Belle of the Nineties (1934) Movie Script

[Upbeat instrumental music]
[Cabaret music]
[Singing] Here we are
the beauties of the town
The suckers buy us wine
In cabarets we dine
We sit and chat, and what comes after that?
Pum diddly-a-um
Oh, you chick
Oh, you kid
Pum diddly-a-um
I've gone loony in my lid
You make me feel like such a brute
Goodness gracious, how I love
Here we are, the beauties of the town
- Can I go home with you?
- Oh, what a thing to do
I mean no harm
I love your girlish charm with its...
Pum diddly-a-um
DANCER: Look, girls,
the Tiger Kid's back in town.
- Ain't he the handsome thing?
- He's certainly crazy about Ruby Carter.
- I wish he was crazy about me.
- Then he would be crazy!
- Is that so?
- Hey, cut it out.
You know, honey, when I did my act...
and had a figure like yours,
every man in town was at my feet.
At your feet?
I'd rather have them around my neck.
Got me hooked up? I feel a draught.
I've never known a woman
who had so many gentleman friends.
You certainly know the way to a man's heart.
Funny, too,
because I don't know how to cook.
[Music climaxes]
Ladies and gentlemen...
I am about to introduce
the attraction of the evening...
a lady who is the greatest sensation...
of our 19th century.
And tonight, ladies and gentlemen,
you are about to see her...
in the most beautiful act...
it has ever been my privilege to offer.
Miss Ruby Carter in My American Beauty.
Now listen, you guys,
no rowdy talk when she's on.
I'll respect her like me own sister.
The one in the reformatory?
[Sentimental instrumental music]
CROONER: [Singing] Sometimes you are
like a gorgeous butterfly
Sturdy hearts are shattered as you flutter by
They say you're a vampire
playing at love's game
You may have too many beaus
But to me you're a beautiful rose
My American Beauty
Please don't be a thorn in my heart
I shall love you, dear
Until my life's breath shall ebb
You're the spider
I'm the fly that's caught in your web
My American Beauty
Let us grow a honeymoon for two
I'm attracted to you
Like a moth seeks a flame
North and South and East and West
The country proclaims you
My American Beauty
Sweetheart of
the red, white, and blue
I've been waiting for you, Tiger.
Up to your old tricks again?
You two think you're pretty smart.
Am I your manager or not?
I wish you'd manage to leave us alone.
- You ain't making a monkey of him.
- Who wants to? I like him the way he is.
She's a swell gal, but all she thinks
about is having a good time.
I don't only think about it.
- I ain't gonna argue with you.
- No, he won't argue.
The parties, late hours, this has got to stop.
Listen here, you, I don't like your attitude.
And remember, I'm a lady, you worm.
- You better go, Kirby.
- I will not, I'm gonna wait here for you.
Persistent, I'd call him.
Or just plain ignorant. Escort me, Tiger.
Remember, you're fighting Friday night.
Friday night? He'll be there.
Kirby's always butting in,
I'm sorry it happened, Ruby.
Makes me feel like I ain't doing you right.
Don't say that. You know how I feel about it.
Don't worry about Kirby,
he ain't so hard to forget.
- And I can always manage you, honey.
- Yeah.
[Sensual instrumental music]
What are you doing? Looking me over?
Yeah, these are swell, Ruby.
- That was when I was with The Bonton Girls.
- Yeah?
Hey, who's this guy?
That was before I knew you, dear.
My banker friend.
Yeah? What was his intentions?
He wanted to put me
on the Board of Directors.
Who's this guy?
Don't wear yourself out there. Sit down.
Here's to you, Ruby.
Here's to both of us.
You don't know how I hated to leave town
for the fight the other night.
RUBY: I'm glad you won, honey.
TIGER: That was nothing.
I knocked him out in a hurry
so I could get back to you.
I always did like a man
with masculine supremacy.
I could do anything for you, Ruby.
You're the most wonderful thing
that ever happened to me.
- You make me want to do great things.
- You mean I'm inspiring.
Yeah, that's it.
Look, honey, after this next fight,
you and me are gonna have a grand time.
Why wait?
Maybe you won't have to work no more, then.
You mean you want me to give up my art?
You will if you love me enough.
If I love you enough, I'll have to.
[Fast-paced instrumental music]
Holy smoke, it's raining.
- It's got to do that once in a while.
- But Kirby, he'll get wet.
Oh, throw him an umbrella.
Hello, operator?
Give me the police department.
Yes, the police department.
I'll fix this guy.
Hello, police department?
There's a suspicious looking character
down in front of 441 Olive Street.
You better come and get him before
he does something desperate. Thanks.
Fix him.
Kirby'll kill me for this.
- What do you care?
- I don't.
Absence does make the heart grow fonder,
doesn't it?
You don't stay away too long.
You don't mean you were
with some other guy while I was gone?
Oh, honey, you ain't jealous.
Ruby, if I catch some guy trying
to fool around with you, I'll bust him in half.
I couldn't blame you,
but you got nothing to worry about.
Promise me you'll never
think of another man.
- That depends on you.
