Beloved Beast (2018) Movie Script

Far, far away
in an earlier time
and another world, there
was a king of kings.
He was
the ruler of all kingdoms.
He was the Rabbit King.
Dawn had broken, waking the
Rabbit King from his slumber,
but 'twas
not a normal morning.
was stirring in the air,
and this made
the Rabbit King very uneasy,
as something wicked was coming.
The Rabbit King was
ready for what may come,
for whatever may come,
it would meet his wrath.
Sir, sir, let's sit you down.
- I didn't see him, man.
- I think you're injured.
- I didn't see him, man.
I was at ,
but I didn't see him.
- Let's just sit you down.
The ambulance is on the way.
They're gonna
wanna check you out.
- And do you think they're dead?
- I don't know, I need
to go check on them,
but first I need you
to sit down for me.
- I didn't see him.
- Just drink
your beer, sit down.
- Shit, I'm bleeding,
I'm bleeding.
Am I gonna go to jail.
I can't go to jail.
I can't go to jail.
I can't go to jail.
- It's okay, it's okay,
sweetheart, look at me.
Everything is gonna be okay.
We're gonna get you outta here.
I just really
need you to hold still
until the paramedics can get
here, okay?
Do you understand what
I'm saying, sweetheart?
Good, just keep your eyes on me.
We're gonna take very
good care of you, okay?
Look at me, stay awake,
everything is gonna be okay,
Just look at me.
We've got one right here.
Stay with me, look at me,
look at me in the eyes.
Everything's gonna be okay,
- en route to 496 Broadway.
We have another
response unit ready?
Dr. Brantley, 2744,
Dr. Brantley.
Said you wanted to tell
me about that.
So, I had a question
because you know Dr. Phillip?
- Yeah.
- She kind of
comes off with that way,
saying was over
there, and I was like worried,
like what's going on,
No, don't.
- No it's not.
No, it is not gynecologic
And it's not because you
at the parents
and you could do--
- My gosh, what?
Like this, okay,
okay, yeah, good.
- Thank you
Vera so much for trouble--
- Okay, okay.
Miss Ritz?
Thank you for coming in
on such short notice.
Have you been waiting long?
- No.
- First of all my
condolences for your loss.
- We weren't close.
- However you are the
sister of the deceased.
- Yeah.
- Do you have
a relationship with Nina?
- Not really, met her
when she was a baby
in a Christmas years ago.
Here mother
and I were never close.
- The reason
why I asked you to come in
is that Nina has no place
now that her family's gone.
She needs a place to stay.
Somewhere where there's family.
You're her aunt.
- So, live with me?
- Of course.
- I don't, I don't know
anything about kids.
- Okay.
The reason why
I asked you to come in,
I asked--
- I don't even know her.
- Just, just, we want
to avoid foster care.
- I'm sure she
doesn't even know who I am.
- And have her with family.
I've talked with the attorneys
who have been working
on the estate
and there will be funds
to help with raising her.
We have advocates that
can help you with a plan.
- Just move.
Paging Dr. Statement,
Dr. Statement please.
- Follow my finger.
Dr. Hubisec, 2945,
Dr. Hubisec, 2945.
- Hey Syd, good to see you here.
- Morning Anthony.
- Well kiddo, it seems you'll
be well to go in a day or two.
You took quite
a bump on your head
which gave you a concussion.
Are your headaches gone?
- Yes.
- Any dizziness?
- No.
- That's a good sign.
She's a lucky kid.
She had a hematoma
due to the head injury.
We had to drain a
collection of excess fluid
from around the wound.
I wanted to keep
her just a few more days
just to be safe.
I'll be back in a few days.
- Okay.
- Too slow.
- Goodbye, Sydney.
Dr. Metta, 2945,
Dr. Metta, 2945.
- So you okay, kiddo?
You've had a tough break.
There's someone here to see you.
This is Erma, your aunt.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Some people from my office
went by your old house
and got some of your things.
- My Rabbits?
- All of them all in a box.
- My mask.
- It's all waiting for you.
- Home sweet home.
- Maybe Aunt Erma would like
to show you to your room.
It's upstairs.
- It's the guest room where
people crash
when I have a party.
Guess it's yours now.
- It's a new bed.
Wasn't that nice of Erma?
Yeah, nicer than mine.
- Those are your things.
Could I talk to you a minute?
- What?
- You're trying
to raise a child.
What do you want from me?
- Effort.
Kids room, looks like a
cell, looks like a jail cell.
- It's my house.
Things had taken a dark turn
for the Rabbit King and
his princess daughter
had become
separated during their travels
in the dark woods.
