Benji (2018) Movie Script

I have pineapples! I have strawberry!
I have grapes! I have grapefruit!
We had a plan, Carter,
and you done goofed it.
The plan's still on.
The plan was for you to get me B's.
I just want what's best for you.
You know when the last time
I got an A was?
Okay, I'll act more stupid next time.
Completely moronic and idiotic.
Beyond obtuse.
Yeah. Totally. That's
what I'm talking about.
You making fun of me?
You're dead this time, Carter.
What the...
Hey! You go on now, little mutt.
Go on. Go on, dog. I'll turn you
into a hot dog. Now, go on.
I have grapefruit!
I have pineapples! I have strawberries!
Thank you very much.
Have a nice day. Be careful with the cars.
You, too.
There you are.
You're late. Again.
Come on. I wanna go to Sam's.
I was practicing for my recital.
I'm gonna do five pirouettes
all on my own.
That's cool, Frankie.
And I'm gonna dance in New York,
in Swan Lake, and be crazy famous.
But I'll still talk to you.
Why wouldn't you talk to me?
Because famous people
are always stuck up.
I am not.
And I'm gonna wear my boots
to do my pirouettes.
Good luck with that.
Hey. You are coming, right?
Yeah, sure.
If you don't come and Mom has to work,
nobody will be there.
You'll be great.
I'll be there, Frankie.
I promise.
That is if I invite you.
The tickets are
for very important people only.
Come on, let's get in the street car.
No, we can't!
You're the one who wanted to go to Sam's.
Wait, Frankie.
I wanna walk.
It'll be fine. Come on.
[band playing
"When The Saints Go Marching In"]
Why do you have strawberries?
What are you talking about?
I saw you have strawberries
in your pocket in the car.
I don't have any strawberries.
I saw something red and green.
I don't have any strawberries
in my pocket.
Well, it smeared on the chair
and you didn't wipe it up.
What do you mean
you don't believe me?
You're gonna fly to Paris
to dance?
Not gonna happen.
It will happen. I know it.
You know you need to punch PigFace
in the face, right?
Frankie... I don't care.
He'll bully you your whole life.
I'm not gonna fight back.
I'd lose.
Why are we going here again?
It's just a waste of time.
Because you never know,
it could change sometimes.
Maybe he's in a good mood today.
In your dreams.
Hi, Mr. King.
We're here for the watch.
$4 and 26, 27, 28 cents.
That brings the total to $34 and 18...
No, 19 cents.
Not bad, am I right?
Oh, you don't even wanna know.
Mr. King,
we've been coming here
twice a week for a long time.
You can at least take the watch out
of the "For Sale" case.
Please. He meant to say please.
I take it out of the case, people can't see
it. People can't see it, people can't buy it.
But we're gonna buy it. Eventually.
Listen, I told both of you when we
started this whole cockamamieness,
that if somebody wants the watch,
I'll let you know.
Give you a chance to buy it first.
Yeah, but we should have
There's no buts.
When I bought it from your mother,
I paid her good money.
This is a business. Barely, but it is.
Mr. King, I promise you'll get money.
We're at, like, $34 and 19 cents.
A hundred?
You're not really helping your case.
The point is, at this rate, you guys
will be bringing my money to the cemetery.
I don't like the cemetery.
Listen, a guy came in, he liked the watch.
I told him it ran slow.
It doesn't run slow.
My father kept it in perfect condition,
and you know that.
The point is, pudding head,
he's not wearing it, is he?
Mr. King, of all the people
I don't like in this world,
I like you the best.
You and every other woman in my life.
Now, you two, get out of here.
We're just gonna keep coming back.
Yeah, like a rash.
See ya tomorrow.
Take care.
That was a waste of time.
No, it wasn't. We added more money.
Next time, it'll be less money
that we have to add.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You've been giving Mr. King
your lunch money. I know you have.
Maybe I wouldn't have to
if Mom hadn't sold Dad's watch.
Lots of things aren't very good in life.
Get used to it.
You get used to being grounded forever
or longer when Mom finds out.
I was here first.
I'm older, so it doesn't matter.
I'm always first.
Mom doesn't like it when you double dip.
Mom's not here, so if you just shut
your mouth for once, you'll be fine.