- Ruby, I'll love you always.
Who could ask for more?
OFFICER: What are you doing here?
KIRBY: I'm only...
Oh, yeah?
KIRBY: Now, wait.
TIGER: Good night, dear.
I've got to get the kid straightened out,
and that's the only way I can do it.
KIRBY: Did what I tell you
penetrate your thick head?
MAN: Yeah, sure.
KIRBY: All right.
Now don't forget the name and the number,
and lay it on thick.
There's a five-spot in it for each of you.
I'll show that dame
there's more than one way to skin a cat.
Now, I ain't the kind of guy...
Real nice of you to drop around.
Supposing you get into your gym clothes
and get busy.
What's the rush? I just sat down.
When do you plan on training?
After the fight?
I don't need training for that.
Don't kid yourself.
Kramer's a fast boy, and he's strong.
Don't worry, I'll stop him quick.
I got a date after the fight.
You may keep you date earlier
if you don't watch yourself.
I'm doing all right. If you don't like...
Don't say it, kid. I don't want to have
any hard feelings between us.
I'm sorry, I'm a little jumpy this morning.
You're right,
I'd better do some training at that.
Davenport 7000.
Yes, this is Davenport 7000.
Hello, Ruby. How are you, honey?
This is your bunny boy.
Bunny boy? I don't know any rabbits.
Who is this?
I ain't seen you lately. What's the matter?
Somebody been filling my shoes?
Nobody could? That's what I wanted to hear.
I'm just crazy about you, baby.
You're crazy about me?
All right, I'll take your word for it.
What? Why don't you break your date
with the chump, whoever he is...
and I'll see you tonight.
You will? I'll be there, honey,
and what I mean, I'm feeling fancy.
BUNNY BOY: Hey, how about a little kiss?
Boy, what a kiss that was.
What's wrong, Tiger?
STOGIE: Miss Carter, New Orleans
is the town for you.
Why, they'll go wild about you down there,
you'll be a sensation.
Excuse me, Stogie, what were you saying?
I said you'd be sorry
if you didn't take Ace La Mont's offer.
How do I know I won't?
Because he can make you one
of the richest women in New Orleans.
I've heard things like that before.
With your talent he can do it.
You'll have New Orleans at your feet.
- When they like you, money means nothing.
- Well, it...
- Pardon me, what were you going to say?
- It sounds all right.
It's perfect. I got the contracts all made out.
All you have to do is sign them.
[Knocking on door]
RUBY: Come in.
Hello, Ruby.
RUBY: What do you want?
There's something important
I gotta talk to you about.
If it's so important.
RUBY: Help yourself to a drink.
STOGIE: Thanks.
RUBY: Come in here.
What's it all about?
I heard that you and Tiger had a little scrap.
- You heard? You're sure you didn't frame it?
- Wait a minute, Ruby.
Miss Carter.
I got the Tiger's best interests at heart.
I don't ask you to do anything for me.
But if you really think anything of him...
you'll let him alone
until I can make him champ.
I ain't got a heart of stone,
I can listen to reason.
Maybe it would be the best thing
to let him go on thinking the way he does.
That's nice of you.
If you only knew what this meant to me.
I've worked on him for months
trying to make him champ...
building him up, then you came along.
If he were to lose
this championship on your account...
Get out of here before I stick a hatpin in you.
RUBY: Give me those contracts.
STOGIE: Here you are.
When do we leave?
There ain't anybody in town
that don't know she's coming, by now.
I've seen to that, just like you wanted, Ace.
Only hope Stogie didn't slip up on his end.
ACE: He knows better than to slip up.
ACE: Wait until you see her, boys,
what a woman she is.
We knew you wouldn't bother with her
if she wasn't something special.
ACE: You're right.
ACE: How about the preparations,
have my instructions been carried out?
ACE: We'll see, come along.
Well, my dear Molly.
Why this extraordinary curiosity about me?
From you of all people, I have no secrets.
I'll see you later.
- Ace, I must talk to you now...
- I said I'd see you later.
I wouldn't mind being a woman myself
and have a place like this.
I'm afraid you haven't the necessary charm.
Very nice.
Where are the flowers?
Confound it, where are they?
I don't know, they were ordered.
- Get them here immediately.
- I'll attend to it myself.
In less than an hour, the lovely Ruby Carter
will be occupying this room.
She's all you say she is, Ace.
She's more.
ACE: See if you can catch sight of Stogie.
MAN: There he is!
MAN: Hi, Stogie!
ACE: I'm happy to welcome you.
RUBY: Thanks.
- We're all happy to welcome you.
- Thank you.
ACE: Take care of these men.
RUBY: Yes, give them all my address.
MAN 2: That's the way.
Our carriage is waiting, shall we go?
Sure, but you'll have to show me the way
because I'm just a babe-in-the-woods.
Great town, St. Louis.
ACE: You were born there?
RUBY: Yes.
ACE: What part?
RUBY: All of me.
BROOKS: I beg your pardon,
but you've dropped your glove.
Thank you.
Perhaps I could do something
for you sometime.
RUBY: Where's that?
