Belong To Us (2018) Movie Script

(dramatic music)
(crowd commotion)
- Anybody betting against my
be prepared to go home a loser!
- [Crowd Man] Hey, Mercer!
You know all about being a
- [Mercer] We'll see about that.
(dramatic beat music)
- He's going in?
- Scabbed over and ready to
(crowd commotion)
(crowd yelling)
(dogs growling)
- Come on, let's go!
Go get him!
Go! Go! Go! Go!
(dogs growling)
(dramatic beat music)
(dogs snarling)
(dog whimpering)
(crowd booing)
(somber music)
(pleasant guitar music)
(pleasant guitar music)
- Nanna, stop!
(tires screeching)
- For your tube thingy.
(camera snapping)
Give you something to twitter
- Tweet.
(car honking)
- [Man] Hey!
What're you thinking?
You're blocking the way out,
You're a nutcase.
- What'd that guy say?
- He was just admiring my birds.
- Birds?
You don't have any birds.
- Why don't you go on to the
I'll park the car.
(pleasant music)
(crowd cheering)
Isn't he just one batter away
- Mom, don't say it out
loud, you'll jinx him.
- Travis, buddy, he's a
chip off the old woodshed.
One more throw for his--
- Come on, Peety, you know
- [Umpire] Strike two!
- Dad,
that guy over there is
talking about Decklin.
What's a no-hitter?
(somber music)
(crowd applauding)
- Woo.
One more game till state.
What'd I miss?
- I missed the pitch.
The one that kept you from a
perfect game.
Because Paige decided she had
to tell me a scout was there.
- It's just one pitch, dad.
- I can't help you if I
can't see what's wrong.
I mean, scouts don't just...
If you're gonna make it,
you have to be at the top of
your game,
every single game.
- Hey.
(upbeat music)
- Remember, Paige's
daddy-daughter dance is coming
No excuses.
You just make sure your work
schedule's clear that night
and she still needs a dress.
It's traditional, Travis,
daddy's buy the dress.
Oh, shit!
I mean, rats, I gotta go.
Talk to you at home.
- Here, let me help you.
- Thanks, Robin, you're a dear.
- Oh, no problem.
Hey, Paige.
- Hey, Robin.
- How're you settling in?
- You know, a little
bit of a learning curve
but I think I'm getting the hang
of it.
- Nanna, Decklin's gonna
be home any second.
- Hold your horses, squirt.
- You guys have a good one.
- You too.
Nice girl.
(somber music)
(pleasant music)
- Hey, Deck,
wanna toss the ball around?
- Hey, kiddo.
No way.
Just had a two-a-day.
I'm all tuckered out after
- But I've been working on my
I think the game ball
could be my secret weapon.
- Well maybe later?
I'll see you inside, little
- I'm starving.
That smells good.
What is it?
- One pot wonder.
- Let's keep the mystery
inside your novels.
Come on, give me a clue.
- You throw things in a pot
and wonder how it'll turn out.
- Why am I paying for the Food
Oh, getting old, ma.
You're losing your edge.
- Watch out.
I might just quit this thankless
job I don't get paid for.
- What's wrong?
- Paige wants to join
the Everyday Girl's Club.
They teach outdoor skills and--
- No.
- But.
- Last time was martial arts,
300 bucks,
then she wanted to do
We don't have an endless
disposable income, mom.
- She can do baseball.
- [Both] No!
- Fine, no baseball.
- I just think you should
spend more time with her.
- Me?
What would I do with her?
(television commotion)
- Decky?
- Hmm?
(television volume muting)
- There you are.
You're dad's at his fantasy
and I have my scrapbook party,
which means you are on Paige
- Okay.
- Don't let her watch anything
- Okay.
Wait, why?
- Last time she jumped in bed
with me.
Happens again, she sleeps with
(television commotion)
- Win big, Nanna!
- [Nanna] I don't know
what you're talking about.
(spooky music on television)
- Hey, Paige!
- [Paige] Yeah?
- That show you're not allowed
to watch.
It's running a marathon.
- [Paige] Yes!
(eerie music on television)
- You think this is scary?
- I'm nine.
I still think storms are scary.
- All right, just don't
go into Nanna's room
when you get scared.
I was warned.
- I wouldn't--
(spooky music on television)
(television volume muting)
- It's time to pay up, Little
- Come on, Decklin.
- No, that was the deal.
Your show for my chores.
(computer keys clicking)
Have fun.
(ominous music)
(frog croaking)
- It's just a frog.
