Beneath the Harvest Sky (2013) Movie Script

So what, she's like your
girlfriend now or something?
I don't know.
That was fuckin' air time there.
Ready to learn, kid?
Here we go.
I like to go in slow
and deep, you know?
You know what I'm
talking about there?
Does that embarrass you there?
Oh, yeah.
Ha, ha, ha, he is.
Look at you, you're
fuckin' embarrassed.
Are you blushing?
It's the way you say it.
You're blushing.
Holy shit.
Oh, yeah.
Next one.
One hand.
One hand?
If you got to use two,
I'd fuckin' shoot you.
What's the... the next one?
250, 250.
That's fuckin' you right there.
Oh, yeah.
All fuckin' day.
Oh, yeah.
Did you get my text?
I've texted you like twice.
Uh, no.
Must have been them Canadian
signals there, you know.
OK, let me see your phone.
Fuck, man.
I need to talk to you, OK?
Let's go outside.
Come on.
So why did the cow
cross the road?
I'm not in the mood, Casper,
He wanted to go
to the moo-vies.
My little sister
likes that one, so.
Where were you this morning?
Why are you so...
I needed you.
And you... look.
Uh, I don't know how
to tell you this.
Did someone die or something?
I'm pregnant.
I'm fucking pregnant.
I need you, OK?
Can we make it work?
Will you make it work?
Do you love me?
Can we just then...
I'm not... I... we... just
don't apologize, you know?
Just my... just don't...
just don't worry about it.
Just give me some time.
I'll figure it out.
But don't worry about it, OK?
I'll figure it out.
I'll... I'm Casper fucking Cote.
Yeah, I'll figure it out.
I'm going to go figure it, OK?
Yeah, I'll call you.
I'll-I'll... I'll
catch you later.
OK, so has anyone here
ever heard of the Jim twins?
The Jim twins.
No one?
All of you?
Jim Lewis and Jim Springer
were identical twins,
separated at birth,
given up for adoption
and raised by different
families in different parts
of the country, unaware
that the other even existed.
And then one day when they
were 39 years old, they met.
And they got to
talking, and guess what?
They found out that
they both married
women named Betty,
had gotten divorced,
and remarried to
women named Linda.
They both had sons
named James Alan.
They both bit their
nails and had migraines.
They both went to the
exact same beach in Florida
for vacation, both of them.
They both love NASCAR,
hated baseball.
They both voted the same,
drank the same beer,
smoked the same cigarettes.
When it was all said and
done, they both died apart
on the same day from
the same illness.
That's fucked up.
Well... yeah, that's fucked up.
We don't say that,
but yeah, it is.
So just think about how
maybe some of those choices,
maybe they're... maybe they
aren't choices at all.
Maybe some things are
beyond your control.
And so now, going back to
the story, well, where do you
guys think that Pony Boy
falls in... in all this?
Because certainly he's dealing
with a lot of peer pressure,
He's hanging out with his
older brother, with Soda Pop,
So where do you think
he falls in all this?
Anyone got an id... Casper?
Can I go to the
bathroom, please?
We're about five minutes away.
You can hold it.
You want to take your
boots off the table there?
Take your socks off, or
you're going to the office.
Take your socks off.
That's good.
That's great.
Now you can take your
feet off the desk.
Smart guy.
Now I got to put the socks
and shoes back on, man.
You could have just
said that there.
Well, I could have.
Would have been... jeez, your
room's a mess here, teach.
My room's a mess?
Well, I got to go to
the bathroom anyways.
Hey, you want detention?
Yeah, sure, teach,
give me detention.
Yeah, it's a big joke,
Everyone's aware you're
such a tough guy.
You want me to show you
fuckin' tough guy, teach?
I'm not, because you're
starting to fuckin'
piss me off right now.
All right.
Yeah, you
said that five fuckin' words...
Yeah, fuck me.
OK, easy.
Hey, old Pony Boy.
Good people make bad choices.
It's fuckin' easy.
I'm smarter than you.
So you and Casper
would move to Boston together?
But not...
So you've
been coming to this school
since you were six
years old, right?
And now you're 17.
That's 2/3 of your
life you spent here.
Guess I know you pretty well.
I... I know your family.
I know your circumstances.
And it really angers me that
you might throw it all away.
I would imagine that
you've got a plan.
You've got a plan
beyond high school.
Have you even thought
about which colleges
you might like to try?
You act like you
want to be punished.
