Beloved (1998) Movie Script

# [ Woman Vocalizing ]
[ Bird Squawking ]
[ Dog Barking ]
- [ Girl ] Buglar, make it stop!
- I cant! I cant!
- Please! [ Crying ]
- [ Boy Screaming ] Mama!
[ Dog Growling, Whimpering ]
- [ Screaming ]
- Make it stop, please!
- [ Whimpering Continues ]
- [ Boy ] Mama, help me!
- [ Boy Screaming ]
- [ Girl ] Here, Boy!
[ Crying ]
[ Whimpering Continues ]
- Oh, Grandma Baby.
- Mmm-mm.
- Were gonna need some food. Wait here.
- Okay.
[ Here Boy Whimpering ]
Good boy, Here Boy.
Howard, come on!
- Come on.
- Howard, Buglar!
Where you goin?
- Bye, Denver.
- Bye?
- [ Gasps ]
- We gotta go!
- [ Crying ]
- Buglar, come on.
- No! Buge!
- Go ahead.
Now whatd you go
and do that for?
[ Panting ]
[ Hoofbeats Clattering ]
# [ Woman Vocalizing ]
[ Barking ]
Watch out there,
Here Boy.
[ Child Crying ]
[ Barking ]
Paul D?
Is that you?
Whats left.
[ Hoofbeats Clattering ]
How you been, girl?
Besides barefoot.
Messed up my legs
back yonder.
I dont even
wanna hear about it.
I always did hate
that stuff.
Youre lookin good.
Devils confusion, Sethe.
He lets me look good
as long as I feel bad.
How long has it been?
Eighteen years.
Eighteen years?
I swear, Ive been walkin
every one of em.
- Mind if I join you?
- You wanna soak em? Let me get you some water.
No. Cant baby feet.
Theys got a whole lot more
tramplin to do.
[ Sighing ]
You aint leavin right away.
You stay awhile.
Ah, well, long enough
to see Baby Suggs...
and you.
Where is she?
Oh, no.
- When?
- Eight years ago now.
Almost nine.
Was it hard?
I hope she didnt die hard.
Soft as cream.
Bein alive
was the hard part.
Sorry you missed her,
Is that what
you came by for?
Thats some
of what I came for.
Rest is you.
[ Sighs ] Truth be known...
these days I go anywhere
they let me sit down.
I wouldnt have to ask you
about him, would I?
Youd tell me if there was
anything to tell, wouldnt you?
Id tell you.
You know I would.
So you dont know
nothin either.
[ Sighs ] Halle, Halle.
[ Grunts ]
[ Horse Whinnying ]
We got spare rooms.
Could stay the night
if you had the mind to.
You dont sound too steady
in the offer.
Oh, its truly meant.
Its just that I hope
youll pardon my house.
My house.
I like the sound of that.
Come on in.
- Come on in.
- [ Chuckling ]
Good God, girl.
What kind of evil you got in there?
It aint evil.
Just sad. Come on.
Step on through.
I- I thought you said
she died soft.
Thats not Baby Suggs.
- Who then?
- My daughter.
- The one I sent ahead with the boys before I run off.
- She didnt live?
- No.
- Boys too?
No, they alive, I pray.
They run off just before
Baby Suggs went and died.
Probably best. Ahh!
Negro boy got legs,
he ought to use em.
Sit around too long, somebodyll
figure out a way to tie em up.
- By yourself then?
- No.
Got the girl I was carryin
when I left Sweet Home.
You had that baby, did you?
Damn, I didnt think youd make it.
Runnin off pregnant,
all by yourself too.
- [ Footsteps ]
- Denver!
Come here, baby.
I want you to meet somebody.
Paul D, this here
is my Denver.
Uh, mornin, Miss Denver.
Its a pleasure.
Mornin, Mr D.
Uh, Garner, baby.
Paul D Garner.
- Yes, sir.
- Glad to get a look at you.
She a fine-lookin
young lady, Sethe.
Yeah. Got her daddys
sweet face.
You know my daddy?
Of course he know your daddy.
He from Sweet Home.
Sweet Home.
How come everybody who run off from
Sweet Home cant stop talkin about it?
It looks like if it was so sweet,
you wouldnt run away.
Girl, who you think
you talkin to?
True, true.
She-She right, Sethe.
It wasnt sweet,
and it sure wasnt home.
But its where we were,
all together.
Come back whether
we wanted to or not.
[ Sighs ]
We have a ghost here,
you know?
- [ Liquid Pouring ]
- We met.
Denver, heat up that stove.
Cant have a friend stop by
and dont feed him.
Oh, dont go to no trouble
on my account.
Bread aint no trouble.
The rest I bring back
from where I work.
Least I can do workin dawn to noon
is bring home supper.
Got any objections to pike?
If he dont object to me,
I dont object to him.
Why dont you spend the night,
Mr Garner?
That way, two of you can talk
about Sweet Home all night long.
Denver, what is the matter
with you?
I never known you
to behave this way.
[ Crying ]
[ Sniffling ]
Mama, I cant no more.
[ Sniffling Continues ]
I cant no more.
You cant what?
What cant you?
Cant live here.
I dont know where Im gonna go
or what Im gonna do...
but I cant stay here!
[ Sobbing ]
Nobody speaks to us,
nobody comes by...
nobody even knows Im alive.
Oh, Denver.
Come here, baby.
- Its all right.
- Sethe.
Im a grown man...
with nothin new
left to see or do...
but I tell you
it cant be easy...
a young girl
livin in a haunted place.
Maybe you ought to move.
No movin. No leavin.
Its all right the way it is.
Its all right.
You wanna tell me
its all right, Sethe...
and that childs half
outta her mind.
[ Clattering ]
- [ Denver Whimpering ]
- Hush, I say!
I got a tree on my back...
and a haint in my house...
and nothin in between but the daughter
Im holdin in my arms.
No leavin.
No runnin from nothin.
- You hear me?
- [ Mumbling ]
I will never run from another thing
on this Earth.
Come on.
You can sit down and eat...
- or you can leave us be.
- [ Sobbing ]
[ Grunts ]
What tree, Sethe?
I dont see nothin
growin on your back.
Its there all the same.
Chokecherry tree.
Leaves, branches.
That was 18 years ago.
- Happened that night.
- That night?
- [ Screaming ]
- Tree could have cherries by now for all I know.
I aint followin you,
I had milk, Paul D.
[ Chattering ]
I had milk, see?
I was pregnant with Denver...
but I hadnt stopped nursin
my baby girl...
before I sent her
and the boys off.
[ Crying ]
All I knew was,
I had to get milk to my baby girl.
I thought we was talkin
about a tree.
We was all supposed to meet
in the cornfield. None of you came.
I had to leave my children,
go back lookin for Halle.
Thats when I saw you
in the shed.
Sixo dead. Schoolteacher
done gone and burnt him.
Paul A too.
They hang him from a tree.
Said you were gonna run
no matter what.
I didnt think you would
make it to the gate.
- I went back in the barn to look for Halle.
- Animal.
Thats when
Schoolteacher saw me.
[ Schoolteacher ]
Whats it taste like?
Came in there
with his boys after me.
Youve got
animal characteristics.
Them boys took my milk.
Thats my babys food!
Thats what
they come in there for.
[ Screaming ]
Hold me down, take it.
I told Miss Garner on em.
[ Sethe ]
Theyre lyin, the animals!
She had that lump on
her neck and couldnt speak.
But her eyes rolled out tears,
I remember.
Them boys found out
I told on em.
- [ Screaming ]
- Youre horrible and beaten up!
