Beneath the Leaves (2019) Movie Script

[birds chirping]
[girl singing]
Make new friends
But keep the old
One is silver
And the other gold
Make new friends
But keep the old
One is silver
- And the other gold
- [woman] You fucking animal!
[man 1] Just get the fuck out
of my house, then.
[woman] I will get the fuck out
of your house,
and I am taking
those kids with me.
- [man 1 screams, growls]
- [woman groans]
Silver and the other...
- [man 1] You fucking whore!
- [woman] Fuck you! Fuck you!
[door slams]
What have I told you
about doing this?
Look at this.
Chewing your fingernails
again, huh?
[man 1] I'm telling you,
I'm telling you, I'm sick of it.
Now, just because your parents,
didn't love you enough to treat
you better or teach you right.
So now, you got me.
Shut up!
- [nail cutter clicking]
- [grunts]
[man 1] Stay still.
[door slams]
[humming continues]
[girl sobs]
[door shuts]
[man 1] Upstairs.
[man clears throat]
[retreating footsteps]
- [belt clinking]
- [girl groans]
[man 1] Just be quiet.
That's my girl.
[man grunting]
[ominous music]
[somber music]
[girl sobbing]
[foreboding music]
- [man 1 grunts]
- [girl panting]
- [door thuds]
- [lock clicks]
[man 1] Kids!
Get me out!
[man grunting]
[man 1] Kids!
Help me. Open the door!
- [man screams, groans]
- [fire crackling]
[ominous music]
- [fire crackling]
- [object clattering]
[police siren wailing]
[distant chatter]
[indistinct radio chatter]
[twig snaps]
[foreboding music]
[both grunt]
[officer groaning]
[inmate grunting, groaning]
[officer 1] Man down! Police!
Put it down!
Drop your weapon!
- [officer 1] Freeze!
- [officer 2] Give it up!
- [body thuds]
- [dog barks]
[foreboding music]
[Parker] Uh, this morning,
at approximately 300 hours,
Some serious malefactors
started a fire at Pendleton,
and escaped.
How many, Cap?
Well, we think around six.
[Parker] You have the folders.
They're complete.
One of the escaped prisoners
just killed a police officer
over in Ramona County.
Really bad motherfuckers, okay?
So, we have to be worse
than them.
[Parker] The fire
is under control.
But they are still at large.
[tires screech]
We need two-man teams.
Some on the phones.
Some on the field.
That's a great idea, Captain.
I'm so glad you approve.
All right, any questions?
[Parker] They're dangerous,
go after them.
Protect our community, yeah?
That's what we're here to do.
[in soft voice]
I'll see you in the back.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
Davis, what's all this stuff?
Looks like paperwork to me.
It's got your name on it.
Yeah, we're a team, remember?
I scratch your back,
you scratch my ass?
Hey. Get your shit together.
Stop showing up late.
Damn, damn.
Shotwell, Larson,
in here, please.
[files clatter]
Be nice.
[knocks on door]
[Parker] Have a seat, will you?
All right, as of now, you two
are on domestic disturbance.
Uh, with all due respect, Sir,
why don't you just put us
on neighborhood watch?
Listen, this is our hood, okay?
So if some stay-at-home mom
hears a flower pot
being knocked over
by a stray cat,
and thinks
it's Jeffrey fucking Dahmer,
we're gonna investigate.
That, I understand.
[inhales sharply]
[Brian] Sir.
[door slams]
I'm sorry, Captain,
he's just, uh,
- he's going through some stuff.
- I love the both of you,
you know that.
All right.
There's something
I have to acquaint you with.
[clears throat]
- [Erica] Hey.
- [Brian] Hey.
It's you and me.
We're on a date tonight.
- In public?
- [Brian chuckles]
We talked about this.
Come on.
[Erica] Do you value your job?
I do, actually. Yeah.
One shot makes me calm.
Two shots makes me patient.
[Brian] Polite.
[car engine revs]
[utensils clink]
[cook] Fix this up.
[crew] Come on,
we have people cutting steaks
with their hands, go.
We need silverware.
Andale, andale.
Thank you.
[news anchor] They are armed
and dangerous.
One prisoner's been shot
and killed
during a confrontation
with police officers.
We'll keep you up to date
on this developing story.
This is Dan Miller,
reporting live,
Ramona County, Channel Five.
I'm not,
I'm not gonna play babysitter.
Well, that makes two of us.
Women find you comforting.
Women find me intimidating.
Besides, I did
the "there, there" thing
at the past three houses.
[Erica] It is your turn.
We'll settle this right now,
fair and square.
[Brian] We'll flip for it.
- Fuck.
- [Erica chuckles]
[Brian sighs]
Thank god, you're here.
[Brian] Hi, ma'am, Julian PD.
This is Detective Shotwell,
I'm Detective Larson.
You called in a disturbance?
Yeah, I heard a noise from
the house across the street.
Okay. Ma'am,
did you see anything?
I'm not gonna go over there.
It was horrible.
We understand.
You stay right here,
and I will go and make sure
that the coast is clear.
[woman] You can't
leave me here alone.
No, no.
This able-bodied detective
will be right here,
keeping you company.