The princess
sat frightened and alone
as she waited for her
father, the Rabbit King.
However she remembered
something the Rabbit King
had told her.
Never fear
as I am always in your heart
for love is stronger than evil.
I will find you
wherever you may be.
Always hold me in your heart
as I do with you
and I will always
find my way to you.
- You're going
to need to be strong.
- How long
do you think that'll take?
She's odd.
- She's family and she's
just as nervous as you are.
there's an old saying
those who are hardest to
love need it the most.
We spent a lot of time together
so it's safe to
say that we're friends
and you can call me anytime
if you need anything. all right?
You need anything.
I'll see you soon.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- What's that?
- Takin' care of shit.
- You got any weed?
- Yeah, I got weed.
- Wanna come in?
- In a bit.
- Okay.
You know Ash is coming by later.
- Ooo, I'll pull
out the good chips.
- My God.
My God.
Gracie, thank God.
Get, get some, get some help.
Whoever invented
the doughnut is rich.
Did you know the doughnut
was invented in the
in the 19th century?
Dutch settlers invented it
when they came to America.
They actually called it by
a different name, though.
It means oil cake.
- What?
Son of a bitch.
Didn't see that coming.
- Do you know
why they taste so good?
- No, why do
doughnuts taste so good?
- It's the hole.
- What?
- It's the hole.
A 16-year-old kid
invented the hole in 1847.
- I take your knight.
- Son of a gun.
- Anyway.
- Anyways, his
name was Hanson Gregory.
He was a seaman on a lime
trading ship.
Evidently, he didn't
like the way the cook
was making these cakes.
When you would bite into one,
the inside was
too greasy and doughy.
- So, cook it longer.
- He did that.
Although he cooked it longer,
the outside would
be burnt or overcooked
and so Gregory had this idea,
punch a hole
through the center
of the cake making sure
that the outside was as
evenly cooked as the inside.
And voila, doughnuts.
- How do you know this shit?
- I know
all sorts of trivial shit.
- You actually arrest people.
Paul, you there?
- Yeah, I'm here.
What's up, Eleanor?
There's a problem
up at the state hospital.
They need you
up there right away.
- Is it serious?
I think so.
Chief Marchesi is
headed up there now.
- I'm on my way, over and out.
Over and out.
- One for the road?
- Jesus Christ.
- Getting everything
you need there, Wyatt?
- Yeah, boss.
Just let me get one more
picture of these teeth on her
and I think I'm done.
- Can I take
Paul off your hands?
- Please, before he throws up.
- How's it going, Paul?
- Considering the
circumstances, okay I guess.
- You need to
memorize this file.
Escapee's name
is Milton Treadwell,
a retarded 30-year-old.
Obviously dangerous.
What the hell happened here?
- Well, we know the
incident started here.
They were prepping Milton
for his weekly shower
and well, we
only have one survivor
and he can't
really tell us what happened.
He's pretty fucked up.
- How many orderlies does
it take to shower this guy?
- Evidently he didn't like
taking them.
He either found some opportunity
or something pissed him off.
Some of these asylum
employees have been known
not to be real angels.
That guy over there,
total asshole.
I arrested him for smacking
around his girlfriends,
urinating in public,
drug possession.
He probably had it coming
when it came to Milton.
Anyway, after the ruckus,
it's out that door.
Takes care of
business over there.
Ends up two
floors down at the cafeteria.
The boys found
two more bodies down there.
Then he's out the kitchen
door and into the night.
Let's talk about
this over a slice. I'm hungry.
There you go, Paul.
- Fuck you.
- Hey.
- What?
- What's that?
- What?
- What's that right there?
- It's a corpse.
- Yeah, and do they walk?
- What?
- Do they walk?
- They're dead.
- Right, so put down
your goddamn coffee cup
and put him in a bag.
- Shh, listen.
Do you hear that?
It's pretty.
June, June, June.
- Hi, Ash.
- How you been, baby?
Got something for me?
Who's been naughty or nice?
Santa Claus has come to town.
So, Erma.
How's it going?
My condolences.
- We weren't close.
- Say, I had a job come up.
I need a person with a car.
- I could use a job.
I have a kid now.
- What?
- My sister's kid.
She lives with me now.
- My goodness.
Do you have any music?
- Jesus Christ, seven feet tall,
350 pounds, hysterical strength.
It says here he's been
since he was 10 years old.
- I'm the one
who brought him in.
- No kidding?
- No kidding.
That was a bad night.
I had friends in the
department at the hospital
who turned in their
resignation after that night.