ACE: The Sensation House.
The Sensation House?
What a home that must be.
[Light piano music]
This is a pretty classy spot.
I had everything carried out
in French architecture.
I always did like French art.
And the house has plenty of atmosphere.
Good or bad?
ACE: There's no denying,
it's a perfect setting for a woman like you.
Yes, I guess I could do things
in a place like this.
Of course, it won't be all work.
- You'll have moments of your own.
- I do have my moments.
- You have?
- Yeah, but they're all weak ones.
RUBY: Lovely painting.
RUBY: What is this? One of your ancestors?
ACE: No, but it's very valuable.
This one in particular is an old master.
Looks more like an old mistress to me.
I trust you'll find I've left nothing undone
to make you comfortable.
I want you to enjoy every minute here.
Of course, I'll be right here in the house
all the time.
A man in the house
is worth two on the street.
Gorgeous layout. Your idea, of course?
I believe I may accept that compliment.
By the way, where's Jasmine, my maid?
Another carriage is bringing her,
and your luggage. I've thought of everything.
I bet you have.
Driving you here has been very pleasant.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I just can't wait till I see you again.
You've got to wait.
MOLLY: Ace, what about this woman?
I won't have you bothering me
at a time like this. There's too much to do.
- I think we're gonna like it here.
- Yes, ma'am.
[Knocking on door]
Come in.
MOLLY: So you're Ruby Carter.
The only thing my mother told me.
Everything else, I found out for myself.
I'm Molly Brant. I guess you've never heard
of me, but I'm Ace La Mont's sweetheart.
- You understand?
- That's fine.
He's a swell guy, you want to hold on to him.
- I guess I can do that all right.
- Then what've you got to worry about?
[Lively instrumental music]
Big crowd tonight.
You're lucky you reserved a table.
This Ruby Carter's certainly
packed the place.
- You've he heard of her, haven't you?
- I was on the same boat with her.
- Really? What sort of a person is she?
- I only saw her for a moment.
[Fanfare playing]
Now the most important announcement
in the history of the Sensation House.
I have spared no expense in bringing,
to New Orleans and you...
the queen of all entertainers.
Ladies and gentlemen, I take great pleasure
in presenting to you, for your enjoyment...
the artistic talents of a lady,
whose fame has travelled far and wide.
A lady who has made St. Louis
the most famous town on the Mississippi.
Miss Ruby Carter.
[Rousing instrumental music playing]
[Singing] When a St. Louis woman
comes down to New Orleans
When a St. Louis woman
comes down to New Orleans
She'll be wearing more diamonds
than Uncle Sam's got Marines
I had a good man in Memphis
but the fool, he laid down and died
I had a good man in Memphis
but the fool, he laid down and died
Because his old woman
she hung a knife in his side
Now he was her man
but he came to see me sometimes
I said, he was her man,
but he came to see me sometimes
I lived six flights up
and he sure was willing to climb
When it came to romancing
my man, he sure knew how
But that narrow-minded woman
she had to start a row
And so you see he's no good to
either one of us now
So bring on your papas
from down in New Orleans
Bring on those fancy-loving papas
you got in New Orleans
'Cause I just came from Missouri
I guess you know what that means
I've never seen anyone like her.
She is simply divine.
If she is as interesting to meet
as she is on the stage...
she is just the inspiration I need.
MAN: Well spoken.
Gentlemen, I want you to meet
Miss Ruby Carter.
How do you do?
These gentlemen are all friends of mine.
A pleasure.
Friends of yours are friends of mine.
- Won't you join us at the bar?
- We beg of you to join us.
You have a nice way of asking.
I you will excuse Miss Carter now...
I'm sure she'll be happy to join you later
at the roulette table.
- We'll be anxiously waiting for you.
- Yes. Lovely.
- At the roulette table.
- Yes.
Marvellous, wasn't it?
I guess that's the word for it.
- And it's the word for you, too.
- Thanks.
Ruby, I'd like to have a little talk with you.
I'm listening.
- You and I could go a long way together.
- How do you mean?
With your beauty and talents, and my
business ability, we could make a fortune.
Sounds interesting.
Of course, you know
why I brought you down here, don't you?
I got a rough idea.
You're the kind of a woman I've dreamed
about, always desired. I'm wild about you.
Some of the wildest men make the best pets.
- Ruby, please.
- Wait a minute, Ace.
- What about this dame Molly?
- Molly?
She doesn't mean a thing.
Just a passing fancy.
Maybe you think I'm a passing fancy.
- You couldn't be.
- You bet your life I couldn't.
ACE: Ruby, please.
RUBY: Listen, Ace, I like you and all that...
but I ain't stepping
into another dame's shoes.
I never took a man away
from another woman yet.
Not unless she done me dirt.
It's a principle with me.
But I wish you forget your principles.
Ruby, I must have you.
Your golden hair, your fascinating eyes,
alluring smile, and lovely arms.
- Your form divine.
- Wait a minute.
Is this a proposal
or are you taking inventory?
Am I to understand
that you're rejecting my proposal?
Oh, no. I just want little time
to figure this out.
