Beneath the Blue (2010) Movie Script

90 feet! Your best yet.
I know I can do better.
One more time.
Hello, I think
lack of oxygen
is affecting your brain.
(Rasca chirping)
Hey! I thought
you're supposed to be
on my side.
(Alyssa sighs)
Alright, alright,
we'll go back.
(Dolphin whistling)
(Dolphin whistling)
lf Hawk only knew
what was going on
around here.
Well, how would he?
Unless you tell him.
A father ought to know
that his daughter
is trying to drown herself.
Oh, come on, Daniel,
you know I know my own limits.
Besides, you know
you're not gonna tell him.
You said you were
only gonna go down 50 feet!
She's fine.
Look at her!
Better than fine,
I'd say.
All the voodoo word play.
(Alyssa and Kita laughing)
Let's get out of here.
(Dolphin whining)
(Dolphin whistling)
(Jet skis droning)
Get a load of that.
(Alyssa laughs)
Ah yeah, judging
by the hottie he's with,
I'd say that one's
been claimed.
Mmm, I'm not above
a little claim jumping,
time to time.
Oh, you're shameless.
That wouldn't be
the famous Rasca, would it?
Everyone on the island
is talking about her.
We heard her owner
takes her out around here.
Yeah, that's Rasca,
but she doesn't have an owner.
(Rasca chirping)
(Rasca whistling)
Anyway you can get her
to, uh, stay still?
Tryin' to get a shot.
Um, I'm sorry,
I think she's a little excited
right now.
(Jet skis humming)
We gotta go so, uh,
enjoy your stay
in the beautiful Bahamas.
(Boat propellers churning)
(lnstrumental music)
(Dolphins whistling)
Mmm hmm.
Hey there, little fellas.
I see you.
I see you looking at me
looking at you.
Mmm hmm.
(Phone ringing)
(Man on phone)
Duvey, have you
heard anything
about another stranding?
(Man on phone)
Well, I'm looking at one
right now.
How many?
(Man on phone)
Looks like 15 dolphins,
at least.
Make sure
Hawk knows about it.
It's gonna be
all over the media soon.
Hawk, I need you
in here, please.
(Man on phone)
Listen, Noah is sending out
a pathologist from Woods Hole
to do necropsies
on the bodies.
We're gonna find out
what happened here.
Okay, and where were
they found?
(Man on phone)
Providence Channel.
All right.
And they're all
bottlenose dolphins?
(Man on phone)
Maybe a half
a dozen pilot whales
and three pygmy sperms.
Okay, thank you.
(Hawk) Yeah, what?
(Liz) It's another stranding.
(Hawk sighs)
Providence Channel.
How many?
And they all dead!
That's like, what,
50 dead dolphins in three weeks?
Something going on, man.
But as soon as we get
the necropsy reports back, we--
You don't need
a necropsy report
to know what's goin' on.
You know
who's doin' this, Liz,
well as I do.
I mean, we talkin'
about the U.S. Navy here,
And they say they don't do
sonar testing in the Caribbean.
No, I just sayin'!
I just sayin',
that's what they say,
I ain't sayin'
that's what they do.
And anything else
is up for discussion.
I don't even understand it.
Where is Rasca?
(Dolphin whistling)
(Female computer voice)
Rasca almost home.
There's my girl.
Hmm, I hear there's been
another stranding.
Tell me you got
some good news in there.
Another threat.
I don't have time for this.
(Liz reading flyer)
"Return your captured dolphins
to the wild,
or we'll do it for you.
This is your last warning.
Wildlife Liberation Front."
I found some information online.
They claim
to free animals
used for medical
and corporate research
and then burn down the labs.
Well you can't burn
this one down.
It's underwater.
So what? They don't know
you is the good guy.
These dolphins free
to come and go as they please.
They ain't in cages.
Well maybe
I should contact them,
talk to them
about our program.
It won't do any good.
Doesn't matter to them that
our dolphins aren't captive.
They're against any kind
of interaction whatsoever.
To them,
I'm not a good guy.
I'll call the police again.
That's all we can do.
Mmm hmm.
See what
I can find out
about them.
Okay, thanks.
I can check the
surveillance camera feeds again.
And make sure
those camera feeds
are stored
on the main drive, okay?
Lookee there.
(lnstrumental music)
(Gull cries out)
(Rasca whistles)
(Dolphins whistling)
(Female computer voice)
Alyssa home.
(Dolphins whistling)
Hey guys, missed you, too!
(Dolphins chattering)
Hey Alyssa.
Get a rope.
Yes, sir.
Hey Dad.
How many?
(Alyssa sighs)
Not a single pod.
You go diving again?
Dad, you really think
I'd have my fun
before I do my job?
How deep?
I'm gonna
go take a shower,
and then we're gonna go
to the Fish Fry.
And we're gonna
find our man, too.
You wouldn't know anything
about that, would ya?
We'll see
you there.
There's Alyssa.
(Alyssa) Hi baby.
(Baby blows raspberries)
(Women laugh)
You going down
to the Fish Fry?
You gonna be there later?
Yeah, we'll come later.
See you, bye.
Say "bye."
(Tamika) Okay, bye.
(Alyssa) Bye.
So, she was
divin' again, huh?
Rasca was with her.
You know she wouldn't
let anything happen.
She just pushes
the envelope too hard.
Chip off the old block.