No one had ever
seen anything so awful.
- What did he do?
- It was the mother.
That's her.
Iva Treadwell.
That woman was goofier
than a wooden watch.
She was mad.
- What happened?
- It's a pretty sad story.
When Milton
was born he almost died.
He was breach.
The doctors got him out but
they had to use the forceps
so there was brain damage.
Treadwells loved
that boy just the same.
But with Milton's damage,
things got difficult
as he got older.
There were
reports of pets going missing
in a certain part of town.
Milton lived
in that part of town.
He was 10.
- Dogs?
- And cats.
He was luring
pets and killing them.
How'd he get caught?
- Mr. Treadwell found the
carcasses in the basement.
That was the final straw.
He walked out and was
never heard from again.
- He didn't report it?
- I think he just wanted out.
Iva had some issues herself.
She was psychotic.
Things really spiraled
down when she had to fend
for the boy and herself.
Then she started
neglecting her medication.
Something made
Iva click that day.
I honestly
think it was heartbreak.
The resentment of
having the love of her life
walk out on
her and leave her to care for
a retarded
animal killer by herself
just got to be too much.
One day
she was making breakfast.
Bacon to be exact.
That woman took that
hot pan full of grease
and dumped it
all over her boy's head.
- She turn herself in?
- No.
- No?
- It was another six
months before we learned
what happened to Milton.
Iva panicked.
She knew if anybody saw that
boy's wounds she'd be done.
So she tended the wounds herself
and hid him away from
society in her basement.
- For six months that boy
was down in the basement?
- Milton wasn't really
out in the public eye much
so no one
noticed he was missing.
He went to a special
school in the next county
so the school in town wouldn't
have noticed him absent.
- Man man.
- Six months went by, that boy
never saw the light of day.
Iva kept him chained to
a pipe in the basement
so he wouldn't leave the house.
- How'd she get caught?
- Couple of transients
came into the station
late one night and turned
themselves in.
They'd broken
into the Treadwell basement
looking for valuables to pawn.
That's when they found Milton.
They told us there was a
deformed boy
chained in a
basement on Lincoln Street.
- I almost
feel sorry for Milton.
- Look, you
meet up with that psycho
you put a bullet in his head.
He doesn't know any different.
Milton stopped progressing
which means he still thinks
he's 10 years old.
Before this situation tonight,
there was another incident
several years
before you came onboard.
We had to take that SOB
down with an elephant dart.
He literally ripped
another inmate's arm off
over a pudding pack.
- A pudding pack?
- After that he was in solitary.
- How'd he get out of solitary?
- Somebody fucked up.
As far as I'm concerned,
we're looking for an oversized
break neck
man child with retard strength.
- What if we talk to his mother?
Maybe she knows where he went.
Maybe he went back home.
- The Treadwell house
burned down years ago.
There's an
apartment complex there now.
She told us everything we know.
- Well?
- Iva killed herself two
weeks after we arrested her.
Hung herself in her cell.
I need to go to the men's room.
- What's your name?
- Nina.
- What are you doing here?
- I live here.
- You, you live here?
- I got here yesterday.
My parents died.
- Your parents died?
- We were in a car wreck.
- And, and why are you here?
- Erma's my aunt.
You hurt much?
- A little.
The doctor said
I had a bad concussion,
but I'm lucky.
He said I'd be a little off.
- Well, if it's worth anything,
you seem pretty okay to me.
Nina's a pretty name.
- Do you live here?
- No.
Well, kind of.
Depends, I guess.
It's a place to stay sometimes.
Yeah, Erma,
Erma and I are good friends.
Was Erma your
mom's sister or your dad's?
- I think my mom.
I never knew Erma.
My parents didn't really
talk about her much.
The Rabbit King.
I used to read
this to my little girl.
- You have a daughter?
- No, I, I used to.
She died several years ago.
- How did she die?
- Um
a car hit her.
She was across the street
at her friend's house.
And I called her
to come home for dinner.
Then I heard the horn.
I came outside
and there's this old man
kneeling in front of his car
over my baby.
And all I could see were
her feet sticking out.
God, God.
That man felt so awful.
He was just, he just
couldn't stop in time.
Gosh, she's just, yeah.
She used to
cross that street every day.
- I'm sorry.
- Yeah, yeah.
I'm, I am so sorry.
I still,
still a little messed up
from last night I guess.
You like music?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
What do you like?
- Sisters of Mercy, the Cure.
- Really?
- My dad listened to them.
He liked the weird stuff.
- No, no, I like 'em too.
I think we're
gonna be good friends.
Ya have one of these?
- No.
