Bends (2013) Movie Script

"Hong Kong - Shenzhen Border"
Hoi Hoi
Hi, Daddy
- Hello, you're here
- Qing
Let's go home
Oh, right
Here is your pay for the month Sorry I'm late
Thank you
When's your wife coming back?
Not so soon
Still another few months
Has she behaved well?
She has been good
My Mummy went to visit grandma in her village
Sweetie, you say that only to people
who ask about Mummy
Otherwise, don't talk about her to anyone, okay?
Ting Ting
Ting Ting
You should go back inside, I can finish this
Pass me the hanger
What if the neighbours saw you?
That wouldn't be good
No one can see me in the dark
Pass the hanger
What are you scared of?
I'm scared the neighbours will see you
No one can see me now
Let's go inside
Can you hear it?
I can see you have eighty-five eyes
Only eighty-five? I can see ninety eyes from here
Okay, we gotta go now
Don't forget to buy rice
Hoi Hoi, behave well, okay?
- How much is this milk powder?
- It's three hundred dollars each
- So expensive
- I bought them from a supermarket in Hong Kong
What are you looking for?
I think I forgot the Hong Kong Hospital
Authorization Letter
- Are you sure?
- Why don't you see if it's in your bag
- I got it, it's here
- Don't scare me
One thirty-two
I'd like to book a hospital bed
for my wife's delivery
We are fully booked.
Can't you see the sign?
"This hospital STOPPED taking maternity"
"patients from Mainland China"
But I'm a Hong Kong citizen
What about your wife?
Mainland Chinese
We don't have a bed for her then
Where else can I look?
You can register at the health care centre
I've already registered
You need to wait then
One thirty-three
Fai, after you drop me off,
pick up a box of wine from the country club
I'm honoured to be hosting this event tonight
All the proceeds will be donated to the
China Better Tomorrow Children Fund
I truly believe every child deserves
a dream and a future
- What do you guys think?
- Very good
Do you think I should say
"deserve" or "need"?
- I like "deserve", it sounds more meaningful
- More serious
Yes, Ma'am
Where is the blue jacket?
Blue jacket...
l found it
- Mail this to Kate
- Yes, Ma'am
Hello, it's your mother again
If you don't call soon,
I will leave more messages to annoy you
Max, come here
Say hello, say hello to Kate
Hello Kate, we miss you...
- Like this, okay?
- Yes, Ma'am
Oh, Rima, you put the champagne into the fridge
- And make sure it is very cold
- Yes, Ma'am
How is everyone?
Hi honey!
- Have you had dinner yet?
- Yes, thanks
- Have a seat
- I'm okay, you sit
How was the wine?
Great! We've already ordered ten boxes
You have good taste
Come have a chat with me downstairs
Let me think about it
You take your time
I'm gonna call George Lo
He doesn't need to think about it
Okay. Fine
I am in
Why can't you be more decisive
You're such a woman sometimes
Let's go sign the deal
Leaving already?
Can't you use a napkin, please?
All wiped
Every day she spreads newspaper
all over the dining table
To use as a table cloth
The other day, my daughter asked me
while having breakfast
"Mommy, where is the newspaper?
I can't eat without my newspaper."
What am I going to do?
What if they pick up these
disgusting habits of her?
Don't worry, your daughter won't turn
into your mother-in-law
I am worried
But sending them to boarding school
is also a good option
Look at me, I'm so free
The damn horse won the last race
My boss bet a lot of money on it this time
Of course I went for it
My wife is going to kill me
I'm never gonna listen to your lousy tips again
Hey, will you lend me five hundred dollars
So I don't have to tell my wife I lost again
You do this every time
Okay, okay. Bye
It's really late, why aren't you home?
Excuse me, Mrs Li, your card didn't go through.
Should I try again or do you have another card?
Let me give you another card
Thank you
Excuse me, Mrs Li, but this one
didn't go through either
That's strange
How much is it?
Two thousand dollars please
- Let me pay cash then
- Sure
Thank you
What the hell are you doing here?
I need to talk to you
Go outside
How are you?
You came all the way here to ask me how I am?
Well, how are you?
I'm good
I've been promoted
But I still work like a dog
That's good
You've always wanted to be the head nurse
What is it?
I wanted to ask you for a favour?
What favour?
I need a hospital letter
Are you sick?
I need it for Ting to cross the border
and give birth in Hong Kong
The girl in Shenzhen?
No dinner tonight?
Mommy, look what Daddy got me today
What's wrong?
Go play in your room
What's going on?
Have you been crying?
What's wrong?
I can't stand being in here alone any more
How much longer do I have to hide?
I'm going to cook some dinner
It's okay
Mrs Li
- Did Mr Li come to work today?
- I don't think so
What about yesterday?
Yesterday was my day off
Should I ask my colleague?
No need. Thank you
Are you out fishing?
Is your brother with you? I couldn't reach him
Oh, right. I forgot.