Fine. I can keep my mouth shut
so much that I'll never talk to you
for all the time in all the universes
in all the world.
Thank goodness.
Carter can't come to the phone right now.
Please don't leave a message
after the beep. Beep!
Just look!
If you are satisfied with your message,
please press "1" or hang up.
Carter, just listen to me!
No way.
I can't believe it.
How did you even get up here?
You know this dog?
I was trying to get him
to follow us home from school.
I knew you were doing something not good.
Come on. Good boy.
Come here. Good boy.
He's a stray.
Where did you come from?
A trash can?
He smells worse
than your side of the room.
You're right. Let's fix it.
"I love my dog as much as I love you"
"But you may fade
My dog will always come through"
"All the pay I need
Comes shining through his eyes"
"I don't need no cold water
To make me realize"
"That I love my dog
As much as I love you"
"But you may fade
My dog will always come through"
Carter, what are we gonna do about Mom?
What about her?
She's gonna freak out.
You asked for a bulldog for Christmas,
and you got a stuffed animal.
Which is why we're not gonna tell her.
He's just gonna stay in our room for now.
Where's he gonna pee and poo?
In your bed? Carter!
Just until I can convince her.
It's Mom. We'll never convince her.
Like, ever.
Oh, crap.
Oh, no.
Hey, hey!
Where are my two favorite people
that help Mom out?
Hey, Mom.
Hi, Mommy!
You're the best mommy of all the mommies
in all the world!
Definitely, you're the best.
What'd you break?
So there were
four accidents today. Four!
I was driving the ambulance
80 miles per hour.
That's a lot, Mom.
Forks on the left, hon.
It will be.
Here you go, Madame. Mushrooms on top. How about you,
Mr. Man. Anything exciting happen at school today?
PigFace happened.
Your death is about to happen.
Again? That's the third time.
Okay, that's it. I'm calling the school.
Don't blow this up
like you blow everything up.
I'm not blowing anything up.
I wanna know who this kid is.
I told you, PigFace.
Tell me the truth.
Carter, just
You don't wanna know the truth.
Straight up, Carter.
'Cause if you are,
that's nothing...
To be ashamed of.
Just let me help you.
No. No.
Here you go. No mushrooms.
Um, actually,
can I have mushrooms, please?
You hate mushrooms.
But taste buds change every seven years.
That's a scientific fact.
He's right. Very, very right.
I'm just worried about you, Carter.
You're worried about everything.
That is not true.
Okay, maybe that is a little bit true.
A little bit.
Anyway, here you go.
What is going on with you guys?
I feel like you're hiding
something from me.
Okay. Mom, let's just calm down
and eat our food.
Okay, I...
I know that things have been hard,
and you guys wake up in the morning
and I'm already at work,
and you've been on your own a lot lately.
But I just want you to know
that you can talk to me, you know?
Really, I'm right here.
We do talk to you, Mom.
Don't worry.
We love you, Mom, to the moon and back.
To the moon and back.
This is the Aitken Basin,
formed 4.5 billion years ago,
which in dog years is a lot.
My dad showed it to me
on an electron telescope
at the planetarium he ran.
Wanna know something more interesting?
This is my favorite ballerina book.
Isn't she pretty?
Hey, stop chewing on that.
And this is the Nutcracker.
It's about an evil rat king.
Die, Rat King, die.
Mom will hear you.
Hey, what if we named him Michael Jordan?
That's the dumbest name
for a dog I've ever heard.
Okay. What about Copernicus?
What is going on in your mind? No.
This is my favorite, Sleeping Beauty.
There's a lot of kissing.
Benjamin Franklin had a dog.
He thought they were more reliable
than people.
That's not very interesting.
Yeah, but what about Benjamin,
as his name?
Mmm... What about Benji?
He does look kind of like a Benji.
He's old and new at the same time.
Good boy. Good boy.
Dad would let us keep Benji.
I don't wanna say goodbye to Benji.
I don't like goodbye.
Promise me we won't have to.
Hey, I promise you, Fritter.
I love you, guys.
I love you too, Frankie.
And now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord for this dog to keep.
And that I will do incredible
at my recital.
And that my spelling teacher will quit
her job forever and never come back.
And that Mommy
will not have to worry so much.
And that I'll never have to eat
any more mushrooms as long as I live.