Tell me about it.
Let's go to the Fish Fry;
I'm a little bit hungry.
Hmm, when are you not?
(Children laughing)
(Boy shouting)
(Children shouting)
(Children shouting)
Here, because
this is my room.
Oh, look at the lovely
comin' on by!
Wow, you actually
look like you're--
Like a girl, yeah.
(Kita) Yeah.
(Liz) Sexy Momma!
And oh, if I could just
put some--
No, no thank you.
Okay, you already
got me in the dress,
let's just make one mistake
at a time, okay?
Oh, okay.
You ready?
Let's go.
lf I just add a little bit.
No. No!
You stop putting yourself down.
You gotta learn how
to work it out, sweet girl.
Yeah, I mean
you're in your prime time,
gotta get that groove grinding.
Ah ha!
I know you like dolphins.
They might
be smooth and silky,
but he ain't no substitute
for a strong, strapping,
earth-bound, fur-bearing man.
Did you say
"fur-bearing man"?
Yes, yes, I did.
Well, well-waxed maybe.
No, man.
I give up,
you guys are--
We saw Rasca.
Yeah, did you say hi?
Yeah, but now she's gone.
Oh, well, don't worry,
she'll be back tomorrow,
around in the centre.
Can I give her some fish?
Well, Rasca catches
her own fish.
You come see tomorrow.
If you promise not to bite.
Alright guys, see ya!
(Women laugh)
(Distant music)
(Woman singing)
? Hey Bombay ?
Hey ?
She's a bright girl ?
She knows nothing
of the world ?
She's a bright girl ?
Hey, Alyssa.
Oh huh, I see you!
I'll check you out.
Look at you, little flirt!
I have no idea
what you're talking about.
Oh God,
they caught us ogling.
Okay, you were ogling,
I was merely staring intently.
Well, I prefer ogling.
Well, what's the difference?
Well, ladies stare,
and - and...
You know what, never mind,
you two are hopeless.
Hey, excuse me, um,
I saw you guys
on the water today, right?
I was on a jet ski.
Jet ski? Um.
Kita, do you remember
a jet ski?
Not even two of them.
I didn't see no jet skis.
Ah, I'm Craig.
Ah, Alyssa.
And this is Kita.
Hi, you're more than welcome
to know me
as much as you like to.
She's kidding,
I think.
Ah, this is Liz.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Well, I just -
I wanted to apologize
for crashing
your party earlier.
Oh yeah, no,
don't worry about it,
It happens all the time.
So, what's up
with your girlfriend?
Oh, Gwen?
Oh no, no, she's not
my, uh, my girlfriend.
She's my sister.
And she has a dive scheduled
in the morning,
so she went back
to the hotel early.
Alright, so we'll just
have to look after you
while she's gone.
Oh yeah, we'll take care
of you real good.
(Women laugh)
That works for me.
(Craig) Cheers.
(Kita) Cheers.
She's got a new friend.
Mmm hmm.
(Alyssa laughs)
So, is there anything else
to do on this island
besides jet skies
and ah, diving?
Not really.
Um, we actually spend
most of our time
at the Research Center
with the dolphins.
That sounds fun.
Yeah, it is.
Um, my Dad actually founded
the Research Center.
Ah, we're studying how dolphins
communicate with each other,
as well as how
to better communicate with them.
Ah, so you're proving
Carl Sagan wrong?
Carl who?
The genius scientist
whose name you should know?
Now, now shush, let's go
get something to drink.
Yes, thanks.
You know that, ah -
that famous quote of his,
"It is of interest to note
that while some Dolphins
have learned
up to 50 words in English,
no human being has been..."
"...has ever been reported
to be able to speak Dolphinese."
Right, so my question
to you is:
Do you speak Dolphinese?
(Alyssa chuckles)
No, that's actually
physically impossible.
A lot of their sounds
are in frequencies
that we can't even hear.
Right, so how do you do it?
Um well, what we've done -
I guess what my Dad's done
is come up with
an artificial whistle language
that both humans and dolphins
can use,
um, and we're teaching it
to dolphins
using a model rival training.
Oh, so it's like, um,
lrene Pepperberg
and Alice Gray Perret,
and all that?
How do you know all this?
I am a Discovery Channel junkie.
I can't help myself.
I watch it all the time.
Well, actually my Dad worked
with lrene Pepperberg.
And ah,
the model rival
training is--
Hey, ah, Craig,
did you know
that sex is the glue
of dolphin society?
No, I didn't -
I didn't, uh, know that.
Yeah, ask Alyssa.
Ah, it sounds
kind of crazy,
but, um, dolphins
are very social creatures,
and sex--
Hey, I've got
a better idea.
Why don't you
actually come down
to the Research Center tomorrow
and find out for yourself?
standards dictate
that we have to keep
the fishy porn to a minimum.
Please ignore them;
they are demented.
No, seriously,
you should stop by.
I bet you'll learn something.
Okay, well, as long as
I'm getting a good education.
I'm in.
Alright, um, cool,
I'll see you then.
Um, and
it was, ah -
it was really nice
meeting you guys.
(Liz) Same.
(Craig) Okay, cool.
Yeah, not as nice
as it could have been, though.
What - what are
you talking about?
I mean, you have
another chance tomorrow.
Oh, I didn't invite him
for me,
I invited him for you.
