Ben & Jody (2022) Movie Script

It's so hot.
Mr. Hasan is taking so long.
He's not here yet.
I'm thirsty.
Have some coffee while it's hot.
Have some coffee, sir. Please.
- We've been waiting for this.
- Slowly.
- Thank you.
- Enjoy the coffee.
- I want a glass too.
- Sure, here's yours, Mr. Yaumil.
- Please wait, ma'am.
- Thank you, Ben.
- Thank you, Ben.
- You're welcome.
Have some coffee while it's hot.
Please, have some.
Enjoy it while it's hot.
Have some coffee, sir.
- Okay.
- So refreshing.
That's Mr. Hasan.
- Hopefully, we hear some good news.
- I hope so.
- Peace be upon you.
- Peace be upon you too.
So what's the news, sir?
I have both good and bad news.
The good news is
that the company has agreed
to meet our representatives
to discuss and renegotiate the demands.
Praise be to God.
And they'll come up with
better offers for us.
Then what are we doing now?
I think it's better for us
to go home and rest.
I don't think that's a good idea.
If we remove the blockade,
we're giving them opportunity.
That's right, sir!
Calm down, we have to
keep thinking positively.
Calm down, everyone.
Just go home and get some rest.
And we can prepare a better argument
for the negotiation.
- Okay?
- What's the bad news?
The bad news...
Move away!
- Retreat!
- Retreat!
- Run, you fools!
- Run!
They have crossed the line!
What negotiation? This is oppression!
Now, anyone who can go home, please do so.
The ladies and I can provide some help
if anyone needs medical treatment.
I'll go find a vehicle for us.
Please. Thank you.
We will need it to carry the injured
to the community health clinic.
Take care, Ben.
- Peace be upon you.
- Peace be upon you too.
Hi, coffee boy!
What happened to your face?
Did you get into a fight?
I was beaten up by some thugs.
You and your shenanigans...
Go treat your wounds.
It's okay, they're just
some minor scratches.
I'm a guy, after all.
What is it?
Well, you have to see this.
Filosofi Diskopi is ready! See?
Ga, turn off the lights!
- We'll go ahead with the disco vibe, huh?
- Say hi, Aga!
- Beni!
- Aga is there?
Hello, Ben!
What happened to him?
It's nothing, just some scratches.
Ben, in two days,
we'll launch Filosofi Diskopi.
I'll buy you a ticket,
and you have to be here!
I don't think I can join you guys.
I've got some problems here.
What are you doing there?
You have to come! Period!
Fine, fine!
You talk too much.
- Where's he?
- I don't know.
So what about it?
We didn't find Ben.
What do you mean?
We looked for him all over the airport.
We even asked the staff there,
but we didn't find him.
They don't know of any passenger
named Beni Susilo.
We couldn't contact his number.
I tried to call him before.
The number you're calling
can't be reached.
Please try again in a few minutes.
Where on earth is this guy?
The number you're calling
can't be reached.
- See?
- Please try again in a few minutes.
Rather than staying here
and being worried all by yourself,
why don't you go to Ben's hometown?
The coffee shop?
The boys and I can handle it.
Jod. Ben only has you.
Who are you?
Calm down. Don't be scared.
I'm Hasan.
I know who you're looking for.
I'm a friend of Ben's father.
Ben is like my own son.
I've been looking for him as well,
but I haven't found anything.
I just reported it to the police.
Any result?
They just said
I'm not a direct family member.
So it's no good, right?
We had a clash
with company security forces.
A few of the protesters got hurt,
so Ben and I took care of them.
Then, Ben left
to find some vehicles for us.
We haven't heard anything from him since.
I found his phone.
This is the jungle.
We're all alone here, so watch your back.
Call me if you need anything.
- It's in. Thank you.
- Okay.
You're welcome.
Miss, do you have a charger
for this type of phone?
I have one.
This dimwit...
