Below Zero (2021) Movie Script

[rain pattering]
[man crying]
Go to hell, man!
I already told you, I don't know shit!
[thunder rumbling]
Fuck! Just leave me alone.
I swear! I don't know anything.
I already told you!
I already told you, I don't know anything.
No. No, please.
[crying] Please.
Please. [grunts]
[man 2] Where is she?
- I don't know where she is, I told you.
- Tell me.
I don't know where she is, I swear.
[crying] No, please,
please, please, please.
[man 2] Not quite so cocky now, are you?
- [crying] Please.
- [man 2] Chino.
I told you, I don't know where she is,
I swear to God.
I'm begging you.
I don't know where she... [grunts]
[Chino crying]
[shouts] No!
Stop, you bastard!
Son of a bitch!
[man 2 grunting]
[horn honking]
[radio playing indistinctly]
[man] Yes, but we've been
already waiting quite a while.
So, how long will that be?
Right. Right, thanks.
They said they'll be a while.
[horns honking]
[woman] We'll be late for Emma.
You get Emma.
I'll change the tire myself.
Are you sure?
Yeah, sure.
Sweetheart, listen to Daddy, okay?
Okay, I'll see you later.
Bye, Mommy.
What are we gonna do, Papi?
[horns honking]
Hey, Papi?
- [man] One sec. What is it, honey?
- What happens to the old one?
What happens to it?
Nothing. We throw it away.
But why?
Well, 'cause it's a wheel.
What matters is that the car works.
I'm nearly done.
Close the window. It's cold.
Come on, do it.
[horns blaring]
Hold on, for fuck's sake!
Hold on!
[policewoman] So, on Monday
comes this week report,
and he's got the files, right?
But within an hour he asked me
Excuse me, guys. Let me through.
[policewoman] I kid you not.
Who does that?
I mean, I was kind of nice to him,
I guess, but
Let go, you goddamn pig!
Damn it! Don't fucking touch me.
- Hey, hey! Come on!
- Don't touch me! I know my rights!
Quite the circus you got here.
What do you want?
Martn Salas.
The Northern precinct.
Oh, right. Here you are.
So, you're down for a prisoner transfer.
Not bad for your first day, huh?
And with Montesinos, too.
Good luck with that, man.
Changing room's
at the end of the corridor.
Enjoy your meal.
You're wearing it again?
You got some balls, really.
An earring doesn't make me
any less of a police officer.
Yeah, but the sergeant won't like it.
He can get fucked. The union's backing me.
Makes me want to get a tattoo on my face
just to really piss him off. [laughs]
- You're Martn?
- Yeah.
Have you ever done a prisoner transfer
around here before?
- No.
- Well, you're gonna freeze your balls off.
[Montesinos] Fuck. We've got miles of
fucking back roads to the jail inCuenca.
It's either that
or a drive that's over three hours long.
[Martn] Let's see
how much snow there is.
Let's see. It seems all right.
So, why do they do the transfer at night?
What's that about?
It happens sometimes.
There's no fixed time, actually.
The main thing is discretion and safety,
of course.
That's why they don't let us
carry our cells
and they don't tell them they're
being transferred until the last minute.
- Hey there.
- [officer] Good evening.
[dog barking]
Go on.
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
[Montesinos] We're carrying six
with an escort patrol car.
- How come?
- We have a high-risk transfer, a Romanian.
He looks like a real motherfucker.
Boss of an international criminal gang.
- Mmm.
- Arms and human trafficking.
When they arrested him,
he had 200 girls working for him.
Oh, on a routine cell check,
the motherfucker slit the guard's throat
with an iron shank
he'd hidden in the sole of his shoe.
- There's always one gem.
- Hope the others aren't as insane.
Yeah, there's a bit of everything.
Most are minor offenses.
What else? Drug dealing
and a couple of robberies, you know.
[knocking on door]
[door buzzing]
- Good evening.
- Evening.
- You're gonna love this one. A politician.
- Is he famous?
[officer] Body search room two. West wing.
- The officer will show you the way.
- Okay, thanks.
No fucking idea.
One of those accountant types.
[officer 2] Mihai Lungo.
- [groans]
- [officer 2] Notice of transfer.
[zipping suitcase]
[breathes deeply]
[officer 2] Ramis, are you ready?
- It's about time, man.
- Come on, let's go.
[door closes]
[Montesinos] Come on, get dressed.
- You.
- [inmate] Thank you, officer.
Put your clothes there, please.
Cross your arms.
Open your mouth.
Tongue against the roof of your mouth.
Tongue out. Move it around.
- Cough.
- [inmate 2 coughs]
[Montesinos] Pull your underwear down.
Hands behind your head.
Go on. Get dressed.
You. Next.
Put your clothes there.
Cross your arms.
Open your mouth.
Tongue against the roof of your mouth.
- Where are my lollipops at?
- [Ramis] Here we go.
- [inmate 2] You took them from me!
- I'd appreciate you don't talk.
- [Ramis] Fuck it!
- Son of a bitch! Miserable bastards!
- Cough.
- [coughs]
Pull your underwear down.
I mean, the shrink prescribed them to me
for my anxiety, all right?
Bet you he has it on him.
[Montesinos] Get dressed.
Oh, fuck me, man!
I'm sorry, all right?
Sorry, they were in my pocket.
[Montesinos] You.
Right. Put your clothes over there.
What's that?
[inmate 3]
Don't take that off me, brother.
It's a memory of my sister.
Don't worry, I won't take it off.
You will, though.
And now.
- [Montesinos] Cross your arms.