Thank you.
- Sure.
- [Brian scoffs]
- [indistinct mumble]
- [Brian] Really?
[Brian] Um...
Ma'am, do you mind
if I asked you
- a few more questions?
- No, do you want to come in?
Yeah, sure, yeah. Thank you.
[indistinct radio chatter]
This is Shotwell!
Code 11-47.
[Erica] I need an EM and back up, stat!
[Erica speaking indistinctly]
[Erica grunts]
Damn it.
[baby crying in distance]
[gun clicks]
[baby wailing]
[baby continues wailing]
[door lock rattles]
[baby crying]
[Erica shushes]
[Erica] It's okay, sweetie.
It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
- [baby crying]
- It's gonna be okay.
- It's okay.
- [toy chiming]
- [Erica] Oh, Jesus.
- [man 2 grunts]
- [Erica shrieks]
- [man 2 grunts]
[both grunting, groaning]
- [man 2 grunts]
- [thuds]
[Erica pants]
[both grunting]
- [thuds]
- [man groans]
- Ah!
- [gunshot]
- [panting]
- [baby crying]
[ominous music]
Did you clock out already?
You working tomorrow?
You don't really have
much to say, do you?
- "No."
- [both chuckle]
[Matt] You don't ever just...
enjoy the silence?
Is that your polite way
of telling me to shut up?
I'm gonna go check my tables.
[Matt] Okay.
[both chuckle]
[light music]
And that, that, Richard,
is how it's done.
[Brian] So, can I have
my money, please?
- Very good.
- Thank you, sir.
Thank you. Always a pleasure.
- All right.
- Thanks.
- Look at that.
- [Davis] Hey, Larson.
You might shoot pool
better than criminals.
[all laughing]
It's too soon, man.
It's just too soon.
You know what, that guy
was ten feet away, it was not...
The shot, well,
it kicked him in the face.
[officer] Hey, I say
that uppity bitch had it coming.
She needed to be taken down
a peg or two.
All right...
- slow down.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
[Davis] Can you do me a favor?
Can you fuck this stick
out of her ass?
And tell her
to lighten up a bit.
I'll fucking knock you
in the face, Davis. Seriously.
[officer 1] He has her, Davis.
[Brian] Hi.
You know.
[Davis] Boo.
It's good to know how you guys
really feel about me.
You wanna take a crack at me?
[Brian sighs]
[Erica] Fucking assholes!
[Brian] Erica... Erica, wait.
Stop. Stop. Stop.
- Stop it.
- Please. Stop. Wait.
- No, go away.
- Just wait.
Please, stop.
Look, I wanted you
to meet me tonight.
I wanna have a spe-- Fuck.
I wanna have a special night.
Yeah, that's what I thought
it was gonna be,
but I guess you couldn't wait
for me to start.
[Brian] We have time.
We have time.
- [smooches]
- [Brian] You're so beautiful.
Listen to me.
[Erica] I can't.
Not with you like this.
I'm sorry.
Get home safe.
I just received confirmation
that Samuel Price was shot
and killed this morning.
After Julian police officers
found him
breaking into
a neighborhood home.
We also have reports coming in
that four inmates
still remain at large,
this, after the fire
at Pendleton Penitentiary.
A fire that left three dead,
and over a dozen prisoners
in critical condition.
[reporter] We'll keep you
updated with more information
as the search
for these convicts continues.
- Reporting live...
- [TV turns off]
[Alex] Mm-hm.
- Alex, um...
- Yeah?
Just, can we,
can we not to do this?
Let's not do this, okay?
What's wrong?
I don't know. Um, I'm sorry.
I'm... I'm sorry.
Okay, fine.
We can take it slow.
You should... You should leave.
[soft chuckle]
[Matt] You need to go.
- [Alex] See you, Matt.
- [door opens and closes]
- [Brian] What?
- [Parker] You're overwhelmed.
- And you're too close to it.
- No.
- No.
- What do you mean "no"?
[Brian] I mean,
with all due respect, sir.
- Are you serious?
- [Parker] Yes.
- These are my brothers.
- And we will solve the case.
No, sir, not without me,
you won't.
You cannot take me off the case.
- You are dismissed.
- Fuck.
[Brian] Fuck!
Fuck! What are you gonna do?
You're gonna put Anthony
on the case?
Huh? Is Anthony gonna fuck--
Fuck you!
[Brian] Good job. Good luck.
Good fuckin' luck!
[Erica] Brian.
What just happened?
[Erica] What was that all about?
Let me explain.
Come here.
[Parker] Twenty years ago...
four foster brothers,
little boys, were abducted,
and kept in a mine shaft
for two weeks.
The names...
were George Middleton,
Matt Tresner,
Josh Ridley, and...
- Brian Larson?
- [Parker] That's right.
[Erica] Jesus.
[Parker] And they escaped.
Larson got them out somehow.
An incredible situation.
The perp is a dirtbag
by the name of James Whitley.
We know that Whitley
was the one who started the fire
to effectuate the escape
from Pendleton.
Now, listen, Brian can't be
on this case anymore.
He's too close to it. Abrams!
This is your partner now.
[Abrams] Inspector Shotwell.
