turban.
Meaning Punjabis of Pakistan.
And third ma'am, pattern.
Azaadi Dal has indeed hijacked
airplanes thrice before.
But why were the planes taken to
the same destinations in all instances?
Why can't they find a different spot?
They can go to Colombo,
Kathmandu, or Kabul.
Why Lahore?
- Because...
- The ISI is involved?
Do you know
after years of efforts, have the
India-Pakistan relations strengthened?
Your baseless speculations
can end everything.
I agree with you, Khan sir.
Pakistan denied landing request to
a hijacked plane in 1982 on our request.
The lives of 240 passengers were saved.
1980. Pakistani forces raided the hijacked
flight and saved 212 passengers.
Do you know that?
Pakistan negotiated.
180 passengers were saved.
Again, sir.
You both are partly right, partly wrong.
Let him speak, Santok.
Thank you, ma'am.
The flight was given permission
to land after denying it once.
240 passengers were saved
but in exchange for four terrorists.
212 passengers were released
in exchange for two
terrorists and 40 million rupees.
Hostages released.
But in exchange for seven terrorists,
plus cash rupees 20 million also.
And yes...
179 passengers were saved.
One passenger lost her life.
I don't blame the Pakistani public.
But there have always been few political
stakeholders on the other side
who doesn't like peace in India.
Do you have any evidence, Santok?
Any hard evidence at
all of ISI's involvement.
The accent you're pointing out
is still spoken by the Punjabi
families of Mukherjee Nagar
who moved here during the partition.
And as for the turban...
Maybe it was done in haste.
And what about the third point, sir?
As always,
the plane will land in Lahore.
Sir, the plane has landed.
The core team, please continue to stay.
Everybody else may leave.
Absolutely waste of time.
Want nonsense is this, Santok?
This is an urgent matter
and he's quoting statements
based on assumptions.
Who got him into RAW?
'The Islamabad High Court
sentenced all hijackers'
'to 10-years-imprisonment in connection
to the Air India 476 hijacking case.'
'In recent news, the culprits'
'will be taken to Nankana Saheb Gurudwara
from Attack fort Jail in Pakistan'
'Let's find out Prime Minister
Morarji Desai's views.'
'The crime was committed
on Pakistan's land.'
'They have the right
to punish the hijackers.'
'But Mr. Prime Minister'
'the Pakistani court has
taken them out of regular jail'
'and put them under house
arrest in NanKana Saheb.'
'What kind of punishment is this?'
'President Zia-Ul-Haq is a decent man.'
'I will not doubt his decision.'
Anshul. Anshul.
Who are you?
What do you want?
Where are you taking me?
Leave me.
Anshul Malhotra.
5/58, Gurdwara Road, Karol Baug.
Who are you people?
And why did you bring me here?
Age.32, married. Sharp memory.
National level chess player.
Appeared for the UPSC exam.
Part-time music teacher.
Can read and write Hindi,
English, German, and French.
Please let me go. Please.
We don't want anything from you.
In fact, we want to give you something.
A Chance.
Your first question, who are we?
Have you heard about the RAW?
Your second question, why are you here?
One of our talent spotters
gave us your detail.
Mother was a housewife.
Wife works for MTNL.
Brother Ashu is settled in London.
We know everything about you.
We think you can be of use to us,
and we to you.
Like a plug and socket.
I don't want anything from you.
Please let me go.
Constantly struggling to breathe.
Without the inhaler,
life feels slowly slipping away.
Heartrate slowly dips.
And...passenger Raavi Malhotra.
Seat 34A.
Isn't that what happened
with your mother?
Except for one difference.
It was not natural.
It was murder.
We've done our research.
The air pressure dips
in a stationary plane.
Pressure dips.
- One feels suffocated.
- What's happening to you?
Your mother told the
hijackers about her condition.
She asked for her purse for
the inhaler...but they refused.
Hey...sit down.
I said sit down.
What's in it?
She tried telling them two more times.
In a fit of rage,
he flushed the inhaler.
When the passengers began
to panic looking at her condition
the hijacker dragged
her out and dumped her
in the galleys outside the cockpit.
She was ordered to sleep
and put heavy blankets over her.
Hijacker's name was Daljeet Singh Dodi.
You've until 5am tomorrow to decide.
Game on or Game off.
Let's go, guys.
- Hello.
- 'What have you decided?'
Game on.