- Not yours, huh?
He knows. No one's gonna keep it.
It's going in the bag. Open your mouth.
Well, during the last search,
you took a couple of my CDs.
- [Montesinos] What are you telling me for?
- Just saying.
You shouldn't take our music.
It's sacred.
Get your clothes, pal.
You, next.
These guys are kind of annoying, huh?
[Ramis] Don't waste your breath, Pardo.
If you think they'll offer you money,
you're wrong.
[Montesinos] Put your clothes there.
You're Julio, right?
- I preferRamis. My stage name, you know?
- Open your mouth.
Ah, ah, ah, ah.
You're an old hand at this.
I'm a real professional.
You can't trust these guys one bit.
[Pardo laughs]
You have no shame, Ramis.
I'm a true artist.
Come on. Get dressed.
You, next.
Hey, personal items aren't authorized
during transfer.
- Sorry.
- [Ramis] I'm studying.
Quite ambitious
to set up a business in prison.
No, not here. No. In the Caribbean.
A fucking amazing bar.
You're all invited to the opening.
No hard feelings.
[Montesinos] Come on. Clothes over there.
- Open your mouth.
- [speaking Romanian]
- What's that?
- It fucking hurts.
- Too fucking bad, asshole.
- [mutters in Romanian]
[Montesinos] Cough.
All right. Underwear.
Hands behind your head.
- You really enjoy eyeing up cocks.
- What did you say?
Nothing. I didn't say a word.
Pull your underpants down,
hands behind your head and squat.
- For what?
- [Montesinos] Did you hear what I said?
Hey, man, I...
Pull your underwear down now,
hands behind your head and squat.
- Pants down? Why?
- Do you want to get hurt?
[inmate 3] All right, all right.
Come on, cough.
Cough harder.
[coughs loudly]
[Montesinos] Get up.
Get your clothes.
- [whispering] Fucking douchebag.
- What did you say, kid?
- Hey! Hey, hey, hey!
- The fuck you doin', asshole?
- [inmate 4]Stop! Why are you doing this?
- What are you doing?
Can't you tell?
[inmate 2] Son of a bitch!
Always the same fucking shit.
Let go of him, all right?
Beat it.
Are the bags ready yet?
- They are.
- [Montesinos] Let's go, then.
[tense music playing]
- [Montesinos] Hands.
- Wait up, wait up. Wait there.
This way.
[Mihai] Hey! What about the cuffs?
- You're removing them or what?
- [scoffs] Like hell I am.
Get on.
Fucking freezing out here.
Get a move on.
[tense music continues]
Thank you, officer.
[Ramis humming]
[stops humming]
Get in here.
In you go.
- Officer
- What?
I've been cooperating.
[Montesinos] Then keep cooperating
and sit down.
[Ramis] Why aren't
some of the others cuffed?
[Montesinos] You're not like the others.
- I've read your file.
- The one time I fucked up...
Listen, try anything,
and I'll kick your fucking head in.
What for?
- [Martn] Have a good shift.
- [officer] Get out of here.
You need to relax a bit with
all your this rule here, this rule there.
Rules aren't there
to be relaxed, Montesinos.
Why not? Is it against the rules,Martn?
I guess so.
Whatever you say.
Just don't be a robot around me.
That's just how I work.
I keep it simple.
- I'm just following the rules, man.
- [scoffs]
- We're partners, right?
- Yeah.
In this shitty job,
partners have each other's backs.
This has nothing to do
with whether or not we're partners.
- It doesn't?
- No.
That's precisely why
I'm a good partner. I give you warning.
You? Warning me? Don't fuck with me.
That's all I needed, man. [chuckles]
Anyway, when did you last do a transfer?
You don't know how this rolls.
I do know you can't beat up
the first dirtbag who gets in your face.
We both know how this works, no?
Here every fucker gets in your face.
[door opens, closes]
Maybe what they said about you
is actually true.
It is maybe.
What did they say?
[engine starting]
[tense music playing]
[tense music continues]
[suspenseful music playing]
[door closes]
[engine starting]
Hey, enough already with the banging.
- It's cold.
- [Montesinos] How is that my fault?
[Ramis] Turn the heating up.
I mean, I don't think
they're gonna take it off your salary.
[Pardo] Don't be so sure.
You convicts cost the state
a lot of money, you know?
Here comes the economist.
Says the prick who learned math
by skimming money from the till, eh?
Over 20 damn grand
for each of one of you assholes.
With everything you've lifted
Son of a bitch!
Where are you going with this?
[Pardo] Keeping you here
is a pointless expense.
You're blood-sucking leeches.
That's all, you know?
Why don't you shut up?
You fucking asshole!
What have you ever contributed
in your fucking lives?
When have you ever bothered
to give something to society?
[Pardo] But in the end,
we all want the same rights.Right?
- Vote and choose, have an opinion
- Just shut up already, grandpa.
You're getting on my nerves.
Everyone's entitled to an opinion.
Son of a fucking bitch, Pardo.
Shut the fuck up.
You're not in a meeting now.
[inmate] I'm sick of your speeches.
You sound like my old man, dude.
Fucking damn fascist.
Who? Pardo or your old man?
[banging on door]
This whole state of the nation debate
ends now.
Go to sleep.
All I ask is that you turn up
the fucking heat. [shivers]
[turns on radio]
[Montesinos] Martn,
turn up the heat back here, will you?
Let's see if these whiners
will finally shut the fuck up.
Got it.
[tense music playing]
[suspenseful music playing]
[tires screeching]
Who the fuck does this guy think he is?
