Beneath Us (2019) Movie Script

Below our feet
Yeah, I'm coming...
Who is?
My brother
What are you doing?
How come you're here
Come in.
Sorry I came unannounced.
Nothing runs, I just didn't expect you.
There is chaos here.
Have a seat.
Do you want a beer?
I have it in the fridge.
Unfortunately, they are over.
Do you want pizza?
Are you hungry;
no, i'm okay.
Eat, you've slimmed down.
You too.
No, I am fine...
a lot of work,
made me lose pounds.
Do you remember Bacon? He was eating all the time,
said he was a bear,
and how bears should have a big belly.
Yes, it was very stupid.
What does Bacon do?
Passed away.
Damn it...
Come on, put this on.
As you want.
What happened to you;
Need a place to stay? - No no.
I don't want to bother you.
Speak English.
You have to practice.
It's the only way to find out.
Mimo, are you ready?
Do you want two more?
Mimo, go up!
Come on, get up fast.
Do not do that...
Thank you very much.
How much did you make?
Let's see how much you have.
I was told that you could help me.
Are not enough.
Not even half.
Give it from here.
Everything will be fine.
Yes, everything will go well.
You know, these things take time.
I don't know, Naya I don't really know.
You trust me, okay?
Listen to your husband.
And to have the suitcases always ready.
I want to ask you something.
Do you know what Mimo has?
I don't know, but she's here.
Is she awake?
Wake him up.
He has to talk to his father.
Okay, put the phone close to his ear.
I know you're sleeping, but...
White horse
get me on your back
and go with me to the parties
where I grew up...
You are welcome;
Do you hear me?
Thank you.
Get it.
Look there, Tony.
They told him to keep us out of the trucks.
And we have to do it
if we want to survive.
What are you laughing; It's not funny.
Look there, come on, let's go.
Don't come near. - Do not worry.
Come on now, buddy. - I'm not your friend.
Do you look like I'm hungry?
No, but you look like a giant carrot.
I can't accept it... - You're so kind!
Come on and fuck!
Calm down.
Do you build a house? - Hostel.
Do you need workers? - Look at your job.
Will you make it yourself? - A contractor.
You did well.
How much will it cost you?
Ten thousand;
We can do it cheaper.
I know contractors will charge you a lot.
They keep asking for more and more money.
But we work hard.
We manufacture and clean.
We fix everything and take your dog for a walk.
What are you saying, my lady?
You three?
Yes, but you will need another one.
My brother, Mimo.
How much will you charge me?
Charging on time...
No, we'll give you a quote,
a good price.
Tell me,
How much will you tell her? - It's our opportunity to negotiate,
He seems to know nothing.
We can do the job for $ 800.
Not many?
What would you say about $ 500, everyone?
So okay, 500.
Nice tits!
Shut up!
From here.
Let's start with the insulation...
Well, isn't it?
Beautiful place...
Friendly people...
Are you happy;
And why not, Mimo?
At work, I will collect money
and I'll bring Naya and the baby
in a similar house. - Of course...
You have big dreams.
Very good work.
You have to thirst.
Thank you.
You are welcome.
Do you speak spanish;
Get one. - No.
Come on.
Do you want something; - I wonder if you would like
to offer you another service. - Service?
I can do all the housework.
Well, I'll think about it.
Thank God you came.
Who is this guy?
She is her husband, the poor one.
Did you think it fell on you?
Maybe you can help them...
Make some bra.
You laugh;
I am joking!
I thought we would relax on the weekend.
Chill out.
What will happen to them? - What do you mean;
Suppose we are alone. What do you want to do;
We have to drive them out.
But they will take it for granted. - I think they will live.
Sorry, hates strangers.
Sam, stop immediately.
Do you want something;
Your bathroom?
You can't get in.
Did you see who you are?
You're dirty.
Bring me a sandpaper.
You don't see that in Mexico.
You are crazy.
I do not understand.
Who sends his wife to find foreign workers?
We can be dangerous or nothing psychic.
And who told you he would pay us?
What happened;
Where is the sandpaper? - What;
I do not see anything.
No one works like that.
Have you seen my phone anywhere? - How is it;
It is small, red and looks like a telephone.
Where is.
Who listens to her if I don't call her.
My wife.
They put spotlights on.