Or it could be a frog sent by
(ominous music)
Hey there.
Where'd you come from?
You like pizza?
(pleasant music)
Come with me.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'm watching Paige, she's
Don't lose the grocery money.
Miss Langady's eyes twitch
when she's bluffing.
All right, love you too, bye.
- Come on, girl, follow me.
(somber music)
Okay, listen, you've gotta
be a secret for awhile
but I have a plan.
(somber music)
(dog grunting)
- What you reading?
- Chapter books.
- Uh oh.
You wanna hang out this weekend
- Um, sure, that sounds cool.
(somber music)
- Yeah?
- Nevermind.
- Good talk.
- [Paige] I love you.
- I love you too, Paige.
(somber music)
- You don't see it, do you?
- See what?
Mom, I know you hate it
when you talk without saying
- It's not Paige's fault.
You are struggling with double-A
Do you really think you'd
have made the majors
if we hadn't lost Hollie?
- Do you have any idea what it's
to have your dream just stolen
out from underneath you?
- No.
But you have to stop acting like
your life
is the only one that made a
I thought I was going
to retire on a beach.
isn't even close.
But I wouldn't change it for a
Can you say the same?
(dramatic music)
- "Go mow the lawn.
"Go take care of Paige."
Don't you see me going?
- It's okay.
That's Decklin.
- Oh, you are in so much
- It's not my fault, I found
She's hurt.
We gotta help her.
- Okay, well first of all, she
is a he.
- How do you know?
You're not a dog expert.
- No but I know.
- How?
- Parts.
She's got boy parts.
- Oh.
Her name was Duchess.
I guess now it's Duke.
- Great, now we have to get rid
of him.
We're gonna take him to a
shelter, okay?
Don't look at me with those
- But this could be our dog.
Yours and mine.
I can share.
- Now you wanna hide a dog
Not to mention, Duke needs a
He's probably in a lot of pain.
What am I even talking about?
I have to mow.
- I know what's best for you,
that's me.
- Travis, did you take
my big ceramic bowl?
- Mom, why would I take your
It's probably one of the kids.
- Nanna, she needs this.
- You'd think I don't wanna
give her something special.
How about a fish?
Fish are nice.
- Fish are cold.
I just want you to consider
Take Duke to the vet today
for Paige, for me, please.
- She named it?
- [Travis] Mom?
Everything okay?
- Yeah, just watch your game.
Everything is not okay.
Did you take my ceramic bowl?
- Wha?
(sports game television
- Nah.
- Come on.
Who are you rooting for?
- I need a team of Rays on my
- Ray?
Mr. Sadecki.
- Only my mentor
and the best left-handed
pitcher in baseball.
You know the first time I met
When I was just a punk
kid playing street ball.
Guy like that takes time
to work with a kid like me.
(car door thudding)
(car engine rumbling)
Where's Nanna going?
- Oh, she said something
about her bunions.
- Bunions?
(television commotion)
(ominous music)
- Hey, yeah it's me.
I don't...
I know what I said.
My best dog's gone missing.
By Friday.
Dog couldn't gotten that far.
(ominous music)
- He's been through a lot.
- What does that mean?
- Well, the infection
on his leg's pretty bad.
He's gonna have to stay here
and have some fluids and
- He's gonna be okay, right?
- He'll recover.
Hazel, can I see you for a
(somber music)
I'll be honest,
this is what we would
call a rescue situation.
Based on my examination,
it's pretty clear Duke was
used in illegal dog fighting.
- Dog fighting?
- I wasn't aware that
there was any in our area
but dog fighting happens
- [Hazel] So what are you
- These animals usually
need rehabilitation.
We're never gonna know
the things he endured
and often they become
- He seems good with Paige.
- [Doctor] I just need to make
that you understand the risks.
- Thanks for seeing us after
- I assume you'll cover the
medical costs?
- Yeah.
- Nanna?
I'm sorry.
Please don't give up.
I'll find a way to help pay the
- Duke came to use.
We'll take care of him,
I promise.
(dramatic music)
(upbeat music)
- You're gonna get me
into trouble, little girl.
- Hey, buddy.
I couldn't wait to get
out of school today.
The end of the year is so
I brought you a snack.
I know it's your favorite.
- Paige,
those kennels weren't
really made for kids.
- That's okay, Dr. Foster,
I don't mind.
- That wasn't exactly what I
(pleasant music)
- I think the blue brings out
your eyes.
- I wish it were that simple.
- I'm shopping for my niece.