[officer] They drive like nutjobs
around here.
[singing indistinctly]
[Ramis] Boss?
What's the matter now?
I'm about to shit myself, dude.
[Montesinos] Go to sleep, Ramis.
- [farts]
- [inmate laughs]
[inmate] Boss, let him out.
We're choking in here.
- [Pardo] What a stench in here.
- [inmate 2] Seriously, bro.
It's urgent, officer.
I can't hold it any longer.
Great ride you're giving me, Ramis.
[Ramis coughs]
Sorry about that. Thanks, boss.
- It's just that
- All right.
I think I must have a bug or something.
And the cold makes me want to shit.
All right. Get in.
Your hands.
[locks door]
A little privacy?
Hurry the fuck up.
[sinister music playing]
Hurry, Ramis.
[faucet running]
[banging on door]
- Come on.
- I'm done.
[unlocks door]
[tense music playing]
- I can't see you. You copy?
- [officer] We're here, 200 yards ahead.
Four-M-two, the fog's too thick.
No visibility at all. Please slow down.
Get in.
Four-M-two. What's up, guys?
I've lost visual contact. Do you copy?
Are you there?
[tires screeching]
[brakes squealing]
[inmate] Fuck's sake!
Learn how to drive, idiot!
There are people in here.
[inmate 2]These guys
can't drive for shit.
[inmate 3] Are you transporting cattle,
or what?
[Montesinos] Martn, what's going on?
Why have we stopped?
[Martn] I don't know.
I think we hit something. I don't know.
Why are we stopped, grandpa?
There are loads of wild animals
on this stretch.
- Maybe we hit one.
- Or maybe he's run out of gas.
- Just keep going and warn the others.
- Our escort car has gone.
- It disappeared off the road.
- [Montesinos] What do you mean?
It must be further up the road.
You shouldn't stop.
It's not there, I'm telling you.
It's gone.
They were up ahead, and then suddenly
Hang on a minute.
[opens window]
This country's a mess.
They can't even afford gasoline.
Yeah, because of crooks like you, Pardo.
The bastard who sucked the well dry.
- [inmate] Pardo, you're a fucking crook.
- Shut the fuck up!
- There they are.
- [Montesinos] You see them?
Ramis, there's a reason you're here.
It isn't for being a genius.
I robbed a bank to set up a bar,
pay bills.
Not like you,
to hoard money in Switzerland.
[Pardo] What are you on about?
We're both thieves. You're no different.
You finally confessed, you damn crook.
On television you said
you were just the accountant.
[animals howling]
I see you. Why did you stop?
[Montesinos] Martn,
what's going on out there?
Four-M-two, do you copy?
[Ramis] Kind of weird, huh?
I mean, the fact we're not moving here.
- [speaking Romanian]
- [Ramis] What are you saying?
Just speak our language, dude.
We don't understand.
Martn, what the fuck
is going on out there?
I don't know, but they're not
fucking answering. Something's not right.
[inmate] I think it's a flat.
- [sighs]
- [Ramis] No way. This isn't a flat.
I'm coming out.
- What is it,dude?
- [inmate] A flat, kid.
- You're the fucking "kid," you crackhead.
- Flat is how you like them, Gollum.
- Ain't that the truth.
- [inmate 2 laughs]
[groans] Fuck.
[inmate 2] Rumano?
What did you say?
You know something.
[Ramis] You're going out there?
Be careful.
Careful you don't catch a fucking cold.
Dress warm, yeah?
It's coming down hard.
- What the fuck's happening?
- Chill out, yeah?
[speaking Romanian]
[Gollum] Bundle up big. Bundle up!
It's cold out.
- [inmate 3] What the fuck's happening?
- Nothing's fucking happening.
[door closes]
[animal howling]
[breathing heavily]
Rumano, does this
have something to do with you?
My brotherCosmin
said I wouldn't rot in jail.
Well, he needs a hand maybe.
My mother always said
I was a lucky motherfucker.
Montesinos, see anything?
Ramis, what's up?
[Ramis] Well, since you asked
I'm out of here, man.
[Pardo] What do you mean?
He's leaving. He just said that.
I'm removing my cuffs.
And you can all get fucked.
I'm gonna say it nice and clear.
From inside, I can open my cell door.
[laughing] No way in hell.
Then fucking get out
and open all our doors.
- Yeah, let us out too.
- [Ramis] Yeah, all in good time.
There's a security camera. If they see us
we're fucked.Here's my plan.
Don't fuck it up for me, Ramis.
Don't let me out.
I don't want any trouble.
What's happening, Montesinos?
[static buzzing]
[inmate 2] Are you going to let us out?
Of course. When the cop gets back,
ask to use the crapper.
Then I'll come out, and we'll jump him.
Count on me,
so we both get out of here.
- [Gollum] What about the driver?
- [Ramis] Not a problem.
We'll leave using the key
mustache cop has on him.
- Hey, Ramis, don't leave me here, eh?
- Of course not.
[breathing heavily]
Oh, shit. Montesinos,
what the hell is happening?
[static buzzing]
Please answer.
[static buzzing]
Montesinos, say something.
[static buzzing]
That's a terrible plan.
Makes sense now
why you kept getting caught, Ramis.
[suspenseful music playing]
This won't end well.
You against two cops.
They'll call for help.
[shushing] Just stay quiet, okay?
Stay quiet.
[breathing heavily]
[tense music playing]
- [animal howling]
- [gasps]
[breathing heavily]
[gun cocks]
[breathing heavily]
[gun fires]
[gun firing]
[slow breathing]
[gun firing]
No. No.