Despite all attempts
at inappropriate innuendo,
he looked at you
the whole time.
His eyes was
all over you, girl.
Mmm hmm.
Wait, how one girl
could be so smart
and so dumb
at the same time.
(Kita) I know.
(Liz) I don't get it.
I don't either.
I don't
get it.
You're serious?
You're not messing with me?
Yes, yes,
he was looking at you.
He likes you.
Yeah, come on.
(Sonar echoing underwater)
Our goal here is to communicate
with dolphins,
but that's hard
because they aren't suited
for making human sounds,
and half their sounds they make
are at frequencies
we can't even hear.
So, the sound you hear
is a recall pinger.
Um, it's what we use
to call the dolphin's home.
Do they always come home?
Well, not always.
It's their choice,
but most of the time they do.
(Dolphins whistling)
(Recall pinger)
(Dolphins whistling)
That's Bogie on the left
and Bacall on the right.
They are called
bottlenose dolphins,
or Tursiops truncatus.
So, if we want to communicate
with them,
but we can't make
their sounds,
and they can't make ours,
we have a problem, don't we?
So, we had to come up
with another kind of sound
we could both use
in order to communicate.
Does anybody know
what that might be?
So, we use
a made up whistle language
in order to communicate
with them.
And this is
our current vocabulary.
And, as we teach a new word,
it's added to our dictionary.
(Dolphin whistling)
Oh, oh, it looks like
Bacall went away.
Let's ask Bogie
where he went.
Bogie, where is Bacall?
(Computer whistling)
(Bogie whistling)
(Female computer voice)
Bacall is catching fish.
This kind of fish?
(Computer whistling)
(Bogie whistling)
(Female computer voice)
No. Dangerous.
(Group chuckles)
Come on, you can't expect us
to believe
you're actually having
a conversation with a fish?
Did you hear that,
he called you a fish,
and doesn't believe
we can communicate with you.
(Bogie makes farting noise)
(Group laughs)
(Teenage girl)
What's he saying?
Um, I don't know.
We haven't really been able to
translate dolphin swearing yet.
Oh, come on, I mean--
So where does this
all lead?
I mean, what are you guys
hoping to accomplish?
Well, they're intelligent,
we know that,
and very self-aware.
So, by communicating with them,
we can see
how they perceive the world
and it may add
for further understanding
of the consciousness
in other animals.
Are saying that dolphins
are as smart as humans?
No, of course not.
I'm saying they are
much, much smarter.
(Group chuckles)
Okay, Bogie,
go find Bacall.
See you tomorrow.
(Bogie whistling)
Okay guys, follow me
and I'll take you
down to the pool
and you can see
the dolphins up close, okay?
For what?
For helping out
with that guy.
Does that happen often?
Well, not too often,
but somehow we manage.
So, Rasca never takes part
in these shows?
No, we use her
just for research.
She's not used to it
like Bogie and Bacall.
Actually, she spends
most of her time off base.
Um, so you know, if you got
to go back to the hotel--
No, no, no, I actually -
I have nowhere to go,
nowhere to be.
Ah, my sister
is still on her dive,
and, ah, she may have even met
a really hot diving master,
so she might not be back
for awhile.
(Officer Michael)
Hi, Alyssa.
Oh hey, Officer Michael.
(Officer Michael)
I'm looking for your Dad
and Tami.
They're at the house,
is anything wrong?
(Officer Michael)
Everything's okay, thank you.
(Officer Michael)
Make sure you let us know
of any further threats.
I'll inform the town committee.
Thanks, Thomas.
Is there anything else?
No, we'll be fine.
Hi, Alyssa.
Hi, Dad.
Um, this is Craig.
Craig, this is my Dad.
Hi, nice to meet you, sir.
You, too.
But don't call me sir,
it makes me nervous.
(Craig chuckles)
And this is
my Step mom, Tamika.
Hi, how are ya?
Nice to meet you.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, yeah, it's fine.
Alright, well,
we'll see you guys later.
See ya.
You think you know
what I'm thinking.
(Tamika laughs)
I know exactly
what you're thinking.
You have no idea.
Of course I know what
you think, I always know.
This is beautiful.
I mean it -
this is your backyard.
This is what you wake up to
every single day, right?
Yeah well, my Dad says
it's the closest thing
on Earth to Heaven.
I'd say he was right.
So, does Rasca swim
around here?
Yeah, um, but actually,
I think we're gonna call her
into the Research Center
tomorrow around 1 1 :00,
if you, uh -
if you want to come, too?
Unless you have,
you know,
other plans
or whatever.
No, of course,
I'd love to.
Yeah, absolutely.
Mmm hmm.
(Ominous music)
No, not yet.
Right, of course,
I understand.
Clear, identifying photos.
He's here,
I'll call you back.
I saw the presentation
they put on for the tourists,
but they don't
use her for that.
They use different dolphins.
She's research only.
I managed to get some audio,
but not enough.
Going back
for more tomorrow.
Mmm, good.
Does your friend like you?
Gettin' it done.
Very good.
(Dolphin whistling)
(Sonar pinging underwater)
There's my girl.
(Rasca chirping and clicking)
All right, you ladies
ready to get started?
(Rasca chirping)
What session number
is this?
Okay, Rasca, session 367.
Alyssa, you're on.
What's the same?
(Rasca whistles)
(Female computer voice)
What's different?
