Below the Surface (2016) Movie Script

[dramatic music]
Cameron: There's nothing like
descending on a shipwreck.
It's like uncovering a mystery.
Who was on board when she
was swallowed up by the sea?
What were they
doing when it happened?
And most importantly,
why did they go down?
[dramatic music continues]
[music swells]
Cameron: Most people never expect
bad things to happen to them...
until they do.
And then, it's usually too late.
On the night of April 9th, 1942,
a Norwegian merchant ship
known as the SS Benwood,
was on a routine
voyage to Norfolk, Virginia
when rumors of German
U-boats in the area
forced the ship to
travel blacked out.
At approximately 12:45 a.m.,
a black object was sighted
off her starboard.
She was on a direct collision
course with another freighter
traveling under
the same conditions.
The Captain made a last-minute
ditch effort to save it
by ordering the
engine full astern.
But the roaring of the motors
alerted the German submarine
and now the SS Benwood lies
under 60 feet of water.
[mysterious music]
student 1:They've been
down there too long.
We should call somebody.
instructor: They'll run out of
oxygen before help arrives.
- Then we should go down.
- Don't worry. Cameron is a pro.
[dramatic music]
[bubble sounds]
[dramatic music continues]
[dramatic music builds]
[dramatic music continues]
instructor: Come on, here we go.
Help me!
Cameron: Move!
Everybody give me space.
When I give the order
put this in her mouth.
Come on, now.
Cameron: Move.
One, two, three...
instructor: Sit up.
What are you doing here?
Shane: I was thinking that maybe
we can go out for diner.
I made a reservation at your
favorite Italian restaurant.
That is so sweet,
but I'm exhausted.
One of my students
almost drowned today.
What happened?
She got stuck under a beam
and I had to drag her out.
Uh... You need to be careful.
It would kind of
suck if you drowned.
We've gone over this,
more likely someone will
shoot me with a gun.
Yeah, but you're a diver,
so drowning happens.
Yeah, but I'm the
best diver so...
Shane: See you later.
Cameron: Bye, baby.
Wow, this looks amazing.
What are we celebrating?
Why we gotta be celebrating?
'Cause you only cook for me when
we're celebrating something.
That's not true.
I cook all the time.
No. Name the last
time you cooked.
Let me think... Um...
Wait a second.
It's ok, it's ok. Don't think
too hard. I love you.
Superbowl Sunday.
You asked me the last time I
cooked. Superbowl Sunday.
The BBQ?
Burgers and hotdogs.
Well, you just proved my point.
You only cook for me when
it's a special occasion.
You're right.
And I should have done
this a long time ago.
Oh! What's this?
It's nice.
Open it up.
Oh, my god!
[both laughing]
You're my true north.
[romantic music]
[music ends]
Shane: Do you like it?
The ring.
Yes, I like it.
I'm just worried about how
you can afford it.
I have some money saved up.
How much?
Hey, you know I have
to go to work.
Let's get married.
Ok, I already said yes.
What are you talking about?
Today. Let's go to the
courthouse and do it.
Why today?
It's about time that
we get married.
Yeah, but what about
the dress and the party?
We can do that later.
Ok... No, not ok.
I can't.
- How come?
- My sister. I need her here.
Is that really necessary?
Do you have a problem
with my sister?
Yeah, she's going to tell you to get
married in her house in Kentucky.
I love Kentucky.
I'm not getting
married in Kentucky.
Well, I'm not
getting married today.
- Have a nice day at work.
- Um, hmm.
[deep sigh]
Shane: I don't get it.
guard: Okay, do you
have your ID, sir?
Thank you.
Alright, do you have
any weapons on you?
- No.
- Alright, have a good day.
[dramatic music]
Maria: These are the
last of them.
[Kelly sighs]
Kelly: There's gotta
be a mistake.
We've gone over them a hundred
times. There's no mistake.
Well, I know Shane.
He wouldn't do this.
He did do it Kell,
it's right here.
It's unbelievable.
I'm gonna talk to him.
Wait a minute, listen... I know
you still feel sorry for him,
I understand... but
this is really serious.
We need to go to the police.
We're not gonna
go to the police.
Here's what we're gonna do.
Save these on an external drive,
hide them somewhere safe
and don't tell anyone.
- What?
- Please.
Are you kidding me, Kell?
Shane: The truth just stinks.
You know what I mean?
I mean, put it this way,
I never cheated on her.
Manny: You know, these times
tables are all in whack.
I need to get me a realistic ETA
on this contacted captain.
Shane, you got a minute?
- I'm kind of busy, can it wait?
- No.
Man, I have a real
tight window here.
I need a quick turnaround.
Can you do that for me?
Manny: Yep. You got it, boss.
Alright, thanks, buddy.
What's up?
Six containers missing
from last quarter's report.
Yeah, that happens all the time.
A lot of times companies over
report the amount of containers
they're sending before
they're actually shipped.
Obviously we forgot to go back
and adjust the numbers
but I'll take care of it.
Don't worry about it.
The thing is I do worry about it
so I pulled up the old custom
forms from storage,
you know
to try to sort things out,
and I discovered that several
containers have gone missing
every quarter since
you've been in charge.