Pleasure to be your mate.
He's been undercover
for eight months.
You got to bring him up
to speed.
- But...
- Dismissed.
- Thank you, sir.
- Yes, sir.
["Bees Left the Trees"
by Sugar & the Hi-Lows playing]
Hey, kitty, kitty, kitty
Where'd you go?
I know there's plenty of dogs
Down on music row
I need some Jack, some Johnny
Some Emmylou
What the fuck just happened?
And the ghost of the man
In the blue suede shoes
Uh, you know what.
Hey, Lisa. Can I have another?
Already got it for you, hun.
- There you go.
- [Josh] Thanks.
[Samantha] She's a treasure.
[Josh] Yeah, that was, uh...
That was something.
Ah, she's moving.
'Cause the bees
Left the trees
Doesn't mean there
Ain't honey inside
I'm Samantha.
Is that a Long Island Iced Tea?
It is. It is, indeed.
People still drink that?
Oh, I see you got jokes.
[both chuckle]
[Samantha] Did you, uh...
come here with her?
Absolutely not, no.
Then you don't have
to leave with her.
Let's get out of here.
- Okay.
- [Samantha] Yeah?
[Josh] This is it?
This is it.
That shit looks filthy.
So do you.
Look, uh, a room
for the night, please.
I'm, um, Peter Piper.
Is that a family name?
I'm in a hurry.
Just for the night.
Three hundred, cash only.
Come on.
That includes a discretion fee.
You gonna be shitting me.
Fucking hell.
[Samantha] Peter.
I'm worth it.
- Get the cash.
- [groans]
Room eight.
Have fun.
Oh, good, you're a gentleman.
I'm a gent. Yeah.
Don't you know you
Shouldn't play with matches
[Josh groans]
I'm not even gonna take
my socks off to fuck you.
That's how freaky
I'm about to get.
Shut up.
[Josh snickers]
You're gonna like
what I have for you.
[Josh] Oh. Oh, okay.
All right.
- [Josh moans]
- [Samantha mumbles]
[Josh] You into
some kinky shit, huh, baby?
- [Samantha] I am.
- Hmm.
- You like that?
- [Josh] Mm-hm.
[Josh] Damn, baby.
[Samantha] Shut up.
You tying my hands
to the bedpost.
Mmm, it's a little '90s,
but, you know.
I can fuck with it.
You're not in charge here,
Mr. Piper.
I'm in charge.
Why'd you stop?
Oh, man, come on.
[Josh] I can't take it.
Come on. Hurry up.
Bring that sexy ass
over here, please.
- [Samantha] Huh?
- [Josh] Yeah.
Keep going.
Don't play with me like that.
- Oh, yeah?
- [Josh] Yeah.
- Hmm. Mm.
- Safeword is pickle.
Shit, we got safewords?
Oh, love this shit.
[Josh] Would you like
to see my pickle?
I said shut up.
- [slaps]
- Oh.
You must be broken.
[Josh] Yeah. Fix me, baby.
Fix me.
[rock music playing on radio]
[classical music]
What the hell is that?
Is that some damn Beethoven?
[Josh] What're you doing?
Yeah. Be gentle though, baby.
Oh, yeah, yeah. That's it.
There you go right there. Oh!
[groans, chuckles]
Oh, there she is.
That's what I'm talking about.
Ugh. Pickle.
Ugh! What the fuck you're doing?
[man] It's Mozart.
- [man] But you were close.
- What the fuck?
[man] Relax. Relax.
I have something...
something inspired
by our own government.
Lethal injection.
- [Josh whimpers]
- [man] Uh-huh.
I do tend to use a little extra
potassium chloride.
- Yeah.
- [Josh whimpers]
- [man exhales deeply]
- [Josh groans]
[Josh grunting]
[man] There, there. Relax.
[man shushes]
[clicks tongue]
[man] It typically starts
with one single sore,
the entry point.
It breaks in.
- Infiltrates enemy lines.
- [Josh gasping]
It nags, it lingers. It...
[Josh gagging]
[man] It fights.
It builds an army.
- And then...
- [Josh gasping]
[Josh groaning]
[man] Within seconds...
your heart...
gonna be okay, Josh.
[James] You're free.
[James sighs deeply]
[Brian grunting]
[phone ringing]
[phone ringing]
[TV reporter
speaking indistinctly]
[Dana]Brian, I can't find Josh.
Huh? Hey, calm down.
Sorry, what?
[Dana] I know he went out
last night, drinking.
This is the last time.
I'm not gonna take this shit
- anymore.
- No, you know what, I'm...
He'll be all right.
I'll make some phone calls.
Just stay by your phone,
I'll call you back, okay?
[Dana] Tell you brother
to get his ass--
[phone beeps]
[Brian panting]
[Brian] This guy, um...
Have you seen him lately?
[Lisa] I saw him
last night, actually.
But I think he left with a pro.
Can you describe her?
[Lisa] Yeah, she was,
uh, early 30's.
Tall, brown hair.
Kinda pale.
Yeah, all right.
Yeah. I mean, keep it.
Do you know where they went?
[James] What potential
do foster parents
possess themselves?
They're an abomination.
God himself, has cursed them.