(Rasca whistles)
(Female computer voice)
(Rasca whistling)
Alright, let's try numbers.
You see, the dolphins
get bored real easy,
and since we don't use food
to control them,
it helps to have Alyssa
in the water.
Start with four.
(Rasca whistling)
(Rasca whistling)
(Female computer voice)
(Rasca whistling)
(Female computer voice)
What's the shape?
(Rasca whistling)
(Female computer voice)
(Rasca whistling)
What shape?
(Rasca whistling)
(Female computer voice)
She knows the answer,
trust me.
She's just not being
challenged enough.
Like a teenage girl,
they get bored easily.
Ah, no pictures in here.
Oh, sorry.
Just wanted a memento.
All right, she's had enough.
Rasca, swim with Alyssa.
(Computer whistling)
(Rasca whistling)
(Female computer voice)
Rasca happy!
(Phone ringing)
And the results?
You might wanna take this.
You're sure?
All right, I'm on the way.
All right,
I'll take you up.
(Soft instrumental music)
(Rasca whistling)
Hey guys!
Where did my Dad go?
I don't know.
He got a call
and ran out of here
like a tornado was like
chasing him or something.
Here you go.
Thank you.
I've got some
things to do,
(Rasca whistling)
Ah, so you do know something
about dolphins.
Yeah, I told you I'm a, uh--
Discovery Channel junkie,
mmm hmm.
Do you believe that, Rasca?
(Rasca makes farting sound)
I see.
Come on you two,
coffee's ready.
Come on.
Same thing again?
(Dr. Waters)
I'm afraid so.
How solid's the evidence?
Well, they all show
identical damage
that's consistent
with the upper strandings
after naval exercises.
And by the way,
the earlier stranding's
cranial MRIs are back.
Can I get a copy of that?
This is your copy.
Oh, thanks.
Looks like you are hungry.
Well, after a week of having
conch fritters and conch salad,
and grilled conch,
it's good to finally
have some home cooking.
What is this?
This is delicious.
Cracked conch.
(Everyone chuckles)
(Tamika and Alyssa)
You're an amazing cook.
Well, my Momma always
used to say the best compliment
to a woman's cooking
is an empty plate, so.
Boy, you should have seen
what her mother
used to prepare for me.
Peas and rice
with plantain on the side,
and the snapper
I used to catch in the bay.
So, she was a good cook, too?
Yeah, she used to satisfy me
in other ways, too.
(Kita groans)
Come on.
So, how did it go?
How did what go?
The first date?
Mmm hmm.
Well, it wasn't a date.
Yeah, no, I assure you,
my intentions
are purely scientific.
What, biological sciences, eh?
(Kita laughs)
Please ignore them.
So, how about dinner?
What? Here?
No, Port Lucaya,
just you two.
Is she - wait,
is she asking us out on a date?
Well, somebody have to.
Yeah, it's never gonna happen
if we don't.
Well, how can I refuse
an invitation like that?
This is the part
where you say, "Yes."
Yes, um, yeah,
that'll be great, why not?
(Tamika sighs)
You two are too much.
Don't worry,
we ain't got no shame.
And we get results.
(Dramatic music)
(Naval officer on air horn)
These are restricted
naval waters.
Turn your boat around
(Hawk on air horn)
I'm here to see
Captain Liath Blaine.
(Naval officer)
Turn your boat around
or you'll be arrested.
(Hawk on air horn)
Cut the crap!
You tell Blaine that
James Harker is here to see him.
(Naval officer)
Stand by.
Left, right, left.
Left, left,
left, right, left.
(Voice fading)
Left, left,
left, right, left.
Dr. Harker.
I've heard quite a bit
about you and your daughter.
These are the necropsy results
of two separate groups
of dolphins
and beaked whales,
washed up
in your area of operation
in the last two weeks.
Doctor, you and I both know
that there's more
than one reason
why marine mammals
become stranded.
There's disease,
parasites, viruses.
This is collateral damage
from your sonar testing.
And look at this.
Massive haemorrhaging
of the inner ear.
Look at this.
That's the cochlea.
It's a part of the inner ear
that controls balance.
It's broken down completely,
So, don't you hand me
that crap about viruses.
All right.
Let's say,
for argument's sake,
that what you're saying
is right.
That Navy sonar is unfortunately
damaging some dolphins.
But, it's minuscule
compared to commercial fishing,
which is responsible
for over 600,000 deaths a year.
You're responsible
for what you do, Captain.
This is a dangerous world,
The sonar saves lives,
it saves American lives.
Now, the loss of some wildlife
is regrettable,
but unavoidable.
California courts held
that it's not unavoidable.
They've ruled that
you not only have the means,
but the responsibility to clear
any waters of marine mammals
before you start testing.
But you just can't
be bothered, can ya?
The California ruling is
on appeal to the Supreme Court,
and we're expecting
a much more favourable ruling.
And meanwhile, you just
brought your little circus
to the Bahamas.
I'm gonna stop you, Blaine.
You can count on it.
Your concerns
are duly noted.
But, the U.S. Navy
will defend its right
to protect American lives.
Sounds like I've just been
threatened by the U.S. Navy.
But Doctor, you're the one
that's been threatening.
That wasn't a threat.
That was a promise.
(Door closing)
Audio is complete.
Everything you need
is on there.
And the photos?
Still working on it.