Good night, Benji.
I don't know what to do, you know?
They're getting so big,
and they're so smart,
and they catch on to things and...
And I'm trying
to keep everything together.
It's like I'm nothing but a nag.
All of a sudden, I'm so serious.
Every day I feel like I'm messing them up
and letting them down.
I don't know how to be
in three places at once.
So, feel free to give me some advice
or one of your lame science jokes, or...
a carton of ice cream and bingeing...
'cause I could really use it.
Just a quick kiss
before I go to work.
Good morning, Mom.
What is that?
A stuffed animal.
An animatronic one.
Okay. All right.
I'm on to you two.
This is why you guys
were being weird last night.
He's cute. Mom, look at him.
You know what?
I expected Carter to lie to me
because he's almost a teenager, but you?
Mom, we're not lying.
We just didn't tell you yet.
Where did he come from?
Uh, he kind of found me.
On the street, we saved him.
On the street?
No. Okay.
All right, I got it.
You're cute, but you are a dog
and you poop everywhere,
and you mess everything up,
you chew on things,
you keep us up at night.
He loves you, Mommy.
No. Okay? I can barely keep
the three of us afloat.
It's not happening.
Mom, you don't have to worry.
We'll take care of him.
I don't have the money or the time.
It's not happening.
I'm taking him to a shelter.
They murderkill dogs there.
You can't take him there.
No, they don't.
Are you kidding me?
A shelter?
They won't even give him three days.
I won't let them hurt him.
Yeah, you will. You don't care.
He's a good boy,
and you won't even give him a chance.
Carter, no, okay?
I'm sorry... I don't...
I can't take care
of one more thing right now.
He's not a thing. He's Benji.
You named him?
I'm so sorry that you can't handle
one more thing right now,
but what about us?
We take care of each other,
so I'm pretty sure
that we can handle a dog.
Maybe he'll make things
fun around here for once.
Oh, I forgot. That's not allowed, either.
Carter, no... That's not fair.
Just leave us alone.
I don't even like that stupid dog.
Mom won't let you stay.
You'll wind up in a pound.
Just go.
Go, please.
I love you, Benji.
"If your heart believes in dreamin'"
"There's no other place I know"
"Well, life here rolls on by
Without a care for tomorrow"
"Yeah, that was the life for me
That was the life for me"
"How long must I travel
On this journey?"
"Guess I'll count a million stars
Along the way"
"And every time I start to worry"
"Something whispers in my ear"
"Says the words I long to hear"
"Almost home"
"I'm almost home"
"Might be lost and afraid"
"But I'm just a dream away"
"I'm almost home"
"Just one more mile
And I'll be home free"
"Just one more day
Is all my heart needs"
"I'm gonna get there"
"Yeah, I'm gonna get there someday"
"Feel so cold and alone
But I'm..."
"I'm almost home"
Did you not eat lunch again?
I ate lunch.
I don't.
Then how come we're going to Sam's?
To get my money back.
If you get our money back,
how do we get Dad's watch back?
Mom doesn't care.
She wouldn't let us keep Benji.
Why should I care
about getting her the watch back?
Because we're a family.
You're just scared
of somebody else buying it.
I'm not scared. I'm realistic, Frankie.
I told you she wouldn't let us keep him.
You're not real or listic or whatever.
You're just chicken.
You give up at everything
when not very good things happen.
Mr. King, we need to talk.
Hold up.
Hey, you kids, I sold the watch.
You two go on back home now.
Sold the watch.
You sold the watch? That's not right.
Y'all go on now. Go home.
I'm gonna call the police
and tell them you are a lying liar.
You can't sell the watch.
Now, I remember being a kid.
I used to tell my brother there
I was gonna beat him with a baseball bat,
but I didn't really mean it.
When you say
you're gonna go get the police,
that's just you being a kid, right?
Yeah, just talking.
Good, but just in case,
y'all are gonna stick around for a while.
Man, you don't need
to handle kids like that.
Let go.
You don't have to do that.
Leave 'em alone!
Open the safe. Fill the bag. Do it.
Not until you let them kids go.
Mr. Pawn Man,
put yourself in the shoes of two fellas
who would come in here wearing
these ridiculous masks.
Do I look like I'm playing?