You see, I'm in the habit
of picking my own men.
- In that case I still have hopes.
- Oh, yes.
Get your bets down, ladies and gentlemen,
the wheel is now going.
Do I bother you if I look over your shoulder?
No, do I bother you?
Twelve on the red wins.
Are you in town for good?
I expect to be here but not for good.
BROOKS: I beg your pardon.
CROUPIER: Twenty-three on the red wins.
How do you do?
I'm glad you remember me
after our rather informal meeting.
CROUPIER: All bets down,
the wheel is now turning.
Make your play.
I had almost forgotten.
CROUPIER: One on the red wins.
That's too bad. Well, that's roulette for you.
DOORMAN: Good night, sir.
MAN: Good night?
MAN: You mean good morning?
DOORMAN: Good morning, sir.
RUBY: [Singing] Some like short men
some like them tall
I'm funny that way 'cause I like them all
Tell me how long do I have to wait?
Can I get you now?
Or must I hesitate?
I hate to wait
MAN 1: May I offer you a New Orleans Fizz.
Permit me to call you an old dear.
MAN 1: A New Orleans Fizz for the lady.
BARTENDER: Yes, sir.
I'm so glad to see so many men here.
The kind I like, too.
You flatter us.
May we ask what types of men you prefer?
Just two, domestic and foreign.
Won't you tell us where you're stopping
during your visit here?
Stopping at nothing.
[Toasting in French]
French toast. It's all right.
Drink to her who long has made
strong men sigh...
to the girl that gave to song
what gold could never buy.
Thank you, gentlemen. Thank you.
It's better to be looked over than overlooked.
MAN 2: Won't you sing once more for us?
RUBY: I'm sorry, gents, but I have to retire.
Please sing.
The fun's all over if you go to bed.
All right, I'll sing.
- What will it be?
- Sing St. Louis Woman again.
No, why not sing your own favourite?
My favourite?
All right. Play it, boys.
[Band playing soft music]
[Singing] My old flame
I can't even think of his name
But it's funny now and then
How my thoughts go drifting back again
To my old flame
My old flame
My new lovers all seem so tame
For there never was a gent
More magnificent or elegant
than my old flame
I've met so many who have fascinating ways
A fascinating gaze in their face
Some that took me up to the skies
But their attempts at love
were only imitations
Of, ah, my old flame
Just can't think of his name
But I'll never be the same
until I discover what became
of my old flame
[Sweeping instrumental music]
JEWELLER: This one is less expensive,
Mr. Claybourne.
But I think she will like this one better.
- Very well.
- Put this card with it.
JEWELLER: Thank you very much,
Mr. Claybourne.
Why, you can see for yourself
what's on her mind.
She's been out with this Claybourne
every afternoon for two weeks.
He's up here every night gambling.
But it's just to see her.
Maybe you noticed she was wearing
some more new diamonds lately.
- It's another present from him.
- And why are you telling me this?
Just thought you'd like to know.
Thought maybe you'd appreciate
what you got...
instead of wanting something you can't get.
ACE: Come in.
What's the matter with her?
What's the matter with you?
Don't seem like you're in a very good mood.
That's too bad.
- I was just gonna ask you something.
- Is that so? What is it?
I was just thinking,
I ought to have a little vacation.
- Vacation?
- Yeah, just about a week or so.
Why, that's impossible.
You're my main attraction.
- Business is just picking up.
- I know it.
I haven't noticed you overworking yourself.
Well, I never overwork myself for anybody.
In fact, the only reason I work at all
is to pass the time.
ACE: I suppose you're going driving
with young Claybourne.
RUBY: How did you guess?
ACE: Did he suggest this vacation?
I don't know what you see
in that inexperienced young blade.
Experience isn't always necessary.
Of course, I don't want to argue with you.
About the week off, do I get it or don't I?
- You don't.
- All right...
if that's the way you feel about it.
You know, I don't have to do this for a living.
Don't have to work at all.
Send in Slade or Dirk or anybody.
Ace, you're in a mess. You got the champ
signed to fight in two weeks, haven't you?
- Yeah.
- And he'll fight Lefty Dougan.
- You ain't got Lefty Dougan.
- What?
- You ain't got Dougan.
- No?
- He ran out.
- Ran out?
That is a mess. To have the match all set,
and the contender backs out.
That's the same thing with different words.
Let's go down to the gym.
- Hi, boys.
- Hello, Mr. La Mont.
Don't forget
you're coming to my party tonight.
ACE: Hi, Jim.
JIM: How are you, Ace?
Hey, Ace!
Ace, what do you think of that guy Dougan?
I'm not through with him.
Wait till he tries to get another fight.
I'm gonna get in touch
with every promoter...
What you gonna do? Call it off?
If I call it off, I got to pay the champ anyway.
The kind of money he gets, it's...
Who is that fellow?
That's my boy, the Tiger Kid.
Hello, Kirby.
When did you get in New Orleans?
I just got in this morning.
- So that's the Tiger Kid?
- Yeah, that's him.
- Ace, can I see you a minute?