Youre horrible
and beaten up!
Schoolteacher had one of em
whoopin up my back.
And when they closed...
it left a tree.
They used cowhide on you.
And they took my milk.
They beat you
and you was pregnant?
And they took my milk.
Oh, Lord, girl.
[ Clattering, Baby Crying ]
[ Crying Continues ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Screaming ] Goddam it!
Hush up!
[ Barking ]
[ Sethe ]
Denver! Denver!
Move! Move!
Get outta the way!
[ Paul D ]
Leave this place alone!
I said, hush up,
goddam it!
Paul D, look out!
Paul D!
[ Paul D Groaning ]
- Paul D!
- You wanna fight?
Then come on, goddam it!
[ Yelling ]
[ Panting ]
[ Birds Twittering ]
[ Panting Continues ]
[ Coughing ]
[ Chickens Clucking ]
[ Baby Cooing ]
- [ Man ] I was up there in the loft!
- [ Paul D Screaming ] Halle!
- [ Sethe ] Them boys took my milk.
- Halle!
- Thats what they come in there for.
- [ Halle ] The loft, the loft.
- Halle!
- I seen it all!
- [ Sethe ] Hold me down and take it.
- [ Screaming ]
[ Gasping ]
- Halle!
- Milk it like a cow.
- Thats what we mean by animal characteristics.
- Halle! Stop!
[ Paul D ]
# Little rice#
# Little bean#
# No meat in between#
# Hard work aint easy #
[ Sethe ] Anybody here?
Mama! Mama!
[ Chuckling ]
- Sethe? [ Clears Throat ]
- Hmm?
I was thinkin
of lookin for work around here.
- What you think?
- Hmm. Aint much.
River mostly. And hogs.
Well, I never worked
on the river...
but I can pick up anything
heavy as me, hogs included.
White folks here
better than Kentucky...
but you just might
have to scramble some.
Well, it aint whether I scramble,
its where.
You sayin its all right
to scramble here?
Better than all right.
Your girl, Denver, it seems she
of a different mind though.
You dont never have
to worry about Denver.
She a charmed child
from the beginning.
Gotta know one thing
though, Paul D.
This here aint no better life.
Just not that other one.
What I do here--
all I ever do...
is keep Denver
from that other one.
Wont let the past in my yard again.
You understand?
Dangerous to love any one thing
that much, Sethe.
The best thing is to love everything
just a little bit.
That way, if it breaks or runs off
or is taken away...
you know, maybe, you still have
a little love left over.
Hmm. Well, thats the way
it is, Paul D.
If I have to choose,
well, aint no choice.
Thats the whole point.
I aint askin you to choose.
I just wanna know
if theres a place for me.
If theres more than,
You can stay, its fine.
More like,
I want you here, Paul.
Maybe we ought to just leave things
the way they are.
Sethe, Im not sayin this
cause I need a place to stay.
We could make a life, girl.
A life.
- I dont know about that, Paul D Garner.
- Leave it to me!
See how it goes. No promises
if you dont wanna make none.
Just leave it to me.
All right?
[ Hoofbeats Clattering ]
- All right, well see how it goes.
- [ Sighing ]
Youre willin
to leave it to me?
Some of it.
Some. Okay. Okay.
Heres some.
Theres a carnival in town.
Thursdays for coloreds,
and I got two dollars.
Me, you and Denver
gonna spend every penny.
- What you say?
- I dont know.
All right?
- No.
- Aw-- Please!
[ Denver ]
You think Baby Ghosts really gone?
Dont know.
She my sister.
I miss her.
[ Paul D ]
# Well, I said come here, black woman?
I wish hed shut up.
He gonna ruin everything.
- Shh. Give him a chance.
- # [ Singing Continues ]
- Do that for me.
- Why?
How long he stayin?
- Dont know.
-# I said run here, black woman?
I think the baby aint gone.
I think the baby got plans.
- Maybe.
-# I know your house #
[ Sethe ] Maybe so.
[ Bird Squawking,
Wings Fluttering ]
[ Snoring ]
[ Wheezing ]
[ Snoring, Wheezing Continue ]
[ Gasping ]
[ Wheezing Continues ]
[ Snoring ]
[ Wheezing, Snorting ]
- # [ Calliope ]
- [ Man ] Come one, come forward, come all! Do not fear!
Come inside to the largest lady,
Roundella, with me today.
Sweet, gentle and delicate,
eating a chicken from each hand.
- Come inside now and see her. Dont be afraid. Come this way.
- Wait! Come back!
[ Crowd Chattering ]
...and who will swallow
a Confederate sword to the hilt...
in front of
your very eyes.
- Step forward and see!
- Whoo!
[ Chattering ]
Oh, Grace.
- Youll never believe who come walkin up in here.
- [ Lion Growling ]
- How do?
- [ Man ] Come on, Lucy.
[ Boy ]
Dont forget the pig ride.
[ Paul D ]
How do, maam?
[ Crowd Gasping, Applauding ]
Step inside to see
the things you thought could never be.
The ferocious African savage,
Cluck Butoo!
Born with fangs, raised by wild animals
and captured crazy.
Look how fat she is, Mama.
[ Growling ]
I- I knew this one
back in Roanoke.
- Want some liquorice, Denver?
- Yes, please.
- Peppermint stick?
- Yes, please.
- Some gumdrops?
- Yes, please.
Mind if I take a sip?
Mmm. Mmm!
Hey, Denver!
Thank you.
Ill take
one of those lemonades too.
But tell me
about some work.
- I mean, tell me about where I
can find some. - Well, they have--
[ Man ]...turns his head
inside his own face...
- and pulls his ears--
- [ Men Chattering ]
[ Crowd Singing ]
# Headin back#
# Goin home#
# [ Continues ]
[ Chattering ]
Whats that?
# Aint wanna hurt nobody#
-# Oh, no#
- [ Snoring ]
# Aint gonna hurt nobody#
# Oh, Lord#
# [ Continues ]
[ Gasping ]
Excuse me.
[ Coughing ]
You from around here?
What might your name be?
[ Speaking In Guttural Voice ]
Beloved. [ Grunting ]
Thats a pretty name,
Why dont you rest yourself while I--
I fix us a little somethin.
We just got back from the carnival
over in Cincinnati.
[ Paul D ] Miss? Miss?
You wanna rest a spell?
- [ Beloved Gasping ]
- I got her!
I got her. I got her.
[ Whimpering ]
Look at her feet.
Aint walkin feet.
- More like she...
- [ Wheezing ]
ride from somewhere
all the way here.
Is she feverish, Denver?
No, she cold.
- [ Paul D ] Could have the cholera.
- She aint sick.
- [ Paul D Chuckling ]
- [ Sethe ] Nah, its just a little somethin I whipped up.
A little somethin
you whipped up?
- Mmm. Mmm.
- [ Beloved Moaning ]
Heard theres work
down in Bucktown.
Go see it for myself today.
[ Paul D And Sethe Laughing ]
[ Wheezing ]
[ Snoring ]
[ Paul D ]
Whoa! Whoa! Hey! Ho-ho! Whoa!
[ Chattering ]
[ Wheezing, Snoring Continue ]
# [ Denver Singing ]
- # [ Stops ]
- [ Wheezing, Snoring Continue ]
[ Grunting ]
You wanna try some?
Come on, come on.
Come on.
- Over here. Come on.
- [ Beloved Wheezing ]
There you go.
Come on! [ Laughing ]
I knew you could do it.
[ Chuckling ] Oh.
You hungry?
[ Giggles ]
Its good!
[ Giggling ]
Slow down.