Mr. Hasan? Can I see you?
Okay, we can meet tonight.
Okay, see you.
Thank you, miss.
- Sir, here's your drink.
- Thank you.
Hi. Sorry...
Ma'am. The usual.
- Here's the money.
- Thank you.
Come on.
Thank you, ma'am.
Get out!
Wait a sec...
Come on!
Wait a moment.
- Who are you looking for?
- Can you put the gun down?
Do you want money?
I can give you money if you want.
You fucktard!
Kneel! Do it!
I'm looking for my friend.
- Here, I have a...
- What?
Wait a sec...
This is him.
Where's my friend?
You fucker!
Come on! Quick!
Open it!
Get in!
Excuse me. Excuse me, sir.
Excuse me, sir. Excuse me.
You fucker...
I thought you were dead. Beni...
Fuck you, Ben.
What are you doing here?
You went missing and I came here
for you. You shithead!
Wake up, bro!
If Tubir finds you lazing around,
we're dead!
- Let's go get a coffee!
- How did you get here?
- Someone gave me your phone...
- Don't stay up late!
If you get sick, it'll give me trouble.
That shithead...
A man named Hasan.
Is he okay?
- He's okay.
- Thank God.
Who are these people?
They're the elders
of the native villages around here.
Some of them are members
of farming village communities.
They fought back after
the company tried to seize their land.
They're just like me.
We fought back,
so we are held hostage to scare people.
So the villagers will change their minds
and agree to be relocated.
Then the company can take their land.
You better sleep.
Take a rest.
- Hurry up, slowpoke!
- What is it?
Come on!
City boys... What are you glaring at?
- Huh?
- Watch your step!
What now?
- Come on!
- Quick!
Come on!
Come on! Hurry up!
Hurry up!
Come on!
Come on, city boys!
- Hey!
- Watch your eyes!
Hurry up!
Come here!
Here! Have some more!
All that muscle,
and still carrying them one by one!
Jod, take this...
Don't let them see you being idle.
They'll come after you.
- Where should I carry this?
- Follow me.
Come on!
Come on! Put that down!
Go back there! Quick!
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Hey, come here!
What is this symbol?
Eyes, nose... Where is the mouth?
How dare you!
Who's that?
That's the boss.
They call him Tubir.
How do you spell "Ribut" (Noisy) backward?
What is it?
Who's that?
Is he a good worker?
You don't know him?
You're so sluggish. Come on!
My leg...
Ben, look over there!
Jod! Hey, Jod!
- Fuck you!
- Stop!
You're new here?
You think you're a hero, huh?
Who are you exactly?
I told you, I came here
to find my friend, Ben,
that long-haired guy, mas.
Don't "mas" me!
You think everyone is Javanese,
so you can call me "mas"?
Don't you ever "mas" me!
Excuse me.
- This is the water.
- Put it over there.
we're not dangerous.
What do you mean "not dangerous"?
Your friend organized a protest!
- He's just being a Mr. Know-It-All.
- You are a Mr. Know-It-All!
But he's worse than me
because, in fact,
he doesn't know anything.
By the way...
- This is for you.
- What is it?
I can give you money too.
But please let us go.
You think money is
the answer to everything?
I'm Tubir...
I have my own integrity.
- Cek!
- Right here!
Where's my coffee?
What is this?
Is this coffee or sweet stew?
You put in too much sugar.
Do it right!
Look! Someone's trying to run away!
Get up!
What is it?
You see what happens if you try me?
If you try to escape?
Got it?
Get in!
Those bastards...
Lie down here.
You shithead!
Stay where you are!
- What?
- You shithead!
Don't you dare try to escape!
- Take a look at him.
- Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Are you all right?
What did he do to you?
Give me your hand.
We can't let them
keep persecuting us like this.
- We have to find a way to fight back.
- You're right.
You're right.
Don't let it get to you.
Just eat.
Have you checked over there?
Just eat. What's wrong?