You're gonna make me say it?
Don't get involved.
(Craig snorts)
What are you talking about?
You gotta understand something.
This work is like
being a surgeon.
You operate,
you do your best,
but you keep your distance
from the patient
because it doesn't always
end well.
Sometimes the patient dies.
And if that happens,
you still go home,
you pour yourself a drink
and have dinner.
You know
you did your job well
and that's the best
you can do.
Life goes on.
I'm gonna head back
to the hotel.
Get some rest.
Tomorrow's a big day.
Good idea.
(Dolphin whistling)
(Dance music)
(Woman singing)
? Together as one ?
We're together as one
for his honey buns ?
Under we're here again ?
Here we go,
here we go ?
(Lyrics unclear)
...all my friends ?
(Crowd cheering)
Hey, guys.
You come here a lot?
You know, occasionally.
(Woman singing)
? We're together as one
for his honey buns ?
We bumpin' as one ?
We livin' as one ?
We're together as one
for his honey buns ?
I owe you.
Want a drink?
Yes, thank you.
Thank you
very much.
See you later.
I really admire
what you're doing with Rasca,
and with the other dolphins.
I think it's -
I think it's amazing.
I envy you.
I'm, uh -
I'm a much different person.
Yeah, um, so was I.
I mean, you know,
before I came here.
Before I met Rasca.
I think you're great.
I really do.
I want you to know that.
(Soft music)
They're killing dolphins,
damn it.
We gotta shut 'em down.
Hawk, this is the U.S. Navy.
They fund the foundations
that are funding your research.
lf someone makes
a few well-placed phone calls,
everything you've worked for
could disappear.
I'm not saying you're wrong.
I'm saying
protect what we have,
'cause what we have
is precious.
Oh, hey guys, get a room.
Where have you been?
Um, I was on a date.
A date?
Yeah, with uh Craig.
You met him yesterday?
He seems like a nice guy.
Yeah, he is,
he's really nice.
Good night.
Come on.
Well, I just thought l--
Come on, it's late.
You're sneaky.
(Tamika laughs)
Maybe I like
being manipulated.
Come on,
before I get sleepy.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Hey Daniel.
Thought I'd find you here.
What's up, Sugar?
(Alyssa sighs)
It was a nice date.
Had a good time?
It was fun.
I don't know, I mean,
I really like this guy.
I don't know how long he's gonna
really be there, you know?
See that ship?
Mmm hmm.
It travels hundreds and hundreds
of miles in the night.
Without a headlight.
And all the Captain has
is a course,
the pole star,
and a compass.
lf the course isn't right,
he corrects it.
That's like life.
We all have challenges.
We all have a compass.
All we have to do
is to find it...
and trust it.
(Rasca whistling)
(Rasca whistling)
(Camera beeping)
(Camera beeping)
(Rasca whistling)
(Guitar music)
So um, when are
you going home?
Like you said,
it doesn't bother you?
I'm just curious,
that's all.
I don't know.
You don't give out much,
do you?
What do you mean?
I mean, you know all about me
and my family,
and I know nothing
about yours.
What do you wanna know?
Um, where did you grow up?
Are your parents
still living?
Um, what was
your first dog's name?
Favourite condiments.
Um... favourite Spice Girl,
and don't tell me
you didn't think they were cool
when you were eight?
Boxers or briefs?
Uh, what's your job?
I mean, I don't know...
the usual.
Oh, wow, okay.
Um, okay, well, let's see.
Uh, Central Oregon coast.
Yes, they are both
still alive,
but no longer speak
to one another.
Uh, Tabasco mixed
with mayonnaise.
You know, it's sounds
kind of weird,
but it's actually really good.
Uh, you should try it.
Um, it was a cat,
his name was George,
and I still to this day
carry the guilt
about the time I tried
to teach him how to body surf.
(Alyssa laughs)
Not a good idea.
Um, favourite Spice Girl,
man, I don't know.
Scary Spice is
the only Spice Girl's name
I can remember,
I swear to God.
I know you probably don't
believe me, but it's true.
Um, and I'm a boxer briefs
kind of guy.
And as far as my job,
um, I'm on vacation,
so ah,
let's not talk about that.
Let's just enjoy this,
fair enough?
All right, fair enough.
(Rasca whistles)
When I go under,
start the clock.
(Rasca whistling)
(Rasca whistling)
(Rasca whistles loudly)
(Dramatic music)
(Rasca whistles loudly)
(Rasca whistles)
(Craig pants)
(Rasca chirps)
Come on, come on,
come on.
Come on, cough it up.
Come on.
Come on, cough it up.
All right,
all right.
Come on, cough it up.
(Rasca whistles)
Come on, come on.
Come on, cough it up.
(Craig grunts)
Come on, cough it up.
Come on.
(Alyssa coughs)
You're okay,
you're okay.
You're okay.
Just breathe,
just breathe.
(Dramatic music)
This the harbour master?
Yeah, I've an emergency.
I'm ah - I'm ah,
two miles south of Smith Point.
I'm on a boat
called the Delphinus.
It's an emergency,
send a boat now.
You're alright,
you're okay.
Just breathe.
(Rasca whistling)
(Rasca chirping)
(Rasca whistling)
(Motor starting up)
(Rasca whistling)
(Soft music)
I'm going to have to keep her
for a night or two
for observation.