Like I said...
On the days of the missing
so are the original
custom forms.
All I could find were Xeroxed
copies with the numbers changed.
Kelly, it's really not
such a big deal.
Not such a big deal?
We're talking millions of dollars
in goods that have disappeared.
Who is this hurting? The
insurance companies cover it.
Sure, but It's still illegal.
Kelly, you know me.
You know I'm not a thief.
But this is more
complicated than you think.
So please, just let it go.
How can I possibly...
I can't, Shane.
I want to help you, but I can't
do this while I'm in charge.
Okay, okay.
I'll make it stop.
Just give me a couple of
days to figure out how.
Can you do that for me?
You have 24 hours.
If one more container goes
missing, I'm turning you in.
Hey, it's Shane.
There's a problem.
Call me when you get this.
[dramatic music]
I'm so glad.
Keep it.
No, Shane has nothing
to do with it.
I'll let him know.
He's here right now.
I gotta go.
I love you too, bye.
Hey, it's my sister,
she said she loves the
book you sent her.
- That's sweet.
- What did you get? I'm starving.
[cell phone ringing]
- What's up?
- It's probably just work stuff.
I'll call them later.
They forgot the soy sauce.
There's some in the fridge.
I'll grab it.
Thank you.
[cell phone ringing]
[dramatic music]
I'll be there in about an hour.
- Yes...
- I gotta go.
- I got an emergency.
- Now?
Yes. It's work.
Okay, well take some
food with you
so you can have it in the car.
No, I'm not even that hungry,
but thank you.
I'm sorry baby, I gotta go.
[dramatic music continues]
[crickets chirping]
[car speeding up]
Ortega: Look...
I told you I sent
the check last week.
I don't know, maybe it
got lost in the mail.
Look, I'm in the middle
of something right now.
I'll send it again
when I get home.
Tell Bella I said hi.
How's she doing?
Brown: Internal bleeding, broken
bones, and major blood loss.
Ortega: Will she make it?
They'll run some tests and call
us if she regains consciousness.
Do we have an ID?
Her name is Kelly Jacobson.
We found her purse in the car.
Let's get forensic's to do an
evidence check of the vehicle
and her body and send me
the details of the tire tracks.
Monica: How about doing
some background work?
What are you doing here?
That's not the right question,
the question is, what
was she doing here?
This is a closed crime scene.
If we find anything
we'll let you know.
Thank you, officer Ortega,
but the day I need your permission
to do my job is the day I'll retire.
It's Detective Ortega,
and this must be a real slow
news day for you
to be pestering me at
this hour about a hit-and-run.
Is that what you call this?
Where are you going?
What's she doing?
Tire tracks that head straight
towards the victim's footsteps,
no sign of swerving
or even breaking,
in the middle of nowhere?
Someone tried to kill this
woman and if you can't see it,
then you're either too
stupid or too drunk to notice.
You must really have some
really big "cojones,"
coming here and telling me
how to do my job.
Get her out of here before
I do something I regret.
It's okay.
I know how to walk.
Pull the vic's phone records.
[dramatic music swelling]
[mysterious music]
- Hey...
- What are you doing down there?
What happened to you?
It's just... nothing.
What do you mean nothing?
Look at your face.
I got jumped, late last night.
They took my wallet and my car.
Oh, my god! Are you, okay?
Did you call the cops?
Yeah, it's fine.
I'm just gonna need
to borrow your car.
The day started out
like any other...
Kelly Jacobson was getting
used to her new position
as head accountant at the
international freight company.
A promotion she had worked
for, for a very long time.
That same night, Kelly
drove out to this place.
No one knows why.
She waited here,
outside her vehicle,
to meet with someone.
But instead, was run over by
a car that later fled the scene.
Now, Kelly is here, at
Jackson Memorial Hospital,
fighting for her life.
Police are investigating this
man, Shane Allen King.
A long-time manager
at the company
who also happens to be
Kelly's ex-boyfriend.
[dramatic sting]
What do you want?
An applause?
It's a cut and paste job,
a five-year-old can do it.
Insert the reactions of the
freight company employees
and add the part
where the PIO says
they thought it was
a hit-and-run.
I have to split.
When you're done add my sign off
and hold it until
I say it's ready.
Yes, yes.
I need to report a crime.
Yes, I'll hold.
What are you doing?
Hey, Maria,
that's company information.
You can't take that.
Hey, I'm talking to you.
What's the hell going on?
Maria! Where the hell
are you going? Hey!
Maria! You don't know who
you're messing with! Stop!
Hey, where's everybody going?
Alright, everybody, settle down.
Fall in, fall in.
Yes, it's true.
I am retiring.
I know what you are thinking,
"what's the difference? Right?
Well, the difference is I'm...
I'm gonna be spending more
time playing solitaire
at my home computer
than here at the office.
Hey, this has been one screwed
up career, I'll tell you that.
I came up to this department
straight out of Nam.
Back then, there wasn't much
difference between Saigon and Miami.
Drugs, prostitution, murder.
There was so much cocaine
floating around the city
I am surprised anyone
has survived.