'There's a BSF campus
in front of Pragati Ground.'
'Be there. You've 20 minutes.'
One! Two! One! Two!
We've selected several
other candidates like you.
Few from the campus and some
with the help of talent spotters.
There's no working part-time in RAW.
It's a full-time job. No Sundays,
no holidays, no paternity, no Diwali.
Every month 1500 rupees will
be deposited into your account.
100,000 life cover.
You'll no longer be Anshul Malhotra.
You'll be given a codename.
Bell Bottom.
For friends and family, you're
training for an embassy official's job.
UPSC clear. Training begins next month.
Boys, this film was not
for entertainment purposes.
It was for testing your memory.
Which author's book
was Sharmila Tagore holding?
Alistar Mclain.
Book's name?
When Eight Bells Toll.
The jeep crosses an ambassador car.
The number plate?
Number 387.
Boys, buck up.
This was your observation test.
A RAW team should be aware
of what's happening around him.
Sir, this is Bell Bottom's
stage one report.
Go on.
Aim, top class.
Mental strength, good.
But...average in physicals.
Whose job is it to make him excellent?
Turn his mental strength
from good to best.
Make him play chess with national-level
chess champions to lose the extra weight.
Because they burn as many calories
as a tennis player by
simply applying their mind.
Training over. Job begins.
Meet embassy official.
This is the hijack desk.
There were three hijackings
during your training.
Go through every minute
detail in every file.
'Things can get very destructive
if you don't agree to our demands...'
Sir, consequently the reorganisation
associated the few post.
Sir, I've a request.
My brother just had a daughter.
Need to take a short trip to London.
Can I get five-day leave?
You'll have to buy your own ticket.
I will.
Okay, go.
Thank you.
We're supposedly India's James Bond
But have to pay for own fuel.
Here for the naming ceremony?
- Not me. The kid.
- I know that.
There's a wedding in progress. This way.
This way.
"The gardener raises of the flower"
"but some stranger plucks it away."
"The gardener raises of the flower"
"but some stranger plucks it away."
"One little ring is all it takes"
"to make her aloof."
"My delicate child"
"and the handsome groom."
"Once she played with me"
"now she will do her chores."
"The entire world is going to mix
with mud in the end..."
"The only thing that remains
is words if love, god..."
"I pray for your good health."
"Thousand blessings."
"I pray for your good health."
"Thousand blessings."
"I pray for your good health."
What name have the parents decided?
Her aunt and uncle will pick a name.
Utter his name...
And you shall be triumphant!
Get up.
Get up.
Are you okay, gentleman?
- Are you okay?
- Sorry.
Are you hurt?
Show me your hand.
Are you okay?
Let's go over there.
You guys carry on.
I'll join you.
Thank you.
Any stress?
A lot.
Fine, I won't give you more.
Thank you.
[cricket commentary on radio]
[cricket commentary on radio]
Thank you.
[cricket commentary on radio]
- What's the score?
- It's three down for 90.
[indistinct chatter]
The prey is in England.
I've sent fax.
The team has verified their identities.
Bhupinder Singh from Ropar.
Ajith Pal Jalandhar.
Suprit Chahal, Atari.
The question is, where is
the fourth hijacker Daljeet aka Dodi?
We'll find him like we found the others.
Surprising. We have details
on every hijacker except for Dodi.
We won't get any information
on him because he's not Indian.
- What?
- He's a covert agent of ISI
who was planted in India.
Taking the hijackers out of prison
and sending them to Nankana Saheb.
Their trial. It's all a lie.
ISI played a game with us.
They set us all up.
Hijacking planes,
then giving a list of demands.
Then sending the
hijackers on fake trials
and keeping them in Nankana Saheb...
And giving them asylum offshore
with a different identity.
This is how they work.
But why are they doing this?
Order a coke.
Order a coke.
Excuse me, one coke, please.
1971, India helps East
Pakistan and forms Bangladesh.
ISI decides to take
revenge and hatches a plan.
Operation Topaz.
Operation Topaz?
Topaz blade, sir.
Used for cutting.
Just like India separated
Bangladesh from Pakistan
similarly, they plan to separate
many parts from the map of India.
North East, South, up North and West.
Terror organisations are funded.
And they are trained and provoked
by sending covert agents like Dodi.
Thank you.
ISI has been spreading
terrorism in India
for years under the
pretence of friendship.
JKLF, Azaadi Dal, MNF, are no one, sir.
