Belzebuth (2017) Movie Script

He has your nose.
He's beautiful.
Come in.
Hi! How are the new
parents doing?
Very happy, thank you.
We fed him and
he fell asleep.
Oh, cutie!
-Can you fix the bracelet, please?
-Of course, right away.
-I need to take the baby...
...for the final check up and
set up your discharge.
Careful with his head.
Let me give him a kiss.
I'll bring him back
in a little while.
You and I need to rest.
I'm not going to let you rest.
-I need to sleep.
-But not too much.
Yes, I do.
-What is it?
-Chief Najera wants me at the office.
-Right now?
I can't believe it.
I won't be long.
Don't take long, dear.
We'll be waiting for you.
Don't worry.
Look at him, he's so pretty.
She's your auntie Elena.
He's so beautiful.
Oh, Beatriz!
My Jonathan will go nuts.
-Thank you.
Thank God! I thought I was
doing a double shift.
-Sorry, I'm late.
-You don't say.
I must go.
You should make
his discharge.
Take him back to
his parents in room 37.
Are you ok?
See you tomorrow.
-Thank you.
-See you.
See you tomorrow.
How are we going
to name him?
No! Don't do it!
-Yes, Carmen?
Please, don't go in there.
Listen to me.
Listen to me!
Marina needs you.
You don't need to see the baby.
Marina needs you,
she's not doing well.
Okay? Please, calm down.
Get out.
Which one is his crib?
Second last on the right.
How's Marina doing?
They have her heavily sedated.
She'll be like that
for a long, long time.
I don't think she'll
get through this...
I don't want to lose her too.
I can't lose them both.
...where a terrible shooting
has taken place.
The rst report states there are
33 deaths and 6 injured
Among them, one
kindergarten teacher.
But we haven't been able
to conrm this,
since the authorities are not
releasing any information.
The students remain
inside the premises.
We have spoken
with a few parents
and they don 't have any information
from the school authorities,
nor from the children
who are inside the building.
For now, this is my report.
Back to the studio.
I had a nightmare.
You should be in bed, honey.
Are you ok?
You know what?
Let me feel you.
You still have a fever.
If you don't get well, you
can't go swimming tomorrow.
- I had a nightmare.
- Oh, honey...
-What was your dream?
-I was at school with my cousin.
And the Devil came after us
and I screamed for you to help me...
...but you didn't hear me.
My dear.
That was just a nightmare.
It wasn't real.
Let's go to your room.
-Why did you turn on the TV?
-It wasn't me.
Don't lie to me, Isa!
-It wasn't me.
- | sa!
What's up?
So far there '3 33 casualties
and 6 injured.
Did you tell Chief Najera?
Text me the address
as soon as you can.
The authorities have not released
any information yet.
Hi Elena, how are you?
Is Isa feeling better?
Are you sure?
Yes, he is at school.
Sair Moreno, 9th grade.
He fired 28 rounds with a 9mm Beretta.
Killing most of the kindergarten kids,
before he blew his brains out with
a shotgun. His motive is unknown.
-Lieutenant. The murderer's mother is here.
-Bring her in. Did he do it alone?
That's the thing. Since there's
no one to blame, the case is a mess.
Unless we find who sold
him the guns or the drugs.
Assuming he tests positive.
Motherfucking Chief Najera.
He just had to give me
this case, right?
You don't have to be here.
I can take charge of this
So, you can just sign the paperwork.
You don't even have to be here.
I can lead the interrogation.
-No! I can handle this.
-Are you sure?
I am Lieutenant Ritter.
I need you to answer
some questions
and identify the body.
Do you recognize the corpse?
I need straight answers.
Yes, sir.
-Who is he?
- | t's him.
-Him who?
-My son, sir.
Did your son use drugs?
Yes or no.
This weed was in his backpack
along with the weapons.
I didn't know...
- My son isnt a murderer.
- Do you have firearms at home?
Is that so?
Really? So how he got the shotgun
he used to crack-up his skull?
-I don't know.
-You don't know.
Any strange behavior?