You smart-ass!
What is it?
No wonder he got caught.
He didn't plan the escape well.
I have an idea.
What idea?
I don't know how to do it.
That Tubir guy...
He gets mad whenever
his boys make him coffee.
Why are you grinning?
You too!
That's it!
What do you do?
You're a barista.
If you can make him like your coffee,
at least you'll be able
to walk around this place.
Then we can think about the next strategy.
I see...
That's a good idea.
Time's up!
- Work!
- Get up! Time to work!
Wait a sec...
- Wait a sec...
- What are you looking at?
Do you think you're Godam?
Move your ass and work!
You're not a superhero! Work!
Get up! Stop glaring at me!
- Work!
- Let me finish this.
Come on!
- Left?
- Like this?
A little bit to the right.
That's left. I said right!
Up! Just a little bit!
Up! Just a little bit!
- Hey!
- There.
The antenna! Cek!
- Yeah?
- My coffee!
Can't you do it right?
Your coffee tastes like shit!
Calm down!
- Turn around!
- I just want to...
I just want to offer
some coffee to Aa Tubir.
- Bullshit!
- I can make good coffee. You'll love it.
He talks too much!
- What...?
- Shut up!
Aa Tubir...
I'm a barista.
I make coffee every day.
It would be a lie to say
my coffee doesn't taste good.
What if it really doesn't?
Then you can just shoot him in the head.
It's done.
Let's go.
Sit down.
You made this?
I did.
It's really good.
Cek! This is real coffee! I can drink it.
Not that sweet stew you always make!
Got it!
Excuse me. sir.
Can I give some to my friends?
Sure, go ahead.
But not too much, since it's so good.
I'll make some more for you next time.
Excuse me, Aa.
This is how you make coffee.
Coffee you can drink.
Gentlemen, I have some coffee.
We can share it.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
This smells so good.
This is really good.
Take a sip.
Please enjoy.
Thank you, Ben.
Thank you, sir.
Fuck you!
You made my head a bet for Tubir.
But the plan went well, right?
My goodness...
We can...
Are you planning something?
I can help if you want.
What are you doing?
Go and guard the place!
Come here.
There are two routes
leading outside the forest.
The main route is the road they opened.
But choosing this route to get
to the main road will be too risky.
I can show you a shortcut instead.
But it's a little complicated.
Their guard is down
every time they watch a badminton game.
Gele and Encek fall asleep
every time they're on night watch.
Well, these two factors will give you
an opportunity to escape.
This route I drew goes all way down.
If you two move fast enough,
you'll be safe from them in ten minutes.
- Got it?
- Yes.
Then how can we escape this place?
- Nobody's home.
- I checked the back and found no one.
Where are they?
I told you that tomorrow is the final,
and all I see on the TV is noise!
Can't you do your job properly?
Encek! Watch them!
You know that tomorrow is the game
for the children of our nation.
You want them to win, right?
Tomorrow is the final.
Indonesia versus China.
They'll focus on the game.
You're ready?
So, are we going to escape
in a small group?
This is only for you two.
- But...
- No, we're old.
We'll only slow you down.
You're young.
You have hope.
The future of this land is in your hands.
Take this chance.
We went to the police.
- But we haven't found any clues.
- I see.
It's useless to report it.
But we have tried our own way
to keep looking for them.
If there's any news,
I'll update you as soon as possible.
We will wait for your good news.
As soon as possible.
Get him!
- Watch out!
- Get him!
Come on!
- Smash!
- That's right!
Come on!
Come on!
Encek! You dimwit!
You stupid fuck!
- He's just playing around.
- You too!
Encek! Go call the coffee guy!
I need to enjoy something good to relax.
What are you looking at?
What do we do now?
What do we do, sir?
Where's the coffee guy?
They escaped!
Get them!
Wait! Get them!
Come on, Cek!
Get them!
Hurry up!
Come on, Jody!