You act like you want to
be thrown out of school.
You act like you
want to be a failure.
Here's what I want you to do.
And if you want to come back to
this school, please come back.
But apply yourself.
Follow the rules.
Work hard.
Or don't bother coming back.
You're done.
He's kind of a dick.
Well, fuck him.
Fuck him.
Oh, he says you've got
a bright future, though.
He said I've got
a bright future?
He started jerking off,
just thinking about you.
It's the truth too.
Yeah, he does that.
Get off.
Badger's down at Tulsa.
Go there.
I said, Badger is down at Tulsa.
Go there.
Jesse, go there.
Jesse, get out of
my... get off my por...
close the fucking door.
That's it.
It's in there.
What's wrong with Clayton?
What do you mean?
Wouldn't even open the door.
You don't know better than that?
He don't like doing
business at home.
Besides, he don't trust
no one but family.
Or fuckin' second cousins.
Second cousins?
That's all family.
Everybody's a second
cousin to everybody.
You don't
trust no one but me, OK?
Look at me.
You don't trust no one but me.
Yeah, I don't trust
no one but you,
but... ahem... your
brother's a weird dude.
You're a fuckin' weird dude.
Get the fuck out.
Get out.
Take your powdered donuts
and get the fuck out.
Fuck you.
Fuck me?
Well, fuck you, all right, Sal?
Sorry about that.
That guy was bad.
I don't like that guy.
That guy was a bad guy.
Hey, how'd it go?
Um, got a bottle of
big dogs there, yeah.
Big dogs?
That's a good score there.
And, uh, something that I
think are hydros, maybe.
Well yeah, I'll take a look.
Yes, sir.
That's real good.
I can do that whenever
you need, you know.
Book it.
Looks like a rock there.
And how is your, uh...
how's your cunt mother?
She's always in a bad
mood, that one there, yeah.
I know.
Has she shit out any
more kids since I've last
seen her dumb ass?
Um... I don't think so, no.
Well, um, tell her fuck you
from your old man, will you?
Sure, yeah.
Yeah, well, I'll call you.
Or just come by anytime.
Yeah, sure.
All right.
I'll... I'll be by, or you
call me then, you know?
I know, but I...
I will call you.
Why are you crying?
'Cause, 'cause, 'cause you
want a gold, gold, fish?
I got to go get... Michael!
Where's Mom?
Hey, where's Mom?
She went for a nap.
A nap!
That's where she is, huh?
You eat lunch yet?
Hey, go upstairs, you guys.
Yeah, you.
Gerard, take them
upstairs there.
I don't
want to go to take a nap!
I know.
It's OK.
I want Mama!
You ever been shot with
a potato cannon, Dayton?
I bet it would hurt?
Don't you?
Probably would, yeah.
You want to see?
How about this?
I sit here for 30 seconds.
If you can get
that thing loaded,
I'll let you shoot me with it.
What are you doing here, you?
I live here, Kim.
I told you not to bring
that thing in the house.
Oh, I could say the
same thing to you.
OK, mister big shot.
You want to start paying rent,
you can start having a say.
Uh, I'm... I'm still...
I'm still 17, Kim.
Don't you get enough
money from me being here?
I'm sorry, baby.
It's all right.
I put on the moose video.
Penelope started crying.
Oh, did she?
Oh, yeah.
Dad says, fuck you!
Yeah, well, fuck him too.
I'm going to be late.
Well, it's going to take
me that long if I'm lucky.
The car's making that
weird noise again.
Are you going to
be here for supper?
No, I'm going to the
Tasty Food with Casper, so.
Well, it'll have to do.
Come on!
Well, I don't hear it.
Come on.
Are we spraying them for
bugs to protect the flowers?
It's called Sugar Mover.
It's like a fertilizer.
But it doesn't
protect the flowers.
It kills the flowers.
But why?
We need to protect the potato.
We don't want the flower to
suck up all the nutrients.
We need it to go to the tuber.
That way it has a stronger,
better, healthier life.
If we don't, the
potatoes won't survive.
It's not easy.
Farmer to make a
living, it's not easy.
You'll get sick and tired
of looking at these,
I guarantee it.
But you harvest them
right and put them
in the proper
environment, and they'll
last you a good long time.
All right, let's go, uh,
pull them out of the ground.
You know how I feel
about you, Dom.
You've always got a place here.
You're a hell of a hard
worker, and you're a smart kid.