And you?
- Daughter.
It's the annual father-daughter
and I was just--
- And your wife?
I can't believe I asked that.
That's rude, I'm so sorry.
- No, wait,
I could actually really use your
My wife is gone.
- You're a little lost.
- You noticed?
- Yeah.
(somber music)
- Nanna, this isn't good.
Duke is home and you still
haven't talked to dad.
- Yeah, you're so busted.
- I'm your dad's mom,
I'll never be busted.
- Not how I hear it.
- Anyway, he's going
on that business trip.
Why do today what I can
put off until Thursday?
Your dad doesn't even know about
Duke yet
and just in case he has
I think this is the best for
I think it's cozy.
- It looks like a big
old dog kennel to me.
I thought Duke was gonna
be part of our family.
- He is.
Well, he will.
I promise.
- I'm sorry, boy.
I can't believe anyone
would ever hurt you.
(pleasant music)
(crickets chirping)
- What did Doc Foster say
happened to Duke's leg?
You can tell me.
I'm almost 10.
When Doc cleaned the cut, it
It looked sort of like a bite
- It was.
Doc said Duke came from
a dog fighting club.
I don't even know what it's
- Dogs fight?
Like grownups boxing?
- Sweetie,
people put two dogs together
and they pick one to bet on.
Sort of like boxing.
- How do they know who wins?
- Whichever dog is left.
- Does one of the dogs have to
- Or be very hurt.
Hurt enough to stop fighting.
- Who would ever wanna watch
- Sweetheart.
(ominous beat music)
(metal clinking)
(dog barking)
(man hollering)
(crickets chirping)
I love you, handsome.
- Aw.
What're you gonna tell dad?
- I have no idea.
This means so much to Paige.
- I'm on your side, Nanna.
- What am I going to do when you
leave me?
- Two is pushing it.
- I blinked and you grew up.
- I tried to hold it off
for as long as I could.
But nature had its way.
- And clean your room.
(somber music)
You're a very pain in the.
(ominous beat music)
(Mercer groaning)
(Mercer gagging)
- [Man] Next time,
I wouldn't try to pass
off a dog that not yours.
Idiot took the farm supply dog.
- Not that I knew the owner was
- [Man] You lying!
- I'm sorry!
(Mercer gasping)
If I'm dead, I can't stay in the
(ominous music)
(men laughing)
(rooster crowing)
- Ah.
That's a world class beat down.
- Bouncers.
I owe a guard dog for the farm
- Oh.
Dude, that's Dave's favorite
You're lucky they let you live.
- Who's Dave?
- Only the guy that sets
up the stockyard fights.
- Oh God.
Get me out.
- I need to go find my dog.
And there's something in it for
- Better be.
(airplane zooming)
(pleasant music)
- Guess what,
Paige got a new dog.
All right, this is where
I put my foot down.
The dog stays or I'm gone.
(pleasant music)
- Thanks for picking me up.
- Did you buy something?
New microwave?
I told you we don't need a new
- No, I didn't buy anything, I
I did fill up at the airport.
- You know you spent
10 cents more a gallon.
- Wha?
I'm guessing you didn't tell
- Tell dad what?
- Why don't you go downstairs
and kick your feet up?
Dinner will be ready in a
- Sounds good.
Did you DVR the game?
- Of course.
- Nanna?
(television commotion)
(oven beeping)
- Smells like dinner's burning.
- No, everything's fine.
- Nanna, tell him before you
put paint thinner in the gravy
or something equally as
- Yeah, what Decklin said.
- I'll tell him at dinner.
- Nanna!
(dog barking)
(Paige coughing)
You're enabling her.
- I don't even know what that
How was your trip?
- It was good, it was long.
It's good to be home.
Hey, will you get me an ice tea,
- Mhmm.
- Wait a minute.
You smell funny.
- I think it's puberty.
(upbeat music)
- You all look like you're
in a toothpaste commercial.
What's up?
- I have something to tell you.
- Finally.
- I made your favorite dessert.
- Decklin, could you help me?
- You need help carrying
- Help your grandma.
You're awfully chipper tonight.
There we go, that's more like
Where's my pie?
- I ate it.
- You ate my favorite dessert?
- I've been really hungry
after these extra practices.
Hope you don't mind.
- No, not at all but we should
rush you to the hospital though,
- Why would we need to go to the
- See, your brother is
allergic to strawberries,
so if he ate a pie, a strawberry
he'd be going into
anaphylactic shock right now.