- It's yours.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I can get another one.
- Fuck.
- Erma, you didn't tell me
Nina was living with you?
- What?
- Nina.
You didn't tell me you
had a kid staying here.
- So, it just happened.
My sister's dead, now
she's living with me.
- Yeah.
That's what she just said.
I didn't even
know you had a sister.
- We weren't close.
- Shit.
God, I wouldn't have had
Ash come over last night
if I knew she was here.
- What's the big deal,
she was sleeping.
- God, Erma.
- I need coffee.
- What you need is some food.
She needs to eat.
- Well, I'll take her
and get a burger later.
- Look, I gotta make a couple
runs for Ash
and then I'm at the club but
I'll be back
in a couple days with groceries.
- I hope you're using condoms.
Ash gave me a job.
- Just be careful with
him, Erma.
- It's one job.
I gotta do something
until the money comes in
to take care of the kid.
- All right.
Bye sweetie.
- Bye.
- Hey.
Just be careful with him, okay?
He's not right.
- Great um.
It's mother...
Fuck you, fish.
Good morning.
How can I help ya?
- Mornin'.
I'm from distribution.
I'm here to see your buyer.
I have a special Mary Kaye 59
he may be interested in.
- I haven't seen
you in here before.
- I'm from
the North County branch.
- Please step over here, please.
Okay, stop.
Turn around, face me, please.
Hands up.
- You'll get it back when
your appointment's over.
- Sir, your appointment's here.
Mr. Ash.
Hello, Mr. Ash.
- Hello.
- Please come down.
- Follow him.
- Mr. Ash, we finally meet.
- My apologies for the late
face-to-face introduction.
We keep things cloak and dagger
until we work with
colleagues for a few months.
You understand.
- Absolutely.
- May I offer you a drink,
Blood and Sand, perhaps,
a Dirty Martini?
- No thank you.
- Now, we can
go straight to business.
You mentioned on the
phone that have something
to show to me.
- Look at her.
Such an angel.
This is from Ash.
He is one of our distributors.
He brought us a picture
of a perfect little angel.
What do you think?
She will do.
She will do.
It's okay.
That is all now.
- You can take this back.
I have no need for it.
- When do you think you
can make the delivery?
- It'll take a few days.
- Well then, we'll
talk in a few days.
- Yeah, boss.
- Mr. Ash is making his way up.
- I'll be waiting
with bated breath, sir.
- Very good.
It was nice to put a face
behind the name, Mr. Ash.
You can see yourself out.
- Mr. Ash.
- I take pride in the
ability to read people.
Throughout our meeting, you
had the look of reluctance
on your face.
Now you must understand
that I'm running
a very lucrative business.
We have consequential clients
who pay
a considerable amount of money
to do unspeakable things.
And we fulfill them, Mr. Ash.
Now, some of those things
are hard to look past
in the beginning,
but, what do they say,
money talks, bullshit walks.
I like to think the people
who work for me as my partners
not just distributors.
Now, you can understand
how important it is
that I can trust these partners.
I need people I can rely on.
If I cannot
rely on you, Mr. Ash,
we have a problem.
I hope you can understand that.
Good day, Mr. Ash.
- We need to
lay some cards on the table.
I'm not
so hot on this situation.
I don't know why you're
sitting here in front of me.
I, I, I'd figure that I, aw,
I would be the
last person that my sister
would want her daughter
to come and live with.
She and I never got along.
I don't even really know
why we went to the hospital
after I got the call from CPS.
Maybe curiosity.
All the way to the hospital
I was wondering why
my sister thought of
me to be your guardian.
I think it was an olive branch,
olive branch from the dead.
But what the hell, maybe
it'll be something special,
a nice change
in my shitty little life.
Knowing my sister's ego,
maybe that was her reason.
But that would be giving
her too much credit.
You mother was a bitch.
You wanna know
why you never met me?
I used to date your dad.
All the shitty
luck I had with men
and then I met your father.
He was so handsome
and very kind
I fell in love with him
on our third date.
And one day I introduced
him to my sister.
Wanted to show him off,
show her I had something
she'd never have.
And he took one look
at her and I was done.
She was always the prettier
one, the smarter one,
the sane one.
She was always steps ahead and
I was always in her shadow.
She was the golden bitch.
He was gonna take me to Japan.
I always wanted to go there.
Son of a bitch.
- Hi, Lowell.
I didn't see you standing there.
- I haven't seen
the rent check yet, Erma!
- This is Lowell.
His dick
got blown off in the war.
- You're two months back.
You're two months back rent,
- I'll have the money in a
couple of days.