- Yeah.
Now believe me, Ace, the Kid is good.
Why, he's been knocking over
everything that come along.
- I've seen a lot of fighters in my time...
- And I've heard a lot of talk.
You mind having your boy
go a couple of rounds with Joe Savage?
No! I'd love it.
- Joe.
- Hey, Tiger.
ACE: Now don't go easy with him,
give him all you've got.
It's all right with me if you get him
with the first punch. Go on.
TIGER: Hi, Mr. La Mont.
ACE: Hello, Tiger.
ACE: I'd like to have a little talk with you.
Come over here.
I like the way you handle yourself,
you got class.
I'll see you in the dressing room
in just a moment.
I think I found a fighter
who can beat the champ.
And I think I found the answer
to something else, too.
Now that Ruby Carter has
all those diamonds Claybourne gave her...
- she is very hard to handle.
- You're right, boss.
See you later.
That's great, and bet plenty on me,
you'll double your money.
- You only got two weeks to train.
- I'm in shape, I could fight him tomorrow.
You're not talking about money, are you?
If you're talking money, talk to me.
I'll settle that part with you later, Kirby.
I wanna have a talk with the Tiger.
All right.
I hope you appreciate what I'm doing for you.
I sure do, Mr. La Mont.
Maybe someday I'll be able to do
something for you.
I'm coming to that.
You know, Kid, it takes a lot of money
to stage a championship match.
Yeah, I know.
And I had plenty
when I signed the champ, but...
- well, women are my weakness.
- You, too?
To tell you the truth, Kid,
I sunk practically all I had on a woman.
That's bad.
She's got something on me,
you know how that is, she makes me pay.
That's worse.
And I have showered her
with diamonds and jewels galore.
But she's the type of woman
that can't play fair.
- That's tough, Mr. La Mont.
- Tough? Why, it's terrible.
If I could get some of the jewels back,
why, it would be a cinch to put on the fight.
- I was thinking if you would...
- [Knowingly] Oh.
- You want the title, don't you?
- Yeah. But she ain't got it.
There'll be nothing to it.
I'll have everything arranged.
- Who is she?
- You don't need to know that.
I'll be driving her along the lake tonight,
and all you have to do is...
This is quite the thing to do,
drive along the lake like this.
ACE: You and I should make a habit of it.
RUBY: One bad habit is good as another.
I didn't know you liked diamonds so well
or I'd have draped you with them.
RUBY: Why didn't you?
ACE: You haven't encouraged me very much.
ACE: Besides I hesitated because...
RUBY: The man that hesitates is last.
I haven't given up hopes yet.
RUBY: I thought you took me out here
to talk business.
ACE: On a night like this I prefer to talk...
RUBY: But I'd told you...
TIGER: Stick them up!
TIGER: Give me the rocks.
ACE: Now see here.
TIGER: Shut up! Come on, hurry it up.
Give me them bracelets.
TIGER: Come on, give me them. Hurry up.
And the thing off your neck, too.
Come on, don't stall me.
TIGER: All right,
now get going and don't stop.
This is an outrage. No one can do a thing
like this to Ace La Mont and get away with it.
I'll get that fellow
if have to scour the country for him.
Say, it's funny he didn't take your ring.
[Lively instrumental music]
- I didn't know she was in town, did you?
- No, I didn't.
See here, you're not gonna fall for her
all over again, are you?
- Lf you are, maybe we better not go in.
- Don't worry about me.
Come on, Ace is expecting me.
Coming, bunny boy?
Yeah, sure.
- Where is the party for the fighters?
- Right in there.
- Ace there?
- No, he's upstairs.
[Slow instrumental music]
ACE: Nice work, Kid.
Just as smooth and easy.
TIGER: I hope it stays that way.
Jails are draughty this time of the year.
Don't worry. No one would have known you
in a million years.
I hardly recognised you myself.
TIGER: Swell stuff, Ace.
I'll put it away and we'll join the party.
[Band playing lively song]
[Singing] Folks, I've just come down
Down from Memphis town
That's where people smile
smile at you all the while
They were good to me
I couldn't spend a dime
I had the grandest time
I went out dancing
with a Tennessee dear
They had a fellow there named Handy
with a band you should hear
While the white folks gently swayed
All those darkies played
real harmony
I never will forget the tune
that they call the Memphis blues
Oh, those blues
They've got a fiddler up there
who always slickens his hair
And, boy, he sure do pull some bow
And when the big bassoon
seconds to the trombone's croon
Oh, yeah
No one can make it
like that piano man
They got a hot cornet
that you could never forget
Oh, play it, boy
When the drum goes wild
Mother, come and get your child
[Drum solo]
I brought them here 'cause
I couldn't bear to lose
those Memphis blues
There's too much fuss
being made over this woman.
Don't think you're fooling me.
You're in love with her.
ACE: That again?
Yes, I was good enough for you
till she came here.
You're working here and getting paid.
If you're dissatisfied, get out.
- Ace, you can't do this to me.
- You're getting to be a nuisance.
[Band playing lively music]
TIGER: Hello, Ruby.