Yeah, what?
Hold on.
I'll get it.
Fine, I'm going
to walk over here.
Jeez, fucking rocks are heavy.
You know, it's weird.
I... I see you at
school all the time,
but we never really get to talk.
Yeah, it's like, uh,
harvest friends, right?
We always talk during the
harvest, but go back to school,
Harvest friends.
So we're just
harvest friends then?
Ah, not yet.
Oh, god.
Oh, it hurts to even punch
you, the backs of my arms
are so sore.
You had muscles
back there, did you?
I've never worked
so hard in my life.
Well, it doesn't
really get any easier.
Oh, yeah?
That's great, thanks.
So why are you doing it?
I'm saving up for next year.
For college.
You've been working like
this all year for a car?
Two years.
Oh my gosh, I definitely
couldn't do that.
Ah, you haven't seen the car.
I should have enough
with the harvest here.
I ain't going nowhere.
You'll let me know
if you get an offer?
I said I would.
You're getting real close.
Maybe a couple more
checks, you know?
That's fuckin' kicked.
Look at that!
Let's go.
I want to break some shit.
All right.
That's what's up with that.
Keep going, keep going.
All right, come on!
It's there.
Just fuck it!
Holy shit!
Let's go shoot it with
some fuckin' potatoes, yeah?
All right.
See if it's strong enough.
It's all bullshit.
You know, by third grade
they've fuckin' decided,
bang, who's staying,
who's going.
They're either going
to care about you,
or they're not going to
give a fuck about you.
They're always calling me
into the fuckin' guidance
counselor's office.
And it is bullshit.
They're wrong.
But then again,
none of it's going
to matter anyway, so
fuck 'em, you know?
I knew you were going
to fuckin' do that.
This works out, we can make a
fuck-ton of money, me and you.
What about this thing
with the Keegans?
You know, where you've got
45 Hell's Angels just up
the road there at Bear Lake?
Hell's Angels want to do
battle with the Keegans, who
are running meth
and coke south up.
Meth's between the Angels
and Phil and Bobby Keegan.
Keegans being
green-lit got shit-all
to do with us, as
far as I'm concerned.
Is that... you mean "us,"
me and you, or "us,"
like you and your guys?
Both is fair game.
It stands right now, that
includes the gatekeepers.
As long as we stick to
running pot and pills,
Hell's Angels got no business
knowing our business.
This works out with
the Florida guy,
we're slamming pills all
down the I-95 corridor.
It starts right now,
right here, with us.
Don't fuck this up, all right?
Let's load them up.
Hello, sir.
How are you today?
I'm good, thank you.
How are you?
Not too bad.
What is your citizenship?
I'm an American.
Hold on just a minute, please.
What was the purpose of
your trip to Canada today?
Uh, got a pizza at the
Little House of Pizza.
You purchase anything
else besides the pizza?
No, sir.
Is there anything
else in the truck
that doesn't belong to you?
No, sir, it's all mine.
All right, thank you very much.
Have a good day.
Thank you.
Did this guy do something wrong?
Oh, I don't know, but
we're about to find out.
What about, uh...
uh, Jesse's brother?
What's his name?
You know.
He said he would,
uh, pay... pay me
when he got his welfare check.
He'd get the rest to me,
uh, the first of the month.
Your job is to keep them
between the ditches.
They go off the road, they
start to fall behind...
All right, I'll talk to him.
I mean, you know
what I'm saying.
Yeah, yeah.
OK, well... my brother.
Where's my fucking money?
Give me my fucking money!
Where's my fucking money?
All right, seriously.
I'm serious.
He's my little brother!
Wait, too... that went
on way too fucking long.
I'm only kidding you, man.
Oh, are you?
Jesus Christ!
Yeah, I've been working on
some slight modifications.
Oh yeah?
Added this big-ass
fuel tank back here.
I think you're
going to dig this.
Get closer.
Take a good whiff.
Yeah, gas.
But over here
we'll add 3/4-inch.
You see that pump?
Give me the hose.
I'll plug it in.
Kill it!
Oh, shit!
Yeah, three of them.
Tighter than a midget's pussy.
No more "frozen river in the
middle of the night" bullshit.
Now we drive it across
in broad daylight.
The pipeline to Canada's
south runs through us.
And with what we got
coming up from Florida,
we'll be working I-95
in both directions.
I want to tell you something.
Did I do something?
I want you to know...
That I can take care of you.