- You're always saying that.
- I just got a job.
I'll have the money.
- I'm serious, Erma, I
better have that
rent check or I'm gonna
serve you a letter.
I'll be by
the house in two days.
This is bullshit.
Two days, Erma, two days.
- He doesn't have a penis?
- Yeah.
Yeah, that's me.
Hang on.
Can you put away the groceries?
Yeah, I know where it is.
Okay bye.
I gotta see a person
about my new job tomorrow
so you're on your own.
You can have bologna and bread
but don't go crazy 'cause
it's gotta last a couple days
until June
gets here with the food.
I'm going to bed.
They're clean.
Just a couple of kids parkin'.
- 10-4.
Okay, I'm gonna let you
guys off with a warning.
No more parking.
- Yes, sir, thank you.
- A lotta bad
things happen out here.
- Thank you, sir.
- Also, the other day
we had a mental patient
escape from the asylum on
the other side of the hill.
We haven't found him yet.
He's extremely dangerous.
So if I were you, take
your girlfriend, go home,
lock the door.
- Goin' home right now, sir.
- Thank you, Officer.
- All right, stay safe,
have a good night.
Come in, Paul.
- Go ahead, Eleanor.
just got a phone call
from Harvey Stettler's mother.
She hasn't seen
him for a day and a half.
She said he went to work on
Monday but never came home.
- Maybe he went to the
casino or something.
Can you check it out, Paul.
- Yeah, on my way.
Harv, you here?
Eleanor, this is Paul.
I need you to call in, I need
you to call the coroner's
down to Harv's place right now.
And call the chief.
He's gonna
wanna be down here, too.
Is everything okay, Paul?
- It's, it's Harv.
I found him.
There's, there's a lot of blood.
Days have
passed and the princess
would practice her training
to keep her mind elsewhere.
But she missed her
father, the Rabbit King.
She was losing patience.
She was
starting to get that itch.
What are you doing here?
What the hell you doing here?
- Walking.
- You're
walking in the wrong place.
Where are you from?
You always
trespass on people's property?
And hand that over.
Hand that over.
Headphones, too.
I don't want this.
I like Floyd.
Backpack too.
Bologna sucks.
Gimme the top, too.
Consider this a toll.
Now, take your little sword.
Take your little sandwich.
Take your terrible little tape
and get the fuck outta here.
Don't come back.
You say anything I'll find you
and I'll slit your throat.
- Where are they from?
- Utah.
- They're very pretty.
Hey, Ben.
I think we
should give 'em the cocktail.
I can't handle all the
thumping and screaming.
I visited the Belgian for
the first time yesterday.
I got a taste of what
happens to the product
after the delivery.
It gave me the willies.
- We have an issue.
- Yeah, what's that?
- The boys went out the other
night and painted the town.
Gavin had
a little too much to drink.
He mentioned
your name in a conversation.
- No shit.
Hey, Gavin.
Come here a minute, will ya?
How you doing, son?
- Good.
- We got a little problem
we gotta sort out.
- Sure, Ash.
- I hear tell you
and the boys went out
and painted
the town the other night.
- Yeah, that was a crazy night.
- Yeah.
It's always good
to let off a little steam
now and then.
You have a lot to drink, did ya?
- We had a few.
- Yeah, well, the others
being good employees
they had some
concerns and they brought it
to Will and I's attention.
You happened to mention
my name in a conversation?
Did you mention my name in a
- I might have.
- You might have.
You better think, son.
- Look, Ash, we met some girls
that were looking for work
and I knew
you were looking so I--
- Did I ask for your help?
- Ash.
- Who were these girls?
- I've seen 'em
in the tavern before.
- Local gals.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
The number one rule is
to never mention my name.
We never mention names.
- I know, Ash, I fucked up.
It won't happen again.
- Yeah, I know.
Time's a-wasting, gentlemen.
- Hey.
What are you doing here?
You're not
supposed to be here.
She's not supposed to be--
- Shh.
- Looks like
we're victims of bad timing,
wouldn't you agree?
Hey, you wanna play with us?
- What the hell was that?
Is she dead?
- No.
- Not yet.
- What?
- She's a virgin.
- Hey, hey,
you said animals only.
- This is too perfect.
This'll bring us to the new
level, closer to Belial.
- We can't do this.
Wh-what about the body?
- I have a shovel
in the trunk of my car.
We'll dig a hole over there.
- You wanted to be a part
of this little group.
After Whiskers, there's no
turning back.
Anyway, we'll just make
everything go away.
- I always
have a shovel in my car.
- Hurry up.