[ Laughing ]
# [ Woman Vocalizing ]
Come on.
Chicken, chicken,
shoo, shoo, shoo.
- # [ Vocalizing Stops ]
- I call this one June...
and thats May.
You gotta do soft touch.
Can you do soft touch?
Touch it-- No!
[ Wheezing ]
I help make you bread.
Thats nice.
Is my apron here?
All right, we need a little flour.
We need some--
I dont know.
I see you got all my things laid out.
Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Now you need some of that right there.
You need this.
There. Wait, wait.
[ Paul D ]
# Little rice, little bean#
# Aint no meat in between #
[ Beloved Chattering ]
[ Denver Laughing ]
Ooh, look at you.
Okay, put it down.
Put it back.
# [ Continues ]
[ Beloved ]
Go inside and get biscuit.
[ Denver ]
# I went downtown to get my grits#
# Came back home
just a-pullin the skiff#
# Just a-pullin the skiff#
# I ran upstairs
to make my bed#
# I made a mistake
and I bumped my head#
# Just a-pullin the skiff
Just a-pullin the skiff#
# Went downstairs
to milk my cow#
# I made a mistake
and I milked my sow#
# Just a-pullin the skiff
Just a-pullin the skiff#
# Tomorrow, tomorrow
Tomorrow never comes#
# Tomorrow, tomorrow
Tomorrow never comes #
# [ Singing ]
[ Thunder Rumbling ]
- [ Beloved Whimpering ]
- Come on!
Clouds look like
theyre gonna burst.
- [ All Screaming, Laughing ]
- Oh, here it come!
- Here, here!
- Come on, girl.
- Here, Mama! Pull!
- Pull it!
- Go! Go! Hurry up!
- Hurry up. Come on.
- Beloved, pick up that sheet.
- Run! Its raining!
- Youre draggin it on the ground.
- Go!
[ Screaming, Laughing Continue ]
Stop draggin them sheets.
Pick em up off the ground now...
so we dont have
to wash em again.
Come on. Whoo!
Almost didnt make it.
Spread em out.
Beloved, put that sheet down now.
Spread it out.
Keep it up off the floor.
# [ Singing ]
your diamonds?
Diamonds? [ Chuckles ]
What would I be doin
with diamonds?
On your ears.
Wish I did.
Come to think of it...
I had some crystal once.
Present from the lady
I used to work for.
Tell me.
Tell me your diamonds.
Wedding present
from Miss Garner...
back at Sweet Home...
when Halle and me got married-- what
they called married back there and then.
Guess she saw how bad
I felt when...
I saw there wasnt gonna be
no ceremony, no preacher.
I never saw you
with no crystals.
Long gone.
Come here, girl.
You best unbraid that hair.
Come on.
Get the comb.
Its right here.
Ow! That hurts.
Comb it every day, it wont.
Your woman...
never fix up your hair?
My woman?
You mean my mother?
Mama dont talk about
all those things.
Tell me.
If she did, I dont remember.
I dont think I saw her
but a few times out in the field...
once workin indigo.
By the time I woke up mornings,
she was in line.
Hmm. If the moon was bright,
they worked by its light.
Sundays, she slept
like a stick.
Tell me about her.
I remember, once, she picked me up
and carried me behind the smokehouse.
Only thing I do remember,
in fact.
She opened up her dress,
and right on her rib--
right here--
was a circle...
and a cross
burnt right in the skin.
She points at this mark,
and she says--
she says to me...
This is your maam.
Im the only one got this mark now.
The rest all dead.
Somethin happen to me,
you cant tell me by my face...
you know me by this mark.
Scared me so I couldnt think
of nothin to say...
so I says, Yes, maam.
But how you know me?
Mark the mark on me.
Mark me too.
Did she?
She slapped my face.
I didnt understand it then.
Not till I had
a mark of my own.
[ Beloved ]
What happened to her?
Maam. Whats the matter
with you, maam?
Why they hang your mama?
I never found out.
Was a lot of em.
[ People Crying ]
- [ Bones Cracking ]
- [ Woman Sobbing ]
Paul D be here in a minute.
Hope this puddings
good tonight.
Denver, pass me
your plate down here.
Paul D.
Where you been all them years...
since Sweet Home, Mr Paul?
Aint you got no people?
- You wanna know about me now.
- Uh-huh.
I got no people.
Eighteen years since I left Sweet Home,
and Ive been walkin the whole time.
Move, walk, run, hide,
sometimes steal and move on.
Only time I stayed in one spot
for more than a month or so...
was with a weaver woman
in Wilmington, Delaware.
Meanest place for a Negro
I ever seen...
outside of Pulaski County,
I seen Negroes
so stunned and hungry...
they lived in caves,
fought owls for food.
Seen some who slept
in trees in the day...
and moved only by night...
who buried themselves in slop
to hide from...
posses and lawmen
and regulators.
Met a Negro boy once--
about 14--
- who lived by hisself in the woods...
- [ Sighing ]
and said he could never remember
livin anywhere else.
Seen a witless
coloured woman hang...
for stealing ducks
she believed was her own babies.
In all these years, girl...
you beat all.
I aint never seen
a Negro like you.
I think its time you tell us
a little somethin about yourself.
She dont remember nothin.
Oh, youd be surprised what you start
rememberin soon as you start talkin.
Aint you got
no brothers or sisters?
I aint got nobody.
Paul D, stop it.
Denver, help me
clean up this table.
I wanna know, Sethe.
What you lookin for
when you come here, Beloved?
This place.
I look for this place
I could be in.
Somebody tell you
about this place?
She told me.
When I was at the bridge,
she told me.
How you come? Who brung ya?
I walk here.
Its a long, long,
long, long way.
- Nobody bring me.
- You wearin new shoes, gal.
- If you walked so long, how come your shoes dont show it?
- [ Sethe ] Paul D.
Stop pickin on her.
I wanna know! Where you get
them shoes and the dress you had on?
I take the shoes,
and I take the dress!
The shoestrings dont fit.
Ill teach you
how to tie your shoes.
[ Gagging ]
Beloved. Beloved!
- [ Coughing ]
- Beloved.
Beloved, Beloved,
you all right?
- Let it out.
- [ Hand Hitting Back ]
Go to sleep now.
[ Denver ]
You can come in my room.
I can take care of you
up there.
[ Crying Continues ]
Whats the matter with you?
What is it about her vex you so?
I dont understand
what the hold is.
Its clear why she hold on to you. I
just cant see why you holdin on to her.
What you care
who holdin on to who?
She nice girl,
company for Denver.
Theres something funny
about that gal.
Act sick, sound sick,
but she dont look sick.
Eats sweets all day long,
as strong as a bull.
She not strong. She cant hardly even
walk without holdin on to somethin.
Cant walk, but I seen her pick up
the rocker with one hand.
You aint seen no such a-thing.
Hey, dont tell me. Ask Denver.
She right there with her.
Sethe, Sethe, baby.
We were startin to feel a little like
a family ourself till she come along.
- Is that what got your teeth on edge?
- Its a feelin in me.
- I cant place it. Its her.
- You wanna feel somethin?
Feel what it feel like to be
a coloured woman roamin the roads.
And anything God made
liable to jump on you. Feel that!
I know every bit of that, Sethe.
I wasnt born yesterday, and I never
mistreated a woman in my life.
Well, that makes
one of you in this world.
One. Not two?
No, not two.
Whatd Halle ever do to you?
Halle stood by you.
Halle ran off.
He left me,
and he left our children.
- You dont know that.
- Who he leave then if he didnt leave me?
He wasnt there.