Jod! Jody, come on.
Where are those jerks?
Hey! Ben!
Take this.
What do I do with this? Fuck!
- Where are they?
- Over here.
Hey! Don't run!
Watch out, Jody!
Hey, chase them!
You do that!
I'm going to look after him.
They have a gun.
Jod! Jod, come here!
Cek, help me.
Ben, right or left?
Keep walking!
Watch out! Hold on to me.
Watch out. Just hold on...
We can shelter there.
Watch out...
Hang on...
We can take shelter here.
- Let me sit here.
- No, wait.
Slowly. Come here.
Ben, are you feeling cold?
It's so cold here.
Get closer to the fire.
Come here, get closer to the fire.
Come here. It's warm, right?
Have some rest.
I killed someone...
Ben, I killed someone.
Ben, please help me.
- Ben. Beni...
- Shut up.
Shut up! Shut up, Jod!
Shut up!
Just sleep. Come here.
I'm so tired.
I'm tired.
Jod, wake up! Don't fall asleep!
- I'll go find water for you.
- Ben...
It's a river, Jod! We made it!
Jody, we made it!
I found the river! Jody!
Jody, I found the river!
Wake up! We can get there in five minutes!
We just need to walk a little more.
Put that down.
We're not bad guys.
- Put that down!
- We're not bad guys!
Come on!
- Come on, Jago!
- Come on.
This is our village. Come on!
Jago, take him to Mak Lis' house.
Take him in.
The wound needs to get treated.
Where were you held hostage?
Where did you get this?
Mak! Mak Lis!
Mak Lis asked me to give this to you.
Please drink it.
Just drink it. It's not poisonous.
Thank God, he got help just in time.
If he'd come even a minute later,
he could have been killed
by the infection.
Hopefully, by the day after tomorrow,
he will be getting better.
Excuse me, Mak Lis.
You. Follow me to the main house.
Can I join them?
Go ahead.
Who are you exactly?
- Did the company send you?
- Are you spying on us?
He must be a bad person! For sure!
I told you I'm Ben, I'm a barista.
Jody is my bro.
Then why do you have a gun
and why is your friend hurt?
Answer me!
I live in the district.
I run a coffee cultivation business.
I've been protesting with produce farmers
because the company
planned to take their lands.
Then, one day,
the protest turned into a riot.
That night, I was kidnapped.
My friend came here looking for me,
and he got kidnapped too.
We were held hostage by illegal loggers
with 15 other men.
- We were asked to work and open a route...
- How did you manage to escape?
Why only you two? Where are the others?
- Answer me!
- Bora!
- Let him finish.
- He could be lying to us.
- He must be lying...
- Right!
- Tambora!
- He's lying!
Come on.
Where's the map?
I know I'm younger than you,
but don't you ever yell at me
in front of so many people!
As long as Father isn't home,
I'm the guardian of this village.
It's my responsibility.
We haven't heard anything from Father
for six months.
I just hope you can lead us
the way he did!
He always listened to others.
I just want to say that something is off.
If they were really heading for town,
they shouldn't have crossed the river.
It's either they were fooled
or we are being fooled.
Be honest!
Where did you come from?
I am being honest.
I was just told I had to find the river
to find the main road heading into town.
Mr. Hamid said that!
Mr. Hamid?
Mr. Hamid is the one who gave me the map.
Does he have a scar on his neck?
Father is still alive.
Father is still alive, Tambora.
Father is still alive.
It was Father who sent Ben and Jody here
to tell us that he's still alive.
- Father is still alive.
- Father is still alive?
Bring it there.
Father is still alive, Jago.
Father is still alive...
Maybe the others are still alive too.
Father is still alive...
You're really something.
You woke up faster than I expected.
Where are we?
We're in Mr. Hamid's village.
They saved us.
I'm Rinjani, Mr. Hamid's first child.
I'm Mak Lis.
I'm the mother of all the children
in this village.