Unusual friends?
Emotional or psychological disorders?
Did he ever talk about
killing his classmates...
or killing himself?
Of course not.
I need a list of all your son's
friends and acquaintances.
We also need your house keys.
Why, sir?
Because we have to go
through your angel's belongings.
Please, sign the release form
so, we can enter your house.
Go to her house and
check out the kid's room.
Have the ballistics team
trace the shotgun's origin.
And get her something to eat,
she must be starving.
Excuse me, Ma'am...
...but if you're going to tell us
something, please be quick.
A few days ago, a man
approached me in the street.
A very weird guy...
dressed in black.
He had a hood covering his head.
He was old.
He said something bad would happen
to my nephew and my son Jonathan.
-And only he could protect them.
-What was he like?
He had a very nasty look.
Very tall, completely bald.
With very strange tattoos
on his head.
What were they like?
Satanic symbols.
He definitely
wasn't from around here.
-Did he ask you for money?
But he told me...
There would be more tragedies.
He said one had already
happened a few years ago,
and there are five more to come.
Calm down, please.
My partner will need
more information about...
...this person looks, so we
can have a composite sketch.
The gringo forensics team is here.
The Media too. Chief Najera
wants you to handle them both.
Come on!
Who do you want to talk to first?
-Do you know the motive of the crime?
Did the killer use drugs?
Did you find a message from a drug cartel?
Is this a settling of scores
between student cartels?
Student cartels?
How do you come up with this crap?
Look what we found
in the boy's room.
I think he was into
some satanic shit.
- Did you find hidden files in the laptop?
- Nope.
Esoteric books?
A little shrine under the bed?
-A dead cat?
Then, don'tjump into stupid conclusions
based on a simple drawing?
What did the coroner say
about the autopsy results?
There were no traces of marihuana.
Now, we cant frame him
with the pot I hid in his bag.
I brought you the gringo's file.
Agent Ivan Franco.
Paranormal Forensic Division?
He studied with the Jesuits in Rome.
And has a Degree in...
-E | ectronic Voice Pheno Phenomena EVP
He also gives a Lecture
on Esoteric Criminology.
We ask for help and
they send the Real Ghostbusters.
And how's your English?
More or less.
I can manage.
Hi, baby.
Don't you want to play?
Hi, gorgeous!
Why are you up so late?
-I had a bad dream.
-Again? Oh, Isa...
-I miss my cousin
-I know, sweetie.
We all miss Jonathan.
-Don't run!
-Who wants to play?
Let's have a race!
Go! Go!
Life guard!
The kids!
-Eva what's wrong?
What happened?
Eva Martinez Zepeda,
50 years old, single.
With no known relatives.
I hope this is not
drug cartel related
or a religious sect.
Drug Cartels don't work this way.
Show the sketch of the suspect
to the parents of the victims.
Luckily someone will recognize him.
One more thing...
The gringos want to drain the pool.
-Why? What for?
- | 've got no idea.
They love wasting our time.
Make a list of all the kids' parents.
Maybe we can find a link
to the school massacre.
Perfect. Bautista!
Start draining the pool now, so we can
get rid of these pain in the ass gringos.
How much is Najera paying
you for this bullshit?
A woman recognized
the man with the tattoos.
We're cops not stupid.
Are you okay?
They could have recorded it
anywhere else.
But I don't know anymore.
No, I'd rather not.
I would rather go
find the priest.
What if we call the Witch
who helped us...
...find the Narco-Graves
on the San Javier case?
Sure! Why not?
And buy from her some
good luck charms, too?
Come on, Demetrio!
You want to piss off Najera more... playing the Ouija Board
for answers?
Of course.
Go to your room and
I'll bring your dinner.
-Get out of here!
-We need a favor from you.
Last time I helped you
I ended up in jail.
But you got out.
Why the hard feelings?
You took me away
from my daughter for two years!
And when I was out. What?
Just sorry? No harm done?
If you cooperate, we
can erase your record file.
I don't want anything!
Do you want to get
into more trouble?
Damn bastards!