I'm sure you heard all the
stories about how I took down
the cartel and put an end
to prostitution,
and cleaned up the streets.
But the real truth is I couldn't
have done this by myself.
I have a great family
and an amazing wife.
Then I got you guys.
Anything else?
Then we have the boys
who didn't make it.
Bobby Black,
Tony Collins, Ricky D...
I carry their pictures every
day around in my wallet
along with an inscription
that says,
"A coward dies many deaths,
a dying man,
only dies one."
Alright, well that's enough,
go back to work.
I'm not gone yet. Thank you.
Thanks for your attention.
Hey O. Wow, man. Welcome back.
Are you alright?
Oh, thanks, Chief.
I'm good.
You look really down.
Is something bothering you?
No. No, no, no.
I'm glad to be back at work.
Well, were glad to
have you back.
Thank you.
Any leads on the hit- and-run?
Yeah, we might be bringing in a
suspect soon, maybe tonight.
Good. Get on it.
- Welcome back, man.
- Thank you.
- Stay healthy.
- Alright.
Take an aspirin.
Any news on the Vic?
She's in an induced
coma at Jackson Memorial.
We still don't know if
she'll be able to talk.
[underwater sounds]
[voicemail beep]
Cameron: Hey, it's me... again.
I hope your okay, because I've
called you like ten times today.
You're not answering.
Um, anyway, I think you forgot
to pick me up from work today.
But it's okay,
I'll find somebody else
to take me.
Listen, just call me
when you get this.
I'm really worried.
Okay, bye.
[phone clicks]
[mysterious music]
[mysterious music continues]
Shane: Babe, are you home?
Yeah! I'm downstairs. Uh...
I'm down here,
I'll be up in a second.
I'm so sorry,
I forgot to pick you up.
My phone died and
I wasn't thinking.
I'm sorry.
Cameron: No, it's fine.
Just grab some food from
the fridge and make dinner.
Ok. Thanks!
Do you want a tea or something?
No. I'm fine.
[mysterious music swells]
What are you doing here?
Just looking for some wine.
Found it.
Are you ok?
You look flustered.
Yeah, I just have a
headache today.
I put the compass in your bag.
It might come in handy someday.
Ok. Thanks.
[mysterious music]
[cell phone ringing]
- Mrs. Ortega: Hello?
- Hey, It's me.
I just wanted to let you
know I sent that check again.
Is everything okay?
I'm kind of busy right now.
Is there something you need?
Um... Can I speak to Bella?
I'd rather not.
I just put her to bed.
Look... I'm her father.
I have the right to talk to her.
No. She'll get excited and
then I can't get her to sleep.
No, no, no. I promise,
I won't excite her.
I just need to hear her voice.
Give me a second.
Bella: Hi, Daddy?
How are you doing, baby?
I miss you, papi.
When are you coming home?
Um... I don't know.
I miss you, too.
Will you sing me my song.
Esta nena linda
se quiere dormir,
cierra los ojitos y
los vuelve a abrir.
Durmete mi nia,
durmete mi amor.
Durmete pedazo de mi corazn.
Good-night sweetheart.
Good-night, Daddy.
[dramatic music]
Are you ready?
You gonna remember
to pick me up today
or should I ask someone else?
I told you, I'm sorry.
What else do you want me to do?
I just want you to know
that I'm here for you
if you need to talk.
You can tell me things.
Thank you.
I appreciate that.
[car engine starting]
It's so hard for me
to understand
your relationship with him.
If my parents were still alive,
I'd call them every day.
I know, It's...
It's hard for me.
I just feel like I've always been
a big disappointment to them.
Why? Why would you say that?
Because he feels that honesty
is the greatest virtue
a person can have.
And I disagree.
You think it's ok to be a liar?
No, I just feel that there's
other virtues a person can have
and honesty is just one of them.
It doesn't mean you
get to stop calling him.
He doesn't like to talk on the
phone and every time I see him
it's like he wants
to get rid of me.
I think what we're
dealing with is his personality.
I don't think it's about you.
What's the matter?
I feel like that car has been
following us since we left home.
- The silver one?
- Yeah.
- Where are you going?
- I'm gonna lose him.
[police siren]
Pull over to the side.
Could you turn the
engine off for me?
Why'd you pull me over?
You ran a red light over there.
License and registra, please.
I'll be right back.
[mysterious music]
Sir, is this your vehicle?
No, it's mine. Why?
You mind coming down
to the station with me?
What for?
I just need to ask
you some questions?
Can't you just ask me here? I was just
about to drop my girlfriend off at work.
No, it's okay.
I'll go with you.
Are you sure?
Yeah. I'll get someone
to cover for me.
Follow me.
[car starts]
[music becomes dramatic]
So, you left in the
middle of the night
to go meet this reporter
and then, out of nowhere
a random group of thugs
jump out of and assault you?
And you didn't report this?
Why? Why didn't you
report the assault?
[under breath]
What a joke.
What did you say?
This is all a goddamn circus!
I was told to
keep my mouth shut,
What do you want from me?
Who told you to
keep your mouth shut?
What I don't understand is,
what was so important that
you had to go meet this reporter
in the middle of the night?