Open the safe! Hurry up.
Y'all calm down.
Open up the safe, now!
Don't hurt them kids.
Do it, before I hop that counter
and slap the taste out your mouth.
Come on, hurry up!
Speed it up. Come on!
You got what you came for. Now go on.
Tie him up. Let's go.
Move. Come on, back door.
Man, wait.
Tie him up.
Move! The backdoor. Go. Get out.
Sit down. Sit down. Sit down.
Let us go.
Y'all gonna sit here,
stay quiet for ten minutes,
and then forget any of this ever happened.
If you don't, me and my brother will pay
a little visit to your home. Understand?
Hurry up.
Over here!
Mr. King!
Frankie, stop!
Get up. Get up.
Help! Help us!
Let us go!
Get in the van.
Wait. What are you doing?
They saw my face.
Help! Someone, help us!
They kids.
Now they've seen your face, too.
Get in the van.
Please let us go.
We didn't do anything.
Go on. Get in the van.
Help! Help!
Is that your dog?
Get out the way!
It's more like saving our butts.
Find the phone, Titus. Hurry up.
Get rid of it.
Get it out the window, idiot.
Please stop.
We in too deep now, brother.
We can't do that.
He's gone.
Stop driving!
We can't stop!
We can stop!
No, we can't!
Syd, where are you taking us?
Don't worry.
I got this covered, I promise.
Why are you so ugly?
Wanna say that again?
Hey! What are you doing back there?
Nothing. It's just my lunch.
What is that?
Do not take your eye off of him.
Don't you never call me ugly. Never!
Hurry up. Hurry up. Hurry up.
Tie 'em up in that back room.
Hurry up.
Let me go!
Double knots. Put the tarp on the van.
They ain't going anywhere.
Give me your hands.
I'm almost done with my shift,
and I haven't heard from you guys.
I know that you're mad at me,
but you have to tell me where you are.
Look, I'm sorry.
And I love you.
So call me, okay?
What'd you pick this place for?
Gives me the creeps.
So nobody comes sniffing around.
Checking our score.
I mean with them.
I didn't sign up for no kidnapping.
Let me make something real clear to you.
There are people that want money from us,
but we ain't got no money, do we?
So they gonna break
every bone in our body instead.
That what you signed up for?
I don't owe those people nothing.
That's all you.
Who took care of you seven years, huh?
Food, clothes, all that?
I was the one who figured out a way
for us to keep on
even when our own parents wouldn't.
What I owe, you owe.
Sell all this, pay off our debt.
Keep them around in case we need
a getoutofjailfree card.
And then what?
And then we no longer need 'em.
She's cold.
So what?
I like this here watch.
A lot.
It actually reminds me
of a watch my daddy had.
Give it back!
Was this the reason
y'all was in the shop today?
"To the man of my dreams.
"I love you more than the moon
and the stars. Love, W." That's nice.
Let me work this here.
Your daddy run off.
Got sick and tired of you, your old mama.
So she sold it. It's good riddance.
But then, y'all want a little
something something to remember him by.
Ain't that right, little man?
Tell me how bad you want it.
Come on. Tell me.
It's yours, ain't it?
You can take it from me.
Take it. Take it.
What you scared of?
You're a little coward, huh?
Just like your old man.
Sic, Rott! Sic him!
We okay?
You, too, dumbo.
Go. Go!
Dumb move, dog.
Where are you?
Day keeps getting better.
Little doggie.
Where you at, baby boy?
Come out and play.
Little doggie.
Where are you?
I'm gonna skin you alive.
Gonna wipe that stupid grin off your face.
Where you at?
Come here, boy. Get this.
Please, get this.
Good boy.
I hate that dog!
Please, Benji, hurry.
It's stuck. He can't get it.
Please, Benji.
Come on!
Oh, I think Rottie smells him.
Get him, Rott.
Run, Benji, run!
Don't hurt him!
Run, Benji!
Help! Get me out of here.
Hey, who is that?
What are you doing in here?
Puppy, bark for me!
Where'd you go, puppy? Come on, puppy.
Where'd you go? I know you're out there.
What are you doing out there?
Come on, puppy. Come on, puppy. Come on.
Hey, puppy, come on back now.
What're you...
Are you trying to get the lock?