They are pawns of ISI.
Let's stop the chase. What do you want?
Sir, if we can interrogate
these hijackers
then we can get evidence against ISI
and we can show this
evidence to our leaders
and prove that Pakistan
is playing games with us
under the pretence of friendship.
For this, I've planned a mission.
Just need your permission
and the four agents you got with you.
Come in, boys, the professor knows.
Come on.
Yes, I know you won. Don't grin.
Welcome to London.
- Thank you.
- So...what's the plan.
Sir, it's the India Vs West
Indies World Cup finals tomorrow.
India made it to the
finals for the first time.
The lane will be bustling.
We'll enter the building
during this time.
[cricket commentary on radio]
Mrs. Wagner
- Cash transaction for you.
- Really?
Thank you.
Where is the fourth one?
I don't know, sir.
I don't know anything.
- Where is the fourth one?
- I don't know, sir.
I don't know anything.
Wipe yourself.
Or else your back will turn in a Velcro.
Who sent you from Pakistan?
Who gave you orders to hijack the plane?
Where is the fourth one?
- I don't know, sir.
- What do you mean?
Honestly, sir.
I searched the entire place.
Couldn't find the fourth one.
Hands down.
- Leave me please...
- I want to know everything.
Sir, I don't know anything.
I'm telling the truth.
Where does he live in Pakistan?
We don't know anything.
Tell me where...?
When did you leave Pakistan?
Who brought you here?
We don't know anything.
Our team is in direct contact with ATC.
We are about to--
The plane has taken off from Amritsar.
Where are they headed?
We don't know yet.
[airline announcement]
Incoming flight reveal identity.
IC-691. We're calling it Azaadi.
We need landing permission, sir.
But your flight isn't
scheduled to land here.
The plane's been hijacked.
Your pilot's at my gunpoint.
If we don't get permission
we'll crash-land on
Lahore's residential area.
[airline announcement]
Bro, they are calling you back inside.
The flight has landed in Lahore.
Smart. They broke their own pattern.
- Yeah...
- What do you mean?
Ma'am, they have broken the pattern,
so we focus on Azaadi Dal and not ISI.
Madam, President Zia-ul-Haq's
call is scheduled for one minute.
Any last words, gentlemen?
Madam, break the pattern.
We've always given them
permission to negotiate.
We've always paid the ransom,
released terrorists.
Not this time.
Don't give Pakistan permission
to negotiate with the terrorists.
Transfer the pressure. Shock them!
This is absolute nonsense.
These matters are
solved through diplomacy.
Taking a firm stand can also
be disastrous. Do you understand that?
Killing a couple of hostages
is not a big deal for them.
But it is a big deal for the party.
And elections are around the corner.
Madam, my request. Break the pattern.
Don't let them negotiate.
Good morning, Mr. Zia.
Hello, madam PM.
I am sure you've received the news.
A hijacked Indian Airline
flight has landed in Lahore.
If we hadn't given them permission
the hijackers would've
crash-landed the plane.
This is the fourth instance.
But Pakistan can
understand your position.
Because dealing with an internal
affair is much more challenging.
As always, our team is ready
to negotiate with the hijackers.
As per United Nation's protocol,
we need a formal go-ahead from you.
Say yes, and we'll dispatch the team.
Did I hear this right, madam PM?
Yes, Zia sir.
As you mentioned,
this is the fourth instance.
And we don't want
to bother you every time.
So don't negotiate with
the hijackers this time.
Our officials will handle it.
We'll deliver your
message to the hijackers.
Also, one more request, Zia sir.
Don't refuel the plane.
Sure, madam PM.
As you wish.
Thank you, Mr. President.
Madam, elections are around the...
I need a vision for
the next 100-years, Mr. Rao.
Not the next elections.
I trust him.
Thank you, ma'am.
The old woman's lost it.
She's clever.
No, sir. It's RAW.
But be rest assured.
We've a solution for
this problem as well.
Ma'am, this is the IC-691
300 series carrier aircraft.
It uses 750 gallons of fuel in one hour.
While taking off from Delhi,
it fuelled 3000 gallons
out of which they
have already used half.
The Amritsar landing will prove to
be pretty expensive for the terrorists.
With the remaining fuel, they can go
to any destination in the Asian region.
Possibilities are Kathmandu,
Colombo, and...
- Kabul.
- Yes, Kabul.