She's suffered
a cerebral hypoxia.
That's a deep water black out.
I've given her
a sedative,
so she'll be drowsy
for awhile.
Good thing this fellow
was around.
Another 30 seconds
and we'd be having
a different conversation.
Thanks, Wenson.
Dumb kid.
Ah, it was my fault.
She was telling me
about her free diving
and I asked her
to show me.
Nah, she doesn't listen
to anybody.
Nice try, though.
(Gull crying)
(Rasca whistling)
Don't worry, girl.
Alyssa's gonna be alright,
She's coming back
any time soon.
I'll be up there
if you need me, okay?
(Jet ski approaching)
(Soft music)
As you can see,
it's the same animal, sir.
The markings match.
The dolphin they called Rasca
is our Kate.
She was an integral part
of our marine mammal program.
After the training incident,
she probably got confused
and lost her bearings.
Training incident?
What training incident?
Operational details
are restricted
to Marine Mammal
Command personnel,
if you'd like, I can call
Admiral Black in San Diego.
That won't be necessary.
I've already talked
to Admiral Black about you.
Told me all about
the court martial proceedings
that ended your career
in submarine command.
Now they've got you
chasing animals.
Dolphins, sir.
Oh, did it ever occur to you
to just ask for the animal back?
You've dealt with Harker.
Do you seriously think
he would voluntarily cooperate
with the Navy?
What's so special
about this dolphin?
With all due respect, sir,
this is no ordinary dolphin.
She's a major investment
in United States security.
Millions of dollars
have been spent training her,
and quite frankly,
a dolphin trained like this
is a threat to civilians.
So really, we'd be
doing everyone a favour.
Shall I call
Admiral Black, Sir?
Just keep me informed.
And no surprises.
No surprises, sir.
Thank you.
(Rasca whistling)
(Rasca whistling)
(Ominous music)
(Rasca whistles)
(Rasca whistling)
(Rasca whistling)
(Rasca sounds distressed)
(Rasca whistling)
(Faint whistling)
(Boat motor humming)
(Rasca sounding distressed)
Please, can I go home?
I'm feeling much better.
There can be delayed reactions
after something like this.
I need to keep you overnight.
lf all goes well,
you can go home
in the morning.
Now, I'll have to ask you please
to all say your good-byes.
Dr. Harker,
you have a phone call.
Elizabeth Duvey?
Alyssa, I'll see you
in the morning.
Well, get well, okay?
I will, see ya.
Good night, Alyssa.
Good night.
See you in the morning.
(Alyssa sighs)
(Footsteps approaching)
So, you get
some rest now, okay?
Is everything okay?
Sure, it's fine.
She just called
to check on ya.
Alright, see you tomorrow.
Good night, Dad.
Good night.
What is it?
(Footsteps approaching)
Honey, are you alright?
Yeah, I - I'm okay.
You should be sleeping.
My Dad was really upset
about that phone call.
Oh, it's so sad.
And I wonder
who could do that
to an animal?
Well, get some rest
and I'll see you
in a couple of hours.
Okay, thanks.
(Alyssa sighs)
Is she gone?
(Hawk sighs)
Looks like it, yeah.
Wh - Why
didn't you tell me?
I wanted to be sure.
You gotta be strong,
(Alyssa sobs)
(Christina Thompson)
Rasca, the dolphin
that captured the imagination
of the Caribbean,
has disappeared,
and is believed to have
been forcibly taken.
A letter has been received
from an organization
claiming responsibility
for what it terms
the liberation of the animal.
I spoke earlier
with Dr. James Harker,
head of the International
Dolphin Research Center.
There were some
threatening letters
and we took
extra precautions,
but, uh,
I guess they weren't enough.
Asked what action he plans
to take to recover the dolphin,
Dr. Harker
had this to say:
I wanna promise you this,
whoever you are,
we're gonna find you.
No brag, just fact.
This is Christina Thompson
Back to you in the studio.
(Footsteps approaching)
Admiral Black
sends his congratulations.
Everything's going smoothly.
We just need you
to stick around here
for a little while,
'til things quiet down.
What about you?
My job is done here.
We'll retrain the dolphin
and transport it
out of the area.
I'll deal with that,
you deal with this.
Then return to base.
This operation is a success.
Do your job and make sure
it stays that way.
lf something goes wrong now,
youre gonna take the fall.
Court martials
can be quite messy,
I'd hate to see
your career end like that.
(Footsteps receding)
(Knocking on door)
(Alyssa) Hey.
(Craig) Hey.
How are you feeling?
I've been better.
Heard about what happened
on the news.
The police just left
and they are completely useless.
What I don't understand is
if these people wanted
to release her in the wild
like they claimed,
she would have just
come back home.
Doesn't make any sense.
Organizations like this...
what they do,
doesn't always make sense.
What kind of people
would do something like this?
(Craig sighs heavily)
Really sorry you're, uh...
you're going through this
right now.
I know it's hard,
but try not to think about it.
Try and get some rest,
and, uh,
I'll check up on you
first thing
in the morning, okay?
Good night.
And thanks, Craig.
(Door opening and closing)
(Hawk sighs)
(Computer chimes)
(WLF man)
Dr. Harker,
I'm a representative
of the Wildlife
Liberation Front.
I know you've been attempting
to contact us.
We're aware of a dolphin
in your care
that was abducted.