I don't know.
Ask her.
Don't worry, I will.
I just find your story a
little too convenient.
Well actually, it'd be more
convenient to have an alibi.
That way I wouldn't have
to convince you.
You think this is a joke?
This is funny?
What is this?
What happened to her?
I don't know.
You tell me.
I don't know?
I haven't seen her in days.
Ortega: She was last seen
having an argument with you.
The last person she called
was you.
You left in the
middle of the night,
exactly at the time
she was hit by a car,
a car just like yours.
Did you have a relationship with
Kelly outside of the office?
I don't see how that has
anything to do with this.
Seventy percent of all the
murders I investigate are
committed by partners or
ex-partners of the victims.
I told you everything I know.
I don't know what
else you want from me.
I'll tell you what I want.
I want you to make
this easy for yourself.
You're lucky Kelly
is still alive.
If you confess...
maybe we can make a deal.
But if she dies, you're screwed.
Thanks for coming on
such short notice.
This place really annoys me
and I've really had enough.
[indistinct conversation]
She had lunch with him.
Call me if you and your boyfriend
think of anything else.
And don't leave town.
I left to meet that reporter,
Monica Gordon.
You know who she is.
The tall one, with short hair.
Yes, I know who she is. I just
saw her walk into the building.
What I want to know is why
are you lying to me.
I wasn't lying, she was
working on a report
about something that
was going on at work.
I just can't talk about it.
Listen, if anything happens
to me you should find her.
She can vouch for me.
What's going to happen to you?
Why would you say that?
I have to go. Let's talk
about it later tonight.
When I pick you up from work.
Everything is gonna be fine.
[door closes]
I don't care what happens to me.
I'm going to the press.
I'm serious.
[knock at door]
Hey, boss.
Okay, I gotta go.
- What's up?
- Have you heard from Maria?
No. Why?
Everyone out there is going crazy.
They're all asking for her.
She didn't come to work today
and she isn't
answering her phone.
I don't know, Manny. Hey,
listen, I have a lot going on.
[mysterious music]
Hey, Cameron, are you ready.
- Is everything's ok?
- Everything's good.
- The students are here.
- Alright, let's go.
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music continues]
What do you think?
Another hit-and-run?
You again.
Still no suspects?
I'm sorry, I didn't know
I had to report to you.
Did you find the car?
Why are you here?
It's my job.
Look, if there's something
you know that I don't,
please share.
Actually, there is.
So, if anything happens to me,
I need you to tell
everyone what you know.
What're you talking about,
I don't know nothing and I
ain't talking to no one.
What do you mean
you know nothing?
You were there.
You helped me.
Yes, because you asked me to.
Manny, you don't understand.
You're all I got.
[eerie music]
Whatever you were doing,
that's your thing.
It's not mine, ok?
We've got a warrant
for Mr. Shane King.
Look, I'm sorry.
But I have a family.
I gotta take care of them.
Shane King.
Hands on the desk
where I can see them.
We got a warrant
for your arrest.
I can't believe this.
I thought you were my friend.
Just stop.
Take everything, the
computer, all the files,
and the trash.
Let's go.
[music swells]
Hey Cam, check this out.
Monica: The suspect in both
cases is this man,
Shane Allen King.
A long time manager
at the company
who also happens to be
Kelly's ex-boyfriend.
Shane confronted Maria who
worked at the container company
Maria's body was found in the
river earlier this morning.
Investigators were already
looking into Shane and his role
before Maria's disappearance.
Shane has now been arrested
under suspicion of homicide.
I know. Go. I'll take care
of everything here.
You gotta believe me.
I had nothing to do with this.
What about Maria?
She worked for you too, right?
Cam, I wish I could explain it
to you but I need some time
to see how all of
this plays out.
No, no Shane.
You don't have any more time.
You're going to
prison for murder.
If there's anything you can
use, you have to use it now.
I can't.
What do you mean you can't?
I can't talk about it right now.
Remember that
reporter Monica Gordon?
Go see her.
Maybe she can explain.
- I don't understand why you-
- Cam, please, trust me.
[elevator ring]
I have two minutes.
What do you want?
Shane told me I should
come talk to you.
He thinks you might have some
information that can help us.
Help you how?
I'm not sure.
I've never been through
anything like this before.
I just know Shane is innocent
and I'm hoping that you
can help me prove it.
He told me that you were
supposed to meet with him
the night Kelly was
hit by the car.
Did he tell you why we
were suppose to meet?
Look, Cameron?
I'm really sorry about
what your going through
but there's nothing I can do.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I have a piece I have to finish
in ten minutes.
Good luck.
The arraignment for Shane Allen
King is scheduled for tomorrow.
We'll bring you more coverage
of the case as the news breaks.
[news music]
[dramatic music]
- Oh!
- I'm sorry to sneak up on you.
But I don't know
what else to do.
Listen, I understand.
But this doesn't look goodfor Shane.
I'm not saying he's
guilty but he has no alibi,
or witnesses and
without that he has nothing.
He has me.
He was with me the
night of the murder.
The night Maria was killed,
Shane was with me.
Do you have a lawyer?