I can take care of you and
that fuckin' baby inside you.
My baby inside you.
And I promise I will.
I promise.
I promise I'm not
going to fuck this up.
I swear to god I'm not
going to fuck this up.
I'm going to take care
of... of both of you.
Want to fuck me?
Well, you fuck up this
time of year, you're dead.
And half their pitching
staff is injured.
And the other half just sucks.
I mean, even if they make
the playoffs, who cares?
Hey, guys?
I could use some help over here.
Let me try to lift
the roller up there.
So, uh, do you like the Sox?
I mean, I like some
players, like Pedroia.
Not rooting against them there,
but not building my plans
and dreams around them either.
Whoa, man.
She's shitting on your dreams.
Are you OK?
Yeah, Emma, I'm fine.
You know, you said you were
moving to Boston with Casper
to go to Red Sox
games, so I was just
trying to be funny about it.
You know, I... I get it.
I get that you don't get
it, and that's... that's OK.
Look, I didn't mean to be
mean about your friend there.
I just... I don't know.
I just always hear
about all the trouble
he gets in all the time.
Like he got Tasha
Nadeau pregnant,
and she's like 15 years old.
You sound like everyone else.
They don't get it.
It's like when... say
you're out drowning
on Long Lake and someone
throws you a life vest.
That's... that's Casper.
He's there to throw
you a life vest?
No, Casper is the life vest.
You know, he's
always been there.
I know exactly what
I'm getting with him.
And then when I'm around him,
I don't feel like I'm drowning.
When I hang out
with Casper, I know
something crazy is
going to happen.
But you know, at least
something happened.
You know, I don't know
very much about the Red Sox.
But I do know that I'm
supposed to hate the Yankees.
I got to teach you how to sweep.
My god, this is terrible.
You think that's going to work?
Fuckin' hammer.
Here, this is how you do it.
OK, it's on.
It should pop up
as a new network.
We got fucking
Wi-Fi in this shit.
Relationship... you guys are
in a relationship now, huh?
I guess she's like your
baby mama though, right?
Fuck you.
You know.
Fuck it.
Why don't you just
click on her there?
Oh, Emma Daigle there.
Why would
she be friends with Tasha?
Oh, girls don't
have to like each other
to be friends on here.
Girls don't have to like each
other to be fuckin' friends.
And that's the
fuckin' truth there.
Her favorite quote...
sometimes good things
have to fall apart so that...
so that better things can
fall together.
Oh, yeah.
You guys are all
fuckin' geniuses.
At least, that's what you think.
You all think you're
the first ones who
ever thought of something.
Like you're the
ones who invented
bringing shit across a border.
Let me tell you something.
We got you.
You're done.
Charged, but cooperating.
You do understand, uh,
cooperating defendant part?
That's on you.
For a felony, you're looking
at starting at four years.
So what?
I do four years in jail.
Oh yeah, OK.
Jail is not federal prison.
You're not a smart
guy, are you, Lee?
All right.
Or do you know deep down
inside that you are not smart?
I hate Jesse.
Don't blame your fuckin' cousin.
No one's fuckin' solid no more.
No, no, no, no.
You're right about that.
Drugs will do that to you.
But Jesse, he's a bright guy.
He wanted to keep his passport
so he could cross over
Said something about
hockey and strip clubs
being important to him.
So when we asked
him to wear a wire,
that bright son of a bitch
took all of about one
and a half, maybe two
seconds to think it over.
Oh, he's a bright guy.
He's in Canada right now
with a big old set of titties
flapping in his
face, knowing him.
Then again, you've
got nothing to lose.
You want us to
tell the prosecutor
you've been cooperative.
You do realize
that you are going
to actually need to
cooperate, right?
I have
children, 4 boys and 4 girls,
and 12 grandchildren and
2 great-grandchildren.
Hey, did you remember
my cookie dough?
I helped him move on
after he served a tour
in the Korean War.
That was hard enough 'til I...
Baby, what's wrong?
Shit, that's so good.
That is so good.
Mmm, so awesome.
Thank you.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.
I'm private, OK?
I don't need your stupid
fuckin' friends, none of that.
Do you even love me?
Tasha, why do we... you
always make it like this.
Do I love you?
OK, my friends... my
friends are not stupid, OK?
That one's fuckin' stupid.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
What the fuck is... come here.
Look at me.
Are you fuckin' drunk?
Are you... you're fuckin' drunk.