We deny any involvement
with the abduction.
Go on.
We're both victims here.
It's obvious that someone
is trying to damage
both of our causes.
Any idea who?
I'm sure you know
that there's a marine mammal
holding facility at AUTEC,
the U.S. Naval base
on Andros Island.
it's been abnormally active.
I'm sending you a document
that'll shed light
on this whole area.
We have no quarrel with you.
Good luck.
(Suspenseful music)
Hawk, come here.
Pull it back.
Yeah, right there.
(Rasca whining)
Come on, Kate.
(Rasca whining)
Thank you.
Island brewed,
shake the cobwebs out.
Alyssa really
seems to like you.
I feel the same way.
So, you guys, uh,
having any luck
in finding Rasca?
Matter of fact,
we just got a lead last night,
I'm gonna run it down
this morning.
I'm sure Alyssa would like it
if you came along.
Yeah, of course.
I'll go wake her.
(Propellers churning)
We're going to Andros?
Isn't there a naval base
out there?
or something?
That's right, AUTEC.
So, that would mean that these
are restricted waters.
You would be right.
I don't understand, I thought
we were gonna look for Rasca?
We are.
Why are we here?
(Boat engines slowing)
Up ahead
in that Naval base
is a dolphin training facility.
Why don't you tell us
about it, Craig?
Better yet,
tell Alyssa.
What's the matter,
cat got your tongue?
It wasn't an activist
organization that stole Rasca.
It was the U.S. Navy.
Craig here is in the Navy.
I'd guess an Ensign.
it's not like that.
Computers were on
the night Rasca was taken.
They show Alyssa's whistles
were used
to lure Rasca
out of the pen.
The other day at the lab
did you have a tape recorder
in your pocket?
What, you recorded me?
You used me?
Tell the truth, boy.
(Naval officer on air horn)
You're in
restricted naval waters.
Turn your boat around
I didn't have a choice.
(Craig sputtering)
Let's go home,
(Boat engines revving up)
(Alyssa sobbing)
He was lying to me
the whole time,
and I was such an idiot
that I - I -
I fell for it.
Hey, there's your challenge
right there.
And I know you can
overcome it.
(Alyssa whispering)
(Alyssa sniffing)
What are we gonna do?
Well, taking on
the entire U.S. Navy,
that can get messy.
These people
came into our home.
They took a member
of our family.
They crossed a line,
and we can't allow it
to stand.
We fight this together.
As a family.
(Ominous music)
Come on, girl.
Come here, girl.
Up, up, up!
That's a good boy.
See Kate?
That's how it's done.
lf you put on
a camera vest,
you get one of these.
Good boy, Oscar.
Her name's not Kate,
and I don't think
she's gonna respond very well
to reward training,
The Navy says
her name is Kate,
her name is Kate.
Get the vest on her.
(Craig sighs)
Come here, girl!
Come on, girl,
there you go.
Good girl, good girl.
Come on, girl.
Put this on you, okay?
I know, I know, come on.
Come here, girl.
Just get it on her.
Come here, girl.
(Sad music)
It's official
U.S. Navy document.
Talks about a dolphin
you folks had
in your training program
named Kate.
Went missing
about three years ago.
And how your researchers
this other dolphin named Rasca
might be the same dolphin.
lf they can prove it,
well then it's, uh,
how does it say,
" Recovery of the
animal is authorized."
Where did you get this?
I can't tell you that,
I'd have to kill ya.
Blaine, you got 48 hours
to return my dolphin,
or I go to CNN.
I don't need that.
Got plenty of copies.
Come here, girl.
Ensign Morrison,
Lieutenant Styles?
Captain Blaine
wants to see you.
(Craig sighs)
Harker was just in here
with a 48-hour ultimatum
and he gave me these.
Do either of you
have any idea
how he got his hands
on them?
No, sir.
You jokers aren't
under my command,
but you are now
my problem.
(Dialing phone)
Ensign, give me San Diego,
Admiral Black.
Sir, please.
hold that call.
Sir, we can have the dolphin
out of here
before Harker goes
to the media.
Then all he'll have
is documents.
Documents can be forged.
It'll blow over.
Let me clean this up,
then call Admiral Black.
(Ominous music)
So, you want to solve
the problem
before you present it
to your boss.
You're trying to protect
your career, aren't you?
I can have her out
We're gonna resume
sonar testing tomorrow.
Nothing in and out
of the harbour
while the testing
is going on.
I will not reschedule
to accommodate you.
But if you can have
that animal out of here
by tomorrow night...
We can, sir.
Don't you dare screw up.
There's something
going on here,
and I don't think
you're telling me.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Yeah, you do.
Do you wanna know
what I think?
I think that this
is your personal operation.
I don't think
that Admiral Black
knows anything about this.
You're in this with me
whether you like it or not.
Your fingerprints
are all over it.
I go down,
you go down.
I'm calling San Diego.
Craig, a dolphin like Kate
is worth more
than you'll see
in a decade.
The training,
the capabilities--
Wait, wait, wait,
hold on a second.
You do this for the money?
You're crazy.
I already have a buyer,
Two million dollars.
And all you have to do
is be quiet
and let it happen,
and you get a cut.
Well, I don't want
your money.
I think you're insane.
Am I?
Who's getting hurt
by this?
Your little friend
and her family?
They'll get over it,
and so what if I'm boosting
another country's capabilities,
it doesn't matter.