I didn't expect to meet you in this town.
- No?
- No.
I didn't think I'd ever see you again.
You don't mean to tell me
you actually missed me.
More than that.
I can't get you out of my mind, Ruby.
- I think about you all the time.
- Oh, yeah?
Did you ever give me a second thought?
Do you suppose I could forget
a guy as good as you?
- You mean that?
- Of course.
BUNNY BOY: Why don't you join the party?
They got wine, they got whiskey, they got...
Who's your friend?
- You don't know him?
- No.
You don't know her?
I'm glad you mentioned it,
I was gonna tell you about that.
You were gonna tell me about it, huh?
I'll be back in a minute, Ruby.
BUNNY BOY: Look, it was a joke.
TIGER: A joke?
BUNNY BOY: Me and Kirby...
TIGER: You and Kirby fixed it, eh?
- Hi.
- I'll be right over with you, boys.
There's lots of things I would like
to talk over with you, Ruby.
- But there's not much privacy here.
- You're right.
You might have known you could trust me.
Ruby, you don't realise
what you've done to me.
Been so long since I was alone with you,
since I had you in my arms.
Said you had a lot to tell me.
I'm waiting to hear it.
- What's the matter, Ruby?
- What've you been doing lately?
Yeah, I forgot to tell you.
I'm gonna fight the champ.
I just put over the deal with Ace.
- I've been doing all right lately.
- Well?
RUBY: You've been doing all right?
TIGER: I'm on my way to the top.
TIGER: What I want to know is
if I made the grade with you.
What do you think?
Honey, I'm not feeling sentimental.
What's wrong, Ruby? You have changed.
I can't figure you out.
- You will.
- Is there some other guy?
From now on, you're gonna be
my special problem.
And I ain't gonna neglect you.
TIGER: That's what I wanna hear you say.
TIGER: When can I see you again?
- Good night.
- Good night, Ruby.
[Sad instrumental music]
Good night.
Trying to outsmart me, what a laugh that is.
Fooling with one of the smartest dames
he ever put his arms around.
I sees you and Mr. Tiger is together again.
You think we're together,
you're a bad judge of distance.
Why, if he was the last man on earth,
I wouldn't...
- I wouldn't...
- The last man?
Maybe I'm taking in
a little too much territory.
EBEN: Who's the cause of all sickness?
ALL: The Devil.
EBEN: Who's the cause of poor crops?
ALL: The Devil.
- Who's the cause of all evil?
- The Devil.
- What did the Devil ever do for us?
- Nothing.
Not a thing. I'm going to take up
a collection to fight the Devil.
And I want you all to show me
how much you hate him.
[Crowd cheering]
[Spiritual music playing]
- Where's that music coming from?
- That's Brother Eben and his flock.
He preaches bad sass to the Devil.
I was thinking if you won't be needing me,
I'd like to go to that meeting tonight.
- You can go after I'm dressed.
- Yes, ma'am.
Mr. Brooks sure been good to you.
Wasn't you just a little bit nervous
when he gave you all those presents?
No, I was calm and collected.
There was no reason for him giving me
all those wonderful presents.
I don't know him much better
than I know Shakespeare.
Shakespeare? I don't remember
any Mr. Shakespeare calling on you.
- That was before you came with me.
- I see.
It's gonna hurt,
but I'm gonna give all those jewels back.
RUBY: That is if I get them back.
I'm saying I shouldn't have taken them
in the first place.
When it comes to refusing jewellery,
I got about as much willpower as a flea...
that's weak.
JASMINE: All my life
I've been looking for a man...
that's big, handsome,
and got plenty of money.
What you've been looking for is three men.
- Are you in love?
- Uh-huh.
JASMINE: What kind of husband
should I get?
Why don't you take a single man?
Leave the husbands alone.
RUBY: And that's one to remember.
JASMINE: Yes, ma'am.
I still don't understand why you is giving
Mr. Claybourne all those jewels back.
I'm going to stop this thing
before it goes too far.
I could like him very much.
I don't think I'd make him happy.
And people would talk.
JASMINE: What could anybody say
about you, Miss Ruby?
People get reputations
from people talking about people...
when they don't even know the people.
Yeah, saying things that ain't true.
Give me my pocketbook.
When you go to that prayer meeting
say a little prayer for me.
Yes, ma'am, I sure will.
Here, put that in the collection,
and be sure not to take any change.
No, ma'am.
EBEN: [Singing] Pray, children
Pray, pray children
and you'll be saved
WOMAN 1: Preach it, brother, preach it.
MAN 1: Tell it now, tell it now.
EBEN: [Singing] Pray, children
Bow down, bow down.
WOMAN 2: Yeah, Lord, yeah, Lord.
[Singing lively spiritual song]
Bow down, bow down.
WOMEN: Tell it, now, tell it now.
[Singing] Oh, I'm gonna drown
down in those troubled waters
They're creeping round my soul
They're way beyond control
And they'll wash my sins away
before the morning
They say that I'm
one of the Devil's daughters
They look at me with scorn
I'll never hear that horn
I'll be underneath the water
Judgement morning
Oh, Lord, am I to blame?