Look at you.
Fuck me.
Keep your fuckin' voice down.
I'm not drunk.
Yes, you... stop it.
Smell anything?
I'm not drunk, OK?
I'm not drunk.
And you're... you're an asshole.
And you don't love me.
And you don't love
your baby, OK?
Just keep
your fuckin' voice down.
Just keep your
fuckin' voice down.
Don't fuckin'...
I'm having Casper Cote's baby!
Hey, asshole, how'd
it go with Tasha?
All right.
You know what they say there.
Sometimes good
things have to fall
apart so that better things
can fall together, you know?
That's very funny there.
It is pretty funny.
Now I know why you have
to date 15-year-olds.
Oh, fuck me!
Moose safari.
You guys want to go?
What's a moose safari?
"What's a moose safari?"
Oh my god!
Little pink flower,
what's your little name?
That was so fucking fun!
Don't tell me that
wasn't fucking fun.
I told you it was fucking fun.
We don't always get one.
That was wicked cool.
Sometimes they get killed if
we, like, hit it, you know...
Hey, man, you bumped into me.
I... I don't want
to start anything.
I don't want to start anything.
I'm just...
Who do you think you are?
Don't touch me!
Hold this.
Get out of my face.
Casper, you win, buddy.
Come on.
Come on, buddy, it's OK.
Get the fuck off me.
Hey, hey, hey!
Come on.
You fuckin' put
your hands on him,
you put your
fuckin' hands on me.
You understand that there?
You don't ever
fuckin' walk in here
and put your fuckin'
hands on him!
You go back to fuckin' Madawaska
where you fucking came.
Crack, take your fucking
crack crew with you.
What the fuck are
you looking at?
I said, get fuckin' walking!
What are you looking at?
Get the fuck out of here!
Yeah, you!
Your buddies are
going there, kiddo.
Casper, come on, man.
You come around here, you
ask about Casper fuckin' Cote.
I run the fuckin' county, kid.
I am not feeling sorry for you.
You're going to be
late for harvest.
Well, I don't even
start until later.
You feel good right now?
It's the same story every
time you hang out with him.
God, it's not...
it's not Casper.
Oh, so is it you?
Yeah, I don't think so.
Trouble does not fall
far from the tree.
You're so much better than him.
I'm... I'm not.
OK, we're... we're no different.
All you want to
talk about is just
me going and working for
George the rest of my life.
Yeah, because it's
a good opportunity,
and it's there if you want it.
It's fuckin' here if I want it.
No, I can't.
I'm telling you, no, I can't.
Uh, I'm... I'm fuckin'... I'm...
I'm shittin' my... my guts out
my ass here, OK?
Uh, yeah, I've got food
poisoned or something.
I don't know, but I'm... it's
coming out of both ends,
and... and I can't...
I can't make it.
Five... five minutes.
I'll... I'll... I'll... I'll,
uh... no, I... I'm telling you,
I can't fucking
do it, all right?
You're going to have
to get somebody else.
I'm sorry.
Wake up.
Get up.
I need you.
Hey there, you!
How you been?
How you doing?
Casper the Ghost, eh?
That's my friend Dom here.
What's his name?
Oh, Dominic.
You got a French name.
Yeah, my
uncle couldn't come this week.
Yeah, so you can
pick them up for him.
Yeah, there.
You like them?
They're more Frenchy than yours.
Here, you wear mine.
I like yours too, though.
You're ready for an ATV, you.
Vroom, vroom!
Uh, I mean, is there anything
else we can do for you, or?
When you have time, you
can do the bird feeder
because it's too
far out of my reach.
And then when you have more
time, you can do some wood.
"Anything else we
can do for you?"
You know, I felt sorry for her.
She makes $3,600 a month on
pills she pays $4 a bottle for,
all right?
She should feel sorry for us.
Pour it in.
We're good?
Look at these fat birds.
You see those holes there?
She shoots the
raccoons from inside.
She'll just sit there, bang!
Here you go.
And, uh, thank you for
your service, you know?
You want some?
No, I'm, uh... I'm good.
No, no, I'm, uh... I'm
good too, thank you.
Uh, Mr. Borgia, we're...
we're here for, um, you know...
my uncle couldn't, but, uh...
Right now the cheapest thing
you can eat is peanut butter,
but put it on a cracker
with a banana pepper,
it ain't half bad.
Sounds good, yeah.
Just give him the damn pills
already and come back to bed.