- Oh yeah, you'd be dying,
- Dying, Decklin.
- Nanna, you're gonna have to
tell dad.
I know he doesn't do laundry
but he's gonna figure this out.
- I hope you're enjoying that.
You're eating the bribery pie.
(upbeat music)
- [Travis] I'm not gonna
discuss this anymore, mom!
No dog!
Absolutely not!
- [Hazel] You didn't see her.
- [Travis] I don't care!
- [Hazel] She loves that dog!
It's not about want.
She needs this!
- [Travis] Listen to me,
she needs to focus on school
and making some friends!
- Nanna's gonna win.
It's her turn.
- [Hazel] This is going to
I'm not--
- [Travis] This is a trial.
A trial, meaning at any
time for any reason,
I decide the dog is gone.
- Duke.
- The vet said that
it could get aggressive given
its history.
Also, you're gonna feed it,
you're gonna walk it
and you're gonna clean up after
- Duke.
- Are we good?
- Thank you, daddy!
- [Travis] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
(upbeat music)
(kids giggling)
- You really got a dog?
- Yep.
A big one.
He just wondered into my yard.
Like magic.
- That's so cool.
I've always wanted a dog but my
- [Woman] Crowley, your up,
let's go!
- I'll have to basically
humiliate myself.
- Come on, Paige, you got this.
(upbeat music)
- [Woman] Move it!
(kids booing)
- Come on, Paige.
(kids laughing)
- She didn't have it.
- Maybe we should just
move your bed in here.
- You think it would fit?
- [Hazel] We have Decklin's
- You know I hate baseball.
- [Hazel] Don't we all.
(somber music)
- Hey, dad.
- Hey.
- I'm proud of you for being
cool about the whole dog thing.
(pleasant music)
- [Travis] MVP of the game.
I see royal blue in your future.
- Don't get carried away, dad.
Next week we go against
the guys from Blue Springs.
- No negative thinking.
Your team's got a real shot.
- I swear those kids started
when they were in grade school.
(Travis chuckling)
you remember that dance
is on Friday, right?
- Yeah, I got the dress.
- Dad, it's father-daughter
The dress doesn't matter
if you're not with me
while I'm wearing it.
- Well, I had to juggle
a few things around
to make the tournament, which
is kinda my championship.
Look, I'm gonna take you out.
You can wear the dress, I'll
wear a tie.
- All the girls in my class are
You never miss anything for
- Paige, that's not fair.
- First dance only happens once.
(dramatic music)
- Do you think I treat
the kids differently?
- Not intentionally.
I hope not intentionally.
You love baseball.
Decklin plays baseball.
- Don't love baseball.
- It's complicated.
- I think I got it.
- I'm gonna take Duke for a
(somber music)
(ominous music)
- Hey, hey.
Don't be rude now.
I swear I've seen that
dog somewhere before.
Now that dog don't belong to
(suspenseful music)
- Hey, are you okay?
(crickets chirping)
(Travis chucking)
- I'm going to go check on
Robin, thanks for bringing them
- Not a problem.
They're quite a package.
- Tell me about it.
- I think you misunderstood.
They're adorable.
She's gonna look great in her
new dress.
For the dance.
- Oh.
So what do you do
when you're not rescuing
little girls and dogs?
- I'm in hospitality.
What about you?
- I.T. sales.
I'm a closer for the challenging
that are trying to stretch
it out for the free dinners.
You know.
- Yeah, we pretty much have the
same job.
- You think?
- Do you realize everything you
is phrased as a question?
- Really?
- Still a question.
- How am I supposed to
get to know you better
if I don't ask questions?
Still a question.
- Yeah.
I better head out.
Hospitality doesn't serve
(phone ringing)
Are you gonna answer that.
- You think I should?
- It could be one of those
big deals that needs closing.
(phone ringing)
It's me calling.
Paige gave me your number.
Now you got mine.
- Thanks.
I mean,
Have a good evening.
- Bye.
- I oughta put you out of your
I got more game than you.
- Thanks, mom.
You really lift me up where I
- If you ever need advice
on how to make a move,
you can always talk to me.
- I think I just threw up in my
Thank you.
- I'll stop.
The detective's on his way over.
(somber music)
- So he told you the dog wasn't
but he didn't claim that it was
his dog?
- It doesn't matter.
Duke's my dog.
- Honey, it's okay.
The detective is here to sort
things out.
- If you need to take the dog
into custody, that's fine.
- No!
- Guess your dad doesn't want a
do you remember anything else
about him?