Whenever you're free let's have dinner
Sorry to bother you
Ma'am, are you okay?
Ma'am, I brought you some tea
- Have you seen sir
- No
Maybe they had a fight
Five cents, please. Thanks
Say thank you to auntie
Mr and Mrs Chan
You are looking good
Thank you
I've prepared everything for you
It's the best hospital in Hong Kong
Where will we stay in Hong Kong?
We provide the full service
A car will drive you across the
border straight to the hotel
The hospital is only 5 minutes away from the hotel
We'll arrange transport for you
What about the birth certificate
Will there be any problems?
You don't have to worry about that
Our colleagues in Hong Kong will handle it for you
You're going to be a big brother soon. Happy?
He'll be the only one at school
who has a brother
He doesn't realize that yet
I don't care
Have you prepared the payment?
- Two hundred thousand
- That's right
Mrs Li
Mrs Li
I'm sorry to bother you,
I wanted to ask you something
My wife is about to give birth to our second child
That's great. Congratulations!
I'm applying for her to come to Hong Kong to give birth
Your wife is a Mainlander?
I wanted to ask you
If it's convenient for you,
could you pay me a few months salary in advance?
I'd have to ask Mr Li if that's alright
I'll let you know soon
This fountain shouldn't be here
Where should it be?
In the middle of the room
to absorb more energy and wealth
You come
Move the tank over there
Please be careful, don't break it
You need to have some gold by the entrance
- What kind of gold?
- Gold elephants would be good
Around how big?
About this big
This side facing east is better
You should move your bed here for better result
I see
Remember to wear more purple clothes
It is good for both you and your husband
Thank you
Thank you very much
Rima, push more to that side
Ma'am, where do I put the elephants?
Put them over here. Be careful
Don't stop at the entrance, go further up
I'm writing you a cheque,
go to the bank and cash it for me please
Once you get the money call me straight away
Hey, I thought you weren't coming
I felt better, so I decided to come
- Great. Are you alright now?
- Yes, I am fine
Come on
How old is the swimming instructor?
My daughter is fourteen
He shouldn't take photos like that with her
Did you add your daughter on Facebook?
Of course she wouldn't let me add her
Even if she did she'd delete me or dislike me
And then post on her wall
"My mom added me on Facebook but I deleted her"
Excuse me, I need to use the washroom
Fai, did you get the money yet?
Still waiting in line?
Call me as soon as you get it
I can redo the stones on the dance shoes
in time for the charity event
I have to get this call
Where are you going to get the shoes done
Anywhere, it's easy
ls she alright?
She said she was a bit ill but she's fine now
ls her husband okay?
Why wouldn't he be?
My husband said he can't reach him lately
He's a busy man
He's not that busy He'd normally call
my husband for anything
But he seems to have disappeared
How are the desserts?
They're really good
Are you okay?
I'm fine It was my daughter on the phone
She's not coming back to Hong Kong
for the summer holidays
My husband is furious at her
Kids her age just want to
stay away from us
That's true
The cake is good
Should we get the bill?
Sure Can we have the bill please?
- Thanks
- Thank you
What's going on?
What's going on?
I think I had a false labor
Have some tea
Watch out, it's hot
Maybe we should have the baby here in Shenzhen
That way it would be less difficult for you
But we can't afford the second child fine
I'm fine
Look, I'm okay
I can do it
We don't want our child to be
an illegal citizen, right?
I'll be fine
Trust me
Don't bother with the exhaust pipes
they're worth nothing
The tires aren't that new you wouldn't
get much out of them
The stereo is quite good
you can consider selling it
Don't touch the disc brake it can
only be changed with computer
Your best bet is the wheels
Are you sure it will be okay?
Sure, I couldn't even tell the fake ones
from the real ones
Think about it
Let me know what you decide
Mrs Li, you can come in now
Since Mr Li's account has been suspended
We cannot issue a new card for you, I'm afraid
We can process it next time
when you come with Mr Li
What about my own account?
Let me take a look
Your money is mainly in stocks and some cash
Can I sell all the stocks?
I wouldn't recommend that
you'd lose a lot of money
How about I introduce another investment plan
for you to consider?
- I want all my cash out
- Okay
I'll do that for you now
I'm leaving
I'm going home
Make that two
Does your friend really look like me?
Why don't you give him a call?
He doesn't answer
You sure tapped some luck back into my game
Shall we play?
If we win, it's yours
Help me out
Here is your month's salary
Thank you, Mrs Li
Maybe Dad forgot to go to the bank
I'll remind him
How are you?
Have you had dinner yet?
Don't stay out too late
Take care of yourself
Okay. Bye-DYE
Here's a tip for you
Tonight race 6, number 5 a sure win
I overheard my boss talking to
the horse trainer on the phone
This elephant has been blessed by a monk in Thailand
It's really worth it
I should hope so It's pretty expensive
I'm not making any money off you Trust me
I'm not suggesting that
By the way, where should I put it?