Think about it.
Your whole record files.
Even your nude selfies.
What do you want from me?
We need to find this person.
Come on!
Aren't you a psychic?
Haven't you heard about
the killings on the news?
If we don't find him soon,
he will keep killing small boys...
and girls.
Go on, Ritter.
Tell him.
Black Magic.
...or lazy cops.
If these symbols are real,
you're after something big.
It's not a coincidence that
you are here.
Do you want to ask
something to the cards?
What's going on?
Did your daughter
mess up your cards?
Damn it!
For Christ sake! We came for information
on the priest, not to get spooked by...
| \A/ | \om!
- prilI
Open the door!
Give me my daughter!
Come here, honey!
Calm down, baby!
It's over.
Calm down, honey.
It's over. It's over.
Get out of here.
Get out of my house
All of you!!
Get out of here!
It's over, honey. Calm down.
Get out!
Make your peace with the Lord.
It's okay, honey.
It's over, baby.
It's over. Mom is here.
It's over.
-What do you want to see?
I want some popcorn...
...and ice cream,
hotdogs and nachos.
All of that?
I have news.
Elena Fernandez.
The first person who
told us about the priest.
We found a survivor!
Help! We found a survivor!
Over here!
Watch her back.
Careful with her legs!
The Priest...
-The Priest was here!
-Which priest?
The Priest from
the Church of Children.
He was outside...
Before the...
Wait here.
Keep Najera busy.
In Mexico, even atheists
are believers.
Fucking insane priest.
Something smells very rotten in here.
What about another son?
And what about your wife?
Don't take long, clear.
We 7/ be waiting for you.
Forgive me!
All of you together,
once again.
Emmanuel, forgive me.
I didn't know what
I was doing.
I didn't want to die.
I want to come back.
I want to give you
another son.
I want to give you
another son.
Please save us, Emmanuel.
Save us!
What the fuck did you do?
What did you do?
His eyes were lost...
He couldn't believe
I was killing him.
That I was killing him!
Fucking, Ritter,
where are you?
I am with the boy
and his mom.
I need your help.
Ivan's assistants are about
to contact their Embassy.
The Governor and the gringos
are going crazy.
They even want
to close the border.
Najera is really pissed off!
He wants your balls
in his desk by sunrise.
The rumor says he's
going down on Monday.
But he's bragging
that he won't sink alone.
Do you want him
to go nuts even more?
It's just a bunch crap!
You lazy motherfu. ..
What do you need?
Open up!
Here, this one.
Help me.
See you on the other side.
Be careful. Okay?
-Come on, Isa.
- | 'm scared.
Come on!
Honey, we need to keep walking.
Please, Isa.
Come on, let's go.
What's the matter?
I'm going to kill you all!
I'm going to kill you!
I'm going to kill you all!
All of you!
Stop, bitch! Stop!
Help me!
-He's just a kid, please.
Ritter! What are you doing?
Calm down!
Calm down!
Put the gun down!
Ritter, don't do it.
Are you coming back for me?
Are you coming back for us?
My love!
Beautiful. Full of life!
Emmanuel. Please save us!
He can give us another child.
He can give us another child.
Look at me!
It's okay! Look at me!
Look into my eyes!
- | t's okay.
-Demetrio, please, help me.
Easy boy!
It's all over.
Please, don't!
Pluck his eyes out!
Pluck his eyes out!
- Rip his eyes out!
- Save us Emmanuel!
Save us!
Isa, be strong!
| wi | | kill you!
| wi | | kill you!
I'm gonna kill you all!
You're gonna die!
Release me!
| wi | | kill you!
Beatriz, help me, please!
Please, don't let him do it.
Beatriz, please.
Tell him to stop!
Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name
Thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses... we forgive those
who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil. Amen.
Get out!
You poor imbecile!
Did you really believe
you were the Mother of God?
You are nothing.
The Priest is the real murderer.
Sacrificing children all along
to break his pact with me!
To save his soul!
Everybody is going to die.
Your son is going to die!
You are worthless!
Are you ok?