They, they cannot,
of their own accord,
bear children.
They cannot bear fruit,
and like maggots,
they must feast on the flesh
of those
who do not belong to them,
- in order to feel...
- [phone ringing]
[mouse clicks]
Where are you?
Parker put you
on my brother's case, right?
Yes. But, Brian, are you okay?
All right, look.
Josh's wife called me.
She hasn't seen him.
She's worried sick.
So, I went to visit
a couple places
that we used to go.
[Brian]The bartender at Jones'
remembers seeing him leave
with a pro last night.
Anadelle Motel,
you ever heard of it?
- [door opens]
- [bell rings]
[Rose] Can I help you?
[Erica] Detective Shotwell,
Detective Abrams.
We're looking for someone
who might have
passed through here last night.
Uh, may I please see
your log sheet?
Okay, well, I can
speed things up, if you'd like.
Just takes one call
to my superiors.
Then I submit an affidavit
to the judge
that states that you are running
a prostitution ring
out of this motel.
[Erica] They will come here.
They will take your license,
they will take your motel.
And they will give you
five to ten.
Or you can just show me
the log sheet,
and this conversation
never happened.
Is this the shooter station?
[Rose] Mm-hm.
[Abrams] Did you read
the section on Point St. George?
I went there last spring.
[Erica] Peter Piper.
- [Abrams] That's a pseudonym.
- You think?
- All right, look.
- [Rose sighs]
Is this the Peter Piper
that checked in last night?
It's hard to say.
He's fine-looking.
[Abrams] A shrike?
They pierce their food
on thorns.
It holds them in position
so they can eat small bites.
- [Rose chuckles]
- Abrams.
[Abrams] Uh, sorry.
I'm gonna need to see this room.
[keys jangling]
- [door clatters]
- [bell rings]
You should take some
of my apples home with you.
My crops this year
have been delicious.
[Abrams] Is that a temptation?
Malus Domestica.
It's the fall of humanity.
[Abrams] Actually, in Norse
and Greek mythology,
this represents eternal youth.
- Really?
- [keys jangle]
What are you doing?
- [Abrams] Thank you.
- You're welcome.
[Erica] Thank you.
[Parker] Okay.
So, Josh bunks
with the lady of the evening
at the no-tell-motel.
This was his room.
[Erica] We swept it.
We did find something.
[Erica] It's a fingernail.
In Whitley's file, he took them
from all of the victims.
If that fingernail
belongs to Josh Ridley...
why him? He's not a kid.
Well, he has to finish
what he started.
There's something that I found
that I think
you'll find interesting.
So, all ten of the victims
were taken
from or around Julian.
[Erica] And although
Whitley's spree
lasted for 11 years,
He took them all
at the same time of year.
It's a cyclical pattern.
And the fingernails?
The fingernails
are part of his M.O.
So, our one dead body
was missing hers.
And in the mineshaft,
we had jars of fingernails
and seeds.
And then, saplings, alongside.
But her cause of death,
the potassium chloride
is consistent
with the other victim's DNA
found on the hypodermic needles
in the shaft.
He was essentially euthanizing
all of these foster children.
[Abrams] He's kinda like a bird.
What's that?
Well, it, sort of, uh...
There's evidence.
It's all the victims
in the mine.
You'd keep them there.
Like a nest.
No matter how far you had to go
to find someone,
he would always return to it.
What, what I don't understand
is why
he did it all around here.
Now, listen. I know that Larson
is still working this case.
[Parker] So I'd like
the two of you to bring him in.
And I'd like the two of you
to go get
the other two brothers.
Please, okay? Thank you.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Abrams get a haircut, all right?
Jesus Christ.
[Erica] Hey.
Has my partner been in today?
- Larson?
- Yeah.
[bartender] No,
I haven't seen him yet.
Okay, can I give you my number?
- Sure.
- [Erica] If he shows up...
- can you give me a call?
- [bartender] Yeah, you bet.
[Erica] Larson.
Where the hell are you?
[lock clicks]
[Erica] Larson!
[foreboding music]
Those poor kids.
[Erica] Jesus.
[car door closes]
[ominous music]
[door opens]
[metal clanking]
I could have
blown your head off.
[Erica sighs]
[Erica] Oh, my god.
- Why all the secrecy?
- [keys jangle]
Thank you.
Make yourself at home.
[Erica] Hey, what's up
with your phone?
I've been trying to call you
all day, I was worried.
It's dead.
[Brian] Why don't you
lock your door?
[Erica scoffs]
I did.
Well, then you need to get
a better lock.
Did you go to the motel?
[Brian] And?
I found a fingernail
under the bed
- in Josh Ridley's room.
- Oh, fuck!
[Brian] Oh, fuck!
[Brian groans]
It's happening again.
Whitley has him.
[sighs deeply]
We'll find him.
Uh, you need to tell me
where the other boys are
so that we can help.
Why am I not
on this case, Erica, huh?
It is fucking bullshit,
I am the only one--
We're all here
trying to solve this.
We're all trying
to catch him, okay?
You had me taken off the case,
didn't you?
Why would I do that?
You come into this town,
and you start planting seeds
in Parker's head.