You should consult Master Chu he's very accurate
He'll find the best place for it
Great. Can you text me his number?
Could you put the gold elephant in Mrs. Lau's car?
I heard if you have been blessed by the Buddha
You must visit the temple in Thailand every year
Only for three years, it's not that bad
If it works
I guess it's worth going every year
Do you consult other Feng Shui masters?
My husband doesn't believe in it
I can't let him know about this
What do you want?
I'm only missing the hospital letter
You have to help me
You have to help me
You will make me lose my job
Don't do this to me
Couldn't you just help me out
Why won't you help me?
Why won't you help me?
Hi, Qing
Let's go home
- We're leaving now
- Bye
Fai, it's really late already, come have dinner
Since when do you smoke at home?
Mummy, I can't open the door!
Hoi Hoi
Listen to me
You see the lock? Try pushing it
and then turn it to the right
Where is the key?
Fai, where did you put the key?
Hoi Hoi, stop crying
Go sit on the bed
Are you sitting on the bed?
Fai, can you turn up the air-conditioning?
Okay, no problem
ls it better now?
There's no air coming out at all
Should I get it checked tomorrow?
No need
He said he'll take the disc brake as well
All good Go ahead with it
How long will you be staying at my place?
Ten days
Did you manage to book a hospital bed?
I heard they are all booked up here in Hong Kong
Yup, I got it
What's that for?
For helping me out
Don't be stupid
Take it back
Try this one
Let me find something else
Hey, Ping
Can I borrow a jacket from you?
What for?
My mother just arrived from Hunan
and her luggage got lost
I'll return it tomorrow
Can I borrow this one?
This one
I will return it soon
Thank you
I am worried that the baby will be late
Can we still stay in Hong Kong then?
Don't worry. My friend said we could
stay for as long as we need
When the baby is ready we just rush
to the emergency room
The border's so crowded at this time
No one will notice you're pregnant
Don't be scared
Fai, I think the officer is coming towards us
What should we do?
Let's go before we get caught
I knew we would fail to cross the border
I should've aborted this baby
Hi, Mum
Hey, what a surprise
What is this place?
I had this made for the neighbours
So we can hang out in an air-conditioned place
I'm stealing electricity from over there
You're quite something
Come sit
Let me do that
How's your little business?
A bit quieter but more free time for myself
Oh yeah
I'm going to Cambodia next month
Who are you going with?
Just by myself
By yourself?
That's really dangerous
I'm used to going around on my own
How about I come with you?
It's not really your thing
I'm going to walk and hike everywhere
I can hike
I know you can But your hair will get messed up
Where's Leo?
He's at work
ls there anything wrong?
Everything's fine
You staying for dinner?
I got fresh fish for tonight
No thanks
I'm having dinner with Leo
Hello, Mrs Li we're here to look at the flat
Here's my business card
I think you got the wrong address
Wait, it is Mr Li who told us
to come look at the flat
No one's selling any flat here
How much are these turtles?
These are one hundred each
The ones used for releasing into
the wild are over there
I'll take that one
You should release one as well
That one please
- How much are they?
- One hundred for both
I'll go by myself Let me get the turtle
Do you know which one's mine?
The rocks are slippery
I feel like driving
Let me drive home
Mrs Li
Are you alright?
Mrs Li
You are going to be fine
You are going to be fine
Are you sure you want to do this?
Yes, don't worry
It's next to the Luohu Mall in Shenzhen.
You know where it is, right?
This is a nice vase
It really is a rare piece
But the market demand for these
pieces is declining
ls that so
Around how much is it worth
Fai, Why don't you go for lunch
Hoi Hoi
Say goodbye to your teacher first
Daddy, is this your car?
No, this is my boss' car
Where are we going?
- Where do you think?
- I don't know
We are going home
Where did you acquire this painting?
My husband bought it at a Christie's auction
As a wedding gift to me when we got married
The market price for this is around
eight hundred thousand
Can you offer a bit more?
It's a fair price
Why don't you take a look at everything
and give me your best offer
Hi, Qing
Let me give you this month's pay in advance
Thank you
Please take good care of her I will come back soon
Okay, no problem
Behave yourself and listen to Qing, okay?
Don't cry
Give me another kiss
How about I take you to McDonald's?
No, I want to go to Hong Kong
Let me do it
I'll do that
Let me do it
Mrs Li
Are we going home now?
Mrs Li
Have you had lunch yet?
I want to eat something
What do you want to eat?
You decide
Just take me to where you'd normally eat
Take a seat first I'll order food for you
Let me see your driving license
ls there a problem?
No problem at all you can go
Great. Thanks
- Something wrong?
- Nothing's wrong
- What's going on?
- Oh shit!
- The baby is coming
- Let's go to the emergency room
Taxi! Taxi!
Thank You, Mrs Li
To a hospital