I'm Musang.
The cutest kid here.
We made it.
Most of them are farmers.
They've been guarding this village
for generations.
Do they go to school?
Those who can afford it
go to school, like me.
In the district.
I graduated from high school
in the district two years ago.
But for the past few years,
they have been pushing us
to move from here.
You mean relocated?
Oh, right. I'm Tambora.
I'm Rinjani's younger sister.
I'm Jody.
We need to find out from you
where the captive camp is.
What are you up to?
We want to help our parents escape.
- What else?
- Tambora...
It would be better to report it
to the police in the city.
So you won't show us the way?
They are well armed there.
We only have a gun with one bullet left.
Do you want to die for nothing?
We can't put our hope in others.
This is the jungle.
Our fate is in our own hands.
Our barn is burning.
They went that way!
There's barely anything left in the barn.
Come on!
You see it now?
The police, you said?
Come on!
What on earth is happening now?
If we go back to the camp,
we're only looking for death.
You almost died right in front of me.
I know.
But what?
You came here to find me.
And I'm here with you now.
Alive and well.
We made it.
What do you want now?
I'm grateful for that, Ben.
If not for them, I might be going
back to Jakarta as a dead body.
I owe them my life.
What if we just ask them
to give us directions?
If we get lost,
we'll take days to find the camp.
We'll waste our time and energy.
What if they refuse?
We can't force them, right?
They saw how my arrow
cut through that intruder's body.
You mean we'll threaten them?
You said it yourself.
You're the leader of this village
in the absence of our father.
Father said that merely fighting back
is not what matters the most.
What matters is how we fight back.
If we threaten Ben and Jody,
how are we different
from that evil company?
Good morning.
Excuse me.
I came here to apologize.
I can't...
I haven't had the chance to say thank you
for saving my life.
And I came here
to apologize
because I can't guide you
back to the camp.
It's okay.
I understand.
You owe us nothing, Jody.
You can go home.
You deserve to go back to your life.
Let's go!
Before it gets late!
Now I understand
why you left our shop twice.
You went back to your hometown.
And you live with what you have here.
What are you talking about?
I've been living
with so many calculations.
It was all about the math. The numbers.
I forgot that there are more things
I can do with my life
than think about numbers.
Are you drunk?
I will go back to the camp.
I'll help Rinjani
save the elders of this village.
Are you high? Or drunk?
I can't go back to Jakarta.
- This is not an action movie.
- I can't act like nothing happened here.
You think we're Rambo?
That you're Chuck Norris?
Before you act all high and mighty,
remember that I organized a protest
to fight that company.
What did I get?
I was kidnapped and beaten up.
And you were there.
We almost died.
We almost lost our lives.
I can't remember how many bullets
almost went through our heads.
We work with coffee.
Our job is to make coffee.
We should go back now.
The person killed by Rinjani's arrow
got me thinking...
about why I had to kill someone.
Our duty is to survive.
This land is their life.
Their families in the camp
are also their lives.
Just imagine...
if Mr. Hamid was my dad...
or your father.
What would we do?
If we choose to go from the south,
it's all the way up.
So we need to make a detour
so we can get to this height.
And we will pass two intersections.
Right, Ben?
The first intersection
is a former road for vehicles.
The second intersection
has two overlapping big rocks.
I know that place.
We can go through
the Pohon Jangkung forest
and come out north of the foothills.
That's the place where we worked?
- Right?
- Yes, right.
This is the logging area.
You have helped us
with that information, Musang.
But you need to guard the village.
Don't come with us.
No, I will come with you.
I can help you all.
It's too dangerous.
Mak Lis needs you.
If we go tomorrow morning,
we can get there at midnight
to spy on them.
Thank you for joining us.
I will come with you!
Just go ahead.
I can help.
Musang, if you come with us,
who will guard the village?
- You're more needed there.
- I can attack from afar.
- Musang, trust me.