Okay, that's why
this can't work.
You need to leave.
- [breathing heavily]
- [Erica] Get out!
I'll fucking go. I'm gonna go.
- You want me to go?
- Yes.
You want me to go?
[ominous music]
[loud thud]
[object clattering]
Brian, are we gonna
make it out of here?
Everything's gonna be okay.
Hear that?
[Brian groans]
Oh, god.
[man groans]
[foreboding music]
- Brian! Brian, Brian!
- [Brian grunts]
- It's okay, it's okay.
- [Brian panting]
[Erica] You're here with me.
You're okay, you're okay.
- You're safe, okay?
- [Brian panting]
I'm here with you. I got you.
I got you, I got you.
- [Brian panting heavily]
- I got you.
[Erica] You're okay,
you're safe.
It's okay, sweetheart.
I know what you're feeling.
I know what's happening.
This happens to me sometimes.
It used to happen to me
all the time.
Right when I got back.
Remember, you wanted to know...
why I left the military.
[Brian] Yeah.
You know,
where we were stationed,
we were basically peacekeepers.
You know, we dig wells, and...
help the village people, kinda,
build up an infrastructure.
We, we helped them
set-up a preschool.
I used to play
with all the kids.
There's one, one little boy
in particular.
His name was Afjah.
Which means "most beautiful".
He was so funny.
We used to kick around
a soccer ball.
We didn't really speak,
just like,
we'd teach each other
a few words.
The next week
we got credible intel,
that there was an insurgent cell
at this one address,
and near certainty
that the target was there
and there would be
no civilian casualties.
So, the next morning,
when it... when it was time
for us to, um...
to go and, you know,
clean everything up.
And, you know, follow, um...
It was, it was...
It was Afjah's house.
And I, I...
I found him in the rubble.
His little body.
His eyes were wide open.
I killed him. I... killed him.
[Erica sobbing]
I just... I, I...
For the longest time, I just,
every night I would wake up
and I would, I would...
I would see his face.
[Erica] It, it gets better.
It'll get better. It's...
Fewer and fewer times.
It's not happening
very much anymore.
[Erica] I'll be here for you.
I'll help you through it.
[calm music]
[knocking on door]
You look like shit, man.
[Matt] What's up?
- Fridge?
- [Matt] Yeah.
I don't understand
how this can happen, you know?
Why isn't Whitley dead?
Well, because...
...we had a shit prosecutor.
A shit legal system.
Hey, I got a question
for you. Uh...
Has Josh called you?
No. You?
No, I went to Jones' Bar, and...
- Yeah.
- ...he was there two nights ago.
[Brian] He left with a hooker.
And he ended up
in a motel off of 48.
[Brian sighs]
- Bro.
- [Brian] Hm?
You're on the case though,
Temporarily reassigned.
How are you doing, kid?
- Staying afloat.
- [Brian] Yeah?
Why don't you take me up
on my offer
to go back to school?
I mean, you're wasting your time
at that restaurant.
It's probably not the day
to have
a big brother conversation.
You're right.
Do you got a light?
Thanks, buddy.
Oh, man.
Have you talked to,
have you talked to Georgie?
I haven't heard from him
in years, man.
[cellphone ringing]
[chatter on TV]
[cellphone ringing]
[TV reporter
speaking indistinctly]
[Matt] Rise and shine, buddy.
Thanks, man.
[Matt] A little hangover cure.
Thank you, Matt.
You sleep all right?
No, my neck, it's...
Like Old Bob.
[news reporter] We've been
notified that James Whitley
is one of the convicts
that escaped.
You might remember
the horrific story of Whitley.
Who wreaked havoc
on our small town
almost 30 years ago.
[Brian] Oh, shit!
Shit! They leaked the pictures.
These sons of bitches
leaked the pictures!
Matt, get your keys!
[Brian] Parker!
- [Davis] Hey. Hey, hey.
- [objects clatter]
- You need to calm down.
- Hey, hey. Hey!
You need to calm down!
[officer] Hey,
he said calm down.
Okay, Larson.
[Brian] Out of my way.
Did you see
the news this morning?
Huh? Did you see
the news this morning?
Yes, I did.
This is the only office
where the press can get
those pictures from.
Why would I leak them?
I don't know, Parker. Why?
Why the fuck would you do that?
I think you're a stupid ass.
You've forgotten
what I did for you,
and I'm gonna tell you
something right now.
You got ten seconds
to make a U-turn,
or put your badge
and gun on the desk!
And get the fuck out of here.
I'm sorry.
Oh, Christ.
Oh, Jesus.
How the fuck did that happen?
[Abrams] What do you think?
I think Josh Ridley's dead.
Well, he could have ran off
with that prostitute.
Mm-hm. I think he's part
of Whitney's ritual.
What I'm fixated on,
is the fingernails.
You know, I just read an article
that proposed, people
with reoccurring obsessions,
the most significant memories
often play out in their actions.
The fingernails,
it could be this...
mental marker. Some past trauma.
Hey, I've been meaning
to ask you.
Do you have any hobbies?
Everybody has a hobby.
It's personal.
Come on. You know mine.
That's cause you like
talking about it.
Come on, I won't tell anyone.