Do you have to talk
everybody's ear off?
Do you have to
come out and chum up
to every guy who comes in here?
Bring the crackers.
Come to bed.
Let's get the fuck out of here.
All right!
Now, you did good.
You did real good.
Now, you want this
to be something more
than just an
after-school special?
You want this to grow
into something bigger?
Then you need to know
the business, OK?
Now, Badger, he
learned the business,
but he don't know business.
I mean, he got no mind for it.
But you, with you we
might have something.
Who are we?
You know, who are
we in all of this?
We're... well, we're...
Little fish.
Yeah, we're little fish in
the big pond, gasping for air.
But the doctors that write those
scripts and the pharmacies that
fill those scripts and the
companies that distribute all
them big bad drugs... well,
they're the big fish.
You know?
They're like Moby Dick.
Moby Dick in a
fucking kiddie pool.
The bottom line
of the whole deal,
we are just a spoke in
a very fucked-up wheel.
It's funny, you know?
Almost everyone I know right now
is working the potato harvest
And I'm here.
I would much rather be here
than work in the potato harvest.
So did George tell
you you're going
to be working with
Josh tomorrow?
What do you mean?
Well, my parents are
taking me to Vermont
to look at colleges there.
That's great.
Yeah, it should be pretty cool.
Then you're not going to back
with the harvester for a while.
Twig or something.
Be careful.
I want to get
a place, like a place for us.
Like... like for us and the baby.
Before the baby comes,
we should get a place.
Don't you think?
Don't you want to live with me?
And I'm going to pay
for that, though, right?
That's what you're saying.
Are you going to pay for it?
I'm just saying I
want to get a place.
And I'm just asking you, who's
going to pay for that there?
Well, do you want
people to think
that you can't take care of me?
Your own baby?
I thought you said you were
going to take care of us.
Oh, don't fucking start.
Don't get... stop.
Don't fuckin' start.
Don't... Tasha!
Just... just shut up, please.
Just stop.
Just shut the fuck
up, please, Tasha.
Don't tell me to shut up.
Don't tell me to shut up.
OK, I'm sorry.
Just stop talking, please.
Everyone's going
to think you're a stupid jerk.
Oh, really?
Everyone's going to think
Is that what they're
going to think?
On the fuckin'
playground, they're
going to think that I'm
a stupid fucking jerk?
On my best fucking
day, they're going
to think I'm a
stupid fucking jerk.
That's the truth there.
I don't give a fuck
what any of them think.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, fuck.
What are you thinking about?
Oh my gosh, why are you
thinking about Casper
right now?
It's... here, let me... let
me show you some pictures
of my car.
Oh, the car.
The car.
Check that out.
Oh, wow.
That's wicked cool.
You know, I was thinking
about the other night,
and I think I get it now.
You know, he's... he's
really not half bad.
I always thought if I could just
earn enough to get this
car, then we could just go,
and everything would be better.
You know?
Like everything
we've been doing up
to now has been to
get to this one night.
I'm so close.
Casper just... I just thought
leaving would be easier.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, it's OK.
Let's have sex.
Yeah, we want to fuck, right?
Let's fuck.
I don't want to right now.
Why not?
I feel gross.
Oh yeah?
Take off your pants.
Take off your pants.
Either you take off your
fuckin' pants right fuckin'
now, or I'm going to
take them off for you.
Take off your fuckin' pants.
Take off your fuckin' pants!
Let's get the fucking pants off!
You're on your period, Tasha.
You're on your period.
Yeah, you fucking are!
I see it right fucking there!
What the fuck!
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Let me explain!
Go ahead.
Explain it to me.
I don't want you to leave.
Oh, fuck you!
Then you don't fucking lie!
You're a fucking liar!
Fuck you!
God fucking damn it!
Don't go.
Shut up.
OK, now.
You see how it
gets hot like that?
Goes red?
That's when you add
the filler metal.
And it melts it.
It's like water.
You see how I kind of
fucked up right there?
All I got to do is just heat
it up and move it with the heat
'til it's right and smooth.
And then you just fix it, yeah?
You just fix it, and nobody
will know the difference.
Now, pay attention.
All right, well, you're
doing the next one.
This is fuckin' dangerous.
I know.
Don't hit me.
OK, so I bring it over Tuesday.
First thing Wednesday
morning, you're
going to go over to Portsmouth...
With that and what I
already brought across.