[firing continues]
- [Gollum] What the fuck happened?
- [inmate] Those were shots, right?
[Martn panting]
- I'm pretty sure someone's out there.
- [Gollum] Rumano!
They're the Romanian's guys for sure.
Hey, Rumano, are they your guys?
Fucking hell, Rumano! Who are these guys?
Your friends don't mess around, do they?
[gun firing]
[muffled screaming]
[muffled firing continues]
[breathing heavily]
[gun fires]
- [gun fires]
- [screams]
HQ, this is three-ML. Do you copy?
[gun firing]
We've been ambushed.
Three officers are dead. Do you copy?
Are you there?
[breathing heavily]
[engine stalling]
Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on!
[gun firing]
[firing continues]
[breathing heavily]
[firing continues]
[Ramis] What the hell happened, Nano?
[Nano] What's happening?
Where's your partner?
[Gollum] You're gonna
get us fucking killed. You know that?
[Ramis] Unbelievable!
- [Gollum] Answer!
- [Ramis] His partner's gone.
- [Gollum] Where's the cop with a mustache?
- [Ramis] Hey, man, you all right?
- [Gollum] Tell us what is going on?
- [Ramis] Hey, you!
[Pardo] He's by himself!
[Ramis] What the fuck's happening
out there? Hey!
Take us back to...
Son of a bitch!
What did they do to you, man?
What the fuck's happening, huh?
- Sit down!
- [Gollum] Hey...
- Be fucking quiet!
- Son of a bitch! Answer us.
You can't keep us in the dark like this.
What is he doing?
- Can anyone see what he's doing?
- [Gollum] Hey!
He's opened the first aid kit.
- [Nano] So, is he injured or what?
- Yeah, his leg's fucked.
[Ramis] Are you sure? I can't see.
[Gollum] Hey! Hey! Where's your sidekick?
[inmate] Did he get lost taking a piss?
Seems like someone's out there.
- [Nano] Fuck!
- [Gollum] Rumano!
They're your guys for sure.
Hey, officer,
you're scaring us a little here.
[Pardo] I think it's best we stay in here.
If you think I'm staying in here,
you're wrong.
No one's staying in here!
We're all getting out!
Rumano! What the fuck is happening?
Do you ever stop talking?
Just shut the fuck up.
[Nano] So, is it your people or not?
- [Martn groaning]
- [Mihai] We have to wait. Period.
Can you guys see anything?
- [Gollum] What do you see, Pardo?
- I can't see a thing.
[Gollum] Talk to us, officer.
[in singsong] What happened to your leg?
[breathing heavily]
[Gollum] Do you have a boo-boo?
Say something, cop! Tell Mommy.
What the fuck's going on?
[drilling continues]
[Nano] Is that a fucking drill?
[Pardo] Officer, what's that noise?
What's happening?
What the fuck is happening?
- Guard! Guard, why aren't we moving?
- [drilling]
- What is happening?
- [Gollum] What is happening?
- [inmate] Where's your partner?
- [Gollum] This is fucked up.
- [inmate] I'm gonna shit myself!
- Shut the fuck up! Enough!
No one's getting off this truck.
Is it true they're coming for you?
Who are these people?
It won't be easy to get in here. Got it?
It's like an armored bunker.
That's no problem.
We'll be out in two minutes.
Rumano, I've always liked your countrymen.
[inmate] Now ask him
to pull down his pants.
[Gollum] The Romanians
are gonnaannihilate this truck.
- [screaming]
- [grunts]
- [inmate] Yeah!
- [Gollum] Fucking hit the shit out of him!
Hit him! Hit him, come on!
- Hit him, Ramis! Hit him!
- Hit the fuck out of that dog!
Kill him, Ramis! Kill the little Smurf!
Come on, Ramis! Kill him!
Ramis, stop! Stop!
- [Martn] Get back!
- [gasping]
Drop it, for fuck's sake.
Who are those guys?
- Have they come for you or not?
- [laughing]
Why are you asking me?
Weren't you the one outside there?
[Martn] Okay.
- I want you to go back to your cell now.
- [Gollum] Don't listen to him, Ramis.
Have it your way, man.
But if whoever's out there
are friends of the Romanian,
you better be ready,
because they're gonna get him out of here.
That's fucking gasoline.
- Hey!
- I want you back in your cell, right now.
Oh, fuck!
Guys, there's a fire in here. Open up.
- [Gollum] Hey, hey, hey! What's going on?
- [Nano] Fuck!
- Guard! Guard, fire!
- [Gollum] He's burning.
[Nano] The old man's fucking burning!
- Don't move! Don't move!
- I'm just trying to help.
[Gollum] Come on, guard!
Don't let him fucking die.
[Pardo screaming]
Julio! He's burning.
[Pardo screaming]
Let's fucking get him out.
- [Nano] He's fucking burning.
- Let him out!
Hey, hermano! Open up, hermano!
Open this cell!
- [screaming]
- What are you waiting for?
- Get the extinguisher!
- Don't open the cell yet.
- Come on.
- [screaming]
Open, now! Open up!
Open up, brother!
I'm burning, motherfucker!
Open up! Come on, hurry up!
Open the fucking cell! Over here! Hey!
- [Gollum] Come on! Come on!
- [inmate] I'm burning, motherfucker!
- Come on, hurry!Put it out, Ramis.
- [Gollum] You can't let us burn!
- [inmate] I'm burning! I'm burning!
- [Ramis] I'm doing by best.
- [inmate screaming] It fucking hurts!