And even the ISI know we've better
diplomatic relations in these regions.
We can stop them from landing
or even send our forces.
That leaves us with three more possible
destinations in the Middle East.
Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Muscat.
The Middle East country
airspace has never been violated.
And they are least
prepared for a hijack.
Middle-East is our best option, sir.
Meaning the problem
is going beyond our control.
Just a perspective, madam.
If the plane's refueled
it will be taken to Europe, America,
or Africa.
And then the situation
Would really be beyond our control.
The flight's presence
in Pakistan is bad news itself.
But outside Pakistan...
The Indian Ocean region,
that's our best bet.
We've an opportunity to
do what's never been done before.
What can we do?
A covert operation.
An operation to save the hostages
and neutralise the terrorists.
One needs to prepare for any operation.
And preparation takes time.
RAW is always ready
to begin when the time comes
and we prepare before time.
And also exits before time's over.
Madam, not one hijack operation
has succeeded to date.
It has.
The Mossad's have.
Operation Thunderbolt.
Five hostages dead,
one officer martyred.
Success means no casualty.
Not a single life lost.
Fine, you tell us what the
success rate of this mission is?
For RAW, one per cent chance
means a cent per cent attempt.
We're gamblers, sir.
We take a chance at every step.
RN Kao
Creator of RAW.
Okay, what do you need from us?
Minister of External Affairs, Mr. Rao.
Minister Civil Aviation, Mr. Khan.
Their presence and experience
are crucial for RAW's mission.
- Granted.
- Thank you.
RAW will prepare for its operation.
And we'll create backchannel
talks at our end.
But remember, your deadline is sunset.
Don't waste time, Chief.
Teach India a lesson that
will send chills down their spine.
Consider it down, Sadr.
I promise.
- Call the press.
- Yes, sir.
This is John Connor reporting from
the... tarmac here at Lahore airport.
While we wait for the Pakistani
diplomats and officers.
They are now taking food and medical
supplies to the passengers inside.
Sandhu...will we get freedom?
Total freedom, bro.
Sir, us.
We want to go back home.
We want to.
But your government isn't allowing us.
I am sorry.
Indira Gandhi didn't give
us permission to negotiate.
She didn't give permission!
What do you mean?
Will there be no negotiation?
You told me to get the plane. I did.
After that, I'll be paid in full.
You'll send me to London or Canada.
Meaning you won't keep
that part of your promise either.
Calm down...
You know,
and so do we that it's just a toy.
You said take these Punjabis for a spin.
- But you took me for a spin instead.
- You fool!
Don't forget...
You're just a low-class
goon from Lahore.
Know your place before you speak.
Now quietly do as we say.
Otherwise, you'll rot in Indian jails.
Okay, sir.
I'll do as you say.
You don't have to do anything more.
Someone else will take
over the plan from here.
Plan revision.
This plane still has enough fuel
to fly to some country outside Lahore.
A country where India
will be forced to negotiate.
Dubai hasn't seen hijacks.
Their government believes in humanity.
To keep the hostages safe,
they will give you landing permission
and also build pressure
on India to negotiate.
We'll shoot two hostages
every hour to scare them.
And the first victim will be a woman.
But what will you shoot them with?
German made.
Satellite phone.
And the list of demands.
Give me your jacket.
'The official are
now leaving the aircraft'
'after ensuring the safety
of the passengers and crew.'
What do you think the ISI will do next?
I don't know, sir.
They are not my uncle.
Sorry, sir.
Where is Sandhu?
Sandhu got nervous.
I'll handle it now.
Pakistan's with us.
It's real.
Have fun.
Santok sir.
We've satellite details.
And also confirmation
from international aviation.
IC-691 took off from Lahore
crossed the Gulf of Oman...
It's headed straight to Dubai.
As expected.
I know this is RAW's case.
But if IB can help you in any way...
I mean, just feel free to ask.
Covert agent, Dubai.
RAW doesn't have one.
IB doesn't have one either.
But I'll try the
international agencies, okay.
That should be good.
- Thank you very much.
- Thanks.
Come, sir. After you.
We'll have to log
the operational details.
We must aim to take off at 12:30pm.
Thank you, Mr. Tejaswar.
Over and out.
IB has established
contact with a 6K agent.
Adila Rehman.
It's an alias.
She's posted at the
help desk at Dubai airport.
We'll get spying devices
but not sure of ammunitions.