Now, he's not going to show
up 'til later in the day,
so you're going to meet
up right at the motel.
And I want you to
take Casper with you.
You know, I... I fuckin'... no.
I can't.
I'll... I'll drive it
down, but not with him.
What are you talking about?
I'm telling you, I
want him to go with you.
You know?
He needs to know the
route, same as you.
Well then, fuckin'
forget it, OK?
I mean... uh.
You know, I don't
need him looking over
my fuckin' shoulder.
I'm not looking
over your shoulder.
Is that what you think?
I think this is about you and
your fucking trust issues.
Come back!
What the fuck?
No, he'll be back.
"Trust issues."
He used to be a lot worse.
And your trust issues.
Yeah, it's definitely
my first choice.
Uh, the campus is
really awesome.
They have this, like, big
lake out there and, you know,
like this giant outdoor mall.
It was really cool.
It sounds really cool.
Yeah, it was really
a good trip, you know?
I'm really excited
for next year.
I had to work with creepy old
Josh the whole time, you know?
And I missed you.
Yeah, I missed you too.
So is something wrong?
I just feel like I'm... I'm
really starting to like you,
you know, Dom, and I... I
just don't want to give you
the wrong idea, uh, and make
you think that this can be more
Because I don't know.
I... I just think this kind
of has to be a harvest thing,
Like... like what you said.
It's like... like
harvest friends.
Harvest friends, right.
Like you and Austin.
Got your passport, kiddo?
I need you tonight.
Oh, her?
She's cute, huh?
That's a fucking beast.
That ain't no car, kiddo.
I've seen your script run.
Puts you over the
top for your car.
Yeah, put that away.
I suppose our share is OK.
No big deal.
No big fuckin' thing.
Turns out I don't need
diaper money anymore, so.
Don't worry about it.
You got your passport, you?
We're going to a hockey game.
But why are you going again?
Because I've got to fuckin' talk
to the guy about some bullshit.
Look, I don't
want to fuckin' talk
to you about this
all night, all right?
I'm late.
Oh, yeah.
Thank you.
This thing's a
fuckin' beast, no?
Oh, yeah.
It's a piece of shit.
It's a... yeah.
He's going to the
Draveurs game, you know.
Play in Grand Falls area.
Ah, I hate Grand Falls.
I know you hate Grand Falls.
That's why I took you there.
There he is there.
Maybe he's doing his own thing
or something, his own deals
or something on the side, so.
My dad's pissed, you know.
It's fucked up.
So, uh... I slept with Emma.
Shut your fuckin' face.
Oh, yeah.
I fuckin' called that there.
You did.
You called it.
How was it?
There's more to this.
There's more to that "good" than
just wha... was she a virgin?
I don't know.
Kind of uncomfortable,
and we were
in a forest with
leaves and shit.
No, you fuckin' weren't.
You were in a forest?
Anyway, she said that we're
just harvest friends now, so.
What the fuck is that?
I guess I just wasn't
part of her plan.
And that's that, so.
That's you being responsible?
Just go!
Fuck you!
Oh, there he is.
Down the stairs, dah-dah,
dah-dah, dah-dun-dun.
Let's go.
You... you shut the fuck up!
You're the one making all
the fuckin' noise out here.
OK, let's
go to a fuckin' hockey game.
Let's go.
He's not even going in.
I don't know what he's doing.
He says he's going
to the Draveurs game,
and then he's, I don't
know, sitting out here.
Come on, Badger,
what are you doing?
Maybe he just wants a lap
dance before the game, you know?
All right.
Well, he's going in.
the... he's not going.
Do you see that?
I... I don't know.
Why is he... what
is... god damn it.
Can I have your phone?
Hey, it's Casper.
My phone died.
Damn fuckin' right, he
didn't go to the game.
he... no, he's at Mon Copain.
He just got into some guy's car.
I don't know.
Like, the guy just pulled up.
No, he's... he was
sitting here for a while.
Then this other guy pulls in.
He gets up like
he's going to go in,
and then he gets in
this other guy's car.
Oh, wait.
Wait, he's getting out now.
I don't know.
I don't know who
the other guy is.
All right, he's driving off.
He's going.
And he's gone.
And we're going to lose him.
OK, bye.
He wants us to follow this guy.
That guy?
Let's hope he's going
to a fucking hockey game.
So what now?
I don't know.
Just sit here and watch.
What the hell is
he doing in there?
What the hell are
we doing out here?