You do...
I do not see anything.
She's gone, enough,
They want to work day and night.
They think we will give up.
You know what; Let...
let's rest.
And let us see.
Let us see.
Why aren't you working?
Do you know what time it is? - What time is it;
You can leave. - Pay us first.
Why pay you?
You haven't finished the job. - We worked all night, senator...
Do you look like a co-immigrant?
Do you know what?
You will get up and leave.
I'll find other workers,
that will not be unpleasant. - No no.
We will stay.
We will stay.
But I don't want you to think I'm wrong.
Please, Madam.
We are not slaves. - Stop it!
Please, Madam.
I'll go back to my bed while you gentlemen,
you will continue your work.
What was that;
The woman is crazy.
What are you doing;
We didn't finish this track.
Are you deaf?
Got tired,
I'm tired of listening to you.
No, you are lazy.
You've learned it easily.
Did you forget why you came here? - How can I forget it?
You're constantly reminding me of that. - No one cares about you,
except me.
You've worked hard the last couple of days.
Sorry for the last eight years....
I have a family, you idiot.
And I have a son.
When did you last see him? I know him better than you.
You want to collect money to bring him here.
And he will become a slave like his father.
Not so, you will hit,
you will cut no hand.
I told you, stupid.
To see.
I told you.
Seniora, we had an accident.
To see it.
Are you ready.
It's a scar.
He has to go to the hospital.
Okay, I'll call an ambulance.
Of course, they will ask for information about you,
for the police record.
Do you hear me? - Police?
Yes, wait.
Hello. - Wait.
We do not have a residence permit.
And what do you want me to do?
You can take him to a clinic.
Don't you think you have many requirements?
When will you finish your job? - What;
I will have many problems with the police for recruiting illegal immigrants.
I have to tell them a story.
For example, that you are thieves who came to my house to rob me...
What; - Why are you saying this?
We're done.
Open the door! - October,
relax, he will call the police. - Let's call her.
Mimo, don't talk. - He won't call the police.
And why risk it?
Let's finish the job, and let's go.
I knew from the beginning that this crazy woman would give us nothing.
How many immigrants are like us? No one has a good reputation.
Where are you going;
Where did your brother go? - I have no idea.
Where did it go;
What happened to you; - The fence...
... is a power carrier.
The fence surrounds the whole plot.
And what are we doing now;
We'll leave where we came in,
from the main gate.
And how do we do that?
There is a remote control in the car.
We just have to steal it.
That is easy.
No, the alarm will sound.
We need to get the keys first.
Mimo, where are you going? Don't be an idiot...
Listen to your brother.
Be careful!
Then you fight. Calm down a bit!
I'm not afraid, assholes.
What is this;
Stay on the ground!
I'll fuck your mom, whore!
That was self-defense.
He came to my house.
Well dude,
Finish your work, and you won't have to worry, okay?
Then you can leave.
Now get up.
Come on.
Do you speak English;
Do you speak English?
Come on, do your job. and everything will be fine.
Let's go.
If something happens to you...
Load all the sharp tools here.
Do a good job.
Jose Alfredo?
Oh my God!
These guys have no sense of humor.
Well, take the stroller and go.
Why are you looking at me?
Look at her and... - No.
Relax, buddy.
If we obey it, it won't matter.
Do you want to end up like Hector?
Come here right.
I don't want any more bourbon - bourbon.
Did you understand?
Here you go;
Can you open the door, please?
Yes of course.
Thank you.
You think we are bad people, right?
That's what you think.
Do you have a wife?
Then you understand me.
How is it going;
I have to clean the floor.
Give it up, and come with me.
I have to clean the floor.
Fifteen million people.
Fifteen million people.
No residence permit.
Who are these people?
Can we trust them?
Are they criminals?
You don't understand what I'm saying, right?
Here is my home,
and it will become your grave.
I'll bury you here!
Did you understand;
I should probably give you lessons.
Will have a lot of fun.
An intensive English lesson.
Where do we start from?
What would you say about...
I am happy.
I am...
I am...
Very Good.
I'm sad.
I am...
Very good!
Let's go to the next one.
I'm afraid, madam.
You failed in English.
Yes Yes.
What offers can we expect? - The offers are very good.
We can reject any offer that does not suit us.
Give us a number.