You're digging
the hole yourself.
- Fucking bitch.
- Just do it.
This is better than cats.
The princess was warned
how dangerous the dark woods
would be for
a young girl to travel.
her father, the Rabbit King,
had found
her in the nick of time
to slaughter the evil creatures
who were, in essence,
attempting to devour her soul.
"Behold, my princess,"
declared the Rabbit King.
"Keep your
heart full and we will always
"find our way
back to one another.
"Your Rabbit King has returned."
- Hey.
- Hey!
- Shit.
Yeah, you must be Erma?
- Yeah.
- Hey, come on in.
Have a seat.
This is your first time?
Ash was saying you may
be a little, green.
- Yeah, pretty much.
- Well, the job's pretty
much a cake walk, all right.
Few deliveries,
then you'll be back home
in the trailer
park before you know it.
You really
don't have to do that much.
You just have to...
Shit, goddamn it!
Anyway, it's pretty much
in and out job, all right.
You show up with the goods
and they give you the cash.
There's about
30 deliveries in that bag.
Each one's measured and labeled
for which customer it's for.
- What is it?
- That?
Quaaludes, Ecstasy, and poppers.
- Is this gonna be dangerous?
- No.
Those are club drugs.
You'll be
selling to college students,
clubbers, and fucking
rich kids, all right?
Another thing, don't mess
with the supply either, okay?
Ash does
not fuck around with that shit.
If the customers
don't get what they want
he'll find out about it.
And never,
mention his name, ever.
Want something to drink?
- No.
- All right, you're gonna
go to Everett and Ferndales
as part of your drops.
- That's six hours away.
- Yeah, but that's where
the business is, okay?
They like their drugs.
I really hope this
isn't gonna be a problem
'cause you start today.
- I don't have any gas.
- That's all right, we
take care of your gas
and your hotel expenses.
- No shit.
- You take care of Ash,
he takes care of you.
I'm sure you
notice these beauty marks
I have all over my face.
Well, a couple weeks ago,
I was in a car wreck.
Killed a whole family
except their little girl.
I was gonna go to prison,
but he got me out of it.
- The girl lived?
- Yeah.
Anyway, you need anything,
I am your cicerone.
You like shrooms?
- I guess.
- I got
the Scandinavian species.
Grown in the best cow shit in
the valley.
- I don't know if you're
up on current events
but there's a
reason I need a job.
- That's all right.
I'm sure we can figure out
other forms of payment.
I'm not gonna make things
uncomfortable, okay?
I'm gonna actually
make them very easy.
I'm gonna lay you all the
cards out on the table
and really
all you have to do is draw.
So I'm gonna go in the back,
shut the door behind me.
If you decide you wanna
spend a little time
with a fun guy for a little
bag of fungi ,
all you have to do is knock.
- You think that--
- Hey, shh.
Let me finish.
If you decide to
leave, so be it.
No hard feelings.
But I'm gonna
go back here, shut the door.
It's up to you now, all right?
- Come on, it's okay.
I live here.
My parents died.
I live with my aunt.
Is that your name?
It's okay.
- It's Erma.
- Hi, Erma.
- I'm not coming
for a couple of days.
I have some stuff to do.
Gotta go out of town.
- Okay.
- You've got enough
bologna and bread
so you
should be good for awhile.
June will be there tomorrow.
- That's fine.
- Don't fuck with anything.
- I gotta go.
- Hey, kiddo, it's Sydney.
- Hi, Sydney.
- How are things going?
- Okay.
- Are you getting
along with Erma.
- Yeah, she's fine.
She says crappy things
but I just ignore her.
- Is she taking care of you?
- Yeah.
- Can I talk to her?
She's not here. She's working.
- Are you alone?
- Yeah, but it's okay,
she's coming home.
- You're not
supposed to be alone, Nina.
How's your head?
- It hurts sometimes, but,
but it's fine.
- Is it just headaches?
What was that?
- I knocked a glass over.
I gotta go.
You can stay here.
Good night, Harvey.
- Look at her,
so innocent and sweet.
Just like the
little kittens and puppies
you used to bop on the head
when you were a little tyke.
My dear boy,
what makes you think
she's any different.
She'll soon realize you're
just a giant retard,
an oversized imbecile.
Nobody knows you like your mama.
You'll always
be a bad little boy.
- What's going, Ash?
- Gentlemen.
- We got a
special job, very good pay.
- What?
- It's not the usual.
- Little girl?
- Jesus, Ash.
Hey guys, what are you havin'?
- Johnny Walker,
four fingers, neat.
- Fuzzy Navel.