I've got that he was a black
younger than a dad but older
than Decklin.
He had a funny tattoo on his
It looked kinda like an
empty paper towel tube.
That's it.
- Did he look anything like this
(ominous music)
- Yep, that's him.
You're a really good detective.
- And you're a doll.
Look, I need to talk to the
adults for a minute, okay?
(ominous music)
- This guy's name is Lyle
He's into guns, drugs
and other nasty pastimes,
including dog fighting.
- Leave it to Paige to pick a
with criminal affiliations.
She couldn't find some
nice abandoned chihuahua?
- It isn't Duke's fault.
- Sir, your family's
probably the best thing
that ever happened to that
Look, I've been on busts
at places like this
and it's brutal.
- What should we do?
- I'd be hypervigilant.
These people are crazy about
their dogs
and if Lyle knows the previous
they might come looking.
- Then we get rid of it, period.
- Well, I don't think
you should overreact.
In fact, this gives us a
great lead on tracking down
a ring we've been looking
for for some time.
- Thank you.
- This is for you.
Cause you'll be able to
find the bad guy now, right?
- Well, it's a start
and I'll be looking.
Here, take this.
I gave one to your dad too
but if you see anything
or anyone makes you feel
uncomfortable, you call me.
- Thanks Mr. Brady.
No one's ever given me
a business card before.
(muffled beat music)
(bottle cap rattling)
- [Lyle] Mercer!
- Get out of my face.
- Fine.
Guess you don't care I saw your
dog today.
- You saw my dog?
- I don't know.
Maybe you oughta give
me a little something.
- This better be worth it, Lyle.
You ain't the reliable kind.
- I swear on my sweet ride, I
saw him.
- Where?
- Walking path.
A little water tower,
he was on a leash with some
little kid.
- Some what, what'd he look
- It was a girl.
Brown hair.
Mosey looking, that's all I
- That does nothing for me.
- Calm down.
Look, there's only one
elementary school in town.
How hard can it be to find
a girl that got a new dog
that looks like a walking shag
- Hey, Mitch.
- Yeah.
- You got a kid in school?
- Yep.
Deuce, sixth grade.
- Can I buy you a beer?
- Yeah.
- Two beers.
- This is totally not cool.
- It's just for awhile.
Most kids would love not having
to ride a smelly old bus.
- No, Nanna, believe me.
Being driven to school is like
the popularity kiss of death.
- Nanna and I talked about it.
It's just the way it's gonna be.
You are just gonna have to
rise above the kiss of death.
- Easy for you to say.
- Hey, no kiss?
- Kiss Nanna or Decklin.
I already got your kiss of
- I'm worried about
leaving but I can't cancel.
- As long as you make it
back for the dance Friday.
- Mhmm.
(upbeat music)
- [Mitch] Why aren't
we talking to your kid?
- Forget it, my kid's useless.
What I wouldn't give to throw
one of them in the ring.
- I don't think you're allowed
to do that.
(Mercer growling)
What'd you find out about
the girl with the dog?
- What do I get if I tell you?
- My gratitude.
Hey, where you going?
- I gotta get an education.
Gratitude doesn't pay for my new
- I'll give you 10 bucks.
- Come back when you got 50.
- Oh, he takes after his mother.
She cleaned me dry.
I live in a trailer, I'm
lucky to have a toilet.
- Hey, come back here.
Make it quick, Suzie Schoolmarm
is on her way over here.
- Fourth grader, name is Paige.
Lives out past the water tower.
- [Mercer] Last name?
- [Teacher] Excuse me?
You can't be here.
- Your kid is a shifty little
- Yeah, I'm a proud dad.
- Do you know these guys?
- Nope.
- You little--
- I just called the front desk.
The authorities are on their
We take "stranger danger"
very seriously around here.
(camera snapping)
- Play where I can see both of
- I've got an idea.
- Jake, your ideas usually
end with me grounded.
Let's just study.
- Stop peeing your pants.
Nothing we do now is gonna
whether or not we graduate.
- [Guy In Glasses] He's got a
- [Decklin] Seriously?
- Yeah.
It'd be our very own fight club.
- What's fight club?
- You need an education
in some film awesomeness.
Brought an air horn just in
- You guys are gonna let me
- [Jake] Yeah, kid, you
get to run the show.
- [Decklin] Hey.
- [Jake] Gotta be ready.
- [Decklin] What?
- Okay, okay, okay, stop.
Stop, stop, stop!
Stop, stop!