- Hold this. That's it.
[Gollum] Open my fucking cell!
Don't even think about it. Got it?
[Ramis] It's too late.
Stay where you are. All of you.
- [spits]
- [inmates coughing]
You're outnumbered.
When I blow your fucking head off,
that will make one less.
- Stay there.
- You'll still be outnumbered.
You don't have the balls to shoot us.
Stay there.
Where's your partner?
You're all on your own.
Don't move.
This guy's shitting himself.
So, we are not friends anymore?
Friends? Me and you?
No. Get back. Don't move.
Shoot me.
I don't give a fuck. I don't give a fuck.
[radio beeping]
[man over radio] Good evening.
All right,
so, there's a lot going on here.
The police officer in there with you
has the only key
that can open the truck.
I can't get in.
- Who's that?
- [Nano] Fuck.
[man] If you want your freedom,
you just need to let me in.
What you do before or after
isn't my problem.
Maybe these aren't Rumano's people, eh?
[man] If you don't open up,
you will all die.
Oh, his gun
is out of bullets.
[radio beeps]
Don't! Don't move!
You're fucked, you hear me?
Why would he set fire to the cells
unless he wants something
that's in here?
So you'd let us out,
then we took the key from you.
And if he hasn't come to save you?
They're not your friends, Rumano.
That guy's Spanish.
And he's after something else.
I don't give a fuck who he is.
I'm getting out of here.
- So give me the fucking key!
- Hey! Don't move!
- [grunting]
- [Mihai] Grab him.
- [Ramis] Don't let go.
- [grunting]
Now what, dickhead?
[Gollum] Now you're gonna
Give up the key, come on!
Give it up!
Give us the key, or you'll be sorry.
Son of a bitch.
You son of a fucking bitch!
[inmate] Get him! Get him!
[Gollum] Come on, Ramis! Get him, quick!
- Get him!
- Asshole! Give me the fucking key now!
Give me the key now!
[Gollum] Fucking rat!
Where's the key, prick?
- [Ramis] Give me the key!
- Where's the key?
- I don't have the key, man!
- [Ramis] What do you mean?
- [Ramis] Give me the fucking key.
- [inmate] Give it to us.
[Martn] I told you, I don't have it!
[body thuds]
What happened? Rumano!
What the fuck's wrong with you?
Give me that.
- [Nano] Stay back!
- Calm down.
- [Ramis] What did you do?
- [Nano] Don't move.
- [Ramis] Put that down.
- [inmate] Why did you do that?
- Fucking hell!
- [Gollum] What did you do?
- [Nano] Don't get any closer!
- You killed the Romanian.
He was gonna get us killed!
Just so that I'm clear,
that guy's here for you?
We'll be all right
so long as we stay in here.
- He has the key. Give us the damn key!
- Don't come any closer!
[radio static buzzing]
[man] Nano.
I told you that we'd meet again.
- [Gollum] What the fuck's this about?
- Quiet. Let's hear what he has to say.
[man] I don't care who you are
or what you've done.
Open the door, and you can leave.
I'm just here for him.
Don't believe a word he says.
He's a liar.
Why is that guy after you, Nano?
[breathing heavily]
Listen, I didn't do anything wrong.
The truth is, that guy doesn't
have the balls to go after the cops
who fucked up his case.
They're his buddies, you know.
And that's why he wants me to pay.
With no proof, man.
With no anything. I'm fucking innocent.
What the hell are you talking about?
Okay, what are you saying?
That he's a cop?
That guy is He's one of the most
fucked up cops I have ever met, man.
That maniac was kicked off the force
for all the shit he pulled, man. You know?
My whole life, people have tried
to pinch it on me, brother.
You know what I mean?
Why are you so scared?
Don't fuck with me, Nano.
- What are you afraid of? Huh?
- [Nano] Think about it.
He tried to fucking kill us all!
He tried to burn us alive.
Or didn't you notice?
Ask the guard's partners. Yeah?
He killed them, didn't he?
[Ramis] I don't give a fuck
about the guy's partners.
You pulled some shit here.
And we're not gonna pay for it.
Do you hear me?
[radio beeping]
[man] Hand him over,
and you'll get out alive.
Otherwise, you'll all die.
Jesus! What the fuck is happening?
He's watching us through the camera.
You're in way over your head!
What are you fucking doing, huh?
[radio beeps]
[Miguel] Ask your friend Chino.
[Nano crying]
What did you do to Chino,
you son of a bitch?
What did you do to Chino,
you motherfucking bastard?
[inmate] Put that down,
hand yourself over.
- No fucker is leaving this truck!
- Calm down.
- Put that down.
- [inmate] Calm down.
You listening to me, Miguel?
You need me alive, but I'm not coming out!
- [Gollum] Hey, hey!
- [inmate] Stop it!
- Go fuck yourself.
- Let's do this the easy way.
- We're on your side.
- Let it go.Put it down.
[Gollum] Hey, dude!
- Hand it over! Come on!
- Put it down!
- Get away!
- [Gollum] Give it up already.
- Fuck you!
- For fuck's sake!
- [grunting]
- [screaming]
[inmate] Hand the fucking key over now!
[Nano] Let me go, Ramis.
- No!
- [Ramis] Don't do it!
- [inmate] No! No!
- [Martn] What are you doing?
[Gollum] Guard!
[metal thuds]
[grunts softly]
[suspenseful music playing]
[metal clanks]
[suspenseful music continues]
[twigs snapping]
[grunting softly]
For a junkie,
he messed you up real good, huh?