- I have to go with you.
Your help is needed in our village.
Musang, listen to Bora.
- This is the rock Musang mentioned.
- Yes.
Jody and I came from there.
So that way is north.
Looks like there's a guard post there.
We'll monitor their movements.
Jod, I'm going with them.
Hey, Beni!
Ben! Wait!
- Who's that?
- Fuck!
That stupid guy!
Try to check over there!
Beni, you fucker.
Who's there?
- Jago!
- Musang?
I told you to guard the village!
Why didn't you listen?
If I'd been late by even a second,
Jago would've got shot
and they would've heard the gunshot.
He's right.
Okay then.
You can follow us sneaking around.
But do not go into the camp.
Jody, go and look around.
You know the place better.
You need this?
You're like Doraemon.
The night guards are Encek and Gele.
We have a chance.
They often fall asleep on night duty.
Can I borrow that?
Can you see anything?
What is Mr. Hasan doing here?
Let me see.
He gave you my phone.
Before you met Encek,
you made an appointment with him.
- That's really Mr. Hasan.
- He fooled me.
What is it?
That man is Mr. Hasan,
the person who leads the farmers' movement
with Ben to protest against the company.
- Take care!
- Take care!
- Go check that area!
- Okay!
Encek and Gele must be asleep now.
We're so lucky tonight.
Come on, Musang.
We'll split up.
Four that way and four this way.
Now! Be careful!
- Come on!
- Which one is it, Ben?
This is the one.
You two get the cars.
I'll take care of this.
- Now.
- Now.
Fuck! No key!
- What are you doing?
- Looking for wires.
Why would you do that?
You've watched too many movies.
Hurry up!
Come on!
Come on.
Hurry up! Get in!
- Hurry up!
- Come on!
Hurry up, sir!
Ben, move!
They escaped! Hey!
What's happening?
Get down!
Get down! Down!
Get down!
What happened?
Is everything okay?
- Jody is not here!
- What?
He's still in the camp!
Can anybody drive?
- Me!
- Take over! Excuse me, sir.
This kid is acting tough!
Eat this, shithead!
City boy...
Can you shoot?
Pull the trigger!
Shoot me!
Shoot me.
Shoot me! Shoot!
Shoot me!
This is how you do it.
I didn't expect this...
I'm sick of fighting for nothing.
It's better to be their ally.
You shot my brother.
You two have caused so many problems!
Mr. Hasan!
Ben! Ben, wake up!
Jago, the key is in the car!
Come on! We have to go!
Come on!
Come on, Jago!
- Bro...
- Where are they?
- Get them! Get them, dimwit!
- Hey!
Ben, hang on...
Jago, they're after us!
Stop, you fuckers!
Jago! Faster, Jago! Faster!
Stop, you fuckers!
Hurry! Jago, faster!
Come on!
Jerks! Stop!
Move away!
Shoot them!
Get down!
Watch out!
Musang, watch out!
- Fuck!
- You fuckers!
Come on, Jago!
Ben, just a little more...
Just a little more.
- Ben. Stay awake.
- Just wait a little longer, Ben!
- Beni!
- It's cold.
- Ben. Stay with me.
- Jago, faster!
Beni! Stay with me!
Beni! Stay with me, Ben!
- Ben!
- Just a little more...
Beni! Stay with me... Fuck!
Stay with me, Ben! Ben.
Don't think about the end of this road
Stay with me, you fucker.
- Ben, come on!
- Jago!
Jago, faster!
Just a little more.
Hang on! Jago!
Don't think about the end of this road
Don't think about...
Sing with me, Ben!
Just sing, you fucker!
Don't think about the end of this road
Don't think about the end of this road
Hold on, Ben! Wait a little longer!
Don't think about the end of this road
Follow me, Ben.
- Ben...
- Don't think
About the end of this road
We're free
We're free
Just a little longer, Ben.
Subtitle translation by: Novalita