- [Paige] I'm blowing the horn!
- I am a human banana,
you will respect me.
Guys, stop.
(ominous music)
I have a weak esophagus,
you can't do that.
(somber music)
- You let Jake pound on me.
Now it's only fair if
I get to pound on you!
- You two were having what
Nanna calls "Alpha Man Disease"
and there isn't a cure.
Not my fault.
- Now it's on.
- Can I ask you a question?
- It's not gonna stop what's
I'm bringing the pain.
- No, really.
- Fine but I'm coming after you.
- Why are all your friends
- You know I don't care
about stuff like that.
You're the star pitcher on
the high school baseball team
but you hang out with Corey.
- You know, you're a
little bit of a stalker.
It's gonna get you in trouble.
Jail time, even.
- I like to think of
observation as my super power.
- Okay, so why don't you tell me
- I think you're secretly a nerd
and you don't want dad to find
(horn squealing)
(water sloshing)
- Oh!
That's cold.
- Oops, better wash that.
I learned in science class that
corrodible or something.
- It's corrosive.
- That's it.
Will you feed Duke too?
- [Decklin] Can I get you
anything else, your highness?
- It'd like an ice tea with
Three cubes, not four.
(whistling tune)
(ominous music)
- Hey pup.
(dog barking)
- [Paige] Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm okay.
(ominous music)
- You want some?
(television commotion)
- Hey, I'm gonna turn in,
Little Dipper, I'm beat.
- Okay, love you.
- [Decklin] Love you too.
(dramatic music)
(footsteps thumping)
- Boo!
- You shouldn't scare your
poor old grandma like that.
Come outside with me for a
(somber music)
You know, Decklin was only a
year younger than you are now
when you were born.
I don't think he wanted
to share the spotlight
with a new baby.
- Well, I guess he didn't
need to worry about that.
- I told him we were all
connected like the stars.
He was like the Big Dipper
and the Big Dipper hangs
over the little one.
- That's why he calls me Little
- Yep.
He still remembers that story.
All right.
That's enough sappiness for one
Don't tell anyone.
- Don't worry, Nanna,
I won't tell anyone you got
(somber music)
Dad's not gonna make it back
in time for the dance, is he?
- You've got to be kidding me,
Why did you wait until now to
She's waiting for you.
Waiting for her dad to
walk through the door.
You really did.
- He's not gonna make it, is he?
(somber music)
It'll be all right.
- Come on, boy, dinner time for
(pleasant music)
- We better get going, Little
Get over here.
(upbeat dance music)
The only thing I need
to know right now
Is you, is your and I
- You sure we're gonna find the
- Every girl in town will be
here tonight.
They all got dreams of
wearing glass slippers.
- You haven't spotted her yet?
- You want your dog back or
I'm getting two shades darker
out here.
She give it another.
- Is that her?
Is that the girl?
- [Lyle] She wasn't all
shinny and sparkly but yeah.
That's her.
What now?
- License plate.
There's an app for that.
- What, like Angry Birds?
(car engine rumbling)
- I should be mad.
I am
but I kinda expect it.
I'm sorry dad didn't make it
but I'm glad you're my big
- Paige,
you can always count on me.
Got it?
- Got it.
- Now what?
- I was just thinking
how the girls in my
class will be so jealous.
They're there with their bald
and you do have great hair.
- I do, don't I?
Not to mention, not one
wrinkle and a killer tan.
- You ready?
- Are you ready?
(raspberry blowing)
On easy street
Now I'm okay with that
The only thing I need
to know right now
- Yes.
Oh, the places we will go
Passed the will unknown
As long as you're with me
We can cross the world
And I will be your girl
- Do me a favor?
- Anything for the prettiest
girl in the dance hall.
- Ick with the gushy
Will you go ask the girl
over there to dance?
Her name is Laura.
- That's the girl that
gives you a hard time.
- Yeah but in terms of
what we want in common.
- Fine.
But I know what this.
You can't keep up with my dance
- Hi.
- May I have this dance?
- Sure.
- I'm Decklin.
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Anyway you go
Wanna try to spin?
That's good.
I'll go anywhere you go
I love you so
I'll go anywhere you go
- I got this, thank you.
I love you so
I'll go anywhere you go
(ominous music)
- You're Decklin Crowley, right?
- Yeah, that's me.
- You've got a mean curve ball.
I imagine the offers are just
rolling in.
So you guys also looking at
any type of endorsement deals
or what are you guys looking at
right now
or are you just totally
focused on the draft?