He wasnt where he said he was gonna be.
I had to pack my babies off
ahead of me on their own.
Stayed behind to look for him.
Got caught by Schoolteacher
and his boys for my trouble.
[ Dishes Clattering ]
He couldnt get out
the... loft, I expect.
What loft?
One in the barn, I reckon.
He was there?
How do you know?
Mornin after you run,
I seen Halle...
chained to a post.
I said, What happened?
Where you been?
The loft, the loft. The loft.
Thats all he said.
- Could never figure out what he meant by that.
- [ Sighing ]
He saw them boys
do that to me?
And he let them
keep on breathin?
I- I ask him...
How come you didnt run
with Sethe?
He never answered me.
I seen him once more, the day
Schoolteacher sold me to Brandywine.
Takin me away
in the wagon.
There Halle was,
in the yard...
sittin by the churn.
They didnt need to put no chains on him
no more. His mind was gone.
a man aint a goddam axe...
choppin and hackin...
bustin every minute of the day.
Things get to him.
Things he cant chop down
cause they inside.
Halle never just run off
and leave you, Sethe.
You see...
you the only one of us
who made it out that night.
The only one.
[ Thunder Rumbling ]
I didnt plan
on telling you all that.
Im sorry.
I didnt plan on hearin it.
Didnt plan on you
walkin down that road neither...
comin into my house...
bringin all this with you.
[ Denver Humming ]
[ Denver Giggling ]
- Whered you learn to dance?
- Nowhere!
Watch me do this.
[ Laughing ]
Now you! Come on!
You may as well.
Just go on!
[ Laughing ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Groaning, Sighing ]
Why you call yourself Beloved?
In the dark, my name Beloved.
Whats it like where you was before?
Can you tell me?
Dark. I was small
in that place...
like this here.
- Were you cold?
- Hot!
Nothing to breathe down there.
No room to move.
You see anybody?
Its a lot of people...
down there.
Some is dead.
You see Jesus? Baby Suggs?
I dont know.
I dont know the names.
Well, what you
come back here for?
To see her face.
I remember!
I remember!
I was in the water.
I see her diamonds down there.
Then she left me behind...
by myself.
You wont ever leave us,
will ya?
No. Never.
This is where I am!
Dont tell.
Please dont let Mama know who you are.
You hear me?
Dont tell me what to do!
Dont you never, never
tell me what to do!
- But Im on your side!
- She the one!
She the one l need!
You can go!
She the one I have to have!
[ Mumbles ]
Tell me how Sethe...
make you in the boat.
Tell me.
She never told me all of it.
Tell me.
Tell me. [ Crying ]
Mama was runnin!
- [ Bird Squawking ]
- [ Sethe Panting ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Moaning ]
[ Moaning Continues ]
Who in there?
Who that back there?
[ Panting ]
[ Chuckling ] My, my, my.
My, my, my, my!
Its a nigger!
If that dont beat all!
Girl, you about the scariest-lookin
somethin I ever saw.
What you doin
way back up here?
Im runnin.
These the feet you runnin on?
- [ Groans ]
- Jesus, my!
Miss, am I in Ohio?
[ Gasps ]
[ Chuckling ] Ohio?
No, girl, you in Kentucky.
You about a thousand miles
away from Ohio.
You havin a baby?
Oh, my!
I expect this baby there
is gonna die in these wild onions.
I gotta eat me somethin.
W- W-Where-Where was you
on your way to-to, miss?
Boston. Get me some velvet.
Its a store called Wilsons.
They just have the purtiest velvet.
You ever seen velvet
or touched it?
I- If-- If I did,
I didnt know it.
Velvet I seen was brown...
but in Boston,
they got all colours.
What they call you?
L- Lu.
[ Nervously Chuckling ]
Well, what you gonna do, Lu?
You just gonna lay here and foal?
I-- I-I cant get up.
I- I cant move.
Oh, sure, you can, Lu. Come on.
You stay here, the snakes might get ya.
- I cant.
- Come on, come on.
- Come on, come on. Come on.
- [ Groaning ]
Come on!
I was fishin off the Beaver once
when a nigger floated right by me.
I dont like drowned people much.
Do you?
Your feet kinda
reminded me of him.
All swoll-like.
- Now this is gonna hurt a little.
- [ Groaning ]
Anything dead comin back
to life hurts.
You aint got no business
pokin round these hills, miss.
Lookit here whos talkin.
Aint nobody after me,
but I know somebody after you...
and they catch you,
theyre gonna cut your head off.
- Stop wiggling, girl.
- My back hurt me.
- Your back?
- Yeah.
Girl, you a mess.
Turn over here and let me see.
[ Groaning ]
[ Screaming, Moaning ]
Come here. Jesus!
Its a tree, Lu.
Your back got
a whole tree on it.
Chokecherry tree in bloom.
See? Heres the trunk.
Its spread and split wide open,
full of sap and branches.
And darned if these aint blossoms.
Come on, girl. [ Gasping ]
Cause of me,
youre up and walkin.
See, Jesus.
Lu made it through.
Im good with sick things,
aint I?
Yeah, you good.
- Whats all over your dress, girl?
- Its milk.
Gotta get milk
to my baby girl.
You mean, you got
another baby waitin for you?
Oh, my, Jesus.
- [ Panting ]
- Come on.
Come on. Come on.
[ Giggling ] Now...
thats Ohio.
[ Giggling ]
Jesus lookin at you, girl!
[ Laughing ]
Whoo! Come on.
[ Groaning ]
Oh, heres your paddle!
- [ Screaming ]
- What you doin now, poor girl?
- [ Gasping ]
- Stop that right now!
- Jesus, Lu! Stop it! Stop it!
- [ Panting ]
Lu! Lu! Stop it!
Oh, Jesus! Im awfully sorry
about braggin.
I need you here now!
- Dont be gettin lost on me now, Jesus!
- [ Continues Panting ]
Come on! Push! Push!
- [ Screaming ]
- Push!
Oh, here comes the head.
Oh, dear Jesus,
please, help!
God, its stuck!
- [ Grunting ] Come on!
- [ Screaming ]
[ Panting ]
- [ Laughing ]
- [ Baby Crying ]
Oh, praise Jesus.
Praise Jesus.
[ Crying Continues ]
She aint never
gonna know who I am.
You better tell her who brung her
into this world.
[ Crying ]
You say, Miss Amy Denver...
- of Boston.
- Mm.
Pretty. Thats pretty.
Real pretty. Shh.
[ Denver Narrating ] So Amy Denver,
she left me and Mama on the riverbank.
That was the first time
we met Stamp Paid.
[ Denver Crying ]
Hey there.
You headin across?
Yes, sir.
Anybody know you comin?
Yes, sir.
My mother-in-law, Baby Suggs.
[ Crying Continues ]
[ Denver Narrating ]
Most folk call her Baby Suggs Holy.
- To me, she were Grandma Baby.
- [ Laughing ]
Thank you, Ella.
Thank you, Stamp.
[ Laughing ] Oh!
[ Laughing Continues ]
Oh, my Lord.
My sweet Jesus!
Thank you!
- [ Baby Suggs Laughing ]
- [ Sethe Crying ]
Wheres my Halle?
Well, he w-wasnt there...
where he said to meet him,
and I had to go.
Had to.
H- H-Hell make it.
If I made it,
Halle sure can.
- Where-Wheres my children?
- Oh, no, not now.
We got to fix you up first.
You too ugly-lookin
to wake em. [ Laughing ]
- Shh.
- [ Door Opening ]
- Buglar, Howard!