[Ramis] This dude's heavy. Help me out.
[Nano] We're locked in, man.
I think he's turned the heating off.
We'll be frozen within the half hour.
[Gollum] I need to get out of here.
[Martn] Ramis.
Ramis, what are you gonna do?
I say we rip open Nano's stomach
and take out the damn key. Yeah?
[Gollum] Give us your blade,
we'll get out of this truck.
A paper clip
isn't a fucking scalpel, okay?
Have you ever seen a stomach
on the inside?
Because it's not a plastic bag.
It's disgusting. It's not easy.
Stop fucking around
and let's find some coats.
[power shuts down]
- [inmate] What now?
- [Ramis] What the fuck's going on now?
[inmate] What happened?
Son of a What the fuck is this?
[inmate] What does the son of a bitch
want now?
[Ramis] Fucking son of a bitch.
Now what, man?
[Miguel grunts softly]
- [electricity zapping]
- [engine starting]
[tense music playing]
This is the hold.
- Come on, then. Let's get our bags out.
- [Ramis] Hurry. We're freezing.
[radio beeping]
[static buzzing]
I'm gonna negotiate with him.
[Martn] Ramis.
Give me the radio.
Fuck off, pig.
Please let me talk to him.
I'm not your friend now.
Ramis! Ramis!
[Miguel] You're running out of time.
And so am I.
It took you long enough, asshole.
Miguel. Miguel, right?
We have the cop and the kid locked up.
[Miguel] Yeah, I saw that.
And did you see the thing with the key?
Because we're fucked.
He swallowed the only one there is.
It's up to you.
- Should we slit him open?
- [Miguel] I need him alive.
It's fucking freezing!
We'll find a way to get out of here,
but we need time.
We'll find a way.
[Miguel] Give me Nano,
and I'll let you go. That's the deal.
All I want is justice.
[Gollum] Come on, damn it. Leave it.
How do we know you'll keep your word?
[Miguel] You'll just have to trust me.
[radio beeps]
[Gollum] What's happening?
[inmate] What did he say?
Either we crack open this sardine can,
or we're dead.
- Okay, but how?
- [Ramis] I don't know.
I'll have to find a weak spot.
I'll tell you in a minute.
[tense music playing]
[inhales deeply]
It's pretty, huh?
That ring of yours. It's pretty, man.
It's my sister's ring.
When do you get out?
Nine years, brother.
Nine damn years till I'm out.
Holy shit, Rei.
What the fuck did you do to get that?
The son of a bitch who raped my sister,
I left him in a coma.
He'll never wake up again.
No offense, Rei,
but how did that help your sister, huh?
Why did you killthe Romanian, Nano?
I read your file.
It doesn't fit your profile.
[clicks tongue] I just had
no other choice, man, that's all.
If we let that fucking psycho in here,
we're dead.
He even came to see me in prison and shit
just to mess with my head.
And more than that,
he threatened me.
I got nothing to do
with him, man. I swear.
So, what about you? What did you do?
Oh, me?
Isn't that obvious, Rei?
Because of my habit. My fucking habit.
When my folks got sick of me,
they cut me off.
So I started stealing to survive.
You can fill in the blanks.
What about Chino?
Who is he? A friend of yours?
Yeah, Chino's a buddy.
Like a brother, you know?
I grew up with him and his grandma, so
She's been like a mother to me.
That's the only family I ever had.
Shoot, man, this is so fucked.
If anything's happened to them,
fuck me.
So why did you say
that he needed you alive?
[Ramis] You finished sharing sob stories?
Then let's break this fucking truck open
once and for all.
We need some hero to go down there.
Don't look at me like that.
Get him to do it.
[groans softly]
[radio beeps]
Three-LM. Do you receive?
[radio static buzzing]
Three-LM. Do you copy?
We were ambushed
on the road.
I don't know where I am.
During the transfer,
I think they took the truck.
And two officers are dead.
[radio static buzzing]
[labored breathing]
[tense music playing]
[Rei shivering]
I'm freezing my fucking balls off, man.
[Gollum] Don't think about it.
[Ramis] Here you go.
Find a bolt or a screw
that's a little loose.
Let's see if we get lucky
and you fucking pull it off.
[Rei] Got it.
I'll take the flashlight.
Go. Go on.
How's it going?
Rei, what can you see?
I think I see something.
- Hold on.
- [Gollum] Something, like what?
[Gollum] Rei?
Rei, fucking answer.
Like a lid, brother.
There. [grunting]
[Martn] Ramis!
You won't be able to crack it open,
trust me on that.
We'll see about that.
The cop's a goddamn technician.
If it were that easy,
we'd already be dead, you know?
Don't tell me I can't do it.
I've heard that too often.
You don't remember me, do you?
How's your wife?
You're still married, right?
That bitch was smokin' hot.
She seemed like a really nice girl.
What the hell are you talking about?
[chuckling] Christ, chill out.
It's not what you think.
I sang at your wedding. Hmm.
- You were with the flamenco band?
- Well, not quite.
Rumba, sevillana dancing
I've never dared
to sing proper flamenco in public.
No fucking way you sang
at a cop's wedding.
Yeah. So what?
[laughing] Rei!
- Rei, did you hear that?
- Think it's coming loose, man.
[both laughing]
- Yeah, I remember now.
- That's great.
For real, you used to sing?
Not so much.
But I did have a fucking great band.
An uncle taught me to play the guitar.
But what can you do?
I was better at breaking into houses.
[laughing] You're such a character.
Well, you know what they say.
Artists and crooks are the only people
who live interesting lives.