(ominous music)
(police siren alarming)
- I told you what keeping
that dog could lead to.
Now look.
He guilted me into a decision
that may have cost him his
- Don't blame Nanna.
Decklin knew how much I loved
This is all my fault.
- Maybe if you'd have
been here, really here,
Decklin wouldn't have been
forced to make up the
You wanna point the finger?
Look in the mirror.
- This is about a dog.
Do you realize that?
This dog!
It's ridiculous.
- That's not what it's about.
Maybe you should wait
in the visitor's lounge.
There's wifi.
You could keep working.
(footsteps thumping)
- May I speak with the two of
- Of course.
- I'm sorry to inform
you that Decklin appears
to have serious nerve damage.
(dramatic music)
- But he's a baseball pitcher.
He has a real future,
more than I ever had.
- The dog also needs to go into
with animal control.
It's protocol.
I've already contacted Cass
County animal services.
They'll meet you at your home.
Mr. Crowley?
- Thank you, Dr. Alan.
(dramatic music)
- Mr. Crowley, do you have any
- Yeah, we don't get enough.
- Enough?
- Second chances.
- I can't believe you
ditched me at the dance.
What'd the doctor say?
- Duke might have to go away for
There are certain things
that have to happen.
- Duke didn't mean to hurt
- It's out of our hands.
- I have to see him.
He's gonna be scared.
- Might be too late.
(dramatic music)
(crickets chirping)
(ominous music)
- What happened?
Did somebody spike the punch?
- You had me a little worried.
You had us all worried.
- Are you mad at me?
- Not for a second.
Come here.
I made a mistake.
I should've said something.
It was an accident.
- It doesn't matter.
- Why?
- They have to take him away
even though he had his shots
- No.
Duke did nothing wrong, I'm
I'm gonna be.
Am I okay?
- Let's wait for the doctor to--
- [Decklin] No, just tell me, am
I okay?
- You might not be able to
Not like before.
(dramatic music)
- We made that one heck
of a dancing night.
(ominous music)
- Thank you.
- So what happened?
- I was distracted.
All I could think about was
Decklin in that hospital bed
and Paige.
It's my fault.
I don't even know why I called
I just saw your number and--
- Wow, thanks.
- I would've called you.
I'm just...
I don't know, I guess I don't
really have anyone right now.
- Anytime.
- You're a lucky man, Mr.
- [Travis] Yeah?
- [Doctor] You sustained
a mile concussion.
You'll need to rest an hydrate.
- Thank you.
- Mr. Crowley, I'm not sure what
I can do.
- I don't care, I have to do
That guy that approached
my daughter, Lyle,
where does he hang out?
I know that you can help me.
The guy that hit me, I got a
look at him.
If I saw him again, maybe--
- Look, I'd like nothing more
than to help you bring this guy
but I'm limited by what I'm
allowed to do.
- I have to find him.
I need to get my dog back.
- So he's your dog?
- Just tell me where he hangs
(suspenseful beat music)
So I'm gonna go find our dog.
Anybody wanna help?
(suspenseful beat music)
(muffled music)
- You totally got this, dad.
- Yeah.
My head hurts.
- What, a surprise?
- Hospitality, huh?
- I make a mean gin and tonic.
I'm so sorry about Duke.
Do you know a guy, medium build,
short brown hair, stubble?
He hangs out with a guy named
- The guy she's talking
about has to be Mercer.
- Mercer?
Even the name sounds bad.
- This is my baby.
This is Scout.
- Aw, she's so cute.
- I think I can help you out.
I'll ask around okay?
You guys head home and if I hear
I'll give you a call.
- Okay.
Thank you.
- All right, hold on a second.
(muffled music)
I just didn't want her to
out-kiss me.
I'm the closer.
- Dad?
- What're you wearing?
- Stealthy clothes.
- I like your style.
(phone ringing)
- Hello.
- [Boy On Phone] Paige, is that
- Yeah?
What's wrong?
- Who's Brandon?
- It's about Duke.
I know where he is.
- [Paige On Phone] How?
- Because my dad's the one who
took him.
- [Paige On Phone] We'll
come get you, hang on.
- [Brandon On Phone] I'm scared.
- It's gonna be okay, don't
- [Brandon On Phone] My dad's
taking Duke to the dog fight.
I really want you to save him.
The address is 5200 Dirt Valley
The zipcode is 64078.
He said it's two miles from
- Brandon, are you still there?
(ominous music)
Dad, we've gotta hurry.