- [ Both ] Mama, Mama!
- Oh, look at you.
- [ Children Laughing ]
Let me see. Oh!
Tell me the other baby.
Tell me you big sister.
[ Denver ]
Mm, Baby Suggs call her...
Crawlin Already Baby.
Crawlin already?
Aint this somethin?
All right, baby girl.
Right this way.
Mamas waitin.
All right, Howard, Buglar.
[ Crying ]
Youre okay. Yeah.
Aint nothin here worth savin.
What is this?
Weddin present from Mrs Garner.
I wish there was a groom
to go with it.
Put em on, child.
Maybe theyll light his way.
Look at those shine.
Pretty, huh?
Daddy come soon, huh?
No matter what happen...
God has led you home.
lay em down, Sethe.
Sword and shield.
Study war no more.
God has led you home.
- Where we goin, Mama?
- We goin to pay tribute to your daddy.
Our house used to be
a whole different thing.
Strangers rested there.
People leavin messages.
Folks comin and goin all the time.
It was a happy house when I first got
there with Denver strapped to my chest...
waitin on her daddy to come.
Halle bought Baby Suggs freedom...
but slavery done already
busted her legs...
and busted her back,
hands, everything.
When she come here, she aint had
nothin left to make no livin with...
besides her heart.
Baby Suggs used to preach
right here.
Let the children come.
- [ Laughing ]
- [ Footsteps ]
Let your mothers
hear you laugh.
[ Children Laughing ]
Let the grown men come.
Let your wives
and your children...
see you dance.
[ Crowd Cheering, Chattering ]
Women! Women!
I want you to weep!
Just weep...
for the living...
for the dead.
Grandma Baby used to say your daddy
was too good for this world.
He was a good man.
It scared her.
She used to always fret whether
he wasnt gonna make it through nothin.
He made it through a lot.
Maybe Grandma Baby was right.
your daddy aint gonna
never show up here.
- You understand?
- But--
The day aint gonna
never come...
when Halle knocks on that door.
Paul D! Paul D!
You here?
[ Laughing ]
Where else would I be on a Sunday off?
[ Water Splashing ]
[ Panting ] Youre here.
Why dont you come on in here?
[ Laughing ]
Girls right behind me.
I dont hear nobody.
- I gotta cook.
- Me too.
Yeah, yeah.
I thought Id make
some snap beans.
- Fry up a little corn.
- Yeah.
Paul D, stop it. Stop it.
- [ Paul D Whispering ]
- Denver?
- Beloved? That you?
- [ Paul D ] Shh, shh.
- [ Sethe Slapping Paul D ]
- Paul D!
[ Paul D Chuckling ]
Come on.
[ Sethe Giggling ]
[ Whimpering ]
[ Crying ]
[ Crying Continues ]
[ Calling ]
[ Beloved Wheezing ]
That was real fine, Sethe.
Thank you.
- Sure you got enough?
- Yes, maam.
Bone-tired and river-whipped.
[ Dishes Clattering ]
[ Sethe Chattering ]
- Paul D.
- [ Groaning ]
Dont tell me I slept
in this chair the whole night.
Im not gonna say a thing.
- Why you didnt rouse me?
- I did.
I tried callin you
two or three times.
- I thought maybe you went out somewhere.
- Sorry, honey.
- Ill make us some breakfast.
- You know somethin?
Breakfast can wait.
[ Chuckling ]
- Paul! Paul D! Paul D!
- [ Paul D Snoring ]
What you doin
in Baby Suggs bed?
I dont know.
like Im havin house fits.
It got me to move from bed...
to chair to bed.
Slept good though.
No. Come on now.
You gonna be late for work.
Come on, come on.
I got to get to work. So do you.
Come on.
Yeah, right.
- Come on, Beloved.
- Yeah.
[ Thunder Rumbling ]
[ Beloved ] Why dont the chickens
have no teeth?
[ Sethe Laughing ]
- [ Beloved Mumbling ]
- [ Sethe ] Whoo!
- Chicken has no teeth.
- [ Sethe Laughing ]
Mamas cookin chicken!
[ Paul D Moaning ]
Oh, God. [ Gasps ]
Head hurts.
What you want in here?
I want you touch me...
on the inside part...
and call my name.
Good people take you in,
treat you good...
you oughta try
to be good back.
You dont--
Sethe loves you...
as much as her own daughter,
you know that.
She dont love me
like I love her.
I dont love nobody but her.
Then what you come
in here for?
I want you to touch me
on the inside part.
Go back in that house
and get in that bed.
You has to touch me
on the inside part.
You has to call me my name.
- No.
- Ill go if you call it.
- No, Beloved.
- Please, call it.
[ Groaning ]
Red heart.
Red heart.
Red heart.
Red heart.
Red heart. Red heart.
[ Paul D ] Red heart.
Red heart. Red heart!
Red heart!
Red heart. Red heart.
[ Paul D Crying ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Crying Continues ]
Are there flowers in the dark?
There is.
- [ Steamship Whistling ]
- [ Man Yelling ]
[ Yelling Continues ]
[ Men Chattering ]
- Come on. Come on.
- Whoo-hoo!
[ Paul D Mumbling ]
Paul D! Wanna ride with us?
We got the wagon today.
Why dont we--
[ Whispering ]
If I could just tell her.
[ Paul D ] Now, Sethe, you aint
gonna like what Im about to say.
Somethin is happening to me.
That girl do it.
Fixin me. Yeah.
She fixed me, Sethe.
She fixed me,
and I cant break it.
She-She moved me
out of the house...
and then she--
she joined me.
- Paul D?
- [ Dog Barking ]
Paul D?
Why, you make me feel
like a young girl...
comin by to pick me up
after work.
There you go, Pupski.
Better watch out. I might start
lookin forward to it.
You get off from work
early or what?
I took off early.
- [ Horse Whinnying ]
- Anything the matter?
In a way of speakin.
Sethe, you aint gonna like
what Im about to say.
Well, say it, Paul D,
whether I like it or not.
I want you pregnant.
You want me pregnant?
Is that what
you come by here for?
Dont you think Im a little too old
to start that all over again?
Th-Think about it.
[ Paul D Laughing ]
You crazy man.
Come on.
[ Laughing Continues ]
[ Sethe ]
What has got into you?
You need some babies
or somebody to play with.
Im sure willin to try.
I need a willin partner though.
Ill say. Ill say.
Lets run. Lets run.
Ive been on my feet all day.
Oh, where I been, Sethe?
Stop, Paul D.
My legs aint made for this.
[ Laughing ]
# Hard work aint easy#
# Dry bread aint greasy#
[ Laughing ]
# Little rice, little bean#
Hey, Stamp! Stamp Paid!
Im gonna take
this one home with me!
[ Yelling, Laughing ]
Hey, you like this work so much, maybe
you best get in the chute with the others.
You aint got much more sense
than they do.
# No meat in between #
I aint singin about this!
If a man can make a plan,
the man can make the good times happen.
The man got plans?
You savin up for a gold mine, boy?
Better than gold. Me and my womans
plannin on startin a family.
Yeah, a new life. Born free!
Now, if that dont mean a good time,
I dont know what does.
Nothin born free ever again.
What you talkin?
I been bought and sold
five times.
The last time, to the Northpoint
Bank and Railway Company.
No more! I walk and I sleep
and I eat where I please.
I earn a free mans wage.
Nobodys gonna own us no more.
Nobodys gonna own
my children either.
No more! No more!
Children inherit
where they come from.
Just cause you cant see no chains
dont mean they not there.
And as long as the world is white,
thats where we stayin.