Come on, puppy, you can do it!
I know you can.
Come on, pup. Don't leave me now.
Don't give up, puppy.
Come on, baby. I know you can do it.
Come on, puppy. You almost got it. Get it.
Come on, pup. Come on,
I know you can do it.
Puppy, thank you! You opened the door!
Yes, yes, hey. Good boy.
Wait. Where's Carter and Frankie?
Yes, sir. I'll keep you posted.
Sam King
Detective Lyle Burton. How you doing?
Hey. Listen. You got to find the kids.
Trust me, we're gonna find them.
Did you see what the guys look like?
No, they were wearing
I got something.
Okay. Hold on for a second, okay?
What you got
I found it out back.
Lord, Ms. Hughes, I'm so sorry.
Ms. Hughes, I'm Detective Lyle Burton.
We're gonna do everything we can
It's the watch.
Your husband's watch.
The kids have been coming in
every day almost trying to buy it back.
I told them that I sold it. I didn't know
that they'd come in here to...
Hey! What...
Get him. What...
That dog saved me.
He got me out of the dang closet
they locked me in.
We need to follow procedure, okay?
I think he's trying to
tell you something.
Ms. Hughes! Ms. Hughes!
Stay put. Requesting backup.
I got a 212 on foot.
Suspect identification?
Uh, brown hair, 35 pounds, four legs.
You wanna repeat that, Burton?
Not especially.
We're parked down there.
Ms. Hughes, let me do my job.
I'm following that dog.
Listen, we'll find them.
We will follow the dog. Just come on.
Fine. Let's go.
Hey, hold up, hold up.
About to catch a heart attack.
Get in the car. Let's go!
Hey, hey. No, no, no, you wait.
Wait here. I got it.
Must be out of my doggoned mind.
The heck you sniffing around for?
What you got?
Is that why you brought us here?
And then you walk off. Great.
Stop. Just stop.
No, stop. Just stop!
Do you have any idea
how much time I've wasted?
My kids are...
I don't wanna see you ever again. Go.
Do you hear me? Go!
What the heck were you thinking, Street?
We got procedure, son.
Sir, I know. I got carried away.
Ms. Hughes? Here's a cup of jasmine tea.
It manifests good fortune.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
How much money had they saved up?
It doesn't matter.
I should've given them the watch back.
No, I never should have sold it.
I should've done something
so they didn't think that buying a watch
would make it all okay.
The honest truth is, Ms. Hughes...
I didn't give the watch back,
'cause I like having 'em come in.
Those two, they got
nothing but love in 'em.
I got something.
It's Carter's.
A traffic cop found it.
No usable prints,
but it's a starting point, locationwise.
Hey, come on. Give me my phone back.
Don't eat the rubber ducky.
Give me that back. Good boy. Good boy.
What's his name, anyways?
I don't think he has one.
He's a stray.
Hey, where did you come from, buddy?
Do you need a home?
What are you thinking?
What if Mom finds out?
I'm thinking he's lonely.
What are we gonna name him?
Like there's even a reason
to name him.
Mom will never let us keep him.
It's kind of like...
when Dad got sick, Mom did, too.
I miss Dad,
but I miss Mom even more.
I know, Fritter. I know.
"When the road gets dark"
"And you can no longer see"
"Just let my love throw a spark"
"And have a little faith in me"
"When the tears you cry"
"Are all you can believe"
"Just give these lovin' arms a try
"And have a little faith in me"
"And have a little faith in me"
"And have a little faith in me"
"And have a little faith in me"
"And have a little faith in me"
"And when your back's against the wall"
Hey, dog!
"Just turn around and you will see"
"I will catch you
I will catch your fall, baby"
"Just have a little faith in me"
"And have a little faith in me"
"And have a little faith in me"
"And have a little faith in me"
Come on, what'd I tell you?
Hear me, boy?
We'll get out of here.
I don't wanna go anymore.
Look at my face. See how much I care?
Go on. Come on, Titus. Let's go.
Uh... What are we doing, man?
Listen. I know a guy, all right?
He's gonna buy our score
and take us up river.
I mean, with them.
They're coming with us. Come on.
What are you saying?
Don't worry
your pretty little head about it.
What y'all doing over there?
No, please. No.
No, please, please.