Sir, I'll need airport maps,
entry-exit points, weather sheets too.
Will you do everything alone?
- Hello, guys.
- Hello.
Sir, what's the mission?
The operation is
called Operation Mirage.
Entering the plane and
launching a sudden attack.
Our team, dressed as the refuelling
team, will reach the refuelling duct.
Then team 1, meaning Saand and me
will move stealthily under the plane
and enter the plane's luggage section.
This Boeing's luggage section
is connected with the tail end.
Team 1 will neutralise
both the terrorists
in the economy section
at the first chance they get.
Then...Team 1 will open
the tail end door for Team 2
and you'll all enter
the plane through here.
Team 2 will diffuse the explosives,
and Team 1
will eliminate the position hijackers
in business class and the cockpit.
And what if Plan A fails?
Is there a Plan B?
It's impossible to fly
down an Army plane to Dubai.
Pakistani radars will
capture the movement
and can create problems.
The Army's Poona Horse Unit
is returning from Israel
after a joint exercise.
We've rerouted them to
Dubai through the Gulf of Oman.
The unit will come to the
airport with airport authorities
where it will raid IC-691.
There's a problem.
You'll never get permissions
for Plan A and Plan B.
Plan B is totally disastrous.
Indian Army in Dubai or on any foreign
soil is considered an act of war.
- Absolutely.
- They will never agree.
This is why we're taking you along, sir.
Your plans won't help.
Take my advice.
Let the negotiations begin.
Let the Ministry handle this.
Sir, there are no doubles in chess.
It is my mission, and I will handle it.
Mr. Khan,
PMO has given RAW until sunset.
Let them play their game.
Thank you, sir.
Remember, we agents will travel with the
ministers as their team of diplomats.
Sunder, you're handicapped.
As you say.
We cannot carry ammunition
or spying devices.
We will be checked thoroughly.
There's a support group
in Dubai who will help us.
We don't know how much
ammunition the hijackers have.
We're travelling to a country where
the terrain and the Law are against us.
To top it all, it's a race against time.
We now have only seven hours.
I repeat, only seven hours.
Our mission is to save 210
hostages who may have lost all hope.
And the targets are four hijackers.
The odds are against us.
But to hell with the odds.
Now...India will not bow.
This time they lose.
We board in five minutes.
We heard so much about RAW.
RAW is this, RAW is that.
But what RAW is this?
They don't even have
an aggressive war cry.
- Excuse me, sir.
- Yes.
Let me tell you a tragic story.
A newborn puppy asked his mother...
Mom, how did father look like?
His mother replied...
One day he sneaked up from
the back and quietly snuck out.
RAW is that father, sir.
Respect, sir.
I will remember this line.
You guys carry on.
I'll join you.
Hello, MTNL.
Anshul, did you see the news today?
Hijackers have taken
the plane beyond Lahore.
I know.
Actually called to tell you
that I am flying out for Embassy work.
- Where?
- Cochin.
How long?
One day. I'll be back tomorrow morning.
But I won't be able to call.
No pause, no hesitation.
You're telling the truth.
Or I've become an expert in lying.
I love you.
I love you too.
Maybe at some point, everyone
will feel the mission has failed.
But always remember one thing.
It's not over till it's over.
- Good luck.
- Thank you, sir.
He's asleep.
We're doomed.
Approaching Dubai.
Well...let's begin
Mission Dastur-e-Impact.
A hijacked aircraft is seeking
permission to land
It's a hijacked flight, sir.
Seeking permission to land otherwise,
they will crash the flight
and 210 innocent people will die.
Yes sir.
691 you've permission to land.
[speaking foreign language]
[speaking foreign language]
[speaking foreign language]
Sir, 40 minutes car drive to Dubai.
And there's a suite
booked in Hilton Hotel.
And a clear view of the airport runway.
[indistinct announcement]
Sir, another flight
seeking permission to land.
Nothing as of now.
Sir, it's an Indian team of ministers
and diplomats to handle this crisis.
Issue runway 2 and seal the air space.
You must explain to everyone.
You all have diplomatic immunity
for everything barring murder.
- Greetings.
- Hello.
Myself officer Sulehim.
Please proceed to room on level 1.
A senior from our intelligence
will soon contact you.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Yaa Allah.
Did he kill it?
No, only been tranquillised Unconscious.
This is Dubai.
The innocent are never killed,
and the culprits are never spared.
You must think twice
before making any move.