It's hard to say number.
About five hundred.
Seriously; - I'm not sure.
Too late.
That house at the foot of the mountain, is it for sale?
Yes, Madam.
I always liked that house, it has a huge garden.
It interests you;
Everything will be done.
To be honest, you better forget this house.
It has termites...
It has a lot of damage.
This is bad news.
translation mainN
When are our visitors coming?
I think there is a couple who are interested.
Truth; - What do you say about tomorrow afternoon?
Will you be ready?
Of course, we will be ready.
You can send them.
They won't like it at all.
What is the order?
They have to dig.
They will make it;
Take off your clothes!
Get out...
... your clothes!
Take it out!
You too.
Don't look so sad.
Keep going.
I like this piece.
Cemetery. - Can I dig his own?
What; - He can't work anymore.
Can't work?
Bring me the shovel.
Give him the shovel, Antonio.
Turn around.
I told him to give it to him.
Not your fault.
I need a shovel.
It is very big.
Do you understand?
Look at these roots.
They are very large.
And this hole is very small.
And you're a great whore!
I want everything to be beautiful.
What are you going to do;
I've grown up now.
Do you know what I used to say when they were bothering me?
My big brother will come,
and it will stab you in the wood.
But I was stupid.
Because you left.
So, I learned to fight on my own.
And I'm still alive.
Come on, run.
Real estate!
Where is the other?
Slowly, they will go. - They cut off the electricity.
Mimo, I don't see anything. - Follow me.
The buyers came.
I'm Sandra.
And this is my husband, Homer. - Hello.
Come in.
Go away. - Do not move!
Let me.
Do not move.
What is your favorite poison?
Here you go;
What will you drink;
Whiskey. - Okay.
I like that it's high ceiling.
Do you like;
Very beautiful! - We just renovated it.
The place is stinking!
Who did the job?
Among us, illegal workers
Most of them are unemployed.
This is terrible.
And they come all the time.
The floor...
It's not over yet.
What do you think, do you want to make a bid?
Well, I really liked it.
Truth; - The house is perfect for both of you.
Is that all yours?
Yes, we renew them.
Why are you looking at me like that;
Did you see my son recently?
My son,
how is it;
Do I look at all?
It wasn't that bad.
Where are you;
Damn it.
How how.
Okay, we have to walk.
Let's go.
Wait, I'm fine. I can walk.
Two three. - I can walk.
I can walk, I can...
I can not.
You can't walk.
I have to leave you here.
Stay here and make no noise.
Okay; I will be back.
No, Mimo.
Don't go back.
Wait here.
No, Mimo.
Listen to your little brother once.
Is that what you dreamed of?
It is very sad that everything is over.
Do you want to say something?
My love.
Calm down.
Raise your head.
It's not your lucky day.
Do you think they will make an offer for the home?
If they don't, someone else will.
You did a really great job at this house.
I just helped.
I'll get Richard tomorrow to see if he has other buyers.
Oh my God!
Do you want to drink?
It's Jeans.
Thank you.
Damn it!
Do you want another drink?
You've done a lot of work for your friends.
It will take a great deal of effort to fix all of this.
How many did you kill?
Wake up, man.
Where's Ben?
The hell he got it.
So was that your plan?
To make your homes,
and then bury us...
... to them?
Very good design.
You think we're cockroaches, right?
Maybe we are.
You can cheat us,
but we do not die.
We will spread.
You can't stop what's coming, my lady.
Can you hear me;
Oh my god!
Please! - Look at me, whore!
Get on your knees and ask for mercy!
I just wanted a safe place to live. I want you to understand.
My God, please!
Do you believe all this?
They have to think very well who they are going to hire.
Did you catch the guy?
Neither identity nor address.
It disappeared.
Children are very expensive.
It will be here in a month.
Promise me you won't put them in a coffin.
I promise.
Here is the solution to all our problems,
I prefer to call it: "Compulsory labor"
The people who come here illegally will belong to the state.
They become the property of the state,
and that puts them to work,
where there are needs.
Yeah, that sounds like a good idea
I totally agree.
But finally you know...
When you start applying this idea, you will find that the consequences are harsh...
I don't think... - A minute sir, what do you mean by that?
People will say that this is a new kind of business.
So, and what is the problem with slavery?
Below our feet