- Fuzzy Navel?
- I like Fuzzy Navels.
- So we're doing kids now?
- I promised the Belgian.
- Belgian?
- How'd you talk to the Belgian?
- I met with him.
- How do you do that?
- We've been working for him.
I couldn't tell ya.
We're on probation.
- Do you know what they
say about that guy.
It's like urban
legend shit, man.
- I met with him for the
first time the other day.
And I can tell ya, it ain't
urban legend.
- One Johnny Walker,
one Fuzzy Navel.
- I was a little taken back
when I saw what happened
to the shipments.
- Look, the less
you two know the better.
I made a decision,
make more bank.
You probably know by now,
that ain't no going back.
We need to go forward.
- When's this gotta be done?
- Couple days.
- We have the end of the
month shipment from Calgary
and I gotta be the receiver.
- Money talks,
bullshit walks, right?
- Thank you, Ben.
- So, we have plan?
- Yeah.
So this little girl,
she's the niece of a gal
by the name of Erma Ritz,
one of June's friends.
- Right, that house we
were at the other night.
- Right.
She works for me now.
She's out on her first job.
When she gets back, I tell her
she needs to make another drop.
When she leaves, grab the kid.
- How do we
know she's gonna be alone?
Maybe a babysitter, she might
be at a park or something.
- Anybody at the house
is collateral damage.
We gotta get in get the
job done quick and quiet.
We'll go in with a couple
of hush-ems as a precaution.
And if they're not
there, we'll wait.
When they come
back, grab and go.
- The body at Slough Town
Auto bludgeoned to death.
May Harv rest in peace.
Damn fine mechanic.
State hospital, five bodies.
One in critical condition.
This morning,
three dead teenagers
found in Watson's Field.
- Do you think they're related?
- All within
a three mile radius?
I don't think
that's a coincidence.
Not doing it.
So the new guys gets in
there with some tweezers
and he's just,
he's just yanking at it.
Get that thing out.
And I swear it's
like three inches long.
The biggest dick plug--
- Tell me something,
do you know
any other small towns
who have a
coroner's office this big?
There are eight coroners
out there and four cops.
Their office is as big as
Seattle's for crying out loud.
- Been with the department
two months now, right?
- Two and a half.
- Two and a half.
Better get used to it, son.
The town's cursed.
It's been this
way since it was founded.
I don't know
what it is about Slough Town
but it's always attracted
the undesirables,
white trash,
drug addicts, dealers,
career criminals, prostitution,
smuggling, whack jobs.
Don't get me wrong, there
are good people here, too.
But if you wanted to
give the Earth an enema,
this is where
you'd put the hose.
I'd be lying if I said stress
didn't come with the job.
I can tell you
when I first started,
I was as pretty as you.
- We got the scene photos
of the dead teenagers.
- I know these teenagers.
Fucked up little rich
kids living on the hill
rebelling against their parents
who really don't give a shit.
- They were so
involved gutting that cat,
they didn't even see the
attacker coming.
Tell you what, one of my
kids ever got involved
in that Satan worship crap,
I'd beat the shit out of 'em.
- Paul, we need to drive up the
hill and talk to the parents
of these teenagers.
I doubt there's any involvement.
Probably don't even know
their kids are missing.
But we shouldn't rule it out.
- Hey, Paul, how you doing?
- Considering
the circumstances, swell.
- We can
look at the bright side.
- At least Slough Town's cat
population is safe again.
You are one crazy bastard.
Excuse me.
- Hello, Lowell,
what can we do for you?
- I got a tenant in my rental,
I need you to get
rid of.
- Erma Ritz.
- That bitch is three
months late on her rent.
And she don't give a shit.
- Have you talked to her?
- When I can find her.
And when I can,
rude and insulting.
Two days ago
she was in the cafe.
I stood up.
She said I ain't got a penis.
- Hey, Eleanor.
- Yeah, Chief.
- Can you get
Lowell here a form?
He needs to evict someone.
- Absolutely.
Will you follow me, please.
- Jesus Christ.
One year, I retire.
- Hi, Harvey.
I had a dream last night,
I saw my mom and dad.
They said they
sent you to protect me.
My dad always
said the mask was magic.
Thank you for saving me
What you did was okay.
That's what
the Rabbit King would do.
Bad people
get what they deserve.
They were bad, Harvey.
Dying is what enemies do best.
That's what
the Rabbit King says.
There, perfect.
Fan your hands to help them dry.
Far, far away in an earlier
time in another world
there was a king of kings.
He was the
ruler of all kingdoms.
He was the Rabbit King.