Security is everywhere.
The hijacked plane is parked over there.
What is that construction?
Airport expansion.
It's a direct view of the flight.
But access is denied.
Come on, get up.
Any cameras here?
Standard equipment.
Sorry, I couldn't get ammunition.
There are too many security checks.
We will also require...
Airport design,
exterior routes and other documents.
You'll get all the files
but only for 10 minutes.
I've to deliver these
files back to these desks.
10 minutes are enough.
Team, sunset at 6 o'clock.
Set your watches.
Brother, shall we contact ATC?
Not yet. We'll wait for a while.
Wait for what, brother?
Come in, Praji.
Praji here.
Start procedure.
ATC, this is Azaadi.
ATC, come in. This is Azaadi.
Go for ATC.
Listen to our demands carefully
I am going to say this only once.
You better hear this.
Everyone's doing well till now,
but things can get worse soon.
- Meaning bad.
- This accent...
I've heard this voice before.
If your security forces try anything
then three hostages
will lose their life.
Dollar, call headquarters.
If I sense any kind
of threat on the plane...
I want to hear the recording from
the 1979 hijacked flight's BlackBox.
We'll turn this thing into dust.
Do you want to see?
Explosive Threat! All teams alert!
Come in.
Come on.
Like it?
Now listen to me carefully.
Our enmity is not with Dubai.
We want our demands
to be forwarded to India
and fulfilled on time.
Let me know within the hour
who is going to hear the demands.
I'll turn this place into a graveyard.
These bloody fools won't stop shitting.
Even the pipes are choked up.
Get it cleared and send food for me.
Azaadi, ATC responding soon.
'It will be very destructive
if you don't agree to our demands.'
It's him.
Daljeet Singh aka Dodi.
But how is it possible?
He couldn't have boarded
the flight from the Indian airport.
Dodi can't get inside India.
The exchange took place in Lahore.
- Mr. Rao.
- Hi, how are you?
This is Mr. Muktaar,
our senior commanding officer
Signals Intel Unit, Dubai.
Our close friend.
And this is Mr.
Khan, Minister for Civil Aviation.
- Hello.
- Hello. Hello.
- Please, sit down, sir.
- Thank you.
Mr. Rao, I can understand
you're in a critical situation.
So now, let's have
the pointed conversation.
Tell us what do you want from us.
Our intelligence unit will
execute a covert operation here.
Any damage done to the Dubai
airport will be immediately compensated.
It's not in my power to
give you what you're asking for.
This can only come from the office
of highest authority of Dubai not me.
I understand that.
But I will definitely try.
Thank you very much.
- Helping others has been this
country's nature. - Excuse me, sir.
Also, Mr. Mukhtar,
before starting negotiations
we want to ensure that
all the hostages are alive.
Two of our diplomats will
go inside and take a headcount.
If you want, you can check their IDs.
Yes, sir.
Let me talk to the hijackers, okay.
Thank you.
Let two guys come.
Okay, Mukhtar. Thank you.
Dollar, Saand, you two are going.
Dodi has seen my face.
Chacha Chaudhary's brain
is working faster than...
Shut up, Chacha Chaudhary.
Stick these in your ears
or you know where I'll put it.
Just one guy.
Only one.
But we said two.
Our plane, our plan.
Dollar, you go. Saand stays.
Fine. I am coming.
Dollar, count the hostages
and check for the position
of explosives and hijackers.
Hurry up.
Shall I start from
eco... economy or business?
He said economy twice,
meaning two guys in the economy.
One in business.
- Anyone in the cockpit...
- Where to?
One in the cockpit.
Just our bro.
Now hurry up.
Pucchi, refer to the aircraft design.
Rakesh, tell me where the duct opens.
Airport blueprints.
- Thank you.
- Here.
In front of toilet A, row 51.
Guys, we're an opening.
Follow my instructions.
We have to move in.
What do you mean?
This wasn't the plan.
This is our opportunity, sir.
We have to improvise.
Saand, enter now.
Dollar, stand by.
As soon as I give the signal,
you've to overpower one hijacker.
He'll get us killed.
Sat-phone, quickly!
Close the luggage duct! Do it now!
Close the luggage duct!
Yes! Yes!
How did the doors close suddenly?
Are you done counting? Get out.
- I am leaving.
- Get out.
An eagle is keeping an eye.
He's Farhad-Bin-Sultan.
The Government Official in Dubai.