- Hey.
- [chuckles]
You haven't got a clue.
That guy is a killer.
I've never had this much luck
in my whole fucking life.
I'm not gonna screw up this chance.
They won't see me back in prison.
I'm going to open my bar.
You really think
they won't come looking for you?
Let them look. It's fine.
[Martn] Ramis!
- [rattling door]
- Ramis!
[tense music playing]
[tires screeching]
[dramatic music playing]
Those are shots?
[Rei] Hey!
Stop the truck!
[gun firing]
Stop the truck!
- [tires screeching]
- [truck bangs]
[dramatic music continues]
Stop! Now!
You won't get away with this!
[tires screeching]
You're done for!
I've called for backup!
They're coming for you!
[gun firing]
[tires screeching]
[tires screeching]
[Gollum] For fuck's sake, Ramis!
[tires screeching]
[tires screeching]
[tires screeching]
- [brakes squealing]
- [inmates screaming]
[Ramis] Rei?
Rei, are you okay?
[Gollum] Ramis! Ramis,
what the fuck is happening?
[gun cocking]
[Montesinos groaning softly]
[labored breathing]
[somber music playing]
I can't go on, Ramis. I can't go on.
Son of a bitch.
What the fuck does he want?
[somber music playing]
[tense music playing]
[engine starting]
We're moving.We're moving.
[dramatic music playing]
[radio beeps]
Miguel. What the fuck are you doing, man?
What's happening?
We told you we'd get out, didn't we?
Miguel, you prick!
What do we do now?
How do we get out of here?
[dramatic music playing]
[over radio] Miguel.
The sun's coming up.
You're running out of time.
This is your last chance.
God fucking damn it, Nano.
What the fuck does he want, huh?
Is he really gonna kill us?
Just tell him what he wants to know
so we can get out of here.
- I don't fucking know what he wants.
- [Ramis] Miguel.
I'm telling you,I swear to you,
we tried everything we could.
[over radio] I swear.
So now what?
What are you gonna do with us, man?
Give me the fucking radio. Give it here.
Miguel, I don't know you,
but listen to me.
My name's Martn,
and I'm the police officer
in charge of this truck.
[over radio] How much more shit
are you gonna pull, Miguel?
You can't get away, do you hear me?
I don't want to get away.
I just want him.
Why is that?
[Miguel] That doesn't matter.
I can't just hand over a guy
for you to kill him, okay?
The law doesn't work that way, Miguel.
The law
[Martn over radio] Miguel? Miguel?
[melancholy music playing]
He's stopped.
[radio beeps on]
[radio beeps off]
[radio clatters]
[solemn music playing]
[sinister music playing]
[gun fires]
[gun fires]
[ice cracking]
[ice breaks]
[ice cracking]
[ice breaks]
[water gurgling]
[Ramis] What the fuck's happening?
What is this? Fuck!
What the fuck is this?
Jesus fucking Christ!
[Ramis] Guillermo! Son of a bitch!
[ice breaking]
[Ramis] Motherfucker!
Where the fuck are we?
Where is he taking us?
[Nano] Son of a bitch!
Son of a bitch!
Now what, Nano, huh? Now what?
[Nano] Ramis!
Ramis, you son of a bitch!
- [Ramis] It's motherfucking freezing!
- Jesus fucking Christ!
I'm not dying today.
Do you hear me? I'm not dying today!
[ice breaking]
[muffled screaming]
[shivers, gasps]
- Come on, Ramis!
- [Martn] Ramis!
Ramis! Come on!
Will you open the fucking door?
[muffled] Ramis! Ramis!
Open the door!
I know how to get us out.
Open the fucking door!
There's an emergency exit!
- I know where it is.
- [Ramis] Up here?
- Up, let's go, quick!
- [Martn] Open the fucking door!
- [Nano] It's fucking freezing!
- [Martn] Ramis!
[ice breaking]
[Martn] Hurry up! Come and give me
your hand, Ramis. Your hand!
- Hold on.
- I can't feel my legs.
- Hold on.
- [Martn] Give me your hand, Ramis.
[muffled] Up! Up!
Almost. Almost. You're nearly there.
Hang onto the bars. Come on!
- All right. Open up, Ramis.
- [Ramis] Hold on a minute. Listen.
What do you mean there's an exit?
Yeah. There's a hidden exit
under thefluorescent lights at the back.
Asshole! Couldn't you
have mentioned that before?
If we'd gone out that way,
the guy would have killed us.
- Open up. Let's fucking get out.
- Shut up a fucking minute!
Hold this.
[Martn] Go, go, go, go.
[ice cracking]
[ice breaking]
- Fuck!
- [Nano] No! No! No!
- [Martn] Fuck!
- [Nano] No, no, no, no!
[Martn] Fuck, Nano! Fuck!
- Where is it?
- All over!
[Ramis] Now what?
I'll go,Ramis.
What do you mean?
[muffled speaking]
[Nano] Go on, Gollum. Go, go, go!
[suspenseful music playing]
Where is he?
What the fuck
is he doing down there, guys?
[Martn] Come on,Gollum!
For the love of God, come on!
- [Ramis] Hold it, hold it steady.
- [Nano] Give it to me!
[Martn] Ramis
[Ramis] Give it to me, Gollum.
Give me the flashlight.
Come on, Ramis. Open up.
We gotta hurry the hell up.
[Gollum] My body's numb.
- [coughing]
- Okay, when I say "go," you go.
You go down, yeah?
[Ramis] Come on. Open.
- Now! [grunts]
- Come on!
[Ramis] Now what, man? Which way?