I spoke with one.
He wanted me to make a deal with
the State Attorney's Office.
So who's defending
Shane tomorrow?
A public defender.
- Oh!
- What? Is that bad?
Not necessarily.
They're just overworked.
Please, help me.
I'm a reporter.
My job is to cover the story.
Not to get involved.
But you already are involved.
Please you know more
about this than anyone else.
You won't give up, will you?
I'll tell you what I can do.
I'll call my lawyer.
If anyone can help Shane,
it's him.
In exchange I want
something from you.
As soon as he gets out I want a
one-on-one exclusive interview
with you and Shane.
Do we have a deal?
[dramatic music]
judge: Considering that the
defendant does not appear
to be a flight risk,
and that all the evidence presented
by the prosecution is circumstantial,
I am inclined
to set the defendant free.
And I have to say,
I think the prosecution
is really reaching here.
You haven't presented a
single piece of direct
or physical evidence that proves
that there was even a murder here.
Or a plausible theory as to
what the defendants motivation
might be for committing
these alleged crimes.
I suggest you go back
to the drawing board
and bring me something
with some more merit.
The court orders the defendant
be released on personal
[dramatic music]
Hey, big guy.
Tough break.
I heard the perp got away.
Tyrants in black robes.
Sometimes I feel like they make
up the law as they go along.
You knew that judge.
You had to expect
he'd rule that way.
In the future you gotta make sure
that you have your case iron clad.
Seems like the only way he was
going to keep him locked up
was if Shane murdered
somebody with his own eyes.
And even then he'd
still have doubts.
What're you working on.
I may be on to something.
I think we've been going about
this the wrong way.
We've been focusing on the fact
that Shane and Kelly were together.
We failed to see that the
two girls that were attacked
worked in the accounting
Now, when we picked up Shane,
we found all these shredded
reports in a wastebasket.
I think Shane got caught with
his hands in the cookie jar.
Then he tried
to get rid of them.
Wow, you have a wild
I think you're grasping
at straws.
Why don't you take a day off.
Come back at it tomorrow.
- Oh!
- Shane.
This has been a nightmare.
Thank you.
Don't thank me yet.
We still have a trial coming up.
It's ok. With you by my side,
I'll be fine.
There's something else.
I spoke to that reporter you
told me about. Monica Gordon.
And... she's the one who
got you the lawyer.
But she wants
something in return,
she wants to interview us.
No. We can't
Well, you kind of have to.
I promised her.
You don't understand.
I can't.
Okay. Well, then can you
explain it to me?
I keep trying to help you,
but you keep throwing obstacles
in my way.
If it wasn't for her,
you'd still be in there.
Boss: What are you doing?
I just have some last minute
footage I need to use.
- What is it?
- An interview.
Of whom?
It's a surprise.
Nothing goes on my show
without my approval.
Huh... your show?
I'm your show.
Don't you dare import that
video. I'm warning you.
Fine. Have it your way.
- Ready!
- Thank you.
Here we go. I done.
Don't think of it that way.
Think of it as an opportunity
to prove your innocence.
This way.
Okay, we're on in ten,
floor director: In five, four...
[show music]
Good evening.
We interrupt tonight's regular
programming to bring you
an exclusive interview with a
man who has recently been
in the spotlight of every local
news outlet in South Florida.
I'm talking about
Shane Allen King.
This thirty-seven-year-old Cargo
Terminal Operations Manager
has been accused of running
over one of his co-workers
and murdering another.
Shane, Cameron,
thanks for accepting to do this
interview with me tonight.
I hear you are both
recently engaged.
Thank you.
I imagine all of this must
be very hard on both of you.
How are you dealing with it?
Cameron's been by my side
these last few days.
Without her support
I'd be totally lost.
How about you, Cameron?
Have you ever had any doubts
that you might be marrying
the wrong man?
Absolutely not.
I've known Shane for years
and he's the best man
I've ever met.
I'm glad to hear that.
Shane, let's start
with the first victim, Kelly.
How did you two know each other?
We worked together
at the cargo company.
I'm a manager there and
she's the head accountant.
Did you two have a personal
relationship as well?
We dated a few years ago.
I heard you were actually
engaged to get married,
is that true?
Yes, but like I said, it
was a long time ago.
Why did you two break up?
Personal reasons.
According to a person
I interviewed,
a few days before the wedding
you discovered that Kelly
was cheating on you.
I'd rather not talk about that.
You found her in bed
with another co-worker.
Isn't that right?
You found her in bed with Maria.
The girl who was murdered.
Kelly and Maria were a couple.
Where were you the night
Maria was murdered?
I was advised not to give specific
information about the case.
I see.
You know, after Kelly was hit
by the car,
I called Maria for her comments
but she didn't call me back.
So I did what any
thorough reporter would do,
I went to her apartment.
Now, I have to apologize for
the image and sound quality
on this video since it was
recorded on my phone.
Whoa... What is she doing?
This was taken just hours
before Maria was murdered.
How do you know Kelly?
She's my wife.
We got married in New York
this past weekend.
I told her not to do this.
She's overriding my authority.
...before she was
run over by the car.