We received news that you want
to do a covert operation in Dubai.
But in exchange,
we can arrange for anything you want.
Like we'll drop the gold import taxes.
And open trade routes for Emirates...
This is Dubai, Mr. Rao.
And the thing Dubai values
the most... are human lives.
Human lives.
Do you think we cannot
do a covert operation?
We've the best policemen,
the best army men.
We can raid the plane, but we won't.
Because even if a single life is lost
then, the protectors of Dubai
will never be able
to look INA in the eye.
Even I am...
There will be no bloodshed
on the soil of Dubai, Mr. Rao.
This situation can
be resolved in better ways.
So negotiate.
By the way, if there is one country
that should understand non-violence
it is yours.
You all come from the land of Gandhi.
- Sir, weather sheets.
- Thank you.
- Airport blueprints?
- Yeah.
Wait a minute.
Did you take pictures?
What are you doing? Take pictures.
Everyone, listen carefully.
This is plan B.
In 20 minutes,
our commandoes will reach Dubai docks
in a commercial cargo ship of Etheasm.
This is foolishness.
Didn't you hear what
the Government Official...
Khan sir, the plan is already on.
I can't stop it now.
Boys, 10 minutes.
Kasiri, call the Airport Police.
Yes, sir.
'There is an Indian ship approaching
Dubai with soldiers aboard.'
Who are you?
Information is correct, sir.
Indian ship verified.
No passage allowed.
Repeat, no passage allowed.
Shark turning around.
Plan B terminated.
I repeat, plan B terminated.
- Santok sir is saying...
- Plan B terminated.
Why are you laughing?
- What now?
- What else?
The Ministry will handle the crises now.
I'll inform the PM.
We're going for the negotiations.
If you want to negotiate,
sir, then send us.
It's not safe for you to
enter the aircraft like this.
Right now,
only your presence is not safe.
If we listen to you,
then the hostages will die.
Right now,
you're the threat, not the hijackers.
- Come, Mr. Khan.
- Yes.
- Let's go.
- Come on, get up.
Everyone move that way.
Come on.
Shanty, make them sit at the back.
- Come on.
- Everyone in.
Hey, uncle.
What are your demands?
Turn it on.
Our first demand,
our five comrades are in Indian jails.
Their names are Rajan Singh,
Balwant Singh
and the leader of Azaadi Dal Tejpal.
Set them free.
Bring them here.
Second demand.
We want asylum in London.
All criminal records wiped.
One million pounds.
If you had listened to us in Lahore
we would've settled for half the amount.
Now the rate's double.
Third demand.
We want a British Gulf Stream flight.
Straight to London.
The entire crew should be British.
Fulfil them by 5:30...
Or else...
I've a request.
I see. What is it?
Can you let the old
folks and children go?
I can free them for good.
I can do that.
Wait a second.
Where to?
- One of you stay.
- What?
Meaning you're our lottery ticket.
You see, your madam Prime
Minister doesn't have a great record.
Whether civilian lives
matter to her or not
but the Minister's
life certainly will.
What say, Monty?
Right said, bro.
He's clever.
He'll bring RAW to his knees.
What happened, sir?
Everything is over.
Thank you for your help.
Don't say that, sir.
I can try and buy more
time if you want with the files.
- I'll try.
- We're done here.
Return the file to ATC.
I don't want them to grow
suspicious of you and your job...
Sir... Job?
To hell with the job, sir.
But I do not want you guys to lose.
There must be a solution. Just try.
We tried and lost.
It's finished.
If you really want to help
then get us access to
the under-construction terminal.
I want to see the passengers are safe.
- That's it.
- I'll try, sir.
'We're going to see it's starting
to cloud over the coming days.'
'So let's take a look at
the currents and temperature.'
'We're expecting a high
possibility of a sandstorm today.'
Stop ogling at her
and switch to the news.
'The Minister for External Affairs
and the Government Official'
'carried out the negotiations
with the hijackers.'
'as we report seven
terrorists have been released'
'and put on a Dubai based flight.'
The dream of Gajba-e-Hind
will come true.
Kaziri, order something special.
Weather report, sir.
One million pounds and a
charter flight with a British crew
is on the way from Abu Dhabi.
Anything else, Indira?
This will be all, Margret.
- Thank you.
- Goodbye.
It's over.
It's not over till it's over.
Yes, sir.
Tejpal's coming.
They released him.