Come on.
Lets go get somethin to eat.
Come on. Come on.
[ Hogs Squealing ]
Mind if I join you?
Free country,
no matter what nobody say.
You dont know, do you, son?
Know what?
You one of Baby Suggs
Sweet Home men, aint ya?
Yes, sir.
Me. My brothers.
Her son, Halle.
- You knew Baby?
- Oh, yeah.
Baby Suggs Holy.
God rest her soul.
Yeah. Sethe told me
she died soft as cream.
Well, maybe on the outside.
Why is that?
[ Papers Shuffling ]
It was me who had brung Sethe across the
river when she run away from Sweet Home.
I was there the day it happened.
Who is it?
That theres a picture of Sethe.
[ Scoffs ]
That aint her mouth.
I can see
why you may think it...
around the eyes.
B- But that there
aint her mouth.
Besides, why would they put some
coloured womans picture in the paper?
You dont read, do you, son?
You want me to read to you?
[ Sweeping ]
[ Chattering, Distant ]
[ Horse Whinnying ]
Already fed the girls.
You eat?
Want something?
Best you come inside.
I dont have to tell you
about Sweet Home...
what it was.
Maybe you dont know what it was like
for me to get away from there.
I did it.
I got us all out.
Up until then, it was the only thing
I ever did on my own.
Me... usin my own head.
But it was more than that.
I was-- I was big...
and wide, Paul.
So wide, when I stretched out my arms,
all my children could get in between.
Looked like I-- Looked like I loved em
more after we got here.
[ Chuckles ]
Maybe I just knew that long as we was
in Kentucky with Schoolteacher...
they really wasnt mine to love.
Look like when
I jumped off that wagon...
wasnt nobody in this world
I couldnt love if I want to.
Twenty-eight days.
Twenty-eight good days
of free life.
Id wake up in the morning and...
decide for myself
what to do with the day.
Sometimes I--
I hear my boys--
hear em laughin a laugh
I aint never heard.
First I get scared, scared
somebody might hear em...
and get mad.
Then I remembered that if they laughed
that hard till it hurt...
thatd be the only hurt
they have all day.
And when the people
would gather--
theyd come from all around
to hear Baby Suggs Holy--
I seen and heard things
I aint never seen before.
I seen what free Negroes
look like for the first time.
Here in this place,
we are flesh.
Flesh that weeps...
dances barefoot
in the grass.
[ Audience Murmuring Approval ]
Love your flesh.
Love it hard.
they do not love our flesh.
[ Man ] Amen.
[ Chuckling ]
Oh, my people...
they do not love your hands.
Those... they only use...
tie... bind...
chop off...
and leave empty.
Love your hands.
Raise them up...
and kiss them.
[ Kissing ]
[ Guffawing ]
[ All Laughing, Clapping ]
Twenty-eight days of... freedom.
On the 29th day, it was over.
[ Chopping ]
[ Whispering ] Outside.
[ Baby Crying ]
[ Chopping Continues ]
- # [ Humming ]
- [ Crying Continues ]
[ Sethe Narrating ]
Theres a look that white folks get.
Righteous look thats like
a flag goin up a pole.
A righteousness that...
comes along with the whip
and the fist...
the burnin, the lie.
Long before it happens
in the open.
No, no!
- Howard, Buglar, get in the shed!
- [ Crying ]
Get in the shed! Run!
[ Crying Continues ]
[ Screaming ] No!
Get in the shed! No!
[ Sethe, Distant ]
No! No! No! No!
[ Sethe Continues Screaming ]
[ Whinnying ]
[ Screaming Hysterically ]
No, no, no!
- [ Sethe ] No, no, no!
- [ Boy ] Mama!
[ Boys Screaming ]
[ Boy Screaming, Crying ]
[ Screaming, Crying Continue ]
[ Baby Crying ]
- [ Grunting ]
- Sethe! Sethe! No!
- Sethe!
- [ Screaming ]
[ Sethe Panting ]
[ Coughing, Crying ]
God Almighty.
[ Denver Crying ]
Whatd you go
and do that for?
Whatd you go
and do that for?
[ Breathing Heavily ]
Whatd you go
and do that for?
[ Denver Continues Crying ]
[ Gasping ]
Yall better go on.
Nothin here to claim, I guess.
- Look like your business is over.
- [ Throwing Hat ]
Mines started.
[ Spits ]
[ Crying Continues ]
[ Baby Suggs Gasping ]
Oh. [ Continues Gasping ]
- Oh.
- Im going out. Ill send for a wagon.
Howard, Howard! [ Wheezing ]
- Wake up. Buglar. Baby!
- [ Buglar Wheezing ]
Come on, sweetheart.
Wake up! Wake up!
- [ Moaning ]
- Oh!
I beg your pardon.
Sethe, you take my armload
and give me yourn.
- [ Boys Coughing ]
- [ Crying ]
[ Baby Suggs ]
I beg your pardon. I beg your pardon.
I beg your pardon.
Your love
is too thick, Sethe.
Love is or it isnt, Paul D.
Thin love
aint no love at all.
I stopped him.
I put my babies
whered they be safe.
Didnt work, though, did it?
Your boys are gone,
you dont know where.
One girls dead. The other
cant get further than the yard.
How did it work?
They aint at Sweet Home.
Schoolteacher aint got em.
- Maybe theres worse.
- It aint my job to know whats worse, Paul D.
Its my job to know what is and keep my
children away from it, cause Id rather know...
they at peace in heaven than live in
a hell here on Earth, so help me, Jesus.
- What you did was wrong, Sethe.
- I shouldve gone back there?
Took my babies
back to Sweet Home?
There couldve been a way.
Some other way.
What way, Paul D?
You got two feet,
Sethe, not four.
You can set aside supper for me.
I might be late gettin back.
After all
I just told you, Paul D...
and after you tellin me
how many feet I got...
you think sayin goodbye
is gonna break me into pieces?
Youre a sweet man.
[ Door Shutting ]
So long, Paul D.
We could roast some taters.
Too late. Tomorrow.
# [ Humming Lullaby ]
# [ Continues ]
# [ Stops ]
I made that song up.
I made it up and sang it
to my children.
Nobody knows that song but...
me and my children.
I know.
# [ Resumes Humming ]
[ Muffled Humming, Wheezing ]
[ Gasping ]
You came back to me.
[ Softly ] Yeah.
- [ Beloved Snoring, Wheezing ]
- Ohh.
- Back stiff?
- Mmm. Yeah.
- Sleeping on the floors supposed to be good for you.
- Hurt like the devil.
Should I wake her?
No. Let her rest.
She likes to see you off
in the morning.
Im gonna let her, but first
get me that ham out of there.
Im gonna make us a nice,
big breakfast against the cold outside.
- Wont you be late for work?
- First time Ill be late in 16 years.
It dont matter.
Whatever goes on out there goes on
with or without me showin up on time.
The world is right here
in this room.
- Right here is all that is and all there needs to be.
- [ Stirring ]
- She aint even mad at me. Not a bit.
- [ Continues Wheezing ]
[ Groaning ]
[ Girls Chattering, Distant ]
[ Chuckling ]
- [ Boy #1 ] Mama!
- [ Boy #2 ] Mama!
- Mama!
- Mama!
[ Footsteps Crunching In Snow ]
- Mama!
- Mama!
[ Chattering ]
[ Man ] Put it back in there.
Put it back.
[ Speaking German ]
Thats it. Youre late. Youre fired.
Thats all.
I- I-- Ive had it.
You make potato salad
always too sweet.
And you didnt make
the pies today.