Please. Please.
Let me be real clear...
I don't need but one of y'all to be
my insurance policy. You hear me?
Get goin'. Go on.
Ms. Hughes...
I have to go find my kids.
Just give me a second.
I can't just sit here any longer.
I have to go.
You have to be rational.
Ms. Hughes! I have a lead.
This van. It was stolen two days ago.
It raced out of the quarter
down towards the river.
That's right where the dog was taking us.
It's just a coincidence.
Listen, the house was empty.
Maybe you didn't look hard enough.
You're talking as if you think
a dog is smarter than the police.
I'm going back to the house.
We need to follow protocol this time!
I don't think that dog
was following any kind of protocol.
I think he was following his heart.
If anybody ask, I'm following the lead,
all right?
Don't you worry. I'm real good
at not telling the police things.
Ms. Hughes!
Boat's coming in, Syd.
I'm on lookout. Flag him down.
He's got the cash for the loot.
There's our ride.
Carter, I always pretend
like I'm not scared,
but I'm really scared.
I'm really scared. Please, God.
Please help us get back home.
Please, please, please.
This wasn't open before.
Are you sure?
I'm sure.
Oh, you got to be kidding me.
What Hey, relax.
It's an underground transport tunnel,
built way back for things you don't even wanna know
about. You think they went... Carter! Frankie!
Those are my kids!
Relax. Listen. We can cut 'em off.
Wait! Give me your keys.
I drive an ambulance for a living.
You call this driving?
Not yet.
Benji! Help!
Help us!
Help us, Benji! Help!
Here's your money. We leave in five.
You're not your brother.
My brother thinks I'm stupid.
He thinks he's the boss of me.
But I can make decisions for myself.
That's why I'm taking this here cash...
all for me...
and bailin'...
so I don't never have to listen
to another thing he says...
never again.
Who's ugly now?
Hey, my man! Can you help us out?
Have you seen these two kids?
A van?
Anything out of the ordinary?
No, sir, I never seen 'em.
Help! Help!
Yeah. Whether she knows it or not.
Okay, I'm requesting backup.
I'm at the boatyard, right off...
It's a little late, you idiot.
Come on, I thought we was friends.
Gotcha, slick.
You got the right to pretty much nothing.
Cut the rope, idiot!
Don't you ever quit?
You thought that dog was gonna save you?
You're not going anywhere.
Yeah, we are.
About time.
Frankie, Carter!
Benji! Benji!
I love you, Benji.
He didn't give up.
Good boy. Good boy.
I love you.
I don't have to say goodbye.
Thank God.
Thank you.
Get your hands off me.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I got him. I got him.
Thank you.
This is going back where it belongs.
Watch your head.
Did good today. Good boy.
What you doing?
Oh, I had no idea.
You're a good girl.
You're a very good girl.
Thank you.
Good boy.
I'm so glad you're back.
We're keeping him, right?
I don't know.
We're definitely keeping him.
We're gonna bake cookies
and play dress up
and you can help me with ballet.
Stop. You're scaring him.
"I feel love"
"All around"
"I can feel it"
"Shinin' down"
"It lights up the day
Like the mornin' sun"
"Reachin' out and touchin' everyone"
"I feel love"
"All day long"
"Like a promise"
"Like a song"
"And it's feelin' good"
"Like I knew it would"
"Everywhere I go"
"I feel love"
"If your heart believes in dreamin'"
"There's no other place I know"
"Well, life here rolls on by
Without a care for tomorrow"
"Yeah, that was the life for me
That was the life for me"
"How long must I travel
On this journey?"
"Guess I'll count a million stars
Along the way"
"And every time I start to worry"
"Something whispers in my ear"
"Says the words I long to hear"
"Almost home I'm almost home"
"Might be lost and afraid
But I'm just a dream away"
"I'm almost home
I'm almost home"
"Feel so cold and alone"
"But I'm almost home"
"Just one more mile
And I'll be home free"
"Just one more day
Is all my heart needs"
"I'm gonna get there"
"Yeah, I'm gonna get there someday"
"I'm almost home"
"On my own"
"Might be lost and afraid
But I'll get there someday"
"I'm almost home Almost home"
"Feel so cold and alone
But I'm..." "I'm almost home"
"I'm almost home"