Must I bow my head in shame
if people go round scandalising my name?
I'm gonna drown
down in those troubled waters
They're creeping round my soul
They're way beyond control
And they'll wash my sins away
before the morning
[Spiritual song continuing]
Preach it, brother, preach it.
[Singing] Oh, Lord, am I to blame?
Must I bow my head in shame
if people go round scandalising my name?
I'm gonna drown
down in those troubled waters
They're creeping round my soul
They're way beyond control
And they'll wash my sins away
before the morning
EBEN: Are you a sinner?
WOMAN 4: No, I'm not!
WOMAN 5: Yes, yes!
MAN 2: Yes, my soul is God's.
JOE: Come on, Tony, hurry up.
We'll be late for the fight.
All right, Joe.
Come on, give me my furs.
What are you doing there?
Watching that gambling man. He may cheat
on dice but he won't cheat on me.
RUBY: You want him to be a good man.
JASMINE: He is a good man.
RUBY: You mean he's a good man.
JASMINE: [Laughing] That's it. Yes, ma'am.
I hopes you enjoy the big fight.
I will, if everything goes the way I want it to.
I know you is dying for the Tiger Kid to win.
That reminds me...
Brooks Claybourne has been losing
a lot of money gambling.
RUBY: I want you to tell him not to bet
on the Tiger Kid...
because the only way to get even
is to bet against him. Understand?
- Yes.
- Yes, what?
- Yes, ma'am.
- No. What did I just tell you?
JASMINE: You want me to tell the Tiger Kid
he can't win.
No, no.
JASMINE: I knows. You want me to tell
Mr. Brooks to bet on the Tiger Kid.
Never mind. I'll attend to it myself.
- Go get my jewel case.
- Yes.
[Knocking on door]
Come in.
ACE: I see you're all ready.
RUBY: Yeah. Got the seats?
In the Tiger Kid's corner.
That's where you wanted them, isn't it?
Betting heavy on him, ain't you?
Never made heavier bets in my life.
It ought to be easy money for you today.
- Shall we go?
- Yeah.
Now, Ace, I want you to put these
in a safe place. I've been robbed once.
Oh, yes.
I don't feel like wearing them
and I don't want to take any chances.
All right, I'll put them away.
- All right.
- Yeah. Just a minute.
- Ready?
- I'm more than ready.
ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen...
the main bout this afternoon
for the Championship of the World.
In this corner, introducing the champion,
Battling Burke.
In this corner, the challenger,
from St. Louis, the Tiger Kid.
The referee.
[Bell rings]
SPECTATOR: Get in that fight.
[Bell rings]
You're doing swell, Tiger.
- Got a lot of money on you. Get it over with.
- Just a few more rounds.
Give the crowd their money's worth.
Sure, this is only the 27th round.
Ace, give him time.
Go after him fast this round, champ.
You can nail him.
Yeah, if I can find him.
[Bell rings]
Ruby, looks like a knockout.
[Crowd cheering]
[Bell rings]
- Give him the bottle.
- Oh, Tiger.
Ace, have you heard any more
about my diamonds?
No, I haven't, but I ought to hear something
any day now.
[Bell rings]
[Crowd cheering]
What's the matter with you, Tiger? Get up.
With only four seconds to go.
Can you imagine?
You could knock me over with a feather.
I've got three down on him.
BROOKS: Gentlemen, I was very lucky.
MAN: I'll say you were lucky.
Might've been different
if Ruby Carter hadn't told you who to bet on.
MAN: Glad I didn't bet any more.
BROOKS: Thank you, gentlemen.
MAN: I've got a few dollars left anyway.
I'd like to figure this thing out.
You're a smart guy, Ace,
you ought to be able to do that.
[Lively piano music]
- They're all here, Ace, waiting to be paid off.
- All right.
Hi, Ace.
Hello, boys. I'll be down in just a moment.
Too bad you lost, I feel sorry for you.
That's the kindest thing you ever said.
I'm starting to think you like me at last.
I'm just starting to find out
what kind of guy you are.
- I wish you found that before.
- Why before?
- I'm desperate financially.
- You mean you're broke?
As bad as that if I pay off those fight bets.
I have the money to meet them,
but it'll clean me out.
That could have happened to anybody.
I've decided I won't hold the bank
for that phoney fight.
Why should I turn over all my money
for some rotten bets I shouldn't have lost?
What're you gonna do?
With the money I have here in my safe,
you and I could open up somewhere else.
Now that I know you like me pretty well...
I don't mind telling you, if I pay off,
this whole thing will cost me $200,000.
- Yeah?
- Suppose this place was to burn down.
Suppose it got out that all my money
and assets were destroyed in the fire.
No one could blame a man
who couldn't pay off.
- Pretty smart guy, Ace.
- We could go to Havana. What do you say?
I'll make you the queen
of the gambling salons...
clothe you with diamonds,
lay the world at your feet.
- You impress me.
- You do like me, just a little, don't you?
Come on, we got to get out of here.
All right. You get everything packed.
I'll be right back.