You take home too much food. Where
are you going? Where are you going?
- My goodness. Is that--
- Yes, it is.
- Did you see that?
- What? Thats a disgrace.
[ Chattering ]
[ Woman ]
Dont look now, but there is Sethe.
- Mm.
- Is she the one?
Will that be all, maam?
[ All Screaming ]
- [ Women ]# To get my grip#
- [ Screaming ]
# I came back home just a-pullin
the skiff, just a-pullin the skiff#
# Went upstairs to make my bed#
# I made a mistake
and bumped my head#
# Just a-pullin the skiff
Just a-pullin the skiff#
[ Together ]
# I came downstairs to milk that cow#
# I made a mistake
and I milked that sow#
# Just a-pullin the skiff
Just a-pullin the skiff#
- [ Screeching, Laughing ]
-# Tomorrow, tomorrow tomorrow never comes#
# Tomorrow, tomorrow
tomorrow never comes#
- [ Denver ] The best part.
- # [ All Grunting In Tune ]
- # [ Grunting Continues ]
- [ Beloved Babbling ]
- Look at my pretty baby. Shes my best thing.
- Denver.
[ Beloved ]
# Tomorrow never come#
- Thank you, Mama.
-# Tomorrow, tomorrow tomorrow in the barn #
- [ Laughing ]
- # [ Grunting ]
[ Beloved Babbling ]
This one?
- Would you wrap it, please?
- Whats she doing?
[ Sethe Panting ]
The first day we got here
to Bluestone Road...
you dribbled clear spit
on my face.
Just like when you come back and drink
that water, it run down your chin.
Id have recognized you
right off...
- [ Beloved Grunting ]
- but Paul D, he distract me.
Then later on...
when you asked me about them earrings
I used to dangle for you to play with...
- [ Babbling ]
- Id have known that was you...
except for Paul D.
Looked to me like he wanted you out
from the beginning.
But I wouldnt let him.
What you think?
I mean, look how he run off first
he hear about you and me in the shed.
Too tough for him
to even listen to.
My love too thick, he said.
What do he know about it?
[ Sethe ]# High Johnny#
# Wide Johnny#
# Dont you leave my side#
# High Johnny#
# Wide Johnny#
# Sweet William, bend down low#
-# Jack, we raise up high#
- [ Beloved Laughs ]
-# Lambs wool #
- Why you hurt me?
Baby, you know.
Why you leave me?
Beloved, I wasnt never
gonna leave you.
But there wasnt no way I was gonna let
Schoolteacher come haul all of us off...
and measure your behind
fore he tore it up.
- You leave me.
- No, baby. No.
See, my plan was to get us all over
to the other side where my own mammy is.
They stopped me from gettin us
all there, but you had to be put...
where youd be safe,
and I did that.
Now you come back...
and baby, I aint gonna
never let you go.
I want a sweet.
[ Moaning, Grunting ] Sweet.
We dont have nothin sweet
no more, baby.
Why you dont let me
eat the pie no more?
[ Plate Crashing ]
- [ Moaning ]
- Since Mama spent all the money, we dont have no more.
[ Screaming ]
I want a sweet! I want a sweet!
- Sweet, sweet, sweet!
- Beloved? Beloved!
- [ Screaming Continues ]
- [ Sethe ] Beloved, baby?
Baby? Beloved!
[ Screaming, Crying ]
Its all right.
- [ Gasping ]
- I understand.
- [ Buzzing ]
- [ Whimpering ]
[ Buzzing Continues ]
[ Chirping ]
[ Moaning ]
[ Gagging ]
[ Screeching ]
[ Screeching Continues ]
[ Crying ]
[ Buzzing ]
[ Birds Chirping ]
[ Clucking ]
- [ Clanking ]
- [ Beloved Screaming ]
- [ Glass Breaking ]
- [ Beloved Screaming ]
- [ Footsteps Above ]
- Mama!
- [ Metal Clanking ]
- [ Babbling ]
[ Groaning ]
[ Babbling Continues ]
- [ Rattling ]
- [ Screaming, Babbling ]
[ Babbling Resumes ]
You best leave
that quilt alone.
Thats Grandmas quilt.
[ Gasping ]
[ Babbling ]
I want a sweet. Where is sweet?
[ Clattering, Distant ]
[ Chattering, Distant ]
[ Baby Suggs ] You mean I never
tell you about your daddy, Halle?
How he bought my freedom
with all that toil...
and never had a chance to see
the promised land for hisself?
Didnt I tell you
about the Bodwins...
who find me this here house...
and give me work in theirs?
How the Bodwins, they saved
your Mamas neck from the rope.
I never tell you all this?
Is that why you scared...
to go down them steps
and out yonder...
by yourself?
Is that why you didnt go back
to Miss Lady...
and finish learnin
your letters?
You liked going there.
I remember.
Bein with the other children.
All of a sudden youve stopped.
There was this boy...
and he said things about Mama.
- [ Gasping ]
- He said he could prove it.
[ Wheezing ]
My Jesus, my.
Come here, child.
We got to go sometime.
You got to go out yonder
by yourself sometime.
You got to go on
out of the yard.
Go on.
[ Hammering ]
[ Chattering ]
[ Man ] Come on, now.
[ Denver ]
I want to work, Miss Lady.
Start learnin
your letters again?
I mean work work.
Well, Denver...
what can you do?
I cant do nothin.
But I could learn it for you...
if you have a little extra.
My mama...
she dont feel too good.
[ Sighs ] Oh, baby.
Eat. Bad Sethe.
Yes. Bad Sethe.
[ Beloved Babbling ]
[ Beloved ] Eat.
[ Chirping ]
Ohh, honey.
What you got?
- [ Gasping ]
- Thank you, maam.
Youre more than welcome,
my child.
Thank you.
[ Woman ]
No, no. Thats not my bowl.
Sugar, mine got
a blue ring on it.
You wanna come in a spell?
Come on in.
- I got some warm gingerbread. You just go on in there.
- Okay.
[ Rooster Crowing ]
[ Chattering ]
[ Dog Barking ]
Shh. Shh. Go on.
Move. Get off of me.
- You stink, and you messin up my dress. Stop it.
- [ Barking Continues ]
Im tellin you, get off of me.
Get off of me, now!
- [ Grunting ] Stop it.
- [ Growling ]
- How far you goin, miss?
- I goin to Cincinnati.
- [ Driver ] Thats as far as were goin, miss. Get off.
- Thank you.
- Hows it goin?
- Take care of yourself, all right?
Excuse me. I was lookin
for the Bodwins house.
You bugger off, you hear me?
[ Chattering ]
What you want?
I wanted to see Mr and Mrs Bowman--
Mr and Mrs Bodwin.
Ms Bodwin.
They brother and sister, darlin.
What you want with em?
I was lookin for work, and I thought
that they might know about some.
you Baby Suggs kid, aint you?
- [ Chuckling ] Yesm.
- I heard your mother took sick.
- Is that so?
- Yesm.
Well, come on in.
Youre lettin in flies. Come on.
You know what? I been here since Im
14, and I can remember like yesterday...
when Baby Suggs Holy came here
and sat right where you are.
White man, name of Garner, brought her.
He and Mr Bodwin was good friends.
- Thats how she got that house you all live in. Other things too.
- Yesm.
I never went to those woodland services,
but she was always nice to me.
Never be another like her.
I miss her.
Bet you do. Everybody miss her.
That was a good woman.
I dont know whether the Bodwins think so or
not, but they sure could use some extra help.
- [ Both Chuckling ]
- You think?
Especially at night,
when its no good for me to come.