Monica: Do you have any idea
who might have done this to her?
Kelly: Yes. I think I know.
Monica: Who do you think
did this?
It was Shane.
Yeah, it was Shane.
This interview is over.
You set me up!
Monica: Please, sit down.
We can talk about this.
Go to hell!
[music swells]
Monica: I'm sorry for
the outburst.
We'll be right back.
What the hell did you just do? Didn't
I tell you not to use that video?
Do you have a release for that?
What do you care?
She's dead.
I'm going to have
your ass for this.
- You'll going to have my ass?
- You bet!
You should be worshiping
the ground I walk on!
You call yourself
a news producer?
You disgust me.
I warned you. I told you
this was a bad idea.
Shane! Why didn't you tell me
about Kelly and Maria?
Because it was a long time ago.
I didn't think it mattered.
What about what she said?
What about what Maria said?
What about it?
That doesn't mean anything.
She thinks that you did it.
I thought you trusted me.
I thought you were on my side.
I thought I did, too.
I see.
Where are you going?
Did he leave?
Yeah, Monica, he left!
What did you expect?
I'm sorry, I was
just doing my job.
You didn't tell me
you had that video.
Are you sure Shane is
who you think he is?
I don't know what
to think anymore.
Can I give you one
piece of advise?
Just woman to woman.
Don't get involved.
It won't end well for you.
It never does.
[car speeds off]
Oh! Sorry, I didn't know
you were here.
Did you see the interview
on Channel five?
I couldn't watch it.
I had to turn it off.
Look what that monster
did to my little girl.
Have you been able to
talk to the doctors?
They say it's still
too early to tell.
We have to wait and see.
[mysterious music]
Now, when we get
to the shark spot,
I need everyone to get in
the water very gently.
Keep your backs against
the hull and sit upright.
I need you to take off all your
jewelry right now because
sometimes sharks will confuse
the glint of your jewelry
with fish scales. It's no good
for anybody.
No touching, no splashing,
no horsing around.
If a shark happens to
nudge you or bite you,
don't freak out.
Dogs usually bite
harder than sharks.
They're just trying
to get your attention.
On the off chance that one does
intend to harm, remember,
the eyes, nose, and gills are
the most sensitive part.
Punch, fight, claw like hell
and get out of the water fast.
Okay? Does anyone have
any questions?
Aren't you scared?
No... Do you know what the
deadliest animals are?
Mosquitoes killed
725,000 people last year.
You wanna know how many
were killed by sharks?
And that's compared to
the millions of sharks
that we humans kill each year.
So, no. You're more likely
to be killed by a mosquito
or another human being
than by a shark.
But... I mean your boyfriend.
Aren't you scared
he might come after you?
I'm sorry. I don't think
anyone cares about that.
Actually we were all
thinking about it.
Do you think he did it?
Sorry.. I'm not going to talk
about my personal life here.
Okay, everyone. Let's get our
gear on and go for a dive.
The tanks are right here.
Who took my stuff?
Where's my stuff?
I had important papers here.
Who went through my desk?
Where's my stuff?
No, that's okay.
I got it.
Good afternoon.
Have a seat.
I'm fine standing, Chief.
What's going on?
Where were you last night?
- I was at the hospital. Why?
- No, no. After the hospital.
I was having a beer.
I was off the clock.
Look, I'm only doing this
to help you out.
I think this case might
be a little too much for you.
You know, with your
divorce and everything.
You don't have to worry about
me, Chief. I'm fine.
I want you to hand all your
notes over to Detective Brown.
Take a couple days off.
I'm handing the case
over to him.
No. That's uncalled for.
No, no.
I'm about to break this case.
Your about to disobey a direct
order is what your about to do.
No, I am not! This is not right.
You're making a huge mistake.
Listen Ortega, I was taking
down Colombian cartels
while you were still
sucking your mom's tit.
Don't tell me
what's right or wrong.
Last night you left this
office babbling on
about some weird
accounting bullshit.
And today, a reporter does
in five minutes
what you weren't capable
of doing in days.
You're a disgrace to yourself
and to the department
and you're a disgrace to me.
So, now why don't you
get out of my face
before I feed you your teeth
for supper! That's an order.
Get out!
Get out! Now!
I think he took that well.
[shower running]
[door closes]
[mysterious music]
Is that you?
[mysterious music continues]
[music swells]
I am standing here,
outside the parking lot of
Jackson Memorial Hospital
where, according to doctors,
Kelly Jacobson who was allegedly
run over by Shane Allen King
a few days ago has
regained full consciousness.
Police are with her right
now taking her statement.
She is expected to be
released later today.
Her testimony may be key in
putting Shane away for murder.
Do you recall anything else?
Kelly: No.
That's all I can remember.
Are you sure?
Are you sure?
Yes, I'm sure.
What happened to the other detective
that was investigating the case?
The case was
reassigned to me, ma'am.
So, why is the man who did
this still on the streets?
Why isn't he in jail?
That's what we're
trying to do, ma'am.
We'll be in touch.
mother: Thank you very much.
nurse: Easy does it. Easy.
Here we go. The car's
right over there.