Tomorrow when Rasca disappears,
so do I.
And it'll be clear
when the dust settles,
that this was my op,
not yours,
and you were just
following orders
from a superior officer.
On the other hand,
if you report this,
I'll make sure
that everyone understands
that you were in on it
from the beginning.
ln fact, that it was your idea
to start with
and then you just
lost your nerve in the end.
You'll be finished.
Dishonourable discharge,
five years
in the military prison,
is that what you want,
Think about it.
You're smart,
that's why I picked you.
(Receding footsteps)
I should have never
given them 48 hours.
Should have gone to CNN
right off the bat.
You don't have to give them
the 48 hours, Hawk.
Well, we know where she is.
We just need to figure out
a way to break in
and get her back.
That would never work.
What the hell are you
doing here?
listen to me.
You wouldn't get within
a half a mile of the base
before you got spotted,
There's only one way
that you're gonna
get Rasca back
and you need my help.
No, I don't trust him.
Yeah, me neither.
Alright, you got one minute.
Navy is doing sonar testing
It means another group
of dead dolphins,
and they're never tagged.
I'm following ya.
It means
we gotta kill Rasca.
And we need a diversion.
I'll take care of that.
(Ominous music)
Okay Daniel,
we're in position.
Stand by.
(Sonar pulsing)
(Rasca whistling excitedly)
(Sonar pulsing)
I wouldn't do that.
Get out of the water,
Looks like your meal ticket
just swam away.
(Sonar pulsing)
(Dramatic music)
(Sonar pulsing)
(Sonar pulsing)
(Rasca whistling)
(Boat engine)
(Alyssa and hawk laughing)
(Rasca chattering excitedly)
(Hawk laughing)
She looks alright.
(Boat engine revving)
(Dramatic music)
You are in possession
of Navy property,
I order you to return it
to base immediately, Harker!
She's not property,
she's a dolphin.
This is pointless,
you know we'll get her back.
I don't think so.
Rasca knows how to live
in the wild.
Once I get her
to a thermocline,
you're never gonna
track her down.
They're testing
out there today, Ma'am.
I know that!
I order you
to stop your vessel!
(Jet skis buzzing)
I don't believe this.
Do not slow down.
Make way!
We're gonna hit them!
I don't care,
go around them.
Make way!
(Drone of jet ski)
(Crack of flare gun)
Red, let her through.
(Boat engine starting)
(Boat engine chugging)
(Boat engine chugging)
(Boat engine speeding up)
(Suspenseful music)
Alright, alright,
you got me.
Where's the dolphin?
Well, she's around here,
Alright, girl,
time to give yourself up.
Hey, Dad.
Whoa! I surrender!
(Hawk laughs)
Lieutenant Styles,
put down the weapon.
Put it down now!
(Rasca whistling)
(Loud sonic blast)
(Ominous music)
(Rumbling aftershock)
Anything wrong?
No, let's go home.
Unfortunate news
from the Bahamas
where it has been determined
that a dolphin
missing from the International
Dolphin Research Center
was among a group which beached
themselves two days ago.
Earlier I spoke with
marine forensic scientist,
Mitchell Waters,
about this development.
(Dr. Waters)
Death occurred due
to active sonar tests.
The necropsy was conclusive
in that regard.
Navy Lieutenant, Gwen Styles,
has been arrested
in connection
with the abduction.
Documents found
in her possession
confirmed that
she had planned to sell
the highly-trained dolphin,
which is said
to have been worth
as much as
two million dollars.
Hey Hawk...
Somebody out front
wanna see you.
Funny thing
about those necropsies...
Seems that all the carcasses
were destroyed
before the Navy got a chance
to examine them.
Hmm, were they?
A shame.
lf I were a detective,
I'd think you pulled
a fast one on us.
But, if the Navy says
the dolphin is dead,
then the dolphin is dead.
Classified documents.
I think you've earned
the right to see them.
They're gonna be on the news
in a couple of hours.
The Supreme Court
ruled against us.
We're not gonna test here again.
We're probably on our way
back to California.
Where you'll just
keep on testing.
With increased safeguards.
Harker, you moved the needle.
And you got an old sailor
to think twice,
and I think
that's something.
Daniel, everybody's got to have
something to believe in.
Right now,
I believe I'll have a beer.
(Daniel laughs)
(Woman singing)
? So wherever
I'm to settle in ?
? It's gonna be
up to the winds ?
? Of New Orleans or Mexico ?
She seems happy.
Listen, uh...
I know that you'll never
be able to forgive me.
I want you to know that
I'm not expecting that of you.
What about you?
I mean, are -
are you in trouble?
Yeah, I'm in some trouble,
but I have an attorney,
and he thinks that, uh,
I'll be able to get off
with a, uh,
simple discharge.
Maybe even an honourable one.
Chance for me
to start over, you know?
So, what are you
gonna do now?
I don't
know what I'll do,
but, uh, I do know
where I'd like to be.
That is, of course,
as along you don't think
I'll be run off the island
by the locals.
(Alyssa laughs)
Well, I think you're okay
on that.
You know, there might even
be a position for you
at the, uh,
Dolphin Research Center.
I'd like that.
(Rasca whistling)
(Water splashing)
Hey guys.
The whole family
is up there.
Why don't you come up
and join us?
Wanna go?