This key opens the exit door.
[Ramis] The water's coming up.
Gollum! Gollum!
Hang in there. Hang in there, Gollum.
Hang on,Gollum, bro. What's going on?
Let's go, man.
Gollum, don't fuck with me, yeah?
Stay. Let's go.
No, not yet, yeah?
Not now. Come on, come on, come on.
Come on, wake up. Fucking wake up.
Fucking talk to me.
Wake up, yeah?
Wake up, kid! Wake up, come on.
Don't fuck with me. Stay with me.
Don't fuck with me, yeah?
Gollum! Gollum! Gollum!
[breathes deeply]
[dramatic music playing]
[glass shatters]
- No.
- There's nothing else we can do.
But we need to get out of here.
[door opens]
Please, Ramis. Let's get out of here.
Come on, let's go.
[Martn] Ramis.
[dramatic music playing]
Don't fuck with me, yeah?
Up you go. Come on! Come on!
- [grunting]
- [Martn coughs]
Come on.
[loading gun]
Hey! Hey!
[Ramis grunting]
- [Martn chokes]
- [gasps]
[Martn] Where's Nano?
[Ramis] No fucking idea.
- And the guy from the truck?
- [Ramis] I don't know.
Who cares? That's not our problem.
At least it's not mine.
- [coughs]
- [gun fires]
Although it might be yours.
[gun fires]
Now what?
What are you gonna do? Hmm?
What will you call your bar?
The Fandango.
Like the bar my uncle had.
Or Fandango Two.
I don't know. [chuckles]
It will be the craziest bar
in the Dominican Republic.
Bambino playing all day long.
And tapas to die for.
Good luck.
Watch out for all those jerks.
Jesus! It's fucking freezing.
[breathing heavily]
[gun firing]
[gun fires]
[gun fires]
[loading gun]
[gun cocking]
Fuck you, Miguel. Fuck you, man.
I've got nothing against you.
Leave, and nothing
will happen to you.
- There's still time to turn yourself in.
- I'll hand myself in.
Pay whatever price I have to.
I know the price
of everything I've done.
I've tried to do
as little damage as possible.
What do you want from this guy?
What do I want?
Do you have children?
Two girls.
[Miguel] Kids
they strip you of all you got, hmm?
It was the village festival.
It was the first time
we were going to let my daughter
my daughter, Sole, go out.
She was very excited.
She'd planned to dress up,
meet friends.
The whole week
they'd been coming to the house
to practice the dance they wanted to do.
Nano and his friend
offered them alcohol.
She'd never been drunk before.
That wasn't her.
I don't know how they talked her into it.
They raped her.
He went first.
Followed by the other.
And then both at the same time.
When they were done,
they put their cigarettes out on her.
They used
They used pliers and tools like that.
A bottle, as well.
They really did all sorts.
All sorts.
She was still alive
when they tied her to a Renault
they had stolen earlier that night.
They dragged her through the fields
for a good long while, you know?
Your head's got to be really messed up
to do something that awful to a girl
who's just 13.
They left her body out there.
I don't know.
In a ditch or a well.
Only Nano knows where my daughter is.
There wasan investigation,
but they couldn't find enough evidence.
That kid's been in and out of jail
like a fucking yo-yo.
But he got away with this.
In a few months,
he'll be out on the streets again.
The law doesn't work that way.
I know how the fucking law works.
I was a policeman.
Some politicians have met me
for a photo op.
Judges, educators, psychologists
have called me.
They tried to get me to meet
other parents in similarsituations.
But I work by myself.
I don't trust
this goddamn system, your law.
You've failed me, all of you.
But I won't fail like you.
[rocks clattering]
I'm close to the finish line.
I swear to you.
I just need to know where they left her.
Get her out of there
and take her home to the village
where my parents are buried.
I promised my wife that.
I've tried all kinds of ways
to get Nano to tell me where she was.
Every time he denied
having anything to do with it.
How do you know he has?
What if you're wrong?
His friend Chino told me,
right before I killed him.
He admitted everything.
- I can't let you kill him.
- I understand. I've walked in your shoes.
[rocks clattering]
- [gun firing]
- [screams]
[both grunting]
[Martn grunts]
[gun cocking]
[both grunting]
[Miguel groaning]
- [grunts]
- [Martn groans]
I had the guy.
[Martn] Miguel!
[rocks clattering]
[footsteps departing]
[suspenseful music playing]
[breathing heavily]
[sighs heavily]
[Miguel] Where is she?
Tell me where she is, you piece of shit.
Tell me!
- Tell me!
- Stop!
- Where is she?
- [cries]
- Tell me!
- [groans]
Where is she?
[Nano groaning]
You're gonna kill him.
[Nano gasping]
[helicopter hovering]
[siren wailing]
[Nano] Hey! Miguel!
I'm never gonna fucking tell you
where I put her!
Do you hear me?
Do you hear me, asshole?
[tense music playing]
[music intensifies]
What the fuckare you doing?
What are you doing? Get him, you dick!
- What the fuck are you doing?
- Tell him.
Martn! Please,Martn.
What the fuck are you doing?
- Martn, what the fuck are you doing?
- Tell him.
Don't fuck with me,Martn.
Don't fuck with me like that.
Don't fuck with me!
[breathing heavily]
All right!
Tell him, now.
[Nano crying]
She's in the well! I put her in the well
in the Pardeza field!
I swear!
I swear to God!
[siren wailing]
[Nano crying]
[Nano screaming]
[dramatic music playing]
[indistinct chattering]
[somber music playing]