I hunt birds.
- [chuckles]
- [doorbell chimes]
[Nadine] Josh was always
the ladies' man.
But he and Dana
were having a lot of...
issues lately, I'm sorry to say.
You know,
maybe he went to Vegas.
He's done that before.
We have reason to believe
that he is still in town.
We just are having trouble
locating him.
You work with my Brian,
don't you?
He's my partner.
Well, I...
Oh, well, uh,
why don't you ask him?
I'm sure he can help.
He's currently on leave.
[Nadine] Well, listen.
If anybody can find Josh,
it's Brian.
He was always such a good
big brother, growing up.
And all his foster brothers
looked up to him.
Do you mind
if ask about George Middleton?
[Erica] We don't have
an address for him.
[Nadine] Oh, Georgie.
He was always so troubled.
A lost soul.
And you know, he never really
accepted me as his mother.
But I loved him.
[Nadine] I knew it was
just a matter of time
before he moved on.
It started when he was just, uh,
just a boy.
And then, it got really bad
in high school.
His classmates would bully him,
and harass him.
And sometimes...
he would just run home
from school
and go straight to his room,
he didn't want me
to see his face.
Oh, thank you.
I will never forget
the day it happened.
[Nadine] The day Whitley
came into our lives.
[inhales deeply]
There was a knock on the door.
[Nadine] He introduced himself
and all.
He was very polite.
Charismatic, even.
And he claimed to have worked
for social services.
[Nadine] He even had
all the paperwork.
And then, he wanted to speak
with all four boys.
There had been
some speculation that...
that I was mistreating
the boys, but...
...I would never lay
a hand on them.
[Nadine] And then...
he took them from me.
He took them.
With James Whitley
being on the loose,
your foster children will be--
[Nadine] My children, Detective.
What I meant to say is that,
just ascertaining
their whereabouts, their safety,
Perhaps, putting them
into protective custody
till this is all over.
That's, that's our goal.
Our records show
that George moved out...
when he became a legal adult?
Yeah. Right after
he dropped out of school.
Do you have any way
of reaching out to him?
[Nadine] He did
mention something
the last time he wrote me.
He said he was living in a...
mobile home, an RV, or...
Or in a mobile park
or something.
But you know...
it's hard to find someone
who just doesn't wanna be found.
[Abrams] Thank you.
Hey, uh, I'd like you to run
a DMV database check for me.
See whether any RV
or mobile home
has been registered
to George Middleton, thanks.
[Brian] How are you dealing
with all this, Matty?
[Matt] I'm not doing good, man.
All this shit's coming back.
All the real bad shit.
I'm scared.
How about the girl?
Is she helping you?
We tried.
[Brian] What do you mean
you tried?
Just... you just try harder,
[Brian chuckles]
You don't think
I don't want that?
To live happily ever after?
And not think about Whitley
and the cage he put me in?
[Brian] We should not
talk about it.
[Matt] He's coming for me.
- I'm scared, Brian.
- [Brian] It's okay.
- I'm scared.
- [Brian] It's okay.
Hey, it's okay.
[Brian] It's okay.
[Matt] He ruined me, man.
He ruined me.
[clears throat]
[Brian] Hey, Erica.
This is my baby brother.
This is Matt.
Matt, this is my partner,
Erica Shotwell.
- Hey.
- [Matt] Hey.
- Good to meet you.
- [Matt] You too, Erica.
- [cellphone buzzing]
- [Brian] Hey.
It's Mom.
[Matt] I gotta take this.
[Matt] I'll give you guys
a minute.
[Brian] Hey.
[Erica] He seems sweet.
- [Erica] You okay?
- Yeah.
You know, you look pretty.
Thank you.
[Erica] Hey, you shoulda
let me know that you had Matt,
I've been searching
all over for him today.
You should let Parker know.
We don't have much
on George yet,
but I've been put in charge
of finding
- all the boys--
- I've got Matt.
I'm gonna go get George,
and I'll bring him in.
[Brian] Okay?
But, Brian,
maybe it'd be good if,
if you let
other people help you.
I will call you. You will be
the first person that I call.
I promise you that.
[Brian] Okay?
I'll bring us in.
We'll all come in.
Ken, I need one more.
[Brian] One more.
[Erica] Thanks.
[indistinct chatter]
- [Brian] Who is that, man?
- [cellphone buzzing]
[Brian] Who keeps calling you?
[Matt] I don't know, man.
You know, that's the same thing
that woke me up this morning.
Who is that?
I don't know,
I've just been ignoring it.
Who the fuck is this?
[Brian] George?
You little weirdo.
[both laugh]
Buddy, yeah.
Yeah, we'll come over.
We're looking for you.
[car engine rumbling]
[foreboding music]
[foreboding music continues]
[Parker on police radio]
Captain, I'm on him now, but...
Is this really necessary?
I understand.
You feel like
you're violating his trust.
What I want you to do,
is get eyes on Middleton,
as soon as you do,
you let me know.
- Very good, sir.
- [phone beeps]
You really think
Larson's hiding something?
All right. Keep going,
let's lose them.
[tires squeal]
[ominous music]
We're close. Point three miles.