Shane: Psst! Kelly!
It's okay. Are you alright?
What are you doing here?
Please. Kelly we need to talk?
Leave us alone.
- Mom.
- It's okay. We're almost there.
Anne, listen to me.
Leave us alone or
I'm calling the cops.
Anne, you don't understand.
Anne, please!
You have no shame!
[car starts] [explosion]
Let's go... Let's go... shoot!
[tense music]
Excuse me.
Sir, excuse me.
Shoot... shoot!
[alarms and sirens blaring]
Ok, ready?
[dramatic music]
These images where taken just
moments after Kelly's car
exploded in the parking lot.
As you can see in this footage,
there appears to be a man
running away from the scene.
Authorities are now looking at
security camera footage
trying to figure out
who that man was.
[light switch click]
What are you doing here?
What do you mean?
I live here.
Where have you been?
Put the knife down.
You're making me nervous.
I've been calling you and
calling you. I've been worried.
I know. I'm sorry.
I think you need to leave.
I can't.
I have nowhere else to go.
I feel like I barely know you.
Cam, you're the
only one who does.
Shane, it's over.
Take it!
No, Cam. I won't accept this.
Where are you going?
If you're not leaving.
I am.
- You can't leave.
- Of course, I can.
Stop. Sit down!
Kelly and Maria are dead.
If you go outside, you're next.
[cell phone ring]
The people who are trying to
frame me, are dangerous.
I will not let anything
happen to you.
[cell phone ring]
You can't hold me
here against my will.
Shane: Don't you see
what's going on, Cameron?
They've turning everyone
against me. Even you.
So, what are you gonna do,
Cameron: What's your plan?
Are you just going me
in this house forever?
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
Dispatch, I need a unit.
1975 NE 23rd street!
[starts car]
I have to think. There has
to be some way out of this.
What are you doing?
Are you trying to call someone?
No! what's wrong with you?
- You're so paranoid!
- I know, I'm sorry.
I'm going crazy.
there was this guy...
He was a nice guy,
he worked at the docks
while he was working there, he found
out that his five-year-old son
was diagnosed with cancer.
Now, he needed to work some extra
hours to pay for treatments.
Union laws wouldn't let him log
any extra hours so he came to me
to see if he could work
on his cousin's name.
Now, I know this was illegal
but I felt bad for him
and I let him do it.
And one day, I don't know...
he was tired and he accidentally
got killed by a fork lift.
That's horrible.
I don't see how this
ties into Maria and Kelly.
There was a police
I think you forgot to pick me
up from work today.
[mysterious music]
I'm done.
I'm going clean.
The head detective in charge,
detective Garbaccio...
Relax. You gonna
turn into a baby.
I mean, you've been doing
this for years.
He figured out my involvement.
He threatened to hold me
personally accountable
for Pedro's death.
Unless I did him a favor.
- Did you tell anyone about this?
- No, I kept my mouth shut. I
You didn't tell your
the diver... what's her name?
Why would I tell my girlfriend?
What she has to do with this?
It's hard to find nice
girls like her these days.
You don't want
anything to happen to her.
Are you threatening me?
[tense music]
Don't do anything stupid.
What did you do, Shane?
Alll did, was alter the
shipping records.
So that whenever a
container disappeared,
I made it look like they were
never there in the first place.
That's what Monica was
going to reveal on TV,
and I agreed to meet with her.
But when I did, I don't know, I
guess that Garbaccio found out
and he sent a group of
thugs to jump me
and he told me to
keep my mouth shut.
That's why Kelly and
Maria were murdered.
What about all those envelopes
of cash I found in the basement?
That's my money.
I put it aside every
month for Pedro's family.
Why didn't you just
tell me all this?
I wanted too, but I was ashamed.
Then, after what happened to
Kelly and Maria I thought that
if I told you I might be
putting you in danger.
You have to tell someone.
I can't. I can't.
It's too dangerous.
We have to disappear.
Shane, running is gonna
make you look more guilty.
I have no choice.
Who's that?
Who's that?
How do they know I'm here?
- I called them.
- Why? Why would you do that?
I'm sorry.
Come on.
We can escape through the back.
Shane, don't.
[tense music]
Hey, hey hey!
Suspect on foot!
[music gets louder]
Shane... Shane.
Stop, stop.
Put your hands up, turn around,
get on your knees. Now.
You're lucky I didn't shoot you.
You know that?
Cameron: Shane!
[engine starts]
[police siren]
[mysterious music]
You look like crap.
You know that stuff you
told me last night.
It's all true.
There has to be someone I can
call who can verify your story.
It's not safe.
Remember the engagement
gift I gave you.
The one I said might
come in handy someday.
You should take
another look at it.
- The...
- Yes.
- Ok. What is it?
- Leverage.
I gotta go.
[mysterious music]
[cell phone rings]
- Hi, is this Cameron?
- Yes. Who's this?
Yeah, look... My name's Manny.
I work with Shane at the docks.
I really think we should meet.
What's this about?
No... I can't talk on the phone.
Can you be here
in thirty minutes?
But how do I know
I can trust you?
You don't.
See you soon.
You have to come.
He might know the truth.