- Okay, I'll go
but you stay here.
You stay safe.
I'm serious, Paige.
(dramatic beat music)
I found it.
It's the cattle yard out on
highway W.
(man barking)
(beat music)
- You're never gonna be one
of those double zero guys.
- What are you doing here?
- Getting my dog back.
You look like you could use some
- What about staying safe?
- As far as rescue missions
go, I called in the troops.
- Troops?
There are no troops.
- There's the PTA.
One mom calls another one,
then that one calls one--
- Paige, you can not have
a bunch of moms come here.
These are dangerous man.
- Have you seen some of
the moms from my school?
And you called Detective Brady.
- They're coming but we can't
All right, stay close to me,
(ominous music)
(dogs barking)
- Duke!
- Paige.
(dogs barking)
- Hey, buddy.
- Get away from my dog.
(dogs parking)
(ominous music)
You heard me, back away from my
- I don't think so.
- It's just a dog.
Risking your life and her
life for a stupid mutt.
- He's not just a mutt
and he doesn't belong to you.
(suspenseful music)
(gunshot booming)
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I think so.
Wow, dad,
you shot that guy.
You're like Batman with bullets.
(dramatic music)
- I'm impressed.
Should I ask who decided
to call the PTA SWAT team?
They're more armed than
the special forces.
- Thank God for rural America.
- You didn't mention you
were planning your own raid.
- I'm sorry about that.
- Rita Garland, county animal
- Is this Duke?
- Yes, you need to take him to
- [Rita] Afraid so.
- But.
- He's gonna be fine.
It's just a precaution.
And when he gets out,
he's coming home.
(dramatic music)
- You gotta go with this lady
but I'll see you really soon.
- What's gonna happen
to the rest of the dogs?
- The rescue team will come and
get them
the attention and rehab that
they need.
You two saved them all.
So did you use this?
- Well, my dad saved us
and he only hit the guy a
- Well if he turns up, we
may need to talk officially.
- I almost forgot.
- Who's Brandon?
- From my class.
His dad is the bad guy.
We need to get to his house
and make sure he's okay.
- No, you give me his address.
You two have done enough
police work for this evening.
(dramatic music)
- [Decklin] You ready?
- No.
But I'll have a couple days
on the road to get there.
- Are you disappointed?
- No.
It was my mistake to try and
make my dream into yours.
- And my TA, no small shakes,
but I love it.
- Codeine, huh?
- Yeah.
- Another new language I'm
going to have to figure out.
Just when I thought I could talk
- See, I'll always talk baseball
with you.
(dog barking)
- [Hazel] Duke wants to talk
- No, Duke wants to eat a
Where's Paige?
- Texting Brandon.
- What?
- There she is.
- I'm gonna miss you so much.
- I'm gonna miss you too.
But we're gonna Face Time and
You're gonna see my face more
than you did when I was here.
- I hope so.
- You're gonna be okay.
Dad's trying.
You got Nanna, Duke.
And you got Robin.
- Yeah.
She's pretty cool.
- Hey, you can expect the
deluxe edition pooper scooper
for your birthday.
- Something to remember me by.
- You're so sweet.
(pleasant music)
- [Travis] Come on.
All right, all right, all right.
(pleasant music)
("Anywhere You Go" by Gracie
Our story's still unwritten
We've got miles and miles to
All we have is what we're
You're all I want, all I know

Oh the places we will go
Not just the winding road
Darling, anything you want to
As long as you're with me
We can cross the world
And I will be your girl
Oh, oh, oh
You know
I'll go anywhere you go
Oh, oh, oh
I love you so
I'll go anywhere you go
Anywhere you go
The future's always a mystery

And I'm okay with that
The only thing I need
to know right now
Is you
Is you and I will last
Oh, the places we will go
Not just the winding road
Darling, anything you want to
As long a you're with me
We can cross the world
And I will be your girl
Oh, oh, oh
You know
I'll go anywhere you go
Oh, oh, oh
I love you so
I'll go anywhere you go
Anywhere you go
Anywhere you go
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Anywhere you go
Every dream we have
We'll place upon a shooting
Cross our hearts and
hope they never die
Promise we'll never grow apart

Oh, oh, oh
You know
I'll go anywhere you go
Oh, oh, oh
I love you so
I'll go anywhere you go
Oh, oh, oh
You know
I'll go anywhere you go
Oh, oh, oh
I love you so
I'll go anywhere you go
Anywhere you go
Anywhere you go
Anywhere you go
Anywhere you go