RUBY: Jasmine.
Pack my things.
Mr. La Mont and I are leaving.
You mean you're going away
with Mr. La Mont?
I'm surprised at you going away with him.
I'm surprised you think I would.
Why, the guy's no good.
He never was any good, never will be.
He was born that way.
His mother should've thrown him away
and kept the stork.
Come on, let's go.
[Band playing upbeat music]
CROUPIER: Molly, Ace.
Will you wait here,
I want to talk to you in a little while.
- What is it?
- I just realised, I've neglected you lately.
And I'm going to see
that you get what you deserve.
Later, dear.
Never mind. You go and finish the packing.
I got things to do.
Yes, ma'am.
You fellows are sure lucky dogs.
But I'm a good loser.
See the boys have a drink, will you?
STOGIE: With pleasure.
ACE: Make yourselves comfortable.
I'll have your money in a few minutes.
I must get it out of my safe. Excuse me.
Go get yourself dressed.
Get those bags down the back way.
And have a carriage wait at the side door.
- You sure seem different tonight, Ace.
- Yes.
Things are going to be different
from now on, my dear.
What're you laughing at?
Don't laugh like that. It frightens me.
I'm thinking how much easier
I'll let you off than I did the others.
You said you didn't want to be
treated like them? All right.
- I'll treat you differently.
- What do you mean?
I'll show you. No, don't run away.
MOLLY: Ace, don't. Let me go.
[Molly screams]
Seems like a lot of things
been going around here.
I'm getting even with two guys that are
so low, they could walk under the door...
without taking their hats off.
Let me tell you something.
Don't let a man put anything over on you.
Outside of an umbrella.
Yes, ma'am.
[Knocking on door]
Come in.
[Soft instrumental music]
RUBY: Sorry you lost.
I lost, but you ain't so sorry.
I heard you did pretty good for yourself.
- I always do. What's it gotta do with you?
- Nothing.
It's funny, you telling
Claybourne to bet against me.
I hear he bet some of your money, too.
You're wrong. Whoever said that
was misinformed. Tell him I said so, too.
What do you know
about that fight that I don't?
- Why come to me? Ask Ace about it.
- He wouldn't know anything.
- Ask him why he's leaving the joint?
- Leaving?
- He's getting ready to clear out.
- What's that got to do with it?
- I'll smarten you up.
- What do you mean?
I'll tell you.
[Soft instrumental music continues]
TIGER: You mean I was drugged?
RUBY: Something like that.
You remember when Ace
gave you that water bottle?
You know what happened to you
right after that.
Yeah, he did give me that bottle.
Why, that dirty double-crosser.
He ain't gonna get away with that.
- Where are you going?
- I'll get him and tie him in knots.
Right this way. It's a short cut.
- I've been robbed.
- Yeah, I got robbed, too.
And you did it.
- What do you mean?
- You'll find out what I mean.
I'll show you how it feels
to be knocked out, you dirty...
ACE: Tiger, you're crazy.
[Dramatic instrumental music]
[Soft instrumental music]
He's croaked.
And you did it.
I didn't mean to do it. I knocked him down.
I guess he hit his head.
You're not only a thief, but a murderer.
I got you where I want you.
I'll have a ringside seat at your hanging
and I'll wear these. Recognise them?
Take a good look, it's the last time
you'll see them or me, either.
- I'm leaving here right now.
- You got to listen. You're wrong.
I saw you hand those rocks to Ace myself.
TIGER: I didn't know it was you.
I thought it was Molly.
- It's a good story.
- I didn't know it was you.
- Keep it up and you'll believe it yourself.
- Wait.
I thought I was doing Ace a favour.
He told me about a dame blackmailing him...
I don't know
why I want to believe you, but...
- We got to get out.
- I can't do that.
- Why?
- The law would catch up with us.
I gotta stay and face it
or I'll be held for murder.
- It was an accident. You didn't mean it.
- Nobody will believe that.
Wait a minute.
[Molly screaming]
TIGER: What's wrong?
RUBY: That's Molly.
See if he's got the key in his pocket.
He was gonna burn her.
I didn't think he was that cold.
[Fast-paced instrumental music]
Give me the fire department.
TIGER: We got to go.
RUBY: I'll be right with you.
Take her down the back way.
Yeah, the fire department.
Do I mind holding the wire?
No, I don't mind. I'm in a burning building.
Yeah, Ace La Mont's Sensation House.
Yeah, you better tell him.
Because I got to go.
I did the best I could.
[Fire bell clanging]
Get back.
FIRE CHIEF: Who is that?
Ace La Mont.
- Unconscious?
- Dead.
- Too bad, he was a great fellow.
- Yeah?
[Soft organ music]
JUDGE: By the power vested in me...
and by virtue of the solemn promises
you have here made, one to another...
I hereby pronounce you man and wife.
- Thank you, Judge.
- I want to wish you a lot of happiness.
- Good luck to both of you.
- Thank you.
And I want to wish you the same.
I'm the best man.
You're the best man, huh?
That's what you think.
[Romantic instrumental music]
[Lively instrumental music]