Cameron, it's over.
There's nothing else
you can do for him.
No. You have to believe me.
Shane is innocent.
Ok... Even if that's so, how do
you know this isn't a trap?
What if he's just luring you
out there to kill you?
That's why I need you to come.
If you bring your camera
and record the meeting,
it might protect me.
My camera can't protect you.
I couldn't protect Maria
orKelly and It definitely
can't protect you. Now,
please, just think about this.
It's crazy.
I know,
but crazy is all I got left.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I heard what happened to Shane.
That ain't right.
- He didn't do it.
- How do you know?
I was there when
he made the deal.
[reload] [gunshot]
[dramatic music]
[gunshots continue]
[gunshots continue]
[dramatic music continues]
[eerie music]
[door opens]
- Is she dead?
- I don't know.
What do you mean you don't know?
Honey, relax.
I shot Manny,
then I fired twice at her
and she jumped in the water
and she could have drowned.
I don't know.
If she's still alive, Detective
Brown will take care of it.
No! He had his shot.
He screwed it up.
You've already over exposed.
You know how many people know
came in contact with her.
How long you think it going to
take them to figure out that
you reached out to them
just before they died.
People believe what I
want them to believe.
Oh, my god.
You are arrogant and naive.
You know what you are?
You're lucky.
You know why you're lucky?
Of course, you don't.
You're lucky 'cause you
have someone to pin it on,
now if Shane is in jail
or he's dead,
what are you gonna
do then, genius?
What are you saying, Dad?
That I shouldn't have done this?
I did this for you,
to protect you.
I never asked you
to do any of this!
And I never asked you to steal.
Oh, no?
How else was I gonna spoil you?
With your degrees, and
your trips, and your cars,
and your Europe...
and your boyfriends,
and your spending money
and all this bullshit!
Are you seriously saying
you did this for me?
- Yes.
- No.
You paid me to protect your
image and your marriage,
not for me.
All I'm saying is let
Detective Brown do his job.
I would hate it if any
of this came back on you.
You're just afraid
they'll trace it back to you.
Hey, Cameron, it's me, Monica.
Give me a call as
soon as you get this.
I've discovered something
that can help Shane.
[dramatic music]
[phone ringing]
Monica on phone: Hello?
Monica, it's me, Cameron.
Cameron, where have you been?
I called you like a thousand
times. Did you get my messages?
I know.
I lost my phone.
How did it go with Manny?
Manny's dead.
Monica: What? How?
He was shot.
Monica: That's terrible.
Are you okay? Where are you?
I'm at my boat.
What are you doing there?
I didn't feel safe going home.
Monica: Are you alone?
Why don't you come
over to my house?
- I can help you.
- No, no.
Monica: Okay.
Then I'll go to you.
I have something
you have to see.
What is it?
It's something
that can help Shane.
Do you know where
my diving school is?
Monica: Yes.
I'll wait for you here.
Okay. Perfect.
[dramatic music]
Monica: What happened?
Cameron: I don't know.
We were just standing there,
in the middle of no where and
someone started shooting at us.
Did you call the police?
Yeah, I called but I ran
away before they got there.
Who else did you
tell about this?
- No one. Just you.
- Alright. Good.
[tense music]
- What are you doing?
- You like diving don't you?
Let's see how long you
can hold your breath. Get on.
You know you're going
to need me to sail back.
Nice try. I'll wait for
the coast guards.
And what are you gonna tell
them? You stole my boat?
It's not going to be so easy.
These people don't
work for your Daddy.
You know.
You were the only person who
knew where Shane was going
the night Kelly was run over.
You arranged for him to have
his car smashed.
You killed all of them.
Even Manny.
I should have known the second you
walked into Garbaccio's office.
Good job.
If only you would've
figured it out sooner,
maybe you could have saved them.
But I'm afraid it's too late.
Well, it's too late for
your father, too.
Before you got here,
I emailed everything on this
flash drive to my sister.
I told her If anything
happens to me
she's to forward it to
every TV station in the country.
What's on it?
It's a recording of your
father's meeting with Shane.
I don't believe you.
Give me the drive.
You want it?
It's over.
Ortega on loudspeaker: Monica!
Drop the gun!
Monica, drop it.
[Cameron coughs]
It's the police!
According to authorities,
reporter Monica Gordon
attempted to kill Cameron
in order to hide incriminating
evidence against her
father, Chief Garbaccio,
and his band of corrupt officers
who where bringing drugs
into the country
through the Port.
Every month someone would come
and steal a container
and I would tamper
with the reports.
The testimonies
given by Detective Ortega,
Shane King, and video recovered
from a broken flash drive
have been crucial in
bringing down a network
of corrupt law enforcement
officials headed by Garbaccio.
I'll wait for you.
You're my true north.
[door clangs]
Cameron: There's nothing like
descending on a shipwreck.
It's like uncovering a mystery.
Who was on board when she
was swallowed up by the sea?
What were they
doing when it happened?
And most importantly,
why did they go down?
Most people never expect bad
things to happen to them
until they do.
So, always
prepare for the worst,
but if that day comes,
fight like hell,
'cause it's never too late.