It's fuckin' stupid,
just sitting in this car.
I mean, is this...
you know, you just
want to run errands for
Clayton the rest of your life.
That's what you want to do?
Is that what you
think I'm doing here?
I want to be here right now?
Thought we were going to a...
to a hockey game, you know?
Well, I'm sorry
about the hockey game.
I used to think we both
wanted the same thing,
but now we're sitting
in a car instead
of going to a hockey game.
It makes no fuckin' sense.
You used to think we both
wanted the same thing?
You know, you think leaving
this town is everything, right?
We... we leave the town,
then we go into the Boston,
and then we watch the Red Sox.
That's the plan.
That's the plan!
Then what?
What happens when the game ends?
You tell me!
Give me something to do.
I'll leave, but you have
no idea what kind of money
I could make right here.
See, you think you're
doing something different.
OK, you think like your dad
sees something special in you,
You're doing exactly what
everyone in this town
has expected you to do
since the day you were born,
you included.
I'm... I'm the one who's always
expected something more from
something better for yourself.
This town has nothing
that either of us want.
We're meant to leave together.
We're not meant to stay.
Shit gets old fast, Casper.
And it's going to get old fast.
Oh, shit.
Oh, fuck.
You're good here.
Hey, where's Dom?
What the fuck?
Holy shit.
I can't just drive the fuck off.
Get down!
Piece of shit.
There's three of them.
After this third, we can go.
We'll go up quick and
get the fuck out of here.
Come on, let's go.
Let's go.
Come on!
Straight to fuckin' voice
mail, so he's already
in fuckin' Canada.
My god, your uncle is
such a fucking douchebag.
Come on, come on.
See, maybe like... what
if I said he didn't have
anything to do with it,
and that it was all me?
And that... that I
planned all this,
and... and that he
didn't do anything?
Enough already.
He's my brother, OK?
He's my only brother.
And I love him.
And now I'm fucking him!
Yep, that's true.
He is your brother, and
you are fucking him.
We are firmly entrenched
into fuck-you territory.
You going to listen to me, Lee?
Your brother is fucked
in the here and now
because of his
choices, his actions.
Only one of which is aggravated
trafficking of scheduled drugs
across an international border
with his idiot fucking brother.
This crying stuff, all this
remorse, you've got to... this
has got to be in the rear view.
You've got to put
that behind you.
You've got to move forward.
You've got to
think about Amanda.
You've got a baby coming.
You've got to suck it up.
You've got to man up.
You've got to pull
your shit together.
Here's how this is
going to play out.
Thank you.
Suspect is leaving
the port of entry.
How you doing?
Can I get your license,
registration, proof
of insurance?
Uh, Canada.
I'm just going
to check your license
and registration.
I'll be right back.
You guys all set?
Just on a hunch, let me run
my canine around the vehicle.
Yeah, that would be great.
Sir, I'm Deputy Miller
Anything illegal in the vehicle
that I need to know about?
If you'll exit the vehicle,
take 10 steps forward.
Face away from the vehicle
for me while I do the search.
Hey, I've got this pizza here.
I see it.
You're all set.
Oh, he smells the fuckin' pizza.
Go back to your vehicle.
Put your hands on the hood while
I search you and the vehicle.
Walk back.
Keep your hands out
of your pockets.
Put them on the hood.
Spread your legs.
Anything sharp on you?
Any knives or needles at all?
Bed's clear.
Nothing will fit in there.
So, uh, I'm done?
We're done now?
How much does the MDEA
know about what
they've been doing?
I mean, how much do
they know about us,
what we did, you know?
OK, we've got to...
we've got to go.
We've got to get our money.
We've got to go right now.
Casper, we've got
to go right now!
Grab the funds.
Grab the money.
Dom, let's go.
Come on, let's go.
Get the fuck out!
You all right, Dom?
Coming for you!
Ugh, over here.
When I was about your age,
someone really close to me
And, um, my mom picked me up
and drove me to the funeral.
And I couldn't cry, you know?
I thought there was
something wrong with me
because I couldn't cry.
I knew I missed him,
but I couldn't cry.
And my mom said,
don't worry, it's OK.
It's not a race.
There's no rush.
It'll come when it comes.
And, uh, when I got to the
funeral, this guy I barely knew
put his arms around
me, hugged me.
And he said, I
wish you long life.
And I lost it.
I... I fell to pieces.
And I... I wish you long life.