[Erica] Oh, shit.
Where'd they go?
All right. Turn left up here.
What are you writing?
On what?
Our pursuit.
[revs, whooshes]
[foreboding music]
[foreboding music continues]
[Parker] Brian.
Listen to me.
You gotta come in, okay?
I can't protect you
while you're out there.
So please, come in.
Call me right away.
[Matt] This is it.
[Brian] Talk about hidden.
What is he doing out here?
[birds chirping]
- [knocks on door]
- [Brian] Hey, George?
You sure this is him?
[clears throat]
Hey, Georgie.
It's good to see you guys.
Hey, pal.
[Brian] Hey, pal.
[George] You wanna--
Come on inside.
Wow, jeez, Georgie.
You could use a maid.
And a gardener.
[George] Have a seat.
Um, where are we
supposed to sit, pal?
[Matt clears throat]
Thanks, George.
Hey, George.
[George] Let me get you
guys some drinks.
Great. Thanks, buddy.
[Brian] So, how you've been,
Uh, real good.
All right.
- Thanks, George.
- Now, um...
- Cheers.
- [glasses clink]
Thanks, Georgie.
[Matt] I spoke to Ma.
She's worried about you.
Why do you still call her that?
Come on, man. She's our mom.
Nadine was good to us.
[Brian] We were lucky
to have her in our lives.
I just heard the news
about Pendleton.
This is what we're gonna do.
We're gonna stick together
until they catch Whitley.
Well, you mentioned...
that Josh may have gone missing?
Two nights ago.
What are you talking about?
My partner found something
in the motel off of 48.
What did they find?
A fingernail.
Why didn't you
tell me that, bro?
Because, Matt, you know
that I can't talk about
an ongoing investigation.
You said your partner found it?
Yeah, um...
My partner,
the bird-loving shit for brain.
Do you get...
I'm gonna use
your toilet, Georgie.
Why did you leave us, George?
Do I really need to answer
that question?
We grew up together, man.
We were... we were brothers.
Then you turned 18,
and you just disappeared on us.
All people move on.
Things change.
[George] I didn't see you
trying to find me.
George, I meant...
[George] Did you know
that an adult lion...
will eat the cubs that aren't
in the direct bloodline?
[George] It's true.
You know why they do that?
Because, they're afraid...
that if the cubs grow up,
they'll eat the father,
and impregnate the mother.
And then I realized...
that we are those cubs.
[George] You.
I'm back. We gotta go--
Our brother, the drunk.
Born into fear.
Afraid of what our
foster parents might do to us.
[George] Afraid
they might view us...
as a threat.
It took me a really long time...
to realize...
that he was right.
He really was trying to save us.
I made a deal, Matthew.
[George] Everything
is gonna be fine.
He's gonna send us
to see our real parents.
[door opens, closes]
[Erica] Are you positive?
Okay, text it to me as soon
as you got it, all right?
[car door opens]
Oh, god.
Wait. This is why
you had me stop here?
My other one broke.
- [Erica] Jesus Christ.
- [engine starts]
Fucking beats them all.
It's a goldfinch.
- [car engine revs]
- [wings fluttering]
[clatters, clanks]
- Thank you, sir.
- Thank you.
Where'd you find it?
[man] Sittin' on
the side of the road.
Like, a couple miles back.
- [Abrams] Ha.
- [man] Gas tank was empty.
Sure looks like the one
that was at the gas station.
- What was that?
- Yeah.
- Oh, nothing.
- [lock clicking]
Got anything interesting
up there?
Well, I need to look through.
[cellphone ringing]
[bag rustling]
Okay. Thank you. Crap.
- [tapping]
- Abrams?
[Abrams] Yeah?
Results say the fingernail
matched to Josh Ridley.
- What about the rest of him?
- You guys want an apple?
Oh, I'm good, thanks.
Yeah, sure. I'll take one.
[Abrams] Oh.
It's the best harvest we've had
since the fire.
What fire?
You know. The Bly place.
We have to go. Come on.
Thank you.
- [Erica] Good bye.
- [man] Sure.
This is the transcript
of Whitley's interrogation.
Look here.
[Erica] He sees foster parents
as an abomination.
Then, there's the time of year.
Look at the leaves,
early September,
to late November. What is that?
Harvest season.
[Erica] Right.
Okay, Abrams. What kind of trees
are these saplings?
Malus Domestica Braeburn.
And what's the only orchard
in Julian, that grows Braeburns?
Bly's orchard.
[car engine starts, revs]
[foreboding music]
[classical music playing]
[sighs deeply]
[ominous music]
[Brian screaming]
[Brian screams, sobs]
[Abrams sighs]
[Erica] Whoa.
- [Brian muffled] George.
- [leaves rustling]
[Brian muffled] Help me.
[classical music
playing on radio]
[classical music
playing in background]
[Brian muffled]
[Brian panting]
[pants, grunts]
It's okay, Brian.
George. Georgie.
This is how it's supposed to be.
You know, Nadine...
we were just...
distractions from her pathetic,
meaningless life.
We were never supposed
to be with her.
[Brian] Georgie.
I'm your family.
I am your family.
I am your big brother.
[Brian] And you're
my little brother, George.