Aunty, stop it.
God's answered your prayers.
He spared your life.
He's the saviour.
Come on.
Wear these staff uniforms, come on.
Hurry up. The exchange
will soon begin at the bridge.
There's isn't going to be any exchange.
The eagle is not outside.
The eagle is inside.
Within us.
In front of toilet A, row 51.
If the information is correct,
we've a deal.
Close the luggage duct!
Enemy soldiers in boat.
Go and change.
Tie her up.
Take those scarfs and goggles.
We'll need them.
We got our freedom, brother.
- Dodi...
- Tejpal, brother.
CT-2 arriving. Direct it to runway 2.
Azaadi, come in.
Your flight to London
is ready to board on runway 2.
They lose all the time.
Correct, bro.
Come on.
Check the chartered flight.
If there's no danger,
we'll release these three as well.
Where are you taking me?
- Yes sir.
- Go.
Mom always said always have
a backup for your backup.
Our mission will only be
over after we take off from here.
And for that,
we have four and a half minutes.
Set your!
The sandstorm was supposed
to hit at 5:30am, not pm.
Fulfil them by 5:30...
Or else...
Somebody has changed it.
Turn on the wipers and the headlights.
Turn on the lights.
Look, there. Stay behind them.
Turn on the lights.
This way...
What are you doing, fool?
Did you kill him?
No, tranquillised him.
Oh no!
Faster. Drive faster.
He's my favourite monkey.
Why you...
The car isn't starting.
Why isn't it starting up?
Start the car quickly.
You dog!
Keep looking at Monty.
You drove us straight in the sand.
Reverse. Press the clutch.
Jam on the accelerator.
Reverse the car.
That way. Let's go that way.
Why is his car move moving?
Signal him.
He isn't moving.
Stop next to him.
Where did he disappear?
Difficulty in breathing.
Dragging a person
that's already suffering.
RAW. You must have heard of us.
Raw fish with salad.
As you asked for.
Shove it up your back!
They got them!
I wish you had seen
the weather report...
Shut up!
ATC, seeking permission to take off.
This is the Government Official, Dubai.
Permission denied.
If you try to take off,
we will shoot you down.
Did you hear that?
- Sir, I...
- You betrayed us.
You have betrayed us.
With all due respect.
Saving lives is not betrayal, sir.
Putting innocent lives in
danger for your personal interest...
That's betrayal.
Bringing the culprit
to justice isn't betrayal.
Siding with injustice is betrayal
which was happening
at your airport's help desk D.
No, he is lying.
Please check her desk, call
records and bank account trails, sir.
She is dealing with ISI.
If I am wrong, I'll come back to Dubai.
At the time of your choosing
and you can try me as per your Law.
You said there will be
no bloodshed on Dubai's soil.
We didn't shed a single drop, sir.
Sir, you said we come
from the land of Gandhi.
I humbly add, sir.
We also come from the land of Bose.
Whatever we did was so
we can look INA in the eye again.
Let them depart.
Permission granted CT-2.
You can take off.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
Today you've proven
what a great nation can do.
Also, thank you to your weathermen, sir.
They are really accurate.
Thank you again.
Can I know your name?
Protocol, sir.
But you can call me Bell Bottom. Over.
Madam, operation Mirage is successful.
They are not just bringing
back the seven terrorists we released
but also the four hijackers.
Bloody fools.
- Well done.
- Thank you, sir.
Great job.
Your support group
almost got us killed, sir.
- I am really sorry about that.
- It's alright.
Don't get us killed next time.
IC-691 landing on runway 1.
IC-691 landing. Keep medical assistance,
food, water ready.
"My home is lonely without you."
"The empty for you."
"Looking at the empty window pains."
"The path you will return on..."
"You will return."
"You will return."
"You will return."
"You will return."
"You will return."
Where are you coming from?
Cochin, as I said?
Breakfast. Stuffed bread and buttermilk.
Shall we? Together.
I made Pinnies.
Made them or bought them?
Sindhi Sweets, Chandni Chowk.
Go serve breakfast.
How is he?
Says I just returned from Cochin.
Sometimes I want him.
Or transfer him to the Andamans.
But unfortunately,
he's bloody brilliant.
Like a serpent coiled around you.
You can't keep it or throw it.
By the way, thank you for
spotting a talent like Anshul.
Do you know I like agents who are...
Personally invested in the case.
I'll have to bear with him now.
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.