Dawn had broken waking the
Rabbit King from his slumber,
but was not
in the morning.
- Hello?
- Hi, Harvey.
I miss Mom and Dad.
My head hurts.
- Were you laughing at me?
- Harvey.
This is Harvey.
He's my friend.
He protects me.
If you hurt me, he'll hurt you.
If you are mean, he is mean.
You are mean, Aunt Erma.
What did you do?
June is nice.
She didn't do anything bad.
Why did you do that?
This isn't good, Harvey.
She was probably bad,
- Good morning, Paul.
- Mornin', lady.
- The eviction
notice for Erma Ritz.
- Thanks, Eleanor.
On 60 First Avenue.
- Good morning, Chief.
Apartment 18, C like in Charles.
- Good morning, Eleanor.
- 740 in five,
facing units that have come
on the extra sirens.
We're leaving.
Couple of hikers found a body.
- Swell.
- Some guy fishing, took a
Bowie knife through the chest.
- Man.
- Possibly our guy.
Single stab
through the chest plate.
- Hysterical strength.
- 740 in five,
facing units that have come--
- What's that?
- The eviction
notice for Erma Ritz.
I was meeting Lowell at
the rental to serve her.
We can do it on the way.
Body ain't going anywhere.
What's the job?
- Harvey,
can you get me some milk?
What are you doing here?
- I live here with Erma.
- You, wha, what.
What the fuck.
Where's Erma?
There's a dead Jap lady
and a hooker in my shed.
You stay here,
the cops are coming.
- No, go to your house.
- Everybody dies.
Holy shit.
You all right, sweetheart?
- That's Ash Walker's car.
- Who's Ash Walker?
- Mr. Walker's
a clever son of a bitch.
I've been
watching him for years.
Never been
able to get anything on him.
You ever see that car,
you know something bad
is going down.
I'll go up with you.
Paul, go around the house,
come through the back door.
- Are you okay?
- There are bad men here.
- How many are there?
- Two.
- You're the
girl from the car accident.
Do you remember me?
- Stay right
where you are, Mr. Walker.
I will not hesitate to
put a bullet in your head.
Drop the gun and hold your
hands up where I can see them.
- I didn't do that.
- Drop the gun
and put up your hands.
- Sweetheart, I need you to
run down to the patrol car
and lock yourself in.
Just down the--
- Fuck!
- Nina?
Are you all right?
- Sydney?
You shouldn't be here.
- What?
- Well, well, well, if it
isn't Little Miss Muffin
and her Fairy Grandmother.
What is this,
Grand Central Station?
As chief engineer, I'd
like to invite you two in
for a tea party.
You aren't very talkative, are
you, Red.
Right over here, darlin'.
Whoa, whoa,
whoa, where's the fire?
Hold on there,
Red, don't go just yet.
Every Jane needs a Tarzan.
- No, Harvey, leave her alone.
- Mother fucker!
I'll get the trunk.
Home sweet home.
You can put your
things down over there.
This was my husband's office.
He left a few years ago.
Those are his.
He always bought
them, never built them.
The futon folds out into a bed.
And I have some kids coming
from the center tomorrow
to help clean this place up
so you can start fresh.
- Okay.
- How do you like the room?
- It's fine.
It'll take some getting used to.
I've always shared a
room with another girl.
It's different from the
- I can imagine.
It's gonna take time
and some adjustment.
We'll get you into some programs
that'll help fine-tune your
social skills
and help you find a job.
We'll see if we can get you
into some community college
classes, too.
- That sounds good.
- I'm gonna go make some lunch.
Feel free to settle in.
It'll be nice having someone
else around.
The young
queen would never forget the day
her father,
the Rabbit King, died.
He laid to rest in her arms
knowing it was his time
to move on to the other world.
It was time to say
goodbye to his daughter.
And in comfort knowing she
would carry on his legacy
as the new queen.
Many years had passed since
the quietus of the Rabbit King
and the princess
had become queen
all those years past.
She had been alone to run
the kingdom on her own.
At times,
she would look out the window
from her tower
overlooking her kingdom.
It was a daunting task,
having so much burden.
She missed her father and at
times her heart would sink.
- How are things going?
- Fine.
- I hope you
like bologna sandwiches.
- Bologna
sandwiches sound great.
- Great.
Five minutes.
Before the
Rabbit King had passed,
the young queen would always
remember that one thing
he always said
to her with that twinkle
in his eye.
"Never fear as
I am always in your heart.
"For love is stronger than evil.
"Always hold me in your
heart as I do with you
"and I will
always find my way to you
"for we will
always be beloved beasts."