And we're all we got.
Hey. Hey.
We're all we got.
[Brian] We got to...
We got to stick together
so that we can be strong,
so we can survive.
Look, he's using you, Georgie.
He's using you.
And now, I want you to untie me.
[Brian] Georgie. Georgie.
Untie me.
Untie me.
No! No!
[Brian panting]
Shut up.
- [James] George.
- [Brian groaning]
Would you be so kind
as to bring the shovel?
[Brian muffled]
[James] I know
what you're thinking.
The Phantom and his opera.
It's not for me.
[James] I don't even like
classical music.
It's for you.
It's for all of you.
A clarion's call.
[James] For an usher
to the other side.
[Brian grunting]
Hey, hey, hey.
- Hey.
- [Brian groans]
George knows.
- See...
- [Brian grunting]
George is the only one of you
who wrote me
while I was away.
[Brian grunts]
[Brian pants]
[James] See, I knew...
I knew that his suffering...
was your suffering.
- [James] My dear Brian.
- [Brian growling]
[James] Sweet Brian.
I failed you.
I failed all of you.
- [James] But, hey...
- [Brian grunting]
- Hey!
- [Brian groaning]
It starts with...
with one single sore.
- [Brian whimpers]
- [Erica] Whitley!
- [gunshot]
- [James] Ah!
Oh, my god. Oh, Brian.
- Hold still, hold still.
- [Brian whimpering]
- [Erica] Ah.
- [Brian sighs]
- [Brian panting]
- [Erica] Oh, Jesus.
- [Brian grunts]
- [Erica] Oh, my god.
- [Brian gasps]
- Are you all right?
- [Erica] Are you okay?
- Matt?
- [Brian] No. No.
- I'm so sorry.
- You gotta go get him.
- [Erica] I'm sorry.
- You're gonna be all right?
- I'm okay.
[Abrams] I got Larson.
Are you all right?
- You all right? You need help?
- [Brian sighs]
- Hold on.
- [Brian] Help me up.
- [Abrams grunts]
- [Brian groans]
[Erica panting]
[foreboding music]
[both grunting]
Hey, here. Lean back, lean back.
[foreboding music]
[ominous music]
- [twigs crack]
- [gasps]
- [groans]
- [body thuds]
[Erica] Oh, come on, please.
[both scream]
[both grunting]
- [gunshot]
- [groans]
I almost saved them all.
[James] You'll never save them.
- [thuds]
- [leaves rustle]
[Erica panting]
[ominous music]
- [zipper rasps]
- [paramedic] No, he's okay.
Something did knock him out
for a while.
- Could be the sodium pentothal.
- [Erica] Meaning?
It's part of the cocktail.
[Erica] He's gonna be all right?
[paramedic] Yeah.
- Absolutely.
- Excuse me.
[Erica] Thank god.
[Abrams] Thanks.
Parker wants this area swept
and everything cataloged.
The thing is,
the Feds are taking over
on anything involving Whitley.
You know, I have, uh,
- theory on all of this.
- Abrams.
You know what, I'll let you know
how it pans out.
[calm music]
[sirens wailing]
- [waling continues]
- [wings fluttering]
[door creaks]
[Abrams] All right.
[clears throat]
You're too late.
I already gave my statement
to another detective.
Oh, no. I, um...
Good. No, I just wanted to...
with everything going on,
make sure that you're okay.
Uh, if, if...
If you have any...
questions or you need anything,
this, you can--
This is my number.
Oh, I...
I didn't see that before.
I didn't realize
there was a mister.
He died in a fire.
Bly's Orchard?
[Rose] You know,
there's gonna be
a huge migration leaving soon.
[Rose] Should be quite a sight.
Okay, um, we might in, uh...
coming days need to tape off
some of the...
surrounding areas, but, uh...
- Okay, thanks.
- [door creaks open]
[door slams]
Let's wrap it up.
police radio chatter]
We found some blood in the soil
deeper in the orchard,
but uh, no body.
[Abrams] Hm.
I guess we're not out
of the woods yet.
See you back at the station.
[Davis] Boys. Let's move out.
There's blood?
[Abrams mumbling]
[Abrams grunt]
- [thuds]
- [Abrams] Ah.
[foreboding music]
[foreboding music]
[foreboding music continues]
[liquid plops]
[Abrams] Oh, shit.
[foreboding music]
[Abrams] Oh.
[engine starts, revs]
[Rose humming]
[Rose sniffles]
[sighs deeply]
[humming continues]
[Rose exhales deeply]
- [continues humming]
- [crunching]
Make new friends
But keep the old
One is silver
And the other's gold
["Eternity" by Rie Sinclair
& Attila Fodor playing]
Pray feel
Through the other side
Down in the core of you
Tell me thoughts
Secrets that I love
Down in the core of you
What if this means
It changes everything
Hold on to me
And we will find
What's hidden deep apply
Beneath the leaves
And eternity
Wait a while
Look toward the skies
In the very core of you
Rest assured
You are what I longed for
The very core of you
What this means
It marks everything
Your hand in mine
Truth is found
Where you and I become
Of you
For all time
And eternity
And eternity
And eternity
Mmm, mm