Itll take some convincin,
but maybe you could come after supper.
Take care of your mama
during the day. Hows that?
- Fine.
- [ Chuckling ]
But what would I do
at night?
- Just be here in case.
- In case what?
In case the house burned down or bad weather
slopped the roads up so bad I cant get here on time.
Or late guests needed
cleanin up after.
[ Snickering ] Dont ask me
what white folks need at night.
- They good white folk?
- Oh, yeah. They good.
Cant say they aint good. I wouldnt
trade em for another pair, I tell you that.
But you come back in a few days.
Give me a chance to lead up to it.
All right?
What is it, child?
Whats the trouble with Sethe?
[ Whimpering ]
[ Chattering ]
Is it really the daughter, Janey?
The killed one?
Thats what the girl say.
- How do you know its her?
- Its sittin there, Lucille.
It sleeps, eats and raises hell.
- Ill be. A baby.
- [ All Murmuring ]
Nah. Its grown. Its the age
it wouldve been had it lived.
- Mercy.
- What you talkin about? You talkin about flesh?
- Im talkin about flesh... and its whoopin her...
- [ Women Gasping ]
like she was batter.
- I guess she had it comin a little.
- Nobody got that comin.
But Ella, you just dont up
and kill your children.
No, and the children cant just up
and kill the mama.
Them that die bad
dont stay in the ground.
[ All Commenting ]
[ Sethe Muttering ]
[ Chopping ]
[ Beloved Snorting ]
[ Sethe ] Schoolteacher--
Nobody aint makin nothin.
- Nobody.
- Mama, Im going out now.
[ Continues Muttering ]
[ Chopping Continues ]
I got a job workin nights
over at the Bodwins.
Mr Bodwins coming
to pick me up now.
Writin my babys
characteristics! [ Grunts ]
Lay that down.
We have money now.
[ Muttering Continues ]
[ Muttering ]
[ Beloved Wheezing ]
[ Snorting ]
[ Sniffling ]
[ Footsteps Approaching ]
[ Agitated Chattering ]
Its comin out. Its over.
[ Chanting ]
[ Chanting Continues ]
- [ All Murmuring ]
- [ Woman ] Help us, help us.
Ohh, amen!
[ Chanting ]
[ Crying Out ]
- [ All Joining In ]
- Help us, Jesus!
[ Crying Intensifies ]
[ Screaming ]
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.
- [ Woman ]# I heard the voice#
- Yes.
- I heard the voice.
-# I heard the voice#
- I heard the voice.
-# I heard the voice#
# I heard the voice say#
# Come unto me and rest#
[ All, Growing Louder ]
# I#
-# Heard#
- [ Woman ]# The voice#
# The#
# Voice#
# Of#
-# Jesus#
- [ Wheezing ]
# Say#
# Come#
# Un-to#
# Me#
# And#
# Rest#
- [ Woman ]# Lay down, thou weary one#
- Its all right.
# Lay down thy head
upon my breast#
[ All ]# Lay#
# Down#
# Thou#
# Weary#
# One#
- Mama#
-# Lay#
- [ Snorting ]
-# Down#
- # [ Trails Off ]
- [ Murmuring ]
[ Gasping, Screaming ]
- [ Woman ]# I came to Jesus#
- [ Grunting ]
- Oh, Lord, please.
-# As I was#
# The weary one who said#
# I#
# Came#
# To#
# Je-sus#
# As#
# I#
# Was#
# He#
# Had#
# Hold and#
-# Said#
- No.
- No, no, no, no.
-# Tilt your eyes down low#
No, no, no, no.
[ Screeching ]
[ Crying ]
- Mama?
-# I #
- [ Continues Screaming ]
- Mama, thats Mr Bodwin!
- # [ Singing Continues ]
- Mama!
- Mama!
- No, no, no! No, no, no!
- No!
- Mama! Mama!
- [ All Yelling ]
- [ Sethe Whimpering ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Screaming Stops ]
[ Birds Chirping ]
[ Chirping Continues ]
# [ Girl Humming ]
# [ Humming Continues ]
[ Hammering ]
[ Chattering ]
Paul D? ls that you?
Good morning.
Well, it is now.
- How you gettin along?
- Dont pay to complain.
- Yeah. Right. You on your way home?
- No.
I got an afternoon job
at the shirt factory.
I figure between that
and my night work at the Bodwins...
I might be able to put
somethin aside for me and Mama.
- They treatin you right over at the
Bodwins? - Mm-hmm. More than all right.
Ms Bodwin, she teachin me stuff.
Book stuff.
She say I might go
to Oberlin College.
Thats fine, mighty fine.
[ Stammering ]
Your mother all right?
No. Shes not a bit all right.
She hasnt gotten out of bed
since that day.
Think I should stop by?
Think shed welcome it?
I dont know.
I think I lost my mama,
Paul D.
Th-That girl.
You know. Beloved.
She-She gone like they say?
Havent seen her since that day.
Mama say she gone.
She can feel it.
You think she sure enough
your sister?
At times.
At other times...
I think she was more.
But who would know that
better than you, Paul D?
You sure enough knew her.
- Well, if you want my opinion--
- I dont.
I have my own.
- # [ Woman Vocalizing ]
- You grown.
Yes, sir.
Well, good luck with your job.
Thank you.
# [ Vocalizing Continues ]
Bye, now.
[ Man ] Watch your step.
Paul D?
You dont have to stay away.
But you watch how you talk
to my mama, you hear?
Dont worry.
[ Horse Whinnying ]
[ Man ] Hey, Miss Denver!
Wait up!
Watch it, miss.
Yeah. [ Chuckles ]
# [ Vocalizing Ends ]
[ Heavy Breathing ]
Paul D?
[ Sighs ]
[ Chuckling ]
You shaved.
Yeah. Look bad?
Lookin good.
[ Guffawing ]
Devils confusion.
- I seen Denver. She tell ya?
- [ Gasping ]
You gotta get up
from here, girl.
Look. Denver be here in the day.
Ill be here at night.
Im gonna take care
of you, ya hear?
Startin now.
What, baby? What?
[ Crying ] She leave me.
She gone again.
Oh, girl. Dont cry.
She leave me.
Sethe, Sethe.
[ Voice Breaking ] Paul...
she my best thing.
You your best thing, Sethe.
You are.
Me? [ Gasping ]
And the beat,
beat of your heart.
[ Audience Applauding,
Murmuring Approval ]
- # [ Chorus Vocalizing ]
- Love it...
more than the lungs...
that need yet...
to breathe free air;
more than the womb...
that holds life;
more than the private parts...
that give life.
- [ Man ] Thats right.
- Love your heart.
- [ Audience Applauding ]
- [ Man ] Yes! Love your heart!
This... this...
this is the prize.
[ Applause, Cheering ]
- Amen.
- [ Man ] Yes!
- [ Woman ] Amen.
- This is the prize.
# [ Vocalizing Continues ]
- [ Man ] Thank you, sister.
- [ Woman ] Thank you, sister.
[ Crying ]
[ Woman ] I feel it.
[ Crying Continues ]
Bless you. Bless you.
- Bless you.
- Hallelujah!
[ All ] Hallelujah!
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
# [ Children Singing
In Foreign Language ]
# [ Singing Continues ]
# [ Singing Ends ]
# [ Woman Singing Dirge
In Foreign Language ]
# [ Singing Continues ]
# [ Singing Continues ]
# [ Singing Ends ]
# [ Woman Vocalizing ]
# [ Vocalizing Continues ]
# [ Chorus Vocalizing ]
# [ Vocalizing Ends ]